Ok WordPress, here it is. Another four way stop on the blog that everybody knows. Well mostly everyone will know. For this, I will be commenting about Straight Outta Compton Talgo, the GOP race for 2016, and Scott Walker with the issue, or lack there of the topic of black lives matter.

First stop is the most obvious of Straight Outta Compton.

I will say this if many have not checked out the movie, I would say this, take a chance. Now I know there are those who may not check out the movie based on concern, or based on the fact that yes, N.W.A had their run ins with the law and the obvious then-disrespect of Black Women. Me on the other hand, I liked the movie for this reason: I wanted to see the many angles that the group had to go though that elevated the game of “Reality Rap” or those like to call it “Gangsta Rap” per say. Of course, they had their angles, and they said F**k the Police, in their songs and albums. The real reason, and this for those who are well aware about the history, is one major factor: Police Harassment. Did anyone who wasn’t aware about this in the beginning are now aware about this now? The same style of Police Harassment that we see today, is what N.W.A experienced earlier on. Dang, I gave part of the movie away! But anyone who is a historian of the group knows this very well. And what did they do after they got harassed is a simple one, they rhymed about it. Rhymed about the actions and concerns that many had to sleep on. And then grown folks had to turn off thinking it was rubbish and offensive to well productive cops. But it’s not rubbish until it happens to you. And when the sheet hits the fan, you’ll know. When I look at any biopic of those of a N.W.A, or the Notorious BIG, I’m not just looking at the music. I’m look at the stages, the climax, the rising and falling actions and a conclusion that ends the story. Matter of fact, I look at that in all films that I see. So technically I’m not just looking at the rise to fame. Which is part of the story. I’m looking at the beginning, the middle and ending of all of this. Also, there are those who say, “Anyone above 30 year or older knows about this. We don’t have to see the movie!”

Well……….not so fast!

Sometimes we need to have those refresher things that get our minds to review or summarize. Many my age approaching 40, or at 40, or after 40,  knows about the hits and hustle, which is understandable. BUT SOMETIMES, and I hear my mother saying this now, we have to go back and review what we learned. That is how I feel about N.W.A. There were some things about the group that I didn’t even know. But I’m pleased that I got that refresher! I’m no HardCore Gangsta/Reality Rap fan per sey, but I do understand what they’re saying. Even if it does cutting through the Explicit Content.  And by the way, the theater where I was seeing the flick: NO GUN SHOTS!

Second stop: Wisconsin: You should have kept the Trains!

Oh Wisconsin, I kept telling you since 2010: I’ve told you so! And how many times had that sunk in? Like what, a million times?! And that hadn’t sunk in yet? All of that so-called mess about boondoggles and no one will ride it mess? Remember that? Well guess what, all of that will indeed continue to haunt Wisconsin for dear life! I wrote an apology letter to Talgo via this blog and well, it went something like this:

This is our fault for not backing this up fully. And I don’t know how this would get this over in terms of our valor.  First, I fault our so-called Wisconsin values. I fault that in addition with our polarized politics mainly with Scott Walker, the Republicans of the state, and mostly with those who jumped aboard the bandwagon of spoiled selfish politics that could been better in terms of helping the Wisconsin folks of our unemployment woes. Our black unemployment population is still at around 50% and the area near 27th and Townsend once housed your company was a good idea. And in history, it had GREAT PRODUCTIVE JOBS!  A.O. Smith was a great company. And I don’t care what some so-called citizen thought it could have been. But it was a unfinished opportunity due to the ignorance and stupidity of this state! The deal was to me was perfect. And it should have been thought of the future of Infrastructure of Transportation to go where the jobs are. Milwaukee and Madison should have been linked up with Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Plus also Detroit.  I can’t fault the other cities or states. But the real fault is in Scott Walker’s hands and he knows it. And after all of that being signed a done deal by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

And I remember writing this:

Now this announcement of you leaving the City is disappointing. And most of us know it’s our fault. As a native of the state, I too take the blame. However, for those who were opposed to the project, probably got their wish that it’s a boondoggle and it’s another way of run away government spending. They claim that no one will ride it and it’s too expensive. The same folks in my opinion that said that, are just bigoted fools that don’t want folks like me roll through their part of the state based on my skin color. And other minorities too. What I mean by that is, there are those in Wisconsin that things “segregated”. Even though also this is a black eye in our state, and a black eye in the vision of President Barack Obama. Why I am putting the President in this? It was part of his idea of putting folks to work with the shovel ready jobs. Don’t believe me? one of our radio stations, 860AM WNOV talks about this all the time. And the question will restart yet again, how and will this create jobs? And the obvious, where are the jobs that I can get to without a car in the state?

Not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t have a vehicle, citizens!  Tell that to the Governor and Republicans of the state!

And this:

And the lamest comments: “Sorry about the jobs, and bye bye choo-choo train!”  Really lame along with Walker’s imaginary 250,000 jobs that he pointed to be objective in his first run. But now, he is not fully committed with that notion. Right now, the jobs report in Wisconsin is still low! And also who wants to come to Wisconsin and put jobs in the Century City District, in the city of Milwaukee and mostly in the areas in Milwaukee THAT FOLKS CAN BE SUPPORTED in the area? Not Waukesha, Not anywhere else where the white flight happens to go. Just in the area where it’s needed. If the so-called Wisconsinites who talked smacked about the train jobs, then why didn’t they supported the workers of Talgo by staying and working with them? And I met the workers two years ago. Ignorance is bliss when you know it.

We already know that the state will be jacked up with later fees, taxes and losses. Plus your on- going lawsuit against the state is still intact. I say do it. You have every right to do so. And I’m saying this as a resident.

If this is one of those “Teachable Moments” to learn from, it is. But the state of the Badgers will be suffering from it the most.

Now, do we remember? Yes that letter. And I did indicate that the company had a right to sue the state in part of the breach of contract. That should have been a deal signed for the use of jobs and economics, but all of that was RIPPED away by dumb politics. And I should say also ongoing segregation, too? Does that ring a bell? Well in regarding the penalty, the Milwaukee Business Journal reports this penalty that the State will owe, plus a potential Milwaukee to Chicago Route:

Under the agreement, Talgo will keep the two trains it built for the state of Wisconsin, and receive a $9.75 million payment from the state to close out the contract, said Lester Pines, attorney for Talgo. Talgo will attempt to sell the trains, and the state can collect a portion of the revenue from that sale to recoup up to $9.75 million, he said.

Also there is a history that this matters. The article does point out as well:

The conflict goes back to a contract for Talgo to manufacture and maintain over 20 years four trains for Wisconsin. The Spanish company agreed to set up its U.S. manufacturing operations in Milwaukee. Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains that were intended to run a high-speed passenger rail route between Milwaukee and Madison.
Conflicts arose after Wisconsin canceled the order for two trains, and refused to build a maintenance facility for two that were built. Those two were intended to run on the Amtrak Hiawatha route between Milwaukee and Chicago.

Talgo filed the lawsuit in late 2012 against Gov. Scott Walker and Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb. There was a dispute over the contract, and over whether Talgo or the state of Wisconsin actually owned the two trains.
Talgo claimed $65.9 million in damages over its contract with the state. Even with the settlement, it will never recover losses from Wisconsin not following through on the 20-year maintenance agreement for those two trains, Pines said. Talgo had priced the trains expecting to get that 20 years of maintenance work, he said.

And the article concluded with the settlement that must be exchanged in merit:

The disputes between Talgo and the state resulted in the two never changing hands. Talgo in May 2014 rolled the trains out of Milwaukee, ending the company’s operations in the city. They remain in storage in northern Indiana, Pines said. With the lawsuit cleared up, Talgo can now advance efforts to sell them, potentially to another state, for passenger service.

Wisconsin, under the settlement agreement, can collect up to 30 percent of the price of their sale, not counting any costs Talgo takes on to prepare the vehicles for sale and close the deal, Pines said. Depending on the final sale price, the state can collect up to $9.75 million, which represents its final payment owed to Talgo under the manufacturing contract.

See Wisconsin: I’ve said it all along, but I told you so. Instead of being big-headed and gullible with the segregated view politics, you should have kept the trains, and the ORIGINAL route of the Madison-Milwaukee High Speed Line as it was. But this is what you get! If the next generation of Wisconsinites get screwed up in a future plan, they might go back and ask what was up with 2010? And I’ll tell them here that Our so-called Values of political mess got us in a heap of trouble. And we paid the price for it. And partially it was not allowed by then-Governor Scott Walker. Doyle had it right after all!

Third dance: Let’s talk clowns. GOP Clowns.

Oh, I won’t be long here. This will not take long. Anyone seen this GOP Clown Cars of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Scott Walker, and many others who are continuously making fools of themselves for the 2016 Republican side? I know I’m not the only one. The majority of the folks in the race is talking out of his mind the most, is Donald Trump. Think about it!  He didn’t say all the things he’s saying when he was running before. Maybe because the black guy Obama got in the second time. But now, we’re seeing for who he really is, yeah he’s exercising his liberties, but he’s doing it in a fashion that is giving the gift that the Democrats would probably get.

And yes, he’s talking. But will all that talk even last? I say that because the more he’s TALKING, the less he’s doing. That is what Donald Trump is doing, NOW! Right at the moment he’s just opening a new can of worms that are just full of hot air. OF COURSE we still got problems in America. We still got problems with Education being in the areas of 25 or 23. There are those like him want wars! We’ve gone through about 10+ years in Afghanistan/Iraq and they want to bring this crap again? And like before, how is this going to create more jobs? The last republican President, which really SUCKED: George W. Bush, shipped jobs overseas. And dried up America’s Credit Card. Um, does that ring a bell?

If “The Donald” loses his talk, he will lose big. Mark my words.

Finally on the Card: Scott Walker does not have time for #BlackLivesMatter. (So he says)

I read this today via Rawstory.com. And United Wisconsin of Facebook. It appears that the Governor does not like black people. Or should I say, black concerns. For all you black republicans and Walker fans in Wisconsin, and those whom proudly voted for him, you might want to read this commentary story.

The article pretty states itself that even the man who took down unions, put a cancellation on High Speed Rail, put a cancellation on the Hard Rock Cafe Casino Project, put a break and halt on Teachers, medical care, close off anything that the working poor that have access constantly, and many others that WIsconsin held dear for most of the time. Remember that State of the State Address when he had all those workers and not one, NOT ONE person of color was on that state? Not one black nurse or black doctor that wasn’t shown! Oh, when was the last time that Scott Walker was in the BLACK COMMUNITY addressing the needs of Black Residents? May I remind that Wisconsin does have black folks around 6%. Plus when the 2014 campaigns were going on, for the black side, Mary Burke was on WNOV over 4 times talking to the black listeners during the time. Walker: ZERO! None!

Can bust a J. Cole lyric right now in a Edited Version: “He don’t give a F-word about you!”

The same notion that he gave when he closed off the Bus Routes and raised bus fares that many folks needed to get to work and school during his County Executive days. And forcing the Voter ID’s to make it harder for those to cast a freaking ballot!  And to top on that, we supposed to be “Open For Business”. Apparently his business is flourishing money away to other states and not investing it here to serves the needs for US. And majority of us here in the Southeastern part of the State are Black folks!

Making sense now?

Like i said, the real purpose movement of #BlackLivesMatter is not going away. The concerns of Black America IS NOT GOING AWAY! Of course, there are those who get behind a movement for two weeks and then, it’s all forgotten about. This is where it needs to stop. The concerns must be on course. Even if it’s in the heart of Milwaukee or Madison. And even if it’s shows up at Scott Walker’s front door.

Yes, I know Scott Walker has black friends. But he, like many others like him are just in denial. That’s right I said it!

N.W.A's Straight Outta Compton.

N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man, I gotta comment about this on two fronts: If many have not seen Straight Outta Compton, never mind those who actually saw it first, but if you actually saw the flick, it’s a hit. It’s really number one with a bullet! Per unintended. After seeing the flick TODAY, August 20th, 2015. In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. In the AMC Theaters, at 11:50AM in the morning close to 12:00 CST, I got my chance to see the flick that is still killing the box office. Oh, yeah. You had to think, 11:50AM in the Morning! Why not. I paid my $5.06, about $13.00 of Popcorn and Water, I was straight. Then off to the movie I went. Keep in mind, this was around 11:50 in the AM!

For those who still haven’t seen it, this is what I won’t do: I will not post anything that is leaked here! My thing is you (for those who are over 18) MUST see it for yourself. No matter the theater, time or location. But I can say this to comment about Straight Outta Compton: ITS A HIT! But just to keep it PC here, there were times in the flick that the main members had to through based on structure, struggle, and something concerning the actions of the judicial laws, and fairness for musicians. That is only what I’ll say here! Nothing else. Don’t be in a rush to see the movie. Prioritize your time and effort to see it.

Speaking of that:

Now, since the movie has come out and those are so excited about that the biopic is on the screen. I had to read something that was so stupid to a point. Now usually, Facebook is the most source of things now and one of the comments on TheGrio’s Facebook page, someone said that many should skip church and go see Straight Outta Compton to see the truth in what’s going on. And oh yeah, there are those or that one guy had to talk about the charlatans about the church and etc.

Can I just be straight here?

Many folks today, TODAY are not very prioritized. They are not. That’s like saying “I’ll skip my daughter’s recital at her school to go to a strip club to see “Ms Ebonie Skillz” dance on stripper poles”. Hold up, for those who think this way, you would ACTUALLY just to go to a strip club than your kid’s recital? What is so important or special going to a Strip Club over something that is considered important, or almost important than filling in as a greeter for your church? Not judging but more like condemning. That will be like when Football Season starts, there will something like this on Sundays: And Ministers, Bishops, Pastors Associates, in all, you know this very well: “I can’t come to church today because……..I’ll be busy with a project.” Or this: “I can’t come to church because I gotta get home to make sure my Widescreen is set to for the football game after 12:00pm! 

You know you can record your games on DVR’s and having Smartphone apps that will save the day! Jeez!

For all those rushing to see Straight Outta Compton on a Sunday during worship time, or any other important time, if you feel that seeing that movie is far more important than assisting your church job or your important matter, then that is acting foolish! This might hurt, but the folks who would do that would act upon in a foolish manner! Now If you are a church going person, that wants to do the worship first, and then plans to go to the dinner, movie or somewhat of an activity after that, then I’m not talking to you. You’re doing something right. That’s prioritizing.

What is also prioritizing: actual preplanning! If you can’t plan, you suck. Really you will suck if you don’t have a plan B. I tell folks all the time that you must have a plan B! Period.

If there were a rule of not seeing Straight Outta Compton for any reason, I would put it like this:

  • If you are Under the age of 18, and still in High School (YOUNG BLOGGERS), you can’t EVER see Straight Outta Compton until you get really grown.
  • If you have been popping out babies and have no job to raise them, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you lose your job because you got fired based on your job performance, you can’t see Straight Outta Compton.
  • If you don’t have any money, don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • If you don’t have some support for your family and it does involve being single or married, you don’t get to see Straight Outta Compton! And that includes paying your bills!
  • If you haven’t been voting in ANY Election (I’M GOING THERE!) YOU DON’T GET TO SEE STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!
  • If you haven’t volunteered, donated to a cause, or even step into a freaking Church to help out a Pastor, NO SOC for you!
  • If you haven’t tutored a child, or a teen, or a struggling College student in the previous semester, no SOC for you!
  • Or if you haven’t use your Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Meekrat, Blog, to help push further for a cause that matters, (i.e. #BlackLivesMatter) don’t even think about seeing Straight Outta Compton!
  • Or if you one of those folks who can’t wait to get those Air Jordans, or the IPhone, or that Back to School fun thing for your Son or Daughter, and this is to the grown folks who have to stand in line: NO STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON!

Now I know that, here it is: that’s harsh! I know. Have I done these things or any of the above things? In an opposite: Yes. And yes, like many others who actually will see it regardless. And unlike those on Facebook that have a backwards mentality that skipping Divine Time or a important needy thing to see a movie, I will show them that there is another way, and it’s not a serious as it is. And today, I just proved it that you can plan, and organize without any worries.

Don’t worry dwellers, the movie just came out, and there are many more days for you to check it out.


StraightOuttaCompton (7)SSP

If anyone is having fun with the Straight Outta Somewhere memes, you probably are a having a funtime right now. Going onto the straightouttasomewhere.com website, and inputing where you from or puttting in a subject or funtime occassion. Yeah you did it! And by the way, was it fun to do?

Come on! Tell me!  (nah, just kidding.)

Now for those who don’t know what all this is, it’s about this movie coming out:

Yep. It’s about the NWA movie that many will probably check out. Even if you’re not into hip-hop or rap music, but might be intriguted to see how the group got formed. You probably might see it just because your black friends are going and you have to ride along. But whatever reason to see it, don’t just see it to have a fan-loving, black friend riding interest in the movie! You go to the theater, pay your 7 or 8 bucks, buy some popcorn, go to the theater area, and watch the thing. And for those who like to turn on the cells while texting during the flick, or Facebooking during the flick, DO NOT GIVE OUT THE SECRETS! Don’t do it! Keep it to yourself and let the other guys check it out.

Ok now back to this #StraightOuttaSomewhere thing. It’s a fun thing and yes we’re all Straight Outta Somewhere: Like this:


I think the picture has been, shall we say proven with all truthfulness. And plus, I’ve seen some crazy Straight Outta things like a pic with a White Jesus with “Straight Outta Fiction” on it. You do realize that Jesus was black, right? Why keep showing this White Jesus on your Facebook, Instagram Newsfeeds, and having this “free thinking” atmosphere. Yeah, you can free think all you want, but always remember without the eyes of God, you wouldn’t be able to free think period! And yes, you can be a Jesus Freak and still think all you want. Yes you can! Who says you can’t?  What’s the other one that was going around, oh Straight outta Food Stamps, or Straight Outta this and that. Oh they’re out there! And I wouldn’t be surprised that some company in America or many shops in the T-Shirt making business might spur up Straight Outta Merchandise, and I full wouldn’t be surprised if the money went to a good cause. Just to be clear, be fair where the cash is going, you business upstarts!

As far as this, it’s going to continue until the wheels fall off. Hopefully not quickly!

First Take: Let it begin.

I assume that every American in the country is taking notes of the Presidential Candidates to be, either the highly Republican choices of 16 to the Democrats ratio of 5. We know this. It’s been racking up for a while to do one thing: Either continue the path that President Obama set with his plans already in tact, or try to dismantle his policies and to go back to the era where the Republicans did before and spent American money, and going to debt. But there has been one X-Factor that ALL of them must be on watch for, and it’s a needed attention:

The attention of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Yeah, that movement. The movement that has been and still is gaining notice. You can’t deny it. This black lives matter movement is getting very serious and mostly, the Presidential Candidates NEED TO TAKE NOTICE NOW! For far too long, yes we the African-American Race of folks had our concerns (at a Maximum) that does not get heard, or talked about. And of course, we should be vocal about them all the time! We should be very vocal about this matter. And I know that the other side, and those who somewhat oppose the latter of Black Lives Matter, need to realize it’s not just making noise in front of the likes of Bernie Sanders or Martin O’Malley. Or even going on Scott Walker’s Social Media Page and flashing #BLACKLIVESMATTER all over it. It’s really about the activism that goes on with it. From the good, bad and downright ugly. All of this resurgence has been on the vocal front of the 1 year Anniversary of the death of Michael Brown Jr, whom was killed by the former cop, Darren Wilson who still has hiding places somewhere not to be shown. Yeah I said it! Even after a year, there are folks who are still defending him just because he did his job. REALLY?!. Plus that and the recent death of Sandra Bland, the issue of Black Lives Matter is not going out like a lamb.

Oh, yes. There are those, and those whom are black, are going to say “well All Lives Matter.” They can just shut their mouths now. I have a question about that: Do All Lives Really Matter? I mean do they really? Did lives mattered 70 years ago, when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about 9/11 with about 3,000 of everyday citizens that was killed in the old WTC? Oh, explain that Americans that care that All Lives Matter! Now I know that I can’t compare the two, but here it’s like the 9/11 was more of an International/National concern, than a Black Lives Concern. And for the record, there were about 12 African American NY Firefighters that died in saving lives on 9/11, and I ask: did their lives mattered being black? Just asking.

More recently, we all saw this:

And this:

By the way, this woman who was one of the first to interupt Bernie Sanders used to be on the side of Sarah Palin. And is an outspoken Christian and etc, etc etc, plus black. I’m sure many know by now…..Plus a former Tea Party supporter. Yes, there are Black Tea Party folks which stick to the wrong side of history per say.

Now I know many are sick and tired of this whole Black Lives Matter thing. Look here, when you or anyone that hears about those being wrongfully denied, or killed, or discriminated of any manner, and they are black, you know darn well that this is the part of the BLM movement that does matter. And the attention does not matter who you are! Everyone is going to hear it, no matter if it’s Donald Trump, Ben Carson (who really needs to WAKE UP!), Scott Walker, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz and the other Republican Candidates. And yes this does goes the same with the Democratic/Independent party contenders also! This does not mean that the ideal matter of Black Lives Matter is going to be a mush. And it shouldn’t be! And IT BETTER NOT BE!

Second Take: This made the Milwaukee News recently. And I’m sure that you may have seen it. (Just a side note, Graphic words are included, be advised)

Now many around America had to be like SERIOUSLY! What has Milwaukee done now? Even this made the “Worldstar” Headlines on their website. Yes, this same motorcycle footage in Milwaukee recently, made the controversial and reactionary, Worldstar website. Now many have been looking at it in shock and awe. Mainly with the Milwaukee Cop swerving back and forth in the squad car. From my perspective, and I’m going to say this, both sides are a fault! Let me tell you why this is. When a Cop Car is swerving back and forth like that, with the lights flashing, it’s a sign that the officer is trying to get whatever emergency or response in route and he (assuming it’s a he) was trying to pass. Which somewhat caused one of the bikers to loose control. BUT here is the other thing and question: WHY DID NOT one of the bikers, OR SEVERAL BIKERS did not pull over?!

Folks, when squad cars, or Ambulances, or Fire Trucks, turn on their lights with the sirens blaring, you need to pull your butts over and let them pass! That is the law! I don’t care if you are a biker, trucker, the UPS Guy, FedEX Driver, or the up and coming Uber Church Van Driver, or any other driver, when you hear the siren, PULL OVER! Why is that so hard for folks who got a Class D or M, Licence? No matter if you are a Milwaukee Biker or an Out of Towner Biker, when the sirens blare, pull over and stop!

If some of the bikers actually done that there wouldn’t be no accident and mainly, none of the bikers wouldn’t get out and cuss at the officer and attempting to go postal. That would get you in the slammer! Don’t do that.

Driving must be restored with common sense!  And the same common sense MUST be planted in every single mind now!

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper

We are shocked again, wrestling fans!

Last Friday, we were all shocked to hear about the passing of one of the best villians and also hall of famer, Rowdy Roddy Piper. Or the passing of Roderick Toombs. For many years, we seen the twists and turns, and also seeing him coming down the aisle with the Bagpipes playing in the background. Of course, he was at Wrestlemania, the FIRST wrestlemania when it didn’t have a number. And some Wrestlemanias after that. Even having his stint of revenges against the nWo in WCW, brief appearances on TNA’s Impact shows, Mr. T, and even have his say via his RodPod radio show , his podcast, and one of the last things he defended in regarding Hulk Hogan. Through and thorugh, he inspired wrestlers and non wrestlers in other sports to put it out on line and having the respect to get it on. For that, I present this blog letter.

Dear fans of wrestling, and life long fans of Rowdy Roddy Piper:

It’s me Stephen. A black blogger from Milwaukee as usual.

This past weekend, the world was in shock of the passing of our favorite wrestler, favorite villain, favorite host of Piper’s Pit, and favorite actor of the great Roderick Toombs. AKA Rowdy Roddy Piper. Having this man in our lives was like the crazy uncle that was always around, in a humorous kind of way. No question Roddy Piper will in fact go down as one of the greatest wrestlers in the game of the sport/entertainment world.

Many of us on Social Media reacted to the death of Roddy Piper. Me also. Back in March of 1992 here in Milwaukee, my late uncle took myself and my cousins to the Bradley Center to see the live show of the WWE’s Wrestlemania 8 tour. The feature bout was between Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan and they fought against Ric Flair and Sid Justice. The last result of the match, Hogan and Piper won. That was the only time I’ve seen Roddy Piper wrestle in person (as a babyface) in the arena. Plus also, Milwaukee still has this connection with Wrestling. Of course that was 1992. And yes many of us still have those memories in which still burns even to this day. No matter if you liked kilts or bagpipes. Or yes, if you liked the roles of the hero, or the villain. Many of you liked him as the villain! Even in the era of “Rock N Wrestling”.

He always to comment this quote, and it was the truth:

Just when you think you have all the answers, I CHANGE THE QUESTIONS!

Oh yes. Piper had us guessing. And it was brilliant! For you Millennials that don’t know jack about Piper, he kind of reminds you of a older version in which Dean Ambrose might be. However, not as exactly like Dean Ambrose. Just my opinion.

Yes, Piper was an ICON! But mostly known for also in his role of movies like “They Live”. And every time his infamous line comes up, there has been this recital. You guys know what I’m talking about. That line when he goes into the bank:

“I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick a**…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

Lot you got that on storage right now. Many of you got it storage in a revised format. But no matter what, you got it somewhere. Just saying!


And of course, we cannot forget about the unforgettable Piper’s Pit segments. They were way before you heard of the Funeral Parlor, The Cutting Edge, The Brother Love Show, The Snake Pit of Jake Roberts, The Barber Shop, The Heartbreak Hotel, The Highlight Reel of Chris Jericho,The Peep Show,  and yes WAY BEFORE MIZ TV, and the VIP Lounge when MVP was in the WWE. For Piper’s Pit, it was about asking and answering the TOUGH TOUGH Questions of the Wrestlers, Managers, and of course having the crowd pump up for the heat and pops in the crowds. From hitting Superfly Jimmy Snuka, putting the “fire” out of the late Morton Downey Jr at Wrestlemania 5, making John Cena to feel the energy after being slapped, telling Stone Cold Steve Austin of being “the Rebel” at Wrestlemania 21, and even getting the question out of Hulk Hogan in defending his title against Andre The Giant for Wrestlemania 3.

Still we got Piper Memories. No matter what. Even when he was on one of Joan Collins’ Shows and yes, Arsenio Hall back in the day.

Later on, we all heard the Hod Rod’s voice through podcasting, and having his own Rod Pod segments away from the Squared Circle Arenas.

On the real, this Canadian born Star out the Great White North of Canada, with Scottish heritage, really made us guessing, clicking, and also STILL letting us know, he was THE BOSS in the building. (Take notes Sasha Banks! I respect your skills though.) However as we mourn and reflect this Pied Piper of fun shenanigans, keep in mind that this man, is survived by his wife and kids. And as fans we should respect that. The Toombs Family needs to be in prayer as they prepare to bury their father and husband for the homegoing of the Piper.

So yes, wrestling fans. We can mourn, weep and reflect. But this week, along with the WWE tributes, and SI,and many other sports outlets,  let us all continue to pay the Piper by being more “Rowdy” in a way like never before. Be more rowdy in our daily lives to uplift our communities. Be rowdy for good health. Be rowdy for education. Be rowdy for sportsmanship. Be rowdy for you. Be rowdy for the church in a good way. (say Amen!) And be rowdy for getting the chance to get YOUR OWN, by not being a copy!

So yes, be rowdy all day, every day, and even in spirit of the Rowdy one! So fans, Roderick Toombs (or Rowdy Roddy Piper) doesn’t have to worry about any cardiac arrests. Doesn’t have to worry about any upcoming cancer diseases that he already beaten. Doesn’t have to worry about another rant or worrying about what others had to say about his closest friends (Hulk Hogan). Doesn’t have to worry about the stress that consumed his body most of his 61 years of fighting and also “slapping the truth or amusement in his arsenal.” Doesn’t have to worry about fear. His fears, and concerns are NO MORE! It’s all over. The bells has rung 10 times. The cheers have begun once more.

I think I have scripted someone’s sermon for the Hot Rod’s homegoing! Give me credit, wrestling fans!

So in all, let us continue to be rowdy in a way to change the world, change the game, change the structure, change the landscape, and most of all…….Change begins with you starting a rowdy fire that will never be extinguished!

Let the spirit of Rowdy Roddy Piper, or Roderick Toombs be more louder and crazier than ever in his memory!



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For all of us got this love for Cecil The Lion, look I get it. But where is the same love about black folks in America getting killed by those in blue and have badges, and for no apparent reason?!

Just ponder and think about this:


Like I said, I get it! I get it. But I’m also asking those who are Animal Activists, and those who got love for Lions, where is your outrage when Sandra Bland was getting arrest inappropriately in a traffic stop in Texas? Where was your outrage when the likes of Steve Harvey’s Radio Show and Tom Joyner Morning Show disappeared from the airwaves in Milwaukee? And speaking of that, where is YOUR outrage when the City of Milwaukee itself has reached about 91 homicides this summer?! Anyone taking pointers on that? Go ahead. Try it!

It’s funny though that with all the major madness in the world going on, folks had to pick on the darn dentist in Minnesota (who did a crime in Wisconsin), is picking on him all because of an assassination of Cecil The Lion. Have I heard of Cecil The Lion? Nope. I’ve heard of Samson the Gorilla. Gertie The Duck. MGM’s Leo the Lion. Hank The Dog of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Oh wow, society!

OK, Animal Lovers. I get it. But still, think about what I said here!

And that goes double for so-called Milwaukee Lion too!

Oh let me get this Three Way Dance started. And it’s a Three Way I am willing to write.

First Dance: Sandra Bland.

We all know what is up with the case in which it’s getting various attention. Personally, this is a strange case. But also we, the American public in all, would like to know about the status of why Sandra Bland, this 28 year old black woman who was trying to start a new life in Texas was later dead in a jail cell. Much after she was placed under arrest after a traffic stop. I’m hearing mixed messages about her that she could have remained calm, or put out a cigarette when the cops pulled her over.

Speaking of her arrest: the entire Dashcam Video shows all the audio in which the arrest was made. But unlike you hear and seen on TV or your local talk radio, this video is uncensored and it’s about 50 minutes long. For those who maybe offended by colorful language or if you’re under 18, DO NOT VIEW THIS FOOTAGE!

Once again, this is the FULL version of the footage that the Texas Cops pulled over Sandra Bland and the thing that gets me that part, Sandra’s head was slammed to the ground after handcuffed. Seriously! With a Epilepsy disorder? Now I know that cop that gave the order to get out of the car at least 14 times. We know this. And yes Sandra was warned about the same violation over and over again. But it got real serious after again her head was slammed to the ground. Even though that it wasn’t shown, but it was revealed there might been some force there to comply. Or should I say, “unlawful force”. Yeah you heard me right! UNLAWFUL FORCE. I’ve seen it, and read about it. Of course, they gonna say that she was resisting or kicking and whatever. And yes, I know you really can’t put your hands or feet on a officer. When that happens, you go to jail. You get arrested. We know. That is the rule of law. But the fact of the matter is, when those get pulled over by the police and to see what is about to happen, and they break their protocol of their duties of doing wrong, you know full well that they should have their jobs revoked!

Second take: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson needs to shut his mouth about inner city kids!

For all those that got insulted by him via his “idiot inner city kids” commentary, he needs to visit a inner city family and spend the night and do chores! Yeah that’s right. RoJo needs to go to a inner city household. This really bugs me, especially if you’re black and live in a democratic-related area of the city. It really resonates the thought of what many or some of the Republican related stuff is floating around negatively. This is the same RoJo that many in Wisconsin thought was the better candidate over then (and maybe again) Senator Russ Feingold in 2010 all because of his stance of the Patriot Act. Russ Feingold warned us and did we listen? NO! But in this stance, he took on inner city kids. CHILDREN! WHY?! And of course he apologized. For those who are living in the inner city right now. And if you have kids whom are being raised in the inner city right now, I have a message for you: you’re not idiots! I’ve read about those who made it out and done wonderful things in this world. I’ve seen it also. Many of them have gone on to play ball in the NBA or the NFL, or to be business owners, or CEO’s, or many high ranking positions in the country. And yes, there are those who made it, and never come back. For Ron Johnson, he’s going to regret this remark because the next time he’s in a hospital or being given soup for his illness, he might be thanking someone who was raised in a “inner city” or who was a “inner city kid” that was told to be an idiot because of him. Like the line from Madea’s Family Reunion, she said “It ain’t what they call you, it what you answer to.” And also this line: “the best revenge you can get on a person who tells you something like that, is to prove them wrong.” Prove them wrong! Prove Ron Johnson Wrong! And I think the voters whom are looking at this, will in fact show up and vote RoJo out! Don’t be surprised if that happens in 2016!

And the third dance: the so-called Milwaukee Lion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is so stupid. I’m sorry to say this. Is Milwaukee hallucinating? Are there are those in Milwaukee really this drunk? I know many around the country are probably thinking that Milwaukee can’t actually be this stupid!  A Lion loose in the streets? Yes, America there are Lions in Milwaukee. The Milwaukee County Zoo has them. But in the recent reports, there are those it’s been sighted here and there, sort of speak. But however it’s getting way to weird. And for you history buffs, it’s been along time that “So-called Lions” in Milwaukee roamed the streets. Go back to 1961. And like today in 2015, there are those who think they see large big cats. Which turned out to be large big dogs that look like Lions, but it’s no freaking Lion!

I had a flashback to a old 1980’s TV show. Remember the show, Amen? That stared the late Sherman Helmsley? Yes, he was on that show sometime after The Jeffersons got cancelled. There was an episode that dealt with a camping trips, and a fear of a Lion. The character who played Chris, who was very young on the show, kept crying and worried about trapping the animal. He cried on the way home, and Deacon Frye (Sherman’s Character) had to whatever it takes to convince young Chris that the Lion was fine. It wasn’t harmed. So, they went back to same spot where the trap was set, and no Lion. Towards the end of the show, while it seemed to be worrisome for Deacon Frye, Chris had a smile on his face, in which it all a trick to fool the Deacon.

When I thought about that episode, from the mid-1980’s on a throwback network per say, that reminded me of this example right now. When the video that some guy put on Facebook to think that it was in Estabrook Park on the Eastside that had a lion walking around, it which it wasn’t the setting, that brought me back to a subject like this. And it was a trick! With all the problems that Milwaukee continues to harbors everyday from shootings to segregation acts.

So, I still think this whole Lion crap is just that: Crap! And a waste of tax payers dime and resources. Plus no one who is on the list of Concealed Carry didn’t shoot the blasted thing. Oh, where are the brave Milwaukeeans now? Hopefully if this is a real fake story, all those posers need to pony up their tax money in fines and fees to build that new Bucks arena. Or if there is a real lion and it’s a real story, I’ll exercise for 6 months. (really I will do this!)

But right now, it’s a joke. I’m not convinced for it to be proven!

Man, on my facebook news feeds this morning, I and like others were looking at a story about a so-called potential Lion that was roaming the northside of Milwaukee. And alot of the folks per say got duped to believe that. Folks, if there was a real sighting about a so-called liion sighting, the DNR, Zoo and many other high ranking officials would be out like clockwork to see and capture this so-called Lion caper.

Here is what our Milwaukee News Reporters said earlier:

NOW: see this footage.

Viewer claims video shows ‘lion’ in Milwaukee

Also if anyone on Facebook has seen a video claiming a Lion walking around Estabrook Park, here is a cliffnote worthy to share: First, when you see it, you’re going to hear some rap music in the background. Second you’ll see a lion roaming around what it appears to be a parking lot or some marina like setting. Third, the guy on the video will claim that the setting is Estabrook Park at night.

Milwaukee: if you honestly believe that there are “Lion Sightings” around the city, and if you are in the media, the public service to believe that the Lion (or a so-called Lion) is loose, YOU HAVE BEEN OWNED!

This story is silly. A fake. It’s been bamboozling you. And I’ve been to Estabrook Park and it is nothing like that in the video! All it is to get your mind off the real issues that is going on in this city. And suprisingly it worked. You have been hooked, lined and sinkered. It’s just like when Vince McMahon was the “greater power” and the fans of the then WWF Attitude era was tricked during the Monday Night Wars!

Man, folks would believe ANYTHING that is posted on Facebook. You posters out there, are just that: POSERS!

Wanna pose something? Or to display viable solutions? Try posting solutions to the 86 Homicides that Milwaukee got so far. Or lack of jobs. Or the schools we know and love. Let’s see you do that. But you won’t!

Don’t get arrested!

This is my rant.

In a recent 21-10 decision, the Wisconsin State Senate has passed a funding bill that will effect the ongoing process to build a new arena in Downtown Milwaukee. Yes, I’m referring to the new Bucks playhouse. Not just for the team, but also for the future concerts, events and maybe a future WWE Pay-Per-View. The Reaction of the news were mixed. Some should say that the owners of the team should have paid for the full tab instead of the tax payers. WAIT A MINUTE: remember how Miller Park got started? Same thing. Taxpayers. Probably the same taxpayers who first complained and partially will like the investment. I think the same thing will happen here.

Now there was a talk of Seattle or Las Vegas in taking the team, (in which NBA Commissoner Adam Silver dismissed it)if Milwaukee had done the deal to fail. BUT this first hurdle of the State, probably sent a signal to those cities that Milwaukee actually got something done. BUT this is a first hurdle. Now if the second, third or a fourth deal is done offically, the start of the construction could start in the fall, between October and November.

So yes, Bucks fans. The deer is staying thus far.

It has been so long since I’ve written a double take. For this notion I’m bringing it back to the game.

First Take: Serena Williams.

I’m going to say that yes it’s been awhile since anyone black in tennis has won something big. And that someone is Compton’s own, Serena Williams winning the tennis competition in Wimbledon. She has become the latest in the list to be the winner in the all around Tennis competition since Steffi Graf in the 1980’s. Yes, for those who don’t know I heard of Steffi Graf thank you. And through all her success, and along with Venus, she has elevated the game of tennis to a whole new level of sports competition.

But after all the wins in all, there has to be a group of haters always had to body shame her physique. First of all, what is the haps about this “Body Shaming”? Really? I’ll bet the right wing folks had to go in on her about her physique to think she took steroids in all. Um….no! I think it’s all about the hate that a black woman winning the sport of TENNIS in a white dominated competition to achieve success. Personally, this has NOTHING to do with her body appearance. I’ll admit, Serena looks good for who she is. And is a fierce competitor. But this shaming thing is just that: hate. Are these the same folks who were all out about the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner? Yeah, where are those folks at?! But I know what you’re saying, don’t compare the two. They are not the same. You darn right they are not the same! Hate on one person, liking the other! Does that sound a thing called perpetrators? You know what, this whole body shaming thing is like, you don’t like her or his body because it’s not like them. Folks have been body shaming folks since forever. Folks used to bother me back in my middle school days all because I had a big nose. That used to make me upset. Almost like bullying. I can’t help the fact that yes I have a slightly larger nose, simply because it’s part of my genetics. What your mama and daddy gave you, there was nothing you can do about it!  You can’t help it! It’s in you for life.

This whole bullying, body shaming is all nothing but feeling insecure about that person don’t have it all. It sort of like back then when the “jocks” or “ballers” or “player” had all the cute sides, while the nerds and those felt left out had to scratch and claw just to be like them! And they got picked by these insecure jack***es who were just ignorant!

You got folks today doing this mess? No surprise.

One of these days, when we all get old, gray, can’t go to the bathroom much, having canes to walk, in the nursing homes having stuff delivered to us instead of us doing the opposite, all of that will disappear! Your good looks will not save you! But your faith will. Some folks think that, man this black blogger is crazy. In the words of Bruno Mars, “Don’t believe me just watch!” And yes you could or do exercises to keep your body toned up. The mindset of these folks who do the “body shaming” are probably the same folks who are your friends from Social Media, your workers, your bosses, your teachers, that banker that gives you the side eye, and I’ll say those you probably looked up to in church, or some made up activist that somewhat knows everything, but they really don’t. Or some news guy or woman that had to open their mouths and being hateful all because they worked hard for achieving a feat. Where there are those who are just sitting around mad at the world. My advice, get up off your butt and actually do something to benefit your life. Can I sample this from last time: “Get your life!”

Now the second take: Scott Walker is running for President.

Oh, I’m sure everybody in America had seen the footage about Wisconsin. No it’s not the Milwaukee Bucks and the new Arena deal. It’s about the still, not very likeable, right winged republican, Koch brother hand picked player, high speed rail hating, no casino deal refusing, education hating Scott Walker!

Yes. I’m going there.

I said it many times I don’t like nor favor Scott Walker. I haven’t favored him since he was Milwaukee County Executive. Never!

And yesterday in the Red County of Waukesha, he made his decree of running for President of the United States. First: let’s review why Scott Walker is bad for business. Hush right wingers!


Oh wait there’s more. Courtesy of the Wisconsin College Democrats:

And this one:

This is only a few, but there are others out there that say the exact same thing.

Most recently, a black democrat was recently turned away from the event. And apparently, in a unorthodox manner. One of my Wisconsin State Reps, and Alum of my old high school, Mandela Barnes attempted to attend Walker’s announcement, but however, he commented this on his Facebook Page:

So I go to the Scott Walker rally, and as soon as I get in the door, a volunteer zeroes in on me to ask if I was alone and if I would like to stand on-stage. Now this could have been my moment for comedic/ironic gold, but I kindly declined. Then a few minutes later, I was pointed out by a staff person who recognized who I was and asked me to leave. I went from the top to the bottom before I even knew it. I was like a sore thumb and it brought about two distinctly different interactions, lol.


Matter of fact why I’m saying wait what? So the Republican Volunteers of Scott Walker’s rally scoped out Mandela thinking he would be on stage with the supporters, in which he kindly opt out. But then, one of the Staff individuals, asked him to leave?  – That last part baffles me. Why would anyone from Walker’s rally turn away a Wisconsin State Rep? SERIOUSLY?! Some say it’s the recall thing, or maybe because he’s black. I looked at some of the footage, and the majority of the crowd at the Waukesha Expo Center, are majority white folks. How many blacks? Probably a few. Yes there are black republicans in Wisconsin. But probably a few. Why is that many asked? Think about it!

NBC Black (a subdivision for NBC) highlighted three questions that many African-Americans might be asking Scott Walker. Note to them, you might want to rethink that. This dude of a Governor has dismantled things that most the public and poor relied on every single time. From his County Executive Days, there were access to areas of senior centers, parks and even the MCTS that Walker cut that many need to get to the jobs, etc. Majority of that, were black folks. Second, remember when indicated that Talgo moved out of Milwaukee after Walker got elected, and the Spanish Train Maker wanted to commit to build trains and house their facility in the Inner City near 27th and Townsend! That was supposed to be shovel ready. But the majority of the voters, fans and even Walker himself all said no. It’s a boondoggle. It will never work they said. That’s a load of bull. It was really a call sign to say, “we are revoking opportunity for black workers in the area.” Oh yes, I’m going there! That would have linked this state along with others in a Midwest Connecting hub for jobs, tourism, etc. WASTED WITH POLITICAL MESS! He also had revoked and refused to accept an offer from the Hard Rock Casino groups that would have turned the old Dairyland Greyhound Track around. But that was gone not to be forgotten. And now most recently there has been a rule about taking away weekends. As in you work on Saturdays and Sundays with no rest in all. NO REALLY!

Is this the kind of guy YOU want to support for President? Here me out Americans, no matter what Scott Walker is selling, DO NOT EVEN TRYING TO BUY! I am saying this as a warning. Now some might look at him as this cool guy to love, but America, you have been warned!

Don’t sleep!