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Oh for those of us whom of the Generation X, Y and Millennials whom are 18 and up to about 45, next week we like those many before us that have to make a decision: voting in a new administration for our country. Plus maybe activating or reactivating those whom want their seats back in the Senate, House, or others. No matter how we feel about the candidates or their stance, know this: WE NEED TO VOTE! No more hiding before the keyboards or being so called conscious about not voting period. The voting games maybe somewhat “rigged” but what are we doing to “unrig” it? Other than whining and complaining everything on Social Media or our cliques. Oh yes, I just went there.

To us voters between 18-45 years old:

It’s me, Stephen. You know that blogger you’ve noticed lately?

I haven’t written a blog letter in a minute, but I feel this is the blog letter that must be written. Our generation is in Crossroads mode.We see the signs of concern. Majority of us probably will and will not vote for a cluster of reasons. But look here: if you are not voting this Election Season towards the end of this year and write some stupid remark, then you must be dumb as hell. Do you realize that our future is on the line? Majority of us don’t have the caliber of our Baby Boomer and Greatest Generation counterparts who raised us to be where we are now. Yes, we have alot to be grateful for right now, but we must not overlook the playbooks that got us here in the first place. Many of us got great degrees, owing our stuff like clockwork. Nothing wrong with that. I see that everyday. But again, we didn’t get here on our own. Many of us know that we had folks whom acted wise and gave us butt whoppings acting up pushed us to a point where we want to be.

Had a chance to talk to my 70 year old mother today and we compared contrasts about why there are those of us who know about the assasinations of MLK and others in our history books, BUT NEVER LIVED IT! She highlighted that if it weren’t for Black people in Milwaukee years ago, there wouldn’t be black folks living near the Grand Aveune Mall or any other part of Wisconsin Avenue. And it seems that about the Millennials: the act of not acknowledging about the past before them and keeping it current is not right. If you are a Millennial and only will vote for the locals and not national is not a good idea. If you are a Gen Y that stated on Social Media that you will not vote: that is inexcusable! And if you a Gen Xer who would think that Daffy Duck, Casper the Ghost, Jesus Christ, Lion-O, Cobra Commander, Optimus Prime, Megatron, or Mickey Mouse would make the cut on your ballot, CLUELESS! That will get no play. NONE. And the thing is it’s like we don’t no part of this.

This also probably have ties to slavery in some ways that the way of thinking of back then, translates to now. Yeah I said it!  I know some of you probably don’t want to hear that, but guess what: It’s part of the painful truth like White Supremacy. And we in the black community know it.

Remember when Cory Booker talked about of the Gen X’ers  being on third base after all being drunk and happy like we don’t see the real reasons why we can’t have all this goodies that many of our folks fought hard to get! And I don’t give a care how educated we are. Yeah we got those degrees hanged up on our walls and offices. But many of US aren’t educated to give back to our Alumni functions for scholarships!  Hmmmmm…Oh you think I ruffled the feathers? I told the truth!

Many of us aren’t “educated enough” to go to the doctor, and yes ladies I know it’s “Movember” in which men have to be on our game when our health is on the line. But here’s my question, isn’t every month a Movember?! Whereas the every month is Aids, Cancer, Diabetes Prevention, Domestic Violence Awareness, Gun Violence Awareness, and any other Awareness on the calendar? Tell me I’m wrong! Not just men, but also women and children.

I need to see a “VOTING AWARENESS” Month. And it doesn’t matter whom is on the ballot, I just want to Vote Up!

I want to see a “CAREER AWARENESS” Month in which many of us whom are unemployed and underemployed that want to work and make a freaking LIVING! Many of us or some of us got that drive, but not actually executing it to the next level.

If we can have THOSE AWARENESS Months like Cancer, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Childhood Health,  Bullying, Gun Violence Awareness and any other awareness that we put up each month, I want to see a Career Awareness and a Voting Awareness month. I suppose you guys like that, huh?

For voting: I think we’re just not engaged. I think the sign came at the top of the year that 2016 will be a “Hard Election” in which the main Administration of the Obamas will be going out in January 2017. And yes, every single hater on the planet will be waving that goodbye flag in a racist manner. President Barack Obama will be deeply missed that he wasn’t that bad after all. Maybe there were those that should have given him more credit of the work he did. Maybe those so-called fools who decided to go against all the calls that Obama did try to bring out should have worked. Even fully try to decide the best course for the Afforable Care Act. In which like Black Lives Matter is working. That’s right I said it!

What does it all mean, you ask? Well yes we’ve made some great strides, but the work IS STILL NOT DONE! That means we have to work hard, do our jobs everyday, give back, fight the forces of racism, sexism, shaming, and any other ISM that is on our target list. For us black folks, we have to always work twice as hard. That will never change no matter who is in office. Enough of us being all so-called conscious after looking at Hidden Colors. Enough of all the mess. Enough of the “I gotta go get my hair done than voting” talk. If we can stand in line to get that new IPhone or at the club looking at Lil’ Boosie, can we stand in line to vote on November 8th and EVERY SINGLE ELECTION DAY AFTER THAT?!

The elders will be leaving us soon and they have already solidified the future, but it’s mainly up to us to take care of the things we have to do to extend the life of groups, organizations, churches, your business connections, the schools, colleges, Alumni Associations, and others. It’s not just the next four years, it’s the four after that. And so on.

So: GenX, Gen Y and Millennials: STOP BEING SO F-ING LAZY! Stop this being that “this won’t effect me”. Oh it will. After Election Day is done, don’t even think about complaining on Facebook, your texing buddies, or any other connection that you weren’t the ones who went to the polls and didn’t cast a ballot. I’ve been voting for 20 years out of my life and I voted in boring elections, high elections, and elections I never really cared about. Plus when Obama was being elected for the first time. But I still voted regardless and I don’t have a complaint to do it!

So why in THE HELL are we tripping? STOP THE PAIN! STOP THE LAZINESS! And just put away all this mess that voting that won’t make it. It will make it, but you have to put in the WORK! I don’t care if you hate Hillary’s guts or like her ideas, or despise the effect of Donald Trump and what he recently said about nasty women, the disabled, getting the clues of turning back the clock with Jim Crow,  and the on going talk about the 1994 Crime Bill that BILL CLINTON put into effect way back. Hillary had nothing to do with that. Let’s be clear on this. Now add that to the radio or websites.

This is not a reality show, nor back in High School where you used to believe EVERYTHING! But in reality, when leaving High School and those rumors, will be addressed and debunked personally.






Time for another Three Way Dance. Look at the title, and yes I’ll give my edits about the Pope visiting America. Plus John Boehner will quit in October, just in time for Halloween, and for all of you Periscope folks: REALLY!

First Dance: For the first time in his tenure, Pope Francis I vacationed in the United States.

I don’t know what religion or non-religious thing you follow, or a so-called atheist that wants to be atheist, you have to respect the fact that the Pope was here. Not only to give out blessings to those high and low, but also to let us know that he gave a lesson to us in which we Americans have to think about. Of course there are those who might blow this off and comment that he is not God. Yes, the Pope himself is not God. But like any other minister he (also some shes) can be a link between the Almighty and you the average person that goes to the jobs and events, ¬†and important duties everyday. I would take away from his visit is mostly the speech he gave to the U.S. Congress. And on the subjects, he really laid out real talk in several spots that America is still in the struggle to grapple:

On the Golden Rule or the basis of respect:

Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. Let us help others to grow, as we would like to be helped ourselves. In a word, if we want security, let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us. The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.

In addition the Pope commented about the ongoing struggle of Poverty. Not just in America, but also in the poorest parts of the globe:

How much progress has been made in this area in so many parts of the world! How much has been done in these first years of the third millennium to raise people out of extreme poverty! I know that you share my conviction that much more still needs to be done, and that in times of crisis and economic hardship a spirit of global solidarity must not be lost. At the same time I would encourage you to keep in mind all those people around us who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They too need to be given hope. The fight against poverty and hunger must be fought constantly and on many fronts, especially in its causes. I know that many Americans today, as in the past, are working to deal with this problem.

For the comments of Peace and the talk of Dialogue that many of us know, the Pope added some extra elements that we must bear in mind when dealing with violent like conflicts of any kind:

Being at the service of dialogue and peace also means being truly determined to minimize and, in the long term, to end the many armed conflicts throughout our world. Here we have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.

And also in regarding our young people and the problems they face everyday in which mostly does and doesn’t get talked about:

In particular, I would like to call attention to those family members who are the most vulnerable, the young. For many of them, a future filled with countless possibilities beckons, yet so many others seem disoriented and aimless, trapped in a hopeless maze of violence, abuse and despair. Their problems are our problems. We cannot avoid them. We need to face them together, to talk about them and to seek effective solutions rather than getting bogged down in discussions. At the risk of oversimplifying, we might say that we live in a culture which pressures young people not to start a family, because they lack possibilities for the future. Yet this same culture presents others with so many options that they too are dissuaded from starting a family.

Like I said, the Pope really laid out some serious knowledge in which that we should think about. Yes, we have our own problems as of late. We know what they are. But the deal lies in us in order to take control and actually, ACTUALLY ¬†get to work and solve them all the way. Yes, and even the Pope knows it’s not an easy task. But as they say, solutions must be solved in order to get on the right path.

To see the full script of what the Pope actually said: Click here.

Second Dance: Well this is no spook, or trick or treat: BOEHNER IS QUITTING!

Actually this is another Breaking News that got us out of bed Friday Morning to work and school. And yes many are appreciating the gesture that the soon to be speaker of the house John Boehner is stepping down when we dress up like dracula or werewolves. Or Witches, or Frankenstein. Yes, when October 31st comes, Boehner’s career will be those old bones that many will discover in the next 2,000 plus years. IN THE GRAVE! Yes this was a shock to many. And yes he had to cry when Pope Francis I had to make his remarks to the U.S. Congress during his visit. And yes the Pope HIT HARD on the U.S. Congress. Even John Boehner. So now his replacement is being searched right now and many are feeling that his replacement might be the worst of the worst than he is. For Boehner, the most annoying he had to comment was about the jobs. “Where are the jobs?” he asked. Well if he and his co-horts had NOT defeated a jobs bill that President Obama had tried to present, then maybe JUST MAYBE it will be a different story. Period. And the thing about “HELL NO WE CAN’T!” in regarding to the ACA, or Obamacare as many as the folks call it, now it seems that the soon to be former speaker is realizing that folks who many had a hard time either going to the doctors or paying doctor bills, are now doing it easier than before! John Boehner was wrong on those. Even the Tea Party who propelled him during that Tidal Wave will realize (even if you are black tea partier) that he was the wrong choice! How do you feel now Tea Party folks?!!!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be giving them so much press. But then again, they’ve been getting press since 2010 even more when all the hatred of Obama came out! Hey, don’t be treading on me! And the thing is, the influence will be long studied and challenged even more due to the acts that this party and John Boehner was just a mere smoke screen to get many of us confused and misunderstood. Sort of like “taking our country back”. Yeah, like we don’t know.

Third card on the dance: Periscope. 

Yeah, Periscope is in the house. And yes, it’s a thing that it’s part of your twitter timelines and usernames. So, one day, I downloaded the app on my Smartphone. And the thing is I found interesting that it’s like an extension of the voices per say. Yes, I’ve looked at the well known folks from Roland Martin, to locally like Milwaukee’s Homer Blow. And yes I’ve looked at those in church, who record sermons and services using Periscope. And to those think that use Periscope in church is a bad thing like Facebooking and Twittering when the pastor is doing the sermons or the choir is doing praise dances, WRONG. It can be a good thing in which can be treated as a GOOD THING! I’ve seen the footages that the Wisconsin Badgers Band did during the 5th Quarter, and DJ’s spinning their sounds and getting a positive reaction to the viewers.

I will say that Periscope…….oh, wait a minute. I smell this idea in all. Would a certain blogger on a certain blog site would do a Blog Summary in which it might well, summarize the past and upcoming blogs via the smartphone?

Would it be possible that any blogger would do it to gain more followers of interest?

Would it be possible that a Periscope user of a blogger be well….organized or prepared to get it done?

If so, which blogger would do it? Matter of fact, how?

And yes many would get nuts. But still, this is the era of social media and like many it has its joys and concerns.

Me personally, I have Periscope on my smartphone, and I’m just looking at those of a Roland Martin, of a Lita Lewis, or Huffington Post, or a local Milwaukee Radio personality giving his or maybe her direct and sometimes deep graphic detail of a recent violent criminal report that would be extremely terrifying to the average reader. Or a local church service, or maybe when a certain Wisconsin Band does a familiar routine of a pep song.

Sound familiar?

Ok WordPress, here it is. Another four way stop on the blog that everybody knows. Well mostly everyone will know. For this, I will be commenting about Straight Outta Compton Talgo, the GOP race for 2016, and Scott Walker with the issue, or lack there of the topic of black lives matter.

First stop is the most obvious of Straight Outta Compton.

I will say this if many have not checked out the movie, I would say this, take a chance. Now I know there are those who may not check out the movie based on concern, or based on the fact that yes, N.W.A had their run ins with the law and the obvious then-disrespect of Black Women. Me on the other hand, I liked the movie for this reason: I wanted to see the many angles that the group had to go though that elevated the game of “Reality Rap” or those like to call it “Gangsta Rap” per say. Of course, they had their angles, and they said F**k the Police, in their songs and albums. The real reason, and this for those who are well aware about the history, is one major factor: Police Harassment. Did anyone who wasn’t aware about this in the beginning are now aware about this now? The same style of Police Harassment that we see today, is what N.W.A experienced earlier on. Dang, I gave part of the movie away! But anyone who is a historian of the group knows this very well. And what did they do after they got harassed is a simple one, they rhymed about it. Rhymed about the actions and concerns that many had to sleep on. And then grown folks had to turn off thinking it was rubbish and offensive to well productive cops. But it’s not rubbish until it happens to you. And when the sheet hits the fan, you’ll know. When I look at any biopic of those of a N.W.A, or the Notorious BIG, I’m not just looking at the music. I’m look at the stages, the climax, the rising and falling actions and a conclusion that ends the story. Matter of fact, I look at that in all films that I see. So technically I’m not just looking at the rise to fame. Which is part of the story. I’m looking at the beginning, the middle and ending of all of this. Also, there are those who say, “Anyone above 30 year or older knows about this. We don’t have to see the movie!”

Well……….not so fast!

Sometimes we need to have those refresher things that get our minds to review or summarize. Many my age approaching 40, or at 40, or after 40, ¬†knows about the hits and hustle, which is understandable. BUT SOMETIMES, and I hear my mother saying this now, we have to go back and review what we learned. That is how I feel about N.W.A. There were some things about the group that I didn’t even know. But I’m pleased that I got that refresher! I’m no HardCore Gangsta/Reality Rap fan per sey, but I do understand what they’re saying. Even if it does cutting through the Explicit Content. ¬†And by the way, the theater where I was seeing the flick: NO GUN SHOTS!

Second stop: Wisconsin: You should have kept the Trains!

Oh Wisconsin, I kept telling you since 2010: I’ve told you so! And how many times had that sunk in? Like what, a million times?! And that hadn’t sunk in yet? All of that so-called mess about boondoggles and no one will ride it mess? Remember that? Well guess what, all of that will indeed continue to haunt Wisconsin for dear life! I wrote an apology letter to Talgo via this blog and well, it went something like this:

This is our fault for not backing this up fully. And I don’t know how this would get this over in terms of our valor.  First, I fault our so-called Wisconsin values. I fault that in addition with our polarized politics mainly with Scott Walker, the Republicans of the state, and mostly with those who jumped aboard the bandwagon of spoiled selfish politics that could been better in terms of helping the Wisconsin folks of our unemployment woes. Our black unemployment population is still at around 50% and the area near 27th and Townsend once housed your company was a good idea. And in history, it had GREAT PRODUCTIVE JOBS!  A.O. Smith was a great company. And I don’t care what some so-called citizen thought it could have been. But it was a unfinished opportunity due to the ignorance and stupidity of this state! The deal was to me was perfect. And it should have been thought of the future of Infrastructure of Transportation to go where the jobs are. Milwaukee and Madison should have been linked up with Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Plus also Detroit.  I can’t fault the other cities or states. But the real fault is in Scott Walker’s hands and he knows it. And after all of that being signed a done deal by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

And I remember writing this:

Now this announcement of you leaving the City is disappointing. And most of us know it‚Äôs our fault. As a native of the state, I too take the blame. However, for those who were opposed to the project, probably got their wish that it‚Äôs a boondoggle and it‚Äôs another way of run away government spending. They claim that no one will ride it and it‚Äôs too expensive. The same folks in my opinion that said that, are just bigoted fools that don‚Äôt want folks like me roll through their part of the state based on my skin color. And other minorities too. What I mean by that is, there are those in Wisconsin that things ‚Äúsegregated‚ÄĚ. Even though also this is a black eye in our state, and a black eye in the vision of President Barack Obama. Why I am putting the President in this? It was part of his idea of putting folks to work with the shovel ready jobs. Don‚Äôt believe me? one of our radio stations, 860AM WNOV talks about this all the time. And the question will restart yet again, how and will this create jobs? And the obvious, where are the jobs that I can get to without a car in the state?

Not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t have a vehicle, citizens!  Tell that to the Governor and Republicans of the state!

And this:

And the lamest comments: ‚ÄúSorry about the jobs, and bye bye choo-choo train!‚Ä̬† Really lame along with Walker‚Äôs imaginary 250,000 jobs that he pointed to be objective in his first run. But now, he is not fully committed with that notion. Right now, the jobs report in Wisconsin is still low! And also who wants to come to Wisconsin and put jobs in the Century City District, in the city of Milwaukee and mostly in the areas in Milwaukee THAT FOLKS CAN BE SUPPORTED in the area? Not Waukesha, Not anywhere else where the white flight happens to go. Just in the area where it‚Äôs needed. If the so-called Wisconsinites who talked smacked about the train jobs, then why didn‚Äôt they supported the workers of Talgo by staying and working with them? And I met the workers two years ago. Ignorance is bliss when you know it.

We already know that the state will be jacked up with later fees, taxes and losses. Plus your on- going lawsuit against the state is still intact. I say do it. You have every right to do so. And I’m saying this as a resident.

If this is one of those ‚ÄúTeachable Moments‚ÄĚ to learn from, it is. But the state of the Badgers will be suffering from it the most.

Now, do we remember? Yes that letter. And I did indicate that the company had a right to sue the state in part of the breach of contract. That should have been a deal signed for the use of jobs and economics, but all of that was RIPPED away by dumb politics. And I should say also ongoing segregation, too? Does that ring a bell? Well in regarding the penalty, the Milwaukee Business Journal reports this penalty that the State will owe, plus a potential Milwaukee to Chicago Route:

Under the agreement, Talgo will keep the two trains it built for the state of Wisconsin, and receive a $9.75 million payment from the state to close out the contract, said Lester Pines, attorney for Talgo. Talgo will attempt to sell the trains, and the state can collect a portion of the revenue from that sale to recoup up to $9.75 million, he said.

Also there is a history that this matters. The article does point out as well:

The conflict goes back to a contract for Talgo to manufacture and maintain over 20 years four trains for Wisconsin. The Spanish company agreed to set up its U.S. manufacturing operations in Milwaukee. Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains that were intended to run a high-speed passenger rail route between Milwaukee and Madison.
Conflicts arose after Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains, and refused to build a maintenance facility for two that were built. Those two were intended to run on the Amtrak Hiawatha route between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Talgo filed the lawsuit in late 2012 against Gov. Scott Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb. There was a dispute over the contract, and over whether Talgo or the state of Wisconsin actually owned the two trains.
Talgo claimed $65.9 million in damages over its contract with the state. Even with the settlement, it will never recover losses from Wisconsin not following through on the 20-year maintenance agreement for those two trains, Pines said. Talgo had priced the trains expecting to get that 20 years of maintenance work, he said.

And the article concluded with the settlement that must be exchanged in merit:

The disputes between Talgo and the state resulted in the two never changing hands. Talgo in May 2014 rolled the trains out of Milwaukee, ending the company’s operations in the city. They remain in storage in northern Indiana, Pines said. With the lawsuit cleared up, Talgo can now advance efforts to sell them, potentially to another state, for passenger service.

Wisconsin, under the settlement agreement, can collect up to 30 percent of the price of their sale, not counting any costs Talgo takes on to prepare the vehicles for sale and close the deal, Pines said. Depending on the final sale price, the state can collect up to $9.75 million, which represents its final payment owed to Talgo under the manufacturing contract.

See Wisconsin: I’ve said it all along, but I told you so. Instead of being big-headed and gullible with the segregated view politics, you should have kept the trains, and the ORIGINAL route of the Madison-Milwaukee High Speed Line as it was. But this is what you get! If the next generation of Wisconsinites get screwed up in a future plan, they might go back and ask what was up with 2010? And I’ll tell them here that Our so-called Values of political mess got us in a heap of trouble. And we paid the price for it. And partially it was not allowed by then-Governor Scott Walker. Doyle had it right after all!

Third dance: Let’s talk clowns. GOP Clowns.

Oh, I won’t be long here. This will not take long. Anyone seen this GOP Clown Cars of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and many others who are continuously making fools of themselves for the 2016 Republican side? I know I’m not the only one. The majority of the folks in the race is talking out of his mind the most, is Donald Trump. Think about it! ¬†He didn’t say all the things he’s saying when he was running before. Maybe because the black guy Obama got in the second time. But now, we’re seeing for who he really is, yeah he’s exercising his liberties, but he’s doing it in a fashion that is giving the gift that the Democrats would probably get.

And yes, he’s talking. But will all that talk even last? I say that because the more he’s TALKING, the less he’s doing. That is what Donald Trump is doing, NOW! Right at the moment he’s just opening a new can of worms that are just full of hot air. OF COURSE we still got problems in America. We still got problems with Education being in the areas of 25 or 23. There are those like him want wars! We’ve gone through about 10+ years in Afghanistan/Iraq and they want to bring this crap again? And like before, how is this going to create more jobs? The last republican President, which really SUCKED: George W. Bush, shipped jobs overseas. And dried up America’s Credit Card. Um, does that ring a bell?

If “The Donald” loses his talk, he will lose big. Mark my words.

Finally on the Card: Scott Walker does not have time for #BlackLivesMatter. (So he says)

I read this today via And United Wisconsin of Facebook. It appears that the Governor does not like black people. Or should I say, black concerns. For all you black republicans and Walker fans in Wisconsin, and those whom proudly voted for him, you might want to read this commentary story.

The article pretty states itself that even the man who took down unions, put a cancellation on High Speed Rail, put a cancellation on the Hard Rock Cafe Casino Project, put a break and halt on Teachers, medical care, close off anything that the working poor that have access constantly, and many others that WIsconsin held dear for most of the time. Remember that State of the State Address when he had all those workers and not one, NOT ONE person of color was on that state? Not one black nurse or black doctor that wasn’t shown! Oh, when was the last time that Scott Walker was in the BLACK COMMUNITY addressing the needs of Black Residents? May I remind that Wisconsin does have black folks around 6%. Plus when the 2014 campaigns were going on, for the black side, Mary Burke was on WNOV over 4 times talking to the black listeners during the time. Walker: ZERO! None!

Can bust a J. Cole lyric right now in a Edited Version: “He don’t give a F-word about you!”

The same notion that he gave when he closed off the Bus Routes and raised bus fares that many folks needed to get to work and school during his County Executive days. And forcing the Voter ID’s to make it harder for those to cast a freaking ballot! ¬†And to top on that, we supposed to be “Open For Business”. Apparently his business is flourishing money away to other states and not investing it here to serves the needs for US. And majority of us here in the Southeastern part of the State are Black folks!

Making sense now?

Like i said, the real purpose movement of #BlackLivesMatter is not going away. The concerns of Black America IS NOT GOING AWAY! Of course, there are those who get behind a movement for two weeks and then, it’s all forgotten about. This is where it needs to stop. The concerns must be on course. Even if it’s in the heart of Milwaukee or Madison. And even if it’s shows up at Scott Walker’s front door.

Yes, I know Scott Walker has black friends. But he, like many others like him are just in denial. That’s right I said it!

I haven’t done this in a while, but guess what Wisconsin? I Told You So.

Today is the one year anniversary in which most of us thought we took the state back. Oh really? Did we? Did we really took the state back in a manner of being besmirched by the waves of the Tea Party? Not this Wisconsinite. If those don’t’ remember, this was the anniversary in which most in Wisconsin thought that having Scott Walker to retain the seat in Madison is a good idea to cash on the voters who wanted him removed in the recall. Today would have been that day that I would have been saying Governor Tom Barrett. But Barrett is still Mayor in Milwaukee. Speaking of that, this is the same Walker who thought “cared” about Milwaukee. The comment that Walker used that “We don’t want to be like Milwaukee” is nothing more than a racist-like¬† rant. Don’t forget this is the same Scott Walker that enforced Act 10, derailed a High Speed Rail Project that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison to jobs, all care about the highways, and the education/medicare funds were slashed up the yin yang. Oh, just today and leading to today, Wisconsin has reached at 44 when it comes to jobs. Ranked also 49 when it comes to Economic Outlook. The Governor who prides being a college dropout with a Letterman Jacket from High School doesn’t have the 250,000 private sector jobs locked in. If the High Speed Rail would have been a boom in terms of jobs, some of that would have been added. Or did I mentioned that the Bail Bonds Idea would be getting to the Badger State? And its not because of the jobs. It’s really about money to tell the truth. Speaking of money, that connection with Koch Brothers is really stupid.

CALLOUT: So I dare to ask: Is Wisconsin is really OPEN FOR BUSINESS?

Just today also, as I was listening to WNOV this morning, there was a talk about the use and possession of Marijuana in Wisconsin. In terms of blacks getting arrested. As I was listening to The Forum, by the way it’s still being broadcasted by Sherwin Hughes. He noted about the arrests that of blacks in Wisconsin have a higher rate of getting busted with pot. Here’s a shocker: Waukesha, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, had arrested blacks 12 times more than the rate of whites. Also: For Brown County, the same Brown County where Green Bay is, according to the article: “blacks were arrested for marijuana possession at more than seven times the rate of whites in 2010, compared with 6.5 times in Dane County and 4.7 times in Milwaukee County.” Now what does that have to do with an on going thing with the recall, or hating an transportation like High Speed Rail? Remember when I said a couple of blogs ago, that some who voted big for Walker, as they were watching the trains being built in Milwaukee, I’ll bet that there are some who probably living in the Red Counties had comments like “I don’t want to see those folks around here!” Don’t lie! And majority of the folks probably building the trains were multi-ethnic. Specifically Black near 27th and Townsend. Many of us in the Milwaukee Area (the African American Community, mind you) emphasized on that subject via WNOV in a different light. Not that same light that Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, or Mark Belling don’t tell you, nor won’t care about.¬† Now forget about that so-called boondoggles, or “It’s a waste of Government Spending”, or “It’s too expensive.” Or my personal favorite “No one will ever ride it.” So for those who say No one will ride the train, that’s a lame excuse of not trying to find something to new to move from one point to another. We preach about this everyday. ESPECIALLY ON THE 4th of JULY, about freedom and equality.¬† Many of us can’t be equal passing through Jefferson County or any other county that has a notion of negativity of blacks or ideas in trying to get the state back to the number one spot. Wisconsin is only 6% when it comes the African-American Population. Many of those who think or touch the subject, it’s all smoke and mirrors. But when you add new forms of segregation into the mix, it’s no comparison. Such as trying to redistrict the voting areas trying to make it harder for those to vote. But that backfired didn’t it? Many in Milwaukee did came out and voted up for President Obama at a rate of 87%, slightly higher from 2008 at 80%.

Now if those who came out for President Obama, why weren’t enough VOTERS to come out for ripping Walker out of Madison in terms of recalling him? Here are some responses like “Oh, many didn’t care or didn’t like the recall….” If you don’t vote, you don’t count! Plus also, I don’t understand if you are a union guy or a union gal, and if you were part of the 30 or 40% that VOTED for Walker, there is something wrong. Did I fail to mention that most of collective bargaining were stripped of those who work as Teacher or non-rescue person? And it all fed to the Firefighters and Police Officers mostly. Overall, I have alot of respect of those who put their lives on the line locally. But for deciding to back Walker, after the B.S. he’s pulled, really?! It’s no surprise to Milwaukee in which he almost went postal as County Executive for 8 years.

Red to Blue Badgers

Now the Democrats in Wisconsin didn’t celebrate the so-called June 5th Victory, but realizing that when you are ranked 44 in Jobs in the entire country, there is nothing to celebrate about period. And yes the Democrats in Wisconsin currently have low energy in taming the new beast of the Republican Party in Badger State. Recently, the Badger Blue Squad launched a campaign style devotion called “Red to Blue Badgers.” This will be a collective effort in which the party would go to the counties that were deeply red, and lecture to those why Walker is bad news. If the Democrats had tried that before the recall per say, Walker would NOT be in Madison right now. And part of the low energy of the Democrats, that they don’t have a contender to face Walker in 2014, yet. Some are saying Peter Barca, or Chris Larson, or Mahlon Mitchell. But whoever it is, better have a solid base of getting at Walker at all fronts. This time there cant be no let downs for anything, if YOU are a hardcore Wisconsin Democrat.

Another speech in the books. This past 2013 State of the Union begins the new for the President for the Second Term as we know. I have to say that this was the speech in terms that needed after the Inauguration in terms of getting back to business. Fortunelaty, in my view the State of the Union is: Strong but must stabilize to improve.  My picks from the Speech by President Obama had me highlighting many areas ranging from Education, Jobs, Military, Healthcare and Immigration.

But the¬†absolute¬†highlights: Voting and Gun Violence. First I have to comment the voting thing. When President Obama acknowledged¬†Desiline Victor, who is an 102 year old black woman that resides in Florida, had to wait about 7 hours just to cast her ballot in line. Really?! 7 Hours. 7 freaking hours. Keep in mind, she is an elderly woman of 102 years. We all heard about the voter dilemmas in Florida with Rick Scott at the helm, but seriously I want ask this question: would you allow your grandmother, or great-grandmother, or great-great Grandmother to stand in line for 7 hours, in their ages between 80 and 100 just to cast a ballot? When I heard that, it was shameful. Really shameful because no person no matter who you like on the ballot should not stand in line very long just to cast a ballot! Oh I know the folks on the¬†opposition¬†probably said but “at least she got to vote”. Don’t get me started on that. That same tone to me is like for those who lose most of¬†everything¬†on a job part, and those who say “at least you got a job” in a sarcastic commentary.

Technically, when I was doing the Election Inspector jobs in 2012, I never turned NO Voter away. None! Everyone has a right to vote. No matter which side you like. We know what they are. And in the midst of this, most in¬†the¬†chamber did stood up, but for those like John Boenher did not. Why? Oh I get it, he’s a Republican guy. Never mind. Speaking of that, those like Boehner, and others who didn’t stand up for health care nor the¬†Violence¬†against Women Act, something that Joe Biden presented back when I was still in High School. And also, the healthcare factor. Plus, I dare say: JOBS! Already, the Obama Crew displayed 6 Million Jobs thus far. When the President proposed the America Jobs Act last time, most of the Congress did not pass the entire bill, which was blocked. No need to go further who done it¬†because¬†those who blocked the bill are the same folks who might be facing their wrath of voters in 2014.¬†Particularly¬†some of that was passed, but not all. And for the record, almost everything that Obama proposed, it was blocked and why you ask? We should know by now. And yes it’s has something to do with working with him. I dare say, race is a factor.

Now I do want to shift from that to Gun Violence. Now if the readers are one of the “Gun Nuts” who love to wave around the Smith and Wesson while reading this, you might not want to watch the screen. President Obama did mentioned a small sample of cities and individuals who were effected by Gun Violence. First he mentioned someone who recently attended his second inauguration, Hadiya Pendelton. This teen was 15 years old that was gunned down in Chicago and plus, not too far from Obama’s Chicago Home! ¬†Then he said Gabby Giffords, then Newtown, then Aurora, then Oak Creek, then Blacksburg, and commented other cities that were effected by Gun Violence. Some Americans were probably tripping (and maybe still are) about a recent photo of the President Firing a Rifle of him Skeet Shooting. This is not about him skeet shooting. This is not about him taking away citizens’ rights for guns. And what was Ted Nugent doing there anyway? Mr. “Cat Scratch Fever” should not have come. I’m sorry. The only reason he’s out in the elements (quoting my mother) is all because of his love for guns and those like him think that the president is coming after him all because of it. Plus he like many others are just paranoid. Many of the GOP should have called him out on his B.S. but did they? Nope.

Oh, what about Marco Rubio? Lesson #1 – NEVER DRINK YOUR WATER BEFORE YOU COME ON CAMERA AND GIVE YOUR RESPONSE TO THE STATE OF THE UNION! I mean seriously. Why?! I’m glad I missed that part besides his¬†downward¬†commentary of Obama’s speech. I mean talk about being unprepared. And about the other¬†reactions¬†like Scott Walker, who said today as usual that he would not accept the Medicare Expansion Package. He thinks that the state of Wisconsin “should get fewer aid for those who are uninsured and those who are fewer to depend on government”. As usual. And if you thought that his refusal of High Speed Rail was bad. Just interesting, I was hearing the Earl Ingram Show here in Milwaukee that Wisconsin would have gotten on board with the federal aid parts that would lead into jobs. By the way, The Earl Ingram Show is on Black Radio in Milwaukee. Look for it on 1290 WMCS via the internet. Or locally in the Milwaukee Area. That right there, in my view, is the boat (or one of the boats) that Scott Walker is missing with his decisions in Madison. SHAMEFUL! And the majority of the state has to suffer just like the rest. Just like when Alan Grayson of Florida once said about the Republicans wanting you to “Die Quickly.” ¬†Just like I used to say in my blogs back when, I told you so! ¬†Now if you are working at a¬†McDonald’s¬†or Target working at least $8.00 per hour chances are you might not be covered medically, but if having Obamacare/Universal Healthcare per say that might lighten the load. See that Wisconsin? We are missing the Boat with a Tail-end Attitude. Plus this reminds me of The Milwaukee¬†Malaise that was published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel back in January.

Obviously, hearing the State of the Union 2013 was the first step. And certainly, not the last.

In the recent days of the talk about Guns in America, an announcement from Milwaukee came into the fold in regarding the stance of defense, dialing 9-1-1 not being a best option, and the phrase “Wolf at the Door”. Many in Wisconsin are having a divided debate about the radio announcement that Sheriff David Clarke of the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department had came out and the results are not that promising to favor or not favor.

If you haven’t heard it recently, here it is:

Now what is the “Stephen’s Spot” take on this? Now with all the use of the guns going out, there is no need that the city, nor County of Milwaukee shouldn’t be wilding out at the OK Corral. This is not the Wild West, and not I’m not a cowboy. But partially I will say that yes, the citizens should defend their families. As a matter of fact, EVERY citizen should have a right to defend themselves and their homes when intruders show up unceremoniously. Oh, yeah the thought about the melee from 2010 with the Wisconsin State Fair still rings in very well doesn’t it? And I heard the comments about “I can’t wait for November 1st to come fast enough!” That is just as bad as “build it now” when it comes to the Milwaukee Brewers and Miller Park. I really also have to ask, what happened to Self-Defense? You know, Karate, Kung-Fu in all of that? Technically, I would rather use Mixed Martial Arts on a jobber than use a Desert Eagle. Or like the wrestlers in the WWE, break out the Kendo-Sticks and steel chairs. I’m just saying. Many folks now tend forget that using a Gun is not just the only form of Defense. Yeah, the folks can take all the Concealed Carry Weapon classes all they want. But will that CCW stuff save you soul? I’m just saying. Also there is nothing wrong with dialing 9-1-1 being a joke. OK, Flava Flav once said it. I get it.

Now I’m not advocating “God and Guns” here. Save that for the Tea Party and the Republicans. But keep in mind that Sheriff Clarke is a registered Democrat, but gets love from the Right Wing Media and I dare say the Right Wing here in Wisconsin. That may sound weird, but it’s the truth. Plus the Sheriff is African-American. Not a shock! The debate about this PSA, has even reached the national Airwaves of Fox and Friends and also CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. Now, I’ve seen Soledad doing her thing on CNN with these interviews, and she doesn’t mess around. But I think that there should have been another person getting into the grill of Clarke. Two words: Roland Martin. That’s right I said it. That’s what I said Wisconsinites! If Roland would have been given a chance to interview the Sheriff, he (the Sheriff) would not have a field day of his defensive front to get crunk like here in the Milwaukee/Wisconsin Areas. Like Soledad, Roland doesn’t play either. Every now and then, the hashtag sentence of #bringthefunk would get the attention.

Plus recently, he was featured with Mayor Tom Barrett on Piers Morgan, and I will say that even though the debate of the subject got going back and forth with a little of overlapping, Piers asked a simple question to Sheriff Clarke in favoring Universal Background Checks. Obviously, the Sheriff went “long ball” with the judicial and courts stuff. But…….It was simple question! YES OR NO! How hard can that be?!

Lot of you probably went to Youtube, and saw the David Clarke ad and said “oh, I gotta use this!” My advice: Don’t fool yourself. Just my opinion.

Just when I thought I was not going to write these anymore. But……..guess what. I’m going to be doing more of these with the current issues that effects Wisconsin.¬† Believe me, they will be just as hard hitting and sharp as the previous blogs I’ve done.

Now that being said. In the current recent events this centers around same day voter registration. And guess who in Wisconsin wants to get rid of it. Oh, wait for it. It’s Scott Walker. He wants to do away with the Same Day Voter Registration Option. For those peaking in and asking why, it’s because of the recent 87% of Milwaukeeans that came out and voted. If you are one of the 87% that came out to vote in Milwaukee – THANK YOU! That record of 87% broke the old record from 4 years which was around 80%. Also YET AGAIN: Obama won. Simple. And the governor was so “concerned” in regarding the retirees who worked for years and years during the 13 hours that he felt the they can’t hack the crowds that come into the polls. Lot of folks are saying that the election commissions should look for more poll workers. Really YOUNGER poll workers. Those who are more enthused, technological, brilliant, dedicated no matter a full day or half day, and those who can help make a difference. And the fear of that in parts comes from again trying to suppress the votes, in regarding the African-American and Latino Voters. Just a reference, according to the Census, Wisconsin’s African-American Population is 6.5% while the Hispanic American Population is around 6.1%

For the history buffs, Same Day Voter Registration has been around since the year I came into the world, 1976. Yep. It will be 36 years for that and me. However for this guy wanting to strip it, is like a slap in a face. So you can say that Scott Walker may seem like a guy but does not respect Important Wisconsin Traditions! I went there.¬† Now there might be some who disagree, and that fine, but still mostly who wanted Walker originally gone in my view, the same. Don’t forget, Scott Walker is the same guy who wanted to do away with most of the collective bargaining rights, and the high speed rail from Milwaukee to Madison. Plus, having that goal of making 250,000 jobs.

NOTE to the Walker Fans: What is the job count right now in Wisconsin?¬† Mainly also in Milwaukee? Don’t Google, nor ask your Republican Facebook/Google+/Twitter/MySpace/social media folks.

Walker wanted to say this in all places, the Ronald Reagan Library in California. Now I don’t have nothing against the library in California. Will visit if a chance. But why California, I’ll never¬†know. ¬†He also should know that when 2013 comes, to me that would a warning that the Democratic side will start to choose their candidates for the Governor’s chair in Madison. Let me also add a stipulation: The Democrats of Wisconsin must select a STRONG CANDIDATE in order to measure up and beat Scott Walker at his own game. That’s¬†how I see it. The keywords are DEMOCRATIC¬†WISCONSIN STRONG CANDIDATE. And the same can be for those who are “Independent and strong”, could run and stand up against Walker.

Just recently, one of the former aides of Scott Walker during his County Executive Days, Kelly M. Rindfleisch, age 44,¬†was recently sentenced to 6 months in jail, and additional 3 months probation. She like Walker and countless others campaigned on County time in order to get Walker elected as governor. Which is against the rules. If you work in a government building like the Milwaukee Country Courthouse, it is against the rules (as a government employee) that you cant engage your vote while working¬†in a government related working place. ¬†It’s ok to nod your head I think.

Just a heads up, a petition is being circulated around Facebook courtesy of One Wisconsin Now in order to tell the Governor no to ending Same Day Voter Registration. Do a search. One more thing I do want to add, those who try to suppress the vote is asking for trouble.

The Civil Rights Era fought against this and it should stay held at bay!

Since the State of Maine this week is “blowing up” with their State’s GOP Chairperson, Charlie Webster was well…..“shocked” to see blacks voting on Election Day, which is now going viral in terms of now knowing that the fact, the “Whitest state in the Union” does have residents of color. Which was offensive in terms of the African-American voters in the state coming from the GOP Chairperson. Today, while most of us were at Holiday Parades in Milwaukee, or trying to prepare for Thanksgiving, Melissa Harris-Perry this morning interviewed Shay Stewart-Bouley, a Chicago born resident, that is a decade plus resident of the State of Maine, and she also writes the blog: “Black Girl in Maine.” So if you’ve missed it, click the link below and watch. Even though it’s a 5 minute interview, but still it’s worth tapping into.Plus, I do see her getting more interviews like on BET’s Don’t Sleep! or One of Roland Martin’s Shows and Appearances like Washington Watch, or the Tom Joyner Morning Show. And maybe Michael Baisden.

And would I visit Maine? On a urban tip, yes. Plus I would visit other states like New Hampshire, Vermont and others that don’t get that much play and to see more of the African-American population; In terms of knowledge.¬† Also, we all know that there are black folks everywhere in the United States. Even in the states that don’t really get most exposure like Wisconsin, California, Illinois and many others when it comes to known African American populations. And yes, Maine was one of the Blue Democratic States like Wisconsin voted to keep President Barack Obama for the next 4 years in the White House. Enjoy!

Maine GOP chair accuses black people of voter fraud

Today, I needed to laugh. Really I had to. In the yet again wake of President Obama’s victory on November 6th, and also the Republican crew are still in denial that he won AGAIN, the story has gone from David Petraus’ affair to states¬†seceding¬†from the Union (which will not happen), the wackiness continued in terms of Blacks,¬†Latinos,¬†Young Voters getting “free gifts” and now: the two wackiest stories of the day in regarding the GOP’s from Georgia, and of all places in America: Maine.

For the GOP Georgia folks, oh this is a trip. Their top GOP Lawmakers had a¬†briefing¬†in regarding a Secret Obama mind controlling plot. HOLD THE PHONE. Seriously, Georgia?!! Mind control? Hypnosis still in effect? Let me go Walt Disney on this: “Bippity Boppity BOO!’ (insert laughter)

Seriously?! ¬†My God! In this meeting, there were a bunch of lawmakers looking at a hour flick about Obama’s mind control. About ¬†what may I ask? Getting a new Nintendo WiiU before Sunday? Forget about¬†Seceding¬†from the Union, some of these dudes need to be seceded from their everyday stuff and turn in a mental¬†institution¬† Are the crazy houses open? I hope when Sunday comes: please go to church. Please ask God to come into your soul and restore you to¬†normalcy¬†to get America going again. And that goes for anyone else in the UNION that feels like this.¬†Obviously¬†this is one story I think that will make the crazy lists of 2012. Talk about political humor. And plus Obamacare does cure pre-existing conditions!

For this: shout out to the African American Brothers and Sisters in Maine. And for the record, I know and share the pain of getting asked “is there black people there?” Stuff. For me, I’m from Wisconsin and yes we do have black folks here. Mostly in the Southeastern part of the state. In an article, one of the Maine’s GOP head person believed that voter fraud was¬†rapid¬†in the state on¬†election¬†day all because many black people voted. Now, that is strange for one, and I know folks have already asked this: “There are black people in Maine?!!”

According to the Wikipedia stats, Maine’s black population is around 1.1%. The Census has the percentage around 1.3%. For the Wisconsin black folks, 6.5% . (Overall)

Maine’s largest city of Portland has 7.1% for blacks while the Ill-Mil of Milwaukee has around 33%.

The state capitol population for blacks in Augusta, Maine: 0.50%. ¬†For Wisconsin’s capitol of Madison’s black¬†population¬†percentage: 7.07%

For the  electoral votes: Maine has 4 ;  Wisconsin has 10;  and both went for President Obama in the 2012 Election.

Yes, and I know that mostly by now that even though it’s a state that doesn’t get that much talked about, Maine does have black people. But for the GOP person wondering about the black folks living there and coming out to vote was strange and wacky. If he knew there were black folks living in Maine, persay, why did the person, Charlie Webster had to bring it up? On all days, Election Day? Really?

Yeah, I needed to laugh today. That hypnosis thing was crazy. And still the denial to the Republican right still lingers. And I think the result of that is the truth: Obama Won. Romney Lost. And the Inauguration is around the corner.

Just a note: Feel free to examine the black side of Maine by visiting these sites:

Black Girl In Maine:– I found this blog through another site, and also on Facebook.

Maine’s visible Black History

Wonkette: This is the site I looked at first with the black population of Maine. It’s really a blog.¬†

Well. Apparently Mitt Romney is still on ends about his defeat from last¬†Tuesday¬† I thought in his concession speech that he maned up and admit that losing to Barack Obama was the stone cold truth. Well, just recently the free gifts comment out of Mitt Romney just surfaced. Matter of fact, they surfaced out of Bill O’Reilly in terms of Americans in the country want things. Well, as a Minority African-American myself I want things too. But the thing that the got me the most with this “free gifts” thing, was indeed coming from Mitt Romney. Here’s what he stated:

“The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said in a call to donors Wednesday. “He made a big effort on small things.”

Courtesy of USA Today, here is a summary of the talk about things or free gifts continued for Minorities:

Romney called his loss to Obama a disappointing result that he and his team had not expected, but he said he believed his team had run a superb campaign. He said he was trying to turn his thoughts to the future, “but, frankly, we’re still so troubled by the past, it’s hard to put together our plans for the future.”

Romney’s finance team organized the call to donors. A person who listened to Romney’s call provided details about it to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the call was private.¬†The Los Angeles Times¬†first reported Romney’s remarks.

Among the “gifts” Romney cited were free health care “in perpetuity,” which he said was highly motivational to black and Hispanic voters as well as for voters making $25,000 to $35,000 a year.

Romney also said the administration’s promise to offer what he called “amnesty” to the children of illegal immigrants ‚ÄĒ what he termed “the so-called DREAM Act kids” ‚ÄĒ helped send Hispanics to the polls for Obama.

Young voters, Romney said, were motivated by the administration’s plan for partial forgiveness of college loan interest and being able to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans. Young women had an additional incentive to vote for Obama because of free contraception coverage under the president’s health care plan, he said.

So wait. Is this what Romney is mad about? And those donors, fans of Mittens are angry about also? I woke up laughing at this and saying to myself. We all want things! For those of us who are African-American, Latino, Young Voters, and many others who want to chime in, since the Tea Party came and went, it’s time to form a party (with the support of President Barack Obama 2nd Term) that this has birthed. Start up a party like – The Minority Americans Free Gifts Party. Or The Free Gifts Party of America. ¬†I have stated on Facebook that that free gift I got was volunteering for the Re-Election Obama Campaign in Wisconsin recently, and that was a free gift within itself. ¬†As far as free gifts of health, education, and others I (like many others) will continue to get more of those while still living. Free gifts. WOW. And my Birthday and Christmas is¬†around¬†the corner in December. Plus the GOP gave the Democrats a new gift of progressiveness in which they now must fear.

What I am also¬†surprised¬†even those in the Republican Party came out and¬†condemned¬†Romney for the so-called “free gifts” comments. Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and what’s this: Scott Walker¬†condemns¬†this also? The same Scott Walker was on a Union Busting, Train slashing, Education crapping campaign in order to reveal against the Recall thing, comes out against Mitt Romney. Well if Scott Walker actually cared against his Republican Counterpart like Romney, why crapped on Wisconsin? Laughable.

Once again,¬†President¬†Obama won fair and square. Period. And as far as the next blog about Susan Rice, I’ll get to that next.