Three Way Dance – The FLOTUS Goes Real on Racism, A Georgia Teacher gets fired, and we’ve been saying Black in three different forms for years. But the word Black is STILL the same.

Posted: May 19, 2015 in #BlackLivesMatter, African American Stories and Viewpoints, Calling those out to be accountable!, Commentary by all means, Controversial Factors, Decision Factors
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It’s time for the three way dance! We know how this goes. For this, it’s nothing but the FLOTUS getting real on Racism, a teacher in Georgia and also, there is not new black. But the word black has in slogans of uplifting has been in effect for years. Oh yes, we all know with conviction and meaning.

First on the card: I’m sure many viewed the First Lady’s Commencement Speech from Tuskegee University. And the FLOTUS didn’t disappoint in which she went hard on a subject in which many feel is dead: Racism. Before I begin, let me say that Race plays in many factors. No matter what we do or say, or comment or act or the analyzation of crime, martial status, education, jobs, housing, economic status, or many other things, race has and will play a part in stipulating those factors. Of course many might say, Oh it doesn’t see color….or  we have black connections well scouted with friends, or we have a Black President now, racism is dead (OH REALLY?) And many other factors.

But in this speech that the FLOTUS gave: Really raw and convincing. And no, Conservative-Like Minded citizens, there was no race baiting. It was bringing up a thing called #FACTS:

In the most conversed portion of the speech as everyone knows, she highlighted the resources of being a target of race. All that about her being too loud, too this and that. Would she be subtitle like the previous First Ladies of Hillary, Laura, Barbara, and Nancy? And that cover of the New Yorker having that caricature of her and Barack doing the fist bump with the FLOTUS dawning a machine gun with an afro. Don’t act like many haven’t seen it! We’ve all seen it! So is this what is like to publicize the notion of African-American Women, whom by the way this mother has an IVY LEAGUE DEGREE, and promoting support for the Military Families, Encouraged ALL Americans to dawn their Alma Mater College Shirts so those can be inspired to go to college on National Signup Day for them. By the way, I was wearing my UW-Stout Shirt in Solidarity and Support for the next Blue Devils that might be in doubt about a Wisconsin University to attend! And also the Let’s Move Movement, doing the dances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. So seriously is this what it is about getting those haterisms on? Many say, “Oh there’s no real racism…” Stop the bleeding folks! All of those things and chatter that she so far endured, are just noise in her words. That’s all there is nothing about noise. The same noise that we hear when folks say all black folks are like this and that in one pact. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are those in America that don’t like the FLOTUS that is one thing: Black. Period. When Hillary Clinton, and many other First Ladies were in office in my young life, no I didn’t call them the hater words that most know well. Actually I was just young.

Second card on the dance: We all know by now that the Georgia Teacher has shown her horns of being a racist. Let’s review shall we?

Now in the videos that were posted, and many have viewed them after the remark, “look at all the black people”, guess what in the longer videos that were posted not many of the blacks didn’t got up as the now FORMER teacher Nancy Gordeuk commented. And also there were some whites in the audience got up and left also. And the thing is, the setting where the graduation was, in a church sanctuary. Oh boy, now I know many have to be asking why would this woman who struck a nerve with many of the blacks in the audience would say that in the house of worship? And oh, she claimed that the devil made her do it. Who does she think she is, Flip Wilson?! By now as many knows also, yes she gave her apologies and commented about the words “black people” not being racist. Which is not. And furthermore: when she said something about using the term African-Americans, in all by saying that they’re not from Africa and are American born. Try saying that to those who carry themselves as Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, and others. But why to do certain folks detest the words “African-Americans” in the first place? Oh like we’re supposed to be on the same side? For those who detest, listen up what I’m about to say: I USE, and Comment, and Say, and Critique, and Express the words AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Why? Because I can! It’s my right and privilege. I often say and haven’t comment to say in a while that why I can’t embrace BOTH my Ethnic Heritage of African Decent and the American Born side of things at the same time? Yes, I know I’m American born. BUT I WILL NEVER surrender, nor overlook, nor misjudge, nor disrespect the ethnic side of my Ethnic heritage! NEVER! I want to be extremely clear about it! I like American pie, but will try and bake a cool African dish. I might dig the drum beats of punk rock, but never overlook the same inspired beats of an African Drum! Just wait until the Fourth of July gets here, because like the firecrackers, there will be Oooohs and Ahhhhs on here!  And by the way, the same teacher who spilled the beans of “look at all the black people” comments, was just fired. So for all you upcoming 2015 Commencement Masters of Ceremonies out there, you better watch your words in the era of Smart Camera Phones and IPads that will record every word you say!

Finally on the card: let’s look and review the word BLACK. In terms of slogans.

  • Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.
  • Black is Beautiful.
  • Black Power!
  • It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • And the now: #BlackLivesMatter

When I was coming up in the late 80’s and early 90’s during the golden age of Hip Hop, we used to see the slogan of “It’s a Black Thang, you wouldn’t understand!” A pre-Black Lives Matter and a post Black Power slogan. Oh, it was so much hype and circumstance in asking about what was about this thing of blacks that many wouldn’t nor understand?

Was it our state of mind?

Our approach for life?

Our way and I mean OUR WAY of purpose or objectives?

Or was it us defining US to lead, or innovate?

Those of you who are 90’s born, yeah you guys that are in the forefront of Black Lives Matter, you were born in the era of It’s a Black Thang. Don’t forget it.

Our It’s a Black Thing, like the Black Lives Matter Movement, was a movement itself. Or sort of. The Urban Dictionary website highlights the word “thang”. It is read as such:

Starting around 1990, roughly concurrent with the release of Spike Lee’s seminal motion picture “MALCOLM X” and the dizzying successes of rap music stars, a t-shirt slogan started to appear which said; IT’S A BLACK THANG, Y’ALL, YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. The word “thang”, used in this context, was an Ebonicism used to refer specifically to a cultural meme or norm, which those who belonged to the special group– in this case, African-Americans, would immediately recognize and understand… whilst those not belonging to this group (whites or non-blacks) would fail to understand, appreciate, or even recognize. Thus, by extension, a “thang” is a folkway, meme, norm, predilection, code, shibboleth, artifact or behaviour exclusive to, or closely allied with, a particular sub-group of the larger populace.

This was our #BlackLivesMatter before #BlackLivesMatter wasn’t even though about! And of course everyone else had to come up and copy about It’s a White thang, or a Latino Thang and or many other thangs to it. Even the LGBTQ folks had their expression of thang also in the spirit of It’s a Black thang also. But no matter the copies, there was an Original and that ORIGINAL belongs to the black culture! Sort of like Cultural Appropriation. Remember that talk about the so-called Harlem Shake were folks were just shaking and wiggling? But not acknowledging the 1980’s version? And Melissa Harris-Perry had to go in and straighten out the white media of the real meaning of the dance? Go back view it!

Before I was born: yes the slogans of Black Power and Black is Beautiful were, are and STILL powerful. It needs to be Powerful even for those who comment about human powering up. Don’t forget Millennials and those who follow their philosophy no see color, that Black folks were the originators of Human Power! Everyone else just duplicated the originality. The slogans were not racist or this fear of separating the races, as many would comment. It was to elevate our black pride, our black spirit, and to let folks know that despite of us being African Decent and being dark for many, we are bring and proud folks of the decedents of our ancestors! To me that is what being black and proud is. Not holding my head down, but also realizing my vision has to remain up even in the era who are confused or raised or just so hyper sensitive about darn near EVERYTHING. Even black folks today in 2015 need to keep their visions up and be appreciative with pride and dignity.

But sadly, there are those who feel that blacks are the enemy, the racists of internal and external hatred, having this Utopian-like structure of the new black, which I don’t believe there is a “new black”. And also those whom feel about being black enough in all. And many hidden reasons of the hypocritical mindset, anti-alliance, the sexist and many other concerns of black related hate concerns! We know who they are. Just to go your workplaces, some of your churches members/districts areas, your neighborhood watch groups, your family dinner tables, your relatives, your bosses/supervisors, your frat brothers, your sorority sisters, and many other you interact with EVERYDAY!

But with this, I’m gonna say this, I’m appreciative of my race, my pride, and my well being of black structure in this Continent of North America. And even though that it’s not a formidable concern to many, but to me this is all I got to get me going! So yes, my black power life thing which nobody has to understand, STILL matters!


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