My Take on Three Different Fronts: 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March, the mess out of Raven-Symone again, and oh, those still think #BlackLivesMatter does endorse Police Killings.

Posted: October 21, 2015 in #BlackLivesMatter, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Black stories that all should know and realize, Calling those out to be accountable!, Commentary by all means, Commmunity Conerns, Decision Factors, Entertainment
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Well, I have been on a break. Had to take a blogging break to ease the mind. After celebrating a milestone of High School 20 Years, and other things, its time to get back to the grind with a three way dance!

First on the card: 20 years of the Million Man March have passed. It’s been 20 years since the Nation’s Capitol was filled with black men from all walks of life for the one Day of Atonement. Ranging from speakers, even the late Maya Angelou spoke. And yes the Minister himself Louis Farrakhan. It was also for the first time in many, many years that many have set foot on the Mall in DC to address the concerns of African-American Men facing in our communities everyday.

20 years ago was the start, now it’s JUSTICE OR ELSE!

Like many, I tuned in to see and hear the speeches of many had to be said. And even from the words from Minister Louis Farrakhan of his remarks. Two things that stuck out in this anniversary of the March was the Boycotting of Christmas and also passing the torch. We know that Christmas is coming. And yes there will be a many of us probably going out to spend the holiday cash. But in the last few years, the Christmas Holiday start per say had kind of dipped because there are those in the Black Shopping Network have decided NOT to shop on Black Friday Weekend. It will be like, nobody black don’t shop on Black Friday after all the discriminatory like ideas against black shoppers in a Walmart, or a Kmart, or any other store that might take our money, but may not take us! The minister called for those to celebrate the part of Christmas that is missing: acknowledging the parents whom act upon the Santa Claus role of providing the gifts to the families rather than the usual Santa of course taking all the credit. We know this. And many others. It’s been talked about before. Plus it’s also been a recent commentary that yes some might be offended that many didn’t attend the march due to family commitments, or other personal issues to address. OF COURSE THEY ARE MAD! Not everyone is not going to attend, or in this instance, had not attend because of the their commitments. So I say this: CHILL OUT! As long as the message continues to spread and to summarize, hopefully it might be able to catch on during the next 20 years if possible to enhance the lessons. Can this be done? Plus also the Minister talked about passing the torch. Well, he’s on point with that. There may have to come at a time when the torch must be passed to the next leaders that are coming up. That goes for anything. But in order to be the next in line to get that torch: you got to be trained right! You can’t just skip over in appropriately and just get your due. That’s not how it works, folks. Even those in the Nation have to understand that. It takes years (YEARS) to get to that spot and it’s not a fly by night stuff.

Second Dance on the Card: The Mess out of Raven-Symone.

How does this chick stay relevant? So on a recent episode of The View, the then still Olivia actress had stated that she would discriminate someone with “ghetto” names. We know those names that can be made up at times and sometimes couldn’t even pronounce. Many of us know. And alot of folks who probably were birthed with the so-called ghetto names were probably offended. I don’t blame them for earning the names. That goes on the parents. It’s like if you got a name like “Karisha” Or “Majohnte” Or those Niqua names, chances are there are those in America who are looking for work, many not hire them all because they’re mothers, or fathers or both named their kids with those particular names. Remember when President Obama talked about Jacob, not Jamal? Sounds Familiar?

Speaking of that, and Raven-Symone: I know many had to remember this show-

Does this sound familiar? This one scene from That’s So Raven, had so many folks questioning, about the judgment words that Raven-Symone made. How you going not to hire black folks per say, when you made a show that folks didn’t want you because you’re black? REALLY? Is this where the thing is going? Clearly, this is a matter of messed up minds at work. And Raven is (or has) been on the cusp offending herself, and those that rallied around her, including African-Americans fans of her, and of The Cosby Show of way back. Oh since then, she had apoligized to those who might been offended, but as far as her stature………..which remains to been seen.

Third Dance of the Card: #BlackLivesMatter Does NOT endorse Police Killings!

If anyone in America, black or white feels that the Black Lives Matter is all about police killings, you are sad and delusional. Sorry to say this, but it’s getting to the point that the apex is growing. Folks fail to mention that. I said this once and again, I thought Black Lives Matter was about addressing the concerns of black men and black women. Why is this so political?! Then the mocking and the “copycats” come out and say, “ALL LIVES MATTER” or “Police Lives Matter”. That right there, is just that: a mere smokescreen that will get folks all confused and assume that the folks saying Black Lives Matter are racist and don’t care about the other lives that mattered, or matters. I have to comment this: there are those in the mainstream media, or the local media, or your local news, or your inner Social Media Circle, that had said, or currently saying this. Hell, I don’t care if they went to your High School or University Class Reunion. Yeah I said it! You also have folks like Allen West, or the Milwaukee County Sheriff himself David Clarke going on Fox News and talking about the negative of Black Lives Matter and assuming it’s all smoke and mirrors. I call BS on that. These dudes and many like them, even the Right Wing Media Maniacs just like to pour on the ingredients just to scare folks.

Black Lives Matter DOES NOT overshadow all lives matter. Nor does kill cops!

We know that all lives really matter in all, but if all lives really matter or mattered, why is it when black folks get discriminated in any way, it’s way for the other folks to say get over it? Seriously? As a wise black woman told me that there are somethings that you can’t get over! Chew on that, Black Lives Matter haters in all! Want to know? Do a thing called research!

Yeah, they can mock the original sayings all they want, but the ORIGINAL CORE of the Black Lives Matter thing will still be in place to explain the real truth behind the rhymes and reasons.


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