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Courtesy of the Stephen’s Spot Facebook Page on July 25th, 2018:

Blog update – Yesterday in Milwaukee, we again heard about another shooting death of a Milwaukee Police Officer. While we don’t know the name of the officer that was on duty, but like before that we should NOT engage the dialogue of “karma” or that’s what he or she got. Look, we all have debates about the police based of the acts of police brutality, racism, and many other factors. Even being Black and getting stopped in a fancy car. We can debate anytime about this, but as for now, the family of this officer whom we don’t know is hurting the most. Let’s be mindful of that.

Editor’s note as of today:

Officer Michael Michakski is the officer that died on duty. Again Milwaukeeans, let’s be mindful of the family that is very broken of this loss. And also, even though we have debates of the Police, we’ll still discuss about police brutality, racism and many concerns. Let’s not also comment about celebrating this man’s death like it’s a cheap plug. Not the time for that. If you done that, there is a problem!

Keep the family in deep constant prayer during this time!

This is an excerpt that is from the Stephen’s Spot Facebook Page. Yesterday, the Milwaukee Police Department lost an Officer that was on duty during a high pursuit of a suspect driver. The department is shocked by this incident as well as the family.


No matter how you feel about the Police in general, we know that the supporters are in full force in all. BUT the officer, Charles Irvine, Jr. whom has passed on, had a family and also was in pursuit of a fast paced driver, at age 23.

We in the community mourn the loss of this officer. And also, we also have mixed feelings about the police in terms of brutality, racism, crimes, etc. But not today. Be in prayer for the family of this officer.

The last time an active officer was killed in the line of duty in Milwaukee: 1996 and it was Wendolyn O. Tanner.

Sidenote: The Funeral of the late officer is being planned at this time. This has definitely rocked the core of the Milwaukee Police Department, and the driver that the cops were chasing has been caught. It was a reckless driver that is one of many that the police is still on the hunt to arrest and investigate in all areas. Like many in the community I choose not to celebrate harshly about this officer’s life. No I do not! Again, we all have mixed feelings about the police, especially if you are Black! We know what it is. We say: Black Lives Matter, but the supporters spun it and came out with “Blue Lives Matter.” That moniker is not flying today. Yes, his life mattered. Not because he was a cop, but he had a family to support. Officer Irvine came in at age 19 as a Police Aide for the City of Milwaukee and 2 1/2 years later, he was a cop for the city. Think about the times when we were 23. For him: his life was just getting started, but cut short.

Again: whether you like the police or not. Or if you back the badge or not back it up, but know this: the family is in shock. They lost someone close to them.

Well it’s about that time to go to the dance floor of the first three way of 2018. And you know what time it is. For those who are just reading this for the first time I do a “three way dance” on this blog in which I summarize three different stories into one. That’s a three way. For this, I’m commenting about the retirement of Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, the recent crap out of H&M, and a local radio comments about “being church hurt.”

First on the dance card: The retirement of Chief Ed Flynn.

If those in Milwaukee haven’t heard: the first announcement of a retirement of 2018 has been declared that Ed Flynn is stepping down as police chief of the city. Just to think that 10 years ago this month of January,  he came in as an outsider to Milwaukee in which Mayor Barrett wanted a police chief to make a difference. And yes, it wasn’t an easy search. But it paid off. Ed Flynn was sent to Milwaukee from Massachusetts at a time that the community and citizens were deeply concerned. They were concerned about out of control crime, tension, happenstance, and the ability of one word: trust.  There were other concerns but to me that was a concern that many feared in Milwaukee. The crackdown on fear in the city was heavy issue to tackle. But it was faced in a new way. Ed Flynn had brought in new ideas since his first day on the job. Again, this was 10 years ago.

In the past decade, under Chief Ed Flynn in the Milwaukee Police Department:

Technology – the birth of CompStat and the Greater Milwaukee Committee with new ideas of data driven.

Crime Analyst Program

Early Intervention Program

Opioid Task Force

OMAP – Office Management Analyst and Planning

Neighborhood Task Force

Crisis intervention team


Homeless Outreach team

Implement of the  Digital Radio System

Creation of the Salvation Army Chaplaincy Program

Body Camera Programs

Social Media

Town Hall Meetings with President Barack Obama and Steve Harvey

Awarded over 1600 medals of heroism

He is the 5th Police Chief since the Harold Brier Days serving longer than any of the previous predecessors behind the badge. And with the announcement of his retirement, Chief Flynn along with the 10 years of policing in Milwaukee, he has accomplished 40 years overall with Law Enforcement.

This is just a few examples of what the Milwaukee Police Department had experienced under the “Ed Flynn Era of Change”. However, there are those in Milwaukee felt that the Chief didn’t do enough to curb the violence of Milwaukee’s concern. There are those whom are going to say that oh, Chief Flynn didn’t do crap because of the corruption of certain cops harassing black people in Milwaukee. It’s a common thing, ask the activist whom are out in the funk everyday. Yes, there were hits and misses. The Chief knows this as do we. Chief Ed Flynn will remain on the desk until February 16th in which he’ll return to the east coast with his family.

Second Dance:  The Mess of H&M.

Oh, let me go in on the first mess of 2018.

This story though, was so crazy. A black child on the UK version of the H&M Website is posed with a green hoodie stating the words: “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” We looked at that site and it was lit with hate and unfavorable examples of why racism is not just an American problem, but more of a INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT! As the story also went on, the mother of the boy (whom is black) went on the social media and act is if that it’s nothing. And oh, the words “get over it” was used. When I hear the words “Get Over It” it usually comes from White Folks on Black Folks regarding slavery. Now you have a black woman in a different country telling us black folks who see her son in a hoodie with a coded message telling us to get over it. I mean what year is this again? This maybe 2018 and we just got here on the 18 train, but the fact of the matter is that, the more things change the more things remain the same.  Sorry Millennials: that is everyday life! This is like the house negro and field negro comments that Malcolm X often said. Yeah, we know what he said. The mother said also she wanted the money. Those dollar signs. When that picture again went viral, so did those whom were celebrities like Diddy whom wanted to sign the boy a modeling contract based on this matter. Remember Rachel Dolezal? Me neither. She made a picture that had a different message on it. Other folks redesigned the picture adding two crowns to signify the pride of the young boy being a future king.  Now why I’m talking about this: Why is H&M is distracting us from the real issues of the world and merely our country? When we wake up in the morning, reading the news, social media, and all we talk about the news with distractions! We’ve been distracting by the news for weeks, months, years, era, generations, conflicts, etc. That’s been a problem since day one! Are we surprised by this? Yes and no.  And this mother whom ever she is must realize that one day when another child comes up and puts on a shirt, pants or what ever that has some coded message per say that many will disagree with, they will talk! And again the deep discussions will reignite the reasons why. No matter if you’re in America, the UK, Africa, or ANY COUNTRY that deals with racism every day!

Final Dance on the Card: Being Church Hurt

Last week on the first Friday of the year, I listened to WNOV’s The Forum Program. And the full 3 hours of the program was about those who have been “church hurt”, or being hurt by the church. It was based on the article that some folks read (mainly younger black folks)  about the reasons why they don’t attend church. And I’ll bet it came from those who haven’t been there. It also featured those whom have had history in the church ranging from bishops, ministers, and members whom have those vivid memories but mostly it was NEGATIVE!  As I was listening to the program, it was coming from those who say it was a scam, the black church don’t allow the LGBT no love,  and other negative factors. Oh the issue of money was conversed.

I want those being effect by this “church hurt” thing to hear me out on this. Yes, there are pastors, bishops, deacons, and many other church leaders that did things negatively on the value of money. Yes, it’s true. BUT: don’t assume that it’s all of the Churches! Not all the churches are about MONEY. Not all of the church are about kicking out the LGBT. Not all the Church are about the erasing the thought of supporting young folks. Not all churches are about hating on someone who is in need of coming in to keep warm from the freezing cold! Not all CHURCHES are the same! WAKE UP! If that were the case, I wouldn’t be in church now! I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. Church hurt. But many of you members who haven’t been to any the services in a minute, and you’re complaining, why haven’t you come forward? Ok, maybe you have been working. Raising families. Taking care of a senior person. Or sat out and did nothing. And you complain. If you complain and not attended the service, you need to go! If you are on the membership roll that haven’t been at the services, meetings, events, activities or there special outings to support or donate, then you need to retool and revise your membership! Hate to say that.

Don’t always assume that the church is ALL evil. What is evil is being put or driven by those who spoil the bunch. That is EVIL! Hell, I wouldn’t stepped into a 4th Generation family tradition that I wouldn’t be able to work, earn scholarships, utilized groups (both men and women), photograph archives, record sermons and still raised almost 28 years later! That’s right, this June will be my Church Anniversary of coming in as a full member through conformation class.  That’s a joy.  And that’s positive. And the Church NEEDS MORE POSITIVE OUTLOOKS! Not just hearing the music or the sermons. And also the biggest issue that many have against the church besides the money and pastor, is when we get done hearing the sermons, we go out to eat to Red Lobster or a local restaurant. Church folks got to eat too! There are 168 hours in week. The Average hours on a Sunday morning Worship Service is like what, 2 hours? So in those two hours of Church, we go to the restaurant and chow down for about 1 hour or so. And we go home. BUT THE WORSHIP WORK in the week goes on. It goes on at your job. Your community centers. Your Activities of recreation, homes, the elderly, Your Sorority, Fraternity, Veterans Groups, Peace Groups, Activism, Alumni Associations, etc. Even when you help folks to Vote! That is your Worship Work in the continuation of the Church! Think about that. If many more folks in Milwaukee who were listening to that broadcast would actually get it, they would actually get it. I know some understand.

I say this mainly to Milwaukee. After all, it was a Milwaukee Black Radio broadcast of WNOV that commented on this. We know what the host said. We know what the guests said. And we know that. But look here: it’s not perfect. Many of you go to clubs on Saturday Night, partying in all. Being catered. Which is nothing wrong at all. But also, like the church at times, there are members of the clubs whom can be hypocritical of the DJ, the clothes, the set up, the bar, the drinks, the food, the parking, and the security. Just like your jobs, groups and etc.

You don’t hear me!

We’re trying. We know it’s hard. After all, being a Christian or a every Sunday church person is not just happenstance. It’s a hard job. Period. But with God’s grace, we’re up for the challenge.





I have to address this concern. Crazy Drivers. The type of driver that cut infront of you in the city. Always weaving in and out. Always seeing that one vehicle that starts at the traffic light being the car is on the right and pulling ahead after the green light shows up. They are just being inconsiderate of the traffic laws and not giving no one the respect on the road!

And some of that, leads to accidents!

On Facebook, of my newspaper columnist for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  posted pictures on the site that dealt with one vehicle having an accident. And the vehicle was tipped on its side. It was so crazy that the vehicle was infront of one of my connectional UMC churches here in the city.  In summary these crazy drivers in all, they are winning. I repeat: THEY ARE WINNING. They are winning because not just because they are young and stupid, they are winning because there are not enough speed traps or police that can actually spot them and track them down with tickets. I had a incident when myself and my mother were going north to our dentist and this one car, a Buick with a AAA Wisconsin Licence Plate gave me the finger twice because I used my horn on him twice for cutting infront of me on purpose. And it was a black male driver. Not only he got away but he was weaving back and forth in between lanes going the same direction. YOUNG AND STUPID!

I also seen drivers whom are always on the right side of the lanes, crossing over to the left middle lane cutting infront of the drivers. Again, these are young black male drivers who don’t have no FORMAL DRIVERS TRANING out of respect and just coming up with their own rules and no respect for seasoned drivers whom like me are real people and have families and friends. Do these fools know this? Nope.

I’ll bet that many are asking, are drivers like this all the time in Milwaukee? My question is are there are young drivers whom are all stupid to not obey the traffic laws and get away with murder without insurance? Hmmmm…..And it doesn’t matter where you live in this country.  Knowing that is not about young black drivers who disrespect the traffic laws. Other folks do it also and they get away with this crap like it’s a game. This is not a game folks. You want to drive crazy, go get or play Need For Speed or Grand Theft Auto for all I care. Those are games. Out on the street: NO GAME!

Other that that, don’t be surprised if any of the vehicles get those cameras that record every driving date that comes up. And it’s legal. When they come up, guess what’s going to happen? Either their DL’s will be removed or they have to give up driving their parents’ cars. And if you parents have young drivers who drive and cut infront of drivers in traffic, you WILL BE RESPONSIBLE! Simply because, they are driving your cars! Be responsible adults and take the keys from them.

Time to break out the cellphone cameras, dash cameras and take the photos and send them to the Police. Enough playing around.

End of rant.

If many in America has not noticed, the charge of Dontre Hamilton’s killer, Former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney will not be charged, and his notice of him in the act of shooting Dontre was justified. Many of us in Milwaukee had woke up with the news, around 8am Central Time probably getting out of bed, or going to the cubical before the holiday last minute party and actually heard that yes here it is again another cop (mainly another white cop) shoots an unarmed (UNARMED) black male in a public setting like a county park and the cop is not charged. The decision came from the announcement of County DA John Chisholm. Whom in the past had visits to black churches for votes. He and like others who supported the justification of Christopher Manney, is on the bubble. I sense that the DA might not be getting the votes in 2016. Oh, I know there are those again who are going to say and probably said, “What about black on black crime?” Why is it always the “white on black crime thing?” First of all, to all those who say that, I have two words to say, matter of fact I six words to comment:

That same old statement is clearly misguided!

All it is, is nothing more a mere excuse of changing the subject and trying cover up or not focus about the current subject at hand in regarding white cops beating and/or killing unarmed black folks. And to also whom feel it’s all smoke and mirrors, and thinking it shouldn’t be about color, or it’s all B.S. – WAKE UP! I don’t care if you’re black yourself or mexican, or any other race that the subject may not matter to you, trust me it will matter one way or the other. You can’t turn it off instantly and say, “Oh there is no real racism!” I call B.S. on that as a black man! And I don’t care if a certain comment is on Youtube or Facebook! I see those bogus comments. That is just as bogus like Scott Walker wanting to plant trouble makers in crowds. Oh wait, he did mention that in a “fake phone call” to one of the Koch Brothers per say.

And plus, the subject of Black on Black Crime has been mentioned too many times. Some folks are just late!

What we have heard this morning in Milwaukee, yes Dontre Hamilton’s murdering hand is still free. And the family of Dontre Hamilton will have to look this week being without him around the Christmas week. That empty space in the house, that spot where he used to play his games, or whatever is going to be a different scene. They might even go to the gravesite on Christmas Day to lay flowers on his grave which might be the hardest and most difficult thing this family has to go through. And for those Milwaukeeans or Greater Milwaukeeans, or the so proud Wisconsinites who have to shame the Hamilton family of all of this, I don’t want to hear your mouths. Matter of fact, don’t even wake up on Christmas and just lie in the bed and marinate. And this is for those who have to respond to the defensive statement of “I have alot of black friends” clearly the misguideness is sinking in. What would the black friends say?

Many have probably stated that Dontre “was a thug.” Or “he deserved to be killed in all”. Ummmmm, no. If those who say that, really don’t know jack about him, his upbringing, family and many others.

We all know this is not going away. And I hate to say that Former Officer Christopher Manney is a walking target. Just like Darren Wilson, the officer who choked out Eric Garner, George Zimmerman, and a host of others who were either cops or a certain watch person, is under the microscope all having the mentality. This mentality is getting away with the murder crap is nothing more than a mere shield that needs to be taken down and to be shown for what it really is: Immorality, ignorance, denial, and most of all: inexcusable matters of justice. Now since this happen, cameras have gone up at Red Arrow Park. I kid you not. When that was announced, my question as well as many others in the city, where was these cameras BEFORE Dontre Hamilton was kllled?! Explain that! So after Dontre gets killed, it’s likely that cameras might be instilled at every Milwaukee County Park. Yes, you heard it here first! Plus also today, there was a March downtown, along MLK Drive (yes, Milwaukee has a MLK Drive) near a church in the same area for a meeting, and ended at Red Arrow Park where it all started. And even started at the direct spot in the park where Dontre was gunned down once again: 14 times.

Furthermore as of December 23rd: there was another march that took place downtown, even at the Bradley Center yet again. One man who was interviewed on the local news attended the Bucks game with his grandchildren, ripped his ticket up not because of going into the Bradley Center, but to realize that the concerns of unarmed folks getting killed was far more important than seeing the Basketball game. Here is the part where I get the preaching: Many times on this blog I have stated to all those folks asking or commenting about going to ball games when stuff like unarmed black men getting killed or the issue or racism comes up, the phrase I say is ringing true, “Ball games are not going to save you!” I’m sure the man who ripped his ticket up probably paid a good chunk of change for it, but realized that the issues of black men getting killed is a far more serious matter. How many of us ever wanted to rip up a ticket to Miller Park or even Lambeau Field just to say or implement to a greater cause that many are silent! Ponder that on Christmas Morning.  PLUS here’s a first: even at Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa that had the march/die in protest for about 15 minutes. This was done during when the patrons were shopping for Christmas and mall was shut down. I wouldn’t be surprised IF and this a MAJOR IF: the malls of Brookfield Square or Bayshore Town Center would get the same treatment. Either way, folks are going to know!

Here it is America: lynching black folks is back. And it has a new twist just like redlining folks for jobs. I know I should be in the spirit of getting ready for Christmas, but knowing when Christmas 2014 is done, yes we all know that Kwanzaa is coming for seven days, and yes, New Years is not far from behind. But in the middle, this will make the worst list number of 2014 along with the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tasir Rice, and a host of others of black decent that had not came back alive due to the acts of injustice.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaaa, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, and above all else: The Struggle Continues!

Usually I don’t do this, but I have to call out my city right now. And if anyone feels that that what I am about to say based on a “governmental sensitive attitude” mainly it’s the truth. And I know from past experience.

I have a message Milwaukee: I am a PROUD ALUM of John Marshall High School. BAR NONE!

I am 1995 graduate of the school and PROUDLY I instill the Columbia Blue and Scarlet in me wherever I go.  I am the first and youngest member of the Alumni Board of the Directors and serve as Treasurer of the organization from the 1990’s decade.

I graduated from the same school where George Tillman Jr, Emily Pollard, Mike Gousha, Barbara Duffy and even a well known columnist here in the city also earned their stripes of achievement. Even well knowns like Mona Sutphen who worked under administrations of President Clinton and Obama.

Those right there, are proud things per say. But that is not the real story.

The real story is this. Apparently my Alma Mater 90’s folks had been accused and I dare say “thwarted” about a potential all class reunion that would have taken place, but in the eyes of those of a neighborhood association, the Milwaukee County Sheriff Department, Milwaukee Police Department and the Milwaukee County Parks had a concern about my alma mater’s gathering which would have been on a Second Saturday in August. Not to go into detail, the sensitive folks of these groups had it wrong about what kind of “reunion” was it supposed to be. The event was advertised on Facebook, and the sensitive folks had to react negatively about the words of “getting the hook up” in all with illegal alcohol  and many other concerns. The legality of this was and is NOT TRUE! Since then, the event was taken down on Facebook and there was an option of getting additional permits of presence of law enforcement and others.

This was supposed to be an Family Friendly event, bring your food, water and many others. And I really wanted to get the Alumni Association involved with this event. YES, the Alumni Association. And I was supposed to take pictures of the alums and guests to take place. Apparently, that was a non-factor to those of the parks, the neighborhood association, police or the sheriff. How do these folks know that the so-called illegal activity was supposed to happen?!!! Oh, I get it.  I really do.

Here it is!

This is one example of Milwaukee’s issues of addressing the concern of Segregation. I’m calling it what it is. Milwaukee is one of the major Segregated Cities in the United States and those individuals who threw a darn monkey wrench in a positive event just to save their own hides and jobs. REALLY?!!!

And don’t get me started about: “Oh, we pay our taxes, and we want to be safe from all the crime and drama.” SHUT UP!

Just Shut Up!

First, as a Black Resident, I pay taxes too. And I was brought up to help to keep neighborhoods safe. I hope the “Cooper Park Neighborhood Folks” can understand that. So technically as a native of Milwaukee and Wisconsin, I pay my fair share! Don’t get me started. And as far as the Milwaukee Police and Sheriff Department is concerned: I think they should have done a better job of finding out the real situation behind this. I don’t fault my Alma Mater folks on this. And I’m keeping cool on this. My advice to the Sheriff and Police, this “investigation” of my Alma Mater’s potential High School Reunion Picnic was out of bounds. I’m not on the planning committee, but I can say I knew the real deal support  of this event! It is appalling of what happened. And partially, I fault bad judgment. I don’t fault the deputies or officers as bad folks overall. It’s the bad judgment and miscommunication how it was interpreted. It’s sort of like gossip, or he say, she say, or they say. EVERYONE knows this! Even the folks who you go to work with encounters the same thing. And yes, the church knows as well. And we also know that words can get twisted or misused. My pastor once said you have to correct folks. Even if they have a badge.

It’s real sad there are folks, who feel that black people or any type of folks can’t have a good time these days. Always got to be negative. A real good time with all the negativity going on that might be making the 9:00pm news slot. That I call a thing that goes like this: Shameful.

Many in my 90’s Alumni Marshall Eagles are very productive in the areas of occupation, entrepreneurship, give back to the city in various ways of volunteering, owning their organizations, members of well known groups of service, financial, and many other occupations and jobs that they grasps since leaving Marshall well over and almost 20 years ago combined! And not only that, we were raised with family values!

So what’s the problem?

In regarding this in all: it is not over. My folks from High School will rise up and show out. And yes, those who don’t like it, will face the music of the truth. No matter what! Milwaukee, don’t underestimate the Alumni that soars with excellence! Even if you are a hater of the Mighty Eagles, don’t front on excellence!


Really, Milwaukee……

Check this out from the Journal Sentinel:

Two sanitation workers with the City of Milwaukee were robbed at gunpoint about 8 a.m. Saturday in an alley in the 3300 block of N. 37th St., according to police.The employees were in the alley when they were approached by the suspect demanding money. The city workers were unharmed, and the suspect fled on foot with cash, police said.

This has to be the most stupidest of all crimes. Excuse my french, but WHAT IN THE HELL MILWAUKEE?!!! Why are those who are just sanitation workers in getting robbed? Many are saying oh this happens everyday. Really though? I’ll bet that those looking at this story are probably thinking about not applying to be a sanitation worker. After seeing this unfold out of my home city. Also, if an incident like that can happen in Milwaukee, it can happen ANYWHERE! As far as a this on the job, same thing. No job is safe. I repeat: NO JOB is safe! Some of you reading this blog have been in a similar situation liked this. And for others who think that “that will not happen to me. ” Guess again. It could happen to you. I’m just saying! I mentioned about safety nets one time or another on this blog, and I’m asking again, where are the safety nets? So this means that the Sanitation Workers should be starting to pack weapons just for protection? Or having the Milwaukee Police Department to go to the routes where the Garbage Collectors go and keep watch?

Personally this story will probably not pass as of yet. And plus I hope that this incident should not reflect the image of Milwaukee.

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Time for me to unleash a comment here: Why?!

I don’t about anyone in Milwaukee, but I’ll say it here: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Take One: Usually I get giddy about this, but I have to come out like and say what is it going to take to put the guns down in the city? If those who don’t know, the city had a rash of shootings in the last couple of days. Two of the shootings happens near the areas of 35th and Capitol Drive and also near the corner of Sherman Boulevard and Capitol drive. I picked these two areas because this is the area where I grew up in the city. No I wasn’t raised in the hood. Or the broken areas way before it came up. And I don’t want those who say, Oh, it’s a bad neighborhood. Back then, it wasn’t like that. My neighborhood near Sherman and Capitol wasn’t always bad. It was nice, clean and multicultural. That was in the 80’s. In which in those days you can play out side and yes, folks knew your name and families. But now, not a bit much though. The Citgo Gas Station, on the corner of Sherman and Capitol. I want to highlight this place. This place has had incidents before dealing with those who have been shot and I dare say robbed. This Citgo station, in which may be new for those who are just reading it, but for a person like me that grew up on that part of town, that is nothing new to me. This is also the same area, where 1290 WMCS was stationed for a number of years, and we know what happened after that. Plus, a Watermelon market, a U.S. Cellular Store all are in that area. If those who haven’t been in that area for a while, (either those who have moved away or probably forgotten about it) the neighborhood slightly changed but stayed the same. And of course yes crime has effect the change. This string of events of shootings reminds me of Milwaukee in 2005. Actually the summer of 2005 when you saw or read in the paper about the shootings almost every day! And yes, Tom Barrett was the Mayor at the time, along with Jim Doyle being Governor of the state. And Walker? Doing damage at the County Level.  In 2005, there were talks about bringing in jobs. And having more programs and more. The jobs thing, should build up in the urban communities. Not just going out to the rural suburbs all the time and having the notion to not get to the jobs! In regarding the transportation issue. I’ve heard it the comments like “get a car” and such, but the ISSUE is not everyone in the Greater Milwaukee Area doesn’t have a car to get to work!  Ever heard of the bus routes? And I dare say, these employers(not all but some)  who turn their noses up like a bad rash and tell folks who ride buses can’t work a shift that is in demand of 40 hours per week! Over the years, the bus routes were cut in getting to the jobs. But there are those left standing in tact. I used to ride the bus. I know! But getting back to the reaction to the shootings: The Churches, Neighborhoods, Districts, Schools, start ups and many more really need to step out of their comfort zones and get into these streets!

Especially the churches! Those of us in the church on Sundays, or those that go from one congregation to another, no matter which denomination: It’s time for us to take our ministry (and I mean OUR MINISTRY) into the torn up streets and neighborhoods and get involved with those in the activists, and peacekeepers who are doing the job everyday! And many of the activists I read about, they don’t have a church home! But they are doing God’s work! Can we learn something from them?!  I maybe United Methodist, but does the guy down the street care about that? I don’t think so! Yes, Dr. King was a minister, but he was also an activist for Civil Rights. And many others who were the same way before. Now I know we keep preaching it about the subject all the time, BUT……..WHERE IS OUR ACTION FOR THIS?!  The UMC talks about “Rethink Church”. Which I like.  But for all churches or those who speak it, need to express it in many ways to work. Even to combat violence!  Also, just yesterday on Facebook, there were activists standing near the corner of Sherman and Capitol expressing solidarity for the victim that was fatally shot. And some were Alumni from a local high school in Milwaukee. I have to give credit to those apart of Vincent High School Alumni that came out and showed support. Even though I’m a “John Marshall Guy”. I did challenge this last year in which Alumni Organizations should step up and bring positiveness to the city. Yes, the schools are liable. But the partnership with the community must be connected. But mainly: It all starts in the home!  Not the streets. Not the gangs. Not the friends house. Not the TV’s, Music, Social Media, Music Videos, etc. It’s should start IN THE HOUSE! With real families at the helm. Not the “passing through families” that messed up and left. And having the dumb mentality to come back after 20+ years like nothing has happened. The dudes (and females also) need to wake the mess up!

Take Two: I was reading and listening this week about the Milwaukee Police Department receiving more that $500,000.00 from the Mayor’s Office in which is was geared to the overtime mode of the police department. Also this issue has raised many eyebrows. And also where did the extra funds of this $500,000 dollars came from? Out of a shoe box? Really? $500,000! First of all, WHERE was this when the community is going through turmoil? OK I get it. That money was in good use for those on the force who worked hard. BUT that money should get folks to invest in Wisconsin Workers who want to work. Check this, I visited a Urban Ministry Convention here in Milwaukee, and yes it’s related to the United Methodist Church.  There was talk about bring jobs to the urban community. In which I whole hardly agree with. In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of my Aldermen Joe Davis, .had to comment about this matter:

We accept group homes, day cares, gas stations and corner grocery stores as a pro business growth strategy while other local economies are looking at us in the rear view mirror. I shake my head as the City of Kenosha has landed Amazon’s distribution center while City of Milwaukee officials are sitting on the sidelines crying, ‘What about me?

HOLD UP! An amazon distribution center in Kenosha? And not in Milwaukee. SHAMEFUL! And I wonder why.  Now I’m not advocating anti-police here. Yes they are workers and deserved to get paid to lock up, arrest, and go out into the community to assist organizers and groups. And the mantra of Serve and Protect HOWEVER, most will tell you that an investor should have taken that money and build a new business! What is the math ratio of the unemployment in Milwaukee pertaining to Blacks? Try at least 50%. Somebody at City Hall must have been very overlooking! Or could have made a suggestion to the mayor in regarding the money’s uses of giving back in creating jobs! Or bringing in companies that want to invest, and retain in Milwaukee. With all due respect to Tom Barrett, yes in the minds of others he’s not a bad person overall. But I have to question his judgment on this one. I hate to say it.

This is what happens when overlooking gets personal. And it’s no different. I’ve seen this before out of the Milwaukee Government and mostly it’s been the wrong way asking why. Again, when stuff like this happens in a nutshell, we should be all over that. And if that doesn’t solve the clue of us VOTERS, well we know that the ballots are waiting to be marked for something else. Milwaukee is no different, in my view of having concerns that remains to be unfinished. Yes, it’s a “genuine city” of age, but still even the cities that have that moniker should also look in the mirror and fix the truth.

If anybody in Milwaukee had a chance to listen to what Conservative Mark Belling had to say about the late Derek Williams, you really had to hear one of the most dispiciable comments ever. I am not a fan of Conservative Radio. Period. Espeically in Milwaukee. And for the record, I’m not a fan of Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna and etc.

What Mark Belling said, for those who want to know, this is his comment in regarding Derek Williams taken from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Mark Belling calls Derek Williams a  dirty rotten thug

Or from the blog: “The reason that this is getting so much attention is because this is the police,” he said. “We toss our cookies when a dirty, rotten thug dies because of the negligence of police, but the same people who want to scream and yell and accuse the police officers of homicide for not intuiting that this piece of garbage actually was sick instead of faking want to cut all the slack in the world to the gang bangers who get their wrists slapped every time they take a pot shot. Or the people who injure innocent civilians when they are shooting at someone else in drive-bys.” 

And then he continues by stating about mothers: “the pigs of mothers who are too lazy to put their children in a crib and roll over the top of them while sleeping on a futon on the floor.”


This is what, you know…….. I’m switching it up. Mark Belling has been a “Conservative Controversial Talk Show Host” in Milwaukee for a while. This is not new. Technically, he’s like the local Rush Limbaugh of Milwaukee along with the same angle with Charlie Sykes. I’m just saying. I don’t listen to him. I’m not a fan of his. Never been. No question he will be facing heat. One thing about this also as I was reading the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Comments, one commented user “DrewH” supports Mark Belling as being a racist. EXCUSE ME?!!!!! How in the holy hell you want to support this talk show host in terms in terms of racism? Oh it’s the Freedom of Speech thing. Well guess what. The person who wrote the blog, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalist, has also freedom of speech also. Gina Barton, has the right and accountability of the newspaper has this as well. Me, writing this blog has the Freedom of Speech thing too with accountability.  But unlike this “DrewH” or whatever his name is, does not. That double edge sword is mighty sharp!

Yes, Derek Williams may had his run with the law, per say, but the result of his death while having his breathing problems in a squad car, without the police coming to him and letting him try to breathe some air is highly unacceptable. Matter of fact, why did they had to wait for the Milwaukee Fire Department to come out with paramedic assistance while this dude was dying in the squad car? That too is unacceptable!

Just tonight, at the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters Hall in Milwaukee, there was a showing of the almost 1:00 hour footage of the police squad car video of the Milwaukee Police Department’s arrest and investigation of Derek Williams’ arrest. After that, there were tensions, there were sadness coming from the family, there were folks saying “TURN IT OFF!” “TURN IT OFF!” in regarding the video.  Plus, there were talks about of not all of the Milwaukee Police Department are bad officers. The ones who beat up Frank Jude Jr in 2004 were dirty. I went there! The ones who left Ernest Lacy in the police wagon back in 1981, when I was like 5 years old, was dirty. Research Ernest Lacy’s death in Milwaukee if you want. His death and Derek Williams’ death are similar in some ways of the ending result.

No question those involved will be investigated. And plus what was Chief Ed Flynn’s response of this? And I dare ask what is the Mayor’s final result would be? And acceptably, are the citizens or will the citizens hold those in charge in the city more accountable of the result? If we can get behind the NFL and hold the NFL accountable of the Scabbing Referees costing the Green Bay Packers a W early in the season, why not this?

We’ll see.  Hopefully justice will be done.

Taking a break from my reasons of tracking Barack Obama for a moment in terms of community stuff.

Milwaukee: what is wrong here? Seriously, not to call them out, but our Milwaukee Police Department needs to have more accountability. There was an uproar of this incident that occurred  last year, but has surfaced this year. The incident concerning the late Derek Williams, an African American male being in the squad car handcuffed and not breathing last year, is truly disturbing. I’m not calling a thing of smoke and mirrors, but this really pathetic of them being unaccountable of their actions and work. Those officers need to have their badges taken away, or matter of fact, fired on the spot. I as a citizen and a taxpayer (that’s right a taxpayer) must see more justice brought to the attention of these officers.

For those who want to know why I’m writing this, take a look at this video that is not only making Milwaukee talk, but also America talk.

Milwaukee Police squad video: In-custody death of Derek Williams

This video was going on during the same weekend when the President was here campaigning. No, the President is not to blame for this. I like everyone else was just waking up to this and still being talked about right now. But before you watch the video – DISCLAIMER ALERT: The video is straight up graphic. If you are “Extremely Highly Sensitive” about videos like this, do not (I repeat) DO NOT watch this video. Plus, for those under 18, stay off! I am serious! Only for the mature folks.

And after watching this, what’s the deal Milwaukee? What are we going to do about it? And what are the so-called Republicans who like to parade around with the 47% victims speeches in all are saying? Do they care? And what about the other political parties? And those who like to flee from the city? Stand up Milwaukee! No more of this “get behind now and leave later” stuff. And I dare say it’s not a boondoggle!