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It seems that my homestate has some problems. Over and over again, it’s ranging from the Dahmer State, a racist state, don’t want a streetcar, or a high speed rail because of segregation, and the old adage of being the worst state for black people when it comes to prisons and high unemployment. Now the Badger state, or the state that Scott Walker wants to be “Open for Business” can add another negative in which it’s worst for African American Students.

Anyone haven’t heard this, and still believes that this is a great state: think again.

The recent study of this story has caught on deaf ears. According to the study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: Wisconsin, the great Badger State that it is, ranks number 50 when it comes to having the worst record for African-American Children/Students. It also ranks higher for Latino and Asian Students in the 17th – 37th ranking areas. And to take a wild guess, where do the white folks rank in this study?

Now many are asking: “What is up with Wisconsin now?!” This is the  same state with the 6% population of African-Americans. Mostly of them living in the Southeast part of the state and in Milwaukee. I know many are looking at this and are in Wisconsin and have a mentality that it’s all lazy make up story just to divide the state. If those same folks who feel that this is made up, must be real dumb or don’t understand the impact of education. Now many are going to say, “Oh, why they can’t just be smart enough and get with the program? I made it.” BIG MISTAKE in making the comment! Just because the other guy made the statement of making it, may not work for the other guy. The other guy had to make the extra hard road in getting to the finishing area, with encounters of racism and many other humanizing factors of negativity. So to those who say, “well I made it”….I think I am compelled to say that it’s full of mess.

Normally when we hear about students succeeding, we give them praise. We should. But when it comes to black children succeeding, or black students making it well and finishing, that not only gives praise, but also strikes fear in I hate to say the two words of White Supremacy. One example: The School in Chicago, Urban Prep Academies for the 5th time is sending young black men to COLLEGE! 5th Time in a row at 100%! Somebody is scared and shaking in their boots. I say the best way to get revenge on the so-called brainy folks who always have to hit the high notes EVERY SINGLE TIME is to counter that.

I’ve heard this in church and I’m saying it here on this blog, and I don’t care if you are a reader, an employment person (which I’ll address later on) or some atheist believes that God is not real and Jesus is just fake imagination, and churches are about the money, there are those in this country that want to root for black folks to fail and it includes our children! Our BLACK Children! Even our Black Boys. From the moment they are born, the microscope is on point and the prisons are prepared!

I know many in Wisconsin and those outside of Wisconsin are probably asking? Where’s Scott Walker on this? Sheriff David Clarke? Mayor Tom Barrett? Any of the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those in higher offices? WHERE ARE THEY ON THIS?!!

To me it’s going to take a collaborative effort on this. It can’t just be the teachers, parents, and staff alone! Where are the Alumni Groups? The Churches, now many are saying that the churches are hypocritical and all about money, but they have to be included in the conversation for help for inkind! Even the tutors, community organizations that haven’t been tried, or even all those in the Fraternities and Sororities? Ummm… HELLO?! Is this mic on?!!!

I know many are surprised and shocked about this matter. Frankly it’s not. It’s really a state of an emergency and the concern is centered around black children in Wisconsin. Now a days, it’s not just talking about it, you maybe have to show them what it is about in a new way.

Can the state’s motto of “Forward”  be the hype of this now?

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I’m sure many in the country has been asking: What’s up with Wisconsin now?

Not much as usual on this end, except the weather, and having a Milwaukee Bucks rookie making waves. Plus also gearing up for spring training with the Brewers.

BUT: as many of you know by now, Scott Walker is back in the news.

Remember those things that we’ve been hearing about him having those secret email messages about doing work on company county time, and the denials of it. Remember all of that? Remember about the smoking gun that came blazing out of the Walker camp of denial? Remember how us Wisconsinites had to beat our drums and protested like hell in the capital of Madison, even in the rotunda, even on tractors all trying to get this “Governor” out of the chair in Madison?

Well we tried. And partially failed. The reason why said partially failed because the main reason, Walker is still working. And the Republicans in the State still have the majority. And the Democrats on the other side are trying to get a plan to get of using the 2014 vote to get their power stroke back on track.

The extra red alert of all of this pain of emails: there were 27,000 plus email messages that was taking place when Walker was gunning for the chair. According to the rules of government and I’ve heard this before: that was going against the rules. Not using political or acknowledging political stances while working on county time. Those of us had or currently have those working in government know all that to well. Apparently, Tom Nardelli, and Kelly Reindfleich should know that. Partially, if Kelly wasn’t that well, “dumb” of what she did, then probably she would have not done that. Does this make sense?

Well now the governor has given his commentary and feels that its all behind him. It’s doesn’t mean nothing. In the eyes of the Wisconsin Democrats, One Wisconsin Now and many others, this was something that was brewing for a while, but those didn’t want to hear it. Well its time to confess! Again were in midterm election mode. And again if Walker goes out of Wisconsin with this email trail behind following him in which he cannot escape, THEN GUESS WHAT? There is no escape. That would adding embarrassment onto the citizens and the state! This is coming from a guy who promised to campaign on a imaginary goal of getting 250,000 jobs by his first term. The same guy who threw away 800 million dollars for high speed rail that would connect Milwaukee and Madison and additionally with other cities and towns for jobs. But did that happen? No! And a hidden thing in all this? More segregation! Don’t lie Wisconsin! And additionally of slashing those off of Badgercare, and Act 10 concerning Collective Bargaining. Plus slashing education. I’ll bet Mayor Tom Barrett had to be looking at those emails and be like, “I had to lose to this man in all of this?”

When I was a teen at Milwaukee’s John Marshall High School, in the Band mind you, we used to go down to Northwestern University for their annual band day shows. This was in the 90’s by the way. We had met with some band students from Illinois, and they were asking us where were from and we said Wisconsin. Their comment: “Oh that’s the Dahmer State!” They kept saying that over and over again. Plus also Jeffery Dahmer was killing and consuming young boys at the time as a serial killer. Well now, Wisconsin can be known as the Worst Walker state. And his work of “damaging the Badger State” thus far, proves it.

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Stradivarius Violin

Stradivarius Violin (Photo credit: caribb)

Oh, it’s been an interesting week. The scene here in Milwaukee media has been focused on one piece of instrument of a Stradivarius. Also known a Violin. I have to comment on this during my on-going 28 days of Black History celebrations. But trust me, this letter will be heard. Time to strike!

Dear City of Milwaukee, and the MSO:

It’s me, Stephen. You know that blogger guy here in the city?


We had to pay attention to the case of the missing/stolen Stradivarius for one week.


And some parts of the America had to be like, Really Milwaukee? A VIOLIN?!!


WELCOME TO WISCONSIN! We welcome imanginary businesses, and save violins that are priceless from crime better than human concerns of unemployment and education. Plus minorities. Oh the humanity…….

I have to comment on this in which partially I do understand about the situation of a missing instrument. Heck, I used to play a violin back in my elementary school days during the summer way back in the 80’s. Don’t front blogger readers, there was a time back in the day I had to play a violin for learning not just fun. Which led me to pianos and Saxophones. And for those who want know, I know a difference between a violin and the name of Stradivarius.

But in this scenario: Not so much.

I want the city and MSO to know that this ABP search for a instrument, shouldn’t be that serious. Ok, it’s a priceless antitique and I understand it’s not a Hotaro Sword from Kill Bill. I get it. So to say in the question, and I have to agree with my Newsfeed Social Media folks on this one, why was the freaking City of Milwaukee, FBI and mainly the law enforcement, why was this INSTRUMENT was so overly important than the deaths of Corey Stingley, the missing of Alexis Patterson, and the concerns of unemployment which is still high in the black community, TELL ME TOM BARRETT! TELL ME CHIEF FLYNN! TELL ME MILWAUKEE COUNTY DA JOHN CHISOLM!

I want to know, and plus, I’m speaking as a instrument person myself!

So the Stradivarius was listed as a priceless instrument. Almost 300 years of it. I get it. But I have to say in highsight, human life is important also. Now I own two saxophones. Both to me are priceless in my own right. But they aren’t as priceless as having a Stradivarius listing over $300,000+ dollars! And plus, I got them through family. Now the MSO. I get it. I have heard of you being the best in the business. But you have to understand that this could have been prevented. It’s also very shocking that it had to go through all this. I’m sorry about it. But I’m just saying that this is partially is not that important. Plus also,  I want to know why was this necessary. Explain to those who had to laugh at this. Explain to the black community who had to rant like crazy over in the words: a piece of wood. Explain why was this was all blown out like crazy. EXPLAIN!

And what was really crazy, one of the persons who did the crime, was cutting Tom Barrett’s hair and was black. He goes under the name “Universal Allah”, and was a barber. Another black man, Salah Salahadyn was in this as well plus he pulled a heist like this one before, but this was about 20 plus years ago due to art theft. I know what others might be thinking, why would two black men want with a Stradivarius that was estimated about (according to Fox 6 News) 6 million dollars? Plus armed with a taser that can be tracked as far as Texas! Yes, they had a taser on them, and with the serial numbers, they can be easily be tracked to the owner of the weapon. Sort of like your tracking number, or better yet, try the Social Security Number. For all those who have taser at home just remember that.

Finally, now that Stradivarius will be soon reunited with it’s owner of the MSO and yes, the owner might be making an appearance once the smoke clears. Now for Fox 6, Channel 4, 58, 12 when you do interview this person, ask this: what does he know about the major concerns of Milwaukee? Like black homicides, or crime. Or any other concerns like Unemployment and the fear of Trains in the Republican Party! Or having a black community center!  Ask those questions. Then we might be getting somewhere!



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Usually at times, I talk smack about my home city. Really I do. The latest news this morning coming from the Huffington Post, pivots Milwaukee as one of the best and worst run cities in the country.

Straight from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning:

An online news and opinion website called 24/7WallSt. has published a list of the best and worst run cities in the country. Milwaukee ranks as the 10th worst-run city in the country, according to the story, which ran online in the Huffington Post. The worst-run city in the country, according to 24/7WallSt, is San Bernardino, Calif. The authors say the rankings were based on the city’s credit rating, poverty, education, crime, unemployment and regional GDP.

Here’s what 24/7WallSt wrote about Milwaukee: “Milwaukee struggles with poverty and high crime rates. Last year, a typical household made just over $34,000, and nearly 30% of people lived beneath the poverty line, considerably worse than the country’s figures. There were nearly 1,300 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012, more than three times the national rate of 387 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The city’s socioeconomic problems were among the reasons Moody’s assigned Milwaukee a Aa2 rating. The agency also expressed management-related concerns, specifically highlighting the city’s debt burden and the complexity of its debt financing.”

Mayor Tom Barrett said the city’s poverty rate is too high “and I know we have to do more. There’s no question about that, and we’re doing that.” He said he felt the same way about crime, where some city neighborhoods “have too much gang-related violence and drug-related violence.”

But the post’s overall conclusions are wrong, Barrett said. He said there is no cause for alarm on the city’s debt. Moody’s appears to agree. “The stable outlook (for Milwaukee) reflects our expectation that the city’s negative valuation trends will subside over the long term and the recent improvement in general fund operations and reserves will be maintained,” Moody’s reported in April 2013. “The outlook also reflects the city’s close management of its relatively complex debt program; we believe this level of oversight mitigates the cash flow and liquidity risks associated with these debt instruments.”

24/7WallSt notes that Moody’s assigned Milwaukee an Aa2 rating. According to Moody’s ratings, an Aa2 is rated as high quality and very low credit risk. The city also has a record of repaying 85% of its debt within 10 years; the national average is 50%. As of April 2013, the city has approximately $803 million in general obligation debt outstanding, according to Mark Nicolini, the city’s budget director. “We have a more aggressive debt reduction strategy than most cities,” Barrett said.

The 24/7WallSt post neglects to report on cities with pension liabilities. Milwaukee has one of the highest rated pension funds in the country and is at or near 100% funded, Nicolini said. “We have made a commitment to fund the pension and as I look at the horror stories around the country, I’m thankful we made those decisions,” Barrett said. Barrett also acknowledged that income is too low in the city. Barrett said he supported an increase in the federal minimum wage, from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. President Barack Obama also supports the measure. The Common Council cannot raise the minimum wage for city workers. On the state level, Barrett conceded efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage are unlikely to succeed in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Now there are those who probably are going to assume that this is a hoax. Really it’s not. You may have heard that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the U.S. Keep in mind, it’s not all black and white. Other ethnics in the city can be segregated also. It’s number 4 when it comes to the poor. And many others. Yes, there are positives, but when it comes to things like this, it’s mostly negative. Yeah,  we can run to the local governments all we want too. We can run to the officials all we want. BUT IT HAS TO START: with the citizens first! 10 years ago in 2004, Bill Cosby made an appearance in Milwaukee part of his tour in the country speaking in poor ridden areas. I never forget when he said this. Even I repeated this on this blog! – “Milwaukee, you have become a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” He was right then and he was right now. Later on this month, the City of Milwaukee will be having a big birthday party. Oh you don’t know? January 31st , 1846 was the date that the city was founded. It was founded by 3 socialist mayors of Juneau, Kilbourn, and Walker (not Scott Walker, mind you) And yes it has been a soon to be long 168 years. But the big question is within the 168 years, what can be done to improve the city’s image towards the next 168? Yes we can talk about Northwestern Mutual, Harley-Davidson, Kohls, Miller, and many other household names and yes shows like Laverne and Shirley/Happy Days that made Milwaukee famous. BUT…………are they the answer to help the issues of the poor, and segregation? We can talk about the movies like The Blues Brothers and Transformers 2 (which part of the movie was filmed in Milwaukee) Major League, Mr. 3000 and Public Enemies. BUT………….Are they the answers to Milwaukee’s concerns? We can talk about the first churches, the migration of African-Americans with Bronzeville which is happened in the past, but what about the concern of the future? Oh, last year in 2013 there were groups like Newaukee, the Historical Milwaukee groups popped up about the positives of the city. BUT………………What about the concerns of blacks and other minorities under 40 who want in also to help the city other than getting 3 LGBT  Members and one black woman? HELLO! Don’t act like I forgot that! Neither has WNOV. We can talk about the arts, entertainment, sports, colleges, universities, all around that made Milwaukee great. BUT………….what about the concerns of affording those game appearances, college, universities, and the arts dealing with the major concerns of the city?

Is any of this making sense? Time to work!


Yes, the city has positives and negatives.

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Time for me to unleash a comment here: Why?!

I don’t about anyone in Milwaukee, but I’ll say it here: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Take One: Usually I get giddy about this, but I have to come out like and say what is it going to take to put the guns down in the city? If those who don’t know, the city had a rash of shootings in the last couple of days. Two of the shootings happens near the areas of 35th and Capitol Drive and also near the corner of Sherman Boulevard and Capitol drive. I picked these two areas because this is the area where I grew up in the city. No I wasn’t raised in the hood. Or the broken areas way before it came up. And I don’t want those who say, Oh, it’s a bad neighborhood. Back then, it wasn’t like that. My neighborhood near Sherman and Capitol wasn’t always bad. It was nice, clean and multicultural. That was in the 80’s. In which in those days you can play out side and yes, folks knew your name and families. But now, not a bit much though. The Citgo Gas Station, on the corner of Sherman and Capitol. I want to highlight this place. This place has had incidents before dealing with those who have been shot and I dare say robbed. This Citgo station, in which may be new for those who are just reading it, but for a person like me that grew up on that part of town, that is nothing new to me. This is also the same area, where 1290 WMCS was stationed for a number of years, and we know what happened after that. Plus, a Watermelon market, a U.S. Cellular Store all are in that area. If those who haven’t been in that area for a while, (either those who have moved away or probably forgotten about it) the neighborhood slightly changed but stayed the same. And of course yes crime has effect the change. This string of events of shootings reminds me of Milwaukee in 2005. Actually the summer of 2005 when you saw or read in the paper about the shootings almost every day! And yes, Tom Barrett was the Mayor at the time, along with Jim Doyle being Governor of the state. And Walker? Doing damage at the County Level.  In 2005, there were talks about bringing in jobs. And having more programs and more. The jobs thing, should build up in the urban communities. Not just going out to the rural suburbs all the time and having the notion to not get to the jobs! In regarding the transportation issue. I’ve heard it the comments like “get a car” and such, but the ISSUE is not everyone in the Greater Milwaukee Area doesn’t have a car to get to work!  Ever heard of the bus routes? And I dare say, these employers(not all but some)  who turn their noses up like a bad rash and tell folks who ride buses can’t work a shift that is in demand of 40 hours per week! Over the years, the bus routes were cut in getting to the jobs. But there are those left standing in tact. I used to ride the bus. I know! But getting back to the reaction to the shootings: The Churches, Neighborhoods, Districts, Schools, start ups and many more really need to step out of their comfort zones and get into these streets!

Especially the churches! Those of us in the church on Sundays, or those that go from one congregation to another, no matter which denomination: It’s time for us to take our ministry (and I mean OUR MINISTRY) into the torn up streets and neighborhoods and get involved with those in the activists, and peacekeepers who are doing the job everyday! And many of the activists I read about, they don’t have a church home! But they are doing God’s work! Can we learn something from them?!  I maybe United Methodist, but does the guy down the street care about that? I don’t think so! Yes, Dr. King was a minister, but he was also an activist for Civil Rights. And many others who were the same way before. Now I know we keep preaching it about the subject all the time, BUT……..WHERE IS OUR ACTION FOR THIS?!  The UMC talks about “Rethink Church”. Which I like.  But for all churches or those who speak it, need to express it in many ways to work. Even to combat violence!  Also, just yesterday on Facebook, there were activists standing near the corner of Sherman and Capitol expressing solidarity for the victim that was fatally shot. And some were Alumni from a local high school in Milwaukee. I have to give credit to those apart of Vincent High School Alumni that came out and showed support. Even though I’m a “John Marshall Guy”. I did challenge this last year in which Alumni Organizations should step up and bring positiveness to the city. Yes, the schools are liable. But the partnership with the community must be connected. But mainly: It all starts in the home!  Not the streets. Not the gangs. Not the friends house. Not the TV’s, Music, Social Media, Music Videos, etc. It’s should start IN THE HOUSE! With real families at the helm. Not the “passing through families” that messed up and left. And having the dumb mentality to come back after 20+ years like nothing has happened. The dudes (and females also) need to wake the mess up!

Take Two: I was reading and listening this week about the Milwaukee Police Department receiving more that $500,000.00 from the Mayor’s Office in which is was geared to the overtime mode of the police department. Also this issue has raised many eyebrows. And also where did the extra funds of this $500,000 dollars came from? Out of a shoe box? Really? $500,000! First of all, WHERE was this when the community is going through turmoil? OK I get it. That money was in good use for those on the force who worked hard. BUT that money should get folks to invest in Wisconsin Workers who want to work. Check this, I visited a Urban Ministry Convention here in Milwaukee, and yes it’s related to the United Methodist Church.  There was talk about bring jobs to the urban community. In which I whole hardly agree with. In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, one of my Aldermen Joe Davis, .had to comment about this matter:

We accept group homes, day cares, gas stations and corner grocery stores as a pro business growth strategy while other local economies are looking at us in the rear view mirror. I shake my head as the City of Kenosha has landed Amazon’s distribution center while City of Milwaukee officials are sitting on the sidelines crying, ‘What about me?

HOLD UP! An amazon distribution center in Kenosha? And not in Milwaukee. SHAMEFUL! And I wonder why.  Now I’m not advocating anti-police here. Yes they are workers and deserved to get paid to lock up, arrest, and go out into the community to assist organizers and groups. And the mantra of Serve and Protect HOWEVER, most will tell you that an investor should have taken that money and build a new business! What is the math ratio of the unemployment in Milwaukee pertaining to Blacks? Try at least 50%. Somebody at City Hall must have been very overlooking! Or could have made a suggestion to the mayor in regarding the money’s uses of giving back in creating jobs! Or bringing in companies that want to invest, and retain in Milwaukee. With all due respect to Tom Barrett, yes in the minds of others he’s not a bad person overall. But I have to question his judgment on this one. I hate to say it.

This is what happens when overlooking gets personal. And it’s no different. I’ve seen this before out of the Milwaukee Government and mostly it’s been the wrong way asking why. Again, when stuff like this happens in a nutshell, we should be all over that. And if that doesn’t solve the clue of us VOTERS, well we know that the ballots are waiting to be marked for something else. Milwaukee is no different, in my view of having concerns that remains to be unfinished. Yes, it’s a “genuine city” of age, but still even the cities that have that moniker should also look in the mirror and fix the truth.

If those who thought the Milwaukee Streetcar was on it’s last legs, guess what? Not “very” so. Even though that the state’s Budget Committee voted a 12-4 (majority Republican) in favor of the so-close demise of it, and have to advise the city government to pay it up, some probably forgot that the project will still go on as planned. Just a FYI that the Federal Money that was saved up for a future Infrastructure project back in the 1990’s. Mayor Tom Barrett already stated to The Business Journal, that the construction, operations, utilities, and finance costs of the Streetcar will move forward. In the meantime, there are some videos to watch why would a modern streetcar, would benefit Milwaukee. Even if you disagree, maybe just maybe (without busting out the calculator and calling it, that so-called word of a boondoggle) hear what some recent individuals have to comment.

A diagram of the Wisconsin Job Growth shown in comparison between before and and after Scott Walker took office.

There is a phrase in the Hip Hop Community about being aware about the things going on: “Don’t Sleep.” Exactly that is what Governor Scott Walker is currently doing. Sleeping. If any Wisconsinite that hasn’t been paying attention that is a fan of his: WAKE THE “F” UP!

Wisconsin Democrats like Peter Barca and Sen. Lena Taylor have warned us with the phrase: Its not working. They’re right. It’s not working. In a open opinion article on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Website, the author Jack Norman stated that in some clues that we’ve been knowing all along in the 2 1/2 year reign of this “reform governor” that the job situation is failing. Even though that part of the chart was a positive sign, but the rest has been mostly negative.

What led to this? Let’s review some of the pointers:

For example, Walker’s Act 10, which took effect in July 2011, sharply reduced the take-home pay for almost all of the state’s 350,000 public employees. A typical state employee earning $50,000 lost $4,228 in take-home pay, according to the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau. That’s money drained out of the state’s economy.

Not all public employees were hit equally. Some were already paying more than the typical state employee for health insurance and/or pensions. Some had the cutbacks delayed because of details in their labor contracts.

Another sample:

Further, Walker’s budget cut spending in many areas, especially education. Cuts in state aid for local government led to lower spending at the county, municipal and school district level.

There were also missed opportunities, such as the nearly $1 billion in federal money that would have been used to improve rail transit in the state. Walker turned it down.

Does this seem a bit weird here? Take it from a person who wants to put 250,000 private sector jobs in the state. And I’ll bet most of that won’t even cross the Milwaukee County line. Morely into the urban/inner city areas in Milwaukee. About the rail: I’ve been saying it for about 2 years that Wisconsin had made THE WORST mistake of not taking the rail money to link Milwaukee and Madison along with the Midwest. The opponents called it a so-called boondoggle in which it might never work. Really?!! The only thing that working is the freaking talking. And I mentioned that a hidden reason partially might be to race. I’ll bet when the trains were being built in the inner city, near 27th and Townsend in Milwaukee, there might have been some who felt that they don’t want to see the trains or those people near my this or near my that. Hey Red Counties, I’m talking to you! This state I’m sad to say, is really becoming more behind than the three rose bowl losses to TCU, Oregon and Stanford. All because of past, present, and I dare say future absent minded political opinions.  And here we are again: Where are the jobs? Plus also the jobs: Scott Walker wanted to have 250,000 private sector jobs in his first term. Right now according to the Department of  Workforce Development: There are approximately, 42,012 jobs in the state. But wait, how much more would those jobs be if he were to meet that goal:  207,988.

Now take this: in his four years, Walker would need to net 62,500 a year to get to the 250,000. Right now, he’s sleeping on the numbers. At the end of last year, he should have raked in an additional  20,000+ jobs just to keep afloat. Once again: Sleeping.  And the Act 10 thing costed Wisconsin folks over $800,000. And I have to digress that the Unions who didn’t back Walker are not at fault.  Getting back to the jobs again, word that Caterpillar, one of the best mining companies around is dropping jobs from the Greater Milwaukee Area. And I’ll bet that those jobs are going to move farther away from Milwaukee to areas that are not reachable by Milwaukee County Transit Bus. Shameful.

Now many of those outside of Wisconsin are deeply aware about Scott Walker. The Republicans hailed him as a hero. Shut up! He is not a hero. More and more each time, more crap spews out of the mouth of those who really like him. Also, this is really aggravating, 36% of the union households in Wisconsin backed Walker during the election of 2010. When he ran against Tom Barrett for that and the Recall there were claims that the Recall didn’t do much. No, there weren’t many folks who voted to get this dude out of Madison! Again, elections have consequences. Not only Walker beat Barrett, he also ran against Milwaukee. The very same Milwaukee he said in his own words that “We don’t want to be like Milwaukee”. Excuse me but Who is we? And also, We who? Those code words are crafting like Miller Lite.

And note, Scott Walker is coming out with a book called “Unintimiated”. His story about the rise to power. And a former writer of George W. Bush, is going to preface the novel. Can I get a pass to the bathroom please? Many are getting the hints that when he writes a book like that, he is hinting about a run for the White House. I’m sorry but America, when 2016 comes, and if Walker is running for the Presidency by then, make him lose. Please! I would rather see per say, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden  in the White House than Scott Walker. I think many here in the Greater Milwaukee Area, Particularly African-American who haven’t been to Ashland, Superior or any other County that never seen black folks from Milwaukee in person, or present a side in which Walker is evil, then it should happen!

Henceforth: Don’t Sleep.

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Ok, Milwaukee. Settle down.

It’s time to talk about the Streetcar thingy.

The same Streetcar that most like, and most still call it “a trolley”. Technically many of the Milwaukee faithful are making me laugh over a project that has been in the talking for the last decade or so. When you really think about it, it’s deserves a laugh because it’s staring at us in the face with perception. Still many have argued that the StreetCar itself has been the talk of the town in a sense of positive and negative. Many on both sides that believe that the StreetCar can’t get to other cities like Waukesha or Racine but only to stay in the radius of the City.

Now let’s compare two pictures: First THIS is a StreetCar:



Now THIS is a Trolley:


Notice the difference?

Get your heads out of the gutter Milwaukeeans!

Lot of us still have the “Crabs in the Bucket” Mentality on this one. Now I will have the opportunity to say that I think the Streetcar Project would impact the city. Now many of us still complain about getting to the jobs in regional area. You’re more thinking of a light rail thing than that. If people think that StreetCars are not a way to go, then why is Tacoma/Seattle Washington,  is doing this under construction and operation? Or Portland Oregon, Or Toronto,Canada? New Orleans does this so well. Guess what?  These cities like others are generating the thought of moving around from point A to point B. And people often forget that old nostalgic stuff can be new again. Just like the high top fades. Now apparently this is where I have to disagree with a certain radio personality as I was hearing today. No it’s not Charlie Sykes. It’s Sherwin Hughes (uh oh!) Just a slight bit. He was commenting this morning on WNOV that the Milwaukee Streetcar would not be able to reach the far places in which mostly can get to jobs. Partially, his opinion is correct. However in another sense, the project could expand to other areas that are reachable in terms of distance and plotting – if it were to go that way of interest. Which I think also would get to the jobs that are farther in the area. So as far as being in downtown is just a start, not a bad finish. And it would have to take extra years to survey that option if necessary.

The word is that the project will undergo construction sometime in 2014 and last until 2016. Whether you like this idea or not Milwaukee, it’s coming. Yeah, you can bring the so-called Simpsons Monorail jokes about the tracks that bend all you want. Wait a second: How many of us joke about that with Amtrak? Probably NONE! We don’t joke about Amtrak, but smear about High Speed Rail that would have connected Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, the Twin Cities, UW-Stout for the beneficial of rail transportation. And having those in other cities and states laughing at the Badger State like a wet paper bag. Oh, the Walker fans, the Tea Party and the Walker high donators all did this as a dis-service to this state!

People are so concerned about calculating than taking a risk. One thing I do agree, it’s not just about dollars and cents. I’ll bet when the Talgo Trains were built in the Central City, and having folks like out in the RED Wisconsin counties where Walker was taking it big, many of them were kind of scared and probably saying that “I don’t want none of them or the those people in my town!” If those thinking that the issue of race has reared it’s ugly head, in the words of Kevin Hart: “You Gon’ learn today!” How many of us Wisconsinites shows no fear of those my color of African-American in places like Jefferson County and I dare say Dunn County? Or the places in Wisconsin were there are little or no blacks? If the StreetCar Project would not have happened as planned, many of us in Milwaukee will still be asking the question: Where are the jobs? I thought about that when the High Speed Rail to Madison Project got debunked with absent minded Conservative politics. And furthermore,  I don’t think that the 250,000 private sector jobs will not happen, Walker folks.

Word is that that  the city of Milwaukee will have a “Lakefront Gateway Project” to beautify the streets of Lincoln Memorial Drive and have extensions of bridges to bring the downtown area closer to the lakefront area. And along the way, a rendering of the buildings like the Couture  a future Northwestern Mutual Life Tower, an 833 building will get assistance with the US Bank Building along the Milwaukee Skyline. Plus a Water Station Area will be included in an area of Milwaukee that has been ignored for a couple of decades. Now this project is a Three Way Dance between the City of Milwaukee, State of Wisconsin, and Milwaukee County will collaborate. That’s Mayor Tom Barrett, Governor Scott Walker and County Executive Chris Abele. HOLD UP: Since when did Walker now actually “cared” for Milwaukee? The last time Walker said anything about the largest City in the State was “We don’t  want to be like Milwaukee.” That was his words. I’ll never forget that. Now he wants to care? Really?! Where was this care when he was County Executive by cutting bus routes, going after the Unions,  and raising bus fares? Again: things that make you go hmmmmm….. And don’t me started on his campaign for office while working county time.

So we Milwaukee folks have to face the music. The Streetcar is not political. Let’s just build it already. After all, there might be workers who want to get paid for making it happen. Just saying.



I haven’t commented this story out of Milwaukee, but I have been following it as usual. This is in regards to the recent events of the Milwaukee Fire/Police Commission in regarding the now former Milwaukee Police Officer, Richard Schoen. For those who don’t know, he’s the Milwaukee Police Officer who was in the hot seat in beating a black woman in a squad car. The woman, Jeanine Tracy was arrested in September 2011 after an incident near a traffic stop. But the story escalates in a graphic manner. This incident is also comes off the heels of the Derek Williams case which was extremely horrifying. I’ll bet every one of you in and outside of Milwaukee had to see the video in disgust!

Further in the video, Jeneane was complaining that her legs were in pain, and the officer came in to grab her out of the squad car, while punching her to take her into custody.

Let me say that last part again: the officer came in to grab her out of the squad car, while punching her to take into custody. – Just a warning, this video is graphic.

And to add, the officer was previously reinstated while incident was examined.


That has mostly has been the story in Milwaukee thus far. As usual also there were protests. Mainly coming after Police Chief Ed Flynn and of course Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Those who were against the protests were coming from the comments of Alderman Bob Donovan, who previously was against Mayor Barrett’s plans for the Milwaukee Streetcar, blasted the protesters as a “mob”. Really Bob Donovan? A Mob?!!!!

I want to say to those who are thinking becoming police officers, sheriff deputies, federal marshals,  or any other profession in life to have for family, yourself, and community.

Just because you wear the badge does not make you God Almighty!

Just because you wear the badge, does not make you better than me! You’re just human like average citizens!

I’m going there. I’ve seen this too long, and to those who are against of what I just said, maybe you need to examine that from another angle and ask yourself what’s the point? Just like those who go onto the Journal Sentinel comment sections and just blasting their liberties without understanding the gist of it. Especially this one commenter who calls himself “Milwaukee expatriate”  He, she or it comments and says: “Out of towner. Just read about this and watched the video. She is a piece of human excrement. He should have hit her harder.” EXCUSE ME?! This commenter needs to be banned! How would this person feel if his wife, daughter, aunt, Grandmother, or any other female counterpart would have been beaten like that? Explain that! I bet that person can’t even explain that notion. And by the way those like this commenter needs to be called out.

I’m not calling police officers bad folks. I have some in my family who serve and protect well. However, what I don’t respect is those who have the badge and abuse it with power. That is no excuse. For the first time in 100 years, the Milwaukee Fire/Police Commission made a choice to terminate Officer Richard Schoen by stripping him of his job in his hainus act of abuse of power. That’s all it was. When you abuse your power of anything, it will suffer the consequence of your actions. Yeah, just like these preachers who abuse young boys, and they’re saying that there aren’t enough young men in church’s now? Uh-huh, I went there.

But getting back to Bob Donovan. Dude has a problem. He kept referring to the protesters who were at the City Meetings as a “mob”. Well you know what, there was a problem he dealt with around in the 1990’s. Refer to the link below:

Prepare to trip on this: Matter of fact for those who are “Grown and Mature” you may want to take the youngsters out of the room, or those that are younger, do not click this link!What are you about to see is a citation from 1992 in which the then-36-year-old Bob Donovan was frequently at UWM or we locals call it: University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The situation was in the University’s Mitchell Hall in which Donovan was behind the walls either watching the men “doing their business” per say or wanting to have intercourse. Yes you read that right. Keep in mind this was 1992 and I was in freaking high school then. Donovan was arrested for disorderly conduct. So you can say he was “jerking out” in the words of Morris Day. And this is the same now Alderman that wants to get tough on crime. Well he better recognize his own demons by not calling those who were exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech. Those who were protesting the Fire and Police Commission weren’t “jerking out” like Bob Donovan was. They, like any other citizen were holding the officials accountable. Is that being “Citizen Enough?” Just saying. Hopefully now after the incident of Jeanine Tracy, she is glad that the officer who beaten her is no longer wearing the badge. But this should mark a lesson that no officer in any city, should not act like God, nor abuse their power! Period!

Check out this blog from the The Gloomy Historian. A blog on Blogspot. It’s titled, And So It Begins

OK. So Scott Walker, Rebecca Kleefisch and what’s this? The real” taxpayers” took back the state? As a resident I find this note offensive all because of external hatred. Last time I checked that the folks voted for Barrett pay taxes too! Sure most who didn’t like the Walker administration signed the recall petition in order to have them out. But these same “taxpayers” like to retaliate and tell those who signed to move to Illinois or California. Oh and the ending of the note, having the words: “GO AWAY and be among your kind.” Sound kind of racist if you ask me! And divided.

Newsflash!!!!  Notes like this will infuse nothing more than but more hatred. Which in my point of view, that “civil war” or the internal civil war should have been preventable. If those in the administration care about Walker being targeted for death threats on Twitter, what about this?!!!

Obviously, I am a kind of person, er resident doesn’t wish death on no one. But those who wrote this better rethink their sins!