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It’s been awhile since the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had anything fun and nostalgic since the Green Sheet left us in 1994. Yes, I’ll admit, I was a fanatic of the Journal’s Green Journal of fun things of puzzles and horoscopes. But on Memorial Day when many of us were paying respects to those who have lost their lives in battle for the country, an old school favorite of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had returned. No it wasn’t the ghost of Solomon Juneau from the old Milwaukee Sentinel! It was a sheet. A Green Sheet.

For those who don’t know the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Green Sheet started in 1927 by the editor of the time Larry Lawrence. He started to edit the section from it’s (according to the Article) scandal-seeking ways to the then, and “family friendly fare.” In which you read about the horoscopes, the Dear Abby Advice Columns, and many many others. It was a nostalgic feel of those things that you see every week Monday through Saturday. However, as I indicated, the Journal discontinued the Green Sheet back in 1994, and at that time, I was still in my third year in High School. Years went by of course and many others who were long time fans of the paper wanted it back so badly. Well that wish, and those proposals were on the table and it’s complete. For the first time in 21 years, the JS brought back the old Green Sheet Classic with new twists for this era of blogs, smart-phones, websites, social media, and the era First black President. (Yeah I said it!) Expect the Green Sheet to feature alot of Throwback Thursdays. ALOT of them! 

Many of us in Milwaukee who are between the Baby-Boomers and Generation X/Y we remember the Green Sheet Biblically! Many of you probably got that on your Facebook Time pages of Alumni, Classics or many others that you want to informed about the classic resurrecting. But for me, as a member of Generation X, this picture below is so linked to me. Very much linked!

Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal. 1993.

Source: Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal’s The Green Sheet. 1993. 

This picture was taken back by the then Milwaukee Journal in 1993 when I was still a student at John Marshall High School. We were practicing for a halftime show appearance (on our part) with the Special Education Students. The event that was held in the month of October was for the Very Special Arts. This halftime show was for the special ed students that had the opportunity to perform the show along with other bands, and especially: The UW-Band. And yes, I had the chance to shake the hand of UW-Band director Mike Leckrone (who is still the director to this day). Anyway, being able to perform in Madison with my old high school, and the special eds, and the UW-Band was really something. And it just hit me, that game with the Badgers was against Michigan in 1993 (which the Badgers won), and it also had the infamous “Camp Randall Crush”, in which many of the fans tried to get onto the field to celebrate the Badgers victory, and so many of the students got hurt. Lucky for us, we left way before that happened!

So that was a real throwback that will never be forgotten! But other than that, we had a good time just being at the game, and help perform with the Special Education Students, whom also like me are now Marshall grads. And I’m glad even 21 years later, the John Marshall High School Band was featured in one of best sections the Milwaukee Journal had was with the Green Sheet. Not the obits!

So for all you now MPS students and teachers that are doing well thus far, don’t be surprised that this could happen to be published. Even if it’s now the revamped version of the Green Sheet!

To see the Green Sheet via the Internet: Click here –

Well there you go Wisconsin.

I am so laughing at all the folks who voted up for Scott Walker.

I am laughing at you!

Your pick to retain the Wisconsin’s Chair just single gave away another job opporutnity that could benefited this whole state. No, I’m not talking about the High Speed Rail and KRM Commuter Rail Projects. He’s already guilty of those. What I am referring to is the refusal and rejection of the proposed Hard Rock Hotel Casino Project in Kenosha. This reminds me of something at the end of 2014 when I asked the question of my WordPress Blog of Review. Where I scratched my head so many times and really had to bust out the real questions in asking?

Let me refresh the memory: Oh, is the State of Wisconsin really serious about bringing the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Kenosha?

Well just today, that question has been answered with a no. And many guesses that Walker had to listen to the folks in Iowa in due for his so-called run to be the next President of the United States. Oh, and plus he believed that it would be very heavy on the taxpayers and plus have the nerve to blame Former Governor Jim Doyle. SERIOUSLY! Jim Doyle has been out of office since 2011 and Governor Numb Nuts (yeah I’m saying it!) believes he’s still around causing mess. No, from the very start, Mayor Tom Barrett did say hang on to your hats! He’s right! If any Wisconsinite DID NOT listen to the warning of Tom Barrett then apparently the memo didn’t get through to some or many brain dead Badger residents who feel Walker is a God. Personally, Scott Walker IS NOT A GOD! And this “Governor” also recently that made it clear about those who are unemployed or going through unemployment must go through drug testing. Get the Urine Samples out now. Now I know many of you probably read this blog and didn’t believe a word I said that this would happen, guess what: It’s time to fess up! If many of the Wisconsin Residents had VOTED MORE in 2014, we would not be in this mess. But now, you stayed home. Worried about your Music, your guns, your sport tickets, or maybe just too much big words. Oh yeah I’m going there! Over and over again, Elections have Consequences! They do. Plus also Polarized Politics (and sometimes Segregated Communities) can be a dangerous mix. Even as dangerous as the Flu in Wisconsin. Many of you voted up for Walker. And this is what you get.

CALLOUT: I thought “Wisconsin is open for business.” Is it really?

Maybe Wisconsin is open for business, but certain restrictions needed to apply.

And the decision made is another example why Wisconsin can’t really get out of the funk of rejecting this and that. Oh what, is gambling a considered boondoggle? And word also that Potawatomi Hotel and Casino tipped off Walker the warning.

Now those who were wondering, what kinds of jobs would have benefited from this casino project? Via the source from Casino Kenosha Website:

Jobs & Economic Impact
The Kenosha entertainment center and casino will create more than 3,300 good-paying jobs with benefits for local residents, and indirectly support another 1,800 local jobs. On top of that, just building the facility will create more than 1,400 family-sustaining construction jobs. Those 6,500 jobs go a long way toward helping fulfill Governor Walker’s goal of creating creating 250,000 new jobs in the Badger State.

Additionally, the Kenosha casino will make more in state and local government payments than any other Wisconsin company or Tribe – essentially, it will be the State of Wisconsin’s largest taxpayer. Agreements in place with the City of Kenosha and Kenosha County will also benefit local schools, cultural institutions and nonprofits.

Plus the Menominee Nation commented the “ultimate decision” of Scott Walker.

 “It is with great disappointment that I relay the message I received minutes ago from the Wisconsin Secretary of Administration, Mike Huebsch. Governor Walker will be announcing shortly his decision to say no to our Kenosha Casino proposal.

“It is our belief that this project would have improved the lives of the nearly 9000 members of the Tribe. Instead, one Tribe – the Forest County Potawatomi and one goal of Governor Walker – the Presidency has led to a no for our people.

“The Tribe and our partners at Hard Rock International will meet in the next few days to discuss any options we have. Until then – we must remember all the Menominee Nation has overcome in more than 10,000 years – we will continue to thrive as a Nation and will continue to be honorable partners for Indian Tribes in Wisconsin and around the Nation.”

Well, there it goes, Walker fans. All those times I’ve said this in the past, and I’m saying it now: I told you so! And on the flipside, what is Iowa saying to tell Walker to reject the casino? Oh that’s right…..Scott Walker is hinting a run. A Presidential Run for the White House in 2016. I have message for America: DO NOT PICK SCOTT WALKER! For all those “Republicans” who don’t follow Walker and don’t like his ideas or policies, put him on BLAST! I dare you. Put Scott Walker on blast on everything he says and does between now and 2016. I know many of you probably won’t do it. But I’m daring you. No, I’m double dog daring you!

Now I want to direct my attention to the Menominee Tribe in trying to get this Hard Rock Hotel and Casino going. First, I feel you. Really I do. I think you worked very hard for the last couple of years or more just trying to get this off the ground. Yes, I’m not a gambler. And yes I have been to Hard Rock Cafes in New York, Detroit, and Orlando. Speaking of that: I think since this project had been declared dead by Scott Walker, try a plan B. In which, that Wisconsin could use an opportunity to build more Hard Rock Cafes! Build them in Kenosha, Madison, Green Bay, Racine, and mainly the Metro Area of Milwaukee. It’s time I think that Hard Rock Cafe (not the casino or hotel) needs to start up in Wisconsin in terms of future economic growth and get more jobs for those looking for one than the same old mess we’ve been going through since. I say this as a resident and plus I’m saying this as an African-American. This cancellation of the Hotel and Casino really reflects on why Wisconsin cannot get ahead due to blatant polarized politics of the state! And even the fear of competition of Potawatomi Hotel and Casino, and even others of Oneida and Ho-Chunk. That’s my statement. Fight on if you must, but always remember that there is always a “PLAN B!”

And hopefully that Plan B alone can be better for many employment hungry Wisconsinites (even of African Decent) to partake in.

For the last couple of years or so, the City of Milwaukee, the brew city as everyone knows, that the debate about having a streetcar system has been passed around like a hot potato. It’s been a topic since Mayor John Norquist has been in effect, and also in the last couple of weeks of hot button topics and personal opinions, the StreetCar (not the Trolley thing) project has been put on the table yet again. In the more recent months before the start of the Christmas season, there has been alot of talk about the 833 Building and the potential building of the Couture site near the lakefront. The Couture is slated to be near or at the site of the Milwaukee County Downtown Transit Center near Lincoln Memorial Drive. There was a rendering of the building in which from an artist perspective of different sites of walkways, pathways, intermodal-like stations, and many others. Plus also, this idea has endured the idea of a potential StreetCar project within that area in terms of a route. All of that in my opinion is seeming to pick up of interest. The MAIN thing I am concerned with the Streetcar Project is one thing and one thing only: JOBS!

I don’t care if any Milwaukeean is an antagonist or feel that the Streetcar may not get to the farther side of the city in terms of jobs. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel TODAY published a story about potential jobs for the upcoming year of 2015. Pay attention, job seekers and media. I don’t know what types of jobs will be available in the upcoming year, but if it has something to do with the Northwestern Mutual Tower Project, the Couture Building Project, and or the 833 Building, or maybe the new home of the Milwaukee Bucks, this does count in my view. Plus also, if it goes all well, why not include the Streetcar? I know that many and Alderman Joe Davis, and even Robert Donovan and many others are opposing it due to luxury, or something that many feel may not ride or being too much spending. On not getting to where the jobs are per say. With all due respect to them, and those who support the opposition, I say this and this only: BUILD THE DARN THING!

Why do I feel this way? I want all those to pay attention. Antagonists, Black Milwaukee, Millennials, Gen X’ers who don’t drive, Baby Boomers, Downtown Milwaukee Workers and Residents, and others to listen up! Here is my GENERAL reason. Over the last couple of years from blogging on MyFoxMilwaukee to now, I have highlighted that Milwaukee and/or Wisconsin is a tail-end city and state. Right? Over the course of the years, I have commented about being behind in transportation, and many other things as well. Mainly with transportation. I talked about the KRM terminal route that would have linked Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee, but apparently is that working? No. Why? Due to politics. And most recently, we had a thing called the High Speed Rail Project that would have linked Madison and Milwaukee for not only transportation, but also for getting to where the jobs are. Similar to my opinion, to the KRM Route. Did that worked out? NO! Why? Again politics. And those who felt that having a HSR train was a boondoggle, obviously don’t know the facts or just want to keep it segregated. Speaking of that: on the ballot from last month, remember when the question about the Transportation Fund? In which the state should go get it’s own Transpiration account for infrastructure only which leads to roads and bridges repair, and many other factors? Let’s see: How did we voted on that? According to the Milwaukee Election Commission, the results ended in which 77.45% of us Milwaukee folks voted Yes. And 22.55% voted no. So many of us who voted yes, to have this Transportation Account thing, for the use of Transportation related issues, there is your answer. And I don’t think that it’s not really all segregated. In lieu of all this, there might be funds or income in your accounts right now in a business stand point that you can’t use. Why? its reserved of a particular use and use only for that objective! Does that make sense? I studied this when the question came out and understood it towards the end.

State Referendum Question 1 Vote For 1

Yes . . . . . . . . . . . . 122,161   77.45  

No. . . . . . . . . . . . . 35,578     22.55

Next week, on December 16th, which is about 9 days before you unwrap those mystery gifts and talk about Jesus’ birth. The Common Council will decide to see if the Streetcar project would move forward to approve.  And also before that happens,  there is a support page per say on the Urban Milwaukee Website in which you the citizen can voice your opinion. Basically, you fill out the form in all, and write a message in supporting the idea of having this project to move forward officially. And in fairness, concerns as well and etc.

Like I said,  I know many don’t like this idea. BUT if it matters on a verge of getting jobs here in Milwaukee that many preached so many times, then what’s the hold up? I hear this on Milwaukee black radio, I read this in the newspapers, Social Media, and word of mouth from those of many sources. But like many said before, you need something! Not many are not to go into construction work, but willing to work for construction in many other areas. Same with finance. Same with safety. Same with other forms of occupations. EVEN trying to get to where the jobs are. But in order to do that, start from within. Which means start from Wisconsin Avenue Downtown and work out to the next county line.

Many of us have reading blogs about  moving out or relocation. But however in the last remaining days, a blogger out of Brooklyn had to express her discontent and also her joy about her memories and decision factors of leaving Milwaukee.

Tenicka Boyd, (aka Sincerely Brooklyn), is the name. And expressing her Milwaukee Concerns of poverty and segregation is the game.

In the last couple of days and almost a week, her blog story, “Coming where I’m from” she expressed that her memories of Milwaukee began when she was younger. She grew up in the city, but didn’t consider the city her home. In her story, she comments deeply:

It is in Milwaukee though that my fondest memories were not great. Tuetonia and Locust is where I remember playing on the playground before bullets rang out. When I think of Milwaukee, I think of it as the physical place where my brothers failed to escape its destructible trajectory. It is in Milwaukee where I’ve experienced some of my scariest moments.  I remember waking up in the middle of the night to a burning house. It was in Milwaukee where several men beat me as a young woman with bats and the hardiness of the concrete. It was right there in that city, where I slugged on public transportation to get minimum wage just to buy basic necessities. When I think of Milwaukee I think of the food stamps, the hours of waiting for healthcare, the roaches on the wall, the desperate competition for school clothes, the long lines at Aldi, the boys who got shot, the men that went to prison, the girls who became mothers, the babies who were left alone.  It is there, in Milwaukee, where I learned the instant gratification of sex, drugs, and money. It is there where I learned the disillusion of basketball dreams and rapping careers.

It didn’t build my character, as people say poverty does, it built angst, dejection, and posttraumatic stress. It harbored in me, for years after going down south for college, a deep sense of inadequacy and eventually survivor’s guilt. I began to feel guilty that all of my greatest memories-falling in love, meeting lifelong friends, traveling the world, finding amazing mentors, becoming engulfed in life altering projects, getting married, graduating, starting a family-were not in Milwaukee. Even driving, learning to pay bills, becoming independent, discovering how to control my emotions, turning away from a culture of violence, and other basic life changes happened to me away from my family and surely outside of the small city I grew up in. I grew further and further away from the people whom I considered my family and visiting became much more of a chore and far less of a comfort.

Every time I returned to Milwaukee, I was forced to be 15 again. I was forced to remember people I had long forgotten about. I was forced to remember restaurants I could never afford to eat in.  I was forced to remember neighbors who had long gone to prison. I was forced to remember the playground I was beat up at, the goodwill store my mother shopped at, and the welfare line so many of us used to stand in. I was forced to have unnatural conversations with old friends I was disappointed in, who gained so much weight I barely recognized, who lived lives I was unacquainted with.  I was forced to hear old stories that were glossed up as if they were amazing ones. I was forced to remember all the people we never got to see become whole again.

I don’t necessarily agree with whole remembering all the people. Part of that in my view is all apart of your upbringing. It’s apart of recognizing the fact that the people who in later years of their dilemmas, were still part of your life when you met them. And yes it concerns places. However, in the past incidents or examples you learn from can help you to realize that your life doesn’t have be their way.

Yes I have read the blog back and forth. And yes it was her story. It was even shared on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website this past Sunday, and yes there were about 29 comments that came in. Majority of the comments, put the blame on the environment that she grew up in, not the whole city. That environment is possibility her old neighborhood or her surroundings. However on the flip side, as a teen, she chose to leave for greener pastures. She also mentioned about the ongoing problems that Milwaukee continues to endure:

I am fully aware that what plagues my family and so many people in Milwaukee is a combination of poor public policy, mass segregation, over incarceration and an even poorer education system. I chose to move away from Milwaukee not the work. I choose to focus my energy and adult working life on public policies where zip code doesn’t dictate destiny, where parental income doesn’t so easily transfer, where schoolhouses can be an oasis of hope.

She has point on this. BUT here’s something that is left out: There is decay everywhere. There is segregation everywhere. Just last year, didn’t Chicago had like over 400 murders? And last year, Milwaukee had little over 100 homicides. Mostly under the age 30 per say. Mostly coming from those who didn’t have that upbringing of two parent households, not enough role models per say that stayed on them EVERY DAY.

Let me tell you and those who feel this way. If you had to move out of Milwaukee, or any other Mid-Sized City in which you had to do what is best for you in terms of careers or travel, all the power to you. Yeah, I had the talk about Moving out of Milwaukee years ago after I got my bachelor’s degree, and I’m still having the talk. But unlike the blogger, I feel currently that I’m not strong enough to leave the city yet. I’m 37 years old. Just like Bill Clinton once said about America. He said that “America can’t strong abroad, unless we’re strong at home.”  In other words, if you’re ready for the world, stay where you at until you become strong enough to move out. Yeah others like my age before had done it. And some in my family had left for better ways. That’s them! But I’m referencing myself because I have to think about the possibilities of family, activities, and special assistance. For example, I have an older sibling that has Multiple Sclerosis. She was diagnosed since 1995 and has to move around in a wheelchair. Plus the care for her is extremely needed  and mainly that includes ME! For activities, yes, I can do my Election Duties, but not my High School Alumni volunteer time. Plus also, yes I’m single with no kids, and not married. Now many of you are saying, “Oh, Stephen you got something here to work with to get out”. BUT ALAS! It also requires a judgment factor. This is something that most don’t realize. Now if I were to move out, it would be God’s will. Not the environment. Not the family. Not the friends. Not the Alumni. Not the concerns of crime, drugs, segregation or reliving the horrors I read in the newspaper or local media. It would be the will of God. No matter where or when to relocate, the struggle continues. And that’s the factor that doesn’t matter what it is in regarding Milwaukee or anywhere else.

Unlike the blogger: I’m Milwaukee born and raised before 2 years old. I went through the MPS schools and graduated. I got two college degrees from Milwaukee Area Technical College and UW-Stout. And yes I had and have my share of “here and there jobs”, attend church as a 4th Generation member of the United Methodist Church, active in my Alumni Groups, registering new voters and actively updating current voters,  and yes in 2010 I was discriminated in Wisconsin in trying to look for work because of me being African-American! But I didn’t leave. Like those before me, I stay in fight. Sometimes you have to stay and fight for those who can’t speak. For those who had been in battle for years and don’t have the fight no more. And for those have gone home to heaven. But for those of us who are CURRENTLY here in Milwaukee, and doing the work, we need to set NEW EXAMPLES for this city. We need to set new standards, new terms, new goals, new objectives and new opportunities to get this city going. We know the drill. Get out and vote, or make noise to get the attention of the officials, etc.  And for those who still have a heart for Milwaukee, but live in other cities, be like Eric Benet and donate a week of your time out of the calendar year and revisit. When Eric Benet comes to Milwaukee to perform, he’s not ashamed. He grew up here. Went to Tech High School, and still donates his time to give back. I’m just saying. Even if you had to move to Brooklyn.

Speaking of that: to read the rest of the Sincerely Brooklyn blog, click here.


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Really, Milwaukee……

Check this out from the Journal Sentinel:

Two sanitation workers with the City of Milwaukee were robbed at gunpoint about 8 a.m. Saturday in an alley in the 3300 block of N. 37th St., according to police.The employees were in the alley when they were approached by the suspect demanding money. The city workers were unharmed, and the suspect fled on foot with cash, police said.

This has to be the most stupidest of all crimes. Excuse my french, but WHAT IN THE HELL MILWAUKEE?!!! Why are those who are just sanitation workers in getting robbed? Many are saying oh this happens everyday. Really though? I’ll bet that those looking at this story are probably thinking about not applying to be a sanitation worker. After seeing this unfold out of my home city. Also, if an incident like that can happen in Milwaukee, it can happen ANYWHERE! As far as a this on the job, same thing. No job is safe. I repeat: NO JOB is safe! Some of you reading this blog have been in a similar situation liked this. And for others who think that “that will not happen to me. ” Guess again. It could happen to you. I’m just saying! I mentioned about safety nets one time or another on this blog, and I’m asking again, where are the safety nets? So this means that the Sanitation Workers should be starting to pack weapons just for protection? Or having the Milwaukee Police Department to go to the routes where the Garbage Collectors go and keep watch?

Personally this story will probably not pass as of yet. And plus I hope that this incident should not reflect the image of Milwaukee.

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Usually at times, I talk smack about my home city. Really I do. The latest news this morning coming from the Huffington Post, pivots Milwaukee as one of the best and worst run cities in the country.

Straight from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning:

An online news and opinion website called 24/7WallSt. has published a list of the best and worst run cities in the country. Milwaukee ranks as the 10th worst-run city in the country, according to the story, which ran online in the Huffington Post. The worst-run city in the country, according to 24/7WallSt, is San Bernardino, Calif. The authors say the rankings were based on the city’s credit rating, poverty, education, crime, unemployment and regional GDP.

Here’s what 24/7WallSt wrote about Milwaukee: “Milwaukee struggles with poverty and high crime rates. Last year, a typical household made just over $34,000, and nearly 30% of people lived beneath the poverty line, considerably worse than the country’s figures. There were nearly 1,300 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2012, more than three times the national rate of 387 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The city’s socioeconomic problems were among the reasons Moody’s assigned Milwaukee a Aa2 rating. The agency also expressed management-related concerns, specifically highlighting the city’s debt burden and the complexity of its debt financing.”

Mayor Tom Barrett said the city’s poverty rate is too high “and I know we have to do more. There’s no question about that, and we’re doing that.” He said he felt the same way about crime, where some city neighborhoods “have too much gang-related violence and drug-related violence.”

But the post’s overall conclusions are wrong, Barrett said. He said there is no cause for alarm on the city’s debt. Moody’s appears to agree. “The stable outlook (for Milwaukee) reflects our expectation that the city’s negative valuation trends will subside over the long term and the recent improvement in general fund operations and reserves will be maintained,” Moody’s reported in April 2013. “The outlook also reflects the city’s close management of its relatively complex debt program; we believe this level of oversight mitigates the cash flow and liquidity risks associated with these debt instruments.”

24/7WallSt notes that Moody’s assigned Milwaukee an Aa2 rating. According to Moody’s ratings, an Aa2 is rated as high quality and very low credit risk. The city also has a record of repaying 85% of its debt within 10 years; the national average is 50%. As of April 2013, the city has approximately $803 million in general obligation debt outstanding, according to Mark Nicolini, the city’s budget director. “We have a more aggressive debt reduction strategy than most cities,” Barrett said.

The 24/7WallSt post neglects to report on cities with pension liabilities. Milwaukee has one of the highest rated pension funds in the country and is at or near 100% funded, Nicolini said. “We have made a commitment to fund the pension and as I look at the horror stories around the country, I’m thankful we made those decisions,” Barrett said. Barrett also acknowledged that income is too low in the city. Barrett said he supported an increase in the federal minimum wage, from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. President Barack Obama also supports the measure. The Common Council cannot raise the minimum wage for city workers. On the state level, Barrett conceded efforts to raise the state’s minimum wage are unlikely to succeed in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Now there are those who probably are going to assume that this is a hoax. Really it’s not. You may have heard that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the U.S. Keep in mind, it’s not all black and white. Other ethnics in the city can be segregated also. It’s number 4 when it comes to the poor. And many others. Yes, there are positives, but when it comes to things like this, it’s mostly negative. Yeah,  we can run to the local governments all we want too. We can run to the officials all we want. BUT IT HAS TO START: with the citizens first! 10 years ago in 2004, Bill Cosby made an appearance in Milwaukee part of his tour in the country speaking in poor ridden areas. I never forget when he said this. Even I repeated this on this blog! – “Milwaukee, you have become a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” He was right then and he was right now. Later on this month, the City of Milwaukee will be having a big birthday party. Oh you don’t know? January 31st , 1846 was the date that the city was founded. It was founded by 3 socialist mayors of Juneau, Kilbourn, and Walker (not Scott Walker, mind you) And yes it has been a soon to be long 168 years. But the big question is within the 168 years, what can be done to improve the city’s image towards the next 168? Yes we can talk about Northwestern Mutual, Harley-Davidson, Kohls, Miller, and many other household names and yes shows like Laverne and Shirley/Happy Days that made Milwaukee famous. BUT…………are they the answer to help the issues of the poor, and segregation? We can talk about the movies like The Blues Brothers and Transformers 2 (which part of the movie was filmed in Milwaukee) Major League, Mr. 3000 and Public Enemies. BUT………….Are they the answers to Milwaukee’s concerns? We can talk about the first churches, the migration of African-Americans with Bronzeville which is happened in the past, but what about the concern of the future? Oh, last year in 2013 there were groups like Newaukee, the Historical Milwaukee groups popped up about the positives of the city. BUT………………What about the concerns of blacks and other minorities under 40 who want in also to help the city other than getting 3 LGBT  Members and one black woman? HELLO! Don’t act like I forgot that! Neither has WNOV. We can talk about the arts, entertainment, sports, colleges, universities, all around that made Milwaukee great. BUT………….what about the concerns of affording those game appearances, college, universities, and the arts dealing with the major concerns of the city?

Is any of this making sense? Time to work!


Yes, the city has positives and negatives.

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First: take a look at this pic.

This was just coming in this week. After many years of speculation, complaints, ideas, blocking and concerns, the Bronzeville District in Milwaukee, where mostly of the history of the area of African-American connections, would finally get a Community Center landed in the Black Community. Also there is another angle in which a private school wants bids on the building of the school of St. Marcus. Already, the Milwaukee Public Schools has been scanning and making decisions based on some of the buildings that have been vacant for the past several years.  This week on WNOV, and in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel,  it was reported that this matter of the building received a 8-0 vote, and several other alderman were on board in reflecting the unanimous vote. Plus also, even a private donor has put up 2 Million Dollars of the individual’s money (ALL 2 Million of it) to contribute to the building of the Community Center. This is a breakthrough news mostly because it’s been a talk about over 5 and a half years for a Community Center to be developed in the BLACK community!

Of course also, there was competition coming from St. Marcus in which they wanted the building to be converted to a private school for their 900 students in the same area. The bad news for them: they lost the votes, and were late to the decision making. According to MPS, they wanted the building to be a community center and that should be that. Period!

With all due respect to St. Marcus, there is another building they could use to expand, and it’s right next to the Black Holocaust Museum. The old Garfield Elementary School. Or the former Lee Elementary School which is not far from Malcolm X Academy Building. And speaking of the Black Holocaust Museum, word on the wires and on black talk radio, that might be on it’s way back being open again! The museum that the late James Cameron founded on his experiences of racism and discrimination, might be reborn. Currently it’s available in a virtual sense online, but for this, is another attempt of a revived breakthrough.

If it all goes well, this could be another main source for blacks to go in terms of health, voting, driver’s license renewal, jobs, workshops, business, the arts and others to gain more of not only the Bronzeville Community, and the Black Community.  This has been a long time coming. And it should have came sooner than later. The reason why I say this, as I was listening to WNOV this morning and about the 110th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson. Previously I said in the blogs that the African-American Community ALMOST was not included in the festivities. Not being pictured on the cover or added to the programs. And yes, with the suggestion of Annette Polly Williams in making flyers, so the black businesses could be added to the stops or hangouts for the guest Harley riders. Or should I say, the black bikers. If there were a Community Center that were up in the Bronzeville District, that would get more attraction in my view. Especially for those in the Bronzeville District. Oh, it would have been WAY BETTER than having Dollar Tree in the area. I’ll bet that the visiting Harley Riders, probably visited other community centers in the Milwaukee Area, such as the Serb Hall, Irish, Italian, Hispanic, LGBT, Polish and others, but what about the black community? For those bikers who don’t know, or those who are just curious, you might have seen all of Milwaukee, BUT this area! So in the next five years, I predict that the Milwaukee Bronzeville area will be upgraded in which a Community Center and many others will come and see what that area is about. Not just being part of black Milwaukee, but part of Milwaukee that should have been looked at positively. In sense by then, maybe the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson would be interjected with IronElite Black Biker Jams in Bronzeville.

EXTRA FOOTAGE: Read the articles courtesy of the Milwaukee Courier and the Milwaukee Community Journal in regarding the former Malcolm X Academy.

It’s time for that three way dance. That dance I’ll go on a three way in sense of not foxtrotting, nor cha-chaing. With the subjects at hand, I’ll get in the action promptly as usual.

This past Monday, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel unveiled the jobs numbers in which Scott Walker claimed that the state gain within the past two years. Keep in mind that he was and is still pressing on the idea of getting 250,000 private sector jobs in the Badger State. And we know that is not working! He claims on the site in which he comments: “Wisconsin has seen its best two-year job growth in a decade.” I call Bull on that. During those two years, after Doyle left office, Wisconsin started to lose jobs, not gaining.

Here is a sample from the story:

To examine the decade, we’ll use the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, a thorough jobs count that economists, state and federal jobs officials and the Walker administration agree is the most accurate source. The figures, based on reports from more than 90% of public and private employers, are gathered by the state, then adjusted and published by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The latest state-by-state figures through 2012 came out in mid-2013, prompting Walker to highlight the state’s improvement from 44th in job-creation to 33rd among the states.

Walker’s new campaign claim isn’t specific to private-sector jobs or all jobs, so we’ll examine both the private world and the broader employment picture, including government jobs, though we note that Walker’s 250,000 promise was for the private side only.

We went back to 2002 to get enough data to measure the changes in the last decade, so the baseline was the final year of Republican Gov. Scott McCallum’s brief tenure. The 2003-2010 figures belong to the era of Walker’s predecessor, Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle.

The most important number is 62,082 — that’s how many more private-sector jobs existed at the end of December 2012 compared to the end of December 2010 — the first two years of the Walker era. Walker was sworn in Jan. 3, 2011.

Is it the best two-year period in the last decade?

Wisconsin actually lost ground at times in the decade, most notably in 2008 and 2009 amid the worst effects of the prolonged national downturn dubbed the Great Recession. From the end of 2007 to the end of 2009, the private job tally in Wisconsin fell by a whopping 175,000 — a drop of 7 percent.

Doyle, we found, can’t claim a better two-year period than Walker’s 62,082 gain in private-sector jobs.

But there is a two-year period that tops that — December 2009 to December 2011, when the private jobs count jumped by 63,458.

That period encompasses Doyle’s final year in office and Walker’s first, both of which came after the official end of the recession in mid-2009.

The state’s employment turnaround began in 2010, Doyle’s final year, when the count jumped by more than 33,600, mirroring national gains. It has continued under Walker, though at a slightly slower pace in raw numbers. By comparison, the gains in Walker’s first two years were 29,800 and 32,282, respectively.

What about the broader job count, including both the private and public sectors?

We found two earlier periods that top Walker’s two-year mark on the combined total of private and public-sector jobs. The Walker-era total was 53,564. Before the recession, from the end of 2003 to the end of 2005 — in Doyle’s era — the job count grew by 58,062. The other total that topped 2011-12 was post-recession, in the Doyle-Walker period of 2010 and 2011.

The bottom line here: Walker’s campaign claim falls short.

Well it seems all that talk about getting the so-called Private Sector Jobs of 250,000 is just imaginary. Really it is. As of right now, like the article said: the job count was around around 62,000-plus. Meaning that the total is just 1/4 or a quarter of his 250,000 objective. I said it before and I’ll say it again: HE WILL NEVER GET to 250,000! Period. If Walker wanted 250,000 in a different manner, the state would be booming like it’s Jim Doyle’s Last Term. – Which has more jobs raking in than Walker’s imaginary turn. Hey walker backers: Wanna see how many jobs are popping up the right way? Reference President Obama. Just saying. He’s putting in more jobs than Walker! Speaking of that, let’s review EXACTLY how many jobs the current administration made since 2009 and 2012 courtesy of

Jobs chart

Now let’s see.  It was around what? 5.6 Million. And Walker had 62,000+ in his first two. Do the ratio, students.  And according to in the first quarter of 2013, when Obama got in the chair (YET AGAIN), the job numbers were at 1,564,000. And Walker?!!!! Hmmm…….It just hit me on the head: I think Scott Walker needs to have is a little “Barack Obama” in him in terms of getting the jobs!

Now: Let’s talk Al Jazeera America. No really. Let’s do it.

If those paid attention to the newscasts of the live shows and recorded pre information of the anchors, plus also there is a Milwaukee Connection with Al Jazeera America by the name of Sarah Hoye. Remember that name Milwaukee? Back in the day, for those who don’t know, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel used to have a weekly publication called “MKE”. It was a publication in which that displayed stories through the younger citizens and reporters of Milwaukee. Some worked for the Journal. And yes, Sarah Hoye was one of them. Al Jazeera America, or in twitterland its called “@ajam”, is geared to news that is alternative to Fox News, The Blaze (which is Glenn Beck Ridden) and mostly MSNBC. Al Jazeera America is also gearing their news that is less celebrity coverage, less of the coverage that overshadowing, but also is enhancing the news that most don’t usually get to see. Nor when the media forgot to cover in a home sense. Since the station launched yesterday, as of today, yes it’s got pretty good reviews. But likewise, there are those who had to put their liberties of hate. What do I mean by that: go to the Al Jazeera America page on Twitter and all the literal Bull about them being so propagandist towards Muslims favorable of the channel, and a new commentary about former VP Al Gore selling Current TV to Al Jazeera America in which most remember that it was the same station that broadcasted 9/11 from the other side. But that was “AL JAZEERA!” not AL JAZEERA AMERICA! And the Twitter folks who say, “America is sleeping with the enemy.” All because of the launch of Al Jazeera America.

I have to comment: #AMERICANSPLEASE!

I’ll bet they are the same Americans who all “gung ho” with guns, hate blacks, can’t trust Muslims, or other ethnics. Or in this case, can’t relate what most Americans feel that its a colorblind society. Yeah I said it! Every tweet that came in on Twitter about the hate on Al Jazeera America, I had to laugh. Yeah I’m laughing at these yahoos that think Glenn Beck is the answer-man. We know where his mind is: WACKED UP! They say that The Blaze is for real Americans? I put that on my “yeah right” list. The Blaze is no where near where Al Jazeera America, nor MSNBC is. I’m a “real American” that doesn’t watch nor pay attention to Right Wing Crap like The Blaze and Fox News.  Those who went in on AL Jazeera America are just making noise without thought! And if those on Twitter had to gumption to make themselves foolish, oh yeah, they have been exposed. Just shut up and watch. If you don’t like it, don’t talk, email, Facebook, Tweet, or anything else that! Just change the freaking channel! How hard is that?!!!! Or better yet, in the words of some facebook/twitter folks, I may sound harsh, but I’m going to say it: #deleteyourself!

Will Al Jazeera America make it? Only time will tell. But yes, I’ll still watch the MSNBC’s like Tamron Hall, Karen Finney, PoliticsNation, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Ed Schultz. And soon to be TVOne’s News One Now with Roland Martin. Don’t call me a fan of “AJAM” yet! Give me time folks.  Plus would I watch some of the News and or specials on Al Jazeera America  and give it a comment on my own? Don’t be surprised if I do.

And finally: Republicans. Do me a favor. Can the Elephants, or the party that claimed that Lincoln freed the slaves do me one tiny favor: SIT DOWN and SHUT UP! Now about Obamacare:  they can vote up to take down Obamacare all they want, but the fact remains it’s deadlocked. Not happening! These dudes in the Republican Controlled congress voted 40 times to try to declare an end to Obamacare. Just a FYI: Obamacare starts October 1st or later. And this party will not bury it! If they don’t do that way, the issue of a Government Shutdown might happen in which the red squad were big losers when Clinton was running the show. Hmmmmm………Republicans: you want this again? Like 1995? Just a reminder: 2014 is around the corner and some of you will lose your seats! Go ahead. You think that will solve dumping Obama? And that impeachment idea? Impeach him for what?!!!! All because of healthcare, equal pay, Jobs (in which Congress failed to pass) Sunny the newest member of the Obama dog crew with Bo? Guess what? Not going to happen. Not will happen!  Just face facts, Republicans, Obamacare is coming, and I’ll bet that the fear of the President and Impeachment will not get moved out . You want an impeachment? Impeach John Boenher. Impeach Mitch McConnell. Impeach Ted Cruz. Impeach Scott Walker. Impeach Eric Cantor. Impeach Paul Ryan. (Yeah, Wisconsin I said it!) Impeach Clarence Thomas. Impeach Scalia, and Impeach every single Tea Party Member, or those wannabes that are all talk about having Voter ID’s, redistricting the voting areas, being all christian and still kill, cutting off medicaid, slashing education, helping the Koch Brothers, or putting America in debt on two wars that most are still paying for! And that most is us Tax Payers. Wise up, Americans. There’s your impeachment ideas! And impeaching Obama is not nor ever will be an option.

Give it up! The more they talk, fill in the blank.

In the wake of justice that has been sweeping across America, in conjunction with the George Zimmerman trial, there has been a guilty consciousness among the mind of John Spooner. If you don’t know what’s up in Milwaukee I’ll tell you this: John Spooner was found guilty today of killing a 13 year old teenager named Darius Simmons. Spooner shot and killed Simmons in a first degree intentional homicide attempt.

In the recent backlash among these I think the “Stand your Ground Laws” or those “Castle Doctrines” there is price for that. So I question: is the SYG really that necessary? Even if a black teenager like Darius Simmons was not doing anything wrong? This is what is going on right now in conjunction of what Trayvon Martin experienced.

Plus to add this is just a “phase one.” What that means that now it has to go to the second phase in which has to prove that Spooner had been in a mental state of condition like defects or disorder.

To read the story, click on this link, courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Spooner Guilty of Murder


Follow up news: The court in regarding John Spooner’s condition of being in a “mental state” was thrown out. His mental state was sane and will serve the rest of his life in prison.

It’s about time to do another version of Three Way Dance. If you’re a Wrestling fan,you should know what this is in terms of having three wrestlers in one ring, having ONE of the wrestlers to win the match. But apparently the three way dance I’m bringing up, has nothing to do with WWE or TNA wrestling. Neither UFC or MMA Fighting.

First Take: In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel today, there was an article about Scott Walker having this thought that the offices of President Obama and Tammy Baldwin are still in effect based on the thought they are going against him to out him in 2014. Prepare to laugh. Really?! This is coming from a guy who has the numbers and words of 250,000 private sector jobs etched in his head. In the claim, the story states that in his words “Obama for President and Baldwin for Senate have kept their campaign offices up and running in Fox Valley, Eau Claire and La Crosse with their staffs preparing for the next battle.”  See I told you the laughter would kick in. And delusional at the same darn time. If any political history buff already knows that since November 6th, yes both Obama and Baldwin won. But also the new Senator Baldwin is beginning her first term in Washington, while Obama is in his second term, but NOT running for office after 2016. When you are re-elected as President of the United States and you get a second term, you done. Plain and simple. Then after that, you start building a Library in your honor. Personally, I have not seen not one Obama For America office still operating in Milwaukee, but I know that there will be more Organizing For Action offices popping up in continuing Obama’s Ideals and Objectives going. For Tammy, I think she might support the leading Democratic Wisconsin Candidate for the chair in Madison, but no not setting up offices for her or him. Oh, the mind games  It made me laugh, but very serious. But Scott Walker is right about one thing, it would be difficult for him to defend his chair in 2014, but if the democrats in Wisconsin are more smarter and eager, they need to get someone that is stronger than Walker, and can beat him at his own game. And no, Tom Barrett I think would not be mentioned strongly. The Demos need to go extreme and hardcore to get to Walker and his breaking point. But him thinking Obama was in business in Wisconsin along with Baldwin, can I really say, this has to be the most delusional crap coming out of a guy that is teabagger ridden? Yeah I said it.

Plus also, another mistake of the Walker guy, is the establishment of the WEDC. It used to Commerce Department of the state. And today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel called out the Walker Administration to tell them they need to straighten up in regarding this. In a blog called “Blue in the County”, which is on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Purple Wisconsin Website, Kristen Hansen pointed out several areas of the mistake in her blog story,  “I hate to say I told you so, but”…. Reminds me of my 22 Wisconsin blogs that well, I told you so! She writes.

Anyway, in February, 2011, when the Wisconsin Legislature approved  Walker’s proposal to partly privatize the Department of Commerce, one senator who voted for the change said the state needed to “do something different. This is different.” (I don’t think by “different” he meant “worse” but that’s what we got.) Those questioning the move pointed to Indiana and Michigan where unemployment was, and still is, higher than in Wisconsin. Indiana’s unemployment rate is 8.7%, Michigan’s is 8.5%, and Wisconsin’s is 7.1%. So basically we copied the brilliant plan from states that have worse unemployment than we do and now our rate is going up. The WEDC has spent millions on its own administration and given away $172 million in loans, grants and tax credits and what do we have to show for it? We’ve dropped from 11th in the nation in job creation to 44th.

And to top things off, Kristen continued her summary of the highlights given.

It looks like we’re headed in the same direction with the WEDC, exactly as my research predicted. A private agency run amok, not creating jobs and not really wanting to tell us what they are doing. And since they are no longer a public agency, it’s much harder to get answers and hold them accountable.

So I ask again, Open for Business? I don’t think so. And likewise, the jury is still out.

Second take: Now I’m going national. By now the story of Mountain Dew is circulating and at a the center of the creation, Tyler the Creator. Last time, I talked about Tyler the Creator he won a MTV Video Music Award in 2007 for Best New Artist. No one heard of Tyler until his name popped up. Yeah, I’ve seen his videos on Youtube and he has a explicit edge in his craft. And everyone thought N.W.A. had an Explicit Edge. But in recent events, Mountain Dew brought out a commercial in which had several black dudes, an older white woman, a white dude as a police detective, and a goat. You may have seen it. And after the commercial was aired and played, the seriousness of racist responses came at a fever pitch. Everyone bugged LL Cool J with his collaboration with Brad Paisley with “Accidental Racist”. But after that, I guarantee you that those who were mad at LL, will go to his concerts, buy or download his music or watch that movie of Deliver Us From Eva.  But anyway, for Tyler, his fanbase might continue. If those who follow him, will, but I dare ANY fan of Tyler the Creator, and I mean DARE, get on his case. I’m serious. Hold him accountable! And conversely, if you like drinking Mountain Dews on an occasional basis, you hold them accountable also. Too many times in history, company commercials at times, get away with murder. I’m not saying all of them. There are some that do keep their peace. But for Mountain Dew. They need to learn today! Yes, the commercial was yanked. And those of us are mad (in the Black Community) at Tyler and Mountain Dew for their creation and distribution of the commercial  It seems the anger should be towards Tyler the Creator, than Mountain Dew. And to justify the thought, when the commercial was yanked, it even surprised Tyler himself. I know there are supporters of the commercial might back him up and saying that the commercial wasn’t that bad, and black folks shouldn’t be so sensitive when it comes to race. Um, when something that goes against the things that our own folks that have gone through with the struggle of Civil Rights, and many more barriers for African-Americans to prosper, it’s  not a concern of the so-called sensitivity. It’s a reminder of pride and dignity. Hello! But I’m going to make a bold prediction, even though most of us are just now knowing who this cat is, the heated debate will probably last for about 3 weeks or more.  Then folks would probably get back supporting Mountain Dew and Tyler the Creator again. Watch. Think I’m lying? The only way that the thought might be proven wrong, as if folks might step up and say: no more!

Now the third take: Lil Wayne submits a statement to the family of Emmett Til. We know the lyrics from the then Karate Chop single right?  “Beat that p****y up like Emmett Till”. Remember that? And also Epic Records took down the song based on what was heard? Now the family of Emmett Til received Lil’ Wayne’s statement of the situation, and apparently the family rejected the note. Their reason? It didn’t have “I’m Sorry” or “I apologize”. It appears to me that the Emmett Til Family wants to have Lil’ Wayne one of those “Come to Jesus Meetings”. And the issue still comes that the family wants to teach Lil’ Wayne a lesson of respect for their fallen family member. And also this also shows an example that our teens/children still need to know their history. Specifically BLACK Folks! Those of us who have kids now, I pray to GOD that you better teach them about civil rights, and a reason why Emmett Til’s murder was a lightning rod of taking action against lynchings and murders! Oh, I can’t imagine in the next 20 or 30 years, if that song is researched in a College Classroom or some futuristic version of the Steve Wilkos Show, or in a high school setting, that there might be those who look at the name Emmett Till, and might say, oh that’s that dude who was in that Lil’ Wayne Karate Chop song. Keep in mind for those who are 14 years old, When Emmett Til was your age, he was murdered after whistling after a white woman in the south. Most should know that. I dare ANY YOUNG hip-hop fan who is dazed and confused about this, better hit the books! Hold Lil’ Wayne accountable! Not the so-called lyrics that you shouldn’t know. Yes, Lil’ Wayne is talented in his own right, but he better get his mind right also. Just saying.

I did say this was a “Three Way Dance”. When you facing opponents who are delusioned, uneducated and facing a Jesus meeting, they all are going to lose. Just my opinion.