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Oh, the irony in the Month of march. Thus far it’s about March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and yes spring is coming. However, in the same weekend of Friday the 13th, the punishment of the suspended SAE Fraternity Members continued as well a dumb fight in a Brooklyn McDonalds. Plus, why Pastor Creflo Dollar should NOT get a jet for the church as he thinks. Oh technically, the madness is here and it’s ironic.

First, as many know thus far, the SAE Fraternity Members of the Oklahoma Universtiy are officially gone. All because one of the members who was chanting the proverbial, “there will never be a n*gger in SAE” song. But there are those comment that the students shouldn’t be taken out of the school despite of the word being scripted over, and over again. What that means is, there are those who some what use the N-Word need to be punished alright. But in a sense of relation to blacks in all, and the brotherhood bond, why couldn’t some of the fraternities invest in the Black Community (mainly the white Frats) and actually donate their time and effort to work in the Black Community! Plus the idea of all of having them to take African-American History, and almost every single course of BLACK HISTORY as possible. Oh yeah, they need to! The firestorm of this banishment should serve notice that when you use words or things to degrade others being a put down, then maybe that portion needs to be clarified, talked about, and summarized as much as anything else. Now, when the song was sung, and the SAE fraternity members were just saying it like it was enjoyment, they probably don’t know who or what prompted them to sing that. They say they were drunk (OH REALLY?!!) We’re blaming alcohol on this? Stop the freaking pain! It doesn’t matter if they sung the song with Jim Beam or Grey Goose, they sung it! Period. And they are paying for it. Now word ialso that the Alumni of the SAE Fraternity have gone out to get the lawyer who was once hired by Timothy McVeigh after he blew up the Federal Building in 1995. Just a thought, the Oklahoma City Bombing’s 20th Anniversary is next month. Scary. What will the Fraternity accomplish in terms of one or a few knuckleheads chanting a song about lynching black folks and not inviting them in club to establish that “brotherhood” that they have been preaching about since 1856? And will this be the ultra matter of resolve? We’ll see. Just keep the finger on the pulse.

Second: Fighting in the BK.

I know when the letters of B & K come up, it’s Burger King. But not really, it’s really about Brooklyn and the 5 girls fighting against one at their local McDonalds. We’ve all seen it. 5 girls against one. What is this, a handicap match? Now everyone in the darn restaurant is looking at the fight and yes there well those who had to get it on the camera phones in all. But if that’s the case why didn’t no one, (AND I MEAN NO ONE) stepped up and actually broke up the fight? Are we that blood thirsty for real? I mean you got 5 girls here, beating up this one chick and had her head stomped! Really! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! NONE. Were there any responsible adults in McDonalds that stopped by and made sure that no one should have gotten hurt Now one the real, all five of them have been pressed charges and similar fashion, and one of them, Aniah Ferguson is a gang member. She stabbed her Brother, made threats to her grandmother, and have a list of crimes and again: only 16 years old!!!!!!  WHY IS SHE STILL OUT AND GOING BACK IN AND GOING BACK OUT? Oh lord have mercy! These young ladies may not have much of a future all because of stomping and gang tackling this one teen in a McDonalds restaurant after school! And don’t say, or hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER on this because it don’t matter at this point! IT DOES NOT! Neither does the stupid “Stop Snitching” Rule. Throw it out the window. Aniah Ferguson better need to know and be saved by Jesus NOW before it’s too late! I hate to get churchy, but I’m sorry. This young lady (and I mean YOUNG LADY) needs to get help somehow, someway NOW!

Back in my day, it was one on one after some folks want to trigger thoughts in my head. We fought! But now, with this new mentality, everybody wants to jump in to get famous. To the parents of those girls who had to get their way, can you please call the boarding schools and get your daughters disciplined? I mean dang. Or, be like when you send your sons off to Boot Camp, the girls need to sent off to boot camp also! Yeah I said it. If you can send the boys off to boot camp after their run ins with the law, then that must happen for the girls too. I know it’s March and it’s Women’s History Month. But I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters the most, is discipline! And unfortunately, tax payers like me and others in America will be fitting the bill for it!

And the third dance card: Jet planes and pastors.

I was going to say something on Facebook about Creflo Dollar, and this idea of his congregation forking over 60 Million Dollars. But no, I’ll do it here. Well, let me say this as a giving, volunteering, gift talented, 4th Generation, Black Man that is part of the United Methodist Church: NO!!!!! Absolutely NOT! Ok, a Jet. Really? If anyone in that church or MegaChurch deserves a Jet, it should be the members themselves period. Or on a similar fashion, here is a part where I play devil’s advocate. If Creflo Dollar the Pastor, wanted to raise 60 Million Dollars for his congregation to invest in something, it should be as follows. Oh, and non-church going folks, you’ll like this from a church going person:

1) Scholarships for the college bound students.

2) A new business to start up that is beneficial to the chruch community, or maybe NEW JOBS!!!!!

3) Homeless Shelters or Homeless Apartments.

4) Transportation purposes to get the church members to and from church in a faster fashion.

5) Assist a neighborhood project.

6) Investments in stock and bonds.

And….I can go further and further.

Since then, the Pastor had removed the website that promoted the Jet. And many like before, there were critics whom had to say that “this is why I don’t go to church and its all about the money”. WELL I hate to say that EVERY BUSINESS you see and work with, party with on Saturday late nights and donate to are about money too! Don’t front! Many of you probably spiked up the St. Patrick’s Day parties at the bars and clubs per say and the folks still reaking up the finances. Well, if it took a lot of interested folks on a day where St. Patrick allegedly banished reptiles from Ireland, with the bars packed with fans, green and beer, how many of you probably pack a church on Sunday Morning by just showing up?! Don’t worry I’ll wait!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, look for that in my next “A Blog To” series. And guess what, it’s aimed at a group of folks that need to listen up: African-Americans. Or the African-Americans whom don’t acknowledge the tamarite of Black History Month, but rather go green on March 17. Oh yes,  I WILL go in!

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Check it, folks. Late night is being upgraded.

As usual in life, things change. Since the Winter Olympics on NBC is about to be in the books, Jimmy Fallon can come on 11:30pm eastern time and 10:30pm Central. Yes, I know I’m tripping but I’ll say it here: The Tonight Show has been upgraded. And I must say I’m impressed. A little history in which this was the first time in 42 years that the popular late night TV Show was ever filmed and recorded in New York. This is like you been out of the city for a long time, but it’s time to come home to your roots! Ain’t nothing wrong coming home, folks. Plus the studio according to Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams was the original studio that former Tonight Show Host Jack Paar once started. So yes, the Tonight Show has come home! I will say in it’s first week between Will Smith, the FLOTUS, Justin Timberlake, and even U2 performing on top of the rooftops of the GE building, that this new Tonight Show is not playing. I mean in sense they are doing different with the classic show. Now to our older fans and my older readers who loved the Tonight Show for years, I get it. It’s not Johnny Carson, nor Jay Leno, Steve Allen, Jack Paar, and certainly not Conan O’Brien (yeah I said it!) This Tonight Show is like a remix.  I was impressed with the openings sequences and music. If you haven’t researched, the scenes were done by of all people, Spike Lee. Yes, the same Spike Lee that had run ins with Tyler Perry and produced Malcolm X made those opening scenes. And as far as the music, love and respect The Roots. They are the first hip hop band EVER to be the official orchestra for the show. Talk about black history month! Learn it new fans. Respect the history and the tradition.

Also: I have to say the video clips of the show have been catching on.

Oh and the one featuring Brian Williams and Lester Holt (can they get a music deal?)

And yes for the smartphone folks, there is a Tonight Show app you can download and take part in.

Arsenio Hall

Arsenio Hall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plus on the flipside, we know already that Jimmy Fallon is facing the competition, like Dave Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and others. They are next to beat. But I must say that Arsenio should not be forgotten, nor overlooked. I know many have paid attention to the 9 mini screenshot that NBC showed about the competition in which NBC’s own Brian Williams displayed and commented. Plus we know Arsenio’s commentary about not being mentioned in the conversation! Now for those who say that Arsenio was being harsh on Brian Williams because of his ego and “what about me”  response? Shush. For some strange reason, I have to agree with Arsenio with this one. No, not because he’s black. If you going to mention with competing for the number 1 spot in late night, you have to know what you’re up against. This includes Arsenio whether those like it or not. Don’t forget, he’s the last guy that survived against the long streaking night life talk of the late Johnny Carson.

Oh, the apology, look for it in the playlist:

The Fans of the Dawg Pound had to flood the NBC Nightly News phones about not including Arsenio! They called and well, it worked. Power to the People. What all this is, it revolves around one word: Fairness. Gotta be fair. Even if it’s your competitive nature.

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I was on the net today in really, of the Melissa Harris-Perry Webpage on MSNBC’s site. Her featured letter was addressing the issue concerning the angle of Hot 97’s DJ, Mr. Cee. I’m sure of us have been paying attention about him sharing his testimony about his recent arrest and also his admittance of his encounter with a transgender individual. As I was listening to the conversation online, yes he was in pain. He was in pain from all of the lies and turmoil that has been surrounding him. I’ll be honest, it was open. It was on point. And yes, it’s was real for him to do this. If those don’t know what’s up, here’s is the entire interview of what took place.

BUT BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: This interview may contain some adult themes. Be advised. 

What you just heard was just about 30 minutes of Mr. Cee utilizing his confession, and also having doubts of not returning to work. In a way, he did accept his 12:00pm time slot show. Also, as I was looking at the comments on Melissa-Harris Perry’s page about this story, yes, the comments had to ring out. Now many had support of him. But there were questions or statements about not bringing God into this. Why is so many continuing to say: “don’t bring God into this.” Or “Jesus needs to be out of the conversation.” It’s time to admit this, and I’ll say it here. IN EVERY CONVERSATION: no matter what it is, God is in every story conversation. Many are saying how so? I don’t believe no Gods, no Jesuses or any thing that’s all holy. No need for the church to get involved. NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a church with four walls and a sanctuary to clean out or to make a confession of concern. Let’s just say, God was using Mr. Cee in his testimony in terms of coming out of his confession. God was using Mr. Cee to go to that station with the odds of this Transgender/Arrest angle to tell the truth. No matter what. If the “cleansing” portion of the interview was his confession or his “come to Jesus Meeting”, then I would infer that was his need of setting the record straight. No matter how private or public it maybe. It’s not easy for anyone to tell secrets or those like that to remain in the Pandora’s box. But God willing that Mr. Cee doesn’t have to worry about this matter.

I had to bring up this “don’t put God in this” thing on this story because, folks at times don’t want to be all religious. Many don’t realize that there are connections. Or parallels into objectives like this one. We see it all the time. 12 years ago when the World Trade Center was attacked, many were asking: “Where was God that day?” I’ll tell you this. God was working with the firefighters, the policemen, the construction workers, the medics, American Red Cross, and many others in need of help. Those locating their loved ones trapped in the rubble and also those who wanted to comfort from all the drama and pain that was transpired. The same with those who were affected with the Boston Marathon Bombing, and most recently with the Colorado Flooding. Now those maybe National Disasters, in which those are common. But what does that have to do with Mr. Cee’s recent confession? Did he have support while on the show? Yes he did. Ebro wanted him to stay despite of his concern.

Also: this has to be a statement and I’ll make it plain. The Hip Hop world, must not shy away from this. Remember when Harry Belafonte was going towards the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce about “social responsibility”?  And many had the negativity of them doing charities? Well let me tell you as a fan of Hip-Hop since Run DMC made their rhymes of Reading Rainbow back in the 80’s and such:  No more hiding. And STOP TRIPPING! It’s OK to keep track of your endorsements, your connections, your stacks of hits, or many others in the game, but with an issue such as this needs no money. That does not matter. All you have to do is see the responsibility, and take it. Now many not want to do it. But it is an responsibility in a social sense. And this goes for the Local DJ’s here in Milwaukee also. I got love for them, but they better come with a sense of Social Responsibility!

But we know that they won’t come out for this. As long they have fans of all allies ranging from the LGBT to straight, religious, alternative, and many others, this is one responsibility, that needs attention!

Many are still saying, “don’t bring God into this.” Well, the almighty God in another way, has been involved.


Yesterday, the WWE had it’s annual “The Day After Wrestlemania” on Monday Night Raw. But before I begin, I have to give a shout out to the folks who attended the IZOD center in New Jersey. Man, everybody is straight talking about you! Lord have mercy! Now if anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about, Monday Night Raw had the folks chanting names from Michael Cole, JBL, Jerry Lawler, even ECW and the late Macho Man Randy Savage. (i.e. RAN-DY SAV-AGE! then clapping 5 times) Oh check this out, I know that crowds cheer the good guys and boo the bad folks, but this crowd was cheering the villains like Dolph Ziggler, Team Rhodes Scholars (that’s Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) and even though he’s a becoming a crowd favorite, Ryback and his one liner quote of “FEED ME MORE!” was in unison. And by the way, the folks even were humming the music of new WWE Superstar Fandango. Now hold up, he’s a heel! Why would they hum his music? Having fun I guess.  What amazes me that the wrestling crowds of now might not be your father’s or grandfather’s wrestling days, but these days in the post Monday Night Wars, can go either for the hero or the villain  Plus also the chants do carry to other venues in various ways. Either it’s for a candidate, or a local team that wants to dominate.

Now I know that this is a bit much, but don’t be too surprised if you see this every Monday Night. Whenever a game or event happens. We know. Even World Star Hip Hop is talking about this.

The following footage may contain some dialogue that might not be suitable for several audiences. BE ADVISED!

Note to the WWE: Hire a DJ for Raw or Smackdown. Back in the WCW days, they had Philly’s DJ Ran pumping up the crowd during the Monday Night Wars, in  which we know that the WWE won. Have that also for Wrestlemania XXX, along with the band that plays on Bourbon Street, you guys know the bands like the one you see on Treme. Get Wendell Pierce part of festivities. He plays on Treme also. Just a thought.

And for who are real Wrestling Fans, you all better bring that energy and top what happened in Jersey. Nothing against New Jersey, but can another city top this? Can the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Miller Park, Camp Randall, Lambeau Field or any other venue top this? Better get started! Just like when last year when everyone was saying YES! just like Daniel Bryan.

Living Colour

Living Colour (Photo credit: BasL)

English: Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, performing ...

English: Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy, performing on the Today show in 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If anyone had the chance to view Wrestlemania 29, you probably had a blast. Or attended Wrestlemania 29, same thing. And question  how do some get the tickets? I want mine punched! Based on my reading, was the first time that two African American artists/groups had performed on the same platform in a while. Diddy did his thing with a mix of his best Bad Boy songs, plus also Living Colour performing “Cult of Personality” in which wrestler CM Punk came out with.

Now it may sound strange, but I think this was my first time seeing Hip Hop/Rock artists of color coming out and perform at the show of shows. Just my opinion.

Previously, FloRida, John Legend, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Salt N Pepa, Little Richard, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, Ashanti, Gladys Knight, Boyz II Men, Boys Choir of Harlem, Fantasia, Ice-T,  Run DMC, and Keri Hilson all opened or performed at a Wrestlemania. Just to add, Aretha Franklin did it twice for Wrestlemania 3 and 23.

Let me take a break from my local city norm, to get back to class. For those who STILL think that the Harlem Shake is just that dance where some jump around in the first scene and the next scene is all jump around, underwater and going out before lenten season, you must be mistaken. That “previous” Harlem Shake dance, in my view was just a mutated version that was just well………messed up. These dudes in my view probably never knew the real Harlem Shake! This past week: Someone or a group of folks IN New York FINALLY did the dance that should have been, and it was done with an improvement!

Now for those, who yet again who don’t know the gist of it, check out this video. Mad respect to those who got the dance right for once. I’m just saying. And plus, that “previous” Harlem Shake can now OFFICIALLY BE BURIED!

Respect the game, young bucks and wannabes! Just saying.

And while were at it, listen to Melissa Harris-Perry on why the Harlem Shake has a definite meaning and history of African-American Music History.

Harlem Reacts to ‘Harlem Shake’ Videos

I’ve been noticing the Twitter-verse about this new Harlem Shake thing. I have a confession to make that I hope will not dampen the future on Social Media: that is truly deplorable! Really?!!! Some of the folks have fallen off the deep end with the, oh let me go in and say it: ratchetness!

That is just not ratchetness. It’s more like being mixed up ghetto! I mean seriously, underwater version of the dance? I hate to say it but please: if you’re going to do the Harlem Shake, do it the way it should be done. I mean it was Diddy’s joint back in the day. Along with Black Rob and G-Dep. And many of the new Harlem Shakers are doing this, are not from Harlem! I couldn’t imagine if the so-called new Harlem Shake, was at the Apollo, that will be a signal to get off the stage. I’m sorry. And I’m speaking as citizen that is not from New York. Yes, I’m from Wisconsin that started The Core DJ’s in 2004.

Pay attention young bucks and wannabes: 2001’s version is way better than 2013. Time to go back to class!



We know that today that “Girl on Fire” is out in stores. Don’t worry, I’ll get my copy. But on the eve while we were doing our thing, most of us probably paid attention to the Empire State Building with the LED Lights flashing to her songs, Girl on Fire and Empire State of Mind.

Speaking of which – the New York Skyscraper already flashed the lights in a different fashion when President Barack Obama retained the seat on Election night. Just a note: it was mostly blue.

My reaction: I’m not a New Yorker, but I’ll say that music/lights thing is very interesting. What a way to pump up the city. Bold prediction: I think every city in America will sample that music/LED syncopation thing for their legendary buildings. We also know, and it’s vital that the international buildings in other countries are already doing this.

For example: Take a look at this clip. You may remember the song “Battle Without Honor or Humanity” from Kill Bill Vol. 1. Notice the music and the lights in syncopation.

Yes, America is “catching up” sort of speak. Could Milwaukee have that on the Hyatt Hotel, the Quadracci Pavilion at the Milwaukee Art Museum, Potawatomi Bingo Casino, the U.S. Bank Building, the old 600 West Wisconsin Avenue building, or the old Wisconsin Gas Building Downtown with the blue flame on top? – Ask anyone in Milwaukee about that. And as I was reading the various articles, whenever someone or something comes along, – Hate.  Maybe in respect, I think Alicia Keys respects the building as she written about in her music. I have a simple question for all those haters, no matter if it’s on Facebook, Time Magazine, Huffington Post or etc: What have you done?!  I ask again: What have you done?? Ponder that.

Then again, everybody has an opinion.  No matter how absent minded or not.

Well, we know this: Anything is possible. Oh, in closing: Mad respect to the NYC for those who made it happen.

To every business owner or employee everywhere around the world, and in the United States, I have a consumer warning for you: Don’t do business with this company – Online Public Yellow Pages!

This company is based out of New York (allegedly) in trying to trap, harass, cold call any company in an attempt to make your company comply with listings on their behalf. Recently, I have been in their web traps for this and my blood is boiling with emotion. Yeah, I know I work for a church, but still it is boiling!

If you receive any indication of a bill that you didn’t pay, or set up, or anything else, take action to inform (only for the Americans) the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and your State Attorney General’s Office. I know that we Americans have political differences, but this requires no party of being Republican, Democrat, Independent or others. No difference in race, creed, religion, class, or gender.  This should be about “American Unity” in terms of fighting these so called companies that want that American Dream. They don’t care about the American Dream at all. Only to make an American Nightmare.

I have been in this fight with this “Jezebel” Stacey Wray, who assumes is a pre-legal employee. She has been harsh against my church folks, and more with me! Want me to use explicit language on her? I would but, I’ll leave it to God’s hands. She also threaten me with “legal action” of suponeas and showing up to court since my company refused to pay her company in which is scamming folks and organizations. Oh and check this out, contracts. I’ll admit that I was suckered into one of these “contracts”, but I never seen a contract with this company in which I signed or agreed to. How in the hell (yes I said it) do I “sign” something that I didn’t see to verify? Yep, a total scam.

As far as the company itself, word is also that it’s operating somewhere in Canada or according to the Better Business Bureau. Now I’m not calling out the Canadians as bad folks here. I have nothing against the Great White North. But if the company has connections in Canada in regarding the incident that I described, then they need to hold them accountable!

If anyone wants further proof that this company is scamming out of whatever, do your homework: Google. Or read the treads about how they gotten away with stuff that leaves the victims helpless. And to those that got scammed, swindled, tricked and whatever, guess what, I want in! I want in to get companies like this OUT OF BUSINESS! I don’t care if its in Milwaukee! THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE IN BUSINESS, DO BUSINESS OR MAKE BUSINESS! I think it’s time for us to get a coalition together to crack down on these fake companies to not only fight but also to educate as well. The more we be educated about this matter, the better off we can be prepared. This is an on-going battle. I’m not a lawyer, an attorney, or any member of a watchdog group that protects the real hard working citizens that want equal fairness, compromise and accountability. I know that the groups like the BBB are in effect, as well as ID theft prevention agencies. Speaking of which, they should be having job openings, volunteer openings, classes, workshops and others to get us informed and mobilized. If you are a employer that work or volunteer at these agencies like a BBB, or whatever, please respond on how people can join up.

Why can’t businesses be more real instead of being fake?! Word to the wise, they say watch your back, I also say watch your business!

And to those who like to scam for a living, (no matter where you are in the world) get a real job, PUNKS! We don’t need you here making money of hard working (HARD WORKING) folks who want to earn a living and to WORK TO MAINTAIN AN AMERICAN DREAM or an international dream the right way! I hope to God, you will be all judged harshly! YOU ARE ALL COWARDS trying to be the big man on campus. Or in this case, a #&(****) bully! Like the old saying goes: what goes around, comes around. LEARN IT! – Hear that Stacey Wray?!!!!

For sources: Contact the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and your State Attorney General’s office

***Here’s a retro blog that I wrote about 9/11 in 2007 on Milwaukee’s Fox 6’s website and plus my MySpace blog. It’s what I’ve experienced. Ever though this day is a reminder of remembrance and service, but it also paints a reflection to never forget. This year, for a special edition in 2011 – this marks a decade after the worst “smackdown” in American History.***


Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And I’m sure we were doing something that day when the news broke the story. Well, for me I’ll lend in my story in an extensive format. The morning of September 11th, I was preparing to go to a job interview in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It was to a printing company, Quebecor World for a printing position. As I was preparing to leave, I turned on the television and it was a report from NYC. It was Fox 6. And it was one of the towers of the World Trade Center was hit. I thought at first it was an accident. I kept thinking it was a mishap in the flight pattern. Well, I continued on my way to the job interview and unfortunately, I didn’t get the job offer that would fit around my class schedules with MATC in Milwaukee. Back on the bus, there were more passengers in talking about the towers, and the planes and how horrific it was. When I got back home, after I bought lunch from Burger King, I watched more of the footage on NBC, and Fox News. And when I watched it, it was like hell on earth. Planes flying into the buildings in New York. The Pentagon, was hit, and another footage of the scene in Shankville, PA where United Flight 93 went down. Those on that plane knew what happened with other plane fought hard against those who wanted either the White House or the U.S. Capitol a target. And on the flip side, those in the middle eastern countries, were cheering like they won the world championship. Tossing candy around saying “God is Great.” Later on the day, my mother came back home with me and my sister, and there was a bible study activity in the works. I’m thinking why a bible study on a day like this? Well maybe it was to make mends of healing and comfort. So we went out and actually did it. This was at my sister’s church at the time, Solomon Community Temple United Methodist Church in Milwaukee. At the end of the activity, each of us took a piece of paper, wrote messages on it, and took a match and burned them outside of the church, which ended the bible study.


The day of September 11th will not be forgotten. And the week of September 13th, will not be forgotten. During the week of the footage, I happened to watch WWE Smackdown. It was live in Houston, Texas. For some reason, I started to watch it and made me think that during of all the tragedy, it took some of the pain away to progress forward. It was entertaining, yes but it was something to think that we must get the gears in motion again. Some would argue that shouldn’t be on TV at that time, but it did generated a start of public assembly which was the first since 9/11, and it directed a message that Vince McMahon said: “We will not live our lives in fear!” Those two hours were all about dedication, wrestling, and comfort. And after that, Baseball and Football started up again. Furthermore, my education continued despite the horrible events, and churches on September 16th were packed. Even my church was packed, and the service ended with America The Beautiful.

The questions I remember were:

  • How can America be safe now?
  • What’s going to happen when we go through public government buildings or airports?
  • Where was God that day?
  • Is there going to be a draft? – That got me the most. I was 24 years old then!

As the title says, 9/11 was no joke. It was in my opinion the biggest “smackdown” in American history. And it serves a reminder of us that although we have these freedoms and independence of opportunity, we need to prove ourselves even more than ever. Some of us remember when JFK, MLK, were assassinated. And December 7th 1941. But most of us will never ever forget this date etched in stone: September 11th, 2001.

The infamous Firefighters of NYC hoisting the American flag at Ground Zero, 2001

.Vince McMahon addressed the WWE fans in Houston, TX on Sept. 13th, 2001 on a special edition on Smackdown.Firefighters of NYC, 2001

11 September 2001 pic

Closeup of an American Flag