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Ok. It’s a three way dance that it’s long awaited.This dance though, is so legit that will make the old school dances come back like killer clowns on Halloween. But anyway: it’s on. Take a number and just relax.

First on the card: Peter Feigin, the President of the Milwaukee Bucks made headlines recently on the comments he made about Milwaukee.

And he quotes the following statement:

Very bluntly, Milwaukee is the most segregated, racist place I’ve ever experienced in my life. It just is a place that is antiquated. It is in desperate need of repair and has happened for a long, long time. One of our messages and one of our goals is to lead by example.

Well. He’s telling the truth.

This is coming from the President of the Milwaukee Bucks, that was stated in a Rotary Meeting in Madison. My question is, why is there are those who felt shocked and appalled by what he said? If anyone knows the city like a book, it’s a well known factor that the city of the Good Land does have factors about segregation and racism and those factors have been so examined too many times. It’s the truth! And I don’t think that Peter should not have backed away or peddled away from his statement! Folks, I know what Peter Feigin may have said that must have set off fire alarms. But there is no denying that those alarms about the ongoing struggle of segregation in a city that was founded by three socialist mayors like Solomon Juneau, Byron Kilbourn and George Walker, and with the Festivals, the Brewers, Summerfest, and countless others.Yes Milwaukee’s ongoing problem with segregation still lingers. It’s not just black and white, anyone else of any ethnicity can be felt segregated while struggle. So I don’t feel that Peter Feigin shouldn’t be guilty of stating an ongoing problem that plagues the city. We in the city that are life long Milwaukeeans: we know. You former Milwaukee Residents that moved and never came back or rarely make visits, I’ll agree that you also know. Even if you rarely visit if you live in the suburbs, or Madison. But know this, the issue of this problem is not just Milwaukee, it’s all over the place. Sorry for the Spoiler Alert, but racism is in America’s DNA. No matter how scary it is. Is there segregation in Atlanta? Chicago? What about the Twin Cities? Texas? Or another well known city like NYC or Miami? Or a well known spot internationally? Come on now! Tell the truth! Even though the big whigs don’t want to admit it, but it IS the truth! Folks can back track all they want. Or tell those “dont’ bring that up!  Just do your job and don’t discuss it”. And for those who picked this up in New York, Chicago, MSN Websites, and many others that are a bit shocked on a journal scale, why are you surprised that Milwaukee has this problem?

Stop the pain!

It’s going to get brought up as a CONSTANT reminder that racism exist. It’s real as a headlock. In which I’ll continue more in the second card.

Second card: Yes: real racism does exist.

We all know this. Yesterday, I was listening to The Forum on WNOV. And as I was listening to a segment in regarding racism. We all know that yes, Milwaukee or this instance the Greater Milwaukee Area is no stranger to the effects of Segregation and of course, again racism period. As was listening to the segment, the exact segment about a certain caller whom believed that there is no such thing as “real racism”. After listenting to that one little snippet, this caller must be drunk! SERIOUSLY! And the caller is from West Allis. The same West Allis like where the Wisconsin State Fair is located. And West Allis like the areas of the outliners of the burbs in the area is mostly Republican. But the issue here is RACISM! For all of you callers or speakers whom call into a Black Radio Station clamining that racism doesn’t exist, then you must be AGAIN drunk! I had my experience of racism 6 years ago when I got a letter from Reed vs Dresser in regarding a Civil Rights Case in regarding the issue of the company that DID NOT allow African-American Applicants to train or hire to work for their company! This is true white people! I remember handing in a resume of mine way back around the mid-2000’s  actually 2006 at a job fair in Pewaukee. And also I applied for a job online (on Dresser’s Website) a year later to find work. Then August 2010 came which I got a notice that based on the results of the documented proof, I was one of the 300+ African-Americans that did not got a job based on the fact it was due to racism. So like many others who got that letter, I filled out a form with my detailed info, submitted a copy of my Drivers License in all and mailed both the form and DL Copy to the company in Florida. When October came, in which it was the day after the so-called holiday of Columbus Day, I picked up the mail from my parents house and one of the mail had my name on it. And it was from the Reed vs Dresser company and I was awarded a check of $5,000. I was BLOWN AWAY!!  And all of this was a direct result of me being a job seeker; no a African-American Job Seeker got disrespected all because of racism of looking for a job! In the Greater Milwaukee Area. And you got these so-called white folks who think that racism doesn’t exist. WAKE UP! I’ve mentioned this before on the blog many times, and it’s becoming a still constant reminder about that there are companies here in the area, as well as America that doesn’t want to hire applicants of color! What’s the Plan B in all of this? Either find a job that really doesn’t do the hate thing on hiring, or find your own job by employing yourself. Be your own boss. Be your own CEO. And when you do that, you are doing you. Nothing wrong with that. And your haters who refuse to hire folks of color will be embarrassed. And probably these are the same folks who are in HR are probably those who are doing the “judging hiring” of African-American applicants of not getting in. I’ll bet 40 dollars that is taking place in some of these companies that are looking to be filled with this concern. I told you so! Think I’m joking? Look at the rate of jobs that don’t hardly hire black folks within the last couple of years and that should tell those as proof of evidence. And oh, may I add that those who per se are telling those that there are those in the African-American Community are lazy, don’t want to work, yadda yadda yadda. But when the issue of race and employment (pre employment) comes up via the African-American prospective concern, that is another monster that still needs to be taken down. Even in the year of 2016 and beyond.

Third listing on the card: Millennials, you need to vote up.

For all the Millenials out there, even if you love reading my blog in your classes on your smartphones, I don’t usually ask this but why many of you between 18-34 are not planning to vote in this election? Really, what’s up with that. It’s obvious that yes we face the most difficult election that we know. And yes for President Obama, it’s his last lap as the number 1 guy in The White House. We know! And I know MANY of you probably have mixed bag feelings about the likes of Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson all want that chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I know many of you probably aren’t going to vote because the issues probably don’t match yours. Well Millennials: what are your “Concerns” that is effecting you right now? Yeah hashtag that! Is that Bernie Sanders mantra got you down because you wouldn’t vote up for Hillary? Or are you ACTUALLY believe that non-voting will help your problems? Ummm… answer those questions is like being on the wrong side of the fence. Or in this case just making a case of nothing. You Millennial folk who are assuming that voting up will not change nothing or assuming that not voting will make you cool at home: STOP! Please stop thinking what your friends have been saying about voting wont work because IT CAN WORK! Ok so many of you don’t like all or some of the candidates. BIG DEAL! But still you have to make your votes count on the ballot by or on November 8th of this year! You probably have heard or somewhat read it on your smartphone or tablet that well: many men and women fought and died for their right to vote! Even black men and black women (especially to my millennial black folks) FOUGHT HARD to vote and with you not voting is like a slap in the face of Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Fannie Lou Hamer, Malcolm X, and many others that all equal rights to voting is on the table and YOUR RIGHT to vote up is included! Frankly, I don’t care about the stances of Hillary, and yes Donald Trump scares me also. If many of you don’t vote, I hate to call you out on this but: many of you are acting selfish. That’s right I said it! Many of you in that age gap are SELFISH that many of you will not cast your vote in this election. Not only it’s selfish, or a slap in the face, but it is the ultimate disrespect that many of you will chose by not voting. On a personal note: SHAMEFUL!

Y’all on these social media sites and texting like crazy on your smartphones, and here you are not voting. Give me a break!

  • Do any of you care about your communities?
  • Do any of you ACTUALLY care about your Healthcare needs? Jobs? Your Alumni? Or that rent? Or those books?
  • Do any of you care about real jobs, not those Burger King/McDonalds/Pick N Save type jobs working for your teenager titles?
  • What about those causes that you ACTUALLY care about? And don’t say the environment only!
  • Do any of you care about the actual donations given?
  • What is it going to take, Millennials? Are you going to sit on Election Day, or WILL YOU ACTUALLY VOTE?!

When I was in your age bracket between 18-35 or 18-34 I voted up. I registered to vote when I was 18 years old in High School. Between 18 years old and now, I know that the use of voting still lingers. I first casted my ballot at 19 and also yes, like many others, Bill Clinton was chosen for his second term. Plus also unlike many who don’t know, I also voted in smaller elections like judges, school board supervisors, mayors, county executives, state legislatures, state senators, city alderpersons, governors, congressmen or congresswomen, referendums, etc. I’ve have done the voting thing since 1996 and I have NOT STOPPED SINCE! Me taking the day off to vote and sit at home is selfish act. You think it’s selfish for not going to the doctor is bad only? Think again!

Millennials, those of you coming after Gen-X like a dark horse: Between now and November 8th and I say this as one of those that got you started: GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! There are no excuses! Nevermind your plans for November 8th, and the post -Obama era, and nevermind about your personal feelings of who’s best and not casting a ballot. I urge all of you 18-35 or whatever TO GET OUT AND VOTE! Period. I don’t know what devil(s) you’re paying attention to, but the devil is a liar!

Hashtag that. I’ll bet you might not.





I’m sure many in America had heard about Milwaukee Bucks Player John Henson was in the spotlight of a recent racial profiling incident in Whitefish Bay. Yes, he was racially profiled. For those of us who didn’t know or probably want a review, let’s refresh the message he sent from his Instagram:

John Henson's Instagram post. (Screencap via

Oh yes. He was definitely racial profiled. Don’t get mad Greater Milwaukee Area and Suburbs because we are known for this. So people yet to believe that John Henson was or is the enemy here? Honestly believe that? This is what some or many in the black community has been preaching about in which that they don’t want us, but still want OUR money! I was listening to WNOV yesterday, and one of the topics on the show was indeed about being racially profiled. No matter if it was on the job, or in the store. And  no matter how any way we slice it back and forth, everyone has a story to tell how the listening audience/callers explained how they were profiled. John Henson is getting his crash course of how to deal with racial profiling in the Greater Milwaukee Area, and like many others who have gone though it, it’s sad.

What’s even more sad that there are those who will say, “Oh he could have just driven a different car, or a friend’s truck and he couldn’t have been profiled.” Or maybe, “He shouldn’t had on a hoodie, because you know that the last time someone wore a hoodie, the guy was killed. And he was black.”  Don’t be surprised. Then again, some might be surprised anyway with sleepy minds.

CALLOUT: Can I just say two words: WAKE UP!!!!!

What happened to John Henson in Whitefish Bay, can happen in any city, county, state, or different part of the United States. Even the world countries that blacks are feared and hated the most! If this can happen in a Milwaukee Suburb, this could happen in oh I don’t know: Atlanta. Chicago. Seattle. Los Angeles. The Carolinas. Texas. California. New York. Jersey. Washington DC. London. Switzerland. Toronto. Paris. Moscow. Tokyo. Korea.

Do you realize that it can happen anywhere besides America?

Don’t just say, “well I’m leaving Milwaukee because of the racism here is crazy”. Well guess what relocating citizens, you can move where you want, but there is racism EVERYWHERE! Even in your new digs in Santa Fe, New Mexico or Phoenix Arizona. Or yes again, even Atlanta! OPEN YOUR FREAKING EYES!

I have expressed alot about race on my blog. And there was a time I didn’t want to offend those who felt want to be shared nothing but positive news. BUT…….after being followed at one time in a store in which someone thought that I was some gang member look a like, or a white lady in freaking Kmart (which is no more on Mayfair Road) had clutched her purse and assume that I’ll get to her. But my mother said to her, “you don’t have to be afraid of him. He can protect you.” Listen white folks, this was my black mother saying this. Just to indicate that not all black folks don’t appear to be like criminals or thugs, or your personal favorites: N*GGAS!

And I know that many of you had read about me being discriminated from Dresser Waukeha about a couple of years ago. Not because I’m from Milwaukee, it’s because they felt like, “We’re not going to hire this black man, were going to hire more white applicants.” And it started with 6 African-American Applicants who filed a lawsuit and also when that lawsuit got around, there were other applicants who probably filed an application, or handed in a resume online for a job opportunity and never got a call back, and then a letter or form comes to your house  and stated that you were discriminated because of your race, then yes it’s real! And we weren’t crying because of a non-job offer. It was because we were Racially Discriminated! In the end we got our reward money of $5,000.00 each in 2010. It was deserving and a teachable moment. This goes to show all of us that many companies can’t be trusted when they display the jobs that are somewhat needed. And when it comes to “minorities and women wanted” per say, it’s a waste of your time. I heard it on The Forum’s segment on WNOV and many are waking up that there are certain companies that don’t want those who don’t look like them. Or have the same type of mentality like them. And there many reasons why there are those in the Black Community that are doing the alternative besides moving. Try opening their own businesses. Hiring their own employees they seek. And that’s how many of the businesses might lose due to these incidents. I’m JUST SAYING! And many might ask why we didn’t get them. Not because of the resumes or the online profiles: it’s because of their ignorance!

I know this is might be a “offensive holding warning” to those who want that human race factor. BUT……..if the human race really matters, why racial profiling against African-Americans, Black folks who started the Human Race Factor are still out like the jury?

Yes, John Henson got discriminated. All because he wanted to buy a watch. Plus the store owner of Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers apologized and he accepted it. But the memory of that will be etched in his mind that the thought of being discriminated will never be erased. And that goes for anyone that is African-Decent. Even me!

The struggle continues!

In a recent 21-10 decision, the Wisconsin State Senate has passed a funding bill that will effect the ongoing process to build a new arena in Downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I’m referring to the new Bucks playhouse. Not just for the team, but also for the future concerts, events and maybe a future WWE Pay-Per-View. The Reaction of the news were mixed. Some should say that the owners of the team should have paid for the full tab instead of the tax payers. WAIT A MINUTE: remember how Miller Park got started? Same thing. Taxpayers. Probably the same taxpayers who first complained and partially will like the investment. I think the same thing will happen here.

Now there was a talk of Seattle or Las Vegas in taking the team, (in which NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dismissed it)if Milwaukee had done the deal to fail. BUT this first hurdle of the State, probably sent a signal to those cities that Milwaukee actually got something done. BUT this is a first hurdle. Now if the second, third or a fourth deal is done offically, the start of the construction could start in the fall, between October and November.

So yes, Bucks fans. The deer is staying thus far.


May I remind my hometown of Milwaukee of this notion:




Remember that?

Or what about this: SAVE THE BREWERS! 

Remember that?

I hope you do!

These were the same quotes I remember from 1996, in which the Milwaukee Brewers were the focus of leaving Milwaukee if Miller Park weren’t to be built. Couple of years later, like 5 years later, the city did indeed opened and birthed Miller Park in the spring of 2001. And yes it had it’s peaks and valleys, and I’ve only gone to a few Brewers games in the still young and profitable, Miller Park.

Now we face the same scenario of Build it nows and Save the Team with the Milwaukee Bucks. Right now, the idea of the new Bucks Arena is on pause though lawmakers, senators, congress, county executives mayors and governors. All trying to do whatever it takes to measure out a deal to somewhat keep the team, that has been around since 1968. The Milwaukee Bucks are not just an NBA Franchise, they extend the branch of the community with clinics, appearances at your kids schools, hospitals and many others. No matter when they had their winning streaks or those lonely basement losses that no one wants to talk about, the Bucks remained in the community through thick and thin. In the last 47 years they have been in the Old Mecca Arena and the current aging, BMO Harris Bradley Center. The BMO Harris BC was built in 1988. Around at the time, I was going from the 5th grade to the 6th Grade. And my older sister was graduating from High School. And yes, I’ve gone to the Bradley in terms of Bucks Games, a concert, EVEN WWE Wrestling Matches.

Yes those were my memories of going to the Bradley Center. No question about it.

Now with the New Arena being put on pause for no reason. STALLING. Too much talk. Dragging the feet and twittering their thumbs thinking that it won’t happen. OH YES IT CAN!  Just recently the Milwaukee Bucks President just said it in Madison in these words:

If the Milwaukee Bucks don’t get a proposed $500 million arena, the National Basketball Association will force a sale of the team and move the franchise to Seattle or Las Vegas, the team’s president told lawmakers Monday.

Sounds familiar? This is what almost happened with the Brewers almost 20+ Years ago. If Miller Park HAD NOT BEEN BUILT, the team would have been gone! PERIOD!

If the Bucks go to Seattle, Las Vegas or any other city looking for another NBA team to invest, then in the next decade or so, we’ll be scratching our heads of why did we allow this to happen? I have the notion that Wisconsin has a reputation that when it sees something that looks good, BUT politics will be in the way and it will be not only the fault of the lawmakers, the politicians but on whom: the Citizens of Wisconsin. Even my fault. Even the fault whom support the pushing of the Bucks to stay here! But mainly those whom in charge with all the Republican power in Wisconsin WILL BE AT FAULT! The same folks whom defended the High Speed Rail of Talgo saying it was a boondoggle, and it will never work.

BS! IT COULD have worked if the attitude was not so negative.

And we had the money to pay for it and everything. But no, Scott Walker was so concerned about roads and bridges, he gave away all of the 800 Million Dollars that could have benefited Milwaukee, the region, the state. But the fools that the folks put in office in 2010 were just that: Negative. And plus it was supposed also to gain more transportation to get from and to jobs. And I say again not everyone in Milwaukee does not have a car to get to work or school! Or should I say not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t drive! HELLO!

Listening to the radio this morning, yes I still listen to WNOV. And previously it was reported (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and talked about the quantity of jobs that could match or exceed if the New Bucks Arena were to be built. According the segments, it would exceed or match about 10,000 jobs to not only build the arena, but also the surroundings with the Arena.


Think about the number of 10,000.

And Milwaukee has been preaching about jobs for too long. And how many folks are in need of good paying jobs here? For all you unemployed and underemployed folks, and those who whom feel that this is a good deal, I say get on the horn, or smartphone, or tablet, or email and tell your folks who represent you to get the finalized deal DONE!  Get it done NOW! Don’t let this slip up to continue the fall back way behind stuff that Milwaukee knows well.

I don’t care where you the citizens of Milwaukee or Wisconsin stand politically. But the love of sports and community should not be a political concern.

Just a thought, I smell another blog letter coming!

Let me go by saying this: Happy Milwaukee Day!

It’s the usual April 14th, or in this case, 4/14 in symbolizing the area code of the city. It all started with a group of guys who just have love for the city. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Basically even in a segregated climate, and in a harsh related those who dislike the cold weather during the cold months, (not year round) basically there was some celebrated related events and activities that took place after work.

However, for this Milwaukee Day, not many as we know wasn’t celebrated by all.

Violence becoming overwhelming: On 4-14, Milwaukee Day, which Milwaukee should be celebrated?

As we know, as well as America now knows, the city had a string of shootings and stabbings that increased the homicide rate up the 41. Children and Teens were killed this week, as well as a 41 year old man that was killed, in lieu of doing the right thing! So now we get killed just because we did something nice to help? What is surreal about this that we have citizens now that are just uneducated or untrained that needs to be trained RIGHT! Part of the upbringing has been lost either the younger citizens weren’t listening or rebelling or maybe the grown folks didn’t just talk even further. Now if those thinking that this ONLY happens in Milwaukee, newsflash: it happens EVERYWHERE!  Just check yourselves Americans. No need to go political or having that conscious side to say oh, I’m too this and that! Or to say stop saying all the It’s happens everywhere stuff. Clearly it does happen everywhere! In the words of Mel Gibson’s Character Benjamin Martin from the Patriot, “This battle was over before it began.” Frankly, I remember when Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker was on Arsenio Hall’s Show (the attempted comeback special version that got canned after one season) that even in times of tragedy, we can still celebrate. There was shootings way back when in the city, that events in the Third Ward and a comeback version of African World Festival was still going on! So in essence if the events were to be cancelled due to some Knuckleheads messing up stuff, the idiots would have won. But, they lost! They lost because folks came out and supported the causes that kept the ships going.

Lately, before the shootings in all, there was talk about the future, via the Milwaukee Bucks. We all seen the renderings of the soon-to-be Milwaukee Sports and Entertainment complex area where it would feature the new Bucks Arena, and several areas of food, drinks, sporting hang outs and also housing that would “connect” with the Schiltz Park, Old World Third Street, The Brewery(formally known as the Pabst Complex), Bronzeville and the Wisconsin Center District. Oh, by the way, it might and will feature the infamous Milwaukee Streetcar coming through as well. Just to give an idea, here is “the future”:

Now if it goes well, the Bucks Arena would go North in the area of North 4th/6th Street and Juneau Avenue. The same empty spot where the Park East freeway used to be. The housing would be surrounding features with the sports complex, and plus the BMO Harris Bradley Center would demolished per say to make way for more additional buildings that would include not only housing but also workspace. All of this would take about 10 years to complete. Plus I think that MATC would get more stuff in nearby!

For the Milwaukee Bucks themselves, the team is getting a makeover with the logos and colors. Under review, the Bucks new colors will be Cream City Cream, Great Lakes Blue and Good Land Green. What does that mean to symbolize? The Cream City Cream Color symbolizes the Cream colored buildings that Milwaukee currently has. Almost like Ice Cream. The Blue symbolizes the history with the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan that the State of Wisconsin Harbors, and the Green, symbolizes the longtime Color that the Bucks has been hanging on since 1968.

Logo Unveil Event Photos

With all that is a good plan to get the city towards the future, many probably have already asked: Will this future site save souls? Uh-oh!

In regarding the Milwaukee Day thing: yes it’s day to somewhat recognize the positives and joys per say about the city. But likewise when the Clock strikes Midnight, and its the next day to come, like I always say in times like these: the struggle continues! No matter what day or event it shines.

So yes Milwaukee Day 2015 has come and gone, but the work, struggle, hope, attitude, violence, segregation and many other concerns must be dealt with ALL THE TIME! And likewise, the struggle still continues!

For today, another chapter in the history of the brew city had turned the page. A long waited Streetcar project that kept on the shelf for over 20 years can finally be put to good use. And yes there was a twist with the new idea with the new Bucks Arena involving the Menominee Tribe offering $200 million to cover the cost of the place via taxpayers.  That second part still remains to be seen if Walker can actually make a fair shake. However for this day, something must have shook the core to get the Ill Mil started up.  And yes the idea might be costly but effective. So with that, here is a blog letter.

Dear Milwaukee folks.  Yeah all of us:

It’s me Stephen.  Yes, I’m local, born here, work here, haven’t thought about leaving yet, still black and a blogger here in the city.

History was made today. The Brew City has done something that it needed to do. And the Common Council whom voted to approve for the project has finally had the brass balls that has been long waited through polarized politics in a segregated climate. Congrats, Milwaukee you have finally began to snap out of the funk of denial of getting the Milwaukee Streetcar to become a significant reality. Keep the pressure on and don’t stop! The reason being there might be folks who would toss your game and make you quit. And this goes for the Streetcar supporters and project ambassadors and business connections alike. Again do not stop!

Just a thought here: add a provisional clause in the contracts, agreements and proofing that the project SHOULD be under “Iron Clad Rules.” Anything it’s Iron Clad should not be put on ballots, nor referendums. NONE!

And to those in Milwaukee that are still in the funk of not moving forward to help the city out, then CLEARLY you are not doing your job! For those in the CRG Network, yeah you are still circulating petitions and trying to force a referendum to halt the project. Even though its a right but I think you are wasting your time of halt opportunities for those who want to shine! Not just those who want the Streetcar, I’m talking about those who are super hungry, super waiting on hand and foot just itching to do skills they were trained to do and also waiting to do!!!!

What is it about Milwaukee or Wisconsin that an idea comes to motion that seems good, then here comes the folks that have to debate, and debate, and debate, and debate from some wannabes who feels that they know what the people want?

CALLOUT: CRG Network, I’m posing this question to you since you indicated the knowing part, what do you know what I want in Milwaukee? What do you know?! And to those who are on these Anti-Streetcar pages particularly in Milwaukee and the so-called Koch Funded Americans for Prosperity, I’m posing this question also, what do you know what I want in Milwaukee?

My former pastor used to say: “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!”

Over and over again I said that Milwaukee needs to play hard poker to gamble and over again. We’ve gotten soft with all the Polarized Politics in a Segregated City. Don’t deny the thought! Many of you were probably taught that when you were growing up and refusing black folks to work along for a successful job! And those you turn away, either they do two things: either move away to another city or take another job that will keep folks poor. Ruffle the feathers much?

And as for the new Bucks Arena. With an idea with the Menominee Tribe has in mind of covering their 200 millions for the taxpayers of the building. With a twist of the proposed Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. That to me seems interesting. It does. Simply because I think the Tribe would like to assist the need to help the taxpayers portion of the third leg of the funding. Which to me seems interesting to follow up. However, it might not happen because many folks know that Scott Walker will not make that happen. And already he denied the funding of casino by listening to Iowa in his somewhat request to become President. Which I think he would not get far.

And of course we all know that Illinois is also looking at us to see if Wisconsin reaches its familiar breaking point of turning down funding that could benefit folks for jobs. There are folks here that need to eat, work, and play. And I’m not talking about those that are currently doing it. I’m talking about those who really need to eat! And aren’t lazy and do want to work!

And also note to the Menominee Tribe, if the full idea is a moot, and we know this per say, donate part of your 200 Million to the UW Universities to assist those in Higher Education. And partially, make a deal with Hard Rock International to build Hard Rock Cafes in the state.  I see them everywhere else, but why not here in Wisconsin? Or Build a Hard Rock Cafe Roadhouse near Summerfest. I’m giving some ideas here!

Finally, as I close. I hope this day can teach us a lesson. I love my city. And at times I have to condemn my city for not doing right. I’m not just talking about the ballot box or radio, I’m talking about letters, emails, blogs,  Social Media postings and many other forms of communication. Even face to face or eye to eye. Now I would probably post this on Facebook per say in a Streetcar group page. But here, I feel this blog of WordPress is the best thing to go.

Play hard poker Milwaukee. Snap out of the funk of denial and get your resumes out!

Get onboard.

Sincerely (in the city),


Recently, the Govenor himself Scott Walker had done another slashing of education. This time it’s $300 Million in which that would effect classes, teachers, layoffs and many otehrs. Plus also what do us Alumni have to say about this? Personally, I think every single of us who have gone to UW-Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, LaCrosse, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, Stout and many others need to start speaking up and tell this govenor that we, as Alumni of our schools SHOULD NOT LET THIS STAND! Even though Scott Walker already given $200 MIllion for the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena, and I do understand that yes, the Bucks need a new home to play in or the NBA will be out to get the team to another city. I get that. However, as a Alum of the UW School System, like many of you, need to be concerned NOW how to support the UW-School System in which gave us love and degrees. So with that, here is my blog letter.

SideNote: And to my Sports folk:  exepect my Packers/Badgers sent letter later on.

Dear UW-School System (and Alumni):

It’s me, Stephen. I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee, and a alum of UW-Stout.

CALLOUT: We need to stand up!

I repeat, we need to stand up for our UW-School System. Now I know many have gotten our degrees and put them to work in our respected cities and also new digs, but I must say that its time that our former schools need our help.

I know also that we get those alumni newsletters in the mail about donate to this and that. And yes we put them to the side and forget it. But I think and believe that in the midst of this matter, I am calling on us UW Alumni to do one thing: GIVE BACK!

I don’t care if you are a alum of UW-Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Whitewater, Eau Claire, Superior, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, Waukesha, and or my UW School of Stout, we are in this!

If we TRULY loved our schools like we say we do, then I say as a UW ALUM, give back! There needs to be a unity of all UW Schools here in the state that is willing to give back. Even keeping the mantra of the Wisconsin Idea in full effect. And with me being an alum, with all the educational things I did with Stout, the Wisconsin Idea still lingers. Even with Distance Education! Don’t front!!!

I am also challenging all alumni of the UW to have gatherings at your next reunions or meet ups to discuss new ways to reach out about what can the alumni do to help this cause. Even doing a #UWUNITY T-Shirt. I don’t care. As long as it goes to whatever, it happens.

Make it happen if you want folks to learn and live!!



Bucks logo from 2006–present

Bucks logo from 2006–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past, I have written about the Green Bay Packers when they won the Superbowl. Plus the Milwaukee Brewers when they won the NCLS Central Championship but barely won the chance to represent the World Series.

But many thought have been in asking: Why not the Milwaukee Bucks? Just why?

Usually I don’t pay attention as much, but here it is. By now as everyone probably know the Bucks made the playoffs in the 8th slot of the Eastern Conference. And got swept by the Miami Heat. No question about it. We usually see the Milwaukee Bucks as one of those “basement teams”. You know what a “basement team” is? Usually if you know it’s one of those teams that stay buried in the basement of losing records and seasons for a while. For the Bucks, it’s been a long while. Back in the 80’s, and mostly the 90’s, the Bucks were a prime example of those basement teams that really nobody didn’t cared for. Remember these names like Glenn Robinson, Vin Baker, Jack Sikma, Terry Cummings, does those names ring a bell? They were in the era when the team didn’t have fire. I’m serious. Over the seasons, they have revamped their logos, but that revamping didn’t have a fire to get the team reinvented in sense of getting the folks to the seats at the Bradley Center for winning purposes. Plus also, this year the Bradley Center had a name change, now to the “BMO Harris” Bradley Center, and it’s 25 years old. Now also it’s been talked about the future of the Bucks in concerns of a new facility. Just one of those things to keep the team in the city. Remember the Brewers, when the “Build it now!” chants happened in 1996? It might be the same thing here. And where will the Bucks New Arena will be built? Near Miller Park? Just asking. I know about the Park East Area near Downtown. And in the 2000’s, the Bucks had the Big Three of Glenn Robinson, Sam Cassell and of all folks: Ray Allen, before he jumped ship to Seattle, Boston and currently Miami. And in the same year of 2001, they won the NBA Central Championship which was the last time they won something after all those previous losing seasons.

Also, I’ve read from black players or those closely related, that many don’t want to play in Milwaukee. Everything from it’s too cold, not enough fun, or many other things. And yes, Milwaukee has segregation issues as a Segregated City. You know what’s funny, I was looking at Kevin Garnett and his previous NBA Championship was with the Boston Celtics in which he won. Not hating. But many also realized also that Boston, like Milwaukee has a history of being a Segregated City. I’m just saying Boston! Also, Green Bay. There was time that Charles Woodson didn’t want to play for the Packers. Too many things he was hearing about. Partially with black players not being welcomed or many other thoughts. But he played for 7 years and won a Superbowl ring! Plus the team was well “dangerous” in route to Superbowl 45.  Previously Reggie White had the same talk before he played for the Packers coming from the Philadelphia Eagles. And like Charles Woodson, he won a SuperBowl in 1997 with Brett Favre. I stumbled on a page about a story in which having a thought about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coaching the Bucks. HOWEVER several comments popped up, and one commentor that a person remembers when he read or overheard him saying his liberties about not liking, nor playing in Milwaukee. This was well after the Bucks won the NBA Championship. IN 1971! And Kareem was on that team, before playing for the LA Lakers and winning his share of more Championships.

What does the Milwaukee Bucks have to do become more dominant and more “out there” when it comes to filling the seats and having a “All-Star Cast” like Miami or any other NBA team that could be a potential “High Caliber Championship Team”?

Yes, Brandon Jennings can’t do it all. If I had to pick a player that would have potential for next season, it would be Larry Sanders. Yes, he’s a shot blocker. Many of the supporting cast probably have some skills, but NOT enough skills to get to that number 1 point for a title run, or a playoff run for improvement. Technically also, those who are African-American B-Ball players needs to snap out of the funk (if you will), and just play basketball no matter what city they are playing for. This includes Milwaukee. I dare to say! Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks had a quote about “Aint nothing to do in Milwaukee years back”. Well some had a thought in response of relation. And plus since Basketball players are good with the cash, why not open up a spot for folks who can hang out? If Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun can open up a restaurant in suburban Brookfield, Wisconsin. Why not Brandon Jennings or Larry Sanders or Monta Ellis open up a club restaurant in Downtown Milwaukee? Just saying.

As I watching the game, yes many were chanting Bucks, but also the “Miami Heat Fans” were rooting for their team. Or you might have folks you know in Milwaukee rooting for LeBron and hating the home Milwaukee teams. Except for the Green Bay Packers. – They have proved their power thus far. But between the Brewers and Bucks, it’s constant sometimes to root for opponents. Which is nothing new! There was a time I was rooting for Michael Jordan and his share of NBA Championships, while living in Milwaukee! Only if the Brewers and/or Bucks start winning and filling the seats. The more you win, the more you fill the seats in order to get a winning season. That’s what it is now. If LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh played for the Bucks, per say and having the fire All-Star Power they currently have, the Bucks would have a dominant squad. Plus also they would be the Big 3 part 2 or something else. But that’s wishful thinking.

The Bucks to me are a misunderstood team that most know. Yeah, they had legendary players like Junior Bridgeman and Sidney Moncrief. Look at the banners next time you visit the BC. We know. But instead of the focus of viewpoints of the past, they need to progress the future. And this question has been on my mind: Why the local urban folks like the Milwaukee Rappers or Producers, or a well know young person of urban satire, invest in the Milwaukee Bucks? Like Jay-Z has a partial ownership in the Brooklyn Nets? I’m just asking. Knowing that former Senator Herb Kohl is the current Bucks President, but he also needs to start looking to future investors who would play poker or go Blackjack to get new deals. Sort of like the Packers. So far in the past couple of seasons, Between Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders have been some star quality, but that does not equate the ability to get the butts in the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The management, plus the players MUST CHANGE THE CULTURE! Just the Packers and Badgers must do win their games. I mentioned that earlier this year. And I dare say, the Brewers need to change the culture of playing poker or getting blackjack to win! Again that’s how it is now. The current thing is not working. And there is nothing wrong going to the games and supporting.

So if the Bucks want to play “poker”, better start getting the cards out and practice. And change the culture of getting wins and having that All-Star Power to be a dominant team. Just like Green Bay. And unlike Brandon, no “preliminary predictions” of winning in 6 games in the NBA Playoffs. That was a cop out comment. Sorry.

I know this is getting boring with all the coverages centered around my homestate of Wisconsin, the unions, the Wisconsin 14, the return of the Tea Party, and…………….that messed up rookie Governor, Scott Walker. I know also I shouldn’t call him a “rookie governor” but he is. He’s a rookie that will make mistakes and makes them big. One of them as we all know it was High Speed Rail for the state. But recently, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Isn’t giving up on the idea of having High Speed Rail, and it will probably connect with Milwaukee and Chicago, on the Amtrak Hiawatha Route. But now: Back to the unions. Already the rookie governor has made a decree, or a threat that if the Repair Bill isn’t passed, nor if the Wisconsin Senators (the Fab 14) doesn’t comeback and vote, he will start laying off state workers by the summer. So let me get this straight: If the bill isn’t passed, or no resolution of any kind, dire consequences? Really? Really? Really? What a load of threats!

See I told you so again, Wisconsin. But no. Now look what happened?  Do I need to repeat myself here? I mean for real. Now the protests have been spilled to Ohio, Washington DC, Georgia, Los Angeles, and also Indiana. All because of their governors wanting to do the same thing that Scott Walker is trying to do: Busting up unions for the Collective Bargain Rights. Well for some of us in Milwaukee, he had done this before – as  County Executive.  As I stated in my previous blog.

So I’m assuming that the Wisconsin 14 will be “Heavily Responsible” for the 1500 state jobs about be slashed by the summer?! That’s all Scott Walker’s doing right there, and he knows it. He would be responsible for that. NOT THEM! I thought Scott Walker was all about creating 250,000 jobs in all. Who does he think he is, Tommy Thompson, a mid-carter? Speaking of Mayor Barrett, he did warn the state to “hang on to your hats” for alot of slash and burn decisions that Walker would do. As I also indicated (again) that if  Tom Barrett would have been elected Governor, these protests, and the whole slash and burn theories of Scott Walker would not have happened! PERIOD! Sarah Palin, recently commented that “Wisconsin protesters are  fighting the wrong fight”. Really Mama Grizzly? Maybe Sarah should remind herself of fighting the wrong fight in 2008 against Barack Obama, in which – SHE LOST! With John McCain! Oh, check this, Rush Limbaugh mocked the Wisconsin Protesters, and calling them “freeloaders”. Really Rush? Freeloaders. Well, when you have about 30,000+ people in Wisconsin’s State Capital screaming no on not to take collective bargaining away, it’s not just directed at Scott Walker, it’s directed to the Rush Limbaughs, the Sarah Palins, and that crazed geek over at Fox News, Glenn Beck! – On his show, dude was acting ballistic!  – The people that Glenn Beck was talking about were in Times Square and his commenting was about them being a mob or a gang. What was his reaction: “What the hell is this?!!!” Oh my God!  It was protesting in support of the unions and Wisconsin. Even Ed Schultz figured that out. Come on!

I’m sure by now that another example of Scott Walker is a “rookie governor”, he  got duped over a Koch Brothers phone conversation.  We’ve all seen it. And on the footage, there is one thing that remains truthful: Scott Walker wants to break up the unions. -(ala his Milwaukee County Executive Days) And as a former Teamsters Member, I find that disgraceful. Totally disgraceful. And also I have educators in my family that are “union bound”.  Which is included  with connections with the Milwaukee Public Schools. That makes it even more pathetic.  And why is it that all but the firefighters, police and others who are not effected with this, are off the hook in this incident? – Well it’s no secret, because those groups were “walker funded”. Get it?

Let me offer some education here: Wisconsin is the home of where the unions got started. All of that 40 hour work week, benefits, pay/sick pay/vacations and more, that most of us in America do have , all of that came from my homestate of Wisconsin. We’re more than just Harley-Davidson, The Fonz, Laverne and Shirley, Cheeseheads, the first Flag Day, Joshua Glover’s freedom from slavery, a UNION state during the Civil War, and the start of Dairy Products! – I mean that with love.

But now, the home turf of unions is being shackled with ignorance of the Republicans particularly with the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker.

For the Wisconsin 14: – all of them Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Tim Carpenter, Tim Cullen, Jon Eprenbach, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin, Robert Jauch, Chris Larson, Julie Lassa, Mark Miller, Fred Risser, Katlheen Vindehout and Robert Wirch are doing something that most folks I think should be doing the most! Put country before party. Or in this case, they are putting Citizens Before Government. They know,  and we know they are Democrats. But they are putting party before country. And the citizens are in need of  “Solidarity” for the unions, their memberships, their bargaining rights, and their overall livelihoods of work. Now you know why  Wisconsin matters. It may not matter to those who are sports fans. It may not matter to those who are into (or not into) The Fonz or Laverne/Shirley. The same can be for the Brewers, The Packers, The Bucks, even the new Lingerie Football League expansion team of the Green Bay Chill. (Yes, it’s here) But THIS is the huge deal concerning the collective bargaining rights. And just to think, if this fails, America loses.

I know I voted for President Obama. And yes I believe that he should be able to come to Madison in person to see what the deal is. I know that he’s monitoring the situation in Washington about the Unions/Walker/Angles. But mark this: He will come to Wisconsin. He will probably think about Wisconsin the most, because in the 2008 Election, the state was indeed a Battleground State for his win. (easy win) In 2012, it will be a returning battleground state for him. And like before, I’m thinking it will be an easy win yet again to prove why Wisconsin Matters.