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I needed to repost this blog from 4 years ago. August 2nd, 2012. Back then, it seemed that the hair haters of Gabby Douglas had opened up wounds about a hair. Now, yet again, the same hair haters had to comeback and say some smack about Gabby’s hair. ENOUGH OF THIS! Especially if you’re black. In an upcoming blog after the olympics, I’m going to go hard in which the hair haters must surrender. Right now, I’m on a break. But I’m coming back in a direct mean letter to all this hate of Gabby Douglas. Not just for the Hair Haters, but also for the “Overly Patriotic” and you know who you are!

Gabby’s Cool. Stop worrying about her hair!!

I don’t know if anyone had paid attention to this but…..When Gabby Douglas and her Fierce 5 crew won the Gold Medal in Gymnastics recently at the Olympics, there were some bashing of her in regarding her hair. Oh, really?!!! To those that bashed Gabby on that, you need to get a life! Stop It!

This kid just did something positive for the country and here it is that folks are worried about her hair! I mean when you do sweat, your hair is effected by that. What is up with folks, excuse me; Some black people who do this in a negative fashion? No matter in person or virtually like Twitter?

What that tells me that there are pathetic folks who are just well….here it is again “extremely sensitive” about stuff that they feel is well “offensive”. How is Gabby’s hair is offensive to Blacks in terms of what it supposed to look like? Talk about “GHETTO!”

What a joke. I say this, worry about your hair! Also what do we know about Gabby Douglas in general? Guess what. NONE of us never knew this kid before the name came out, along with her talent. The Olympics are not a fashion show. This is like “serious business” here. No I haven’t competed in a Olympic games but I respect the hard work and dedication to get to that point. It’s just like getting the WWE Championship. Sometimes you have to through folks like or dislike just to get the belt!

Don’t like Gabby’s hair? So what. Move on. Just do the thing of respect that the almighty has sent her do and to express her gifts as an Gymnast. Her hair is not that important right now. And by the way, she is competing in a Women’s category for Gymnastics, but she’s still a kid.

Grow up!

Well, I have been on a break. Had to take a blogging break to ease the mind. After celebrating a milestone of High School 20 Years, and other things, its time to get back to the grind with a three way dance!

First on the card: 20 years of the Million Man March have passed. It’s been 20 years since the Nation’s Capitol was filled with black men from all walks of life for the one Day of Atonement. Ranging from speakers, even the late Maya Angelou spoke. And yes the Minister himself Louis Farrakhan. It was also for the first time in many, many years that many have set foot on the Mall in DC to address the concerns of African-American Men facing in our communities everyday.

20 years ago was the start, now it’s JUSTICE OR ELSE!

Like many, I tuned in to see and hear the speeches of many had to be said. And even from the words from Minister Louis Farrakhan of his remarks. Two things that stuck out in this anniversary of the March was the Boycotting of Christmas and also passing the torch. We know that Christmas is coming. And yes there will be a many of us probably going out to spend the holiday cash. But in the last few years, the Christmas Holiday start per say had kind of dipped because there are those in the Black Shopping Network have decided NOT to shop on Black Friday Weekend. It will be like, nobody black don’t shop on Black Friday after all the discriminatory like ideas against black shoppers in a Walmart, or a Kmart, or any other store that might take our money, but may not take us! The minister called for those to celebrate the part of Christmas that is missing: acknowledging the parents whom act upon the Santa Claus role of providing the gifts to the families rather than the usual Santa of course taking all the credit. We know this. And many others. It’s been talked about before. Plus it’s also been a recent commentary that yes some might be offended that many didn’t attend the march due to family commitments, or other personal issues to address. OF COURSE THEY ARE MAD! Not everyone is not going to attend, or in this instance, had not attend because of the their commitments. So I say this: CHILL OUT! As long as the message continues to spread and to summarize, hopefully it might be able to catch on during the next 20 years if possible to enhance the lessons. Can this be done? Plus also the Minister talked about passing the torch. Well, he’s on point with that. There may have to come at a time when the torch must be passed to the next leaders that are coming up. That goes for anything. But in order to be the next in line to get that torch: you got to be trained right! You can’t just skip over in appropriately and just get your due. That’s not how it works, folks. Even those in the Nation have to understand that. It takes years (YEARS) to get to that spot and it’s not a fly by night stuff.

Second Dance on the Card: The Mess out of Raven-Symone.

How does this chick stay relevant? So on a recent episode of The View, the then still Olivia actress had stated that she would discriminate someone with “ghetto” names. We know those names that can be made up at times and sometimes couldn’t even pronounce. Many of us know. And alot of folks who probably were birthed with the so-called ghetto names were probably offended. I don’t blame them for earning the names. That goes on the parents. It’s like if you got a name like “Karisha” Or “Majohnte” Or those Niqua names, chances are there are those in America who are looking for work, many not hire them all because they’re mothers, or fathers or both named their kids with those particular names. Remember when President Obama talked about Jacob, not Jamal? Sounds Familiar?

Speaking of that, and Raven-Symone: I know many had to remember this show-

Does this sound familiar? This one scene from That’s So Raven, had so many folks questioning, about the judgment words that Raven-Symone made. How you going not to hire black folks per say, when you made a show that folks didn’t want you because you’re black? REALLY? Is this where the thing is going? Clearly, this is a matter of messed up minds at work. And Raven is (or has) been on the cusp offending herself, and those that rallied around her, including African-Americans fans of her, and of The Cosby Show of way back. Oh since then, she had apoligized to those who might been offended, but as far as her stature………..which remains to been seen.

Third Dance of the Card: #BlackLivesMatter Does NOT endorse Police Killings!

If anyone in America, black or white feels that the Black Lives Matter is all about police killings, you are sad and delusional. Sorry to say this, but it’s getting to the point that the apex is growing. Folks fail to mention that. I said this once and again, I thought Black Lives Matter was about addressing the concerns of black men and black women. Why is this so political?! Then the mocking and the “copycats” come out and say, “ALL LIVES MATTER” or “Police Lives Matter”. That right there, is just that: a mere smokescreen that will get folks all confused and assume that the folks saying Black Lives Matter are racist and don’t care about the other lives that mattered, or matters. I have to comment this: there are those in the mainstream media, or the local media, or your local news, or your inner Social Media Circle, that had said, or currently saying this. Hell, I don’t care if they went to your High School or University Class Reunion. Yeah I said it! You also have folks like Allen West, or the Milwaukee County Sheriff himself David Clarke going on Fox News and talking about the negative of Black Lives Matter and assuming it’s all smoke and mirrors. I call BS on that. These dudes and many like them, even the Right Wing Media Maniacs just like to pour on the ingredients just to scare folks.

Black Lives Matter DOES NOT overshadow all lives matter. Nor does kill cops!

We know that all lives really matter in all, but if all lives really matter or mattered, why is it when black folks get discriminated in any way, it’s way for the other folks to say get over it? Seriously? As a wise black woman told me that there are somethings that you can’t get over! Chew on that, Black Lives Matter haters in all! Want to know? Do a thing called research!

Yeah, they can mock the original sayings all they want, but the ORIGINAL CORE of the Black Lives Matter thing will still be in place to explain the real truth behind the rhymes and reasons.

I’m going to have the editorials come out on this one. I know that it’s been a week, but I couldn’t still get over the fact of the comments from Rick Santourm and above all people, Newt Gingrich. Now yes, this is in response to what they said in terms of  African-Americans shouldn’t be given food stamps in all.  Or shouldn’t invest in other peoples money. I have to ask this question for real. Who on God’s Green earth do they think they are?!!  Or I supposed they have all the answers right?  Really? These are the same republicans who swept the house and talking about getting the jobs?  But I don’t see not one person from the right coming out and say, “I know we can get the jobs without harming the middle class.”  Ummmm, I’m still waiting on that. And by the way, when 2011 came to an end, it was reported that the country had a total of 200,000 jobs. Who’s responsible for that? Ask the President.

But the thing that got me, was why the 9% of Iowans, whom I’m assuming were African-American, were the targets in the eyes of Rick Santourm and Newt Gingrich? It has been reported that yes, most of Caucasian Americans are on welfare than African-Americans. We know this. But I’m asking why it was them targeting the black folks? I can hear this now: “Oh, It’s out of context. So what are you really saying?” It’s just like Scott Walker, per say not going on the black radio stations in Milwaukee in talking about his plans for the State of Wisconsin, and coming out on a right wing station show like Charlie Sykes, in saying what he really feels about blacks in general. Which by the way that did happen.  Another reason in my view, why the recall thing is happening.

This is the year of 2012 of elections. And I’m going to make an assumption that Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum will not pass. They won’t. If they keep spewing out this context as they say it, per say, they’re done. Period.  I guess that will be another reason why I think President Obama will remain President for another four years. I know there are some Clinton detractors out there, and Democrat Detractors. But yeah, there are detractors on all angles, but this story is concerning the now Republicans in terms in this.

Speaking of commentaries, click on the link below to hear and see what Milwaukee’s own Cassandra McShepard had to say in regarding this. And by the way, it’s deep.

Bubbler: Iowa caucuses and local politics

Dear Milwaukee:

How’s our new year coming along? If you said good, that’s fine. If you say not so well, but managing things to happen, that fine too. If you say not very good, then I’ll ask what happened. No, I’m not going into detail about your spouse or neighbors, or relationships. What I really want to talk about is the fact that since the new year started, the same old violence keeps creeping on us like maggots. Why is it that every single new years day that we have to start it off like this?! WHY?! Are we that short-sighted? What is this?! Already, 5 killings in Milwaukee, in the first five days of 2012. That in my opinion is utter nonsense. Wait, that phrase is last year. I’m using ultimate nonsense because that what this is. ULTIMATE NONSENSE! There is no need for this city that has a prideful past of being an genuine American City has to resort to senseless deaths over these things:

1) Facebook Comments which happened to a 16 year old H.S. junior. Who was a bright student.

2) Activist for Gay Rights

3) Domestic Violence

4) Drugs/Gangs

5) Rap Beats

There is something wrong there. Really Wrong. Stuff like this could have been preventable without taking lives. But that seems to be the motivation, right? Especially resolving things over Facebook Comments and Rap Beats. Which was really dumb.

And as far as Gay Rights: I have some friends that are in the Gay/Lesbian Community that do care about the community such as stopping the violence, and many other community related ideas. And I don’t question their lifestyle nor make a comment about it. We’re all in the same boat trying to make a difference. Yes, many times before I have stated about being part of the United Methodist Church, and yes, the church does comment that according it’s bylaws: We implore families and churches not to reject or condemn lesbian and gay members and friends. We commit ourselves to be in ministry for and with all persons.

By which means that I shouldn’t hate, lets say “Sally” for being a lesbian person that does work for HIV Prevention. Or let’s say “Jacob” for being part of the Gay Community for his work in presidential voting rights.

But shifting gears here. Milwaukee, it’s been only 5 Days well into 2012 and the same old stuff of shooting folks need to stop. Make that senseless shootings. I remember that it will be 10 years this coming summer that one of my younger cousins was gunned down all because of his car. It will be 2 years this summer that I lost a cousin, whom I got to know for a short amount of time, that was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. Both of my cousins died because of senseless acts, and both accusers had been caught and now serving time.

Some of us had been saying what’s the solution? What can be done? I’ve heard about putting jobs out there. I’ve been hearing about that the community needs to come together and find something to do for these kids and grown folks like church and after school activities. I say enough of the small talk! Get out and do it! Don’t just complain and or wish about it.

For 2012, I want to challenge my city to really stand up and be firm! I want Milwaukee to get out of this “crabs in a bucket mentality” and actually do something to motivate positive things. The government can’t do it alone. Mayor Tom Barrett, the Coggs, and others can’t be called all the time to do the work for us. Don’t forget this not just their city. It’s our city too. Get the churches involved, get the neighborhood schools and “neighbors” involved! Put the pride of the city back into the soul. I’m talking about real pride for standing up for what the city should start doing – like jobs!

Milwaukee is still a prideful city. But it has to be “revised” to stop the killings.


Stephen Spot.


By now, everyone is probably is making those new year’s resolutions. Things that have to be done in order to get the year started and completed by the end. But here’s something that needs to be understandable: When people make resolutions of anykind, sometimes people fail at them because they don’t follow through. That’s like saying some one said: I’m going to lose weight, and stop smoking. And months later, the weight goes up and the smoking packs are in the house.  Best advice: If you are going to lose weight, stop smoking, be active looking for work, vote, or go and hook up, just stick to it. – EVERYDAY!

Now I am going to list 12 things that I do and don’t want to see in 2012:

For the do:

  1. I want to see African-Americans more out to find work.  And those actively looking for work, need to seek and help those who can’t find work.  Time to network, black people.
  2. Voting. It’s a right. Get out and Vote, America.
  3. Get involved in activities.  Those in Milwaukee, they say that the city doesn’t have an “Identity”.  Start a new identity that can mean something positive. And have some Dragon Parties. It is the “year of the dragon.”
  4. Go to church! – Really go.
  5. Take part in Education – either go back to school or go to a educational thing to get involved.
  6. Get checked for health reasons and financial reasons. Get out of Debt, Collections, Diabetes, Cancer, etc….

Now: the things I don’t want to see in 2012:

  1. Since this is an election year, I don’t want to hear nor see folks complaining about voting and the results of it.  If you don’t vote, you don’t count. PERIOD!  And don’t be one of the “voters” who like to say, “I just want to see what happens.”  – Not this year!
  2. No more going on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter making statements of deleting folks, or considering famous folks to be dead. In the words of my Father, That is out!     I don’t care if it’s your page. I’m just saying.  Just do the deletions privately. And cut out that fake twitter deaths.  Stupid!
  3. To those who like to troll, stop. Please stop. The trolls don’t have nothing to say except whine and complain and trying to be “famous”.  And by the way, I haven’t commented in a while because I’ve been screening comments on this blog. No more trolling!  Watch what you say and type, WordPress!  And just for record, it’s not denouncing the First Amendment. I embrace it too. But I’m also being responsible.
  4. African-American Women (those in the 70%) and those who are successful businesswomen need stop complaining about having the various degrees of education and no man.  Hey, I get it. But do you hear me complaining about this: “I have a Bachelors, Associates, High School Diploma, involved in activities, working, vote in every election, involved in Alumni Groups in all, and I can’t be down with a chick”. Apparently not.
  5. Our youth and young people need to stop having fun by tearing up malls, festivals, bullying on the internet, and gas stations. Do you hear me, Milwaukee?  It’s time to stand up and let them know that what they are doing negatively, can lead to more crime, drugs, can’t find a job hustling hard, and even death!  And that sagging pants thing has got to go!  I’m sorry. In addition: STOP WEARING PAJAMAS IN PUBLIC!  TACKY!!!!!! I don’t want to see no one’s favorite Tweety Bird PJ’s wearing around Walmart or the Mall!  Fashion police must be in real effect this year.
  6. Grown folks: stop acting like children. I mean there are children watching. Even if it’s debating Pastors, on the road flipping birds, or whatever. Stop the pain!

Yes, I have more reasons, but then again I had to list 12.

Dear America & The World:

Happy New Year. The Year of 2012 is upon us, and that means for the Chinese Zodiacs, it’s all about the Dragons. Chinese Dragons. No matter what happens this year, there is always going to be those same old questions of what will, would, should happen. I want to have everyone to take a look at a blank check. Whip it out. Go ahead right now and take the blank check out. What do you see? Right now, you’re saying nothing. But really, what do you see? I see from the standpoint of getting finances together. I see the standpoint of maintaining my weight management. I see the standpoint of getting a career change. I see the standpoint of VOTING in 2012. After all, 2012 is a year that you will hear the four words: Get out and Vote! You will hear that constantly. Espcially here in America. And not to make a early prediction, but I see President Barack Obama retaining the chair. Yes, you heard it here first! Barack will retain the seat! Also, I predict that Goverenor Scott Walker will be recalled officailly, and a challenger would be someone who is virtual unknown that I think will know Wisconsin more than Walker. Also in 2012, I know that it’s an olympic year. And America will dominate the medals. I know it’s in Great Britain, but I see an “American Summer” in the Olympics.

2012 is also a Leap Year, so get out to do something extra for once. Like, add more additonal folks on Facebook. Also in the new year, be revolutionary! Don’t be someone’s copycat of what had happened previously.

Since 2012 IS the year of the Dragon, I want to see and go to “Dragon Parties”. That’s right I said it. Dragon Parties. Everyone who was born in a year of the Dragon needs to have a Dragon Party. I’m calling on those who were born in 1976, 1988, 2000, 1928, 1916,  1964, and 1952 should throw a dragon party. I don’t care if it’s on your birthday, anniversary, someone’s birthday or anniversary, or even the Election Day. Makes no Difference! Have a ball at it!

So in conclusion: be on the look out for my blogs this year as this “judgement” year of 2012 gets real interesting.

But in the mean time: Happy New Year.

Stephen’s Spot

Yep, Wisconsin. I was going to say something about this. And apparently I maybe right. So November 1st has passed and alot of us are probably happy about the Weapons Concealment Law being passed after getting stomped over the summer. Now apparently for those outside of Wisconsin already know that yes: the Badger State became the 49th state in the union to allow those to walk around with Colt Python 45’s or maybe other handguns for protection. I hope those who favor this need to pray that it doesn’t backfire! I’m dead serious in commenting. Let’s paint a scenario. Let’s say that I’m going to the store and all of a sudden I’m going to my car minding my business. Or if I’m in a elevator waiting to go to the next floor and lets say someone looks at me “very snooty” and shows a firearm. Am I backing away? Yes. Why because I don’t want anyone taking my life over some “snooty looks”  or any look in a elevator or anywhere else. I’m thinking that yeah, this gun law might feel those “law abiding citizens”  safe. But there is an underside: those who are not law abiding citizens or closely related could go have connections and get weapons too. What will that be is similar to the Wild West. I thought I would never imagine that THIS state would be stooped in order to get guns this hastefuly! I hope to God Almighty that there might be some safeguards regarding this. In other words I might go and purchase a Bulletproof vest just to be safe in the elements.  I know it’s not necessary, but in my opinion, neither is walking around with a handgun going to Mayfair Mall or Summerfest. Or to see Nyjer Morgan or Aaron Rodgers. There were times way back when that Martial Arts meant something. In this case when I was bullied in School, one of my late uncle taught me Kung Fu just to stand up and protect myself. If he hadn’t done that, I wouldn’t be here writing this blog or voicing my opinion.  I know some are tired of this comment “I’m just saying”… general.

Now I got love for Ohio. What the citizens did is something that should be a stand up truth by not giving in to a Republican tatic of eliminating collective barganing. Now this probably saying, yep Ohio beat Wisconsin in this. Not because of the game this year (which was luck). This has nothing to do with games. It’s about livelihoods. It’s about jobs. It’s about the future. Some of you may not know this, but I worked in a union shop, and some of my folks that I know personally worked in companies that had union support. Oh yes. Like I said, everyone who works 40 hours a week or more that has benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, 401k Plan and more, plus union memberships, that all came from Wisconsin. But there are those who want to take that away all because it may not mean much to those who work at the top percentage, or those support that. I’ll say this, if you eliminate something WITHOUT any futher examination of understanding, you might have confusion and chaos. Just saying. I’m thinking that now since the no vote in Ohio has reached a fever pitch, Scott Walker must be shaking in his boots. He should be. The fans should be shaking, and  also the Journal Sentinel fans who like his stuff are still arguing. By the way, it was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that endorsed Walker last year.

So this to me is a viable strategy in my opinion, should retain the seat for President Obama in 2012. And if the others follow the model, the strategy will be the same.

Wisconsin: Look what Ohio did. And they did it well.

That’s it. It needs to stop. Over and over again for the last two years it’s has been a nuisance. I’m talking about the ongoing saga of President Obama’s birth certificate. I thought this issue was laid to rest in all, but come on. Those on the GOP right refuse to let the situation go. Including Donald Trump. What is Trump’s beef with the Obama Certificate, does it sell shoes? Really, Donald? I mean this guy went up against the likes of Vince McMahon for Gods sakes. Even to have The Apprentice going out as one of the best shows on NBC. But when he started to talk about the birther thing, and commenting on the likes of the Tea Party, I begin to wonder if this dude really changed?

In the interview with Bill Cosby, by the way he’s on point. He thinks that in a recent comment that Cosby was too harsh in all. For a guy like Bill Cosby whom most Americans I think have to respect, he was just stating his own opinion about he should run or shut up. Just like some certain politicians who want their names on the ballots so bad just to get noticed. Or this case, just to make themselves “famous”. If the birther talk through “The Donald” continues in all, it’s going to be a failure. Period.  He thinks that the Birth Certificate that the State of Hawaii is not really a Birth Certificate. More like a “Official Certificate of Live Birth.” Aren’t these documents are the same? Do they have stamped approvals on them? Come on America! Is this what The Donald has stooped to?  Talk about getting into a trap. That’s what America gets at times. Listen to something you know that may not be true but in the end, it does ring true to the fact that well, you the average reader by example were duped.

This is what our society has been consumed to. Sort of like Michael Jackson. Remember when the news broke way back when he publicly said that his skin color diminished because of the disorder. And alot of us (admit it!) thought that he bleached his skin? How on God’s green earth you bleach your skin? Never seen it! Or with that then13-year-old boy who accused him of the sexual acts in stuff.  After his death, that same person came out to tell the truth indicating it was all a setup just to get to him,  his money, and plus it was all a lie by his own father from 1993. And some folks today even still think he did those things. The truth came out in 2005 in the words of NOT GUILTY!

In regards to M.C. Hammer,(by the way he’s coming to the Milwaukee area in August)  and making those commercials. Lot of us in the hip hop community way  thought he was selling out. You know fast forward to about 2 decades later, rappers like 50 Cent were featured in Vitamin Water Commercials. How wrong we were.

Back to the matter at hand: this on-going birther talk will haunt, and I think Kill the Republicans in 2012.  This shouldn’t be on the minds of us trying to move the country forward. What should be on the minds, is lowering our taxes, cutting spending, bringing the troops home safe, have adequate health care, good schools, better jobs, having an infrastructure that America can finally get on board,  and many other things that other countries are doing, and having America being held up because of the politics.