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It’s been a hot minute since the scratching my head blog has been unleashed. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since my father passed and still dealing with the fact he’s gone.

But I still have something to say about the not so happy current affairs of the country and the world. So here it is.

Why do certain folks have an issue of Angela Rye’s shirt: “We built this joint for free!” Knowing it’s the truth when it concerns African Americans? 

Why do certain folks (Church Minded) have to get attacked knowing that they have to go harder every single time in and out of the four walls?

Is going after North Korea really all that? 

What’s this? Bill O’Reilly got fired from Fox News? And the station is under fire of racial discrimination of it’s black employees. Why hasn’t no one seem to realize that racism still rears its ugly head in America’s DNA? Especially at Fox News!

Stop hating on the Milwaukee Streetcar, Milwaukee. You know folks need jobs right?

Who was so glad to hear Former President Obama’s voice after all this mess of 45?

Men, when the women had Women’s History Month in March, we realize that every “Movember” is our International Men’s Month, right? Why trip?

The Republicans failed to sign away the Affordable Care Act. Why didn’t they say something to change it then 7 years ago? Oh, they were still hating on Obama.

Was Shea Moisture really that marketable to black women? 

For the Serena Williams haters worldwide: she’s beating you. Why hate her and her choice of marriage, and her soon to be child? And Black Kings(and queens): let it go.

Is anyone feeling the Milwaukee Bucks lately? #FearTheDeer #DeerRun

Yo, this Eric Thames “talk” about him doing roids or juicing is nothing but a distraction. Dude was tested three times and nothing came out bad. So what is the real problem? Where are the test results?!! We speculte too much, Americans.

Can African American Men be relaunchers for Adult Internships too? 

If moving out of Milwaukee is a solution to get away from violence, why do the suburban areas have issues of drug problems? And some violence issues too? My father once said, “it’s bad everywhere.”

In 2018: the midterms are coming. Midterm Elections. Can Wisco get rid of Scott Walker and David Clarke for real? 

Introvert folks, are we still good? 

So the State of Wisconsin has this problem of 80,000 plus jobs that need to be filled. As well as Milwaukee. And the companies all say “we need to find people.” Well what is the real problem with hiring, matching, education, training and transportation, in getting that job? 

Was the “Mother of all Bombs” really that necessary in Syria?

So the Nintendo Switch is out. Who is really waiting to see if us “grownfolks” gamers can try it? 

Milwaukee: you realize our 2nd MPS Alumni Reunion is coming in May, right? 

I need to ask this question: and it’s for those who wished reunions. Why do many get mad about a so so class reunion that tried to happen but didn’t work? Also why get mad at all class reunions? You know you can use that to generate your class reunions right?

Why is there not enough representation for African Americans when it comes to groups like The American Legion and it’s subgroups? Note: some of them might have been or are American Legion members.

Why is Wisconsin “the state so far” doesn’t do expungements?

Really Ivanka Trump? Your father is a champion when it comes to women? You know what he said to Billy Bush, right?

Question: is it a check up, or a physical? Make up your minds when going to the doctors, folks. Jeez.

Should TJ Watt be a Green Bay Packer?

In May, Military Appreciation Month is approaching. Why do we get “Veterans Day” and “Memorial Day” mixed up? 

I need to ask: why did we sent our kids back to school the DAY AFTER EASTER?! Back in my day, we started our spring break on Good Friday, then the week was nothing but a break. And the week after, it was back in the classrooms. Explain!

Do folks really believe the fake news on Social Media that folks display? 

Why do folks have to test the Bible in what the folks who want to say that the people are right and the Good Book is bad? Seriously.

If you are a single man with no kids and not married (Especially if you’re Black) why the barrage of assumptions from women who wanted them to have kids and a wife? Um….Last I checked: kids cost money! And many women today have gone “Independent”. Society does suck.

And the last question to ask: Is the truth dead? Or just opinionated? 

I’m back, folks. Get woke! Stay empowered.


For many of you, it’s that time again in which that the current senior class of 2015, or Class of 2015 in general will have to be let go. The ceremonies, the final walks, or whatever have probably ended via your commencement exercises. Of all the classes, I think the Class of 2015 really showed out this year, but NOT over my classes of 1995, 2000 and 2006, lol! But anyway, this blog letter is for all of those who got their caps and gowns with pride.

Dear Class of 2015:

It’s me Stephen. I’m a black blogger of hobby that is in Milwaukee.

CONGRATS! You have earned the degrees and diplomas that were given to you to move forward with your lives. Yes, many of you walked the aisles, said your last speeches, and most of all, walking across the stage and actually got your pieces of the documents that shows that you have made it! Again congrats.

I hope that the lessons that you got in High School and College should be valuable ones, and I hope that there are those whom you are representing have been influenced to make the move in their lives to get to the level of academics that you helped either paved the way, or making a statement. Come to think about it, I used my Graduation things of what I’ve learned to make a statement to continue on to be active and also giving back to those who gave me love in all. But what I’m really trying to say that even though that you got your degrees, and accolades in all, I have some advice: Don’t get the big head! Also whatever you decide to do, always give your dead level best no matter what. Everyday is a struggle and yes, we’re all taking a life lesson each time.

Yes, Class of 2015 the choice is yours. And even those choices needed might come with some guidance and wisdom. Yes, this is your time to shine for what good reason that maybe, but it is your time.

Also since many of you are going off to college or the working world, it’s time to talk about investing in your Alumni Associations. Check this, for me 2015 is my anniversary from graduating from High School and Tech School . For the high school side, I’ve been out for 20 years as of June 8th. I was told 20 years ago that to go to your reunions. Well, I have done that. Plus, I also invested in my old high school by taking part in it’s Alumni Association group. I helped assisted the school’s Open Houses, appeared at High School Basketball games, Homecoming,helped Alumni Receptions, took pictures of the current student activities of Musicals and Concerts, Alumni Receptions and Commencements, and most of all, donated. And attended Alumni meetings. And as for the Tech School side or Technical College, its been 15 years and I keep up with the Alumni Association activities of workshops and events advertised and planned. Get it? 20 and 15?

What this means for you 2015 folks, GIVE BACK! Give back to the schools that gave you love all those years. Donate to the causes of upcoming scholarships, events, class reunions, and feel free to network with alums that used to go to the same schools that gave you love! And just to think about, many of you got those Grad cash and checks from your peers right now. As an idea, invest some of that to your Alumni Associations for memberships, and others. Let the Alumni know what you’re doing and if you need help or assistance feel free to ask. And I know its a long way off, but in your later years, you might even serve on a Alumni Board, or maybe even, give a Commencement Speech to a future graduating class. Something to think about!

Speaking of Scholarships, here in Milwaukee, the Class of 2015’s High School groups had the highest scholarships and they are still counting as of right now. That is huge! Can it be done again for the Class of 2016?

So yes, Class of 2015: you have cemented your legacy for your now former schools. Continue to soar, revolutionize the world, and also give back to those that gave you your start!





John Marshall HIgh School Library Mural

In the past, I have written about Alumni Associations, and yes I written about why I think Alumni folks of the now per say, should give back to the schools. No matter if they are High School, College or University. And that goes for anyone!

But recently, my Alma Mater John Marshall High School in Milwaukee has been highlighted and featured in a news story that deals with MPS Alumni as an Untapped Resource. It’s there. But not many aren’t using it. Why is that? Not enough knowledge, financial stability, no interest, or just focused on just keeping it in the past. To continue My Alma Mater’s High School Alumni Group, is not just a memory lane or keep it in the past Alumni Association. It’s also focused on the present students, and the students yet to be. Even though it’s called “Morse-Marshall” currently, the Alumni Association still donates it’s time and effort of appreciation of academic work and summary of Alumni work.

Now if those are asking in Milwaukee, why did the name John Marshall High School, became Morse-Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented? I’ll explain this in a small summary detail.

1) In the last couple of years before the “name change” there was low enrollment in the school. And at the time, Marshall was separate with three different mini schools. Forgot the names, sorry. And in the papers back then, and I remember reading this, there were talks about what’s going to happen next in all. Partially this was that “closing rumor” that John Marshall High School was going to close up shop. BUT HOLD ON: there were Alumni from the 1970’s that went to the Milwaukee Public School Board and kept fighting that they should not close Marshall! It was those former students that should earn the “Real Alumni Award” for getting that done. Not to knock anyone who hasn’t done it, but that is how you stand up for your alma mater. Hear that North Division? Just saying. And for the record, I got this info from a current Marshall Instructor back in 2010.

2) The second part of that was the Gifted and Talented Program. Many don’t know that the school, Samuel Morse had a 20+ year partnership with John Marshall High School. Maybe through students connections, teacher connections or others. When the district was reviewing the “Gifted and Talented” program through the middle schools and/or elementary schools, there wasn’t one on the high school level. And with that, the Morse Gifted and Talented Program fed into Marshall and henceforth, the school was renamed as Samuel Morse-John Marshall School For The Gifted And Talented. And for the record, if those were wondering like and I heard this before: “I thought Marshall was just a high school……” Not very so. For the histrionics of all things, it was opened in 1961 as a Middle School/High School. The idea was thought about back in the late 1920’s that a future building that would do that. By the way, the MPS Superintendent at the time was the name of Harold S. Vincent. Which should resonate the ideal climax of Milwaukee’s Vincent High School. Yeah Vincent folks, the late great Harold S. Vincent gave birth to John Marshall High School! Check the books. Plus the school, was built near the land where the Archdioceses of Milwaukee once owned, which expanded more of Milwaukee. And it was built in the area that is a long rectangular shape around the areas of N.64th & 66th Streets and West Fiebrantz Avenue/Marion Streets. So yes Marshall neighbors, students, and Alumni who don’t know, Marshall has gone under name changes in the last 50+ years. It started of with John Marshall Junior-Senior High School, then it was John Marshall Senior High School, then John Marshall High School, then the John Marshall Campus, and now it’s Samuel Morse-John Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented. Got it? Good. Plus the school was named after John Marshall, the 8th Supreme Court Judge, the mascot is the American Eagle and the colors were and still are Columbia Blue and Scarlet. Plus Marshall was in line of names of prominent American figures in history named for schools. Sort of like Casimir Pulaski, Harold Vincent, Rufus King, Ronald Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and Solomon Juneau. Know the history, Milwaukee!

The news was summarized by WUWM, which is Milwaukee Public Radio in which three of the Alumni Association Members, who I do take time to work with, expressed their commentary in this story. Feel free to listen and summarize exactly why and how an Alumni Association works. My HS Alumni Association has been in business since the year 2000, and still going strong with scholarships, and Alumni Memberships alike. The cost of Memberships is $25.00 and it is helpful for the organization. Plus also it’s very VITAL for the Morse-Marshall Students that would be graduating in the future. So yes, it’s just not about the past, it’s about the present and the future!

So for those who are proud High School Grads, College Grads in all. No matter what you school you did your time in, GIVE BACK!  And even that, the Alumni Associations of being untapped, should not be overlooked. So yes recognize and help your Alumni in terms of education and community!

For the John Marshall Alumni Eagles still reppin’ the Columbia Blue and Scarlet: One event have been slated for August.  A Co-Ed Soccer Game is slated for August 23rd in Milwaukee. If you use Facebook, do a search for both events. 


I’ve heard this before. School is not for everyone. Or school is not cool.

No matter how you say it, it’s almost it’s the same sentence in which the educational portion of things gets all negative and not having the postitiveness of all things being well structured.

Now a 15-16 year kid is now becoming a story about school; brainwashing young folks, and also telling them to drop out. I am talking about Will Smith’s youngest son, Jaden. We’ve all seen what he said right?

Straight from his Twitter messages, he writes:

People Use To Ask Me What Do You Wanna Be When You Get Older And I Would Say What A Stupid Question The Real Question Is What Am I Right Now

All The Rules In This World Were Made By Someone No Smarter Than You. So Make Your Own.

School Is The Tool To Brainwash The Youth.

Education Is Rebellion.

If Newborn Babies Could Speak They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Planet Earth.

If Everybody In The World Dropped Out Of School We Would Have A Much More Intelligent Society.

Everybody Get Off Your Phones And Go Do What You Actually Wanna Do

Really, young Jaden?

Obviously, this is nothing new. I’ve heard various versions of this before about school doesn’t teach or show. I get it. But why would Will and Jada’s baby boy would encourage his fans, or those who follow him want to drop out? That to me sends a red flag in sense of bad boundaries. What do I mean by that is yes, you can do what you feel when you are  older in all, BUT STILL: Education is a must. Obviously, Jaden is getting the wrong message in which many have been saying in the past. We can talk about the Mark Zuckerbergs, the Bill Gates, and even the Scott Walkers who don’t all have a College Degree. That’s a different story. However for a 16 year old who doesn’t know much, like I said, that has sending mixed signals of discontent for those who want to be EDUCATED, SUCCESSFUL and many others. Without having this notion of being brainwashed.

He says “School is the tool to brainwash the youth”. Which schools is he talking about? Public, Charter, Private, Home school, what?!! Let me tell you about my Public Education experience. During my days of a Milwaukee Public Schools student, yes I had to go to the classes, and get the courses necessary to make it out. I remember going though the Algebras, Geometrys, Band, History, Art, GYM (in which most should be doing in schools now), Reading, Math, and many other things that got my 12+ years in school out. Yes, I will admit, it wasn’t simple. But at least I’m building up on my learning continuously on my job, community work and many others that got me to the dance. Now I come from a family of educators. Have they brainwashed me? HELL NO!!!!! I got my Education not only in the classroom, but outside of the classroom. And I’m still getting that.  Recently on WNOV, (still I listen to The Forum), it was reported that the United States is behind in math and science. Which we all know. And as far as the jobs, with all due respect for those outside of America coming in to get trained up, WHY aren’t many of us (really with the Black Folks)  stepping up with STEM jobs and many others that require objective skills to adapt in this competitive world? I don’t care what the competition is. But it is competition. Where’s Jaden Smith’s commentary on that? I know. He’s 16. And he has this potential to think all we wants, like most teens do. But likewise, reality will come out to haunt him. I hate to say it. He’s an upcoming actor in the Smith family in all. But he has to get his boundaries straight in regarding education. And to those who follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus hangouts or whatever: I have a message for you. Yes, we can be successful all we want. I mean it’s a requirement since day one. And no doubt we want to showcase our talents, and gifts to make due for our progress and cause. But I have got to say this: you still have to be educated promptly to extend your learning, and your objectives.

  • You aren’t going to be successful by sitting on your butt and watching the parade go by.
  • You aren’t going to be successful by sitting on your butt, and complaining that your school or college ain’t doing nothing.
  • You aren’t going to be successful by sitting on your butt, and seeing the famous folks getting all the fame and glory, and the average uneducated Joe is still complaing that he or she not in the game!
  • You aren’t going to be successful by watching a tweet about telling folks to dropout (yeah I’m going there) and quitting school to be a good person in life.

Will Smith back in his Fresh Prince days used to say “Stay in school. It’s your best move!” It was real talk.

Can Jaden sample that for the greater good?

Not a dis today on “the spot”. But I had this notion on my mind for a couple of days. I was on the internet one day (actually this week) and I have researched mostly about African American Alumni Chapters at Universities. I didn’t know that University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and countless others have either a Black Alumni Chapter or a African-American Alumni Chapter for their Alumni Associations.

Here’s my question: Why doesn’t UW-Stout have this?!

Hey UW-Stout, I’m Stephen, a 2006 Alum, and I have an idea in which would be beneficial to you in regarding the Alumni Association support. No it’s not money, nor classes to help improve or merchandise to maintain or grasp new. I’m talking about forming an Alumni Association group, or a subgroup for a potential African American Chapter. Not to be confused with the Black Student Union currently in which it’s still active, but what about a “Black Alumni Union” Or a “African-American Alumni Chapter” for Stout?

Hear me out. I am well convinced about the low population of blacks that attend on campus. And by the way, during my 2002-2006 days, I was a distance education student, an off campus student, and I’m sure many in the big areas of the Alumni Association needs to know. If anyone on the current board for the University, is reading this with interest, or on the Black Student Union Chapter Board is serving,  I want you to think about this seriously. Why do I think UW-Stout should establish a Alumni Group for Alumni of African Decent?

1) It would help or assist the needs of the Alumni Association in terms of recruitment, classes, and many other uses of importance of the University. Including at greater assistance of the the Black Student Union.

2) The group could assist the use of more diversity among the campus body, and abroad that could boost the universities goals or objectives.

3) NETWORKING with other alums of color no matter the location or occupation. In terms of jobs, or social events. 

4) Assist or support with fundraising or donations to the organizations.

5) Establishing the achievement of the African-American Alumni or Black Alumni of the University in careers, community, sports, military and many other endeavors.

6) Able to recognize the recognition of the current students of African Decent for support and sponsorship.

This list was just a small sample I can come up with. In addition with a potential African American or Black Alumni Group, this should also influence other groups of Latino, Hmong, Native American, to have their own Alumni Chapters in relation to UW-Stout. Mainly this is not a way to divide the folks in the school. In Milwaukee, I went to at least three Alumni UW-Stout functions and yes I met those in the city that are alums. But after this realization: I need to meet more of  UW-Stout Alums who are African Decent also. No matter where they are, or what their occupation of work.

As a reference, take a look at UW-Milwaukee’s African-American Alumni Chapter. Also look at the African American Alumni Chapters of UW-Madison, and a 2009 edition of UW-Whitewater’s African American Alumni Fourm.

Check it. I’m on Youtube and I’m watching this student, Jeff Bliss, telling his teacher some real talk. I’m going to say this, if those in America, especially those graduating this year in 2013, thinking about becoming a teacher,  I’m not saying it’s a choice. If that’s what they want, not a problem. But however, they must have a serious mindset of teaching the new players for this real world.

You might have seen this on Facebook also. But if those might not want to be serious, and still want it for the paycheck, wrong business! And I’ll say that students have rights. Even this student for standing up for his beliefs.

Real Talk!

By the way, the original video on Youtube may contain dialogue not suitable for younger viewers. BE ADVISED!

I just read an article on Clutch Magazine’s website in regarding these findings: Black Students, Racial Pride, and Education. Now before the Uh-oh’s come in, which likely they are, do this:

1) Read the article New Study: Black Students Who Are Taught Racial Pride Do Better In School” Courtesy of the website.

2) Gather all that thought and swirl in the mind.

3) THEN formulate your opinion. Per say.

Since Black History Month is month away, and yes we’ll be at the celebration again likewise, it’s highly appropriate for every Black family now that is raising kids, this should be in the lesson plans not only in school, but in the house!  Plus the church and many other community related historical sites that has this information all the time!  And plus, even though this might be a late published article, but to me it’s right on time.  Even though Clutch Magazine is geared mostly to African-American Females, which I respect, but I think this article is mostly geared to the African-American family as a whole.

Read up.


In lieu of things here in the badger still being politically decisive, here’s a picture that definitely needs a ounce of respect. Especially for those in the Black Community. You may have seen this on Facebook or any other blog, or a TV news outlet, but it is a needed notice. I take that back. This was NOT in a TV news outlet anywhere in the country!  I wonder why.

But anyway, the name of the school is Urban Prep Academy, an all boys school in Chicago that is for African-American male students.  And the school is getting more reviews because of the success that is bringing to the table. Even sending young black males to college.

Read the article: Perfection! Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy Graduates Entire Class (DETAILS)

Also, the school has a website:


Malcolm X once believed that  “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”  Remember Marty Stein? who owned all the Stein Optical stores in Milwaukee? He too expressed education concerning the dilemmas of our nation. Although he is no longer with us in flesh, but his spirit presented from his excerpt from his last editorial: “The answer is EDUCATION and a conscientious effort to change the environment for our children. We need to value each child as our own –– to motivate, inspire and mentor them to believe that they can be whoever they want to be –– doctors, plumbers, professors, lawyers,pharmacists, etc. –– and we need to do it now. In this effort, time is not our friend.”
So I was reading the JS last week about Worker’s skills not matching jobs. And I heard that educators such as college teachers are to let students know that taking classes in areas of lab tech or printing could get individuals jobs. Well, that can be an understatement. In 2000-2004, I had my first couple full time jobs that were printing related, and worked in the Milwaukee Area.Unfortunately, they were cut short. But getting back to the unmatching, could this be a primary reason why Milwaukee doesn’t have enough “skilled workers” to work in the city? I heard about the “brain drain”. Well, I think the “brain drain” is a sign of despair. Meaning that those who were skilled lets say in the UW system are most likely to move to other areas of the country in order to makeway for their paths of opportunity. But the question is how can Milwaukee, or Wisconsin in general, can turn this problem around? How can the class of 2006, turn this around? I know that by August 4th, I will be making “full-time” decisions. Part-time decision will probably not be a factor. This is all about more pay, benefits, insurance, unions, stock, vacation, no weekends and standard Monday – Friday weekly hours. But another question is where? If  I am very lucky, some National  companies with a local feel would hire me in Milwaukee, or Waukesha, Madison, Menomonie, Sheboygan or Green Bay. If not well, I may have to make a decision that would be “earth shattering for hard decisions.” – Sorry brewcity! If a job in Chicago, Twin Cities, Des Moines, Detroit or New York City would call be about a job offer, I would probably have to pray about it and make a choice. Even if it would effect my living opportunities in Milwaukee, or Wisconsin.
So let me end by saying this: regardless of what idiotic jabroni believes that taking a class in funky physics, or coordinating children groups does not get a job, think again! Without education, there can’t be employment to progress.
“Without struggle we cannot progress” – Frederick Douglass