About Stephen’s Spot

Stephen’s the name, blogging the’s game!

This is a WordPress site in which I talk about anything. Ranging from jobs, political, fun stuff, health awareness, religion, and more. All in a respectful manner to gather thought and opinion. Plus, the views and opinions of my blog, does not reflect my organizations, connections, network,  or any other group of my affiliation of my interests and goals.

More importantly, I’m a single African-American male living in the midwest, the city of Milwaukee. I have no kids, not married and just living my single life to the fullest. I volunteer my time with my church and donate to my alumni groups in Wisconsin for good reasons.  Plus also I work as a Secretary, and devote my time as Election Inspector for the City of Milwaukee.

What about them Zodiacs? – Month: Sagittarius, Year: Fire Dragon

Now I’m a social media junkie by spare time, with playing video games, going to the movies and long walks in the park. But I do my important duties on the inside to maintain myself overall.

Locations of Site Visitors


Stephen’s Spot is not just about one blog. Or one picture. Or one anything. It can be revolutionary, conscious, fun, life experienced, or just plain normal. It’s not a one dance show. It’s one in the million that can be experienced if many take the time to read more than one. 


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