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Man, some of you NFL fans need to lighten up. Like really. All along we all know that the “blackballing” of Colin has reached it’s breaking point. Matter of fact it’s well passed that. By the time many read this, most of us will be looking at the games while many of you might be having a fit thinking of him getting a job. Who also didn’t vote up in 2016!

What is it about him looking for work when you have the average African-American Men and/or Women who are scrapping up work as in trying to find work EVERYDAY due to the hate of skin color or a dumb thing of credit reports? Explain that to me.

Last night, well this has nothing to do with this, but when the Packers started their Preseason, they didn’t started with Aaron Rodgers. Brett Hundley did. And he’s black.

So in that, there was his numbers or ratings being not up to par, an injury might have been a factor, and he had this theory of not getting resigned by the 49ers.

And oh, here comes the additional theories of not standing for the national anthem and assuming that the Stars and Stripes had or is oppressing black folks or POC’s. And many from the activists and even some of our Veterans stood in support of what he protested. You even had young Volleyball Black Players and Football Players of High School, kneeled. Plus a former pro Soccer player kneeled. And some of the WNBA players, kneeled. We all know. But was it worth it? But the person you copied of kneeling, didn’t even vote. That’s one of the reasons why the 45land leader is in office and it’s like a slap in the face! We know it is. And everything that 45 or ol’ Donnie is doing to reverse the policies and ideal decisions that President Obama did in his 8 years. That is a direct slap as well.

Folks are saying that Colin Kaepernick’s angle is in line with Rosa Parks, or Muhammad Ali. CALLOUT: I don’t think so. Colin Kaepernick will never be a Rosa Parks, or Muhammad Ali! We need to be clear! Never have, never will. What they did was real. Not all about me and disguising a theory about the flag in a wrong matter. But alas: Colin said that all his protest wasn’t about the flag, nor the military. It was really about addressing the injustice about the treatment that African-Americans get every single time. And the same treatment or treatments harbored us so many times and we know it. But many believe all that protesting is about him and not really much about others.

Now last year, I written a blog piece about the National Anthem in which I commented about Colin’s protest. Well here is a review:

Speaking of that: The Star Spangled Banner. The official theme song of America. For many many years, the anthem has been played, sung at events, played in solos and many others. And there were those got criticized of the Anthem being a disgrace to those serve in uniform. But I’ll say that the Anthem is good “on display”. But the author, Francis Scott Key that made the anthem in 1812, was also an owner of slaves! The third stanza in the Anthem, which no one hardly sings by the way, spells out as this:

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion

A home and a Country should leave us no more?

Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.

No refuge could save the hireling and slave

From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,

And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Well ladies and gents, let’s breakdown the meat of the third stanza. Now many are already saying that the stantza is racist. The words in the stanza: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave” some say that is so racist that it needs to be erased. But what did Francis Scott Key meant by this? Since he was a slave owner by the way.

  • The word Refuge means in dictionary terms as we know is related to Refugee, as being forced to cross national boundaries and cannot return home safely.
  • Hireling means: A person who works only for pay, especially in a menial or boring job, with little or no concern for the value of work. In a adjective sense: it also means serving for pay only, vernal, and mercenary. See that?

But when you put it all together in that ONE LINE: The Refugees of the slaves, our ancestors were forced in bondage, couldn’t return to Africa that had to be worked for menial jobs, with no concern for the work values of the jobs that was slave related. Henceforth: “No refuge could save the hireling and slave.”

Now that was last year, but this morning as I was listening to the radio , there was different definition about the use of words. “Hireling” in this sense was a reference to the British Soldiers and the “Slaves” was a reference to the American soldiers. There was a “stipulation” that if the slaves served under the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, they would granted their freedom. Same as the side of the British. If the Black Slaves served under the British Crown, they would be granted their freedom. And also we know that Francis Scott Key was the composer of the Anthem, but according the radio broadcast, he was mad by getting beat by the black troops during the time period. To be clear, it was about another version of Black Power! You might listen to WNOV on the Tune-In App for that.

Now that might sound kind of strange but the thing is this version might be kind of stronger than the first definition we heard last year. Why haven’t we really heard the third stanza of the Anthem before in school?

EASY ANSWER: It was never taught to us! Just like in all the extensive history we are just now exploring about the nation and yes Black History. All that extensive history that we didn’t know about that we just found out on Social Media, IT WAS NEVER TAUGHT TO US! NOT ONE EXTENSIVE SUBJECT!

We can blame all the same old “they didn’t teach us this stuff in school in all” but you know whom I really blame in all of this? Read my lips: Blame the curriculum! The same curriculum that circulates all the lessons plans that many of the teachers will be getting for your kids in the fall.

*Sidenote: Milwaukee Public Schools will start school on August 14th and September 5th, and most schools will have Uniforms.

But seriously folks, NFL Fans: I hate to say this in all, but Colin Kaepernick is not going to save you. I hate to be a hater for the “Colin Worshipers” who was all flashy against the Packers, went to the Super Bowl against the Ravens and LOST in the blackout game in the Superdome. And a season later his numbers weren’t all to par, he was injured at one point prior, and he was 2-1 against the Packers in a game that the 49ers lost 17-3. I told you Niner Gang. All that flashy stuff came and went! He’s a heck of a ball player, and since the plays of the Pistol he started, guess what? Everyone is going to use it and rename it the Lombardi Cannon or whatever. And of course his chances of getting a job dwindled, plus having a fear of getting cut by the team, and what does he do in between: kneel before the flag during the national anthem. And again, he didn’t vote! And many of the fans whom are now just WOKE, we have a guy name of Ol Donnie in the White House. Let that sink in.

Instead of worrying about Colin and his job, again what about those who are still looking like crazy everyday? And other issues of healthcare, the economy, drinking water concerns, not enough support for the church, or many of the concerns that are more IMPORTANT about everyday values! Again, he is NOT here to save you!


Right now, the Green Bay Packers, (aka the team that everybody loves to hate because of them being 13 time Champs) made the playoffs.

Check out this video courtesy of the Wisco Kidz: Run The Table!






Looks like mood of the Packer nation has been night and day. From 6-0 to about 1-4 in total of being 7-4. The last two games should have been winnable against the still below Detroit Lions, whom have now been officially been caged free after being held down at Lambeau for 24 years. And…..REALLY?! The Chicago Bears on the same day of Thanksgiving. The same occasion in which Brett Favre got his jersey number retired. Ok enough of that. And me puking in my toilet. But seriously, what is up with the Pack? No team shouldn’t be 7-4 while going  (possessively) to a potential Super Bowl. Now don’t get me wrong that yes, there have been teams that mostly started out “super” and don’t hardly get at much. Clearly, the Packers are no exception. And for the record, I’m not just a Packer Backer Fan. I’m also an Observer. I see all the good, bad and ugly. Needless to say, they are still my team. No bandwagons. No wannabees. And most def I’m not one of those who live in Wisconsin and be a fan of those who against the pack. No perpetrators in my house!

So from my “Observer” standpoint what needs to be done to mend the damage that the Packers have received? I’ll get to that in a moment.

According to’s NFL Now they recently highlighted 3 fixes that the Packers need to have.

  1. Fixing the Passing Attack. I’ll agree that the passing attack is not as sharp. They need to resharpen their attacks with some new tricks to the arsenal. James Jones had NO (And I mean NO) catches against the old school rivals at all. And no, don’t blame the hoodie.
  2. Eliminate the Big Plays. Well to a point not really, but in this case they should make passes underneath. Almost like wildcat/screens like. We already know that Jordy Nelson is not playing. WE KNOW! But you can win games by lessing the big wide plays and just use the cherry picking plays just to get the offense started up. The more they do that, the more they get a chance for YAC’s.
  3. Protect The House. This is a hard thing to do, but you know what, The Lambeau Mystique must be revamped. Not just what it was, but what is should be: A PLACE OF FEAR FOR ALL OPPONENTS! Back in old days, Lambeau Field was a place of Blitzkrieg! And it can be yet again. The Get Loud Lambeau thing, I like it. We need to be loud as hell. But also very intimidating to those who dare to step in and mess up 1265 Lombardi Ave. No more of those soft crap stuff! It’s best to go hard.

Even the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has some ideas or comments:

“In the case of the Green Bay Packers offense, complexity has been something coach Mike McCarthy has been able to build on because of an elite quarterback, a veteran offensive line and lots of experience at wide receiver.


Over on the last five games — even in the 30-13 victory over Minnesota — there have been so many miscommunications, misfires and blown opportunities that the Packers offense almost resembles something completely foreign.

Typically in the NFL, the reaction to such play is “get back to basics.”

Also this from the QB himself: “But yeah, at times you think about being more basic if you’re having mental errors. That’s probably the disappointing thing. You’re late in the season now, and we’re having way too many mental errors.”

“You either got to figure out what you’re doing all the time, or you have to go to more basic stuff. We’d like to not be as basic and have guys not have any mental errors.”

Now here are my things that should fix the Packers:

  1. There have been some news about the team playing Video Games. REALLY! Cut that off! You are not going to win games by playing Madden all day. If those on the squad see all those plays they do on Madden, why not ON THE FIELD with better judgment! Come on guys! VG’s are not active simulators in real life as much!
  2. Davante Adams needs to wake up! Look he’s a good WR. But his open plays have been stunk alot. Davante needs his mojo revamped. Get open and just make plays to score. If not, I hate to say that maybe Jeff Janis might be the next man up for the spot. Who knows that maybe Jeff Janis will be the next man up. Speaking of Jeff Janis, keep him in the backfield returning kicks in case Micah Hyde couldn’t do it all.
  3. DB’s DB’s DB’s Now I see that the DB’s are working, but not enough. The rookie Damarious Randall can’t do it all.
  4. The O-Line needs hardcore Penetration for A-Rod protection. What for you ask? Not letting more sacks on Aaron to pile up like a mountain. Plus also the running game needs to be improved. Now, look stop all this talk about Eddie Lacy being fat and can’t run the ball. He can run. He can play.
  5. Speaking of Aaron: yes I’m putting him in this also. I still like this December 2nd Sagittarian. First: Get the mindsync of Jordy Nelson off the brain. We know. It’s a mindset that is distracting. Second, make judgmental decisions. Matter of fact better judgemental decisions! Now the defense of the other teams are taking notes and scripting what the Packers know. The Packers need to be extra ahead of their opponents in order to generate more wins. That would be like, the Packers taught the NFC North about evil. But not what the Packers know! And it’s starts with the QB. And Aaron needs to be more “RELAXED” than frustrated. And scared. Get it right Aaron. You’re not dead yet!
  6. Playcaling: Oh here we go! We all know that Mike McCarthy is not calling plays this year but Tom Clements is doing the second coaching. The playcallers need more schemes to improve. And this includes Dom Capers!  The playcalling have been well, “predictable”. Mix it up. Or maybe get someone who actually can advise plays of what the players can relate. Need to go back to the ol’ Kevin Green Playbook and get hardcore. Just saying.
  7. D-Line: GET AGGRESSIVE! And plus since some of the players got Beared up in Chicago, it’s time to upcoming likes of Jake Ryan and Jayrone Elliott to finally get more exposure. Yes, I know that the Vets are in the first peg, but still get those dying a chance to play with more ruthless aggression!

Yes they are struggling, but like with any struggling team, they will get better. They have to. No time to think about what should have been, but what it should be. And plus they need to be more back to basic of what they know best to be that competitive. With upgrades! But hey, the Pack is still the team of potential. In the words of the “Pack Daddy”: G’s UP!

So to the 13 time Champs: Get it together! We diehards and real Packer Observers are still with you for the long haul!  No wannabes allowed!



Ok Packer fans:

We were told from the QB to be reminded of five letters here: R-E-L-A-X. Relax. Right?

Hear me out.

Now it appears that our starting QB has been “scared” in the last couple of games that resulted in losses to Denver and most recently, Carolina. I got something to say about those teams and QB’s of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton: LUCKY. All there is.

Now what is this about Aaron Rodgers being scared in a Football game? And I’m sure that the fans of the teams that root against the Packers are just laughing. Those guys who root against the Packers are probably Perps. Perpetrators. Or creepers. They don’t really have a team to root for. All they care is about being on bandwagons. Me on the other hand, I am not a bandwagon fan. I am a real Fan/Observer of the 13 time NFL champs. Period! Shoot, I’ve seen Brett Favre scared in various situations of getting the plays for the football to come out. Don Majkowski aka The Majik Man, probably got scared at times in his gamedays. Was Bart Starr ever scared in his gamedays? Probably so. For you Bear Down Chicago Fans, believe me Jay Cutler is scared. Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith, Drew Brees. and all those NFL Elites at QB are scared too. Just wait. And Cam Newton better be afraid if he and the Panthers don’t pony up that Banner in Charlotte! Listen, for you Carolina Panther Fans, you should be concerned about your players acted a fool per say, about ripping down a “North Carolina Cheesehead” banner that was made by some residents down there who root for the Packers. And you got “role models” on your team. REALLY?!!  And you should realize that NOT EVERYONE in NASCAR country does not follow your team! Plus Cam Newton does not own whatever stadium you team plays in. What is the name again? Some bank name……To quote The Rock: IT DOESN’T MATTER!

Carolina, your team has been around for 20 years. The Packers: 1919. 96 Years. And in those 96 years, the teams has had more heart, heartaches, passion, slumps and many others that you can shake a stick at. And did I mention that they won 13 (count em) 13 NFL Championships?  Better learn young Panthers.

But about Aaron: Look, what I’m trying to say is every QB is going to feel the pressure. The insanity. The unexpected. The blitzes. The feeling of getting INT’ed. The feeling of throwing the charts and tablets after a play that was good but garbage. WE KNOW!

What I would say to Aaron: Look here, #12. I get your scared. It happened to those who have been in your shoes. But I’ll bet those guys probably had the shiznit kicked in them and something or someone woke them up say this: The devil is a lie! Aaron, you’re not dead yet. Keep playing. Show the teammates and your bitter enemies that you might be scared, but you are yet brave to weather the storm and get the job done! And I understand that Jordy Nelson is not playing with you this season. I get it. But I know that Jordy does NOT want you to quit. Not on his watch, The NFL Community, and not on the watch of every single REAL Packer Fan/Observer, Fantasy player, there is. Aaron you told us to relax. Now were telling you to relax and KEEP playing. You have been slowed down, but not stopped! And that goes for the Defense too! Packers D: now since you got that scuffle out of the way, use that scuffle energy that happened and take it out on your next 8 opponents! Not each other.

Other QB’s have been there too many times. Cam Newton will be scared. Just wait for it Panther Fans he will be humbled and terrified. Just wait!

And some probably excelled to get to the SuperBowl and actually won it.

Relax, Aaron. We get it. But still suit up, practice, review, AND PLAY ON! No matter who or what is on the squad!




Three Way Dance Time!

For you new readers, I do this three way dance about mini stories into one big blog story! Well in that case for this: it’s about the NFL related stories of spankings, Domestic Violence and mostly: Packers!

First Dance:

Ok. I’ve asked this question before, and I have written this story previously, and I’m going to say it again. And don’t be ashamed to admit this. How many of us who are grown, got a career, looking for jobs, volunteer, staying active in all, have ever been spanked as a child? Let’s be honest here, who was spanked as a kid? No matter what you did wrong as a child – ever! All of this spanking or whoopings news is just flat out dumb. Ok, so Adrian Peterson, whom plays for the Vikings who I don’t cheer for, was caught in a crossfire because of this “incident” of spanking his 4 year old son in Texas. And the reason we all know why he did it because it was a way that he was raised. Many of us, even yours truly can relate in getting those belts, those switches, shoes or any other object that our mothers and sometimes fathers get on us when we didn’t do right. Yes, I had them to and I’m not making any bones about it. And of course our parents and/or older relatives will tell stories about it in their own way. We get it. Why? they did it. And I’ll bet some of us probably were thinking of the words going to call “Child Abuse” on our parents per say to get them arrested or thrown in jail.

But seriously, why is the subject of spankings is still an ongoing issue when it compares to the NFL and the news? 

Ok, so Adrian Peterson got caught with his hand in the cookie jar per say and the folks in the media blows up. Wow! Why can’t they just report about how to play ball for the next season? Jeez. Other football players have said the same thing in support of Adrian. Even a guy like Reggie Bush said the same thing. But later on he would retract his statement on whooping his 1 year old daughter speech. I have to question those who get offended per say about a subject like this, why are you offended by spankings? Let ask those in the so-called right wing media, or anyother media,  or those sheltered parents who probably got kids who don’t understand in all, were you whooped as a child? Don’t back out now! This spanking story will infact go away. But the memory of being spanked or whooped will not. I mean if we want to see spankings on the NFL Football Field, you root for your team to win over their opponent. This spanking story and many others will disappear, the players will play again and the families will go back to private mode.

Second Dance:

The NFL should implement and include in the October events of Domestic Violence Awareness. They should not only keep the pink, but also add the purple. Yes, we all know about the ongoing talk about Ray Rice, Janay Rice and their concern. And also there were new incidents that even Arizona Cardinals Running Back Johnathan Dwyer has been on the list of those that committed acts of Domestic Violence. And another was, from the Carolina Panthers, Greg Hardy. So yes, we know that the NFL is making their stamp well known: if you have an issue with Domestic Violence in your situation, the league will deactivate you and get this matter resolved. I know that the NFL has an image to maintain. Advertisers like Busch, and Campbell’s Soup are making their voices known to tell the NFL to shape up! You got these young role models out here that don’t want to hear all this mess! And they know it. So yes, the NFL has to change their policies for the better. And speaking of that, these NFL Social Communicators out here, that just hired 4 white women, where are the black women? Seriously, just don’t assume that the white women are the only answer for this. I’ve seen black women give answers too. Just my opinion. And as far as Roger Goodell is concerned, yes I have seen his commentary today about his handling of the situation. Yes he admit he was wrong about it and seems that he does have a plan in solving his end of the Domestic Violence angles in the players. He proposed some key elements in the change of the plans today via

  • Goodell said that the league will look to implement a “conduct committee” that will help to establish procedures on how to handle conduct problems.
  • Goodell announced partnerships with two of the leading domestic violence and sexual assault resources: The National Domestic Violence Hotline (The Hotline) and the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC).
  • “In addition, NFL teams and league staff will participate in education sessions starting in the next month, followed by training programs. These programs are being developed by a top group of experts.”
  • Goodell said he has not considered resigning, despite some public calls to do so.
  • Goodell indicated that he wants more specific punishments for specific offenses, with less gray area. 

With these elements of change, he wants to have this done by the time whomever team goes to the Superbowl. This is what he wants and it shall be. One thing that does stand out, is the educational portions of the use of Domestic Violence Awareness and Sexual Assault Awareness. The main reasons though, many don’t know what to expect when these incidents occur. Mainly is about counting money! And keeping that image is everything stuff. And oh my name is so-and-so and I can’t be sued. Think again! This isn’t about money, nor about ratings, fantasy picks, points to be scored, interceptions, touchdowns, MVP’s in all. This is not about that. This is about getting the whole house (and the WHOLE HOUSE) in order. Like I said you got young fans who look up to an Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Back and got their posters on the wall. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. For you parents: This is a must ask question: those men that are pictured on the wall in your kid’s room right now, you have to ask, is that player a good role model for my Son? Or my Daughter? Don’t forget, females like football also. Just to be clear.

Finally on the card: Packers!

I read a story about a question that the team doing a popular play that is out now. Many of us have seen it. And the Badgers used it a couple of years ago in terms of a Badger Barge. Vic Ketchman of asked the question, “Could the Packers run the Jet Sweep?” Let me answer that: yes, they should! Remember when I posted about blog story about changing the culture, after the Packers got beat by Niners in all? Yes, I admit they need to change the culture in terms of the plays. Many don’t know that the Packers were one of the first teams to display and run the Power Sweep plays when Vince Lombardi was around coaching it. True story. Yes even today, the Packers use the same Sweep Play in a modified way to move their offense. For once as a Packer Backer/Observer: I say put the Jet Sweep in a formation. Put Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson or even the rookie Davante Adams in the play and run it! For another play like that with the fake outs in the formation, put Eddie Lacy or James Starks to run straight through the Defense. I want to see that! If the Badgers can do that same play that almost got them the Rose Bowl Title, then I think the Packers can do the same. Put a new name for the Jet Sweep for the Packers like the “Lombardi Barge” Or the “Curly Sweep” or “The New Packers Power Sweep”, or the “Packers HB Sweep 2.0”. Call it what you want, but still run the play. Put in play Coach! Come on Ted Thompson make it happen! Oh, another question I’ve been getting is this: how will the Packers will do this year? They already got beat by Seattle. I expected that game to be a tough one for a reason. Why, because Seattle is the team to beat. They have the Lombardi Trophy. Clearly, the opponents have to beat champs, and the champs have to defend the title. And yes, the Seahawks have a bounty on their heads for the whole season to see if they can survive with the trophy in hand until the playoffs. If the Seahawks get beat (and there will be a lucky team to beat them)then the title itself is up for grabs. If not, they get a repeat. Many are picking the Packers to go to the Super Bowl, vs either Denver or Indianapolis. That’s one of those Peter King things. Not me. And I think they’ll repeat as NFC North Champs again!

Likewise, the Pack, (not the so-called slackers!) are still a good team in the hunt. So I wouldn’t count them out for anything.

All in this 2014-2015 season.

The topic of Domestic Violence in terms of various examples has been talked about for years. Many of us, including me had or have relatives, friends, or acquaintances that were in domestic violence disputes or angles. In the last two years, my home church in Milwaukee had sessions about Love Is, in terms of Healthy Relationships. And yes Domestic Violence was the centerpiece topic in relations to men being the aggressor over women. And sometimes that is not being talked about that much that women can have the aggressor angle over men in various ways. On this blog, yes I have highlighted several examples previously the triggers, feelings, actions and others that lead to the legality of the use of domestic violence.

Now I know that many are still talking about Ray Rice. And his former fiance, now wife Janay Rice. And the elevator. And the video. And the Baltimore Ravens winning their game against the Steelers this past week two of the NFL season. And even though that the game was won by Ray Rice’s former team (he was removed by the NFL Offices) the topic of domestic violence and the legality of domestic violence still lingers!

Yes, I’ve heard over the years that Men shouldn’t hit Women. And all others. But what happens if men were to be struck by women and then what, stand down?! Yesterday on my Facebook feeds, there was a Meme about Tiger Woods. And it displayed a picture of Tiger and having this message like: “No one called my incident domestic violence when I was abused.” Or something like that. But then we realize that the subject of Domestic Violence is a double standard. So technically if a female tries to put me out of my misery in a physical, sexual, religious, or financial angles, yes it is an example of domestic disputes. But alas, many will find that funny. Humorous. Crazy funny. It’s not. That is just as a bad as this example this year when a story was posted several months ago about a black woman killed her boyfriend over a #WCW picture. Seriously?!! Why would a black woman kill her boyfriend over a crush picture?!! That right there is an example of domestic violence. And even though they probably didn’t get married at the time (ala Ray Rice and Janay), that angle is valid in terms of the legality. By the way, the new #WCW is called Women Crush Wednesday in which Men (and sometimes Women) post their “crush” on Instagram for the day. The women mostly post an opposite day like #MCM or Man Crush Monday.

Also, what is up with these women per say, who get abused by their counterparts and they stay with them? My advice: JUST FREAKING LEAVE! I mean if a person is getting abused run away fast. I know it’s not that simple. The abuser thinks that they would leave them, don’t want to feel lonely or just being so insecure. That’s like an wrestling adage in which I don’t want to be join forces with someone that I already fought with. No sir. No madam. I can understand about supporting kids and having family obligations. But hey, any life involved in the domestic violence circle that is effected shouldn’t be harmed at all!

We’ve all seen one of Tyler Perry’s movies, “Madea’s Family Reunion”. Don’t lie! Many of you probably got it on storage somewhere in the house. The scenes that Blair Underwood’s character Carlos, as we know, portrayed a high class business executive, a eligible bachelor, hard working man. Good looking. Dressed nice. Rides a good looking car. Come on ladies I know you’ve seen the movie! It’s Blair Underwood for God’s sakes! Yeah that guy. But there was a dark side of his character. He was an abuser, an aggressive person who lunges power and being manipulative of his soon to be bride. But towards the end of the movie, the character Lisa, played by Rochelle Aytes used a pot full of heated grits to get at Carlos plus, using a frying pan and beating him over and over again. And Al Green was playing in the background. I think the angle in all of this, the abused had enough of running, being scared, being controlled, being unaware of her actions that seemed positive. But overall she finally had the balls per say to stand up to the guy!

Now, some of you are saying, “Stephen that was a movie! What does that truly mean in real life situations when couples and or couples to be who are abused, are beaten, or manipulated in real life everyday?” To quote a former Pastor of mine: I’m so glad you asked that question! Because that is question, I am prepared to answer!

In every relationship no matter what happens we all know there are going to be problems no matter what. And to say that there will be always solutions that solve those dilemmas. But however many don’t follow through. They don’t! Either because they don’t know where to go, whom to trust, what to believe, when to convince, why and how to solve these problems head on! Now folks, remember when we were kids growing up and having those older than us that if someone is messing with you or if there is a problem, you tell a grown up? Remember that? When neighbors knew your name, when other family members or close friends knew your name like a book, etc? Do you all remember that? I hope you do! I know most of us are grown. And some are not. But the fact of matter is, folks need to speak up and let those know that enough is enough. The late great wrestler Owen Hart back in his WWF days had a theme music that began “Enough is enough. It’s time for a change!” Females you should know very well. For the men who were abused in many angles, don’t listen to the haters of other men (and/or other Women) who are going to joke about you at the clubs, and the workplace. They will not save you! And I think they won’t do it is because they probably might have those insecure arguments and against mess that Domestic Violence among men is a farce. Any type of violence against anyone is unnecessary.

Oh check this: We all know about the history of Ike and Tina. Like the Carlos character, Ike appeared to all good looking, having a bravado of his music, his goals, his management skills, and also having a hand in starting Tina’s career. BUT: as we all know from history, he too had his domestic violence ways with her over the years. Even this incident was talked about way before it was made public! I can hear my mother reliving a conversation (true conversation) with Tina Turner and several others of my family at the time during her peak of stardom. Even my late Grandmother had to hear this. And yes Tina told the situation over and over again. Plus the question was mentioned about why did she stay with Ike? The response was the usual I still love him commentary. And this question was asked: “WHAT’S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT?” Like the song title that we’ve heard so many times and this should be a burning question to many of those who have been abused, even Janay Rice herself: What’s love got to do with it? I’m serious here! I’m poking the brains ya’ll! Even though some may not want to comment.

So to say, in regarding love in this, and when the abuser over and over again making the hits to hurt, where does love come in when your body is lying a county morgue, or preparing to be buried or cremated? That is what I want to know! Or where does love come in, that your job, your church, your alumni, your college student experience, your personal positive needs are all effected when an abuser of DV comes in and snatches it?

Just as an idea: We all know that the month of October is coming up. The same scary month of Halloween. So I am proposing an idea to the Domestic Violence Awareness Folks and the Breast Cancer Awareness folks. Join forces for sport related events. Have a “Pink and Purple Awareness Party” all month long for October to recognize the awareness of both concerns and continue to the conversation about this always!


The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field

The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field (Photo credit: elviskennedy)

Not a long blog, but breaking news out of the Packer Nation and for those who must know:

All tickets have been sold for Sunday’s NFC Wild Card Playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers, the Packers announced Friday morning.

In addition to fan sales, a group of Packers corporate partners, led by Green Bay-based Associated Bank, purchased the remaining available tickets Friday to ensure a sellout and TV broadcast of the game throughout Wisconsin. Other corporate partners with a strong Wisconsin presence that purchased tickets are FOX TV affiliates WITI (Milwaukee), WLUK (Green Bay) and WFXS (Wausau); Mills Fleet Farm and Bellin Health.

“We’re very thankful to Packers fans, and our partners led by Associated Bank, for ensuring Sunday’s game will be sold out,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “A unique season and other factors contributed to having tickets available, but with the support of our fans and partners, we’re looking forward to a great atmosphere Sunday at Lambeau Field for the playoff game against the 49ers. We also know fans around the state will be able to enjoy the telecast.”

“As a longtime partner with the Packers’ organization, we are honored to help ensure that fans can enjoy the full Packers playoff experience this Sunday, both at Lambeau Field in in their homes,” said Associated Banc-Corp President & CEO Philip B. Flynn.

And I also read on WTMJ’s website that SOME of the tickets for the Packers/Niners WildCard Game had been offered to the Niners Fans, but they weren’t sold nor accepted. Really Niner fans?!!! We Wisconsin folks offered some ticket to you and refused? Wow!!! Talk about being fair weathered folks. But that’s ok, because some of the fans, students, and Military Personnel will be at Lambeau regardless of the game. Enjoy the elements of the Frozen Tundra! Even in the negatives.



On a side note: that’s what best for business. Even if its concerns football, supporters, partners and most of all: fans.

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I was going to write a football blog, but due to the “hit in the stick”, I’ll dab my commentary on this and this only.

Dear San Francisco 49ers:

It’s me Stephen. You know that black blogging Guy from Wisconsin?

Oh yeah. The infamous hit on Colin Kaepernick. We know. The infamous hit on a Milwaukee born QB, now representing your team. I know.


For the last two days, most in the NFL, and those in our local markets are still talking about the hit by the CLAYMAKER!!!!! Or those know him in his native state of California, Clay Matthews. And the ongoing babble of Jim Harbaugh. Ok so the coach backs his players. Guess what? so does Mike McCarthy, who at one time was working in the as most of you call it  on Twitter: #ninerempire. Oh yeah, I see those instagram hashtags. And unlike Coach Harbaugh, Coach McCarthy took the high road with the Pack after the game of what was said.

I got names for the #Packers: #packmentalityinc  or #packersinc  or #thatlambeaushow or check this: #packerscrew

But Jim couldn’t let it go, now could he? On and on about the hit, and after the hit, I’m going to say it here: the more he talks about Clay Matthews,  he just wants to make Clay Matthews “famous”. He’s already famous. HELLO! I’ll admit, the game was a good one. I’ll admit it. That game was money all over it.  And that hit on the Milwaukee born/now 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick maybe confrontational, but that was clean hit. Too bad it had to be out of bounds. Just a fair question, don’t the 49ers have better things to worry about?!! Like week 2 with Seattle? And the Packers have to contend with RGIII at Lambeau.

One thing about this “NFC North/NFC West rival thing”, many are speculating that this is a start. Well its already been there, but not quite in a while. And yeah the championships, don’t forget the Packers won more championships that any other team in the NFL. Try 13. Going back during the Curly Lambeau days and Lombardi.

You guys: 5 SuperBowls. Duh! I get it.

And yes, last season in the divisional, the Niners topped the Pack, went on to the NFC Championship, but what about that SuperBowl? Hmmm…..oh wait that’s right! The Baltimore Ravens hit it first.

So yeah, Niner Empire, 49ers. Or whatever your name is. Yeah you got the Pack 3 times. Maybe the next time if the teams clash up again,  you know where Lambeau Field is.  And if Colin is still playing, it might be a “Wisconsin homecoming” for him to challenge. No pistol plays necessary.

But like any rivalry its going to get renewed. Want more proof? Reference the Chicago Bears. The Packers and Bears will face each other for the 186th time, this season. Which is in reality; Old School Rivals like this never gets old.



LeRoy Butler, American football player

LeRoy Butler, American football player (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would never do this, but I’m going in hard on the Christian Faith. Specifically here in Wisconsin. In the continuing news of the announcement of Jason Collins coming out as a Gay person, yes he had his support of his choice to go with this path. However yes, there are those who thump against the idea and calling it unfaithful. In regarding those who supported Collin’s decision to “go gay” per say, one Former NFL Player has gotten alot of heat in response. Former Green Bay Packers Safety LeRoy Butler was a target of his support of Jason Collins coming out Gay. Yes, a former Green Bay Packer who made the Lambeau Leap famous in the NFL, has become a target (not the target) of an on-going issue of supporting those who want to have the platform of being apart of the LGBT folks.

With myself being a Christian, those who turned against the thought of being gay or being lesbian or supporting their lifestyle,  you will hear it from me and this is just my opinion as a straight person: I don’t care. If folks want to come out and have a Gay Pride parade around Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, let them have it. If I had an opportunity to do a DJ gig, or photographing for a event for the Lesbian folks, let me fill out the forms. Personally this also might upset those who are Christian, United Methodist, Black and Male, plus living in Wisconsin in it’s major city of Milwaukee, they need to know something, they and I should realize that you shouldn’t judge anyone. Remember Matthew 7:1? Review it. It’s a fact. I know there are those who say, that it’s against God’s law or against God’s will. I get it. However, does the golden rule have something to do with treating as if you wanted to be treated? I want to know where are these church going Christian Wisconsinites who snubbed LeRoy Butler of his approval of supporting Jason Collins? And the name of the church has not been revealed to the public. Plus Milwaukee is a number 1 hotspot in conjunction with the LGBT community.

What did LeRoy Butler say via Twitter? Let’s review some of the tweets: And by the way, find his twitter name, @leap36.

  • First Tweet: Wow, I was schedule to speak at a church in WI, and a member said that the pastor wants to cancel my event, I said ok why?
  • Second Tweet: Then I was told, because I said congrats to Jason Collins on twitter, I said really? we have a contract, he said check the moral cause,
  • Third Tweet: FYI the fee was 8500$,then I was told if i removed the tweet, and apologize and ask god forgiveness, I can have the event, I said no,
  • Fourth Tweet: I have received an apology from the church, but mainly thanking me for not releasing the church name, too me that’s not important,

After reading his viewpoint, he’s got support. From both Packer Fans and non-Packer fans. I have to admit those who like the Chicago Bears or the Detroit Lions who may not follow the Green and Yellow, but do back up LeRoy Butler. That’s fine. This is not about Football. This is about life. Period. And this issue is way bigger of winning the Lombardi, or being the best in the NFC North, or the NFL in general. And about the church, I have a question or questions, why the “moral cause?” I mean not to take away from the rules and regulations of the church, but when LeRoy made his comment about congratulating Jason Collins on his platform, I am asking again, why the moral cause that was hoisted like those Terror Warnings during the Bush Administration? Was LeRoy aware of this “moral cause” BEFORE going to the church and presenting his speech about bullying, in which he originally wanted to do for the church? I’ll bet they, the church are running scared because if word got out if the name was revealed, folks will be going bananas in a sense of protest against the church’s refusal of letting LeRoy speak.

My reason of calling out the Christian faith is a simple one: the closed mind set is a barrier in which must be torn down spiritually and I dare say physically! This is NOT a way to lure kids into the churches, in which I hear and see pastors talk about EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY. Yes, I hear my pastor talk about bring in young folks, but my pastor is not on blast in this story. What is on blast is those in the church who have this closed minded mentality about what can’t be said or discussed. Including a comment about LeRoy Butler’s support of Jason Collins. His comment of appreciation should not be a vital concern no matter which faith it is! INCLUDING CHRISTIAN FAITH!

Here is thought of research, did you know that the late Vince Lombardi accepted football players whom were revealed later on, Gay? His brother until his death in 2011 was a gay person. Lombardi was a coach who didn’t care about color, creed, or preference. He wanted football players that can just play the game and be the best of their ability. And if he were still living and breathing today, I think he would have appreciated his viewpoint on Jason Collins making his platform visible. Has the church researched that notion?

Even though the church might be shamed for not letting LeRoy speak, but his message will get through. As a matter of fact, his message should be a beacon of overcoming bullying in all situations and discussions. Mainly this ongoing struggle.

Not here to vent or boast up with disappointment, and many other things. The seasons of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers have ended. We know. Both had great seasons differently and seem to be on the adjust to change. Almost. However like any other fan/observer I will break down the reasons why from my point of view.

For the Badgers, I was sick and tired of hearing of the talk about “last year with the team and Russell Wilson”. Ok, I get it.  We know! But that was last year. Last year they had a good rating, and this year not so much. But what about Joel Stave, and or Curt Phillips? Curt Phillips haven’t played ball in about 3 years due to surgeries. But he balled.  Montee Ball, I think had one of best seasons and made a conscious decision of staying in Madison one more year before going to the NFL.  Running backs James White, and Melvin Gordon are going to get the torch in the running game no doubt. Chris Borland and the rest of the pack who stepped up and played defense were solid I think. Of course this was the team that lost 5 games in and all, but and still made it to the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl. Also the barn burner of all was having Bret Bielema leave Wisconsin after winning the Big Ten Championship, in which the Badgers slaughtered Nebraska 70-31. Many thought that a team like Wisconsin had no business being in a game like that due to their status in the Big Ten standings. Look here: If the Penn State Nittany Lions or the Ohio State Buckeyes had their NCAA stuff straighten out, then one of them would have represented in the Rose Bowl. Did either team went? No. So basically Wisconsin was just a runner up in terms of representing and controlling their own destiny.

About the Rose Bowl, fool me once – TCU.

Fool me twice – Oregon.

But three times?-Stanford.

I’m beginning to think when you win 3 Big Ten Titles, and lose 3 Rose Bowls, stalemate. But the part of losing the three Rose Bowls, don’t that tell you something?  No question, Barry Alvarez was put in to coach. He had the knowledge in all. Many say that he should have stayed out of it and let Matt Canada per say take over. Alot of us thought including me thought that Barry Alvarez had the answers, but then came the questions, after the Rose Bowl loss to Stanford. I would beg to differ that Wisconsin is still a good football team. However any team would team, and I mean ANY TEAM has a right and need to “Change The Culture”.  Still the Badgers are good contenders to win in Football games if they put up their full potential. Not hating. Just saying. Knowingly the Badgers have found a new coach, in which the same person that impressed Barry Alvarez, the former Utah State Coach, Garry Anderson. Let’s see if Coach Anderson can help or infuse a need to “Change the Culture” with Wisconsin in terms of the in thing now with the fast plays of the (Badger Barge) Wildcat Offense, and many others that teams are catching on. Including the Defense packages.

For the Packers: I would say that the Packers had a good season. Still repeated as NFC North Champions. Aaron Rodgers to me had a decent season. And to think that guys like Greg Jennings and/or Donald Driver would be suited for the last time. Plus, I don’t know if Jermichael Finley would be back, but I do know, that Randall Cobb will continue to be a threat on Special Teams and or the Offense. And to think that the rest of the Green and Yellow crew still have alot to prove like Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk and a revived Mason Crosby. Even in the upcoming off-season.  I will say that the games that gave the Packers a hard road the most were indeed San Francisco. Not only with Alex Smith, but Colin Kaepernick? Here’s a tidbit for you, Colin Kaepernick grew up in my home city, Milwaukee and rooted/cheered for the Green Bay Packers. And to see Colin using his skills against the Packers in the recent Divisional Playoff game was I have to say was impressive. Even the GM’s of the Packers have to give him his props. (Jaw dropping) Now many others are going to say, who cares?!! It was the Green Bay Packers vs the San Francisco 49ers and they had a battle. Just like when Aaron Rodgers beat the Niners in Lambeau in the old school uniforms in 2010. It was my 34th Birthday FYI, and Aaron rooted for the 49ers as a young fan in California. Another team for the Hard Road: Seattle. That controversial ending still stings. No question the rivalry between the Seahawks and Packers will be down the road, and in the Packers minds, they want to right a wrong. And after the reaction of the players, the change was needed. Another Game: New York Giants. No comment.  And lastly, the Minnesota Vikings. This game was more about Adrian Peterson getting the record in which he came nine yards short! But in the playoff game he got the record, but still lost “round 3”.  The other games were just wins.

The main wins I think that stood out was against:

Bears – Sorry Chicago! One thing about the Old School Rivalry, these games are never easy. And the talk about them winning the Superbowl years ago was and still their best outlook. That was so 20+ years ago!  It’s like hearing Al Bundy always talking about the 4 touchdowns in a single game. I’m sorry. OK, the last time the Bears went for broke against Green Bay: Lovie Smith did say he wanted to beat Green Bay. Done. Win the NFC Championship. Done. And the SuperBowl? Who won that at the time? Reference the Indianapolis Colts! In the same SuperBowl for the first time that the game featured two black coaches that know each other. All in Black History Month. Speaking of Lovie Smith, word is he is need of work. Green Bay, perhaps?

Houston- That bulls on parade stuff was not happening. But I’ll give JJ Watt and Owen Daniels props though. Just a thought, they played for Wisconsin.

Detroit-Same story and still cant get a win in Lambeau after what, 21+ years?!

Tennessee – Winning 55-7 was a cake walk.


And many other games that I can’t think of that stood out from an observers standpoint. Technically not a bad season, but still should have been an improvement. After all of this, what next for the Packers? Back to drawing board as usual. Or as I say on Twitter, next season please. Now that the seasons have been closed, I have to say this from a fan/observer standpoint: Change the Culture. Now I know there is going to be a question, but what does that mean? The term I’m using is from the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team after 2004 when the team came back with a Bronze Medal. At the time, many were questioning about the culture at the time being the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team and taking charge. That was reality in the face. The payoff in my view came true  when the team not only had Kobe, but also generated a new Change in Culture in terms of being humble and not worry about the endorsements and more. Technically, they needed to change and still be a reckoning force in World Basketball. In other words, since the rest of the world caught up with the U.S. in Basketball, the U.S. basketball team had to change in order to prevail their status as gold medal contenders. I think that is what the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team, and the Green Bay Packers have to do in their games. Even if it’s to adapt to the style of these Wildcat Offenses, Pistol Offenses, mobile QB’s of Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or even RGIII, and the defenses that are more jailbreaking and physical, then yes changes have to happen! I wonder that is what I think Dom Capers has to do. Possibly.

This is not my father’s NFL, this is the new NFL, and that training camp all started in the colleges where they went. So, yes I will say to the Packers and Badgers: “Change the Culture!”