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Well well well:

It seems the Tea Party had struck a nerve with the President yet again and other Americans. Did any see this mess? I mean having those don’t tread on me flags, and what’s this? A Confederate Flag? Uh oh, who would do such a thing? The bogus Tea Party.

When I saw that picture on Twitter, I mean; really? All because of the shutdown. Oh check this, they have to bring in barricades and stacked them towards the front gates. And having that Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz supporting that mess. Of course, they’re republicans, and fans of the Tea Party.  Right.

Obviously.  These wackos are just plain stupid. HOW DARE THEM!

HOW DARE THEM of going in front of the White House with the Confederate Flags thinking it’s their own house. Last time I checked, it belong to all Americans. Including me, in which I haven’t visited yet.  I’m ashamed of the Vets who are apart of that crowd that follow this mess. Yes, they have served the country, but this crap they supported is blatant stupid!  Oh, I’m going there today! They don’t speak for me. And this guy, Larry KIayman, or Klanman or whatever his name is, telling the President to “put the Quran down.” This idiot of a tea pariter is just confused. Obama is a Christian. His father was Muslim. Get it straight, people. Talk about denial of reality. These are just mad haters. That’s all. All parading around with the Confederate Flags. To those with the “Stars and bars” many would call that an reminder of racism and slavery. Having said that, is bringing back old nightmares. Many black folks will tell you that. Also there are those who felt say either it’s a southern heritage or it’s a family heritage. But no one would tell you, that those use the flag also had a history of being traitors. Reference CNN on that one.

But seriously, again the Tea Party in my view, are just haters of anyone that is not them! Similar to the KKK. Oh yeah, I’m going there. I’ll bet there are those who are black and follow their philosophy. Not surprising.  They might be in a situation where they can’t speak for all Black America. Frankly their tea party ideology don’t speak for me. And I’m an African-American male. And plus they don’t give a care about me anyway. The same with the rest. I mean how in the hades are they fooling with the get up looking like Thomas Paine wannabes and having guns strapped with a mix of Don’t Tread on Me Flags, now mixed the Stars and Bars?


And I’m glad some of the “Tea Party Foolery” got arrested after that so-called protest was well “gated” outside of The White House.  Talk about “stuck on stupid”, and this is supposed to be “American enough?” REALLY?!!!! I dare anyone of these yahoos go back and realize that mostly, this is their doing. They are hating the fact that an African-American Family is in the White House. Barack Obama got elected again. But all now, they wanted to keep it non-black just like the last 43 presidents. They in my in estimation want guys like me to stay in the back. Never to lead or to analyze. Newsflash: Tea Party, We can lead now. Obviously that does not resonate with the likes of many others. What really got me was when Larry Klayman was dissing Obama, he had the nerve to talk about MLK. If Dr. King were living right now, and after the B.S. he had seen out of the Tea Party, he would shake his head in disappointment.  And no, he was NOT a republican.  Some might say, why bring the angle of the race card in this? I hate to say it, but that race card, racism has and unfortunately is always on deck. It may not be real for some, but it is real in a sense of understanding. I know there are some “colorblind” folks that might comment, but remember this: I don’t see no utopias yet! None! If those really feel that following the I Have A Dream Speech 50 years later is a good speech, while this is going on, we don’t know jack about MLK. Speaking of that, listen to this speech soundbite. I hear this on WNOV in Milwaukee, and it’s real talk, EVEN in today’s era, and what is going on right now.

Hmmm………can the Tea Party sample that? Probably not.

Now recently, if those haven’t heard, the House GOP rejected yet again another bill that will not help stop the ongoing Government Shutdown. We know who’s fault this is right?  Percentage wise: it’s on the GOP. It’s on John Boehner and the GOP-Led Congress. With the Tea Party Influence and the Heritage Foundation. All because of the Affordable Care Act that IS the law of the land. Got approved. And to their accord, the country got “punished” all because Mitt Romney didn’t check in the Oval Office.  WELL TOO BAD REPUBLICANS! And in the last act, guess what, the year 2014 is around the corner. If those who were responsible for this act, their jobs are on line. If those who were effected by the shutdown through the jobs, WIC, Domestic Violence Assistance, Food Share, Veterans Benefits, and many other needs to keep the country going, in any way, make sure the ballots are delivered and punched in the voting booths. LITERALLY! Plus that will be a potential revenge factor from 2010.

Trust me, it’s sad to say that it’s time for this current group of holding Obama back, needs to go. Just early this morning FINALLY some resolution in having some sense. Both Parties has agreed to a bi-partisan deal temporarily to increase the debt limit in order to pay for our bills (and I mean OUR bills), plus also to reopen the Government by the order of the President. And if you are one of the 800,000+ workers, you must be dancing right now. “Go get your paper, mane!” As the young cats say now. Feed your families, pay your bills and stock up on Scholarships and grants for the future college scholars.

So has the GOP learned its lesson after this dumb, so-called, Government Shutdown? They better learn today. This “shutdown” nearly costed the country, and sent a red flag to other countries that the United States got dumb and stupid because their leaders can’t even get themselves together in order to function. Speaking of the Republicans,  from Wisconsin: Ron Johnson (aka RoJo), voted no along with other 17 Republicans of the ending the shutdown. Which is no surprise that RoJo voted against that. If Russ Feingold were in that same chair, that would have been a yes. Literally. Plus also: other Wisconsin Republicans like Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Tom Petri, and Sean Duffy also said no. Just also a thought: Sean Duffy at one time was on San Francisco’s Edition of The Real World. Yeah him.

But oh, no we know what happened with Wisconsin’s end in 2010.

To the United States Republican led Congress, I have just two words to say: #ENOUGHALREADY!

To the SO-CALLED Tea Party – I have these words to say also: #ENOUGHALREADY!

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving President Barack Obama a hard time.

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time in trying to get Jobs, and Infrastructure.

I have had ENOUGH of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time really with Healthcare.

For the last 41 times they have dug in their graves so many times in which they tried to get rid of the Affordable Care Act from the books. But today, they have decided to play the devil’s saxophone of avoiding a Government Shutdown, while not giving funding to ObamaCare. Yep. Halloween is approaching and the graves are set for burial. Knowingly, the Senate will get their chance to shine up and I think mostly the decision not to fund ObamaCare will get funded. And additionally, the defending of the poor is un-American. As well a denying funding for SNAP, Vets, Children, Elderly, and many other needy items that most couldn’t access. – This reminds me of Wisconsin. Cutting away all the access for the poor and needy stuff. And the Tea Party folks in my view, are just leeches. All that talk about “oh, the government is getting to big. We believe in less government spending.” You want to talk racism as it’s best, look a them! These two groups have been up ever since Obama got into office, and I think already: start setting up their funerals. The funeral of their careers and jobs on the line of what they think what America should be, are just reaching the morgue without notice.

Earlier Today, the President was on the road and said this to the GOP. And trust me, he did not let up, nor held back in saying this. Fast forward to the 18:00 mark.

Notice the words: “They’re not focused on you.”

Let me repeat that sentence again, that I totally agree with.  Or in a sense from a Facebook pic might lighten the mood.

Yep. It’s all about politics. Politics has no business being involved in folks trying to get Health Insurance.  It’s all Bull. Mainly, I’ve been saying it and I’ll say it again, It’s not the plan, it’s the man. Again, ever since President Barack Obama came into office in January of 2009 and again this year, it has been against him since. Not just the plans he’s making, but it’s him. His color. His shade. All of that. Just admit it. There are those in this so-called country called the United States of America (yeah I said it!) that does not want a President of Color in the White House. Well too bad! But the Republicans (not all) want to defund his Healthcare Package. And this is how to get jobs here in the country or creating jobs? Really?!!


Many of you probably are somewhat surprised I am writing this. Don’t be. Many of us have been doing this for a while, and it’s no surprise package.  Even with Michelle Obama. She was recently in my homestate, at Watertown High School about drinking water. We know that we should be drinking more water than soda, coffee and many others. But the likes of the Right Wing (ala Rush Limbaugh) had to make a comment (politically charged) about her drinking water. He should know better. Why make some dumb comments about folks drinking water? After all, it is a need for health.


Let us have decent healthcare. If you got it, good. But don’t forget those who try to go back,  or to find a doctor at least to get checked up. There was a time I about 5 to 6 years to look for a doctor and it was hell. But I found one and now I have to find another. As far as those like John Bohner and Eric Cantor, those dudes along with those like Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express, really need a realty check. Or in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry: #HaveASeat. Speaking of Amy Kremer, she needs to get her head out of the gutter in regarding Obama loving America. Hate to say it, whether they like it or not, what she said on PoliticsNation and recently on Disrupt with Karen Finney was just flat out ridiculous. Yeah I said it.  We’ll see on October 1st.

Decent care for pre-existing conditions. Why against this?

Is this being #Americanenough? If not, I don’t what is.

Has anyone seen this picture? I’m sure many have. Courtesy of Ebony Magazine.

Oh I’m sure we’ve all seen it. In a preview stance. (Picture is courtesy of Ebony Magazine)

So this upcoming September issue of Ebony Magazine, will be having 4 covers in honor of Trayvon Martin. Many have not forgotten. So have I. And also it’s a call to change up a movement that has to be calling to say, of saving the young black males in this country. Yes the same young black males that most are afraid of, and having the notion of being labeled suspicious. And all this other stuff. Oh yeah, I’m ripping this out.

Now the so-called Americans on Twitter have gone to their computers and made this declaration of boycotting Ebony Magazine all because of the four covers. And also, what is so racist about Ebony Magazine, anyway? Just because it’s a magazine is geared to black folks? Well it’s geared to black folks for a reason!

For the past 68 years, Ebony Magazine has been a staple of publication for and around the African-American Community. Now for those who well…….”have the brain set to dumb and mush”, let me lecture this. Since November 1st, 1945, the magazine was geared to news that most news outlets or publications never features or written about blacks. Never did. No matter it was jobs, economics, fashion, achievements, goals, entertainment, Census, Milestones and many other issues or concerns that were passed up by non-black publications. And it was and is not making money of folks dying. If you’re currently black and thinking this in a social media sense: stop that mindset and know your history! Remember years ago on this blog, about blacks telling their stories? This is one of them. This picture of the 4 Trayvon tribute covers, maybe well: racist. But I want those who feel racist, to look at this:

The first issue of Ebony magazine, Nov. 1, 1945. (Newseum collection)

What you’re looking at, is the very first cover issue of Ebony Magazine. And yes there were 6 Caucasian boys and one Black boy on the cover, that was taken place in Harlem, New York. But the cover also addressed the issue of race relations. BACK IN 1945! And today in 2013, we’re still addressing it. Now for those who though race relations were just stuck in the 1950’s, stop dreaming! This was long talked about before the 1950’s hit us. So I don’t know what the deal is Ebony Magazine is a labeled racist. Oh, that’s the Tea Party Talking. Do they read Ebony after being called out in a joking manner? For those in the group that believes in less government spending and spitting in the face of Rep. John Lewis, or having governors like Scott Walker who have been elected with his High School Diploma, no college degree, college dropout, cutting and slashing education, cutting folks out of badger care, forcing women to have ultrasounds, or halting a High Speed Rail Project would have connected Milwaukee and Madison, in his so-called boondoggle mentality in which some thought it was run away government spending. BUT MOSTLY it was also spreading more of the segregation effect in the state (reference Milwaukee’s WNOV). One thing about living in Wisconsin, yes we can talk about the features that most like, but when it comes to try to improve the quality like High Speed Rail, most are stuck in that mindset thinking it’s a eyesore. You also have the same guy like Walker that wants 250,000 private sector jobs within his first term. Hey Walker backers: Exactly how many jobs are made under his administration? And don’t you dare Google! Don’t ask your friends, your family members, or any other Republican Representative. Neither don’t ask the Democrats or any of the Independent folks. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not nowhere near 250,000.

For things like this you have to know it by heart! That will be the thing to do. But oh, no some will attempt to Google anyway in a cheating way of course. I’m just saying!

As far as the Ebony Magazine thing: some folks need to get a grip. This publication ain’t going nowhere. And those who want to boycott Ebony, let me hashtag this in which most can understand.

And it goes a little something like this: #AmericansPlease!

Or like this: #AintNobodyGotTimeToBoycottEbonyMagazine.

Or this: #EbonyMagazineRules.

Or like this one that I had to come up with: #HatersKickRocksEbonyMagazineRules

Hashtag that all day Everyday.


If those who paid attention to this article, it was about a survey in which most Americans still have this negative viewpoint of Blacks in the country. According to the AP poll recently conducted at least 51% of Americans  who probably took the survey, did reacted that they, or that group still view Blacks a problem in the country. Slightly higher from 2008. What is my take on this? I’m not surprised  Not one bit. Usually we African-Americans are “carefully watched”. Either on the job, or in public. Or, trying to get a job. You know my story from 2010, in which I was rejected a job offer because of my race. Remember Dresser Waukesha? And the 390+ African-Americans didn’t get the offer because of it. That’s part of it.

Many are saying that this could cost President Barack Obama the election all because of the skin tone. And to top of all that, some believing that he is the cause of this.  EXCUSE ME!!!! So Obama is the cause of this, “racial tension” in America? Really? The First American President of Color is responsible for the racial tension, or lynchings, the hanging chairs, nooses around trees and Obama displays, and etc. Really Americans? Well America NEWSFLASH! The President IS NOT at fault of these things. If I had to pick a race of ethnic group that is the cause of this, look at those who wear those “Put the White back in the White House” shirts at a “Romney/Ryan” Campaign Rally. Or those who are being brainwashed to say “oh there’s no real racism.” If you’re an Ann Coulter fan, you better burn her books. Speaking of her, why doesn’t she go onto BLACK Talkshows, like Washington Watch, or Don’t Sleep? She prances around Bill Maher or The View, and even Fox News, but she wouldn’t do a black TV show? Or a Black radio show like Tom Joyner or Michael Baisden? Ann Coulter may talk a game, but apparently her “conservative game” of asking where are the real racists are  is WHACK! Speaking of things that look racist, I was stumbled on a another blog about the use of the font that is currently displayed for the African-Americans for Obama signs. If you haven’t seen it, the African Americans portion of the sign has a jungle/safari font thing to it. Even the DJ’s for Obama use the font at times. I’m beginning to ask what is SOOOOO- Racist about a font like this? Explain that to me. I see fonts like that all the time and no it’s not racist. That is more bogus like Republicans say or those who attended those Tea Party Rallies:   “Were going to take our country back!” OR “Were going to take America back!” UM I need an answer to this: BACK FROM WHOM? Who are these “So-called Patriotic Americans” commenting about taking the country back from?

Word to those who believe that, Fair Warning: don’t think that a statement like that could be the death of the objective if you know what I’m saying.

So getting back to the “survey”. This survey even though it’s been conducting analysts stuff for about 4 years, I still say that are other information that needs to be proven forward. Matter of fact, hidden truths. What are these findings? Is it our Culture, Music, clothing, our African Heritage, black love relationships, African-American Families, saying African American with getting this stuff saying “oh you are an American” , (to those who keep saying that, don’t act like you know on your platforms and social media stuff), our story telling on the accomplishments in history (black history), jobs, businesses that are black owned, our Fraternities, Sororities, Churches, religion, or culture movement? Crime, Unemployment?

WHAT IS IT AMERICA?!!!  Why does this country of Freedom and Independence hate my culture? Matter of fact, why the hate in the last 4 years, because of Obama? Really?!!

Or is it because those who have this hate, probably have no excuse but to hate?

There will be answers.

Black people when we hear this, we better to tell those who oppose us that we will and must keep working no matter what we do. Period! The haters might not like it. Too Bad. Just keep working and representing to the fullest. If others don’t like it. They can kick rocks.  Simple.

If any viewer happened to catch Real Time this past Friday, he made a candid viewpoint of the Occupy Wall Street Folks. Yes, the same folks that I commented last year in their opposition of folks going greedy. But despite that, he made two valid points about those doing this need to help register voters, and pushing new candidates to run for office.

Now this, I can respect. Hopefully this might get those engaged even more. Although its relevant of what the Tea Party immobilized their base for the 2010 elections. It also reminded me of what Bill Maher said of President Obama in comparisons of having “a little George Bush.” – Whom had horrible Ideas of tax breaks for the rich, deregulation, war and torture. But he pushed them through, or in the case for the political fans “running down the throats.” Now if the “Tea Party” mobilize the Republicans, can the Occupy Folks do the same for the Democrats? Just asking.


Oh, and one more thing that had to be asked: Where was the Occupy Movement when in attempt, to try to save Wisconsin? All of the signatures, etc. Explain!

I have been reading the news about the Congressional Black Caucus’ Career Fair/Town Hall Meetings, and I have to applaud them for at least taking the time to get something going for the fact that the Black Population in America is facing dire straits of unemployment, trying to get that breakthrough job and many others. If you are a fan or a close member of the Congressional Black Caucus: Bring this “Fire” to Milwaukee!

I’m saying this because the city I’m referring too, needs this fire, badly! Milwaukee is ranked in the higher ranges in which unemployment is terribly high. Most in the percentile of the 50’s nearly 53% among African-American Residents. I remember when the NAACP came here in 2005, they reported that the number given is “unacceptable”. Even for a city like Milwaukee that is really not pleasing. Now you’re probably asking, “Dang when is Milwaukee is going to step up and take charge to get folks working? I mean really? When?” One of the things that could have done to try to fuse it was the High Speed Rail project. That Infrastructure thing could have got more jobs and put that money in pockets and purses. What stopped it? Ask those who voted for Scott Walker. Ask those who are in the Tea Party making a mockery of our Country’s Principles. Oh yeah, I’m going there. Just like Bill Maher once said that if the Founding Fathers were alive, they would have hated their guts!


Now I may not agree with the latter of thought from Rep. Maxine Waters, but she is out there voicing her opinion in which that yes, the President has to step his game up and visit the African-American neighborhoods and meetings to discuss the dilemmas. If he can go to the other communities, WHY NOT the African-American areas? I have to realize that yes Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not the president of the African-Americans. Also, ask those who want to leave things as they are and NOT moving forward to the next level. And ask those who are supporters of Scott Walker this question: What could go in the Central City Area where Talgo WAS SUPPOSED to go? And I’ll bet like Maxine Waters, I would say that the Red Squad of the Badger State DON’T HAVE A PLAN to rebuild and or create jobs. When Walker left for Madison, Milwaukee county was in a heap of mess.



I do hope that the Congressional Black Caucus does make a Brew City Visit. And I hope that one of the members, Congresswoman Gwen Moore can lead that idea of bringing in Local and Well-known companies like a Quad/Graphics, or Harley-Davidson or an outside company looking in can have the abilities to hire African-Americans in the Greater Milwaukee Area. I know that the city has had these type of Job Fairs in the past, BUT this Career Fair needs to be real and clear to the point. Plus I like to see, just like in Miami and Inglewood, a town hall moderation in which to have those who have looked for work, need a skill or just trying to get that first promotion, to come on out and voice their concern. Don’t get me wrong.  There are others who are feeling the pinch too, but I have to realize that I think that the African-American Community needs this fire than they realize before.

Oh the GOP is just full of it. Michelle Bachmann and her GOP/Tea Party Compatriots, had recently revealed that President Obama is failing the African-American Community in regarding jobs. Really? is that what this all about? When was the last time that ANY MEMBER of the GOP ever reached out to African-Americans for jobs in the last decade or so? Explain that to me. When was the last time that ANY president before Obama (and I mean BEFORE Obama) had reached out to African-Americans and having the ability to have them to seek out and complete missions for jobs? NONE. Except for Bill Clinton, in my view. Remember the bull market that struck 20,000 points?  Remember that?Hope so. Obviously, this is nothing new. Even Newt Gingrich should know better. Now for those who are thinking, this is not making a racial statement at all. Yes, the President should be out there making job possibilities and getting them to the African-American families and community. Just like everyone else. But when you really think about the barriers, this to me is nothing more that mere sham just to make us the average viewer look crazy.

After all that, it’s apparent another example of trying to make President Obama look to be a”one term president”. Why wasn’t Bush a “One Term President”? Hello Conservative base! That was your boy which I didn’t voted for. Just remember that President Obama is the President of the United States. Not just the Black Community. Here in the Milwaukee Area, there was an ad that was put out for unemployed black construction workers by Senator Lena Taylor via Facebook. Some folks got all upset for NO Reason just because a black politician trying to reach out to the African-American community. Why did she post it you asked? Just to help out. And maybe she would know how to reach out and have connections! Don’t be curious non-blacks.

Yo: do I think that President Obama should look out for the Black Community in terms of work? Yes.

Do I think that the GOP was full of it when it was lashed out? Absolutely.

Is this a prime example of responsibility on every American in this country? Always.

That’s it. It needs to stop. Over and over again for the last two years it’s has been a nuisance. I’m talking about the ongoing saga of President Obama’s birth certificate. I thought this issue was laid to rest in all, but come on. Those on the GOP right refuse to let the situation go. Including Donald Trump. What is Trump’s beef with the Obama Certificate, does it sell shoes? Really, Donald? I mean this guy went up against the likes of Vince McMahon for Gods sakes. Even to have The Apprentice going out as one of the best shows on NBC. But when he started to talk about the birther thing, and commenting on the likes of the Tea Party, I begin to wonder if this dude really changed?

In the interview with Bill Cosby, by the way he’s on point. He thinks that in a recent comment that Cosby was too harsh in all. For a guy like Bill Cosby whom most Americans I think have to respect, he was just stating his own opinion about he should run or shut up. Just like some certain politicians who want their names on the ballots so bad just to get noticed. Or this case, just to make themselves “famous”. If the birther talk through “The Donald” continues in all, it’s going to be a failure. Period.  He thinks that the Birth Certificate that the State of Hawaii is not really a Birth Certificate. More like a “Official Certificate of Live Birth.” Aren’t these documents are the same? Do they have stamped approvals on them? Come on America! Is this what The Donald has stooped to?  Talk about getting into a trap. That’s what America gets at times. Listen to something you know that may not be true but in the end, it does ring true to the fact that well, you the average reader by example were duped.

This is what our society has been consumed to. Sort of like Michael Jackson. Remember when the news broke way back when he publicly said that his skin color diminished because of the disorder. And alot of us (admit it!) thought that he bleached his skin? How on God’s green earth you bleach your skin? Never seen it! Or with that then13-year-old boy who accused him of the sexual acts in stuff.  After his death, that same person came out to tell the truth indicating it was all a setup just to get to him,  his money, and plus it was all a lie by his own father from 1993. And some folks today even still think he did those things. The truth came out in 2005 in the words of NOT GUILTY!

In regards to M.C. Hammer,(by the way he’s coming to the Milwaukee area in August)  and making those commercials. Lot of us in the hip hop community way  thought he was selling out. You know fast forward to about 2 decades later, rappers like 50 Cent were featured in Vitamin Water Commercials. How wrong we were.

Back to the matter at hand: this on-going birther talk will haunt, and I think Kill the Republicans in 2012.  This shouldn’t be on the minds of us trying to move the country forward. What should be on the minds, is lowering our taxes, cutting spending, bringing the troops home safe, have adequate health care, good schools, better jobs, having an infrastructure that America can finally get on board,  and many other things that other countries are doing, and having America being held up because of the politics.

Dang, Americans. What is up with us? We got all these laws, freedoms, a chance to get a decent health care, infrastructure and all this talk about Freedom of Speech, Expressions and Religion. I’m not hating. But what I am hating is the thought of the influence of having to see on TV today about a senseless shooting involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. Here in Milwaukee, I can’t imagine what would happen if my Congresswoman Gwen Moore were to be shot after attending a town hall celebration of her district. Or maybe Rep. Tammy Baldwin out in the Madison area in the same predicament. Or, you know what I’m getting at. Clearly yes, I do like some Democratic values, but I dislike totally Republican values. I dislike the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker of his opinions of canceling High Speed Rail. I dislike the new Senator Ron Johnson, who bought his way into politics, and  in my opinion cheated his way in stealing the seat from Russ Feingold, courtesy of the Tea Party.  And the same can be for Wisconsin Republicans Paul Ryan, Jim Senenbrenner or any known Republican in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Madison, and I dare say the Republican-Controlled House in DC. But that does not mean I’ll go on a shooting spree like Jared Lee Loughner did and do a job on any politician of service.

This is the first month of the year, and in a couple of days in a week, we will be reflecting on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. King himself was a disciple of non-violence that wanted to have a chance to spread peace, and to tell America that you’re doing wrong. You need to change.  And violence towards men (and women) should not be the answer to get the point across. And, I hope Arizona continues to use the MLK Holiday now even more. At first they didn’t. I think America had received a reality check after last year’s words of Sarah Palin of “don’t retreat, reload” comments. If you remember the old adage, “you better watch what you say”, it should be one of those reminders to check yourself.  I also think that the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, or any conservative news hack in America, and I dare say Milwaukee’s Right Wing News needs to look in a mirror. All those times that Michelle Malkin screamed or stated “An Angry Mob is coming” may comeback to bite her in the rear end. All of this stuff to me is related to the vote of the Health Care Bill that was introduced last year. The same bill that the Republican majority wants to kill the bill by the request of “their American people”. I ask again,  all because of a bill that Obama signed into law? Is that it?! That’s like planning a beat down on someone who stole someone’s boyfriend. Or touched someones girlfriend. Or losing a round in a Video Game. America, do you understand me?! We tend to lose or get mad at times that are senseless. That don’t mean nothing.

Now that congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords: I think she believed in something. I think she believed in every American should be given a chance in something. I think she believed that no one shouldn’t be turned away for nothing. I think she is doing her part of service to help make things for the better. But obviously, those who oppose her are probably just getting what they want. They just want her out of the way all because of a bill. Wow America. Those of you put the crazies and the Tea Party folks that want to represent you, aren’t doing the same for guys like me. I don’t favor the Tea Party at all. I don’t like them. I don’t respect them. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll challenge them to a weapons fight with Pitchforks and Torches.

I, like many others have probably said or commented things about others needed to be shot or whatever. But I’m taking it back. I’ll say if a so-so character should be condemned for his/her actions, I say put the bum in jail or locked up for a long time. That’s should be the vile solution. Keith Olbermann tonight said” it’s time to put the guns down” in his special comment. And to start making us Americans to recognize that what we display or say, would have an effect on others. One of my college professors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout once stated that “Measurement Drives Behavior”. This is a prime example of that. And I know that it’s related to careers, but it can also transcend to other areas. Do you see what I mean after looking after this? Those of you went to these rallies last year with your Guns, your “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, your American Revolution Outfits, your “Obama is a Nazi” Signs, Monkeys, and any racist, violent rhetoric against the 44th President. I hate to say this but you had no idea what you’re talking about!  It’s was about confusion and fear. Or you used them in a scare tactic against any opponent of political issue, or anyone that is well…..”not like you”. Yeah, I know it’s a Free Speech/ Freedom of Expression thing. I have that right to. My Freedom of Expression is being expressed now by writing this blog, and to remind us Americans that everything we say, display on Youtube, display on Facebook, display on Twitter and MySpace, display at rallies, marches, school, church, the hood, workplace, district, and yes any politically related needs to have a sense of one word that most of us don’t want to go through. RESPONSIBILITY. One of my uncles told after turning 18 years old, that “Responsibility Goes Up.” And in speaking of that, our Congressmen needs to have the responsibility to have protection set up.

See this is why America needs to get it’s butt together. This is why America has a problem with race, jobs, health, education, crime, poverty, history of admitting slavery, bombing other countries, killing innocent people, an issue of Black History Month being Racist -Which is not! I hear that well we need to teach our children more. Well, America needs to teach it’s self more first!

Finally, as I close this story. In church on Sunday and this week, there might be sermons and prayers lifted for communities across this country. And yes on Sunday there will be NFL Games to see which teams will advance. (Go Packers!) But morely, for the Tucson Arizona Area involving Congresswoman Giffords, and those  lives loss. It’s sickening and stupid. And as an American, an African American, a Citizen, a Christian, a volunteer person, a Midwesterner, and a overall human being, this is beyond sickening. It’s just pathetic that this country has to be reduced to acts like this. America, we have become a country that has been put on notice.  And the dude did the job on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who a family person and public servant, is just an example of why this country needs to reexamine it’s faults.

Despite of our political views in all, there is one thing we can agree on, this crap is unacceptable! And it’s time to check ourselves, or wreck ourselves.

Note: this is another retro blog I wrote in 2010 on Fox 6’s Blog Site in Milwaukee, about the angle between Shirley Sherrod, the NAACP and the Tea Party. It was originally written by me around the same time of the height of the angles coming forth with emotion and opinion.


Guess who’s back? Oh, did you miss me? You thought I retired and moved out because of my previous blogs? Didn’t happen.  Let me give my take on the angle with the NAACP, the Tea Party Movement and Shirley Sherrod. First off, I’m going to say that in regarding the NAACP and the Tea Party Movement, or the “Tea Party whatever”, I thought it was their right and privilege to go and point out the negatives in this Movement. There will be provoking thoughts on this. I knew this was going to happen, and basically that it was just a matter of time. So this “movement” of the Tea Party is all about telling and displaying about the wrongs in America? You know, throughout history, that is nothing new. Americans have protesting the government since the country has been started. Nothing new. In regarding the NAACP, they simply did what any other citizen, or concerned citizen would do, report the incident like a crime on street. That’s what the NAACP did with the “racists elements” portion of the Tea Party. Simple. I don’t care about the resolution that was documented or previewed. But at least the NAACP did something to get their attention.

And for the record, I am not a member of the NAACP, nor the Tea Party Movement.

There has been alot of talk about the NAACP being “a racist organization”. Oh really now?! Are you kidding me? Man, please. Dr. Benjamin Hooks would be spinning in his grave if that was heard or mentioned to him. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was founded by a group of individuals that happened to be mulit-cultral. It was founded by a group of people that was selected by W.E.B. DuBois:

  • Ida B. Wells – An African American Journalist
  • Archibald Henry Grimké – An american lawyer, journlaist, diplomat and community leader
  • Henry Moskowitz – A Romanian born citizen who was a doctor and a civil rights activist in the U.S.
  • Mary White Overton – A caucasian woman who was a sufferagate, Socialist, unitetarian, and journalist
  • Oswald Garrison Villard – A German born citizen who was also an American Journalist, and part of the Anti-Imperialism acts.
  • William English Walling – An American citizen who was an American Labor Refomer and Socialist
  • Florence Kelley – An American who was a socialist and political reformer.

Look at these names right now. These names were the founding members of the NAACP. And here’s the kicker: 6 of the names here were Caucasian, one was African-American. If more Americans of that matter, and I dare say Milwaukee, would have known that, there wouldn’t be more back talk about the NAACP. To say again, that the NAACP is racist, is nothing more of a slap in the face. That’s all it is. I’ve known folks in my life, that  gave their time, donated, and even contributed to the NAACP for years. The thought overall is a complete slap in the face to figures like Dr. Benjamin Hooks, who at one time had a quote: “If I can’t lead, you lead.” Also, Dorothy Height, Rosa Parks, Thurgood Marshall, Medgar Evars, The Voting Rights Act, and many others who helped shaped, started, organized, donated, marched, protested, and even given time and effort to help civil rights for ALL CITIZENS! Do you hear me, I SAID ALL CITIZENS!  Start checking, people. When the 96th NAACP Convention was held here in Milwaukee in 2005, (and by the way it was their first time coming) there were citizens of different ethnic groups addressing concerns about the city’s violence problems. And no other person opposite of black was turned away. Not one. And just to add, Black Entertainment Television is not racist. Neither is Ebony Magazine, Jet Magazine, TV One, or any other publication, network, website, Scholarships, Fraternity, Sorority, Black Methodist for Church Renewal, the Congressional Black Caucus, and other organizations directed to the audience and needs of the African-American Community.

Now let me provoke the thought about this “Tea Party Movement”. Now I’m going to comment, I don’t a problem of assemblies and also protesting the wrongs of the Government, etc. But what caught my attention was that fact that these people are supposed to be “passionate Americans?” Really? Is this what I’m hearing? Passionate Americans? If they are, then why did they chose the route of what they did and used their liberties on Congressman John Lewis, and Barney Frank. What’s up with the death threats to the LA Offices of the NAACP? And also is Mark Williams a passionate american when he wrote that mocked letter to President Lincoln, which got him expelled from the Tea Party? I ask again. Passionate Americans? They say there’s no proof of them not being against anyone right? Go to, and do a search: Tea Party Racism. There’s your proof right there. And by the way, the clips on the site, you will not see anywhere else. And what’s was up with them jumping all over the New Black Panther Party from 2008? I thought it was between the NAACP and the Tea Party. The New Black Panthers Party ARE NOT part of this angle. And they are not apart of the NAACP. In the past, the NAACP previously did condemn the actions of the Black Panthers, probably the originals. And there are some in this country proabably said “The NAACP should focus on them instead of the Tea Party.” What a way for a distraction. Again, the NAACP had a privilage and a right to attempt to inform the negative racist elements in the Tea Party, but however, the NAACP, nor Ben Jealous, never said that the Tea Party as a whole was or is racist. I hope everyone was paying attention. But you know who have commented about the negative actions of the Tea Party BEFORE the NAACP? Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Ed Schultz, Janene Garafolo, and columnist Roland S. Martin. Plus, any other concerned citizen or group that called out the Tea Party.

Now if the Tea Party are such “passionate Americans” as they claimed to fame, I want know is:

When was the last time that they EVER contributed to causes like Health and wellness? That’s right I said it.

When was the last time they EVER contributed to education? Like scholarships and grants?

When was the last time they EVER contributed to set up, promote, and create Career Fairs?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to curb violence on the streets? Or matter of fact, what about Fire Safety with local Fire Departments?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to promote the Arts in Schools or community like Music and Theater? Or encouraging students and kids to get out and play for 60 minutes like the NFL does each season?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to fight discrimination in the board rooms, housing, employment, etc?

When was the last time that the Tea Party EVER contributed to the causes of saving church congregation members and try to find and retain youth and young adults in church EVERY SUNDAY?!!!

When was the last time the Tea Party contributed to send students to the best schools, the best jobs available, or matter of fact, when has the Tea Party done something like the UNCF, or the National Urban League, the Susan Komen Foundation, the 100 Black Men, the National Organization for Women, the Toastmasters, Teamsters, AFL-CIO, Fraternities, Sororities, Huh?!????????

Wait a minute. Never seen, nor read about it. And they still complain. Of some the things that I listed, the NAACP has done over their existence of 101 years. The Tea Party, however contributed to none of these things. And these are supposed to be “Passionate Americans” who care about the country?
I know who the real passionate Americans are, and in my opinion, they not the tea parties who some felt, that they are full of despise. They are folks who don’t get the recognition as much as the next American Idol. They are those who work in volunteer groups, those who give back to communities, those who serve in the communities or the country with the Military. And those who refuse to sit down but get up and do something EVERYDAY WITHOUT COMPLAINING! Such as looking for a job, starting a business, travel the world, or making artwork. Those to me, are the “Real Passionate Americans”. Even if they work between 20-60 per week, feeding their families or themselves just to put the food on the table, and clothes on the backs. Shoes on the feet. Now those are Passionate Americans! My family are passionte americans. Even if it’s being a mentor or a tutor to a child. And another example of a passionte American: Getting together and finding a common goal of solving problems.

Just another thought: When was the last time the Tea Party had a represntative, to see or to conference with President Obama to discuss his policies, and improving America? When will that happen? Probably not. And I think I know why that is. Or when was the last time that the Wisconsin Tea Party Members discussed policies with Gov. Jim Doyle or Tom Barrett? Or with Russ Feingold, Gwen Moore, Herb Kohl, Spencer Coggs, Lee Holloway, Tamara Grigsby, or any other well known Wisconsin politician? Never seen that!

I also have a challengeable question: What would make me gain interest in the Tea Party? And by the way, I’m still down with President Obama, work 30 hours per week, donate to causes, volunteer, help citizens with voting ballots, and I don’t complain as much.

Now the case of Shirley Sherrod. I recently stumbled on a quote from the founder of the United Methodist Church, John Wesley. Just for record, I am apart of the United Methodist Church as a member. The quote was in a form of a letter that he wrote back in February of 1791, a month before his passing. In the letter he wrote this in a issue concerning race and the legal system:

Reading this morning a tract wrote by a poor African, I was particularly struck by that circumstance that a man who has a black skin, being wronged or outraged by a white man, can have no redress; it being a “law’ in our colonies that the oath of a black against a white goes for nothing. What villainy is this?

Like in 1791, for 2010 read that last line again: What villainy is this?

The groups of the NAACP, the White House Administration, other Networks, Websites, blogs, Andrew Breitbart, and even the USDA all took direct respones at her all because of the “potential racist comments” and no one gave her a chance to speak her side of the story.  That was inexcusable! President Obama had to be embarrassed. I don’t blame him. He did chose Shriley Sherrod for the job a year ago. I have no choice but to say, but they all decided to jump the cliff way too soon, all because of Rupert Murdoch’s product, the false editing trap of Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, and the ongoing tag along. Only reason is to get back at the NAACP, in their request to “repudiate” (not refudiate) the racist elements in the Tea Party. That’s not cool! For Shirley Sherrod, I sympathize with her. I do. Not just because she’s a black woman, but she was wrongfully accused, and not being given a chance to speak out. FLAT OUT WRONG. SHAMEFUL! Well since this happened, I hope Shirley DOES get her job back, and I can see a book or a novel, a TV Movie, or a DVD, appearances on Oprah or other thing that will get her purse full with cash.

Lastly, CNN had commented that this is a teachable moment. If this is a  “teachable moment” I want to suggest some things:

One: when hearing 20 second soundbytes, does not paint the entire portait.

Second, if I were the White House Administration, I would get on Fox News’ case about proper reporting, and Andrew Breitbart’s case as well. And to be fair not to get “snookered” much.

And three, I still have faith in the President! But he has to learn not to bow into the faults of the Right Wing Media. This was his waterloo when he was going for the chair in 2008.

Now I know that there are some Black Tea Party Members. Frankly, I’m not suprised. When Keith Olbermann asked the question in February: “Where are the people of color at the Tea Parties?” It wasn’t a threat. It was a mere question in asking. I know they probably jumped on this bandwagon and took offense of what K.O. said back in Black History Month. And no one forced them to join up. They made that choice. And even David Weber, head of TeaParty365 did the exact same thing. I’m not here to judge. I know, it’s 2010. So instead of going after Keith Olbermann on this question, I hate to say this, but they should be thanking him. And don’t forget that the groups like the NAACP, The National Urban League, United Negro College Fund or any other black organization civil rights groups, Sororities, Fraternities, and etc, put themselves on the line for freedom and equality when most of us weren’t even born yet!. So with that said, the Black Tea Partiers I think need respect the fact that groups like these have opened the door to join up with this movement. That’s right I said it! Always respect your civil rights organization/grassroots elders!

Just my thought on the take.