Oh let me get this Three Way Dance started. And it’s a Three Way I am willing to write.

First Dance: Sandra Bland.

We all know what is up with the case in which it’s getting various attention. Personally, this is a strange case. But also we, the American public in all, would like to know about the status of why Sandra Bland, this 28 year old black woman who was trying to start a new life in Texas was later dead in a jail cell. Much after she was placed under arrest after a traffic stop. I’m hearing mixed messages about her that she could have remained calm, or put out a cigarette when the cops pulled her over.

Speaking of her arrest: the entire Dashcam Video shows all the audio in which the arrest was made. But unlike you hear and seen on TV or your local talk radio, this video is uncensored and it’s about 50 minutes long. For those who maybe offended by colorful language or if you’re under 18, DO NOT VIEW THIS FOOTAGE!

Once again, this is the FULL version of the footage that the Texas Cops pulled over Sandra Bland and the thing that gets me that part, Sandra’s head was slammed to the ground after handcuffed. Seriously! With a Epilepsy disorder? Now I know that cop that gave the order to get out of the car at least 14 times. We know this. And yes Sandra was warned about the same violation over and over again. But it got real serious after again her head was slammed to the ground. Even though that it wasn’t shown, but it was revealed there might been some force there to comply. Or should I say, “unlawful force”. Yeah you heard me right! UNLAWFUL FORCE. I’ve seen it, and read about it. Of course, they gonna say that she was resisting or kicking and whatever. And yes, I know you really can’t put your hands or feet on a officer. When that happens, you go to jail. You get arrested. We know. That is the rule of law. But the fact of the matter is, when those get pulled over by the police and to see what is about to happen, and they break their protocol of their duties of doing wrong, you know full well that they should have their jobs revoked!

Second take: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson needs to shut his mouth about inner city kids!

For all those that got insulted by him via his “idiot inner city kids” commentary, he needs to visit a inner city family and spend the night and do chores! Yeah that’s right. RoJo needs to go to a inner city household. This really bugs me, especially if you’re black and live in a democratic-related area of the city. It really resonates the thought of what many or some of the Republican related stuff is floating around negatively. This is the same RoJo that many in Wisconsin thought was the better candidate over then (and maybe again) Senator Russ Feingold in 2010 all because of his stance of the Patriot Act. Russ Feingold warned us and did we listen? NO! But in this stance, he took on inner city kids. CHILDREN! WHY?! And of course he apologized. For those who are living in the inner city right now. And if you have kids whom are being raised in the inner city right now, I have a message for you: you’re not idiots! I’ve read about those who made it out and done wonderful things in this world. I’ve seen it also. Many of them have gone on to play ball in the NBA or the NFL, or to be business owners, or CEO’s, or many high ranking positions in the country. And yes, there are those who made it, and never come back. For Ron Johnson, he’s going to regret this remark because the next time he’s in a hospital or being given soup for his illness, he might be thanking someone who was raised in a “inner city” or who was a “inner city kid” that was told to be an idiot because of him. Like the line from Madea’s Family Reunion, she said “It ain’t what they call you, it what you answer to.” And also this line: “the best revenge you can get on a person who tells you something like that, is to prove them wrong.” Prove them wrong! Prove Ron Johnson Wrong! And I think the voters whom are looking at this, will in fact show up and vote RoJo out! Don’t be surprised if that happens in 2016!

And the third dance: the so-called Milwaukee Lion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is so stupid. I’m sorry to say this. Is Milwaukee hallucinating? Are there are those in Milwaukee really this drunk? I know many around the country are probably thinking that Milwaukee can’t actually be this stupid!  A Lion loose in the streets? Yes, America there are Lions in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee County Zoo has them. But in the recent reports, there are those it’s been sighted here and there, sort of speak. But however it’s getting way to weird. And for you history buffs, it’s been along time that “So-called Lions” in Milwaukee roamed the streets. Go back to 1961. And like today in 2015, there are those who think they see large big cats. Which turned out to be large big dogs that look like Lions, but it’s no freaking Lion!

I had a flashback to a old 1980’s TV show. Remember the show, Amen? That stared the late Sherman Helmsley? Yes, he was on that show sometime after The Jeffersons got cancelled. There was an episode that dealt with a camping trips, and a fear of a Lion. The character who played Chris, who was very young on the show, kept crying and worried about trapping the animal. He cried on the way home, and Deacon Frye (Sherman’s Character) had to whatever it takes to convince young Chris that the Lion was fine. It wasn’t harmed. So, they went back to same spot where the trap was set, and no Lion. Towards the end of the show, while it seemed to be worrisome for Deacon Frye, Chris had a smile on his face, in which it all a trick to fool the Deacon.

When I thought about that episode, from the mid-1980’s on a throwback network per say, that reminded me of this example right now. When the video that some guy put on Facebook to think that it was in Estabrook Park on the Eastside that had a lion walking around, it which it wasn’t the setting, that brought me back to a subject like this. And it was a trick! With all the problems that Milwaukee continues to harbors everyday from shootings to segregation acts.

So, I still think this whole Lion crap is just that: Crap! And a waste of tax payers dime and resources. Plus no one who is on the list of Concealed Carry didn’t shoot the blasted thing. Oh, where are the brave Milwaukeeans now? Hopefully if this is a real fake story, all those posers need to pony up their tax money in fines and fees to build that new Bucks arena. Or if there is a real lion and it’s a real story, I’ll exercise for 6 months. (really I will do this!)

But right now, it’s a joke. I’m not convinced for it to be proven!

Man, on my facebook news feeds this morning, I and like others were looking at a story about a so-called potential Lion that was roaming the northside of Milwaukee. And alot of the folks per say got duped to believe that. Folks, if there was a real sighting about a so-called liion sighting, the DNR, Zoo and many other high ranking officials would be out like clockwork to see and capture this so-called Lion caper.

Here is what our Milwaukee News Reporters said earlier:

NOW: see this footage.

Viewer claims video shows ‘lion’ in Milwaukee

Also if anyone on Facebook has seen a video claiming a Lion walking around Estabrook Park, here is a cliffnote worthy to share: First, when you see it, you’re going to hear some rap music in the background. Second you’ll see a lion roaming around what it appears to be a parking lot or some marina like setting. Third, the guy on the video will claim that the setting is Estabrook Park at night.

Milwaukee: if you honestly believe that there are “Lion Sightings” around the city, and if you are in the media, the public service to believe that the Lion (or a so-called Lion) is loose, YOU HAVE BEEN OWNED!

This story is silly. A fake. It’s been bamboozling you. And I’ve been to Estabrook Park and it is nothing like that in the video! All it is to get your mind off the real issues that is going on in this city. And suprisingly it worked. You have been hooked, lined and sinkered. It’s just like when Vince McMahon was the “greater power” and the fans of the then WWF Attitude era was tricked during the Monday Night Wars!

Man, folks would believe ANYTHING that is posted on Facebook. You posters out there, are just that: POSERS!

Wanna pose something? Or to display viable solutions? Try posting solutions to the 86 Homicides that Milwaukee got so far. Or lack of jobs. Or the schools we know and love. Let’s see you do that. But you won’t!

Don’t get arrested!

This is my rant.

In a recent 21-10 decision, the Wisconsin State Senate has passed a funding bill that will effect the ongoing process to build a new arena in Downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I’m referring to the new Bucks playhouse. Not just for the team, but also for the future concerts, events and maybe a future WWE Pay-Per-View. The Reaction of the news were mixed. Some should say that the owners of the team should have paid for the full tab instead of the tax payers. WAIT A MINUTE: remember how Miller Park got started? Same thing. Taxpayers. Probably the same taxpayers who first complained and partially will like the investment. I think the same thing will happen here.

Now there was a talk of Seattle or Las Vegas in taking the team, (in which NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dismissed it)if Milwaukee had done the deal to fail. BUT this first hurdle of the State, probably sent a signal to those cities that Milwaukee actually got something done. BUT this is a first hurdle. Now if the second, third or a fourth deal is done offically, the start of the construction could start in the fall, between October and November.

So yes, Bucks fans. The deer is staying thus far.

It has been so long since I’ve written a double take. For this notion I’m bringing it back to the game.

First Take: Serena Williams.

I’m going to say that yes it’s been awhile since anyone black in tennis has won something big. And that someone is Compton’s own, Serena Williams winning the tennis competition in Wimbledon. She has become the latest in the list to be the winner in the all around Tennis competition since Steffi Graf in the 1980’s. Yes, for those who don’t know I heard of Steffi Graf thank you. And through all her success, and along with Venus, she has elevated the game of tennis to a whole new level of sports competition.

But after all the wins in all, there has to be a group of haters always had to body shame her physique. First of all, what is the haps about this “Body Shaming”? Really? I’ll bet the right wing folks had to go in on her about her physique to think she took steroids in all. Um….no! I think it’s all about the hate that a black woman winning the sport of TENNIS in a white dominated competition to achieve success. Personally, this has NOTHING to do with her body appearance. I’ll admit, Serena looks good for who she is. And is a fierce competitor. But this shaming thing is just that: hate. Are these the same folks who were all out about the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner? Yeah, where are those folks at?! But I know what you’re saying, don’t compare the two. They are not the same. You darn right they are not the same! Hate on one person, liking the other! Does that sound a thing called perpetrators? You know what, this whole body shaming thing is like, you don’t like her or his body because it’s not like them. Folks have been body shaming folks since forever. Folks used to bother me back in my middle school days all because I had a big nose. That used to make me upset. Almost like bullying. I can’t help the fact that yes I have a slightly larger nose, simply because it’s part of my genetics. What your mama and daddy gave you, there was nothing you can do about it!  You can’t help it! It’s in you for life.

This whole bullying, body shaming is all nothing but feeling insecure about that person don’t have it all. It sort of like back then when the “jocks” or “ballers” or “player” had all the cute sides, while the nerds and those felt left out had to scratch and claw just to be like them! And they got picked by these insecure jack***es who were just ignorant!

You got folks today doing this mess? No surprise.

One of these days, when we all get old, gray, can’t go to the bathroom much, having canes to walk, in the nursing homes having stuff delivered to us instead of us doing the opposite, all of that will disappear! Your good looks will not save you! But your faith will. Some folks think that, man this black blogger is crazy. In the words of Bruno Mars, “Don’t believe me just watch!” And yes you could or do exercises to keep your body toned up. The mindset of these folks who do the “body shaming” are probably the same folks who are your friends from Social Media, your workers, your bosses, your teachers, that banker that gives you the side eye, and I’ll say those you probably looked up to in church, or some made up activist that somewhat knows everything, but they really don’t. Or some news guy or woman that had to open their mouths and being hateful all because they worked hard for achieving a feat. Where there are those who are just sitting around mad at the world. My advice, get up off your butt and actually do something to benefit your life. Can I sample this from last time: “Get your life!”

Now the second take: Scott Walker is running for President.

Oh, I’m sure everybody in America had seen the footage about Wisconsin. No it’s not the Milwaukee Bucks and the new Arena deal. It’s about the still, not very likeable, right winged republican, Koch brother hand picked player, high speed rail hating, no casino deal refusing, education hating Scott Walker!

Yes. I’m going there.

I said it many times I don’t like nor favor Scott Walker. I haven’t favored him since he was Milwaukee County Executive. Never!

And yesterday in the Red County of Waukesha, he made his decree of running for President of the United States. First: let’s review why Scott Walker is bad for business. Hush right wingers!


Oh wait there’s more. Courtesy of the Wisconsin College Democrats:

And this one:

This is only a few, but there are others out there that say the exact same thing.

Most recently, a black democrat was recently turned away from the event. And apparently, in a unorthodox manner. One of my Wisconsin State Reps, and Alum of my old high school, Mandela Barnes attempted to attend Walker’s announcement, but however, he commented this on his Facebook Page:

So I go to the Scott Walker rally, and as soon as I get in the door, a volunteer zeroes in on me to ask if I was alone and if I would like to stand on-stage. Now this could have been my moment for comedic/ironic gold, but I kindly declined. Then a few minutes later, I was pointed out by a staff person who recognized who I was and asked me to leave. I went from the top to the bottom before I even knew it. I was like a sore thumb and it brought about two distinctly different interactions, lol.


Matter of fact why I’m saying wait what? So the Republican Volunteers of Scott Walker’s rally scoped out Mandela thinking he would be on stage with the supporters, in which he kindly opt out. But then, one of the Staff individuals, asked him to leave?  – That last part baffles me. Why would anyone from Walker’s rally turn away a Wisconsin State Rep? SERIOUSLY?! Some say it’s the recall thing, or maybe because he’s black. I looked at some of the footage, and the majority of the crowd at the Waukesha Expo Center, are majority white folks. How many blacks? Probably a few. Yes there are black republicans in Wisconsin. But probably a few. Why is that many asked? Think about it!

NBC Black (a subdivision for NBC) highlighted three questions that many African-Americans might be asking Scott Walker. Note to them, you might want to rethink that. This dude of a Governor has dismantled things that most the public and poor relied on every single time. From his County Executive Days, there were access to areas of senior centers, parks and even the MCTS that Walker cut that many need to get to the jobs, etc. Majority of that, were black folks. Second, remember when indicated that Talgo moved out of Milwaukee after Walker got elected, and the Spanish Train Maker wanted to commit to build trains and house their facility in the Inner City near 27th and Townsend! That was supposed to be shovel ready. But the majority of the voters, fans and even Walker himself all said no. It’s a boondoggle. It will never work they said. That’s a load of bull. It was really a call sign to say, “we are revoking opportunity for black workers in the area.” Oh yes, I’m going there! That would have linked this state along with others in a Midwest Connecting hub for jobs, tourism, etc. WASTED WITH POLITICAL MESS! He also had revoked and refused to accept an offer from the Hard Rock Casino groups that would have turned the old Dairyland Greyhound Track around. But that was gone not to be forgotten. And now most recently there has been a rule about taking away weekends. As in you work on Saturdays and Sundays with no rest in all. NO REALLY!

Is this the kind of guy YOU want to support for President? Here me out Americans, no matter what Scott Walker is selling, DO NOT EVEN TRYING TO BUY! I am saying this as a warning. Now some might look at him as this cool guy to love, but America, you have been warned!

Don’t sleep!

This commentary is all about the flag that was: The confederate flag.

Should I go in and talk about the flag taken down? Should I?

Now when I talk about this flag no longer flying, I said in my previous about “take it down. All the way down!” Did I not? And after many hours of debate in South Carolina, and after the violent deaths of the Emanuel Nine, and many others that lingered the Confederate Flag for too long, and after Bree Newsome got the repelling started, it was brought down OFFICIALLY!

Seeing the SC State Troopers marching in close unison, all towards the flag pole. Three of the troopers opened the small gate and cranking the handle to lower the flag. Seeing the two men folding the flag in a semi-ceremonial session when the flag was unhooked and tied with a small rope. Then one of the troopers, who was black (yep a Black SC Trooper) handed the flag to one of the curators of a museum that will be archived on display after 54 years of it flying.

OK now I can get on my soapbox: For all those  who feel that the Confederate Flag was part of “the heritage”, MOVE ON! This is your heritage? No seriously, is THIS: THIS Confederate Flag that is and was displayed on the South Carolina Capitol Ground was part of your heritage? Be honest! Now many of you say that with your family’s history of them fighting in the Civil War, which was one thing, however the other use of the Flag that many are still in denial had a part to do with the Jim Crow Era, Racism portions, and many other inner anti-American Humanity ideals and concerns. For those who probably got mad on Facebook, or Instagram, or another Social Media platform that the announcement of the Flag coming down, yes you were weeping! You were crying. You were just in denial in which that flag that you, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grand parents and your great great grands carried for so long, is starting to come into light. All of this is coming out not just after the killing of the Emanuel 9 in a  historic Black AME Church, by a 21 year old BOY (he’s not a man in my eyes) of Dylann Roof whom probably is getting more Jesus meetings right now. Oh, believe me at the age of he is, and the generation of he is apart of (Millennials) he will get those “Come To Jesus Meetings” mostly in my view, in prison. And I’ll bet the KKK was like, we need more like him! Seriously? Of course they might. Using a member of the Millennial generation per say that doesn’t see color, would get someone like Dylann to hate those that aren’t like him and those he doesn’t like. Millennials, I hope you’re getting the message. Hashtag that!

You don’t see the German folks flying the Nazi flags today in Germany. You don’t. And I’ll bet some in the international community probably had this on their mind: It’s about time America!

We already know that the now former battle confederate flag is not going to erase racism. Racism was around before the flag and likely to continue due to the assumptions of Americans who like to say “we don’t want hire any blacks for our company. We’ll stick hiring the white applicants.” Oh best believe that! And again is this the era of a post-racial society?

Even though some might consider black applicants anyway possible.

So here it is flag bearers. 150 years ago, the confederate lost. 150 years later, the state of South Carolina takes the flag down officially with the harsh bloodshed of the Emanuel NIne in summary. But the overally though of racism, still lingers. And that takes a lifetime to take down.

Just recently, the City of Milwaukee had a sporadic of shootings so far in the summer. Now before anyone gets all emotional and running for the hills, let’s rewind to what I said back in the spring:

What just happened also, is a prelude of what might come during the Summer. We know that by then, the weather will be hot. And when that happens, MOST will be out of school during the break (I’m referencing kids here) and I’ll be one of the first who might say that some of them WILL DIE! They will not be at the playgrounds, Summerfest, their neighborhoods or matter of fact, some may not get on Facebook or even my blog (with their parents) asking and/or addressing the issues that harbors the game in a negative light! I’m sorry to say this, but this is a butt naked truth! Another butt naked truth: this is for those who migrated out of Milwaukee. Normally I would say that if you had a change in career or choice to move because of whatever, and if you are successful at what you’re doing, hey congrats. But, hear me on this, and this might hurt many of you. You can’t please folks all the time! I know many of you probably expressed that in a sense of choice or pride. However, never forget that there those here that WANT to see the Change for the better while you are in your new digs!

So I say to myself, guess what? I told you so!

Just like when I said about Scott Walker’s negativity in the state in all, I told you so!

The recent shootings that happened, occurred during the 4th of July weekend in the city. First , a 14 year old kid by the name of Tariq Akbar was gunned down after our July 3rd Fireworks had ended. It all started with a Facebook post in which led to a fight, and Tariq died all because part of the Facebook post was about a girl. OH REALLY?!! A GIRL?!!! That also needs to ask, who in the living heck is montitoring the dude’s Facebook Page?!! When I was 14, don’t call me old pre-millenials. There was no social media. Heck, I had to get permission to go outside with being watched by my parents! And when I was 14, I was already going from Middle School to High School to get my young prepped up for the next phase of Milwaukee Public Schools. And the dude that killed Tariq, was a 15 year old black teenager. Now, I would call Black Lives Matter on this, but I can’t. Matthew McMillian at his age of 15 might be on his way to jail for 65 years in this act of violence. Hold up, by the time he gets out, he’ll be an old man of nearly 80 years old when or if he gets out. By then his high school life, college life, adult life and all would be a thing of the past. He better start praying to black Jesus right now for the sin he committed against Tariq all because of a stupid Facebook Post because of a girl! Makes me want to delete my FB Page just thinking about it. But nah, I’ll use it to keep it clean.

Most recent another Milwaukee Shooting happened involving a 13 year old boy. The boy was killed shortly after a vigil in memory of Tariq Akbar. But the thing is, he was killed at home near the area of 22nd and Eggert Place. The name was Giovionie Cameron. And the result of his murder was by of all people, his cousin Jason. This is the second time this year that a blood relative killed a blood relative. And that BLOOD relative has to come face to face with the truth of murdering his relative. What was the motive of Jason? Gunplay? Hatred? what?!! The reason why it’s the second time this year, look what happened to the two boys of Damani Terry and Rasheed Chiles that were gunned down. And they were gunned down by their 27 year old uncle Ricky Ricardo Chiles. Whom also killed himself while being on the run.

Right now, the number of homicides in Milwaukee as of this date of July 8th: 84. Last year around this same date, the number stood at 41 according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Homicide Tracker Website.

Yep, I called it. Even though it might be scary but I said that the actions of what happened in the Spring will be a prelude to the summer. And so far, this Summer of 2015 is off to a bad start. And I’m not talking about the low attendance for Summerfest or the ongoing short coolness of the weather. Or the same ol’ stuff of lack of jobs. This is our young children UNDER SIEGE! Under siege of all the violence and this hate. Oh, and some grown folks are thinking of moving out. But like I also said to the grown folks who are thinking about leaving, go ahead. BUT do not slight those who are still here that are trying their dead level best to get this city on track. And I hate to say that those whom turn up the noses and leave when stuff like this, you’re not helping. I’m sorry to say this, but you are not really helping out to solidify solutions in which the city needs. Of course, you got your spot set for Atlanta, for Dallas, for San Antonio, for California, for whatever city or state. But guess what? There are violence in those cities and states also. Even if you go down south! Yeah, like many I want to live in a safe cooperative enviormnent free from violence, and shootings. But there are racists out there who don’t like to see “N*ggers in their neighborhoods” or on their jobs. Don’t like to see  Gays or Lesbians, or transgenders, or any other folks who dawn the rainbows. Or any other race that does not look like them! And didn’t we just celebrated the 4th of July? And a reminder of Juneteenth? And a reminder of celebrating the Pride of whom you like to love?

And even if and when the new Milwaukee Bucks arena is beginning to be made, I don’t want no investors of anytype fleeing Milwaukee just because of what happened with the violence! The best way to combat the violence in a different way, is to do your job by coming out and work. I don’t care someone who is caucasian with a beer and a I-Phone gives you the finger, yo SCREW THEM! Get the jobs out!

And finally, the Milwaukee Police Department should not be the only ones out here doing this. All Community Leaders, Unsung Heroes, Churches and others should be on a United Front  (and I mean a UNITED FRONT) in tackling the violence in the Milwaukee Streets. Oh, and those who always call on the churches and having this attitude of not caring. Especially at a time like this, you need to drop it. You are probably the same ones who couldn’t get over the attitude of being shut out by Pastor so-and-so. Or Sister so-and-so, Brother So-and-So and many other so-and-sos that you thought were against you. I said many times that there are those who don’t want church folks around all because of the bible thumping hyprocritical mindet. But when problems happen, (and pastors you know this) when those folks or one person comes back and asks this repeatable question: “Will you pray for me?” Ponder that. And a question might ask, what made you change your mind of this? Again, ponder that!

So in the words of Smokey Robinson, don’t be so full of yourselves!

Get up and get out and do your work in getting the city back on point!


May I remind my hometown of Milwaukee of this notion:




Remember that?

Or what about this: SAVE THE BREWERS! 

Remember that?

I hope you do!

These were the same quotes I remember from 1996, in which the Milwaukee Brewers were the focus of leaving Milwaukee if Miller Park weren’t to be built. Couple of years later, like 5 years later, the city did indeed opened and birthed Miller Park in the spring of 2001. And yes it had it’s peaks and valleys, and I’ve only gone to a few Brewers games in the still young and profitable, Miller Park.

Now we face the same scenario of Build it nows and Save the Team with the Milwaukee Bucks. Right now, the idea of the new Bucks Arena is on pause though lawmakers, senators, congress, county executives mayors and governors. All trying to do whatever it takes to measure out a deal to somewhat keep the team, that has been around since 1968. The Milwaukee Bucks are not just an NBA Franchise, they extend the branch of the community with clinics, appearances at your kids schools, hospitals and many others. No matter when they had their winning streaks or those lonely basement losses that no one wants to talk about, the Bucks remained in the community through thick and thin. In the last 47 years they have been in the Old Mecca Arena and the current aging, BMO Harris Bradley Center. The BMO Harris BC was built in 1988. Around at the time, I was going from the 5th grade to the 6th Grade. And my older sister was graduating from High School. And yes, I’ve gone to the Bradley in terms of Bucks Games, a concert, EVEN WWE Wrestling Matches.

Yes those were my memories of going to the Bradley Center. No question about it.

Now with the New Arena being put on pause for no reason. STALLING. Too much talk. Dragging the feet and twittering their thumbs thinking that it won’t happen. OH YES IT CAN!  Just recently the Milwaukee Bucks President just said it in Madison in these words:

If the Milwaukee Bucks don’t get a proposed $500 million arena, the National Basketball Association will force a sale of the team and move the franchise to Seattle or Las Vegas, the team’s president told lawmakers Monday.

Sounds familiar? This is what almost happened with the Brewers almost 20+ Years ago. If Miller Park HAD NOT BEEN BUILT, the team would have been gone! PERIOD!

If the Bucks go to Seattle, Las Vegas or any other city looking for another NBA team to invest, then in the next decade or so, we’ll be scratching our heads of why did we allow this to happen? I have the notion that Wisconsin has a reputation that when it sees something that looks good, BUT politics will be in the way and it will be not only the fault of the lawmakers, the politicians but on whom: the Citizens of Wisconsin. Even my fault. Even the fault whom support the pushing of the Bucks to stay here! But mainly those whom in charge with all the Republican power in Wisconsin WILL BE AT FAULT! The same folks whom defended the High Speed Rail of Talgo saying it was a boondoggle, and it will never work.

BS! IT COULD have worked if the attitude was not so negative.

And we had the money to pay for it and everything. But no, Scott Walker was so concerned about roads and bridges, he gave away all of the 800 Million Dollars that could have benefited Milwaukee, the region, the state. But the fools that the folks put in office in 2010 were just that: Negative. And plus it was supposed also to gain more transportation to get from and to jobs. And I say again not everyone in Milwaukee does not have a car to get to work or school! Or should I say not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t drive! HELLO!

Listening to the radio this morning, yes I still listen to WNOV. And previously it was reported (via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) and talked about the quantity of jobs that could match or exceed if the New Bucks Arena were to be built. According the segments, it would exceed or match about 10,000 jobs to not only build the arena, but also the surroundings with the Arena.


Think about the number of 10,000.

And Milwaukee has been preaching about jobs for too long. And how many folks are in need of good paying jobs here? For all you unemployed and underemployed folks, and those who whom feel that this is a good deal, I say get on the horn, or smartphone, or tablet, or email and tell your folks who represent you to get the finalized deal DONE!  Get it done NOW! Don’t let this slip up to continue the fall back way behind stuff that Milwaukee knows well.

I don’t care where you the citizens of Milwaukee or Wisconsin stand politically. But the love of sports and community should not be a political concern.

Just a thought, I smell another blog letter coming!

The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue

Oh, the struggle!

If you are blessed to be alive today, thank God that you are allowed to breathe!

For many of us, it’s the 4th of July. The infamous American holiday that many celebrate with the family and friends, neighbors, food and drinks, decorate the house with patriot like colors, and of course with the games to kick back and relax.Yes thus far, the framework of America’s Independence is just in progress. MATTER of fact, it’s always been in progress. One of these days when that one July 4th Holiday in which might be huge, it would serve notice about all the so far agendas that we need to conquer.

For yes, us African Americans, we are still on watch. No I’m not trying to be conscious, but yes we are on watch every time! All the things we went through and still going through. Many of us, in the African American community still have this confusion about should we embrace the holiday while on the other hand to realize that our black forefathers and forefathers were still slaves. It’s true! Now I know many are going to say, “It didn’t happen to you!” They’re right. It didn’t happen to us, TODAY! Today we reflected the portion through the Facebook Postings, the Instagram Pictures, or many other social media outlets. We know this. And the thing is that is the main reason why many or some in the black community don’t want no part of the celebration of America’s birthday. However, there are those whom do recognize the slavery portion and do partake in the 4th. Why, because it’s a choice. Such as of what Usher displayed at the Essence Festival in which he had on a white shirt with “July Fourth” crossed off in red and blue colors, while on the bottom it had “Juneteenth” as in Juneteenth Day. And the question on his jacket was, “Have we truly achieved our Independence?” We already know the answer of not very much. Look what happened in South Carolina with 9 members of Emanuel AME Church was killed by a BOY named Dylann Roof. Or the constant shootings against innocent black men, or denying black applicants for jobs just because their name is like Jamal, or Niqua, or because the company would like to prefer more white applicants than BLACK folks! Tell me I’m wrong!

Photos courtesy of Stephen's Spot

The annual US Bank Fireworks are a Milwaukee tradition that dates back to 1911 in a way to celebrate America’s Independence. – Photos courtesy of Stephen’s Spot.

Now this is no secret, I celebrate the 4th of July. But I am reminded that even though it’s fine to decorate the colors of Red White And Blue on your house, or go to Wal-Mart or Old Navy to purchase a flag shirt, or to see the fireworks before and on the Fourth (Milwaukee knows this too well), or any other “Americana” related items, but I am totally reminded as a black man, that the struggle continues! That stuck in me. Matter of fact,  its a reality now. Hey, I even say that after my birthday celebrations in December. The Struggle Continues!  And yes, for you conscious black folks who love to reflect all the things that are RGB, yes, I hear you. And I dig your radicalism, but here is something you should know. I also never forget the African side,  nor lessons, nor the teachings of our ancestors that either were struggled, enslaved, shackled, branded, demeaned, or separated by the earlier mindset which that yes our folks went through. Mainly it really started with those who were BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! I want those who feel this way to understand. I’m not calling BS on this. Last time I checked the stories, we all seen Roots when Kunta Kente was taken and captured by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS. Another was The Book of Negroes, and in the first part, the character Aminata was captured, separated, branded by slave traders, but morely started by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! You talk about brainwashed or selling out; Guess what? the Black Slave Traders were brainwashed also in the attempt to sell off those whom were our black ancestors during the slave trade. I’m sorry to say this but it’s the darn truth! Look it up! Even I get drilled in the teachings in the house that I grew up in. What I’m saying is that we know the part of slavery that dealt with our people, but we must NOT overlook the portion that our own people helped the slavery track started up. We need to take a look at all sides no matter what the subject it is. Even if its the subject of Slavery. And yes we gotta be real about it! Just to add also, I do recognize and also celebrate Juneteenth Day.

Now talking about struggles: What struggle continues today? The Struggles of everyday life. Jobs, healthcare, finance, racism,  security, or a right to take down a confederate flag. Bree Newsome, made news of repelling up a flag pole in South Carolina unhooked the Confederate Battle Flag . And yes she and James Tyson got arrested on the spot. And of course, there have been talks, interviews and commentary about them doing a thought that many had wished. But we all know that the flag got put up and will be taken down in votes. So when the votes come, even though the “stars and bars” will be taken down officially, but the talk of racism in other forms will indeed not rest!

And that is what America must do. It must not rest nor left alone on the laurels of Racism or Discrimination that the country has endured for the last 239 years. It must learn and do a plan to let our concerns flow. If our concerns don’t flow, or cry out, someone will do it for us! And this is one of the reasons why I say that “The Struggle Continues!” So yes, thus far America has made some strides of examples of Healthcare, Same Sex Marriage (whether you agree or disagree), jobs, finance, Housing, anything Education related,  and other areas, but the true thought in all of this, that the constant struggle and I mean (the constant struggle) in America still lingers! Yes Americans, we can celebrate and observe this 239th edition of the country’s Independence. BUT………the Struggle continues and the beat goes on!

It hasn’t been like this since I was a toddler. For the first time in about 36 years, the Milwaukee Transit System is on a 3 day strke. But before I dive into this, let me assure the MCTS audience that I had and have workers and bus drivers in my family that driven and worked on buses for the MCTS for many many years. With this strike, it has hit hard on the workers, the poor and most of all, our 11 day festival of Summerfest in which the routes are effected with men, women and children riding to the midgate to enjoy the shows and activities. But as many know, the reasons behind it due to the budget side of work, fair wages, salary, breaks and many other Union-like factors. For this, I present this blog letter to all of the Milwaukee County Transit System Bus Drivers, Mechanics, Office Personal, and supporters who rely on the buses every single day!

Dear Milwaukee County Transit System:

It’s me Stephen. A former bus rider, now driver, and a Milwaukee Black Blogger that is a supporter.


I feel every single one of you that that is going through this strike. I feel everyone that rely on the services to get to school, appointments, events, or any other use of transportation that gets the need and want for the services of the citizens of the Bus. There is no excuse of why there no talking between the Union and the Bus Company’s higher representatives in order to get a resolution, an official resolution, in order to get this deal on the table, and discussion, and most of all an all around deal that this make sense.

Yes, I have Milwaukee County Transit System REALATED folks in my family, that are or were Bus Operators, Tankers, and Mechanics that worked for the company for quite sometime. My late uncle, rode the bus on routes of the 80 and the 12, and even the MCTS Seasonal Trolley that earned income. Sadly, my uncle died in January 1999 at the Fond Du Lac Station in Milwaukee and it was a big shock to all of us in the family. His funeral was at my old church building back then, and the honorable Pall Bearers at the time were indeed the MCTS Drivers who knew my Uncle on the job. My family at the time THANKED them for their support, and also assistance in our bereavement. If you were apart of my uncle’s tribute back in 1999 at the time of his passing and remembrance, I say this as a family member: THANK YOU! I have another uncle, who has lymphoma. And there were times I hear about him going to work  and making the cash. And even though his health may not be up to par, but he is not going to let his disorder of health stop him for getting to and from work as a mechanic for the MCTS.I have older cousins, who previously worked as Bus Operators knew the game very well.

Sorry I had to get like that. But you never know why things like this happen!

But when I thought about them, this is why I respect the drivers of what they do. As far as the Streetcar thing, different angle. But this is not about the Streetcar. This is about the Buses.

For those who are bus drivers, and mechanics, and other employees of the MCTS, that got harassed, beaten up, cursed at, facing the stress of customers, work, complaints, and many other concerned factors, I FULLY UNDERSTAND! I get it’s not easy. I work as a church secretary and I get those. But for you all, I have many things to say, but I have this: Hold On.

For you drivers that have been out all night with the picket signs: HOLD ON!

For the office workers who have to put up the papers and complaints: HOLD ON!

For the Mechanics that have to spend all the time fixing up the buses that many have to ride and drive, even during the strike: HOLD ON!

For all of us who know folks that need rides to the Schools, Doctors, Church, Dentists, Summerfest,the club, Fourth of July Fireworks, or any other use to get to work: I say this to all: HOLD ON!

For those in the Upper Management, that had to make day to day decisions, that is hard: HOLD ON!

For those who are in the 998 ATU Union: HOLD ON!

Not only HOLD ON, but KEEP PRESSING! Until the strike ends this week by the 4th of July.



P.S. for more info on the Transit Strike, check out the MCTS website, and the FAQ’s of the Transit Strike, reference this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article.

It’s a three way dance: the black music month edition. This dance will be focused on the summaries of Black Music Month itself, the remembrance of the Emanuel Nine that were killed in Charleston, and for you LGBTQ folks, I have a short summary and letter to you since the Marriage Equality is now open. And yes I will address the concerns, but most of all, I will address the ideas as well.

First Dance: June is Black Music Month!

Or as I like to call it, Black History Month Part II. The idea of behind Black Music was an act of activism, and purpose, and objective of the use and vision of celebrating the creation of Black Music in which many either play, perform, or just want to sample to make it their own without acknowledgement. Black Music Month, for the record, is not racist! It is not to separate anything from anyone. Every ethnic culture has a story behind the music that was created. And yes, black music is no exception. Research the co-founder of Black Music Month, yes there is a co-founder by the name of Dyana Williams. She is also known as the “Godmother of Black Music Month”. Of course anyone can listen to it, BUT to those who think it’s just music without any merit of recognition, appropriation, respect, and even dignified of reason should have their heads on straight! And for the record, Black Music Month has been around since 1979 when President Jimmy Carter was in office, but it also took nearly a decade plus to put Black Music Month officially in calendars and proclamations when Bill Clinton was President in his tenure! This year in Black Music thus far, like any other music year has it’s newbies coming out, while the old vets still have enough run in the tank. For the old vets, I’ve paid attention to Nile Rodgers with his new hit “I’ll be there.”  And with that bring the old 70’s funk in a new light, yes admit it, you have some funk in the playlist.

Second comeback for the vets:

For those who are still stuck on Beyonce, or any other “diva” that is a current fave making money, it’s time to bow down for just a moment. It’s time that Janet Jackson gets her crown back. By now, we have heard her voice of making a new rhythm nation, a new world tour, and new movement. I hope that everyone got the message! If not, to quote the DJ’s you’ve been sleeping. Just to think that 20 years ago, when Michael Jackson came back with Scream, and here we are in 2015 in the same Black Music Month, Janet comes back with No Sleep.

Thus, this song No Sleep should be on rotation on every single radio station, every DJ Club, Reunion, and those playlist that could use more dance music than the same ole’ trap music that many don’t like. But, if you like trap music that’s you, no disrespect. Did I mention that Jodeci made a comeback? And for you the 90’s born millennial folks, many of you were out of the womb when they were on stage. Just saying. For those who don’t know, check their hits. Many of us KNOW the hits!  And as for those we lost, this year it’s most likely that the remembrances of Ben E. King, Johnny Kemp and B.B. King will be hugely reminded that their music in Blues and R&B will most likely be summarized. Mostly I think BB King the most because of his influence on Blues and also on other music platforms (in which blacks started) that are still heavily rotated to this day. Black Music Month, like Black History Month, still matters and it still never ends.

Second on the Dance Card: The Emanuel 9.

We know what happened. And we all know who got killed in a Legendary black AME Church. This week, as we know, President Obama gave a eulogy about the life of State Senator and Pastor, Clementa Pinckney. For almost 37 plus minutes of the message, the President tied in all of the recent acts of domestic terrorism, racism, and also his version of the song Amazing Grace. But for this message, before the solo, he had to comment in which many should realize that Clementa found that grace that many of us are still looking for right now. His grace was not just making bills for putting body cameras onto Police Officers in his native South Carolina. His grace was also in the AME Church in which he began his preaching since a young age. From 13 years old to 18 years old, and when he was 23, he was in public service. Even being a member of his Fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. In addition, the President said that “Our faith demands deeds, not just words.” Yes we say Grace and Peace, Giving honor to God, and many others, but those words demand deeds of us, the faith community each and every time we put in action for our communities in which we reside. And plus, they shouldn’t just be on a Sunday in the sanctuary. We know that many of our non-believers friends and family members who had the negatives to show in person or social media about church, but they need to realize that even though they are out, they shouldn’t denounce those in the church who are trying to better the building and congregation through them to make that difference. In other words, for you non-church goers, don’t denounce your friends, family members or acquaintances who are trying their DEAD LEVEL BEST to help improve the church from when it was nasty when you were there back in  your youth, young adult, or just there to visit and never got enough knowledge. We’re still learning. Even fighting Church District Superintendents against those who are retired pastors that have disabilities, or have majority experience that can be useful. This is going on in the Midwest region in a state that I will not disclose. And I know the state very well. At the end of the speech, the President himself did the solo that many viewed. For those who don’t know, the song Amazing Grace was written on a slave boat. It has history of talking about twists and turns, and going though trials and triumphs. Even though that the song was written back in 1779 by John Newton, but African-Americans backed it for spirituals and also notable music charts in the United States. So yes, Amazing Grace is not just some song that was made up to tick off the haters. It’s really one of those old songs that were, and are a call to action, just like “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” At the end of the eulogy, the President listed all the 9 Emanuel members that found their grace of what they went though before they were killed by the mixed up minded 21 year old boy (yeah I said BOY) Dylann Roof.

Finally this short letter is for the LGBTQ Folks: and yes it directed for you and to you. Everybody else, chill out. Since June is about Pride Month.

To the members of the LGBTQ Community, It’s me Stephen and I’m a black blogger out of Milwaukee:

We know! We know! Since the Supreme Court Ruling that in a decision that Marriage Equality is officially valid in all 50 states. We know! Now my thing is, well, I’ll let my Facebook post from last week do the talking:

I know probably everyone had commented about the legality of Marriage Equality. And yes the votes are valid. Personally, I’m going to say this: I have no haterism against the LGBT folks. I know many don’t agree with the lifestyle choice or decisions made, but I was reminded years ago in my 20’s that one of my late grandfathers once said, whom was an Emeritus of Sunday School: “Treat people as if you want to be treated!” That wasn’t just church, it was also in the house too. Another is a quote is familiar of not judging folks. Or in the book, Judge not! I know there are those who have this “hypocritical mindset” of people, places, things or ideas that they don’t understand or criticize. Of course, there are those in the churches (that many or some of us encountered) that probably carried that trait. However, this might be the first time that I mentioned this, but it’s not just the church. There could be other places who may have the trait of the “hypocritical mindset” also. It could be our surroundings, hangouts, clubs, jobs, other organizations, and many others that we go to donate our time, and etc. And we already know that not everyone is not going to be on the same page. I’m just saying! I read about this, I blogged about it, (amen!) encountered conversations at the dinner table of discussions. So I get it! Some might say, “really?” Yeah! Even though that the rule has been placed and it may not sit well with everybody. Which is expected. But, I’ll say this also: even though that the lifestyle may not be suitable for many, I’m still going to respect that person or persons. I was raised by this. And continuing to do so, it will be.I think I poured in my 2 cents! And by the way: The Struggle Continues!

For that, I say this as a Christian, a member of the United Methodist Church, an African-American Male, Straight male, a voter, a citizen, a person who has and still donates to functions and charities, Alumni, and most of all, a person who was brought up and raised in a well rounded, nuclear family household. And takes darn good Nikon pics!

Any questions? All I’m saying is, I was brought up this way. And I’m still a respectable person that does not discriminate no matter how Gay, how Lesbian, how whatever you maybe! Makes no difference. Plus, as an advice for a while to get accepted and respected: know this and remember it well: It takes respect to get respect. But other than that, no shade.