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Well. Apparently Mitt Romney is still on ends about his defeat from last Tuesday  I thought in his concession speech that he maned up and admit that losing to Barack Obama was the stone cold truth. Well, just recently the free gifts comment out of Mitt Romney just surfaced. Matter of fact, they surfaced out of Bill O’Reilly in terms of Americans in the country want things. Well, as a Minority African-American myself I want things too. But the thing that the got me the most with this “free gifts” thing, was indeed coming from Mitt Romney. Here’s what he stated:

“The president’s campaign, if you will, focused on giving targeted groups a big gift,” Romney said in a call to donors Wednesday. “He made a big effort on small things.”

Courtesy of USA Today, here is a summary of the talk about things or free gifts continued for Minorities:

Romney called his loss to Obama a disappointing result that he and his team had not expected, but he said he believed his team had run a superb campaign. He said he was trying to turn his thoughts to the future, “but, frankly, we’re still so troubled by the past, it’s hard to put together our plans for the future.”

Romney’s finance team organized the call to donors. A person who listened to Romney’s call provided details about it to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the call was private. The Los Angeles Times first reported Romney’s remarks.

Among the “gifts” Romney cited were free health care “in perpetuity,” which he said was highly motivational to black and Hispanic voters as well as for voters making $25,000 to $35,000 a year.

Romney also said the administration’s promise to offer what he called “amnesty” to the children of illegal immigrants — what he termed “the so-called DREAM Act kids” — helped send Hispanics to the polls for Obama.

Young voters, Romney said, were motivated by the administration’s plan for partial forgiveness of college loan interest and being able to remain on their parents’ health insurance plans. Young women had an additional incentive to vote for Obama because of free contraception coverage under the president’s health care plan, he said.

So wait. Is this what Romney is mad about? And those donors, fans of Mittens are angry about also? I woke up laughing at this and saying to myself. We all want things! For those of us who are African-American, Latino, Young Voters, and many others who want to chime in, since the Tea Party came and went, it’s time to form a party (with the support of President Barack Obama 2nd Term) that this has birthed. Start up a party like – The Minority Americans Free Gifts Party. Or The Free Gifts Party of America.  I have stated on Facebook that that free gift I got was volunteering for the Re-Election Obama Campaign in Wisconsin recently, and that was a free gift within itself.  As far as free gifts of health, education, and others I (like many others) will continue to get more of those while still living. Free gifts. WOW. And my Birthday and Christmas is around the corner in December. Plus the GOP gave the Democrats a new gift of progressiveness in which they now must fear.

What I am also surprised even those in the Republican Party came out and condemned Romney for the so-called “free gifts” comments. Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and what’s this: Scott Walker condemns this also? The same Scott Walker was on a Union Busting, Train slashing, Education crapping campaign in order to reveal against the Recall thing, comes out against Mitt Romney. Well if Scott Walker actually cared against his Republican Counterpart like Romney, why crapped on Wisconsin? Laughable.

Once again, President Obama won fair and square. Period. And as far as the next blog about Susan Rice, I’ll get to that next.

In the wake of President Obama’s victory this past Tuesday  alot or some companies feel that “Blaming Obama  is their solution to fire workers or letting them go just to save their worthless hides. Personally, they are just like the folks who like to post racial tweets and Facebook bad comments about the President. COWARDS!

And the companies? Well let’s see what the companies has on the “Blame Obama” list:

1) Applebee’s : Hold up. This is a family restaurant, right? Where everyone has to feel like they’re at home? Well apparently, Applebees’s CEO Zane Tankel, recently just announced that the company is firing employees and freeze hiring all because of President Obama’s Re-Election.  Talk about shady. So technically the CEO wouldn’t hire all because of not providing health coverage? Really shady. I mean yes folks have a right to work and earn, but maintaining their medical statues is FAR important to make sure that every employee is covered with some medical back up.

2) Papa John’s: I’m thinking Papa John’s is going to lose revenue on Sunday’s. Especially around football season. Their CEO, John Schnatter wouldn’t give his employees who work at the pizza places a reduction in work hours in the wake of Obama’s Re-election. And of top of that, he would raise the prices by three cents just to avoid the healthcare stuff that the President proposed.

Initially, these companies and others are just bringing out the woodwork that they are in denial about Obama’s victory. Just admit it. Mitt Romney talked a good debate game in the minds of others: BUT HE LOST! I told you Romney Fans. If I were a true Real Romney Fan and/or Republican Fan, I wouldn’t get so happy as of yet of that first debate. In other words: I TOLD YOU SO! For those who are still in denial that yet again President Obama is STILL the 44th President, and STILL the President, and STILL in the White House that blacks built, in the words of others: GET OVER IT. The same group of folks who keep telling us black folks to get over slavery, and it didn’t happen to you. Or the same folks that told that John Kerry got played back in 2004 when Bush was re-elected. Oh wait. Some of you reading this might be the same folks! Coincidence! And having this feeling of wanting to be “isolated” from the United States to “form your own country.” I mean our neighboring countries and others are gladly to hear to revoke your citizenship in all, just because Obama won YET AGAIN.

I’ll say this in the words of some of you who feel this way:


Does that ring a bell? Or this might be something from a movie:

“People say that if you don’t love America, then get the hell out. Well, I love America. ” – Born on the Fourth of July – 1989

I read the negative commentaries this morning on the Facebooks, the Twitters, Sherwin Hughes’ viewpoint on WNOV in Milwaukee, oh yes. I read and heard them all. So what those mean to tell me that those of my color can’t be a free world leader? Seriously?!!! I’ve seen black folks in Canada, Ghana or any part of Africa, including Australia or different parts of the globe, that are BLACK and Leaders. I’ve seen them through pictures. If they can flawlessly be leaders of their respective countries while being black, why can’t that be the same with the United States? Before Obama, black leaders were always on the scene. But not just in the Oval Office as President. This country had 43 White guys in the row to serve as the number 1 guy in the country, but when comes along Obama, some have decided “Oh, this is a sad day in America.” Because why, your guy didn’t get in? Or is it because you’re used to see black folks leading anything but the Oval Office? NEWSFLASH: All that changed after 2008.

Black folks, it’s time to tell ourselves and others that we can lead, direct, organize, supervise in any office, building, mansion anywhere. Including the White House. Many of us need to also realize that probably Racism is still a firewall in America. No matter what we try to achieve or maintain of being the first African-American this or that, or second. There will be the opposition of telling us that were still the N-words. Don’t let that stand in our way. It’s hard for me to write this, but it’s a reality. And that reality that most that are saying this, just couldn’t take the cake. Well you know what, previously BUSH was re-elected and I couldn’t swallow the oatmeal for days during the second term. But hey, Obama haters, I survived.

So the next time if we visit another country, most may ask:

“Who’s the President of the United States?” – President Barack Obama.

“Who was elected twice after George W. Bush? – President Barack Obama.

“Who got the troops out of Iraq, took out Osama Bin Laden and soon to be Afganistan?” – That’s easy. President Barack Obama

“In the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections, Sen. John McCain and Gov. Mitt Romney were defeated by whom?” – President Barack Obama.

“In the Military between 2009-2016, per say, who was the Commander in Chief?” – President (or Mr.) Barack Obama.

“And by the way, who was responsible of bringing back Master Lock to Milwaukee, and decide to do some nation building here at home, plus bringing in 5 Million Jobs and counting?” And do not say George W. Bush! Real answer – President Barack Obama.

So if those that are still denial, face the music. President Barack Obama may not be the President that favors you. But he is the President regardless. Like it or lump it Americans! You can still have those fake maps of the Conservatives winning more Red States and less Blue States all you want. But that will never change the fact that Obama got 332 Electoral Votes over Mitt Romney’s 206 Electoral Votes.  Plus getting the popular vote. In the words of a 90’s rap song: WHOOMP THERE IS!

Even though that the United States is days removed from the Election, I like many others are pleased that President Barack Obama is STILL the President of the United States. I am also pleased that most of us who gave him the 332 votes over Mitt Romney’s 206 votes can simply give him additional working time to hear his ideas and input to get this country, the United States of America, moving forward. Just as a reminder, it was “Minority Rules” that jolted the First African-American President to repeat as the number 1 guy in the country.

But sadly……. Not every one is happy. I’m not just talking about the Republicans, who once again that their ideas of gathering followers to overtake the White House, did not work! Period. This also includes Mitch McConnell’s comment of denying Mr. Obama a second term. Well Mr. McConnell, you were wrong! The folks, like myself and others have spoken with our ballots on Election Day, and the Obama Crew is still in charge. He like others in Congress better compromise to make fair equal deals to think about those who really need those jobs, those Meds, housing, and many others that most Americans are having a hard time with currently.

Now to the average citizens who like Social Media so much and like to paint this “hate” on the President, you all better pay attention. And I must say that your tweets, your Facebook pages/pics/comments, your Instagram pics, your Google Plus stuff, your MySpace, TweetDeck, Youtube,  or any other “anti-Obama” thing in terms of going after him for hateful reasons on social media, and even the blogs I should point out, is going to catch up with with you. I don’t care if you made a joke about it. Like that punk 18 year old of a rich guy just said. The Secret Service IS NOT playing around in terms of things like this. If they see it, they will get YOU. They are dead serious when it comes to protect the President. On any given day.  You guys don’t speak for me as a citizen of the nation. But you are speaking for those who will have no life, no goals, no education, no reason to hate but to hate!

In plain English: YOU ALL SUCK!

In the words of some intentional folks: Pathetic Americans.

I’m sure that your Mommies and Daddies are so proud of you. And if you’re younger, or in college, are you still that “good student” that your teachers claimed to be? Or that great employee that your employers look to? After what you put on the social media stuff, your chances of getting into college or the military may NOT be very promising. Or better yet, how about that good paying job to get after graduation? Uh-Huh, I have to go there. This is not a game. You want to go to jail? You want to go to Federal Prison, or be held in contempt in all? FINE. Be my guest! Don’t say I did not warn you.

When George W. Bush was running the country, I never made any “go after him on hurtful things” because of the fact not only he was the President, but this guy as controversial as he was, he had a family. The same with Bill Clinton. And I have to watch my words even closely with the current President. Now getting back, so you guys are assuming that we African-Americans should be just in the back and guys like you are supposed to be ALWAYS up front just guarding the gate. Well let me tell you. Yes, we guarded the gate but we took the gate back to move forward. We BUILT the gate also. You say you want your country back. Well back from whom? I want America to move forward with better chances of me looking for a job as well as an investment. I hear all this talk about Obama supporters supposed to have this “free phone” and a Chevy Volt. For me, I have a prepaid cell phone from AT&T, and drive a Pontiac Grand Prix. And they were bought and paid for! What’s your reaction to that? Oh, nothing. And plus, I work and volunteer. Plus I am an African American single male that  is NOT ashamed of giving back. I was brought up on that!

And here’s a surprise, I volunteered with the Obama Re-Election Campaign in terms of giving back. Again NOT ASHAMED!

I’ll bet you’re the same folks who like to hide behind the keyboards, with the porn sites tuned up, Facebooking/Video Game playing all day not having a job, having this thing of being hardcore. I’ve seen ECW Wrestlers hardcore! I’ve seen MMA fighters, Mike Tyson, and even the late great Reggie White being HARDCORE! You the Haters of the 44th President are just that. Haters.

Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success.

And I’m assuming that in the next couple of years, there might be talks and say “Oh we were just joking. I was expressing my Freedom Of Speech.” Well let tell you about that Freedom Of Speech thing. Yeah it’s in the American DNA, but having the power to use that Freedom of Speech is a Responsibility. Lots of the idiots who expressed their hate against President Obama online, are hiding behind the Freedom of Speech like pathetic cowards who don’t work, (or partially work) or don’t go to school to be educated,(or in school)  re-educated, or just trying NOT to help (and assist) the community, country and I dare say the globe. EVEN VOTE. It’s Americans like THEM are dragging this country down, and making the world laughing at us. Hell, the world in other countries love Obama more than America. And I’ll bet many are asking why. Don’t forget, America maybe has the moniker of the land of the free, be what you want in all. BUT it still has a race problem. There was survey conducted that 51% of those living here in state side, admit having the haterism against Blacks. Does that tell you anything? Just like the white chick Ann Coulter who thought the country doesn’t have any real racism anymore, or asking where are the racist? Well Ann, have you paid attention to the twitter feeds after Obama won? There are your “racists”. Try that, Jezebel! I should point out that when they type things that are “closely racist”, what kind of  a person does that make them? In the minds of others, a racist, a bigot, or just plain nasty. Thank You! Word of advice: watch your words. And I’ll bet most of them are having the statements of “I have alot of  black friends”. Well if they do, do they say or intimidate them with the rhetoric? Maybe Denise Helms should thought about that instead of Facebooking or Twittering her mess out of her mouth! And she says that she doesn’t hate other races. Excuse me? Does she know what the N word really means? Better get educated chick!

But don’t worry, the U.S. Secret Service is always on the case. And they don’t mess around. Even in cyberspace.

Back to the haters again: I’ll bet you wanted Romney to win to restore that “take back the country” thing. Or in this case to dethrone Obama for the greater good of non-ethnics like you wanted to “keep the white in the white house”. Just a reminder to you uneducated buffoons, that Blacks built the white house. Look it up! Google it. Facebook it. Or matter fact, if you’re smart enough to go online, why don’t you go to your libraries or bookstore and get “The Black History of the White House.”  Yeah, do that! If you’re not scared. Oh, I’ve heard and read this on other platforms that this is just the beginning. Well, that fight started way before Obama got the chair in the White House.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll keep saying it until Obama’s last day as President: If you don’t like Obama, DON’T TALK (comment, Facebook  Tweet, Instagram, flash a racist pic) about him! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! And that goes for any other person of ethnicity or gender that wants to be President!


And by the way: Obama haters, you have been called out to be accountable!

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Source: Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

The 2012 Election that got us glued to make a choice for America is done. I made a new years resolution since January 1st of this year that Barack Obama will repeat as President of the United States. Well…………who won? Come on. Admit it. Say it. Say it………That’s ok. Most already know.

If any American, or a political guru analyst (ala Nate Silver) was hanging on every single official Electoral College Vote last night, most did predict that Barack Obama had a slim chance of winning the second term. Now for those who me know this: the Electoral College is the poll I follow! All of that preliminary stuff didn’t mean much, but that poll of the Electoral College itself. Now since Obama has repeated as the POTUS, (President of the United States) yes, he has to get gritty for the overtime work. Hey, there is nothing wrong doing extra work on the clock! 4 Years ago this week, I didn’t know what to say. It marked the first time that an African American President ever got the White House. Thought about my late grandparents, great-grandparents and those who were around when I was born are not around now. That victory wasn’t just for me, but it was for them also! Even to those who say “I thought I would never see the day….” But keep in mind, that was 4 years ago. And by the way, this was a first time that “Minority Matters” in terms of Minority, Women and Moderates tilted the jolt for the extra innings.

Now it’s 4 years later, and the repeat has happened. For this, I would expect the Obama Crew to be more upbeat on ideas to strengthen the middle class. And the poor. I would expect the crew to revive more with Healthcare, Jobs, Environmental concerns, equal pay, transportation innovation (no more of that boondoggle crap), FEMA, our troops, all community concerns and ideals.  EVEN with the black community, and the LGBT folks. And us as Citizens need to really pay attention with the noses to the grind stone of what needs to be addressed, alerted, and solved. Especially the voting stuff.

Speaking of the LGBT folks, I have two words: TAMMY BALDWIN! You’re D*mn Right! She beat, BEAT a former Wisconsin Governor, HHS Secretary, Republican Tommy Thompson. This reminds me of the August 14th Election when most folks in Milwaukee didn’t repeat with the same candidates in the black community. With all due respect, Tommy Thompson has experience in Wisconsin Politics. BUT like many others, that at times are not a factor.  The same with Barack Obama vs John McCain from 2008. Lots of folks thought that McCain would have been a better choice on experience. But……it went to Barack Obama as we know. And by the way, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor also retained their seats.

So the path is clear.  Yes, I would say to the Romney folks in the words of Roland Martin, “Take your flags off your cars and make room on the couch!”  Per say. For a good reason. Yes, it might be difficult in second terms, but then again there might be positives also.

Just a side note. I know that the Republicans must be eating crow that all of the Voter Suppression  even Donald Trump’s “haterism” must gotten to the core of hate. All that jazz about destroying the legendary Electoral College isn’t going anywhere. Give it up haters!

What else: I believe that the so-called 2016 Obama movie will be a bust in sales. Note to the Republican fans who bought the movie, remember this. When you were defending George W. Bush for his re-election, there was movie that came out called “Fahrenheit 9/11”. The one that Michael Moore made and most of us believed that George W. Bush was hiding hidden truths about the reasons going to war in Iraq. Just a thought: We were mad as hell like you. Similarities. And the comment that Senator Mitch McConnell that the goal was to make Obama a one term President? Well, that went out the window so fast did it? Dude must be feeling salty of what he said. He ought to be. That’s what you get for being cocky. Like it or not! Oh, and those thinking about moving to Canada, or away just because Obama won, I feel sorry for them. Those who say that might end up being back here anyway. When Bush was in office, I didn’t like him, but I stayed in America and criticized the bad things that Bush did. Even going into Iraq, and “declaring” Mission Accomplished. Which it wasn’t.

I said this 4 years ago on the old MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs and I’m saying it here: Don’t like Obama? DON’T TALK ABOUT HIM! Period. He’s still the man.

Biden is still the man at VP.

The FLOTUS is still Michelle Obama.

Dr. Jill is Still Dr. Jill.

Sasha and Malia are still the first daughters.

Marian Robinson, The FLOTUS’ Mother is still the Grandmother in Chief.

And Bo is still the the first dog.

Also for the next four years: Get America working more with the ideals that the still 44th President wants to do.

Remember the ratio: 332 – 206 Enough Said.

Now comes Inauguration Day 2013.

Before I begin the blog, let me send my condolences to the victims and those closely to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Or the #frankenstorm what ever it was called. Now mostly I would start off something positive but in essence I took this route in expressing sympathy.

Now then. It’s November 4th, 2012. Exactly 4 years ago this month, the then Sen. Barack Obama became the newly elected President of the United States. It was history in the making in which in my opinion was a historical mark in Presidential History. US History. And most certainly: BLACK HISTORY. Yes, I’m saying Black History not to drown the sound but to sound with glee. As I said many times before, I didn’t vote for Barack Obama “because he’s black.” Persay. I voted for him mainly for his enthusiasm and vision. The enthusiasm and vision in which America has not yet to come close to explore. The enthusiasm and vision in which none of the previous presidents never explored in terms of  making a way for the better of the country. Sure these last four years have it’s ups and downs in terms of the Republican House members blocking stuff that the President proposed. And did I mention the “blue dog democrats? The rise of the so-called Tea Party, and those who thought that Barack was supposed to wave the magic wand and make everything disappear. But here’s the thing, there were blocks in the road of that also. In the last four years, equal pay was signed into law, Same Sex Marriage was clearly valid most states, the Automotive companies restarted the American Economy, the Private Sector jobs rose to about 5 Million Jobs, the Economy is moving in the right direction in attempt to rebound the job growth, The new World Trade Center is taking shape,  the war in Iraq is no more, Bin Laden is dead, FEMA (uh oh) has  been given mad props in conjunction of Hurricane Sandy, the crackdown on Credit Card fees, the Afghan war will be over in 2014, Affordable Health Care and many more that I think the Obama Crew (aka the Administration) has really jolted.

But with the others that haven’t been done. Oh let me count the ways of 23 Million out of work, the debt is increased, and others believe that the counter folks like Mitt Romney and the fan base are believing. They also think that the President should have taken his 4 years to get it all cleaned up. Well they need to know something: you really CAN’T take the clean up in all 4 years! Sometimes you need to get more than 4 years to get things moving again. Just as reminder, when Bill Clinton left office, the stimulus was perfect! But we know what happened after that right? I’m convinced that the BUSH failed policies got us in a rut and well, the rest history. Is the Romney folks wanting this to happen, like YET AGAIN?

And getting back to the 23 Million out of work, if the backwards congress had any sense, that jobs bill would have been in effect right now!  But no, they have to be backwards to make the President look foolish.

As well as the Immigration Act, and even for those who have served in uniform.

Keep in mind this is the same Romney camp in collection with mostly Republicans that want to privatize things in America we use publically like the Post Office or FEMA. I want to say something about FEMA. When Bush was well “driving”, FEMA was late in getting to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.  Oh, yes Obama haters, I’m going there! And also the former head of FEMA and Fox News puts the blame on the President in their words “acting to quickly.”  WHAT!!! What do they mean “acting to quickly?” I mean if a disaster does occur, do you leave it rot or do you save it from further damnation? I’m just saying. Guess which denomination responds to disasters than any other religious group out there? I’ll give you a hint, I’m a 4th Generation of this congregation. Does the United Methodist Church ring a bell? If those don’t know: the United Methodist Church is usually the first responders in terms acting quickly to a disaster area. Talk about rethinking church.

Also in the last four years, the names of the roll call of socialist, radical muslim, Nazi, go back to Kenya mess, and others have given a negative effect on the President. Oh, and those who THINK that he’s the cause of Racism mostly right now. Get off the Fox News Soap Box. Smash it up with a sledgehammer and walk away. I don’t care if it’s brought on the Facebook Politics Group Pages. Smash it off. NOW!

Even Obama brought music to the White House in a new way in terms of Hip Hop, Blues, and yes singing Sweet Home Chicago during Black History Month. Just for the record, it was the Hip Hop Fanatics drove Obama to the Chair in a “partial fashion.” Why, more on that later.

Are we better off than we were 4 years ago? Yes and no. Why I say yes and no because, yes, we’re going in a positive direction but there must be more improvement for Obama to do in the NEXT four years. So this blog, me, and those very close to me personally, will once again load the dice on the tables and  “Bet on Barack” with 7’s and 11’s in terms of him, and the Obama Crew working overtime. You know what happens when you work overtime: more pay. Other Presidents have done it before.


Just today, former President Bill Clinton made a campaign stop in Waukesha, Wisconsin in stumping for President Barack Obama in attempt to retain the chair for on November 6th. Now, for those who don’t know, Waukesha itself is a Republican Red County and Red City in Wisconsin. It’s so red that well it is.  Anyway the former President summed up topics from the economy, healthcare and student loans. Plus many other areas in which that the former President highlighted. Including going after Gov. Mitt Romney and being more enthused than ever before for Obama. And for me, I had to see the former President in person. After all, I voted for him for his second term. So yes, the 42nd President was in the house, even in a Republican area of Wisconsin.

There has been alot of talk about the Benghazi attacks. And some Americans will not let that go because of some lying coming from the White House. Technically, I hear alot of the Republicans and their fan base blaming the President and the Administration of doing nothing about it. Well, apparently according to Ron Pinetta, one of Administraion members commented about the situation recently: “The U.S. military did not quickly intervene during the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya last month becausemilitary leaders did not have adequate intelligence information and felt they should not put U.S. forces at risk.” 

Another comment that might be well examined in tells of defending the Situation: The “basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on; without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,” he said during a joint question-and-answer session with Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey.

“As a result of not having that kind of information, the commander who was on the ground in that area, General Ham, General Dempsey and I felt very strongly that we could not put forces at risk in that situation,” Panetta said. General Carter Ham commands the U.S. Africa Command.

And the White House Spokesperson also commented this truthfully IN DEFENDING the President: “Neither the president nor anyone in the White House denied any requests for assistance in Benghazi,” National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor told Yahoo News by email.

Fox News and the Republican maniacs still think it was cover up on the President. Wait a minute…….Why is Fox News, oh never mind. It’s all about them trying to pimp Romney in order to get the chair for Election day. Must they remember that Romney is really behind in most areas of the polls? And they more complain, ROMNEY WILL LOSE! I’m  just saying. And for fact checkers: NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor had to put in check of Bill Kristol of the Right Wing maniacs in terms with Real Talk.  Something that the Right Wing cannot deflect.

Even though Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her words takes the responsibility of the situation, but she also says that the blame game from the Republican side needs to have a REAL SCREECHING HALT!

And referring back to the Vice Presidential Debate, Paul Ryan got some Libyan information wrong  about the Benghazi attacks. Remember when I said when Joe Biden was taking him to the woodshed on Twitter? This was one of them. It seems that Paul Ryan didn’t provide enough claim to back it up. Also if the republican fan base is accusing the Obama Administration “covering up”, my question is “in what sense?” When I hear that statement, it’s more of them attempting the cover up to look at situation like it’s a short story out of the creative writing classes. But I’m not making an injection. Yes, I do know that the 4 Americans were killed unceremoniously.   And the President had to take into accountability to make sure that the four had been honored with respect. And the acknowledgement was the next day, not some “two weeks” like Mitt Romney claims. Like the President said: Check the Transcript.

Just to add: More recently, the CIA were in Libya in terms of support right after the attacks happened. So to those who “SAY” that the President didn’t give no support, persay, you might well re-read this and comeback with enough concrete evidence that it wasn’t a so-called lie or cover ups!


If anyone had the chance to watch the Ed Show, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson a retired US Army Colonel, opened up about the endorsement choice of Colin Powell choosing once again President Barack Obama to retain the presidency. What the Col. said was straight off the cuff and clear to the point. The Retired Army Colonel spoke and slam his party, the Republican Party of their use of racism in regarding John Snunu’s words of picking Obama from the General. Obviously, it’s been said all this time. And I’ve been saying it. It’s not the plan, it’s the man. When Bush and Cheney left, Obama picked up the mess and continued to make progress and attempt to continue to plea his case. But on DAY ONE, when the President took office, the Republicans side made sure that they were to block everything possible to make sure Obama fails. That was part of it. However the Ret. Col. Wilkerson made claim on his case for another reason as I described previously. Justified it maybe, it was just another claim of Snunu thinking that Colin Powell picked Obama because he’s black. Question! Has anyone heard Colin Powell said that in his pick for Obama? No! Had anyone heard Colin Powell mentioned this back in 2008? Absolutely not. So what’s the deal?!

Colin Powell is one of the best generals that America had in history. Subsequently also, black history. And also, he is his own man. If he wants to endorse someone from a different party, while staying base as a moderate Republican, then that is his own decision. End of story!

Alright. Now what’s up with this so-called lie concerning the President with Benghazi? This lie about the right wing media’s assumption that the White House knew it was going to happen? And the hypeness of this making it like it was a scandal? Really? First my heart bleeds for those who were killed. No person shouldn’t have to go through that.  Even on the 11th Anniversary of the incident. During the second debate, the President was on point in his stance in conjunction on what happened, and to have Mitt Romney making it a “political issue” as usual just trying to get ratings. That was a slap in the face. And now it’s a month after the attack, and the Right Wing Media likes to play scandal stuff to make a butt joke of the scenario. Even on Twitter, I see hashtags of #ImpeachObama. Excuse me, but Impeach him for what?!!!!! For being black?!! Or Mixed?!! Come on!  All because most thought he “lied”? Most of the Republican folks are giving him the heat. Some are not – One of them is a Romney Supporter. Does the name Condolezza Rice ring a bell? She, like some others in her party is refusing to comment on the stance of Libya and did comment that those who work must finish the job investigating. And plus, Condolezza knows this stuff very well and had to bring the real talk truth on that channel of Fox News. So apparently, the President got back up not only from his administration, but also from those like Condolezza who again knows that predicament. Oh what? The Right Wingers are going to call out Condoleezza  Rice for her stance with the President? Sort of like that “email” got circulated through Social Media. Remember when Bush thought there were WMD’s in Iraq when the troops were in battle, and didn’t see a lick of them? Well who was lying on that notion?

Like the President said, those that committed the murders in Benghazi will be in his words: “brought to justice”. The same with Osama Bin Laden. And for the record, we know that the Seal Team Six made the hit on Bin Laden. But who gave the order? Come on Right Wingers, who gave the order to take out Osama? and plus, who advised the order to made it happen? Let me answer that: Obama gave the order. And it required an advisement from Joe Biden. Yeah, Bin Laden was on Bill Clinton’s Radar, then it was on Bush’s radar (blindly) but when it came on Obama’s radar, the game was over. Period! Why did I say blindly on Bush? I think it spoke for itself of concentrating more on Saddam Hussein, than Bin Laden. And Iraq WAS NOT a target! Really it was near the Afghan/Pakistan area where most of that 9/11 planning got started up! I don’t hear nothing like that coming out of Bush’s mouth. Nor Mitt Romney’s mouth!  Oh, and where was this coming from the so-called right wing fans that wanted wars? *crickets* *crickets*

I can see this now. It’s election day. Obama wins the event. And that so-called bogus 2016 Obama’s America Movie will be a flop in sales. That dude who made the movie has got issues on his own from his former employer, who worked at a college! Watch out.

If  your company is warning you about your vote, you might want to pay attention. Recently a company in my home city’s suburb of Brown Deer, Rite Hite (yes that’s the name of the company) is warning it’s employees of their votes coming November 6th. Rite Hite is a company that is industrialized in manufacturing sales in dock levelers, industrial doors, safety barriers and many other industrial related products and services. The CEO of the company, Mike White sends a message featuring “personal consequences” if in the event President Obama is re-elected for a second term: 

Every Rite-Hite employee in America should understand the personal consequences to them of having our tax rates increase dramatically if President Obama is re-­‐elected, forcing taxpayers to fund President Obama’s future deficits and social programs (including Obamacare), which require bigger government.

Excuse me, what does Mike White mean of “personal consequences” if voting for President Obama? If you are company owner of any kind  ask yourself this question, do you send personal warnings to your employees about personal experiences about those who vote a certain way? If you do, you’re just a punk! No company of any kind should NEVER tell him or her who to vote for despite of their feelings towards an election season.

Does my church tell me that? NO!

Does the City of Milwaukee’ s Election Commission  My High School, College and University Alma Maters tell me whom to vote for? Excuse my french in the words of the late Whitney Houston (God rest her soul) HELL TO THE NO!

The owner of Rite Hite must be having that Romneyism/Romnesia sick disease in order to think that it would be the death of his company if Obama gets reelected. Technically, I’m calling it BS in terms of being a scare tactic  Have I worked for Rite Hite? No. But after reading about these company CEO’s telling their employees who to vote for  in terms of saving their little hides, I’m taking a pass. Knowingly to me, I’m not passing my resumes to this company. Don’t expect me to pass my LinkedIn stuff to them either. It;s my right to choose where I want to work. I’m not saying to be polarized or whatever. But in essence of this, it should matter.

According to the Wisconsin Statue 12.o7 in regarding Politics and Jobs (and this really should be stamped in everyone’s business minds in Wisconsin!) :

12.07  Election restrictions on employers.

(1) No person may refuse an employee the privilege of time off for voting under s. 6.76 or subject an employee to a penalty therefor.
(2) No employer may refuse to allow an employee to serve as an election official under s. 7.30 or make any threats or offer any inducements of any kind to the employee for the purpose of preventing the employee from so serving.
(3) No employer or agent of an employer may distribute to any employee printed matter containing any threat, notice or information that if a particular ticket of a political party or organization or candidate is elected or any referendum question is adopted or rejected, work in the employer’s place or establishment will cease, in whole or in part, or the place or establishment will be closed, or the salaries or wages of the employees will be reduced, or other threats intended to influence the political opinions or actions of the employees.
(4) No person may, directly or indirectly, cause any person to make a contribution or provide any service or other thing of value to or for the benefit of a candidate, political party or registrant under s. 11.05, with the purpose of influencing the election or nomination of a candidate to national, state or local office or the passage or defeat of a referendum by means of the denial or the threat of denial of any employment, position, work or promotion, or any compensation or other benefit of such employment, position or work, or by means of discharge, demotion or disciplinary action or the threat to impose a discharge, demotion or disciplinary action. This subsection does not apply to employment by a candidate, political party or other registrant under s. 11.05 in connection with a campaign or political party activities.
So there you have it. All of those companies and owners better be aware that stuff like this is illegal. And every employee should and is given a right to vote for a candidate of their choice no matter what. Take notes, Rite Hite! You’ve been called out to be accountable!

barack obama cover 1169

Check this, I’m reading Rolling Stone Magazine online. Yes, I will confess that I do pick up a copy of the book once in a while. But the article in the magazine displays which will be available during the week of the Election, commenting about President Obama’s potentially Second Term. But an excerpt from the article is having folks, including Mitt Romney’s folks crying foul. Oh really? In the article, and I quote: “You know, kids have good instincts,” Obama offered. “They look at the other guy and say, ‘Well, that’s a bull—-er, I can tell.'”

Well, OK. So Obama had his “controversial gaffe” on. WOW! Is this is huge news? Oh wait we had that already. Donald Trump wanted Obama to turn over his college records, and Passports to see with a 5 million dollars exchange. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  But what is this about this “gaffe” that has those well, blood boiling? You can say, oh, it’s freedom of speech. But some might say, Hey he’s the President, he has to watch his language. You know kids pick up on things nowadays.” And my personal favorite: “YOOOOOOOOOO the POTUS just went off on Romney in Rolling Stone like crazy!  Dude was gangsta! He said some real sh-t!”

Ok, now that I almost let my Freedom of Speech thing go off the cliff, I’m revering back to neutral. Now I said this on Barack Obama’s Facebook Like Page, that he isn’t the only one in Presidential History of the country to use a “gaffe”. But there have been others:

1950’s  – LBJ on Richard Nixon:  “I may not know much, but I know chicken s–t from chicken salad…. [Richard Nixon]’s like a Spanish horse, who runs faster than anyone for the first nine lengths, and then turns around and runs backwards. You’ll see; he’ll do something wrong in the end. He always does. – Source Wikipedia.

1993: On 16 February 1993, U.S. President Bill Clinton snapped at an aide “Listen, god–mn it. Come here. You can’t do that. You can’t take me out here with a mayor and a congresswoman and push them back” after a member of his staff tried to prevent the mayor and Congresswoman Eleanor Norton from joining the President walking to a porch for a photo opportunity with construction workers.[15]   – Source Wikipedia.

2000: During his 2000 presidential campaign, George W. Bush called New York Times reporter Adam Clymer a “major league a–hole” just before a campaign speech to Vice-President Dick Cheney, whose response (“big time”) was also audible. The media reaction was intense, with news stations repeatedly broadcasting it and the New York Post running two pages about the incident.[16][17] Bush said of the incident: “I regret that a private comment I made to the vice-presidential candidate made it onto the public airwaves. I regret everybody heard what I said.”[18][19] – – Source Wikipedia.

2006:  On 17 July 2006 a private conversation between U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg was picked up by a nearby microphone. Bush told Blair he hoped the UN would “get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this s–t” (referring to Syria’s influence over and support of Hezbollah in the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon), and that by doing so, the crisis would be over. This was reaffirmed by the suggestion to “get Kofi [Annan] on the phone with [Bashir] Assad and make something happen.” He also revealed that Condoleezza Rice would visit the area. – Source Wikipedia.

Now for you history buffs, you probably know this very well. Almost. But for those who are just shocked and applauded about the use of Obama’s latest gaffes, if you don’t know, now you know. It has happened before with the Presidents before him. Technically, THIS IS NOTHING NEW! It maybe “new” to those who are now hearing this for the first time. Sort of reminds me of those loops of Wisconsin Representative Democrat Tammy Baldwin, saying the words “You’re Da-m Right!” on those GOP supported commercials. BUT what they don’t tell you that the quote actually came from a workers right rally in which she was supporting and speaking. AGAIN. Nothing new!

It seems to me that the whole “words out of context” is getting nerve racking. All because of not finding a common reason why these things occur. If there are some who do understand without getting the run around effects, guess what, they know. I know personally because I studied it in college. And it was U.S. History. But the side of U.S. History that I studied was further in deep.  Now realization should tell you that.

Some of you probably have condemned Obama for saying that quote in Rolling Stone Magazine. Partially, it was about “trust” according to the White House Spokesperson. Technically, Rolling Stone has been explicitly open for 50 years dealing with music and politics. Shoot, I read about the comments of Whitney Houston in Rolling Stone. And some were explicit. But she was real in her own objectives. Clearly, it’s just like The radio guests and hosts use colorful language all the time. But in between that, the issue of community and the world really stands out. I don’t have to like it. But it is what it is in terms of Free Speech. Or Freedom of Expression.