Frank The Tank Kaminsky on the SI Cover

No need for an intro. Bucky is back. The 2014-2015 UW Badgers Basketball Team is back on the scene in route to the Final Four for the second year in the row. I want tell all of the folks in the country right now, do not underestimate the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Don’t!

Now last year, I channeled my inner-Wisconsin Side by supporting the Cardinal and White and having this #UWUnity thing on my tweets and Instagram. Why the #UWUnity thing. Why this. This is my saying of supporting the well known renound UW-School system that made many folks famous in world in and beyond went to the University in the state. The UW-School system is really not just UW-Madison. It’s also UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, UW-Whitewater, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Superior, my alma mater of UW-Stout, UW-River Falls, UW-Waukesha, UW-Parkside, UW-Platteville, UW-Superior, just to name a few. With all the hoopla that our Governor numb nuts of Scott Walker wanted to slash about 300 Million Dollars from the UW-School System, this is the one point in the state that we need #UWUnity. No matter the size, or the location.No matter the division of 1, 2 or 3. Every UW-School is all part of the UW-School System. UW-Madison is the heart. The main course. And yes, it’s the centralized link of all the Universities and in my estimation, it’s the Wisconsin Idea!

Many of us UW Alumni of any UW school is a beneficiary of the Wisconsin Idea. Whether we like it or not. We are apart of that tradition that keeps the schools going for the current students, and the students yet to be.

But now, it’s time talk about the Badgers! Since Bucky is back in the final four, I want let the Badger crew to do one thing if and when they face Kentucky:

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.


Oh I know I’m acting like Paul Heyman to Brock Lesnar in the WWE, but guess what. That chant he did last year, worked. Look what it did at Wrestlemania 30 in the match I refuse to see on DVD, and yes it happened again against John Cena in a WWE Championship Match in which he won. I know it’s wrestling!

But in this fashion, Kentucky is on a undefeated streak currently. It’s a well known fact that streaks can be broken! Just a heads up Wildcats. Other teams checked in to the Final Four: Duke and Michigan State, in which both teams are doing well. But to be more blunt, I want to see a B1G Basketball Representation this year in the final two: Wisconsin and Michigan States in an upset.

So hear me now, like last year, never overlook a Badger.The last time they ever won a National Championship was in 1941 and many of us weren’t even around yet! Yes I’ve seen the Sam Okeys, the Michael Finleys, and now I’m seeing the Frank Kaminskies, the Nigel Hayes, the Traveon Jacksons and yes even the Gossers, and the Sam Dekkers. Oh yeah, the Bucky crew is revamped.

So hear me now,NEVER EVER overlook a Badger.

On Wisconsin!

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and yes its one of those days that everyone gets their green on and hang out at every pub, or bar filling up the place with beer and reubens. And yes there are those who are African-Americans that do celebrate. But there has been a question in regarding Black folks celebrating St. Patrick’s Day more, AND DON’T hardly show the same love of acknowledging Black History Month!  This will raise hairs like crazy. For that, I’m going in on this letter.

Dear African-Americans who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day over Black History Month:

It’s me, Stephen. A black blogger who celebrates Black History Month and St. Patrick’s Day from Milwaukee. In a good way.

I need to talk here. Now for those who are not black, chill out and don’t comment a thing! But you can read here if you wish.

Ok on with the letter.

I have been looking at us this week. “Us” as in Blacks and St. Patrick’s Day. Many of us joined in on the fun with others at the clubs, bars and other parties on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh yeah, I saw you with the pics online in all.  There was challenge this week to see if black folks were out to see if it happened. And the challenge was accepted.

I’m gonna be honest and blunt: its fine to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in all, but get this, we are perpetrating ourselves at times. Why do I say this? I’ll bet this past week we’ve had our green on. Shoot, I wear green any day of the week or season. But the question was and is, why do we show up at St. Patrick’s Day parties more on March 17th, and hardly not acknowledge our own when it comes to Black History Month in the same places that you party at?

Can I be straight for a second?

Why do we show up at the St. Patrick’s Day stuff and hardly not at our own celebrations? Many of us still say “I celebrate Black History everyday.” Or like “Everyday is Black History Month!” Really? If that is the case, who did you talked about who was a difference maker in black history on St. Patrick’s Day?!  Who?  What was the name? What was the event? Anyone in the African-American community want to answer?



Well I hate to say if we get all green on St. Patrick’s Day, why NOT more of Red Black and Green in the clubs and bars when it comes to Black History Month?!

I was on my Facebook news feeds this week. And there some who commented that they admit they did not dress up in green at work, but they also commented and questioned where was the love like this when Black History Month was happening? Where was that same love?! Here in Milwaukee, its the same thing. Say for example, Milwaukee celebrates Irish Fest which it does. With the food, the drinks, the Trinity Irish Dancers in all. (By the way I’m not hating on Irish Fest. I’ve worked at Irish Fest back in 1999 at Summerfest doing security.) Some of us would show up for that to view. But do those same people in a scenario who attend Irish Fest would go to any Black Festival in Milwaukee? Honesty, not very much. I should point out that Milwaukee’s African World Festival is not happening this year! It is a fact. I credit WNOV for the source.

It’s hard for me to write this letter to my own people of African decent. But I’m using this letter of expression to annouce that its fine to celebrate other things BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN!!! That might be a lie because at times we do forget our own! I admit we do! I don’t care what generation, era, old school person, new school group, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y and now the up coming Millenials all of us black folks need to look in the mirror!  On the serious tip, we need to check ourselves.

Do I celebrate Black History Month? Yes.

Do I go green on St. Patrick’s Day? Yes.

Do I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day OVER Black History Month?  No!

In closing, take this as a grain of salt. We’ve got to better. No need to constantly squabble about the “oh wells Kanye West shrugs”. Stop it! Raise up. What I’m saying is, its fine to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and Party. And yes Its fine to host a St. Patricks Day party In a black owned bar. BUT: never ever forget to show that same love for Black History. Have more “Afrocentic Parties.” Or “Black History Month Afterparty Gigs” to kick in more dollars and jobs for the Black Community.

And I mean this with love!

Just for those who might say, “oh Stephen’s Spot is hating on black folks who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day”. No I’m not. I am simply saying sample that “St. Patrick’s Day love” during the second month of the year with Black Culture Celebrations. That is all I’m saying. Plain and simple!

And again, I mean it with love!



OK. I have been on my soap box for the viewing of the recent smash of Empire. Yes wordpress, I have another confession of this lenten season of the fact that I really liked Empire. However, I had to switch channels between the show and Black-Ish. Yes, Black-ish is a hit. However for right now, at this minute it’s about the fictional Lyon Family that made their way up the hip hop game from the barrels of the ghetto and also drug runs in all. Another twist in the saga: the love and mesmerizing of the character of Cookie. Oh yeah, many have jumped on the bandwagon fan base of Taraji Henson’s Character that has the most of the female base buzzing during the first run of the show.

I’ll admit, the show is like Dynasty of the 2010’s. For those who are readers of mine who are way too young, Dynasty was a TV show that came out in the early 1980’s and yes it had a rich side, also split between the good and bad per say in the show. Even yes, Diahnn Carroll played a bad girl role in the show well after Julia in her earlier heyday. Again, this was the EARLY 1980’s and many of you Millenials weren’t even born yet! You had to be a Gen X’er or a Gen Y’er to hear about the show through the grown up now semi-retiring and retiring Baby Boomer Generations.

But oh, yes to me, Empire wasn’t just about the rap game, it was more about survival, challenges, an issue of ALS, reclamation, redemption, hostile takeovers, and most of all: having Cookie Lyon and Anika taking on “extreme measures”. Even their fighting as usual, which was like something you would see out of Wrestlemania.

For the ratings game, Empire has been a hit. And it was a hit among the 18-49 years old group. And plus it was a LONG TIME that the Fox Network had more black viewers tuning in since the 90’s. Back when Fox had shows like: Martin, Living Single, New York Undercover in which shows like those attracted viewers of African Decent. Again this was the 90s, you millenials were just born, and the network changed the landscape of TV.

And did I mentioned that Empire has a CD out you can listen to from the first season?

Now for all the haters of the show: yes, I know it’s not your liking. You probably preached about it in your churches, your safe groups, your tight lipped family discussions about “keep it out of my house” speech, you also had a chance to openly express your discontent about it on Social Media. Some might say, “What’s up with my girl Cookie tonight?” Others say, stop watching that mess and go to church and teach the children!!!!  Others might unfriend those on Facebook all because of another’s favorite interest of the show, Empire. And just like Scandal, I ask this: “Why the tripping?!!”

Frankly, if those don’t like the show, or didn’t like the show, DON’T WATCH IT! Just take your remote, find the channel changer and just switch the station to something else, and keep your mouth shut! Why is that so hard?! Just change the channel! Why? Just because. And one more thing, there was an episode in which a scene was talking smack or dissing President Barack Obama. And many of the “viewers” got upset at that one show. Later on, in an interview, or speech, Taraji P. Henson had a comment about it in which it went like this:

“I’m just proud that people are talking. Everybody don’t like Barack Obama,” she stated. “People are out there saying that. That’s what art is supposed to do: expose this sh*t. You know, we’re dealing with subject matter that’s not really dealt with. Art is supposed to challenge, start a conversation, so let’s lift the carpet up and deal with this dirt. It’s not like we bashed Barack Obama and the show went off. No, Luscious Lyon (Terrence Howard) jumped in his [son’s] a**. That’s real life stuff. So I’m glad you’re mad. Do something about it. Go in the hood and talk to the kids so they don’t do dumb stuff like that.” – See more at:

As they say in the game now, mic drop.

I think Taraji is simply saying not everyone likes Barack Obama. We get it. You can hate the policies, the ACA, the Drones in enemy territory, the stock going up near 20,000 points, jobs, his pick for Loretta Lynch, his recent Selma speech, education, or the constant squabbling about him not doing enough for the black community, or in recent haters in the field news the constant hate from the right wing about Sasha, Malia, the FLOTUS, and most recently, threats against him and his niece who plays for Princeton University. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I say something?

So yeah, like Taraji said do something about it! Vote, find a job, start a business, join a club, get checked, go to school, go back to school, go to church, go back to church, be VERY informed in your community and raise up! And talk to these children about what is real and not real. Fantasy vs Reality. Fiction and Non-Fiction. Fact and Opinion. Umm….is anyone getting this?

Personally I’m not telling nor forcing anyone about watching Empire. Thats up to the viewers. The same with WWE, TNA,Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, The Haves and the Haves Nots, If Loving You Is Wrong and others. Then who are you fooling? As long as those pay the bills for their TV sets of DirecTV, UVerse, Cable, or regular Digital TV and take the time to give back to the community in all, it shouldn’t be a bother to those at all. Hey, here is a thought. Since everyone wants those type of shows that want that empowerment of positive in black folks, and those constantly complain about it: MAKE SOME!! Put up a blog, Google Hangout, Podcast, theater, radio (either regular or online), public access, and many others. Even music without explicit content. Can this be done? START NOW!

Here is a tip: Ask those who actually watch some of these shows and STILL GIVE BACK TO THEIR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES! Guess what readers? I’m one of those people is not selling out doing this! And plus, I don’t get caught up in the fantasies. And by the end of the day, back to reality.

Don’t front on that.

Just my opinion.

Plus: Shout out to one of the writers of Empire by the name of Eric Haywood. He is a Milwaukee born native that is part of the folks who is living his dream and not just sitting at the house not wishing about it!

Oh, the irony in the Month of march. Thus far it’s about March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and yes spring is coming. However, in the same weekend of Friday the 13th, the punishment of the suspended SAE Fraternity Members continued as well a dumb fight in a Brooklyn McDonalds. Plus, why Pastor Creflo Dollar should NOT get a jet for the church as he thinks. Oh technically, the madness is here and it’s ironic.

First, as many know thus far, the SAE Fraternity Members of the Oklahoma Universtiy are officially gone. All because one of the members who was chanting the proverbial, “there will never be a n*gger in SAE” song. But there are those comment that the students shouldn’t be taken out of the school despite of the word being scripted over, and over again. What that means is, there are those who some what use the N-Word need to be punished alright. But in a sense of relation to blacks in all, and the brotherhood bond, why couldn’t some of the fraternities invest in the Black Community (mainly the white Frats) and actually donate their time and effort to work in the Black Community! Plus the idea of all of having them to take African-American History, and almost every single course of BLACK HISTORY as possible. Oh yeah, they need to! The firestorm of this banishment should serve notice that when you use words or things to degrade others being a put down, then maybe that portion needs to be clarified, talked about, and summarized as much as anything else. Now, when the song was sung, and the SAE fraternity members were just saying it like it was enjoyment, they probably don’t know who or what prompted them to sing that. They say they were drunk (OH REALLY?!!) We’re blaming alcohol on this? Stop the freaking pain! It doesn’t matter if they sung the song with Jim Beam or Grey Goose, they sung it! Period. And they are paying for it. Now word ialso that the Alumni of the SAE Fraternity have gone out to get the lawyer who was once hired by Timothy McVeigh after he blew up the Federal Building in 1995. Just a thought, the Oklahoma City Bombing’s 20th Anniversary is next month. Scary. What will the Fraternity accomplish in terms of one or a few knuckleheads chanting a song about lynching black folks and not inviting them in club to establish that “brotherhood” that they have been preaching about since 1856? And will this be the ultra matter of resolve? We’ll see. Just keep the finger on the pulse.

Second: Fighting in the BK.

I know when the letters of B & K come up, it’s Burger King. But not really, it’s really about Brooklyn and the 5 girls fighting against one at their local McDonalds. We’ve all seen it. 5 girls against one. What is this, a handicap match? Now everyone in the darn restaurant is looking at the fight and yes there well those who had to get it on the camera phones in all. But if that’s the case why didn’t no one, (AND I MEAN NO ONE) stepped up and actually broke up the fight? Are we that blood thirsty for real? I mean you got 5 girls here, beating up this one chick and had her head stomped! Really! MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL! NONE. Were there any responsible adults in McDonalds that stopped by and made sure that no one should have gotten hurt Now one the real, all five of them have been pressed charges and similar fashion, and one of them, Aniah Ferguson is a gang member. She stabbed her Brother, made threats to her grandmother, and have a list of crimes and again: only 16 years old!!!!!!  WHY IS SHE STILL OUT AND GOING BACK IN AND GOING BACK OUT? Oh lord have mercy! These young ladies may not have much of a future all because of stomping and gang tackling this one teen in a McDonalds restaurant after school! And don’t say, or hashtag #BLACKLIVESMATTER on this because it don’t matter at this point! IT DOES NOT! Neither does the stupid “Stop Snitching” Rule. Throw it out the window. Aniah Ferguson better need to know and be saved by Jesus NOW before it’s too late! I hate to get churchy, but I’m sorry. This young lady (and I mean YOUNG LADY) needs to get help somehow, someway NOW!

Back in my day, it was one on one after some folks want to trigger thoughts in my head. We fought! But now, with this new mentality, everybody wants to jump in to get famous. To the parents of those girls who had to get their way, can you please call the boarding schools and get your daughters disciplined? I mean dang. Or, be like when you send your sons off to Boot Camp, the girls need to sent off to boot camp also! Yeah I said it. If you can send the boys off to boot camp after their run ins with the law, then that must happen for the girls too. I know it’s March and it’s Women’s History Month. But I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter at this point. What matters the most, is discipline! And unfortunately, tax payers like me and others in America will be fitting the bill for it!

And the third dance card: Jet planes and pastors.

I was going to say something on Facebook about Creflo Dollar, and this idea of his congregation forking over 60 Million Dollars. But no, I’ll do it here. Well, let me say this as a giving, volunteering, gift talented, 4th Generation, Black Man that is part of the United Methodist Church: NO!!!!! Absolutely NOT! Ok, a Jet. Really? If anyone in that church or MegaChurch deserves a Jet, it should be the members themselves period. Or on a similar fashion, here is a part where I play devil’s advocate. If Creflo Dollar the Pastor, wanted to raise 60 Million Dollars for his congregation to invest in something, it should be as follows. Oh, and non-church going folks, you’ll like this from a church going person:

1) Scholarships for the college bound students.

2) A new business to start up that is beneficial to the chruch community, or maybe NEW JOBS!!!!!

3) Homeless Shelters or Homeless Apartments.

4) Transportation purposes to get the church members to and from church in a faster fashion.

5) Assist a neighborhood project.

6) Investments in stock and bonds.

And….I can go further and further.

Since then, the Pastor had removed the website that promoted the Jet. And many like before, there were critics whom had to say that “this is why I don’t go to church and its all about the money”. WELL I hate to say that EVERY BUSINESS you see and work with, party with on Saturday late nights and donate to are about money too! Don’t front! Many of you probably spiked up the St. Patrick’s Day parties at the bars and clubs per say and the folks still reaking up the finances. Well, if it took a lot of interested folks on a day where St. Patrick allegedly banished reptiles from Ireland, with the bars packed with fans, green and beer, how many of you probably pack a church on Sunday Morning by just showing up?! Don’t worry I’ll wait!

Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, look for that in my next “A Blog To” series. And guess what, it’s aimed at a group of folks that need to listen up: African-Americans. Or the African-Americans whom don’t acknowledge the tamarite of Black History Month, but rather go green on March 17. Oh yes,  I WILL go in!

I haven’t done a double take in a long while. For this, I’m bringing a comeback for it. While I was preparing my story commentary of Selma’s 50th Anniversary that took place, these incidents of Anti-African American Justice had really sparked new concerns of old. And for the record: #BLACKLIVESMATTER. If #ALLLIVESMATTER really mattered, to whom that  say this, why still my race of folks of blacks are still targets of hate? Better check ourselves on that “Human Race” tip. I’m just saying.

First: For all the members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, you all need to stop this mess. Everyone from near and far is talking about you and this racist chant that was recorded on the bus over the weekend. For those who feel of what was said, here it is once again.

Racist much?

Since this happened as usual: Oklahoma University President has already not only addressed the Student Body, but also, the Fraternity House has been closed and the members have been officially removed from the campus. Plus also, rapper Waka Flocka Flame, stated that he will not perform at the university since this matter started! Also there were some prospects that wanted to attend the University previously, also stated that they will not go to Oklahoma in regarding this matter as well. Oh, yes Boomer Sooners, the school is on watch, BY EVERYONE! According to historical stories and snippets, the SAE Fraternity has been doing these “racist acts” for years. Decades! And no one tried to called them out previously? Really?!! If this has been going on for so long, as it has been reported before, why not one person, has not tried to step up and exposed their acts?!  I know it’s been talked about, but still why have no one stopped it then?

On another WordPress blog, I recently read a story about a former member of the Fraternity that joined over 10 years ago, and yes like many other former members had denounced this act personally. And check this, it was a black man who was one of the last black members joined was speaking out. This man’s story has been blowing up and as of right now, many of the comments have reached at 123. Read the title, “There will never be another Black SAE.” It has been so mind blowing!

I want to say to William, if he’s reading this, thank you for speaking out. Your Fraternity will learn hard from this incident. And God is able! No matter what the folks had said about your story, and I’m assumimg that it’s mostly sympathies. And yes you made a choice in going for SAE. And also I’m assuming that other fraternities might ask you to come out for there parities or functions. But for right now: focus on God, your family, your job, and yes your son! Handle that first! And also like many others, even me will be in prayer. And I’m saying this as a black man and a non-greek person.

From The Root Website, (actually USA Today) another African-American Alum of the University, a past member of SAE’s Colorado’s Chapter, also commented that the Fraternity wanted to embrace diversity, but in his words, “it went off the rails.” So I’m assuming the thought that the “brotherhoods” of these fraternities are now becoming in questioning of what is a true objective. Now, long time ago on this blog, I have emphasized my support and future interest of the NPHC Fraternities. Nothing wrong with that. However I know I would be one of the few or many that might ask them: what is their purpose of the brotherhood? Matter of fact, what is the true purpose of the Fraternity? And also, do you STILL uphold your beliefs, purposes or objectives beyond college graduation? In other words, are you still real as you say you are?

Knowingly, this might be asked if many men (either college men or grown men) might be asking if an interest will pop up. I am saying this now! Oh, I know that many might say, don’t bring it up at a meeting. But in these recent events, that might be a question to ask because you might want to know partially in going. I’m just saying. If I were to go to a Fraternity Meeting of a NPHC or another Fraternity in the making, I’ll ask that question point blank. Furthermore, if the SAE in Oklahoma University would be investigated (which it will be) , don’t assume also that ALL of them will be investigated. They will. And even further, expect EVERY FRAT to be carefully watched on how they conduct themselves! Even the Black Frats. And also ALL Sororities! Everyone of these groups, no matter well known, or just knowing, will be on the pulse. Just wait. And speaking of the sorority that was all in the cheering mood with SAE, what were you thinking?

Also, in regarding the song that was chanted, there are skeptics that Hip Hop Music was to blame for this. WHAT?!! How is Hip Hop Music has been thrown into this? Oh, because of the N*gger word right? For the White Media Related folks, and those who like Morning Joe, stop the pain! For many many years, Rap Music has been a proverbial punching bag in the eyes of many due to sagging pants, the shoes that most had to get, the hair styles, or just having a Tupac/Biggie Smalls moment per say to act like them. Or the gold chains, or other forms that is selling big now in the eyes of the fans or consumers that presents. Don’t forget, rap brought a new revolution of activism that many seemed to forgot and must be very understood by many. And personally, saying the word N*gger was not in the start of the music genre! The N-bomb was well started WAY BEFORE RAP MUSIC! In the era of slavery and Jim Crow, the word was used alot, by slavemasters. And the same slavemasters probably were founders or early members of SAE also! So for those who kept putting up the Confederate Flag without any education behind it at a College University, you all better learn today! So now since the house got closed up, and black folks who got disappointed by the actions of “their brotherhood”,  what’s next? While pondering that, we just reflected 50 years of Selma.

Second take: I’m sure many in America is now having their eyes on Wisconsin again. Not the dumb Right the Work Bill that was predictably passed, I’m talking about the news surrounding the death of Tony Robinson who got killed by the Madison Police Officer Matt Kenney. Many of us in the Badger State have been protesting like crazy as usual in the act against a young black male of 19 years of age. Usually, being 19 is not considered an adult, but more like a teenager in my view. But the eyes of those who just want to be real about it, they are “considered” as adults.

For those that don’t already know, Madison is like the Liberal fortress of the whole state of Wisconsin. And yes, it’s well know for Wisconsin Badger Games for both Basketball and Football. And it’s the heart of the UW-School system for the whole state. Like I said, the only time(s) that I visited Madison, it was in high school performing with the Very Special Arts group at Camp Randall and yes it was during Badger Football games. This was in 1993 and 1994. And plus, like any other city, Madison does have issues with reality of racism.
For the last couple of days, I have sat back and like many had to review Tony’s life and yes he had his run in with the law with Armed Robbery. And jumping in and out of cars per say. And there were those who had to go onto Social Media and “thanking” the Madison Police Department for getting the thugs off the streets. HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE! So a 19 year old dude gets killed by the Madison PD, and he’s considered a thug? If those in Wisconsin or in the “white related media” are disillusioned  that Tony Robinson was a 19 year old black thug, guess what? You don’t know jack about him! Not one time you never knew the real him that tried to make a difference after high school. I don’t know jack about him. And don’t put all the Wisconsin Black Residents in the same basket and having the assumption we’re all thugs and gangsters that like to stir up trouble. And I’m assuming that there were protestors that supported Officer Matt Kenney and had “Blue Lives Matter” on the signs.

Stop copying and stop playing!

Like I said in the beginning, if #AllLivesMatter really mattered, why is my race of black folks getting shot or mocked are targets of hate? When it comes to this subject? And it’s a subject that is long questioned and examined. This is like a rerun in which Dontre Hamilton got killed all over again in Milwaukee.

And furthermore, I got family members that are cops and I don’t see them going around in protest!

So let me end this: Many in Milwaukee can relate of what is Madison is feeling. And it’s not just a Milwaukee-Madison thing. It’s happening everywhere when a black male (or black female) gets killed by the police, or some watch person, they get on paid leave, or found not guilty and either they get back on the job, quit, or just run away to be killed. I hate to say that Matt Kenney is on watch. He’s on watch. His name is added to the list like Christopher Manney, Darren Wilson, and others who got away scot free after killing unarmed black males.

And truly, do All Lives “Really” Matter?

Plus: Shout out to the 608! Wake the city!!!!!

Three Way Dance time! Everybody knows what time it is. As you see the title, it’s all those in one that I lift my brainwaves and the thoughts go. So with that, time to rant and review.

First Dance Card: For all those who hate on the Milwaukee Streetcar: PLEASE BOW DOWN!!!! Seriously, bow down. Just today the opponents of the Streetcar Project will try once again to pull another referendum thing in May to get more signatures yet again in their effort to try to stop the project. So you mean to tell me that they want to stop another job opportunity per say in order to gain their goal? Again, here we go again. Why do we bow to these so-called Polarized Politics in this segregated climate that the fools will not understand? Why is this? This CRG Network/AFP/Stop the Milwaukee Streetcar folks are just like those who don’t want things to happen to improve Milwaukee. Personally yes, they have their opinions, but I think all these signatures are just a waste of time of keeping things in the past and don’t want to thrive! I’ll never forget that there are those who are from that group that said, we know what the people want. REALLY?!!! I want them to talk to me about what I want in Milwaukee, and I’ll give them a different answer!  Keep in mind, what is the unemployment rate in Milwaukee? About 55%?!!! Which more of that in the Black Community.

For the Proponents of the Streetcar Projects: I have one advice, USE IRON CLAD LIKE MANEUVERS! I said earlier that there will be those who try to throw you off your game with this project plan! That has to be on watch at all times. Even to the Aldermen who favored and voted for the Streetcar. Heed my message, stay on watch for this!  Straight up.

Second Dance on the Card: I’m looking at this website about the rapper Rich Homie Quan, liking the fact that his white fans calling him the n*gger word. Um…..attention all “black activists” yeah you the anti-negropean army: Have you heard this dude saying this? Seriously, this new era of rappers who say this stuff are just asking for it. All of you Rich Homie Quan fans, can you please denounce your hero on this foolishness? I dare anyone who says that, gets their heads examined. Now I know that the “defenders” of the n*gger or n*gga word are in full force like “oh I hear black folks say it all the time. Why can’t I say it?” Don’t get me started on this! Many have forgotten that those who can’t say it, probably already said it and gotten away with saying it! If Rich Homie Quan actually got stopped by the white police or the freaking highway patrol and got handcuffed or hauled away with them saying the N-word, will he like it then?! Ponder that! I’m just saying.

Third Dance on the card: Black Milwaukee, we’ve been called out to make a challenge. I’m listening to WNOV (yes the same station) and during the commercials, there was an radio ad indication about Black Businesses. The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce has a plan for us black folks to start and investing in black owned businesses. They would like to see at least 3,000 businesses (Black Owned) to start up within the next 3 to 4 years. In the next couple of weeks, on Saturdays, they will host several Workshops on how to get the businesses started up from the ground up.

From their website, this is an excerpt of their objective:

The challenge of change along with the pace and complexity of change and global competition facing black businesses today puts a premium on cities that can deliver distinct advantages for companies, talent and investment.
The need for the black community to compete at this level is unprecedented.  It is imperative that we capitalize on our city’s assets and create a scaled campaign equal to the challenge.
Now is the time to think and act as a state.
We have developed an aggressive campaign to secure our business future now.  Outlined in this and other document are the focused strategies aimed at the retention, expansion, creation and attraction of more black people starting businesses and creating jobs.
We believe the black business community has what it takes to compete in the global economy with a world-class business environment.
There is other information from their website that those can partake of interest in reading.
So let me ask this. Who among in Milwaukee, in the Black Community, would step up and take this challenge?
  • Who among us who were sick and tired of being laid off, first fired, or just not getting a real result of when when see our resumes in the trash to that “perspective” company that never gave a da*n about our skills and gains, even with our post-educational background, clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, a generational status in our churches?
  • Who among us who had been discriminated against a certain employer, or a certain organization that would NOT allow us to work for their company even in the year of 2015?
  • Who among us who want to take the game of business ownership to the next level that can help thrive more in a new way in the Black Community?
  • Who among us have been dreaming big while working on a job that we hate NOW?
  • Who among us who want to make this SERIOUSLY HAPPEN for a lifetime, not just for the moment? – the reason behind this, there are those of us that want to invest for the moment, but not for a real lifetime! THAT MUST CHANGE!
So anyone is seriously thinking about making it happen on a SERIOUS TIP, then those must answer the challenge!
Think about it!!!!!!
Many of us are doing the scrappy jobs to make a check. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not enough to be more financially stable to pay the bills, student loans, that long payment back to your mother and father, or those idiotic collection bills you get once a month to make you get pissed off the folks due to that so-called college credit card! Can I get a witness?
I would say this: even though that the jobs out now are and are not up for the grabs at times, but starting your own business, probably maybe the best investment you can do. So I say this, those questions I mentioned, Black Milwaukee: start a new revolution (and I mean a NEW revolution) of black businesses that can help thrive not just the community, but also the person in you!
For more information of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, and the open challenge they are proposing, click here, read, and share.

Man, Wisconsin what is this mess of Right To Work? Are we really that desperate to be on the list of Right to Work?! And plus to those Union Workers who favored Scott Walker, congrats. You have disrespected and brought shame to the beginning folks who have helped to shape this state!  And to those of us in the black community, we need to raise our voices instead of letting other voices shutting us out! I’m going there.

And still to think, its still Black History Month until Saturday. Also, remember when Scott Walker talked about “Divide and Conquer?” The late great Malcolm X warned us about stuff like subject over 50 years ago:

Many many times, I have repeatedly said, by using the phrase, “I told you so”. And to those who thought it wouldn’t be real, guess what? ITS REAL! It’s out there. And the more stuff happens out of Scott Walker, the WORST DAYS of Wisconsin is becoming. And many it’s because of two things: One, its those who don’t vote. Yeah: there are those who feel that voting won’t matter to them. But if the candidate that makes the opposition against their beliefs, interests, values, goals or any other concerns then they don’t matter to you or anyone. Plus also there are those who might be your neighbors, friends, family, or any other buddy system you rely on everyday will also feel the pinch of despair! Tell me I’m wrong!

And the second thing it’s more of threats, racism and many other factors that are not going unheard. Period. Mostly, there are those who are white, and in Madison that are and will protest like crazy. Which is no surprise. But I was listening to the local black radio stations previously about the role of black folks in this “fight”, this is where I begin to address us in the black community in regarding the Right to Work issue. I want address the black folks here: Why aren’t our voices aren’t in this as much as the rest?  I think I answered my own question! In which I’ll go in summary.

Oh, most recently, Scott Walker said that if he could take on 100,000 protesters, he could take on the world. Even ISIS. Oh, let the memes begin. First of all, the 100,000 protesters doesn’t have weapons of knives and guns, and make videos before beheading the crap of their victims. ISIS is doing this. And to the Walker fans, your boy is out of his mind.

I had a former member who spoke in my Church recently, and said in a “God of Israel” warning that ISIS is in America! Oh, wait did I stutter on that? I repeat, ISIS is in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just find the sleeper cells, and those Twitter like warnings on Social Media. And most recently, there were three Americans from Brooklyn who were arrested because of their support of hooking up with ISIS!  Watch out! If I were a REAL fan Scott Walker, in which I’m not, I would be definitely worried about him, and his words in regarding ISIS as being as a new monster as they are. And the insults of the comparisons, seriously! How many times I’ve seen the so-called “Union Thugs” making a declaration of war with weapons on this College Dropout that won 3 times, and gotten away with murder of slashing education funds, health care funds, High Speed Rail, and many others that is winning for his base?

Many of us tried to tell you folks who sit up all day! Especially those who drink the Kool-Aid of Walker’s Brown Bag Lunches all this time!

Is anyone seeing this clearly now? Nevermind the political stuff!

If the bill for right to work does indeed pass, and if it does reach the desk of Scott Walker with his pens of selection, that might be a death door-nail for unions. And speaking of that, if you are real Scott Walker backer, and a union guy or union woman, plus you hate the idea of  Right to Work in all, guess what? You are screwed! Literally. Also from what I’ve heard, that could also be junk jobs for those minimum wage like careers that won’t mean much if you’re looking for a higher degree for your career! That also might be a signal for those to move.

BUT Wait……It’s bad everywhere! Just a thought!

Right now in Madison, there is a Union-Wide protest and also statements from many who are against the idea of Right To Work in regards to testimonies. The same scene of the crime in which 4 years ago many union reps that came riding of tractors or other forms of transportation, all ventured out to the capitol and even in the capitol vented at the previous now broken Act 10 Bill. The same “Budget Repair Bill” that many in the Wisconsin 14 had fled the state in protest. Remember that? Now it’s a different scene, same Governor, different legislation and up to old tricks to mess up the Badger state. Slash and burn.

To be clear, if it’s no surprising that the Governor will in fact sign the bill into law then I don’t know what it is. And plus, when I looked at the pics of those who are majority white in Madison (which is and was expected), I’m asking this question, why do I see a few or two black people in this protest?

Just a word of advice: there needs to be MORE BLACK REPRESENTATION at the table when regarding issues like these. Whether Wisconsin likes it or not, the black residents are residents like everyone else. I represent the 6% – 8% of the citizens that is a Black Wisconsin Resident. Let’s be clear! I dare to have anyone (and I mean ANYONE) who is Madison born per say with all the political lowdown, to have the guts to go to Milwaukee’s Black Community, (or the African-American Chamber of Commerce, The Milwaukee NAACP, The Milwaukee Urban League or The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, or even black churches and community centers and black owned businesses) and actually address the reasons why this affects them also. Plus also black folks, we need to really hear, and see, and go to tell Madison that they need to listen to the concerns about Milwaukee that many in the media talk about at a minimal rate. And also who is kept silent!  Of course, we can say Milwaukee all day if we want. But I want the testimonies between the Largest City and the Capitol for those who don’t get a voice to get a shot!

In other words, Wisconsin’s Capitol needs to listen up. Not just within themselves, but outside of Dane County as many other counties per say that is a concern like Right to Work. Even Milwaukee!

Don’t get me wrong, I visited Madison twice in the 90’s as a High School Student during the Badger Games, when the UW Football was popping! And Barry Alvarez was coaching! Madison is good city in all, but the “Right To Work concerns” as the heart of the state that doesn’t seem to listen, must now pay attention!

Here it is: the final week and days of “The centerpiece” of Black History Month 2015. But certainly it won’t be the last Black History Month, ever. For many many days, yes we have reviewed the highs and lows of our historical perspectives, figures and events. Yes, black folks, we’ll continue to reference our history stuff everyday like many said. But: I have significant warning here, not many of us will NOT acknowledge our history of black stuff.

And by the way: I don’t really acknowledge the “National African-American History Month” name.  I keep it straight original about “Black History Month” always!

How many of us will actually reference black history everyday? And the keyword is “ACTUALLY”. I hate to say this but to us Black Folks who might get mad at this blog, we will not acknowledge our history everyday. We won’t! Unless if there is a new way of doing it. Yeah, we might have those Black 365 Calendars at home or work where black references are shown everyday, but chances are, we are not going to see them everyday! Why? We might miss them by not referencing. Look at our finances, look at our Social Media stats, look at the next line to get the new Air Jordans, or to see what is up with the soaps that feature some black characters acting a fool of impression to feel that sensitive side creeping up. Here is a rhetorical question, are we still going to learn about our historical figures everyday?! YES or NO?

Now this year, there have been some firsts in black history. Yes, I’m still saying first because I want to see the next line folks getting their stuff.

For this year of the #BHM:

First I want to highlight SNL. Yes, Saturday Night Live. In the past 40 years or so, Saturday Night Live has had a lot of skits, and a few African-American comedians whom were never heard of, became famous as SNL Alums. From Garrett Morris, whom was doing a throwback skit with Chevy Chase, to seeing Sasheer Zamata along with Kenan Thompson in “What’s Up With That”, (and no to the Bill Cosby skit…..) Even Leslie Jones commentating on the auditions, plus seeing Kerry Washington, Ellen Cleghorne asking that question about  blacks on Seinfeld. Tim Meadows doing a Q&A, and also Chris Rock of all folks introduced and helped welcomed back someone that hasn’t been on SNL in about 30 years: Eddie Murphy. From what many have said, Eddie Murphy in the early 80’s SAVED SNL. Many said it was the truth, and there was the rumor about how would SNL survive in a couple of years. If hadn’t been for Eddie Murphy making some mama jokes, or responding to a “racist letter” via eating seafood, or Gumby, or James Brown, or the ghetto Mr. Rodgers, SNL would have been in the grave. Yes, you need new material to keep the shop open. And Maya Rudolph doing her Beyoncé impressions. “AIRBORT!” Also, during the In Memoriam segment, Danitra Vance was the only former black cast member that was remembered. Danitra was on SNL for one season during the 80’s.

Second on the menu: I kept saying in the last few years, that Black History is not just American History. It’s now part of World History. Recently on BET, they had a miniseries of a showing called “The Book of Negroes.” The real credit of the show goes to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Thank you Canadians! If those who haven’t seen the miniseries, it is a real eye opener! It’s a real eye opener not just for the love story of Aminata and Chekura, but overall it’s the struggle of slavery with triumph in between. Clearly, this to me is the now version of Roots. And also, I really LIKED Aminata’s character! She was more like a Harriet Tubman of the 1700’s from attempting to free other slaves, to read, write, speak three different languages, and still knows how to fight back! That to me, is a strong intelligent black woman! Towards the end of the series, Arimata tells the British Abolitionists her side of the story and mostly to them, she wanted to tell HER Story. And that’s what we have to do black folks! This is the part of Black History, or Black History Month where we need to tell OUR Stories! Our experiences. Our Values. And definitely our concerns, joys, truth, justice, humanity and other needs and concerns that continues to harbors the Black Community.

Now, there are those who might say: that’s racist. It’s not. You non-black folks tell your stories ALL THE TIME! And not once that any black person has stopped you from telling your experiences coming up. Even about various occasions of immigrants moved to America and worked very hard, and etc. We hear them all the time! But my folks were born here and ancestors were African related were shackled, branded, ripped apart, forced to learn new names and languages and still, being called the N-words no matter what we try to achieve for us! Degrees, Certificates, First Employee or Employees of Color doing this and that. Opening doors for greatness. And many, many, many objectives and purposes that Blacks have and are currently doing in all aspects. Even STILL rising up from the ashes of misguidedness! However again, there are those who feel that it’s racist, that it’s just separating the human race, and many other concerns. Even being “negropeanized”. Um, NO! And speaking of the “human race,” it was black folks that started the human race. We were the first of human civilization, of science, African-Americans have been in wars of the U.S. more times in history, even all kinds of MUSIC! Even fashion. Making news in journalism, technology, political statements, activism, evangelism and many MANY MANY others! Black folks, we need to keep the reminders! Even though that Black History Month of 2015 is concluding, yes our references we seek everyday still lingers!

On Facebook, I mentioned this statement that I’m not all about keeping it February. AND……..I am not all about keeping it Everyday! So check me out on this black folks: I celebrate Black History Month not only for “the centerpiece moment” of celebrations, but I also continue to  reference the historical figures and events. You can keep the month, but also reference the lessons learned!

Speaking of Canadians: I want to direct my attention to the Black Canaidan Audience. I have viewed your footages of your series of “Being Black in Canada”, via the CBC website,  in the honor of your contributions to Black History. And I was thoroughly impressed. Really I was! And I am glad that many of you, or some of you are speaking out and bringing up the missing pieces of your black historical references that were either misplaced, not talked about, covered up, and many others. Even Slavery, and Racism. Like here in the U.S. we deserve also to uncover many hidden information that was either not talked about in our schools, universities, our jobs, our communities that are pertaining to Black Culture and Black events.

So I say this to you, the Black Canadian Audience, after hearing the segments that you commented and talked about via your Being Black in Canada special, I say this: Keep talking about them. Never stop! Raise your concerns of injustice, racism, and others that many need to hear. Some of you whom may not realize it, you have become unsung heroes. Keep telling YOUR black stories. And yes, like us U.S. folks, we need to tell our children more about these experiences. But as adults, I say this to any black adult citizen in the world, we need to reteach ourselves on Black History because sometimes we forget! We also say we need to keep telling the stories so that our kids will know when they get grown! Matter of fact, we need to tell them NOW before they get grown!  Yes, when I heard your stories, it was similar to what us African-Americans face each day. WE KNOW! So, you’re not alone. Feel free to blog, use your black radio airwaves, papers, TV, Internet sites to get your message (and that’s YOUR Message) to continue. You got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And yes, you can come to America’s News stations or radio programs to express the black life of Canada in this point of view. For the Black Canadian Media, same thing. Keep telling your stories! This Being Black in Canada special you had recently is a start. Again: Keep going and DON’T STOP! There are those who might feel uncomfortable about the subjects, but it’s needed to be told, no matter what!

Also just in: I was viewing this video on Facebook (via the updates) and yes it’s Black Canadian Related in the schools. Again, keep telling the stories!

This might sound strange in all, but there needs to be a “International Black Summit” of all black folks addressing our issues about this. Most recently, there was a racial incident that was in Paris in which a black man was pushed off the train more than once by some white Chelsea Soccer Players and chanting as being racist. Shameful! And several blog stories ago, I commented that racism is crossing international waters!

Furthermore in this #BHM2015: The talk about Selma. I’m pretty sure that many of you went to see the movie about one of the acts in the history of Civil Rights. For those who STILL have not seen Selma, I will not disclose anything from the movie here! I want those who have high school students, involved with Church Activities, College groups, D9 Fraternities and Sororities, Community Members, and many other connections to go and see this movie! And by the way, don’t just see it because you want to, see it because it’s your right. Also I should point out, the song Glory from the Selma Soundtrack is Oscar Winning Worthy.

Callout: For those of us in Milwaukee, we got to see the Ebony Fashion Fair at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Now through May! 

Finally, for you future kings and queens of the black community: I see you!!!! I see your young talents shine in dance, music, sports, technology, and most of all: education! Do all you can to make the world a good place to live. But before you get to those big jobs in the future, and higher education of colleges, make SURE you listen to your parents (even though they might be strict at times), your teachers who might stay on your homework alot. Don’t get an attitude all the time, stay grounded with your books, keep dreaming and most of all, don’t quit/dropout, and this for mostly the black boys: STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! If you find yourself in trouble, don’t do it on your own. Get help to get out, and stay out!

This concludes my “Annual Review” of Black History Month 2015. But not of Black History overall. Besides, Black History Month Part II is coming in June! So get ready.

Ok WordPress readers:

Pardon my interruption of me celebrating Black History Month.

I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey. I have not read the book 50 Shades of Grey. But before I get into the story of my point of view, let me alert that what I’m about to say may not be suitable for the general audience. Nah, I’m keeping it straight original in which I’m going on the hypocrites per say who bash this movie.

Personally, I’m not defending the movie in a way of getting on the side of right. My question to all those who actually bashed the movie, have you EVER seen the movie? No one paid their 7 or 8 bucks while snuggling up with their boyfriends or girlfriends from the Valentine’s Day Weekend? Hey fellas, I hope you survived that holiday of hearts!

Anyway, so 50 Shades of Grey is out and folks calling out the thumbs down things. Ok. But let me say this: 20 years ago in 1995, who among here has seen the movie Showgirls? Raise your hands! Stop hiding! Fellas who were single 20 years ago now married, got saved by Jesus, rocking with children in all, have you sneaked into the theaters and saw Elizabeth Berkley almost butt naked dancing in Vegas? For those who are in the Millennial group that are 18 now, the person I mentioned was an actress on the show called Saved By The Bell that many of us Gen X’ers grew up watching characters of Zack Morris or Lisa Turtle. And before he got into stabbing trouble in my homestate, Dustin Diamond’s character, Screech was a nerd. A memorable nerd like Steve Urkel.

Callout: Can I just be straight for a minute?

As a 18 year old back in the day, when riding around on the Milwaukee County Transit Bus, I saw a sign outside of the Times Cinema near the westside of Milwaukee that read this: “Art or Sleaze. You Decide.” Showgirls. Keep in mind this was 20 years ago. And no, I didn’t go in and see the flick.I was of age even though the movie had this “NC-17″ movie rating. However, I did see the movie overall….in 1996 on cable. Yep I saw the movie that most had bashed in ’95 and yes it wasn’t just about sex, and almost innuendos. It was also about struggle where the character Nomi (played by Elizabeth Berkley)  was going from nowhere to somewhere. It was also about confrontation, fronting, denial, being mad at the world, and also tripping over the star to getting the star in being the star. And domestic violence against the black character Molly was clearly over the top. But towards the end, Nomi becomes the main dance star in Vegas. Now for those who have not seen it, yes I know it’s been 20 years. Many have forgotten about it. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t just read Wikipedia. Just see the actual movie. Pop it in the machine and press play. But you have to really, REALLY, REALLY grown to see it!

Way back when around 1992: I KNOW everyone probably saw, or tried to see Basic Instinct! And Sharon Stone, was not messing around! And she did not mess around in 1993 when she played a character named Carly in Sliver. It was a movie that had this Apartment that was full of hidden cameras and a secret location in the place that was set up like the batcave with monitors and such. Innuendos was crazy. In 1994, there was movie that dealt with Sexual Harassment in the workplace. Has the movie Disclosure featuring Demi Moore and Michael Douglas ring a bell in which MEN were sexually harassed on the job? Don’t laugh, ladies.

Also, speaking of cable: remember Real Sex on HBO? Yo, for those who know, if you grew up sneaking up past midnight to see show to see it, technically you are not the only one. I’ll admit: I’ve seen some scenes from Real Sex that blew my mind. Not out of enjoyment! But just in general. I mean the things they had on that show that had me dropping my jaw! I mean this was the 90’s close to the early 2000’s here that the earlier stuff was considered taboo. Nowadays, Real Sex is a throwback. And yes, I’ll bet those who actually doing the things now were probably taking notes on Real Sex for things like oh I don’t know: Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime? Come on now!

As they say, Real Sex, thats a wrap! Now for those whom never heard of the show, Google. (WITH CAUTION!)

Even those shows had those blow your mind effects and I’ll bet back then there were some haters and hypocrites per say that criticize them in every way.Technically, this is nothing new. Such as banning books in your local High Schools per say about Sex. Or related subjects to the matter of it. Oh yeah, just watch your local news. They talk about it all the time. But eventually to you now parents of high school students who like to come to the schools and demand to get your son’s or daughter’s cell phone back, and show up for graduation only, or those who think are safely out in the suburban schools where things are not that negative. think again! They may not get the gist now, but later on in life after they move out your house, they will see and read a future throwback of 50 Shades of Grey and try to analyze it. MARK MY WORDS!

Who knows, the subject of this, might come up in college when they get there.

But seriously, 50 Shades of Grey is out. And like Showgirls, it will be talked about for a while and then…… what next? Going back further actually 4 years after that, Eyes Wide Shut. Remember that when 1999 was in effect? Who saw that? Seeing Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman getting busy. Don’t lie! And those Zane Novels, even Trois. Now I’m going to say this: I got three movies of Trois on DVD. I am not kidding. Now for those who probably never heard of Trois, let me say this: when or if you get them, the flicks are not all about Sex or Porn. Similar to Showgirls almost, you’ll see almost rough starts, temptations, betrayals, lust, greed, envy, jealousy, mind games, tricks, and also there is a good ending. Plus also, the Trois movies are Black Independent films on the Erotic Thriller side. (no I’m not talking about Michael Jackson’s Thriller) And I remember when BET used to show those flicks! The flicks came out on video between 2000 and 2004, so it’s worth noting.

So yes, for those who are into the 50 Shades of Grey, and made it huge per say, in my book you’re off the hook. And yes those will continue to criticize the notion of one thing instead of the big picture.

For today, another chapter in the history of the brew city had turned the page. A long waited Streetcar project that kept on the shelf for over 20 years can finally be put to good use. And yes there was a twist with the new idea with the new Bucks Arena involving the Menominee Tribe offering $200 million to cover the cost of the place via taxpayers.  That second part still remains to be seen if Walker can actually make a fair shake. However for this day, something must have shook the core to get the Ill Mil started up.  And yes the idea might be costly but effective. So with that, here is a blog letter.

Dear Milwaukee folks.  Yeah all of us:

It’s me Stephen.  Yes, I’m local, born here, work here, haven’t thought about leaving yet, still black and a blogger here in the city.

History was made today. The Brew City has done something that it needed to do. And the Common Council whom voted to approve for the project has finally had the brass balls that has been long waited through polarized politics in a segregated climate. Congrats, Milwaukee you have finally began to snap out of the funk of denial of getting the Milwaukee Streetcar to become a significant reality. Keep the pressure on and don’t stop! The reason being there might be folks who would toss your game and make you quit. And this goes for the Streetcar supporters and project ambassadors and business connections alike. Again do not stop!

Just a thought here: add a provisional clause in the contracts, agreements and proofing that the project SHOULD be under “Iron Clad Rules.” Anything it’s Iron Clad should not be put on ballots, nor referendums. NONE!

And to those in Milwaukee that are still in the funk of not moving forward to help the city out, then CLEARLY you are not doing your job! For those in the CRG Network, yeah you are still circulating petitions and trying to force a referendum to halt the project. Even though its a right but I think you are wasting your time of halt opportunities for those who want to shine! Not just those who want the Streetcar, I’m talking about those who are super hungry, super waiting on hand and foot just itching to do skills they were trained to do and also waiting to do!!!!

What is it about Milwaukee or Wisconsin that an idea comes to motion that seems good, then here comes the folks that have to debate, and debate, and debate, and debate from some wannabes who feels that they know what the people want?

CALLOUT: CRG Network, I’m posing this question to you since you indicated the knowing part, what do you know what I want in Milwaukee? What do you know?! And to those who are on these Anti-Streetcar pages particularly in Milwaukee and the so-called Koch Funded Americans for Prosperity, I’m posing this question also, what do you know what I want in Milwaukee?

My former pastor used to say: “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!”

Over and over again I said that Milwaukee needs to play hard poker to gamble and over again. We’ve gotten soft with all the Polarized Politics in a Segregated City. Don’t deny the thought! Many of you were probably taught that when you were growing up and refusing black folks to work along for a successful job! And those you turn away, either they do two things: either move away to another city or take another job that will keep folks poor. Ruffle the feathers much?

And as for the new Bucks Arena. With an idea with the Menominee Tribe has in mind of covering their 200 millions for the taxpayers of the building. With a twist of the proposed Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. That to me seems interesting. It does. Simply because I think the Tribe would like to assist the need to help the taxpayers portion of the third leg of the funding. Which to me seems interesting to follow up. However, it might not happen because many folks know that Scott Walker will not make that happen. And already he denied the funding of casino by listening to Iowa in his somewhat request to become President. Which I think he would not get far.

And of course we all know that Illinois is also looking at us to see if Wisconsin reaches its familiar breaking point of turning down funding that could benefit folks for jobs. There are folks here that need to eat, work, and play. And I’m not talking about those that are currently doing it. I’m talking about those who really need to eat! And aren’t lazy and do want to work!

And also note to the Menominee Tribe, if the full idea is a moot, and we know this per say, donate part of your 200 Million to the UW Universities to assist those in Higher Education. And partially, make a deal with Hard Rock International to build Hard Rock Cafes in the state.  I see them everywhere else, but why not here in Wisconsin? Or Build a Hard Rock Cafe Roadhouse near Summerfest. I’m giving some ideas here!

Finally, as I close. I hope this day can teach us a lesson. I love my city. And at times I have to condemn my city for not doing right. I’m not just talking about the ballot box or radio, I’m talking about letters, emails, blogs,  Social Media postings and many other forms of communication. Even face to face or eye to eye. Now I would probably post this on Facebook per say in a Streetcar group page. But here, I feel this blog of WordPress is the best thing to go.

Play hard poker Milwaukee. Snap out of the funk of denial and get your resumes out!

Get onboard.

Sincerely (in the city),