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Oh you thought I was done, huh?

You thought the last blog about the Coronavirus was the last? Well apparently not because like many I’ve been observing all of the cases, deaths, so called conspiracies, closings, delays, and yes those godawful protests of the right wing fools dressed in the battle flags, Gadsden Flags and this thing about Liberating this state and that state. Oh did I forget to mention that our so-called president told us to inject or inhale Lysol? This fool is trying to kill us with a household product that we use everyday to spray our bathrooms to inject that into our bodies to wear off the Coronavirus. If you really did that, consider yourself extremely stupid!

In the last couple of weeks, since many of the states have declared themselves Safer At Home, or Stay At Home there has been alot of “So Far” Stats in regarding to the spread of COVID-19. And yet many are still observing the stats daily with New York State on a constant basis. And of course we still had to hear what 45 had to say in which may are feeling that he is still straight LYING to us in terms of the “invisible enemy” of the Corona. The more he tells this, I’m changing the channel because it’s stupid of him to address the American people of what’s is really going on! The folks who really are feeling the pinch of the Coronavirus is those whom are uninsured have high fevers, real shortness of breath, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other factors of those whom are over 60 that could be and can be are effected. And for those of us whom are Black, we got it the worst. Why do I bring this up, is because it’s no secret. Anytime we see these humanistic symptoms come up we know instantly somebody might say, “Black people aren’t effected. It’s all about money when Coronavirus is mentioned. Then we are all scared in junk……” For all those who think that, you must be drunk with some serious malt juice. And in the last several weeks, in addition with non-blacks dying, black folks have been effected. We know it. And many like to crack jokes like it’s hood comics. WAKE UP! When your friend or family member gets the Coronavirus and DIES, its game over. More recently, I just lost one of my former teachers that I had since college in the late 1990’s. And the teacher, Leonard McGhee was just 75 years old! This was one of my printing teachers from the Milwaukee Area Technical College that I truly followed. And yet you folks want to crack assumptions that the Coronavirus is fake. Oh you all better stop this mess and get real serious about the pandemic. If you’re not that serious, your Mortician or Undertaker is preparing your burial. Keep acting a fool, keep the masks off, no bandanas, no nitrite gloves, keep playing outside, and oh, keep messing around when the cops will arrest you for breaking the Safe Home Laws. More below.

What is also stupid during the Coronavirus? Our so called Republicans in Wisconsin are going to the lawmakers to get the extension of the Safer At Home Order blocked in order to reopen the state. Oh great, leave it to the @$$Clowns of Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald to get all the citizens in Wisconsin to DIE! Seriously, these folks want many folks to perish for their personal gain of egos. Even black folks to die away quickly. The Safer At Home Order was extended to May 26th to give time for the State to evaluate the situation of the pandemic. But oh no, the GOP are desperate fools that want to rush the Governor to get all the systems to go by May 11th. What’s even worse is that, the so-called protesters that made fools of themselves with the flags and rifles outside of the Capitol with all that White Privilege were leading the charge. But I also hate to say this, but May 11th is not going to cut it. Nope! No really knows when this pandemic will be over. Another problem with the stupidity: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS ON THE RISE! That is a hard one if you know someone or are someone that is going through the problems. And keep in mind, Domestic Violence is STILL a problem! Not just women, but also men and children are effect. Yes I did say MEN why because they get hit also by those who do the damage all the time. Even during the Coronavirus.

Also, beginning this week, in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Police Department will be handing out L’s. Fines of $500.00 in regarding to those who don’t comply with the Governor’s Orders. They said they would do this and they are not messing around. Have they indicated this before? Yes. Press play:

That was March 23rd. Last month. So don’t act like “Oh I didn’t know. Nobody told me…..” You all should have known that would happen and guess what, according to the news, approximately 133 citizens were arrested for violating the Safer At Home Order. Those are facts. Other cities and suburbs are doing the exact same thing maintaining law and order during the pandemic.

Again it’s not a joke. Know what else: our Milwaukee festivals are cancelled and/or delayed, our July 3rd Fireworks Show is canceled until next summer, some of our businesses can and cannot operate due to getting our hair cuts, nails done, and hosting other needs the most. And by the way, if you’re one of those house calls fools that still operate against the order, you’re dumb as hell. You really want to get a pedicure during a pandemic? Seriously? Oh you still want to congregate in your Church building during this? You mean to tell me that you can’t pray at home or have church at home online? You can do that you know! Don’t be that stupid like those Pastors in Louisiana and Florida that had recently been placed on house arrest and or fined but they still keep coming and congregating. And recently other Pastors who have done this so far, DIED! And to add those who lead and protested the Safer At Home Orders just got the Coronavirus!

But on the flip Some businesses are being tweaked to open up SLOWLY BUT SURELY! On the other hand, they also have to abide by the rules of social distancing. So it’s going to take a while.

Expect a Part III in a blog letter to the Milwaukee Public Schools. And why they should get on the ball for Virtual Learning.

Pardon my interruption during Black History Month 2018. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. And pardon your interruption of reading my old blogs that gain your interest.

On Valentine’s Day as we know that many of us (except for us Single folks) did have a “day of love” in all, plus seeing ashes on the foreheads on people from the Ash Wednesday Services. Yes, It’s the start of Lent that leads into the Good Friday/Easter Weekend coming up.

But on the 89th Anniversary of the worst Massacres in American History, in regarding the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in which Al Capone was the kingpin in Chicago, another massacre occurred. But it wasn’t in Chicago. It was in Parkland Florida. A school. Yes a school shooting occurred in Florida and according to the stats, this was the 18th incident this year, BUT the third shooting in this country this year. 2018 is still a young year thus far.

17 people were shot to death some were injured. And the part of that the shooter, Nikolas Cruz was a former student. In which the former student lost both of his parents, he stayed to himself and others. And of course he had fascination in which of a AR-15 was held in his hand shooting up the school.

And it begs the question: What is not (NOT) being done in the safety of the Schools in which we send our young people to learn Monday – Friday? This episode has been repeated so many times. And usually we have done nothing! All of course when this happens, we get the first off on the list, Our thoughts and Prayers are with the families, etc. Now many are hating “thoughts and prayers”. When we get to church on Sunday, and yes many will be in church on Sunday, you will hear the pastor or a lay speaker talk about this as you heard many times. And for those who don’t go, well, you know the routine.

Also, I need to say this. There is really nothing really wrong with “thoughts and prayers” at all. Period. No I’m not siding with 45 or anyone who says this. If you are in a situation that is bad and worst, of course there will be those who will be thinking about you when things like this happens. And the thing is, when we see this, yet again we’ll be asking the same story like question all over again. And again, we’ll be in the same boat like in 2 weeks. Oh speaking of that, when all this is behind us, we’ll be asking the same questions of what can be done to be safe in the schools. Same with the church and others: WE KNOW! It’s going to be in circles again. And we know this because it’s been happening repeatedly. I’m going to make a early prediction that this summer, when the kids are out of school the most: guess what? Some of them will die by gunfire. BOLD PREDICTION! Wait until the summer months comes and yes, many will be looking for programs and summer jobs. And of course, making the option to move. Oh yes you can move out of your currently city, but what happens when the violence or shootings follows you in your mind? And you rehash it EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

Folks: This is not new. And yes many of us are asking like: we got all this techno stuff of phones, computers, email, apps, Social Media, etc. Why didn’t that stuff work? We use for fun and important issues but NOT for protecting our children in school. At least some of that technology is useable to help counter the thought of shootings, rape, domestic violence, hazing, and many other intentions of negative actions.

Now, for those wondering, I don’t have any children. No kids. No teens. None. But yes, outlets are needed to protect them from harm and danger like the ones we see every time.

Right now the students in Florida are really speaking out. They are protesting. And even though many of them aren’t at the voting age, they’re determined to do the law changes that many times us grown folks tried due to false ideologies. We know what they are. The same stuff we grew up listening too.

We often say that kids and teens don’t care about the world around them, some actually know the deal of what’s going on! That’s like they don’t care about tradition. Don’t be surprised if they know tradition! All they have to do is go on that thing called Facebook or Twitter and they get their news there more than the evening broadcast. That’s just them. Others we get our news Online, Paper and TV.

I want all the young blogger readers to hear me on this. Older bloggers step away. Let the young readers in. You young dudes and girls now, whom are doing the protesting and speaking out, get involved in making a difference. We know that us in the grown zone nag on your social media stuff, your music or anything that pertains interests in your Generation. Other Generations can be haters too, but they been called out. Even Gen-X was and is being still being called out being slackers. Really? Many of us made a way of being successful. And to those didn’t believe in us, well keep talking. The more they hate Gen-X, the more fuel of missing out. More like being jealous.

Which brings me back to you young cats. I hope that your voices of what you said today, as of now don’t stop into your adulthood. There are those who will say, “it’s going to last about 2 weeks.” And it’s going to be forgotten about. I want you students of now, prove us wrong later on. I’m dead serious. If you want to change the laws of Guns or Gun Control or anything that’s violence related, you need to continue to speak out. You are more woke than the average folks who claim to be conscious. Keep holding it down. And represent.

Grown folks, hear the young folks of their concerns and dilemmas. But also they will know the truth. Even the truth that we are not telling them. And many of us know the feeling of well….”being lied to” alot.

If the acts of Congress doesn’t follow through: VOTE THEM OUT!

“Faith without work, is dead.” – James 2:14-26

Ok: this is what I want to write. I’m going to go hardcore with the topics at hand and I will not hold back.

The first of the two takes is the most recent mess that I have ever heard and see. Take a look:

This is the part where I’m going into pop off mode. First of all. If I were one of these dudes fathers, there will be BUTTS SPANKED! Who on Earth do these dudes think they are allowing this man, this disabled man drown like that and not helping the guy? What is up with that?! Like seriously. For all you hyper political folks about this being a Democratic or Independent or Republican base thing, TAKE YOUR POLICTICAL CRAP OUT OF THIS! This is NOT the time for it! At all! If these boys were my sons, I would be embarrassed and mad as HELL because to allowing this man to die and not helping out. The TV’s, Game systems, Social Media and other things they like, will be GONE and nothing but clothes and shoes will be in the rooms. Oh, that door they locked up, OFF!

Also as far as the parents of these young men, they need to be locked up. Like seriously, locked up. Why would any child allow this disabled man to die? FOR TEN MINUTES?! And I KNOW that the morals of these parents should be shameful to the point. Oh don’t blame the white man on this one.

CALLOUT: Black Community, THIS IS OUR FAULT! Where’s all the melanin popping stuff now?

We need “melanin responsibility” to act right in our communities! They say all the time, what is wrong with our young black men acting like this? Well who’s raising them?! Who is raising these boys that allow them to smoke weed and not helping out the person? And now these boys are facing charges just because they didn’t report this to the authorities and yes, there might be signs of protecting them and marching. Look, forget the marching on this. They better sleep with one eye open.

I’m calling this right now. All that fun time is coming to an end. And I’ll bet many have watched this footage and will go hard on these boys for the next phases.

Speaking of next phases: Boy Scouts, you have been scared. Literally.

I know many of you have held the values of your traditions in terms of the words: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Think about those words again. You honestly think that #45 evokes those qualities? Oh please! Yes, you didn’t invite him to the Jamboree to talk politics. You should have invited him to talk to the kids and to instill positive values into them. But NO. He had to go talk about his idea of stripping away Obamacare, Building that stupid wall, and oh, “Making America Great Again.” All that mess. And many of fans booed that Obama didn’t show up in person to the Jamboree during his time, but he sent his substitutes to talk to the young men. Oh: for you Obama haters in 45 land, the 44th President was at a time a member of the Indonesian Scout Association which is equivalent of being a Cub Scout. Let that sink in. Don’t go start all that googling mess to prove my point.

I think after this so- called speech to defer the country, the Boy Scouts should not invite 45 back. EVER! He is proving already that he cannot shoot out POSITIVE vibes about anyone! Let’s be honest, here! He ain’t right. For all you Trump (oops 45 land Supporters) that still like him in all, I dare anyone to step him like a man or woman and tell him he needs to stop tweeting and show up.



I know what I’m about to say. And I’m going to say it.

Not on Facebook.

Not on Twitter.

Not on Instagram.

But here as I always have a say.

And no I will not use the proverbial “Conspiracy Theories” of the so-called stuff being as they are.

We already know what is going on. Orlando Florida is hit with ingrown attitude of Terror. It took only one guy and taking out about 50 folks in a nightclub. A popular nightclub that is among the LGBT folks. And the thing is, this guy who used a AR-15 on the attendees, used it in anger all because he saw two men kissing or showing their affection in public. This is what it is! What is going on is another dude that was under the influence of ISIS. The gunman Omar Mateen PLEDGED Allegiance to ISIS! And in the words of my current church members that said it years ago: ISIS IS IN AMERICA. And this act of concern sparked one of the worst mass shootings in American History. And for the record, there have been other Massaacres have been worse. They effected the Native Americans and yes, African-Americans as well. And its long documented and hidden until now. We need to recognize that also.

And Omar kills himself. Cowards way out!

And his wife probably knew what was going on.

I’m kind of mystified about this act taking place after the death of Muhammad Ali. Not only that, we had a National Gunfire Awareness Day on June 2nd, where mostly everyone who was affected by gun violence was wearing Orange in solidarity or memory of those who were killed or shot by a gun. How did we get from that, to this?!

Somebody tell me something!

And, for all the “GUN FREAK POSERS” who pose with their guns on Social Media and acting a fool, do you condone this? You better. And you can forget all about the NRA thing of protecting the advancement. Simply because they won’t. They have openly admit that President Obama was not going for their guns!

I would like to know is, what was the real motive behind this?

Was it hate?

Was it all about the “do it for religion? ”

Was it all about hating the LGBT folks because of their lifestyle?

What was it that set this whole thing off and having Omar bringing in a AR-15 in a club that slaughtered at least 50 folks?

And this also: If he didn’t have an issue with black folks, why the Gay/Lesbian Folks?

And yes LGBTQIA folks, there were folks praying yesterday in the sanctuaries. Which is nothing wrong. There might been folks in church yesterday that thought about you and making sure that you are OK. When I say that, they might have friends who are in the Pride LGBTQIA Movement/Community.

I have some connections that I know that in the LGBTQIA Community as well. Some I knew since Community Connections and high school.

Every single of the Pride Festivals around America, were in prayer of those whom were killed. Even at Milwaukee’s PrideFest, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary had a moment to sympathize for those who were killed and wounded. Not only that, metal detectors were used for safety purposes. A first for Milwaukee PrideFest. Ever. Just like Summerfest, African World Festival, the Games at Miller Park or Lambeau Field, and many others.

There were monuments and buildings in the world that were lit up in the Rainbow Colors, and also had Rainbow Flags hung in memory of those died in the shooting.

Knowing yes. We know that President Obama might have another idea. Another idea that might spark a new idea to get these dangerous guns off the hands who might use them for future concerns of hate. Even probably doing extensive background checks of those whom have issue of mental health, or this mental sense of allegiance of joining up with the likes of ISIS.

And while on the subject, let’s not also trip about a “subject over a subject”. There are those who think that this tragedy is a “smokescreen” or a distraction to come to find out that this incident, is taking over the shootings in the black neighborhoods. Or getting to the real roots of why this is when Black Lives Don’t Hardly Matter to those in the media when a promised young black female of a good future is gunned down. Or a common place when a black young male is STILL on the list of being endangered species and being someone’s target to be picked on like in high school. Or have a negative breath that the Church going folks deserved to be killed (like last year) and partially nobody cares!

Well I have a bone to pick here Ladies and Gentlemen, sometimes “we trip” ourselves because whenever we read about so and so’s deaths about those being overshadowed, we get this attitude like it’s skipped over! Don’t act like we know, because when ever we read about a tragic occurrence, or a unexpected death of a young black person, or groups that been targeted so many times and it’s forgettable.

All occurrences no matter how hidden or forthcoming, needs to be clarified, summarized, questioned, concluded and also it needs to be to a point that many MUST GRASP! No matter who or what! This shooting that happened in Orlando is just as bad as if someone lost their son or daughter.

Hold up! Wait a minute!

The victims were someone’s Sons and Daughters! Nevermind their life styles or what made them Gay or Lesbian, they were someone’s family member, probably a well known family member that probably helped the kids’ homework afterschool. Come on now! We KNOW THIS!

Just a sidenote: there were some black LGBT folks and those related to the folks,  in that club were murdered by the senseless act. As an example look at the pics. Especially a recent High School grad, Akyra Murray. She was 18 years old. And again just graduated High School. A mother of 11 Children, Brenda Lee Marquez McCool was 48 years, whom beat cancer TWICE was also killed by the gunfire. And she died by protecting her son Isisiah in the shooting.

And also for some of the positive news, there were lives were spared, thanks to the medics whom saved lives. And also a US Marine had a hand in the life saving too.

Whenever those of us think about that, it does hit home. No matter what.

Now again when it comes to the church, I know there are those who hate the idea of the homosexual thing being a sin. It’s not godly. It’s not how the Bible works. And yes there are those who use the Good Book in a way like a forceful weapon! And I know this is the part where those leave the church and become this “free thinker” person thinking that they know everything. After being in church for a few years with family. REALLY!

Is that all they know?

With the money and that car?

What about the house?

I hate to say this, but with the old tired viewpoint of being conscious is getting so OLD!

Come on Black Militant Conscious folks, you need to wake up! Not just wake up, BUT REALLY REALLY WAKE UP!

MAJOR CALLOUT: What about the church folks who do the worship thing on Sundays, and are active in trying to do the worship thing right? Trying to do the things right and helping the folks out everyday, doing the help all this time, and fellowshipping with those that need fellowshipped, and you (those doing the church hating per se) STILL don’t give them the benefit of the doubt? What does that say about you? Yeah think about that! Reverse treatment is now in play.

Guess what?

I’m part of that group of church folks that wants to reach out without any hypocritical attitudes just to make sure that it’s done right!

I’m a 4th Generation United Methodist Church members that has the “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors” ethology. Along with “Rethink Church” and now with “Church can happen anywhere” things. Yes church can be anywhere, even at a Gay Nightclub.  Or at someone’s house that doesn’t believe in God, or in someone’s presence that wants in but not sure. Or yes, EVEN the overly conscious that has “Stay Woke” on a shirt with those being “Pro Black” in a militant type of behavior.

That mentality I got now, is what I’ve learned from my parents, my late grandfathers and grandmothers and others that stayed close to home.

For my LGBT folks reading, yes I’m a church going person. I may not be the most spiritual servant, but I’m hypothesizing the cause to help me to help those like you. I don’t care about your lifestyle. I don’t care when or how you came out. I don’t care about the Festivals you inspire. I don’t care what Pride Parades you’ve been in to organize, or worked in. I don’t care if you still like Hillary Clinton or despise the effects of Donald Trump! I don’t care if you think all churches are lumped together, which they are not!

All I care is that you continue to “do you” no matter what happens! And when you do you, none of that matters. Of course there will be those who will not understand. And yes, you know this. But knowing this, I don’t care what your lifestyle is. But if I come to a Pride Party with a Nikon Camera, and I’m snapping pics away for $100.00 for 3 to four hours, would that be beneficial of me as a Single Black Christian Church going person being constructive?  Or will that benefit me just because of me sharing my talents?  Or just in general?

I’m just asking. And yes the golden rule still stands. And the God that is well known doesn’t hunt out the the folks that have a gayness attitude that harbors and goes for the kill!

On a side note, I visited Orlando twice in my life. I’ve been to Disneyworld in 1985 at nine years old, and Universal Studios. Plus partied along with the Tom Joyner Family Reunion Crew in 2009.

Orlando, you have a nice city. Let me comeback for a third time visit!

In the coming week, even though we are praying for those to get through this tragedy, let us be mindful that these words will still ring out:






Oh, America. Really?

The highlight from the Dunn Trial really reinforced the mentality of fearing black kids, huh Even if it concerns Jordan Davis, perhaps? Last week. Michael Dunn was found guilty of 4 out of 5 counts in the shooting death of the Florida Teen. Oh yeah, it’s off to the big house for Michael Dunn, but that first degree act of criminality of shooting an unarmed teenager in a SUV all because of the music was too loud. Seriously?! And the “well observed” population of American feels that getting a gun would solve a problem.

And there are other “problems” why many have died under the so-called “stand your ground” law. Look at this cartoon pic courtesy of the Miami Herald,  and it’ll make you think:

Now pay attention to the markings. Everything from oh let me see:

  • Wore a hoodie
  • Reached into their pocket
  • Looked like he possibly had a gun
  • Said the Wrong Thing
  • Looked Like a Thug
  • Threw Popcorn
  • Hurt Somebody’s Feelings
  • Played Music Too Loud
  • Texted in a movie theater
  • Road Rage
  • Wore wrong type of clothing

All of these thus far, are the now majority reasons why many now are dying behind the barrel of the gun. Shameful.

And most recently, in Arkansas, a black teenage girl was shot to death, in a response of her egging someone’s house. Another example of this so-called law that has one, wage war on young black teens, and two why want someone want to kill someone over some egging prank? Usually you get the police to do this in investigations, but for this, really?! And the dude was black.

But getting back to Michael Dunn. Dude was saying that (what really got me) when he shot Jordan Davis, he felt he was the victim. What!!!! He was the victim? Where does he go off and say that he felt victimized over the so-called viewpoint of him fearing loud music in a SUV. That was his excuse?!! Oh hold up, in a statement, he also said this about shooting blacks, which was beyond shameful: From his letter or note from jail, he writes:

This may sound a bit radical but if more people would arm themselves and kill these **** idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior………

I hate to say this, but that what’s others like him might sound like when someone or something looks or acts suspicious. I’ve heard that many times. And still hearing it. I think the fear lies in inferiority. That also feeling kind of what, “standing your ground” in a sense of taking back something? This example is not taking back the night nor standing your ground, more like taking it out on someone else and making the family of the deceased feel worse. Michael Dunn was found guilty. 4 of 5 counts of Murder. The first count should have been counted as guilty REGARDLESS of the decision.

And so, the ongoing saga of going after black teens continues. And I dare say, what’s next? Many are saying to get out and March. Look here, I don’t have a issue with Marching. I don’t have an issue (unlike the “Negropean folks” on Roland Martin’s Facebook page being Antagonists like whatever) making a statement. Many are saying “oh, Marching is so tired. We need to get the Guns out!” For those who want the guns out, I’m pretty aware that the second amendment has the right to bear arms on speed dial. But I must warn this: If you retaliate like that, chances are the possibilities of that are just as deadly. What that means: you need to think before doing!

Just a final thought: Not all black kids are dangerous, possess fear, don’t have criminal mindsets and setting the world ablaze.

Speaking of #DangerousBlackKids that America should be afraid of: those who are enrolled in school in which has a 100% rating of sending black students to College. I read about that and hmmm……are they dangerous? Those who have been honored by their peers of scholastic achievement, or recognizable work in the community: are they dangerous?

Time to learn today!

And that, is my #trending commentary.

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I’ve been on the stories in Milwaukee and national lately. Really I have.

First, about Downtown Milwaukee. Recently, a vote for the proposed for a strip club has been shot down via the City of Milwaukee License Committee. The place is called Silk Exotic. Yes, for clarification it’s a strip club. A place where, oh heck, it’s a strip club! For the record, I have never been to a strip club in Milwaukee. NEVER. And I’m saying this as an resident of soon to be 37 years of life. Expect the age change by December 5th. Anyway, there has been this against thing against the club being downtown in general. Personally, I really don’t have much to say about it. But hey, whom I am to judge?

Already, there is a location of the club near Highway 45 and SilverSpring Dr. Which is near the Jokerz Comedy Club, and a Harley-Davidson Dealership. Plus there are other locations within the state. Already part of the no’s that don’t want the club have included the Milwaukee Bucks, The Marquette Golden Eagles, the Milwaukee Admirals (IHL Hockey Team here) and the BMO Harris Bradley Center Board all said negative that the club should not be downtown. Today, I read a column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and writer James Causey (an alum of my old High School)  commetned that Silk Exotic shouldn’t be a dilemma.

To deny a club just because a few people don’t like what it represents is wrong. If Silk wanted to open a club in the central city, I don’t think we would have the same outcry.

We have heard about this human trafficking talk in various forms before. But he does hit a nail on the head about the same style clubs per say, that are in or near the black neighborhoods also. Ever heard of the Cheetah Club in Milwaukee? Yes there is a strip club in that name on the North Side. Also, there is a Gold Diggers Gentlemen’s Club near Hopkins and Hampton. And  usually with these clubs, you really never hear nothing about them. And they are, once again in the black areas of Milwaukee. Oh and they are on Facebook too. Should point that out.
Plus on this hair thing: I think that some schools are WAY OVER Sensitive! According to TheGrio Website and many other outlets, a young African-American Girl is facing expulsion in her school all because of her hair being natural. And the girl is only 12 years old in Florida. Keep in mind also that the school is a Christian School. Uh-oh! Really?! And if the hair is not cut nor straighten, her days as a student would be over. Oh Really?!!!
Ask me this, how is a “puffy hair style” a distraction? Explain that to me. If the puffy hair is shaped or in this case in good taste with harm, I don’t see it as a distraction. I mean have we been here before? With braids, dreads, heck at one time, High Top Box Fades were a distraction. But they were all inherited in African-related styles. Even AFROS! A lot of us have heard of Ezperanda Spaulding. The jazz singer who plays bass cello, but her hair is big! I mean I know she’s grown, but hey she’s rocking her fro. Now what does that have to do with this young girl, Vanessa VanDyke that faced her school’s rules about her hair? Personally, this is not the only hair story in school that was talked about this year. Another girl this year, a biracial child in Georgia was teased in her school, because of her hair was in a weave form. And she was 8 years old. That is shameful!
I see this. It’s different. Not everyone is not going to school with straight hair. Some might go curly, braided, etc. If those don’t like it can kick rocks. The schools or some schools today are just one again “WAY OVER SENSITIVE!” All because some see things are Afrocentric is not them. Personally, it’s all hate. No, it’s more of misunderstanding just as equal as hate. Over some hair. Just last year, Gabby Douglas was ranted with her hair was pressed back in the Olympics. And who had the nerve to go on Twitter and rant? Young black girls, in saying “oh, her hair looks terrible, I feel sorry for her.” They ain’t helping nothing! Miss me with that mess. Please.
Just recently, in regarding Vanessa VanDyke, her “criticism” of her natural hair with her school was lifted. So yes, it was a victory. And I hope that victory should send a message that we send our kids to school to get an education, participate in activities and events.
But not being sent for some mess like HAIR!!!!

If any College Student around America is not aware: A new SNCC is on the rise. In the wake of the George Zimmerman Verdict as we know, and the ongoing justice spirit of Trayvon Martin and others whom had “Trayvon Martin Like” similarities, a group in the state of Florida has become the talk of the town. Write this group name down, or do a Google search if you have a chance out of your social media time. Or playing Video Games or work: Dream Defenders. The organization has been on camera lately in regarding the sit ins of protesting the Florida’s current law of Stand Your Ground. That reminds me of a different sit in in which the protestors stormed the Wisconsin Capital of that bogus repair bill. But anyway, this group is getting noticed by doing their first amendment rights in face of the Rick Scott. (Pay attention Walker fans, Scott Walker might be next, Again.) Yes, the students in Florida are coming off the heels of protests and marches that were sweeping the country against the Zimmerman Verdict. Now this is also coming on the heels of what Roland Martin said, the night of the when the verdict was announced, and the folks at the Delta Sigma Theta Centennial  in Washington DC were just in disbelief. He said in a video that was recorded, he wanted to challenge the students of now to get involved in the state and city elections. Plus also being 21st Century Radicals. I referenced the video previously and it was real talk.  If you missed it, I’ll post one more time.

See it. Learn it. Do it.

And as far as the Dream Defenders are concerned. I gotta say this. I really to give mad respect to these young bucks for standing up for what they believe in. Yes, they are college students. Some had to put their courses and student jobs on hold for a bit just to be apart of something that is bigger than them. Yes they are the 18,19,20,21,22 years old college students that yes are in the dorm rooms and doing the education thing. But when it comes to going against Stand Your Ground, and to favor the cause of Trayvon Martin, I don’t see a problem why they aren’t being this way. Yes, as ordinary Americans they are expressing their rights. HOWEVER, they are doing it a new radical fashion that is constantly lifting them up each time. Yes, I did mentioned they had to put their courses on hold, their student jobs on ice, but it has been done before! Look at the history of SNCC itself. Some say that don’t make this a race issue. I hate to say it but race has and is a “COMMON FACTOR”. No matter what it is. Even this. Yes I do know that the Dream Defenders are not just black folks. I’ve seen the white folks, and other ethnics getting involved. But when someone see this group that is majority black and there is someone on the outside looking in and may have those “hyper sensitive/skeptical” thoughts about why these young folks per say had to waste their time with this protesting. Hey Tea Party, you did it also! Don’t front! But this thing with the SNCC attitude in a twist is just an awaking. Period. They aren’t playing around. These dudes are serious and really committed. Speaking of which, when is Milwaukee or the State of Wisconsin going to get a dream defenders-like organization started up?  I know we got Milwaukee Matters and many others. Just saying. Or since it’s out in the open, and the New Civil Rights Movement is peaking in, why not have a “Civil Rights Party?”

Speaking of Dream Defenders, yes I’ll take this also – if you haven’t seen, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is up and running. And it’s real. Plus also for those who kept hating about More Trayvon Martins and less local folks who got killed, do what they family did, you really have to stop complaining and start making foundations for those who were killed locally, in terms of scholarships, donations. Yes those who might look at the site may and continue to hate the ongoing Trayvon Martin thing like a broken record, but after seeing this website, you can sell all the T-Shirts, Memorial Banners, etc all you want. But do it in a reasonable doubt!

College Students: The New SNCC, or #sncc21stcentury is calling. Are you fed up with the vote of the verdict? Or just fed up with the Stand Your Ground Laws? Or anything that is related to both? Better get involved right now! – That struggle is still in progress.

In the recent events of the verdict, yes the issue of race still lingers. The verdict in which had sent George Zimmerman scot free is not only indicated rage and sadness, but also revisiting the thoughts of when Emmett Til, and Medgar Evers were killed. Both of their murders were taken to court and their results were not guilty. In the recent event regarding Trayvon Martin getting killed and a mostly white jury who some say just killed Trayvon yet again, this is a grave example of why I said in my last blog about justice needs to listen. Justice may have listen to George Zimmerman and those who favor him, but it has NOT and never will listen to Trayvon Martin. To hear a guy like Robert Zimmerman to go viral about Trayvon Martin deserved to be killed, is just pathetic. I’ve listened to the response. And I feel, as a African American Male is a load of B.S. Yeah I’m saying it!

On Twitter, there were many reactions of disbelief. For me, I said this:


That was my first reaction. I kid you not. Over on the other side, most of my Facebook connections expressed the same outrage, and some had to say that justice was served. Goldie Taylor’s reaction on Twitter, (MSNBC’s own) was simply this: “Open Season”. What does that mean for those who don’t understand? It means that those who have guns per say, can have the right to shoot and kill someone who are unarmed! At any time. At any place.  Even if they don’t have nothing! Even also if it involves young black men! Back in the 90’s I’ve heard the proverbial message of “black males are the endangered species”. I am an endangered species. Why? Majority of the black men you hear and see are either in jail or lying six feet under, or cremated, or in a crypt at a local cemetery. Am I fearful? Not really. But just being cautious. I kid no one. Many of this in the last few days have had us thinking and had me thinking, with all this castle doctrines, and all this stand your ground doctrines, this make me want to get a bulletproof vest. Or a get a desert eagle. A vest? Yes. A gun? No. I would rather get ninja stars, or a bow and arrow just get defensive. I would use martial arts or extreme pro wrestling to get my defense on. That’s just me. Speaking of getting off with guns, that didn’t work for Marissa Alexander. Remember her? Remember when she used her gun, her REGISTERED GUN, and fired it into the air and guess what? She is now getting 20 years behind bars for it. And this is a black woman. She didn’t shoot anyone. No one was hurt. But went to jail all because shooting bullets in the air in the state of Florida. Almost like a warning shot. Remember when I said that Justice needs to listen?

Get this, soon to be day analyst Roland Martin openly expressed his concerns via Twitter and Facebook while attending the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority in Washington DC.

And to add also, Casey Anthony killed her daughter Cailyee Anthony and was not charged. Talk about crazy freaking laws. If Casey Anthony were to be black per say, guess what would happen to her? Yep right in the slammer. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Like many cities in the United States, yes Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin’s Madison have had or will have rallies in honor of Trayvon and those affected locally.  Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this as well via video.

Many are comparing this to Rosewood in 1929. Anyone know about that? You should. Many those who reside in Florida should know. And yes it’s a relation history against blacks. Do the research. Many of the things that happened years ago is being revisited in a new twist. But this twist is far more deadlier than before. And I think this is where voting comes in to step up. I’m serious. We need to vote up BIG TIME! No more sitting back and letting the big elections always being the top stuff. Every election cycle is huge. Simply because, every vote counts no matter what. When 2014 gets here, and believe me it will be here before you know it, enough sitting at home thinking it won’t mean nothing. This has to mean something. This has to mean something that is bigger that hanging out on a Saturday night. Bigger than clubbing. Bigger than snagging up that man or that woman all because he dress so nice or rides that looks so good. Or hanging out in that group. Or like some  “Joe Schomos” that like to troll around on let say the Facebook Pages or Twitter Pages or Regular pages of Roland Martin or Melissa Harris-Perry. All they are doing is just asking for more ammunition. My advice for those who are on the pages without hating, if they get offensive: BLOCK AND REPORT! No one should be harassed on these social sites just for a punchline. No matter what age, or race they happen to be. Better get started. That’s all you have to do. Block those fools and report them. And if banning them is an option, I say ban them. Get their names, email, usernames, or check this, get them at their jobs! And if they are on youtube saying F**ck Trayvon, track them! I’m just saying. Yeah I know about them expressing that Freedom of Speech thing, but it’s about responsibility in which don’t possess.

This morning on WNOV in Milwaukee (yes, I listen to Sherwin Hughes) and on the panel he had Former State Representative Annette Polly Williams, columnist Eugene Kane and Milwaukee’s NAACP President James Hall. One of the things I picked up from the panel discussion, was  the verdict of votes, and strangely, a caller chimed in on the program and expressed that he cuts his lawn by using a gun. Plus if he saw young black boys in the area of his residence, he would pull what George Zimmerman did and shoot them. The caller was white. You mean to tell me that a person who cuts their lawn with a gun?! And admittedly that he would use it to kill unarmed folks? Seriously?! Remind me to stay out of that neighborhood. And as far as the verdict vote, I am not shocked there are those who favor the decision. Sheriff David Clarke, State Senator Chris Larson,  and Mayor Tom Barrett out of nowhere, all favored the verdict of Not Guilty. I don’t know if its wise of them to express that, but now, since it’s out there, they might have a backlash in term of elections. Even though they are Democrats and may not appeal to the Black Community based on their stances, but they really have to pay attention to the Black Communities of Milwaukee and Wisconsin alike, in regarding the issue of Trayvon Martin as well as others that have similar stances like Trayvon Martin. If they don’t pay attention, well we know where and how to vote. I’m just saying! If our leaders, civil organizations, Fraternity and Sorority folks, or any folk in the non-profits don’t have the guts to speak out against things like this, when the next election cycle comes, they are gone! VOTE THEM OUT! Get them out of office. If they can’t support that or address that as an issue of concern, then they have NO RIGHT, to be behind the desk or infront of folks addressing the community or the public! Remember that when going into 2014, and BEYOND!

Face it folks. This issue is not going away. No matter where you are. It will not cease. Yes I know that football season is on the rise. And I know that the issue of Baseball is still effect. And the issue of NSA leaks, Jay-Z’s Album of Magna Carta Holy Grail, and future elections. BUT this matter, regarding black males and the issue of the stand your ground laws, and the “what nots”, this will not be moved. The late Winston Churchill once said about the bulldog in his tenure. He commented that “The nose of the Bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go.” Well we in the African American Community need to take a page out of the Churchill playbook and breathe and not let go in our issues, our concerns and our objectives. Even if it concerns our black males being endangered. Me being a black male in my mid-30’s on the same angle. There were talks that race was not an issue. I say it was to an extent. Was Trayvon was profiled being suspicious? Absolutely. And I’ll bet 5 of the 6 jurors had to put that in play for George Zimmerman to walk off. Partially, that’s not surprising. We’ve read about this before. Remember what I said earlier about Emmett Til and Medgar Evers getting killed and the trials of their murders were at the final result of Not Guilty. Plus the murder of Jordan Davis in the same state of Florida was on the pulse in he was killed all because his music was too loud. And the dude that did the job will be going to trial in September. If he does get off after the verdict, no surprising. But if he Michael Dunn receives the guilty verdict, I would be surprised intent of being shocked.

Part three of my commentary comes later on this week.

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Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest – Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

Well here we are. For those of us who have the hoodies up, we know the deal. For those who criticized the thought that we should focusing on other cities, well let me say this: What is happening in Florida with the untimely death of Trayvon Martin, could be a prime example of what’s happening in America among African-American young men and women. We’ve all seen the case, and we’ve seen both sides of the table running the gambit. And even we’ve seen explicit graphics and WORDS displayed on the screen. So the auspicious of all things, that George Zimmerman killed Trayvon all because he looked a suspicious in a hoodie. Or look suspicious in general while carrying Arizona Tea and Skittles from a Gas Station  – in which he bought, not stole! To talk about hoodies, or hoods, wearing a hoodie does not make those suspicious looking. Guess what, If you dress up in a business suit, or a business dress, or having on a shirt with a collar on it religiously, and if you bring that negativity upon someone, that might and would change the game within confrontations. Basically what I’m saying is, your attitude would be defined. It’s not the hoodie that ticked off George Zimmerman, it was his attitude, along with the gun had that direct result of killing Trayvon Martin. Killing a 17-year-old boy who was going home. For those who are STILL wondering why Zimmerman was on trial, and why is he not at home forgetting this: Know this – he killed a child! PERIOD! This stuff like this goes on in America almost everyday and does it get covered like the Sandy Hook Shooting? or the Priests in the churches or Pastors in churches who commit acts of Sexual Abuse among altar boys or females and they stay hidden for so long until it comes to light like what, 30 years later?! In those thirty years, those priests would be long for dead in graves, or even long forgotten through secrets. And most today do see it and recognize. But for a case like this, not much. Why is that? Every case has to be brought to light.  But we know that mostly in America, that most won’t care. I can hear this now: that’s not my child, or I’m glad that’s not my child! And walking away in a snobbish manner. But what happens if it was YOUR CHILD? I’ll bet when the folks of the Jena 6 were on trial in Louisiana, folks (majority black) rallied support, while some wanted them to be out of the pasture. Just today, I was on Twitter, and yes, the conversation about Trayvon was on two fronts: Roland Martin and Geraldo Rivera. Yeah, Geraldo was still petrified on Fox News to believe that Trayvon’s hoodie was the result of his murder. And plus had to put Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in the mix of accusing them of “racial boogeymen”.  Racial Boogeymen?!!!! (my head is turned slightly left with the right eye point blank stare)  However, on the side of Roland Martin, according to his tweets like he does every time when someone calls out the folks of their funk: he bring his – check out his website.  And expect Roland to #bringthefunk if you will, in September on TVOne, in a live show called News One Now. The same channel he hosts Washington Watch every Sunday.

Now both sides have had their say and the jury, whom was all  female, 6 people and 5 of the 6 jurors were White and mothers. One was mixed with Black and Hispanic. But all were employed in their 30s and 60s years of age. Mostly right now, many of you or those you know have turned your profile pics or profile related pics dark until the verdict is done, which is has.  And also, I think that the MEDIA needs to stop it with the so-called presumptions of riots. This gets me: whenever I see some or most folks who win championships, they had to turn the downtown streets into a war-zone. And I’m not going in on the ethnics who mostly are behind the bonfires and setting off fires after a team gets a win. Or a loss in Hockey! Or when a well known player like Lebron James left Cleveland for Miami, here come burning the Cavalier jerseys. Whuuuuuuut? – as the folks say now. Why direct that, the part of the riots towards blacks? Media, stop playing with the so-called predictions! I mean seriously. Yeah we talk about the L.A. Riots, the riots of the past during the 60’s, and so forth. There are those now, who want to express peace. If you want express peace without a doubt then do it in a fashion of doing it. Not just talking about it.

Next month, in Washington, in August, will mark 50 years. This year of 2013 has had it’s share of 50 years after the death of Medgar Evers, the revised reminders of Emmett Til, the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom Riders making their way to DC to the March on Washington. Also, if you are a member of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, you will also be celebrating 50 years as the youngest Fraternity in the Divine 9. But mostly: the March on Washington and the infamous words of Dr. Martin Luther King of “I Have A Dream” will be long summarized. And yes it’s the best speech on the planet. BUT what has anyone from those who think conservative per say or think progressive or liberal who acknowledged King’s Speech, had done to maintain the dream that King wanted us to work on? I’m tired of those who say or quote King to get a point across, and DON’T SET AN EXAMPLE! This is what it’s wrong, right now. Too many reminders, but not enough action!

Plus also the 2013 year has had the screeching halt of Warren Ballentine, Judge Joe Brown and Michael Baisden. Plus where I’m at in Milwaukee, we lost 1290 WMCS, the Free Labor Press, the talks of Derreck Wiliams, Ernest Lacy, and now a black teen named Corey Stingley in suburban West Allis recently passed on, by the means of shoplifting. In regarding about Corey Stingley, more on that to come. Regardless of the verdict which was not guilty, there is one thing that is true. The vote will not bring Trayvon Martin back. And I know that based on the picture that is above, maybe a hard sight to see, but again: it’s the reality that is being dealt with. Sort of like when Emmett Til was in his Casket after being murdered for whistling to a white woman at the age of 14. And that pic was shown for ALL to see! For those who think it’s all about the Left Wing ideology to promote this based on race? It’s not. Stop the pain! This is about a child that was taken violently from his parents, his school, his friends, his church, and anything that dealt with the connection in a positive way that was apart of Trayvon Martin. YES, he was black! And yes partially it’s a red alert dealing and seeing racism as a result of this. I’m going there TODAY! Screw that “justice has been served” crap on George Zimmerman. Keep in mind, he MURDERED a 17 year old unarmed black teenager and got off scot free! Last night, there were commentary about George Zimmerman might run and hide. He better! Its like he’s got a huge bullseye on his chest. Or in this case, a bounty.

For those of us who are mad as hell, I want to address this to my African-American brothers and sisters, either you are a reader of this blog or just want to pass along for an RSS feed, it’s time to rise up. It’s time to rise the (you know what) up. Yeah, we talk about the 60’s, the old school SNCC’s, NAACP, Urban Leagues, the MLK’s  and the REAL Civil Rights Movement when it was really cracking. That was when black folks stood up! We need that back. We need that back in a sense of  today’s era of Technological, Social Media, era. In an era when the Voting Rights Act was shot down, and DOMA was risen up. Look here: I said this on my previous blogs and I’m still saying it: I appreciate the platform of our Gay/Lesbian Folks, but their movement is not, (I repeat) not no where near close as the original thing. This verdict has had a ripple effect in me as well, and yes, I am an African American male that is always on the watch! No matter where I drive, hangout, socialize, work,  display, and many others. To those who are apart of the BMCR, Black Fraternities and Sororities, Eastern Stars, Masons, Elks or any other well known group that has African-American members, or have been started by African-Americans, forget about your colors, your sides of fame, and or celebrations of longevity of who’s been here since the 1900’s – WAKE UP! I want address the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Folks. Yes, I know you are in Washington DC celebrating 100 years. Or should I say continuing to celebrate 100 years. I see you. I see what you said thanks to the internet. But like everyone else, you better rise up in terms of what your founders and customs have bestowed on you at a time like this. I’m just saying.  And also: 2014 is a voting year. Get out and VOTE UP! These crazy punk laws have gotten us in my view, very bewildered. We all better vote not just in 2014, in every single voting year out there. Every two years, we get to the polls no matter how big or small. It’s time to represent as if Obama is on the ballot! Some say that those who reside in the suburbs, may not feel safe in the city. Guess what: I might be afraid to go into the suburbs and might get recognized for a suspect. Double Edge sword swing mighty sharp.

And to those who are non-black. I want you to listen: while this encounter may not mean much to you, but I think you would have to understand of what it means to be black in America in terms of going through hard stuff like this. I also hate to say that many you have been brought up with values. I have also. Also brought up with clubs and organizations that you donate, or fences per say to put up. But I am here to tell you (I will be straight on this) and I don’t care if you are a business owner, a reader of my blog, or your friends blog list, or brought up in a good family of generational traditions, or whatever. I don’t care if you are in the military (yeah I said it) , or in a well-known college or university, if you are in a situation that your clubs, medals, good conduct, traditional values in which you thought was good for a while,  nor if you are apart of the debate team, or a well known fraternity or sorority of country clubs: NEWSFLASH – they will NOT save you! I want to be clear on this right now. They will not save you. Even playing or listening to black music or being Beyonce or Jay-Z will not save you. I’m being real. Even if you like the Right Wing Media, they will not save you. I’m just saying. And furthermore: this commentary of clothing is just pathetic. If those who think Hoodies are the problem, dead wrong. Guess what, I’ve seen folks who dress up in business suits, wing tip shoes, power ties, Khakis and Polos, business dresses (ladies)  and I’ve read about folks who dress like that, also can also be thugs, pimps, prostitutes, jezebels, dropouts, and guess what? It’s not always with baggy jeans, baggy shirts, and hats turned back to reflect the gang life. So like it is: it’s a basically an attitude approach! Also the discussion of race will ALWAYS have a toll on the table. The race card, as most call it will always have a deck in the shuffle. And the hyper sensitivity about those who say, “I don’t see color, I see a human being.” If you saw me face to face in a conversation, or in a public place, the first thing you see and the last thing you will see is my skin tone of black. I don’t buy the propanganish quotes of not seeing color. You will see color upfront whether you like it or not. But in a sense, you’ll see what I do in terms of doing work in my community the right way. Time to learn, America! To me, this striking thing is like turning the clock back 200 years. Didn’t we have a birthday? like July 4th? Like 237 years? They say that Justice does not work for black folks. Well I think, “justice” needs to listen up.  I hope that this does not last for about 3 weeks or less. I want this to be a constant reminder of as we go to work, school, our clubs and other functions we attend or donate. If you don’t remember what I just wrote, remember this: Justice needs to listen up. Period. Because if it doesn’t “listen”, we don’t listen nor respond. Just as the same to rally around our kids not just for school, but everyday. I don’t have any kids. But if I did, the watch will be on them all the time!

Part 2 will come this week.

By the way, I attached a link to a picture of Trayvon in which was passed around online. And yes MSNBC made a mistake of displaying the photo. Just a warning: if those who are really sensitive about graphic footages or graphic related footage, do NOT click the link labeled “constant reminder!”

Bucks logo from 2006–present

Bucks logo from 2006–present (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the past, I have written about the Green Bay Packers when they won the Superbowl. Plus the Milwaukee Brewers when they won the NCLS Central Championship but barely won the chance to represent the World Series.

But many thought have been in asking: Why not the Milwaukee Bucks? Just why?

Usually I don’t pay attention as much, but here it is. By now as everyone probably know the Bucks made the playoffs in the 8th slot of the Eastern Conference. And got swept by the Miami Heat. No question about it. We usually see the Milwaukee Bucks as one of those “basement teams”. You know what a “basement team” is? Usually if you know it’s one of those teams that stay buried in the basement of losing records and seasons for a while. For the Bucks, it’s been a long while. Back in the 80’s, and mostly the 90’s, the Bucks were a prime example of those basement teams that really nobody didn’t cared for. Remember these names like Glenn Robinson, Vin Baker, Jack Sikma, Terry Cummings, does those names ring a bell? They were in the era when the team didn’t have fire. I’m serious. Over the seasons, they have revamped their logos, but that revamping didn’t have a fire to get the team reinvented in sense of getting the folks to the seats at the Bradley Center for winning purposes. Plus also, this year the Bradley Center had a name change, now to the “BMO Harris” Bradley Center, and it’s 25 years old. Now also it’s been talked about the future of the Bucks in concerns of a new facility. Just one of those things to keep the team in the city. Remember the Brewers, when the “Build it now!” chants happened in 1996? It might be the same thing here. And where will the Bucks New Arena will be built? Near Miller Park? Just asking. I know about the Park East Area near Downtown. And in the 2000’s, the Bucks had the Big Three of Glenn Robinson, Sam Cassell and of all folks: Ray Allen, before he jumped ship to Seattle, Boston and currently Miami. And in the same year of 2001, they won the NBA Central Championship which was the last time they won something after all those previous losing seasons.

Also, I’ve read from black players or those closely related, that many don’t want to play in Milwaukee. Everything from it’s too cold, not enough fun, or many other things. And yes, Milwaukee has segregation issues as a Segregated City. You know what’s funny, I was looking at Kevin Garnett and his previous NBA Championship was with the Boston Celtics in which he won. Not hating. But many also realized also that Boston, like Milwaukee has a history of being a Segregated City. I’m just saying Boston! Also, Green Bay. There was time that Charles Woodson didn’t want to play for the Packers. Too many things he was hearing about. Partially with black players not being welcomed or many other thoughts. But he played for 7 years and won a Superbowl ring! Plus the team was well “dangerous” in route to Superbowl 45.  Previously Reggie White had the same talk before he played for the Packers coming from the Philadelphia Eagles. And like Charles Woodson, he won a SuperBowl in 1997 with Brett Favre. I stumbled on a page about a story in which having a thought about Kareem Abdul-Jabbar coaching the Bucks. HOWEVER several comments popped up, and one commentor that a person remembers when he read or overheard him saying his liberties about not liking, nor playing in Milwaukee. This was well after the Bucks won the NBA Championship. IN 1971! And Kareem was on that team, before playing for the LA Lakers and winning his share of more Championships.

What does the Milwaukee Bucks have to do become more dominant and more “out there” when it comes to filling the seats and having a “All-Star Cast” like Miami or any other NBA team that could be a potential “High Caliber Championship Team”?

Yes, Brandon Jennings can’t do it all. If I had to pick a player that would have potential for next season, it would be Larry Sanders. Yes, he’s a shot blocker. Many of the supporting cast probably have some skills, but NOT enough skills to get to that number 1 point for a title run, or a playoff run for improvement. Technically also, those who are African-American B-Ball players needs to snap out of the funk (if you will), and just play basketball no matter what city they are playing for. This includes Milwaukee. I dare to say! Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks had a quote about “Aint nothing to do in Milwaukee years back”. Well some had a thought in response of relation. And plus since Basketball players are good with the cash, why not open up a spot for folks who can hang out? If Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun can open up a restaurant in suburban Brookfield, Wisconsin. Why not Brandon Jennings or Larry Sanders or Monta Ellis open up a club restaurant in Downtown Milwaukee? Just saying.

As I watching the game, yes many were chanting Bucks, but also the “Miami Heat Fans” were rooting for their team. Or you might have folks you know in Milwaukee rooting for LeBron and hating the home Milwaukee teams. Except for the Green Bay Packers. – They have proved their power thus far. But between the Brewers and Bucks, it’s constant sometimes to root for opponents. Which is nothing new! There was a time I was rooting for Michael Jordan and his share of NBA Championships, while living in Milwaukee! Only if the Brewers and/or Bucks start winning and filling the seats. The more you win, the more you fill the seats in order to get a winning season. That’s what it is now. If LeBron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh played for the Bucks, per say and having the fire All-Star Power they currently have, the Bucks would have a dominant squad. Plus also they would be the Big 3 part 2 or something else. But that’s wishful thinking.

The Bucks to me are a misunderstood team that most know. Yeah, they had legendary players like Junior Bridgeman and Sidney Moncrief. Look at the banners next time you visit the BC. We know. But instead of the focus of viewpoints of the past, they need to progress the future. And this question has been on my mind: Why the local urban folks like the Milwaukee Rappers or Producers, or a well know young person of urban satire, invest in the Milwaukee Bucks? Like Jay-Z has a partial ownership in the Brooklyn Nets? I’m just asking. Knowing that former Senator Herb Kohl is the current Bucks President, but he also needs to start looking to future investors who would play poker or go Blackjack to get new deals. Sort of like the Packers. So far in the past couple of seasons, Between Brandon Jennings and Larry Sanders have been some star quality, but that does not equate the ability to get the butts in the BMO Harris Bradley Center. The management, plus the players MUST CHANGE THE CULTURE! Just the Packers and Badgers must do win their games. I mentioned that earlier this year. And I dare say, the Brewers need to change the culture of playing poker or getting blackjack to win! Again that’s how it is now. The current thing is not working. And there is nothing wrong going to the games and supporting.

So if the Bucks want to play “poker”, better start getting the cards out and practice. And change the culture of getting wins and having that All-Star Power to be a dominant team. Just like Green Bay. And unlike Brandon, no “preliminary predictions” of winning in 6 games in the NBA Playoffs. That was a cop out comment. Sorry.