Time for another Three Way Dance. Look at the title, and yes I’ll give my edits about the Pope visiting America. Plus John Boehner will quit in October, just in time for Halloween, and for all of you Periscope folks: REALLY!

First Dance: For the first time in his tenure, Pope Francis I vacationed in the United States.

I don’t know what religion or non-religious thing you follow, or a so-called atheist that wants to be atheist, you have to respect the fact that the Pope was here. Not only to give out blessings to those high and low, but also to let us know that he gave a lesson to us in which we Americans have to think about. Of course there are those who might blow this off and comment that he is not God. Yes, the Pope himself is not God. But like any other minister he (also some shes) can be a link between the Almighty and you the average person that goes to the jobs and events,  and important duties everyday. I would take away from his visit is mostly the speech he gave to the U.S. Congress. And on the subjects, he really laid out real talk in several spots that America is still in the struggle to grapple:

On the Golden Rule or the basis of respect:

Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated. Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. Let us help others to grow, as we would like to be helped ourselves. In a word, if we want security, let us give security; if we want life, let us give life; if we want opportunities, let us provide opportunities. The yardstick we use for others will be the yardstick which time will use for us. The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.

In addition the Pope commented about the ongoing struggle of Poverty. Not just in America, but also in the poorest parts of the globe:

How much progress has been made in this area in so many parts of the world! How much has been done in these first years of the third millennium to raise people out of extreme poverty! I know that you share my conviction that much more still needs to be done, and that in times of crisis and economic hardship a spirit of global solidarity must not be lost. At the same time I would encourage you to keep in mind all those people around us who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They too need to be given hope. The fight against poverty and hunger must be fought constantly and on many fronts, especially in its causes. I know that many Americans today, as in the past, are working to deal with this problem.

For the comments of Peace and the talk of Dialogue that many of us know, the Pope added some extra elements that we must bear in mind when dealing with violent like conflicts of any kind:

Being at the service of dialogue and peace also means being truly determined to minimize and, in the long term, to end the many armed conflicts throughout our world. Here we have to ask ourselves: Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood. In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.

And also in regarding our young people and the problems they face everyday in which mostly does and doesn’t get talked about:

In particular, I would like to call attention to those family members who are the most vulnerable, the young. For many of them, a future filled with countless possibilities beckons, yet so many others seem disoriented and aimless, trapped in a hopeless maze of violence, abuse and despair. Their problems are our problems. We cannot avoid them. We need to face them together, to talk about them and to seek effective solutions rather than getting bogged down in discussions. At the risk of oversimplifying, we might say that we live in a culture which pressures young people not to start a family, because they lack possibilities for the future. Yet this same culture presents others with so many options that they too are dissuaded from starting a family.

Like I said, the Pope really laid out some serious knowledge in which that we should think about. Yes, we have our own problems as of late. We know what they are. But the deal lies in us in order to take control and actually, ACTUALLY  get to work and solve them all the way. Yes, and even the Pope knows it’s not an easy task. But as they say, solutions must be solved in order to get on the right path.

To see the full script of what the Pope actually said: Click here.

Second Dance: Well this is no spook, or trick or treat: BOEHNER IS QUITTING!

Actually this is another Breaking News that got us out of bed Friday Morning to work and school. And yes many are appreciating the gesture that the soon to be speaker of the house John Boehner is stepping down when we dress up like dracula or werewolves. Or Witches, or Frankenstein. Yes, when October 31st comes, Boehner’s career will be those old bones that many will discover in the next 2,000 plus years. IN THE GRAVE! Yes this was a shock to many. And yes he had to cry when Pope Francis I had to make his remarks to the U.S. Congress during his visit. And yes the Pope HIT HARD on the U.S. Congress. Even John Boehner. So now his replacement is being searched right now and many are feeling that his replacement might be the worst of the worst than he is. For Boehner, the most annoying he had to comment was about the jobs. “Where are the jobs?” he asked. Well if he and his co-horts had NOT defeated a jobs bill that President Obama had tried to present, then maybe JUST MAYBE it will be a different story. Period. And the thing about “HELL NO WE CAN’T!” in regarding to the ACA, or Obamacare as many as the folks call it, now it seems that the soon to be former speaker is realizing that folks who many had a hard time either going to the doctors or paying doctor bills, are now doing it easier than before! John Boehner was wrong on those. Even the Tea Party who propelled him during that Tidal Wave will realize (even if you are black tea partier) that he was the wrong choice! How do you feel now Tea Party folks?!!!

Yeah, I know I shouldn’t be giving them so much press. But then again, they’ve been getting press since 2010 even more when all the hatred of Obama came out! Hey, don’t be treading on me! And the thing is, the influence will be long studied and challenged even more due to the acts that this party and John Boehner was just a mere smoke screen to get many of us confused and misunderstood. Sort of like “taking our country back”. Yeah, like we don’t know.

Third card on the dance: Periscope. 

Yeah, Periscope is in the house. And yes, it’s a thing that it’s part of your twitter timelines and usernames. So, one day, I downloaded the app on my Smartphone. And the thing is I found interesting that it’s like an extension of the voices per say. Yes, I’ve looked at the well known folks from Roland Martin, to locally like Milwaukee’s Homer Blow. And yes I’ve looked at those in church, who record sermons and services using Periscope. And to those think that use Periscope in church is a bad thing like Facebooking and Twittering when the pastor is doing the sermons or the choir is doing praise dances, WRONG. It can be a good thing in which can be treated as a GOOD THING! I’ve seen the footages that the Wisconsin Badgers Band did during the 5th Quarter, and DJ’s spinning their sounds and getting a positive reaction to the viewers.

I will say that Periscope…….oh, wait a minute. I smell this idea in all. Would a certain blogger on a certain blog site would do a Blog Summary in which it might well, summarize the past and upcoming blogs via the smartphone?

Would it be possible that any blogger would do it to gain more followers of interest?

Would it be possible that a Periscope user of a blogger be well….organized or prepared to get it done?

If so, which blogger would do it? Matter of fact, how?

And yes many would get nuts. But still, this is the era of social media and like many it has its joys and concerns.

Me personally, I have Periscope on my smartphone, and I’m just looking at those of a Roland Martin, of a Lita Lewis, or Huffington Post, or a local Milwaukee Radio personality giving his or maybe her direct and sometimes deep graphic detail of a recent violent criminal report that would be extremely terrifying to the average reader. Or a local church service, or maybe when a certain Wisconsin Band does a familiar routine of a pep song.

Sound familiar?

America: if I or anyone in Wisconsin had to warn you, I did.

I’m sure by now that many of you had to read the huge news that the Govenor who liked to brag on 250,000 private sector jobs, slashing funds for Education, High Speed Rail, Union Busting, and many others have read that Scott Walker pulled out of the GOP race for the White House.


It seems that the faults of Scott Walker had caught up to him. And it caught up  to him VERY BADLY.

Speaking of which, how is it going Seattle? After the Packers stood up to the Seahawks at Lambeau FIeld, and finally caught up with a win than having another loss? Admit it! The loss was coming. Just saying!

However, in regards to Scott Walker vacating the premises and calling it quits on the Presidential Run. That was sweeter news to those he had disrespected in the State of Wisconsin.Yeah, there have been some sympathizers about him dropping out. Were those are the same folks who sympathize of him dropping out of Marquette? Walker in a recent poll had 1% in the ratings. While Donald Trump had like over 20% and still is in the top 3 with Ben Carson and Carly Fiona. I’ve said once and I’ll say it again, Scott Walker is not presidential material! NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL!  And the things he has done to damage Wisconsin’s good nature of being a “forward” state, he’s more worrisome than some guy name Lil’ Boosie. Really? Scott Walker is not Presidential Material and is NOT SO READY for Prime Time. Keep in mind, this is the same guy whom majority of Wisconsinites in the 50% Percentile, voted for him 3 times. The two regular elections in which the voters should have said no. And the recall from 2012. All of that plus the damage he has done and the bragging in the situations he commented and declared marital law on everything.

I would say that with Walker getting out of the race, is a small victory for the victims of Wisconsin. It is. But hopefully that small victory could lead to him getting out of the Governor’s Mansion in Madison. Also, attention Wisconsin Democrats: yeah all of you. From the, well we all know your names. Since you also have heard about the big news that Walker dropped out, this is your chance to TAME and revise your attack plans and draw up a new idea to get back at his ideas for the race in 2018. If Walker decides to run for the chair for the fourth time, many of you better be in the War Rooms plotting for battle under his debates. You need someone male or female to think like Walker, but in a more experienced way. You need to have someone that is FAR MORE EXPERIENCED than he is. And that means having more than a High School Diploma and dropping out of Marquette. Yeah I said it!

Who is that someone that can restore Wisconsin Values to the everyone that counts?

Better get started right now!

I had alot to think about. Mainly with two subjects that I’m willing to write. And I’ve been saving it like crazy! For this, I’m going to put up two subjects here. Look at the title, and I’m going to work via today is the day that we start with a document called: WE THE PEOPLE! So yes, it’s Constitution Day in America. But I’m not going to comment about the Constitution overall.

First  Take: Kim Davis.

Let me bust this open right now!  I don’t care what religion anyone follows, or any side of political viewpoint or any other whatever, what Kim Davis did was wrong! This chick, whomever she is, didin’t issue out marriage licences to those whom are apart of the LGBT community in Kentucky. And I’m glad she went to jail for it. Technically, it’s because of her religous viewpoint of the whole Same Sex Marriage thing. The same where folks interject the “One Man, One Woman” thing. WE KNOW! Speaking of Public Servants: She should know better! On many occassions, I have blogged about me being a Election Inspector. Which is a public service gig. Even though it’s not a regular everyday thing, but it is a public servant gig. As of 2016 next year, I will enter my 10th anniversary as a poll worker. And in my almost 10 years working as a poll worker, I didn’t turn no one away based on their sexual preference. The Gay and Lesbian folks are voters too. And they deserve the right to vote just as everyone else. Where as those who want to be married in a sense with same sex marriage has a right as well. Look I’m saying this as a Christian, that does NOT want to judge, that does not want to assume that those do that are just wrong. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t have a problem with anyone who is apart of the LGBTIQA whatever community! Heck, if I were a public clerk handing out marriage licenses like clockwork to ANYONE who follows the traditional marriage, or the unique same sex marriage, I would do it. Not because it’s a right. But a job. That’s what this is. A JOB! So technically this woman, who proclaims herself as a good Christian woman with beliefs of marriage, here is what the memes are saying:

Talk about being hypocritical minded. Perhaps?

Second Take: 112 Homicides in Milwaukee.

Read that again: 112 Homicides in Milwaukee. About 25 years ago, at the end of 1990, Milwaukee had about 160 homicides IN TOTAL in that one year. I was in the Middle School years when all that went down, and thing is I didn’t remember it as much. But based on the recent history as I summarized in my previous blog story regarding this, it’s kind of apparent that the “sins of the past” is haunting Milwaukee in 2015. And I’m not just talking about the effects of segregation. Homicides is what is being discussed then and now concerning the population of Milwaukee.

And I know that this rate of homicides is indeed high. It was high in 1990 and it’s near high in 2015. My question is WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?! Instead of going on  Facebook and blubbering comments like everyday. Blubbering the comment section in the Newspapers in all, and not doing a darn thing about it! Oh yeah we can do all the marches from MIlwaukee to Chicago and many parts of the country, which is fine. But will those marches will be a lighting rod impact in getting things done? Talk to me folks. Especially here in Milwaukee with the 112 (apparent now plus) homicides we are facing. And yes we got the resources but are we utilizing the resources without all those minded of hypocritical, getting out with the woulda shoulda coulda commentary. And I’m talking about the thing that many are just targeting: the church. But also, the community centers, the recreation centers, and ALL (and I mean ALL) the Fraternities and Sororities. No matter if it’s Delta Sigma Theta, or now soon to be the 52 year old Iota Phi Theta Fraternity. Or any other organization that up and running since last night or last week, you all need to be onboard, NOW!  And plus, you don’t have to be in a well known organization just to get involved. Start your own.

I know what you’re thinking. Well that great. We know we need programs here. We’ve got them. But know this, and this is for my biblical, church going members who WANT to get out and engage: just remember, there were no programs when Jesus was around. Jesus went out in the world he didn’t stay in with all he did. Somebody say amen on that one! I think we need to be more out than within. Now I know that we hear again, of course we are doing this. But I have to ask, who is being out, and who is being still on the sidelines? And, WHO is still being told that you can’t due to a crooked past or slippery present? And who is still being told no because you belong to a church that refuses homeless folks? Even the folks who don’t go and attend stuff as much and being told no? Come on now don’t speak at once! In regarding to the 112 plus homicides: Milwaukee it’s time to get it together! Never mind our political views or who’s going to come and save the music scene of Lil’ Boosie. This is bigger than him. He’s not from here, we are! We are the taxpayers, investors here and We need to get ourselves committed in full force to let those know that we do not tolerate any kind of violence in our streets. Stop being afraid and stop being petrified at times and protect of what YOU (yes YOU the citizens of the city) needs to have everytime. If there are those who had enough of the homicides, it’s time to stand up.

The pigskins are flying again. And hopefully in the fresh season, both Football squads should be on point in terms of controlling their own destinies.

First, I think it’s obvious that I should comment about the Packers. Yes, the same ol’ 13 Time NFL Champions with 9 NFL Titles and of course the 4 Superbowls. Many are saying that the Packers are the favorite to win the NFC North (as they done many times before) and of course that stinging reminder to get their 5th Super Bowl Strap in the collection of legendary championships. But we all know that yes, they got beat in Seattle in route to the previous Super Bowl, the same one that they choked against the Patriots. Sometimes I wonder, why did they decided to pass the darn ball and not run it in? You got Marshawn Lynch in the backfield just there! Yes, the same team that beat the Packers got choked and stalled in Super Bowl 49.

Ok, ok. That was in the now past NFL Season. And everyone had gone through the drafts, and preseasons. Speaking of preseasons, many do know that they don’t count right? So why were folks cheering?! It’s not the real thing. NOW since September 10th has passed, and the Patriots won their first game and Pittsburgh didn’t, now every game on the scene counts! Packers went 2-2 in the pre-season, but one price to lose was Jordy Nelson. I’m sure many know by now that he’s got a torn ACL and no, he will not be in the green and yellow in the season. And no, to our NFC North competitors, Detroit Lions, it was not for God intended! Dude probably got mad because Jordy beat him so many times. Let him be mad. Jeez!  I’m surprised that Jordy didn’t put out a tweet getting back at him. BUT knowingly Jordy, next season, he’ll be back in the Green And Yellow, doing what he does best, making DB’s miss with his speedster like moves. Even if it’s in Ford Field! But don’t worry also, Davante Adams, a returning for one season James Jones, a dark horse of Jeff Janis or maybe, JUST maybe a former Badger Wide Receiver from the practice squad might be the unknown to get the job done. Remember when about 5 years ago, that the Packers didn’t have a running back, after Ryan Grant got hurt? Thinking about Marshawn Lynch in all? But ending up with James Starks from the practice squad and taking the crew to victory over San Francisco? Plus it was my 34th Birthday that the squad won! With the unknown dark horse of James Starks! Don’t be surprised if this happens again in a similar fashion with Wide Receivers or any other position that might come across.

For the Packers to make a run of another chance at the strap: they lost some good previous players of a AJ Hawk, Jarrett Bush, Tramon Williams and Davon House. Majority of the Offensive Squad is still intact, but the Pack had to get the young cats of a Jake Ryan, Damarious Randall, LaDarius Gunter, Ty Montgomery, and a Quentin Rollins. Knowingly this group of rookies will be tested as usual, but like all rookies, they’ll show the vets, the opponents,  and fans what they could bring.

Another point to make is Week 1. Yes, Week one is often the easiest weeks to get on track. But for the last three seasons, the Packers lost the openers at home and on the road, but I think in this week one coming up, they need to win, and against the team that they know the most: The Chicago Bears. As a fan and a observer, I want the Packers to get the “Week one Win”. I know about the other weeks, (Gotta go through Seattle at a MUST WIN Lambeau, Niners at REDEMPTION Levis, KC, etc) but THIS ONE must set the tone. We know that yes, “the Bears still suck” and went got their new coach John Fox. And, still remember 1985.  Yeah, John Fox is their head coach now, but I think he might be getting a lesson in this old school rivalry that has gone back since the before Halas and Lombardi. And yes, the Bears got a new system of a 3-4 Defense, in which the Packers know well. So, they might test it, but we know that the Packers might find a way to counter that, with the weapons on hand. Even if Randall Cobb and Aaron Rodgers might unleash their Cobra Packages, or in this case, Pistol plays. So yes, the season is here. And also if the Packers do get the Week One Win, they have to play defense at home on Thanksgiving and it will be a “different scene at Lambeau!” Not to mention Brett Favre will be honored that night as well. So I have to hypothesize that the Packers MUST SET THE TONE against the Bears in Week one, and to have a decisive plan to get the season rolling. They say Do your Job? I say, Get to work and Relax! With or without Jordy Nelson. But the addition recently with James Jones should establish a different spark that the Packers must need in the Wide Receivers areas.

Plus this should SET THE TONE to finally catch up with the 90+ Wins that the Bears had for so long. 

Defense: New faces, same figures, but then again, BJ Raji might have a monster year. The DB’s might be tested via Sam Shields and Micah Hyde. Linebackers like Julius Peppers might be laser focused on his craft differently along with the Claymaker and a rising Sam Barrington. Expect the DT’s to get over funk after Letroy Guion and Datone Jones all come back after suspensions from the league.

One other in mind: no play calling from the head coach! This might be different because Mike McCarthy will be managing the players. Similar to what Barry Alvarez did earlier this year with the Badgers winning the Outback Bowl.

Speaking of the Football Badgers:

After winning the Outback Bowl, as many know, it was a send off for the now Running Back of the San Diego Chargers, Melvin Gordon. And many others like Kenzel Doe. Plus also the Badgers went and got a new head coach of Paul Chryst, whom is an Alum of the Badgers. And the team currently is going to rely on new weapons per say to establish their identity. Even Corey Clement and many others. I will admit that this might be slightly difficult. Even with the new coach. But as long as Joel Stave engages the trust of the Badgers in all, he should be fine. However we all know what happened to them via the loss to Alabama, but that’s just one game!  We know, Roll Tide Folks.

However in the schedule to do for the Badgers, there is two things they don’t have to worry about: Ohio State and Michigan State. Lucky!  But for the Big Ten Schedule to open up, they have to contend with Iowa for the Heartland Trophy in which the team has. They also have to contend with Illinois and Northwestern, Nebraska, Rutgers, Maryland, Purdue and to conclude the Big Ten Season with Minnesota with the Ax on the line. I think that the Badgers might win another Big Ten West Title for the collection as well as KEEPING THE AX! Speaking of which, what is up with the Ax thing in Minnesota anyway…..In terms of the opponents can’t use it for the home side!

But all in all, I want Corey Clement to have a breakout year. We know he’s not a James White, or a Melvin Gordon. But he needs to be his own Running Back and burst out like a new man on purpose. I saw a little bit of this in the second game, but establish more “Badger Like-Barges” to get more running in the game. We know passing, but more running! The Defense must be huge since Vince Biegel is still on deck. Plus on the safety side, Mike Caputo and company I want to see is relentless.

Should be a fun season!

This is my take on a recent incident of a Milwaukee Firefighter that got beaten up for no reason.

First, as I was reading the news in Milwaukee, with all the kiddos going back to the classrooms of Milwaukee, there was a concern about roughing up yet again. This time, it’s directed at the Milwaukee Firefighters. YES YOU READ IT RIGHT: Milwaukee Firefighters! I mean really!

Most recently, there was a crash scene that was reported near the intersection of 60th and Capitol Drive. Still the same intersection in all going to work and play. Plus going to high school back in the day. The scene was for a vigil that an individual was killed in the area via a motorcycle accident. While the vigil was going on, (via Fox6 News) a firefighter was in appearance as well.

Here is the story:

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee firefighter was “roughed up” during an incident which happened near 60th and Capitol Dr. on Saturday evening, September 5th.

FOX6 News is told a large group of people were in the area for a vigil to remember the victim of a fatal motorcycle crash.

Police were monitoring the crowd around 7:20 p.m. when one person began to have a medical emergency. Officials say the crowd would not move back from the patient. They apparently became disorderly with police and firefighters as they attempted to treat the patient.

At one point, a member of the crowd “roughed up” a firefighter causing a minor injury.

The suspect, a 26-year-old Milwaukee man, was arrested for battery to a firefighter.

The person having the medical emergency was evaluated at a hospital.

This is where I get the thinking:  REALLY! We’re beat up Firefighters now at freaking vigils! OH THE HUMANITY OF GOD AND JESUS! WHY THIS? Just long time ago, there was a time that guns were drawn on City Garbage Workers, physical violence and shootings were on county buses partially on bus drivers, and now you got Firefighters on this? SERIOUSLY?! All at a freaking Vigil.

This is the point I’m not understanding. I’ll bet those who actually roughed up the Firefighter is probably having that “Come To Jesus Meeting” in a harsh manner! Yeah, I said it. If those who think that know like a free-thinker in a atheist way of dragging down other’s opinion in a tricking manner yes, you need a come to jesus meeting! But that’s not what is being editorialized here.

This kind of hit home to me, because I have cousins that were Firefighters in Milwaukee. I met with the Milwaukee Brotherhood of Firefighters a couple of years ago on one of the 9/11 anniversaries. They also used to come to my church anniversary block parties near 24th and Keefe way back. I wonder, why are these fools beating up folks who are licensed EMT’s mixed with the ability to fight fires to save lives! This is not the first time. Earlier this year, in Milwaukee mind you, a firefighter was shot while on duty.

So yes, I’m not surprised. And I’m certainly not shocked that the 26-year-old is in jail all because he (And I’m assuming it’s a he) that did the job by attacking those who help those in need of real serious emergencies of fires and 9-1-1 calls.

Get it together brew city!

I’m about to go off on this blog topic.

For those who think that Black Lives Matters Matter is a racist organization that hates cops or hates those who are not like you in a sense of whatever: STOP!

For those who are black, that thinks that Black Lives Matter is racist in thinking it’s all separating folks left and right: CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOUR ISH!

I told you I’m going off today. And many are going to learn today! Call this: the thought provoking of “If All Lives Really Matter”

  • If All Lives Really Matter as many of you think, why there are those who are still being treated like second class citizens in the freaking year of 2015?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are several folks who think that the church is full of hyprocites and all about the darn money every Sunday, and not enough “ministry” every week? Where as some churches are actually getting the idea and ACTUALLY follow through of their ministry in action? And still get misunderstood and hated on by those who don’t understand?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are certain folks that most us probably voted up, liked to redistrict registered voters from one district to another MAKING IT HARD for those who vote regularly?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , what is the purpose of cutting off those who need transportation to get from one job to another?(I.E. the state of Wisconsin cancelling High Speed Rail)
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are so many folks that are being discriminated because of a name, or an article of clothing ,or hairstyle (i.e. Shameka or Jamal and having on Afrocentric Garb) knowing it does mean a part of an heritage? Even for a job?!
  • If All Lives Really Matter , for example here in Milwaukee, why wasn’t any of our local news media DID NOT COVER the story regarding the visit of Minister Louis Farrakhan? He was here! And the only coverage that did the job were the Black Milwaukee Media.
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why are African-Americans at times have to go through various hurdles to get to the goal line, while everyone else gets the straight line treatment over everyone else?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why there are certain “legacies” that have to stand in the way, and not enough of those who have been scrapping and clawing like crazy to get to the number one spot? Nepotism, perhaps?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why is it so hard for many African-Americans to get the necessary medical coverage, while there are those who want just to rip it away like it’s highway robbery? Just to think about the Affordable Care Act.

Tell me I’m wrong!

And oh, if ALL LIVES REALLY MATTER: Why is the KKK STILL IN BUSINESS? SKINHEAD GROUPS STILL IN BUSINESS? Doing the same ol’ same ol’  even in 2015? Plus, don’t even think about commenting about the Original Black Panthers or founding of the NAACP.

The only reason why the Black Lives Matter thing is being hated on right now, because it’s working. The movement, the CORE MOVEMENT of the cause of Black Lives Matter is actually working! There are those in the country that are starting to realize and to wake up about there are real issues that black folks know very well when it comes to police brutality, and many other factors that are deemed a problem. We already know who, what, where, when, why, and how it happened. So many might ask, why is the tripping happening over and over again?

Haters from Bill O’Reilly, the right wing, and some black folks are just mad. Speaking of the black folks, I gotta say this in regarding the woman who was on the internet saying that a black girl was hurt or killed and the Black Lives Matter folks were called out because they didn’t do nothing about it. Look, I get where Peggy Hubbard is coming from. And I’ll give her due that she is a U.S. Navy Veteran. All respect to her. However, in regard to her viewpoint of Black Lives Matter and regarding the little girl that was affected, you really can’t hold the movement to that. You really can’t. And about the officers who were killed or shot recently, by black folks. Guess what? You can’t hold the movement to that either! Those black folks probably made a video of the rant (lack there of), got some hits online via the Right Wing Maniacs, and got on CNN or Fox News, or The Blaze and probably got paid some money just to fuel their fire for their ratings of the hate (HATE MIND YOU) of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even for the upteenth time, Sheriff David Clarke had done the exact same thing…..again. But was put in check by Marc Lamont Hill on CNN!

Don’t believe me? Go check out those who have this “negropean/hypocritical minded” attitudes, whom believe that notion, and to somewhat fester up to all the so-called things that many might not be affected. THINK AGAIN! But yeah, there are those who will say it and try to think it’s dumb to get the concept up. Of course!

Yes, we know that every life matters. Of course we know. DUH!

However, as far as addressing the issues regarding the black race that started the human race, that never ends. And I’ll agree that Black Lives have always mattered. We still matter. We still matter regarding of us black folks in general! I’m not trying to throw shade to anyone else that is not black. It’s not all about you non-blacks. We need to have a voice and a table and a CEO Chair to address our issues. Of course we got that, but there are those who still don’t have that experience or training to guide the head of the table of our issues. Feel me?

Just like when the cops come to your house, clean it up! And still, the struggle continues.

That is all.

Ok you MTV VMA Crazy folks: for the 20th time, I have view the long stander bearer of MTV’s traditional Video Music Awards show. Yep you that right. Me, an African-American male out of Milwaukee has viewed the VMA’s since Joey BadA*** was in diapers! And alot of you were in diapers or learning to walk in 1995! 20 years ago, I’ve seen the VMA’s when Michael Jackson won his VMA with Janet for the Video of Scream And Bill Bellamy and the late Notorious B.I.G. was on stage when MJ and Janet got their award. And Janet comment that Michael “kicked a**” on the preshow with Slash. You know Slash is half black right? Just checking.

Plus TLC won Video of the Year of Waterfalls that same year. And Bobby and Whitney were still a couple.

Now, in my viewing experience of the VMA’s there was some good performances that was black related. Never mind the rockers that can come out with torn jeans and having to rock b-ball kicks. And those who came traditionally dressed. And Semi Dressed. For those whom are just curious is to why the VMA’s are well, “like this”, let me remind those, this is not your father’s award show. This is not your grandfather’s award show of Lawrence Welk or the earlier versions of the Grammys. The VMA’s are mostly for the young, almost like the American Music Awards. But an offset for those who want to express the First Amendment rights to the 5th power! Yes, this is what you get with the MTV VMA’s.

Like the awards shows in the past, the VMA’s has been vocal on fronts of civil rights, issues of racism, voting, and now the revamped and struggle of #BlackLivesMatter. And yes even the LGBT folks on the show have the rights as well. So yes, the VMA’s is not just about videos, it’s about making a voice that many still need to hear. Even if you’re black and having conscious viewpoints.

Speaking of that: about that Kanye speech when he was awarded the traditional Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Vanguard as in definition is this via the Dictionary.com website:

1. the foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.

2. the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.
3. the leaders of any intellectual or political movement.
4. (initial capital letter) Rocketry. a U.S. three-stage, satellite-launching rocket, the first two stages powered by liquid-propellant engines and the third by a solid-propellant engine.
The third definition of Vanguard usually goes to the winner, and the late Michael Jackson was at the forefront of the Music Videos during his career. Henceforth, Vanguard.
Anyway, the speech that Kanye did, it was like what is this dude talking about? He started out: “Listen to the Kids, bro!” But the point that he made in this “speech” or remarks, was about pushing the opportunities for the major artists to get their due. That part, I can understand because well, there were times that MTV VMA’s Executives or the Powers that Be that do decide about the awards given out, but not to whom you think. Dude talked about that Justin Timberlake cried that he didn’t get that particular award, probably the Video of the Year or the major award of best male or whatever, that he didn’t receive at the time.
About the kids bro: I will agree that EVERY PARENT that needs to find new ways for their kids not to go through to all of the so-called “TV must not rot out our kids brains” speech in all.
Look here, if ALL YOU PARENTS, lecture (and I mean LECTURE) your kids about fake vs reality EVERYDAY, then maybe there wouldn’t be all of the coming out about “well those guys did it” on their TV’s thing. Folks have been preaching that stuff for a long time. Gen X’ers we know. Gen Y, you better know. Baby Boomers you should know! So this needs to be revamped on the real even in the era of Smartphones, and Social Media. On the real, I don’t have any kids. But if I were a parent, there will be long LECTURES in my household. Strict and Fair LECTURES!
And did I mention that school is back in session? For you whom got hooked up on the VMAs, you all need to be in those books EVERYDAY and not trying to be hardcore for your friends. If you want to be hardcore, grind with your books!
On the artists: he said it’s not about him. It’s about ideas. And the last thing that got many folks cracked up: Kanye wants to put his hat in the ring for a potential run for the presidency in the 2020. Yes, Kanye West just commented that after all the parts of smoking a joint, claiming he’s a Millennial (actually he’s really Gen X) he wants to be a future nominee of the Presidency in 2020.
I had to bust out laughing and be like, is he serious?!  And it was not scripted.
Overall, like the VMA’s before, this one had it’s craziness. And like before, Miley Cyrus made another thing to talk about. Of course! That was predicted. Here is my thing on Miley, and I’ll be frank. Miley has been on this crazy train since 2013, remember that? The same VMA’s that I blogged like 2 years ago? Go back and review it. I think I said something like: MILEY NO!!!!! Y’all remember that? I’m just saying. And I know by now that Billy Ray’s Baby Girl is getting talked about from the PTC and many other no-no groups that viewed the VMA’s in horror, LOL! By the way, the same PTC, is the Parents Television Council that gave the WWE and Vince McMahon all those “threats” about their content of characters and the theatrics during the Monday Night Wars. Oh, we remember those right? And this Labor Day coming up is the 20th Anniversary of the start of that infamous war that had us changing channels every Monday.
Some say that the 2015 VMA’s have been racist, or making a mockery of black folks. You think this was bad? REALLY?! Just asking here. I will admit that Rebel Wilson, or whatever her name is, had that Police thing way over the top.  For all the Conscious folks out there, like I said last time: know your VMA History! It’s happened BEFORE!  Don’t act all shocked. And check this, there was a time that Andrew Dice Clay was a host way back, and after he got done, MTV banned him! Google that folks. Plus also, way before Miley got her self proclaimed twerk on, Madonna had folks saying “Like a Virgin” on stage. She hit it first. I’ve seen Steven Tyler with a gun on stage from Terminator 2. The one that Linda Hamilton (aka Sarah Connor) used in the actual movie. Don’t worry it was a prop. Oh, check this: Prince was performing the VMAs with the song Gett Off and apparently when turned around performing, dude had his butt cheeks showing!
As the young cats say, “FOR REAL DOE?” Go peep it. It’s probably been googled so many times.
But not all performances weren’t earth shattering with horror. Remember 2004? There was more Hip-Hop and R&B came out from the Terror Squad, to Alicia Keys, a surprising Stevie Wonder and a energy driven Lenny Kravtiz performing Higher Ground. 2001 was in the books when NSYNC (not a fan by the way) did the song Pop in NYC, and out of nowhere: Michael Jackson did a solo dance with the group! In 1999, never forget Kid Rock, Run-DMC and Aerosmith all doing Walk this Way. Man, I’m taking some folks back! Even 1996 had The Fugees with Nas and Can-I-Bus. For this year concerning Macklemore, and his base of hip hop, when he and his crew did the song “Downtown” there was an added bonus: Old School Hip Hop Artists that helped change the game.
For you the young folks who wanted to know their names: research Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, and Kool Moe Dee. He did something that TI didn’t do with Iggy Azalea. I’m just saying!
So all that with twists and turns, and craziness of the VMA’s, I’ve seen it during the last 20 years. And like other award show that there will be a “Can you top this” from last year.
Don’t believe me? Just watch. Or Review! And then comment.

Two things to comment: Hurricane Katrina and Homicides. Listen up.

First thing to come to mind: Hurricane Katrina. We all know what happened with the city of New Orleans exactly 10 years ago this week. Many of us were watching to see, how can a city like New Orleans be flooded like that. We were still at war with Iraq, Bush was still in Office, and I was still in college working on my Bachelor’s Degree. Plus the up and coming Kanye West did the most well known commentary that mostly had gone viral: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”  And seeing many going to the Superdome to voice their concerns and troubles about the disaster. So yes, we remember it all. Most of us remember the levees being broke. And many still probably blame the government for not keeping up the maintentance, nor the outlook, nor the well being of the levees operated under the guidance of the Corps of Engineers!

Yes, New Orleans has been in this struggle for the last decade. And the last time I was in New Orleans, was in 2001. Way before Katrina hit, and way before the deaths of Aaliyah, and the terrorists attacks on 9/11. My first impression of New Orleans was good. Lively as it is with music everywhere. And even Harrah’s Casino near the hotel. And even hearing a Church sermon on Digging Ditches on a Sunday Morning. No question, being in New Orleans was a good time. Even going by the Superdome where the Packers won Superbowl 31.

I want to say to the residents, and some of my kin folk down in New Orleans that, you have not been forgotten about. We all know what happen, and even the inner struggle of the Black Residents that go through the pain every day that doesn’t get all the coverage like many others in the country! Stay lively, Crescent City! And still, in the words of one of your native folks, “the struggle continues!”

Speaking of that: 103 Homicides in Milwaukee. A second take that I’m going to comment!

103 Homicides in Milwaukee.

Brew City, I don’t know what is up with this. Oh yes I do. The problems lie is with us. Us everyday citizens. Why the HECK we are allowing this to happen? That is unacceptable! 103 homicides. Last time there was this many homicides was in the mid 90’s. Actually, the year 1990 comes to mind. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, I did a research of the homicides of Milwaukee, and it was high. In Milwaukee County alone, the victims total number was reached to 155 according to the report’s Trends. The Percentage of the Homicides was reached to 70%. Again this is just the trends in general in 1990! The majority of the victims were indeed black, and the offenders of those who were victimized were also black as well which increased to 60% towards the end of the year of 1990.

Now you are probably thinking, dang was Milwaukee really like this?!

So when I did the research of the dilemmas that the city faced 25 years ago, to me it resonated of what is happening right now currently. Even with the ideas of creating new jobs or getting new jobs HERE, there will be some young fool here in the city that will try to stir up trouble. All you punk bullies in Milwaukee, and weak gang members, this is what your life is headed if you don’t change NOW! And those of you it’s OK to hit a woman, or to break a man after that man has done so much work, you will so find out that being on a report like this is no joke! Even trying to get a freaking job!!!!! But to matter of subject of homicides, that is major!

So how do we resolve this? Ok course the lawmakers will be accountable. They will.

Of course there needs to be more usefulness of After-School programs in the School Semester. We know.

Community Centers will be on deck everyday. And yes, even the Church. Now many of you are going to calling the church folks sheeples and charlatans, and then say it’s all about the money! Let me ask these questions: what are the nightspots doing to help curb the problems in the city? What are the DJ’s doing besides spinning songs for throwback nights and for that special Rapper coming to the city? (not all but some) What are the local stores that many of YOU go to everyday or month to spend that hard earned money on the new IPhone, or IPad, new Air Jordans, that throwback jersey, smartphone, or just to get that widescreen TV to watch your football games on during the season? HELLO! what those spots doing? Are they sheeples and charlatans too?! And about the cash flow?

HELLO! Let’s be real!

Don’t assume it’s all on the Communiity Centers and Churches. And some schools. And even Funeral Homes.

Some might say, “aww man dude really?! You’ve been in the clubs and the churches! Why are you judging?” I’m not judging, this is called condemning! And plus, I’m proving a point that many don’t realize. Folks need to wake up!

Everyone of us in Milwaukee, needs to be on deck. Hell, I don’t care if you don’t have a job. Or a Master’s degree, or a up and coming minister, or like to go on Periscope to get your hair done for your girls. We need to be on deck when it comes to the act of homicides or neighborhood watch everytime! PERIOD!

I remember this back in John Marshall High School’s band class: “Results Matter. Excuses do not.”

Ponder this, everyone.

Oh, by the way: Milwaukee Public Schools is going to start.

Ok WordPress, here it is. Another four way stop on the blog that everybody knows. Well mostly everyone will know. For this, I will be commenting about Straight Outta Compton Talgo, the GOP race for 2016, and Scott Walker with the issue, or lack there of the topic of black lives matter.

First stop is the most obvious of Straight Outta Compton.

I will say this if many have not checked out the movie, I would say this, take a chance. Now I know there are those who may not check out the movie based on concern, or based on the fact that yes, N.W.A had their run ins with the law and the obvious then-disrespect of Black Women. Me on the other hand, I liked the movie for this reason: I wanted to see the many angles that the group had to go though that elevated the game of “Reality Rap” or those like to call it “Gangsta Rap” per say. Of course, they had their angles, and they said F**k the Police, in their songs and albums. The real reason, and this for those who are well aware about the history, is one major factor: Police Harassment. Did anyone who wasn’t aware about this in the beginning are now aware about this now? The same style of Police Harassment that we see today, is what N.W.A experienced earlier on. Dang, I gave part of the movie away! But anyone who is a historian of the group knows this very well. And what did they do after they got harassed is a simple one, they rhymed about it. Rhymed about the actions and concerns that many had to sleep on. And then grown folks had to turn off thinking it was rubbish and offensive to well productive cops. But it’s not rubbish until it happens to you. And when the sheet hits the fan, you’ll know. When I look at any biopic of those of a N.W.A, or the Notorious BIG, I’m not just looking at the music. I’m look at the stages, the climax, the rising and falling actions and a conclusion that ends the story. Matter of fact, I look at that in all films that I see. So technically I’m not just looking at the rise to fame. Which is part of the story. I’m looking at the beginning, the middle and ending of all of this. Also, there are those who say, “Anyone above 30 year or older knows about this. We don’t have to see the movie!”

Well……….not so fast!

Sometimes we need to have those refresher things that get our minds to review or summarize. Many my age approaching 40, or at 40, or after 40,  knows about the hits and hustle, which is understandable. BUT SOMETIMES, and I hear my mother saying this now, we have to go back and review what we learned. That is how I feel about N.W.A. There were some things about the group that I didn’t even know. But I’m pleased that I got that refresher! I’m no HardCore Gangsta/Reality Rap fan per sey, but I do understand what they’re saying. Even if it does cutting through the Explicit Content.  And by the way, the theater where I was seeing the flick: NO GUN SHOTS!

Second stop: Wisconsin: You should have kept the Trains!

Oh Wisconsin, I kept telling you since 2010: I’ve told you so! And how many times had that sunk in? Like what, a million times?! And that hadn’t sunk in yet? All of that so-called mess about boondoggles and no one will ride it mess? Remember that? Well guess what, all of that will indeed continue to haunt Wisconsin for dear life! I wrote an apology letter to Talgo via this blog and well, it went something like this:

This is our fault for not backing this up fully. And I don’t know how this would get this over in terms of our valor.  First, I fault our so-called Wisconsin values. I fault that in addition with our polarized politics mainly with Scott Walker, the Republicans of the state, and mostly with those who jumped aboard the bandwagon of spoiled selfish politics that could been better in terms of helping the Wisconsin folks of our unemployment woes. Our black unemployment population is still at around 50% and the area near 27th and Townsend once housed your company was a good idea. And in history, it had GREAT PRODUCTIVE JOBS!  A.O. Smith was a great company. And I don’t care what some so-called citizen thought it could have been. But it was a unfinished opportunity due to the ignorance and stupidity of this state! The deal was to me was perfect. And it should have been thought of the future of Infrastructure of Transportation to go where the jobs are. Milwaukee and Madison should have been linked up with Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Plus also Detroit.  I can’t fault the other cities or states. But the real fault is in Scott Walker’s hands and he knows it. And after all of that being signed a done deal by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

And I remember writing this:

Now this announcement of you leaving the City is disappointing. And most of us know it’s our fault. As a native of the state, I too take the blame. However, for those who were opposed to the project, probably got their wish that it’s a boondoggle and it’s another way of run away government spending. They claim that no one will ride it and it’s too expensive. The same folks in my opinion that said that, are just bigoted fools that don’t want folks like me roll through their part of the state based on my skin color. And other minorities too. What I mean by that is, there are those in Wisconsin that things “segregated”. Even though also this is a black eye in our state, and a black eye in the vision of President Barack Obama. Why I am putting the President in this? It was part of his idea of putting folks to work with the shovel ready jobs. Don’t believe me? one of our radio stations, 860AM WNOV talks about this all the time. And the question will restart yet again, how and will this create jobs? And the obvious, where are the jobs that I can get to without a car in the state?

Not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t have a vehicle, citizens!  Tell that to the Governor and Republicans of the state!

And this:

And the lamest comments: “Sorry about the jobs, and bye bye choo-choo train!”  Really lame along with Walker’s imaginary 250,000 jobs that he pointed to be objective in his first run. But now, he is not fully committed with that notion. Right now, the jobs report in Wisconsin is still low! And also who wants to come to Wisconsin and put jobs in the Century City District, in the city of Milwaukee and mostly in the areas in Milwaukee THAT FOLKS CAN BE SUPPORTED in the area? Not Waukesha, Not anywhere else where the white flight happens to go. Just in the area where it’s needed. If the so-called Wisconsinites who talked smacked about the train jobs, then why didn’t they supported the workers of Talgo by staying and working with them? And I met the workers two years ago. Ignorance is bliss when you know it.

We already know that the state will be jacked up with later fees, taxes and losses. Plus your on- going lawsuit against the state is still intact. I say do it. You have every right to do so. And I’m saying this as a resident.

If this is one of those “Teachable Moments” to learn from, it is. But the state of the Badgers will be suffering from it the most.

Now, do we remember? Yes that letter. And I did indicate that the company had a right to sue the state in part of the breach of contract. That should have been a deal signed for the use of jobs and economics, but all of that was RIPPED away by dumb politics. And I should say also ongoing segregation, too? Does that ring a bell? Well in regarding the penalty, the Milwaukee Business Journal reports this penalty that the State will owe, plus a potential Milwaukee to Chicago Route:

Under the agreement, Talgo will keep the two trains it built for the state of Wisconsin, and receive a $9.75 million payment from the state to close out the contract, said Lester Pines, attorney for Talgo. Talgo will attempt to sell the trains, and the state can collect a portion of the revenue from that sale to recoup up to $9.75 million, he said.

Also there is a history that this matters. The article does point out as well:

The conflict goes back to a contract for Talgo to manufacture and maintain over 20 years four trains for Wisconsin. The Spanish company agreed to set up its U.S. manufacturing operations in Milwaukee. Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains that were intended to run a high-speed passenger rail route between Milwaukee and Madison.
Conflicts arose after Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains, and refused to build a maintenance facility for two that were built. Those two were intended to run on the Amtrak Hiawatha route between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Talgo filed the lawsuit in late 2012 against Gov. Scott Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb. There was a dispute over the contract, and over whether Talgo or the state of Wisconsin actually owned the two trains.
Talgo claimed $65.9 million in damages over its contract with the state. Even with the settlement, it will never recover losses from Wisconsin not following through on the 20-year maintenance agreement for those two trains, Pines said. Talgo had priced the trains expecting to get that 20 years of maintenance work, he said.

And the article concluded with the settlement that must be exchanged in merit:

The disputes between Talgo and the state resulted in the two never changing hands. Talgo in May 2014 rolled the trains out of Milwaukee, ending the company’s operations in the city. They remain in storage in northern Indiana, Pines said. With the lawsuit cleared up, Talgo can now advance efforts to sell them, potentially to another state, for passenger service.

Wisconsin, under the settlement agreement, can collect up to 30 percent of the price of their sale, not counting any costs Talgo takes on to prepare the vehicles for sale and close the deal, Pines said. Depending on the final sale price, the state can collect up to $9.75 million, which represents its final payment owed to Talgo under the manufacturing contract.

See Wisconsin: I’ve said it all along, but I told you so. Instead of being big-headed and gullible with the segregated view politics, you should have kept the trains, and the ORIGINAL route of the Madison-Milwaukee High Speed Line as it was. But this is what you get! If the next generation of Wisconsinites get screwed up in a future plan, they might go back and ask what was up with 2010? And I’ll tell them here that Our so-called Values of political mess got us in a heap of trouble. And we paid the price for it. And partially it was not allowed by then-Governor Scott Walker. Doyle had it right after all!

Third dance: Let’s talk clowns. GOP Clowns.

Oh, I won’t be long here. This will not take long. Anyone seen this GOP Clown Cars of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and many others who are continuously making fools of themselves for the 2016 Republican side? I know I’m not the only one. The majority of the folks in the race is talking out of his mind the most, is Donald Trump. Think about it!  He didn’t say all the things he’s saying when he was running before. Maybe because the black guy Obama got in the second time. But now, we’re seeing for who he really is, yeah he’s exercising his liberties, but he’s doing it in a fashion that is giving the gift that the Democrats would probably get.

And yes, he’s talking. But will all that talk even last? I say that because the more he’s TALKING, the less he’s doing. That is what Donald Trump is doing, NOW! Right at the moment he’s just opening a new can of worms that are just full of hot air. OF COURSE we still got problems in America. We still got problems with Education being in the areas of 25 or 23. There are those like him want wars! We’ve gone through about 10+ years in Afghanistan/Iraq and they want to bring this crap again? And like before, how is this going to create more jobs? The last republican President, which really SUCKED: George W. Bush, shipped jobs overseas. And dried up America’s Credit Card. Um, does that ring a bell?

If “The Donald” loses his talk, he will lose big. Mark my words.

Finally on the Card: Scott Walker does not have time for #BlackLivesMatter. (So he says)

I read this today via Rawstory.com. And United Wisconsin of Facebook. It appears that the Governor does not like black people. Or should I say, black concerns. For all you black republicans and Walker fans in Wisconsin, and those whom proudly voted for him, you might want to read this commentary story.

The article pretty states itself that even the man who took down unions, put a cancellation on High Speed Rail, put a cancellation on the Hard Rock Cafe Casino Project, put a break and halt on Teachers, medical care, close off anything that the working poor that have access constantly, and many others that WIsconsin held dear for most of the time. Remember that State of the State Address when he had all those workers and not one, NOT ONE person of color was on that state? Not one black nurse or black doctor that wasn’t shown! Oh, when was the last time that Scott Walker was in the BLACK COMMUNITY addressing the needs of Black Residents? May I remind that Wisconsin does have black folks around 6%. Plus when the 2014 campaigns were going on, for the black side, Mary Burke was on WNOV over 4 times talking to the black listeners during the time. Walker: ZERO! None!

Can bust a J. Cole lyric right now in a Edited Version: “He don’t give a F-word about you!”

The same notion that he gave when he closed off the Bus Routes and raised bus fares that many folks needed to get to work and school during his County Executive days. And forcing the Voter ID’s to make it harder for those to cast a freaking ballot!  And to top on that, we supposed to be “Open For Business”. Apparently his business is flourishing money away to other states and not investing it here to serves the needs for US. And majority of us here in the Southeastern part of the State are Black folks!

Making sense now?

Like i said, the real purpose movement of #BlackLivesMatter is not going away. The concerns of Black America IS NOT GOING AWAY! Of course, there are those who get behind a movement for two weeks and then, it’s all forgotten about. This is where it needs to stop. The concerns must be on course. Even if it’s in the heart of Milwaukee or Madison. And even if it’s shows up at Scott Walker’s front door.

Yes, I know Scott Walker has black friends. But he, like many others like him are just in denial. That’s right I said it!

N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton.

N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man, I gotta comment about this on two fronts: If many have not seen Straight Outta Compton, never mind those who actually saw it first, but if you actually saw the flick, it’s a hit. It’s really number one with a bullet! Per unintended. After seeing the flick TODAY, August 20th, 2015. In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. In the AMC Theaters, at 11:50AM in the morning close to 12:00 CST, I got my chance to see the flick that is still killing the box office. Oh, yeah. You had to think, 11:50AM in the Morning! Why not. I paid my $5.06, about $13.00 of Popcorn and Water, I was straight. Then off to the movie I went. Keep in mind, this was around 11:50 in the AM!

For those who still haven’t seen it, this is what I won’t do: I will not post anything that is leaked here! My thing is you (for those who are over 18) MUST see it for yourself. No matter the theater, time or location. But I can say this to comment about Straight Outta Compton: ITS A HIT! But just to keep it PC here, there were times in the flick that the main members had to through based on structure, struggle, and something concerning the actions of the judicial laws, and fairness for musicians. That is only what I’ll say here! Nothing else. Don’t be in a rush to see the movie. Prioritize your time and effort to see it.

Speaking of that:

Now, since the movie has come out and those are so excited about that the biopic is on the screen. I had to read something that was so stupid to a point. Now usually, Facebook is the most source of things now and one of the comments on TheGrio’s Facebook page, someone said that many should skip church and go see Straight Outta Compton to see the truth in what’s going on. And oh yeah, there are those or that one guy had to talk about the charlatans about the church and etc.

Can I just be straight here?

Many folks today, TODAY are not very prioritized. They are not. That’s like saying “I’ll skip my daughter’s recital at her school to go to a strip club to see “Ms Ebonie Skillz” dance on stripper poles”. Hold up, for those who think this way, you would ACTUALLY just to go to a strip club than your kid’s recital? What is so important or special going to a Strip Club over something that is considered important, or almost important than filling in as a greeter for your church? Not judging but more like condemning. That will be like when Football Season starts, there will something like this on Sundays: And Ministers, Bishops, Pastors Associates, in all, you know this very well: “I can’t come to church today because……..I’ll be busy with a project.” Or this: “I can’t come to church because I gotta get home to make sure my Widescreen is set to for the football game after 12:00pm! 

You know you can record your games on DVR’s and having Smartphone apps that will save the day! Jeez!

For all those rushing to see Straight Outta Compton on a Sunday during worship time, or any other important time, if you feel that seeing that movie is far more important than assisting your church job or your important matter, then that is acting foolish! This might hurt, but the folks who would do that would act upon in a foolish manner! Now If you are a church going person, that wants to do the worship first, and then plans to go to the dinner, movie or somewhat of an activity after that, then I’m not talking to you. You’re doing something right. That’s prioritizing.

What is also prioritizing: actual preplanning! If you can’t plan, you suck. Really you will suck if you don’t have a plan B. I tell folks all the time that you must have a plan B! Period.

If there were a rule of not seeing Straight Outta Compton for any reason, I would put it like this:

  • If you are Under the age of 18, and still in High School (YOUNG BLOGGERS), you can’t EVER see Straight Outta Compton until you get really grown.
  • If you have been popping out babies and have no job to raise them, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you lose your job because you got fired based on your job performance, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you don’t have any money, don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • If you don’t have some support for your family and it does involve being single or married, you don’t get to see Straight Outta Compton! And that includes paying your bills!
  • If you haven’t been voting in ANY Election (I’M GOING THERE!) YOU DON’T GET TO SEE STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!
  • If you haven’t volunteered, donated to a cause, or even step into a freaking Church to help out a Pastor, NO SOC for you!
  • If you haven’t tutored a child, or a teen, or a struggling College student in the previous semester, no SOC for you!
  • Or if you haven’t use your Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Meekrat, Blog, to help push further for a cause that matters, (i.e. #BlackLivesMatter) don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • Or if you one of those folks who can’t wait to get those Air Jordans, or the IPhone, or that Back to School fun thing for your Son or Daughter, and this is to the grown folks who have to stand in line: NO STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!

Now I know that, here it is: that’s harsh! I know. Have I done these things or any of the above things? In an opposite: Yes. And yes, like many others who actually will see it regardless. And unlike those on Facebook that have a backwards mentality that skipping Divine Time or a important needy thing to see a movie, I will show them that there is another way, and it’s not a serious as it is. And today, I just proved it that you can plan, and organize without any worries.

Don’t worry dwellers, the movie just came out, and there are many more days for you to check it out.