We know this is bound to happen. The recent commentary of those who want to kill anything dealing with blacks or Black History Month reached the breaking point. We know those of Fox News, Stacey Dash, and list goes on and on. But apparently some young folks on the Because of them We Can Campaign had a little to say about the topic of this February tradition. And plus, in the words of those of now, it’s EVERYTHING! No Clapbacks, but just the smart truth.

Oh they say we need to teach the kids about Black History Month, and Black History or Black anything,  right? Well this is a start! Can we keep this up?

We know we gotta keep it 100, correct?


Usually I do this around in December. But in honor of Black History Month, I’m scratching my head about the weird and strange mess that I’ve heard, seen and commented on. Oh, yes. It’s go time for the #BHM2016!

Black folks when we see postings like this on social media, do we actually mean it? Be honest!  Really, be honest:


They say Black History Month started with slavery. Are they really that correct?


With all the channels on TV, from ABC to the Spice Adult Channels, why many have to hate on BET, and other Black networks in which the Black Community must be informed?


This is real silly, what is the commentary about a White History Month, knowing its all day every day, than Black History, Asian American History, Native American History, Hispanic Heritage, and Islander/Polynesian History months?


You do realize, there are Black Introverted Men and Women right living right now? Not all are loud and/or Extroverted!


You do realize that Carter Woodson’s idea of Black History Month, then Negro History Week was originally started in the coal mines as a thought to record our stories after hearing the Civil War Veterans spoke their commentary? By the way, he was a Sagittarius with a mission.


You do realize that Chess originated in Africa?


You do realize that many in the supporting cast of the movements of civil rights were unsung and black?


Those gadgets we use now, and inventions with components of everyday use; you know were made by Black inventors right?


We say, we need to teach our children more. I agree. But can us grown folks reteach or brush up on Black History before teaching the babies?


That statue on top of the US Capitol in DC, the same DC was partially designed by Benjamin Banneker. You know that was made by a black slave, right?


That White House though: you know it was Black built?


For all those wars though, it was African-Americans served the most right?


All that Rock, Rap, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Pop, Punk, Metal, Instrumental, New Age, Blues, House, Folk, Dance moves and vocals were blueprints by black folks right?


When Marian Anderson sung Let Freedom Ring back in her day, it took FDR’s wife Eleanor to make that happen. You know that happened right?


For the Pyramids in Egypt, you know it was built by blacks right?


For all the #BlackFutureMonth recipients: you know who you are. And I’m not trying to hate, but you must realize that without the lessons and struggles of the past, there wouldn’t be a future. Are we on the same page with this?


You know that Black History Month is not all black consciousness, or not all #NewBlackHistory, Black HerStory, or not all #TheNewBlack? (Hint It’s all that with History!)


For all those that must have forgot: you know that Baynard Rustin was Gay and helped the March on Washington with Dr. King?


Speaking of Dr. King: you know he wasn’t just about “I Have A Dream”, right?


One positive note: Black History Month also empowers us to (in a everyday sense) doing #BlackGirlMagic, #BlackMaleBrillance or any Black Girl or Black Boy possible thing to grasp. Has this been done before to remind us?


You SHOULD KNOW: Black History Month is not all separating the human race or enforcing race baiting. Am I right?


You know that Black History Month should be in the curriculum in ALL SCHOOLS on ALL LEVELS, correct?


You better realize that Black folks originated the Human Race factor. Did you know that?


After reading this, many might say, we get it! Do you honestly really?


After reading this: you should realize that black folks are descendants from Kings and Queens. Is that correct?


I know many Americans (particularly white) are going to say, “You are American as me”. But there is that one flavor that black folks bring that are so different of African Descent to never forget. Is that real cooking or what? Its more American than many think!


After reading this scratching blog for #BHM2016: did you learn something about this?


And after reading this: you know you can celebrate Black History Month and Observe Black History at the same darn time, right? Plus also in the next four months you can celebrate Black Music Month like Black History in June? And the same for July when National Black Families Month comes around? Like Black History is more than American History but more really like World History?


And Black Folks: understand while celebrating this occasion, we are the beneficiaries of doing history, learning history, and preparing history. Can we still do this? No more cringing, nor getting all mad about the second month of the year. We are blessed (AND I MEAN BLESSED) to do this. Take part of this. And there are those whom are not here or not around that want us to be blessed in talking about US!


Now since this is the Black History Month version of Scratching my head this whole time, I hate to do it, but it needed to be said and done.



Can I set up my Centerpiece, now?

Black History Month is back, yet again! Love it or hate it, it is a worthy celebration.

90 years ago, during the week of February 7th, 1926, Dr. Carter G. Woodson started something that was very real talk about the use of talking about us.  Us as in African-Americans in telling our stories, our commentary, our viewpoints, news and many others that others think that we shouldn’t. Personally, I’m glad we can talk about our stories. The idea of this is to not only tell the stories, but also review and store the conversations that we hold dear today! And pass on.

Black folks, we have come a long way. A mighty long way. And still a mighty long way to go.  For my folks, and non-black folks who had to go on these questions, we know what they are as under review:

  • “Why can’t we celebrate this everyday?”
  • “Why does it have to be about color?!”
  • “I feel that Morgan Freeman is right about not having it, why can’t we have an American History Month?”
  • “I know everything about Blacks. Why a month though?”
  • “What about White History Month?”
  • Or my personal favorite: Why can’t they teach this in the schools?”

Spoiler Alert: you will hear this again. And as embarrassing and annoying as is.

These questions like this to me kind of lacks laziness. It really does. And it’s being asked EVERY FREAKING YEAR! Folks, especially black folks, we ALREADY know the answers! Many of us WILL NOT celebrate our Black Historical stuff everyday. And yes, partially it is about color because of the misconceptions about black men and women when it comes to being loud, looking like thugs per say, don’t want no N*ggers working at the same company where many of the workers got their jobs though nepotisms. We know what Morgan Freeman said, but he had to realize that without the contributions he was brought up on, HE wouldn’t have the accolades he has now. And again, if AMERICA wants a so-called “American History Month” of any kind, then guess what: America has to EARN IT like the Declaration of Independence and many others. And it has to EARN IT the right way. Not the dictatorship way like evil empires. And not like the rant of Stacey Dash.

We say we know everything. WRONG! We don’t know enough half way.

One thing about Black History Month or Black History in general, it never ends. Everyday it’s always stories that are uncovered, and uncommented about Blacks that are still out there. How many black stories that are going to be uncovered for Black History Month in 2017? And to those who are still stuck on mush, can I be straight with you readers here again?

  • Black History Month is not racist.
  • It’s is NOT separating the uses of humanity.
  • It is not hate.
  • It is not self-hate.
  • It is not degrading of others.
  • And it’s not degrading anything.

Neither this so-called propaganda stuff. Get that out of the gutter. So for those who say its separating the human race, I call B.S. on that. I do. Without black folks leading the stampede, there wouldn’t be a Human Race of anything period! Let’s get the language right. No matter if you’re Generation X or Millennials. We all need to get the language right, period!

Plus, I need to say this: White folks, you have a month. Period. You have more months than the Hispanics, Asians, Samoans/Polyneisans, Islanders, and even us Black folks combined. So I want to know is, what is the haps? Don’t act like it’s not very questionable! Never try to ask that question that you already know. Just like all those channels from NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, ESPN, and even those channels that have that exotic soft-core stuff. Um, HELLO!! STOP TRIPPING!

And as far as #BlackFutureMonth: I gotta say this. I know what that is. It’s about the upcoming players in the Black Community making waves, in which I kind of respect that in a truthful viewpoint. BUT, without the use of the past to learn from, there wouldn’t be a future of anything. Just a side note to you Internet Revolutionary Conscious folks.

CALLOUT: I can be conscious too. But just saying in a Introverted, Black Male type of fashion!

So yes, Black Future is upcoming, but it’s not truly historic, yet. It needs guidance. We need to understand that. We know that the use of #BlackLivesMatter is in full force. That is the current state of Black America right now in the era of President Obama. And yes dwellers, we know that there are those who are going to copy off the movement as a mockery. As in #AllLivesMatter. But don’t forget what I said last year about if all lives really matter.

Speaking of the schools: We all know that many of our public or private or charter school districts will only highlight MLK, I Have A Dream, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks and Harriett Tubman. REALLY?! Is that it? When I was coming up, We learned about them and Garrett Morgan, Lonnie Johnson, Guion Buford, Ronald McNair, and many others. Come on, y’all! I’m not putting the educators to shame on this. I’m putting the mindset of what is being summarized in the curriculum in shame. And of the record, I was raised by educators in the house and church! When I got to college, and along growing up,  I got the real eye opener of Black History Month that was NOT mentioned in the schools!

Since the Rise of the Introverts have began years ago, I often wondered who were and are the black introverts that contributed in black historical events? Well guess what Spotters, I will be doing this in Black History Month. I will be highlighting those who were or are introverted in which have made contributions and achievements. And the thing is, we know the names and recognized their crafts. But the thing is, we didn’t know that they were or are introverts. So this will be new. And it’s the kind of those introverts that probably got their movements supported through someone else. From marching, to activism, to sports championships, and even political angles of greatness. Even those who are the unsung. Those who haven’t have a high title, but still made a component of success in Black History.

So I ask again, can I set up my Centerpiece, now?

Let it commence.

Still on this journey of being an Introvert. So far I have bought about three books from Barnes and Nobles and already I’m just getting started. And yes, I’m researching the websites, other blogs, Youtube videos, and stories about those whom have been stepping up to be and are introverted in a way of bravery. For the Clip, it’s a short piece on the ISTP. Again, It’s Introverted, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving. The same ISTP that I was reclaimed per say by the various tests.

Watch the video and watch it again.

Told you it’s “Crafty”!


For this exclusive, I’m going to highlight just the recent incidents that happened in Milwaukee. For the last couple of days, the city has had issues concnering Carjackings or young boys stealing cars like it’s out of Grand Theft Auto. And usually it’s those that is unwatchable. Plus, I’ll address a deep commentary of my own in dealding with the issues of homosexuality with a concern that dealt and currently deals with a “leading African-American Community Leader” and a “victim” that was recently victimized at guess what: 16 years old. Hold on your hats!

Part I: Milwaukee – These carjacking acts and car stealing MUST STOP NOW!

We have seen these carjacking acts in which we are getting tired of. All those whom have these 13 year olds, these 16 years who are doing this mess MUST STEP UP! Nevermind if you have to work 2 jobs. Go out and get your children off these streets and into the house! The main reason why this is going on is the fact that many are scared to step up to the kids and say don’t you dare! Who’s going to step up and ACTUALLY do this? Like I said they are treating this like it’s a game. This is no game! You are dealing with real lives with this. The reason why it hits home with me because one of my relatives was involved with stealing cars way back. And the thing is, he did his time in jail, got out. And then, went back and did the same mess again and now in jail for the second time around! This is not a joke! Milwaukee, it’s time that we need to step up and tell those who are doing this, that it MUST END NOW! What is really happening here? These parents who don’t raise these kids don’t know squat themselves. YES I WENT THERE! You ask why, why are these kids whom do the Carjacking and Auto Theft stuff? Who is influencing them to do this? Is it the other boys? And it’s not just boys. Girls are doing this too? Who’s is influceing them?!! We need to come out of the gate and monitor those whom do this. On Social Media, one of the DJ’s from V-100 Reggie Brown put out a reminder and a warning about the acts that the young folks might be on when stuff like this happens with carjackings:

Oh, just a reminder. Wisconsin is a Open Carry State.

We all know that the city got the bad rap of being Segregated, Poor, and Human Trafficking. And the worst place to live for blacks, but when you have YOUR OWN FOLKS per say on the same race color per say as you, and being young and dumb, it’s clearly that the city has it’s work to cut out. We know what it always has been, but what is it about Milwaukee that we WANT TO SEE. As I write this, this weekend is Milwaukee’s 170th Anniversary as a founding of the city. Yes, I know. But what will  be the EXTRA WILL that will carry Milwaukee to explore for the next milestone? Come on folks. No matter what you believe, pray to, honor, or party to, generate the thoughts and SAVE THIS CITY! Starting with those whom are YOUNG! And those who WANT TO STAY and THRIVE! START THIS NOW!


Part II – It’s time to talk and really talk about Homophobic Stuff.

In the last two days, my ears have been in tuned on 860 WNOV. In which it always has for the last 3 and half years. However, there was a major shock of concern that happened in the black community that was so disturbing that I won’t repeat here. But I can say that the act of this news coming out that had many of the listeners in complete shock and disgrace. What was a disgrace? Having a leading African-American Community member having sexual relations with a 16 year old. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! This news of this matter had reached fever pitches of disgust, confusion and anger. And for the last couple of days, these came out of the voices of the callers, as published and reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

One female caller blamed the victim and claimed that because the person is trans-gendered, the person is more promiscuous. She went on to say that she feels that the child is the one who did the luring of the “adult” and that. if that’s the case, the adult should not be charged.

And here’s another statement: black folks. ENOUGH! It’s time that we need to address this topic. We need to stop deny of this misconceptions. It’s time to stop the barriers of religion in which some will use it to a disadvantage. It’s time to get inside of the minds of those thinking it’s false. LOOK AROUND YOU! It is around and it’s here! And people, enough about the skeptics of Gay Bombs and foods that found that might get you gay. Enough of the talk of Gay Bibles! You wanna get real with this topic that many of us have our heads stuck in the sand, it’s time to start getting real and real darn fast! And stop being afraid. ENOUGH!

She said if a child already has been sexually active then that child knows what he or she is doing.


I gotta say this. At times and this mostly the truth, when it comes to sex or being engaged Sexually, in my opinion, the teens don’t know how to handle that. They really don’t! Let’s be real, they think they know, but don’t know squat! But in regarding this teen and this leading African-American Community Member, this is a deal that is so out of bounds. I do hope that if this person is revealed as the person being as is, kiss all those accolades GOODBYE! Yep, the career stuff will go down the drain and most likely will INDEED SERVE jail time. If anyone knows about serving time in jail and having the accolades stripped, ask the most recent guy that the Milwaukee Black Community knows: Mike McGee Jr. Yes, he’s out and doing his community activism duties. However, this story is not about him. More on that later.

The talk also continued on The Forum Today, in which the issue of religion and church has been featured. One caller called in about drums, sanctuaries and no panties on. No joke. I’m like really? We got church members in the game that do that? What church that is?! After hearing that portion that sounded like a mouthful, I immediately turned to the United Methodist Church and it talked about the issues of the rule of Safe Sanctuaries. I want all the Milwaukee Black Churches in the city to ask this question. No matter if you’re Methodist, Baptist, Community, Non-Denominational, Lutheran, or whatever: Does your congregation(s) have a rule of Safe Sanctuaries? If not, it’s best to start up one right now! Courtesy of the United Methodist Church’s website, here is the rundown of the Safe Sanctuaries rules:

How to Begin Developing and Updating a Safe Sanctuaries® Policy

The process of developing a Safe Sanctuaries® Policy in your congregation is not complicated. These 10 steps will guide you in reducing the risk of abuse and protecting children and youth in your congregation.

Step 1 – Find out if your congregation has Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines in place, when it was last updated, and when leaders, teachers, and staff last attended training. If a policy does not exist, make every effort to implement the following steps as swiftly as possible.

Step 2 – Talk with the senior pastor, congregational leaders, teachers, parents, guardians, grandparents, and others who are concerned about the importance of keeping children and youth safe. As a group, discuss the existing policy or the process for creating Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines. Meet as a group with the Church Council. Resources in Steps 3-6 will be helpful in this process.

Step 3 – Contact your Annual Conference Safe Sanctuaries® Coordinator or the Discipleship Ministries staff to obtain a copy of the policy and training adopted by your Annual Conference. If you are unsure of your church’s Annual Conference, use the UMC Annual Conference Finder or ask your senior pastor.

Step 4 – Use the Discipleship Ministries Self-Evaluation Tool to assess your congregation’s policy and guidelines needs for the prevention of abuse in your congregation’s ministry with children and youth. This tool helps identify the areas that require attention.

Step 5 – Gather current resources necessary for planning and maintaining policies that protect children, youth, and the adults who serve them. Keep these in a place for church leaders and teachers to easily reference.
Safe Sanctuaries®: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth and Safe Sanctuaries® for Children and Youth DVD: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church were developed through Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church. The book includes: Information on recruiting, screening, and hiring workers with children and youth, Guidelines for developing policies and procedures, Training models, Suggestions for congregational response to allegations of abuse, Sample forms and guides. Also view the recorded webinar Safe Sanctuaries – The Basics.

Step 6 – Recommend that your pastoral staff read Safe Sanctuaries® for Ministers: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church to gain a better understanding of the ministerial role in keeping children and youth safe in church and at church activities. This resource is written specifically for those serving as pastors in local church settings.

Step 7 – Write or update Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines for your congregation, making sure to address the unique risks in your congregational setting. Your Annual Conference is vital to developing these policies. Acquaint everyone in the congregation with the policy and guidelines, and its contents. View sample policies and guidelines for congregations of all sizes.

Step 8 – Know your legal responsibility. In many states, clergy members and those involved in the care of children and youth are considered “mandated reporters,” meaning they have specific obligation to report suspected child abuse. Updated information on these mandates in your particular state can be found at Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Step 9 – Contact your local hospital, police department, social service agency or public health department for names of people in your area qualified to speak with teachers, leaders, parents, and church staff on local resources and procedures for responding to potential abuse.

Step 10 – In all you do, remember that as part of his public ministry, Jesus committed the then-radical act of welcoming children. Our commitment to reducing the risk of abuse in the church for children and youth is one way that we live out Jesus’ act of love.

Again this is the rule only applies to the United Methodist Church. BUT, if I were any of you non-demonitional or other denominational churches out there, IMPLEMENT a Safe Sanctuary Policy Rule to make sure that your church congregations, and vistors know that the worship services are safe for every man, woman and mostly children! It should be a vibrant time in the building without any harm or concern. Now what I have displayed here as an alert, I did not hear that on the Black Milwaukee Radio Connections. NONE! Neither from the callers or anyone. Mostly it was bashing. Not really much that the church should have safeguards for all. Why is that? If I was on the radio today, I would HIGHLY RECOMMNEND about the use of Safe Sanctuaries period. Forget about the MONEY, and where does the MONEY goes after church. But know this, the actions of the safety of children or teens, or sensitive grown folks that want to worship without any harm or concern should be a TOP PRIORITY of all. No matter who comes into the church!  Even if the person is homophobic but has a heart of mininstry that wants to serve! Even my childhood pastor said this and I’m saying it here!


And I think the montage of #BlackLivesMatter won’t come here. But the life of this 16 year old needs to be brought to life and ask does this teen’s life matter?

Gotta keep it 100, right?







Call this, Introversion extra. And yes I’m still on this Introversion thing of purpose.

Now this may not sit well with all introverts, but I’m sitting here just highlighting the thought of fictional characters. The ones we watched in movies, or shows, or maybe even sports entertainment. Sometimes we as Introverts I think may not get all the glory respect in the beginning, but towards the end, it’s all about respect. For this I have dug up some clips from Youtube about three movie I assume that many have in their collection.

The first is from 1985 in titled “American Ninja”. Now this was way before the American Ninja Warrior thing that is on the rise now. It’s all about a new recruit whom seems to have this heroic like attitude in saving a General’s daughter. But in between he gets ridiculed by his own unit in playing the knight in shining armor. But it doesn’t stop there, a known corporal  that sees this “hero” and decides to fight the new private.

Now you see here, Private Joe Armstrong (played by Michael Dudikoff) is this introverted soldier who is in the cross-hairs, but the extroverted Corporal Curtis Jackson, in which the late Steve James was brilliant for. Towards the end of the fight or “brawl”,  Jackson becomes the humbled man as he was to accept the olive branch that Joe extends. This was their new friendship that was mixed with the Introverted inner personality of thinking and planning, meeting the Extroverted outward brawn of provoking and execution.



The second part of this is still silent related. Snake Eyes. We know, about GI Joe. We all know that Snake Eyes was this new Joe that didn’t really speak. But his work for the Joes was always on point. Of most of the Joes, you probably guessed that Snake Eyes was this Introverted Ninja that showed no emotion, no pain, but he really kicked butt against a Extroverted Storm Shadow. Their rivalry goes back to the origins in which the pre-adversary of Snake Eyes was just coming up in the ranks. But in one training showdown, it was Snake Eyes gaining the top of the class and respect of his teacher. We know how the story goes after that. Sometimes those who stick with the crew, and are “introverted” will indeed go for the cause.



The last of the “Introverted Characters” – we all know. This is a “introverted” character has been dominating the game of wresting for over 25 years, and yes I’m talking about The Undertaker. Now, OK why this?! Not about the wrestling skills from Chokeslams to Tombstone Piledrivers. Or the different ways of speaking. Or when the late William Moody (aka Paul Bearer) says his speech and then turns his head towards to the Deadman. But here’s the thing: Everytime we see the character, was walking slow, having The Funeral March music in the background, staying focused on the ring and defeating the opponent. Lastly we see the kneel down of thanks, and he exits the ring with the fist up after the thunderous sound the the background. What was cool about that, WE LIKED IT! I read the book, “Introvert Power” and there was a passage in the book about Introverts loving the dark. Or liking dark places. That is where I’m drawing this angle from. I know that many might not like the dark. But the symbolism of the dark, and a character of the dark comes into play.

What does all this mean? What does this have to do with Introversion? Even though these are characters and actors, but it does pale in comparison in real life angles. Me personally, I’ve been labeled strange, quiet, anti-social, or many others. But I still did my work. Employment related. Volunteer related. Or solo related like going to the movies 90% of the time on my own. Going to Wisconsin’s State Parks and Forests. And also, defending my character, past education of degrees and school activities, and also me being a black man in America. Being attacked physically, mentality, etc. No matter if they were BLACK OR WHITE! And I let them have it in letters and verbal communication. Like many of of you Introverts, I too had that, but as I got older, like many of you, I know what it is. It took my parents to realize that around the holidays after all this time of me being learn how to talk or speak and not acting so shy or quiet all the time to realize, that Introversion was and is a card that came in to play. And even though that the card is now in play, it’s time to deal.

So I guess that me being an Introvert isn’t that bad after all.  And yes, the quiet discussion of this power, will continue here. No matter who cares or not. This is not a state of an emergency. It’s an on going theme! Even though that the uprising of the introverts are happening, it’s about time. So Introverts use that power. That quiet power of faith in all what you do. Educate those that need to be educated, and educate ourselves! You just never know.




Time to breaking the clubbing shoes on, it’s the three way dance. And based on the tile of the subject, I’ll be like the DJ and get the music warmed up and just hit the beats. Meanwhile, GET ON THE FLOOR!

First on the card: Stacey Dash MUST RETIRE!

You probably heard all the shade that Stacey said this past week. All the shade about well, BET, Black History Month and her so-called viewpoints of segregation of OUR BLACK historical perspectives and networks. Oh really? Talk about Clueless from 1995. She is one of the epitomes of CLUELESS. As if! Well let’s review what this “Clueless” actress turned Fox Correspondent had to comment. Hold on to your hats:

I’m certain that many had to be like, “Really?” However Stacey isn’t the first nor the last person had try to call a cancellation of BET or Black History Month. There have  been countless others before that had that notion and the ending result, is the fact that they ALL FAILED. 11 years ago, Morgan Freeman, said on 60 Minutes that he doesn’t want a black history month, he wanted a “American History Month”. Oh, yeah there were those who agreed with him and failed. Adrienne Curry, America’s’ Next Top Model had stirred a fire storm and I was one of those who was well, fed up with commentary about her so-called ending of Black History Month or BET and she had to echo the words of Morgan Freeman saying the same thing. Then she talked about that it was not her intent to end TOTAL FAIL. But now we come once again, and this Clueless star has the nuts to say, oh we need to end BET and Black History Month to desegregate us per say. Check this, if she’s out to destroy Black History Month or BET or anything is black related, then ask me this, why was she was on various covers of Jet, King, and many other platforms that were indeed black related, on a BLACK NETWORK like BET? Plus, someone had to school her bad:

In the words of Walter Cronkite: And that’s the way it is!

See, this trips me about about folks, especially some black folks who go on these platforms and strike down on their own. They will get roasted. I don’t care how bright you are on a republican network like Fox News, you will get roasted. Well, Stacey has been on the list by those roasted, and it took another shooter like Roland Martin to floor it. When Roland had to go and google or dig up the ghosts of Stacey Dash’s Black Picture and Magazine Past, he brought the truth. Oh, he wasn’t the only one, her  cousin, Damon Dash (They Cousins?!) went on air to comment that his cousin to “stop cooning” for Fox News. Hello! Her ex-husband, called her out on Instragram about this same issue, also concerning their son! Whom is black! She is out here “throwing shade” per say about BET, Black Awards and all, but she’s been on the platform in movies and shows ON BLACK NETWORKS! Like AS IF?! She’s being paid to say those things. Is the bank account dried up?

Spoiler Alert for the haters: Black History Month turns 90 years old next month in February and there will be folks celebrating the accomplishment thus far of Black Culture from abolitionists to activism. From those whom can’t that could. From the Introverted to the Extroverted in all things in work, play and do. Speaking of that, in Black History Month, I will highlight some figures that I think stood out as Introverts that shook up the world. Be on the lookout for it. We know this is an everyday thing, but there are those who are literally clueless that need to brush up and their heads need to be examined! Yeah, we know about what we were taught in school, BUT what is being taught at home, church, community centers and mainly with the adults who are NOT teaching, nor reteaching? Somebody better say Amen! Another alert: The black networks of BET, TVOne, Aspire, Centric, Bounce, and many others will still continue whether we like it or not. And of course you can make your choices to watch or not. But remember why they were put there in the first place! Man, I had a church member who once recited a Marcus Garvey like poem called “Hey Black Child.” Don’t play me. I maybe as American as they come, but when it comes to my Afrocentric side of reference, I cannot NOR EVER overshadow that EVER! That goes for the white folks and black folks! Gotta Keep it 100, right?

Second Dance on the card: The Water issues in Flint Michigan.

I want to direct my attention to Flint Michigan. Yes, America is praying for you. We have heard and seen your concerns about your water issues, and as a Great Lakes Resident, I feel you. 23 years ago in Milwaukee, we had the almost same problem as you guys are going through. We had the Cryptosporidium Outbreak, or The Milwaukee Outbreak in which our water was poisoned in making us sick. We like you had to rely on water bottles, and plus we had to boil our water to keep it fresh without getting sick. It happened between March and April of 1993. I was a High School Sophomore when this happened. I don’t know what Gov. Snyder had tried to do to prevent this, but like Scott Walker, he’s not doing a good job. And also, for you guys, this was under the radar for two years?!! REALLY?!! If this was under the radar for 2 years, why wasn’t it reported back then? And what was the hold up for the decisions back then in order this is to prevent from happening? Oh yes, you are angry and had the right to be. Lake Michigan is our good resource and like many good resources it needs to be maintained in ship shape. Again, we were like this 23 years ago. So I get it.

So yes, Flint Michigan Residents, you probably need new upgrades to maintain the cleaning of your water supply. On the real: Get on your Governor’s case. Your mayor’s case and demand UPGRADES for your water supply. Conduct tests! All the time. This is a safety hazard that should not be on the necks all the time.

And on the final dance card: Yes, you can boycott oscars.

It seems that the Oscar buzz of African-Americans have been the norm every time. The last couple of years as we know, #OscarsSoWhite. Go ahead and say it. We know what  it is. Throughout history of the Oscars only 31 winners of the trophy have been African-American. From Hattie McDaniel to Octavia Spencer. And who can forget Three-6-Mafia winning a Oscar of “It’s hard out here for a pimp.” Even though the live performance was indeed edited. And who can forget last year “Glory” won for best song from a soundtrack via Selma. So far, not bad? Well not really satisfied. The now supposed tobe nominations of the Oscars of 2016 were about 49 represented, but none of them were black. NOT ONE! So now, from Whoopi to Jada no matter whom is in the middle, it’s still the same but upgraded talk of the town. We know it’s old news. But it’s also a reminder. Yes, I do know that the President of the Academy Awards is African-American. And the host of this year’s Oscars, is Chris Rock. Oh, boy. Yes, Chris Rock has been chosen to host this year’s Oscars, but there are those whom are suggesting that he should drop it out of protest. Or there are those whom are saying that he should continue to do it and bring the discussion to the platform in why some or many are making the mark not to attend. Will Smith made his declaration by stating that “Diversity is America’s Superpower.” But he also commented that it’s not living up to the hype. This hype of Hollywood shutting out the black folks of not getting oscar is as much to think that the New England Patriots may not make it to the Super Bowl. Again, it’s not just the assumption of thinking, but more of a reality that could be a fact coming.

So yeah, it’s an ongoing struggle. If I were one of those whom are looking at those should have been nominated, then yes I might have egg on my face. And begin to ask, what could I have done to nominate these talented actors and actresses? What could have I done to have this to be? And how? The mark has missed badly. And it’s not the first time. But next time, there should be more targets to hit than missed. And many are saying that it’s not just the statue. They are right. But it’s something that is bigger than the Oscar Gold Trophy. Way bigger. And that long conquering monster needs to be tamed. And tamed PROMPTLY!


I’m sure many have heard: Walmart is closing some stores in America. Even though it’s refreshing to some or many, but here on a job standpoint, and a economic standpoint it will hit hard.

The news of some Walmart stores closing is both a negative and positive. Also known as a mixed bag. It’s truly a mixed bag because over the year, Walmart has been under the gun or more like in the crosshairs of those who felt the pinch of those lower wages and all those hacking like hate against the corporation. Against the mom and pop shops. Against the clubs, against the church, against the radio stations, against the well you know what I’m talking about.

For this: there are those who are somewhat praising “Thank You Jesus!” over this closing, but however, there are families or who make part time work or full time work at Walmart to feed their families or to pay the bills are being deeply effected. That was their income of work! Keep praying!

Henceforth: This also affects Milwaukee. Really it does. The locations of the Milwaukee Area Walmart Closing is going to effect the following locations via January 28th, from the Milwaukee BizTimes:

The 161,022-square-foot Walmart Supercenter store at Midtown Center, 5825 W. Hope Ave., Milwaukee; and Walmart Neighborhood Market store locations at: N88 W15559 Main St., Menomonee Falls; 3850 N. 124th St., Wauwatosa; and S14 W22605 Coral Drive, Waukesha, will close. The 42,000-square-foot Menomonee Falls Neighborhood Market store and the 38,000-square-foot Wauwatosa Neighborhood Market store opened in 2012. The 42,000-square-foot Waukesha Neighborhood Market store opened in 2013.

But I want to highlight Midtown. Or for those whom like to spotlight the nostalgic Capitol Court Area. When many of the stores back then were closing down way back, a lot of the area was at a discomfort of Crime, and also not enough Economic Support. And for a long time, the area was just nothing but “Sea of Asphalt”. Nothing. Then the ideas of Streetmalls came about to help revive areas that were previously had concerns.


Midtown Center 2003

Midtown Center in 2003 – Stephen’s Spot Photography



Capitol Court in the past before the Midtown Center, was in fact a Street Mall. And it was a first in Wisconsin.

Now in 2002, the street mall of the Midtown Center was on the cusp of the revive for the Area in Milwaukee. And then the shops were added. The Anchor stores of Pick N’ Save, Lowe’s and Walmart were the main three that piloted the ship. The now vacant Lowe’s (since 2009 it was closed) was the first hardware store built in Milwaukee. The first one! Ever. Walmart was the second facility built. In the same area where Kohl’s Food Store was stood years back.



Midtown Walmart Parking Lot was jammed packed! – Stephen’s Spot Photography



Just today, inside and outside of Midtown Walmart, the place was JAMMED PACKED! The Cars near old site where Lowe’s was open was barely filled. It was like that when the Lowe’s Store itself was making money. The inside was barely empty, plus the items in store was only 25% off. Me, on the other hand, I bought the last two items that I purchased: A DVD Movie, Straight Outta Compton and a family pack of Oreos. All together: $16.34. Toward the end, I kept thinking about the stuff and Items I bought from Walmart over the years and also photographing a picture that I took of the Midtown Center when it was coming up and young in 2003. 13 years later, the area seemed very vibrant, but still the issue of vacant spots still remains. Surrounding the area, will take ideas. No matter whom is in charge of the 2nd Aldermanic District or the Midtown Center Developers.

Now on Facebook, there were some “ideas” that could replace the buildings of Walmart and Lowe’s. Some called for an idea of Entertainment Complex of Movie Theaters and Bowling Alleys. Those are fine. Some have called for ideas of Community Centers. Very fine. I don’t hear about this as much, but there is an idea to put into the soon-to-be old Walmart here: and I want those who are apart of the City of Milwaukee to use this thought: EMPLOYMENT TRAINING CENTERS! Think about it. Midtown Center must have an Employment Training Center. That could be in the old Lowe’s Building as well. Call it the Midtown Center Employment Training Area. Many already know that Milwaukee has those HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS. We know. With this training center per say, it could not only put those without training to work, but also those with experience to sharpen the skill to remain workable! That’s one thing.

Another thing, is a ground up store or business. You can have the Ubers, Lyfts or self-transportation gigs around. Put a novelty store to sell zodiac clothing. Or hey, here’s a thought, put a Sports Complex in Midtown. Mix it up with indoor Basketball, or Tennis, or Baseball/Softball, Martial Arts, Boxing, or maybe Archery. How many African-Americans in Milwaukee know how to do Archery? Put a Sports Complex in Midtown. SERIOUSLY! To get some exercise or learn a new sports skill.

Another idea, an AT&T Store would work. Or, for all of us Drone users, turn part of complex which features the buildings open spaces, for a spot to fly drones. Pictures in all.

That’s all I can think of. Plus there are others, but since the store is closing, another store must be on the rise for brainstorming.

I’m assuming that today in America, that the country celebrated another Dr. King Holiday. You do realize that it’s been 30 years since 1986 that the first Dr. King Holiday was even lifted off the ground. This wasn’t by highlight, it took a lot of dedicated unsung and well known folks that got this done, and it’s here once again.

This year I’ve done my own reflecting on why this day matters as much as every holiday matters on the calendar. First, we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a Republican, or whatever. Second we call throw out all the misconceptions of him being a communist or some evil guy. Third, for those WHOM ARE NOT BLACK: can we PLEASE stop with the one liners from the speeches! The same ol’ you know what. And with that, can any of you go back and re-read the ENTIRE SPEECH of “I Have A Dream?” And also re-read all those other speeches that many of you probably didn’t read? Like Beyond Vietnam, Where Do We Go From Here? and many others? Dr. King wasn’t about the dream only. But there were many, many, many components that the speeches and words went along with action. Ooops, did I say “action?” And that goes for the extros and intros.

Many like today, we’ve reread about the speeches and how to re-give back to the communities. Which is fine. Now, if we are all about that TODAY, what about tomorrow? I know, we all go back to work and school. But in the middle of all of this, what can be done to continue to do the humanity thing while we are at the stores waiting for Straight Outta Compton on DVD? Yeah I said it! About getting the deals if your team didn’t make the playoffs. I’ll confess about the Packers later on. What about that app, that gadget, that dabbing stuff, Robin Jeans, or them shoes you peaking on Facebook, or matter of fact, worrying about the individual whom is always in the background not saying a word of hello, or being too loud and obnoxious? Or always trolling like stupid brat on Facebook about small stuff like bandwagon fan perps. I know I’m not the only guilt party that might do this. Let’s be real!

Ideas: Give back to your Alumni. Give back to your non-profits. Give back to voting drives. Give back to important causes of health, vision, dental, foods, shelter, church fundraisers, scholarships, and plus ANTI-Violence. Even Anti-Anything that is against race, creed, class, gender, religion, as we all know very, very, well. Even Anti – Black Lives that have always, currently and still will Matter. Yes, I just went there.

So what about it folks? Are we talking? Are we hashtaging? OR are we doing?

Speaking of the struggle: that still continues, I’m assuming that many have viewed this footage of this actress:


Yep. You heard it from Jada Pinkett Smith. Whom made a statement about not attending this year’s Oscars. For those who are somewhat against that: know this. It’s her right and prerogative  for not attending the show that usually don’t show moments that features more of the African-Americans not winning the Oscar Trophy. Now there has been this so-called “butt hurt” comments in which it she is saying this out of line, out of context and whole other stuff. Really? In the year of 2016? ON MLK DAY? Maybe the issue here is bigger than Jada. Bigger than Will. Bigger than Spike Lee. And bigger than the original Aunt Viv Janet Hubert explaining her liberties at Jada. Yeah, I heard what she said. Plus still have those bitter feelings about Will not becoming a star that he is now. Look, I’ve heard that commentary stuff since the second half of 1993! When there was a switch of actresses playing Aunt Viv.

What this really is, is nothing more of talented folks being passed up. Another reason why the NAACP Image Awards will be coming on. And like before, this will be featured of showing us, US as in Black folks being acknowledged. It’s been done before, like it’s not the first rodeo! Maybe if the execs per say actually watch the Image Awards, in which it will come out in Black History Month, per say, they probably won’t care. We know already that they won’t care about so and so who’s black and being this actor or actress or director or producer being recognized! We know! But what if they did, they might be like, “How did we miss this talent?” More on that later.

In conclusion, this is not to take away anyone’s ideas of Dr. King’s playbooks to actually say a speech. It’s more of actually ACT AND SERVE besides hearing and seeing I Have A Dream. Just to think that I’m 39 years old. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll repeat that again: 39. The exact age that Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. I’ll ask this on a fly:

How many 39 year olds TODAY that are active and leading (either from the front or the back) are in the struggle for civil rights?

How many 39 year olds today that are leading or supporting our communities in various areas?

How many 39 year olds today that are giving back to notable causes that can help empower those to be the best of  their ability no matter what they have in them?

How many 39 year olds TODAY Right now in the year of 2016 that are and will and not so maybe to take those to the polling places to vote, or to help those to register to vote at the polls? Come on now!

How many of my Brothers and Sisters in the Introvert Universe are 39 years old and making the difference that it’s fine to be introverts and using that gift as a voice and activism to say or comment that many of our extrovert brothers and sisters don’t see?

And also, how many of the 39 year olds today that are willing to pass generational stories of struggle and sacrifice to those of the 29 year olds, the 19 year old, or maybe a 9 year old that was given to them from 49, 59, 69, 0r 89 year olds? Whom mostly of the 50’s and 60’s and up still were alive when Dr. King was making moves?

We need this folks. No matter what you have in you.

So in conclusion again:  when this day of MLK is over. When all the recorded speeches have been stored. When the songs of Lift Every Voice and Sing and We Shall Overcome are sung for the last time today, when all the artwork or special art displays of King will be temporary stored until Black History Month, or any other Month: What’s next?

Indeed. We must continue to learn. The struggle continues!



I have to say that all this Introvert things have really opened up my eyes. And my mind. Again, I’m looking at the videos of those whom are Black Introverts and the thing is: I’m digging this notion of the Introverted Mindset via the personality. Yes, this is a real deal that I’m an introvert, and I know it’s boring and not that no one cares. But however it may care to those who are indeed introveted related individuals or groups.

But yes, like me, there are BLACK INTROVERTS. And for all of the BLACK INTROVERTS that are always being targeted for not talking, or being anti-social, or being not relaxing, always up in the mind and no action, well guess what: It’s not our fault. Maybe it’s our X or Y Chromosomes that we were born with that made up this way and it has realized that it’s something we have to accept. I don’t know. For you Extroverts that do the asking or targeting, hey now. Cut us a break. We’re not all on the communication levels like you.

Speaking of that: I have watched 3 videos that are black introverted related and I must say that they are all VERY VERY interesting:


Here is a second video that got me saying, yes! This was so spot on. Got me almost saying hallelujah in testimonies!


A male point of view of the Introversion:


And here is a bonus video clip that featured the “Rise of the Introverts” that was on CBS This Morning in 2012. Plus, a guy that I voted for twice is in a category of Introversion. Many will miss this introvert for real after this year is over:


Yes, the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama was mentioned in this clip is apart of the introversion universe. I know it’s about  4 years ago, but after seeing this, is so refreshing.

As a summary of all of this, I’m glad that I’m seeing this up close. And with the truth. Even though it’s painful for some, but for many its realization that this Introverted or Introversion thing in anyone is so real. And a mention about jobs. Yes there are jobs that are “introverted related” in this extroverted society. Maybe I’ll look for one for my boosting my bank account! Just do a search of “Introvert Jobs” and you’ll get your answer. For some: here are the ideas that might be useful for Introvert Job Seekers.

So yes, we’re out here. Doing us living plus breathing. Plus thinking all the time.