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This probably might not set well with those of my demonination. But this will get an attention: The demonination of the United Methodist Church. Right now in Portland Oregon, there is the General Conference taking place and in this conference, like many will see monthly will talk about the decisions made to see where the direction of the UMC might go in terms of variety of topics, concerns, groups, or many other aspects. The actual defininton is as follows courtesy of the United Methodist Church:

The highest legislative body in The United Methodist Church. The voting membership consists of an equal number of clergy and lay delegates elected by the annual conferences. General Conference convenes every quadrennium (four years) to determine the denomination’s future direction. It is the only body that can speak officially for the denomination.

This we know mostly.

But this is not what I’m talking about.

The main concern of all of this, is what happened in the pause of the moment concerning this demonstration:

Yes, what you are looking at is a protest and demonstration of the actions of Black Lives Matter. Yes, the movement has now reached the door of the United Methodist Church. And I have to say, with all what’s going on with use of some of black UMC churches with some elements of the LGBTQIA folks in the mix of concern, this is another conversation that the church MUST ADDRESS! We need to wake up!

Now there are those either in The United Methodist Church and outside of the Church are on the side of “Oh look the UMC Members got those BLM Gangsters in there conference. Very hypocritical. ALL LIVES MATTER!”


I need to tell you so-called “All Lives Matter” vocal fans that when you mention that in a sense, don’t you dare EVER say or think that notion. Obviously, you really don’t know what ALL LIVES MATTER means yourselves. You probably might bust out all the “I got Black Friends” speeches, and again spar up the ol’ MLK Speeches about color and character. I’m going to bust heads open: Clearly many of you saying this or implying this, and it doesn’t matter if you are UMC or not, you are part of the problem! Yeah I said it! And for far too long, black folks’ voices and concerns have been NOT heard, or spoken to address the situations of what is really taking place! Racism, Sexism, targeting those whom are innocent and Black, effects of Slavery,  the new Jim Crow, and those whom are refusing service due to being black. Think about it! And it happens in 2016. And a long time.

And don’t bust the comments of “black on black crime”please. It’s not here for it. Not once here also, there weren’t any commentaries of “white on white” crime. Which does happen by the way!

Here in Wisconsin for example, there are “alleged angles” that Black Churches in UMC were and are under attack  about subjects or concerns that were hitting the fan! Even also if the church’s pastors who have served A LONG TIME, got the boot to make way for those whom are younger and appeal to the current era of worshipers. And sometimes it might take a black D.S. to do the dirty work. Even taking out mininsters who have all the credentials and acculades, and black and sometimes disabled are being shut down to be lay leaders. There are only a few BLACK United Methodist Churches in Milwaukee know about this too well similarly. One former UMC black pastor was ousted forcefully on “inappropiate purposes” due to the fact the church previously served, was in (in the D.S.’ words) declining numbers per say and is now out of the UMC doing his own church ministry. Other ministers probaly felt the shifts and left. And on a side note, I have a connection to these churches because again, I grew up United Methodist and one of the UMC Churches I go to has been in business since 1949 in Milwaukee. And at times, I hate to say that there was many times that the Wisconsin Conference (with all due respect on the nice things accomplished) has NOT had the back of these Black UMC’s! I believe it’s time from the TOP ON DOWN that the Bishops and many other districts NEED TO HEAR the concerns about the Black United Methodist Churches that is ongoing and hidden to talk at the table. And not to be left out of the talk period. The last bishop, whom was black, LISTENED to us Wisconsin UMC black folks of our concerns. Period!

And I say this unapologetically, as a 4th Generation Member of the UMC.

This mix of Black Lives Matter and the General Conference of the UMC appears to the haters like oil and water. But when those say “All Lives Matter” is nothing more than a mere smoke screen with White Supremacy. That’s right I said it! On the pic, there was a sign that read All #BlackLivesMatter, and below: it listed the items: Bisexual, transgender, poor, heterosexual, lesbian, gay, disabled, women, men, young, and children. Well, I have to say again, this might not sit well with the rest of the denominaton, but the talk of the concerns in our Black UMC Churches and Black UMC things  MUST BE ADDRESSED MORE! Just like the others.

I know we got the BMCR. And for many many years the BMCR has addressed the black concerns in and outside of the church. But I think NOW the BMCR and the high authority of the UMC must address the issues of Black Lives Matter as well as any other Black concerns that the high leadership of the UMC MUST LISTEN!

We are all suppose to eat, sleep, breathe, drink, pray, worship, spread the good news, and fellowship as God’s Children, right? We know we do. But many of us need to be reminded of that. And even though that many do follow that notion, some of us I hate to say need the “Come to Jesus meeting”. Even if you say “All Lives Matter!” in a sarcastic, anti-conscious and threating manner. But you know the All Lives Matter, MATTERS to God. Just my opinion.

For those that lead the fight or this new fight in the UMC, I say as a black man that is a member of the UMC, out of Wisconsin, 4th generation in all: that is what the fleek I’m talking about! My childhood Pastor said in a sermon, “Speak truth to power, and power must listen!”  Don’t hold back nothing but the butt naked truth! Let them know!

Mad respect to those who lead that protest. Mad respect to the Black Pastors and Associates that did this! I’m assuming that the spark from that Black Lives Matter demonsration will be the new fire that many United Methodist Churches of Color must pass along!

Enough with the sitting quietly and listen. But even silence, will spark also new voices to commence.

Like the pastor said at the end of the protest, “this is our church as much as it is their church.”

As it should be.

Can they get an Amen?

Read more about the protest here via the Reconciling Ministries Network and the United Methodist Church News.




Can I set up my Centerpiece, now?

Black History Month is back, yet again! Love it or hate it, it is a worthy celebration.

90 years ago, during the week of February 7th, 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson started something that was very real talk about the use of talking about us.  Us as in African-Americans in telling our stories, our commentary, our viewpoints, news and many others that others think that we shouldn’t. Personally, I’m glad we can talk about our stories. The idea of this is to not only tell the stories, but also review and store the conversations that we hold dear today! And pass on.

Black folks, we have come a long way. A mighty long way. And still a mighty long way to go.  For my folks, and non-black folks who had to go on these questions, we know what they are as under review:

  • “Why can’t we celebrate this everyday?”
  • “Why does it have to be about color?!”
  • “I feel that Morgan Freeman is right about not having it, why can’t we have an American History Month?”
  • “I know everything about Blacks. Why a month though?”
  • “What about White History Month?”
  • Or my personal favorite: Why can’t they teach this in the schools?”

Spoiler Alert: you will hear this again. And as embarrassing and annoying as is.

These questions like this to me kind of lacks laziness. It really does. And it’s being asked EVERY FREAKING YEAR! Folks, especially black folks, we ALREADY know the answers! Many of us WILL NOT celebrate our Black Historical stuff everyday. And yes, partially it is about color because of the misconceptions about black men and women when it comes to being loud, looking like thugs per say, don’t want no N*ggers working at the same company where many of the workers got their jobs though nepotisms. We know what Morgan Freeman said, but he had to realize that without the contributions he was brought up on, HE wouldn’t have the accolades he has now. And again, if AMERICA wants a so-called “American History Month” of any kind, then guess what: America has to EARN IT like the Declaration of Independence and many others. And it has to EARN IT the right way. Not the dictatorship way like evil empires. And not like the rant of Stacey Dash.

We say we know everything. WRONG! We don’t know enough half way.

One thing about Black History Month or Black History in general, it never ends. Everyday it’s always stories that are uncovered, and uncommented about Blacks that are still out there. How many black stories that are going to be uncovered for Black History Month in 2017? And to those who are still stuck on mush, can I be straight with you readers here again?

  • Black History Month is not racist.
  • It’s is NOT separating the uses of humanity.
  • It is not hate.
  • It is not self-hate.
  • It is not degrading of others.
  • And it’s not degrading anything.

Neither this so-called propaganda stuff. Get that out of the gutter. So for those who say its separating the human race, I call B.S. on that. I do. Without black folks leading the stampede, there wouldn’t be a Human Race of anything period! Let’s get the language right. No matter if you’re Generation X or Millennials. We all need to get the language right, period!

Plus, I need to say this: White folks, you have a month. Period. You have more months than the Hispanics, Asians, Samoans/Polyneisans, Islanders, and even us Black folks combined. So I want to know is, what is the haps? Don’t act like it’s not very questionable! Never try to ask that question that you already know. Just like all those channels from NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN, and even those channels that have that exotic soft-core stuff. Um, HELLO!! STOP TRIPPING!

And as far as #BlackFutureMonth: I gotta say this. I know what that is. It’s about the upcoming players in the Black Community making waves, in which I kind of respect that in a truthful viewpoint. BUT, without the use of the past to learn from, there wouldn’t be a future of anything. Just a side note to you Internet Revolutionary Conscious folks.

CALLOUT: I can be conscious too. But just saying in a Introverted, Black Male type of fashion!

So yes, Black Future is upcoming, but it’s not truly historic, yet. It needs guidance. We need to understand that. We know that the use of #BlackLivesMatter is in full force. That is the current state of Black America right now in the era of President Obama. And yes dwellers, we know that there are those who are going to copy off the movement as a mockery. As in #AllLivesMatter. But don’t forget what I said last year about if all lives really matter.

Speaking of the schools: We all know that many of our public or private or charter school districts will only highlight MLK, I Have A Dream, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Harriett Tubman. REALLY?! Is that it? When I was coming up, We learned about them and Garrett Morgan, Lonnie Johnson, Guion Buford, Ronald McNair, and many others. Come on, y’all! I’m not putting the educators to shame on this. I’m putting the mindset of what is being summarized in the curriculum in shame. And of the record, I was raised by educators in the house and church! When I got to college, and along growing up,  I got the real eye opener of Black History Month that was NOT mentioned in the schools!

Since the Rise of the Introverts have began years ago, I often wondered who were and are the black introverts that contributed in black historical events? Well guess what Spotters, I will be doing this in Black History Month. I will be highlighting those who were or are introverted in which have made contributions and achievements. And the thing is, we know the names and recognized their crafts. But the thing is, we didn’t know that they were or are introverts. So this will be new. And it’s the kind of those introverts that probably got their movements supported through someone else. From marching, to activism, to sports championships, and even political angles of greatness. Even those who are the unsung. Those who haven’t have a high title, but still made a component of success in Black History.

So I ask again, can I set up my Centerpiece, now?

Let it commence.


Preface: As we all know, the year of the GOAT, (aka the year of 2015) will be in the barnyards and rest for the archives. More like out the pasture. But before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve and making a box empty for 2016, I have once again decided to bring out the good, bad, ugly and the scratching my head thing for this year that has gone down. 2015 had a lot galloping like a Goat on hills so many times around the track, but like every other year, it had it’s ups and downs. So with that being said in all, this is the list of 2015 that I think stood out. Was 2015 the G.O.A.T?


Call it the traditional Stephen’s Spot Annual Blog Review.

The Goods:

The Dow Jones was well above 10,000 points. Maybe more.

Gas Prices FELL below $2.00.

President Obama still remained influential. Even though he said he has no more campaigns to run.

Coloring Books made a comeback. For Adults that is.

The battleflag in South Carolina comes down!

The march on Selma turned 50 this year.

Attention NYOnAir: I like your work. I’m following you! Again!

Shoutout to Outdoor Afro AGAIN for getting Black folks to rexplore the outdoors!

The WWE Network is STILL a hit. Now with prepaid cards at Walmart. And yes with Raw and Smackdown.

Misty Copeland is still my new favorite black ballerina! Plus with Ownership!

For the second year in a row, Drones were a seller.

Big Smartphones with the 5.5 screen size rocked.

For us Gen X folks and cartoons: Robotech and ThunderCats hanged for their 30th Anniversaries.

The Marriage Equality thing is the law of the land. We know!

The Wiz Live was a good OnStage Live Hit! Now on DVD.

Articles of African-Americans using tech in churches was finally recorded and summarized.

Back To The Future turned 30 this year and Hoverboards are turning heads.

Viola Davis winning Emmys.

Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, Empire, Being Mary Jane, Real Husbands of Hollywood, If Loving You Is Wrong, Black-ish, News One Now, and The Haves and the Have Nots still rolled.

The ACA still took in more folks. Beat that Haters!

The ongoing saga and slogan of #blacklivesmatter still caught on.

Periscope went hard this year. And Snapchat.

McDonald’s got breakfast. All day!

Lester Holt moved up with the NBC Nightly News.

The Simpsons went to a point of their Halloween shows that was a Halloween Show.

Facebook continued to dominate.

Twitter continued to #dominate.

Instagram was and still making waves.

WWE happened again in the year. Oh, the NXT folks are making waves.

In movies: Selma, Straight Outta Compton, The War Room, Terminator Genesys, Creed, The Hunger Games MockingJay, and Star Wars rocked.

The Christmas commercial with the VW car, the salesman and the black family. You know what I’m talking about!

#SoulCyphers were born on BET.

For those that retired: Jon Stewart of the Daily Show, David Letterman of the Late Show. Just an extra retirement announcement: Willard Scott from NBC. And those who took over for Jon and Dave: Trevor Noah, and Stephen Colbert.

SNL turned 40.

Change of the guard: Eric Holder goes officially out. Loretta Lynch goes in as the US DOJ Top Cop.

Kobe Bryant announced his retirement for the ongoing NBA Season.

Cuba and the US broke a 54 year streak of diplomatic relations.

Video Games: we know PlayStation and Xbox, but some talk about the Nintendo NX has stirred the pot.

For sports: New England Patriots, Golden State Warriors, and Kansas City Royals all won their championships. Two of the teams waited 30-40 years to win the straps.

On the day that we gave thanks: Brett Favre’s number was officially retired at Lambeau Field.

For the College Football: The Ohio State Buckeyes winning the National Title.

Former Oakland Raiders and Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson announced his retirement prior to Christmas Eve.


Speaking of the Packers Fans: I like this dude called “The Pack Daddy”. He is a real fan 24/7. Plus he’s black!  G’s Up indeed!

Well here in Wisconsin on the good side:

Kenosha gets the Amazon Distribution site open.

The Northwestern Mutual Tower downtown is underway of construction.

The 833 Building near the US Bank Building is almost finished.

The new Milwaukee Bucks arena has been approved for construction.

The Milwaukee Police Department helped out the homeless of folks.

The Milwaukee Streetcar is officially on the list to be built. After a 25 year battle.

Near the inner city area of Capitol Drive and Hopkins Street, a new building is almost done: Century City I. Look for it in Milwaukee.

The Riverside Theater downtown got a facelift: A new Marquee and a Sidebar sign on the building for the 90 year old company.

414 Video Spot making waves late nights on TV.

Packers: Aaron Rodgers had a fair year banner year with the Packers along with Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb. They had to play without Jordy Nelson due to a surprise IR injury. But went out and got James Jones back to try to fill in the void. Plus Aaron Rodgers was the league MVP.

For the season that was in a highlighted sense:

Bears- Snapped a 3 year start losing streak.
Seattle- needed that W.
49ers-a decent vengeful W
Chiefs – decent W

Rams -decent win

Chargers- Phillip Rivers wasn’t a joke. But the Pack still won with the throwbacks on.
After the Bye week:
Denver -Luck.
Carolina -Super Lucky. And the nerve to take down the cheesehead banner. Really?
Vikings – stopped the bleeding with a win.
Lions pt. 1- so they got a W in Wisconsin
Bears (pt. 2) They evened up the series with a CB named Tracey Porter.
Lions pt. 2 – Hail Mary!!!!
Raiders – Coach McCarthy took back the keys to the team. And still won. And secured a spot in the playoffs for the 7th time.
Cardinals- Tough and not lucky

Wisconsin Badgers Football ended their previous season on New Years Day by winning the Outback Bowl with a send off to Melvin Gordon. Plus, Gary Anderson leaves Wisconsin to go west. And the Badgers went and got Paul Chryst, a Badger Alum. Most recently, the team finished the season of 10-3 with a win over USC in the 2015 Holiday Bowl. The Badgers Football crew won back to back Bowl Games in the the same year, in a span of 11 months.

The stand outs: Joel Stave, Dare Ogunbolwale, Derek Watt, Joe Schobert, Vince Beigel, Corey Clement, Sojourn Shelton, Robert Wheelwright, Alex Ericsson, Chris Orr, Mike Caputo, and Jazz Peavy.

The Wisconsin Badgers Basketball Crew also owned the West! And the West NCAA Basketball Championship. And were a runner up to the National Title. Plus the view of Frank Kaminisky. #OnWisconsin!

Uber and Lyft are still making moves in Milwaukee.

Colder’s Furniture commercial with the “Step Up” jingle. It’s real fun with advertising.

Summerfest was showing recap footages via the Internet.

Community Retirements: On the same day, May 20th, 2015 that David Letterman retired after 30+ Years in the Television Game, our own Mike Jacobs from WTMJ Channel 4 retired after 38 years on the air.

Here was a 2015 good thing: To those of repping V100, Jammin 98.3, WNOV, and many others in the Black Milwaukee area of radio, even online. Keep it up! I’m listening! 

The Mayfair Collection (part of Mayfair Mall)  near US 45 is nice again with Dick’s Sporting Goods, Old Navy, Nordstrom, and oh I should point out: a bakery. Plus Osgoods is open! Not only that, Pizza Man.


The Bad:

Racism struck again in 2015.

ISIS. Again.

Like 2014, 2015 also was a high year of one of the worst stories to write and comment: Killing unarmed black men, while white police officers who did the job go free, EVEN after chokes being recorded on video. Unarmed black women were targets also.

School/College Shootings in America that were in places that was not mentioned alot did occur.

Even though the Dow was getting high in 2015, the number of African-Americans unemployment remained high as well. And there were other factors.

The ending results of the murders of Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice: not guilty from the cops.

The SAE fraternity in Oklahoma City was declared out due to N*gger word chants.

In South Carolina: A black teen in a Classroom got slammed to the ground by a Police Officer that we all saw on video.

A Pool Party in Texas was interrupted by the McKinnley Police Department. Racially Motivated.

Paris was hit twice due to terrorism.

Mali and Kenya were also attacked.

In Ferguson, Missouri: another shooting death of an child sparked outrage. And a partial but not effective blame on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Baltimore was under siege with violence due to the protest of Freddie Gray’s death by the Baltimore Police Department.

9 members of the Emanuel AME Church were gunned down during a bible study meeting by Dylan Roof in Charleston, SC.

Flooding in South Carolina.



And the bad side of things in Wisconsin: 

Burger King in Wauwatosa  and some Educator Credit Union ATMs got hacked.

Polarized politics in 2015 deepens worse in the state.

A freeway shooting on December 9th on I-43. No kidding.

Racism and segregation still lingered.

Isiah Taylor, son of Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor, was detained in December of all things……delivering a turkey to a needy family. RIDICULOUS!

THIS JUST IN: HOT 102 Online got a notice of being cancelled. NOOOOOO!!!!!! I grew up with the station. Man!

Unemployment maybe down in Wisconsin, but still up in the Black Milwaukee Area.

As far as the Dontre Hamilton saga: no further sentencing of former MPD officer Christopher Manney.

Kmart in Wauwatosa and Office Depot in Milwaukee’s Midtown Center – Rest in peace.

Plus, African World Festival was canceled YET again.

Dustin Diamond, (aka Screech) gets his serving papers in Wisconsin.


Who did I listen to in 2015? (Hint, no whack rappers, no Bieber mess, or boy bands):

Kendrick Lamar – This dude woke up everybody again in 2015! King Kunta and We Gonna Be Alright!

Faith Evans -20. or Her 20th Anniversary Album

Jody Watley – yes Jody Watley! (and Dancer Remixed is on my playlist!)

Puff Daddy – Finna Get Loose!

Adele – Hello

Chic f/Nile Rodgers – I’ll Be There/Back In the Old School

Janet Jackson – No Sleeep/Burn It Up

Dr. Dre – Talkin’ To My Diary

Drake – Energy

Vivian Green – Get Right Back To My Baby

Macklemore – Downtown. Featuring the OLD SCHOOL Rappers like Kool Moe Dee, Melle Mel, and Grandmaster Caz.

Empire Soundtrack Season 1 – Keep it Movin, No Apologies.

Missy Elliott -WTF

Jodeci – (YES, JODECI MADE A COMEBACK THIS YEAR) Every Moment, Checking for you

Jidenna – Classic Man

Monica – Just Right For Me

Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight



The Ugly:

Fox News and the right wing media needs to shut up about Loretta Lynch. Let her do her job. Plus also those like Stacey Dash and the other guy whats his name, needs to be fired than suspended of the Obama Remarks!

Trying to forget the name Kim Davis, whom made a name of not issuing marriage licenses to Kentucky residents because they were LGBT Material. But Kim did have skeletons in her closest though!

Donald Trump is still talking. Even though his commentary might be troublesome for 2016.

Bill Cosby: Again,  Bill Cosby has been under the gun with this whole scandal. And even folks like Janice Dickerson and Beverly Johnson all calling him out. Cosby was also stripped more of his honorary degrees including one from Marquette University. Now , Bill Cosby has stepped up to defend himself and to sue those whom have defaced his name, reputation, etc. Plus there was a warrant of his arrest in which was dated back to 2004. Cosby was bailed out by 1 Million Dollars and this case is to be continued in 2016.

Hulk Hogan: For many, many years, the Hulkster has electrified fans all over the world. Even as an ambassador and a well known public figure in the eyes of the fans of Professional Wrestling and Entertainment. HOWEVER: this year, Hulk Hogan was fired from the WWE due to some off-color racist commentary in regarding the angle with his daughter Brooke years back. That also began a backlash against the man who wanted his younger fans to Train, Eat their Vitamins, Say their Prayers, Believe in themselves, etc.

CALLOUT OF ALL FOLKS – Next time: Can folks who have no experience step outside and let the REAL vets take over?! Seen that a lot this year.


Ugly things that the Badger Residents faced:

145: The amount of homicides that Milwaukee had in 2015. 25 Years ago, the homicide rate was up at 160 at the end of 1990.

Sheriff David Clarke: Oh I got something to comment. He had the Gaul to go onto Fox News and had the nerve to say that Police Brutality ended back in the 60’s. And on top of that he got grilled by a black network host, Roland Martin!

MCTS had a Ugly moment in which there was a bus strike during a portion of the summer.

7,310: the amount of stolen cars in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee Lion. Seriously we were duped in the city. More like bamboozled.

Like last year:  We had a cease fire weekend back in the spring, and more shots rang out. From 1 year olds, to 5 year olds, to preteens teens, and to grown folks. No fun!

Governor Scott Walker has been named the worst person in America this year. RIGHTFULLY SO! And even he commented that Wisconsin’s problem of jobs is lack of trained workers. Still laughing at that statement as well as his failure for not running for President.

Milwaukee Salvation Army Kettle Volunteers were robbed at gunpoint. SERIOUSLY UGLY!

Speaking of ugly: I like the Green Bay Packers. But the loss score of 38-8 by Arizona is what it is: Ugly loss. And this thought of Aaron Rodgers playing scared is preposterous.

Another Ugly: Robbing kids of those hoverboards. Yes, this is aimed at Milwaukee’s rough neighborhoods.

Scratching my head this whole time:

Question again: Have these  Negropeans ever got it yet of they shouldn’t being ashamed to be black? – Reference with all respect AGAIN: Raven-Symone.

Caitlyn Jenner. For real?

Was the BET Awards that serious this year?

How is Kanye West really gonna run for President in 2020?

About that dress though. Really?

REPOST: When employers have said about “we can’t find anyone.” in relation to new applicants on the map, have they actually looked hard enough? Or they are just being lazy?

Hold Up: This dabbing thing though. REALLY?!

For the Robin Jeans fans out there: Um, what is the real deal with those pants?

Question again: Should there be a rule when folks who were homegrown born in all, made good money elsewhere, and then when trying to comeback to their homecity with promotions or events (nothing wrong with that), SHOULD THEY NOT get an attitude of making folks to come out? I don’t care if you’re a Milwaukee born person, went to the south and made good money and comeback home to force folks to come out and support a cause not worth knowing. There are folks HERE in Milwaukee that are on the grind everyday that are trying to be the best possible to help out. Now you know why it is? Watch yourselves, promoters!

Attention-Note to the “fair weather folks” in all YET AGAIN: Many leave cold places due to weather and rant and complain. But doesn’t that equate those hating the hot places go to cold places?

Why is the GOP reps in Congress was wasting their time in repealing the ACA?

What was that hate about a Horse that didn’t get picked, but a deserving Serena Williams got picked for Sportsman of the Year?

Why are certain online radio stations are getting shafted with all these fees, and copyright stuff? (I.E. Live365, Hot102 Online)

Has the hype of Ronda Rousey ever slowed down after her first loss from Holly Holm?

What was the so-called hype about Iggy Azalea and Erykah Badu beef?

I know some Sports Folks had to ask about Olivia Munn and the slump that Aaron Rodgers went through. Wait a second,  do they realize who is Olivia Munn is?!!!!

Will Ride Along 2 and Barbershop: The Next Cut be a hit in 2016?

Still asking this question: with all the “crimes” in the cities, what’s up with the drug problems in the suburbs?!!!

MASSIVE SOCIAL MEDIA CALLOUT AGAIN: Can we PLEASE use the “You’re” word on Facebook correctly as well as other forms of Social Media? Like for example, “You’re It!” Not “Your it”. Or “If you don’t follow me on so and so, you’re not welcome here no more. Not “If you don’t follow me on so and so your not welcome here no more.” We need to respell and check our words, folks! 

Again: Can Facebook users please be polite and to kindly ask not to be so rude when game requests happen? (No need to be all dramatic and serious. It’s not a threat or an act of war!)

How will us Americans alike be with President Obama in his “Really Last Quarter” in 2016?

Will any of us Americans stop denying prayer so much?

Speaking of President Obama again: when the issue of race comes up and many of us black folks feels that it’s killing us. So I ask: What do we want him to say?!!!!!

Here is a response: President Obama gets Black Lives Matter. The true reason. Do any others?

Still asking: Are the protests of unarmed black men and unarmed black women being killed are getting attention in the cities nationwide, as well as worldwide yet again? #HandsUpDontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe

SHOUTOUT CALLOUT: For all my Sagittarius folks: was this year of the horse played the cards well, since part of our zodiac is a Centaur? And will 2016 be THAT YEAR for us to fling our Bows and Arrows?

For you Skeptical Social Media folks and Conscious Minded: When folks had to dig up about certain challenges, or activities, and they tie that into slavery or bad incidents in black culture, even self proclaimed Pagan related stuff: WHERE ON EARTH IS THE MAIN SOURCE THAT YOU GO TO?!!

REPOST: For those of us who go to Walmart in Milwaukee, what is up with the bootlegging folks? (All I hear: We got CD’s and Movies!)  Nobody has no time buying something that has your digital camcorder or computer virus on it!

Knowing 2016 is an election year, can we African-Americans ever have a massive Mid-Term/Local Voter Turnout like the Presidential ones?

Was the movie Concussion really THAT controversial?!!!!!

When folks comment about “being apart of the human race”, have they realized that it was black folks that started the human race, per say? Had to ask that again.

Has those who accused President Obama of everything like unarmed black folks getting killed had realized that he is not at fault?

Has the State of Wisconsin really made a  serious error about NOT bringing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Kenosha? Like the high speed rail?

AGAIN: We all know that #AllLivesMatter, and #PoliceLivesMatter but why folks got to be against #BlackLivesMatter in a sense of being twisted and racist, which is not?

For you Black GOP Fans out there: Is Ben Carson really “Truthful and Honest” to be President?

Why were and are certain folks had to STILL  “redline” job seeking folks because of their address on their resumes?

You know 2016 is a leap year, right?

Why can’t we have our Grad Tassels tied to our rear view mirrors, knowingly it’s somewhat might get you a ticket?

Will body cameras be an assist to the Police when crimes happen in 2016?

Did the Milwaukee Coalition of Justice really overstep their boundary of interrupting the Lincoln Center Arts Middle School Choir?

Since when Hoverboards and those in the ministry like Pastors come into play?

ATTENTION NPHC MEMBERS: With all due respect to the colors and letters you wear with your goals and objectives, can you guys lay off the Iotas? I ask this with love!

Can the Consumer Drones, or Parrot Drones, or Radio Shack drones, or DJI Drones or any drones be good money makers for jobs in 2016?

Has The TSU Social Universe been a force again for Social Media? In terms of paying the user of postings, etc?

Same as last year: Why can’t folks can’t be real with folks who are real? – church, the jobs, economic status, sex, etc?

And………Will 2016 be the “that year?”

 My own highlights of the year.

For this portion, 2015 was not too shabby this year for me. Outside of me blogging and fronting,  and in addition to my community stuff,  I now own a drone, that makes me a legal eagle to be a registered user. Also 2015 marked 10 years of me blogging. Yep 10 years and it’s only the beginning.

For those who have read this blog like over 10,000 times with Tumblr – and the repeated blogs that many of you had to read again, Thank you!

For those who have read this blog for support (I.E. The Milwaukee Streetcar), Thanks.

As far as my Alumni Stuff: My Marshall Eagles from the Class of 1995 turned 20! I finally went to a UW-Stout Alumni Milwaukee event that had eluded me since last year. Via the Brewers Game.

Had a second Family Reunion in which many were impressed of Milwaukee.

And now…..those who have passed on.

BB King – We all know who he was right? Blues Artist.
Leonard Nimoy – Spock.
Johnny Kemp – Had a hit song called “Just Got Paid”.

Rev. Robert H. Schuller – Evangelist.

Joe Dudzik – Milwaukee Alderman.

Ameilia Boynton Robinson – who marched in the original Selma March and the 50th Anniversary March along with President Obama. 104 years old!

Helen Bartz – the last name is familiar to us Milwaukee Residents.

Orville Pitts – Former Boxer turned laywer and civil rights activist in Milwaukee.

Quinn Johnson-Harris – Airman, United States Air Force. Wisconsin Born.

Sandra Bland – Activist/Member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority.

Notable French people killed in the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Jerome Kersey – Former NBA Great and Portland Trailblazer.

Lemmy Kilmister – Motorhead band leader.

Stuart Scott – ESPN Analyst and the man who used BOOYAH!

Van Alexander – Composer.

Meadowlark Lemon – Former Harlem Globetrotter.

“General” Lee Holman – Former Harlem Globetrotter.

William Guest – One of The Pips.

Ozell Sutton – First African American to serve in the US Marines.

John “Hot Rod” Williams – NBA Basketball Player.

San Bernardino Victims.

Planned Parenthood Victims.

Al Molinaro – (aka Al from Happy Days and Wisconsin born)

Koopsta Knicca – Founder of Three 6 Mafia

Jackie Collins – Novelist

Zaevion Dobson – a High School Teenager, Football Player and Mentee who risked his life to save three teenage girls in Tennessee after a shooting incident. He shielded them by using his body to cover them up. Died at 15 years old.

Wes Craven -You horror fans should know.

Yvonne Craig – aka Batgirl

Julian Bond – Former NAACP President

Frank Gifford – Former NY Giant and the voice of Monday Night Football.

Bobbi Kristina Houston Brown – Bobby and Whitney’s only daughter.

Ken Stabler – former Oakland Raider.

Dick Van Patten – Remember Eight is Enough? I do.

Beau Biden – Son of VP Joe Biden.

Dusty Rhodes – Wrestling Legend.

Rowdy Roddy Piper – Wrestling Legend.

Moses Malone – Former Sixer and Milwaukee Buck.

Darryl Hamilton – Former Milwaukee Brewer.


Some of the folks I know that died in the year:

First, I want to highlight, Nellie Kendrick.

She used to have a saying:

“If I can help somebody, then my life will be worth living!” – See more at:

Y’all don’t know her. Nellie a former church member of mine who gave tirelessly in the city. She was a former worker of Blue Cross Blue Shield whom like many back then worked her way up. She also worked as a manger and inspired those to be mangers during her tenure. Nellie was a sorority sister. A real sorority sister of the organization: Eta Kappa Theta.

She and her husband George whom I also know from church were married for 45 years, since the 24th Day of June of 1970. Nellie wasn’t just a member that I knew, she was more than that. She was one of the first black women who on the fore-front and an inspiration to give back. I hope that the women of TODAY can learn from what she did and to take into appreciation of their craft and hard work. Nellie passed this year in February at 81, and she was honor from those of the city, county, state, her chruch homes, former colleagues and many who have known her. And the lasting words from her euolgy, “What legacy will you leave behind?”

Second, I have to highlight two key members of my church: Cleadoretta Keys and Charles Lee Patterson.  For Clea, she was a real person. Make that a real Black Queen! Even though at time she appeared to be strict at times. But her heart was in the right place. She was a former school teacher of Milwaukee Public Schools when MPS had real teachers! A devoted church member who like many was active with the United Methodist Women. And was very vocal about the structure and well being of the church during her tenure. She also was one the reasons why I say this statement: “Hey Black, Child!” For that she wanted us to learn about our black culture and not to be ashamed to be black period! Mrs. Keys was a real woman of God, and a Black Queen that will be missed. She passed this year in June at 82 years of age.

For Charles Lee Patterson, or Mr. Patterson as I respected. He was a mans man. Let me say that again not to hate on the guys reading this blog, he was a man’s man. Mr. Patterson was very active in the church. Married for 56 years. Father of six. Grandfather, relative, friend and Godfather. Mostly as a Trustee. Very Active with the United Methodist Men, and also supportive of the then-church’s weekly activities of the Helping Place. Even part of our Men’s Choir. Mr. Patterson was a Korean War Veteran, whom served 3.5 years in the US Army. Later on, he was employed by the USPS for 35 years as a mail handler. I often have love for my Alumni in which I stay active the most part. I kind of drew that from him since he was a charter member of his Mississippi Valley State University Alumni. He often complement my work as a secretary, my talent of music and most of all, gave me some props of my seasonal decorations! The one last thing before his passing, he was part of the Honor Flight to Washington DC in which it was for the Veterans of WWII and the Korean War era. His passing was in July of this year at 83, but many turned out for the Homegoing and Committal as a way of sorrow, grief, and most of all, love.  His spirit of support still lives on!

In closing: 2015 was one of those years that we walked through pain, fire and brimstone like the years past. But there were along the way, there were positives, and great stuff that happened.

I ask again: Will 2016 be no “monkeying around” for the greater good? We shall see!


I think I got my wish, as well as the rest of the African-American Community Nation.

Finally, Sheriff David Clarke has come to black talk TV. And this time, it’s in front of the Black TV audience. And the thing is: I don’t want to spoil this, but the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History got straight grilled by News One Now host Roland Martin. While many of us and of course many in Milwaukee were at the job, this happened. And it was coming!

For those who don’t know much about News One Now or Roland Martin, you really need to pay attention. For all those who voted up for Clarke way back when, or recently, or if you live the suburbs that voted up for Clarke, it’s time to listen and ask, did I really thought that the Sheriff was so votebale?

Take a look at the podcast of  News One Now Exclusive with the Sheriff. Make those want to think twice.

After listening to the entire podcast interview, it is very very clear that the second black sheriff in the county is clear out of sync. Nevermind his accomplishments from the Naval Academy and others, Milwaukee is the the guy that many of you put in office is worth all the words he expressed about this? Milwaukee’s Black Community: is this the worth just because he’s black? Get off the da*n high horse!

Plus also I hope MANY in Milwaukee, especially in the black community will get a chance to listen to Roland Martin’s Podcast Interview of Sheriff Clarke. And just to be aware, Uncle Ro-Ro pulls no BS in his interviews on a Black Network like TVOne. Even with Sheriff Clarke! So for all you Conservatives, Liberals and also those in the mix on Sheriff Clarke’s side, just a heads up.  And just for the record, Roland Martin is not a Democrat or a Republican. He’s just him.

I hate to say but Sheriff Clarke may have slid by on the other networks, but he has not (and I mean NOT) slid by on TVOne’s News One Now, a black network there are no themes of Fifth Amendments. This is not Fox News or MSNBC or even Al Jazeera. Expect to come out and back your stories like you bet on Vegas. I’m just saying.

So again, feel free to hear the Exclusive Podcast of this interview.

Plus also I want all the black media in Milwaukee (from the radio, blogs, internet sites, Black Milwaukee/Wisconsin Social Media Groups, newspapers like the Community Journal or the Milwaukee Times or Courier, or any other black Badger related media) to summarize this interview knowingly that the rest of America does now know about Sheriff Clarke and his “so-called point of views” of his political observations that feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement are in his words sub-human creeps. Or about Police Brutality was ended back in the 60’s in which that is STILL FALSE! Police brutality does exists. Any type of Police Brutality does exist. Read the files. Even if you graduated from the Naval Academy. Nothing against that, but just stating.






Well, I have been on a break. Had to take a blogging break to ease the mind. After celebrating a milestone of High School 20 Years, and other things, its time to get back to the grind with a three way dance!

First on the card: 20 years of the Million Man March have passed. It’s been 20 years since the Nation’s Capitol was filled with black men from all walks of life for the one Day of Atonement. Ranging from speakers, even the late Maya Angelou spoke. And yes the Minister himself Louis Farrakhan. It was also for the first time in many, many years that many have set foot on the Mall in DC to address the concerns of African-American Men facing in our communities everyday.

20 years ago was the start, now it’s JUSTICE OR ELSE!

Like many, I tuned in to see and hear the speeches of many had to be said. And even from the words from Minister Louis Farrakhan of his remarks. Two things that stuck out in this anniversary of the March was the Boycotting of Christmas and also passing the torch. We know that Christmas is coming. And yes there will be a many of us probably going out to spend the holiday cash. But in the last few years, the Christmas Holiday start per say had kind of dipped because there are those in the Black Shopping Network have decided NOT to shop on Black Friday Weekend. It will be like, nobody black don’t shop on Black Friday after all the discriminatory like ideas against black shoppers in a Walmart, or a Kmart, or any other store that might take our money, but may not take us! The minister called for those to celebrate the part of Christmas that is missing: acknowledging the parents whom act upon the Santa Claus role of providing the gifts to the families rather than the usual Santa of course taking all the credit. We know this. And many others. It’s been talked about before. Plus it’s also been a recent commentary that yes some might be offended that many didn’t attend the march due to family commitments, or other personal issues to address. OF COURSE THEY ARE MAD! Not everyone is not going to attend, or in this instance, had not attend because of the their commitments. So I say this: CHILL OUT! As long as the message continues to spread and to summarize, hopefully it might be able to catch on during the next 20 years if possible to enhance the lessons. Can this be done? Plus also the Minister talked about passing the torch. Well, he’s on point with that. There may have to come at a time when the torch must be passed to the next leaders that are coming up. That goes for anything. But in order to be the next in line to get that torch: you got to be trained right! You can’t just skip over in appropriately and just get your due. That’s not how it works, folks. Even those in the Nation have to understand that. It takes years (YEARS) to get to that spot and it’s not a fly by night stuff.

Second Dance on the Card: The Mess out of Raven-Symone.

How does this chick stay relevant? So on a recent episode of The View, the then still Olivia actress had stated that she would discriminate someone with “ghetto” names. We know those names that can be made up at times and sometimes couldn’t even pronounce. Many of us know. And alot of folks who probably were birthed with the so-called ghetto names were probably offended. I don’t blame them for earning the names. That goes on the parents. It’s like if you got a name like “Karisha” Or “Majohnte” Or those Niqua names, chances are there are those in America who are looking for work, many not hire them all because they’re mothers, or fathers or both named their kids with those particular names. Remember when President Obama talked about Jacob, not Jamal? Sounds Familiar?

Speaking of that, and Raven-Symone: I know many had to remember this show-

Does this sound familiar? This one scene from That’s So Raven, had so many folks questioning, about the judgment words that Raven-Symone made. How you going not to hire black folks per say, when you made a show that folks didn’t want you because you’re black? REALLY? Is this where the thing is going? Clearly, this is a matter of messed up minds at work. And Raven is (or has) been on the cusp offending herself, and those that rallied around her, including African-Americans fans of her, and of The Cosby Show of way back. Oh since then, she had apoligized to those who might been offended, but as far as her stature………..which remains to been seen.

Third Dance of the Card: #BlackLivesMatter Does NOT endorse Police Killings!

If anyone in America, black or white feels that the Black Lives Matter is all about police killings, you are sad and delusional. Sorry to say this, but it’s getting to the point that the apex is growing. Folks fail to mention that. I said this once and again, I thought Black Lives Matter was about addressing the concerns of black men and black women. Why is this so political?! Then the mocking and the “copycats” come out and say, “ALL LIVES MATTER” or “Police Lives Matter”. That right there, is just that: a mere smokescreen that will get folks all confused and assume that the folks saying Black Lives Matter are racist and don’t care about the other lives that mattered, or matters. I have to comment this: there are those in the mainstream media, or the local media, or your local news, or your inner Social Media Circle, that had said, or currently saying this. Hell, I don’t care if they went to your High School or University Class Reunion. Yeah I said it! You also have folks like Allen West, or the Milwaukee County Sheriff himself David Clarke going on Fox News and talking about the negative of Black Lives Matter and assuming it’s all smoke and mirrors. I call BS on that. These dudes and many like them, even the Right Wing Media Maniacs just like to pour on the ingredients just to scare folks.

Black Lives Matter DOES NOT overshadow all lives matter. Nor does kill cops!

We know that all lives really matter in all, but if all lives really matter or mattered, why is it when black folks get discriminated in any way, it’s way for the other folks to say get over it? Seriously? As a wise black woman told me that there are somethings that you can’t get over! Chew on that, Black Lives Matter haters in all! Want to know? Do a thing called research!

Yeah, they can mock the original sayings all they want, but the ORIGINAL CORE of the Black Lives Matter thing will still be in place to explain the real truth behind the rhymes and reasons.

It’s time for the three way dance! We know how this goes. For this, it’s nothing but the FLOTUS getting real on Racism, a teacher in Georgia and also, there is not new black. But the word black has in slogans of uplifting has been in effect for years. Oh yes, we all know with conviction and meaning.

First on the card: I’m sure many viewed the First Lady’s Commencement Speech from Tuskegee University. And the FLOTUS didn’t disappoint in which she went hard on a subject in which many feel is dead: Racism. Before I begin, let me say that Race plays in many factors. No matter what we do or say, or comment or act or the analyzation of crime, martial status, education, jobs, housing, economic status, or many other things, race has and will play a part in stipulating those factors. Of course many might say, Oh it doesn’t see color….or  we have black connections well scouted with friends, or we have a Black President now, racism is dead (OH REALLY?) And many other factors.

But in this speech that the FLOTUS gave: Really raw and convincing. And no, Conservative-Like Minded citizens, there was no race baiting. It was bringing up a thing called #FACTS:

In the most conversed portion of the speech as everyone knows, she highlighted the resources of being a target of race. All that about her being too loud, too this and that. Would she be subtitle like the previous First Ladies of Hillary, Laura, Barbara, and Nancy? And that cover of the New Yorker having that caricature of her and Barack doing the fist bump with the FLOTUS dawning a machine gun with an afro. Don’t act like many haven’t seen it! We’ve all seen it! So is this what is like to publicize the notion of African-American Women, whom by the way this mother has an IVY LEAGUE DEGREE, and promoting support for the Military Families, Encouraged ALL Americans to dawn their Alma Mater College Shirts so those can be inspired to go to college on National Signup Day for them. By the way, I was wearing my UW-Stout Shirt in Solidarity and Support for the next Blue Devils that might be in doubt about a Wisconsin University to attend! And also the Let’s Move Movement, doing the dances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. So seriously is this what it is about getting those haterisms on? Many say, “Oh there’s no real racism…” Stop the bleeding folks! All of those things and chatter that she so far endured, are just noise in her words. That’s all there is nothing about noise. The same noise that we hear when folks say all black folks are like this and that in one pact. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are those in America that don’t like the FLOTUS that is one thing: Black. Period. When Hillary Clinton, and many other First Ladies were in office in my young life, no I didn’t call them the hater words that most know well. Actually I was just young.

Second card on the dance: We all know by now that the Georgia Teacher has shown her horns of being a racist. Let’s review shall we?

Now in the videos that were posted, and many have viewed them after the remark, “look at all the black people”, guess what in the longer videos that were posted not many of the blacks didn’t got up as the now FORMER teacher Nancy Gordeuk commented. And also there were some whites in the audience got up and left also. And the thing is, the setting where the graduation was, in a church sanctuary. Oh boy, now I know many have to be asking why would this woman who struck a nerve with many of the blacks in the audience would say that in the house of worship? And oh, she claimed that the devil made her do it. Who does she think she is, Flip Wilson?! By now as many knows also, yes she gave her apologies and commented about the words “black people” not being racist. Which is not. And furthermore: when she said something about using the term African-Americans, in all by saying that they’re not from Africa and are American born. Try saying that to those who carry themselves as Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, and others. But why to do certain folks detest the words “African-Americans” in the first place? Oh like we’re supposed to be on the same side? For those who detest, listen up what I’m about to say: I USE, and Comment, and Say, and Critique, and Express the words AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Why? Because I can! It’s my right and privilege. I often say and haven’t comment to say in a while that why I can’t embrace BOTH my Ethnic Heritage of African Decent and the American Born side of things at the same time? Yes, I know I’m American born. BUT I WILL NEVER surrender, nor overlook, nor misjudge, nor disrespect the ethnic side of my Ethnic heritage! NEVER! I want to be extremely clear about it! I like American pie, but will try and bake a cool African dish. I might dig the drum beats of punk rock, but never overlook the same inspired beats of an African Drum! Just wait until the Fourth of July gets here, because like the firecrackers, there will be Oooohs and Ahhhhs on here!  And by the way, the same teacher who spilled the beans of “look at all the black people” comments, was just fired. So for all you upcoming 2015 Commencement Masters of Ceremonies out there, you better watch your words in the era of Smart Camera Phones and IPads that will record every word you say!

Finally on the card: let’s look and review the word BLACK. In terms of slogans.

  • Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.
  • Black is Beautiful.
  • Black Power!
  • It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • And the now: #BlackLivesMatter

When I was coming up in the late 80’s and early 90’s during the golden age of Hip Hop, we used to see the slogan of “It’s a Black Thang, you wouldn’t understand!” A pre-Black Lives Matter and a post Black Power slogan. Oh, it was so much hype and circumstance in asking about what was about this thing of blacks that many wouldn’t nor understand?

Was it our state of mind?

Our approach for life?

Our way and I mean OUR WAY of purpose or objectives?

Or was it us defining US to lead, or innovate?

Those of you who are 90’s born, yeah you guys that are in the forefront of Black Lives Matter, you were born in the era of It’s a Black Thang. Don’t forget it.

Our It’s a Black Thing, like the Black Lives Matter Movement, was a movement itself. Or sort of. The Urban Dictionary website highlights the word “thang”. It is read as such:

Starting around 1990, roughly concurrent with the release of Spike Lee’s seminal motion picture “MALCOLM X” and the dizzying successes of rap music stars, a t-shirt slogan started to appear which said; IT’S A BLACK THANG, Y’ALL, YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. The word “thang”, used in this context, was an Ebonicism used to refer specifically to a cultural meme or norm, which those who belonged to the special group– in this case, African-Americans, would immediately recognize and understand… whilst those not belonging to this group (whites or non-blacks) would fail to understand, appreciate, or even recognize. Thus, by extension, a “thang” is a folkway, meme, norm, predilection, code, shibboleth, artifact or behaviour exclusive to, or closely allied with, a particular sub-group of the larger populace.

This was our #BlackLivesMatter before #BlackLivesMatter wasn’t even though about! And of course everyone else had to come up and copy about It’s a White thang, or a Latino Thang and or many other thangs to it. Even the LGBTQ folks had their expression of thang also in the spirit of It’s a Black thang also. But no matter the copies, there was an Original and that ORIGINAL belongs to the black culture! Sort of like Cultural Appropriation. Remember that talk about the so-called Harlem Shake were folks were just shaking and wiggling? But not acknowledging the 1980’s version? And Melissa Harris-Perry had to go in and straighten out the white media of the real meaning of the dance? Go back view it!

Before I was born: yes the slogans of Black Power and Black is Beautiful were, are and STILL powerful. It needs to be Powerful even for those who comment about human powering up. Don’t forget Millennials and those who follow their philosophy no see color, that Black folks were the originators of Human Power! Everyone else just duplicated the originality. The slogans were not racist or this fear of separating the races, as many would comment. It was to elevate our black pride, our black spirit, and to let folks know that despite of us being African Decent and being dark for many, we are bring and proud folks of the decedents of our ancestors! To me that is what being black and proud is. Not holding my head down, but also realizing my vision has to remain up even in the era who are confused or raised or just so hyper sensitive about darn near EVERYTHING. Even black folks today in 2015 need to keep their visions up and be appreciative with pride and dignity.

But sadly, there are those who feel that blacks are the enemy, the racists of internal and external hatred, having this Utopian-like structure of the new black, which I don’t believe there is a “new black”. And also those whom feel about being black enough in all. And many hidden reasons of the hypocritical mindset, anti-alliance, the sexist and many other concerns of black related hate concerns! We know who they are. Just to go your workplaces, some of your churches members/districts areas, your neighborhood watch groups, your family dinner tables, your relatives, your bosses/supervisors, your frat brothers, your sorority sisters, and many other you interact with EVERYDAY!

But with this, I’m gonna say this, I’m appreciative of my race, my pride, and my well being of black structure in this Continent of North America. And even though that it’s not a formidable concern to many, but to me this is all I got to get me going! So yes, my black power life thing which nobody has to understand, STILL matters!

Here it is WordPress.

I’m about to comment this latest shooting that recently occurred in South Carolina. Yeah, that one. Im sure many in the country have seen it and read it. Walter Scott, a 50 year old black male was gunned down in the back in his home state by here again, a white police officer. Now before anyone gets on the #BlueLivesMatter tip, the man he shot was a black veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard!  And by the way, if anyone believes that using the words “black and veteran” is a bad thing, trust me its not! I say Black Veterans all the time, and to the hyper sensitive folks: its NOT racist! Black folk that were in Uniform fought hard and served for these United States over the years and decades and even centuries! And to the Michael Savages of the world, EVEN WORLD WAR II! Just a thought.

It seems that its a recurring theme when this happens. All the time when we read about black men or black women who are unarmed getting killed for no reason, and yes when the proverbial word goes out in supporting the officer of innocence, the deceased of the bullet has to suffer. Mainly more, it’s the deceased of the black man and black women has to suffer through their families of losing that father, mother, son or daugther. And extended relative. We see it. We read about it. And many had to talk smack on Facebook about the “ha ha’s” of them being black and getting shot in the street. No matter what they did while they were living. How is it that when America hears of sees a news story about a person’s death, who’s black in their working prime, they had to go to the analyticity of their backgrounds to see what they did, and call them out as a bad individual? Like here in Wisconsin, we lost Tony Robinson, Dontre Hamiltion, Bo Morrison, Ernest Lacy, Derek Williams, Darius Simmons, and many others similiar to Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tasir Rice, Eric Garner, and countless others? Even those countless others whom were killed by police of Black Women. When Tony Robinson was killed and his story was featured on Instagram, some dude here in the state had to say something stupid like “thank you Madison Police Department for getting the scum off the streets.” REALLY?! And then he committed Armed Robbery PREVIOUSLY way before he was shot, and labled him as a bad person. Oh, wow! Really?!!!

For this Walter Scott, a 50 year old African American Male, who was running away from the North Chaleston Police UNARMED, that was no excuse of the officer who fired the gun and killing this U.S. Armed Forces Veteran! For those who like to say #AllLivesMatter, I’m putting this out here: If all LIVES REALLY MATTERED, why was Walter’s black life cut short again? And to those who say #BlueLivesMatter in regarding the officer, Michael Slager I hate to say this, but they have no idea! NONE! I ask this also, where is the judgment factor? And it was all caught on digital video.

This weekend, the family of Walter Scott is planning and doing the home-going services in South Carolina. One was on Saturday, and there will be one on Sunday. Knowing yes, that the burial might include full military honors in all in his memory. And after that is all over, his struggle, his wrongful death, his vengeance per say will not be forgotten! And if Officer Michael Slager gets off Scot-Free in the shooting of Walter Scott in any manner, don’t be surprised if he makes the list that would be found not guilty. But in this case, in the reaction of it, he is guilty! And what will the #BlueLivesMatter activists say on that?

I’m about to go in on the city again. But before I do, this commentary is for the city and towards the city. If you are one of the folks in Milwaukee who feels that the Streetcar is on this verge of being a pain per say, and you start to hear all the “rumors” from taking money from MPS in all, then you really have been listening to “the stories” and not the stone cold truth in a positive sense. By now, you probably had gone to Serb Hall in West Allis tonight and probably had sat in the seats and heard the spoken word of Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Davis, Sr. Why those two you ask? because they are leading this crusade to get the streetcar on the ballot for the April election in taking it to the people in making it a yay or nay decision. Oh check this, while you’re at the Serb, you probably were given a sheet like this: Yeah you might feel pretty good about having this petition and trying to get the names on it before the spring election. What you are just doing is just that. Having a Streetcar per say will symbolize all the segregation and racism that you might been hearing about, and it must be stopped. Really?! And plus we just had a shooting downtown in which Dontre Hamilton was killed at Red Arrow Park and many feel that his death is being overshadowed with the interest of getting the Streetcar started. And plus when I read about the so-called groups of Citizens Responsible for Government (as usual being conservative) plus black activism of using #BlackLivesMatter along with it, now its becoming ugly. CALLOUT: I thought #BlackLivesMatter was to address the concerns of unarmed Black Men and Black Women getting killed. When did it start being so political?!!! Let me address the Hamilton family here: First, I feel you. I get it. I get it. I’ve seen you in the streets getting your liberties and having the chance to get the case reopened for Dontre. I know how at times that justice can be a twist of fate at times. Let me explain. In July of 2002, I lost my cousin Adrian Drew to gun violence at age 21. The reason being because the men wanted his 1996 Chevy Lumina in which he was driving with spinning rims on the side. Don’t forget at age 21! He was a college student at UWM and also he worked with his dad (my older cousin) for an Ice Cream Store near 38th and Center. But the days leading to his untimely death, he was chased at least 3 times trying to get to him. Adrian didn’t give up the car, and the day came when he got shot near the area of 47th and Locust we were shocked and saddened by this. The individuals who killed my cousin, they got caught. And served time. But the sentencing portion should have life in prison,  than 10 years! Part of that was a bit twisted. As disappointed as it was, justice was served; but not enough. True story! When all that went down, I didn’t march in the streets, didn’t tell the government officials to stop future projects for the sake of my cousin! There are other ways to seek justice and revive projects (ala the Streetcar) Its been done before. And plus it’s I’m being active by not taking it to the streets! I got firm connections to fight from ranging from education, healthcare, church, and law networks. Believe me, I got them! So, yes Hamilton family. I get it. However, I also think that halting a Streetcar project per say (and I’m being very very careful about this)I think is not going to bring Dontre back. But I feel you. Between 2002 up to right now, I’ve seen projects come and go, and I know that “dang I wish my cousin Adrian was here!” But even those couldn’t bring him back. As well as those in Milwaukee who were gunned down between then and now. I’m keeping it real with this! I’m not trying throw shade or stones. But I’m saying from the middle standpoint. I happened to find an article that might be of an interest to the Black Community in relation to this conflict. Oh, yes I do. And trust me, this article is nearly 10 years old. Since today is a Thursday, and many are going with the Throwback Thursday Mantra, I want to dig up an article that many forgotten about. I want to highlight the year of 2005. Does anyone in Milwaukee, particularity Black Milwaukee remember February 16th, 2005? Doesn’t matter if you listen to WNOV, read the black newspapers of the Milwaukee Courier, the Community Journal, a former listener of 1290. Do you remember this date? Well for those whom may have forgotten, read this courtesy of the associated press: And plus, it was from a site I would never go to – Fox News.

A flurry of shots rang out Wednesday evening on a commuter bus, killing one man and injuring another, police said. Ten to 15 shots were fired on the Milwaukee County Transit (search) bus while it was traveling on the city’s north side. The driver stopped the bus and called police. “The bus driver said, ‘I’m driving and then the shots rang out and then everybody’s piling off the bus,”‘ said Milwaukee Police Capt. Eric Moore. Moore said only one person remained on the bus when police arrived, a 42-year-old man who died in the shooting. A 22-year-old man who was shot in the leg was found outside the bus, Moore said. He was being treated at a local hospital. Police were combing the bus Wednesday night for clues. “We don’t have a motive for the shooting,” Moore said.

Again does this ring a bell? If the Alderman Joe Davis and Bob Donovan were even alive back in 2005 when this happened, do they have any reflection of this incident? They better. Especially for Joe Davis’ sake! This incident occurred on a Milwaukee County Transit System bus on Milwaukee’s northside. And 10 years ago, I was still riding county buses! Oh yes. And check this out, until March of 2005 came, I started driving on my own to point A and point B. The reason I dug up this article is about the “concerns” of what might happen if the Streetcar was to be built in which many forgotten that the MCTS had a past incident that was encountered. Heck, I even read about carjackings in Milwaukee. Wanna go there?! And those whom are pro against the StreetCar, have YOU forgotten this? Has Milwaukee Black Media addressed this? Basically what I’ve been hearing is nothing more than reverse scare tactics. That’s all it is. And when that happens, the folks who think who would win the argument, will spiritually lose. Why? Because of the mindset! (I should be a Psychiatrist!) For many years as far as I remember, we’ve been beating the dead horse about getting jobs here in the city. In any which way we tried. BUT: Why are we stopping ourselves like this?! And if the money does go somewhere else, it will be like the High Speed Rail all over again, and many will look at Milwaukee and Wisconsin as being dorks and fools. You came so close and guess what, you fumbled the ball. It should have been great, but that “Misguided Pride” just had to get in the way. Really?! Usually I don’t dive on the Social Media side of things, but I did. I went on Facebook the other day, and I went to the group called “Penny’s Politics.” It’s an “closed” group page now that discusses the political side of just about anything. I came across a posting about the individuals who were behind the High Speed Rail Project and against Walker, are the same folks who are using that mentality against Tom Barrett and his idea of bringing the Streetcar. When I read the posting on there, it had about 168 comments on it. Mostly positive, Partially Negative. The partially negative part had to come from a female black activist who questioned about the Economic Side in which would be beneficial towards African-Americans. The one answer that this person got is the same one I’ve been saying (via the moderator) is the one thing only: JOBS! That is your economic side of things! I’ve been saying this since the very start of my reasoning behind the streetcar project is one thing, and one thing only is the employment. And I have said so many times that it’s the one thing that is being preached about too much in Milwaukee! And from the reports, the Streetcar would also include a route along MLK Drive, and also in the areas of the Northside of the city. We all know what happened to the last 2 transportation project ideas: GONE!  Why? Due to politics. And to top of all of that, Wisconsin is very good of letting cash slip away. Why do you think that partially that Scott Walker (whom recently got sworn in – again) did that to approve? Not because of the “so-called boondoggles and no one will ride it speeches”. It’s really the ongoing effect of segregation within the state. Don’t believe me, go ask any black Wisconsin resident that knows! Start in Milwaukee.  Go to Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and others where majority of the black residents will tell you the same thing. Even if you have to go to Waukesha where it’s highly Republican. Just today I was on the Urban Milwaukee website. They have published the article about the story that is behind of these referendums of the Streetcar. Mainly this is what I’m talking about. From the conservative like groups from the outside looking in on Milwaukee having these petitions to me is “dangerous”. And partially there are those in those areas who probably don’t give a flip about black folks in Milwaukee. And the connection part that has REALLY scratching my head on this notion is the fact that Joe Davis talked with the reps of this CRG organization (whom are republican related per say) in getting the petitions out in the open of derailing the long awaited Streetcar. Not only that, it might effect those in the Milwaukee Common Council that backed up the project as well. Can anyone say recall?!!! That is what it’s turning into. And by the way, it’s being on circulated on Facebook. CALLOUT: Hey Black Milwaukee, I hope you done your homework!!!!!!!!! Not on the Streetcar, but with a conservative twist of CRG (Citizens for Responsible Government)  that partially does not like you!  Black Milwaukee Activists: When you’re out there saying #TEAMSHUTITDOWN on Facebook, I’m praying for you. And I want the backers of Alderman Joe Davis to do a homework assignment on a person of Orv Seymer. Do a background check. And word on the street is that he kind of poaches after inner city residents and has bad references with his work. This is one of the men that the Alderman was conversating with before the year of 2014 was ending. Again read the article from Urban Milwaukee. Speaking of Facebook, if those haven’t gone in (in a defensive counter thing) on a group page that is Anti-Streetcar, find the page called “STOP the Milwaukee Streetcar.” Which also, is an apparent catalyst in driving these petitions. And the organization that is behind the ordeal, (according to the comments on Urban Milwaukee) is Sobelman’s. Does that name sound familiar to someone who like burgers? And maybe others behind the support might be Sherman Perk, the Packing House, and the Plainfield Pub. For the record, I have NOT visited these places in Milwaukee, and don’t expect me to spend my hard earned money for a burger, coffee, or beer. And plus I challenge anyone in Milwaukee to go in on this Anti-Streetcar Page and just deliver the real truth of why the StreetCar project should matter to Milwaukee without all these rumors. Even though they know the truth, but just don’t want to hear it! MAKE THEM LISTEN! Many are talking about the hate of the Streetcar, but what about the hate against the Milwaukee County Transit System where it couldn’t get to the jobs as needed at times?! Tell me that! They can’t go to Kenosha and to Amazon. And many forget, some companies (not all)  don’t allow employers to take buses! Think about that! And if it doesn’t go well, what will the opponents have that pros didn’t? That’s needs to be in question! In relates to jobs, economics black folks, etc. Don’t just keep saying #SHUTITDOWN. I say #WHATDOYOUHAVE or #YOUBETTERNEEDSOMETHING. Or #OKNOWWHATYOUAREBRINGING. Or a better hashtag: #WHATISYOURPLAN. Plus if a chance, read the article of “The streetcar isn’t everything, but it’s a big step in the right direction” via the website.

While what is left of Sagittarius Season, I’ll draw the bows and arrows and aim for another three way dance. Plus a bonus. This dance is all about the unexpected ratchetness of VH1’s Sorority Sisters, An update of the Milwaukee Streetcar and a final installment that I’ll dig up that is true, but I’m saving it. Not gossip or juicy. 

Take one: Sorority Sisters on VH1

First, I must ask this question. How many of those you know who are apart of the Divine 9 that watched the VH1 Premiere of Sorority Sisters? I have to say this. That show should be burned beyond recognition! I mean really. Why would this show, this REALITY SHOW be on VH1 of all places? And having these chicks representing of the AKA’s, Deltas, Sigma Gamma Rho’s and Zeta’s in the limelight that well, opposes the standards of the organizations? I mean really? I would rather see the Packers lose a unexpected game than watch VH1’s Sorority Sisters! (oh, by the way the Packers did lose against Buffalo. But it was ONE Game!) Anyway about this Sorority Sisters show, I know darn well that the D9 members that I know, don’t take this lightly. I know many probably watched the show and probably have an assumption that “this how all of the Sororities in the NPHC act like being all stuck up and selfish. Just like the girls on TV”. The D9 female members that I know personally through family, church, alumni in between really give back to the community through service and the ability to carry out their organizations’ objectives. Thats what’s up. For these actresses who either portray or act upon as a representative of their sororities, they are now being talked about. Of course. What you expect? They got a reality show! Now you might have seen this on Facebook, or any other Social Media platform, that there is a petition to get the Sorority Sisters show canceled based on the content that was shown on TV. Already, some ads that sponsor the show are being pulled until the show is completely gone. Anyone uses Carmex? You know the stuff that helps to pop your cold sores off your skin? Yep the same one. And just for those for an FYI, the company is based in my homestate of Wisconsin, in the Milwaukee area. Yes, that one! And already, Roland Martin himself has taken his liberties about the show to the forefront and commented that the show is no good. Just an FYI also, Roland (aka Uncle RoRo) is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Other famous Divine 9 names probably voiced their disapproval about the show’s overall content as being badly reflective of their organizations. However there are those who might trip on hating that, but still watch the shows of Love and Hip Hop or the Real Housewives of whatever. If that’s the other objective, then our priorities must be re-examined and to really ask, what do we really want in a show? I mean the real stuff. Time to ponder, black folks! (and folks alike).

Second take: The Milwaukee Streetcar

Already the Milwaukee Streetcar was put on the city’s hot potato list. And a decision should have been made already to go along with this. BUT: according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Urban Milwaukee website, the streetcar talk with the Common Council has been on hold until either January or February of next year. But as I was reading the story on the JS, there was talk about with the Streetcar and among other things: Racism and Violence. Yes, the last time I checked Milwaukee is still a segregated city in the country. From the JS also there was some divide about the project between Alderman Joe Davis and Alderwoman Milele Coggs:

Ald. Milele A. Coggs ripped into Ald. Joe Davis Tuesday after Davis during a heated Common Council debate characterized the downtown Milwaukee streetcar proposal as immoral and racist. “As I sat here listing to the comments, I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” Coggs told the council, which had already voted to delay consideration of the project until January and had begun to debate whether to delay streetcar’s proposed financing measures.

One of those measures would prevent opponents to the project from holding a binding referendum asking Milwaukee’s residents if they support the $124 million streetcar plan.

Streetcar opponents, such as Alds. Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik, have said a project as controversial and as costly as the streetcar all but demands a referendum.

“We are getting ready to wipe out from the public any say,” Davis said, echoing their sentiments. He called the proposal “immoral.”

The initial stage of the streetcar would connect downtown Milwaukee to the upper east side, with a spur extending to the lakefront.

Mayor Tom Barrett said the streetcar would create jobs, spur development and attract young and talented people to the city.

But the “millennials” the mayor hopes to attract, Davis said, are not the unemployed African-Americans that live in his north side district.

“Are they part of the ‘millennials?’ ” he said. “Or are they just thugs.”

Davis evoked the April 30th shooting of Dontre Hamilton.

“If a kid can get shot 14 times down here in Red Arrow Park downtown — and this is from young kids who have actually weighed in with me on the project — if that can happen, what will happen when they try to ride the streetcar downtown?”

Both Davis and Donovan have said they will challenge Barrett in the 2016 mayoral race.

Coggs, who spoke after Davis, bristled at the implication that those who supported the streetcar project are indifferent to the needs of Milwaukee’s African-American community or to the plight of the poor and disenfranchised.

“Instead of so much posturing, instead of so much name calling, instead of so much characterization of those who choose to support and not support the streetcar, we should discuss this on the merits,” she said.

“It is not that you care about the community or poverty or police brutality — or you care about the streetcar.

“It is not one or the other.”

“Milwaukee has a lot of work to do in a million different areas, but just because we have that work to do doesn’t mean we should miss the economic opportunity for growth that we have in front of us,” Coggs said.

Ultimately, the council voted to delay until January 21st not just the streetcar proposal, but to also delay until January the measures that would fund its construction and operation.

“We fully expected the delay,” Barrett said in an interview following the vote.

“No surprises at all,” he said.

The mayor said he would spend the next several weeks presenting the streetcar proposal to business and community leaders.

Alright: enough of the bickering. Since when the death of Dontre Hamilton per say has gotten into the discussion about the Streetcar project? That right there is another monster to deal with! Speaking of violence on public transportation, I’ve read about shootings that effected Milwaukee County Transit Busses years back. Try 10 years ago. I remember shootings on buses very well. Which partially made me switched my transportation needs to behind the wheel. Keep in mind, Milwaukee that this was about or over 10 years ago! I think Alderman Davis needs to get that commentary reexamined. Violence can effect no matter what transportation is needed. And also I remember when the MCTS had these things called Transit Security Guards from Wackenhut. Do they still work? And what about these Transit Security Cameras? Remember those? Do they still work? I’m just asking!

Over the course of my commentary, my support of the Streetcar is only one thing and one thing only: JOBS! Is that what we Milwaukeeans have been preaching about getting here so bad? HELLO!

But there was some good news out of the county. Milwaukee County Chairperson Marina Dimitrijevic whom proposed an idea between the Streetcar and the Coulture Projects. According to the Journal Sentinel she states in her commentary:

The Couture developer has agreed to hire 40% of workers from within Milwaukee County and contract with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises for 25% of this development. The city of Milwaukee has committed $400,000 as part of the proposed East Michigan tax incremental district toward much-needed workforce development. Recently, an additional $100,000 has been promised at the county level from the developer matched at $100,000 by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Development Board, making the total investment in preparing our workforce more than a half-million dollars. These city-county resources will connect job seekers with employers, build workers’ skills and strengthen our local talent pipeline.

Construction and operation of the Milwaukee streetcar also will provide training and economic growth. It will complement our bus system by feeding into the larger system and attracting riders. This will result in an overall expansion of transit services in Milwaukee County. A 2008 report on the Portland, Ore., streetcar explains that more than $3 billion in new development has taken place within two blocks of fixed streetcar routes.

Furthermore, according to Urban Milwaukee, she expressed this commentary along with the Barrett Visionary Development Group:

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic today announced $200,000 in additional funding for workforce development. The Barrett Visionary Development Group has promised $100,000 that has been matched by the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board. This new $200,000, led by the county, takes the overall workforce investment combined from the Couture and Streetcar projects to half a million dollars.

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic said: “This city-county partnership will help touch more than 500 workers, providing the necessary job training skills needed to connect with open positions in our growing economy while building our talent pipeline.”

Rick Barrett, of Barrett Visionary Development, has proposed the 44-story, $144 million Couture development with more public access at the site of the under-used Downtown Transit Center. He has agreed to hire 40 percent of workers from within Milwaukee County and contract with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises for 25 percent of this development.

Earl Buford, President of the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment  Board said: “The investment of half a million dollars from the city and county together will be used for evaluation, assessment, recruitment workshops, and career pathway/training programs translating into real jobs on these projects.”

According to the U.S. Dept. of Transportation, the City of Milwaukee’s Streetcar Project will bring a new mode of transportation for people to connect with their jobs, their homes, and their entertainment destinations.  USDOT said construction work related to the Streetcar Project infrastructure will bring approximately 350 new jobs.  The Streetcar Project calls for certification that will ensure under-represented populations have access to career pathways with family sustaining wages, benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Dimitrijevic thanked Rick Barrett for his contribution to the city and county’s efforts to develop and strengthen our shared workforce. Rick Barrett added: “As a lifelong Milwaukeean, I am excited to help take us to the next level. I am happy to partner with the Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board to provide additional resources to train workers and develop our diverse workforce.”

So what’s the fuss again? Like I said, if its a result of getting more jobs here in the city, then I’m all for it. You got two major projects that seemed controversial, but at the same time it might spur up jobs here in Milwaukee that are in of need. I wonder who or what antagonist are against this? And you got the USDOT in the back pocket in this? Who would NOT be against this? Even for family related sustaining jobs that most have been preaching and saying over and over again about since day one! I don’t hear or see this on Facebook!

Third on the card: Oh, Milwaukee had a week of wearing black in church and also a protest on a interstate.

This past week in Milwaukee, like many others across the United States in black churches, many of us wore black in solidarity of the #BlackLivesMatter conduct. Also, the gathering took place yet again at Red Arrow Park in which was the same site where Dontre Hamilton was killed by the hand and the gun of Former Police Officer Christopher Manney. This time the faith community: no matter if it was Christian, Jew, Musilim, and plus the ACLU of Wisconsin all came out. Even the Mayor himself made an appearance. Plus the brother of Dontre Hamilton, Nathaniel spoke to the crowd about his late brother and the misuse of the justice of his sibling encountered being shot 14 times. We all heard the story. Plus also after the rally, many started to march to the Milwaukee County Courthouse and to leave messages for County DA to let him (John Chisholm) know that the case involving the murder of Dontre Hamilton must not be ignored! Later on in the week on a Friday, check this out via WISN Channel 12:

Yep, what you’re looking at is a group of protesters taking I-43 hostage in the black community of Milwaukee. At one time, for those who are unfamiliar with this area, this was part of the original Bronzeville area before the freeway got opened up and kind of messed up the neighborhood for decades to come. But on this day, several protesters whom shown up to took the I-43 hostage per say, were arrested, but the message behind the protest was not silenced! And the reaction of this had to be some haters behind the screen. Folks had to say “oh it’s a mob scene!” Really? This was NO mob scene. This reminds me after the George Zimmerman verdict came in and after the non-guilty verdict, there were folks in protest if I recalled, there were protesters then shutting down a freeway in Houston, Texas! New York did the same thing a couple of month ago, and now it’s Milwaukee’s turn. Milwaukee can now join the lists of cities that had these non-violent freeway protests against the murders of unarmed (UNARMED) black men! Even though many might call this cray-cray in a sense, but it is a protest to get the folks talking! And it has to start and continue. No matter what or who thinks! Even if it’s Sheriff or the Chief of Police. Folks need to listen. Even if those live in the suburbs!  Also in the same week, several of my Milwaukee County Supervisors also expressed their liberties in session while showing the shirts of the words, #ICANTBREATHE. Yes America, you should know the name and reasons why Dontre Hamilton’s name is out like Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and many other unarmed black men (and to paraphrase Unarmed black women) were shot to death unexpectedly.

Final thing on the card: A mystery. 

What should go on the last card? Christmas, no no that’s too easy. Maybe about Bill Cosby and these ridiculous crap about him being a rapist? No no. However I’m saving that for my end of the year blog under scatching my head all this time segment. Sheriff David Clarke and him going on Fox News? Not yet. Wait until the same blog by New Year’s Eve.

Oh, wait, just wait. I GOT IT!

Already, my Stephen’s Spot thing, is expanding. Since December 1st, I’ve been expanding another skill of mine to work. Photography. For those who are on Facebook, I made a page called “Stephen’s Spot Photography” in which I take photos around Milwaukee in which I think might be good at random. Now, usually I don’t write this, but this is the first time I am expanding my work outside of WordPress. So, if you or those in the city ever get a chance, check out my public page of “Stephen’s Spot Photography” on Facebook. With the page, I’ll take pics (by using a Nikon) to go to any public related spot to snap nice photos of community related events. Either at my old high school, a nearby spot at Lake Michigan, or anywhere my camera touches. Even I might do mystery stuff in which like “where’s the Nikon now?” I’m going to have fun with this! So while the page is under development, you can still visit it via Facebook.