It’s been awhile since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had anything fun and nostalgic since the Green Sheet left us in 1994. Yes, I’ll admit, I was a fanatic of the Journal’s Green Journal of fun things of puzzles and horoscopes. But on Memorial Day when many of us were paying respects to those who have lost their lives in battle for the country, an old school favorite of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had returned. No it wasn’t the ghost of Solomon Juneau from the old Milwaukee Sentinel! It was a sheet. A Green Sheet.

For those who don’t know the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Green Sheet started in 1927 by the editor of the time Larry Lawrence. He started to edit the section from it’s (according to the Article) scandal-seeking ways to the then, and “family friendly fare.” In which you read about the horoscopes, the Dear Abby Advice Columns, and many many others. It was a nostalgic feel of those things that you see every week Monday through Saturday. However, as I indicated, the Journal discontinued the Green Sheet back in 1994, and at that time, I was still in my third year in High School. Years went by of course and many others who were long time fans of the paper wanted it back so badly. Well that wish, and those proposals were on the table and it’s complete. For the first time in 21 years, the JS brought back the old Green Sheet Classic with new twists for this era of blogs, smart-phones, websites, social media, and the era First black President. (Yeah I said it!) Expect the Green Sheet to feature alot of Throwback Thursdays. ALOT of them! 

Many of us in Milwaukee who are between the Baby-Boomers and Generation X/Y we remember the Green Sheet Biblically! Many of you probably got that on your Facebook Time pages of Alumni, Classics or many others that you want to informed about the classic resurrecting. But for me, as a member of Generation X, this picture below is so linked to me. Very much linked!

Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal. 1993.

Source: Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal’s The Green Sheet. 1993. 

This picture was taken back by the then Milwaukee Journal in 1993 when I was still a student at John Marshall High School. We were practicing for a halftime show appearance (on our part) with the Special Education Students. The event that was held in the month of October was for the Very Special Arts. This halftime show was for the special ed students that had the opportunity to perform the show along with other bands, and especially: The UW-Band. And yes, I had the chance to shake the hand of UW-Band director Mike Leckrone (who is still the director to this day). Anyway, being able to perform in Madison with my old high school, and the special eds, and the UW-Band was really something. And it just hit me, that game with the Badgers was against Michigan in 1993 (which the Badgers won), and it also had the infamous “Camp Randall Crush”, in which many of the fans tried to get onto the field to celebrate the Badgers victory, and so many of the students got hurt. Lucky for us, we left way before that happened!

So that was a real throwback that will never be forgotten! But other than that, we had a good time just being at the game, and help perform with the Special Education Students, whom also like me are now Marshall grads. And I’m glad even 21 years later, the John Marshall High School Band was featured in one of best sections the Milwaukee Journal had was with the Green Sheet. Not the obits!

So for all you now MPS students and teachers that are doing well thus far, don’t be surprised that this could happen to be published. Even if it’s now the revamped version of the Green Sheet!

To see the Green Sheet via the Internet: Click here –

This past week, we lost one of the best blues musicians in the business. He may have been born Riley King in Indianola, Mississippi, but we all know that he was B.B. King. He ran his race of life since 1925 and was finished at 89 years old last week. No matter what we have in our music collection, many of us know a B.B. King song, or a guest appearance. For me, I wasn’t a blues fans like my father or those older than me growing up. But like any other fan of black music, I do give B.B. King respect of what he had done and influenced. Plus also, this would be a good chance to see more black musicians to explore Blues Music for the future. So with that, here is my blog letter.

Dear fans of the Blues world, and fans alike to B.B. King, and fans of good music in general:

It’s me Stephen. A blogger from Milwaukee in which I don’t get paid to write.

I share this message today, to not only offer sympathy, but to offer a thing of rally cry to action. First, shout out to the family of the late, great Riley King. As many as know as B.B. King. Thank you for allowing him to show his craft, his lessons, his music and influence on Blues Music as well as many other forms of music in his craft and talents. We all know mostly as this famous Blues Musician, but to you, yes he was your father, grandfather, uncle, cousin and many other extended family member branch of advice. And yes many of us understand that he was your family member first. And I say this out of respect.

For those whom are a fan of Blues Music of his, many of you were probably dusting off the records of your old Vinyl Collection to hear the music that your father or grandfather used to play with B.B. King on it. For my family, many of you don’t know this, in Milwaukee there was band that used to be called The Chefs, and at the time, they used to open for acts for a Summerfest performance of a Tina Turner, the late James Brown, and the now late B.B. King. One memorable story in which one of members I know that when they were playing one of their songs, B.B. King was critiquing them of playing loud. Which he did commented. But that didn’t stop the talent of them performing their hit music piece at the time. However there was positives.

For those of us whom are music fans alike, that probably didn’t follow blues music or weren’t blues fans, but do appreciate the work of B.B. King, it’s ok. The only song that many capture out of him was “The Thrill Is Gone.” That was to me one of his strongest songs, and well known songs. But I also realize that wasn’t his only song that was hit. Many other songs ranging from Blue Boys Tune, to Lucille (as in his guitar), to Rock Me Baby, to Bad Case of Love, Paying the Cost to Be the Boss, to How Blue Can You Get, to his collaboration with Eric Clapton of Riding with the King, to the song: To Know You Is To Love You, Let the Good Times Roll,  and A Story That Everybody Knows. Just a few. Some of that were his best hits. Lifetime hits. Not one hit wonders and that’s it. Many of us whom I think are of Gen X,Y and yes Millennials, we only recognize him as that one strong hit. But like many other musicians like Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson (whom is reviving a new movement), James Brown, and a host of others weren’t only known for a strong hit song, but many hit SONGS!  And B.B. King was one of them that needs to be recognized in his music career. Even B.B. King (as on the forefront as he was) performed at jails of Cook County, and San Quentin. How many of these artists TODAY would play at a Jail House or a Federal Pen for extra performances? Probably NONE! Imagine Jay Z or Beyonce or Lil’ Wayne, The Roots, Ice Cube, Kanye West, or even Kendrick Lamar doing a Hip Hop/R&B Session at a well known Federal Jail or State Jail since prison are big enterprises now per say. Step up for that! If B.B. King had the guts to perform at a San Quentin or Cook County Jail why not some of these today artists that are blowing up the billboards with music ratings, to give the prisoners some music love while serving time!

In the wake of his passing, knowingly there might more blues artists blowing up. But I want to see more blues artists whom are African-Decent show this to their craft. I hear Gary Clark Jr and if you have not heard his songs, it’s mind blowing. Electric Blues in his own craft! The reason why I say this is because black musicians are more that hip hop and rap and R&B mixed with Neo Soul in it. I know that is what we mostly hear. Blues however is like hearing the songs in the Backwoods in the South that many had that natural talent of singing and playing the guitar. Which couldn’t be taught in school folks. It has it’s roots in Afrocentric beats with jazz, gospel, chants, shouts, work songs, juke joints (lot of the older crowds know this well), Rock and Roll and a host of earlier to almost modern forms of music.

Throughout the month of June, I challenge all of my readers and those who just looking, to explore the value of Blues Music. After all, the month of June is Black Music Month and I can’t think of a better way to learn about this style of music for this occasion.There is no question or secret, that B.B. King ran his race. And even the strokes and the Type-Two Diabetes ended his life of 89 years old, what didn’t stop the fact that his influence of Blues Music will not die!

For the TV side of things, the three things I’ll take away was his cameo appearance of him playing the solo on Married…..With Children. Yes he was on there! Plus his guest appearance as Pappy on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air from 1995, and also the moment that he among with other blues musicians played at the White House and having President Obama singing Sweet Home Chicago. Oh, what a moment y’all! Even moments of winning his share of music awards.

May the man of B.B. King rest on in the vision of God.

I know many are gearing up for his Homegoing this week. I’ll bet many will dream about B.B. King going to the gates. And after he checked in, he might go to a room full of guitars and he probably picked out the one that looks like Lucille, but not like Lucille, and the Almighty put him in a heavenly band and he’s just jamming along with Jimi Hendrix, Z.Z. Hill, 2 Pac, Biggie Smalls, Whitney, Michael, Johnny Kemp, Aaliyah and a host of previous musicians that God called home!

So B.B. King fans, be not dismayed with his passing. Hate to sound like the church that pretty soon, we all will have to take this walk. We all have to make the mark to leave. But while we’re here and alive, keep playing his music. Turn it up at your family reunions, your class reunions. For you music teachers, incorporate his music in your lesson plans. For you Black History teachers, please add him to your list of musicians to learn from to your students. And to music lovers everywhere, download, purchase or have your older relatives to bust out the pictures that were valuable with B.B. King in it. Dust off the records that were stored up for years, and do the juke joints well like never before! For the younger folks who probably never heard of him before, it’s OK to listen to your favorites. But NEVER forget, that your favorites of Hip Hop, Rap, Neo Soul, Dance, Electronica, Techno, Rock, or Metal were probably influenced by B.B.King as well. And like many, will probably pay their respects this week in memory.

Keep telling the blues. Literally.



It’s time for the three way dance! We know how this goes. For this, it’s nothing but the FLOTUS getting real on Racism, a teacher in Georgia and also, there is not new black. But the word black has in slogans of uplifting has been in effect for years. Oh yes, we all know with conviction and meaning.

First on the card: I’m sure many viewed the First Lady’s Commencement Speech from Tuskegee University. And the FLOTUS didn’t disappoint in which she went hard on a subject in which many feel is dead: Racism. Before I begin, let me say that Race plays in many factors. No matter what we do or say, or comment or act or the analyzation of crime, martial status, education, jobs, housing, economic status, or many other things, race has and will play a part in stipulating those factors. Of course many might say, Oh it doesn’t see color….or  we have black connections well scouted with friends, or we have a Black President now, racism is dead (OH REALLY?) And many other factors.

But in this speech that the FLOTUS gave: Really raw and convincing. And no, Conservative-Like Minded citizens, there was no race baiting. It was bringing up a thing called #FACTS:

In the most conversed portion of the speech as everyone knows, she highlighted the resources of being a target of race. All that about her being too loud, too this and that. Would she be subtitle like the previous First Ladies of Hillary, Laura, Barbara, and Nancy? And that cover of the New Yorker having that caricature of her and Barack doing the fist bump with the FLOTUS dawning a machine gun with an afro. Don’t act like many haven’t seen it! We’ve all seen it! So is this what is like to publicize the notion of African-American Women, whom by the way this mother has an IVY LEAGUE DEGREE, and promoting support for the Military Families, Encouraged ALL Americans to dawn their Alma Mater College Shirts so those can be inspired to go to college on National Signup Day for them. By the way, I was wearing my UW-Stout Shirt in Solidarity and Support for the next Blue Devils that might be in doubt about a Wisconsin University to attend! And also the Let’s Move Movement, doing the dances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. So seriously is this what it is about getting those haterisms on? Many say, “Oh there’s no real racism…” Stop the bleeding folks! All of those things and chatter that she so far endured, are just noise in her words. That’s all there is nothing about noise. The same noise that we hear when folks say all black folks are like this and that in one pact. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are those in America that don’t like the FLOTUS that is one thing: Black. Period. When Hillary Clinton, and many other First Ladies were in office in my young life, no I didn’t call them the hater words that most know well. Actually I was just young.

Second card on the dance: We all know by now that the Georgia Teacher has shown her horns of being a racist. Let’s review shall we?

Now in the videos that were posted, and many have viewed them after the remark, “look at all the black people”, guess what in the longer videos that were posted not many of the blacks didn’t got up as the now FORMER teacher Nancy Gordeuk commented. And also there were some whites in the audience got up and left also. And the thing is, the setting where the graduation was, in a church sanctuary. Oh boy, now I know many have to be asking why would this woman who struck a nerve with many of the blacks in the audience would say that in the house of worship? And oh, she claimed that the devil made her do it. Who does she think she is, Flip Wilson?! By now as many knows also, yes she gave her apologies and commented about the words “black people” not being racist. Which is not. And furthermore: when she said something about using the term African-Americans, in all by saying that they’re not from Africa and are American born. Try saying that to those who carry themselves as Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, and others. But why to do certain folks detest the words “African-Americans” in the first place? Oh like we’re supposed to be on the same side? For those who detest, listen up what I’m about to say: I USE, and Comment, and Say, and Critique, and Express the words AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Why? Because I can! It’s my right and privilege. I often say and haven’t comment to say in a while that why I can’t embrace BOTH my Ethnic Heritage of African Decent and the American Born side of things at the same time? Yes, I know I’m American born. BUT I WILL NEVER surrender, nor overlook, nor misjudge, nor disrespect the ethnic side of my Ethnic heritage! NEVER! I want to be extremely clear about it! I like American pie, but will try and bake a cool African dish. I might dig the drum beats of punk rock, but never overlook the same inspired beats of an African Drum! Just wait until the Fourth of July gets here, because like the firecrackers, there will be Oooohs and Ahhhhs on here!  And by the way, the same teacher who spilled the beans of “look at all the black people” comments, was just fired. So for all you upcoming 2015 Commencement Masters of Ceremonies out there, you better watch your words in the era of Smart Camera Phones and IPads that will record every word you say!

Finally on the card: let’s look and review the word BLACK. In terms of slogans.

  • Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.
  • Black is Beautiful.
  • Black Power!
  • It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • And the now: #BlackLivesMatter

When I was coming up in the late 80’s and early 90’s during the golden age of Hip Hop, we used to see the slogan of “It’s a Black Thang, you wouldn’t understand!” A pre-Black Lives Matter and a post Black Power slogan. Oh, it was so much hype and circumstance in asking about what was about this thing of blacks that many wouldn’t nor understand?

Was it our state of mind?

Our approach for life?

Our way and I mean OUR WAY of purpose or objectives?

Or was it us defining US to lead, or innovate?

Those of you who are 90’s born, yeah you guys that are in the forefront of Black Lives Matter, you were born in the era of It’s a Black Thang. Don’t forget it.

Our It’s a Black Thing, like the Black Lives Matter Movement, was a movement itself. Or sort of. The Urban Dictionary website highlights the word “thang”. It is read as such:

Starting around 1990, roughly concurrent with the release of Spike Lee’s seminal motion picture “MALCOLM X” and the dizzying successes of rap music stars, a t-shirt slogan started to appear which said; IT’S A BLACK THANG, Y’ALL, YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. The word “thang”, used in this context, was an Ebonicism used to refer specifically to a cultural meme or norm, which those who belonged to the special group– in this case, African-Americans, would immediately recognize and understand… whilst those not belonging to this group (whites or non-blacks) would fail to understand, appreciate, or even recognize. Thus, by extension, a “thang” is a folkway, meme, norm, predilection, code, shibboleth, artifact or behaviour exclusive to, or closely allied with, a particular sub-group of the larger populace.

This was our #BlackLivesMatter before #BlackLivesMatter wasn’t even though about! And of course everyone else had to come up and copy about It’s a White thang, or a Latino Thang and or many other thangs to it. Even the LGBTQ folks had their expression of thang also in the spirit of It’s a Black thang also. But no matter the copies, there was an Original and that ORIGINAL belongs to the black culture! Sort of like Cultural Appropriation. Remember that talk about the so-called Harlem Shake were folks were just shaking and wiggling? But not acknowledging the 1980’s version? And Melissa Harris-Perry had to go in and straighten out the white media of the real meaning of the dance? Go back view it!

Before I was born: yes the slogans of Black Power and Black is Beautiful were, are and STILL powerful. It needs to be Powerful even for those who comment about human powering up. Don’t forget Millennials and those who follow their philosophy no see color, that Black folks were the originators of Human Power! Everyone else just duplicated the originality. The slogans were not racist or this fear of separating the races, as many would comment. It was to elevate our black pride, our black spirit, and to let folks know that despite of us being African Decent and being dark for many, we are bring and proud folks of the decedents of our ancestors! To me that is what being black and proud is. Not holding my head down, but also realizing my vision has to remain up even in the era who are confused or raised or just so hyper sensitive about darn near EVERYTHING. Even black folks today in 2015 need to keep their visions up and be appreciative with pride and dignity.

But sadly, there are those who feel that blacks are the enemy, the racists of internal and external hatred, having this Utopian-like structure of the new black, which I don’t believe there is a “new black”. And also those whom feel about being black enough in all. And many hidden reasons of the hypocritical mindset, anti-alliance, the sexist and many other concerns of black related hate concerns! We know who they are. Just to go your workplaces, some of your churches members/districts areas, your neighborhood watch groups, your family dinner tables, your relatives, your bosses/supervisors, your frat brothers, your sorority sisters, and many other you interact with EVERYDAY!

But with this, I’m gonna say this, I’m appreciative of my race, my pride, and my well being of black structure in this Continent of North America. And even though that it’s not a formidable concern to many, but to me this is all I got to get me going! So yes, my black power life thing which nobody has to understand, STILL matters!

As I said many times that I was a Distance Education Student of the University of Wisconsin – Stout between 2002 to 2006. And yes, I acquired the degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Management within those four years.

Was it really all that to go though?

Check out these comparisons and yes, for you traditional going into the classrooms and learning in stuff students, and former students, and those companies or businesses whom are so skeptical in Human Resources: read this article. This might surprise you.

Don’t be a hater!

Plus, if there are those whom might think that Online Education is easy: like the classroom, it can be as hard as the regular classroom!

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Ok, I’m on my Baltimore commentary as usual. In which I’ll talk about the hero mother per se in which many are not calling her a hero in the discipline of her only son, who was one of the few in the riots shooting rocks at the Baltimore Police Department. Basically, when I saw the footage of Toya Graham, smacking her son across the head on LIVE TV during the riots, many of her was dubbing another title of “Mother of the Year”, or Hero. Really? I question the “hero” part because Ms. Graham had done what any Black Mother or Black Aunt, or Black Grandmother, or any Black woman would do when encountering that black boy or black young male doing wrong for that particular reason! What is being a hero about this, White Supremacy? Nothing! That was her child. Her only son whom she was trying to save in not being a so-called statics in which many in the Black Community knows when dealing with the issues of young black males! Now the shift of all of this is like a distraction in getting to the real root of the problem: concerning the death of the 25 year old, Freddie Gray. I think we should not behoove the real core of this crime in dealing with the death of another black male whom now it’s been ruled a homicide by the 6 members of the Baltimore’s Police Department. You can throw out the rap sheet of Freddie Gray and turn on the Rap Sheet Alert on those 6 cops that stopped the life of this young man. Oh, and to the #AllLivesMatter squad, did Freddie’s life mattered? Before his life was vanquished with a severed spine and broken voice box?! Come on, tell me something! I happen to stumble on this story of the Washington Post in which I heard excerpts on my local radio station in regarding Toya Graham’s Son. Here are some of the quotes from the story, Why is America celebrating the beating of a Black Child?

The kind of violent discipline Graham unleashed on her son did not originate with her, or with my adoptive mother who publicly beat me when I was a child, or with the legions of black parents who equate pain with protection and love. The beatings originated with white supremacy, a history of cultural and physical violence that devalues black life at every turn. From slavery through Jim Crow, from the school-to-prison pipeline, the innocence and protection of black children has always been a dream deferred. The problem is that Graham’s actions do not assure that her son, and legions like him, will survive childhood. Recall the uncle who in 2011 posted a video recording of himself beating his teenage nephew for posting gang messages on Facebook. Acting out of love and fear for his life, he whipped the teen, but months later he was found dead anyway. Also this excerpt was interesting to summarize from the article in which the distracting part was mentioned: Praising Graham distracts from a hard truth: It doesn’t matter how black children behave – whether they throw rocks at the police, burn a CVS, join gangs, walk home from the store with candy in their pocket, listen to rap music in a car with friends, play with a toy gun in a park, or simply make eye contact with a police officer – they risk being killed and blamed for their own deaths because black youths are rarely viewed as innocent or worthy of protection. If there were an easy way to keep black children safe from police, out of prisons, morgues and graves, we would not have spent the past three years in an almost endless cycle of grieving the loss of young black people: Trayvon Martin, Renisha McBride, Rekia Boyd, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray and . . . and . . . and . . . The list is too long to fit into my word count. This celebration of Graham reflects a belief that black youths are inherently problematic, criminal and out of control. The video also supports the idea that black fathers are absent, suggesting that all we need is an angry black mom to beat the “thug” out of an angry young man – and everything will be fine.

 Now I know there is that one question that many have asked: where is the father in all of this? If the father of that boy, who was smacked by Toya Graham was watching, from somewhere of afar, he would get off of his high horse or whatever and get back in his son’s life right now. Nevermind the back support, or other things, he needs to go back and see his children. Especially his son! All the missing black fathers who pop in and out for no reason, need to go back to relive their relationships with their children. PERIOD!

By the way, there is a report that 1.5 million African-American men are missing in the United States right now. And on a side note, Milwaukee has about 14,000 missing black males to keep count. Why, more on that later.

Since then we all know about the paid interviews, and various meetings and town hall discussions have or had taken place. We know, but what about afterwards when the interviews stop? Yes I know about the two week rule that it will all disappear. But seriously, the thought of justice or reclaiming the real effect of #BlackLivesMatter must never ever be overlooked! About these shootings of the police on unarmed black men/women, usually there are those who might say “oh, the police were just doing there job in the shootings.”

However: the best weapon that the average “joe schmoe” or “jill schome” has now on defense, is one thing: A cell phone with a camera on it. So if you get stopped by the police for no reason whatsoever and the cop or cops take advantage on your rights being violated always have a cell phone with you. Take pictures. Record Videos. And also, get their badge numbers and write a complaint! Share with your lawyers, your social media platforms, civil rights activists, or defense attorneys that can help you get you that justice you want!

I know many are going in on this, and I’ll agree it’s convenient!

Preface: I was going to do another version of my Three Way Dance stories. But in the recent events about Baltimore and the death of Freddie Gray, I think it’s time for another my take that I will go in. Trust me, what I’m about to say will have those to better think as well as do! 

First, I have to bust this out. Why is another unarmed black male is killed by the police? What is this? Recently as everyone knows while the NBA Playoffs were going on, a 25 year old black male named Freddie Gray, of Baltimore recently died of a spinal injury also in the hands of police custody. And having his voice-box in his throat, broken! This ongoing effect of killing unarmed black men has escalated even more because there are unhidden truths in which they are now coming into light. Oh yes, they are coming to be unshed. The recent events that Baltimore got from the burnings of the buildings to cars, and the hype of the killing of officers, is really telling us that the struggle of America needs to be brought into the light. Is this really the country of land of the free or home of the brave? When July 4th gets here with the fireworks, ponder that for the 239th time!

Partially for the white folks who say that this isn’t about race in all, I hate to clarify but partially with respect: IT IS ABOUT RACE!

Race has and will play a role in every angle, every problem, every solution, every joy, every concern, every job offer, every job advancement, every skill, every activity, every person having sex, every person concern about those not and do go to the doctor, every vote, and every single thing that many do everyday! EVEN calling into radio stations and having this discontent about black folks being violent and Latinos per say having respect for the law. There was a call in yesterday on one of my black Milwaukee Radio Stations of WNOV. And the “caller” was given his 30 seconds about why black people are violent, Latinos and such. Let me say this: I’ve seen Latinos get in trouble with the law too. Let’s be clear! Even here in Milwaukee! My comment is not to hate on or throw shade on the Latino community or those as a whole. I’m simply saying that EVERY ethnic group has or had recent or previous problems with the law and had to pay the price. PERIOD! Check the books! We know the African-Americans the most. But don’t also forget others have broken the law too. I’m just saying.

Getting back, what Baltimore had gone though. This is what happens when stuff escalates into the concerns of the justice system is broken for some who don’t get support. Freddie Gray’s death of him got no support of why his character was justified as is. He had his spine broken, his voice-box broken in his neck under police custody! This was similar of what Derek Williams went though in Milwaukee under police custody! The dude couldn’t breathe and died on the scene, all because the officers kept asking his name. After the incident that Freddie Gray went through, it reminded me of what Derek Williams went though and like him, he’s deceased.

Also, the gangs in Baltimore of the Bloods and Crips put aside their colors for the sake of Freddie Gray’s memory. WOW! These rival groups who go neck and neck have the gumption and guts to align one another and actually stick together for a cause that is bigger than their gang signs!  Can you imagine that the gangs in Milwaukee clashing up against the violence bigger than them? The GD’s, Spanish Cobras, Wild 100’s and the VL’s better wake up! Your gang signs aren’t going to save you! I’m just saying! If a person you know that is well known or known by you that is or was killed, and you showing sympathy or condolences about that person who was killed by the police department in all, would you put down your gang colors to show solidarity and actually do something right for your community for once? Think about it!

And just to think that about a week ago, many of us Milwaukeeans were just commenting about our problems with shootings and folks planning on to move out because of them. Let me remind everyone: you can come and go from Milwaukee as you want, but the violence is everywhere. There are Knuckleheads EVERYWHERE! And I don’t care if you have all the “I Made It” accolades of degrees, jobs, income, family planning in all. Nothing against that, but just to be reminded that folks can’t be pleased all the time! No matter what you have obtained. Whether it was in Milwaukee or not! I needed to say this because it’s not just Milwaukee’s concern, it’s America’s concern!!!!!

Plus, I know that the sports world is talking about this game between the Orioles and White Sox. Being that the game would be played as usual and having no fans in the ballpark. If anyone wants a reference of how this idea could work, reference the WWE. No seriously. In 1999 when the company was the WWF, they had a show called Sunday Night Heat, but their show was in reference with the SuperBowl at the time and during halftime, The Rock and Mankind (aka Dwayne Johnson and Mick Foley) competed in a match for the Championship in a Empty Arena Match. There was a commentator of Vince McMahon, a referee, some backstage personal, a timekeeper, office personnel, and no fans in the seats! Plus the match was no holds barred. In the end, it was Mankind beating The Rock with a Forklift with beer kegs on it, to win the championship. Could this work for Baseball? We’ll see.

Now this week marks the 23rd Anniversary of the LA Riots. I was a freshman in high school when this happened in the month of April. The same month years later when Columbine happened in 1999,  the Virginia Tech shooting happened in 2007, The compound in Waco Texas was burned down to the ground in 1993, and earlier in the years in April as we know that MLK was assassinated in 1968. April can be a deadly month as much as any month. And usually, it’s the reminder of the Anniversaries that are examined.

Right now, yes Baltimore has concerns. But there was some joys in which there are clean ups, and also the clergy gathering as one with the community groups, fraternities and sororities. Just on Instagram, I saw some fraternity members of Iota Phi Theta pictured that were cleaning up the rubble from the rioting. And just to clarify, this fraternity was founded in Baltimore in 1963. At the peak of the Civil Rights Movement and started by those who were not of the traditional college student body! Now, I want to comment about this about the church. Mainly there are those who still have those bitter feelings about the church, even some black folks have bitter feelings. Everything from the money, to the “fashion shows” , to the songs, to the biblical scriptures that those feel that they’re outdated, or my personal favorite, the hypocrites! For the non-faith goers who probably never sat foot in a Church, or those who felt that the Church didn’t give them love but sarcasm, maybe it was them that never gave the Church the chance. Plus also when we see all the clergy get together, for a common cause to change the city, there should be a “no hate  All Faiths Church rule.” That means that the next time when you see all faiths coming together that is bigger than the four walls: NO HATING! Put your feelings away and just try to work with them! Many of you non-faith goers probably got family members who are still in the church in trying to improve from what you remember being all out of control and the Pastor well, be the Pastor was crazy about the $400,000 Lexus and or house! Many don’t go because of the money. But they still go to the clubs and bars to get the boogie on every Saturday night getting drunk with Grey Goose. Or pay that stripper, that DJ, that self-made business that doesn’t hardly give back at all! Talk about pieces of work! Oh, are they the same who constantly remember their high school and college days, BUT DON’T give back to the Alumni Associations. The only time when that happens, when the old college or high school have those reunions and folks having that old school love again. I’m just saying! Even if your former name of the school changes and you don’t come out. But you have those who are older than you that came out and said no you can’t close the building!

And furthermore, since when did Zeta Phi Beta Sorority became a Gang?!!! 

But what does any of that have to do with the angle in Baltimore?

Hardly and none.

Many and some.

Few and most.

They all have to be connected in one thing another of addressing the concerns in the black communities nationwide. The incident is nothing new. Other cities had riots also, even Milwaukee had it share of riots in the late 1960’s at the tail-end of the civil rights movement.

So I assume that after all the curfews, the constant rallies, the marches and many other non-violent protests, many will continue to work and go to school. The ball games will go back to normal. Many will continue to ponder where or not if those in Baltimore will stay or move out. Oh, trust me, many might move out! But remember while moving to Atlanta, or anywhere else in the United States: there are knuckleheads, degenerates, ingrates, fools, a-holes, racists, sexists, the hypocritical minded, anti-equal workplace related individuals/groups, the chauvinistic, anti-feminist, anti-masculine, anti-male, anti-female, cyber bully minded, Anti-Christian, Anti-Jew, anti-freethinkers, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Military, Anti-working folks, the bougie, the uneducated, the close minded, faith-busting church groups, the negropean minded, and many other fools, charlatans, tricksters, scammers, anti-this and that, and jokers that continue to plague the minded folks of work, living, faithful, leisure, and play!

Somebody better say amen!

Pass this along for those who might move. Not trying to stop them, but still as a constant reminder no matter where you go!

Baltimore: I know you’re hurting. And yes you have use this time to set the vengeance of your cries and finding new ways to heal. As many of us in America was seeing the damage done and cleanups, and students protesting, we get it. Milwaukee gets it. New York gets it. Many other cities in America who have the same feeling that decades of pain of not getting to that point of housing, jobs, education and more, feel you! Yes, you may had the Orioles/White Sox game closed off to the public, you may had your Bloods and Crips Gangs coming together with respect for Freddie Gray, you may had unleash your venting on those who have held you on lock down for too long. I disagree with the ideas of riots of buildings that your predecessors built for those to have easy access to the factories in working, and the lootings of stores of CVS. Like the President said, there was no excuse for this at all.

But alas, I get it! We’re all sick and tired of being sick and tired!

How long will this conversation go on?

Some say it will last two weeks. Really? You know things are today. We talk about it for a few days, and then it’s not so newsworthy after that time-frame in going into something else. We know the routine, right? Or will this streak of routines be broken for something anew? Wake Up Americans!!! And to those of us who are getting that first glimpse of what is like, I’m sure that notes are taken. But with hard lessons!

Here’s my favorite question: What about the “Freddie Grays in our communities?” Do they count? Do they or the families have a say-so? Don’t be surprised if that question gets raised, due to the thought of every community has a Freddie Gray somewhere that is being target by the police. No matter if the rap sheet is long or short or none. They are being targeted as of right now in some small city or medium sized city like Milwaukee! Or well known like Atlanta or Miami. Or as conservative like Casper Wyoming, or Liberal as San Francisco California, or mixed like Augusta Maine.

In the coming days, towards the first weekend of May, many will protest, rally, go to ball games, school, and yes assemble in church on Sunday. But of all of this, one thing will remain the same: The struggle continues!

Note to the not all but some White Facebook Users: this article should probably enlighten you based on this subject of why this matters. Listen up and listen good!

Check this out WordPress. Now normally I’ve been writing things about Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Black stuff in all. I keep it real here. However, this commentary I’m about to write about: is the late night local show that is really trending, 414 Video Spotlight. And also, later on, my take on Black Rock Music in a Milwaukee sense.

If anyone in Milwaukee or Wisconsin doesn’t know, this show comes on after midnight on Sundays. That will be like if you got done watching SNL, you switch over to the 414 Video Spotlight on Channel 24.

On the show itself, it features the host Melvin James, who gives the featured videos of the week which are all locally home grown. No matter if it’s Hip Hop/Rap or R&B artists that are peaking into the music game in Milwaukee. Now Milwaukee has this reputation of not supporting it’s local artists in all over the likes of Jay Z or Nicki Minaj. Well maybe not Nicki Minaj! But I’ve been looking at the videos over a year and I’m going to say this: the show is showing us Milwaukee’s Urban Music Talent. Ranging from Rodney Poe to the Hamm Brothers. All in between. The show is really is like a hidden gem that many I think in Milwaukee should be examining.  But however, like many things in life, it takes time. It also shows us that you don’t really need to see the well known talent in second place. I say this, check them out. Take it like, investing in your community or investing in homegrown gems. This is what the show in my opinion, has been doing. Granted it has been doing a good job thus far.

Also, for the commercials in between the breaks: all locally owned as indicated below. And plus these are well known companies and organizations are in in the Metro Milwaukee Area. And some of these companies, I have been in on a visit or business.

  • Nikavonni’s
  • Mario Dickens Creations
  • Athen’s Famly Restaurant
  • Mil-Town Printing
  • Amazing Moments
  • Serenity Funeral Home
  • John Amato
  • R&B Gospel The Purpose Ministry Team
  • I Heart Kids Childcare
  • The New Pitts Mortuary

And “Flex Your Rights” which is sponsored by Hupy and Abraham SC. The show had several video segments that everyone needs to pay attention to. The segments are real to a point. Ranging from scenarios in which what might happen in case anyone of any age encounters with the Police. The segments that stood out for me the most, in watching where a young man was waiting on a bus stop and the police were asking him questions about a recent graffiti incident. Even though the young man in the scenario had the comment of “I Didn’t Do Anything” scenario, the police took him into custody and questioned his recent actions. Another was a house party, in which young teens were on the pulse of being question by the local police of a recent drug possession. Here is the thing: the female who appears to be 21 in talking to the police was really a teen in which she gets arrested in her confession about the drugs in the home.

Like I said 414 Video Spotlight, is a hit. And if it goes on being a local sensation, it could generate to a greater cause of spotlighting the local talent. Of course, not everyone will jump aboard the local stuff and still go national like a Jay Z or Alicia Keys, but like I said several months ago, sometimes you have to invest internally. And I think 414 Video Spotlight is doing just that. So I highly recommend to any Urban Milwaukee Music lover to check out this show.

Now, I want to shift gears to for another topic. I was listening to a black woman rock artist Steffanie Christi’an on the internet several days ago, and she has good voice along with Rock Music. And after researching about her, and her digs in her native Detroit, her talent is on the rise. She was also featured in AfroPunk’s website article of her craft in rock music. Now if anyone has not heard of AfroPunk, it’s really a site online that is catered to those who are of African Decent and dig rock and roll with a slash of metal music. In which overall with rock music in general was started by blacks!

Now here is the million dollar question: when was the last time that Milwaukee had a rock artist or artists that were African American? I’m not talking about whom stopped through and journeyed on, BUT from here? Born here? Or migrated here in their younger years growing up?

I think it’s about time with the Milwaukee-Based Core DJ’s, Milwaukee Hip Hop/Rap Music, Milwaukee R&B/Soul/Funk/Jazz and Opera, the rock game in the city needs a black representation. Why? Not because of the loud bangs, or the guitars, or not in the element of where it ‘s mostly seen by white Wisconsin folks. Or the punk looks. It’s really about establishing a platform here that has not been tried or thought of. Just a hunch in sharing, other cities like Detroit and Brooklyn are on the Black Rock scene, and homegrown. But why not Milwaukee?

Knowingly the comment might migrate those who say, “oh that’s racist! Music for everyone.” NO! I just want to see more of my African-American Compatriots in this Midwest region that could dare busting up the barriers of getting more exposed to Rock Music. Clearly, when I listen to those of a Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz, Tina Turner, Betty Davis and others in the Black Rock game, it’s not about enjoying part of our creation, it’s about educating US, black folks.  Rock Music is not all white folks music, it’s generally Afrocentric with black creation.

So I say this: If Milwaukee’s Black Festivals/Affairs/Events can have more of the usual Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Blues and Opera, put the rock mix in to the music of Black Milwaukee. Just a thought in a idea to educate!

I’m sure everyone knows about the shootings recently in Milwaukee. We all know about it. The debates, the concerns, the outcries and the lessons learned at times of doing the right thing. Back and forth was constant debate about the use of stay or leave Milwaukee due to the shootings. And the comments about those whom say stop saying it, needs to reexamine that notion again! Technically it does happen almost everywhere in the Continental United States and even in areas in the country that don’t see this at all. Even though some maybe somewhat feel safe in all, be advised that sometimes that can be broken!

I remember asking question straight up: Where are the safety nets?! And no, don’t include #BlackLivesMatter on this. Not just yet.

For the shootings that took the lives of Archie Brown Jr in regarding him doing the right thing, that shouldn’t end like that. It really should not! I had to ponder time after time again, why do folks at times have to be vanquished of bullets, guns, and knives all because they did the one thing that is law of doing the right thing of when it comes to accidents? And the result have to die by the hand of a gun? The dude that did the killing of the brothers and Archie Brown, Ricky Ricardo Chiles, III had a $25,000 tag on his head for a couple of days, and the ending result: turning the gun on himself in a motel room in the Chicagoland Area. The main question of all of this, and I happen to be in the questioning is this: Why didn’t he just surrendered?! Also he was yet to believe that he was the uncle of the two year old, Damani Terry and Rasheed Chiles.

There also yet to believe that Ricky had trouble with the law before and he offered a “light sentence” while serving time in another state. And not be in possession with a firearm afterwards. Why and how Ricky got a firearm in the first place? Makes no sense! Just to wonder that in the state that Ricky was in in having a firearm, there have and are countless others who probably went through the same thing with or without knowing! The knowing part: is just that how many families that knows a family member or any member that has a gun in the house in which that member should not use? This would be a preventative safety question that many should not overlook!

Many in Milwaukee wanted to see Ricky to receive justice for the killing of Archie Brown Jr. However the justice he’s getting, is God’s Justice.

In the coming week, the Brown Family will memorialize the life of their son, brother, relative, and also father. The hard decision for the parents of Archie Brown, Jr will be a very difficult one to bury their son. I said earlier that NO parent should not bury their children. And the same will be for the Chiles family in burying a two year old, and a 15 year old.

When their families get done burying their sons, and after they begin the long healing process of this bereavement, Milwaukee: will we have enough balls to stand up to violence? We got investments coming in with jobs and such and this happens! And this type of act kind of cripples cities besides bad politics.

Our Madison-based lawmakers have this invention of “Shot Spotters” to track shootings from the spots originated. To me, It’s going to take more than shot spotters to combating future incidents. Knowing yes, the community must step up big time EVEN MORE on all fronts! We know AND SHOULD KNOW, whats up.

So technically, when shootings happen, yes folks will know. But I hope that when any incident happens there shouldn’t be that panic button of running for the hills! Of course we know that many might leave due to the violence. But like I said, violence and knuckleheads are EVERYWHERE! Just like the racists, sexists, those who look down on those who just don’t like anyone that looks like them!

And like I always say: The struggle continues!

Even for the spirit of Archie Brown, Jr. – The struggle of doing the right thing: CONTINUES!

Even for the spirit of Chiles brothers whom were killed by their own family, it’s a concern, but the struggle continues for the family, and those that know the family so well!

Let me go by saying this: Happy Milwaukee Day!

It’s the usual April 14th, or in this case, 4/14 in symbolizing the area code of the city. It all started with a group of guys who just have love for the city. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Basically even in a segregated climate, and in a harsh related those who dislike the cold weather during the cold months, (not year round) basically there was some celebrated related events and activities that took place after work.

However, for this Milwaukee Day, not many as we know wasn’t celebrated by all.

Violence becoming overwhelming: On 4-14, Milwaukee Day, which Milwaukee should be celebrated?

As we know, as well as America now knows, the city had a string of shootings and stabbings that increased the homicide rate up the 41. Children and Teens were killed this week, as well as a 41 year old man that was killed, in lieu of doing the right thing! So now we get killed just because we did something nice to help? What is surreal about this that we have citizens now that are just uneducated or untrained that needs to be trained RIGHT! Part of the upbringing has been lost either the younger citizens weren’t listening or rebelling or maybe the grown folks didn’t just talk even further. Now if those thinking that this ONLY happens in Milwaukee, newsflash: it happens EVERYWHERE!  Just check yourselves Americans. No need to go political or having that conscious side to say oh, I’m too this and that! Or to say stop saying all the It’s happens everywhere stuff. Clearly it does happen everywhere! In the words of Mel Gibson’s Character Benjamin Martin from the Patriot, “This battle was over before it began.” Frankly, I remember when Gospel Singer Hezekiah Walker was on Arsenio Hall’s Show (the attempted comeback special version that got canned after one season) that even in times of tragedy, we can still celebrate. There was shootings way back when in the city, that events in the Third Ward and a comeback version of African World Festival was still going on! So in essence if the events were to be cancelled due to some Knuckleheads messing up stuff, the idiots would have won. But, they lost! They lost because folks came out and supported the causes that kept the ships going.

Lately, before the shootings in all, there was talk about the future, via the Milwaukee Bucks. We all seen the renderings of the soon-to-be Milwaukee Sports and Entertainment complex area where it would feature the new Bucks Arena, and several areas of food, drinks, sporting hang outs and also housing that would “connect” with the Schiltz Park, Old World Third Street, The Brewery(formally known as the Pabst Complex), Bronzeville and the Wisconsin Center District. Oh, by the way, it might and will feature the infamous Milwaukee Streetcar coming through as well. Just to give an idea, here is “the future”:

Now if it goes well, the Bucks Arena would go North in the area of North 4th/6th Street and Juneau Avenue. The same empty spot where the Park East freeway used to be. The housing would be surrounding features with the sports complex, and plus the BMO Harris Bradley Center would demolished per say to make way for more additional buildings that would include not only housing but also workspace. All of this would take about 10 years to complete. Plus I think that MATC would get more stuff in nearby!

For the Milwaukee Bucks themselves, the team is getting a makeover with the logos and colors. Under review, the Bucks new colors will be Cream City Cream, Great Lakes Blue and Good Land Green. What does that mean to symbolize? The Cream City Cream Color symbolizes the Cream colored buildings that Milwaukee currently has. Almost like Ice Cream. The Blue symbolizes the history with the Mississippi River and Lake Michigan that the State of Wisconsin Harbors, and the Green, symbolizes the longtime Color that the Bucks has been hanging on since 1968.

Logo Unveil Event Photos

With all that is a good plan to get the city towards the future, many probably have already asked: Will this future site save souls? Uh-oh!

In regarding the Milwaukee Day thing: yes it’s day to somewhat recognize the positives and joys per say about the city. But likewise when the Clock strikes Midnight, and its the next day to come, like I always say in times like these: the struggle continues! No matter what day or event it shines.

So yes Milwaukee Day 2015 has come and gone, but the work, struggle, hope, attitude, violence, segregation and many other concerns must be dealt with ALL THE TIME! And likewise, the struggle still continues!

Just yesterday, Milwaukee had a rash of violent deaths. A 2 year old, a 15 year old Teenager and a 41 year old black man were all killed on a Sunday. But before I get into the story, read my commentary of the incident via my Facebook message.

Before I lay down, let me comment on the recent killings in the city. Even though I didn’t know any of the individuals or individual, I can relate. This reminds me of my relatives that were killed senselessly either by a gun over car rims, and by a domestic dispute in a stabbing. I am not kidding! And their deaths were indeed senseless. Now I know that when stuff like this happens per say, there are those whom chose to relocate to other areas of the country. I understand that. But HOWEVER: no matter if you’re in Seattle, or Albuquerque, Augusta Maine, Santa Fe New Mexico, Oklahoma City, or any small town or well known big city, hear me when I say this: It’s EVERYWHERE! No matter if it’s being reported by the local newspaper, news, social media, video footage or whatever. It’s everywhere. Some have asked about safety nets, where are these safety nets? I know I had this question asked of me in 2006 after getting my degree from Stout (UW-Stout) if I was leaving. At the time, I didn’t know. Now I say this: it’s God’s will. But I’m not let any incident or incidents make me run for the hills. Absolutely not! There is one question that many should be asking (not some) is what is the real VIABLE Solution? And this needs no right or wrong answer. If anyone haven’t done so, send a prayer or sympathy to the families that are going through this horrific time.

This incident just took place yesterday, near the areas of 48th and Hampton in the Wahl Park sector. The 2 year old was dead due to the accident. And it was a boy toddler dotting out into the street. We know that yes, at time we see young children without supervision run out, they run out. Period. Sort of like when a ball goes into the street, and if you’re driving to Point B, what follows a ball? A child. The child will look in one direction at the ball but not the direction of the oncoming car. But according to the news, there was no ball in the street. Not one. And the toddler was killed by the oncoming vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was Archie Brown Jr in which after the toddler was hit, he immediately IMMEDIATELY CALLED 911 and got out of the van to attend to the toddler to see if it was still alive. Then he was shot once in attempt to do the right thing! Also the teenager was killed later on towards the Hospital in the connection, and many in the city, mainly the police are determining what the role he played in this incident. And the twist of all of this was that the toddler, Damani Terry and the 15 year old, Rasheed T. Chiles were brothers! And their lives were senselessly, SENSELESSLY taken!

Folks, this recently incident has caused an ongoing spark of commentary out of emotion and viewpoints. Many had to flock to Facebook as soon as the word got out. Oh yes, there were point of opinions or viewpoints that really settled in which that “Milwaukee is too small to have all this drama going on”. Many have said that they will never move back to the city in regarding it’s stance on Violence and the ongoing dialogue and actions when it comes to it’s Segregated Checkered Past and Present. In my commentary or my expressive opinion, I had to let my Facebook Audience know that there might be some who would move to Florida, California, Atlanta, or wherever that most might go. I can understand that notion. But……HOWEVER there has to be realization that there is violence everywhere! Not just in Milwaukee! How many times we heard about the violence in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland Oregon, Suburban Seattle, Newtown, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Ferguson, South Carolina, and many other small cities, large cites, or medium market cities? Let’s be honest! HOW MANY TIMES? Don’t be shocked! As for the Milwaukee area Suburbs, this means you also! And speaking of Violence in Wisconsin, we know Milwaukee, but also Madison and a Southwestern county near the Iowa and Minnesota Border: Grant County. Where a 6 year old child out there was killed. This is where UW-Platteville remains and I haven’t been to that part of the state, ever.

I know there are those who might say stop saying it’s everywhere! I can’t. Part of the reason I can’t stop saying it because the main reason: ITS THE TRUTH! And I don’t care who say it and where! No matter if it’s your neighbor, church member, co worker, bestie, another blog, or that connection of your friends and alliances on FACEBOOK! And for the record, you can throw out the rulebook of the stats, politics, Being strong democratic, Being strong Republican, Strong Libertarian, Independent or whatever. You can throw out the rulebook on the income, housing areas, metro sector or any other THING that maybe, just maybe might be hindering the thought. The crime that happened yesterday (now also two more have happened) and those behind it probably doesn’t give a two hoots about Archie Brown Jr being from a good family or contributed to positive assignments or having connections to the Milwaukee Urban Music scene and black owned businesses alike.

What just happened also, is a prelude of what might come during the Summer. We know that by then, the weather will be hot. And when that happens, MOST will be out of school during the break (I’m referencing kids here) and I’ll be one of the first who might say that some of them WILL DIE! They will not be at the playgrounds, Summerfest, their neighborhoods or matter of fact, some may not get on Facebook or even my blog (with their parents) asking and/or addressing the issues that harbors the game in a negative light! I’m sorry to say this, but this is a butt naked truth! Another butt naked truth: this is for those who migrated out of Milwaukee. Normally I would say that if you had a change in career or choice to move because of whatever, and if you are successful at what you’re doing, hey congrats. But, hear me on this, and this might hurt many of you. You can’t please folks all the time! I know many of you probably expressed that in a sense of choice or pride. However, never forget that there those here that WANT to see the Change for the better while you are in your new digs!

And yes, it’s not about bragging. And it should not put down those who have boots on the ground here! Watch your words!  If I was in the same boat leaving, then I wouldn’t say a darn thing! I’m not trying to make those whom left come back. That is not the purpose of this blog story. What I’m saying is, that yes you made your way good, but sometimes you need to check yourself and not please folks all time, period! And I don’t care how many degrees, accolades, doctorates, business mergers, or what ever accomplishment you have obtained! Overtime, I often talk about my Bachelor’s Degree from UW-Stout, got it in 2006 in Industrial Management via Distance Education. And I’m happy that I got the degree WHILE STAYING in Milwaukee! And also was recognized in front of my peers in getting to the stage and having my congrats in order in front of the dean and chancellor on the campus of UW-Stout. But the real reminder came from all of the folks of my mother that she said you can’t please people all the time. Even though I didn’t agree with her, but she has a point. Again, I’m not call out jealousy of me. When I see folks doing well, I congratulate them. And I wish them well in all. BUT they must also realize that the pleasing portion of them can’t be promised. Just because so-and-so moved to Dallas Texas in getting his own business or working for UPS as a Management Accountant with big money and being successful on the job there with accolades, and also have this “I made it” thing, in reality: IT DOESN’T MEAN THE SAME FOR THE NEXT PERSON! Don’t be a copycat. Just because that person moved to Texas in all (don’t mean to pick on the Lone Star state) doesn’t mean YOU have to move and be like that person that left.

There was an commercial back in the 80’s when I was young, it was an anti-drug commercial. And it had the lyrics featured: “Be an Original!” So far in regarding the situation in Milwaukee of the three recent homicides: Already the shooter who killed Archie Brown Jr is still at large, but knowingly he (or she) will be caught on the spot! And yes, the family of Archie Brown has to make the hard decision to bury him at age 41. His father, Archie Brown, Sr will have to make the hard decision to bury his son! We often hear that no parent shouldn’t bury their children!

Consider this my mini-version of Scratching my head this whole time that I do annually. So what is the viable solution in all of this? What is it?

Do we need to curb our guns in all?

Do we need to get our butts in gear when the issues of Neighborhood Watch Meetings are in effect?

Do we have to commit to our community groups that we need a buy a block program along with the churches?

Speaking of churches, does the church (no matter the denomination) REALLY need to get out of the buildings and actually get at the table of the community? I know this is a simple answer, but it’s also hard because either some Church members don’t want to commit or there are those who will REFUSE to help a church because they got molested since the age of 5 or got their friends thinking it’s all about money. But guess what? When problems happen, they come running with the request of the Pastor asking them to pray for their concerns. It’s true!

Do the after school programs need to step their game up?

Speaking of us whom went to any Milwaukee Public High School: King, Tech, Vincent, Juneau, Marshall, Riverside, Custer, North Division, South Division, MHSA, Reagan, Hamilton, and others,  is there a way that ALL HS Alumni can come out for a MPS ALUMNI meeting of our own, and just to help those in need of concern with the colors of our our beloved schools that were ruled with an iron fist?

What about the MATC, UW-Milwaukee, Marquette or any other college Alumni group that is STILL HERE: what are we doing?

Where are the Fraternities and Sororities at? No matter if they are the Divine 9, or a well known Fraternity/Sorority that is predominately white, but WILL WORK and SUPPORT the ideas of concerns with African-Americans? Even if you want Black folks in your clubs in general to spread that thing of Diversity!

What about our Transportation stuff?

Attention companies that give a darn: when are YOUR community events coming to the hoods?

HOLD UP: What about the Funeral Homes? Yeah I said it. Any of the Undertakers/Morticians want to hold those Mock Funeral things? And also talk about what they do with the bodies being embalmed for the home-going?

Or, will the real mantra of #BLACKLIVESMATTER be really revealed for the truth and not just some catchphrase happenstance?

Somebody in Milwaukee or around Milwaukee better tell me something!

I’ll leave it here with this: the struggle continues.

Just a side note: A fundraising project is up for Archie’s Family in support to pay for his Funeral and daughters. To contribute to the cause: reference this link: