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I just had to do this. With all the elements of what’s going on, I’m putting out a scratching my head post, which is the current edition. Even though it’s post 4th of July in all, I’m going ahead with this.

Why can’t all cops be like Nakia Jones ?

Yes its true, blacks were slaves during July 4th 1776. But you know there were those unsung that wanted to get away in order to fight to get their freedom papers right?
Where are the real black patriots whom have “black patriotism for country and world” and being black at the same darn time? Even being a real truth teller? And black conscious? And unapologetic? 

Why there are some African-Americans whom look at the American Flag being “racist?”

When it comes to the issues, what is up being one sided? And you know what I’m talking about!

Is Wendy Williams that ignorant about the HBCU’s?

I know many had to go hard on Jesse Williams and his speech at the BET Awards. Had the haters sat down yet?

Will the church pastors talk about the recent events of the shootings? Even afterwards?

Have anyone, just anyone followed “my rules” for Summerfest 2016?

Summerfest 2017 will be so golden that they have invite all those that used to work there. Should they do that?

While many are continuing support for the slain officers in Dallas, Texas; many are still have not forgotten about Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. And will be funeralized this week. Does anyone see the pattern here?

You know that the Wisconsin State Fair got next, right?

For you bogus Credit Card pushers, why are you scamming folks?

Man listen: why folks on Youtube have to test Dick Gregory?

Question:why so many folks and you know them, post stuff on Social Media and most they think its true? KNOWINGLY some of that is FALSE!

Black folks: you know you could celebrate Juneteenth Day and the Fourth of July if you like, right?

What is the real concern about those asking about church folks who worship on Sundays, and then go out to eat at Red Lobster, a small family restaurant? What is wrong with that?

Scenario: You hate church. You can’t stand the preaching or the money. And go full postal on social media. Why can’t you go in person say what you got to say to the Pastor and the Church? Are you THAT scared?! That naive?! I dare you to try.

Is the Zika Virus that real serious?

Seriously, can someone school Sheriff David Clarke about this rant about Black Lives Matter? And no mention about the KKK. Shameful! Milwaukee, we are embarrassed by his half carcassed commentary.


Do many still fear Intelligent Black Men that want to do good, or many think that they’re all in one lump sum group that they are all the same as the bad folks?

Yo: what is up with the Jobs section in the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel being thin? I remember when it was thick!

Milwaukee Suburbans who hate the city: yet you hate Milwaukee, but post negative memes about the city and you don’t live there. EXPLAIN?

Will there be a Hits 3 and Hits 4 out of the vault of Prince?

United Methodists: does the BMCR still count?

Why those that used to go to church or never set foot in a church thinks that “all christians”are the same hypocritically, in which they are not? Almost many think that black people think the same, which is not new but a myth.

Why do folks on Social Media AT TIMES say they hate Church, but then turn around that they  comment:”you can go to any church you wish?” #VERYCONFUSED

They say violence is the same but the cameras are new. Agree?

Is it just me, or has this Summer season really flown by so fast?

Oh, Cleveland: are you really happy you got a title after a 50 year drought?

Why is Azealia Banks is still talking? Has she NOT learned her Twitter lesson?  GO SIT DOWN IN YOUR ROOM, LITTLE GIRL!

For all these younger conservatives like Tomi Lahren: Can you all go in the room in sit down after commenting about things you have no knowledge about? Black Panthers, etc.

Man, some of you officers need to turn in your badges and guns for all that mess about your KKK alignments. Can we have more officers like Nakia Jones who is so deep?

Think about this: Can us African-Americans wear the American Flag in our cause for Black Lives, and against the discriminations of us being black period?

Do we still think this example from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a reality like right now?

Did the Second Independence Day Movie lived up to the hype?

Will Team USA be having an “American Summer” in Rio?

Americans: If you really think that Black Lives Matter thing is a terrorist group, you must be on that haterade. Why?

Huff Black Voices called out the so-called #AllLivesMatter mantra. #AllLivesDidntMatter. They did it 21 times. I’ve been saying and questioning: If All Lives Really Matter, Ask yourself why. Ask why, how, who, what, when, and where. Can those do that? Put up or shut up! #IfAllLivesReallyMatter

Does Laser Bond USA really work?

Ladies: I know this Irvin man or #MrStealYourGrandma is going on right now, but what happens when men look at #MsStealYourGrandpa? 

And the last question: And this is for Milwaukee: La La Brown and Kool Aid’s Killer is in custody. A possible lead is finally in play for Alexis Patterson. Is there a way to heal?

BONUS QUESTION: For all the folks who fly American Flags, or White Folks whom Fly the flag the most. One my local black radio stations WNOV in Milwaukee had a statement of flying the flag in regarding black folks. Can you GIVE A REASON why African-Americans (for those whom are still on the RGB tip and conscious and others) should fly the flag? On a shirt, lapel or houses.Break it down for us. And think before you answer. Yes, we are Americans. But provide this answer!


SSP The Struggle Continues









Yes. I know. It’s the day after the Midterm Elections and yes majority of the Red Squad from hades got not only the House and the Senate, but it’s all about one thing: getting at Obama. All of this was just a ploy of them to get back at all those executive decisions that the President made in all. And the Republicans themselves had to say all that jazz to say no to the nation’s first black president from the very start. And partially, those in the Democratic Party who ran in the midterms, and went away from Obama for support, you are NOT real Democrats! That’s what you get. Oh, Republicans don’t make a fan of yours! And to those that didn’t vote, oh I got some words for you!

Dear Democrats, and those who didn’t vote:

It’s me Stephen, a black blogger from Milwaukee. You know the city.

First for the Democrats: are you happy now? Are you really happy now? You shouldn’t be. After that drumming from the elephants that most are despised got you again in a Election Midterm! What is up with you?!!! I’m a Democratic fan in all, but this loss is just another example of you losing in elections like this. But also I have to ask this question: Why did some of you or many of you had to run in the midterms and also ran away from the support of the President of the United States? Some of you probably admit that not liking Obama is one thing, but running away from his support in favoring some of you who ran like cowards per say, got you out of a job to those that most in America don’t like. The Republican Party. I had to be like, why would the blue squad who all for the ACA, the jobs, additional Civil Rights, and many others that Obama proposed and got done so far, many of you had to run scared! And you call yourselves “DEMOCRATS?” Really?!!! Mary Burke didnt run away, but yes she lost. More on that later. Just today, I got a mailing from the Obama’s group, Organizing for Action. And in the envelope, it was a bumper sticker that read this:

Change Only Happens When You Organize

I looked at that today, and I had to wonder if any Democrat that lost ever had to read that message? Or in this case to remind those the only way you aren’t going to get anything done if you don’t organize. For those Democrats that lost big and even in Obama’s Illinois State, ask yourself that question in the mirror, did you really made that decision of running and not getting the POTUS Support? Really?! Now let me comment of the voting factor. If you voted up yesterday, or ahead of time like I did, you can have the hand patted on the back. But for those who didn’t feel that voting wasn’t all that important or it’s just a waste of time out of you going to the club getting your boogie on, or your hair done, or worrying about playing your video games or still being “socially active” on Social Media and not doing a darn thing of getting your communities better in all, you are at fault! I mean I could blame the blue squad and Wisconsin Democratic Leader Mike Tate for not stepping up in all, but for the voters (or those so-called non voters) that refuse to cast a ballot, don’t you realized that there were those who fought and died for your right to vote?

Take a look at Wisconsin. Yes. Scott Walker beat a woman. Mary Burke got beat by a guy who still has a proud moment of a High School Diploma, dropping out of Marquette University, whom probably wasn’t that likable at Marquette anyway. She also got beat by a guy who ran an campaign of getting 250,000 jobs but only came up with 133,000 plus jobs netted in the state. She also got beat by a guy who thought having a rail system was a boondoggle between Milwaukee and Madison, and also she got beat by a guy who would like to privatize schools, take money away from the large cities to the small towns and above all else, the next time if those want to go on unemployment or food stamps, make sure you got your urine samples ready! Make sure your benefits change is straight under this guy. That swift action of slash and burn 2.0 is coming. Plus also Mary Burke got beat by a guy that may have an idea in the next two years to get the chair the White House. If that were to happen: GOD HELP WISCONSIN! Why Wisconsin? Ask those in the 50% that think that Walker is a good guy in which many trust. To be honest, I don’t trust Walker since his days in Milwaukee as a County Executive cutting bus routes, raising bus fares, and cutting out the poor folks stuff that don’t have access to health, food banks or even getting to work.

Thank you non-voters for wasting your excuses of keeping Walker for the next four years. Most of us tried to warn you! But, nah, you had to be one of the 2/3 per say in the state or county that didn’t vote. This what happens. Now many of you are already complaining about all these law changes and these extreme demands out of Walker and also those who feel that the Republicans are holding safe zones by which they stand for. They’re not! And for those who are Independents that sided with Walker in all, no disrespect but what was you thinking? Now there are many of us who are disappointed in all the canvassing, campaigns, GOTV, and many others  including voting of the Democratic side that just failed. But for the next two years, I think the momentum and the engagement of this loss, should rebuild the next players to be, to make the Democratic Party (and yes this includes the Wisconsin Democratic Party) a valuable player in the game of Midterms, Governing, and yes events. But in between that, they need to change the culture! Do you get me Democrats? It’s time for you in the blue squad and the blue squad to be, you all need to change the culture for strong players. Reference the quote above.

Yes, for us in Wisconsin who felt disappointed that Mary Burke got beat, we know. But I think that partially the main source of her loss was the plagiarism thing for her jobs plan. That one thing got the Walker folks talking that jazz for their win. Just saying. All of that came close to the Election Day. Yes, Mary Burke (unlike Walker) has a college degree, educated and also her family made the Trek Bikes well known. Speaking of that, not to ask in all, why aren’t any Trek Bike factories or shops in the metro Milwaukee area? Um….Hello?! Just asking. And yes, this was the same Mary Burke who tapped into the black vote in Milwaukee. Plus appearing on WNOV more times than any of the Republican reps period. Oh, just to ask, how many times Scott Walker got on the black radio in Milwaukee during his tour of trying to get re-elected? Oh I forgot, ZERO! Now there might have been some black republican “surrogates” of the Wisconsin Republican Party might have chimed in on black radio or the black newspapers, but none of the appearance of Walker himself.

For all you Walker folks, yeah your boy got his third win. But if I were a real Walker supporter, in which I am not, and never will, I would hold him accountable of everything he does. No matter if it’s showing off his High School Diploma or getting those new bills done with Voter ID. Yes Walker folks, Scott is on watch. And even the detractors are closely looking of him and any other Republican known in this era.



P.S. – Next blog will focus on the mentality of non-voters plus racism. I kid you not. I will go deep.

Start the drums. Start the dancing. Start the testimonies.

Black History Month is back. And in 2014, I’m talking about a subject “The Centerpiece”.

What is a centerpiece?  We see them all the time around Christmas, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and many other major holidays on the Calendar. In this, I’m “breaking american” yet again of this: Black History Month needs to have a “Centerpiece” in every home of African-Americans, and African related families in the world. The centerpiece is not just setting the table and preparing for dinner. But it’s also taking in the occasion in which is to come. Henceforth, the month of celebrating Black History should be an option.

Ok. Here we go. Why this month of February? Why can’t we celebrate this Black History thing everyday like the other ethnic folks? Don’t get me started. Many of us either black and non black had to go to Facebook, or any other form of social media, the Grio and comment either the positive and negative of the celebration. Don’t forget, Black History Month is not just recognizing our achievements of the past and the present. But it’s a way to celebrate us (as in Black people, as in African decent) of yes we can do things. It is a solemn reminder of when we came, and what we should be meant to hypothesize.

February was chosen due to the influence of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Both of their birthdays are in the same week in which are February 12-14. And it was the brainchild and influence of Dr. Carter G. Woodson in which that we need to reflect on our history at African decent folks. I was listening to WNOV today. Yes The Forum with Sherwin Hughes. He had on a guest of the name Oshi Adelabu who really dropped serious knowledge on why Black History Month is around. He also dropped real serious topics about us black folks don’t really know our history as much as the other ethnics. If anyone in America, or in Milwaukee had a chance to listen to him, you probably got lectured on a different level. And he did address the concerns of those who are our children who don’t care about the history. And the reason being, partially many of the adults don’t really go into the deep reason of the hidden stories of lynchings, hangings, inside discrimination, the first Egyptians being black (in which they were) or telling blacks not to go into the doors that whites used to go. I think our generation (the lower half of Gen X, Y, Millennials) were and are shielded from the extreme part of it and many of us don’t care. It’s sad to say but it is. Want a prime example: go to the Instagram and look at those bogus pics like, “Pookie and them were the first blacks to get turnt up in the club drinking Hennessy.” You mean to tell me that we would poke fun at those who have blazed trails, set new foundations, and declare holy hell on those who feel that this occasion that was started in 1926 is a joke of a failure? No its not a joke of failure because those who made the joke or the bad assumptions felt cheated because we haven’t learned the deep gist of the occasions. Of what it supposed to be. Yet, many years ago, I didn’t understood a lick of why black history month exists. But as I grew older and to appreciate the value of our summarizing our ancestors, and what is going on now, it has become to me a staple. More like a centerpiece celebration. I mean “every occasion” has a centerpiece.

Now many are those feeling differently, that we should look at our historical figures and events everyday. I agree.

Now many (here it comes)often comment that we need to teach our children more. I AGREE.

BUT: For those of us who are actually saying this, (and are black) when was the last time you took time out of your schedules from the mall, your social media folks, your “militant” viewpoints per say, your religion, your active community work, your talk about legalizing mary jane, your activism (even though most of that started in the church), your shopping as a tax time baller, your music on your playlist, your other needs and concerns of buying Air Jordans, your favorite editorial in the paper or magazine, your blog postings in which you got so many likes because of fashion, your job, your friends of your homies or female gatherings, technological, or any other ideal to talk about Black History! I see “some” are talking. But not many are doing! You may say it on Instagram or Facebook in a expressive manner, or on a soap box, but are you “actually doing” the J.O.B. in the extent of what was learned back in your day in the classroom or in the Family? If so, When? Since last week? Or what about last year? What about 6 months ago? Or 6 weeks ago? Or what, just now?!!!!!

And on a further question: who says that you have to learn all of the cultrual events of black history in 28, sometimes 29 days in February? 

One of the NPHC Fraternities, Iota Phi Theta has a quote that they say among their brotherhood, “It only takes a few weeks to pledge, but it takes a Lifetime to be a Brother”. I would like to paraphrase, with respect to them and with Black History Month, It only takes a few weeks to celebrate Black History Month, but it takes a lifetime everyday to learn Black History Month. Notice the difference? The keywords are celebrate, lifetime and everyday.

I was looking at the Global Grind website. And it featured Eunique Jones, you know the woman behind the “Because of them we can” campaign? She commented that Black History Month should empower us black folks to get active. In our communities, businesses, and many other black owned featured establishments. This is one of things we need to grasp. On the real, some of us in these categories do give mad respect of those who paved the way and blazing trails now – This is a constant reminder. That would be like, oh we hearing and seeing President Obama everyday. Yes that is a fact. However: never EVER overstep the fact of what got him there in the first place. Without that kind of leaves a lack of knowledge.

Some say that Black History is American History. – To an extent. But yet again, I have to “Break American” to say that Black History is not just American History my non black folks. It’s also really part of WORLD HISTORY. Think about it! Many contributions that most folks were and are dedicated to, were black. And that is the part of Black History, that NO ONE should not pass up, no skip. No matter what was shown, and what was shielded. We all deserve to know. It doesn’t matter what year it was. Or era of movement. Or any other time, place, and figures. Black History Month is not racist. It’s wasn’t made to degrade or to shoot mouths off. Yes, I do see the other ethnic months, even Women’s History Month in March. You other ethnics who have months that are not a recognizable, don’t blame Black History Month of overshadowing your ethnic/gender months! You all better stand out as if it was your best day of the week. I hate to say this, but I would assume that of that notion.

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Usually at times, I talk smack about my home city. Really I do. The latest news this morning coming from the Huffington Post, pivots Milwaukee as one of the best and worst run cities in the country.

Straight from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning:

An online news and opinion website called 24/7WallSt. has published a list of the best and worst run cities in the country. Milwaukee ranks as the 10th worst-run city in the country, according to the story, which ran online in the Huffington Post. The worst-run city in the country, according to 24/7WallSt, is San Bernardino, Calif. The authors say the rankings were based on the city’s credit rating, poverty, education, crime, unemployment and regional GDP.

Here’s what 24/7WallSt wrote about Milwaukee: “Milwaukee struggles with poverty and high crime rates. Last year, a typical household made just over $34,000, and nearly 30% of people lived beneath the poverty line, considerably worse than the country’s figures. There were nearly 1,300 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012, more than three times the national rate of 387 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The city’s socioeconomic problems were among the reasons Moody’s assigned Milwaukee a Aa2 rating. The agency also expressed management-related concerns, specifically highlighting the city’s debt burden and the complexity of its debt financing.”

Mayor Tom Barrett said the city’s poverty rate is too high “and I know we have to do more. There’s no question about that, and we’re doing that.” He said he felt the same way about crime, where some city neighborhoods “have too much gang-related violence and drug-related violence.”

But the post’s overall conclusions are wrong, Barrett said. He said there is no cause for alarm on the city’s debt. Moody’s appears to agree. “The stable outlook (for Milwaukee) reflects our expectation that the city’s negative valuation trends will subside over the long term and the recent improvement in general fund operations and reserves will be maintained,” Moody’s reported in April 2013. “The outlook also reflects the city’s close management of its relatively complex debt program; we believe this level of oversight mitigates the cash flow and liquidity risks associated with these debt instruments.”

24/7WallSt notes that Moody’s assigned Milwaukee an Aa2 rating. According to Moody’s ratings, an Aa2 is rated as high quality and very low credit risk. The city also has a record of repaying 85% of its debt within 10 years; the national average is 50%. As of April 2013, the city has approximately $803 million in general obligation debt outstanding, according to Mark Nicolini, the city’s budget director. “We have a more aggressive debt reduction strategy than most cities,” Barrett said.

The 24/7WallSt post neglects to report on cities with pension liabilities. Milwaukee has one of the highest rated pension funds in the country and is at or near 100% funded, Nicolini said. “We have made a commitment to fund the pension and as I look at the horror stories around the country, I’m thankful we made those decisions,” Barrett said. Barrett also acknowledged that income is too low in the city. Barrett said he supported an increase in the federal minimum wage, from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. President Barack Obama also supports the measure. The Common Council cannot raise the minimum wage for city workers. On the state level, Barrett conceded efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage are unlikely to succeed in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Now there are those who probably are going to assume that this is a hoax. Really it’s not. You may have heard that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the U.S. Keep in mind, it’s not all black and white. Other ethnics in the city can be segregated also. It’s number 4 when it comes to the poor. And many others. Yes, there are positives, but when it comes to things like this, it’s mostly negative. Yeah,  we can run to the local governments all we want too. We can run to the officials all we want. BUT IT HAS TO START: with the citizens first! 10 years ago in 2004, Bill Cosby made an appearance in Milwaukee part of his tour in the country speaking in poor ridden areas. I never forget when he said this. Even I repeated this on this blog! – “Milwaukee, you have become a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” He was right then and he was right now. Later on this month, the City of Milwaukee will be having a big birthday party. Oh you don’t know? January 31st , 1846 was the date that the city was founded. It was founded by 3 socialist mayors of Juneau, Kilbourn, and Walker (not Scott Walker, mind you) And yes it has been a soon to be long 168 years. But the big question is within the 168 years, what can be done to improve the city’s image towards the next 168? Yes we can talk about Northwestern Mutual, Harley-Davidson, Kohls, Miller, and many other household names and yes shows like Laverne and Shirley/Happy Days that made Milwaukee famous. BUT…………are they the answer to help the issues of the poor, and segregation? We can talk about the movies like The Blues Brothers and Transformers 2 (which part of the movie was filmed in Milwaukee) Major League, Mr. 3000 and Public Enemies. BUT………….Are they the answers to Milwaukee’s concerns? We can talk about the first churches, the migration of African-Americans with Bronzeville which is happened in the past, but what about the concern of the future? Oh, last year in 2013 there were groups like Newaukee, the Historical Milwaukee groups popped up about the positives of the city. BUT………………What about the concerns of blacks and other minorities under 40 who want in also to help the city other than getting 3 LGBT  Members and one black woman? HELLO! Don’t act like I forgot that! Neither has WNOV. We can talk about the arts, entertainment, sports, colleges, universities, all around that made Milwaukee great. BUT………….what about the concerns of affording those game appearances, college, universities, and the arts dealing with the major concerns of the city?

Is any of this making sense? Time to work!


Yes, the city has positives and negatives.

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Oh yes, I have to say this and I think it’s time to comment. Note to the black folks living in the badger state, we got to get our own opinion poll. I mean there are approximately 6% of African Americans in Wisconsin and most of that is in the Southeast Area of the State. Now many would probably agree that yes, not many blacks in the Badger State don’t agree on everything and also yes everything. Even if it’s politically. Uh-oh. I did say that?

Now I’ve been heard about the recent Marquette Poll, or the Raussman Poll. This percentage of citizens this and this percentage of that. And mostly I’ve heard the question on black radio stations like WNOV, and asking, “Were you polled?” or “I was never polled on this topic.” Most of the folks in my opinion who do these polling statues, are white. Think about it. I’m just saying. And check this, how many of these polls in Wisconsin were done by African-Americans? No matter which side they see? AGAIN: there is 6% of African-Decent living in the Badger State.

Speaking of WNOV, the Black Newspapers of the Community Journal, the Milwaukee Courier, and Milwaukee Times, I read and hear stories that most effect the African American community. And without any disrespect, I don’t listen to Conservative Stuff that deals with African Americans in Milwaukee. I just don’t. Period. However if there are willing Black Conservatives that do a united front with the Black Progressives or Liberals per say without expressing hate, that would be different. Did I knew someone who is black and was/is a conservative? Yes. Do I have to agree his or her viewpoint? No. But do they bring up issues like black liberals or progressives, of course. Duh! The lonely 2%. When Scott Walker or Tommy Thompson was running for the seats, did you noticed that there were FEW African-Americans in those support crowds? Serious question: what has Scott Walker DONE for Black People lately in terms of Jobs, Healthcare, Finance, and many others that are concerns? Not many! Obviously, that 250,000 jobs thing is not clicking. Or how many do feel that Tom Barrett, David Clarke, the senators, or congressmen, or Chris Abele has not done anyone a favor in the Black Community? Now what I have done here is a small sample of a Black Wisconsin Opinion Poll.

Forget the Raussmen Polls, and those so-called Marquette Polls. They don’t mean nothing to the Black Community, per say. What does a poll mean to the Black Community? Again, you might want to read the black community newspapers. Even the blogs.  Online radio that relevant to Wisconsin Blacks. Or anything that a tie in with the African Decent Badger folks. So I’m making a pitch ONLY and ONLY to the African-American Citizens in Wisconsin,  no matter if you are in Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Waukesha, Kenosha, Mequon, or any other city or county that has a few or a lot of Blacks: It’s time for this state to have it’s own opinion poll in extending our concerns, our viewpoints, our objectives, or many other things that mostly no other ethnic group in the State cannot even talk about. I don’t care if you are on Conservative Radio that cannot even reach out. Yep, i’m going there. Now, for those who are non-black, please don’t get an attitude! This is morely on the Black Community than any other community. Literally. In these ideal black Wisconsin polls:

  • What should go on them?
  • What should they be connecting to?
  • What are the concerns that Black Wisconsin Residents are aware of?
  • How do they feel about the current state of the administrations of Walker and Barrett?
  • What is the current state of Black Wisconsin that deeply effects African-Americans?
  • What is the current state of Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Waukesha, Kenosha, Racine, Ozaukee, and many other cities that deeply effects African-Americans?
  • How would this be presentable to the elected officials in the Badger State?

Again, this is only for African-American Residents of Wisconsin.

Many of these questions should be connected politically with African-Americans in Wisconsin. And I want to say YET AGAIN, the state has 6% of black folks in it.  I see this everyday. But what is the concern of us African-American Badger Folks? And yes, there are those who think that Wisconsin has no black people. You guys who never sat foot in Wisconsin, probably never seen African-Decents residents in Racine, or Madison, or Milwaukee IN PERSON! Don’t act all country!

On a serious note, black folks in Wisconsin think about this: it’s time for a need or our own (and I mean OWN) opinion poll. Where we can rate our issues, our objectives or many objectives that we know very well that most don’t. Would that get most folks talking and doing?

This morning I was listening to the forum segment about the race angles of black and white. And while that was going on, there were some callers frankly in the North Shore area and miraculously a active member and leader of the Milwaukee County Sheriff told the host of the forum, Sherwin Hughes to “tone it down”. Insert laughter here. Here is a letter to the extremely sensitive crowd who feel it’s a matter of not feeling the love.

Dear Milwaukee Sensitive Residents of Black Radio:

Its me Stephen. You all should know, I’m a black resident blogger of Milwaukee County.

Before the segments begin, the station always has a disclaimer: “The views and opinions of this show does not reflect the management and staff of 860 AM, and Courier Communications. But the sole responsibility of the guest and this particular program.”

Frankly today, many of us were listening to The Forum this morning. I’m assuming.The subject of a McDonalds Owner and location was under the subject of drugs and marijuana. Mainly it was centered in the area of North Shore. Plus also one of the representatives after he had his say, he had to tell Sherwin about “toning down” the dialogue in which he brought up in relation with Confederate Flags, KKK, and racism. Ummm, excuse me. Why was this person listening to WNOV in the first place during the 9am – 12pm hours of the show?

And check this: even Sheriff David Clarke had to call in and say “It’s David Clarke. Tone it down.”

I want to make a comment about this. I want to tell all the folks, the hyper sensitive folks something. Just my opinion: THIS WILL NOT BE TONED DOWN ON ANY FRONTS! NONE! Many times I said that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in America. That is a fact. Even if those live in the North Shore area gonna learn today. Obviously, most are afraid. They are scared. When I listening to the entire 3 hours, Sherwin had made strong references that many agreed about the understanding of black and white citizens. Even a black Vietnam Veteran! Where’s Sheriff Clarke on that? No where. Where are those who had to gall to call the station, after not what they want to hear based on strong and TRUE references? I said this on the MyFoxMilwaukee blogs that many will get mad when the truth comes out. Even if an owner gets all hyped negatively about a McDonald’s harboring Drugs and Mary Jane!

Speaking of Toning Down: Where is the “Toning down” of prevention of drugs in businesses?

  • Where is the toning down of high unemployment among African Americans IN Milwaukee? WHERE YOU AT CONSERVATIVES?!!!!!!
  • Where is the toning down of admitting the fact that this region and state is still segregated? And having Transportation issues of getting to the jobs? Hello, folks!
  • Where is the toning down of preventing teen pregnancy, not being in the poor category IN Milwaukee? EXCUSE ME?!!!!!
  • Where is the Toning Down of Drugs being going into the suburbs and while many get off easy, but hard in the larger metro areas?
  • WHERE IS THE TONING DOWN of the so-called others who thought that a school like Malcolm X shouldn’t be an Community Center after it was legally PASSED by MPS?!!
  • Where is the toning down on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Comment folks who blast things that they don’t and get a freaking pass? Such as one JSOnline commenter at one time had talked about that an officer should have punched Jeanine Tracy harder while being handcuffed in a squad car!
  • Where is the toning down on these Conservatives Radio folks like Mark Belling who labeled Derek Williams a thug after being handcuffed in the back of a squad car? Couldn’t breath in all. Neck broken. And died on the scene.
  • Where is the toning down of the Hilton Garden Inn, and Alderman Bob Bauman, about the accusations of black nightlife like 618 on Water, and many other clubs that mostly cater to African-Americans,and Urban Hip Hop Music?!!!  And having those NOT LIVING in Milwaukee had to jump in? UM, EXCUSE ME?!!!
  • Where is the toning down of the State of Wisconsin that is getting sued by Talgo because of the refusal of the High Speed Rail project, that many of the leeches of the Tea Party Wisconsin based, plus Scott Walker shutting it down? Hmmmmm………don’t see it here!

What’s up with that? Milwaukee County Residents?!!!!! You all getting all hyper sensitive about a black man’s strong truthful reference, and don’t want to admit it. Folks like Sheriff David Clarke needs to understand that he is going to get talked about. Period. I mean, if various folks can talk about Chris Abele, Tom Barrett, Scott Walker, Senator Lena Taylor, or any other official, so Clarke is off the list? REALLY?! But if Sherwin is wrong of what he said about him, maybe the second black Democratic (but mostly REPUBLICAN supportive) Sheriff needs to be a man about it and defend his record!

I would say this: BE A MAN SHERIFF CLARKE! To a person that ended the D.A.R.E. program years ago. I’m saying this as a black resident of Milwaukee County and a TAX PAYER!  MAN THE FREAK UP!

Plus also if there is anyone that doesn’t like Milwaukee Black Radio, in a progressive sense,  I swear to God and I really mean this. If they feel that the topics and subjects about what comes from Sherwin Hughes, or any others on WNOV, and it bothers them, and I don’t care where you are in Milwaukee County or in the Greater Milwaukee Area, JUST TURN THE DIAL!!!



What is so hard about that?! I mean it’s like if you don’t like shows that have “TVMA” on your screen when showing disclaimers, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! DON’T COMPLAIN! GOOD LORD! What is so hard about that? Or matter of fact, Get your own station! And you can talk about whatever whenever.  And that goes for anything with Social Media, Pictures, your Newspapers, Local News, National News, Internet Radio or any other means of getting the news of the day or week. Even if is on the blogs. Don’t read it nor comment. Simple! There is no anchor tied to anyone’s carcasses here. There are no guns held to the heads. Jeez.

And further clarification: the auditorium is open, get your tickets out, and HAVE A SEAT!



Four Way stop time. This is where I go four stories in one blog. Let’s get it.

First: The GOP is accountable for the Shutdown.

Just admit it. It’s not all the Democrats fault. It’s on John Bohener. Period. It’s on Eric Cantor, Sen. Ted Cruz, and the other 80+ Representatives in the Congress who are holding America hostage all because of this HealthCare Bill. So technically, they believe that the President should dump his health bill to reopen the government?  I have to say, this 113th lead republican congress just don’t want Obama succeed to finish off this HealthCare Bill. Many said that the website glitch would be a problem, HOWEVER when you crash a website with so many folks on it, it’s a good thing! It’s a good thing because it’s a deal that most folks are really interested. Also, why would I say this? I say this that there are folks who are concerned about have adequate and AFFORDABLE HeathCare Insurance. Not many aren’t going to Aetna, or Blue Cross Blue Shield, or maybe Humana or Assuarnt Health. I’m just speaking the truth. This Obamacare thing might be something that most are looking for. Or it could be for something that most have been searching for something different. But no, the majority in the Republican-Led Congress with the sprinkle of Tea Party leech juice (YEAH I SAID IT!)  feels that it’s going to bring America down. Really?! How is this is supposed to bring America down, all because of the ACA? That doesn’t make any sense. But here’s some thought though, all those health ideas that got inserted into the ACA, really came from the Republicans. Remember “RomneyCare”? Hmmmm……..Why would the Republicans in sense of thought don’t want the HealthCare thing in which they started, don’t want it to be implemented with President Obama’s legacy of the ACA? I want to know! Matter of fact, this is no surprise. Go back to 2008 or 2009 when the Red Squad all had this agreement that whenever anything Obama tries to pass, they’ll block it or will not approve. That has been their priority. But we are seeing it for what it really is. Racism at best. Now for those who think it’s all smoke and mirrors, wake up! This is another angle of racism in which most don’t want to touch. But it’s out there. Even the President knows or is aware. But knowingly, its not going to make the 44th President resign. Oh, no! Not a chance. Yes, the Obama-Biden Crew may have been slowed down, but they are not stopped. Just remember after George W. Bush made the mess, it’s up to Obama in trying to make the house clean. We see it. But do Rush Limbaugh or any other Right Wing Maniacs see that? Nope! Does the Tea Party reference that? Prove that to me.

Oh check this, the issue with this also it’s affecting the Military. No Travel Expenses, No Death and Burial Insurance. Why? Let me guess: the GOP Shutdown and the hate of the ACA. Recently in the last couple of days some of our troops were killed in Afghanistan and couldn’t get the expenses to get a decent burial with Military honors. Really Republicans and Tea Party? Reference The Ed Show and PoliticsNation. As a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, and extended relative of veterans and active duty military personnel, I find this shameful and pathetic. And most of all: VERY-UNAMERICAN! Just remember, that 2014 is a couple of ticks away. Who’s ready to get the ballots out?


Oh let me go here. The Detroit Lions cannot win at Lambeau. Matter of fact how many times is that, 23? Since 1991, this is the “owning” in which that part of the 90’s mystique still resonates at Lambeau. Yes, there were those who say on the Lions side of things felt that the Packers got lucky after that 22-9 victory without Megatron, aka Calvin Johnson. If those don’t’ know that yes, Calvin Johnson has been beaten in Lambeau before. So, what’s the deal? Reggie Bush, got a first education of being stopped by the Packers Defense. IN LAMBEAU!  We Packer Backer/Packer Obsever Fans know about the House of Horrors. There was a time when the Packers couldn’t get a win in Philadelphia. Got one. Actually two when you count the NFL Playoffs in route to SuperBowl 45. Second, beating Dallas at Lambeau, And the one I do remember the most: Beating Tampa Bay in Florida when a guy named Warren Sapp was still playing against Brett Favre. But Detroit: The last time they beat the Packers in Lambeau was in the 90’s, but it was in the “then Don Majkowski era”. After that, when Brett Favre took over, you know the story.  But shifting gears, yes, I will say Detroit is showing something, but we’ll see in a NFC North thing with the Bears and Vikings. And as far as Dominic Raiola: Has anyone seen this? Dude had to jaw jack at the UW-Madison band of making fun of the tuba players and trumpet players. Some say that was hate speech. Wait a minute, this is the UW-Madison Marching Band were talking about. The band that does amazing shows at Camp Randall Stadium and one of THE BEST Bands in the Big Ten. Yeah I said it! As a former band school person myself, I can relate being made fun off from those who don’t have a clue about being in a marching band. Oh yeah I know. And for a guy like Raiola is a nobody. He needs to stay on his game than worrying about the UW-Band doing the Jump Around at Lambeau Field. Speaking of which, Lambeau needs to TURN UP when the UW-Band does the Jump Around. And have more DJ’s to represent. DJ’s as in Urban DJ’s from Milwaukee that needs to make a trek to do a live DJ set at the stadium. Love the Packers, just saying. But this Raiola guy, let me tell the UW-Band this as some advice in which you are sent out to do: Keep Playing! Keep marching! Don’t let the haters like Dominic Raiola stop you all because he couldn’t get a win in Lambeau Field. Keep playing and marching so those who want to hear and see, can hear and see! Keep playing and marching for those who can’t walk or run. Keep playing and marching not just Lambeau, play for all of Wisconsin! Even play in Milwaukee. (yeah I said it!) For the Lions, in the words of Michael Blackstone: “Try Again (insert expletive language here)!

Third: Who’s Mary Burke, and why she wants the Governor’s Chair in Madison?

If those in Wisconsin like me woke up today with this news, we should know:

Mary Burke for Wisconsin

For many months, the Wisconsin Democrats had been searching for a competitor to try to unseat Scott Walker for the next State election. Which is next year. And the name Mary Burke was circulating around the brainstorming of the Demos. Clearly before, the Wisconsin Democrats didn’t and probably don’t still have a strong competitor to run against Walker in the next election for the state. Even in the black Milwaukee media has said the same thing. Reference WNOV. How many times have I heard Sherwin Hughes say this? Alot. I’ll be honest, picking a strong competitor to beat Scott Walker may not be an easy thing, but however it must be challenged. In her ad what you have just seen, yes she talks about her upbringings of 4 generations. And her ties with Trek Bicycles which is Wisconsin Born. And she highlighted the jobs she brought to the state, concerns and many Wisconsin families across the board. Now this is my question: What about the black community, and the largest city of Milwaukee? I’m going there also. I have to. I got love for the other cities, BUT Milwaukee is my home! We got issues here in the brew city that Mary Burke has to understand. Unemployment, AIDS, Dropout, Crime, Education, Transportation issues to jobs, Health and Wellness. Many of these issues is still a concern in the Black Community. Wisconsin’s heart maybe in Madison, but the “economic engine” itself is in Milwaukee. In other words, you got to go through Milwaukee to get to Madison in voting. Challenge my statement, Wisconsinites. Go for it. That’s not just me saying it. WNOV is saying the same thing. If Mary Burke has a chance, which most likely she will, she has to convince the Milwaukee Audience, in my view of why she would be a better competitor for the Governor’s Chair. She has to convince the Blacks Residents in Milwaukee why she should have our back in regarding black male unemployment, jobs, Health, education, and also the revolving door of Segregation. Uh-oh! I did say the S-word? Segregation is not just a Milwaukee issue. But it’s also Wisconsin’s Issue. Think about it. The Badger State has 6% of residents who are African Decent. That is a fact. There are less black folks here in the whole state at that rate. Most of that percentage is in the larger areas like the Southeast. Reference Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha. But the main concern: IF and this is a BIG IF: If Mary Burke is to be a real candidate per say, she needs to also to make Milwaukee a must visit! Then if she is successful, she could possibly be a strong contender to beat Walker at his own game. However, there has been another name that hasn’t been thought about, but could be an Idea. And I’m really stumped that the Wisconsin Democratic Party has not picked this name. I’ll give a hint here: Who in Wisconsin, besides Jim Doyle has beaten Scott Walker? If you say no one, check this: Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Yep, the same Gwen Moore that beat Scott Walker in a State Assembly race years ago in 1990. Yep, she is another competitor in which some think could be another competitor to defeat Walker. But her name is not being circulated. Except on WNOV. However it was Polly Williams’ thought that Gwen Moore should run for Governor.  And by the way, Gwen Moore is black, FYI. Don’t get it twisted. She could be open to represent. Now why do I think that she would be a far better candidate over Mary Burke? Congresswoman Moore has been experienced in Wisconsin politics. She is a Racine resident. Went to Milwaukee’s North Division High School , got a bachelor’s degree from Marquette University (unlike Walker who dropped out!) received a certificate from Harvard University in 2005, volunteered for VISTA, founded the Cream City Community Development Credit Union for low-income residents, worked for the City of Milwaukee in the position of a neighborhood development strategist, and the State of Wisconsin for Employment Relations and Health Services. Plus WHEDA.  Plus she was a single parent on welfare but was able to rise up from the ashes to be the first African-American Woman to be elected to Congress from Wisconsin.

Um…….does this sound an idea to be a potential future Governor?

Plus also, way before Scott Walker dumped BadgerCare, Gwen Moore was a key part of making BadgerCare in the first place. So Democrats of Wisconsin, I know Mary Burke is a prime choice to challenge Walker, but hey, if Gwen Moore is open to get the job, just saying. – And by the way, look for another of my “blog letters” to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. And trust me, I want it to be thoroughly “THOROUGHLY” read!

Fourth: WNOV is Upgraded – An hour for Polly Williams, the Forum is 3 hours and you will another voice in the Afternoons.

This week began a brand new era in the history of WNOV. And I do mean a “Brand New Era”. In the previous days, the station was announcing a change. No it wasn’t going country, probably more talk and probably more music. Frankly, it was additional talk. Beginning this week, The Forum was upgraded from 2 hours to Three Hours, from Tuesdays – Fridays. Yes, you will hear 3 hours of Sherwin Hughes behind the mic. And for Mondays, his Forum show will stay at the 2 hour format. Why is that? Annette Polly Williams has a one hour show called “The Polly Williams Show” that will go for one hour. Just to clarify: The Forum on Mondays will go from 9:00am – 11:00am. Polly Williams will be on from 11:00am – 12:00pm. Plus, The Forum on Tuesdays – Fridays will be on air for 3 hours from 9:00am – 12:00pm. All the times are in the Central Time Zone. Now, what about the afternoons? WNOV had to go into the 1290 WMCS playbook to get “Keeping It Real with Al Sharpton”. His radio show is national as we know, which is about three hours between the 1:00pm – 4:00pm hour between Monday – Friday. So in reference, it’s almost that WNOV is upgrading to give the black audience in Milwaukee more talk of the issues that need to be addressed. Not just in Milwaukee, but those in Madison, Green Bay and many others that you don’t necessarily hear about concerning the black community. To those in the rest of Wisconsin. WNOV is the now the ONLY Black Owned Radio Station in the state. After 1290 WMCS went off the air to Elvis, and now Martini Radio, there was void in the Black Communications side of Milwaukee. But since then, WNOV had risen up to be the last standing dragon of Milwaukee Black Radio in the Badger State. Who knows, maybe another familiar voice might join the fray of addressing black issues in Milwaukee, and in Wisconsin.

Now for those want to know: WNOV stands for Wisconsin’s Negro Only Voice. Now that moniker is living up to the hype.

First: take a look at this pic.

This was just coming in this week. After many years of speculation, complaints, ideas, blocking and concerns, the Bronzeville District in Milwaukee, where mostly of the history of the area of African-American connections, would finally get a Community Center landed in the Black Community. Also there is another angle in which a private school wants bids on the building of the school of St. Marcus. Already, the Milwaukee Public Schools has been scanning and making decisions based on some of the buildings that have been vacant for the past several years.  This week on WNOV, and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  it was reported that this matter of the building received a 8-0 vote, and several other alderman were on board in reflecting the unanimous vote. Plus also, even a private donor has put up 2 Million Dollars of the individual’s money (ALL 2 Million of it) to contribute to the building of the Community Center. This is a breakthrough news mostly because it’s been a talk about over 5 and a half years for a Community Center to be developed in the BLACK community!

Of course also, there was competition coming from St. Marcus in which they wanted the building to be converted to a private school for their 900 students in the same area. The bad news for them: they lost the votes, and were late to the decision making. According to MPS, they wanted the building to be a community center and that should be that. Period!

With all due respect to St. Marcus, there is another building they could use to expand, and it’s right next to the Black Holocaust Museum. The old Garfield Elementary School. Or the former Lee Elementary School which is not far from Malcolm X Academy Building. And speaking of the Black Holocaust Museum, word on the wires and on black talk radio, that might be on it’s way back being open again! The museum that the late James Cameron founded on his experiences of racism and discrimination, might be reborn. Currently it’s available in a virtual sense online, but for this, is another attempt of a revived breakthrough.

If it all goes well, this could be another main source for blacks to go in terms of health, voting, driver’s license renewal, jobs, workshops, business, the arts and others to gain more of not only the Bronzeville Community, and the Black Community.  This has been a long time coming. And it should have came sooner than later. The reason why I say this, as I was listening to WNOV this morning and about the 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson. Previously I said in the blogs that the African-American Community ALMOST was not included in the festivities. Not being pictured on the cover or added to the programs. And yes, with the suggestion of Annette Polly Williams in making flyers, so the black businesses could be added to the stops or hangouts for the guest Harley riders. Or should I say, the black bikers. If there were a Community Center that were up in the Bronzeville District, that would get more attraction in my view. Especially for those in the Bronzeville District. Oh, it would have been WAY BETTER than having Dollar Tree in the area. I’ll bet that the visiting Harley Riders, probably visited other community centers in the Milwaukee Area, such as the Serb Hall, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, LGBT, Polish and others, but what about the black community? For those bikers who don’t know, or those who are just curious, you might have seen all of Milwaukee, BUT this area! So in the next five years, I predict that the Milwaukee Bronzeville area will be upgraded in which a Community Center and many others will come and see what that area is about. Not just being part of black Milwaukee, but part of Milwaukee that should have been looked at positively. In sense by then, maybe the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson would be interjected with IronElite Black Biker Jams in Bronzeville.

EXTRA FOOTAGE: Read the articles courtesy of the Milwaukee Courier and the Milwaukee Community Journal in regarding the former Malcolm X Academy.

In Milwaukee, the 110th Anniversary of the Founding of Harley-Davidson took place. No question that it’s was a sight to see in this era of Milwaukee’s side of biker heaven. Even though I have no HOG, or Buell Sport Bike, I will dab in on my commentary.  So here it goes.

Dear Harley-Davidson Motor Company:

It’s me, Stephen. You know that black blogging guy out of Milwaukee?

Happy Anniversary! Another blessing in which another successful anniversary in which was a successful one.

This past weekend, yes you have rolled out the red carpet for the stars, and also the bikers themselves by having the HOGs if you will revving up the Engines in the Brew City. That to me is tremendous. Tremendous of the fact that this machine that IS American born is still alive. Morely to add: Milwaukee Born! Many of the bikers I think who are not from Milwaukee but often to visit to see that yes, Milwaukee’s local dollars will rise up.

Recently up until the days and weeks before the start of the celebration, there was almost a concern. A concern about the African-American Community being left out of the celebration with nothing on the program. I read the Harley Bikers Guide courtesy of Visit Milwaukee, in which almost every organization or company had sponsored the event, but I didn’t see ANY representation of the African American Community that either was on the cover, nor in the ads! Come on, now! Just a thought that African-Americans do ride motorcycles, and are apart of the biker culture and network.  But until recently, the organization of the MLK Street Jam folks have added a line up, vendors, and live music for the 110th. Orginally, “The MLK Street Jam BBQ” was the name in the Black Community and yes 5 years ago, it was a listing among the Brady Street, and other Street Jams for the Harley Riders and non riders alike.

I was listening to WNOV last Monday about the concern, and about the concern of the black bikers not having a connection for the 110th in which the black community, I think I may have heard that, in means of where to go, and having black businesses to engage the support of the event. Personally that almost hurt. Did some businesses or connections from H-D or Visit Milwaukee, ever talked to the Milwaukee black community, or those along MLK Jr. Drive about hosting a spot for the 110th Anniversary ahead of time? Did anyone who is African-American that works for H-D in the Greater Milwaukee Area asked those in the black community or inform of the 110th events beforehand? That is a question I want to know.

Before the weekend was over, one of my favorite radio stations, Jammin 98.3 and afternoon host, Earl Stokes announced this:

I had to say: THANK GOD!!!! Also most of the credit goes to the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership.

Also the story of the Black Biker Jam was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and also Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News.

And by the way, if anyone thinks this is offensive or racist: GET THE BLANK OUT OF HERE! We can’t tell our stories as black folks?

And for the record, yes even the white folks and other ethnics showed up and visited the exhibits. Plus, Willie G. himself made a visit. And there were no complaints! And unlike other biker events, there was no Country Music or Rock Music, and no Kid Rock. But there was plenty of stepping music, R&B Music and Hip Hop. Even doing the Wobble! Just like at the R&B dance and Hip Hop spots. And to add: Giveaways! I got $10.00 gift card, plus a IronElite Patch. Where to put the patch? I’ll get a vest or a leather jacket.

Knowingly, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles attracts anyone! No matter the background or status. Or Ethnic. And yes Women bikers are on the rise. And yes every group or individual  has a story to tell of why they, he or she, had a interest to jump on the back of a HOG. I’ve seen the videos of the Black Bikers (aka the IronElite), and women bikers which handled them well. Just saying. But in regarding this on a another angle: I want to see Harley-Davidson reach out to more to minorities! I want the company, or those black HD riders tied to the company, to help draft a Greater Milwaukee Black HD Riders Club. Or a Milwaukee IronElite Black Bikers Club. Not just to embrace more than themselves, but what about the community? What about Social Responsibility? Matter of fact, ALL BIKERS need to enhance Social Responsibility! How many bikers ever showed up to the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington? Other than Rolling Thunder, 9/11, or Strugis? Or Atlanta, or Florida? Come on now! Don’t speak up at once! I thought H-D didn’t matter and I’m just asking.

The Harley-Davidson Museum was cluttered with motorcycles during the 110th Anniversary.

The Harley-Davidson Museum was cluttered with motorcycles during the 110th Anniversary. (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

So in the next 5 years: the black community has to come out more for Harley-Davidson related events, and vice versa. And if a possible Milwaukee Harley-Davidson IronElite Black Biker Group is formed: I see some causes to jump into. Pay attention IronElite folks:

  • Education – We know the concerns of education that the black community faces of dropouts, etc.
  • Health – The concerns of cancer, diabetes, etc. Black community related.
  • Jobs – Black unemployment is at 12% nationally. Here in Milwaukee is near 50%. Need to start an Milwaukee HD IronElite Black Biker Club employment group. Have donations, and sell merchandise. (I.E. IronElite Shirts, patches, etc.)
  • Community Concerns/Call to action: We know what it is: Block clubs, Security, Awareness, Crime, Supporting Black Businesses, local churches and other non-profits.
  • I know this is cheesy (not Wisconsin related) but start an IronElite Supporters Group, for those who don’t ride motorcycles, but want to support!

All related to the black community.

On a side note: The women bikers here in Wisconsin had a Breast Cancer Awareness event over the weekend that was important. Some have beaten breast cancer and still empowering others to remain aware of the disease.

An IronElite Vendor site was on display selling T-Shirts and also displaying the history of the Group (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

An IronElite Vendor site was on display selling T-Shirts and also displaying the history of the Group (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

For the record, the highlight of the event, was the Harley parade. I haven’t been to one in 10 years, and if you haven’t seen it, check out the highlights from Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News Website. Plus also, all around Milwaukee, especially in the downtown area near the H-D museum, there was sea of chrome everywhere! Even on the 6th Street Viaduct. A sea of Bikes! If you are a rider that enjoyed the parade, the events, or activities, and I don’t care if you got married at the H-D Museum. Or saw Common or Lupe Fiasco, or had a chance to see Chance the Rapper, or Katey Sagal. DJ Devast8, Kid Cut up or others in the rock catagory, were you happy? were you satisfied of the performances?

Those of us went to the free street festivals in Harley’s honor: were we pleased with the turnout? Or the last minute block party street jams, or radio events Harley related?

The IronElite Black Biker Jam had folks doing the Wobble and other R&B Related moves. (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

The IronElite Black Biker Jam had folks doing the Wobble and other R&B Related moves. (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

If you have enjoyed yourself, give yourself a hand!  And be blessed. No matter if you’re in Wisconsin, or from Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Brazil, England, California, Canada, Iceland, Wales, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, part of the Women Bikers, Harlistas Group (Latin HD Bikers) those served in the Military or Veterans that served, and yes the IronElite, Thank You for coming. And many others who had to come in on a Honda, Yahmaha, or a Can-Am Spider, why crash the party? But I hope you got respect. Anyway, to all bikers, thanks for coming and do it again in 2018, which will be the 115th Anniversary of the company’s founding. You know the city. Same place.

Police Motorcycles, and yes, Fire Motorcycles made an Harley Appearance (Photo courtesy of Stephen's Spot) @smcclintonjr

Police Motorcycles, and yes, Fire Motorcycles made an Harley Appearance (Photo courtesy of Stephen’s Spot) @smcclintonjr

There was a question that was raised on Facebook recently, in a “Your from Milwaukee” group posting about Harley-Davidson doesn’t do nothing for the Hood! That was what transpired. Knowing yes, Harley-Davidson has supported causes for the MDA and many others for years. But the hood? Never seen it. Ok it maybe sponsored African World Festival years back. And this year, the same.

Maybe Harley-Davidson needs to have Inner City Session on jobs, or outreach. Or have a parade to route along MLK Drive or Sherman Boulevard to Milwaukee’s Washington Park for a fellowship. I heard that portion on WNOV. In addition, that might get those of African Decent to get engaged of riding a Harley, or matter of fact, maybe constructing or to design the next generation of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. To the future designers not yet born, or just coming up: I want a Harley-Davidson that is energy efficient, way less expensive, have an automatic gear shift, and geared safety features. Here’s an Idea: have or invite the well known black pastors from the area to do “biker blessings or anoint services”. And it doesn’t have to be in church! I hope that someone or somebody is paying attention to this from Harley-Davidson and getting some ideas! If they don’t pick up, we the black community well, you know that goes. Plus, add the IronElite Campaign to Juneteenth Day and African World Festival in Milwaukee! And other black events in the city if possible.

Black Milwaukee: In the words of Rep. John Lewis: “Get in the way!” “Make some noise!” (To paraphrase: Get in Harley-Davidson’s way and make some noise!)

So H-D: keep revving the engines for the machines. And the future. Who knows, there might be more folks in the future might just want to ride.



Has anyone seen this picture? I’m sure many have. Courtesy of Ebony Magazine.

Oh I’m sure we’ve all seen it. In a preview stance. (Picture is courtesy of Ebony Magazine)

So this upcoming September issue of Ebony Magazine, will be having 4 covers in honor of Trayvon Martin. Many have not forgotten. So have I. And also it’s a call to change up a movement that has to be calling to say, of saving the young black males in this country. Yes the same young black males that most are afraid of, and having the notion of being labeled suspicious. And all this other stuff. Oh yeah, I’m ripping this out.

Now the so-called Americans on Twitter have gone to their computers and made this declaration of boycotting Ebony Magazine all because of the four covers. And also, what is so racist about Ebony Magazine, anyway? Just because it’s a magazine is geared to black folks? Well it’s geared to black folks for a reason!

For the past 68 years, Ebony Magazine has been a staple of publication for and around the African-American Community. Now for those who well…….”have the brain set to dumb and mush”, let me lecture this. Since November 1st, 1945, the magazine was geared to news that most news outlets or publications never features or written about blacks. Never did. No matter it was jobs, economics, fashion, achievements, goals, entertainment, Census, Milestones and many other issues or concerns that were passed up by non-black publications. And it was and is not making money of folks dying. If you’re currently black and thinking this in a social media sense: stop that mindset and know your history! Remember years ago on this blog, about blacks telling their stories? This is one of them. This picture of the 4 Trayvon tribute covers, maybe well: racist. But I want those who feel racist, to look at this:

The first issue of Ebony magazine, Nov. 1, 1945. (Newseum collection)

What you’re looking at, is the very first cover issue of Ebony Magazine. And yes there were 6 Caucasian boys and one Black boy on the cover, that was taken place in Harlem, New York. But the cover also addressed the issue of race relations. BACK IN 1945! And today in 2013, we’re still addressing it. Now for those who though race relations were just stuck in the 1950’s, stop dreaming! This was long talked about before the 1950’s hit us. So I don’t know what the deal is Ebony Magazine is a labeled racist. Oh, that’s the Tea Party Talking. Do they read Ebony after being called out in a joking manner? For those in the group that believes in less government spending and spitting in the face of Rep. John Lewis, or having governors like Scott Walker who have been elected with his High School Diploma, no college degree, college dropout, cutting and slashing education, cutting folks out of badger care, forcing women to have ultrasounds, or halting a High Speed Rail Project would have connected Milwaukee and Madison, in his so-called boondoggle mentality in which some thought it was run away government spending. BUT MOSTLY it was also spreading more of the segregation effect in the state (reference Milwaukee’s WNOV). One thing about living in Wisconsin, yes we can talk about the features that most like, but when it comes to try to improve the quality like High Speed Rail, most are stuck in that mindset thinking it’s a eyesore. You also have the same guy like Walker that wants 250,000 private sector jobs within his first term. Hey Walker backers: Exactly how many jobs are made under his administration? And don’t you dare Google! Don’t ask your friends, your family members, or any other Republican Representative. Neither don’t ask the Democrats or any of the Independent folks. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not nowhere near 250,000.

For things like this you have to know it by heart! That will be the thing to do. But oh, no some will attempt to Google anyway in a cheating way of course. I’m just saying!

As far as the Ebony Magazine thing: some folks need to get a grip. This publication ain’t going nowhere. And those who want to boycott Ebony, let me hashtag this in which most can understand.

And it goes a little something like this: #AmericansPlease!

Or like this: #AintNobodyGotTimeToBoycottEbonyMagazine.

Or this: #EbonyMagazineRules.

Or like this one that I had to come up with: #HatersKickRocksEbonyMagazineRules

Hashtag that all day Everyday.