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What up, Sagittarius folks! Our season is back for another year. Another chance to celebrate us even if we are November born or December Born. Oh yes, it’s our time to shine up. Me however, it’s #43 for my December 5th Birthday and another turning point that is willing to grasp.

This Sagittarius Season we are in, it’s the almost last one of the 2010’s. The questions for us archers what were the best Sag-Related Seasons we had since the beginning of the 2010’s? What were the best ones you think that stuck out for us in the Archer Nation that we can still shoot the target all day everyday? Yes, we are at the end of the year and many are going to be reflecting about the times what got in, what sucked and what was the things that made the year overall. Plus also many of us will be asking what was the best moments that you will take into the next year, and what will be left behind in the soon to be previous year and never to be seen or heard or talked about ANYMORE! So yes, SagNation we need to ask what will be the best to take with us into the next decade and what will be dead to us in this soon to be almost close to the 2010’s decade. While shooting the arrows with our bows and keep that horse-style confidence in all seasons. Yes, the Capricorns are next. We know that. But technically, what about it Sags?

The art of rest can take a chance on us archers. But here is a video segment on why it’s important to do so. Listen up:

You just heard it here . The keyword is rest. Amber Khan aka The Quietest Revolution put the nail on the head in concerns that the keyword for us Archers is REST! I had a pastor to tell me to take ONE DAY of rest, and drink one bottle of water. Why? Because at the time, I was back and forth with my sister from the hospital and her home. This was in 2016, several months before my father passed. Actually it was about October 2016. However the pastor was right, it worked. We all get in all high gear in sense of doing work for others and yes it wears us out. I don’t know how that us Archer folks get tired of meaningful work, but like any other sign out there, we need to check ourselves at times to gain some rest and get rejuvenated for the day after. So in a sense, while we are shooting our arrows like crazy all day every day against the common enemy or problem, we need to take a serious one day break. It ain’t gonna hurt. But we need to. They say us Sags have a power within the hips and thighs. And our arrow shooting techniques rely on our thinking and intelligence, along with our philosophical ideals of truth seeking and great fire of vengeance, we also need to take a real rest and get recharged for the second time around. Oh yes, we know the Capricorns are coming. They got next. But this is not about them, yet.

Hold up: straight from the novel, “The Little Book of Self-Care for Sagittarius” the author and astrologer, Constance Stellas had two examples of tips to keep our Sag minds and physicals stuff on point, all day, everyday. By the way, you need this in your libraries and bookshelves at home:

Source: “The Little Book of Self-Care for Sagittarius” Constance Stellas

So yes Sags, between now and the next time we turn up, take some rest. Take a break. If someone has a common goal to fix or to take over the missions you individually or a group sense to command, have that Sag Member or Members to take over until you reclaim your main target shooting. Oh yes, it can happen. And yes, it will allow you to have a balance of what you need to do and want to do. After all, we are a balanced zodiac sign, right? Half human and Half Horse? All them other signs are all animals and humans. We got the balance, archer folks. Let’s use them everyday between now and the next Sag Season to close out for real, the 2010’s. Actually the 2010’s really end on December 31st, 2020. And the 2020’s start on January 1st, 2021.

From : “The Little Book of Self-Care for Sagittarius” by author and astrologer, Constance Stellas .

So anyway, I hope many of us SagNation folks had partied up, turned up, shot our arrows like crazy with the purple and blue all the 30 days between Nov. 22 and soon to be, December 21st. But yet, keep the fire lit, stoke the flames, reflect on this Sag Season that was, and sometime next year in November, start again to roam with the rest of the Centaurs.

We got this, Sagittarius folks. Keep riding, keep shooting with intelligence and strength. But also, get some rest!

Happy Birthday to Us!


For all of the Sagittarius folks that had a birthday, still celebrating a birthday or will celebrate a birthday, Happy Birthday to all of us. Even happy birthday to me that just went around for the 42nd time on December 5th. You other zodiacs…’s not your turn, but you’re welcome to see this with a someone that is a Sagittarius. We still rock the 9th house with that royal purple and arrow glyphs.

How’s the Bows and Arrows holding up Sagittarians? We still aiming? If we are still aiming, keep aiming I have a news to share to talk about a thing called, a breakthrough. When we see a breakthrough or talk about a breakthrough, we are expecting a thing that is totally different than it was in a previous state. We want or need to expect a breakthrough to be better, level up, improve or just making a thing happen for the benefit of us or yourselves. No matter if it’s a new job or the same job. No matter if it’s dealing with a health illness, or being diagnosed with a health illness. No matter if it’s going through money issues, or having a chance to get that money in a way to invest, grow or getting that bonus from work for the holiday season. No matter what it is, the issue of breakthrough must be put on the table to gain that motivation to propel us to the next level!

9th house Brothers and Sisters, yes we want to get the breakthrough factor. We want it so bad that it needs to happen now. But however: It’s not going to happen instantly! Listen, now. In the era of fake news, alternative facts, folks getting all hypersensitive over Christmas Songs or animal idioms (wait until the next pre Christmas blog of my commentary on this), or even rushed Microwave ideas that drive us nuts, we must remind ourselves that we still need to seek the truth, be optimistic and still aim for the real targets that we should be aiming all the time every day!

accuracy action active activity

Photo by Pixabay on

In the past year, back in February, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. And the thing is I remember that feeling like many of you who are diabetic like, how has this happened? All those times I should have been going to the doctor getting checked up in all. And yet, I knew that most the time, I have to remember that African-Americans like myself could be at risk for Diabetes if not treated properly by eating the right foods and getting enough cardiovascular exercise 30 minutes a day. Now its been 10 months since my diagnosis and I have seemed to get the hang of it by trying to shoot the target of controlling diabetes every time I go on the treadmill or exercise bike or maybe just walking. And the breakthrough I want in this: I want to have an ability that this diagnosis will NOT STOP ME! Like many before me and with me, that I have things to do. Like getting a good paying job, do my best in what I do mostly and get away with it. Yes, I’m still single with no kids. AT 42! How many 42-year-olds right now can actually say that? Not many. And many are at my current new age that is married, have kids, or have an acquaintance that they trust. I don’t have that special acquaintance on my arm at the moment, but in order for me to have that as an example: there needs to be a “level of trust”. A simple LEVEL of trust! No judgment factors. No assumptions. Just let that person allow me to be me. If I want to go to a Milwaukee Bucks game on my own, I’ll do it. Hey, I just did it on my Birthday and came back in one piece. One the “breakthroughs” that was recently discovered that part of the reasons I explore on my own, is really my introversion. Yes, Sagittarius folks I am an Introvert. Matter of fact, I’m an Introvert Sagittarius, or a December Born Introverted Sagittarius. Found out about that about 3 Christmas holidays ago. And I studied and reviewed and I’m still exploring that voyage about the thought of being an introvert. After all Sagittarians, we all explore like Voyagers, right? It’s in our 9th house DNA to seek out new things and ideas for the better. And take our targets to lock on.

Sagittarians: this is our challenge between now and next year and every day: we need breakthroughs! We need breakthroughs in our daily lives that can be better all the time. Of course, it’s going to take a lot of work and dedication, but as you will hear in the next video from the Quietest Revolution: it can be done!

I got to say something about these tarot card reading videos. Amber Khan takes the tarot readings on a whole new level. For this video: it’s for us 9th House folks. She does a good job breaking it down in summary of what we go through and how to get to that next point for improvement and such. I know it’s a Tarot thing and it’s not a visit to the doctor’s office. But hey, what she said in this has some truths.

“Shoot your Shot!” as she would say.

We need to take our shots, focus more and have the ability to have that “can do mentality” of getting things done no matter what. We can do this. If it’s been on your mind, on your heart or whatever and if it’s been an idea that has clouded you for a long time, and all this time it’s drawing you over and over again in various issues: then it’s time! Many of us now, and as well as when the other Zodiacs take over the baton, we Sag folks need to stay in practice and be ready every time to prepare our bows and arrows when those things happen. The mindset will be a lot clearer and understandable and overall; it will be making a lot of sense!

And even if you fail and bounce back in your craft! Read this next:

This past summer, I had a chance to be a Summer Developer for my church. And the sole purpose was to supposed to gain more insight in our ongoing support of our Veterans. And I had a lot of barriers in the way. Dealing with family members in the hospitals and one of my first cousins being celebrated in death. All this year. And when it came for the evaluation, I was VERY EMBARRASSED. I got my (())# kicked. It was so stupid. And also, we had a guest pastor visiting us and hearing all this and even it was more embarrassing! I didn’t want to talk the next day. Nor I didn’t want to go to church at all that day. My Sagittarian butt should have been at home watching the Packer game. Oh yes, my pastor and I had a talk. And the thing is I busted my butt off what I could do in all to try to make this work. Of all that, in small details, it wasn’t enough. It was mostly a failure and not very good. Warning to us introverts in the church.

A month later, I was invited to a Church Homecoming Anniversary. And I had a thought previously that I should leave my Nikon camera at home in all, but I took it with me. When I got to the church, one of my Wisconsin State Senators, Lena Taylor was visiting and preparing to give the Keynote address. But BEFORE THAT HAPPENED: The Pastor and one of the Youth Reps approached me in greeting, and I told them both that I had no idea that Senator Lena Taylor was going to be here, and my Nikon Camera was in the car. So what is a Sag have to do? I went back to my car, got the camera and took the shots for the church’s homecoming. Even taking pics of the kids reading poems and many others. And even taking pics of my State Senator giving the keynote address. At the end of the night and several nights later, I had to say to myself: “Stephen, that is YOU! That church summer developer thing was crap! From now on, you stay taking pictures. And do what you ALWAYS do best!” And yet being a photo guy or a photographer per se is a Sagittarius Quality, and an Introvert Quality. I was reminded that my late Grandfather (who was not a Sagittarius, but more like a Virgo or Libra) that he once said:

“If are certain things that you can’t handle, leave it alone!”

That quote was introduced to me as a teen in all, BUT now in my 40’s, it’s the realization that there will be things that we will not do properly will be kept alone, and just focus on what we can do and level up better than before. My Sagittarian dudes and girls, that is a prime example of bouncing back. We got recuperative powers to elevate our comebacks! This is part of us that we should know and understand. And just like anything else, if one thing doesn’t work, try the things that can work to elevate your game whatever it might be. If you’re not a classic talker in public, be part of the listening audience that can give you the insight. If a certain job you tried is not working well and it’s new, go back to the old job that really stood you out in the beginning! And yet my Sagittarian blog readers, that will also keep our aims deadlocked!

In conclusion, as I close, that us “half human half horse arrow shooting fire sign on the third scale”:, we are reminded that things will go wrong and we must find a way to work with it. This is the second birthday without my dad since last year, and yes I’m still working on the things that need to be reasonable! We have to do it, and we need to take a chance and go for it. Like the lyrics in Rocky V, “Heart and Fire” – Go for it.

Sagittarius folks: We are rockers! We rock this business and we rock this game. Let’s go forth and continue to show the world and others, and us, who we are, and what we’re all about: A 9th house zodiac that will not die without a fight!

Happy Birthday, Sagittarians! And in the words of the Milwaukee Brewers, the 2018 NL Central Division Champs with Christian Yelich the 2018 NL’s MVP and a December 5th born Sag himself: “LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

So: Let’s Go, Sagittarius! We got Arrows and Bows to grind and fight every day!








Where you at Sagittarius folks?

Our season is back and back better than ever!

Happy Birthday to us 9th House folks whom had birthdays celebrated and those yet to have the birthday candles blown out. Plus if you’re a Sag like me whom celebrates all through the month of December or November birthday wise, I’m not alone. It’s our season to shoot the like the centaur for 30 days!

But there is a downside for me. I recently crossed into age 41 on December 5th without my father. As many of you know that I lost my father unexpectedly in February of this year, and like many I’m trying to get through this thing called the “new normal”. And if you know how it feels to lose a parent and to have your birthday celebrated months later without him or her, you know what I’m talking about. If you are one of those whom experienced that this year or years past, I join you. I join you and a constant thousands whom has lost a parent this year that was dear to us. It’s not easy. It’s not the same. And with the holidays are upon us of Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanzaa, we know about the many chairs to be filled up with relatives and friends coming over. We know this. And it’s bound to happen. But the emptiness of our loved ones like Dad won’t be here to celebrate. The last Christmas I spent with BOTH of my parents was last year in 2016. And my sister was in the Hospital. That was it. Even though we gone though hospital visits, and checking houses and semi-Christmas Shopping, we had Christmas! Period. And after my sister was home earlier this year, we had a make up dinner of Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year’s all in one. As if we need to have it done with us being back and forth! And all it as done a month before my father’s death again unexpectedly this year. I’ll talk more about it AFTER Sag Season is done going into the end of the year.

But the thing is: WE CELEBRATED! WE HONORED! and this time, even though that Dad is not here in the body but the spirit, we will still celebrate the holidays period. We will still celebrate Christmas, period. And even though my parents’ anniversary is coming up on December 20th, and I can’t speak on that, but my mother can. I will honor the day that they were married. Without them, December 5th wouldn’t rock period! Also, I was reminded of what Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker once said. And I don’t follow Gospel Music. Not a fan here. But he once said that even though we’re going through tough times, we can celebrate. And that’s what I’m doing all through the 12th month: CELEBRATE! I am celebrating life. I am celebrating of what was, and what is, and what will be. That is why this 12th month party of mine WILL NOT STOP. I don’t think my father wanted me to stop celebrating my birthday. We going to continue to celebrate, period! You Sags out there who can relate, can you understand that? I know you can. Even though we lost some soldiers along the way (Sags and non-Sags) but we still have to keep the game going. We have to train up new folks to lead this game. I say this to everyone. I don’t care if you like me as a Sagittarius, but best believe that we got to start training up new folks! We Sagittarians are born leaders, voyagers, and teachers, right? Yes? It’s not about what we know but also who we know! The glyph arrow always points upward and straight. Got to teach that! And speaking of voyagers, that is what we are also. Always seeking. Always searching. And always gathering knowledge where we go.

Sagittarius folks of the world: keep that up. We need to keep that going. I know our Capricorn folks are looking to take over, but before that happens, like I said at my father’s wake that we need to stay in the fight. We need to stay in the game. Be empowered. And mostly let all the folks know that we are still here!

Last year, I posted a video of “The Quietest Revolution” about us Sagittarians going though rough stuff. This year, I’m doing it again, but she talks about the New Moon and New you. This is for us Sagittarius folks who want to have that new moon signals and new moon ideas financially. But there are low points. Now I know I’m not into the tarots or card reading, but the ideas of searching new moons are basically is what is needed. My Sagittarius folks: let’s go for the new moon to shine. Not just in the coming year, but EVERYDAY!

Happy Birthday, Archer folks!

Celebrate always.

Keep roaming, Centaurs and keep shooting for the moon!

By now, the final leg to Christmas is here. Many are out getting gifts or making that donation popping. But whatever it is, it’s almost the day in which grandma’s house will be visited, light speed to the tree will be at full throttle. The anticipation of the excitement once again that this Holy Day of Jesus’ birth is mysterious, but is the greatest holiday of all time.

But like before: I still got questions!

For all of us December born males, does this matter?


Does us in the Sagittarius game have a plan that things will be better? Keep slinging the arrows.♐♐♐♐

Did I had a good birthday on December 5th? Celebrating that 40th Milestone? ♐

OK hold up: who is really watching the Hallmark Christmas Movies?🎄❄🎄❄

Again I need to ask, are there other stories to read? Time to bust the bubble. Literally.

Not lame but I only see a few African Americans in these Hallmark Christmas Shows. Why is that?

Will you really miss Obama after this SNL Christmas Skit?

In history, the Green Bay Packers are so Dangerous in December. True?

So the Electoral College (as from those who hate it) should be abolished. Um did the EC actually worked when Obama got elected?

Milwaukee, remember we Generation X folks had all this fun? Read this article from one of our black radio hosts from WNOV on

Who really gets the Christmas Gifts: those who have nothing or those who have been in the struggle?

Will fake news actually disappear from Facebook, Google or any other news outlet that has real news?

What was the really stories that captured 2016? More on that later.

With all the snow jobs lately, should there be a reduction in taxes? And should there be snow cycles for fun and at a cheap price?

Is DirecTV Now holding up well? I may need to subscribe.

With some of the black population supporting Donald Trump, what will be outcome of what they think they might get, knowing that part of it will get screwed?

With all the Christmas stuff now coming down percentage-wise, is it wise NOW to get them for next year?

They say that the females have to take over for the men for doctor appointments. My question is, are these the same type of females that really hate men? Be real ladies.💊

You black queens say you love us black kings. Can you takes us out to lunch or dinner or a movie that YOU will be paying? Don’t just say you love us, show it!🍴

I know this might be old, but what is it about black women or certain type of black women who have this hate on black men who date other races? I mean I’m just asking what is the hold up on it? And where is the “hate” coming from?

I have to ask this also: those of us in America is thinking about moving to Canada, due to Trump’s win. What’s in Canada?

YAHOO: What is wrong with you?!

Many should realize that Canada does have racism like America almost, right?

Should the Greater Milwaukee Area get a Hard Rock Café (not the Casino due to Walker’s dumb decision) in order to get Milwaukee on the map more? THINK on this Milwaukee. Hate going to other cities for the Hard Rock fun!

What is real hate against Obamacare?

By the end of 2016, will you really have all those 2017 resolutions in tact, knowing that many of us WILL NOT due all the things on that list? (lose weight, stop smoking, find this and that…..)

Should Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke be fired for all those deaths in County Jail? 

You do realize that when new years comes, you have to start filing taxes right? TAX TIME BALLERS! 💸

Oh, many don’t know, but 2017 is a mini voting year? Not for President, but look in your communities.

Why is the Salvation Army having a hard time with the kettle donations?

Should all NFL or celebs dive in the Salvation Army kettle for the donations?

So there are those still are at war on Christmas. For what pry-tell reason why? Bitterness perhaps?

So Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa will all start and end by New Years Day. Questions?

Will us Sagittarius folks keep slinging the arrows everyday? Now that our season is in the books! ♐♐♐♐♐♐

OK last question: and this is for all the cold snow haters. If you are one of the many that hate cold weather so much, then why you don’t say much about………Hot weather?  Just wait until Spring/Summer 17. I’ll hold you to that.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad to all. 🎄❄🎄❄🎄❄🎁











As this week progresses, the Season of the Archers will close for another year. And yes, the Capricorns will make way for the path. But BEFORE YOU Capricorns, start taking the Baton of the Zodiac and run: I got something to say here. Last year I wrote two Sagittarius things in tribute and to keep it real with poems. So guess what, I’m going to do it again but with a twist with famous folks of the 9th house living or dead that paved up the way for the 9th house Centaur Nation.

I rep the 9th house. I am that zodiac that roams no bounds,

It’s that thoroughbred in me that still abounds

No matter I’m at work, school or play,

It doesn’t matter, I’m a Sag that still makes the stay

I’ll innovate a famous month of blackness that keeps the folks all year flowing and crusin’

That would be cool, like Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Or to rule the White House: such as debating and tourin’

Like the guy of 8th President of Martin van Buren

For music like Little Richard, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Jimi Hendrix, Janelle Monae, Taylor Swift, or Keri Hilson,

Don’t mind me, I’ll be like the folks in Seattle doing a chant for Russell WIL-SON!

Whether I’ll make a pass for a Touchdown, or make the belt come out for the Max,

Just like Aaron Rodgers, I’ll tell those with conviction of R-E-L-A-X!

I’ll be a bit sassy like Nene Leaks or Richard Pryor, or get funny like Redd Foxx or Margaret Cho,

No matter the scene, I’ll be the icon that can still go!

In church, I can do ministry like the Pope Francis I and spread the inspiration,

Or like the beat of the drum like Sheila E, you’ll stay for the duration.

Don’t make me get funky up in here, like my name would be Morris Day,

I’ll make you get up and dance and you’ll have nothing to say!

Us Centaurs might be moody and most of the time can’t take no fool,

Just like the archer Samuel L. Jackson, yo we play it cool.

Us Centaurs will go to the extreme like whole lot of club goers jumpin’

Don’t make me get the stunner son, like the rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Oh, it’s true! It’s true like the moniker of Kurt Angle and his Wrestling Game,

I don’t have Olympic gold medals, but still can rise to fame.

Us Centaurs will get creative like the names of Charles Schultz and Walt Disney

I told you that thoroughbred sound was real, we also kick it like WWE’s Naomi and the dragon himself Bruce Lee, feel me?

Like the famous folks of John Stewart, Robin Roberts, James Avery, and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix,

Knowing this season of maintenance, it’s always a reference of a done deal fix.

Having towards the wave of success and sometimes be crazy of anything that we oppose,

Go reference Nicki Minaj, or that WWE Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose!

It takes a king to know a king, ala the name Jerry Lawler doing fist drops,

We Sagittarius folks are party starters, which never stops.

We also have voice of a Ella Baker, which the civil rights of her had never scowl,

we also can march to the beat of civil rights and learn from those of a Andrew Goodman, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and yes,  Adam Clayton Powell.

In closing of this poem, we do have to maintain this flow,

Like another Sag that tells us of Rob Van Dam, we are and can be the whole f’n show!

So as this Sagittarius season closes out another year to come,

Remember Sagnation, no matter what we do and where we go, always have the bows and arrows on lock and roam, and never ever forget where you come from!

When the Centaurs roam, Glyph Happens!

Human Intelligence, Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, even though it maybe Capricorn season, but I’m still on the mind of my 9th House Zodiac Sign.

Since last year, or the last 2 years, I’ve been on 2 Facebook groups of Sagittarius and All About Sagittarius. I’ve mentioned this before. However, I’ve been seeing all these commentary stuff about being a real Sagittarius, or being a true Sagittarius. Now before many who are 9th house related come at me with the pitchforks and torches, I’m pulling a Kevin Hart from 2013: Let Me Explain! *Show me the fire*

On both of these group pages, I’ve read both definitions of others who lay claim of being this Real or True Sagittarius. I’ve read in relation to love making, sex, human relation of being bi-polar per say. Don’t forget, Sagittarius is a Half/Half sign. And most of the things they talked about were true, and some explicitly displayed WITH WARNING, but it begs the question: What REALLY defines a Real or True Sagittarius?

Let me put my spin on this, and guess what, it will not be on the pages. I don’t want those who say, “Oh you’re not a real Sag! FAKER!” Hey, I’m December 5th born, MITCHES!

  • Being a real Sagittarius is more than the Horse like thighs and hips.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more than show your “bi-polar side” per say against something or someone.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius IS MORE than being Grown and Sexy and trying to get busy in the bedroom.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more having a Horse like Male Exterior between the legs and having that being a man to impress women.

What do I think qualifies being a real true Sagittarius?

1) Being those in need for who they are and where they are.

2) Having to show respect towards yourself and others.

3) Recognizing Right and Wrong. I mean didn’t your mama teach you that? Or your daddy, or anyone had raised you since birth, NOT 14 years old?!!!

4) Recognizing your values that were given to you since you were born and raised. And to spin all of that into a positive form of the Zodiac.

5) And the freedom thing, yes we have that: but a thing that these folks that lay claim as being a real Sag is missing: RESPONSIBILITY! Many or some on the group page talk about the freedom part, but not responsibility. Yes, America is known for freedoms. But many forget responsible options.

I’ve read again that oh, were all adults here. REAL ADULTS should know better! About the blocking and reporting, why is on a page that is declared NSFW have to be interrupted by a few knuckleheads? I mean there are knuckleheads in all Zodiacs, and unfortunately there are those in the 9th house Zodiac have to act like fools to draw attention. One guy, had expressed about not using condoms while having sex. And may I add, he’s a black male in his 20’s. Is that being grown and sexy? I don’t what is. Matter of fact, if you’re considered “Grown and Sexy” you need to carry responsibility. I hate to say it. And plus, it shouldn’t matter in your 20’s, 30’s or better yet I don’t care if you’re darn near 50! I know some Sagittarius folks who are in these age groups and keep it real WITH responsibility. You wanna know? Ask those that I know. And yes, those post their pics up to show that side, but that might get them reported. And Facebook gives the authority to the leaders to boot out, delete, or warn ANY user of the house rules of the page! And those who get reported had to go into a temper tantrum acting if their freedoms got violated. But did they EVER try to read the rules and regulations?!!! Or it’s called reading the fine print! I know what it is: folks don’t read. And that’s the sad reality no matter what group it is.

Also on the positive side and there is a positive side, there are those who are respectable and watch their tone. Like talking about the weather or representing your birthday, your November side, December side, or your city. And by the way, between the two groups, I’ve been a male leading Wisconsinite in representing the state. So yeah, I’m being a real true Sagittarius in this area!

Like before, now there are going to be those who feel that their fun is being ruined all because of what they can’t express. And having the sarcasm of telling them bye like they own the page. Wow really? They don’t OWN the page, they never took the time to make the page, nor to create the page. Nor appoint anyone who is an administrator to help monitor the page. I know some are interesting folks, but what I’m saying they are just like including myself, regular customers going to a store to buy a membership product. That’s all this is! And if the violators took the time to read up and understood than this outbreak of screaming bloody murder!!!!!  I’m just being real as I speak. Between these two FB Group pages, its about 11,000 combined. But there are a few Admins. I’m giving those who haven’t been on them a sneak preview. But alas: you can make your own page that you can have about 7 Admins, and make all the rules and regulations all you want to, BUT there is a need of order that has to be implemented. With regarding this, its not just being a True Sagittarius, or a Real Sagittarius. It should be about A True REAL RESPONSIBLE Sagittarius. Draw the arrows and bows on that!

And on top of that: Accountability. Uh-huh! Now what?!

Still: Human Intelligence. Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!

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Sags in the building

Yeah, I’m still on the Sagittarius tip. Centaurs Baby!  Even when the season ends this weekend before the Capricorns take over the Zodiac Baton. However, I’m still reppin’ the 9th house to the fullest, no matter what season it is.

So this year on Facebook, I’ve expanded my Zodiac side sort of speak, to interact with the folks who share the same sign as I do. Yes, I have to admit, there are others who share the same sign of Sagittarius, have real deep perspectives about the zodiac. Yes, I know the qualities of a Sag Centaur in a sense, no question. But also the levels, and the turn up mentality when it comes to hold your breath……high sex drive.

I have to question, is this is what we Sags are? Really?

Now not to knock the hustle, but after doing some research on other sites, its mostly truth. Hey, I haven’t tried it. But it’s knowing to be true. Plus also during the inter activeness, there were folks from all over the place, no matter if it’s Chicago, Louisiana, my homestate, or way far in the Middle East. No matter where we are in the world, it was like going to a pilgrimage, in a virtual sense. So yes we have interacted. Like many other groups on Facebook, there’s always a hater or haters who had to open their big mouths and cry out attention like a whining baby! Twice on one Sagittarius group page, there were incidents of folks who had to comment about too many black folks who log on and not enough whites. REALLY?! Oh, here another in a comment about “trunk full of n*ggers” from a white dude on a Facebook Group Sagittarius page. Wow! Really?

To those who are non-black and have this hate about seeing too many blacks on a Sagittarius page and I’m saying this as a Sagittarius, congrats. You have demonstrated that racism still exists. You have demonstrated that your bitterness, and hatred among blacks is still a hot button topic that consumes this nation, and also this WORLD! And you lay claim that you’re not a racist per say. If you didn’t like what is, or who was or is on the group page, then WHY have you logged on and view it? DUH!!!!! Were you hurt? Did someone call you out and say Blacks Only on a Sagittarius Page? NO!!! Did I call you out and say no white punks on a Sagittarius Page on Facebook? NO!!!!  I begin to suspect that part of that hate, probably consumes in your families, or your upbringings! And I dare to say that I’m assuming that one of them is American and white is just felt that he got his ball stolen from him back in the third grade. Simmer down.  I’m not in charge of the Sagittarius Page on Facebook, but I will say this, just get in line! I hear the white folks all the time, just but in line. I’m just saying! This story is nothing new. Sort of like some of the White folks complain about Black Girls Rock and where’s the #WhiteGirlsRock show? Don’t get me started on that. I already said that a month ago.  Just to think also that the first Astrologers per say, were black. From navigating the stars, to become one of the best Astrologers. So we know.

On the flip side of Group Pages, there is another Facebook Page called “All About Sagittarius.” And I must say that it’s a fairly young page but still growing with 2,000 plus members. It’s a little more open but steadly growing in sense of what the topic, or a feeling per say. The Group page has also been hit with certain postings of in dealing with explicit graphic nature in which most was not that offensive for some. Many feared that the group page would get shut down in despite of the page’s status. Personally they didn’t effect me at all. Yes, I will say that it’s Freedom of Speech or Expression. Yes, Freedom of Speech is a right, and (I hope I don’t offended my Sagittarius folks on this page) a RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!! I guess someone had saw the explicit photos per say felt it was offensive and had them investigated. My question was or is, where was the Administrator of the page? Matter of fact, an enforcement of the page rules should have been intact. On the strange side of this, those who posted the pics, backed up the intelligence side of it that when a male and female do the intercourse thing, 9 months later yes human life is born. I get it. And it reminded me of this:


On the other Sagittarius Page, there were Admins and Owners who declared no NSFW’s. or Not Safe or Not Suitable for Work. That was the law. If breaking that law, like any other page, you will be banished. Period. Not coming back.  Also, there is another Sag page went up called “Upscale Sagittarius” which is for the Grown and Sexy side folks of the 9th house. This came up after the All About Sagittarius FB as a backup. And for the record, I’m not on that page.

And I should point out, that the group pages are closed, and the only ones who see the pages are the members themselves.

But overall, I may not like some of the postings, I just scroll. Or I just put up a pic of Naomi from the WWE, or maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin, whom by the way are Sagittarians. There are positives and well as the negatives. I keep my distance and character in check. Just like mama used to tell us “Don’t start nothing, so won’t be nothing!” And that doesn’t matter what sign or person you are! I see you Capricorns, Leos, Cancers, Geminis, Aquarius in all. Trying to peek at my blog. Uh-huh….Just kidding.  

There is nothing wrong chatting with a Sagittarian from California, or Afghanistan. Nothing wrong coming together and sharing up ideas or to network. Even to celebrate your birthday. I had over 30 likes and about 20 comments coming from folks who I never met, but have that Sagittarius connection virtually. But just anything else, there are those who want to mess things up.  But as a Sagittarius as I am, the bows and arrows are ALWAYS on lock and the network is still open!

We still got Swag.
Human Intelligence.
Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius soul, baby!

Network, fellow Archers! Even those that live in Wisconsin.



Preface: This week, Sagittarius Season is coming to a close. BUT, before that happens, I would like the ALL the Sagittarius folks to pat yourselves on the back, and thanks to the creator of the heavens and earth for another year. Yes, we need to be thankful for another year to celebrate our Sag related November/December Birthdays. Consider this another Sagittarius Check-in! (Part II)

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stand up Sagittarius!

Stand up Archers!

Stand up Centaurs!

We still roam. We still roam. We still got soul and doing fine. 

We’ve been roaming since birth and will do ’till the end of time.

Always get YOUR arrows and bows and get ready for an attack on deck.

Enemies lurk all around, so always be on your best set.

Scan and shoot your targets, as the hunters we are.

No matter if it’s near or very far.

We are a fire sign that continues to burn and blaze

Making sure all or some surroundings don’t clearly faze.

We are a half half bunch, that most don’t find very valuable, and a gist of formation.

It’s not just individuals ruling, it’s about US: the Sagittarius nation!

Oh, we got that high drive of philosophical thinking, and mostly for the love making folks in the bedroom,

Through the twists and turns, we can sweep them up like a push broom.

Some of the others call us Sags arrogant, stubborn, selfish and cruel.

What you don’t understand, on the flipside, we’re very straightforward and very cool. 

Some might not get us Centaurs, in roaming for knowledge, 

We deal with being different everyday, so it ain’t college!

We can be nice or feel our fire ablaze,

FYI Folks: Our bi-polars could be in effect, in a rage of the cage. 

Us Sagnaiton folks wants freedom all around

It’s the “thoroughbred” in us, that makes us sound. 

So whenever we see you at work, at church, the club, or in the house, festival, event, or a hotel stay.

Just rest assured that WE ARE SAGITTARIANS! That have Power, Intelligence, Optimism, and Soul, every single day!

Sagittarius Black

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Shout out to my folks who have the Zodiac 9th house in effect. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Sagittarius Season. The Zodiac of the Archer. The Centaur. No matter if you’re a November Sagittarian or like me, a December Sagittarian. It’s our Season, until about December 22nd. My best advice after the Sagnation season is over, don’t just rep your sign for the moment. Rep it every day! Rep it in the morning. Rep it in the afternoon. Rep it in the evening. Even rep it in the midnight hour. Rep it in all the seasons! Rep it at your jobs, or your neighborhoods.  And yes if you’re not a Sagittarius, but if you rep your sign to the fullest all day every day, fine. However, for us, Centaur folks, keep doing it big! Aim and keep those arrows up! Keep up and maintain that swag which includes work, and just be the best at it. And if you have a “Birthday Twin” don’t be afraid to acknowledge that. Everyone has a birthday twin. If those have a December 5th Birthday like me, I hope it was and is (in an observance sense) a good one.


Finally, let me say this and I’m going to get a little preachy here. Maybe not. Here is I like to call:

An ode to Sagittarius

We are Centaurs!

We are Archers!

We are Philosophical and we see!

We are Sagittarius!

We are the Sagittarius Nation!

We are the 9th house!

No matter what Swag, Saglife or many other lives we have and take.

We have fire! And must use that fire to improve, build, maintain, and soar.

We use the Bows and Arrows, to aim and shoot at our attempted targets.

We may not get all the targets, but we do aim for our goals, and objectives.

We are half and half. With the mind of human knowledge and strength of a thoroughbred. We are blessed with gifts from God. We are jovial. We are artistic.

And we are considered “dark horses” at times as well as having freedom, and being straight up with knowledge and TRUTH!

No matter if we are American, Canadian, African, European, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Greek, Australian, or Middle Eastern. Or many other citizens in the world.

Now many may not understand, may not like, don’t want to comment or simply disapprove.

Some may like and approve, but we are out there doing things in all WE do.

No matter if we are artists, leaders, religious folks, tutors, teachers, writers, musicians, or many other lines of work.

No matter if we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, or any other religious affiliation. Or non-religious.

No matter if we are working for a business, own our companies, or volunteering our time and effort.

No matter if we are neighbors, parents,  sons, daughters, relatives, veterans, servicemen, classmates, best friend, church members, or that guy or girl that is doing good from the hood.

No matter if we are straight or LGBT. Happily married or living the single life. Even if you are Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, European Decent,  Asian Decent, Japanese Related, or if you are a man or a woman.

No matter if you hold it down for the brothers, or keeping it real for the sisters.

No matter if we rock & roll, rap & hip-hop, r&b swing, get bluesy on guitar,  jazz it up in the clubs, “turn up” in the dance clubs, and/or lead that party in a dress or a suit with the DJ in the back! Can I get a witness up in here?!!! I told you I was going to get a little preachy up in here!

“The party” is the lifeline of the Sagittarius folks!  A “blessed” lifeline!

No matter what, or what is, or who is, I know this and you the Centaur/Archer family should know: We are and forever will be: Sagittarians.

Welcome to the 9th house!


12 12 12 clock in



It’s the 12th Day, the 12th Month,  in the year of 2012.  It’s a 12/12/12 day. Here in Wisconsin it’s also dubbed as “Aaron Rodgers Day.” Several of us, mostly are Packer Backers are dawning the number 12 on the 12/12/12 day. It was mostly some fans last year wanted to have this day to happen and well, here we are. Not hating on the concept here.




It’s cool to have the 12’s lined up in December. In Sagittarius season! Other Zodiacs, need to respect.


Now how did we get here? Well let’s review: (But before we begin, we must recognize that January, 2000 was the year of the Dragon, and Capricorn season, per say)

January 1st 2001 -01/01/01 – Capricorn/Year of the Snake

February 2nd, 2002 – 02/02/02 – Aquarius/Year of the Horse

March 3rd, 2003 – 03/03/03 – Pisces/Year of the Goat

April 4th, 2004 – 04/04/04 – Aries/Year of the Monkey

May 5th, 2005 – 05/05/05 – Taurus/Year of the Rooster

June 6th, 2006 – 06/06/06 – Gemini/Year of the Dog

July 7th, 2007- 07/07/07 -Cancer/Year of the Pig

August 8th, 2008- 08/08/08 -Leo/Year of the Rat

September 9th, 2009 – 09/09/09 -Virgo/Year of the Ox

October 10th, 2010 – 10/10/10 – Libra/Year of the Tiger

November 11th, 2011 – 11/11/11 – Scorpio/Year of the Rabbit

and …..December 12th, 2012 – 12/12/12 – Sagittarius/Year of the Dragon


No need to fear the Mayan’s stuff here! And by the way, don’t let all that hype about the world coming to an end mess get to you. That’s God’s decision. NOT MAN!