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Yesterday in Milwaukee, our long waited talk about the Milwaukee Streetcar is over. The vehicle came in from Pennsylvania via a truck and it was parked downtown near the Post Office at around 11:30am . And yes, the interest “per se” was building due to a fight that lasted for over 2 decades in an idea to connect means of transportation in the city. It really started with former Mayor John Norquist.

Just to think, as of the newslinks, it’s been 60 years this month of March since a Streetcar last appeared in Milwaukee, and it’s here. Many of us under 60 years old only saw Milwaukee Streetcars in museums, books, displays of the past when Milwaukee was coming up. And yes after that, the buses came in for MCTS.

Now after all the debate, after all the madness, after all the protesting, after all the ideas that Potawatomi Hotel & Casino would pay for the first year and nicknamed the vehicle “The Hop” if you will, and many others: even my “letter” to the City of Milwaukee Common Council of making that big decision on this blog of the need of jobs in the city, NOW IT’S HERE! Lock it up with an iron clad and let it operate. And speaking of that, The Streetcar needs folks to work!

Now since it’s here, word is that the testing will continue for the rest of the year to make sure that it’s in place starting in April. We just can’t ride the thing out of the gate. And yes of course the naysayers will have their continued say. But like many things: it will all come around in time. In my view.

The Streetcar or The Hop may seem controversial, but like the book by Eric Bischoff which it titled promptly to a point: “Controversy Creates Cash.”

So let’s give this thing a chance. After all, is this a country of opportunity? Plus this should be some sort of small victory in Wisconsin after the blown coverage of the High Speed Rail being faulted by Scott Walker.

Follow the continued momentum via the streetcar website:

There will be more commentary to come.

Mark it down. January 21st will be D-Day for the Milwaukee Common Council in which they will vote Yea or Nay in regarding the Milwaukee Streetcar Project. Yes, it’s still a hot potato in which many might rock it or drop it. I think those who rock it, in a sense could lead to additional opportunities to jobs in which the city has been preaching forever! And those who like to “drop it” in terms of it being racist, a thing of waste, and also as I put it in my last blog, “Conflicted Viewpoints” among those who are angry and  protesting in disgust. However, my viewpoint is for one thing, and one thing only: Employment Opportunities to the next level. Not just about the routes, times, or highly concerned options. The main focus IS JOBS! PERIOD! So for that, I present this blog letter to the council.

And if those who are apart of the Milwaukee Common Council that uses WordPress, share this before voting!

Dear Milwaukee Common Council:

It’s me Stephen. Obviously, I’m a black blogger in the city by hobby.

It’s seems that you have a big decision to make in terms of the Milwaukee Streetcar Project. But before you make your decision of cost, structure, construction, and many other factors of human emotion and misguided dialogue: hear me on this of why it should matter to the additional construction ideas in Milwaukee. I often blog about Milwaukee being as a “tail-end”city. What I mean by that is, it’s always behind. And most recently, it’s also stuck in the word of “Can’t”. Twice as most of you are aware, we came so close with the previous projects that would have linked our City with Madison with High Speed Rail and not to forget another one: The KRM Commuter rail that would have linked Kenosha, Racine and Milwaukee to get to those unreachable places for those looking for work. Of course! We also have problems with the violence, with potholes, housing, and many other factors that needs attention. Even yes, addressing the ongoing saga of the death of Dontre Hamilton, in which his brother Nate used a platform on WNOV to speak out against the Milwaukee Streetcar in relation to get justice. And additionally with the saga of the Republican-like organizations of Citizens for Responsible Government and this recent United For Milwaukee forged by Alderman Davis and Donovan. These I think are factors of examples of just trying to keep Milwaukee held back.

I’m sure you’ve heard and/or stood on the platform of all this.

But now, here is my only reason of the project: Four letters here – J-O-B-S! I like many others have been saying and commenting and blogging about the need of jobs in the City. I’m coming at this from a general standpoint. We need more “improved and never seen before can do jobs” in Milwaukee! I feel that it’s high time that this city needs to start playing more poker of new things that seemed daring to compete. I’m not just talking about against other cities, but we really need to step our game up for the future. Recently, the Mayor said that he’s betting on the future. And I hope all 15 of you are betting on the future as well. Yes, we still live in a segregated climate where mostly of my ethnicity of African-Americans are somewhat considered a suspect to death! Yes, we have other factors that might believe that Milwaukee is a wrong choice for jobs when it comes to skills, experience, residence (especially for those who are black job seekers) and many other factors combined. And I’m sure many of you, recently viewed the news out of California in their debut of the Bullet Train for their state. They stuck with their idea (along with Wisconsin’s part of the HSR money) built it, and it’s fully operational to get from Point A to Point B. They dared, they built it, and it’s arrived.

For all 15 of you and this Streetcar thing, yes I know many of you don’t like the idea. And there are those who favor the plan that it should move forward. And there are those who are undecided. I believe it should move forward to get something started. You see, I’m a job seeker for better employment, with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Management from UW-Stout, and I think this project with my college background skills should favor and interest me. I studied Occupational Safety/Loss Control, Strategic Management, Engineering Economy, Project Management, Statistics, Product Inventory and Control, just to name a few. And I feel it should be an investment not just the talk of wasteful government spending as the detractors put it. And definitely not controversial.

Clearly, I feel this should be a new investment to get this city going. And if  it’s not the investment of whatever, then Common Council: what is YOUR plan for the absence of the project? I don’t want to hear the same plans that have been burned out for the last 15 – 20+ years! I want to see NEW PLANS, NEW IDEAS, NO CONTROVERSIAL OVERALL EMPLOYMENT CAREER PLANS for this City! And unlike Alderman Joe Davis, it should NOT be racist or immoral but should effect those who are citizens of color looking for work.

And I hope that it should sink in for this vote next week after or maybe on the King Holiday.

So this is where I stand: I support the idea of the Milwaukee Streetcar for a new improved, fresh out of the box employment plans for the future. This is my reason and my reason only. There are other reasons, but I choose this reason to get things started. It doesn’t matter if it’s downtown or midtown, or uptown, this city as medium as is, needs something to think about. And do! This is my opinion and statement.








Just today, the train maker Talgo made a decree to the City of Milwaukee that it is pulling out of the area where the High Speed Trains were made. Not only that, there are two trains that are in the shed at the site, that will be likely used in another state like Michigan for a future route. This however is a big blow and a likely lasting blow to the city and also the state. Plus also, this is a direct result of wrong doing making decision by Scott Walker, the Republicans and it’s supporters. For that I write this blog letter.

Dear Talgo of America:

It’s me, Stephen. I am a black blogger from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

First, on behalf of every Wisconsinite that has backed you in this support of trying to get this deal done with High Speed Rail: I AM SORRY!

I am deeply sorry for this. And I condemn those who were against.

This is our fault for not backing this up fully. And I don’t know how this would get this over in terms of our valor.  First, I fault our so-called Wisconsin values. I fault that in addition with our polarized politics mainly with Scott Walker, the Republicans of the state, and mostly with those who jumped aboard the bandwagon of spoiled selfish politics that could been better in terms of helping the Wisconsin folks of our unemployment woes. Our black unemployment population is still at around 50% and the area near 27th and Townsend once housed your company was a good idea. And in history, it had GREAT PRODUCTIVE JOBS!  A.O. Smith was a great company. And I don’t care what some so-called citizen thought it could have been. But it was a unfinished opportunity due to the ignorance and stupidity of this state! The deal was to me was perfect. And it should have been thought of the future of Infrastructure of Transportation to go where the jobs are. Milwaukee and Madison should have been linked up with Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Plus also Detroit.  I can’t fault the other cites or states. But the real fault is in Scott Walker’s hands and he knows it. And after all of that being signed a done deal by former Gov. Jim Doyle.

Back in 2012, I visited the area for the trains during your open house and yes, it was a good to see the trains up close. Modern technology in all. And I kept wondering, why would Wisconsin would give THIS UP?! Seriously?!!

Now this announcement of you leaving the City is disappointing. And most of us know it’s our fault. As a native of the state, I too take the blame. However, for those who were opposed to the project, probably got their wish that it’s a boondoggle and it’s another way of run away government spending. They claim that no one will ride it and it’s too expensive. The same folks in my opinion that said that, are just bigoted fools that don’t want folks like me roll through their part of the state based on my skin color. And other minorities too. What I mean by that is, there are those in Wisconsin that things “segregated”. Even though also this is a black eye in our state, and a black eye in the vision of President Barack Obama. Why I am putting the President in this? It was part of his idea of putting folks to work with the shovel ready jobs. Don’t believe me? one of our radio stations, 860AM WNOV talks about this all the time. And the question will restart yet again, how and will this create jobs? And the obvious, where are the jobs that I can get to without a car in the state?

Not everyone in Wisconsin doesn’t have a vehicle, citizens!  Tell that to the Governor and Republicans of the state!


Oh, and about Super Steel? They need to get with the 21st Century style stuff. Just saying.

And the lamest comments: “Sorry about the jobs, and bye bye choo-choo train!”  Really lame along with Walker’s imaginary 250,000 jobs that he pointed to be objective in his first run. But now, he is not fully committed with that notion. Right now, the jobs report in Wisconsin is still low! And also who wants to come to Wisconsin and put jobs in the Century City District, in the city of Milwaukee and mostly in the areas in Milwaukee THAT FOLKS CAN BE SUPPORTED in the area? Not Waukesha, Not anywhere else where the white flight happens to go. Just in the area where it’s needed. If the so-called Wisconsinites who talked smacked about the train jobs, then why didn’t they supported the workers of Talgo by staying and working with them? And I met the workers two years ago. Ignorance is bliss when you know it.

We already know that the state will be jacked up with later fees, taxes and losses. Plus your on- going lawsuit against the state is still intact. I say do it. You have every right to do so. And I’m saying this as a resident.

If this is one of those “Teachable Moments” to learn from, it is. But the state of the Badgers will be suffering from it the most.



P.S.  – And as far as the Milwaukee Streetcar is concerned: don’t let that go!

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As indicated before I was supposed to post a blog letter to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. However that will be next. But since the issue of the Washington Post had risen up with Scott Walker and his viewpoints on how could Wisconsin can Teach Washington, per say, it promptly conveyed me to write this letter. So here goes:

Dear Washington Post Readers:

Its me Stephen, and I happen to be a black resident from Wisconsin. Yes, we do have black folks here.  6% to be exact.

I assumed that today that you probably read about Governor Scott Walker’s viewpoint on how Wisconsin could teach Washington about the political thing of budgets and compromise. And I’m sure that you had your say so via commentary.

But I’m here to tell you all this and this only: ITS TOTAL GARBAGE!

From his opinion piece, here he writes:  “When I ran for governor, the unemployment rate topped out at 9.2 percent and Wisconsin ranked 43rd on Chief Executive Magazine’s list of best states for business. Today, our unemployment rate has dropped to 6.7 percent and Wisconsin has moved up to 17th on the magazine’s list. Equally important, 94 percent of employers surveyed by the statewide chamber think Wisconsin is headed in the right direction,up from just 4 percent in 2009.”

And he comments this: “Tough but prudent decisions put us back on track. We enacted long-term structural reforms that include allowing schools to bid out health insurance, local governments to stop overtime abuse and the state to collect reasonable contributions for health insurance and pensions —all of which saved millions. Instead of austerity, we chose reform. At first, some legislative leaders balked at our plans. But we worked through their concerns and together we created legislation that not only passed but also produced positive results.”

Oh check this out: “Actually, this was the Wisconsin that newly elected legislative leaders and I inherited a little more than two years ago. Our state faced big problems. We were at a turning point. So together, the legislature and I worked to fix the economic and fiscal crises holding Wisconsin back.”

Read that last line: “the legislature and I worked to fix the economic and fiscal crises holding Wisconsin back.”  Holding Wisconsin back he says..What a bunch of crap out of the Governor who dropped out of Marquette University.

The other side of this is: Wisconsin is really near dead last when it comes to jobs. Around 38-50. Some of those “reforms” he failed to mention in leading to stripping the Unions of Collective Bargaining Rights. Slashing about billions of dollars in which public education was supposed to be useful. Even rejecting and stopping BadgerCare for about 90,000 plus residents. Refusing to take about 800 million dollars in which would have linked my home state with High Speed Rail, which we ALMOST had, but it was blown up by the so-called Tea Party Fans, their representatives and busted up by Walker himself. What that also did, opened up more dilemmas of segregation. If you don’t know, Wisconsin is nice state in all, but it can be segregated. Milwaukee, my home city is the most segregated city in the United States. If you ask anyone that has relocated to D.C. and they are from Wisconsin, ask them. The company Talgo, was the chosen train maker in order to provide the train cars for the High Speed Rail Project. The same company is now suing the State of Wisconsin for breach of contract. A huge no-no for the current Administration. If you recent got some trains and rail dollars, that mostly came from Wisconsin. In which the state rejected under this slash and burn Governor. Yes, I said “slash and burn governor” in the same sentence. Plus also he had the nerve to survive a recall last year in which he blamed for the lack of jobs. His jobs policies are the reasons why there aren’t enough jobs anyway. Remember, he said constantly about having this 250,000 jobs in which I think it will not happen. Plus also, ask the black residents of Milwaukee about Scott Walker and they’ll give you a comment that will not sit well with the conservative crowd here in Wisconsin. In regarding the jobs, many of the jobs around the area, is mostly in the Suburban districts, and not a bus line which is harder for those who don’t have a car, can’t get to the jobs.  Milwaukee has at least 50% of African-Americans are unemployed and need WORK! Want more proof? Listen to our progressive talk radio in Wisconsin. Or matter of fact: listen to a radio station called WNOV. Which you can listen to via the internet by doing a Google search. Or go to This is the only black radio station that the badger state currently has. Most of the topics are focusing on Milwaukee and Wisconsin from a black point of view, but also from a black America viewpoint. The best times to listen to WNOV per say, would be 9am – 12pm Central time. Which would be 10am- 1pm your time. Or our Madison State Capitol connections have progressive talk radio that is mostly democratic, but useful.

This op-ed viewpoint of Walker is just crazy. Really he’s using this stunting thing in order in many here in Badger State have a thought of him running for President in 2016. Oh, did he mentioned that he has a book out, in which he pens his achievement rise to power above unions and boondoggles?  And plus this is the same guy that DROPPED OUT of College in the 90’s. Marquette University – The very same Marquette that had the famous Al McGuire of him winning the 1977 NCAA Finals. And also, Dwayne Wade went to the school before jumping ship to the Miami Heat. And the same Marquette University where one of our state’s Congresswoman named Gwen Moore attended and graduated! Some here in Wisconsin have been talking about her recently and ponder the question: Why is Gwen Moore’s name not being mentioned for the Governor’s chair in 2014? And plus Congresswoman Moore knows how to beat Scott Walker because she did against him in a State Assembly Race in 1990. If the phrase “Governor Moore” or Gwen Moore: Governor for Wisconsin per say would be good thing for a future Wisconsin, why not a future recognition for America. I know it’s wishful thinking, but hey it could happen if she feels is useful. But in the meantime, one challenger has stepped up from the Wisconsin Democratic Party by the name of Mary Burke. If those wondering, read my previous post about her, plus also do a Google search on her.  Just to pass along.

Washington Post readers: DO NOT BE FOOLED about what he had said in your Op-ed section. Many Republicans like him are just bragging about their successes but often fail at their of slashing and burning commentary. – Sort of like what Tom Barrett said years back when Walker was going for the Chair. He warned us: “Hang on to your hats!”  And the winds have picked up harshly. Walker talked about “What Wisconsin could teach Washington.” Maybe Washington could teach Wisconsin about governing, job creation, healthcare marketplace purchasing, environmental, and many other concerns and ideas in which the higher states are doing. Maybe President Obama can teach Walker about getting jobs, sustain educational views, and many others. And he used to teach in the schools!  Meanwhile that H.S. Diploma that Walker has is not working for tutoring. And plus if possible, I know some Wisconsin Democrats that can teach DC. Just saying. Good ones that is.

Even for a state like Minnesota that is already beating us Badger folks upside the head in jobs and economics.



Dear Wisconsin:

Remember last year when the then soon to be Governor Walker didn’t want to the High Speed Rail money nor the high speed rail to run between Madison and Milwaukee? Remember all of that? Now it comes to part after a year later, the now Rookie Governor made a terrible mistake by NOT accepting the rail money to build the High Speed Rail. Matter of fact, he should of left it alone. But no, thanks to his backwards thinking, and that talk about run away government spending, the State of Wisconsin will foot the bill of more than 84 Million Dollars  for years to come. Plus more.

Really Wisconsinites? Are we that short sighted? Other states have told us, even the states that bet against us that this should have been kept to invest here! Now after all of this, and I still need the Right Wing Manics to ask this: What about the jobs? Since then, the rail cash has dissapeard to other states like Illinois and California and yes, we had to get laughed at like educational dropouts without any reason to drop out. And I thought the Collective Barganing Rights elimination thing was just as bad.

Lots of you are probably asking why this? “Oh we made our decision by not taking the rail money”, and I’m gonna stop right there. First of all, I wasn’t one of the Tea Party Manics who wanted Walker to “Obey the will of the voters”. That was his fan base. And since there was talk about provding jobs, at least 250,000 of them, it appears that is not going to happen!

So I’m asking this as a Wisconsin Resident of 35 years (by the way, the birthday was December 5th) , What’s up? Where are all the Charlie Sykes folks at? The Vicki McKennas, the Mark Bellings, oh, I should say the James T. Harris folks at? Huh?!!! Where are you? I guess that all that talk really some of you quiet huh? All of that should have got you questioning like of what next?

Like I said 13 times this year: I told you so! And I think those who had been saying this also in this year in another form of shape have said the same thing. And from what I’ve heard about the Walker Recall, right now, it’s about 300,000+ signatures. And for those who kept saying that teachers are being paid too much, you really need a reality check that everyone is in the struggle. I have family and community folks who are retired educators and can tell more about this more than the average “tea partier/republican fan”. Oh believe me, I know.

Lots of folks that used to live in Wisconsin are departing all because of this. And some of you thought that Jim Doyle was bad. Walker, even worse. Don’t forget, he was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. And what he did then, affects now. If only Tom Barrett would have gotten the governor’s chair in Madison, none of this, would’ve taken place.

In conclusion, when the year of 2011 is closing up shop, don’t expect me to put Walker in the bad list and the unions in the good list for obvious reasons.


Stephen’s Spot

Dear Wisconsinites (for those who want to care in all):

By now, it’s November, and it’s after November 15th and there is a certain recall attempt to remove Scott Walker from the chair in Madison. If you support him, don’t read what I have to say. But if you don’t support him, get it in right now. When the whole nation was paying attetntion to Wisconsin in the winter, in February, and after the Packers won the Superbowl, lots of those outside of state tried to figure out what’s going on in the Badger State. Previously, the rookie govenor thought that High Speed Rail wasn’t good enough for those whom he feels “can’t afford it”. They claim it was a boondongle. It will never work. Basically, I think that what really says about Wisconsin residents who don’t want to move forward. I find that shameful. And mostly, I find it un-American. Well mostly un-appreciative about the fact that the State is not moving forward WITH the rest of the country. This was a good opportunity for the state and personally the neighborhood near the area of Talgo. But it was all “slandered” through politics. I’m going to say that includes, Scott Walker. Just like when he said that he was “obeying the will of the voters”. I’ll add that he was obeying the will of the Koch Brothers, his fan base,  and the Wisconsin Tea Party. Plain and simple.

Obviously, this wasn’t the only thing. The other in my view, the ending of collective barganing.  Lot of you outside of Wisconsin don’t know, that the state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, paid vacations, etc. Wisconsin is more than just a cheese state. And that state where Laverne and Shirley started. And the Packers, Bucks, Brewers, and in my view, the “Original Dairyland”. But enough about that. What’s really important that now the residents of Wisconsin in my view can really express their frustration about the governor. And from what I read and heard that some republicans don’t approve what Walker is currently doing. What was that approval rating again?  Last I checked it’s not good. Not at all. And looks like his dream of 250,000 jobs in Wisconsin will not happen.

Technically, I didn’t like Walker when he was County Executive. In the beginning everyone thought after the Tom Ament pension scandal was supposed to erase everything new. But no. It got worse for Milwaukee County. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett did indeed warned us about “hanging on to our hats”, and going through the “slash and burn” tactics of Scott Walker.  Milwaukee had this person for 8 years. What he did in Milwaukee County, would do for the same in the state.  And since then, in the view of others, dividing the state.  Plus pushing out those who really want to have a chance to save chances.

After all of that, now to those reading outside of Wisconsin, particularly for California, (yes you LA Times)  this is why the state matters to America. Like Ed Schultz said that it’s not just Wisconsin. It’s all over the country. Now previously, I got some love for Ohio. What they did was voted majority of No on their Senate Bill 5 to continue to have collective bargaining rights for their workers. When that happened, I thought about what happened here! And now it’s been many months, and those in Wisconsin who rallied against the governor, and Rebecca Kleefisch, will get their chance to sign names for a vote of no confidence.

Recognize those words: No Confidence. So if choose to sign my name to the petition to remove Walker, don’t judge me. Walker supporters, don’t judge me!  Tea Party followers, don’t judge me!

End of story.


Stephen’s Spot

P.S. For those who want to recall Scott Walker, check out the website:

Dear LA Times; and the readers of the LA Times; and the State of California:

I couldn’t help to say the fact that I happen to read your LA Times Editorial article of us Wisconsinites of trying to Recall our Rookie Governor Scott Walker. But my question is……What does it matter to you? I mean seriously, why would your LA Times Editorial doesn’t want us Badger-maniacs Recall Scott Walker? Obviously, California with all due respect, THIS ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM! OK so you had an issue with one of your former Governors Gary Davis who was recalled to give you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the nod. But like I said, with all do respect, THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Yes, Scott Walker rejected funds to build of what was supposed to be a project of High Speed Rail here in Wisconsin. But mostly overall, he has rejected cowardly our collective bargaining to our unions, and set up one of the worst plans to derail voting privileges in the state. Speaking of Unions, did you know that our state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, weekends off and paid vacations? Maybe NOT! Yes you have heard of us being behind with fast track of transportation, jobs, and far out with unemployment, blacks in prisons more that YOUR state, and also are you still mad that the Wisconsin Badgers Football team BEAT UCLA 3 times? 2 times in the Rose Bowl?!

Look California, this IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!  Stay out. It’s Wisconsin’s fight. Most of us in the state have realized that electing Walker effected all of us badly who work hard, push the clock, everyday! Yes we have it hard here, but we got some good folks who don’t act like Scott Walker like a coward, and having the gall to kill everything in his path. Talk about “borderline utter nonsense.” Our Democratic Party is planning to recall him in November because it’s OUR right as Americans, to fix our leadership in the Governor’s Chair in the state capitol. Oh, did you see our home state jammed packed in Madison who protested against the Budget Repair Bill for a REASON? Our 14 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state like heroes in order to protect and hold off the votes? You may have heard of the quote “putting country before party?” They did. When was the last time YOUR democrats did something like that?! I’m going there!

In conclusion, Walker is Bad. My home-city of Milwaukee, you know the home of Miller Beer, Harley-Davidson and those shows of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, the NL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Wave Soccer, Mr. 3000, Major League, Original home of Bowling, The Blues Brothers (part of the close endings in Milwaukee), Transformers 3, Public Enemies, Marquette University, and the festival that we call Summerfest? Or get this, you know about George Tillman, Jr and Eric Benet right? Guess what? Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! George Tillman, Jr went to my former high named after a Supreme Court Judge, John Marshall. Heather Graham and Gene Wilder – Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! Don’t Hate! Milwaukee knows more about Scott Walker. You are just now reading about him. Milwaukee had 8 years of Walker as a County Executive who did almost the same stuff as he doing as Governor.  So California, Scott Walker IS not Gary Davis, and Gary Davis is no Scott Walker, and yes even our dislike of Scott Walker has reached everyone’s attention, do us Wisconsinites a favor with all do respect in regarding this: BUTT OUT!! Love your state though 🙂

Regards from this Wisconsinite,

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. read a reaction from one of OUR journalists that summarized your editorial

I have been reading the news about the Congressional Black Caucus’ Career Fair/Town Hall Meetings, and I have to applaud them for at least taking the time to get something going for the fact that the Black Population in America is facing dire straits of unemployment, trying to get that breakthrough job and many others. If you are a fan or a close member of the Congressional Black Caucus: Bring this “Fire” to Milwaukee!

I’m saying this because the city I’m referring too, needs this fire, badly! Milwaukee is ranked in the higher ranges in which unemployment is terribly high. Most in the percentile of the 50’s nearly 53% among African-American Residents. I remember when the NAACP came here in 2005, they reported that the number given is “unacceptable”. Even for a city like Milwaukee that is really not pleasing. Now you’re probably asking, “Dang when is Milwaukee is going to step up and take charge to get folks working? I mean really? When?” One of the things that could have done to try to fuse it was the High Speed Rail project. That Infrastructure thing could have got more jobs and put that money in pockets and purses. What stopped it? Ask those who voted for Scott Walker. Ask those who are in the Tea Party making a mockery of our Country’s Principles. Oh yeah, I’m going there. Just like Bill Maher once said that if the Founding Fathers were alive, they would have hated their guts!


Now I may not agree with the latter of thought from Rep. Maxine Waters, but she is out there voicing her opinion in which that yes, the President has to step his game up and visit the African-American neighborhoods and meetings to discuss the dilemmas. If he can go to the other communities, WHY NOT the African-American areas? I have to realize that yes Barack Obama is the President of the United States, not the president of the African-Americans. Also, ask those who want to leave things as they are and NOT moving forward to the next level. And ask those who are supporters of Scott Walker this question: What could go in the Central City Area where Talgo WAS SUPPOSED to go? And I’ll bet like Maxine Waters, I would say that the Red Squad of the Badger State DON’T HAVE A PLAN to rebuild and or create jobs. When Walker left for Madison, Milwaukee county was in a heap of mess.



I do hope that the Congressional Black Caucus does make a Brew City Visit. And I hope that one of the members, Congresswoman Gwen Moore can lead that idea of bringing in Local and Well-known companies like a Quad/Graphics, or Harley-Davidson or an outside company looking in can have the abilities to hire African-Americans in the Greater Milwaukee Area. I know that the city has had these type of Job Fairs in the past, BUT this Career Fair needs to be real and clear to the point. Plus I like to see, just like in Miami and Inglewood, a town hall moderation in which to have those who have looked for work, need a skill or just trying to get that first promotion, to come on out and voice their concern. Don’t get me wrong.  There are others who are feeling the pinch too, but I have to realize that I think that the African-American Community needs this fire than they realize before.

Dang it feels good to write that again.

Oh yeah, it does.

This is in regards to the final result of trying to get High Speed Rail for the State of Wisconsin. If you remember, the new rookie Governor Scott Walker rejected almost 800 Million Dollars to link the cities of Madison and Milwaukee together. And he had a some what of an idea, of getting some of the federal rail funds that were already rejected by other states like Florida to upgrade the Amtrak Hiawatha Line linking Milwaukee and Chicago. Most on both sides thought it was good to link a small-medium market city to a gigantic city like Chicago in order to get the rails moving. Well up to today, it seems that link is now dead because the Federal Government will not provide my homestate any federal rail money because of this.  Well, the rookie governor says that “he’s dissapointed”. Really?! Rookie Governor, now you know what those looking for work feel. Now he knows what the folks have felt when they were cheated or passed up because of the lack of jobs in the most biggest county in the state. Again, this rail project that most are getting, should have helped those who are looking for work and feed their families. But on the other, if those in Wisconsin who thought that the rail project were to kill “their way of life” per say, then they are sadly mistaken.

Lost opportunities passed up. See this is what happens when “Elections Have Consequences”. Does that sound familiar? It should. Look what is happening. In my past postings I have described this numerous times in numerous examples of why Wisconsin Matters, the unions and etc. But this time on the High Speed Rail issue, this is what Walker will receive in regarding his idea of upgrading the Hiawatha: Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. Just like all the promises will be nothing like new. And I ask again: why is Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin again? If Tom Barrett or matter of fact, Russ Feingold had the governor’s chair, this would not be a past factor.

And likewise, it is a constant reminder that if Wisconsin would have took the money and left it alone without the use of politics and backwards thinking (that’s right I said it!), the state would have been on the mark and on the move with the use of this infrastructure like everyone who is “on the move”.

I told you so. I kept saying it. Over and over again. Oh, yes. Wisconsin maybe “open for business”,  but also it has opened to mobilize the Middle Class into action. It also has mobilized the unions into action. That  rookie Governor has gotten some fuel started. Now, I went to the website the other day, and there were alot of “we’re with you Gov. Walker!” Comments. Or “Thank you Gov. Walker” comments. Yes Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I’m talking about you. Now, I know there’s nothing wrong about establishing your approval, but when it comes to taking away employer’s rights, that is out of bounds. They say that the “tax-payers” won. Newsflash: they may say that, but they still lost! You see, Taxpayers can be union members also. They pay taxes as much as the so-called non union folks that work in private sector jobs anyway. So who you fooling? Me, You, the IRS, come on! I worked in union jobs and non-union jobs, and I still had to file and or pay up my fair share.  Big deal! In case you’re wondering, UPS is a Union Company with the Teamsters.

So all of this commotion. All of this drama of climax is all escalating. All directed at Scott Walker. First, went High Speed Rail. Second, Busting Unions of Collective Bargaing Rights. Is this the nation that we want to live in? Is this the State of Wisconsin that I want to live in? I thought Wisconsin is all about moving Forward like the state motto. Not reverting back before there ever was a Collective Bargaining. Now mostly it’s those who are still stuck in “boondoggle mode” that will continue to keep Wisconsin behind. All of this in my view will get recalls started up. And already, the Senate Republicans are on the list. All 8 of them. They all agreed with this notion and like before, elections have consequences! Even if the name is Alberta Darling.

Now since this happened, the 14 Senate Democrats have returned home. And already, Scott Fitzgerald commented that their act is all about them being cowardly and shameful. Well I think the egg is on their faces. They as in the Republicans. They also know the fact they pulled a fast one with that so-called Nuclear option of the repair bill that went 18-1 just to have Walker’s way. Over and over again, Scott Walker thinks that the state of Wisconsin is “broke” and there is no money. Liar! Even the Politifact Websites know this. They analyzed it, and it was proven false statement about the money woes.

Now I question again, why is Scott Walker governor?