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Yesterday in Milwaukee, our long waited talk about the Milwaukee Streetcar is over. The vehicle came in from Pennsylvania via a truck and it was parked downtown near the Post Office at around 11:30am . And yes, the interest “per se” was building due to a fight that lasted for over 2 decades in an idea to connect means of transportation in the city. It really started with former Mayor John Norquist.

Just to think, as of the newslinks, it’s been 60 years this month of March since a Streetcar last appeared in Milwaukee, and it’s here. Many of us under 60 years old only saw Milwaukee Streetcars in museums, books, displays of the past when Milwaukee was coming up. And yes after that, the buses came in for MCTS.

Now after all the debate, after all the madness, after all the protesting, after all the ideas that Potawatomi Hotel & Casino would pay for the first year and nicknamed the vehicle “The Hop” if you will, and many others: even my “letter” to the City of Milwaukee Common Council of making that big decision on this blog of the need of jobs in the city, NOW IT’S HERE! Lock it up with an iron clad and let it operate. And speaking of that, The Streetcar needs folks to work!

Now since it’s here, word is that the testing will continue for the rest of the year to make sure that it’s in place starting in April. We just can’t ride the thing out of the gate. And yes of course the naysayers will have their continued say. But like many things: it will all come around in time. In my view.

The Streetcar or The Hop may seem controversial, but like the book by Eric Bischoff which it titled promptly to a point: “Controversy Creates Cash.”

So let’s give this thing a chance. After all, is this a country of opportunity? Plus this should be some sort of small victory in Wisconsin after the blown coverage of the High Speed Rail being faulted by Scott Walker.

Follow the continued momentum via the streetcar website:

There will be more commentary to come.

So here we are.

Happy New Year!

Welcome to the blog story that is traditional. Let’s Review of what I said last year with a twist:

Like Sgt. Hulka used to say in the movie Stripes: “before we proceed any further, we gotta get something straight.”

I’m going to be taking this blog to new heights. It’s not just going to be the same old song and dance. Nope, that is going to be one and done. It’s going to more that just one blog story. No matter if you are in America or in freaking India, be ready. This blog thing will get real. If I got to get my Periscope, or own video thing on here to help my stories, well: that’s what I have to do one day. What does all this mean? It means that I have to get better with the idea of blogging with the issues and concerns. I have to. It’s not just that thing that needs to be done, it must be done to improve. To inspire and yes, to get to the point of view that I need to display.

Yes folks will walk tall, shoulders back, chin up, conscious up to the 10th level, and of course this is an idea that would be beneficial. I thought about destroying this blog and ending a 10+ year streak, all because of other concerns of boredom or that same story. But wait…..this could be a benefit to help and inspire. While many might think that one story from a blog is all there is, think again.

Stephen’s Spot is not just about one blog story. Or one picture. Or one anything. It can be revolutionary, inspirational, conscious, fun, life experienced, or just plain normal. It’s not a one dance show. It’s one in the million that can be experienced if many take the time to read more than one. Now, I know many are just now discovering the blog based on what I written back in 2014 or whatever. But if you (yes you) the reader actually like what I write here, in a sense of right now, thank you.

Knowingly I can’t control what others might read, but by me writing more, and thinking more, it will be fully objectionable for me to carry on. I’m in the 40 year old plus age bracket, and yes this age bracket will indeed test my theory and summarize.

So guess what: you want Stephen’s Spot? I’ve give you Stephen’s Spot! This is not no same ol song and dance. Nope, not here!

So for now: let’s start my New Year’s Tradition of Stephen’s Spot that doesn’t need a repeat: What do want to see and not want to see in 2018! 18 things by the way.


First Five I want to see in THAT YEAR OF 2018:

1) Time to work folks. If this is the year that you will get that real job, the time is now. No more wasting time by waiting on others. It won’t work. We need to have a “Career Awareness Month”. We need to have better job fairs, career expos, have a “seasonal vet” career fair for the mature folks. Not that watered down stuff that many are getting. Even if you still have that degree in display, that many will pass up. We have to do better.

2) If you got to get yourself checked. Do it. You know where the doctors are. As well as the dentists, eye examination folks and more. Matter of fact some of them might be near you right now. And while were at it, we need to for real get educated about the issues of health. I hear say, “you need to do this or that”. or “you need a flu shot.” BEFORE ANY THAT HAPPENS: ASK QUESTIONS! Forget what you saw on Facebook, know that real stuff first! Really stop and ask questions!

3) 2018 means that the Congress will take over with some new #45 laws being placed. If any of the new members screw up, get on their case! Don’t just complain on social media, complain to the So-and-So’s! Write letters, emails with proper sentences! You can do that, you know.

4) You know that 2018 is a mid term voting year. Oh you didn’t know this? Pay attention! It’s not the presidential election, but maybe some of your Governors or County Supervisors will be running on the ballot. Do better!

5) Speaking of the voting thing, this would be a time to get your voter registration checked and/or updated to get ready for the 2018 election. I want to see this happen even more. Plus in the future like all these health months, why can’t we have a Voter Awareness Month? Remember this: FAAN – February, April, August and November!

Next Five I don’t want to see:

6)Like last year: I don’t want to see no one complaining about the lack of this or that in the church. If you don’t have a certain something going in your church, then make something happen! Keep at it! What did I say after my father’s passing: Be empowered, and Stay in the fight!

7) And like many many years ago: I don’t want to see black folks putting other black folks down for stupid reasons. No matter what happens we must continue to look in the mirror and raise up. Jobs, education (past or present) contributions, etc. And that goes for anyone else.

8) Never EVER OVERLOOK THIS – Black Queens: you say you LOVE us Black Kings right? DO YOU?! Here is a challenge that you might not think. Cater to us for ONE DAY at a restaurant, or maybe give us a day that we might enjoy. Think it over! Many of you got Brothers, Fathers, Uncles, Husbands, Boyfriends, Cousins, Neighbors, and many other male influences that you probably know that need that appreciation! You guys go all out for your thing and we’re in the seats. Why not us?

9) I HOPE TO GOD, I don’t want to see credit checks on black folks no more. Matter of fact, not on anyone anywhere with credit checks!

10) I don’t want to see those who didn’t vote gloat. Guess what: Elections have Consequences. Especially in this Midterm Season!

Five More things I want to see:

11) I want to see more of us ALUMNI (YOUNG AND OLD) to reinvest in our Alumni Groups. Not just for the class reunions and everyone also shows up broke, mad, left out and uninformed. And by the way, if you see an Alumni Rep at your class reunion, don’t get no attitude about your daughter or son in college needing money and you think that your old High School has no money. That will not work!!!! Just dumb. Have you heard of Scholarships, like churches hand out every year? Stop playing!

12) I want see the results of us doing the work. Not just the partial results of patting on the back and say “nice work”. But also what did it took to get the results needed. And if your employer is celebrating a milestone of service (10, 20, etc), give him or her the due of respect. It’s the right thing to do. Or even if no one gives you a pin of service: give yourself one!

13) I want us “non scared and scared grown folks in the Black Church Groups” to talk to our youth. Seriously talk to them. Some of them need us to come to them. I don’t care if they are in the schools shooting basketballs or at the community centers or in church playing Madden. Or double dutcng or learning a praise dance. Even tutoring! Let’s learn to #HashtagAndTalk to our young folks. Male members of the church: get the young men involved in these groups! Women, you know what it is.

14) I want to see more black folks in the communities whom think there is nothing there to do, start something! Stop complaining! Stop moaning! Get up and get out and make the stuff happen!

15) Like last year and year ago, here is a thought: I want to see ALL fraternities, and ALL sororities to recruit and meet up with seasoned vets that can help out. Especially those of the black fraternities and sororities. All of the Divine 9 folks: From the Alphas to the Iotas and from the AKA’s to the Sigma Gamma Rho’s: Have a day in which YOU need to go out to the seasoned vets of those whom are 40 ish and up that want to join up to support the groups you represent. And also, don’t be so judgmental about those whom are at that 40’s range. Best place to find us: either at our church events, alumni group meetings, etc. And this goes for the American Legion Family, Masons, Elks, Eastern Stars, and etc. WE SEE YOU!

Final three: want not to see and want to see.

16) Of all the things I don’t want to see: enough of the blame game on Black Lives Matter that seemed violent or racist. For all you Blue Lives Matter, or copying off the Black Lives Matter Movement, you will suck. Instead of hating on Black Lives Matter at least go to a meeting or hear from those who lost a brother, or sister or a parent that was black. Take notes, Blue Lives Matter.

17) Now this might work in this 2018: Get Grown in your work and volunteerism. We know what we need to do, and what to do this year. So why not get involved! And the time is right now!

18) This is for the grown folks 18 and up: HANDLE your grown business! After all, we supposed to be grown after 18, right?

Happy New Year!

What’ll You’ll Have?

Back in 1996, the City of Milwaukee lost one of the best beer makers in history, Pabst Blue Ribbon. It was one of the final death blows in the city and many jobs at the time were just lost. Now if those what happened to the old brewery complex, it’s still standing. But however years later, it was in a debate whether to turn it towards an entertainment complex, like the House of Blues. IT ALMOST HAPPENED! But however after lengthy debate, it is now called The Brewery in the old Pabst Complex of Office Space and Apartments. The idea for that to happen was the late, Joseph J. Zilber’s thought to do something different with the site. He was a Milwaukee born resident, a Philanthropist that donated his time and effort to causes for the City.

Now it’s been 18 years since the city lost Pabst for California and in this recent news, the offer has sparked between 500 – 1 billion dollars to buy the old school brew. Some of the offers have stepped up, and here in Milwaukee, a grassroots element has reared up for PBR to come back where it all started. The only thing that sees Pabst the most in Milwaukee is the Pabst Mansion. And the Pabst Theater. That’s it. But not the actual product that makes the beer for games and celebrations. If indeed an offer where Pabst actually comes home, the situation might be different. An idea has been thought of being it part of community ownership, sort of like the Green Bay Packers. The Packers don’t have an lone owner, but the whole town owns the team. And that same ownership partially does imply that the team stays where it started. That model is what the group in Milwaukee would like to do with Pabst Blue Ribbon. But in this instance in a new way of grassroots. Plus also, it attracted a individual who happens to be a decedent of Frederick Pasbt, Bridget Byrnes, the great-great-granddaughter of the founder.

Already according to their website, it has two petitions addressed to the City of Milwaukee, and also the current owner of Pabst, Dean Metropoulos in attempting to get the company back to Milwaukee. Now where it might go? I can see the Offices for the corporate side go into the complex to have that Headquarter feel to the company. For the brewery itself, either the complex can reactivate the old hops per say in the old complex or maybe build a brand new generational complex near the south-side of the city for enough space to make the beer. Or since Pabst Farms is in the state, maybe build it on the area of the sector of the establishment. But where it may go and if it does reach within the Southeast part of Wisconsin it would set a new generated stake in the claim for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and also the Midwest. We know that MillerCoors is running the show, but if Pabst does make a “Midwest Comeback”, the old beer wars in Milwaukee might just resurrect.

Like I said, I’m not a beer drinker. But if Pabst does make a claim to comeback for community dollars, community ownership and also jobs  with it, let me say yes: PBR ME! ASAP!

So for those who would like to see that happen, in regarding Pabst to get back home to Milwaukee per say, sign the petitions online via the website:

And if those are on Facebook, check out the page: “Milwaukee Should Own Pabst Blue Ribbon”,  and by the statistics thus far, it’s rising. 

I will admit and folks know this: I am a Gladiator Fan. If you don’t know what is, I like watching and tweeting my reactions to Scandal every Thursday.  Now, for those who say, “Oh House of Cards is better than Scandal”. The House of Cards show to me is the jury is still out. With all due respect to Kevin Spacey of course.  But yes, in the 3 seasons that this show is a hit. This one of the hottest shows that is blowing up big time. When you have a show like this that is burning up the ABC Network, it is making the rounds.

Now, there are those who complain and comment about not liking the show. Not everyone is a Gladiator Fan. I get it. Now you got those who say “Oh I don’t watch Scandal, because I feel as a black woman like her shouldn’t sleep with a white republican president. And I happen to be black myself.” What?!!!!! Or comments like, “you all better get saved because watching Scandal with all that adultery will get you into hell. With that Olivia Pope getting busy with Fitz.” Or  comments like “So, you like Scandal and you’re a church going person? Wow I’m praying for you to get out of that mess.” Just to add: SMH.

Ok: Now since the Anti-Scandal Police is in effect, you all need to chill. I’ll bet you guys are the same ones who one day will watch something positive on Lifetime or TBN, but still, (not to play devil’s advocate), some of you or many of you in that group will take a small peek at Scandal. That will be like someone who has a their own business per say, you on the other hand might say, “Oh don’t do this. They’ll cheat you out of your money like the church!” But partially, you might join that bandwagon after realizing that your current finances aren’t going well. I’m just saying. I’ll ask this again: is your company (corporate, self, online, non profit, private, public, mom and pop shop) are about money too? Just don’t say the church! Even the church has to realize it needs money to maintain buildings, the utilities, lawn, security and many others that many homeowners and apartment dwellers go through every day! Matter of fact, all companies need money to operate just like your homes, insurance, and vehicles! Now, despite of the opinions of others, either closely related or just met, I don’t let the opposed thoughts get to me.  Matter of fact my Pastor, and once at age 18, my living uncles once said to me not to let ANY OPPOSITIONS stand in my way. Nor let anything stand in my way. I’m not. Yeah I’m saying this as a black man in America. Or those who like say ‘Merica.

You talk about Scandals?! I’ll give you some Scandals:

  • Here in Wisconsin we have over 20,000+ emails copied and displayed when Scott Walker was on company time as Milwaukee County Executive. And many of us know already that you can’t campaign for a higher seat while doing work in the County. That is out of bounds. Plus there were some racists messages along with it.
  • Also in Wisconsin, he recently passed, but the late Tom Ament was caught in a scandal like dilemma in concern of pensions of the workers at the time. That was forcing him out as County Executive via special election.
  • Again, even the ministry game has scandals. Say AMEN! You heard about folks from Bishops, Ministers, and those in the church getting with bloody murder. And getting caught. How many times I hear and read about Priests having sex with young boys and some girls and having to tell that same story like, I don’t know: 20+ years later?
  • Former Mayor John Norquist of Milwaukee was in a sex scandal in concerning former worker, Marilyn Figueroa. Mostly that was a Sexual Harassment angle per say.
  • Even the Military had sex scandals. Just saying.
  • Before Ex-Packer Darren Sharper got into recent trouble, remember ex-Green Bay Packer Mark Chmura? He got into trouble with a 17  year old Catholic Memorial Student at the time of child incitement and sexual assault. And was married also!

For the black side of things:

  • Does the name Rev. Henry Lyons ring a bell?  It should if you’re from Milwaukee. But after 1997 he’s in a different state, and still preaching the word.
  • Anita Hill – does that name ring a bell? Ask Clarence Thomas.
  • When Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won their pair of Oscars in 2002, many thought their wins under either sexual or being the bad guy per say, was a asterisk. Personally, their roles did got them the Oscars and their characters in a different light examined their perspectives.
  • One of the Milwaukee Suburbs in Butler – their police department was under investigation of a scandal that involved sexually content. Oh you didn’t know?

And in the other side of things:

  • Umm, there were scandals in biblical times. Remember one of the 10 Commandments of Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery? What do you think that leads to? So don’t tell me with that notion!

Folks, there have been “Scandals” in this world for a long time. This is nothing new. Like those who hate religion, the military, different races, etc. There have been scandals that have been well documented, recorded, summarized and archived. We know this. So I begin to ask, why we are tripping about a show featuring Kerry Washington being in a angle of adultery, with a white republican president who happens to be married? And it’s FICTIONAL!!!!!!! Oh, I see all of this here, but what about the “scandal angle” on The Haves and the Have Nots with Candice Young and John Cryer? Candice is a young “up and coming” black female attorney that uses the blackmail seduction powers against a powerful judge, and the Judge is caught between that and his Marriage, and is White. And we trip on that? Good Lord!

Scandals is not just about sex. It’s also about betrayal, confrontation, rumors, he say she say, even in family scandals. Probably many of us know someone who is hiding secrets about sexual abuse from that uncle, that father, that mother, or that sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin persay and it’s been hidden for decades. For years! And when the truth comes out in regarding that, yes all hell will break loose. Yes, I did say the words: Hell and break loose. And you began to wonder is this the still SAME FAMILY that took me in all these years or born in? Really?!!  We all know about friends right? This also includes those who thought were cool and so real way back, but now over the years after we went to high school or college, are they still the best buddies? Be careful! Some folks will change on you like a thief in the night. Last year when I wrote some blogs after the Trayvon Martin murder trial, that opened up more wounds in folks I have never seen! Especially on Social Media. There are those that you used to talk to, believed that Trayvon Martin was accountable of his murder and believed that George Zimmerman was just “standing his ground”. Oh, how is George Zimmerman doing? – Being a Moving Target. I told you GZ fans! After he was found Not Guilty, many of the fans had to defend him, and his stance on having a gun. If he is found in a fight, a real fight somebody is going to pick up the tab. And there are those who feel that oh, Slavery is over, and we’re in a post racial society, some blacks and some whites believe that uplifting black pride will lead to racism. And you don’t talk to them after that thinking it’s all rubbish and gibberish commentary. Like we’re supposed to get over it and move on. I must say that there are “Scandals” we have gotten over. And there are those we can’t move forward because it’s a ongoing issue!

So all this hate against a TV show, that is blowing up the ABC Network, I think it’s way beyond stupid. Until those who talk smack about Scandals, obviously they haven’t been in one. And until you or anyone that has been in a scandal then you can talk!

And that, is my rant.

I’m sure many in the country has been asking: What’s up with Wisconsin now?

Not much as usual on this end, except the weather, and having a Milwaukee Bucks rookie making waves. Plus also gearing up for spring training with the Brewers.

BUT: as many of you know by now, Scott Walker is back in the news.

Remember those things that we’ve been hearing about him having those secret email messages about doing work on company county time, and the denials of it. Remember all of that? Remember about the smoking gun that came blazing out of the Walker camp of denial? Remember how us Wisconsinites had to beat our drums and protested like hell in the capital of Madison, even in the rotunda, even on tractors all trying to get this “Governor” out of the chair in Madison?

Well we tried. And partially failed. The reason why said partially failed because the main reason, Walker is still working. And the Republicans in the State still have the majority. And the Democrats on the other side are trying to get a plan to get of using the 2014 vote to get their power stroke back on track.

The extra red alert of all of this pain of emails: there were 27,000 plus email messages that was taking place when Walker was gunning for the chair. According to the rules of government and I’ve heard this before: that was going against the rules. Not using political or acknowledging political stances while working on county time. Those of us had or currently have those working in government know all that to well. Apparently, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Reindfleich should know that. Partially, if Kelly wasn’t that well, “dumb” of what she did, then probably she would have not done that. Does this make sense?

Well now the governor has given his commentary and feels that its all behind him. It’s doesn’t mean nothing. In the eyes of the Wisconsin Democrats, One Wisconsin Now and many others, this was something that was brewing for a while, but those didn’t want to hear it. Well its time to confess! Again were in midterm election mode. And again if Walker goes out of Wisconsin with this email trail behind following him in which he cannot escape, THEN GUESS WHAT? There is no escape. That would adding embarrassment onto the citizens and the state! This is coming from a guy who promised to campaign on a imaginary goal of getting 250,000 jobs by his first term. The same guy who threw away 800 million dollars for high speed rail that would connect Milwaukee and Madison and additionally with other cities and towns for jobs. But did that happen? No! And a hidden thing in all this? More segregation! Don’t lie Wisconsin! And additionally of slashing those off of Badgercare, and Act 10 concerning Collective Bargaining. Plus slashing education. I’ll bet Mayor Tom Barrett had to be looking at those emails and be like, “I had to lose to this man in all of this?”

When I was a teen at Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School, in the Band mind you, we used to go down to Northwestern University for their annual band day shows. This was in the 90’s by the way. We had met with some band students from Illinois, and they were asking us where were from and we said Wisconsin. Their comment: “Oh that’s the Dahmer State!” They kept saying that over and over again. Plus also Jeffery Dahmer was killing and consuming young boys at the time as a serial killer. Well now, Wisconsin can be known as the Worst Walker state. And his work of “damaging the Badger State” thus far, proves it.

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So many times, I have said on this blog, that Wisconsin has the highest of black unemployment, and mostly with prisons. Many have said that “Wisconsin is the worst state for black people.” And no it’s not because of laziness. Props to the BBC for getting this out and making folks aware that Wisconsin is not always peachy keen with being a farm state! Especially in the state’s largest city of Milwaukee.

Take a look at the stats from the video. Some may be surprising. Some may not.  But if you live in the city and state for so long, it’s really a constant reminder.

I love my city!

President Obama made a campaign stop here in Milwaukee today to continue his quest to repeat the presidency. The BMO Harris Pavilion, located at Summerfest was to supposed to hold at least 10,000 folks. But…….more kept coming as the President made his way, and by the time the President spoke, yes he had to acknowledge those like of Mayor Tom Barrett and State Rep. Tammy Baldwin. Plus he acknowledged Green Bay Packers Desmond Bishop and Jermichael Finley. He had too (as a Chicago Bears Fan). But anyway it was a glimpse for those who wanted to hear the President his next plans for the next 4 years ranging from jobs, taxes, lowering the debt, women’s rights, ending the war in Iraq, and the dreaded 47% of Americans who are victims. Speaking of that, he did comment and quoted: “I don’t see victims here today. I see hard-working Wisconsinites.” And plus, there were plenty of boos of mentioning Mitt Romney and his plans if elected. His response: “Don’t boo, vote!”

Despite of whatever, this was a chance for myself and a close immediate family member to get to see the 44th President in person and in the flesh. Last time I saw an Obama family member in person, it was Michelle Obama at Bradley Tech High School in Milwaukee just a month ago. How about those “back to back” Obama campaign appearances for the Brew City! Currently, the POTUS is up by 10+ points over Romney in a preliminary stance. Furthermore, it was the President’s second visit to Milwaukee since he gave a shout-out and visited Master Lock.


Obviously, I know for some, most are probably are asking, what is up with the “I Told You So’s?” It’s my way for saying of what’s going in Wisconsin. Politically. I’ve been on this thing 16 times, and now approaching number 17. Recently, we know that the recall election will be coming up on June 5th.  We know. Scott Walker knows. Tom Barrett knows. The sides of the liberals, progressives, conservatives, and those stuck in the middle know what is up for the state. What happens on the 5th of June at the end, will dictate the future. If Walker survives, mostly of the things he’s planning will continue. Deeper cuts in Education, health, and the ongoing so-called spurs of the 250,000 jobs. If Barrett wins, the direct opposite. Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorsed Scott Walker (yet again) of being governor of Wisconsin. There has been alot of talk about that which is nothing new. They endorsed him in 2010 in that Tea-Party wave beatings in the country. Frankly, I don’t like the Tea-Party. Never have and will. Not necessarily bad feelings. I just don’t agree with them at all. The heat of the matter has also resisinated with the job growth. According to Walker, he said in the past week that Wisconsin (miraculously) gained 23,000+ jobs within the past year, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Wait a minute! STOP and Rewind! How in the Badgerland that the state “gathered 23,000 + jobs when it was reported by the Department of Labor that Wisconsin LOST about 5,900 jobs, during the month of April? Um, something doesn’t add up. Apparently the Governor didn’t reported the FACTS truthfully with providing the proof that it actually happened!  Bottom line, it’s false. The only reason I think Walker presented the “23,000+ Jobs” before the whatever deadline, is just to “make him look good for continuation.” But others in Wisconsin aren’t fooled that much. So apparently it’s not sufficient enough to jump the gun and actually read the fine print properly. And as for the Journal Sentinel, they know better. No, I’m not blaming Eugene Kane, James Causey or any other reporter of this matter. They’re cool.  As well as the Purple Wisconsin section writers.  Will this continue the drive for Tom Barrett? Quite possibly.

Now for the Heart of the Matter. I’m beginning to sound like Ed Schultz. Just today, I visited the Talgo plant in Milwaukee’s inner city area. The company became caught in the crossfire during the 2010 campaign here in Wisconsin. Talgo as most know was supposed to be apart of the Milwaukee-Madison High Speed Rail Project in which in my estimation should have been now “shovel ready”. But apparently, Walker got in the Governor’s chair and refused to accept the 800+ million dollars in which would have covered the expenses of the project. So no to High Speed Rail all because of two things: 1) the talk of boondoggles in which is totally pathetic for laziness. Which included the same old government spending wasting speech. Oh wait, was the 2 wars under George W. Bush like that? and 2) It’s another way to get Obama out of office. You read that right. All those “no’s” that the Republicans been saying all this time? It’s just trying to get President Barack Obama’s term to be limited to one.  Call it racism. Call it being against certain policies. Call it what you want. But I don’t think those no’s will stop Obama moving forward for another term. If he gets only one term, it’s a lost. Or it’s a waste. Getting back to Talgo, the company had a Open House in which there was information about the trains, the trains themselves, and potential company information about the use and objectives of the company endeavors. When I got to the plant as usual, the main attraction was indeed the trains themselves. I have viewed mostly on the inside and I was VERY IMPRESSED! I was impressed of the work that was put in in building these train sets. Boondoggle, you say?

Everything from the seating which was powered electronically, the screens on the ceiling, and many others that was impressive with 21st Century Technology.  Let me repeat that: 21st Century Technology!

Not stuck in the past mindsets of politics. Near the end of the tour, it was spread around that the company might stay IF the trains operate on Amtrak’s Hiawatha Line that connects from Milwaukee to Chicago. And the way if that happens,  IF the votes go through on June 5th. Talgo is on life support in order to stay in Milwaukee and provide jobs and display innovation. I was one of those today that view it, and I was impressed with the work. Now to those who call it a boondoggle in all, are just lazy in thinking. If those who bashed the trains in all visited the plant today and saw the project up-close and in person, they would probably have their standstill of stubborn politics. Sort of like Scott Walker. Also where was Reggie Newson? The DWD Secretary. Hmmmmmmm, why didn’t they come out? Robin Vos, or Alberta Darling. Oh never mind. Sorry. They don’t count.

Like I said, the projects were indeed an impressive and shouldn’t in no way shape or form be a waste of money. I learned long time ago that you never know that something useful like this could have some value in the long run. The keyword is VALUE!  Not fear of failure. Another keyword or keywords is matter of principle!

Technically, one of the weaknesses in Wisconsin in my view is not only slowness at times, but the execution of getting things done. Technically I see that. Particularly in Milwaukee. In comparisons to other cities that are on the move. Those in the area bash Detroit alot. Really? But failed to mention that Detroit is turning things around for the good. I can’t hate the Motor City for that. They are showing the country how it’s done and apparently those of us in the “Greater Milwaukee Area” need to recognize and respect! Somebody needs to say it. They have a slogan of “Imported from Detroit” during the commercials that had the Gospel Choir singing the One Shot chorus verses from the 8 Mile Soundtrack. Which is part of their continued success of cars. GM Cars that is. And GM is back on top being Number 1 in the world. Who should we thank for that? Can anyone say President Obama? Not only it’s about the product, but about showing the pride! Well, Milwaukee Area where’s our pride?!!!”

For that I want to see Milwaukee stand up for this. I want to see Milwaukee have products or anything Milwaukee made to showcase that we exist! Born in Brew City, or Created in Cream City, or Milwaukee Originated.  Or,  A Milwaukee Original. Oh, yeah I’m giving out some ideas. But I better get credit for it! So everything here I said, better be a food for thought. If it’s not, well let’s just say the parade will pass by. And the politics, backwards thinking, and not showing your pride for your city or state will show.

I haven’t done a three way dance in a blog in a while, but I’m going to hit a triple play. All Milwaukee related. All Black Milwaukee Related. Yes, I’m still in my NFL Beastmode thing, but what I am about to write is my first ever triple threat of WordPress thoughts.

First: Today in Milwaukee,  our streetcar projects have been put on a new push to move forward. The Federal Transit Administration finally approved the green light to move the Milwaukee Streetcar based from the fact it was stalled for “environmental” issues. But after all of that, the project is still on. My reaction as usual was indeed GET IT DONE! Not in that notion, but still get it done! The fact of the matter is, I know that there are those who don’t want to see this happen all because it’s a….get ready for it. It’s a Boondongle. Government waste of spending. Get it out, Milwaukee conservatives, you know this. Speaking of being conservative, that I think is another reason why Milwaukee is falling behind. Just think about it. CONSERVATIVE ACTING CITIZENS. That’s one of the main reasons, besides ranked as the number 1 segregated city. I really wish these conservative thinkers need to get out of the bubble that folks here in city need jobs, a stable revenue, efficient opportunity to run per capita, and most of all, getting the city to push from the dark ages of the 20th Century into the now efficient of the 21st Century. I told those that boondongle talk will get them one day. Had to bring it out.

Second: I often write about the status of Milwaukee with the concern of black men not working. And since I am addressing this issue on WordPress, I thought I should share it up because, their might be some of your cities, towns, and I dare say countries are somewhat asking, “is this real?” Since in the last couple of years,  between 50% – 55% of African-American men haven’t been working or have been unemployed. This issue is staggering even for Black Milwaukee. I’ve said this many times, and many times it gets worse. This weekend, one of my Wisconsin State Representatives, Elizabeth Coggs will be hosting an event entitled “We will Stand with our Men” on Saturday, February 4th. Yes, the first Saturday in Black History Month. This gathering from what I’ve been reading about on Facebook, that the women of the community will lead the support of Milwaukee’s men of color to actively find and retain jobs in the Milwaukee area. And yes, the men are invited to support her cause.  Just to let you know that Elizabeth Coggs comes from a long line of politicians in her family. You may have heard of her cousins Spencer Coggs and Leon Young, Milele A. Coggs,  her parents Issac and Marcia Coggs,  and now her daughter Priscilla Coggs-Jones is now running for office for Milwaukee County’s 5th District.  And by the way, they’re all Democrats and African-American.

Now you’re wondering what is a person like Elizabeth Coggs doing this for? What’s the purpose of it?  Or here’s a lame question: Why should I care?! Well if you’re passionate about something in your community, you go after it. Kind of like Ed Schultz last year when he came here to Wisconsin in protest against Scott Walker and his collective bargaining rights being stripped of union workers. And to Ohio and other states in support of the Middle Class Families. Look here, she’s passionate. Not just because she’s a State Reprenstative, but check this, she was born here! This is her home. And this issue like having the 50% of the African-American Men in Milwaukee is concern that most politicians should pay attention too. Will I’ll be in attendance in support of her? Yes. Not because I’m a African-American Male, but as a citizen of this city and state, I’m in support to have a switch to help change the status of Milwaukee’s ultimate problem for its Black Citizens. I’m only one person, but the fact of the matter is, it’s going to take a team effort to back up.

Finally there was Real Talk coming from one of my Milwaukee columnist, Mikel Holt. He wrote on Facebook that Mayor Tom Barrett is not very happy with him about a comment he made on Sunday Insight, which is a Sunday Morning show with WTMJ Radio Host Charlie Sykes. By the way, Charlie is a huge Scott Walker supporter and conservative hack like James T. Harris. (****rolling eyes and shaking head****) Anyway he wrote this comment on his Facebook page :

“I hear the mayor is pissed at me for my comments on this morning’s Sunday Insight…several Black politicians are upset as well…Well, I can’t retract…If you didn’t catch it, I said in the heat of the moment that we’re not getting better under the mayor’s watch, or with the current crop of black politicians. Black unemployment, poverty and the high school drop out rate (mortgage rejection, infant mortality and gap between white and Black income) increased by 10% in the last eight years. Yeah, I said it, and I said the mayor hasn’t done enough. Yeah, I like him, everybody does…but that doesn’t mean I’m going to go to bed hungry and smile about it. Black children are dying, 55.8% of their daddies are unemployed, and 70% of their mommas living in poverty. If it aint’ on the mayor’s shoulder–and Black politicians–who is to blame?”

Well, after reading this, and by the way, I haven’t commented on the post as of yet. But I can say from this stand point that even though the he likes the Mayor, but there is a sense of responsibility that must be surfaced. And of course that he’s being vocal about it. Frederick Douglass wrote that “A true Patriot, is a lover of his country who rebukes and does not excuse it’s sins.”  Does that sound familiar? It should. This same example that I witnessed, commented, and wrote about in my past blogs. Even on those MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs. Oh yeah I did. But those who thought Blacks are lazy on the old MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs in all, I’m going to say it: they didn’t understand it! Or some. Maybe if they didn’t have the chance to be so conservative in all…..OK I assume they get it. Even though it’s been about 4 of 5 years. But the talk continues. Even in 2012. Now you’re assuming that it’s a political year and it’s a year to keep or remove in a big time fashion. I know. But stuff likes this really needs to be addressed and those make the mess or not paying attention, really need to pay attention though those affected. And those who left Milwaukee need to chime in for reference. Even those that left Milwaukee, they are still citizens at heart hoping those of us here can continue to find that chink in the armor.  And citizens like Mikel Holt and State Representative Elizabeth Coggs have got the ball restarted again. But this time, it’s no time for fake talk. No time to be trapped in the conservative bubble and assume it’s all “smoke and mirrors”. But a time to get into action.

Overall, Milwaukee is still a prideful city. However the problems of blacks unemployed, poverty levels and all are the armor of problems that need to be addressed and resolved NOW! If not now, when?

In my continuing story of the Wisconsin Rail Project stoppage, I read some of the editorials on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website today. It appears that there are some or most who feel that High Speed Rail will never work in the Badger State. Obviously that is true. Only because it has never tried! What is the deal, Wisconsin?! Dang, I have never seen so many lack of self-confidence, closed-minded folks in my life. I don’t care what color you are. Maybe I should move to Illinois  just to keep pace with the rest of the 21st Century and write a book entitled: Boondoggles! Why Wisconsin will never catch up with America. (Don’t be sorry if I wrote the book!)

I don’t see Illinois, nor NY, California and Washington State calling this a Boondoggle. Why is this? They get it! SIMPLE. They are going to have more access to jobs, infrastructural ideals, tourism, business, and recreational stuff. And where will Wisconsin be? Don’t ask.

However, this has been answered too many times. “Oh it’s a boondoggle, it will never work.” Gimme a Break. Let me tell you a story: When I was in college at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, I took a course in Organizational Leadership. And there was a subject about good behavior in leadership as well as bad leadership. Also here’s is thought I truly remember: measurement drives behavior. When you have a leader that is good, everyone follows that leader that makes them feel great, feel inspired. However, the opposite, not very bright. and kind of lets the team down. Wisconsin has had good Governors and bad Governors on both sides. And I think potentially, Scott Walker is approaching to be that Governor tends to be good, but have more “bad reputations”. Take a look at his records of jobs, transportation, and county senior centers. All of those he cut. And with the recent act of stupidity with Talgo, the jobs are automatically cut and the company will move out. Even Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson can never figure that out on Countdown!

I think the “Tea Party Voters” or Scott Walker’s Voters will regret November 2nd. That’s right I said it! Despite of Jim Doyle’s failures and his success stories he wasn’t that bad. Take a guy like Scott Walker who never finished college and has to make a decree of 250,000 jobs, while cutting at least 5,000 or more going into his first term is extremely dangerous.

Now I want to ask the Charlie Sykes Fans, the Mark Belling, James T. Harris, Vicki McKenna Fans one simple question: What should go there in the old A.O. Smith/Tower Automotive plant area?!! And also, why are these republican conservative fans stating that Talgo is racist?  When was the last time that they researched Dresser Waukesha that had a settlement case reviewed and finished because they refused to hire African-Americans in Wisconsin. I don’t see James T. Harris answering that! He needs to get off that Conservative Charlie Sykes Base and come on out. Disappointing. Even The Milwaukee Drum needs to be on his case. Where was Mark Belling on this? Or how come Charlie Sykes didn’t comment that on Sunday Insight? And where was Scott Walker on this issue? NOWHERE!

Getting back to my story, Wisconsin must get rid of this boondoggle attitude. This is one of the things that consumes this state and us as residents. It’s time that Wisconsinites need to find Jesus. Not Aaron Rodgers. Not Brandon Jennings. Not J.J. Watt. Not Ryan Braun. Not any of the Milwaukee Admirals, or the Milwaukee Wave Players. Don’t even think about calling 1290WMCS with Earl Ingram , or V100 with Bailey Coleman or Reggie Brown. Or going on Real Milwaukee with Cassandra McShepard or Tony Clark. Or appearing on TV with Mike Gousha. Or meeting with Mayor Tom Barrett, Russ Feingold, Barbara Toles, Spencer Coggs, or any Coggs family member, Or Jim Sensenbrenner, Jim Doyle, Tommy Thompson, and Paul Ryan, or Sean from Real World Boston who is now a republican candidate for Wisconsin, or Bango the Buck, Bernie Brewer, Willie G, or going to battle with me. Wisconsin Needs JESUS to straighten up! Not the Tea Party, nor Progressive Parties.

Yes, Wisconsin and High Speed Rail Systems can work, ONLY if Wisconsin can have the will and attitude to forge it. Obviously those who oppose High Speed Rail in a boondoggle manner, are just scared punks. Or this reminds me of those who want things to stay the same, and those who want to change. Those who want things to stay and pass it along to the next generation, usually are going to die! That’s right Rail Haters of the Badger State or boondoggle lovers. You continue to say “it will never work” and you’ll die with “it will never work” on your tombstones. Hate to say it. And Scott Walker will be right there with you going six feet under. Did I mention that your children are looking that this? If this is the way you are teaching your kids, (that I may have to tell them to just say no on the street), you are doing a horrible job with this lacking self-confidence with the negativity. And those who want to change, usually come to a point where the old stuff isn’t working, the new stuff has to come in. I’ll admit: change is hard, but it’s needy for the better.

This is why I believe Wisconsin is a tail-end state. And will continue to be a tail-end state of getting behind. Sort of like education. Most here don’t have a College Degree (like Scott Walker) while a few of us have Associates, Certificates, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate’s Degrees. That’s right a few. Also like where do the young black talent hang out? Young enough to be employed, in college, or in the real world in the struggle. Again and again, I read and hear about the Brain-Drain effect. That I’m starting to believe. If this does not teach us, (us as in Wisconsinites) to change and to attract younger talent, it will be like a thing of the past or haunt-able. And you can’t blame them. The failure is YOURS! Your “Boondoggle Attitude/It Will Not Work Philosophy” will be on your deathbeds. Did I mention that Milwaukee has a hard time trying to get Hip-Hop Noticed?

Bill Cosby was here in Milwaukee in 2004 when he said these words: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Well, Wisconsin, we are a state that have been put on notice too many times. We did it to ourselves, and no one to blame but ourselves.

In regarding High Speed Rail, this would have been a good opportunity for the state to invest. However, there are those who are just short-sighted and anti-social  to understand. Especially if a new governor like Scott Walker coming into the fold, that believes that same objective. SHAMEFUL!

Rail will never work in Wisconsin, huh? That’s not just a laugh. It’s a problem with attitude, and politics. Which is Beyond Shameful.