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Where you at Sagittarius folks?

Our season is back and back better than ever!

Happy Birthday to us 9th House folks whom had birthdays celebrated and those yet to have the birthday candles blown out. Plus if you’re a Sag like me whom celebrates all through the month of December or November birthday wise, I’m not alone. It’s our season to shoot the like the centaur for 30 days!

But there is a downside for me. I recently crossed into age 41 on December 5th without my father. As many of you know that I lost my father unexpectedly in February of this year, and like many I’m trying to get through this thing called the “new normal”. And if you know how it feels to lose a parent and to have your birthday celebrated months later without him or her, you know what I’m talking about. If you are one of those whom experienced that this year or years past, I join you. I join you and a constant thousands whom has lost a parent this year that was dear to us. It’s not easy. It’s not the same. And with the holidays are upon us of Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa, we know about the many chairs to be filled up with relatives and friends coming over. We know this. And it’s bound to happen. But the emptiness of our loved ones like Dad won’t be here to celebrate. The last Christmas I spent with BOTH of my parents was last year in 2016. And my sister was in the Hospital. That was it. Even though we gone though hospital visits, and checking houses and semi-Christmas Shopping, we had Christmas! Period. And after my sister was home earlier this year, we had a make up dinner of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s all in one. As if we need to have it done with us being back and forth! And all it as done a month before my father’s death again unexpectedly this year. I’ll talk more about it AFTER Sag Season is done going into the end of the year.

But the thing is: WE CELEBRATED! WE HONORED! and this time, even though that Dad is not here in the body but the spirit, we will still celebrate the holidays period. We will still celebrate Christmas, period. And even though my parents’ anniversary is coming up on December 20th, and I can’t speak on that, but my mother can. I will honor the day that they were married. Without them, December 5th wouldn’t rock period! Also, I was reminded of what Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker once said. And I don’t follow Gospel Music. Not a fan here. But he once said that even though we’re going through tough times, we can celebrate. And that’s what I’m doing all through the 12th month: CELEBRATE! I am celebrating life. I am celebrating of what was, and what is, and what will be. That is why this 12th month party of mine WILL NOT STOP. I don’t think my father wanted me to stop celebrating my birthday. We going to continue to celebrate, period! You Sags out there who can relate, can you understand that? I know you can. Even though we lost some soldiers along the way (Sags and non-Sags) but we still have to keep the game going. We have to train up new folks to lead this game. I say this to everyone. I don’t care if you like me as a Sagittarius, but best believe that we got to start training up new folks! We Sagittarians are born leaders, voyagers, and teachers, right? Yes? It’s not about what we know but also who we know! The glyph arrow always points upward and straight. Got to teach that! And speaking of voyagers, that is what we are also. Always seeking. Always searching. And always gathering knowledge where we go.

Sagittarius folks of the world: keep that up. We need to keep that going. I know our Capricorn folks are looking to take over, but before that happens, like I said at my father’s wake that we need to stay in the fight. We need to stay in the game. Be empowered. And mostly let all the folks know that we are still here!

Last year, I posted a video of “The Quietest Revolution” about us Sagittarians going though rough stuff. This year, I’m doing it again, but she talks about the New Moon and New you. This is for us Sagittarius folks who want to have that new moon signals and new moon ideas financially. But there are low points. Now I know I’m not into the tarots or card reading, but the ideas of searching new moons are basically is what is needed. My Sagittarius folks: let’s go for the new moon to shine. Not just in the coming year, but EVERYDAY!

Happy Birthday, Archer folks!

Celebrate always.

Keep roaming, Centaurs and keep shooting for the moon!

By now, the final leg to Christmas is here. Many are out getting gifts or making that donation popping. But whatever it is, it’s almost the day in which grandma’s house will be visited, light speed to the tree will be at full throttle. The anticipation of the excitement once again that this Holy Day of Jesus’ birth is mysterious, but is the greatest holiday of all time.

But like before: I still got questions!

For all of us December born males, does this matter?


Does us in the Sagittarius game have a plan that things will be better? Keep slinging the arrows.♐♐♐♐

Did I had a good birthday on December 5th? Celebrating that 40th Milestone? ♐

OK hold up: who is really watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies?🎄❄🎄❄

Again I need to ask, are there other stories to read? Time to bust the bubble. Literally.

Not lame but I only see a few African Americans in these Hallmark Christmas Shows. Why is that?

Will you really miss Obama after this SNL Christmas Skit?

In history, the Green Bay Packers are so Dangerous in December. True?

So the Electoral College (as from those who hate it) should be abolished. Um did the EC actually worked when Obama got elected?

Milwaukee, remember we Generation X folks had all this fun? Read this article from one of our black radio hosts from WNOV on

Who really gets the Christmas Gifts: those who have nothing or those who have been in the struggle?

Will fake news actually disappear from Facebook, Google or any other news outlet that has real news?

What was the really stories that captured 2016? More on that later.

With all the snow jobs lately, should there be a reduction in taxes? And should there be snow cycles for fun and at a cheap price?

Is DirecTV Now holding up well? I may need to subscribe.

With some of the black population supporting Donald Trump, what will be outcome of what they think they might get, knowing that part of it will get screwed?

With all the Christmas stuff now coming down percentage-wise, is it wise NOW to get them for next year?

They say that the females have to take over for the men for doctor appointments. My question is, are these the same type of females that really hate men? Be real ladies.💊

You black queens say you love us black kings. Can you takes us out to lunch or dinner or a movie that YOU will be paying? Don’t just say you love us, show it!🍴

I know this might be old, but what is it about black women or certain type of black women who have this hate on black men who date other races? I mean I’m just asking what is the hold up on it? And where is the “hate” coming from?

I have to ask this also: those of us in America is thinking about moving to Canada, due to Trump’s win. What’s in Canada?

YAHOO: What is wrong with you?!

Many should realize that Canada does have racism like America almost, right?

Should the Greater Milwaukee Area get a Hard Rock Café (not the Casino due to Walker’s dumb decision) in order to get Milwaukee on the map more? THINK on this Milwaukee. Hate going to other cities for the Hard Rock fun!

What is real hate against Obamacare?

By the end of 2016, will you really have all those 2017 resolutions in tact, knowing that many of us WILL NOT due all the things on that list? (lose weight, stop smoking, find this and that…..)

Should Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke be fired for all those deaths in County Jail? 

You do realize that when new years comes, you have to start filing taxes right? TAX TIME BALLERS! 💸

Oh, many don’t know, but 2017 is a mini voting year? Not for President, but look in your communities.

Why is the Salvation Army having a hard time with the kettle donations?

Should all NFL or celebs dive in the Salvation Army kettle for the donations?

So there are those still are at war on Christmas. For what pry-tell reason why? Bitterness perhaps?

So Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa will all start and end by New Years Day. Questions?

Will us Sagittarius folks keep slinging the arrows everyday? Now that our season is in the books! ♐♐♐♐♐♐

OK last question: and this is for all the cold snow haters. If you are one of the many that hate cold weather so much, then why you don’t say much about………Hot weather?  Just wait until Spring/Summer 17. I’ll hold you to that.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad to all. 🎄❄🎄❄🎄❄🎁












Keep calm it’s Sagittarius Season


Well readers: I’m in the 40’s club. This is the first blog post for me as a now 40 year old man living in Milwaukee. After all, just now turning forty years old seemed strange, but I knew it was coming. Like really coming.

SO: WELCOME to the 2016 Sagittarius Check-In!

For all of the Sagittarius folks whom had and are celebrating birthdays, like me Happy Birthday. We sags do indeed know how to turn up!

The Glyphs are out with the bows and arrows and when those try to throw us off our game, WE BOUNCE BACK! That’s what we do!  No other zodiac I know probably doesn’t do that! We got the half and half thing working so let’s get it going before those Capricorns do justice. Oh by the way, I know many might ask what’s up with the other zodiac check ins, why always Sagittarius. Look, if I was a freaking Gemini or Leo or Aries, or Aquarius, or whatever, I’ll be jacked up for one of those. But, since I am an Archer, or that Centaur, (not to discredit the others) its about the love of the Sag folks.

For those of us that are having a ball, let’s keep it up. Yeah, I know that the others are having that task at hand, but I have to say again, that it’s a constant reminder that us Sag folk need to keep that balance. Period. It’s in our “horselike philosophical” stance that we need to keep up the momentum in the long run.

For those of us having those milestone moments: ITS OUR YEAR!

It’s our year that we are going to the next level. A next level of decade living. We all have to be onguard in which the concerns of our health, finance, stability of objections and also relationships stay intact. Now I would say this that if there are those in your Social Media list that is always getting you to smile, and you feel so jovial in your heart (jovial is a keyword) STAY JOVIAL. As an introvert, this who making you smile thing from other folks in my opinion is not that serious. Almost like getting you to talk like the next guy down the street. Don’t let NO ONE steal your joy. I don’t care if it’s some older woman or man that knew you from the womb or the whatever: don’t let nobody steal your joy! If your joy is to have a cool Happy Birthday for your Milestone year, don’t let them steal it! Many of us have worked hard, or been though hard times just to get have ONE DAY OF JOY! Many of you church folks should realize that! Because many of you keep preaching it like every Sunday. I hear that! And someone also tells you to smile. Let me say this: We’ll “smile” when we’re doing something right and I speak for us whom are Sagittarians and Introverts. You non-Sagittarius folks must understand that many of us aren’t like you. As a matter fact, many of us aren’t like you in ways of reacting like saying Good Morning, How are you doing, That’s fine, how’s the family, how are the kids, how is job going, or many many  others. I’m like, give us the room to breathe! DANG! Note to everyone else: If and or when your birthdays come, you can do whatever you want. I don’t care! BUT this is the Sagittarius’ turn. And the bows and arrows are still flying in full force with FIRE! Let us have this ONE DAY OF JOY or ONE SEASON BEING JOVIAL to collect ourselves, and go back to kick butt. And even though we respect the opinion of others, don’t forget Sagittarians, this is OUR TIME!

Happy Birthday Sagittarius!:

Well speaking of milestones and being jovial. This #milestone40 thing had be on the pulse to realize that it’s still time to grow. Time to breathe. Time to relax. And also time to unwind a bit to huddle up in the locker room with the plans in hand for the game and just win the trophy. I had to realize that this week when my 30’s were ending, and the 40 age was just getting started. I realized that last year it got me the most like “dang, it’s the last of my 30’s.” But when 12:10 am struck on December 5th happened and as the switch from one age to another happened, it wasn’t a fake image. It was real. The reality actually did happen.



So now I’m in the age bracket in which the Fabulous 40’s are taking place. Now since I got here, it’s time to survive! Many of us in our 40’s as we know are going to be more challenged to be more healthy (colon stuff, awareness of prostate and ovarians), more financially stable, and etc. They say that when your are in your 40’s, you’re more like an adult even more than your 30’s and 20’s. And late teens. Plus also the 40’s I hear it’s all about gain more control. I hope it’s true, because there are things in my life that need more control very sharply!

However, as much as scary as the 40’s might be, just remember that other age brackets can be scary also. But we have to be so watchful! Especially in this 21st Century.

But look on the bright side, for those of us whom are 1976 Born: we are celebrating not only our birthdays, but we are celebrating life. We are celebrating us being the Sagittarians we normally are. Nevermind the what folks say what Sagittarians SHOULD be about. Let’s show them what being a Sagittarius is all about! Let’s show them that even though we can name the famous folks who share the same Glyph, we need to express the mindset and value that we have going EVERYDAY!

Plus I need to get this out. We got violence. We got assaults. We got all those problems that make us wanna go and move. We need to understand yet again, especially in this holiday season of Advent, yes problems will occur. But we can still celebrate!

That is what we need to do. That is what must be done!

So fellow Sagittarians, we are still alive! We are still in the hunt everyday to get what we want in life. It’s not just symbols or what type of sex life per say that we should have. It’s real now that we need to just do it. EVERYTIME! Keep the bows and arrows up. No matter what.

And for us Bicentennial Sags who just turned the 40 age: #40UP! Now and for life!

There’s a need for speed as you race through your day, solving problems as you go. Issues might unexpectedly arrive this afternoon when impatient Mars runs into the eccentric Aquarius Moon, but this could serve as just the lightning bolt needed to take a brilliant idea to the next level. Resistance doesn’t always slow you down; sometimes conflict resolution acts as a propelling force. Rather than ignoring the reality of the situation, save the day by finding an innovative solution as soon as you can.  –; December 5th, 2016


For many years, I have posted so many tweets as a annual review. This year, Twitter was up to some Analytical data reviews in which they record the tweets that got the most views.

So for this year, I have highlighted the best tweets from the arsenal in which stood out. Oh, this would be a chance to see which tweets stood out for you if you have Twitter.

January: Check in CST! !

February: 9-6. That is all. Get the resumes out. .

A well deserved final salute for my cousin Russell Drew.


March:  Limousine ridin’ Jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheeling dealin’……….

One of my best pics with the Nikon. By the way, I’m doing this again!


April: A Sesame Street/Empire Crossover.

Happy Easter!

May:  Damarious Randall: Welcome to the . Grab a jacket for the cold battles in the .

June: And another one…Curry.

July:  Looking at that was at the . Let’s see what happened.

Happening now.

August: “Sometimes we do things uncomprehensive.” Sermon quote.

It’s on FB, but I’ll share it here also.

September:  I’m assuming that got the W by now.

October : Got Diana Ross’ “Upside Down” in the background.

November : Yeah I know. by 7. be energized!

December: 39!!!!!!! Thank you God! Hello !

Welp, that B-Day of mine, is coming. Under an hour, lol!


Sagittarius folks:  STAND UP!

The Bow Arrow Shooting, Centaur Thinking, Thoroughbred Running Sagnation is still in the building. Now again this blog is all about the Sagittarius Army in full force. Not to disrespect the other zodiacs, but it’s the 9th house running the game, of course.

First, Happy Birthday to all of my Sagittarius Readers. Even if you have a day in November or December. Plus also, as of December 5th, it’s number 39 for me. Good news. But the bad news: It’s the end of my 30’s. Yes, it’s a confession that I have to accept.

Yes, I am at the age in which that Martin Luther King Jr, was assassinated at 39 years old in 1968. However as part of his age, he was active doing his thing and not sitting down on the sidelines that the parade is going by during the era of Civil Rights. Just a thought: How many 39 year olds TODAY are active in improving their communities? Just asking!

Now,  let’s talk more of December 5th. As usual yes, it’s the day I was born, but however, it’s also a day that one of the best Rock and Roll Artists was also born on that day: Little Richard. The real reason why rock and roll exists. There are other rockers and musicians like Keri Hilson and Michel’le also born on the 5th. Get this: my Birthday Rocks! Actually the “December 5th Rocks” moniker actually can mean anything. It can rock, it can roll, it can relax. Or whatever. The 5th Day of December is also a Day of Confidence. Yes, at times and most of the time, I am a confident guy in all what I do.

December 5th does rock. It rocks just as any other day on the calendar. And also I hope your Sagittarius Birthdays rocked or will rock in your own way of course until December 21st. It’s all about celebrating the life started. Cheesey as it is, but still it’s your day that God has chosen for you!

With all the shootings recently that wrecked our communities with turmoils and violence, and terrorism and black lives being shot and killed by the police, and all this “pre-political” drama about not letting Muslims in the building out of the words of Donald Trump, which was out of bounds, guess what: Still celebrate your birthdays. Celebrate your birthdays for those you missed so badly. Celebrate your day of joy, jovial, peace, with strangers whom probably have the same birthday as you do (ala Birthday Twins). Celebrate your born day, or your (excuse me young bloggers) naked day or birthday suit day in which that you can help another person that is going through the dumps! Tell them that it’s going to be alright. Celebrate for you in all what you do. Not to copy anyone else, but just do you!

So with that, I’m still rocking the 5th of December at 39. No question. And when the rocking is over for another year, I’ll get prepared for the next to begin the…..40’s.

Furthermore: Stay jovial, strong and confident with intelligence, Sagittarians!  Keep those bows and arrows on lock. All day and everyday!





Oh, we are back Sagittarius folks!

Our season is back on the scene and we are the scene. Oh yes, we archers should know about what we do in all. First, happy birthday to all of us either November or December Born Centaurs. No matter what we do on our birthdays,  let us celebrate it (or observe) like we know: Turn Up! or as like to say this year: MOUNT UP!

I know there is a question out there in probably asking, what is up with these “Sagittarius Check-Ins? What about my sign?” Its all about have some love for the zodiac sign. If I was a Capricorn born, or a Scorpio born person, or whatever, I would be doing a check in for those, but I have to be born under those signs! Since  I’m a Sagittarius being a straightforward centaur like minded person as I am, I do the check ins as a way of fun. And also to share some of my interest in the zodiac 9th house. And plus, I do them after my birthday which is gospel. If you must know or didn’t know:


That’s right. December 5th Rocks!


Plus also, I want comment about age change. Oh yes, we know. Whenever the age change happens, we will expect it. On the 5th day of December, I turned 38. Yep. Already I’m getting some gray hair on my chin and hair style. Yeah, I’m moving on up! It kind of hit me when I start to find my keys, some items fell out of my bag. And I’m like, what up with this?!! Then I realized that yep the old age thing is a bugger! Learn that young archers! But at times though its all apart of growing up. And plus its the Christmas season. Oh, when Christmas (aka the Greatest Holiday of all time) comes, there might be a point in all the gifts and dinner where your mind might go wandering. But hey, its the holidays! I get it. And weird things are abound to happen while the season progresses. So, yes it’s Christmastime!

But don’t let that scare you.

We all have and will go through the thing and it will still be Christmas. And after holidays are over, the normalcy will comeback. So if those who might experience that, just keep telling yourself to RELAX!



But anyway, when we rep our zodiac sign, nobody, and I mean NOBODY should not be on the whack list! Keep the repping the sign though. Go to the SagNation parties, or Sagittarius gatherings and get acquainted with others under the same sign. And don’t be surprised to see those that, well might have the same birthday as you. Also known as “birthday twins.”

So yes. While us Centaurs get our own parties on, Mount up! Mount up every day for the expected and the unexpected. Either at work or in the house. No matter if we’re Christmas shopping or gearing up for Hanukkah or Kwanzaa. No matter what SagNation, mount the blank up! And goes for the non Sags that are just watching. We see you, and you see us!

We got this! So as we continue our season until the Capricorns take over the Zodiac Baton,  and more in the coming year, mount up! And to add, in the words of December born Sag, Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X!




Shout out to my folks who have the Zodiac 9th house in effect. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Sagittarius Season. The Zodiac of the Archer. The Centaur. No matter if you’re a November Sagittarian or like me, a December Sagittarian. It’s our Season, until about December 22nd. My best advice after the Sagnation season is over, don’t just rep your sign for the moment. Rep it every day! Rep it in the morning. Rep it in the afternoon. Rep it in the evening. Even rep it in the midnight hour. Rep it in all the seasons! Rep it at your jobs, or your neighborhoods.  And yes if you’re not a Sagittarius, but if you rep your sign to the fullest all day every day, fine. However, for us, Centaur folks, keep doing it big! Aim and keep those arrows up! Keep up and maintain that swag which includes work, and just be the best at it. And if you have a “Birthday Twin” don’t be afraid to acknowledge that. Everyone has a birthday twin. If those have a December 5th Birthday like me, I hope it was and is (in an observance sense) a good one.


Finally, let me say this and I’m going to get a little preachy here. Maybe not. Here is I like to call:

An ode to Sagittarius

We are Centaurs!

We are Archers!

We are Philosophical and we see!

We are Sagittarius!

We are the Sagittarius Nation!

We are the 9th house!

No matter what Swag, Saglife or many other lives we have and take.

We have fire! And must use that fire to improve, build, maintain, and soar.

We use the Bows and Arrows, to aim and shoot at our attempted targets.

We may not get all the targets, but we do aim for our goals, and objectives.

We are half and half. With the mind of human knowledge and strength of a thoroughbred. We are blessed with gifts from God. We are jovial. We are artistic.

And we are considered “dark horses” at times as well as having freedom, and being straight up with knowledge and TRUTH!

No matter if we are American, Canadian, African, European, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Greek, Australian, or Middle Eastern. Or many other citizens in the world.

Now many may not understand, may not like, don’t want to comment or simply disapprove.

Some may like and approve, but we are out there doing things in all WE do.

No matter if we are artists, leaders, religious folks, tutors, teachers, writers, musicians, or many other lines of work.

No matter if we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, or any other religious affiliation. Or non-religious.

No matter if we are working for a business, own our companies, or volunteering our time and effort.

No matter if we are neighbors, parents,  sons, daughters, relatives, veterans, servicemen, classmates, best friend, church members, or that guy or girl that is doing good from the hood.

No matter if we are straight or LGBT. Happily married or living the single life. Even if you are Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, European Decent,  Asian Decent, Japanese Related, or if you are a man or a woman.

No matter if you hold it down for the brothers, or keeping it real for the sisters.

No matter if we rock & roll, rap & hip-hop, r&b swing, get bluesy on guitar,  jazz it up in the clubs, “turn up” in the dance clubs, and/or lead that party in a dress or a suit with the DJ in the back! Can I get a witness up in here?!!! I told you I was going to get a little preachy up in here!

“The party” is the lifeline of the Sagittarius folks!  A “blessed” lifeline!

No matter what, or what is, or who is, I know this and you the Centaur/Archer family should know: We are and forever will be: Sagittarians.

Welcome to the 9th house!


Keep Calm I'm December Guy

Keep Calm I’m December Guy



As most of you know, I’m a December Guy. As in a December Sagittarius/Year of the Dragon 1976/Birthday born person. Kind of took the time off yesterday to celebrate another year being still here! And I screaming with gladness of these words: “THREE-SIX!!!!”

Oh, this is what I was jammin’ to on December 5th. It’s from Alicia Keys’ new album:

In addition: These as well:

From The Man with the Iron Fists Soundtrack:

I do like Timbaland’s beats:

So, it was well good in all. Plus if you’re like most folks, you can celebrate your birthday after the original date. For me, I’m still celebrating.

For those wondering, why didn’t I blog on December 5th? For that answer I can say that December 5th happens to be my Birthday, in which I decided to take a day off just to get used to this new age change. But now, a year older, it’s time to have some Real Talk.

I was reading my horoscope yesterday, and yes, I do read horoscopes on my birthday as a way of “tradition”. And this horoscope really jumped out at me as a way of “Real Talk” courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Eugenia Last: “Get your priorities straight and make whatever moves are necessary to improve your emotional financial and physical well being. Don’t wait  around for someone else to make a move. It’s up to you to make things happen. Don’t fear disappointment.” When I read that, I needed to comment by saying, I must agree. I’ll admit that yes, I did the age change to 35, but  as we ordinary folks get older, that yes we have to get our priorities straight. Even yours truly. Yes, I may be a Sagittarius, but like all star signs, and yes I am a Chinese Dragon Baby, but still, like everyone else priorities must be a first, next and last! Even when you are looking for a job, in this dismal but somewhat improving economy, it’s a priority. I mean the money you have in your pocket is not going  to grow on its own. When I received my bachelor’s degree in 2006,  I accomplished my goal, but: previously, it was priorities to get it done!  No matter what it may be, you have to get your priorities straight. Every Friday, on Facebook, (yes I use Facebook) I always tell my connections to get your agendas first before your weekend starts. What that means is that if your daily agendas are not done, you can’t party on Saturday. You can’t watch the Packers, or any other football team. You can’t go to the movies, or that mall. Or the club, and by the way, what happened to “house parties?” What I am saying is, take care of the important weekly or daily issues at hand first, and then go to the mall or sporting venue. Too many times I read and hear about this era that has we need it now things are happening. Yes, patience is a virtue. And I hate that notion too, but in real talk, it’s truth.

So in honor of my 35th Milestone Birthday, which I’m still celebrating for the rest of the best month ever, December;  I am making a commitment to take part in responsibility to get my priorities straight. Either Financial, Health, and or Well Being. I have to. If I don’t, it’s going to be a long haul of a loss.  And in between, I will party up, which I can do in observance with others. After all, December is a party month!


Oh, and by the way, this is how I woke up on December 5th, 2011.