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Oh, is it Independence Day? The day of the 1776 that many were “partying?” Oh yes, it’s July 4th. The 242nd Anniversary of the Independence. And yes like before, we can celebrate in all. Plus I dare say to comment this: The Struggle Continues!

Why do I keep saying, The Struggle Continues? I keep it as a reminder that no matter what happens in life and in our daily lives, the struggle of the ideas, objectives, faith, financial, manhood, womanhood, your sexual preference, voting ideas, marital status, and other things we hold dear like a musket still continues with this struggle. Even being black and conscious about our black-selves is a struggle EVERYDAY.

Black folks: we know that already that a day like this may or may not favor us likewise. When this day of Independence was established as we know, our people was not partying like everyone else. Others may ask why, we know that SLAVERY and BONDAGE were a factor of us not celebrating the fireworks. It took 89 years, (that’s right 89 years) for us to have our share of freedom when Juneteenth Day was created. For you the non-black audience this is part of history that many (and MANY) slept over. We get caught up in the hype and we forget that there were cracks in the ground that didn’t get covered. Think about this, the next 4th of July Holiday will be in 2019. The same 2019 when we will summarize the last slaves arrived from Africa in 1619. We’re talking on the real: 400 years. We will be saying 400 years alot next year. But when that happens, we’ll recognize it and surely it will be summarized that will make 45’s hair snap out! We can talk about the use of Patriotism in the country. But for us Black folks here me when I say this: We are Patriots too! When someone on our social media folks says that black people aren’t patriots, they are lying. We are patriots due to the speaking out of Police Brutality. We are patriots speaking out on our Black Lives Matter every time! We speakout on the hate on us being denied of jobs, homes, assistance of medical and finance, where to shop, having our say of education, voting, innocent lives getting killed, and many others with the moniker “Amerikkka” in all in the addressing the thought and issues and concerns about this country that really affects us! We have to address it! And the reason being because is if anyone is not going to address our issues, we have to do it. That is OUR patriotic duty as citizens to upkeep the words that Dr. King once said as an example: “Be true what you say on paper!” That is just not being patriotic in our way, but it’s also being held accountable for the things and issues that get put out there! Yeah, we have a patriotism in our own right. And you don’t necessarily have to wave the Red, White and Blue all the time. The real patriotism is in your heart and your viewpoints. I just had to say that.

Frederick Douglass even questioned that when he asked, “What to the slave is the 4th of July? Martin Luther King even ask that question more than just “I Have A Dream”. Rosa Parks even asked about that question when hanging a banner about those being lynched. Malcolm X was questioning that very often about the formality of Black Excellence/Nationalism being questioned along with peace and freedom. And many countless others said the same thing whom were and are African-American and having the balls to do it. In his last 4th of July as President, Barack Obama commented about “imperfections in our union”. And he was right. And still there are imperfections today that still need to be tackled right now.

Currently, we are still speaking out. Even Rep. Maxine Waters of California still criticized the antics of Donald Trump. Yes, Auntie Maxine is speaking the truth like it or not. And many can hate all they want. Even some Democrats need to shut up and listen of what’s really going on. And oh, they and others want to her to stop talking that jazz and having civility. You want to talk about civility?! And all that talk about her inciting violence? What a joke! The real joke is the 45 acts of stupidity. The real joke of seeing that stars and stripes side by side with the North Korean Flag which almost make me puke. The real joke is hating on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for the criticisms about this American made product that is Milwaukee Born being some of the jobs being shipped overseas and of course some of the employees probably favored Trump. Plus would this act stains the 115th Anniversary? And even rolling back the ideas that Barack Obama placed regarding the Affordable Care Act, College Admissions and others were classified as a joke for Trump. And all that so-called “Make America Great Again” stuff is nothing more that a fake revolution to bring to light. It’s a farce! Even separating families at the border for no apparent reason. And black folks we know the feeling of separation as many times explained how our people were on auction blocks being sold into slavery. And generations in the future are putting the links together to assemble our family trees.

Why I am saying this on a day like today? Why many are saying, “Stephen this is our country’s birthday. Leave it alone”. WHY?! Come on, now! I am like a Patriot that is addressing the concerns that many are afraid to touch just like everyone else. And no I’m not hating the Vets like many of you. My father served in the Vietnam War, an UNPOPULAR WAR mind you that was hated by many. This year would have reflected 50 years since he came home from Vietnam and when he got back, he like many others were disrespected by being called “baby killers” from the same folks who probably then waved the flag for support. Even though that the Vietnam Vets that I know and knew served in the was that wasn’t all that, they still served, period! And now 50 years later, they are just getting their just due for service. Well, I need to ask where was that love for them 50 year ago when they returned? I’m just asking and saying at the same time.

Despite of all this, yes we are lucky to have this time. But however we also recognize that it has not been easy. We have to grind every time to get to our objectives and goals. We can still be bold of our Independence but we still have alot of work to do. Even with this crazy So-called President that many right are realizing that Hillary might have been a better choice. There are many of us have been saying it. But……like Roland Martin says on Twitter: #WeTriedToTellYa!

So with all that, we still got work to do. We still got to weed out the wickedness that plagues us very badly. What that means is we got to do better. Like former VP Joe Biden once said that America is a better country that this. We can be better and will be better. Not just with a catch phrase. But with the actions behind it.

Well, as they say: The Struggle Continues!




The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue

I just had to do this. With all the elements of what’s going on, I’m putting out a scratching my head post, which is the current edition. Even though it’s post 4th of July in all, I’m going ahead with this.

Why can’t all cops be like Nakia Jones ?

Yes its true, blacks were slaves during July 4th 1776. But you know there were those unsung that wanted to get away in order to fight to get their freedom papers right?
Where are the real black patriots whom have “black patriotism for country and world” and being black at the same darn time? Even being a real truth teller? And black conscious? And unapologetic? 

Why there are some African-Americans whom look at the American Flag being “racist?”

When it comes to the issues, what is up being one sided? And you know what I’m talking about!

Is Wendy Williams that ignorant about the HBCU’s?

I know many had to go hard on Jesse Williams and his speech at the BET Awards. Had the haters sat down yet?

Will the church pastors talk about the recent events of the shootings? Even afterwards?

Have anyone, just anyone followed “my rules” for Summerfest 2016?

Summerfest 2017 will be so golden that they have invite all those that used to work there. Should they do that?

While many are continuing support for the slain officers in Dallas, Texas; many are still have not forgotten about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And will be funeralized this week. Does anyone see the pattern here?

You know that the Wisconsin State Fair got next, right?

For you bogus Credit Card pushers, why are you scamming folks?

Man listen: why folks on Youtube have to test Dick Gregory?

Question:why so many folks and you know them, post stuff on Social Media and most they think its true? KNOWINGLY some of that is FALSE!

Black folks: you know you could celebrate Juneteenth Day and the Fourth of July if you like, right?

What is the real concern about those asking about church folks who worship on Sundays, and then go out to eat at Red Lobster, a small family restaurant? What is wrong with that?

Scenario: You hate church. You can’t stand the preaching or the money. And go full postal on social media. Why can’t you go in person say what you got to say to the Pastor and the Church? Are you THAT scared?! That naive?! I dare you to try.

Is the Zika Virus that real serious?

Seriously, can someone school Sheriff David Clarke about this rant about Black Lives Matter? And no mention about the KKK. Shameful! Milwaukee, we are embarrassed by his half carcassed commentary.


Do many still fear Intelligent Black Men that want to do good, or many think that they’re all in one lump sum group that they are all the same as the bad folks?

Yo: what is up with the Jobs section in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel being thin? I remember when it was thick!

Milwaukee Suburbans who hate the city: yet you hate Milwaukee, but post negative memes about the city and you don’t live there. EXPLAIN?

Will there be a Hits 3 and Hits 4 out of the vault of Prince?

United Methodists: does the BMCR still count?

Why those that used to go to church or never set foot in a church thinks that “all christians”are the same hypocritically, in which they are not? Almost many think that black people think the same, which is not new but a myth.

Why do folks on Social Media AT TIMES say they hate Church, but then turn around that they  comment:”you can go to any church you wish?” #VERYCONFUSED

They say violence is the same but the cameras are new. Agree?

Is it just me, or has this Summer season really flown by so fast?

Oh, Cleveland: are you really happy you got a title after a 50 year drought?

Why is Azealia Banks is still talking? Has she NOT learned her Twitter lesson?  GO SIT DOWN IN YOUR ROOM, LITTLE GIRL!

For all these younger conservatives like Tomi Lahren: Can you all go in the room in sit down after commenting about things you have no knowledge about? Black Panthers, etc.

Man, some of you officers need to turn in your badges and guns for all that mess about your KKK alignments. Can we have more officers like Nakia Jones who is so deep?

Think about this: Can us African-Americans wear the American Flag in our cause for Black Lives, and against the discriminations of us being black period?

Do we still think this example from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a reality like right now?

Did the Second Independence Day Movie lived up to the hype?

Will Team USA be having an “American Summer” in Rio?

Americans: If you really think that Black Lives Matter thing is a terrorist group, you must be on that haterade. Why?

Huff Black Voices called out the so-called #AllLivesMatter mantra. #AllLivesDidntMatter. They did it 21 times. I’ve been saying and questioning: If All Lives Really Matter, Ask yourself why. Ask why, how, who, what, when, and where. Can those do that? Put up or shut up! #IfAllLivesReallyMatter

Does Laser Bond USA really work?

Ladies: I know this Irvin man or #MrStealYourGrandma is going on right now, but what happens when men look at #MsStealYourGrandpa? 

And the last question: And this is for Milwaukee: La La Brown and Kool Aid’s Killer is in custody. A possible lead is finally in play for Alexis Patterson. Is there a way to heal?

BONUS QUESTION: For all the folks who fly American Flags, or White Folks whom Fly the flag the most. One my local black radio stations WNOV in Milwaukee had a statement of flying the flag in regarding black folks. Can you GIVE A REASON why African-Americans (for those whom are still on the RGB tip and conscious and others) should fly the flag? On a shirt, lapel or houses.Break it down for us. And think before you answer. Yes, we are Americans. But provide this answer!


SSP The Struggle Continues










Man, tell me this is not happening. Seriously this is not happening. I thought I was dreaming about another black man got killed but this is no dream. It’s was real. Another black male, Philando Castile out of Minnesota was gunned down in a traffic stop while in the car with his fiancée and daughter. And he was only 32 years old, worked with kids, no criminal record and, a Teamster member and tell me folks, why did he had to die? All because of a traffic stop. And trying to get his ID. All recorded on Facebook Live. Just a day or two ago, Alston Sterling out of Baton Rouge was gunned down and his death after the Fourth of July really sparked a wide reaction of horror that this man of 37 years old father is not coming back. Some say he had a gun. And if anyone had the chance to look at the hellish video of him being gunned down, I’ll bet you or others whom are African-American, were just as disgusted and horrified as everyone whom was feeling.

Today on Social Media, mostly on Facebook, it was a wave of sadness, anger, some wanted to know when are we going to start shooting back.No kidding. No matter what you call it, it was all the same thing. Most of us were black. And the feeling of this was a repeated broken record that was on played over and over again. Even I had to dive in on this being as this day of being horrified. In my commentary, this is what I written this morning about these killings:

Just my own commentary here: I like everyone else is really horrified about the recent events that took place in Louisiana (which I visited in 2001) and also in Minnesota(which I have visited in ’95) with the shootings. Both Alton Sterling and Philando Castile should not have died like that at all. PERIOD! This whole thing I’ll agree is a sickening effect that continues to plague us even today. In the 90’s, when most of us were teens in high school, the phrase “endangered species” came up concerning young black males. Now, in this era of Smartphones and stuff, that phrase came back like a boomerang. Straight up. I know many had gone in on the 4th, in terms of being targeted after celebrating the Independence (flags, decorating the Red White and Blue in all). Guess what: (and I’m surprised that others haven’t commented this) other holidays, occasions, birthdays, the first day of school, the last day of school, the midterm break from college, a block party event, anniversaries, reunions, even personal days can be celebrated, but also can have problems like this! It doesn’t matter if it’s New Years, Christmas, Labor Day, Halloween, Black Friday, and even after observing Juneteenth Day. I’m just saying! Every year, I say the words: The Struggle Continues after the 4th, and even after my December 5th Birthday. And in between. So yes, indeed the struggle continues. Even after two black men whom were doing their thing before their untimely deaths shouldn’t have been vanquished at all.

Again: The Struggle Continues!


Yes. That is my written take on these shootings. As I said in my last blog about this, and this again is for those who still have this disdain about the Fourth of July or Fourth of YOU LIE things: You do realize, and I don’t care if you are in Black Radio, you do realize that folks can be killed in any part of the calendar year, right? Why the Fourth of July? Many had to hard on that. What many don’t realize that anytime you might get this, bullets have no eyes, no holidays, no race, and definitely no anything. The deaths of these two black men whom passed on this week after the 4th, after the 240th Anniversary in all, is a constant reminder that our work is not done! Our work AGAIN is not DONE! America as 240 years young it is, must continue to accept the past of wrong doings to be a better nation with all Ameicans alike. Even the ones we don’t like. However with this act of violence, and the act of these Black Fathers are not here, again, we got to work harder on this. And if their names made the list of no convictions, I will NOT be suprised. This will be another example of the Struggle is continuing on now. There are 5 months left in the year of 2016. Next couple of months will be hard for these familes as they go through that phase of daddy is not coming home. The empty chair or space will be hard to look at though holidays, birthdays, and also not watching their kids growing up. I feel for the kids, that will have to experience of not growing up without a father. Already one of a well known actress Issa Rae according the wires, has raised money for Alton Sterlings’ kids in terms of scholarship money. And just to think that Issa is an Introvert.

Also on Facebook: A local cop of 2o years had to comment on today’s occurance that went so viral and this was a DEEP DEEP MESSAGE:


What you just heard is Officer Nakia Jones. An officer of 20 YEARS SINCE 1996 that had gone hell, fire and brimstone and was VERY passionate about this message. If you know those officers that had a open partnership that are doing the righth things and are very serious and are supportive of the officers that do have this mentality, this to me is one of those officers in America that is doing the job thus far. Yes we do get concerned about BAD Cops, and racist cops. But one of my relatives whom is a Milwaukee Officer said that not all cops are bad and not all black men are bad! This to me realize that there is some good in everything. As we should. There are good employees, bad employees and employees that are just there. However, there are employees that will listen and take up the class of responsibility to ENSURE that trust does STAYS OPEN!

Officer Jones wanted to quit like she indicated, but she stayed. And I hope and pray that Officers like her and men like her will continue to stay on the force for the right reasons and to ensure a clear path of understanding and openess in the communities.Hopefully this might open a new dialouge that we the community can call out the concerns that we need to do at all times!

This is so crazy. And yes this happened in the week of the 4th of July. And many of us on the African-American Tip have this mixed bag about the 4th. This morning as I was listening to WNOV, which I still do. There was a talk about the flag. In referecing in which about getting black folks to wear the flag. There was statement on the format (The Fourm) of giving a reason why blacks should wear the Stars and Stripes. Well here’s my reason and I think I could probably give a reason for this. Again if you are a WNOV Listener and black, and have a opinion on this, which I respect. I’ll give you my reason why I feel that rocking the stars and stripes is partially not a bad thing.

One of the real reasons why I wear the “Stars and Stripes” or to display the Stars and Stripes, is not just to show off. Its not to gracefully forcefuly to shut up the haters or to sell out. One of the real reasons why I do it, because its in the heart.Its in the heart of interest that I think would be comfortable. What do I mean by that, you ask? Maybe it’s my personality, maybe it’s my way of showing my own patriotism. Maybe it’s my way of showing active in community service. One of the community service that I do is an Election Inspector. And it’s a job that I volunteer for that has given me 10 years to serve. Another reason is probably my way of expression. Another could be my way of being active. Another reason that I continue to serve needs. It has nothing to do with being weak. Maybe that’s the reasons why I still probably have it on me since. Maybe I’m “not as American” as I think like everyone else. I don’t know. But I know that even though I’ve been a US Citizen for all of my years of life, I also can give the country a bit of a “Come to Jesus meeting” when certain things of America goes sour! This includes Racism. This includes Gun Violence. This includes Police Brutality. This includes Job Discrimination. This includes Sexism. This also includes Black Lives Matter! Even my choice on how to finish my college degrees in a format of my choice. This also includes that if I see a child or teen act up, I’m going to tell them NO! If I tell a non-profit job developer about the use of attacking me, like I did with the Milwaukee Urban League in 2005, I will call out the hypocritical mindet period! No matter who is in charge or works there. I’ve done it!  If anyone on Social Media questions my judgement or questions why I got this or that in a opinionated thought, I’ll question them back in asking why you want to know. If they want to get defensive, I’ll get defensive. That is like dealing with a bully. Or an instagater that’s always in your business.

Black folks who want a reason(s) for blacks like me to displays or wear a flag, did I give you my reason?

Let’s dont assume that with me per se rocking the stars and stripes is a worst thing in the world. I’ve seen worst than me that will make the question of “What are you celebrating?”look like a Co-Ed  Gym class on a worst day! Look here: If I want to display my way of the Red, White and Blue as well as the Red Black and Green basically it’s my right. I mean do we have this thing about Freedom of Expression? Come on!

There are bigger fish to fry that worring about a black male or black female wearing anything like Red White and Blue or the stars and stripes. And worrying about blacks celebrating the 4th. And just to remind the Conscious Crowd, even showing some revoultionary radical thought of conscioness can also be like showing a customized patriotism act of defiance. Even also addressing BLACK LIVES MATTER! And EVEN as I write right now, about 12:22AM CST in Milwaukee, Officers whom lost their lives in Civic Duty in Dallas, Texas.

Been on a short break. But I’m back!

First I want to have a question here. What does it take to be conscious? Really conscious? Black conscious? It seems that in today’s era of #blackmalebrillance or #blackgirlmagic that is going around alot. Really alot. However the use of being conscious in my view is a good thing at times, but it can be deadly poison if used inappropriately.

Check this out: I’m on the net last week, and I typed in the word Hotep. If those don’t know what that means, it means “at peace”. Really it does. If the word hotep means at peace, why there are those that abuse the word and getting away with bloody murder? Everytime I go on to Facebook, or Instagram, it’s all these memes that are mostly negative and abusive without any references of information given! And usually I hate to say, really involves black folks. Not all, but a inner circle like that well known. It’s well known that there is all these “truth tellers” that abuse their”conscious” outlooks on those they reach to, and it’s almost they try to draw in to please folks. Almost like they want a certain type of folks to be on their same team of sticking together.

This reminds me of two episodes of the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air back in 1992 and 1993. From the 1992 show, entitled “Those were the days” had an point in the show where the character Marge telling Uncle Phil and the Original Aunt Viv about system doesn’t work, and blowing it down. And later commenting about forgetting that issue. Later on, Uncle Phil had to remind Marge that he was the same person that faced dogs and firehoses, Harlem going up in flames.  He also indicated that he didn’t need to fight in the streets. He used his office to fight from. Ranging from Heathcare, Decent Housing and many others. So there was proof that the “liberation” or in this case the radicalized portion of him still lived in him. Even thought that the times changed since.

The next show in 1993: This time it’s Will and Carlton joining up in a Black Fraternity on Campus. What was that Frat? Phi Beta Gamma. And had the Pledge Leader Top Dog making them and others doing the dirty work. The real climax of the show, came when the word got in that Will got in to the fraternity, but Carlton didn’t.

The reason: Top Dog viewed Carlton as a sellout. You all know the episode scene. Here it is:

So after looking at that, I ask the question: Conscious much? Even that could be a fact of what goes on today. Matter of fact it does. There wasn’t a Hotep moment on this. And I ask again, if Hotep means at peace, why the abuse of the word hotep anyway? If many had understood the reasons why then many shouldn’t get an attitude about it anyway. I’m pro for those who speak their mind in all, BUT many need to know that you have to control it!



Which leads me to this: Happy Birthday, America. All of the 240 years. We know, we know. The same traditional hoiliday got the folks dressing up in the Red, White and Blue, going to the fireworks, kicking back with brats, beer, games, bells, canons, and whistles. And taking the day off to be at the movies, or at the crib. We know right?

And also: Malia Obama turned 18 years old. With being the last 4th for President Obama. And with Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae.

And yes, the proverbial of the question is this: Should African-Americans celebrate the Fourth? Before answering, there was a time when black folks didn’t celebrate this day due to the fact, slavery was in session. And probably you had this on your Facebook TimeLine: FOURTH OF YOU LIE! Why this you ask? The use of slavery was still in effect in the era of our Compatriots was still in battle against England and King George during the Revolutionary War. And I’ll bet the RBG, Hardcore Black Conscious folks and some Bandwagon Conscious folks had to go in on the Fourth like it was third period French class. But here was the kicker, there were black folks celebrating the fourth yesterday in partaking in the festivities and or cooking up the food in the yards. I read somewhere on Facebook this morning about this black dude in disgust about a black woman wearing a dress that almost resembled an American Flag. I read that and I’m like REALLY?! The commenter who posted that on Facebook actually is upset about a black woman wearing a dress that is Stars and Stripes like. You know what, I’ve seen black men wearing Flag shirts and grill outside of their homes. I’ve seen black workers who had on little make up in Red, White and Blue in freaking Walgreens! Oh check this: I’ve seen a black woman on a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle the stars shirt on in Milwaukee. So my question is what is the haps?!

And having to ask the question, “what are you celebrating?”

CALLOUT: For those asking, let me ask those questioning: What are YOU celebrating? And no, it’s not July 4th related. 

So that means that black folks can’t wear flag shirts?

Who is really speaking up for black folks that they can’t wear a certain attire that doesn’t equality with black unity? Let me say this: I freaking hate sagging pants! I hate this control of what I can’t wear or here is my favorite of which style of education is best to go like Distance Education. For example, there were both black and white folks against me and attacked me because I didn’t use the traditional route of going to class. And this thought of me leaving Milwaukee and all this mess. But I still graduated anyway 10 years ago from UW-Stout. Hmmm….. where  is the Black Conscious Unity on that? Where was that yesterday on Facebook while those flooding the News Feeds of the disdain about a holiday that had no regards to include black slaves?!

Of course I know why some of us say “FOURTH OF YOU LIE!” Along with the racism, police brutality and segregation of the country.

So they are telling me that I suppose to celebrate everything black only? In a radical, revolutionary and unapologetically manner? I need those to hear me out on this. Specifically if those use “communications”. Seriously, do I supposed to celebrate lets say, Juneteenth over Independence Day only? Is that what this is? How would those say that about Juneteenth Day as being “FalseTeenth Day” or “Blacks Making a Fool on June 19th Day?” Oh, folks would be upset right? I think it should.

This is not a mockery of Juneteeth nor a mockery of Independence Day.  Both holidays are different and apart by 89 years. But in this sense: I celebrate them both. One of my late relatives’ birthday is on Juneteenth Day. Not fronting on this! Ever year the flags go out in celebration of the holidays in the Summer months and that’s just fine by me. And plus the decorations go out as well. The reason I celebrate the Fourth, is not because of a dare. It’s like a choice appreciation of my services in community. So far I serve in the community for Alumni, Church, and Scholarship for Higher Education. And while we’re at it, lets don’t pretend that this doesn’t make sense because it does! I looked at some of the footages of the Fourth of July Parades in the Milwaukee Area, and I’ve seen a whole lot of white folks pack the parade routes. But I saw also a Sherman Park Parade that had a black woman leading it with marchers, a band, and a short escort with Milwaukee Police Presence in the neighborhood. Recently, the Sherman Park Area was hit with an act of violence prior to the Fourth. But as like anything else there was some life given though in that area. And currently it’s still trying to heal from the previous occurrence.

Whether folks like it or not, there will be blacks that will celebrate the fourth in some sort of way almost like wearing a suit to church or work. But there will be those that don’t. Ok understood. The same with the decorations. Flying the flags, displaying the buntings, hooking up a Star Shower Patriot Laser Light outdoors at night. And the same won’t do any displays that will have an ugly truth. I will agree that there is good and bad in everything.Even with Juneteenth and the 4th.

One last thought about this, yes it’s been about 154 years since Frederick Douglass written “What is the slave mean to the Fourth of July?” And it was addressed to those at the time whom were apart of the Anti-Slavery Movements and yes he did questioned about the day celebrating America’s Independence, while still stomping his viewpoint about those whom were in bondage.Thats like saying “why do you continue to celebrate freedom for this day, and you don’t include my black people?!” Henceforth: Fourth of You Lie, right? Later on figures like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X all said the same thing in various forms! King summarized “Be true what you say on paper”.

Even President Obama highlighted his commentary on the Fourth:

How incredible – how incredibly lucky we are that people, generations ago, were willing to take up arms and fight for our freedom. And then people, inside this country, understanding that there were imperfections in our union and were willing to keep on fighting on behalf of extending that freedom to all people and not just some.

And the key words was: “There were imperfections in our union” Meaning that America had and has blemishes in it’s 240 year streak. So there were and are faults. Even today as I write this blog yet again.

Makes sense for most, but in the words of a former WWE Wrestler Bad News Barrett: I’m afraid I got some bad news!

For the ultra conscious folks and this period of making folks not celebrate any holiday: You cannot please folks all the time. I’m sorry to say it. There might be those who will celebrate things that aren’t likeable of others. There will be those who will celebrate things that are likeable. There will be those who will celebrate things that are like minded. And others. Even if a person who does dresses like Lady Liberty or Wonder Woman and is a black woman on America’s Birthday! And also does know about the bondage of black slaves that were not celebrating the 4th like everyone else. The same with a black man wearing a Old Navy Flag Shirt, having a plan to decorate the house in all red, white, and blue, and is reminded that the struggle continues as a black man in America. Race included.

So with being said, all stories should be told. And let me end by saying this:


And that is my 40th Anniversary of the Bicentennial Minute.

The Struggle Continues Red White and Blue

Oh, the struggle!

If you are blessed to be alive today, thank God that you are allowed to breathe!

For many of us, it’s the 4th of July. The infamous American holiday that many celebrate with the family and friends, neighbors, food and drinks, decorate the house with patriot like colors, and of course with the games to kick back and relax.Yes thus far, the framework of America’s Independence is just in progress. MATTER of fact, it’s always been in progress. One of these days when that one July 4th Holiday in which might be huge, it would serve notice about all the so far agendas that we need to conquer.

For yes, us African Americans, we are still on watch. No I’m not trying to be conscious, but yes we are on watch every time! All the things we went through and still going through. Many of us, in the African American community still have this confusion about should we embrace the holiday while on the other hand to realize that our black forefathers and forefathers were still slaves. It’s true! Now I know many are going to say, “It didn’t happen to you!” They’re right. It didn’t happen to us, TODAY! Today we reflected the portion through the Facebook Postings, the Instagram Pictures, or many other social media outlets. We know this. And the thing is that is the main reason why many or some in the black community don’t want no part of the celebration of America’s birthday. However, there are those whom do recognize the slavery portion and do partake in the 4th. Why, because it’s a choice. Such as of what Usher displayed at the Essence Festival in which he had on a white shirt with “July Fourth” crossed off in red and blue colors, while on the bottom it had “Juneteenth” as in Juneteenth Day. And the question on his jacket was, “Have we truly achieved our Independence?” We already know the answer of not very much. Look what happened in South Carolina with 9 members of Emanuel AME Church was killed by a BOY named Dylann Roof. Or the constant shootings against innocent black men, or denying black applicants for jobs just because their name is like Jamal, or Niqua, or because the company would like to prefer more white applicants than BLACK folks! Tell me I’m wrong!

Photos courtesy of Stephen's Spot

The annual US Bank Fireworks are a Milwaukee tradition that dates back to 1911 in a way to celebrate America’s Independence. – Photos courtesy of Stephen’s Spot.

Now this is no secret, I celebrate the 4th of July. But I am reminded that even though it’s fine to decorate the colors of Red White And Blue on your house, or go to Wal-Mart or Old Navy to purchase a flag shirt, or to see the fireworks before and on the Fourth (Milwaukee knows this too well), or any other “Americana” related items, but I am totally reminded as a black man, that the struggle continues! That stuck in me. Matter of fact,  its a reality now. Hey, I even say that after my birthday celebrations in December. The Struggle Continues!  And yes, for you conscious black folks who love to reflect all the things that are RGB, yes, I hear you. And I dig your radicalism, but here is something you should know. I also never forget the African side,  nor lessons, nor the teachings of our ancestors that either were struggled, enslaved, shackled, branded, demeaned, or separated by the earlier mindset which that yes our folks went through. Mainly it really started with those who were BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! I want those who feel this way to understand. I’m not calling BS on this. Last time I checked the stories, we all seen Roots when Kunta Kente was taken and captured by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS. Another was The Book of Negroes, and in the first part, the character Aminata was captured, separated, branded by slave traders, but morely started by BLACK SLAVE TRADERS! You talk about brainwashed or selling out; Guess what? the Black Slave Traders were brainwashed also in the attempt to sell off those whom were our black ancestors during the slave trade. I’m sorry to say this but it’s the darn truth! Look it up! Even I get drilled in the teachings in the house that I grew up in. What I’m saying is that we know the part of slavery that dealt with our people, but we must NOT overlook the portion that our own people helped the slavery track started up. We need to take a look at all sides no matter what the subject it is. Even if its the subject of Slavery. And yes we gotta be real about it! Just to add also, I do recognize and also celebrate Juneteenth Day.

Now talking about struggles: What struggle continues today? The Struggles of everyday life. Jobs, healthcare, finance, racism,  security, or a right to take down a confederate flag. Bree Newsome, made news of repelling up a flag pole in South Carolina unhooked the Confederate Battle Flag . And yes she and James Tyson got arrested on the spot. And of course, there have been talks, interviews and commentary about them doing a thought that many had wished. But we all know that the flag got put up and will be taken down in votes. So when the votes come, even though the “stars and bars” will be taken down officially, but the talk of racism in other forms will indeed not rest!

And that is what America must do. It must not rest nor left alone on the laurels of Racism or Discrimination that the country has endured for the last 239 years. It must learn and do a plan to let our concerns flow. If our concerns don’t flow, or cry out, someone will do it for us! And this is one of the reasons why I say that “The Struggle Continues!” So yes, thus far America has made some strides of examples of Healthcare, Same Sex Marriage (whether you agree or disagree), jobs, finance, Housing, anything Education related,  and other areas, but the true thought in all of this, that the constant struggle and I mean (the constant struggle) in America still lingers! Yes Americans, we can celebrate and observe this 239th edition of the country’s Independence. BUT………the Struggle continues and the beat goes on!

Well let me begin with a simple statement: Happy Birthday, America. All 237 years of the Declaration of Independence. In a country that is still trying to get “there”. And country where the creed where “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. – We better. And we should. But in the recent events of Voting and Gays, I have to comment that the issues of both has been mixed.

Now I have to pick on the Supreme Court again. In that 5-4 decision that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was recently not revised, there has been this facade that the Justice Roberts, and Justice Clarence Thomas and others who felt that it was years ago and and it’s changed, based on race and votes: NEWSFLASH! Things haven’t changed that much. I wish I had a box. A “loaded box.” I want to put Justice Roberts and others who feel things that changed in their view, I want them to go through the most segregated, poor related areas of America. Especially in the inner cities of America where mostly African-Americans are getting shafted almost everyday! I want them to go to the meetings in which those who are fighting the redistribution of the voting areas just to make it harder for folks to get to the polls and have a voice to vote. Just as also to go to the districts who have a hard time getting a ID just because to VOTE! I’ve been voting since 1996, and I’ve been voting in every single election since. Big or small. And 2012 was by far the best voting year I’ve been in. In Milwaukee, I was one if the 87%  in the black community that voted up big time! And those think that we black folks have been voting too much. Whaaaaaaaaat?!! – As the folks say now.  Seriously, is this how we are celebrating the 4th this year?! And I dare to ask this again: How is striking down the Voting Rights Act of 1965, is a back burner to Gay/Lesbian Rights? Like I said in my previous blogs, those in the Gay Community: Express your platform. I don’t care about it. Have a ball. Let me take pictures on my Nikon in Milwaukee. But however, what they have to understand that the real Civil Rights like the VRA per say, is the original plateau. Not a copycat. I hate to put this on the day in which we honor the 4th, but I have to say that “Real recognizes Real”. Period.

Now I want to pick on Milwaukee. Right now, we have our annual Summertime festival of music taking place called “Summerfest”. It’s an 11 day festival, full of music ranging from Folk, to Hip-Hop. Rock to R&B. Indie to homegrown. Instrumental to vocal. We got it all. Summerfest has been around since 1968 and yes it still remains one of the best Festivals in the country. And I dare say the Midwest. And it’s right on the Lake Michigan Shoreline and I’ve worked there twice. But however, I was reading a news article about a Caucasian woman, Cassandra Struve who is in her 20’s, was beaten up by 2 black females all because of her playing a Cab Calloway song on her Saxophone. Right near Summerfest, mind you. And it’s becoming a uproar in the community yet again, about the rate of Segregation in the City. Yes, Milwaukee is still the remaining top Segregated City in the country. However this attack on this young woman was just hate. My question is after all of this, to the two black females that jacked her up, do they know a Cab Calloway song? Or the career of Cab Calloway? Just saying. Plus however, I know I’ve heard this in church that let’s say you have someone on your job who heard about this, and a white person per say comes up to a black employee and asks did you cause this? What is up with you people? The two keywords that I’ve heard in the sentence that was demeaning is “you people”. First, the black employee did nothing wrong to that person. It’s more of that dialogue that continues to fuel the racism on both angles. That’s a double standard. Remember when Darius Rucker was slandered on Twitter by a so-called white person who said to him to “leave country music to the white folk?” I’ve haven’t said this in a while, but that double edged sword is mighty sharp!

So now, we’ve read the Declaration of Independence. And We’ve read the” all men are created equal”. But sadly, after this day is over, after the food has been eaten, after the fireworks have been silenced at your parks or districts, after the parades and television specials like A Capitol Fourth has been concluded for another year, there will be more stories of Segregation, Racism, the hate on African-American men/women, LGBT, voting rights, Minority concerns, education, jobs, healthcare, residence rights, civil rights, and others will still be on the pulse. Even the ratchetness of folks will continue to escalate. No matter what is displayed. This summer in the Month of August, will mark the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. – The very same event in which we all know that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave on of the best speeches on the planet, “I Have A Dream”. Now, I want to provoke the thought here, if those who use Dr. King as a preface of making their points across against those of let’s say black column writers who write things that are not understandable to others, one question: What have they done to maintain King’s dream? I dare to ask those who are well “conservative” the Tea Party, some progressives,  independents, or those who have weird usernames on the JSOnline comment stuff, what have they done? I can say this: NOTHING! Nothing but talking.  It’s time to get back to the Old School Tree of Learning. Or in this case: rebuild the tree! But on a side note, I do decorate my residence with the red white and blue, and yes John Adams did say that the holiday is a annual festival – “I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated, by succeeding Generations, as the great anniversary Festival. It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more. You will think me transported with Enthusiasm but I am not. I am well aware of the Toil and Blood and Treasure, that it will cost Us to maintain this Declaration, and support and defend these States. Yet through all the Gloom I can see the Rays of ravishing Light and Glory. I can see that the End is more than worth all the Means. And that Posterity will tryumph in that Days Transaction, even altho We should rue it, which I trust in God We shall not.”

We should know.

And plus, I had to sample a page out of the playbook of Eugene Kane today via Facebook. He writes and comments:

Happy 4th of July!
But don’t get it twisted:
1776: “All men are created equal.”
1865: “…& blacks.”
1920: “…& women.”
1924: “…& Indians.”
2013: “…well, maybe not blacks…”

REAL TALK and Just Saying.

With that being said. Happy Birthday America.

The struggle continues and the beat goes on.

Greetings Americans. Happy B-Day. 235 years, huh? Not knocking the notion on Americans Independence here. But I am glad by the grace of God that I can still type and breathe on this day of Independence. But also are those who don’t have a heart nor will to celebrate. I was reading The Grio website, about two articles: one about blacks shouldn’t celebrate the fourth and the other about the 4th belonging to us. Yes, it’s true not everyone will or had celebrated the nation’s independence. For most who keep score at home, the Declaration of Independence was signed at the same time when blacks were still slaves. It took from 1776 to 1865 just to get the shackles off of the ankles of my black forefathers. Frederick Douglass asked the question in his day; “What to the slave is the Fourth of the July?

This was a real question that had to be answered. What did it meant? The slaves didn’t have any right or privileges. The only key to their freedom at the time was joining up with the Continental Army under George Washington. And the same with the British. Read about this stuff and you’ll know why, especially those who refuse to celebrate. I think to myself, what would it take for African-Americans to celebrate the 4th? What would it take? The previous holiday independence for us black folk was Juneteenth Day. Most of us think and believe that is OUR Fourth of July. This however, not much. I think one option that would be beneficial for this, is to summarize that even though that African-Americans had it bad in various eras in American History, but there were some positives. And also those positives lead to pointers to help build this nation. Why can’t that be recognized by US?! (that much) Why can’t other folks give us credit that we deserve? Ranging from Fresh Ideas of inventions, to novels, to handling the ability to take out Osama Bin Laden.  That’s right George W. Bush fans. At least give President Obama credit or some street cred on this.

Sadly after this day is over, and we the next day go back to work or summer school, the same everyday problems will continue happen ranging from Racial Profiling, High Unemployment, and discrimination against blacks for not getting the jobs in general. For once this happened to me. Last year, I wrote about Dresser Waukesha for not hiring African-Americans in Wisconsin. I was one of the 390 African-Americans who received a $5,000 Check based on the thought that I was dissed because of my black skin color. All I did was handed in a resume. The city I reside in, is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. The issue is the fact that yes, independence was handed to me personally. And yet I begin to ask, if this country of America is SUPPOSED to be a nation of freedom, why was I discriminated against my race over job opportunities? IN WISCONSIN! Five years ago, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management. I used the notion of getting the degree by using Distance Education in which some here in the Milwaukee area (either locally or personally) thought I had to go onto campus just to finish it. Also, some of those locally ranged from the Milwaukee Urban League, Manpower and a company that was too personal – Spherion. They dissed me folks. All because they thought that I wouldn’t find a job in all. They thought I was wasting my time and attacking me all because I wouldn’t do the education thing the old school way. After realizing this, it was not my mother’s education, my father’s education, NOR my sister’s education. This was MY education. I made this Stout thing for me, and I finished this Stout thing for me. Talk about getting my independence. When I got my degree, I thought about the haters that I previously described (as in Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success). This Distance Education thing may not be a traditional thing for some, but it worked for me in getting that piece of paper. Where are the haters on this issue now?

I know this doesn’t mean much today, but it does. I know that getting a $5,000.00 check didn’t meant much, but it does. OK so I have my reasons to get my independence day on. But seriously, I think it would take a while to get us black folks to try to celebrate this 4th of July. And any other 4th in the future. We still go through mess and have to sing God Bless America? Seriously?!!

So this is the 235th year of Independence. But now, at what costs? So as we celebrate, put these in order. Thank God First. Then thank the troops. Then your friends, neighbors, jobs, families and of course YOU! Why God has to be thanked first before the Armed Forces? If it hadn’t been for God, we wouldn’t have a Independence Day to celebrate, PERIOD! And as for the Army Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are concerned, they do a fine job. All the power to them. But they have to realize that they must give God the Glory first too!

Take note Americans.

“Without struggle, there can be no progress” – Frederick Douglass

I feel to need to take the time to address those who have this “self-centered” attitude  of why there are celebrations that deal with Black Excellence or Black Achievements. This is for all those who feel why there are so many Black Awards, Black Tributes, Black everything.  I’m really going to answer this question, because it’s getting on my nerves! I’m really going to explain the reasons why there are blacks awards. Those who might feel that this is a dis blog, It’s not. I’m about to talk truth. How come is it, those who are non-black, have to look at black achievements, and/or black awards and comes out with the question, either on Facebook, or another blog stating “when are we going to have a White Achievement Awards?” “Or a White Entertainment Network?” Or a network channel that needs to centered around the Caucasian community? And these questions commonly come from those who are again “major self-centered”? I’m going there!

Let me give you some insight on why BET exists: For those who are older than 30, BET made it’s debut in 1980 showing news and entertainment that has interests for the Black Community. For those who don’t know, there was a time when cable news didn’t show anything about news with the Black Community. This is one of the reasons why BET, TVOne,  and also OWN – Oprah’s New Network gives us a chance (us as in African-Americans) a chance to view our stories, interviews, editorials, and such. Now for those asking for a White Network, let me respond in respect: You have most of the channels: NBC, CBS, FOX, MTV, CNN, the Spice Channel, Playboy, HBO, Showtime, ESPN, FoxSports, ABC, the CW, MyNetworkTV, and many others. Why the tripping attitude? The same with Ebony Magazine, Jet, Essence and more. These magazines gave us a chance to read about ourselves in print, and having a chance to view our own fashions, and many other things that most magazines didn’t  really show black folks that much. – Which was years ago.

Seriously, why all the hate? When Black History Month comes every February, there are those who ask the question “why not a white history month?” For those who don’t know, Black History Month was founded by Dr. Carter G Woodson in 1926 after hearing about black miners in the south that talked about serving in the Civil War. They were there. Serving in uniform, but NO one had their stories recorded. Wasn’t picked up. And knowing American history, that part was skipped. It was a way for blacks also to tell their stories, their achievements, triumphs and many other generated goals that blacks have contributed to America and the world. Now for those asking for a white history month, I think you have plenty of those. What’s the haps? When the 4th of July comes around, I don’t trip. I celebrate just like everyone else, and read the Declaration of Independence, watch the Fireworks, and many other Americanized things that I regularly do. And by the way, I’m black. And I do celebrate the memory of those who fought and died for America! Answer me this: how come when March comes along when Women (not black women) are celebrated, and also Hispanic Heritage Month comes, we don’t really have an negative attitude? But why does it always have to be Black History Month? Folks popping off at the mouth, going on Facebook seeing a Black Excellence Award pictures and having the GALL to question what has been asked so many times by a few folks?

Folks, it’ s time to grow up. Seriously. Why were Black Fraternities like the Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Iota Phi Beta, Phi Beta Sigma, were formed? Why were Black Sororities like Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Zeta Phi Beta, and Alpha Kappa Alpha were formed at a time when blacks couldn’t join a Koalis Club, or maybe Elk Clubs or other sororities?  Note to the cynics: criticize, and protest all you want. But here’s the thing, as long as there are uneducated questions and comments that keep popping up in THIS country, Black History Month will continue. The same can be for Black Excellence awards. Don’t dis that if you’re in Milwaukee if you’re putting  that mess out of Facebook under Milwaukee’s Channel 12 FB Page. Again, if you don’t understand the history of it, get the record books out, do your homework, take notes. Just like in college and high school. If many Americans were to do that, and having an understanding of a Black Excellence, or Black Achievements then there wouldn’t be NO problems. Having a black achievements program celebrated is not racist.  Reading black achievements in Jet Magazine or any other black publications are not racist either. And learning about the history of Black Fraternities/Sororities, scholarships, businesses, and many other black related stuff are not meant to be, nor inject racism. As Roland Martin once put it, “Don’t dis the black networks.” Even though he’s a columnist on CNN, but he still has connections with TVOne.

Therefore, let me say this universal: Don’t be a player hater!