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For this exclusive, I’m going to highlight just the recent incidents that happened in Milwaukee. For the last couple of days, the city has had issues concnering Carjackings or young boys stealing cars like it’s out of Grand Theft Auto. And usually it’s those that is unwatchable. Plus, I’ll address a deep commentary of my own in dealding with the issues of homosexuality with a concern that dealt and currently deals with a “leading African-American Community Leader” and a “victim” that was recently victimized at guess what: 16 years old. Hold on your hats!

Part I: Milwaukee – These carjacking acts and car stealing MUST STOP NOW!

We have seen these carjacking acts in which we are getting tired of. All those whom have these 13 year olds, these 16 years who are doing this mess MUST STEP UP! Nevermind if you have to work 2 jobs. Go out and get your children off these streets and into the house! The main reason why this is going on is the fact that many are scared to step up to the kids and say don’t you dare! Who’s going to step up and ACTUALLY do this? Like I said they are treating this like it’s a game. This is no game! You are dealing with real lives with this. The reason why it hits home with me because one of my relatives was involved with stealing cars way back. And the thing is, he did his time in jail, got out. And then, went back and did the same mess again and now in jail for the second time around! This is not a joke! Milwaukee, it’s time that we need to step up and tell those who are doing this, that it MUST END NOW! What is really happening here? These parents who don’t raise these kids don’t know squat themselves. YES I WENT THERE! You ask why, why are these kids whom do the Carjacking and Auto Theft stuff? Who is influencing them to do this? Is it the other boys? And it’s not just boys. Girls are doing this too? Who’s is influceing them?!! We need to come out of the gate and monitor those whom do this. On Social Media, one of the DJ’s from V-100 Reggie Brown put out a reminder and a warning about the acts that the young folks might be on when stuff like this happens with carjackings:

Oh, just a reminder. Wisconsin is a Open Carry State.

We all know that the city got the bad rap of being Segregated, Poor, and Human Trafficking. And the worst place to live for blacks, but when you have YOUR OWN FOLKS per say on the same race color per say as you, and being young and dumb, it’s clearly that the city has it’s work to cut out. We know what it always has been, but what is it about Milwaukee that we WANT TO SEE. As I write this, this weekend is Milwaukee’s 170th Anniversary as a founding of the city. Yes, I know. But what will  be the EXTRA WILL that will carry Milwaukee to explore for the next milestone? Come on folks. No matter what you believe, pray to, honor, or party to, generate the thoughts and SAVE THIS CITY! Starting with those whom are YOUNG! And those who WANT TO STAY and THRIVE! START THIS NOW!


Part II – It’s time to talk and really talk about Homophobic Stuff.

In the last two days, my ears have been in tuned on 860 WNOV. In which it always has for the last 3 and half years. However, there was a major shock of concern that happened in the black community that was so disturbing that I won’t repeat here. But I can say that the act of this news coming out that had many of the listeners in complete shock and disgrace. What was a disgrace? Having a leading African-American Community member having sexual relations with a 16 year old. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! This news of this matter had reached fever pitches of disgust, confusion and anger. And for the last couple of days, these came out of the voices of the callers, as published and reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

One female caller blamed the victim and claimed that because the person is trans-gendered, the person is more promiscuous. She went on to say that she feels that the child is the one who did the luring of the “adult” and that. if that’s the case, the adult should not be charged.

And here’s another statement: black folks. ENOUGH! It’s time that we need to address this topic. We need to stop deny of this misconceptions. It’s time to stop the barriers of religion in which some will use it to a disadvantage. It’s time to get inside of the minds of those thinking it’s false. LOOK AROUND YOU! It is around and it’s here! And people, enough about the skeptics of Gay Bombs and foods that found that might get you gay. Enough of the talk of Gay Bibles! You wanna get real with this topic that many of us have our heads stuck in the sand, it’s time to start getting real and real darn fast! And stop being afraid. ENOUGH!

She said if a child already has been sexually active then that child knows what he or she is doing.


I gotta say this. At times and this mostly the truth, when it comes to sex or being engaged Sexually, in my opinion, the teens don’t know how to handle that. They really don’t! Let’s be real, they think they know, but don’t know squat! But in regarding this teen and this leading African-American Community Member, this is a deal that is so out of bounds. I do hope that if this person is revealed as the person being as is, kiss all those accolades GOODBYE! Yep, the career stuff will go down the drain and most likely will INDEED SERVE jail time. If anyone knows about serving time in jail and having the accolades stripped, ask the most recent guy that the Milwaukee Black Community knows: Mike McGee Jr. Yes, he’s out and doing his community activism duties. However, this story is not about him. More on that later.

The talk also continued on The Forum Today, in which the issue of religion and church has been featured. One caller called in about drums, sanctuaries and no panties on. No joke. I’m like really? We got church members in the game that do that? What church that is?! After hearing that portion that sounded like a mouthful, I immediately turned to the United Methodist Church and it talked about the issues of the rule of Safe Sanctuaries. I want all the Milwaukee Black Churches in the city to ask this question. No matter if you’re Methodist, Baptist, Community, Non-Denominational, Lutheran, or whatever: Does your congregation(s) have a rule of Safe Sanctuaries? If not, it’s best to start up one right now! Courtesy of the United Methodist Church’s website, here is the rundown of the Safe Sanctuaries rules:

How to Begin Developing and Updating a Safe Sanctuaries® Policy

The process of developing a Safe Sanctuaries® Policy in your congregation is not complicated. These 10 steps will guide you in reducing the risk of abuse and protecting children and youth in your congregation.

Step 1 – Find out if your congregation has Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines in place, when it was last updated, and when leaders, teachers, and staff last attended training. If a policy does not exist, make every effort to implement the following steps as swiftly as possible.

Step 2 – Talk with the senior pastor, congregational leaders, teachers, parents, guardians, grandparents, and others who are concerned about the importance of keeping children and youth safe. As a group, discuss the existing policy or the process for creating Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines. Meet as a group with the Church Council. Resources in Steps 3-6 will be helpful in this process.

Step 3 – Contact your Annual Conference Safe Sanctuaries® Coordinator or the Discipleship Ministries staff to obtain a copy of the policy and training adopted by your Annual Conference. If you are unsure of your church’s Annual Conference, use the UMC Annual Conference Finder or ask your senior pastor.

Step 4 – Use the Discipleship Ministries Self-Evaluation Tool to assess your congregation’s policy and guidelines needs for the prevention of abuse in your congregation’s ministry with children and youth. This tool helps identify the areas that require attention.

Step 5 – Gather current resources necessary for planning and maintaining policies that protect children, youth, and the adults who serve them. Keep these in a place for church leaders and teachers to easily reference.
Safe Sanctuaries®: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church for Children and Youth and Safe Sanctuaries® for Children and Youth DVD: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church were developed through Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church. The book includes: Information on recruiting, screening, and hiring workers with children and youth, Guidelines for developing policies and procedures, Training models, Suggestions for congregational response to allegations of abuse, Sample forms and guides. Also view the recorded webinar Safe Sanctuaries – The Basics.

Step 6 – Recommend that your pastoral staff read Safe Sanctuaries® for Ministers: Reducing the Risk of Abuse in the Church to gain a better understanding of the ministerial role in keeping children and youth safe in church and at church activities. This resource is written specifically for those serving as pastors in local church settings.

Step 7 – Write or update Safe Sanctuaries® Policies and Guidelines for your congregation, making sure to address the unique risks in your congregational setting. Your Annual Conference is vital to developing these policies. Acquaint everyone in the congregation with the policy and guidelines, and its contents. View sample policies and guidelines for congregations of all sizes.

Step 8 – Know your legal responsibility. In many states, clergy members and those involved in the care of children and youth are considered “mandated reporters,” meaning they have specific obligation to report suspected child abuse. Updated information on these mandates in your particular state can be found at Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Step 9 – Contact your local hospital, police department, social service agency or public health department for names of people in your area qualified to speak with teachers, leaders, parents, and church staff on local resources and procedures for responding to potential abuse.

Step 10 – In all you do, remember that as part of his public ministry, Jesus committed the then-radical act of welcoming children. Our commitment to reducing the risk of abuse in the church for children and youth is one way that we live out Jesus’ act of love.

Again this is the rule only applies to the United Methodist Church. BUT, if I were any of you non-demonitional or other denominational churches out there, IMPLEMENT a Safe Sanctuary Policy Rule to make sure that your church congregations, and vistors know that the worship services are safe for every man, woman and mostly children! It should be a vibrant time in the building without any harm or concern. Now what I have displayed here as an alert, I did not hear that on the Black Milwaukee Radio Connections. NONE! Neither from the callers or anyone. Mostly it was bashing. Not really much that the church should have safeguards for all. Why is that? If I was on the radio today, I would HIGHLY RECOMMNEND about the use of Safe Sanctuaries period. Forget about the MONEY, and where does the MONEY goes after church. But know this, the actions of the safety of children or teens, or sensitive grown folks that want to worship without any harm or concern should be a TOP PRIORITY of all. No matter who comes into the church!  Even if the person is homophobic but has a heart of mininstry that wants to serve! Even my childhood pastor said this and I’m saying it here!


And I think the montage of #BlackLivesMatter won’t come here. But the life of this 16 year old needs to be brought to life and ask does this teen’s life matter?

Gotta keep it 100, right?








Can I just vent a little? Sheriff David Clarke’s freaking head needs examination!

Yeah I said it!

I hate to say it Milwaukee County, but what were we thinking in which this dude got in again. Now I know the sympathizers might come and say, “oh at least he’s telling the truth…..” Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look at this video footage:

You see this BS? Seriously?!!

You talk about Sub-human creeps?

In the video, he also said that about police brutality: ‘There is no police brutality in America’. He also said that the President is playing the race game, in his regarding the subject of #BlackLivesMatter. Oh, he also claimed like after January 2017, when he claims that the “nightmare” will disappear.

I call the B.S. Card on this one!

Sheriff David Clarke, the second black sheriff in Milwaukee County is nothing more than a misguided dude. I’m sorry he is. I thought he was “voteable”, but I was wrong. I feel that those whom voted for him the most probably got more votes in the outline suburbs surrounding Milwaukee than in the Metro Area of Milwaukee! And those of us in the Black Community IN Milwaukee probably got the worst mistake by accepting that in voting for him by being a black man in office. Is that the reason? I’ll never forget the acceptance speech after he won. And I’ll never forget what the late Annette “Polly” Williams said that she voted for Clarke because he’s a black man, whom also supported the Sheriff’s vote to stay in office. She said that on her own radio segment in Milwaukee awhile back. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey man, she was a black woman voting for a black man, and served her district well in her tenure”. I get that. That was her viewpoint. But  I also realized that others like Polly probably felt the same way in Milwaukee’s Black Community. With all due respect to her and her legacy, and have nothing against that. But right now, I hope that folks are beginning to wake up with the truth stating that the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History is not really out for black folks!

And also, why wouldn’t Sheriff Clarke wouldn’t go on black talk shows like Roland Martin’s to talk about #BlackLivesMatter? Just like all the Bill O’Reily fanatics, the Rush Limbaughs, Ann Coulters, Glenn Becks, and others of that so-called right wing media mess of The Blaze and Fox News, that talk a lot of their game being anti-black this and that, to not having a sit down convo with someone like Roland who pulls no punches in talking about the real deal about the purpose or goal of saying and displaying #BlackLivesMatter. But they won’t! They are scared to death of black media folks who want to challenge them on their commentary! And lately, Sheriff Clarke said this tweet about the movement joining up with ISIS:


Really, Sheriff Clarke? The Black Lives Matter movement will join up with ISIS?!!! How stupid and pathetic of this high ranking COUNTY OFFICIAL thinking that this would happen?!!!! Yo, if anyone voted up for him last year, or endorsed him in your Milwaukee radio spots last year, you should have thought twice! Polly Williams has turned over in her grave like crazy right now. SMH! I have to ask this Milwaukee County: Is electing Sheriff David Clarke (yet again) plus what he said here, a real conclusion that really will get Milwaukee’s long shot of jobs?  I’ll say it: No. Not a chance. This is an embarrassment!

In regards to President Obama’s stance on the Black Lives Matter movement: it got a boost. Last week as we all know, The President did indeed nodded that there are issues that the African-American community faces each day that goes unnoticed. In the interview, he said this from the article of the Washington Post:

Sometimes, like any of these loose organizations, some people pop off and say dumb things but … on the other hand though, it started being lifted up as ‘these folks are opposed to police, they’re opposed to cops and all lives matter,’ so the notion was that somehow saying black lives matter was reverse racism or suggesting that other people’s lives don’t matter or police officers lives don’t matter,” Obama said. “And whenever we get bogged down in that kind of discussion, we know where that goes, that’s just down the old trap.”

Obama went on to suggest that organizers of Black Lives Matter — which he declared a “social media movement” — do value all lives and do support good law enforcement. But he added, repeating a line he has used often when discussing issues of race and policing, that concerns about policing and profiling in minority communities are real and valid.

“I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else’s lives matter … rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the African American community that’s not happening in other communities,” Obama said. “And that is a legitimate issue that we’ve got to address.

And guess what, ladies and gentlemen: we are still addressing the legitimate issues! It doesn’t matter what year or era it is. Even if it’s Police Brutality! I’ve seen scenes of police videos in Milwaukee of the Police Department punching a black woman in the back of a squad car. Even a California Highway Patrolman punching a black woman on the ground in broad daylight! Remember in Milwaukee in 2004 when Frank Jude Jr was beaten up by the police way back? That happened. Tell me I’m wrong! Beatings. Brutalities. And Sheriff David Clarke thinks it’s been handled in the 60’s and it’s gone? Obviously, he had forgot about Rodney King!

It is no wonder that the head of the County Sheriff himself needed to be examined. And to those that voted him into office yet again, your heads need to be examined! It’s coming like a evil Halloween smile on a Jack-O-Lantern.


Oh, and Happy Halloween by the way.

For all of us got this love for Cecil The Lion, look I get it. But where is the same love about black folks in America getting killed by those in blue and have badges, and for no apparent reason?!

Just ponder and think about this:


Like I said, I get it! I get it. But I’m also asking those who are Animal Activists, and those who got love for Lions, where is your outrage when Sandra Bland was getting arrest inappropriately in a traffic stop in Texas? Where was your outrage when the likes of Steve Harvey’s Radio Show and Tom Joyner Morning Show disappeared from the airwaves in Milwaukee? And speaking of that, where is YOUR outrage when the City of Milwaukee itself has reached about 91 homicides this summer?! Anyone taking pointers on that? Go ahead. Try it!

It’s funny though that with all the major madness in the world going on, folks had to pick on the darn dentist in Minnesota (who did a crime in Wisconsin), is picking on him all because of an assassination of Cecil The Lion. Have I heard of Cecil The Lion? Nope. I’ve heard of Samson the Gorilla. Gertie The Duck. MGM’s Leo the Lion. Hank The Dog of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Oh wow, society!

OK, Animal Lovers. I get it. But still, think about what I said here!

And that goes double for so-called Milwaukee Lion too!

Oh I got a four way stop to say! And trust me this will be one of the hardest four ways that I will write. In this, I’m about to go in on a dumb commentary that Milwaukee County Sheriff gave on Fox News, the pathetic commentary of the Google Search of the N*gga House, the shootings in Waco in a gang motorcycle style, and as usual the random dumb shootings that occurred in the Milwaukee Area. Pump your breaks. Check the Signals. It’s a Four Way Stop!

First Stop: Can Sheriff Clarke please stop? I don’t know anyone in Milwaukee is hearing this, but our beloved second black Sheriff is on the news again. This time he was on a rant about Michelle Obama’s 2015 Commencement Speech at Tuskegee University. In this one minute sample, listen to the “remark” that the Sheriff gave. Start to hit the tripping button.

Black Sheriff Argues for Black People to Forgive America for Slavery and Assimilate, Is He Right?

Are we tripping yet? Are We? We better!

Sheriff David Clarke’s Commentary was just that: dumb. Yes I was challenged to hear the entire viewpoint and yes this is my thought courtesy of my Facebook comments:

“In regarding Michelle Obama with her commencement speech at Tuskegee, he believes she was out of line. Primarily, if David Clarke actually articulated what Michelle was saying in the context of the speech then probably there might be some silver lining of sympathy. Apparently, not very much. Ill just leave it like that.”

So. That is my thought.

Now there are those who like Sheriff Clarke will, or would probably say the exact thing of what was harshly commented out the so-called disdainful words of Michelle Obama. We know that many in the right wing media folks have already pledged their allegiance against the commencement speech. We know the Ann Coulters of the world had to shoot her mouth off and I just know that the fact she probably did. So did Rush Limbaugh, or matter of fact, some goober on Youtube probably had to come up with a video like  “Oh the racists hurting on me!” In a sarcasm way. But the fact of the matter, they do NOT understand and never took the time, persistence, or dedication or just some good understanding of what the racist angles that Michelle Obama went through. NEVER! Also, those same folks who somewhat called out the FLOTUS, probably had a dose of their own medicine. Again: Sheriff Clarke was one of them.

He thought in a congressional hearing that the late Eric Gardner had a heart attack when he perished in New York. DUDE: What kind of ISH was that? REALLY? This dude, Sheriff David Clarke needs to have his head examined. I mean this is the same dude that many in Milwaukee (Black Milwaukee) voted for over the other guy of Chris Moews. Obviously, he was and is I hate to say, is misguided. And no, not  just because he’s the 2nd black Milwaukee County Sheriff. And I’ll say this as a Milwaukee County Resident: I feel embarrassed. He really doesn’t have the fortitude in knowing to credit the real source. I’m just saying!

Second Stop: Ever been to a N*gga House?

Oh there those who haven’t either. Or maybe they have been in a different name. Do this as a favor, when on Google Maps, type in N*gga House (in an non explicit type fashion) and hit the enter key. When you press the Enter key on Google Maps with the N-Word House in it, guess where that takes you? It takes you to a place in D.C. called The White House. Yes, the actual White House where the current President and First Family is residing. And you know what’s even worse on that? I’m reading these bogus comments on how the White House is treated  as some racist angle per say. Let me remind those who are so screwed up about black people: It was black people (both slaves and free) BUILT the White House! They were the first builders, construction workers, and many others whom helped the Peoples House to be built in Chocolate City. So to those who are so misguided, hate to say, you need to re-examined to the fullest!

Really. Google needs to get their butts or brains out of the gutter and ACTUALLY DO work to get their maps stuff under control! It’s not just the N*gga House. It could be N*gga anything that is demeaning, or disgraceful to black folks worldwide and even yes in the United States! And to those black folks who feel its so funny and to poke around, congrats. You just made that list of those on Facebook called “The Cooning Watch!” I want to know is where is all the Black People who work at Google, from the workers to the behind the scenes folks who find this so racist. Where they at?

Third stop: The Waco Shootings.

Oh let me see here. We have a bunch of bikers getting into shootings and they acted like animals. And they got arrested in the crimes they committed on their part. I need to ask, who does biker shootouts in 2015? Seriously?!! There was a time that Milwaukee I believe almost had this at one of the Harley-Davidson’s Anniversaries of the birth of the bikes persay. Yes there was a potential somewhat fight between rival biker gangs of the alleged melee. Now I’ll bet that the bikers whom did the shootings were a bunch of animals? Speaking of that, many have called out blacks killing themselves as a “bunch of animals.” But when you see majority of the bikers whom are white and actually did this with handcuffs in all, do they get the award of being a “bunch of animals as well?”

Well guess what Americans: anyone causing harm to anyone else in a harsh manner IS LIKE AN ANIMAL! And America has had a HISTORY of that didn’t happened back in the 50’s.

Fourth stop: The Same ol’ Milwaukee shootings.
We all know this is a hot button topic. And I made a prediction back in midspring, and I’ll say it here. And I don’t care what is being reported on the news, black radio, black internet radio, a black podcast, or the paper. This summer we’ll read or hear about some young man or lady will be on someone’s target list that will be casket paid! Burials or Cremations. Just to think that when Archie Brown, Jr was killed near 47th and Glendale, someone was screaming’ JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! Not mocking just saying. Most recently, Milwaukee had shootings in certain neighborhoods, schools, parking lots, nearby stores, salons, churches, our workplaces, and now, at FUNERALS and get this: VIGILS! Oh, what we can’t go to vigils to honor’s one’s spirit that was killed? SERIOUSLY? I ask this over and over again, where are the safety nets in our community? Where are those places in which NOBODY can’t get killed or shot up by a bunch of hoodlums that want to mess things up? Now for those who have transplanted out of Milwaukee and have this carefree of not worrying about bullets flying in general, yes I hear you. BUT I think that memory that you keep talking about, will stay WITH YOU no matter what area you move to. Is the safety net in the Suburbs? When you hear about the drug activities in all, the reaction will be different from the city’s BUT the concern is the SAME as everywhere else! Hey, I don’t care if you move to Texas. Or Georgia. Or anywhere else in the United States. Any city or suburb can feel the same concern about someone getting shot or killed as many others. No one ever thought that there could have been shootings in Sandy Hook in which that many I think Milwaukee knows.

But seriously, this summer in which is fast approaching along with the festivals, Summerfest, your Family Reunion, your Class Reunions or any other celebration, even Summer Break, someone is going to get shot and killed THIS SEASON! It’s been like that before and it will not change.I think it’s time that right now, it’s time to gear up programs, activities, gatherings and many others that will try to keep stuff like this at bay.

I’m sure everyone knows about the shootings recently in Milwaukee. We all know about it. The debates, the concerns, the outcries and the lessons learned at times of doing the right thing. Back and forth was constant debate about the use of stay or leave Milwaukee due to the shootings. And the comments about those whom say stop saying it, needs to reexamine that notion again! Technically it does happen almost everywhere in the Continental United States and even in areas in the country that don’t see this at all. Even though some maybe somewhat feel safe in all, be advised that sometimes that can be broken!

I remember asking question straight up: Where are the safety nets?! And no, don’t include #BlackLivesMatter on this. Not just yet.

For the shootings that took the lives of Archie Brown Jr in regarding him doing the right thing, that shouldn’t end like that. It really should not! I had to ponder time after time again, why do folks at times have to be vanquished of bullets, guns, and knives all because they did the one thing that is law of doing the right thing of when it comes to accidents? And the result have to die by the hand of a gun? The dude that did the killing of the brothers and Archie Brown, Ricky Ricardo Chiles, III had a $25,000 tag on his head for a couple of days, and the ending result: turning the gun on himself in a motel room in the Chicagoland Area. The main question of all of this, and I happen to be in the questioning is this: Why didn’t he just surrendered?! Also he was yet to believe that he was the uncle of the two year old, Damani Terry and Rasheed Chiles.

There also yet to believe that Ricky had trouble with the law before and he offered a “light sentence” while serving time in another state. And not be in possession with a firearm afterwards. Why and how Ricky got a firearm in the first place? Makes no sense! Just to wonder that in the state that Ricky was in in having a firearm, there have and are countless others who probably went through the same thing with or without knowing! The knowing part: is just that how many families that knows a family member or any member that has a gun in the house in which that member should not use? This would be a preventative safety question that many should not overlook!

Many in Milwaukee wanted to see Ricky to receive justice for the killing of Archie Brown Jr. However the justice he’s getting, is God’s Justice.

In the coming week, the Brown Family will memorialize the life of their son, brother, relative, and also father. The hard decision for the parents of Archie Brown, Jr will be a very difficult one to bury their son. I said earlier that NO parent should not bury their children. And the same will be for the Chiles family in burying a two year old, and a 15 year old.

When their families get done burying their sons, and after they begin the long healing process of this bereavement, Milwaukee: will we have enough balls to stand up to violence? We got investments coming in with jobs and such and this happens! And this type of act kind of cripples cities besides bad politics.

Our Madison-based lawmakers have this invention of “Shot Spotters” to track shootings from the spots originated. To me, It’s going to take more than shot spotters to combating future incidents. Knowing yes, the community must step up big time EVEN MORE on all fronts! We know AND SHOULD KNOW, whats up.

So technically, when shootings happen, yes folks will know. But I hope that when any incident happens there shouldn’t be that panic button of running for the hills! Of course we know that many might leave due to the violence. But like I said, violence and knuckleheads are EVERYWHERE! Just like the racists, sexists, those who look down on those who just don’t like anyone that looks like them!

And like I always say: The struggle continues!

Even for the spirit of Archie Brown, Jr. – The struggle of doing the right thing: CONTINUES!

Even for the spirit of Chiles brothers whom were killed by their own family, it’s a concern, but the struggle continues for the family, and those that know the family so well!

Three Way Dance time! Everybody knows what time it is. As you see the title, it’s all those in one that I lift my brainwaves and the thoughts go. So with that, time to rant and review.

First Dance Card: For all those who hate on the Milwaukee Streetcar: PLEASE BOW DOWN!!!! Seriously, bow down. Just today the opponents of the Streetcar Project will try once again to pull another referendum thing in May to get more signatures yet again in their effort to try to stop the project. So you mean to tell me that they want to stop another job opportunity per say in order to gain their goal? Again, here we go again. Why do we bow to these so-called Polarized Politics in this segregated climate that the fools will not understand? Why is this? This CRG Network/AFP/Stop the Milwaukee Streetcar folks are just like those who don’t want things to happen to improve Milwaukee. Personally yes, they have their opinions, but I think all these signatures are just a waste of time of keeping things in the past and don’t want to thrive! I’ll never forget that there are those who are from that group that said, we know what the people want. REALLY?!!! I want them to talk to me about what I want in Milwaukee, and I’ll give them a different answer!  Keep in mind, what is the unemployment rate in Milwaukee? About 55%?!!! Which more of that in the Black Community.

For the Proponents of the Streetcar Projects: I have one advice, USE IRON CLAD LIKE MANEUVERS! I said earlier that there will be those who try to throw you off your game with this project plan! That has to be on watch at all times. Even to the Aldermen who favored and voted for the Streetcar. Heed my message, stay on watch for this!  Straight up.

Second Dance on the Card: I’m looking at this website about the rapper Rich Homie Quan, liking the fact that his white fans calling him the n*gger word. Um…..attention all “black activists” yeah you the anti-negropean army: Have you heard this dude saying this? Seriously, this new era of rappers who say this stuff are just asking for it. All of you Rich Homie Quan fans, can you please denounce your hero on this foolishness? I dare anyone who says that, gets their heads examined. Now I know that the “defenders” of the n*gger or n*gga word are in full force like “oh I hear black folks say it all the time. Why can’t I say it?” Don’t get me started on this! Many have forgotten that those who can’t say it, probably already said it and gotten away with saying it! If Rich Homie Quan actually got stopped by the white police or the freaking highway patrol and got handcuffed or hauled away with them saying the N-word, will he like it then?! Ponder that! I’m just saying.

Third Dance on the card: Black Milwaukee, we’ve been called out to make a challenge. I’m listening to WNOV (yes the same station) and during the commercials, there was an radio ad indication about Black Businesses. The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce has a plan for us black folks to start and investing in black owned businesses. They would like to see at least 3,000 businesses (Black Owned) to start up within the next 3 to 4 years. In the next couple of weeks, on Saturdays, they will host several Workshops on how to get the businesses started up from the ground up.

From their website, this is an excerpt of their objective:

The challenge of change along with the pace and complexity of change and global competition facing black businesses today puts a premium on cities that can deliver distinct advantages for companies, talent and investment.
The need for the black community to compete at this level is unprecedented.  It is imperative that we capitalize on our city’s assets and create a scaled campaign equal to the challenge.
Now is the time to think and act as a state.
We have developed an aggressive campaign to secure our business future now.  Outlined in this and other document are the focused strategies aimed at the retention, expansion, creation and attraction of more black people starting businesses and creating jobs.
We believe the black business community has what it takes to compete in the global economy with a world-class business environment.
There is other information from their website that those can partake of interest in reading.
So let me ask this. Who among in Milwaukee, in the Black Community, would step up and take this challenge?
  • Who among us who were sick and tired of being laid off, first fired, or just not getting a real result of when when see our resumes in the trash to that “perspective” company that never gave a da*n about our skills and gains, even with our post-educational background, clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, a generational status in our churches?
  • Who among us who had been discriminated against a certain employer, or a certain organization that would NOT allow us to work for their company even in the year of 2015?
  • Who among us who want to take the game of business ownership to the next level that can help thrive more in a new way in the Black Community?
  • Who among us have been dreaming big while working on a job that we hate NOW?
  • Who among us who want to make this SERIOUSLY HAPPEN for a lifetime, not just for the moment? – the reason behind this, there are those of us that want to invest for the moment, but not for a real lifetime! THAT MUST CHANGE!
So anyone is seriously thinking about making it happen on a SERIOUS TIP, then those must answer the challenge!
Think about it!!!!!!
Many of us are doing the scrappy jobs to make a check. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not enough to be more financially stable to pay the bills, student loans, that long payment back to your mother and father, or those idiotic collection bills you get once a month to make you get pissed off the folks due to that so-called college credit card! Can I get a witness?
I would say this: even though that the jobs out now are and are not up for the grabs at times, but starting your own business, probably maybe the best investment you can do. So I say this, those questions I mentioned, Black Milwaukee: start a new revolution (and I mean a NEW revolution) of black businesses that can help thrive not just the community, but also the person in you!
For more information of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce, and the open challenge they are proposing, click here, read, and share.

Ever since the “Ceasefire Weekend” there has been over 30 shootings thus far in city of Milwaukee. That is horrible. Really horrible in which that many are still asking why. Mostly the young folks who have the “access to guns” are the primary target of this debauchery that continues to plague. And yes, I’ll dive in this because it’s a concern not only for Milwaukee but anywhere. Even if you are in the suburbs. Yes, for all you in the ‘burbs, this concerns you because crime and violence  does harm the scene out there too!

Dear Greater Milwaukee Area, and I mean the “GREATER” Milwaukee Area:

It’s me, Stephen. Yes, I am a black blogger in the Greater Milwaukee Area. Not by pay, but by hobby.

I want to address this issue: Gun Violence. And also for you West Allis folks who just had a horrific scene of mutilations and more.

Have we been though this before?  I ask again. Have we been through this before? I know many here are not going to talk about it, because of various assumptions. But however it is going to get talked about regardless. Now before you go off to Summerfest, the Brewers Games, or to see Jabari Parker’s Jersey at the BMO Harris Bradley Center, you need to know something, when violence happens in our streets, there is no safe haven. NONE!

The recent shootings  in the metro Milwaukee area near 24th and Locust has sparked a concern. Partially, I didn’t grow up in that area, but my home church used to be in that part of the city for over 40 years. Yes, it has changed, but however drastically the violence had intensified. Yes there are those who had guns who don’t know any better about who didn’t deserve the shooting in their homes, or near their homes. I was looking at the news clip from CBS 58’s website, and they were talking or summarizing about what happened in the area. BUT those comments of concern were flowing in. Even the comments who went something like: “Keep killing more folks” coming from a white woman. REALLY?! So white women in Milwaukee or around Milwaukee want to encourage black folks to kill at will like hell on earth in the hood per say and had the nerve to put that on Facebook? Or to see a black person talking smack about our folks doing this and having the urge to move out. Guess what folks, for one: no matter what ethnic side you were born with, when you put out words to encourage young black folks to kill at will per say, you are intensifying the act of concern. You’re being selective with the fact that you want young black folks to be killed. You want black folks under 18-25 to be locked up like animals instead of being in school learning the education game, or being involved in positive groups or organizations. Is this what you want? Seriously? And the part of moving out to other places, let me tell you yes you have a right to move where you want. BUT ALWAYS KNOW THIS: there are problems everywhere. There are shootings EVERYWHERE. There are EVILS EVERYWHERE! That would be like and I hear alot of black folks moving to Atlanta. Why? either for jobs or a better place to live. But I hear that Atlanta is getting way too packed. As much as Atlanta is good, that does not make it perfect to be violence free. Take a look at Chicago. Everyone is calling it “Chi-Raq” with all the shootings they had previously. Is Chicago perfect? I can talk smack about the Bears Still Suck, in a fun way or calling Solider Field, “Lambeau South” but when you hear about the gangs and the shootings in ChiTown, the sports stuff in all don’t matter. Meanwhile in Milwaukee, the Bucks just got a new rookie by the name of Jabari Parker. He’s a good player. Young, gifted and black. And everyone is talking about him. Happy about him. Hoping that he would get his turn to help the Bucks and the community in all to get things going. BUT…….when you get to a hospital after getting shot, or about to get your surgery on, will Jabari Parker be in the surgery room with you, or saving you? NO!

This goes for the folks who go to Brewers games. Let me go in on this! I know the Brewers are doing good. No question about it. There are a portion of you who hear about the violence in the city, and probably might say, “Oh, let’s go to the Brewers game…..”
What are they going to do?! The Packers: I love the Packers. Green and Yellow. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix will do well to his game. BUT……many of us Packer Backers will say around when violence happens, “Oh, let’s go up to a Packer game!” I have to ask, What are they going to do?! Tell me! The Milwaukee Wave, The Green Bay Chill LFL Team, The Milwaukee Admirals in all. I say again, when violence happens and folks talking about “Oh, let’s go a game……” What are they, the sports teams going to do?! I’m just saying. What are they going to do?! Back in the days of Jim Brown and others in the Civil Rights Game, they stood up against violence! You got folks today that want to play ball, go to school, get a job in all, but don’t want to be “REVOLUTIONARY”. Many of us who hear about the violence in our streets and I dare say suburbs, aren’t revolutionary enough now. Does this make sense? And I’m assuming that the North Side of Milwaukee is always on the pulse of concern. Wrong. Any side of the region: North Side, South Side, East Side and the West Side can be a concern!

Now for those in Glendale and West Allis: for many years you probably had to say, “Well I live in the suburbs and I’m glad I moved out of the cesspool”. Explain to me about the shooting in Glendale about the Father shooting his sons. We know it was an argument among the three of them. The father shot his 20 year old, and he died on the scene. His 15 year old son is still in the hospital and the father himself is in custody. Explain that suburbanites! And those say they live in the nice neighborhoods. I use to say this alot and I’m bringing it back: No matter where you go it’s a jungle. Real talk! For West Allis: Yes, I saw the news footage about that former cop having those mutilated bodies in his apartment. And having the crime scene folks going in like CSI and gathering the bags and even the refrigerator or freezer like appliance to load that into a ambulance for investigations. When I saw that yesterday on the news, that took me back to Jeffery Dahmer! How does a guy like him do this?!! Really?!!!! And this dude is a former cop! What is going here? Yes, I have read that he’s more into himself. Very quiet in all. So……..if that’s the case in all, then why this? Many of us stay in our lanes, mind our businesses and journey on. I get it. I do it myself. But when you hear and see this: Where’s the concern? Was this former cop Steve Zelich had issues when he had his badge with the West Allis Police Department? Tell me something!

And the thing that gets me, Steve Zelich and the two women that he murdered, he met them via the Internet. The site: Craigslist. And guess what, Craigslist has been a bad rap lately with false ads and false job opportunities that aren’t true! We know this. And we hear all the time about meeting the folks that we don’t know online. Now I didn’t say Facebook this time. I said Craigslist. My advice from experience, connect who you know. Period.

In closing, this better wake us up like crazy. If this doesn’t, then what will? And I say that to everyone. Even black folks that want to change here in the Greater Milwaukee Area for the better.



Starting around November 1st, expect this to happen.

The Milwaukee Courier and The Madison Times, which are mostly the largest newspapers for the Black Community in the Badger State, will team up for a joint venture in which will focus on the issues and news in the state’s largest cities. From a Black point of view.

The Milwaukee Courier for those who want to know, is Milwaukee’s oldest black newspaper that has been around since 1964. For the Madison Times, their newspaper has been in existence since 1991.

Let me comment that this “collaboration” between the two black newspapers should be start of collaboration between our black communities. I also want to add that the Community Journal should jump in as well to get a three way dance of whats up in the black community in Milwaukee and Madison. Technically, even though I am Milwaukee born, black community based. But I wouldn’t mind reading about the black community ideas in Madison. So technically, I wouldn’t also mind getting black community ideas from Mad-City to feed to Black Milwaukee. And I wouldn’t the vice versa thing to get a Black Madison Representative  to feed Milwaukee new insights for the black community. I would welcome the idea of the brothers and sisters of Madison’s black community to share ideas. And I wouldn’t mind going out to Mad-City to take notes in their black community. Now I know that yes, I’m a Milwaukee Citizen, and yes I should be focused on Milwaukee. I get that. And that will continue to be a priority. And I know that could be the same for Madison. Word on the street that Madison hip-hop scene would welcome any rap artist to come, EXCEPT MILWAUKEE. Why is this?

Hmmmmmm……..that has to change per say. I hear it alot in Milwaukee.

However: lets get the collaboration going. No matter if its health, JOBS, economic growth, black churches, entertainment, black fraternities/sororities, and many more that all black communities have a buzz to talk about.

For more with the collaboration: visit The Madison Times.  And conversely, visit the Milwaukee Courier.


I happen to stumble this footage on Facebook today. I didn’t know that the last time there was a skating rink, (roller skating mind you) it was over 30 years ago. Many folks in the Brew City, mainly the African-American community remember The Palace on the northside. Now the way you have to get to Roller Skating rinks is in the suburbs. And not in the metro area.

The video is presented by SkatezMilwaukee, in which it’s trying to get a campaign started to bring back ROLLER Skating to Milwaukee. Mainly for the urban kids and teens of today. Check it out. Even though it’s non-partisan.

Is it time for a new era for roller skating in Milwaukee? And I don’t mean the parks or the suburbs!


The Double Take: In which I must comment.

First Take: The ongoing Republican case in which they feel that Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act is a bad seed on the American side of hate, is really nothing more a fear of misunderstanding. We’ve seen and heard from the still no vote, John Boehner, and mostly from Texas’ Senator Ted Cruz. Can these guys please get a grip? Seriously. Plus now the crazy Michelle Bauchman had to open her mouth, as well as the Tea Party, and the comments of Rush, Hannity, and any other Right Wing personality that I don’t agree with personally. Now check this: Fox News has picked up Dr. Ben Carson. He is the latest acquisition of the non-telling truth network. And at a recent Values Voters Summit, he addressed the issue of Obamacare.

His comments: “You know Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery,” And it is in a way, it is slavery in a way, because it is making all of us subservient to the government, and it was never about health care. It was about control.”

Really Dr. Carson? Is that what Obamacare is? SLAVERY?!!!!

Can I please breakout this hashtag: #AMERICANNEGROPLEASE!

So technically if I were to get Obamacare for my health arsenal, that I would be subjected to slavery? Really? Hold up! I thought slavery was dead. We should get over it. Right? Well the physical part of slavery is over but the memory part of slavery still lingers. And what is Dr. Carson’s beef anyway? So that the next time his liberal progressive patients per say is to pay for a pre-existing condition, he would have to deny it? What if that person dies? UM HELLO! The vernacular of this man’s tone shouldn’t be so surprising. There are probably more black conservatives in America had to side with their “so called conservatives allies” just to be on the same team. Even Allen West had to comment about Obama being a spoiled brat in all because of the law of the land. Um…. wasn’t he a spoiled brat by got booted out of Florida’s race a year ago? Or better yet, he had his run in with Bill Cosby? Talk about him being spoiled.

From my understanding, ObamaCare is hear to stay. PERIOD! It’s not ” no forced slavery thing”. Now for those who have their coverages, yes you are required to have them. Even the President has said the same thing when he brought it out. Some folks really need to go back and READ THE ENTIRE rules and directions about the Affordable Care Act. And some #spellbindingtokenfolks need to have their head examined. Even if the name Dr. Ben Carson fits the bill.

Second Take: The attack on Black Milwaukee Nightlife continues. I want those to take a look at this photo. Seriously, even if you live in Milwaukee on Facebook:

For those of us in Milwaukee that are African-American, you may have seen this around Facebook. The Alderman pictured is Robert Bauman, who heads the 4th District. He had called a “special meeting” recently in discussion about the state of Black Milwaukee Clubs Downtown. The 618 Live on Water, is one of them. And a possible club called the Ultra Lounge. Once before, I have commented about the black clubs around Milwaukee that have closed up way after their openings. Now after this meeting, one local DJ from Milwaukee is calling it an act of Racism. All because of playing Rap Music in the clubs downtown, which would lead to shutting the doors. On Facebook recently, Homer Blow recently posted his commentary at hand about the meeting that took place:


Ladies and Gents, nevermind the all caps from Homer Blow’s commentary.

This is another view of hyper-segregation in Milwaukee. What Homer Blow just described in his viewpoint is an classic example of not wanting patrons of African-Decent of having a good time in their own establishments in a well known area of Milwaukee. We know also that if you’re familiar with this similar area of description, it’s nothing new. This to me also reminds me of what I’ve heard of WNOV in which that those who came out to this meeting, aren’t really from Milwaukee, probably from the outline suburban areas. They probably just wanted to jump aboard and back up like “yeah I agree with the Alderman” in a bandwagon fashion. They really don’t in my opinion. Even columnist Eugene Kane raised his viewpoint on the Black Milwaukee Clubs being targeted unfairly. Now I had my share of the Milwaukee Nightlife. And yes, I’ll do it again if possible. But however I think that shutting down clubs or prevention of clubs being opened should not be in the cross hairs all because of playing Urban Music. If those take that away, it’s asking for trouble. And since Alderman Bob Bauman is a prime leader of not letting this go, then guess what Milwaukee? If he’s on the list for 2014 to be re-elected, he better NOT lead no more! You in the 4th District, he’s your Alderman. If you feel that he’s wrong VOTE HIM OUT!  I’m just thinking this: what if the visitors from Out of Town and are African-American and want to visit the Milwaukee Nightlife, that is non-traditional per say, what would they say about our Urban Nightlife being attacked and talked about by 100 plus white folks  filled a hotel room, and a Milwaukee Alderman who despises the notion? What will that say to them? Probably, in essence, Milwaukee still has segregation issues. Which some folks will not understand. But it’s real though.

No more hiding on this one. If the patrons, promoters, consumers, or any other fan of black nightlife in Milwaukee is concerned about this: RISE UP!