Looks like mood of the Packer nation has been night and day. From 6-0 to about 1-4 in total of being 7-4. The last two games should have been winnable against the still below Detroit Lions, whom have now been officially been caged free after being held down at Lambeau for 24 years. And…..REALLY?! The Chicago Bears on the same day of Thanksgiving. The same occasion in which Brett Favre got his jersey number retired. Ok enough of that. And me puking in my toilet. But seriously, what is up with the Pack? No team shouldn’t be 7-4 while going  (possessively) to a potential Super Bowl. Now don’t get me wrong that yes, there have been teams that mostly started out “super” and don’t hardly get at much. Clearly, the Packers are no exception. And for the record, I’m not just a Packer Backer Fan. I’m also an Observer. I see all the good, bad and ugly. Needless to say, they are still my team. No bandwagons. No wannabees. And most def I’m not one of those who live in Wisconsin and be a fan of those who against the pack. No perpetrators in my house!

So from my “Observer” standpoint what needs to be done to mend the damage that the Packers have received? I’ll get to that in a moment.

According to NFL.com’s NFL Now they recently highlighted 3 fixes that the Packers need to have.

  1. Fixing the Passing Attack. I’ll agree that the passing attack is not as sharp. They need to resharpen their attacks with some new tricks to the arsenal. James Jones had NO (And I mean NO) catches against the old school rivals at all. And no, don’t blame the hoodie.
  2. Eliminate the Big Plays. Well to a point not really, but in this case they should make passes underneath. Almost like wildcat/screens like. We already know that Jordy Nelson is not playing. WE KNOW! But you can win games by lessing the big wide plays and just use the cherry picking plays just to get the offense started up. The more they do that, the more they get a chance for YAC’s.
  3. Protect The House. This is a hard thing to do, but you know what, The Lambeau Mystique must be revamped. Not just what it was, but what is should be: A PLACE OF FEAR FOR ALL OPPONENTS! Back in old days, Lambeau Field was a place of Blitzkrieg! And it can be yet again. The Get Loud Lambeau thing, I like it. We need to be loud as hell. But also very intimidating to those who dare to step in and mess up 1265 Lombardi Ave. No more of those soft crap stuff! It’s best to go hard.

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some ideas or comments:

“In the case of the Green Bay Packers offense, complexity has been something coach Mike McCarthy has been able to build on because of an elite quarterback, a veteran offensive line and lots of experience at wide receiver.


Over on the last five games — even in the 30-13 victory over Minnesota — there have been so many miscommunications, misfires and blown opportunities that the Packers offense almost resembles something completely foreign.

Typically in the NFL, the reaction to such play is “get back to basics.”

Also this from the QB himself: “But yeah, at times you think about being more basic if you’re having mental errors. That’s probably the disappointing thing. You’re late in the season now, and we’re having way too many mental errors.”

“You either got to figure out what you’re doing all the time, or you have to go to more basic stuff. We’d like to not be as basic and have guys not have any mental errors.”

Now here are my things that should fix the Packers:

  1. There have been some news about the team playing Video Games. REALLY! Cut that off! You are not going to win games by playing Madden all day. If those on the squad see all those plays they do on Madden, why not ON THE FIELD with better judgment! Come on guys! VG’s are not active simulators in real life as much!
  2. Davante Adams needs to wake up! Look he’s a good WR. But his open plays have been stunk alot. Davante needs his mojo revamped. Get open and just make plays to score. If not, I hate to say that maybe Jeff Janis might be the next man up for the spot. Who knows that maybe Jeff Janis will be the next man up. Speaking of Jeff Janis, keep him in the backfield returning kicks in case Micah Hyde couldn’t do it all.
  3. DB’s DB’s DB’s Now I see that the DB’s are working, but not enough. The rookie Damarious Randall can’t do it all.
  4. The O-Line needs hardcore Penetration for A-Rod protection. What for you ask? Not letting more sacks on Aaron to pile up like a mountain. Plus also the running game needs to be improved. Now, look stop all this talk about Eddie Lacy being fat and can’t run the ball. He can run. He can play.
  5. Speaking of Aaron: yes I’m putting him in this also. I still like this December 2nd Sagittarian. First: Get the mindsync of Jordy Nelson off the brain. We know. It’s a mindset that is distracting. Second, make judgmental decisions. Matter of fact better judgemental decisions! Now the defense of the other teams are taking notes and scripting what the Packers know. The Packers need to be extra ahead of their opponents in order to generate more wins. That would be like, the Packers taught the NFC North about evil. But not what the Packers know! And it’s starts with the QB. And Aaron needs to be more “RELAXED” than frustrated. And scared. Get it right Aaron. You’re not dead yet!
  6. Playcaling: Oh here we go! We all know that Mike McCarthy is not calling plays this year but Tom Clements is doing the second coaching. The playcallers need more schemes to improve. And this includes Dom Capers!  The playcalling have been well, “predictable”. Mix it up. Or maybe get someone who actually can advise plays of what the players can relate. Need to go back to the ol’ Kevin Green Playbook and get hardcore. Just saying.
  7. D-Line: GET AGGRESSIVE! And plus since some of the players got Beared up in Chicago, it’s time to upcoming likes of Jake Ryan and Jayrone Elliott to finally get more exposure. Yes, I know that the Vets are in the first peg, but still get those dying a chance to play with more ruthless aggression!

Yes they are struggling, but like with any struggling team, they will get better. They have to. No time to think about what should have been, but what it should be. And plus they need to be more back to basic of what they know best to be that competitive. With upgrades! But hey, the Pack is still the team of potential. In the words of the “Pack Daddy”: G’s UP!

So to the 13 time Champs: Get it together! We diehards and real Packer Observers are still with you for the long haul!  No wannabes allowed!




It’s about that time again. Many of us Americans will be sitting around the TV with the games on (Go Packers!), folks will be finishing up with the cooking, and relatives and guests will come over for the food. Also phone calls, emails, and I think social media postings will pop up  with all the cooked food, and preps. No matter what happens on Thanksgiving yes, many will take the time to be thankful. Oh yeah, I started this blog thing portion on those old My Fox Milwaukee Blogs way back when, as many knows. Here on Stephen’s Spot, it doesn’t stop. By the way, this is one of my traditional blog posts I do each year.  So with this, it’s time to keep it simple to be thankful. Or just hashtag this: #BeThankful2015

If you have a church home, be thankful.

If you got insurance to go to the doctor, dentist or eye physician: Be thankful.

If you took in a movie with someone, or alone, be thankful you saw a movie.

If you haven’t found a doctor, still be thankful that you can still find one and get checked up for any other reason.

If you have a job that you really enjoy, be thankful.

If you prayed for someone or anyone, no matter what: BE THANKFUL!

If you have a Pastor that can lead your congregation to the best of the ability, be thankful.

If you support your Alumni Functions, be thankful.

If you got a TV, a Laptop, a Tablet or something to keep you occupied information wise, Be Thankful!

If you still support the core mission of Black Lives Matter, and I mean the core mission without all the BS that comes along under bad assumptions, yes, you can Be Thankful!

If you have a Caretaker mission of a loved one everyday while looking for work: Be Thankful.

If you are an activist that really supports the community right, and not just acting as one, still Be Thankful!

If you got your own business making cash on the side, Be Thankful!

If you are STILL SINGLE and no kids living your thing with all the bothersome BS of those thinking: BE THANKFUL!

If you are married with children, yes Be Thankful.

If you give honor to God and those around you, Be Thankful.

If you went to your class reunion this year or will attend a class reunion, even if it’s a milestone year, Be Thankful.

If you assisted with a Family Reunion, Be Thankful.

If you thanked a Veteran this year, with a green light bulb on your house, Be Thankful!

If you have someone in the Military now, that does the job in Uniform: Be Thankful.

If your car or truck still runs on good maintenance, Be Thankful.

If you are out looking for work everyday, Be Thankful.

If you still give back to your old Schools or Colleges, and you are on the Board of Directors for your Alumni, and you donate annually no matter what anyone says or thinks: BE THANKFUL!

If you still attend church every week, plus the days of choir rehearsal, giving needs, or bible study; while many condemn it as those who are about the money or the bishop or minister being called pulpit pimps, or the members being hypocritical of darn near everything, or “sister so and so” comes out with the dress on , or “brother man always in the back” doing God knows what, but you still do God’s work no matter what, and you stay around to help build up the church for the SOLE purpose of it: yes you need to Be Thankful!

If you have relatives that graduated this year and was part of the largest Graduating Classes or the surprising classes that had that one student that was the glue: Be Thankful!

If you have good neighbors that help out and know well: Be Thankful.

If you support black owned businesses and you support them RIGHT: Be Thankful.

If you take part in plays or concerts or alumni related events, Be Thankful.

If you have signed up to be a Election Inspector for 2016, Be Thankful. REALLY BE  THANKFUL!

If you voted or will vote in 2016 and in all Elections: Be Thankful.

If you like what I write here and one of the 16,000+ views that clicked on here and Tumblr, be thankful.

If you have a loved one that passed this year and it’s a different feeling of emptiness, and you’re at a point that it may not be a well oiled Thanksgiving Holiday, but it a point comes along and something new gets better and better for the survivors of the Family, yes you can “Be Thankful” for all of the memories that were, and the new memories to be.

If you still have goals or objectives: Be Thankful.

If you have Unsung Heroes and/or if you are an Unsung Hero, still Be Thankful!

If you have the day off from work on Thanksgiving and/or the day after: Be Thankful!

If you are reading this with your family and friends or on a break: Be Thankful!

If you still building for the future, Be Thankful!

And, if you are still here living and breathing: BE THANKFUL!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!



I think I got my wish, as well as the rest of the African-American Community Nation.

Finally, Sheriff David Clarke has come to black talk TV. And this time, it’s in front of the Black TV audience. And the thing is: I don’t want to spoil this, but the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History got straight grilled by News One Now host Roland Martin. While many of us and of course many in Milwaukee were at the job, this happened. And it was coming!

For those who don’t know much about News One Now or Roland Martin, you really need to pay attention. For all those who voted up for Clarke way back when, or recently, or if you live the suburbs that voted up for Clarke, it’s time to listen and ask, did I really thought that the Sheriff was so votebale.

Take a look at the podcast of  News One Now Exclusive with the Sheriff. Make those want to think twice.


After listening to the entire podcast interview, it is very very clear that the second black sheriff in the county is clear out of sync. Nevermind his accomplishments from the Naval Academy and others, Milwaukee is the the guy that many of you put in office is worth all the words he expressed about this? Milwaukee’s Black Community: is this the worth just because he’s black? Get off the da*n high horse!

Plus also I hope MANY in Milwaukee, especially in the black community will get a chance to listen to Roland Martin’s Podcast Interview of Sheriff Clarke. And just to be aware, Uncle Ro-Ro pulls no BS in his interviews on a Black Network like TVOne. Even with Sheriff Clarke! So for all you Conservatives, Liberals and also those in the mix on Sheriff Clarke’s side, just a heads up.  And just for the record, Roland Martin is not a Democrat or a Republican. He’s just him.

I hate to say but Sheriff Clarke may have slid by on the other networks, but he has not (and I mean NOT) slid by on TVOne’s News One Now, a black network there are no themes of Fifth Amendments. This is not Fox News or MSNBC or even Al Jazeera. Expect to come out and back your stories like you bet on Vegas. I’m just saying.

So again, feel free to hear the Exclusive Podcast of this interview.

Plus also I want all the black media in Milwaukee (from the radio, blogs, internet sites, Black Milwaukee/Wisconsin Social Media Groups, newspapers like the Community Journal or the Milwaukee Times or Courier, or any other black Badger related media) to summarize this interview knowingly that the rest of America does now know about Sheriff Clarke and his “so-called point of views” of his political observations that feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement are in his words sub-human creeps. Or about Police Brutality was ended back in the 60’s in which that is STILL FALSE! Police brutality does exists. Any type of Police Brutality does exist. Read the files. Even if you graduated from the Naval Academy. Nothing against that, but just stating.






Three Way Dance Time: We all know how this goes by now. Before you actually do the Thanksgiving Trimmings, and Football, and Macy’s and many other Thanksgiving related, feel free to read up on these dances of me commenting about ISIS, Mali and the ongoing saga of getting justice for the late Dontre Hamilton. But like many other dances, there’s a twist.

First Dance on the card: ISIS is still in the convo.

It’s been about ISIS doing damage yet again. Not the in person, but also this group has a way of recruiting folks. If you have a Playstation at home somewhere in your kids’ rooms and if they have a chatting section in which they chat with their friends in all, you parents better check that. This was talked about on the news cycles. Part of this ISIS recruiting thing is through the wires. Even the likes of Social Media Groups. Which many of us know very well. Yeah, check those also. I had a former church member that said in a church sanctuary that ISIS is in America. How many “recruits” of ISIS were rounded up since the attack in the attempt to go join ISIS? How many? I’ll bet not much.

The reality of this: FEAR. When certain groups like ISIS or the KKK (yeah I said it) impose on the use of fear, it generated the thought of staying afraid. Staying afraid of this, needs to be conquered. Seriously! Already, the country of France laid the smackdown if you will on the areas in which ISIS had been doing the operating, and don’t expect the countries of Russia and of course the US to be included to get the nod also to assist the French to get to ISIS.

Second Dance: A black related news on Mali. 

While many of us were paying attention to France of what they were going through, an attack happened in the continent of Africa. Mali. And yes black folks it was spot on with the other networks like CNN, MSNBC and others. Why this you ask? We should know and not be surprised that this attack on the country would get our attention. Now folks, before we all go jumping through hoops like crazy, I need to ask this question:  Why do we care about Mali? I know many have cared about Paris. Why care about Mali? Why THE CARE about Mali? I’m not trying to mean in all, but when stuff like this happens it seems that many get together like real quick or in this case get mean and pissed on Social Media at certain groups or certain individuals that this happened and expressed all this boiling pissed off anger (yeah I said it) about news that matters to us being skipped over. Of course it’s making us angry, but we’re dealing with another tragedy, another country that many of us will probably never visit and yes, like many of us will forget about in the next two weeks and move forward to something else. Don’t tell me I’m wrong!  Of course we’ll go back to the normal routine about the Air Jordans, Iphones, that cool Facebook Page, Black Twitter starting a storm of intel and info, and many other black things we know and well and just forget about the incidents. Just to think that in the next 3 months, it will be Black History Month. Just wait. Yet again.

For news like this, and like Paris, it’s heartbreaking. It’s fear all over it. And yes many of us probably decked out our social media pics with the Red Black and Green assuming about the support. There I go again! If many of us are REALLY concerned about the Mali attacks as well as any attacks on the black race, and I’m saying to the black folks, what are we going to do about it?! Nevermind the other folks, what about us?!


And the final dance on the card: The Dontre Hamilton Saga ain’t over yet.

Last night at Red Arrow Park, many have gathered for the Milwaukee’s Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in which takes place before the holidays. Many have heard the Lincoln School for the Arts Choir sung the Christmas Carols in the opening acts for the ceremony. It was a well festive mood to the get spirits up. However like many others there were interruptions and concerns on those who kind of crashed the party in the same park. Well not much crashing but also want to have a reminder what happened last year in April of 2014. Now this is coming from protesters whom they remember DEEPLY that Dontre Hamilton was killed 14 times in the very same park where the Christmas Lighting had taken place. And of course it was led by Dontre’s Brother Nate, whom like he and many in his family is still hurting of the murder. Most of us know that now former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney was the one responsible of killing Dontre. In 2014, he was later fired from the force by Police Chief Ed Flynn, but in response it was a rally cry from the supporters of Manney to give him his job back. Manney got his job back doing desk duty until his resignation. Later on, the Feds were observing the case as well and concluded that Manney was not in the wrong of shooting Dontre Hamilton. Which caused more uproar from the Family unfairly. So now after 1 year since the shooting happened we see the same protesters or those in the spirit of those protesting came back to the same park and voiced their purpose and later on, hauled away in handcuffs. The group was called Coalition For Justice Now for all those in the conscious state of mind around Black Milwaukee and the Black NATION: Why was Nate Hamilton and those were hauled away in handcuffs? Permits. They have failed or didn’t show any permits to operate their protests on hand. That right there is like you’re not following the rules. Also another reason: Disturbance. Yep disturbance!

By now, the 6 members including Nate Hamilton were released on bail at 5:00am Friday Morning on November 20th. A statement from the Coalition was displayed on their Facebook Page in regarding the disturbances. Unapologetic, by the way. Plus they DID REALIZED that there were black students in the park when this happened.

Here my take on this: The family is still hurting. Period. They feel that the situation, the setting of Red Arrow Park, the investigations and overall substance was not correct nor fair! I will say that their act of protest should have been more viewed as better judgment of proper protocol. Sorry Coalition For Justice Fans and Members but that’s my point of view. That ball was dropped! However: their voices of protesting in general is a right. More importantly, the Family needs to review all of the red tape that has this on speed dial. So I’m looking at this on both sides. I feel sorry for the children who had to hear that. But then again when they grow up and see this footage in the next 20-30 years, they might be asking questions of why this Coalition group interrupted our singing. For the COJ, look cut the kids some slack! They didn’t hurt you all! But yes, when they get into that particular situation of being followed by the police or wrongfully accused, or having one of their members being buried because of the police, THEY WILL KNOW!

So in this conclusion, the struggle of Justice For Dontre Hamilton, still continues. No matter what season it is. Not just for Dontre, but anyone else in the country that had their black lives stripped or killed because of the hand of certain cops. We should know.

Do we?


I know many around the world are mourning the victims that are either being remembered and also those who are being treated with injuries. Once again, Paris France is on the spotlight with the acts of concerns with the hit of Terrorism in the country.

Yes folks, it’s the second time in almost 10 months that the city was a target. This attack was yet again all of ISIS’ fault that caused this stir. But the real question is: Why Paris AGAIN? I’m going to say it twice: Why, Paris AGAIN? Some say it’s an act of War according to the French President. Some say it’s once again an act of Religion that continues to harbor the triggers of these acts. Are the folks saying that ALL religion is behind this? Or just this act in theory? Don’t always assume that Religion overall is always the enemy. With me coming from a United Methodist Church Background that is under the Christianity umbrella, I don’t shove no hate down the throat against anyone. That would be like me using a holy oil on someone that doesn’t want it.

The attacks on Paris per say is like attacking those who didn’t deserve to be attacked. Yes, Americans. France is our oldest ally. After all, it was France that backed us in the Revolutionary War against Great Britain in making America it’s own country. Yes we know. They even backed the country in which 9/11 attacks happened. We know. And yes many here in America had to switch on our Social Media Profile pics with the French Flag Overlay in support of the Paris France Citizens that were affected of the recent attacks.

Now I want to say that having a Hashtag and turning your profile pic in supporting Paris is OK. To those questioning that in a negative manner, I guess you don’t have a clue. Many of the folks who have done this, either have a family member or members that are living in Paris, working in Paris, or even spending education time in Paris for their Universities or Colleges. What is the HATE against that? I’m on my Facebook news feeds yet again, and I had to peep at some attitudes about those supporting the Paris thing, and not supporting the communities, or Kenya. Speaking of Kenya, that is where Barack Obama’s Father is from as we all know. But however for Kenya, as many “so-called conscious” folks knows, they had an attack in which over 100 plus of the citizens had perished earlier THIS YEAR IN APRIL! Probably killed. And when word got out for that, OH HERE THEY COME! They had to bust out the commentary about, “Oh you care about Paris, but forgot about Kenya or Beirut, or folks just forgot about Mizzou’s problem of racism.” REALLY?! For all you so-called conscious folks on the social media, be aware that death does not take a holiday. And to quote Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, “There are no vacations for The Undertaker.” When you woke up this morning, no matter when you woke up about whatever time zone you wake up to, did anyone of us in America knew about Kenya’s problem? Nope! What about those in Paris that knew about Milwaukee’s problems. Does the Paris Community know about our problems of Segregation, unemployment among black, health problems in all? HELL NO! This is just as bad facing terrorism as much as facing gang activity in the hood! Come on folks! And just to think, we’ve been here before. Think back to 9/11. That one morning that we all felt when those towers collapsed, and guess who was one of our supporters when the country was hit? France. What city in France? Paris. Yes, we know that Bush set it up in a sense that he knew those of a Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein that was on the sidelines cheering that we got sucker punched on that Tuesday Morning. The assassinations of MLK, JFK, RFK were bigger news back then that rocked the country to its core! And yes, my conscious black people, I know about 9/11/1801 when our black people were pictured with being hanged from a tree! I KNOW!!!!! All I had to do is to watch the pic on the most common Social Media Platform: Facebook.

CALLOUT: I have a question, where is the real story/references about 9/11/1801?!!!! I want footnotes, summaries, ACTUAL INFORMATION, and also real references that this actually happened. NO BS MEMES! NONE OF THAT! If those probably pulled that to just make folks read that on Social Media without any backup information, YOU HAVE FAILED! I’m not part of that young crowd readers without backup. I am a Seasoned Vet that wants the full detailed information! Challenges are being sent right now!

But on the support of Paris though. Yes there are those who are going to say, “You support a country that you see on TV but never support your own community.” Hmmmmm….I would like to agree with that, but partially I don’t. You never know that someone or anyone would support the Paris Community, and THEIR OWN at the same darn time! Just like the whole Trayvon Martin thing. But Americans, especially some black folks probably forgotten that what happened to Trayvon could happen in your community! The same with the killings in Beirut and Kenya, could be the same of some incident in the countryside where nothing happens. But could happen! I saw some pictures of those in Paris on Facebook that read: Black Lives Matter. Even supporting the I Can’t Breathe moniker. And this movement that some criticize about in this country, is being also talked about and supported in other countries like France.

Hell, there is racism in Europe. Anyone who felt that the #BLM movement is a farce? Watch it.

Finally, let me comment this. I’m not going to say it in French, but English. To the citizens of Paris, France. We hear you. You’ve been hurt. Rattled with violence. Shaken with pain. And had to start thinking about those that you lost in ways of saying farewells. Importantly, it is with this I say that you must rise up. And you will indeed rise up. No matter what ISIS or any other group that deals with terrorism thinks! Be up on your game. We know how us Americans felt on 9/11 and other events of terrorism that harbored the country, and yet our communities. So yes, Paris. There are those in the country and well as other countries will stand with you in prayer. (Even some of you might not like it, but still!) And we hope you will pray for the communities in America that don’t get enough footage about a school racked with racism, or communities in the African Decent areas are being target by the police. High Unemployment among African-American Men and etc.

Paris, Beirut, Kenya, and all other countries or cities being harmed with this terrorism thing: It’s real now. The struggle continues!

I gotta say this. I know it’s Veterans Day, and by the way, shout out to the Vets that served. The real ones that really served. As always, your services to this nation is always blessed and appreciated. Many of us who say Thank you for your service is not saying it out of spite. It’s really out of respect. Even if we don’t agree with the rules of war or killing people. Or making that decision. BUT: I thank you regardless out of respect.

OK now on to the matter at hand:

This creepy red cup that some or many of the Christians are mad at. Really Christians?!!! You’re mad at a red cup. This one? Seriously?!!! From one Christian to another might be having their feelings hurt OVER A RED CUP from Starbucks, quit your whiny attitudes and shut up! What is up with the real deal with these red cups? Are you mad because YOUR designs didn’t get the cut? Come on y’all it’s just a freaking RED CUP! If you are so offended by a RED CUP, then why don’t you get a job and ACTUALLY design a cup that fits you?!

Matter of fact, why didn’t you whom are offended write to Starbucks personally and ask them to design a Red Cup differently? Oh, I’m sorry it’s too late. It’s been a bad day. Your bills are due. WOW! Your kids are about to ask those why questions. The colleges of Missouri and now Howard University are being targeted for Racism against black students, some Veterans are Homeless, families need food and clothing, you got fired, your credit score is not up to par for a job in discriminatory manner,  your givings are way behind, and you’re mad at a RED CUP! Oh give me a break!

I’ll give those something to cry about. Literally!

For some of you Christians who hate this, you’re giving Christians like me a bad rap with this so-called hypocritical mindset of a drinking RED CUP! I bought a Red Flask from Starbucks years ago, and the flask had the (RED) symbol on it in support of World Aids Day in December. There was no fallout from that! Why? It was for a cause. This RED CUP that many of you are mad at, means nothing to be mad at!

Get it together folks. And mean to ask again: what is the real argument? Oh that’s right, the War On Christmas. The war on Jesus. The war on that time of the year when we have to tell the good news of John 3:16. The war on the greatest holiday of all time! And the war when either Santa, or our parents, or us, have to buy gifts for the kids and family. Yes, I think that is sinking in!

Ok Packer fans:

We were told from the QB to be reminded of five letters here: R-E-L-A-X. Relax. Right?

Hear me out.

Now it appears that our starting QB has been “scared” in the last couple of games that resulted in losses to Denver and most recently, Carolina. I got something to say about those teams and QB’s of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton: LUCKY. All there is.

Now what is this about Aaron Rodgers being scared in a Football game? And I’m sure that the fans of the teams that root against the Packers are just laughing. Those guys who root against the Packers are probably Perps. Perpetrators. Or creepers. They don’t really have a team to root for. All they care is about being on bandwagons. Me on the other hand, I am not a bandwagon fan. I am a real Fan/Observer of the 13 time NFL champs. Period! Shoot, I’ve seen Brett Favre scared in various situations of getting the plays for the football to come out. Don Majkowski aka The Majik Man, probably got scared at times in his gamedays. Was Bart Starr ever scared in his gamedays? Probably so. For you Bear Down Chicago Fans, believe me Jay Cutler is scared. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith, Drew Brees. and all those NFL Elites at QB are scared too. Just wait. And Cam Newton better be afraid if he and the Panthers don’t pony up that Banner in Charlotte! Listen, for you Carolina Panther Fans, you should be concerned about your players acted a fool per say, about ripping down a “North Carolina Cheesehead” banner that was made by some residents down there who root for the Packers. And you got “role models” on your team. REALLY?!!  And you should realize that NOT EVERYONE in NASCAR country does not follow your team! Plus Cam Newton does not own whatever stadium you team plays in. What is the name again? Some bank name……To quote The Rock: IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Carolina, your team has been around for 20 years. The Packers: 1919. 96 Years. And in those 96 years, the teams has had more heart, heartaches, passion, slumps and many others that you can shake a stick at. And did I mention that they won 13 (count em) 13 NFL Championships?  Better learn young Panthers.

But about Aaron: Look, what I’m trying to say is every QB is going to feel the pressure. The insanity. The unexpected. The blitzes. The feeling of getting INT’ed. The feeling of throwing the charts and tablets after a play that was good but garbage. WE KNOW!

What I would say to Aaron: Look here, #12. I get your scared. It happened to those who have been in your shoes. But I’ll bet those guys probably had the shiznit kicked in them and something or someone woke them up say this: The devil is a lie! Aaron, you’re not dead yet. Keep playing. Show the teammates and your bitter enemies that you might be scared, but you are yet brave to weather the storm and get the job done! And I understand that Jordy Nelson is not playing with you this season. I get it. But I know that Jordy does NOT want you to quit. Not on his watch, The NFL Community, and not on the watch of every single REAL Packer Fan/Observer, Fantasy player, there is. Aaron you told us to relax. Now were telling you to relax and KEEP playing. You have been slowed down, but not stopped! And that goes for the Defense too! Packers D: now since you got that scuffle out of the way, use that scuffle energy that happened and take it out on your next 8 opponents! Not each other.

Other QB’s have been there too many times. Cam Newton will be scared. Just wait for it Panther Fans he will be humbled and terrified. Just wait!

And some probably excelled to get to the SuperBowl and actually won it.

Relax, Aaron. We get it. But still suit up, practice, review, AND PLAY ON! No matter who or what is on the squad!




I’m going to bust out some questions that really have my head scratching. Some fun, mostly serious. Usually I do this around the end of the year, but this is a warm up in which in December, next month you will see a different turn out.

  • I know it just ended, but why do folks on FB (in a negative sense) spelled Halloween like this: “Holloween”?
  • Has Sheriff David Clarke really put himself over his head about Police Brutality being over? And being scared of black media like Roland Martin on TVOne?
  • Do we really need Paul Ryan to head the Speaker of the House?
  • Anyone from your past STILL has a crush on you and don’t know it?
  • We know (mostly in Milwaukee) Sheriff David Clarke and is almost related conservative commentary. So why the phrase, “Black Lies Matter?”
  • Speaking of which, do people really think that Black Lives Matter is out to kill cops?
  • Take a wild guess: Still, despite of the suggestion of Louis Farrakhan from the “Justice or Else” Rally, are you really going to do Christmas shopping and tell your kids that “I picked out those gifts, instead of Santa Claus?”
  • Veteran’s Day is coming up. Whose lighting the houses green?
  • Will us Sagittarians be really ready after the Scorpios give up the Zodiac Baton? And rule the 9th house as any Sag should?
  • Why did the Christmas stuff came out SO EARLY in the stores? Right after Halloween?
  • For those who like to sabotage High School Class Reunions, or any Reunion: WHAT IS YOUR BEEF?!!!!!
  • For all those who say “We can’t find anyone in the black community” in relation to jobs, where and what are you digging?
  • For the Church Haters out there: Are you really believing that ALL CHURCH MEMBERS AND BISHOPS, MINISTERS, are all the same team to take your money and be pimpish?
  • For all you BGLO/Divine 9’rs out there, DO YOU REALLY invite Iota Phi Theta to your functions, or you just leave them off your plans to attend? Just don’t say, “well we attempt to contact everybody to come…….” TRY HARDER! I mean it with love.
  • Will you, the average voter are assuming that after President Obama leaves office in 2017, still believe that the “nightmare” will be over?
  • Will the Green Bay Packers win the Superbowl, WITHOUT Jordy Nelson and prove to have 14 NFL Straps?
  • For all you Conscious folks out there, always posting those memes on Facebook, and Instagram. Are you really serious about the things you say and believe, or what?
  • Why do folks on Facebook have to post a “photoshop” photo of President Obama and Michelle in a Pimp and Prostitute look? Are they really this dumb?
  • For those who are looking for a man, (especially Single Black Women looking for love) why at times do you have to say all men ain’t you know what? And having this bitter generalization attitude? Not every man you generalize is not your father who left you at 13 or earlier!
  • Not to pick on the Italians, but why was a young gymnast from your country had to say something about painting her skin dark to win gym matches? REALLY?!!!
  • Here is a question: black folks I need to ask, when facing all the problems in the cities, northern cities per say: Why move to Atlanta? Does the ATL have problems like oh……….Milwaukee? Or any other city that deals with high unemployment, racism,black violence,  discrimination against Blacks, etc. No matter where you go, there are problems EVERYWHERE! Especially in states where Slavery started. Just saying.
  • Can those who have Drones flying around, actually get jobs with big bucks?
  • Can Rachel Dolazal and Raven-Symone be really traded?
  • Speaking of Halloween, most religious folks think it’s the devil’s holiday. Do they realize that has connections to All Saint’s Day, that is a religious occasion? And oh, by the way, not to knock on anything or anyone, the devil does not take a holiday. Even if it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, your baby’s birthday, or 9/11. I’M JUST SAYING!!! Be on watch!
  • And the last question: why are our kids whom are 7 to 11 years old, in Milwaukee are getting robbed for these Hoverboards? And the thing is they probably robbed them for some drug money. Or because they are poor for not having food, and didn’t mean to do it. Think about it.

There will be more to come. Just wait for it toward the end of the year.

I gotta get this in. BEFORE HALLOWEEN!

Now I know that many are gearing up for the costumes, the parties, the Haunted Hayrides, Dances, Trick-Or-Treating, or many other things that go bump in the night. Even listening to the songs of the Monster Mash or Thriller.

First take from the Crypt: Again: what is up with the black faces crap?

I know there is some goober in America that had to dress up in a black face acting if they are black. Oh wait, there are. Has anyone seen this mess on Facebook? In which a white dude a hoodie with Tea and Skittles plus acting if it’s Trayvon Martin. Are we on this BS again?! For all of those who think that this cool or to do the mimics, it’s all about poking fun at those who lost their lives for no reason because they looked suspcious! That’s how I see it. Oh they might bust out by saying that “It’s just Halloween!”. But you’re making fun of someone who lost their son!

It’s been like before, I know. But seriously, why is the black race always the punching bag when stuff like this ALWAYS happens?

There are going to be those yet again who don’t understand. And those who might say the “I have black friends” speech. If you really have black friends who might be offended, would you care? To those who like this. On Facebook, I saw a pic that displayed this and I want to show it here. Actually it’s from a video clip from youtube called “Cultures are not Costumes!”

And after reading about this whole thing, it’s becoming very apparent that the look-a-likes are just that: Wannabes. And the thing is it perpetuates that fabiric that is taking place now when it comes to the preverbial sensitive misunderstanding about one’s culture. Many are probably offended because they can relate to something that is really personal. Of course it is! We see it EVERYDAY! Not the usual every Halloween Season. I know that Halloween is all about the fun. About the Imaginary. About embracing the side of your haunting displays. About the Jack-O-Lanterns, the Draculas, The Bride of Frankensteins, The Wolfmans, the Gargoyles, The Skulls, The Haunted Houses, The Monster Mash, The Costume parties without feelings, The Simpsons doing their traditional Halloween Shows, the Michael Jackson repeats of Thriller, the Movies of Jason, Freddy, The Crow, Blade, Jonah Hex, and yes the time that Martin got scared crappless in 1992. We know that Halloween is all about the imaginary. Even getting Halloween Greeting cards. Speaking of that, where’s my Halloween Cards, darn it?!!!!!!

Now, to all those who are so, so religious: those who are so Holy that this is a sinful day to celebrate: it’s all in your head. I’m a Christian and yes, I do get in the fun of Halloween while doing the work of God in my community. But that’s another story to read on the grave vault. For you Blackface morons who just love to stick to the face of adversity, you really are hurting! How would the black folks feel if they went whiteface? Hmmmmm…………something to think about.

The second take from the crypt: What is or was up with the Iotas? Also known as the the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity?

Now I’m kinding of late on the scene, but there was a video that was displayed in which their Alpha Chapter was featured in which they have a comment for all those in the Divine 9 that made fun, or made jokes about them, in which they don’t exist. But after reading the comments and the summary of the story, it clearly states, or my inference that the Iota’s had to make noise. Not bad noise coming from them. But the noise in which the other guys had all those comments and those name calling things like “Iota who?” Or all the butt jokes about being the UPS Guys in their traditional Brown and Gold colors.

And by the way, I’m in no means of defending this Fraternity. You might want to “webcache” the site via google for this one.

OK. So many feel that the Iotas, the 1963 Formed Iota Phi Theta was on the hyper sensitive feelings that took stabs at the Alphas, the Ques, or others that given them the hot seat. BIG DEAL! Is that breaking news now?

Can I ask this question: Did any of you, in the Alphas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, or Kappas, ever met an Iota in your life? Be honest!

Or let me ask these “horrifying” questions:

  • Have any of you in the divine 9 ever invited any Iota member to your Fraternity/Sorority functions?
  • Have any of you went to school with an Iota Phi Theta Member? I’m not just talking about college!
  • Do any of you go to church with an Iota Phi Theta Member?
  • If the Divine 9 is supposed to be about the movement and to uplift and support each other, why always chewing them out?
  • Have any of you competed in a stepping competition to an Iota? AND LOST?!
  • Have any of you worked or work with someone who is an Iota Phi Theta Member? Either on the job, volunteer projects?
  • Are any of you related to a member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity? BE HONEST!
  • Have any of you went to an Iota event. ever? If so, when?
  • Has anyone from the Iotas invited you to their events, meetings of community, or any other gathering?
  • I know some probably have asked about their building traditions. Have you really gone to their website and to read about it? Oh, and I’m sure you have a book by Lawrence Ross that details all of the Divine 9 groups! Yeah, that book. DUH!

Some of you need to get on board. Like TODAY!

I know that many are probably have said or had said that you got all these groups out here making jokes about who could go the hardest or those being left out of the parties, but yet you still got innocent black men, young black males and females going through unemployment, not being able to get checked, not being able to vote, can’t afford a home due to discrimination, and many other factors of concerns. Even being dragged out of a school desk by a deputy. And oh, you crack jokes about a fraternity that had been the butt jokes because they were founded in the 1960’s. Speaking of that, you do realize that next year, in 2016, it will mark 20 years since the Iotas were added to the NPHC? That should mean something. But to many of you, it probably won’t.

You guys talk about “Iota Who?”. What about “Alpha What?”, or “Kappa When?”, “Omega Why?” or “Phi Beta Sigma Where?” Uh-huh! Lecture that!

For you: the Iota Phi Theta: I know you’ve been on the receiving end of the jokes that floored you for so long. But it’s time to stand up. I’m not talking about beating up the Alphas, or the Sigmas or the Omegas or Kappas in a Street Fight. You guys have to stand up and let these folks know that yeah “so what we were the last to come”. But you’re still here!  52+ years strong like the centaur you guys are!

You are not dead yet! You still have to push the envelope. You still have to raise the bar!

That’s right I said it!

It needed to be said!

Maybe this video of yours that got taken down was probably a way to let those know…..they had it coming! It was a matter of time for it. Nevermind the so-called butt jokes. Because like any other groups, or Fraternities, or even Sororities, there is always someone that has to act a freaking fool. And some of YOU frats or soros know it!

Get it together, folks.

Can I just vent a little? Sheriff David Clarke’s freaking head needs examination!

Yeah I said it!

I hate to say it Milwaukee County, but what were we thinking in which this dude got in again. Now I know the sympathizers might come and say, “oh at least he’s telling the truth…..” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look at this video footage:

You see this BS? Seriously?!!

You talk about Sub-human creeps?

In the video, he also said that about police brutality: ‘There is no police brutality in America’. He also said that the President is playing the race game, in his regarding the subject of #BlackLivesMatter. Oh, he also claimed like after January 2017, when he claims that the “nightmare” will disappear.

I call the B.S. Card on this one!

Sheriff David Clarke, the second black sheriff in Milwaukee County is nothing more than a misguided dude. I’m sorry he is. I thought he was “voteable”, but I was wrong. I feel that those whom voted for him the most probably got more votes in the outline suburbs surrounding Milwaukee than in the Metro Area of Milwaukee! And those of us in the Black Community IN Milwaukee probably got the worst mistake by accepting that in voting for him by being a black man in office. Is that the reason? I’ll never forget the acceptance speech after he won. And I’ll never forget what the late Annette “Polly” Williams said that she voted for Clarke because he’s a black man, whom also supported the Sheriff’s vote to stay in office. She said that on her own radio segment in Milwaukee awhile back. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey man, she was a black woman voting for a black man, and served her district well in her tenure”. I get that. That was her viewpoint. But  I also realized that others like Polly probably felt the same way in Milwaukee’s Black Community. With all due respect to her and her legacy, and have nothing against that. But right now, I hope that folks are beginning to wake up with the truth stating that the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History is not really out for black folks!

And also, why wouldn’t Sheriff Clarke wouldn’t go on black talk shows like Roland Martin’s to talk about #BlackLivesMatter? Just like all the Bill O’Reily fanatics, the Rush Limbaughs, Ann Coulters, Glenn Becks, and others of that so-called right wing media mess of The Blaze and Fox News, that talk a lot of their game being anti-black this and that, to not having a sit down convo with someone like Roland who pulls no punches in talking about the real deal about the purpose or goal of saying and displaying #BlackLivesMatter. But they won’t! They are scared to death of black media folks who want to challenge them on their commentary! And lately, Sheriff Clarke said this tweet about the movement joining up with ISIS:


Really, Sheriff Clarke? The Black Lives Matter movement will join up with ISIS?!!! How stupid and pathetic of this high ranking COUNTY OFFICIAL thinking that this would happen?!!!! Yo, if anyone voted up for him last year, or endorsed him in your Milwaukee radio spots last year, you should have thought twice! Polly Williams has turned over in her grave like crazy right now. SMH! I have to ask this Milwaukee County: Is electing Sheriff David Clarke (yet again) plus what he said here, a real conclusion that really will get Milwaukee’s long shot of jobs?  I’ll say it: No. Not a chance. This is an embarrassment!

In regards to President Obama’s stance on the Black Lives Matter movement: it got a boost. Last week as we all know, The President did indeed nodded that there are issues that the African-American community faces each day that goes unnoticed. In the interview, he said this from the article of the Washington Post:

Sometimes, like any of these loose organizations, some people pop off and say dumb things but … on the other hand though, it started being lifted up as ‘these folks are opposed to police, they’re opposed to cops and all lives matter,’ so the notion was that somehow saying black lives matter was reverse racism or suggesting that other people’s lives don’t matter or police officers lives don’t matter,” Obama said. “And whenever we get bogged down in that kind of discussion, we know where that goes, that’s just down the old trap.”

Obama went on to suggest that organizers of Black Lives Matter — which he declared a “social media movement” — do value all lives and do support good law enforcement. But he added, repeating a line he has used often when discussing issues of race and policing, that concerns about policing and profiling in minority communities are real and valid.

“I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else’s lives matter … rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African American community that’s not happening in other communities,” Obama said. “And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.

And guess what, ladies and gentlemen: we are still addressing the legitimate issues! It doesn’t matter what year or era it is. Even if it’s Police Brutality! I’ve seen scenes of police videos in Milwaukee of the Police Department punching a black woman in the back of a squad car. Even a California Highway Patrolman punching a black woman on the ground in broad daylight! Remember in Milwaukee in 2004 when Frank Jude Jr was beaten up by the police way back? That happened. Tell me I’m wrong! Beatings. Brutalities. And Sheriff David Clarke thinks it’s been handled in the 60’s and it’s gone? Obviously, he had forgot about Rodney King!

It is no wonder that the head of the County Sheriff himself needed to be examined. And to those that voted him into office yet again, your heads need to be examined! It’s coming like a evil Halloween smile on a Jack-O-Lantern.


Oh, and Happy Halloween by the way.