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Going back to July 18th, 2007 with this retro Myspace Blog.

New Thought: Stay away from Primerica. I mean it. Stay Away!!!!! The 30 year old company called me last week to see if I was intereted in working by selling insurance to customers, or in this case middle income families. Yes, they would invite you into their office, fill out and application, have the semi-interviews, but in the end you might need to ask the questions of the company yourself. Other than that, or those whom have contacted by the company for the same issue. Other than that it is wise to have a company looked up to pay nothing for training than 200.00. I got the picture. Did you?

New Thought: Tell the truth. Last week in my MyFoxMilwaukee blog, I posted my story about how I got my BS degree through Distance Education. And I was commented that I shouldn’t mention it.Well, I know that it shouldn’t matter in all, but the thing is here is reason why: I have to mention it:  at an earlier age, my parents and those around me always told me to speak yourself. That was one thing, but the other just to save myself. I mention DE because I did not want to hide anything. That comes to say if you have filled out an application, and the question comes up: “Have you ever been convicted of a crime, or violation of an traffic law?” If you have, fess up. Speak now, or forever hold your peace. And an additional reason is because I had jobs in Milwaukee, while doing DE with UW-Stout. Happy now? Good. That why I do it! Remember these words: Whatever It Takes

New Thought: Martha, Adina, and any other “chick from Wisconsin” who thought I have a twin, or have been in their neck of the woods. Listen here. You have a MS page, but no pictures, why you want to meet me on your fling site? Are you afraid or are you a fake person that wants to get laid? Tell me something! I ain’t buying!

New Thought: George Lopez has to be the funniest latino on the planet. I checked out his HBO Special last week, and to me, some of the things he said was not only funny, but the truth.

New Thought: More Katt Williams and Chris Rock on DVD please. Need more pimp chronicles and bigger and blackers. Or Never Scared vids. I did like the lines that he said blacks should have some white friends. And vice versa. Life is too short. I still can’t over his comments about Michael Jackson!

New Thought: What’s up with black women with red hair? I know this is America. Land of the free. Home of the Brave. Freedom of Expression. But the thing is, sometimes expression, like keeping it real, goes to far. Black women, I love you like sisters, mothers, and aunts, but TONE DOWN THE RED HAIR!

New Thought: Harley-Davidson should invite black artists next year for the 105th Anniversary. Yes I have seen blacks artists on motorcycles, but hey, invites some r&b, hip hop, rap, soul performers next year also. Maybe the thought of Elton John would just go away from 2003.

New Thought: I am not a supporter of Michael McGee Jr. Never have, and now never will. I heard at one time he was a real nice man in a school. But what happened? Oh, we know what happened! Never mind. No, his father did not say he wants to come out of retirement. I don’t see that happening! ViAnna Jordan warned us, and we didn’t listen.

And finally new thought: Despite of the so called warnings from Al-Queda and Osama bin Laden, I am not going to stop being……me. That’s right. I can’t stop being me. As long as we have well trained military personal stationed left and right and protecting good from evil, I am not going to stop being me. As an American citizen, I can say that. To those who commit acts of Terrorism, you can flash all the warning videos all you want to. But the thing is, were watching and our troops, ready.



Preface: IT WILL BE, 10 years since I walked across the stage at UW-Stout in front of family and teachers. But this summary from the University explains it all. Congrats to the 2016 grads, and congrats to us 2006 grads for getting to the decade years later! So as is, plus along with the University’s 125th Anniversary, (Come to think it was their 115th Anniversary 10 years ago) here is the actual story from the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s Website.

This Friday will be the actual commencement anniversary. And also, I will be commenting on it of the preceding events, plus commentary that had those “attacking” me on this notion, but also I will highlight the last 10 years since getting the degree and the next phase for the next decade.

So until then, review the story below that was 10 years in the making.


Chancellor addresses May graduates

University of Wisconsin-Stout Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen addressed graduates of the May 2006 class Saturday morning, telling them that “you have done a fine job and this is a day of celebration.”

Approximately 840 graduates received degrees during the ceremony at Johnson Fieldhouse, with 120 of those earning advanced degrees.

Sorensen talked briefly about three people – Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and John Hope Franklin – that influenced not only his life, but in many ways shaped the forces of the 20th century.

“They speak to us in different ways today, but their lives and their belief systems are linked by powerful ideas and beliefs central to our history; central to our lives and your lives,” Sorensen told the graduates. “As you leave UW-Stout as new, well-educated professionals, assuming new roles as responsible citizens, I want you to think seriously about the lessons these people give us.”

In speaking of Gandhi, Sorensen mentioned how the “power of this one man’s ideas led to Indian independence and inspired a people and the world.”

On King, Sorensen talked about how the civil rights leader knew “ideas had to be transformed into action, into seeking the truth, challenging injustice, addressing poverty and all other forces that stood in the way to creating a just society.”

When discussing Franklin, Sorensen told of Franklin being “a voice and an activist for social justice; he became and remains the critic asking why America cannot do an effective job in ending racial discrimination and providing all Americans of all races the chance to live the American dream.”

Tying all three men together, Sorensen told the commencement gathering “they all committed their lives to the highest level of moral and ethical values, something we should all strive to do. They stayed true to those ideals, became living role models for all, even those that sought to destroy their character or even end their lives. Finally, they committed to apply those ideals in practical ways to work for a just society.

“That is a good charge for you and every American.”

Classes at UW-Stout ended Tuesday, May 9. An evaluation week began Thursday, May 11 and ends Wednesday, May 17.

Source: University of Wisconsin-Stout

This is for all my University of Wisconsin folks: The Real UW though, it’s a story that needs to be called and conversated. I was like many in Wisconsin last week, looking at the footage of the Vice Chancelor of Diversity, talking about a note that was left by some faceless cowards, that read some explicit languages about a some sort of threat.

For those whom have not heard the message, I want those to hear what the Vice Chancellor had to say. Be warned: this message contains explicit language. Get the kids out the room now.


This is just one example of what the College Campuses or Universities that are facing each day. The last time I visited UW-Madsion was way back in the 90’s. 1993 and 1994 when the Badgers Football Team was on point back then.Camp Randall Stadium. And I was with the Special Education students while in High School in Milwaukee. But this was when, Badger Football got me hooked. And have been for 23 years.

I have had some friends, some colleges, and those I know in a sense graduated from UW and keep that Badger Red flowing with their careers, activities, and giving back to those less fortunate. And I had some that worked for UW also.

But after seeing this so called note and those whom like to hide behind notes, it’s not about the giving back thing. It’s basically about having those conversations that this campus as well as any campus in the nation is having about race. For you current college students at UW, if you think stuff like this is bad, wait until you graduate and get those jobs. Those on the outside will not give a rat’s butt about your livelihood, career, or even your race! And you’ll see what they really are. This is not the classroom or residence hall. This real world, is just that. But don’t let that stop you.

Now in another sense, there is hate from the student or students who just have that same hate that many in their families probably went through the same thing. Oh, yes the colleges and universities are full of them! Even though that Easter passed, how many of these families whom had their kids being sent to college had this haterism against those of a different race because they were black? And it’s a popular college where most know? Again it’s mostly known.

Just last year, you remember the SAE Fraternity on Oklahoma’s Campus? The popular one. Yeah, that one.

Recently the Vice Chancellor had an updated video after the first one surfaced:

Plus also, an update of the story came forward when a current student was a target of the incident.

Folks, this is what happens when cowards are just that: Cowards! They hide behind the statements and try to scare away folks who are up for the chance to shine. This incident, was according to the story in Madison, was not about hating on Hillary or Bernie. This was about an issue that many know all to well, but it’s not been heard or shown. If you are a Alum of UW, you probably need to hold your donation money! That’s right hold that donation money. And while you Alums of UW are holding your money, you need to let your Alma Mater know that this story out of the campus is unacceptable and it needs to be dealt with. I know many of you, are proud Badger Alums and you take it seriously. Nothing wrong with that. BUT you need to hold your Alma Mater accountable! When UW-Stout had it’s racial incident years ago about a then 19 year old black female that was a target of racism, of course that it was talked about and summarized. But how has that improved since that incident that sparked? Also this part of the story has nothing to do with The Real UW story, but UW-Stout had an instructor that displayed signs and slogans of trauma, and killing folks once. And the thing is, the instructor was warned about this many times from the UW-Stout Police and the previous Admininstration. But one of the quotes was from a show called Firefly! A one sesason, Sci-Fi, TV show. And I remember also when that story broke out on Facebook, there were some Stout Alumni indicated that if the teacher didn’t get his job back, they were NOT going to donate any dollars to the school! OH YES THEY DID!

How was that resolved? The administration backed out and backed down that it wasn’t a real meaning to hurt those in a real physical sense. And yes he got his job back. But if that was black teacher that did those things of display, no job. Fired. Pink slipped handed away and out of the door. But we don’t want to see that now do we?

What we are talking about, is a dumb college kid that snuck a letter of hate all because the black student were calling out the Racism in a Big Ten University like UW-Madison! So if a black student at a well known or not well known college or university got a note from a faceless coward, is that person going to back down and move? Probably not.

But in all cases, the talk of racism is real. And it comes in many forms. Verbal, Visual, and many others. And it’s still real as a all white suburban neighborhood. Or the inner city. Or many others. Even at a job that many will not take due to being black in America!

Even Bucky has to realize that it will take more than a few pushups at the Kohl Center and Camp Randall to get the convo started. Just saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I like UW-Madison. But still, The struggle continues! And that is a part of #THEREALUW that many need to know and do to rise up.







As I said many times that I was a Distance Education Student of the University of Wisconsin – Stout between 2002 to 2006. And yes, I acquired the degree of Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Management within those four years.

Was it really all that to go though?

Check out these comparisons and yes, for you traditional going into the classrooms and learning in stuff students, and former students, and those companies or businesses whom are so skeptical in Human Resources: read this article. This might surprise you.

Don’t be a hater!

Plus, if there are those whom might think that Online Education is easy: like the classroom, it can be as hard as the regular classroom!

Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics

Frank The Tank Kaminsky on the SI Cover

No need for an intro. Bucky is back. The 2014-2015 UW Badgers Basketball Team is back on the scene in route to the Final Four for the second year in the row. I want tell all of the folks in the country right now, do not underestimate the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Don’t!

Now last year, I channeled my inner-Wisconsin Side by supporting the Cardinal and White and having this #UWUnity thing on my tweets and Instagram. Why the #UWUnity thing. Why this. This is my saying of supporting the well known renound UW-School system that made many folks famous in world in and beyond went to the University in the state. The UW-School system is really not just UW-Madison. It’s also UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, UW-Whitewater, UW-Stevens Point, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Eau Claire, UW-Superior, my alma mater of UW-Stout, UW-River Falls, UW-Waukesha, UW-Parkside, UW-Platteville, UW-Superior, just to name a few. With all the hoopla that our Governor numb nuts of Scott Walker wanted to slash about 300 Million Dollars from the UW-School System, this is the one point in the state that we need #UWUnity. No matter the size, or the location.No matter the division of 1, 2 or 3. Every UW-School is all part of the UW-School System. UW-Madison is the heart. The main course. And yes, it’s the centralized link of all the Universities and in my estimation, it’s the Wisconsin Idea!

Many of us UW Alumni of any UW school is a beneficiary of the Wisconsin Idea. Whether we like it or not. We are apart of that tradition that keeps the schools going for the current students, and the students yet to be.

But now, it’s time talk about the Badgers! Since Bucky is back in the final four, I want let the Badger crew to do one thing if and when they face Kentucky:

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.

Eat, Sleep, Believe and Repeat.


Oh I know I’m acting like Paul Heyman to Brock Lesnar in the WWE, but guess what. That chant he did last year, worked. Look what it did at Wrestlemania 30 in the match I refuse to see on DVD, and yes it happened again against John Cena in a WWE Championship Match in which he won. I know it’s wrestling!

But in this fashion, Kentucky is on a undefeated streak currently. It’s a well known fact that streaks can be broken! Just a heads up Wildcats. Other teams checked in to the Final Four: Duke and Michigan State, in which both teams are doing well. But to be more blunt, I want to see a B1G Basketball Representation this year in the final two: Wisconsin and Michigan States in an upset.

So hear me now, like last year, never overlook a Badger.The last time they ever won a National Championship was in 1941 and many of us weren’t even around yet! Yes I’ve seen the Sam Okeys, the Michael Finleys, and now I’m seeing the Frank Kaminskies, the Nigel Hayes, the Traveon Jacksons and yes even the Gossers, and the Sam Dekkers. Oh yeah, the Bucky crew is revamped.

So hear me now,NEVER EVER overlook a Badger.

On Wisconsin!

Recently, the Govenor himself Scott Walker had done another slashing of education. This time it’s $300 Million in which that would effect classes, teachers, layoffs and many otehrs. Plus also what do us Alumni have to say about this? Personally, I think every single of us who have gone to UW-Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, LaCrosse, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, Stout and many others need to start speaking up and tell this govenor that we, as Alumni of our schools SHOULD NOT LET THIS STAND! Even though Scott Walker already given $200 MIllion for the new Milwaukee Bucks Arena, and I do understand that yes, the Bucks need a new home to play in or the NBA will be out to get the team to another city. I get that. However, as a Alum of the UW School System, like many of you, need to be concerned NOW how to support the UW-School System in which gave us love and degrees. So with that, here is my blog letter.

SideNote: And to my Sports folk:  exepect my Packers/Badgers sent letter later on.

Dear UW-School System (and Alumni):

It’s me, Stephen. I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee, and a alum of UW-Stout.

CALLOUT: We need to stand up!

I repeat, we need to stand up for our UW-School System. Now I know many have gotten our degrees and put them to work in our respected cities and also new digs, but I must say that its time that our former schools need our help.

I know also that we get those alumni newsletters in the mail about donate to this and that. And yes we put them to the side and forget it. But I think and believe that in the midst of this matter, I am calling on us UW Alumni to do one thing: GIVE BACK!

I don’t care if you are a alum of UW-Madison, Milwaukee, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Whitewater, Eau Claire, Superior, Oshkosh, Stevens Point, Waukesha, and or my UW School of Stout, we are in this!

If we TRULY loved our schools like we say we do, then I say as a UW ALUM, give back! There needs to be a unity of all UW Schools here in the state that is willing to give back. Even keeping the mantra of the Wisconsin Idea in full effect. And with me being an alum, with all the educational things I did with Stout, the Wisconsin Idea still lingers. Even with Distance Education! Don’t front!!!

I am also challenging all alumni of the UW to have gatherings at your next reunions or meet ups to discuss new ways to reach out about what can the alumni do to help this cause. Even doing a #UWUNITY T-Shirt. I don’t care. As long as it goes to whatever, it happens.

Make it happen if you want folks to learn and live!!



Yes Americans. That ongoing concern of post racial society is not working. No there are not silver bullets for this. Nor knives or any other weapons. The reason for this story, because most recently, my alma mater of UW-Stout was recently hit with a local white resident expressing racial slurs to a student of color all because the resident of Menomonie blocked a parking area. See the message that the new chancellor, Bob Meyer addressed the Stout community.

A message from Chancellor Meyer concerning a recent act of racial hate against two of our students:

I have heard from a number of people that they would like more details of the hate incident that occurred recently involving two of our students and a male Menomonie resident. According to our University Police Department, this is what happened:

A female African American student, with her roommate, was driving in the north campus area and was followed by the man into Lot 32 after a traffic dispute. She couldn’t find a parking spot and, when she tried to leave the lot, the man’s vehicle blocked her exit.

The man then got out of his vehicle and started yelling at the student, including the use of racial slurs. Eventually, the student was allowed to drive out of the lot, and she reported the incident to campus police.

The man subsequently was identified, and he has been charged with the crime of disorderly conduct, with an enhanced hate-crime penalty. His case is pending in Dunn County Circuit Court.

I want to emphasize how seriously I view this incident and any incident in which one of our students (or employees) is subjected to discrimination because of their race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other reason. Hate crimes and bias incidents have no place on our campus or in the community, period.

The campus has a Bias Incident Response Team, and it met as soon as this incident was reported. I was kept apprised of the team’s response.

The initial response was intended to ensure the students had all the support possible and to identify the perpetrator. The dean of students, director of Multicultural Students Services and university police met with the two students the night of the incident and continued to work with them to ensure their needs were met.

I look forward to this incident leading to increased dialogue among the university community about how to enhance the level of civility, acceptance and respect of all people. We all want a safe and welcoming campus and community.

Anyone who believes they are the victim of a hate or bias incident or want more information on the subject should go to:


And this additionally from the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram


MENOMONIE – UW-Stout Chancellor Bob Meyer said he believes a recently reported incident involving at least one racial slur used against a UW-Stout black student will lead to greater education across campus and Menomonie about civility and respect for all.

UW-Stout police received a report on Nov. 11 from a 19-year-old woman that a white man had threatened her and used at least one racial slur against her. He also blocked her into a university parking lot with his pickup truck, according to UW-Stout police Chief Lisa Walter.

Ronald A. Grundeman, 42, of Menomonie faces a citation of misdemeanor disorderly conduct with an enhanced hate crime.

Grundeman is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 9. A criminal complaint had not been filed as of Wednesday.

At the intersection of Crescent Street, Fourth Avenue and Broadway Street, the student reported, her vehicle was almost struck by the pickup truck after it ran a red light.

Grundeman told authorities he had the green light and the student ran a red light, Walter said.

“They believed the other person was at significant fault,” Walter said.

After the near accident, Grundeman is accused of following the woman and another student, who was a passenger in the car and blocking the exit of a university parking lot and yelling at the student. Police said they believe the racial slur was used multiple times.

The students reported that Grundeman threatened he would kill the woman if they were alone. Grundeman told authorities he said the woman could be killed if she continued to drive in that manner, Walter said.

The passenger in Grundeman’s pickup truck posted an account of the traffic altercation on social media, and police were able to determine Grundeman was the driver after talking to the passenger.

Grundeman admitted to being upset and told police he directed a racial slur at the woman, Walter said. Grundeman was arrested Nov. 12 and taken to the Dunn County Jail before he was released.

Meyer said it is upsetting that Grundeman used “despicable language” against the woman.

“My first reaction as a parent was ‘Is my student in a safe school?’ ” Meyer said. “The university has been working a long time to create a welcoming environment. This is not the type of behavior we would like to see. We are trying to create a place of respect and tolerance and a safe environment for students.”

The UW-Stout Bias Incident Response Team met as soon as the incident was reported and worked to provide support for the two students and to locate Grundeman, Meyer said.

In the aftermath of the incident, UW-Stout students are planning activities that include a solidarity demonstration sometime next week.

In this, this is one example that the relations talk about race is still on the table. I know that many are going to say, and here it comes: “I have a lot of black friends……”  Well first of all, as I said many times before, that quote is not cutting it. If those wanting to know the black student population at UW-Stout, its low around 0.6%. Yes we all should know that the University is a PWI school, located in Dunn County near Eau Claire. But that’s not the story. What is the story the most, is the on going racism among college campuses. And also there are those who think that it doesn’t exist. Umm….notes to those who want to know, it does exist and it has many forms and angles. Even you see it on the outside of a college dorm room or a college class room. I want those who feel it’s all smoke and mirrors, or to think  that we should be on the “Human Race” factor, well let me tell you, if those doing the history of certain things, the Human Race per say, was started and originated by black folks. That’s where your human race thing started up! Go all the way back to the beginning of human civilization where mostly African black people were the first of it’s debut. That’s your human race! Plus also in order to be apart of this Human race thing, in my view, you have to start out in your house. And speaking of houses, we all know that the Holidays are coming up. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and of course to round out the year of with New Year’s Eve and Day. Yes, when the dinners happen, we will probably hear that uncle, or that aunt, or believe it or not, your older cousin or parents, or maybe grandparents in which they might make those black N*gger jokes around the dinner table. Or those Gay hating dialogue commentary. We know this! But to those who are doing the defending of those who have friends who are black or gay or whatever that is making no big deal of those who are in those categories:

Challenge statement here – if you really have those friends of African decent, or those who like to love the same gender and they are being commented on, would you defend them?

Or in getting to this question: if the guys or gals per say who make the racial commentary, and you have shared a beer or a game with them in a friendly way, are they are the same folks who go home in their households? I say this alot.

But getting back to UW-Stout and this racial incident. I say this as an alum of the school. Got my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management, used the Distance Education thing to get my degree done in 4 years, y’all know the story. I want my Alma Mater to realize that it’s fine to rally around the flag and to declare the racism acts on notice. BUT: I want to also say that it’s going to take more than just one day of a rally to end it. It needs to be on the tasks everyday to let those know that it’s an everyday battle. And for those who feel are in denial, or felt that it’s gotten over. I conclude this story with these two words: WAKE UP!

And to add: get out of the funk, out of the denial, out the “negropean mentality” (for those that are black and don’t see it and thinking it won’t effect them) and many others who think that having black friends is a conclusion of no real racism, or planning to move to getaway from racism in all, even saying it’s 2014,  I say again: WAKE UP!

Not a dis today on “the spot”. But I had this notion on my mind for a couple of days. I was on the internet one day (actually this week) and I have researched mostly about African American Alumni Chapters at Universities. I didn’t know that University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and countless others have either a Black Alumni Chapter or a African-American Alumni Chapter for their Alumni Associations.

Here’s my question: Why doesn’t UW-Stout have this?!

Hey UW-Stout, I’m Stephen, a 2006 Alum, and I have an idea in which would be beneficial to you in regarding the Alumni Association support. No it’s not money, nor classes to help improve or merchandise to maintain or grasp new. I’m talking about forming an Alumni Association group, or a subgroup for a potential African American Chapter. Not to be confused with the Black Student Union currently in which it’s still active, but what about a “Black Alumni Union” Or a “African-American Alumni Chapter” for Stout?

Hear me out. I am well convinced about the low population of blacks that attend on campus. And by the way, during my 2002-2006 days, I was a distance education student, an off campus student, and I’m sure many in the big areas of the Alumni Association needs to know. If anyone on the current board for the University, is reading this with interest, or on the Black Student Union Chapter Board is serving,  I want you to think about this seriously. Why do I think UW-Stout should establish a Alumni Group for Alumni of African Decent?

1) It would help or assist the needs of the Alumni Association in terms of recruitment, classes, and many other uses of importance of the University. Including at greater assistance of the the Black Student Union.

2) The group could assist the use of more diversity among the campus body, and abroad that could boost the universities goals or objectives.

3) NETWORKING with other alums of color no matter the location or occupation. In terms of jobs, or social events. 

4) Assist or support with fundraising or donations to the organizations.

5) Establishing the achievement of the African-American Alumni or Black Alumni of the University in careers, community, sports, military and many other endeavors.

6) Able to recognize the recognition of the current students of African Decent for support and sponsorship.

This list was just a small sample I can come up with. In addition with a potential African American or Black Alumni Group, this should also influence other groups of Latino, Hmong, Native American, to have their own Alumni Chapters in relation to UW-Stout. Mainly this is not a way to divide the folks in the school. In Milwaukee, I went to at least three Alumni UW-Stout functions and yes I met those in the city that are alums. But after this realization: I need to meet more of  UW-Stout Alums who are African Decent also. No matter where they are, or what their occupation of work.

As a reference, take a look at UW-Milwaukee’s African-American Alumni Chapter. Also look at the African American Alumni Chapters of UW-Madison, and a 2009 edition of UW-Whitewater’s African American Alumni Fourm.

I want to take notice on the recent story about my Alma Mater, the University of Wisconsin-Stout. For those who don’t know that yes, I am a UW-Stout alum from the class of 2006. And I have expressed about how I got my B.S. Degree of Industrial Management through Distance Education and defending it like a badge of honor. But today, I read on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the University faced an issue of a University Professor that had this poster from Firefly taken down. Here is what the poster looks like if you want to know.

I have ask and comment that, yes freedom of speech is a right. Yes, I have a right like amongst of you have the ability. But where is the responsibility? AhHa! I said responsibility. The one word that most of us pass up time after time. Admit it! For the professor’s claim that the poster or the message is from a show, and does not have a meaning per say. But I have to ask, where was the professor’s responsibility in terms of making sure that the poster didn’t harm or to assume harm to the students, faculty, community and I dare say, Alumni? Where’s the responsibility? It’s just like Facebook. When we put out messages, it’s OK to put them out there and let folks loose on the reading. But we also have to recognize the thought that we the social media have to be careful of what we say and do and how it effects other people. I had to learn that. I’m being real.

Now I can’t imagine what a supporter, a donor, a community person might think that having a display like this at the University might have that effect on the current student body. One thing I learned as a UW-Stout Student (distance ed, mind you) that the faculty is a “concerned faculty”. Yes, you read that right. That’s what it is. They are concerned faculty of course when it comes to the students with education. Possibly that should be a reflection on the faculty of having the chance to be responsible by their principles. Don’t get me wrong. UW-Stout is still a good institution of learning. It is Wisconsin’s first Polytechnic University that engages college work with real world experiences. But for incident like this, it’s not a college homework assignment, but it is a real world issue that is discussed and talked about outside of the classroom. And furthermore, I think the administration nor the campus police shouldn’t overreacted too much over a poster. Utter nonsense!

And for the record, it’s not a laughing stock of the nation, like one “troll” said today on the school’s Facebook Site. Now I shouldn’t be calling names, but obviously, that person whoever he is, didn’t back it up. So who’s laughing now? Yeah again, I know.

As an Alum of Stout, this will pass. And yes, it will be a long forgotten story. Plus freedom of speech is not just a birth right. It was earned. Earned by those who took the time to withstand battle and war, in reference to our servicemen. And I will say, the glory of God. But I must say this, on the real, that professor should have been responsible on his part to stand up and to bring a format of why it was put up. So for that, UW-Stout I have to say that one: You need to get it together. What happened on campus does effect those you partner with. Including Alums like me. And second, you need to have group discussion about these things on why they are. Yes, we have the right to choose and display with the First Amendment, BUT we need to be responsible of what we display and act. I’m just saying.

In addition, about the mascot, the Blue Devil. Get a grip will, ya?! I read the comments on Facebook and Youtube about it from both Students and I dare say Alumni. So it took a year of planning and work to get the costume in order, OK! No Big Deal! Just be happy that the school has a name of the Blue Devils, and a mascot to cheer with.

By now, Wisconsin, we have seen the results and haps of that Rookie Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin, as a fellow in-state neighbor, I told you so! I kept telling you, telling you, and telling you. Didn’t you listen?!!! Now, the rookie governor is taking off more than he can chew. Now even more that the Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, has this so-called “martial law” against all members of the Wisconsin 14, that if they don’t show up, they will be held in contempt. And if they crossed back into the state, they will be arrested on the spot. And forced into the senate chambers to make the vote possible for Walker. Really Scott?! But in a report from Ashland Wisconsin, if offers a different opinion: that if the Senators show up  and handcuffed,  then the Majority Leader himself will be filed in contempt! Simply, they, the  Wisconsin 14 didn’t perform no vicious crimes. They didn’t show nothing in my opinion that would make them to jail! Technically, it would fall flat on Scott Walker’s face. And I mean fall flat! Again, this movement I think, is going to change Wisconsin from a swing state, to a one color state that I think would be best: Democratic Blue.

The Wisconsin 14 have become outlaws! Real outlaws for standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. Now normally, those oppose them are calling them cowards, and criminals. REALLY?! So you’re the ones who think that having teachers in schools is a crock? You think that having BadgerCare, and Unions are a past signs of the times that should be faded out? So you’re the ones who think that taking 900 Million Dollars from Schools in all and give it the citizens of the rich kids and having those living in the inner city not receiving quality education? Really?!  Is this what this state has come to? Talk about moronic!

I am a product of receiving decent good education. I went through Milwaukee Public Schools, the Wisconsin Technical Colleges, and the UW System (that’s University of Wisconsin to you) just trying to be the best. – EVER. I know I’m not getting any recognitions some time soon, but I can give it to  those over the years that I sat in those classrooms, I can publicly (PUBLICLY) thank all those teachers that put me on the hot seat, those that pushed be to sit in front of the class, those that well, really gave it to me that no one else didn’t do: Encouragement. Those those revered me to say, slow down, start again. Now that’s how to thank teachers. My mother worked in the Milwaukee Public Schools systems for nearly 34 years, and yes I was in her summer school class eons ago. Moving forward, my University Alma Mater – the University of Wisconsin-Stout challenged me to use Distance Education as means to get me engaged in doing education in a semi-tradition manner. A manner in which organizations like the Milwaukee Urban League, and Milwaukee’s Manpower thought that I had “to go on campus and leaving Milwaukee”. – How wrong  and pathetic and stupid they turned out when I didn’t continue with them. And to this day, even it will be 5 years in the making, that I can tell my story and not worrying about some other bloggers in Milwaukee telling me that I shouldn’t . WRONG I should!!!!  For the Technical Colleges, it was another chance for me to redo my college thing, and performing my chance to get my first college degree of associates, and trying it to sell my Printing skills to companies that should matter. And then there’s public schools. All those times I had to go to summer school. All those times when Parent Conferences were worrisome for me. All those times when band directors injecting me with confidence to march in parades, and join jazz ensembles. This is what teachers can do. This is what GOOD teachers can accomplish. And even though that I had some issues, but I can say that they did their job in prepping for my future. This also why I’m giving back as an Alumnus to be apart of Alumni Associations to help out the Old Schools that taught me.

Oh, I forgot…..some are not down with that. And I think that those who voted up for Scott Walker who wanted things their way may get backfired. Some of the conservatives are now backing off of what Scott Walker is doing favorably. Hold the phone! – Does this mean that the folks should have voted for Barrett? I said this on Facebook, and I’m saying it here: If  Tom Barrett would have been Governor now, the whole country would not had to worry about what’s going on in Wisconsin. High Speed Rail would be a reality. None of the unions wouldn’t be protesting. Teachers wouldn’t be skipping out in support of the unions, etc. And not to forget about those obnoxious recalls info and the Wisconsin 14 wouldn’t be thought about along with the use of actblue. Most of us would still be revisiting the Green Bay Packers winning the SuperBowl all over again, and getting prepared for next season (if the NFL doesn’t have a lockout). And even: Wrestlemania. But those things are not important right now. What is important that folks livelihoods are at stake and it needs to be solved. – The right way. And so far, the Wisconsin14  are doing it their way to make a statement by putting country before party, by thinking about the people.