I think I got my wish, as well as the rest of the African-American Community Nation.

Finally, Sheriff David Clarke has come to black talk TV. And this time, it’s in front of the Black TV audience. And the thing is: I don’t want to spoil this, but the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History got straight grilled by News One Now host Roland Martin. While many of us and of course many in Milwaukee were at the job, this happened. And it was coming!

For those who don’t know much about News One Now or Roland Martin, you really need to pay attention. For all those who voted up for Clarke way back when, or recently, or if you live the suburbs that voted up for Clarke, it’s time to listen and ask, did I really thought that the Sheriff was so votebale?

Take a look at the podcast of  News One Now Exclusive with the Sheriff. Make those want to think twice.


After listening to the entire podcast interview, it is very very clear that the second black sheriff in the county is clear out of sync. Nevermind his accomplishments from the Naval Academy and others, Milwaukee is the the guy that many of you put in office is worth all the words he expressed about this? Milwaukee’s Black Community: is this the worth just because he’s black? Get off the da*n high horse!

Plus also I hope MANY in Milwaukee, especially in the black community will get a chance to listen to Roland Martin’s Podcast Interview of Sheriff Clarke. And just to be aware, Uncle Ro-Ro pulls no BS in his interviews on a Black Network like TVOne. Even with Sheriff Clarke! So for all you Conservatives, Liberals and also those in the mix on Sheriff Clarke’s side, just a heads up.  And just for the record, Roland Martin is not a Democrat or a Republican. He’s just him.

I hate to say but Sheriff Clarke may have slid by on the other networks, but he has not (and I mean NOT) slid by on TVOne’s News One Now, a black network there are no themes of Fifth Amendments. This is not Fox News or MSNBC or even Al Jazeera. Expect to come out and back your stories like you bet on Vegas. I’m just saying.

So again, feel free to hear the Exclusive Podcast of this interview.

Plus also I want all the black media in Milwaukee (from the radio, blogs, internet sites, Black Milwaukee/Wisconsin Social Media Groups, newspapers like the Community Journal or the Milwaukee Times or Courier, or any other black Badger related media) to summarize this interview knowingly that the rest of America does now know about Sheriff Clarke and his “so-called point of views” of his political observations that feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement are in his words sub-human creeps. Or about Police Brutality was ended back in the 60’s in which that is STILL FALSE! Police brutality does exists. Any type of Police Brutality does exist. Read the files. Even if you graduated from the Naval Academy. Nothing against that, but just stating.







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