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In my ongoing commentary in all this, many of us are still getting through the process in which the buzz of Charlottesville from all the backlash that weekend. And yes, ol’ Donnie hadn’t gone far enough to denounce the actions of the KKK, Neo-Nazi’s, and many other Hate Groups that subsequently, were empowered by “taking their country back” and making most of all the “white pride” being a weapon of hate. Oh yes, Donnie is weak. He says that we need to heal as a nation. But the healing of that needs to start with him and supporters alike. But we know that it wouldn’t happen!

OK: Now what is up with these monuments? All the monuments that we’ve been looking at since day one. The Robert E. Lee’s, the Jefferson Davis’, the confederate this and that. All these Confederate Monuments  that are now being taken down or off is now happening.  We heard too many times that these statues and monuments should be in the museums that can stay housed for all to see for the next generation who want to know who these figures were and why they had a hard time to unify the dang country. These figures were constructed and erected sometime after the years that the Civil War ended and mostly they are in the South. There are over 100+ confederate monuments and statues in the United States currently and some as of this moment have been taken down.

QUESTION: Should these Monuments be in Museums? Hold your answer.

Now many are complaining that if you take down a monument of a marker that had housed a well known confederate solider like Robert E. Lee, they are scrapping out part the American History.  That’s almost like taking a person who lives in a neighborhood, but never take the neighborhood out of the person. That’s is also like, yeah you can take a building that used to have drugs, alcohol, prostitution, racial dirty historical commentary hating black people and killing them, is being torn down, but when you build something else to replace it, that might be better. But historians will never forget what used to be BEFORE the building. So in comparison, with these statues and monuments of hate, they can be taken down and distributed in Museums. BUT NEVER FORGET: what was. I hate to be breaking the sensitive bubble but just saying.

CALLOUT: It’s been mentioned before, if these statues were that hateful, why were they weren’t moved or taken down when Obama was President for 8 years?! Let that sink in. Oh that’s right it’s a thing of keeping up with “Southern Heritage”. Nevermind.

Most recently, I was tuning into a radio broadcast of WNOV, yes the black station in Milwaukee. And it featured a story that had a Confederate monument in my homestate of Wisconsin. I’m not joking. You might be saying to yourself: WAIT, WHAT? Wisconsin had a Confederate Monument?! Really? Here is the featured story, from June of 2015. As we all know that Wisconsin was a Union state during the Civil War. Check out the site called “Iron Brigader”, or do a search called, “The Confederate Cemetery in Madison, Wisconsin”. I’m reading this article for the first time. And the thing that struck me out of the story was the fact that I had no idea, no iota that this existed in the state of Wisconsin. Never in my near 41 years living in the Badger State I knew that. The story summarizes that the use of the Cemetery was the burial place of the Union Soldiers that died in the Civil War. It also summarized that part of the Cemetery was known as “Confederate Rest” in which that 140 of the Confederate Soldiers whom were POW’s was buried in the area. Before that, majority of the Confederate Soldiers (approx. 1,000 plus) that were captured, were sent to Prairie Du Chien, and then to Madison. Many of them also were diagnosed with Measels, Mumps, Pneumonia, not enough food or medicine for the prisoners and many died because of it. Also some the prisoners were transported to Camp Randall (the same Camp Randall where the Wisconsin Badgers play on the UW-Madison Campus) for medications and supplies to receive treatments. Additional before Camp Randall was the house that many of the Big 10 feared, it was a training ground for the then Union Volunteer Soldiers during the Civil War. Now you wonder why Camp Randall Stadium is a “battleground” on Saturday afternoons! The story also summarized about a woman, Alice Waterman who was southern born that moved to the city to care for the Cemetery that housed the dead soldiers. She put her own financial needs to care for the graves and markers to maintain them. She is also buried at the cemetery towards the front of the site.

So again, I had NOOOOOOO idea that the state of Wisconsin had a Confederate section of the State in the most liberal city. Had no idea. And now, the Mayor of the City, Paul Soglin is calling for the confederate monuments or signs to be taken down or removed to the Historical Societies for further summaries in the future.

Yes, these monuments would be taken down for a reason. You probably heard about Germany for example that many of the Nazi stuff are out of the way because they want to move forward as a country. Here in the U.S., we are just getting started. And I’m aware that the Daughters and Sons of the Confederate Families are not happy with the monuments or statues being removed. Ironically, some descendants are favoring them to be taken down and to be put in the Museums.

We shall see.

Oh, in the next series: Michael the Black man must be called out. Literally.



This is for all my University of Wisconsin folks: The Real UW though, it’s a story that needs to be called and conversated. I was like many in Wisconsin last week, looking at the footage of the Vice Chancelor of Diversity, talking about a note that was left by some faceless cowards, that read some explicit languages about a some sort of threat.

For those whom have not heard the message, I want those to hear what the Vice Chancellor had to say. Be warned: this message contains explicit language. Get the kids out the room now.


This is just one example of what the College Campuses or Universities that are facing each day. The last time I visited UW-Madsion was way back in the 90’s. 1993 and 1994 when the Badgers Football Team was on point back then.Camp Randall Stadium. And I was with the Special Education students while in High School in Milwaukee. But this was when, Badger Football got me hooked. And have been for 23 years.

I have had some friends, some colleges, and those I know in a sense graduated from UW and keep that Badger Red flowing with their careers, activities, and giving back to those less fortunate. And I had some that worked for UW also.

But after seeing this so called note and those whom like to hide behind notes, it’s not about the giving back thing. It’s basically about having those conversations that this campus as well as any campus in the nation is having about race. For you current college students at UW, if you think stuff like this is bad, wait until you graduate and get those jobs. Those on the outside will not give a rat’s butt about your livelihood, career, or even your race! And you’ll see what they really are. This is not the classroom or residence hall. This real world, is just that. But don’t let that stop you.

Now in another sense, there is hate from the student or students who just have that same hate that many in their families probably went through the same thing. Oh, yes the colleges and universities are full of them! Even though that Easter passed, how many of these families whom had their kids being sent to college had this haterism against those of a different race because they were black? And it’s a popular college where most know? Again it’s mostly known.

Just last year, you remember the SAE Fraternity on Oklahoma’s Campus? The popular one. Yeah, that one.

Recently the Vice Chancellor had an updated video after the first one surfaced:

Plus also, an update of the story came forward when a current student was a target of the incident.

Folks, this is what happens when cowards are just that: Cowards! They hide behind the statements and try to scare away folks who are up for the chance to shine. This incident, was according to the story in Madison, was not about hating on Hillary or Bernie. This was about an issue that many know all to well, but it’s not been heard or shown. If you are a Alum of UW, you probably need to hold your donation money! That’s right hold that donation money. And while you Alums of UW are holding your money, you need to let your Alma Mater know that this story out of the campus is unacceptable and it needs to be dealt with. I know many of you, are proud Badger Alums and you take it seriously. Nothing wrong with that. BUT you need to hold your Alma Mater accountable! When UW-Stout had it’s racial incident years ago about a then 19 year old black female that was a target of racism, of course that it was talked about and summarized. But how has that improved since that incident that sparked? Also this part of the story has nothing to do with The Real UW story, but UW-Stout had an instructor that displayed signs and slogans of trauma, and killing folks once. And the thing is, the instructor was warned about this many times from the UW-Stout Police and the previous Admininstration. But one of the quotes was from a show called Firefly! A one sesason, Sci-Fi, TV show. And I remember also when that story broke out on Facebook, there were some Stout Alumni indicated that if the teacher didn’t get his job back, they were NOT going to donate any dollars to the school! OH YES THEY DID!

How was that resolved? The administration backed out and backed down that it wasn’t a real meaning to hurt those in a real physical sense. And yes he got his job back. But if that was black teacher that did those things of display, no job. Fired. Pink slipped handed away and out of the door. But we don’t want to see that now do we?

What we are talking about, is a dumb college kid that snuck a letter of hate all because the black student were calling out the Racism in a Big Ten University like UW-Madison! So if a black student at a well known or not well known college or university got a note from a faceless coward, is that person going to back down and move? Probably not.

But in all cases, the talk of racism is real. And it comes in many forms. Verbal, Visual, and many others. And it’s still real as a all white suburban neighborhood. Or the inner city. Or many others. Even at a job that many will not take due to being black in America!

Even Bucky has to realize that it will take more than a few pushups at the Kohl Center and Camp Randall to get the convo started. Just saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I like UW-Madison. But still, The struggle continues! And that is a part of #THEREALUW that many need to know and do to rise up.







I haven’t done a double take in a long while. For this, I’m bringing a comeback for it. While I was preparing my story commentary of Selma’s 50th Anniversary that took place, these incidents of Anti-African American Justice had really sparked new concerns of old. And for the record: #BLACKLIVESMATTER. If #ALLLIVESMATTER really mattered, to whom that  say this, why still my race of folks of blacks are still targets of hate? Better check ourselves on that “Human Race” tip. I’m just saying.

First: For all the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, you all need to stop this mess. Everyone from near and far is talking about you and this racist chant that was recorded on the bus over the weekend. For those who feel of what was said, here it is once again.

Racist much?

Since this happened as usual: Oklahoma University President has already not only addressed the Student Body, but also, the Fraternity House has been closed and the members have been officially removed from the campus. Plus also, rapper Waka Flocka Flame, stated that he will not perform at the university since this matter started! Also there were some prospects that wanted to attend the University previously, also stated that they will not go to Oklahoma in regarding this matter as well. Oh, yes Boomer Sooners, the school is on watch, BY EVERYONE! According to historical stories and snippets, the SAE Fraternity has been doing these “racist acts” for years. Decades! And no one tried to called them out previously? Really?!! If this has been going on for so long, as it has been reported before, why not one person, has not tried to step up and exposed their acts?!  I know it’s been talked about, but still why have no one stopped it then?

On another WordPress blog, I recently read a story about a former member of the Fraternity that joined over 10 years ago, and yes like many other former members had denounced this act personally. And check this, it was a black man who was one of the last black members joined was speaking out. This man’s story has been blowing up and as of right now, many of the comments have reached at 123. Read the title, “There will never be another Black SAE.” It has been so mind blowing!

I want to say to William, if he’s reading this, thank you for speaking out. Your Fraternity will learn hard from this incident. And God is able! No matter what the folks had said about your story, and I’m assumimg that it’s mostly sympathies. And yes you made a choice in going for SAE. And also I’m assuming that other fraternities might ask you to come out for there parities or functions. But for right now: focus on God, your family, your job, and yes your son! Handle that first! And also like many others, even me will be in prayer. And I’m saying this as a black man and a non-greek person.

From The Root Website, (actually USA Today) another African-American Alum of the University, a past member of SAE’s Colorado’s Chapter, also commented that the Fraternity wanted to embrace diversity, but in his words, “it went off the rails.” So I’m assuming the thought that the “brotherhoods” of these fraternities are now becoming in questioning of what is a true objective. Now, long time ago on this blog, I have emphasized my support and future interest of the NPHC Fraternities. Nothing wrong with that. However I know I would be one of the few or many that might ask them: what is their purpose of the brotherhood? Matter of fact, what is the true purpose of the Fraternity? And also, do you STILL uphold your beliefs, purposes or objectives beyond college graduation? In other words, are you still real as you say you are?

Knowingly, this might be asked if many men (either college men or grown men) might be asking if an interest will pop up. I am saying this now! Oh, I know that many might say, don’t bring it up at a meeting. But in these recent events, that might be a question to ask because you might want to know partially in going. I’m just saying. If I were to go to a Fraternity Meeting of a NPHC or another Fraternity in the making, I’ll ask that question point blank. Furthermore, if the SAE in Oklahoma University would be investigated (which it will be) , don’t assume also that ALL of them will be investigated. They will. And even further, expect EVERY FRAT to be carefully watched on how they conduct themselves! Even the Black Frats. And also ALL Sororities! Everyone of these groups, no matter well known, or just knowing, will be on the pulse. Just wait. And speaking of the sorority that was all in the cheering mood with SAE, what were you thinking?

Also, in regarding the song that was chanted, there are skeptics that Hip Hop Music was to blame for this. WHAT?!! How is Hip Hop Music has been thrown into this? Oh, because of the N*gger word right? For the White Media Related folks, and those who like Morning Joe, stop the pain! For many many years, Rap Music has been a proverbial punching bag in the eyes of many due to sagging pants, the shoes that most had to get, the hair styles, or just having a Tupac/Biggie Smalls moment per say to act like them. Or the gold chains, or other forms that is selling big now in the eyes of the fans or consumers that presents. Don’t forget, rap brought a new revolution of activism that many seemed to forgot and must be very understood by many. And personally, saying the word N*gger was not in the start of the music genre! The N-bomb was well started WAY BEFORE RAP MUSIC! In the era of slavery and Jim Crow, the word was used alot, by slavemasters. And the same slavemasters probably were founders or early members of SAE also! So for those who kept putting up the Confederate Flag without any education behind it at a College University, you all better learn today! So now since the house got closed up, and black folks who got disappointed by the actions of “their brotherhood”,  what’s next? While pondering that, we just reflected 50 years of Selma.

Second take: I’m sure many in America is now having their eyes on Wisconsin again. Not the dumb Right the Work Bill that was predictably passed, I’m talking about the news surrounding the death of Tony Robinson who got killed by the Madison Police Officer Matt Kenney. Many of us in the Badger State have been protesting like crazy as usual in the act against a young black male of 19 years of age. Usually, being 19 is not considered an adult, but more like a teenager in my view. But the eyes of those who just want to be real about it, they are “considered” as adults.

For those that don’t already know, Madison is like the Liberal fortress of the whole state of Wisconsin. And yes, it’s well know for Wisconsin Badger Games for both Basketball and Football. And it’s the heart of the UW-School system for the whole state. Like I said, the only time(s) that I visited Madison, it was in high school performing with the Very Special Arts group at Camp Randall and yes it was during Badger Football games. This was in 1993 and 1994. And plus, like any other city, Madison does have issues with reality of racism.
For the last couple of days, I have sat back and like many had to review Tony’s life and yes he had his run in with the law with Armed Robbery. And jumping in and out of cars per say. And there were those who had to go onto Social Media and “thanking” the Madison Police Department for getting the thugs off the streets. HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE! So a 19 year old dude gets killed by the Madison PD, and he’s considered a thug? If those in Wisconsin or in the “white related media” are disillusioned  that Tony Robinson was a 19 year old black thug, guess what? You don’t know jack about him! Not one time you never knew the real him that tried to make a difference after high school. I don’t know jack about him. And don’t put all the Wisconsin Black Residents in the same basket and having the assumption we’re all thugs and gangsters that like to stir up trouble. And I’m assuming that there were protestors that supported Officer Matt Kenney and had “Blue Lives Matter” on the signs.

Stop copying and stop playing!

Like I said in the beginning, if #AllLivesMatter really mattered, why is my race of black folks getting shot or mocked are targets of hate? When it comes to this subject? And it’s a subject that is long questioned and examined. This is like a rerun in which Dontre Hamilton got killed all over again in Milwaukee.

And furthermore, I got family members that are cops and I don’t see them going around in protest!

So let me end this: Many in Milwaukee can relate of what is Madison is feeling. And it’s not just a Milwaukee-Madison thing. It’s happening everywhere when a black male (or black female) gets killed by the police, or some watch person, they get on paid leave, or found not guilty and either they get back on the job, quit, or just run away to be killed. I hate to say that Matt Kenney is on watch. He’s on watch. His name is added to the list like Christopher Manney, Darren Wilson, and others who got away scot free after killing unarmed black males.

And truly, do All Lives “Really” Matter?

Plus: Shout out to the 608! Wake the city!!!!!

Man, Wisconsin what is this mess of Right To Work? Are we really that desperate to be on the list of Right to Work?! And plus to those Union Workers who favored Scott Walker, congrats. You have disrespected and brought shame to the beginning folks who have helped to shape this state!  And to those of us in the black community, we need to raise our voices instead of letting other voices shutting us out! I’m going there.

And still to think, its still Black History Month until Saturday. Also, remember when Scott Walker talked about “Divide and Conquer?” The late great Malcolm X warned us about stuff like subject over 50 years ago:

Many many times, I have repeatedly said, by using the phrase, “I told you so”. And to those who thought it wouldn’t be real, guess what? ITS REAL! It’s out there. And the more stuff happens out of Scott Walker, the WORST DAYS of Wisconsin is becoming. And many it’s because of two things: One, its those who don’t vote. Yeah: there are those who feel that voting won’t matter to them. But if the candidate that makes the opposition against their beliefs, interests, values, goals or any other concerns then they don’t matter to you or anyone. Plus also there are those who might be your neighbors, friends, family, or any other buddy system you rely on everyday will also feel the pinch of despair! Tell me I’m wrong!

And the second thing it’s more of threats, racism and many other factors that are not going unheard. Period. Mostly, there are those who are white, and in Madison that are and will protest like crazy. Which is no surprise. But I was listening to the local black radio stations previously about the role of black folks in this “fight”, this is where I begin to address us in the black community in regarding the Right to Work issue. I want address the black folks here: Why aren’t our voices aren’t in this as much as the rest?  I think I answered my own question! In which I’ll go in summary.

Oh, most recently, Scott Walker said that if he could take on 100,000 protesters, he could take on the world. Even ISIS. Oh, let the memes begin. First of all, the 100,000 protesters doesn’t have weapons of knives and guns, and make videos before beheading the crap of their victims. ISIS is doing this. And to the Walker fans, your boy is out of his mind.

I had a former member who spoke in my Church recently, and said in a “God of Israel” warning that ISIS is in America! Oh, wait did I stutter on that? I repeat, ISIS is in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just find the sleeper cells, and those Twitter like warnings on Social Media. And most recently, there were three Americans from Brooklyn who were arrested because of their support of hooking up with ISIS!  Watch out! If I were a REAL fan Scott Walker, in which I’m not, I would be definitely worried about him, and his words in regarding ISIS as being as a new monster as they are. And the insults of the comparisons, seriously! How many times I’ve seen the so-called “Union Thugs” making a declaration of war with weapons on this College Dropout that won 3 times, and gotten away with murder of slashing education funds, health care funds, High Speed Rail, and many others that is winning for his base?

Many of us tried to tell you folks who sit up all day! Especially those who drink the Kool-Aid of Walker’s Brown Bag Lunches all this time!

Is anyone seeing this clearly now? Nevermind the political stuff!

If the bill for right to work does indeed pass, and if it does reach the desk of Scott Walker with his pens of selection, that might be a death door-nail for unions. And speaking of that, if you are real Scott Walker backer, and a union guy or union woman, plus you hate the idea of  Right to Work in all, guess what? You are screwed! Literally. Also from what I’ve heard, that could also be junk jobs for those minimum wage like careers that won’t mean much if you’re looking for a higher degree for your career! That also might be a signal for those to move.

BUT Wait……It’s bad everywhere! Just a thought!

Right now in Madison, there is a Union-Wide protest and also statements from many who are against the idea of Right To Work in regards to testimonies. The same scene of the crime in which 4 years ago many union reps that came riding of tractors or other forms of transportation, all ventured out to the capitol and even in the capitol vented at the previous now broken Act 10 Bill. The same “Budget Repair Bill” that many in the Wisconsin 14 had fled the state in protest. Remember that? Now it’s a different scene, same Governor, different legislation and up to old tricks to mess up the Badger state. Slash and burn.

To be clear, if it’s no surprising that the Governor will in fact sign the bill into law then I don’t know what it is. And plus, when I looked at the pics of those who are majority white in Madison (which is and was expected), I’m asking this question, why do I see a few or two black people in this protest?

Just a word of advice: there needs to be MORE BLACK REPRESENTATION at the table when regarding issues like these. Whether Wisconsin likes it or not, the black residents are residents like everyone else. I represent the 6% – 8% of the citizens that is a Black Wisconsin Resident. Let’s be clear! I dare to have anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who is Madison born per say with all the political lowdown, to have the guts to go to Milwaukee’s Black Community, (or the African-American Chamber of Commerce, The Milwaukee NAACP, The Milwaukee Urban League or The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, or even black churches and community centers and black owned businesses) and actually address the reasons why this affects them also. Plus also black folks, we need to really hear, and see, and go to tell Madison that they need to listen to the concerns about Milwaukee that many in the media talk about at a minimal rate. And also who is kept silent!  Of course, we can say Milwaukee all day if we want. But I want the testimonies between the Largest City and the Capitol for those who don’t get a voice to get a shot!

In other words, Wisconsin’s Capitol needs to listen up. Not just within themselves, but outside of Dane County as many other counties per say that is a concern like Right to Work. Even Milwaukee!

Don’t get me wrong, I visited Madison twice in the 90’s as a High School Student during the Badger Games, when the UW Football was popping! And Barry Alvarez was coaching! Madison is good city in all, but the “Right To Work concerns” as the heart of the state that doesn’t seem to listen, must now pay attention!

Starting around November 1st, expect this to happen.

The Milwaukee Courier and The Madison Times, which are mostly the largest newspapers for the Black Community in the Badger State, will team up for a joint venture in which will focus on the issues and news in the state’s largest cities. From a Black point of view.

The Milwaukee Courier for those who want to know, is Milwaukee’s oldest black newspaper that has been around since 1964. For the Madison Times, their newspaper has been in existence since 1991.

Let me comment that this “collaboration” between the two black newspapers should be start of collaboration between our black communities. I also want to add that the Community Journal should jump in as well to get a three way dance of whats up in the black community in Milwaukee and Madison. Technically, even though I am Milwaukee born, black community based. But I wouldn’t mind reading about the black community ideas in Madison. So technically, I wouldn’t also mind getting black community ideas from Mad-City to feed to Black Milwaukee. And I wouldn’t the vice versa thing to get a Black Madison Representative  to feed Milwaukee new insights for the black community. I would welcome the idea of the brothers and sisters of Madison’s black community to share ideas. And I wouldn’t mind going out to Mad-City to take notes in their black community. Now I know that yes, I’m a Milwaukee Citizen, and yes I should be focused on Milwaukee. I get that. And that will continue to be a priority. And I know that could be the same for Madison. Word on the street that Madison hip-hop scene would welcome any rap artist to come, EXCEPT MILWAUKEE. Why is this?

Hmmmmmm……..that has to change per say. I hear it alot in Milwaukee.

However: lets get the collaboration going. No matter if its health, JOBS, economic growth, black churches, entertainment, black fraternities/sororities, and many more that all black communities have a buzz to talk about.

For more with the collaboration: visit The Madison Times.  And conversely, visit the Milwaukee Courier.

It is now June 6th. The day after June 5th, and the Recall Election in Wisconsin. If those keeping score at home, Scott Walker survived over Tom Barrett.  Mahlon Mitchell didn’t become the first black Lt. Governor although he was the first black in the state to run as a nominee. I will say as a resident that yes, those that came out to vote did their thing, but STILL there are group or individuals didn’t even cast a ballot. Pretty soon, that will come up to them one day and bite them big! I’m being real as I say this.  Is this a sign of bad things to come in America? That remains to be seen, and avoided.

I know that some are probably asking themselves: Does Wisconsin EVER care? I mean really, what is so good about a guy like Scott Walker, who NEVER finished College at Marquette University, likes to bust unions up like a pimple on prom night, avoid new ideas like high speed rail, having a chance to slash education, BadgerCare recipients, and many other things that held the ideals truthfully that identified Wisconsin? What does that say to the voters or the majority of those who sat at home, or those who have that frozen mindset attitude that refuse to change? Or don’t to try something new to adapt like the rest of America? I see that in Wisconsin. Mainly in Milwaukee.  And what does that say about Wisconsin being open for business without resorting to kick out certain businesses that don’t favor the so-called fans who back up Walker’s ideas? What does that also about Wisconsin in general to the eyes of America? Hard to ponder! Plus what will the middle class do now? And what will be the fate of the Democrats, the Presidency for the November Election?

I wrote this message on my Facebook status last night: “Expect alot of questions about the June 5th Election. Alot. Internal and External.”

Apparently that is currently being talked about today as I speak. Ed Schultz said it. The framing of the blueprint of the financial stuff for the Koch Brothers pouring money into the state from the outside. Citizens United. Same thing.

And the thing that still gets me, what does being in the 30% plus in the state that are union, side with Walker? I just don’t get it. Maybe they have to explain EXACTLY what’s up. Just as a reminder to those Union Households: 40 hour work weeks, paid vacations, weekends off, holidays off, sick leave, work safety issues, etc. You mean to tell me that this is NOT favorable to have? Wake Up! Ever heard of revoking Ghetto Passes? That needs to be the same in regarding this.

Lots of times, I’ve been saying it: I Told You So!!! Within all the “We want to move forward” speeches, but the template of the phrase stays firm. They say that the flood gates have been opened. Well apparently its getting to be a mess. After all of this, what is next and possibly a future for the state in terms of business? I can’t imagine that someone from another part of America wants to to look at an idea of Wisconsin to say, “are you sure? You know what they did to Talgo right? Their Governor talks about being “open for business.” But I don’t buy it. Just a word of warning.”

Now to shift gears about the establishment of voting. When I was doing the poll working thing during my time away from work, I had to encounter the wall to wall voters from registering to new voters. Some say that slowed down the process of casting ballots. However, I kept hearing from those that some haven’t voted since the 2008 election. Just a word of advice: VOTE IN ALL ELECTIONS! Don’t just vote when Obama’s name is on the ballot. (speaking of which, I’ll be backing Barack again) I think that’s the problem. It’s always the big elections, not the smaller or medium elections. If I were a voter, I would get to the election commissions departments or a Voter Public Access record online and simply view the status of the records to see if it’s still intact. If it’s not intact, get it checked in order to re-register. Matter of fact, re-register ahead of time. And the more you vote, the more you stay active with the right. And that needs no recall.

And as far as those in office in terms of picks: Hold them accountable! All of the Walker-Maniacs out there in the state, yeah, your pick got in again. But if I were a true Walker supporter (which I’m not and never will be) I would be holding him accountable of what he does in and outside of the State. I went there! You may not like what I’m saying, but that’s real talk. And that goes for any supporter. No matter which party, political affiliation, whatever.

But one good thing about this: The Wisconsin Democrats have a new person to work with: State Senator John Lehman. And that prompts the control to be 17-16 in favor of the assembly power. Plus also, they will be a watchdog for any future Scott Walker’s ideas to be blocked if possible.

Even though the Recall is over, but the debate from the Blue Fist will still continue. And that like my future blogs of this topic, is once again: provides no recall.

Well it appears that the Recall efforts are on the way in Wisconsin. May 8th and June 5th. Those are the dates in which it has to be a potential assignment to conquer. And apparently, those dates are fast approching. The whole goal of this is to attempt to right the wrongs sort of speak of the Governor’s desk in Madison. Obviously, this is not just Wisconsin’s fight. It’s all over the country. Just recently the war on women (yes the war on women) has also sparked a negative thought in Wisconsin. Walker recently (in secret) signed into law to repeal equal pay. Against who may I ask? The female residents of Wisconsin.  The GOP, including RNC Chairman Renice Priebus (a Wisconsin native) doesn’t beleive that the whole “War on Women” is real. Well, when you take away a right to choose and others yep, it is a war. Let’s say if the GOP were to make a War on Men, per say,  our rights to choose would be in trouble! Obviously, it’s a shame in 2012 that there are certain rights have to still be fought for. In this fight, a recall is a must win for Wisconsin. Technically it is. The other ways of getting to Walker have only put a chink in the armor, but for this it’s nothing more that a must needed Technical Knockout. Those waiting to get to challenge Walker: Tom Barrett, who recently won re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee. Kathleen Falk,  a former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Vinehout, a state senator and the Secretary of State Dave LaFollette. And yes, already the GOP had planted 6 “fake democrats” in this race as well. Really? On the flip side, the race for Lieutenant Governor’s position will be challenged between Rebecca Kleefich and possibly Mahlon Mitchell. Speaking of which, if possible for a win of Mahlon, he would be the state’s first black Lt. Governor. Wisconsin, since in it’s inception has never had a politician as Governor nor Lt. Governor that was African-American or any other person that was non-Caucasian elected. Yes, African-Americans in Wisconsin had served in the State Government, but not at the Governor/Lt. Governor’s level.

Just on a side note, Scott Walker has revealed a “faith belief” recently. Now you’re asking what for? What has this man’s faith belief have to do with him slashing education, a stop on high speed rail jobs, having a state war on women of equal pay, killing collective bargaining rights, and above all else: creating Concealed Carry Weapons Laws. This is a man of faith? Really? And I thought George W. Bush was crazy. It is no comparison or secret that Scott Walker is a son of a preacher man. But do those who are PK’s like Walker need some common sense? Just asking.

I don’t know about anyone in the home state, but when May 8th and June 5th arrives, most will be ready. And I believe that the lines will be long. And it will be I think like those who stood out in the cold weather, and indoors getting those recall signatures and indicating that they want Walker out of Madison. And I did mention that he has a Criminal Defense Fund? Lord knows he’s feeling the fear because for those who I’ve been saying this too, Mayor Tom Barrett warned us!  He warned us to “hang on to your hats!” Did most of us Wisconsinites listen? Did we believe that notion? This is why I kept saying, I told you so!

Speaking of the recalls, we know that citizens of Wisconsin signed the petitions. But I read that some of the news media who work in the newsrooms signed the petitions also. Even though that they are not seen on camera or behind the desk, but maybe they had their rights to express their beliefs like everyone else. So yes, it was done.

Bumper Sticker

An Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker. This display is not more than attack, and add more fuel to racism in America.

I want all of the readers to take a look at this bumper sticker. Take  a look. This is a prime example of the ignorance that those like to show in the era of Obama. Now your probably saying, that it’s just another everyday thing about race. No matter what era or year it is.  I looked at the sticker on Facebook recently and this is what I thought. It’s nothing more than pure racism example all because of this fear of a black president. That’s right I said it. One word: Fear. It’s the same type of fear that most Wisconsinites that back Scott Walker wanted the High Speed Rail dead, all because it’s a thought of a boondoggle. A thought that it would never work. Note to the home state, I’ll get to you in a moment.

The only way I believe that stickers like this one need to removed is to do one simple thing: beat it at the polls. We know the month and the date. And also we know the path that must be  done and it does NOT (particulary in Wisconsin) show a valid ID in order to vote. That in my opinion, is pure ignorance just trying NOT to get the ballot so the other folks win.  But I tell those that don’t let that stop YOU (as a voter) for getting the ballot and casting your vote. Even if it’s a so-called Don’t Re-Nig America Bumper Sticker. Whoever made that bumper sticker must be made it with ultimate nonsense. There, I said it!

The Second Front is a mini-version of one of those I told you so’s I was blogging about way back when. Don’t worry, I’m going to come up with another. Now this past weekend, the state of Wisconsin had it’s WIAA Boys Playoff games, and in the division 1 state championship, it was between Germantown and Rufus King High School. By the way, Rufus King is from Milwaukee and I have to say as a John Marshall Grad that it’s the number one school in the city, and I dare say the state to chase after. I mean I can talk Rufus King smack all day every day, but as a true alum of the Milwaukee Public Schools I will give them a ounce of respect. And yes their basketball team went 13-0 in the city of Milwaukee. But what I am about to talk about is not related. During the game , there were tweet messages coming from the GERMANTOWN side that were just ridiculous, courtesy of the article:  Ignorant remarks flood Twitter after Germantown beats King from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

One person wrote: “Good move by the WIAA to put two cops in front of the Milwaukee King students before they lose.”

Another person tweeted: “King dancers look more like strippers.”

“The nappiness of King’s dance team is astounding ghetto,”another tweeted.

I’m looking at this and I’m like “really?” Is this is what they really think? I’m not a Rufus King Alum, but as a Milwaukee Public Schools Alum I will say this: Look here  Germantown, or GTown, you may have won the basketball game against a good team, but guess what, your fan base was just pure ignorant! Here it is that you have to use a high school basketball game with all the ignorant chants that deemed racist and most you don’t know what that means. You talk about or tweet about the poor blacks in Milwaukee, but I’ll bet NONE OF YOU sittting out in the suburbs NEVER BEEN to the inner city of Milwaukee!  Oh let me get this, you would rather see the footage of blacks on a hot St. Patrick’s Day night per say, beating up each other on Water Street, while you like to ramble on about blacks and violence from your angle, while NOT seeing the good. Oh, for those who go to UW-Madison, I got something for you too: the next time if ANY person from Milwaukee says they went to a Milwaukee Public School, don’t be talking smack! Just because alot of you went to “perfect schools” before UW-Madison, doesn’t make you all that. I’ve seen folks that went to suburban schools and yes, alot of them have been successful. But when they talk racist smack, that is totally crossing the line. Especially in this state! And I’m speaking as a Alum of UW-Stout, Milwaukee’s MATC and Milwaukee Public Schools. I’m sure that the students and fans of Germantown High School are pretty smart.  But they better be careful about calling students from other schools strippers. Look Germantown, the Rufus King Generals Cheerleaders maybe “strippers” in your mind, but don’t front that they are someone’s daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins,and others.  Maybe those cheerleaders can be the next lawyers, doctors, engineers, or maybe the next politician. Sort of like Sen. Lena Taylor, who is an alum of Rufus King and an Alum of Milwaukee Public Schools. Don’t front!   And the boys basketball team are someone’s sons, grandsons, nephews, cousins, etc trying to get a good education and at least trying to make ONE DAY a future that most can be proud of.  For this, the word proud is not in my choice of words anymore. Instead of saying proud, I’m saying pleased or grateful.

Now you probably assuming that Germantown is not my favorite suburb. I don’t have a problem with the town. Not at all. I just have a problem with folks no matter where they are from having issues with certain folks of what they think or assume. That is sad;even in 2012. In the era of Barack Obama. In the era in which most folks think that Black History Month or anything that Black-related is deedmed racist which is nothing more than just false. The same folks in which don’t think that racism doesn’t exist! After reading what I wrote, and linked for proof, do you think that it’s not over? HELLO!

It will take an act of God, to clean this up! Not an act of Milwaukee Politics, Germantown rants, or so-called I want my country back mess mixed in with getting Obama out of office all because of act of fear! Speaking of which, what has the TV Media done to cover this story? I didn’t see  Fox6, Channel 4, Channel 58, Channel 12 covering this instead of covering the St. Patrick’s Day fight. Mad respect to James Causey, who reported the news of this, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. At least it was news that had to be reported and not overlooked. Just like the Trayvon Martin murder case.

Wisconsin, America, and others: need to work at this! And those out at GTown need to recognize. Just saying.

The State of Wisconsin had a good Whirlwind of Victories last week. In terms of the Milwaukee Brewers, the Wisconsin Badgers and the CURRENT Superbowl Champs, Green Bay Packers. But before I talk about the “Whirlwind,” I have to talk about the Brewers. Yes, the 2011 NL Central Division Champion Milwaukee Brewers. I said this last year that I won’t be talking about them unless they start winning. I guess the prophecy came true this season. The Milwaukee Brewers right now, are on some strange brew of motivation that was similar since 1982. Now when the Milwaukee Brewers were in a big game like the World Series at the time, I was only 5 years old when they made it that far, which they lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. And yes, the years went by, and the Crew weren’t the stuff in Major League Baseball. There were times that I tried (and yes Lord I did try) to watch Baseball, but it went for other teams like the Yankees, Marlins and Red Sox. All of the Big League Market teams. But for Milwaukee, it was just a matter of no chance. Not enough talent and energy to make me say, “I want to see the Brew Crew make things happen.”

So OK, new Management, new players, a different scenery of Miller Park, and most of all a city that most of America seem to forgotten in the Midwest. You may have heard that the Green Bay Packers are the State’s unifier, but to fairly say now the Milwaukee Brewers have become and still are, the City’s unifier. We all know that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States, but for team like the Brewers with this new “strange brew of confidence”, can definitely unify a city that has high problems of Unemployment for African-Americans, Teen pregnancy, harsh winters (just kidding) and other ways to mend the fences of the city. And yes Milwaukee Sports Fans, we can get into “beastmode” in all things! Maybe Milwaukee can use the “beastmode” to get African-Americans in the city to be recruited for jobs without discrimination, tell the teens to get off of the pregnancy trip at 14 years old to get thinking about education and a real future. And sure as heck to tell us to go “beastmode” against segregation! We can wait for Nyjer Morgan or “Tony Plush”  to do this all we want. Or Prince Fielder, or Ryan Braun, Or Rickie Weeks or any of the Brew Crew to do this all we want as well, but we citizens have to build on it! So yeah, I’m putting on the Blue and Gold now. And the last time I wore anything like this was….20 years ago, in middle school that is.

This past weekend, the whole state for the first time has been wrapped up in a “Wisconsin Whirlwind of Victories” that has unprecedentedly put Wisconsin, a state that earlier had to go to battle against Scott Walker (which is still moving along)  to a state that revives in sportsmanship. The Badgers welcomed the rookies of Nebraska into the Big Ten with a 48-17 win. Learn the game, Cornhuskers. And on Sunday, while the Brewers were going 2-0 in the NLDS over the Arizona D-Backs, the Packers took care of business against the Denver Broncos which makes the Packers and the Detroit Lions unbeaten at 4-0. Just to the think about it, the Packers and Lions are making the NFC North serious. Not the Bears, nor the Vikings. But it was good weekend. I have to say that even though the Packers got the motor running earlier in the year, the Brewers rejuvenated their juice to get the oil changed which led them to a NL Central Title. Technically, the WI is on point. And even though that Whirlwind has died down a bit, the ideal thought has got the Badger State talking on the sports level.

Dear America:

The State of Wisconsin had a Recall election this past Tuesday trying to unseat 6 Wisconsin Republican Senators who unanimously turned away and supported the Budget Repair Bill for the rookie Governor, Scott Walker. But the question that lingers on you is why only a few in the state voted and the rest didn’t?

The several districts in Wisconsin which represented Alberta Darling, Luther Olsen, Robert Cowles, Sheila Harsdorf, Randy Hopper, Dan Kapanke, were all targets for recall, but only 2 fell to the democrats. Now most of you were saying that it was a loss. And the Wisconsin voters need to get off their fat cottage cheese butts and vote more (Oh, I read that on Facebook!!!!!! WOW! from a Bears fan.) Anyway the main reason why not every Wisconsinite didn’t vote up was because mainly of the chosen districts, in which the Republicans were targeted. If the district didn’t have a candidate running, then there was no voting for that area that day. I hope EVERY American can understand. Now, if Milwaukee were on the list, and if either Senator Coggs or Taylor were to be recalled, Milwaukee would be jammed packed wall to wall with support at the polls. Madison would be the same.

So regardless of this outcome America, Wisconsin has to deal with the political Bull of Scott Walker and the Majority of the legislative of Republicans in the state. But the thought of the two victories has gotten to Walker in admittance that he MUST learn to work with the Democrats to get the state moving forward. (ala Jobs, etc)

But the progressive thing in Wisconsin has restarted. Those two wins has ignited a new revolution in the state unions, teachers, and any other person who was sick and tired of being stripped of their rights to collective bargaining. Now to those so-called Tea Party in the state: I would say that is what democracy looked like, but on the urban tip: REAL TALK!

So America: even though that Wisconsin should have done more in getting rid of Alberta Darling and company, but the progressive side does have a wild card in the deck. Research State Senator Dale Schultz. Now he is a Wisconsin Republican, but he has been well known to work BOTH sides of the aisle and has been also known to break away from the Republicans in the state. Plus I’ve heard he’s a Wild Card in the State Senate. Matter of fact, Sen. Schultz IS the balance of power in the Senate. Be on the look out for him. And that could be a major play in the Recall against Scott Walker.


Stephen’s Spot.

P.S. – Packers Rule!