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Yes, I knew I was going to write this. We all know about the comedic talk host shrill effect of Bill Maher. We all know.

And yes, on the blog here: we will talk about the N-Word yet again, and why it has gotten out of control. As a matter of fact, it’s been out of control since day one. As I was reading the “cliff notes” about what Bill said to the Republican Representative from Nebraska, about the use of discrimination or use of slavery related stories, and out comes the words: “I’m a house n*gger.” Out of the words of Bill Maher. But here’s the kicker: he said the N*gger before and turned to the audience, “Oh F*** you!” in a comedic fashion he knows.  We get it.

However in a sense of me asking this, why would Bill Maher, use a demonic word of N*gger, and being this ally against the antics of Donald Trump (oops, I mean 45)? Many have called to have Bill Maher removed from HBO in the wake of his recent outburst of the N-Bomb. And this also, many have favored him and support him due to give him a pass.  As in “Oh that’s just Bill Maher. He may say something crazy against those in the church, but we still like him”.

Yeah. But. Still.

If Bill Maher is such against those in the church as an atheist as he is, why did he invited Nuns and a minister on his show to talk about the current events? Call it what………backpedalling perhaps?

Back in the days of the “Politically Incorrect on ABC” yes there were issues that made the screen. Even having Bill saying the N-word 11 times when Anne-Marie Johnson was a guest. But what got Bill Maher fired from the network, was something that he said sometime after 9/11 as we know. And yes, he was terminated. But got resurrected by HBO with his “Real Time” hourly show to pick up where he left off.

But of course: Yeah. But. Still. Of course many had called him out on his head. From the right, the left, Roland Martin all because of the word that had many of the black community already knows that it’s dumb. There was a time that Hulk Hogan used the N-word and many called him a racist. But there were those whom are friends of the Hulkster and black, defended him. Not only just saying the N-Word but also using it as an example to defend his daughter.

By now, yet again here comes this question: who gets to use the N-Word, and who doesn’t? And should Rappers (mostly in a Gangsta related) eliminate it from the vocabulary? We have a local radio personality here in Milwaukee that comes on in the afternoons online, and the expression comes up in the example: “N*ggas, Blacks, African-Americans, or whatever you choose to call yourself”.  Here’s the reason: Some folks want to be called N*ggas. Some want to be called Blacks. And some want to be called African-Americans. But as far as wanting to be called “N*ggas”, ok it’s a choice but it’s a dumb choice of degrading oneself.

Knowing that he’s on trial, Bill Cosby asked the question in Milwaukee in 2004: “Are there any N*ggers here?” He went in about the use of the word in music, dancing to it in all, and also asking why it’s still relevant now. Even when the kids are listening to it when big brother or sister is at the job. Or when someone from school brings it to the class secretly and then others listen to it and so on. Oh we know, Generation X.

Speaking of that, Black-ish had a episode about the N-word in which the character Jack was doing a talent show dance. And it was a Kanye West song, “Gold Digger”. In one of the phrases, Jack says the N-word and gets suspended from school. And yes there was a discussion on why it’s was inappropriate, and the discussion goes back to Andre’s days (Anthony Anderson) when the new use of the word N*gga was popping up. But even Pops (played by Laurence Fishburne) had to school him to a point.

With that being all this said: Many of us need to be careful how certain words or phrased context that is being put out. Of course. We have the right to say what we feel. After all, Freedom of Speech is a right. BUT HOWEVER it’s also an accountability. It’s also a responsibility. Yes dwellers, it’s also a responsibility that we have to go through. It’s like you said it, it’s on you. Not society. Not the Whiteman, or the Black Hotep Conscious Woman. It’s ON YOU!  Even you  “Keyboard Gangsters” that like to write those pointless memes that ruin College Opportunities or taking swipes at those whom like to educate and summarize but being stuck up in your own lifestyle that well, make others miss.

Do you or anyone knows what this is actually reminds me of? Loving America. We all have some love of the country in some capacity like the Freedom of Speech, free religion, or busting out your dance moves that seems objective but good. But when it comes to the bad situations like slavery accountability, racism, shootings against innocent blacks, not getting the job or the house or the car because the ongoing bigotry that many of us American folk should know. MAINLY African-Americans!

  • You say you love Bill Maher, call him out on his comments about House N*gger.
  • You say you love rap music, call it out on the lyrics that desensitizes Women, Children, and other concerns.
  • You follow these activists and their beliefs, but never call them out of their problems that you hate!
  • You say you love Distance Education and claim to understand it, but there are those who will attack you because you don’t go to class in person.
  • You say you love Public Schools or Education, but never show love afterwards.
  • You say you love Black Men: but some black men whom are fathers don’t see our kids. And claiming to be no good at all since the start overall growing up.
  • You say you love Black Women, but some of the black women need to be called out for the long hate against men that you thought that wouldn’t marry you since high school or the same educational level as you!
  • You say you love the church. Ok, but what about the real deal why SOME churches that turn against their beliefs? And many that don’t?
  • You claim not to be a racist, but still spew out words that closely that has racist implications.

Do you see the parallels here?! This is what I’m talking about. If many of us don’t see this, WE ARE THE PROBLEM! But many of us don’t want to hold the other the accountability that we know. We don’t want to hurt the feelings in all, but still tell the truth!

Word is that on Friday that yes, Bill Maher will be on his show, and yes Ice Cube will be one of his guests.  Implications? That remains to be seen.




Three way dance time! Time to start the gaggles.

First: Can someone in America, or in Wisconsin tell me why Scott Walker deserves a spot on Time Magazine’s 100 influential people list? 

Excuse me! Why does a guy like him who opposes High Speed Rail by refusing the rail money in a fashion of leading to more segregation, bragging about the 250,000 jobs which I don’t see happening,  slashing education, the Act 10 crap, the racists emails, and some of his staff members when doing time for Milwaukee County during his run for governor are in jail, and most recently, trying to curb voting rights and hours which mostly Minorities would be effected. I don’t care if you live in Milwaukee,  Madison,  Waukesha, or freaking up north that doesn’t have much black folks, you tell me, why does Scott Walker, this shameful Governor of Wisconsin, whom I didn’t voted up for,  deserves a spot on the Time Magazine 100? Personally, that is a mistake. More like tainted! I would prefer Senator Lena Taylor or Alderwoman Milele Coggs in the Time Magazine 100 list than Scott Walker anyday. Many in America had a somewhat man crush for a guy like Walker who doesn’t have a college degree now wanting to go UW to cover up his dropping out from Marquette, should not have been chosen to be on the list. Oh many in America are probably saying “Walker is a hero for Wisconsin!”- OH HUSH!  If he is really a hero, what has he done for the minorities who are struggling in Wisconsin? In terms of jobs, healthcare, transportation, education and many other needy factors? What was Chris Christie thinking in choosing Scott Walker than his own problems with the bridge in the NY/NJ Tri-State area? Plus also, what has Scott Walker done to appease to the African-American folks in Wisconsin that he’s not a bad person in regards. CLEARLY: Walker has been and is BAD NEWS! And America, if you think he deserves a spot on the national stage of trying to become President instead of appearing in a Sesame Street commercial, you must have left over blunts from Easter Sunday 4/20!  And this is the same Scott Walker, that gave his State of the State Speech this year, and made NO (and I repeat) NO references about Milwaukee. And also this is the same guy that once said “We don’t want to look like Milwaukee.” Yeah, that guy! And again, you tell me, a black man that is Milwaukee born and raised, that comes from a lineage of educators, workers, union folks, business owners, and etc why this Governor was hand picked to be on the 100 list of Time Magazine?! With all the problems going on in Wisconsin, I think the Walker faithful needs to have a reality check through the eyes of the minorities, especially black folks who are going through the struggle. And no, it’s not a smoke screen. Nor laziness. And no it’s not one of those things that might say, oh why they are so like that?

Speaking of that: Cliven Bundy. What is up with this dude?

This guy has been in the support eyes of the Republican/GOP Faithful for the last few days, then all of a sudden: SHUTDOWN! I don’t know why I’m giving him a time of day, but however, since he’s making a fool of himself on national TV with his racist remarks about African-Americans, Slavery and blaming Martin Luther King for not doing enough, he’s full of it! Now he’s saying that MLK didn’t do enough. If he (King) hadn’t got assassinated in April of 1968, he would be still doing more to help move this country to it’s inner prosperity. But naw……he had to get shot in Memphis. Bundy ought to know this from fact and fiction. Bundy, like another type of folks, wanted to use King as this warm fuzzy dude for peace and justice. But he totally forgot as well as many others that King was a radical and revolutionary in the backbone of his movement for civil rights. Can anyone in Nevada or in America tell Cliven Bundy that?  And also were does he get about African Americans benefited from Slavery? The same type of slavery that had my ancestors bought off, sold, torn apart, through extortion, not knowing who or what, forced into new type of environment of religion, land, names, origins and many others who often said get over it. That right there is a slap in the face! Slavery was and is a controversial criminal act. Even John Wesley, the founder of Methodism and a white British man, called Slavery inhumane. We talk slavery today through human trafficking. But no one wants to talk about it thinking we gotten over it. And Cliven had to bust out with the Negro comments. Ummm…..what year is this again? If he knew better we say either BLACK or AFRICAN-AMERICAN now in this era.


If slavery in America has been long forgotten then like I said, explain Human Trafficking in which you have women being forced against their will. Remember when those three women who were abducted in Cleveland for 10 years and no one knew what happened? But after enduring 10 years of being held captive against their will, they were let go and rescued. It does exist folks. Now he wants to apologize to those he offended. Really Cliven Bundy? In a state that abolished slavery? Even Bill Maher has called him out on this as well as the Republican mindest:

Finally, how many of us seen this?

Donald Sterling an NBA Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers has issues with African-Americans. I had to listen to the entire 9:00 conversation with his viewpoints. Black folks: this is what he thinks about you. Especially all you young bucks, and those who think that there is no real racism, it’s a post racial society, we got a black president and yada, yada, yada. I hate to say this, and I said it many times before, WE DON’T live in a post racial society. I don’t see no utopias! Where’s the Utopia? Where?! In church? An office setting? A theater? A Club? Somebody better tell me something! Matter of fact, that can’t be commented. Think about it. And here is thought, since Donald Sterling has a hate on Black folks, why does he have more black folks on his squad of the Clippers? What is going through the minds of Chris Paul or even Blake Griffin? Now he doesn’t want his girlfriend  VStiviano,  (who happens to be mixed as Mexican and Black),  to bring any black folks to the Clippers games. REALLY?! Right now the LA Clippers are in the playoffs. If they get beat in the series, that might be an omen of another discussion on Race. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Paul talks about it. I’m taking bets. Now this story has broken though Facebook like an Iron Fist. Partially, the history of this hate, goes back to over 30 years ago.

This dude clearly has issues. And plus even today, Earvin Magic Johnson has made this decree via twitter:

TMZ reported this morning that Clippers owner Donald Sterling doesn’t want me or other African-Americans to come to Clippers games.

. and I will never go to a Clippers game again as long as Donald Sterling is the owner.

I feel sorry for my friends Coach Doc Rivers and Chris Paul that they have to work for a man that feels that way about African Americans.

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s comments about African Americans are a black eye for the NBA.

And also, if you see these fools on Twitter saying this mess:

 54m   well, you have aids.. its different
 56m   maybe cause you’re infected? Not cause of your skin color? Hmm


Talk about ignorance and stupidity. Yo, we got your names and your twitter handles. And plus what they just said can’t be taken back. Who are the fools, Cliven Bundy’s relatives?! Or the long lost cousins of Donald Sterling?

Remember what I said that we don’t live in a post racial society? Um, hello Utopia lovers! It ain’t happening! In regarding about AIDS, if you aren’t so educated to make some dumb remarks behind the computer, then you don’t have no common sense. They are as I what I call are “pathetic stupid cowards”. That’s all they are! All brave infront of a screen, but away from the screen with your picture on it, you’re just shaking in your boots!

I’m done with these fools for now. But the struggle to decode White Supremacy in America continues. And that has nothing to do with being an American citizen. NONE!

Oh, for those who are still trying to be reflective: Read the Willie Lynch Letter from 1712. I’m just saying. What is going on now with race in America concerning black folks is a repeat that happened in a mind set from 300+ years ago. College Students, Alumni, High School, Church (especially our white church folk) better study up and read this letter. 

One of my blogs from the old MyFoxMilwaukee 2008 Blogs in which I did a double take. Walmart, and a MKE weekly paper that was intersting to read. But was ended. 

My “Double Take”: Fighting at Walmart and MKE’s Demise

Jun 22, 2008 | 5:11 PM
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I’m going on a “double take” of My Takes here on the blogs. But before I get into that, let me say welcome to Summer. Let’s just hope that this one is much safer and get involved in activities!
My first take is on Walmart. Oh, yes Walmart. On two separate occassions, and on two separate areas, I visted both locations on the Eastside and Midtown. Mostly to do some shopping and or looking up for a merchandise item for adding for the house or personal needs, like DVD’s. But here’s the thing that got me concerned and offguard: Fighting in the store. At the east side Walmart near Holton and Capitol, I witnessed last month two men having an altercation in a almost MMA/WWE brawl. One of the men was dragged and slammed to the floor near the entrance way in order to be restrained. And it was carried into the back near the security offices. It also turned out that the person was trying to get away with some merchandise underneath his clothes. When I first saw that, I’m thinking this Walmart needs to have some “improved” security measures for things like this to upbeat for the store. And I mean IMPROVED! Also this other fight occured yesterday at the Midtown Center (formally called Capitol Court). As I was about to leave the store, there was a loud reaction coming from once again, the entrance way. I thought someone might have fallen or collasped, but it wasn’t. It was an altercation between a man and woman. The fight spilled from the entrance way to the near side where the bathrooms and checkout counters are located. Mostly it got way out of hand for one of the clerks . I noticed that the woman was restrained by couple of men who was trying to make sure that she didn’t lay a finger on him. Plus, she was escorted out of the store. For the man in the altercation, he too was restrained but continued to walk away from the entrance way and into the store. Another thing that lead to the fight was about mostly the man in the picture gave a swipe to the woman. Almost like domestic disturbance. By the time I got to entrance way, and out of the store, the police were on the scene talking to one of the clerks and possibly one of those who were with the woman in the scuffle. I’m saying to myself asking “what is wrong with these folks bring their business in public?” It seems that there can’t be no shopping in peace and safety no more. Like the eastside, the security near the doors must be IMPROVED. I know Walmart has security on the outside but they have to need on the inside near the entrance way also.
Second take: What do the Hotcakes Art Gallery and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s MKE have in common? Both are disapointed in the idea of the Fonz Statue. I don’t know any of you, but I liked reading the MKE every Thursday. It’s a supplement of the Journal. My favorites are mostly the features, and the “When I was 30” articles. But now, if you don’t know, the MKE’s last publication will be July 10th. The Hotcakes Gallery (never been there) is closing around the 4th of July. I don’t get it. These organizations are just having a fit all because of a statue. Come on. It’s just being silly of them cowaring out of the city over the fictional character. Now me, I’ve said on other blog comments, I don’t care about the Fonz Statue. Never have. Never will. Unlike those I’ve mentioned, I got alot more stuff to worry about, like looking for full time work with an annual secure salary(which is must need for me!) , health benefits, saving gas and more. Now, hold your breath when I say this, but I’ll say it anyway: If it took Visit Milwaukee about $85,000 to raise in order to make the project happen for a statue, I kept thinking over and over again, how would my non-profit organization, my church, for example, could raise $85,000 for a worthy cause? Or how could any Non-Profit company could raise almost that amount to forward a worthy cause turned artwork or whatever? What did they do? How did they carry it out? What were the necessary steps to make this possible? And how could it benefit my company/organization to help those in need? Like getting a new improved transit system for the city without “fear” and “misunderstanding” coming from downtown. Had to put that in there!
It’s just like when Bill Maher said about the Krispy Kreme donuts three years ago: “New Rule: It’s just a donut!” In this case, “It’s just a statue!” Recently, I had a converastion with my Pastor in concering about one of my Men’s Day programs I made for my church. He said one on the members was acting picky of a picture of her late husband that I was mentored by. I had a lot of male mentors in the church. What got to me was the fact the church member is someone I knew since I was a baby, and also one of the ones who helped me along the way to manhood. Frankly, in my defense, (I would not say or end with a yes maam comment) I explained to my Pastor that I was trying to be positive about it. And I didn’t hurt no one. Not one soul! And I put my name on the booklet to show that one day for example, my baby cousins would grow up and see that their cousin Stephen did something cool! It’s individuals like them that once said: “You need to do something constructive or need more discipline”. I think I proved myself in those areas thus far. It’s just take encouragement. Can I say………. move on to what’s important, here?

For Hotcakes and the MKE, I don’t hate them, I just feel sorry for them. I feel sorry because, I think they probably never gave the statue a chance. And I can’t imagine in the next 20 or more years down the line, someone might come and say: “You quit working at the MKE/Hotcakes because of a statue?”

“That is so lame!” “What were you thinking crying over a statue?”

Don’t be surprised if questions like that are asked!

Yes, this is my “double” take. Right or wrong. Just my thought.

This movie of 2016, Barack Obama’s America, that you don’t know is NOT on my interests of movie watching in 2012. Obviously, this guy the writer/director Dinesh D’Souza doesn’t know Barack Obama, PERIOD. Technically I think this “movie” is frantically a disrespect. Nope I will take a pass. If you’re one of those who follow this ideal of seeing this movie, your choice.

By the way, Bill Maher schooled this dude badly! And I men schooled!

Seriously, Americans. What is wrong with the country? Correct me if I’m wrong, I was watching the news this morning about a High School Valedictorian out of Oklahoma who worked hard for her four years in school, and is NOT getting her High School Diploma, all because of the words uttered  of the phrase “How the hell do I know?” Look at that phrase again, “How the hell do I know?” And the thing is, that comment is nothing to be well, I’ll go ahead and say it: EXTREMELY SENSITIVE of everything that goes on! When I looked at the news, I’m like seriously. The folks in Oklahoma must be embrassed all because of this. So, in my estimation the school district that the student graduated from, is not getting her diploma unless she,  Kaitlin Nootbaar gives an apology to the school’s directors in exchange of her well deserved high school diploma. And the line, “How the hell do I know?” came from the TV show The Twlight Saga: In which it was mirrored in terms of “Who in the hell knows?” Yep, you read that right. A  teens TV show!

This reminds me of a Valedictorian that graduated from my old high school back in 2006 here in Milwaukee. Only this time it wasn’t a quote of “who in the hell cares?”. At the time, Class of 2006 Valedictorian Matt Umstot was in “danger” of not getting his high school diploma  in regards to what he expressed on his MySpace page before he addressed the 2006 class. I remember commenting this 6 years ago hard to believe, but for those who missed it, this is what I wrote:

“In America, we as citizens have a right to say whatever we want and back it up. Surely, for some it is a challenge, but others may be questionable. Take for instance, at my Alma Mater, John Marshall High School on June 6, (6-6-6) Class Valecdictorian Matt Umstot was to give a speech to his senior class. I went on his myspace site and appears that Matt wanted to say the “extreme” version of his speech than the “edited” version. In the speech, Matt talks about  how the City of Milwaukee’s leaders, school system, racism, and others have been a letdown for the Brewcity’s image.  He even revealed that a friend of his was killed because of a t-shirt. He stated in his graduation speech on how it would not be an easy speech to review. And also in punishment, if the speech would have been given, he would have been yanked off stage and not graduate.

 Let me say this as a 1995 Grad of Marshall, that I believe he earned the right and privilege to say what was on his mind. I know that it not easy these days, but again everyone has a right, even we don’t want to hear it. I would also believe that Matt probably stood up for what he believed in, although he was 18. Yo, age ain’t nothing but a number (to quote Aaliyah). Instead of turning off of what people like Matt have to say, we need to listen. Instead of pulling people off their big moments in life. And maybe if we just listen, we would probably  get the message. I know I feel the same way of changing the city for the better.”
So in contrast, Matt almost lost his diploma all because of telling the truth about Milwaukee’s problems at that time. And some of those problems are still a dilemma today! Did we listen, Milwaukee? Not really. Technically, I think the Milwaukee Public Schools Board Members at the time made a stupid, dumb move of this “warning” of Mr. Umstot making the truth blown in the faces of reality. This was 6 years ago, and both parties had moved forward. Peacefully.
Technically this is one of the reasons why I think most in the world laughs at Americans because of things like this. I never thought I would say this, but even though America has all these freedoms to endure, but we’re still sweating the small stuff of EVERYTHING! Somebody said a word, display something in public that is not demeaning, or making a point to tell the truth and we get all upset. Black History Month is celebrated or saying anything that relates to African-American is racist, but it’s not. Tell me this is real talk?  Oh, I know what those are thinking that , “Well, when I was a Valedictorian, I didn’t use the word hell or demanding change that my city be better in all.” Well that’s just you. Yes, times have changed. Those who lead their classes as Valedictorians (my High School Class had Co-Valedictorians in 1995) had to lead by positive example and to reflect that example upon leaving the school. BUT, I think they have the right to say something as long as it’s not a problem! Matt Umstot’s speech from 2006 and this comment out of Kaitlin Nootbaar were not violent, or offensive! You know, I hear the word “hell” alot in various terms. That’s why we go to church! We have many problems in the world ranging from jobs, housing, health care, social/economic status, international relations, human relations, racism, sexism, Women’s choice, Men’s choice, where to send our children for education, what to watch, what not to watch, what to listen, what not to listen, what to display, supporting our troops in battle, what not to display, when and how to support local talent and businesses, knowing when or not to keep President Obama in office, trying to get the folks to come to the polls and vote, and explaining the real reasons why voting does matter. Not because of where you stand or feel! Some of these things in which are problematic for a few, but not offensive to many. If it’s a problem for a few for a “pre-mature, extremely sensitive”  for whatever, then we do have a problem. Apparently those who have that problem in my estimation, that must lead to common sense!  Or in this case: learn to coexist. Bill Maher, earlier this year made the quote from his show that most should understand: “I don’t want to live in a country where no one ever says anything that offends anyone.” Like Bill Maher, I’m tired of walking on egg shells that might cause those to vomit, bleed or made a run for the hills!
Technically, yet again this is a non-issue that will die out. Long forgotten. DEAD ISSUE!  But if I were a real person though, instead of yanking diplomas off the students like Kaitlin, who from my understand earned with straight A’s, ask this question: What did she meant by that? Was that her question of who knows? Or I don’t know? A maybe? Basically that’s what I want to know. Sometimes in life, we don’t know what the future holds. The only way to make the future happen is to work on the things now. Sounds like to me, Kaitlin is a smart young lady that wants to make it happen even better in her next endeavors of life.
This is why we Americans need to be like Bishop TD Jakes, in terms of letting go. Let go and let God take care of it!

If any viewer happened to catch Real Time this past Friday, he made a candid viewpoint of the Occupy Wall Street Folks. Yes, the same folks that I commented last year in their opposition of folks going greedy. But despite that, he made two valid points about those doing this need to help register voters, and pushing new candidates to run for office.

Now this, I can respect. Hopefully this might get those engaged even more. Although its relevant of what the Tea Party immobilized their base for the 2010 elections. It also reminded me of what Bill Maher said of President Obama in comparisons of having “a little George Bush.” – Whom had horrible Ideas of tax breaks for the rich, deregulation, war and torture. But he pushed them through, or in the case for the political fans “running down the throats.” Now if the “Tea Party” mobilize the Republicans, can the Occupy Folks do the same for the Democrats? Just asking.


Oh, and one more thing that had to be asked: Where was the Occupy Movement when in attempt, to try to save Wisconsin? All of the signatures, etc. Explain!

I have been reading the news about the Congressional Black Caucus’ Career Fair/Town Hall Meetings, and I have to applaud them for at least taking the time to get something going for the fact that the Black Population in America is facing dire straits of unemployment, trying to get that breakthrough job and many others. If you are a fan or a close member of the Congressional Black Caucus: Bring this “Fire” to Milwaukee!

I’m saying this because the city I’m referring too, needs this fire, badly! Milwaukee is ranked in the higher ranges in which unemployment is terribly high. Most in the percentile of the 50’s nearly 53% among African-American Residents. I remember when the NAACP came here in 2005, they reported that the number given is “unacceptable”. Even for a city like Milwaukee that is really not pleasing. Now you’re probably asking, “Dang when is Milwaukee is going to step up and take charge to get folks working? I mean really? When?” One of the things that could have done to try to fuse it was the High Speed Rail project. That Infrastructure thing could have got more jobs and put that money in pockets and purses. What stopped it? Ask those who voted for Scott Walker. Ask those who are in the Tea Party making a mockery of our Country’s Principles. Oh yeah, I’m going there. Just like Bill Maher once said that if the Founding Fathers were alive, they would have hated their guts!


Now I may not agree with the latter of thought from Rep. Maxine Waters, but she is out there voicing her opinion in which that yes, the President has to step his game up and visit the African-American neighborhoods and meetings to discuss the dilemmas. If he can go to the other communities, WHY NOT the African-American areas? I have to realize that yes Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not the president of the African-Americans. Also, ask those who want to leave things as they are and NOT moving forward to the next level. And ask those who are supporters of Scott Walker this question: What could go in the Central City Area where Talgo WAS SUPPOSED to go? And I’ll bet like Maxine Waters, I would say that the Red Squad of the Badger State DON’T HAVE A PLAN to rebuild and or create jobs. When Walker left for Madison, Milwaukee county was in a heap of mess.



I do hope that the Congressional Black Caucus does make a Brew City Visit. And I hope that one of the members, Congresswoman Gwen Moore can lead that idea of bringing in Local and Well-known companies like a Quad/Graphics, or Harley-Davidson or an outside company looking in can have the abilities to hire African-Americans in the Greater Milwaukee Area. I know that the city has had these type of Job Fairs in the past, BUT this Career Fair needs to be real and clear to the point. Plus I like to see, just like in Miami and Inglewood, a town hall moderation in which to have those who have looked for work, need a skill or just trying to get that first promotion, to come on out and voice their concern. Don’t get me wrong.  There are others who are feeling the pinch too, but I have to realize that I think that the African-American Community needs this fire than they realize before.

Usually, I don’t write stuff about this topic, but since this is an open forum of things, I’m shifting gears to talk about a group of people that don’t get a whole lotta love from most folks: The poor. Those who have to rely on buses, food stamps and others just to get by everyday, while folks like Scott Walker and the Republican Base likes to swing out the rug from them. But what really got me writing this blog, is what I heard and watched last night. If you were watching The Ed Show, Cornel West was on the panel in discussing his frustration about President Obama not helping or doing something to assist the needs of the poor. Obviously, he called Obama “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” In addition to that, he also commented that “has a fear of free black men.” I don’t about that. And plus for explanation, he also described the President pointers: “has a predilection much more toward upper middle class white brothers and Jewish brothers [and] a certain distance from free black men who will tell him the truth.” That got me thinking. Well, I shouldn’t be surprised on this because, no matter who is in charge, usually he or she will get the criticism face forward. Yes, with all do respect,Dr. West is doing his job in telling about his viewpoints of the President, and also yes he is a brilliant wise minded educator among his peers and family. Sort of like Bill Maher. Remember when Bill Maher went on his show and commented that Obama wasn’t hard enough on the banks and wall street. And yeah, he voted the guy. But he also had to comment that “hey, get your butt in gear”. I’ll give the professor all the mad respect in the world as the knowledge he possess. Nothing wrong with that. But when he goes on The Ed Show and talks about the President not doing anything for the poor, I need to compel so say this: he has a point, but the point is not towards the President himself! If Dr. West is as wise as he is (with all do respect) why doesn’t he, or other African Americans like him and go and talk to the President directly? Is there a problem with that? Black community: Is that a problem? I know that Dr. West doesn’t represent the entire black community base, nor me as an African American, but yes this needs to be addressed. Not to Ed Schultz! But to the number one guy in the country that is in the White House. Period. Already in the past, the President had a “beer summit”. All the Obamamaniacs reading the blog, why don’t we have this to bring to mind: Get the President (or the Administration) to talk or to have a town hall discussion in regarding the poor. And black folks, if we are continuing to talk about this amongst ourselves (like usual) this is not going away at all. Hate to bring this to the WordPress blogsphere, but like everything else, it needs to be said.

In my view, yes the President has to “reach and defend those of the poor”. Are they citizens too? They may not have much, but are they citizens also? Just saying.

If he has to watch out for the Middle Class, why not the lower class?

Well, well, well. It seems that certain bill in Wisconsin has been passed, or sort of. It appears that the Budget-Repair bill has got a screeching halt. A temporary restraining order, that the TRO to most people. For once, I’m glad that the bill that the rookie goverenor did not go all the way through as he thought. I should also say that the withholding of the Wisconsin 14, the protestors who seiged the capitol, farmers and those sporting the Teamsters, AFCSME, SEIU and other union membership gear all helped to get this round 1 victory. Also this would get those who think that bypassing a bill, like this should rethink. This is what Bill Maher reminded me of when conservatives, or Republicans at times likes to “push things through”. Sort of like George Bush. Now Scott Walker wants to emulate that notion thinking “yeah, I’m the Governor and I’m ramming through all kinds of bills that I don’t care if the people of Wisconsin like it or not.”

In saying that, there are consequences that must be faced. Just like the TRO Restraining Order halting the official publication of the bill, and also re-examining the votes and problems that the Wisconsin Republican Senators and Assembly had violated.  They know it. Again, elections have consequences like everyone has been saying for weeks. Hope that the state of Wisconsin has got the message received and copied.

On another note: Scott Walker now wants some High Speed Rail Money. “Things that make you go hmmm…..” – (For those who don’t know what that is, reference the 1990’s, Aresenio Hall, and C&C Music Factory.)  Just remember that he turned away 810 Million Dollars to have the Milwaukee Madison line dead because of politics. And the thought of boondoggles looming in the brain of his supporters. Now he’s pursuing the money again, only this time it’s for the Hiawatha Line of Amtrak, for 150 million. This dude is seriously downsizing. I don’t have a problem with Amtrak at all, but I still think that the cash should have gone to the project slated for the Milwaukee Madison High Speed Rail thing.

So again, that what the state gets.  Open for Business?

In the wake of the Tuscon violent tragedy, this should serve as a reminder that heroes are still around. They maybe not in Armed Service Uniform but anyone, ANYONE can have a title, or true title of hero in their own right. Daniel Hernandez, the student from Arizona who was with the Congresswoman after the shooting occurred, did what he need to do, to make sure that his boss, Gabrielle Giffords was unharmed. He did his medical practice techniques of stopping the blood flow to the brain to make sure that it didn’t get any worse. At the night of the speech by President Obama, he humbly rejected the word – hero. Well, that’s his opinion. However in many ways, he became one, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. But he was in other ways.

Now about the speech. The speech had to be delivered in a fashion to not only honor those lost, but also those who are living! And those who acted courageously by wrestling the gun away from Jared Lee Loughner. Oh, let’s comment those who hated it: Fox News and the typical Right Wing Media. I’m watching Jon Stewart here, and he cut it to the chase of Michelle Malkin talking about the “timing of the speech”. Or the Fox & Friends talking about that the group who stopped the gunman should have been seated in the first two rows that “would have been better”. Or others who commented strangely about Dr. Carlos Gonzales’ prayer before the program.  – REALLY?! Oh, get this: another person thinks that you can’t have it both ways of having a Memorial Service and a Pep Rally.


The right wing is full of it! First, this service was a memorial of folks whom have passed on. But it was also a service that was indeed to rise up. Let me tell all of you something, this is NOT your Grandmothers, or old school family memorial service. This is a different time, a different era, and a different age where it’s OK to cheer up in times of tragedy at memorials. This is one of them. So it wasn’t “your typical memorial service”. BIG DEAL! When your time comes for to be Memorialized, you put it on paper and tell those close to you what you want!  This Memorial Service was also a wake up call for those who carry guns and use metaphors of packing heat. (ala Don’t Retreat, Reload) In the wake of this whole thing, all those times that when the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and any Right Wing Media hack goes overboard, it goes overboard. Bill Maher commented on his New Rules, that the Founding Fathers would hate the Tea Party. The Founding Fathers were about REAL revolution, REAL freedom, REAL Liberty, and etc. The Tea Baggers are just a fake version of the Founding Fathers. Bill Maher said it that they, the Founding Fathers of America would have hated their guts! Yep, I have to agree. The colonists at the time, for example, dumped British Tea in the Boston Harbor, in a form of a protest. That was the real Tea Party. Cutting edge. Not this stale wannabes of hating the first black president of the United States with the guns strapped at rallies. Sarah Palin commented that “the President needs to stop lecturing”. Well some of our presidents and those have lead the Declaration Of Independence were involved in science, astronomy, financial, and more things that made things possible. And if they were around now, they can school Bill O’Reilly about the “tides go in and out”.

If and when the Congresswoman does get back to work, expect to see and hear from the Senators, Congressmen that the gun laws will change. Oh yes. They will change about if you SHOOT a member of congress, it will have consequences. If you talk about targeting, reloading, at those who are trying to make it, and in public, actions have consequences! – Just like when Congresswoman Giffords said it last year.