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Folks: I haven’t been on the blogs as of much. A primary reason because of a extreme matter that took place. My father recently passed on at 69 years old in Milwaukee, and like many in my family, we are saddened and shocked by his death. How did I felt really? This my statement via my Facebook page from February 24th, 2017:

I have breaking news to share. And I don’t know if I have the bravery to say this but I’ll manage. Folks, I am shocked and numb now to say that my Father, whom I’m named after,  is now passed. Us in the family are taking this hard that this has occurred. Literally I know that when I hear folks passing away yes I feel this sympathy to be close. I also have this option to say to those that yes is to learn the lessons to move forward. Now it’s time for myself and my sister, to learn the lessons that my father taught us. For those of you that lost Fathers, I will listen to you. I will learn what you went through in order for me, my sister and most definitely my mother will take to move forward. My father was the last of his McClinton family bunch to pass on. And knowing my family will feel it knowing he’s in a better place.  One thing for I know, Dad didn’t play. He was a straight shooter all the way and knowing yes was fair. There been many times that for financial reasons whether my sister or I had little money on hand or no money on hand:  he was there. For moral support, he was there. He was there for my church (the same church that he was a member since 1969), things to fix around the house all the time. He was known to have a Corvette for alot of years, even a Honda V45 Manga Motorcycle, a Ford Truck, and a Cadillac Escalade. He also was known for his art talent of old school portraits, woodworking, at one time, playing a guitar, and of course gadgets and CPU’s  – in which I got him interested. But mostly: he was known for being a Veteran of the Armed Forces. Served in the US Army between 1966-1968 before the tet offensive in Vietnam. Married to my mother since 1969 and again raised me and older sister. Plus he was an Alumni of the Milwaukee Public Schools. He went to Lee Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, and a true Blue Devil out of North Division High School “when it was real”, as he stated. And the jobs: Allis Chalmers, Pfister and Vogel Tannery, VA Medical Center and mostly the US Postal Service for his work for 27 years of service.
Yes I am sad, shocked and numb right now. And the pinch ain’t good. I will do my best to make sure that his memory as he stated last year: Leaving a mark. In which he did. My father Empowered (and I mean EMPOWERED) me to be the best of I do. Same with my sister. No question.  I’ll be in and out of Social Media as this long process of setting up my Dad’s Service of life. That is all. Send condolences to my family at this time if you wish.
Thank you.
At this time, I’ll be on a short hiatus with the planning of my Father’s funeral. Meanwhile, we ask for prayers and support in the hour of bereavement. 

You may have seen this on Facebook. Or any other outlet. Many of us who have posted this stat are taking real stands of what we see in our U.S. Government. And the center of it is number 45. No, I’m not going to use the name, but we know who he is. But however as far as all that “Making America Great Again” in all: NOPE. Time to rally against the thought that many who supported “45” and having his attitude against immigrants, blacks, Mexicans, and many other things that are not like him is just is. Yes, it’s like a call to activism.


This is where I stand. To me, FB (or this blog post) is a useful vehicle for connecting with old friends and keeping up with family, but it is also a place for my passion and activism. I believe and respect all opinions, even if they don’t agree with mine, so we can all use FB (or this blog post)to vent.

I believe that our 45th President, his power hungry cronies, and the majority of Republicans in Congress are a real and active threat to me, my way of life, and all the people I love. Some people are saying that we should give Trump a chance, that we should “work together” with him because he won the election and he is “everyone’s president.”

This is my response:

•I will not forget how badly he and so many others treated former President Barack Obama for 8 years…

•I will not “work together” to privatize Medicare, cut Social Security and Medicaid.

•I will not “work together” to build a wall.

•I will not “work together” to persecute Muslims.

•I will not “work together” to shut out refugees from other countries.

•I will not “work together” to lower taxes on the 1% and increase taxes on the middle class and poor.

•I will not “work together” to help Trump use the Presidency to line his pockets and those of his family and cronies.

•I will not “work together” to weaken and demolish environmental protection.

•I will not “work together” to sell American lands, especially National Parks, to companies which then despoil those lands.

•I will not “work together” to enable the killing of whole species of animals just because they are predators, or inconvenient for a few, or because some people want to get their thrills killing them.

•I will not “work together” to remove civil rights from anyone.

•I will not “work together” to alienate countries that have been our allies for as long as I have been alive.

•I will not “work together” to slash funding for education.

•I will not “work together” to take basic assistance from people who are at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder.

•I will not “work together” to get rid of common sense regulations on guns.

•I will not “work together” to eliminate the minimum wage.

•I will not “work together” to support so-called “Right To Work” laws, or undermine, weaken or destroy Unions in any way.

•I will not “work together” to suppress scientific research, be it on climate change, fracking, or any other issue where a majority of scientists agree that Trump and his supporters are wrong on the facts.

•I will not “work together” to criminalize abortion or restrict health care for women.

•I will not “work together” to increase the number of nations that have nuclear weapons.

•I will not “work together” to put even more “big money” into politics.

•I will not “work together” to violate the Geneva Convention.

•I will not “work together” to give the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazi Party and white supremacists a seat at the table, or to normalize their hatred.

•I will not “work together” to deny health care to people who need it.

•I will not “work together” to deny medical coverage to people on the basis of a “pre-existing condition.”

•I will not “work together” to increase voter suppression.

•I will not “work together” to normalize tyranny.

I will not “work together” to eliminate or reduce ethical oversite at any level of government.

•I will not “work together” with anyone who is, or admires, tyrants and dictators.

•I will not support anyone that thinks its OK to put a pipeline to transport oil on Sacred Ground for Native Americans. And, it would run under the Missouri River, which provides drinking water for millions of people. An accident waiting to happen.

This is my line, and I am drawing it.

•I will stand for honesty, love, respect for all living beings, and for the beating heart that is the center of Life itself.

•I will use my voice and my hands, to reach out to the uninformed, and to anyone who will LISTEN:

That “winning”, “being great again”, “rich” or even “beautiful” is nothing… When others are sacrificed to glorify its existence.

If you agree feel free to copy and re-post (this results in larger numbers of people seeing a post), and if you want, sign your name below ours. Also, if we have left anything out, feel free to add it to this list.


Me. And anyone else that wants in to really save the honor of this Country the right way.

SSP The Struggle Continues


Alright. I’m about to dive in this commentary about some of this miscommunication about what goes on in this generation of smartphones to social media. These words for you older folks are on the minds of our youth, and some of us under 30 or 40 are just in the mix of this stuff.

So let’s go over this miscommunication of this Generation:

Opinions = Hating. Well not that much. Any dude or girl have an opinion of anykind. Like the memes most of you put everyday. They aren’t always telling the truth, just opinionated and sometimes not very truthful!

Showing Feelings = Weak. This is nothing new. Yes Men, we can show emotions also. Why is it that many have to feel that being in your feeling is a sign of concern? You can be mad as hell and not feel weak like a wuss.

Complement/Text=Thirsty. OK if a nice dude says nice shoes to a lady, or vice versa. Or if a lady tells another lady “You look gorgeous in that dress” it’s not worthy to have a heart attack. None! Even with texting a good complement of hashtaging or this:🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥👐👐👐👐. So I don’t get it! It’s not a “Thirsty” thing all the time!

College Degrees = Useless. Seriously? If that’s the case, why there are displays of having one? I have two college degrees and yes I’m happy that I finished them. They aren’t really useless you to have a realize that the work done is reflected and summarized.  If the college degrees are really USELESS, then why the hard work reflected? I’ll agree to a point that having a degree in trying to work with it, is not always easy. But many of the companies needs to understand, that the work must be appreciated by the time the walk across the stage is done. So yes, education must matter! Even after you get the degree!

Social Media “Likes” = Value. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We all get a kick out of the likes of what we display on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. We know. But not many will actually “Like” what you say, display, share, comment, or upload onto your Social Media things. So guess what? It happens. But if your likes get a dislike of a mean face, well you know what’s up. And don’t hard on the feelings that your super cool group didn’t like that pic or comment!

Bottle Girl/Bartender =Celebrity: Well, if you have a great bartender that does the cool drinks on the house, then that person is a like a well known warrior. I also think that the Barkeeps know the deal when it comes to celebrate with the Jack Daniels, Sodas, Waters, and Jim Beams on standby.

Scammer (Credit Cards) =  Successful: Um NO! If you know those scammer folks always getting your pin number like a Nigerian bad boss scammer, then yes you are misinformed. What you need to understand that these Scamming folks DON’T EVEN CARE about your finances. All they want to do is steal your money for their gain. In the event, they will lose when they get caught. Reminds me of those Scammers that caused Educators Credit Union to upgrade their security for Debit Cards with ATMs.

Drug Dealer = Boss. STOP THE PAIN! The real bosses are those who own their business proudly. And I know some “Bosses” who do the darn thing and still haven’t done a drug game. Stop the negative!

Ok,  about this F-Boy Cuffin a Bottle Girl = Power Couple: Well , let me say this. I know folks whom are better than this and still do it well as a couple. And no you don’t have to be a F-Boy Cuffin a so-called Bottle Girl to do it. What is really missing in this, a level of respect.

Being a Side “hoe” = Accomplishment: I want to say to the young ladies reading this blog, and those who have a strong father/daughter relationship: YOU are not this way. What they say in all of this, is nothing more than “broken”! Broken homes, and the infamous what the others say behind your back. If you really feel this way, guess what, you’re so broken. You’ve believe that since it was laid on you. Maybe if you’re relatives (they say it), friends, or whatever person believes that, then they don’t know (excuse the French) what the hell they are talking about. You females or young ladies stick to your influential goals and have more degrees under your belts. And also, even though that this for the young women, guess what? Boys can go through the same thing! Don’t always assume it’s always the girls. Boys can be “side hoes” also. Remember when I talked about Domestic Violence and it effect males, and broken men a while back? This is the exact same thing! For all you strong mothers, look after your sons. If you REALLY love your Girls and Boys like you say do start. This is also a part of the Domestic Violence issues that many should include in discussions and conversations. All males and females should dive in this!

The word “Friend”  = Nothing. Well real friends are down. They go through the tough times, be there for one another, and being real HONEST! For all those so-called friends that dissed you since whatever, they were never your friends to begin with. No matter what was said, or done to you. They have no right to do your friendship badly. If you really have those friends in your life that berates you a lot, you need to let them go. Lose their numbers, social media contacts, listings, and if they show up at a reunion, either do two things, settle it like adults, or just don’t go. As they say, be careful who you choose your friends to be!

And the last on the list: Loyalty = None. Well if you are a loyal person of any kind and if you hold on, then yes it means something! It means that you stick to the plan, demand the ideas, it also means that you still go through the thick and thin no matter what. You show up to work everyday, and committed. Being involved with the crew and still you can  go home. That goes for anything. If you are a loyal gamer or solider in the barracks that does the job, then yes you are loyal.

So yes the world Loyalty does means something. But the only time it does mean none if you or many others don’t keep it real. The phrase Keep it 100 has been tossed around like a toy. But haven’t many realized that Keep it 100 doesn’t live up to the hype? That might be an disagreement, but it does goes the wayside.

So therefore, for this generation: Find a real learning tree and learn it! Basically what is going to the real stuff and getting the real lessons than some plastered wanna be meme on Social Media! This era needs to get the language right. No more excuses if you are male or female growing up now.





So far, Sagittarius Centaurs: this has been a good 30 days in 2015.

Before we close out THIS BEST SEASON, yes Capricorns we know you’re ready to take the Zodiac Baton, I’ve done these “Ode To Sagittarius” things from poems to at least talk about our sign being unique, and how to keep those Bows and Arrows on lock all day and every day! This is what we do. This is how we supposed to do. Yeah the other folks might talk smack about us Sags, being Sags in a negative way. So what. But guess what like them other signs that got all that and a bag of chips, Sagittarius has that quality also of being all that and a bag of chips too. Yeah, I’m going old school with the bag of chips, but hey this is my sign. As we close out another Sag Season, and review: I’m just going to leave it right here. Courtesy of the Sagittarius Facebook Group. This quote right here, speaks fire! As I was reading this on Facebook, I was drawn to this. Straight up!

We rise. We fall. We sink. We swim. We shoot the arrows always getting Bullseyes. We do! They may not understand so hey this is who we are. This is us!

downloadstampede horses

So yes, we are still here. We Still Roam. Like us or not, in the clubs or not, in the buildings or not, at the job or not, at the church or not, at the malls or not, spinning the sounds or not, or whatever or not, words of advice:



No matter if we are jovial, straightforward, blunt or any other feeling or category that we have. Even a tad of sensitivity. Oh, wait! Some of you other signs might go in on the sensitive part. But ALL of our signs, no matter from Capricorn to Pisces, to Cancer to Leo, and Taurus and so on an so on, HAVE SENSITIVITY!

Don’t be surprised. And….Don’t believe me just watch!

Even during the other seasons that come and go!

You just never know when we might pop up.


Now many of you readers probably read this Sagittarius Poem of mine last year. Guess what? I decided to go back to the throwbacks and bring it up one more time: Plus with a few upgrades.

I rep the 9th house. I am that zodiac that roams no bounds,

It’s that thoroughbred in me that still abounds

No matter I’m at work, school or play,

It doesn’t matter, I’m a Sag that still makes the stay

I’ll innovate a famous month of blackness that keeps the folks all year flowing and crusin’

That would be cool, like Dr. Carter G. Woodson

Or to rule the White House: such as debating and tourin’

Like the guy of 8th President of Martin van Buren

For music a few like Little Richard, Jay Z, Jamie Foxx, Jimi Hendrix, Janelle Monae, Taylor Swift, Jim Morrison, Tina Turner,  Ludwig Von Beethoven, Keith Richards, Michel’le, Lalah Hathaway, Johnny Rzenik, DJ Khaled, Dionne Farris, FLO-RIDA, Frank Sinatra, or Keri Hilson,

Don’t mind me, I’ll be like the folks in Seattle doing a chant for Russell WIL-SON!

Whether I’ll make a pass for a Touchdown, or make the belt come out for the Max,

Just like Aaron Rodgers, I’ll tell those with conviction of R-E-L-A-X!

I’ll be a bit sassy like Nene Leaks or Richard Pryor, or get funny like Redd Foxx or Margaret Cho,

No matter the scene, I’ll be the icon that can still go!

Speaking of the Acting game, like Steven Spielberg, Lucy Liu, Kirk Douglas, Paula Patton, Kim Basinger, Jennifer Connelly, Jane Fonda, Eugene Levy, Don Johnson, or a sometimes witty opinionated Ben Stein,

No matter the role, or game, we seem just fine.

In church, I can do ministry like the Pope Francis I, or John Wesley and spread the inspiration,

Or like the beat of the drum like Sheila E, you’ll stay for the duration.

Don’t make me get funky up in here, like my name would be Morris Day,

I’ll make you get up and dance and you’ll have nothing to say!

Us Centaurs might be moody and most of the time can’t take no fool,

Just like the archer Samuel L. Jackson, yo we play it cool.

Us Centaurs will go full speed at times of glory, talent and through it all,

Like the spirit of sprinting of  Florence Griffith Joyner (aka Flo Jo), and the slam dunks of The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo of Milwaukee Bucks Basketball.

Us Centaurs will go to the extreme like whole lot of club goers jumpin’

Don’t make me get the stunner son, like the rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Oh, it’s true! It’s true like the moniker of Kurt Angle and his Wrestling Game,

I don’t have Olympic gold medals, but still can rise to fame.

Us Centaurs will get creative like the names of Charles Schultz and Walt Disney,

I told you that thoroughbred sound was real, we also kick it like WWE’s Naomi and the dragon himself Bruce Lee, feel me?

Like the famous folks of John Stewart, Robin Roberts, James Avery, and Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix,

Knowing this season of maintenance, it’s always a reference of a done deal fix.

Having towards the wave of success and sometimes be crazy of anything that we oppose,

Go reference Nicki Minaj, or that WWE Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose!

It takes a king to know a king, ala the name Jerry Lawler doing fist drops,

We Sagittarius folks are party starters, which never stops.

We also have a voice of a Ella Baker, which the civil rights of her had never scowl,

we also can march to the beat of other civil rights soilders and learn from those of a Andrew Goodman, Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman and yes,  Adam Clayton Powell.

In closing of this poem, we do have to maintain this flow,

Like another Sag that tells us of Rob Van Dam, we are and can be the whole f’n show!

So as this Sagittarius season closes out for another year to come,

Remember Sagnation, word to the wise: no matter what we do and where we go, always have the bows and arrows on lock and roam, and never ever forget where you come from!

When the Centaurs roam, Glyph Happens!

Human Intelligence, Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!



For quite sometime, I had to sit and reflect on certain things about those who attend church and those who don’t. Especially those who grew up in church and now have a conscious decision to condemn it to be a freethinker. Yes I’m talking about them as much as those in church who might not do the Christian thing of giving and feeding. That being said, I’m going to bust out a exclusive of my own experience that if you are a church attendee in all that acts a fool at times, and a non/former church attendee that talks smack of deliverance. Guess what? It’s time that I put the gauntlet on the line where it lies: in the darn middle!

And to add: I’m going hard on this.

Now you may have seen various comments and things on Facebook or Instagram, the memes, or any other blog, or radio broadcast about those who think that the church is full of the hypocrites that go in all of the Sermon, and then afterwards they go to the Red Lobster for their sunday grub and go home. Then they don’t do the things they say they going to discuss about during the week. Does that sound familiar? Does it? Oh, and they pour in the money so the pastor can have that big mansion like house in the hills with the Jaguar in the front! Hmmmmmm……..Reallly? Yes I know i’m not the only one that had to comment this. But however, not all pastors don’t have big mansion like houses or Jags that the members pour in for Apportionments! And where is this coming from? Ask those who formerly went to church and really have that conscious Free-Thinking mindset. Or ask those who are not a member of a church who happens to go online to social media and literally BLAST the churches or the mindset of a church because it’s on the northside, or whatever. And that can come from a “Activist” that goes from protest to another!

Are they speaking the truth on this? Partially, they are half-right. Not totally right.

Now let me asking these questions.

  • Are these folks who condemn the churches straight to hell on Social Media think they have all the answers?
  • Do they have the answers to believe that being a free thinker is all what it matters?
  • Do they honestly beehove all the actions that they went though thinking that it wouldn’t be a future threat?
  • Do they TOTALLY HONESTLY AGREE that all churches should be on the duty in and outside the table in the community?
  • Do they honestly believe that they are hurting those who are giving their DEAD LEVEL BEST everytime they go into the church for service? And then later on to do more to volunteer and give back?
  • Do they STRONGLY FEEL that those go to church are coming out with a hypocritical agenda against those who don’t? Educated, Financially Stable, Attendance, Time and Talents, or any other option or goal that the goers strive EVERY TIME they learn from?
  • Do they actually care?
  • Why do they care?
  • And the personal favorite, in regarding the love of God, where is the fear? That’s right I said it!

I want the non-church goers and former church goers to answer these questions themselves. Go ahead share it. Don’t answer them to me! Don’t comment to me! And frankly those who do go, just sit back and be silent for a bit.

Now for you Church Attendees. Regardless if you are Christian, Jew, Lutheran, Muslim, Catholic, or any other religious connection. Let me ask these questions:

  • Are we really doing the things that we set out to do?
  • Are we Ashamed of the summaries of Christ? Or Allah?
  • Do we really go out to eat AFTER we hear the Sermon?
  • Do we do the work that our denomination or non denominations set out for us to do?
  • Do we actually set out and tell the good news?
  • Do we summarize our lessons learned throughout the week?
  • Have we really watched our attitudes and avoid being “hypocrites” with our actions and what we say?
  • Before the service starts, do we greet and or smile?
  • When the Pastor says “go out into the world and spread the good news”, do we?
  • When we have our days of giving food or clothing, are we following OUR rules? Making sure WE don’t get in trouble?
  • Is it well in our souls in trying to serve? (A nod to the United Methodist Faithful)
  • In discussions of being Godly, are we conscious at the same time? (I.E. Black Conscious, Socially Conscious)

This is why I’m busting this out. For all those who know it all either in or out of church, I got news for you: There is always something else!  It does not matter what church or denomination you belong too. And this goes for those who went let’s say:went  catholic or COGIC for about 5 years and assumed that they know everything and leave the church because of the worst things like: “Oh the bible is full of BS!”  Have you ACTUALLY read the bible? Have you have ACTUALLY READ the scriptures in your parents house or library or your grandparents house? Have you actually had your grandmother or grandfather,whether they living or deceased asked YOU (I’m talking to the know it alls per say) what did it meant? See, we don’t know SQUAT!  Man……some of us are just like immature kids. We don’t know squat, period! It’s all about tip toeing around the pond and not actually going into the pond!  And having conspiracy theories that many don’t understand. And on a side note, I will say that affects Church goers also.

My late Grandfather. One of my late Grandfather asked one of my family members about the bible when he was living, and he responded, “what do you know about it?” This is coming from him who was an Eremitus of his Church Sunday School for many years. That’s right, look up the word Eremitus to see what it is and you’ll know why it’s missing.

I have indicated before that I’m a 4th Generation United Methodist Church member. I was confirmed in the church in 1990 at the age of 13. That’s 25 years for so many of you keeping count. And yes, like a few others, I had and have ministers in my family that expand 2 or 3 generations. From my Great-Grandmother’s generation to Generation X. And yes, I had and experienced the good in folks, bad in folks and those who was just there for a short stint and moved on to greener pastures. And there are those who’ve been in the game through generations are sticking around want to make something happen. I’m sure many of you reading this who do dedicate services to your churches of any kind, that when you hear about all the negativity, you keep going with your craft to discipleship. No matter what anyone tells you. Even if they are church goers or not! Also be careful of the work that it arises.

And for those who are the former church goers and non-church goers who keeps talking about the hypocrites, what the pastor, bishops and apostles are doing in the sanctuaries along with the members: CUT SOME OF THE MEMBERS YOU KNOW SOME SLACK!!!!!! There are members in churches that are trying their dead level best to rise up and do something for their organizations. All of you really need to get your heads examined. Stop being so judgemental. And don’t generalize THE WHOLE DANG CHURCH! That is one of the main concerns of this whole conversation. Folks seem to generalize the whole group all the time. Just like when a black dude or a black woman per say sees their son or daughter making crimes and it blows up on TV or Facebook, guess what is going to happen:

Other communities will be like, “Oh, the Black Community this. Oh, the Black Community that……….”  And don’t even scream out #BlackLivesMatter!

The Black Community knows very well about being generalized as a whole, when it involves just a few knuckleheads. Where as when you have some church members or some church community members applying for a jet, or a new car: the whole village or city will be on their throats. Tell me I’m not lying.

There was a song that came out way before Generation X blew up, but our Baby Boomer counterparts know it: “Everybody Plays A Fool.” It’s not just church folks. It’s not just non-church folks. It’s EVERYBODY!  Whether you attend church or not, we need to watch it. We need to be accountable of what we do, say, think, or have opinionated viewpoints. Yes, that includes me.

Just recently, I was listening to one of my Black Milwaukee Radio Stations. Actually, it’s WNOV. It’s the only black radio station in Milwaukee. And a interesting question came up about Christians after church. The caller, assumed is Christian and a Female, that phoned in during the mid morning hours asked about why Christians don’t always spread the good news. The caller emphasised about going to the church, hearing the Pastor’s Sermons and after all of that is said and done, they go out to dinner and go home for the week. So after hearing that, (which is not new) my question is why was the caller asking the host about the church going procedures? And second, what is SHE DOING? Not judging, but asking. What is she doing to help to spread the good news? What is she doing with examples of her plight of her craft to ensure that good news? Not to comment further but the questions she asked the host, she should be asking herself those questions. No offense to her, her church, her ministry in all. But I would ask myself those questions instead going on the radio publically. Why you ask? It’s been asked over and over again. So why is this new?  And plus not everyone is the same as the female caller! Everyone’s God Given Gifts are different. That I’ll agree with.

  • Do I do the christian thing by helping out others or supporting others to the best of my ability? Yes.
  • Do I act as a hypocrite or charlatan for others? No. I was raised way better than that!
  • Do I give and receive as any other Christian? Yes.
  • Do I love God’s Grace and well as fearing God’s outcome? Yes.
  • Am I perfect as a Christian? NO!
  • Do I strive to be the best I can in and out of church everyday? Yes.
  • Do I force my Christian hand down the throat of those who moan and groan? As in those who don’t want to hear about the God Stuff? No.
  • Do I find ways to improve my church home as well as the community alike? YES I  DO!
  • Have I been in a situation in church where I was a victim of someone’s hypocritical mindset? Yes I have.
  • Have I been criticized by those who are haters in and out of the church? Yes.
  • Do I honor the work of the church with my gifts and talents and share that with those on the regular level? Yes.
  • Do I run around the sanctuary being filled with the Holy Ghost like those MegaChurches or any other church that does this? NO!!!!!
  • Do I tithe or have I tithed or attempted to tithe? Yes. And I know where the money goes.
  • Have I ever heard the words Hell and Eternal Damnation and ran out of the Sanctuary? No. And by the way, if those say “D*mn” in a church sermon, should realize that it came from the bible. It’s not all cursing related!
  • Have I dressed up in Jeans as well as a Suit and Tie? Of course. There is a rule that come as you are.

All of those questions and answers, I have experienced thus far. But like many others there is so much work to be done. AND YET I STILL GO!  Plus the things I described here, even though that my church experience have been shaky, mean, and also normal, I still go.

Do we say these things where our troops go to battle, or our officers on patrol, or any other high ranking official go and perform their duties? Even though we talk smack about them but still give them high  praise? We need to work on that.

I said before that there are hypocrites everywhere. Don’t fool yourselves! It’s not just church! Right now at work, you might have a hypocritical boss or an employee that constantly berates you like hell and you want to strike him or her.  But you still might continue to work or quit the job to go to another. Or start your own business.

You might had run ins with a Police Officer, a Deputy Sheriff, or maybe a well known official that seems nice, but is a hypocrite.

You might have hypocritical Football Fans in bars and at your house. And you root for the same team!

What about the activists or those whom are so conscious (UH-OH) who march around like kings and folks eat it up like clockwork? BUT…….might have hypocritical mindsets?

You even might have family members or group members, or Fraternity/Sorority Members that are like this. And wonder why you stopped talking or chatting or texting. Then they show up at a funeral having this solace to cover up the hypocrite behavior. HELLO!

I had ran into job related folks in Milwaukee whom were hypocrites because of my education I got from UW-Stout by not going on campus. I know the organizations and names very well. As well as those other companies that refused to hire black folks in the Greater Milwaukee Area based on income, experience, training, education and zipcodes. Tell me I’m lying Milwaukee! And I have never forgotten that. Even when I got my degree nearly 10 year ago on Stout’s campus through the commencement.

So I say this: we all need to look in the d*mn mirror. And really go out with a purpose and objective! The “Come to Jesus Meeting” is up and the seats need to be filled.

Man, on my facebook news feeds this morning, I and like others were looking at a story about a so-called potential Lion that was roaming the northside of Milwaukee. And alot of the folks per say got duped to believe that. Folks, if there was a real sighting about a so-called liion sighting, the DNR, Zoo and many other high ranking officials would be out like clockwork to see and capture this so-called Lion caper.

Here is what our Milwaukee News Reporters said earlier:

NOW: see this footage.

Viewer claims video shows ‘lion’ in Milwaukee

Also if anyone on Facebook has seen a video claiming a Lion walking around Estabrook Park, here is a cliffnote worthy to share: First, when you see it, you’re going to hear some rap music in the background. Second you’ll see a lion roaming around what it appears to be a parking lot or some marina like setting. Third, the guy on the video will claim that the setting is Estabrook Park at night.

Milwaukee: if you honestly believe that there are “Lion Sightings” around the city, and if you are in the media, the public service to believe that the Lion (or a so-called Lion) is loose, YOU HAVE BEEN OWNED!

This story is silly. A fake. It’s been bamboozling you. And I’ve been to Estabrook Park and it is nothing like that in the video! All it is to get your mind off the real issues that is going on in this city. And suprisingly it worked. You have been hooked, lined and sinkered. It’s just like when Vince McMahon was the “greater power” and the fans of the then WWF Attitude era was tricked during the Monday Night Wars!

Man, folks would believe ANYTHING that is posted on Facebook. You posters out there, are just that: POSERS!

Wanna pose something? Or to display viable solutions? Try posting solutions to the 86 Homicides that Milwaukee got so far. Or lack of jobs. Or the schools we know and love. Let’s see you do that. But you won’t!

Don’t get arrested!

This is my rant.

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and yes its one of those days that everyone gets their green on and hang out at every pub, or bar filling up the place with beer and reubens. And yes there are those who are African-Americans that do celebrate. But there has been a question in regarding Black folks celebrating St. Patrick’s Day more, AND DON’T hardly show the same love of acknowledging Black History Month!  This will raise hairs like crazy. For that, I’m going in on this letter.

Dear African-Americans who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day over Black History Month:

It’s me, Stephen. A black blogger who celebrates Black History Month and St. Patrick’s Day from Milwaukee. In a good way.

I need to talk here. Now for those who are not black, chill out and don’t comment a thing! But you can read here if you wish.

Ok on with the letter.

I have been looking at us this week. “Us” as in Blacks and St. Patrick’s Day. Many of us joined in on the fun with others at the clubs, bars and other parties on St. Patrick’s Day. Oh yeah, I saw you with the pics online in all.  There was challenge this week to see if black folks were out to see if it happened. And the challenge was accepted.

I’m gonna be honest and blunt: its fine to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in all, but get this, we are perpetrating ourselves at times. Why do I say this? I’ll bet this past week we’ve had our green on. Shoot, I wear green any day of the week or season. But the question was and is, why do we show up at St. Patrick’s Day parties more on March 17th, and hardly not acknowledge our own when it comes to Black History Month in the same places that you party at?

Can I be straight for a second?

Why do we show up at the St. Patrick’s Day stuff and hardly not at our own celebrations? Many of us still say “I celebrate Black History everyday.” Or like “Everyday is Black History Month!” Really? If that is the case, who did you talked about who was a difference maker in black history on St. Patrick’s Day?!  Who?  What was the name? What was the event? Anyone in the African-American community want to answer?



Well I hate to say if we get all green on St. Patrick’s Day, why NOT more of Red Black and Green in the clubs and bars when it comes to Black History Month?!

I was on my Facebook news feeds this week. And there some who commented that they admit they did not dress up in green at work, but they also commented and questioned where was the love like this when Black History Month was happening? Where was that same love?! Here in Milwaukee, its the same thing. Say for example, Milwaukee celebrates Irish Fest which it does. With the food, the drinks, the Trinity Irish Dancers in all. (By the way I’m not hating on Irish Fest. I’ve worked at Irish Fest back in 1999 at Summerfest doing security.) Some of us would show up for that to view. But do those same people in a scenario who attend Irish Fest would go to any Black Festival in Milwaukee? Honesty, not very much. I should point out that Milwaukee’s African World Festival is not happening this year! It is a fact. I credit WNOV for the source.

It’s hard for me to write this letter to my own people of African decent. But I’m using this letter of expression to annouce that its fine to celebrate other things BUT DON’T FORGET YOUR OWN!!! That might be a lie because at times we do forget our own! I admit we do! I don’t care what generation, era, old school person, new school group, Baby Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y and now the up coming Millenials all of us black folks need to look in the mirror!  On the serious tip, we need to check ourselves.

Do I celebrate Black History Month? Yes.

Do I go green on St. Patrick’s Day? Yes.

Do I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day OVER Black History Month?  No!

In closing, take this as a grain of salt. We’ve got to better. No need to constantly squabble about the “oh wells Kanye West shrugs”. Stop it! Raise up. What I’m saying is, its fine to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day and Party. And yes Its fine to host a St. Patricks Day party In a black owned bar. BUT: never ever forget to show that same love for Black History. Have more “Afrocentic Parties.” Or “Black History Month Afterparty Gigs” to kick in more dollars and jobs for the Black Community.

And I mean this with love!

Just for those who might say, “oh Stephen’s Spot is hating on black folks who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day”. No I’m not. I am simply saying sample that “St. Patrick’s Day love” during the second month of the year with Black Culture Celebrations. That is all I’m saying. Plain and simple!

And again, I mean it with love!



First: let me give a shoutout to the Milwaukee Streetcar folks. Apparently that my previous blog was linked on their Facebook Page (aka The Milwaukee Streetcar) and yes, I didn’t know that it had about 54 views here, and 35 views on their page. So for those who “actually” liked the page on Facebook, from my own black point of view, thank you! And for those who probably had to comment crazy on the page via my blog link, I think you didn’t get my gist of why it matters to the jobs for the city. Or is it because I had to bring up the segregated climate angle, and those having the “conflicted viewpoints?” Some of you know it’s true. Don’t start illing! Now after my commentary letter to the Milwaukee Common Council is up for their review, now it’s time to ask the question: Would I ride the Milwaukee Streetcar if it were to be built? Would I contribute the Streetcar funding by paying fares, getting off and on at selected stops, or maybe help the tourist part with a potential of I don’t know, Photography? Reference Atlanta. Would I do the photography thing if the construction of the streetcar were to be constructed? Would the Streetcar continue with jobs beyond the completion if I were to apply? All of that, I’ll admit: YES! Now, you’re probably saying, well that’s all in fine BUT why would you use it when you drive a car? Yes I do drive. However I wouldn’t mind if I were to ride the Streetcar and possibly get paid for tours. Or maybe to have a side gig or full time gig in promoting the streetcar via my college studies. One of my past UW-Stout classes was in Project Management and I do remember that when the company wins, everybody wins. That was the mantra. When the company wins, everybody wins. Also when I mentioned the “Conflicted Viewpoints” thing, that took me back to my college studies, yet again. It was a course in Organizational Leadership in referencing the good behaviors and bad behaviors. On that Facebook Page, out of that 2,000 plus folks who clicked the like button, there were some male and female pundits showing their polarized side in assuming they know everything. They really don’t! Just making excuses of not moving forward. Partially, Milwaukee and Wisconsin is known for that the most. And folks like them per say, like to get the calculating this and that, and having this attitude that it would not work or operate. How do they know?!!! Yeah I’m calling them out! If they are so caring about the calculating with transit per say, why can’t they calculate the help of getting jobs connecting to Milwaukee? Especially for those who don’t drive and having concerns?! Where is the calculating in that?! Polarized Politics and segregation climates are a dangerous mix. Even if you’re black! Now, non black folks, I know what your saying. “I’m not a racist. I have black friends….” Stop it! And black folks, do not go in that “negropean angle” and thinking its not going hurt you. In some ways, it can hurt! Just today, even thought it’s a day to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I have thought about him and the days he went through of having these distortions in public, and his work of equality of justice. Despite of the marches, speeches, and the nonviolent acts of freedom, Dr. King kept on his mission until his untimely death at 39 years old. And yes, in his absence, the struggle continues! He wasn’t just about the dream, also insert the words “Radical and Revolutionary” in that as well! Every black student and other students alike as well as the now grown folks nation, needs to realize that! We face new struggles in all things everyday even in this technological 21st Century full of Apps, Social Media, and Drones. And blogging. And also, by the end of this day, I ask those who are so MLK supportive: Will you act on the dream already? Will you act on the dream that those who march in Ferguson, New York and Milwaukee for equal justice and not using distortion of hate? Will you act on the dream in your schools, church, your job, a Career Fair, a community center, or any other act of need for yourself and for those that need the act of needs?  Even if it involves new structures that seemed distorted by those who do not want to move forward?! Towards the end of 2014, in speaking of distortions, my former UMC Pastor warned my church congregation about wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m sure many have heard that in a way or another. But you’re probably asking, what does that have to do with the Milwaukee Streetcar and what’s going on with the Polarized Politics? Here is my answer: BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING! Beware! Let me tell you why. Just this morning, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published a Purple Wisconsin Blog in regarding the Opponents of the Milwaukee Streetcar. And yes, this Wednesday is D-Day for the Milwaukee Common Council to either rock it or drop it, due to the referendum idea out of Aldermans Joe Davis and Bob Donovan. We all know that they went to different parts out side of the metro area to pull the strings about derailng this Milwaukee Streetcar Project. Alderman Davis has said that it’s racist and immoral. And having the thought of Black Millennials will not be part of this as well as dealing with shootings such as the death of Dontre Hamilton. Speaking of that, many here in Milwaukee have already heard the radio spot in which Nate Hamilton expressed his liberties about the hate of the Streetcar, and not getting justice for his late brother shot by the Milwaukee PD. Now, again I feel for the Hamiltons and the ongoing efforts to get justice. Yes, I know they are hurting and it’s democracy in action. But after reading this article from the blog:

As has previously been reported, radio advertisements have been running on certain Milwaukee radio stations that attempt to rhetorically connect a public transportation project with the tragic death of Dontre Hamilton. The ads say they are sponsored by a group called the Black Lives Matter Coalition, although according to Milwaukee radio station WNOV the ads are actually paid for by Craig Peterson of Milwaukee based public relations firm Zigman Joseph Stephenson. Peterson, a resident of River Hills, is the same individual behind the group Citizens for Urban Justice, which sponsored advertisements supporting Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke and Scott Walker.

What is really going on? Is the folks behind the making of the ads are using the feelings of the Hamilton family for their political distortion? Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! I have a question to the Black Milwaukee Millennial folks: Has Alderman Davis “ACTUALLY” talked to you about jobs for the Streetcar? Have any of you “ACTUALLY” gone to those Milwaukee Public Meetings on the Milwaukee Streetcar? Have any of you “ACTUALLY” written letters to Mayor Tom Barrett about the Streetcar period? I want to know that question! Again: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Another viewpoint from the article:

In what has become a sadly predictable pattern, Milwaukee area right wing talk radio hosts are leading the media campaign against the streetcar. Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, Mark Belling and others wear their anti-Milwaukee rhetoric as a badge of honor, and the street car is just the latest in a long line of initiatives which would have benefited people living in Milwaukee, but were blocked in part due to the coordinated opposition from conservative talk radio. In this case, Sykes’ show has been actively promoting anti-streetcar efforts. Vicki McKenna was the featured speaker at a meeting of streetcar opponents. In a recent broadcast, Mark Belling highlighted the public transportation initiatives he has opposed and succeeded in blocking over the last twenty-five years on the air. Talk radio hosts have deliberately crafted and relish in their status as an anchor around the neck of the city of Milwaukee with craven attempts to exploit anti-urban sentiment, exascerbate suburban hostility and fear, and drive their ratings. Aldermen Davis and Donovan have enlisted the support of this coalition of anti-Milwaukee conservatives, most of whom do not live in the city, to achieve their political ends.

Again: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing! Lot of folks are probably saying, “show us the proof!” I don’t have to show it, because it’s already been written in the actions. It’s being scripted for those who want to be played, tabloid, hoodwinked, teased, manipulated, being hyper sensitive, bamboozled, brainwashed, whimper out, arm twisted, wanting to sellout, wanting to be (excuse my french), “bootlickers”, wanting to be sold to the highest bidder in order to do what is best for business in all for the money, their jobs to feed families and ratings. I’m saying this now! Plus I know this might hurt, but it’s the truth! I know it’s MLK day. But there was time that there were certain folks back in his heyday didn’t like what Martin Luther King Jr was doing, but he kept marching! He didn’t just expressed that in the pulpits, nor the March on Washington or any other place he went and preached. No matter where he went, he kept marching. And even getting on America’s case about the bombings in Vietnam. He was telling the truth, even folks who did not want to hear it! He died for what he fought for at age 39. How many black 39 year olds today in 2015 would continue to fight for the positives right now? Think about it. So to The Milwaukee Streetcar folks: I have some advice: One: Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. No matter who or what comes up, correct folks not just online, but in person, the radio, the blogging, and definitely Facebook. Two: Always express the truth in which you present! Not the negative media, not those who think they know, but it comes from you and you only! Three: Get positive feedback or should I say “True Positive Feedback!” Even if you hear good radio spots on Black Milwaukee Radio of the Milwaukee Streetcar via the African-American Chamber of Commerce and Matters of the Heart Church. And for the record, they have promoted the positive light of the project for Economic Development and mostly for black folks looking for work even more. Again from my last blog story to the Common Council, and look for this again for the support thing via Urban Milwaukee, I support the idea of the Milwaukee Streetcar for one and one reason only of fresh, out of the box, innovative and new careers. This is my statement and opinion.


Happy New Year, Readers!

Well, it’s about that time of the year as everyone knows, that it’s time to break the things I don’t want to see and do want to see in this year of the goat of 2015. Yes, I know many will break out and say, I’M THE G.O.A.T! in 2015. Really though? With the lessons of the 2014 in the archives for future references and future throwbacks, its time to make room in the reference area, and bring out an empty box, and a empty check. Usually I say around New Year’s that is like a blank check. What are you going to with it? How are you going to spend it? For the empty box, it’s marked “2015”. What are you going to file by the end of the year?

Now It’s now time for the Stephen’s Spot Traditional Things I want to see and don’t see in 2015!

First Five I want to see:

1) I want to see more of US black folks going back to work. 2014 was a year that yes, the Dow was up over 18,000 points. However the high unemployment among African-Americans was the same percentage. Part of that could be not enough job skills, or that background check, or where they live. Now I think that resumes with addresses MUST BE removed! By the way, I’ll comment my viewpoint on why it is from an recent experience.

2) If #BlackLivesMatter in 2014 was important, then it will matter even more in 2015. I would like to see those who had enough of the cops shooting up unarmed black males and females to increase the pace of getting justice for those of Michael Brown, Dontre Hamilton, and many others who felt that their loved ones shouldn’t been gunned down.

3) Since there is a new Social Network that guarantees pay, would that play in a factor? I’m talking about the TSU Social Universe. I would like to see if it sticks!

4) I want to see and go to reunions this year! For those of us who are Class of 1995 of High School, College, University we need to party up for our 20th Reunions! Have an idea like: #WeTurn20In15 #20yearstolife or 20th Anniversary for you old schoolers! For other reunions like family: stay close! And those who have a 30th or 40th Reunion, I can’t speak for you due to my age and generation. But I’m focused on 1995 the most. And plus, this would be a good interest in investing in your Alumni Associations.

5) I hope those who use the mantra of setting New Year’s Resolutions goals actually do them! Even if a resolution for many years were put on the shelf for a while. For example if you thought about skydiving in 2014 and didn’t do it, try again in 2015.

Second Five I don’t want to see:

6) For those who promote their three day weekend stuff in their home cities, and criticize those who don’t come out or support, I hate to say this but pleasing folks aren’t going to cut it. And plus many don’t know who the folks personally! (I.E. Freedom Weekend!) That I think will lose customers, it will lose interest. And just lose period! Note to the promoters as a suggestion of any kind, be careful what you post and display! And this commentary is not about hate or throwing shade.

7) I don’t want anyone of the non-black race thinks that when anything is “all black this and that” is racist. Even if it is #AllBlackLivesMatter. Or #EveryBlackLifeMattters or #MyBlackLifeMatters. Or something like #MyBlackLifeReallyDoesMatter. Know the lingo!

8) I don’t want to see nor hear about those on Social Media whining about game requests. If you see the requests you don’t have to take it. No need to get mad at the folks to get a scene online! And NO SOCIAL MEDIA POSTINGS about commenting of Social Security Numbers!

9) I don’t want to see folks alike getting mad when a famous name gets attention in the spotlight for a recent act of violence. If those get mad, they don’t do nothing but complain!

10) For the Employers: I don’t want to witness any mess when looking for applicants for your companies. Last year at a Job Fair in Milwaukee’s Potowanomi Bingo & Casino ( Now the Hotel and Casino due to the name change)  during a segment at the event, it was all good until about 3:30pm Central time, a freaking fight broke out in the event! Between two black women in their 20’s, not dressed to impressed and it was so embarrassing to see that.


Now the last five what I want to see and don’t see:

11) Milwaukee: put these dates on your calendar: February 17th and April 7th. Know what those are? Dates! Voting Dates! Get out and vote! Please let me see this!

12) What I don’t want to see: I don’t want to see our Public Officials of County Supervisors, etc making fools of themselves on Twitter or Facebook, even if it’s involved mocking a person’s last words! Just remember, there are voters who will watch and will respond to boot them out!

13) Here is what I want to see: Get more active! Exercise, Diets, Doctors, etc! Not just on New Year’s Day, or your day of coolness, but everyday! Get more young folks involved in sports, music, church, and grown folks, do the same.

14)  What I don’t want to see: For all you future brides this year. Knowingly 2015 will the be year you say I do to your future groom and or lady(nod to the LGBT folks). And you might pick a day like 5-10-15 (get it, May 10th, 2015) per say, but here is one thing I don’t want to see on your Facebook posts, your Instagram, Pinterest, TSU, or any other platform. And I am serious here. Last time on the blog, I wrote about this chick who was going down the aisle, about to be married, and had her baby on her wedding trail thing. And the picture went viral around the Internet. Women, please for the love of Jesus, God, Buddha, Allah, or any other God you pray to, or your family prays to, or your church congregation, your Mosque, your temple, or whatever type or religious place you go to: DO NOT (I REPEAT) DO NOT PUT YOUR INFANT CHILD ON YOUR WEDDING DRESS TRAIL! I don’t want to see no ghetto wedding pics on the net this year! That is out!

And the last on the list: 15) What I do want to see  – Give back to your alumni. And if there is a flaw in your alumni of High School, College, University: Let them know. Hold them accountable! And Class of 2015, when you graduate this year either in the spring, summer or winter, give back to your schools that gave you love for four years. Give someone a chance to earn more scholarships, student exposure and many others in your school. Give them a chance!

Let me say this one more time: Happy New Year!

Three Way Dance Time: It’s the First of December, but were still reeling from Thanksgiving Weekend from the food and pumpkin pie. This dance, I’ll comment about Ferguson more, the updated backlash against Sasha and Malia, and plus Facebook got me flagged which was in my opinion that shouldn’t been so dirty. And no, I didn’t post no naked pics or anything that is racist or sexist towards anyone that is a equally a human being.

(Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports)

First take: Ferguson. We’ve seen the protests. We’ve seen and watched the decision of former Police Officer Darren Wilson not to be indicted on the shooting death of Michael Brown. Yes, I’ve said former because over the weekend, he resigned. And he’s a potential target. Just like Zimmerman. We’ve seen the flames that torched the buildings and squad cars. We’ve see them all, even more of the protesting in the streets. We’ve seen it all on MSNBC, CNN, and the dreadful spin of Fox News. We’ve seen it. And yes when the folks protest they expect anger in the streets to get a point across. We’ve seen the protests on Black Friday that had those lying on the floor in a mall in St. Louis. And no, for the record I didn’t spend a penny out of my pocket to spend on Black Friday. Learned that lesson from a long time ago.

But in the recent events, centered the NFL again, and no it’s not just the Packers beating the Patriots at Lambeau. It’s really around the St. Louis Rams and the five players that came out in their intros with the Hands Up Don’t Shoot gesture. And the “Conservative-like media” and the likes of Morning Joe, that had to get shocked and mad over these football players doing the silent protest! Earlier in the year, in the NFL Preseason game between the Packers and Raiders, one of the running backs of the Silver and Black, Maurice Jones-Drew scores a Touchdown run and after that, he did the Hands Up Don’t Shoot Gesture. Where was the outrage in that? And this was directly after Michael Brown was shot. Athletes of back in the day (whom were black)  were not just winning ball games, breaking records, and setting new tones for the victors. They were also making statements for keeping that black pride, and also solidarity of support of those who were killed. I wasn’t around when this happened, but we all know about the Black Power Salute of the 1968 Summer Games in Mexico. John Carlos and Tommie Smith were two African Americans that won as we know. When they got their medals, they took their shoes off, stepped on the podium and when the National Anthem was played, they bowed their heads and had their fists in the air. But also, according to the story, they received death threats for their gesture. Think about this, 1968 is same year that Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated. The “Original” Civil Rights Movement ended in the same year.  James Brown released the song “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud” around the same time when Tommie Smith and John Carlos got their medals. When you think of all of those things, some of that I think parralles today, but in a different sense. What I mean by a different sense, many today don’t want to get all revolutionary and such and to start up a scene. I’ve said this many times. And I also asked this question, where are the NEW civil rights leaders at? Some might say Puff Daddy or Jay Z, but no. They might not go for it! They (like others) might “donate” but won’t join the fight that got them there when they were alot younger back in the day! See this is why this era needs to get with the program when things like this happen. And those in the conservative like media, white media, and those I dare say in the progressive, liberal sides of Morning Joe persay needs to get out of the bubble and actually HEAR and SEE what is taking place with the like of Ferguson! It’s not just Ferguson, Milwaukee, Chicago, South Central LA, New York, Ohio or whatever that we see or read about young blacks males getting killed by the cops or neighborhood watch folks. It’s really an ongoing fault in the cog of the Justice System unfairly against Blacks in this country! The struggle continues!


Now for the 5 players of the St. Louis Rams, (and I’m not a fan by the way), the players of  Jared Cook, Kenny Britt, Stedman Bailey, Chris Givens and Tavon Austin. But, here is thought:  are they Americans, too? Do they have a right to free expression, or free speech? They have the right! I don’t care if the St. Louis Police Association, Charles Barkley,  or freaking Mike Ditka believes they were embarrassed or wrong. NO THEY WEREN’T! I wouldn’t be shocked if any of the black Green Bay Packers of Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, Mike Neal, Richard Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, or even Micah Hyde, or Davante Adams would have came out of the tunnel at Lambeau Field or at an community anti-violence event in Milwaukee and d0 a “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture in support of those who have been shot for no apparent reasoning! And I know if that were to happen, many in Packer land might not wear a jersey of these players, or have a poster hung in the bar or in your kid’s rooms be taken down all because of a silent gesture of protest. This is not just about winning ball games, scoring touchdowns, or racking up stats. It’s not! It shouldn’t be about when things hear about folks getting shot or killed there are those who say “Let’s go to a ball game!” Wrong answer. Yes, you can go to a ball game, but when you go home…….will that same person be there in a good way sharing a beer or nachos in a nice way be the same person at the dinner table, or helping the kids homework afterschool? Or taking that person to church for a Worship Service on a Sunday Morning? Just asking!

Futhermore this NFL Hands Up Gesture might go for about 2 weeks!


Second take: Sasha and Malia getting dissed.

Can we qrown folks stop messing with Sasha and Malia?! This GOP Staff Person. We all heard this right? But before I get even further, review this:



And after that, she made this apology:


Yes. She apologized. But her days as a GOP Staffer was gone. Fired. The unemployment line has a new member by the name of Elizabeth Lauthen. Hey Elizabeth how does it feel to be in that line of disrepectful folks having the fortitude per say to go after young black female teens that are apart of the first family? Really? And to do it on Facebook?!! Seroiusly?!! Talking crap about Barack and Michelle is one thing, but the children, NO! Just a future warning here don’t be surprised if Sasha and Malia run for office in their later years. If they like amongst others who felt disrespected growing up by bigoted/stuck up adults who pretend they are all about the people, and all about this and that. But when this comes out, are they still that same person. My mother once said to me, you have to monitor yourself. Real talk. This is also a reminder that when you talk about folks in a mean way such as this, they might turn around and take away somethings that mean to you. Oh, lets say like penions, retirement funds, Union stuff, needs of transport, burial expenses, social security, your health needs. Does any of that stuff sound familiar? I’ve heard this in my Milwaukee Black Radio Market, and I’m saying it here, those boys and girls that are targets now, they might be your even worst enemy when rocking the canes, walkers, living it up in the retirement homes about to die! And you might wonder, why they are doing this? What did we do to cause this?! Some might say, “back in 2014 you were talking smack about us about our pants sagging, our hair, our music, our way of dancing, always texting on the phone, always on Facebook, etc. You disrespcted us!” Some of you might be like, that might not happen. But what if it did? I know I might be speaking gibberish on things that might not occur, but it might occur! Whitney Houston once said that the children are our future. Well are they?

This latest stunt is nothing new. Sasha and Malia have been targets of Glenn Beck and many others in the Right Wing-Fox News-Rush Limbaugh dialouge of all things. They were wrong then, and they are wrong now. All of this, is just even more hate against the first black president and his family. But to attack on young black girls? Where are those who defended the Bush Twins when they were drunk? Hello?!!! Nobody don’t want to comment that? When the President said that leave the children out of this back in his running days, he meant that! End of Story. But I think that needs to comeback even more for the sake of Sasha and Malia. And many others who feel the exact same way.

Watch your words. If it’s archived in the next 20 years or more, and if that comes back in a future Throwback Thursday, don’t be shocked!


Third take: How many of us ever got “flagged” by Facebook? Even if it’s something you haven’t really done intentional. Well, this past weekend, I tried to upload a video on Facebook for my High School Alumni and then it was removed. And get this they claimed that it was all some copyright violation notice. Here is the note by the way:

facebook note

This is got to be the worst note. Stupid. And get this, I wrote a note to Facebook recently and I want this to happen: I want Facebook to look over the video that was attempted to upload. Here is the thing, the pictures I used were from a recently Alumni Holiday Gathering in Downtown Milwaukee. They were my pictures that I took personally! I put the pictures onto the program called Flipagram along with a choice of music that I chosen for it called “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. In which I paid for! I paid a $1.29 from Google Play for that one song to be used for a slide show. And then when I attempted to put that onto my Alumni Facebook Group, it was rejected due to some copyright notice. This bugs the HELL out of me!  In response, I written to Facebook in this matter personally the next day. This is what I written to them:

To whom it may concern:

This letter is in response to the “Alleged Violation” Message that was informed to me on November 28th, 2014 about a video I tried to upload onto one of the Facebook Group Pages. The video that was deleted or removed by you was made by me on Flipagram for my High School Alumni Group. The pictures that I selected came from my own collection in terms of my own choosing. They were NOT made for any violations that you, the company proposed and approved.

The audio portion: again, I used that my own collection through Flipagram in which I attempted to use for the video. And thusly, I paid for the song through Google Play with my own money and it was legal without any problems. I know about Copyright uses and the responsibilities behind them. And I understand the sources of making sure that it stays protected of the recent Digital laws. But I feel that my video that I wanted to show SHOULD NOT HAVE been removed because of this. And plus I uploaded Flipagram Videos before, with their 30 second previews of the songs, and I had NO problems or concerns on Facebook. I had no warning messages received based on the latter of concern.  In regarding this situation, and with your Copyright rules and regulations, what Flipagram music and videos are appropriate for Facebook, and what is not appropriate? As a customer, I demand a right to know!

I am enclosing this letter, along with the email message you sent me to clarify my story.

Now I’m not alone in this. First of all, instead of me writing on my Facebook Wall or their help pages, I did the one thing that few do nowadays: write a letter. Whenever you or anyone you know feel that something is wrong or needs to be clarified for ANY MANNER, write a letter. Make sure it’s clear and concise and straight to the point. And also make sure you got proof to back you up just in case. Either a picture, or now a link to a website that you know it’s good and clear to bring this up. And I’m sending a “friendly warning” to the company right now that if they do not respond in at least 30 days from the day of the letter or their notice, I will have no choice but to file a complaint against the company. I’ve done it before with other companies and businesses with the Better Business Bureau. I got my facts and proof to set this up! Beware, Facebook Company. I like you, but I have to come after you like a deadly animal.

When I was on Facebook sometime after, I visited their help pages, and in that same section where it was talked about videos being pulled from the site due to copyright violation of alleged, I’m not the only one. I’ve read about those who tried to upload videos of tributes, and many others with music like country or others. And they got the warnings also! Like I said in the note, I posted videos on Facebook before and I didn’t get flagged or warned. What is this?! A complaint is coming to them. Plus also, I do respect the rights of music in a digital rights stance, but I never stole the music or manipulated the music being copied or other concerns. Matter of fact: here is the link of the slideshow that I did for my High School Alumni that Facebook wouldn’t show.

And that goes for any company. I usually put companies on notice in which that the Better Business Bureau is involved.