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It has been so long since I’ve written a double take. For this notion I’m bringing it back to the game.

First Take: Serena Williams.

I’m going to say that yes it’s been awhile since anyone black in tennis has won something big. And that someone is Compton’s own, Serena Williams winning the tennis competition in Wimbledon. She has become the latest in the list to be the winner in the all around Tennis competition since Steffi Graf in the 1980’s. Yes, for those who don’t know I heard of Steffi Graf thank you. And through all her success, and along with Venus, she has elevated the game of tennis to a whole new level of sports competition.

But after all the wins in all, there has to be a group of haters always had to body shame her physique. First of all, what is the haps about this “Body Shaming”? Really? I’ll bet the right wing folks had to go in on her about her physique to think she took steroids in all. Um….no! I think it’s all about the hate that a black woman winning the sport of TENNIS in a white dominated competition to achieve success. Personally, this has NOTHING to do with her body appearance. I’ll admit, Serena looks good for who she is. And is a fierce competitor. But this shaming thing is just that: hate. Are these the same folks who were all out about the transformation of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn Jenner? Yeah, where are those folks at?! But I know what you’re saying, don’t compare the two. They are not the same. You darn right they are not the same! Hate on one person, liking the other! Does that sound a thing called perpetrators? You know what, this whole body shaming thing is like, you don’t like her or his body because it’s not like them. Folks have been body shaming folks since forever. Folks used to bother me back in my middle school days all because I had a big nose. That used to make me upset. Almost like bullying. I can’t help the fact that yes I have a slightly larger nose, simply because it’s part of my genetics. What your mama and daddy gave you, there was nothing you can do about it!  You can’t help it! It’s in you for life.

This whole bullying, body shaming is all nothing but feeling insecure about that person don’t have it all. It sort of like back then when the “jocks” or “ballers” or “player” had all the cute sides, while the nerds and those felt left out had to scratch and claw just to be like them! And they got picked by these insecure jack***es who were just ignorant!

You got folks today doing this mess? No surprise.

One of these days, when we all get old, gray, can’t go to the bathroom much, having canes to walk, in the nursing homes having stuff delivered to us instead of us doing the opposite, all of that will disappear! Your good looks will not save you! But your faith will. Some folks think that, man this black blogger is crazy. In the words of Bruno Mars, “Don’t believe me just watch!” And yes you could or do exercises to keep your body toned up. The mindset of these folks who do the “body shaming” are probably the same folks who are your friends from Social Media, your workers, your bosses, your teachers, that banker that gives you the side eye, and I’ll say those you probably looked up to in church, or some made up activist that somewhat knows everything, but they really don’t. Or some news guy or woman that had to open their mouths and being hateful all because they worked hard for achieving a feat. Where there are those who are just sitting around mad at the world. My advice, get up off your butt and actually do something to benefit your life. Can I sample this from last time: “Get your life!”

Now the second take: Scott Walker is running for President.

Oh, I’m sure everybody in America had seen the footage about Wisconsin. No it’s not the Milwaukee Bucks and the new Arena deal. It’s about the still, not very likeable, right winged republican, Koch brother hand picked player, high speed rail hating, no casino deal refusing, education hating Scott Walker!

Yes. I’m going there.

I said it many times I don’t like nor favor Scott Walker. I haven’t favored him since he was Milwaukee County Executive. Never!

And yesterday in the Red County of Waukesha, he made his decree of running for President of the United States. First: let’s review why Scott Walker is bad for business. Hush right wingers!


Oh wait there’s more. Courtesy of the Wisconsin College Democrats:

And this one:

This is only a few, but there are others out there that say the exact same thing.

Most recently, a black democrat was recently turned away from the event. And apparently, in a unorthodox manner. One of my Wisconsin State Reps, and Alum of my old high school, Mandela Barnes attempted to attend Walker’s announcement, but however, he commented this on his Facebook Page:

So I go to the Scott Walker rally, and as soon as I get in the door, a volunteer zeroes in on me to ask if I was alone and if I would like to stand on-stage. Now this could have been my moment for comedic/ironic gold, but I kindly declined. Then a few minutes later, I was pointed out by a staff person who recognized who I was and asked me to leave. I went from the top to the bottom before I even knew it. I was like a sore thumb and it brought about two distinctly different interactions, lol.


Matter of fact why I’m saying wait what? So the Republican Volunteers of Scott Walker’s rally scoped out Mandela thinking he would be on stage with the supporters, in which he kindly opt out. But then, one of the Staff individuals, asked him to leave?  – That last part baffles me. Why would anyone from Walker’s rally turn away a Wisconsin State Rep? SERIOUSLY?! Some say it’s the recall thing, or maybe because he’s black. I looked at some of the footage, and the majority of the crowd at the Waukesha Expo Center, are majority white folks. How many blacks? Probably a few. Yes there are black republicans in Wisconsin. But probably a few. Why is that many asked? Think about it!

NBC Black (a subdivision for NBC) highlighted three questions that many African-Americans might be asking Scott Walker. Note to them, you might want to rethink that. This dude of a Governor has dismantled things that most the public and poor relied on every single time. From his County Executive Days, there were access to areas of senior centers, parks and even the MCTS that Walker cut that many need to get to the jobs, etc. Majority of that, were black folks. Second, remember when indicated that Talgo moved out of Milwaukee after Walker got elected, and the Spanish Train Maker wanted to commit to build trains and house their facility in the Inner City near 27th and Townsend! That was supposed to be shovel ready. But the majority of the voters, fans and even Walker himself all said no. It’s a boondoggle. It will never work they said. That’s a load of bull. It was really a call sign to say, “we are revoking opportunity for black workers in the area.” Oh yes, I’m going there! That would have linked this state along with others in a Midwest Connecting hub for jobs, tourism, etc. WASTED WITH POLITICAL MESS! He also had revoked and refused to accept an offer from the Hard Rock Casino groups that would have turned the old Dairyland Greyhound Track around. But that was gone not to be forgotten. And now most recently there has been a rule about taking away weekends. As in you work on Saturdays and Sundays with no rest in all. NO REALLY!

Is this the kind of guy YOU want to support for President? Here me out Americans, no matter what Scott Walker is selling, DO NOT EVEN TRYING TO BUY! I am saying this as a warning. Now some might look at him as this cool guy to love, but America, you have been warned!

Don’t sleep!

It’s time for the three way dance! We know how this goes. For this, it’s nothing but the FLOTUS getting real on Racism, a teacher in Georgia and also, there is not new black. But the word black has in slogans of uplifting has been in effect for years. Oh yes, we all know with conviction and meaning.

First on the card: I’m sure many viewed the First Lady’s Commencement Speech from Tuskegee University. And the FLOTUS didn’t disappoint in which she went hard on a subject in which many feel is dead: Racism. Before I begin, let me say that Race plays in many factors. No matter what we do or say, or comment or act or the analyzation of crime, martial status, education, jobs, housing, economic status, or many other things, race has and will play a part in stipulating those factors. Of course many might say, Oh it doesn’t see color….or  we have black connections well scouted with friends, or we have a Black President now, racism is dead (OH REALLY?) And many other factors.

But in this speech that the FLOTUS gave: Really raw and convincing. And no, Conservative-Like Minded citizens, there was no race baiting. It was bringing up a thing called #FACTS:

In the most conversed portion of the speech as everyone knows, she highlighted the resources of being a target of race. All that about her being too loud, too this and that. Would she be subtitle like the previous First Ladies of Hillary, Laura, Barbara, and Nancy? And that cover of the New Yorker having that caricature of her and Barack doing the fist bump with the FLOTUS dawning a machine gun with an afro. Don’t act like many haven’t seen it! We’ve all seen it! So is this what is like to publicize the notion of African-American Women, whom by the way this mother has an IVY LEAGUE DEGREE, and promoting support for the Military Families, Encouraged ALL Americans to dawn their Alma Mater College Shirts so those can be inspired to go to college on National Signup Day for them. By the way, I was wearing my UW-Stout Shirt in Solidarity and Support for the next Blue Devils that might be in doubt about a Wisconsin University to attend! And also the Let’s Move Movement, doing the dances on Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. So seriously is this what it is about getting those haterisms on? Many say, “Oh there’s no real racism…” Stop the bleeding folks! All of those things and chatter that she so far endured, are just noise in her words. That’s all there is nothing about noise. The same noise that we hear when folks say all black folks are like this and that in one pact. It’s becoming more and more apparent that there are those in America that don’t like the FLOTUS that is one thing: Black. Period. When Hillary Clinton, and many other First Ladies were in office in my young life, no I didn’t call them the hater words that most know well. Actually I was just young.

Second card on the dance: We all know by now that the Georgia Teacher has shown her horns of being a racist. Let’s review shall we?

Now in the videos that were posted, and many have viewed them after the remark, “look at all the black people”, guess what in the longer videos that were posted not many of the blacks didn’t got up as the now FORMER teacher Nancy Gordeuk commented. And also there were some whites in the audience got up and left also. And the thing is, the setting where the graduation was, in a church sanctuary. Oh boy, now I know many have to be asking why would this woman who struck a nerve with many of the blacks in the audience would say that in the house of worship? And oh, she claimed that the devil made her do it. Who does she think she is, Flip Wilson?! By now as many knows also, yes she gave her apologies and commented about the words “black people” not being racist. Which is not. And furthermore: when she said something about using the term African-Americans, in all by saying that they’re not from Africa and are American born. Try saying that to those who carry themselves as Asian-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, and others. But why to do certain folks detest the words “African-Americans” in the first place? Oh like we’re supposed to be on the same side? For those who detest, listen up what I’m about to say: I USE, and Comment, and Say, and Critique, and Express the words AFRICAN-AMERICAN. Why? Because I can! It’s my right and privilege. I often say and haven’t comment to say in a while that why I can’t embrace BOTH my Ethnic Heritage of African Decent and the American Born side of things at the same time? Yes, I know I’m American born. BUT I WILL NEVER surrender, nor overlook, nor misjudge, nor disrespect the ethnic side of my Ethnic heritage! NEVER! I want to be extremely clear about it! I like American pie, but will try and bake a cool African dish. I might dig the drum beats of punk rock, but never overlook the same inspired beats of an African Drum! Just wait until the Fourth of July gets here, because like the firecrackers, there will be Oooohs and Ahhhhs on here!  And by the way, the same teacher who spilled the beans of “look at all the black people” comments, was just fired. So for all you upcoming 2015 Commencement Masters of Ceremonies out there, you better watch your words in the era of Smart Camera Phones and IPads that will record every word you say!

Finally on the card: let’s look and review the word BLACK. In terms of slogans.

  • Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.
  • Black is Beautiful.
  • Black Power!
  • It’s a Black thing, you wouldn’t understand.
  • And the now: #BlackLivesMatter

When I was coming up in the late 80’s and early 90’s during the golden age of Hip Hop, we used to see the slogan of “It’s a Black Thang, you wouldn’t understand!” A pre-Black Lives Matter and a post Black Power slogan. Oh, it was so much hype and circumstance in asking about what was about this thing of blacks that many wouldn’t nor understand?

Was it our state of mind?

Our approach for life?

Our way and I mean OUR WAY of purpose or objectives?

Or was it us defining US to lead, or innovate?

Those of you who are 90’s born, yeah you guys that are in the forefront of Black Lives Matter, you were born in the era of It’s a Black Thang. Don’t forget it.

Our It’s a Black Thing, like the Black Lives Matter Movement, was a movement itself. Or sort of. The Urban Dictionary website highlights the word “thang”. It is read as such:

Starting around 1990, roughly concurrent with the release of Spike Lee’s seminal motion picture “MALCOLM X” and the dizzying successes of rap music stars, a t-shirt slogan started to appear which said; IT’S A BLACK THANG, Y’ALL, YOU WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND. The word “thang”, used in this context, was an Ebonicism used to refer specifically to a cultural meme or norm, which those who belonged to the special group– in this case, African-Americans, would immediately recognize and understand… whilst those not belonging to this group (whites or non-blacks) would fail to understand, appreciate, or even recognize. Thus, by extension, a “thang” is a folkway, meme, norm, predilection, code, shibboleth, artifact or behaviour exclusive to, or closely allied with, a particular sub-group of the larger populace.

This was our #BlackLivesMatter before #BlackLivesMatter wasn’t even though about! And of course everyone else had to come up and copy about It’s a White thang, or a Latino Thang and or many other thangs to it. Even the LGBTQ folks had their expression of thang also in the spirit of It’s a Black thang also. But no matter the copies, there was an Original and that ORIGINAL belongs to the black culture! Sort of like Cultural Appropriation. Remember that talk about the so-called Harlem Shake were folks were just shaking and wiggling? But not acknowledging the 1980’s version? And Melissa Harris-Perry had to go in and straighten out the white media of the real meaning of the dance? Go back view it!

Before I was born: yes the slogans of Black Power and Black is Beautiful were, are and STILL powerful. It needs to be Powerful even for those who comment about human powering up. Don’t forget Millennials and those who follow their philosophy no see color, that Black folks were the originators of Human Power! Everyone else just duplicated the originality. The slogans were not racist or this fear of separating the races, as many would comment. It was to elevate our black pride, our black spirit, and to let folks know that despite of us being African Decent and being dark for many, we are bring and proud folks of the decedents of our ancestors! To me that is what being black and proud is. Not holding my head down, but also realizing my vision has to remain up even in the era who are confused or raised or just so hyper sensitive about darn near EVERYTHING. Even black folks today in 2015 need to keep their visions up and be appreciative with pride and dignity.

But sadly, there are those who feel that blacks are the enemy, the racists of internal and external hatred, having this Utopian-like structure of the new black, which I don’t believe there is a “new black”. And also those whom feel about being black enough in all. And many hidden reasons of the hypocritical mindset, anti-alliance, the sexist and many other concerns of black related hate concerns! We know who they are. Just to go your workplaces, some of your churches members/districts areas, your neighborhood watch groups, your family dinner tables, your relatives, your bosses/supervisors, your frat brothers, your sorority sisters, and many other you interact with EVERYDAY!

But with this, I’m gonna say this, I’m appreciative of my race, my pride, and my well being of black structure in this Continent of North America. And even though that it’s not a formidable concern to many, but to me this is all I got to get me going! So yes, my black power life thing which nobody has to understand, STILL matters!

It seems that my homestate has some problems. Over and over again, it’s ranging from the Dahmer State, a racist state, don’t want a streetcar, or a high speed rail because of segregation, and the old adage of being the worst state for black people when it comes to prisons and high unemployment. Now the Badger state, or the state that Scott Walker wants to be “Open for Business” can add another negative in which it’s worst for African American Students.

Anyone haven’t heard this, and still believes that this is a great state: think again.

The recent study of this story has caught on deaf ears. According to the study from the Annie E. Casey Foundation: Wisconsin, the great Badger State that it is, ranks number 50 when it comes to having the worst record for African-American Children/Students. It also ranks higher for Latino and Asian Students in the 17th – 37th ranking areas. And to take a wild guess, where do the white folks rank in this study?

Now many are asking: “What is up with Wisconsin now?!” This is the  same state with the 6% population of African-Americans. Mostly of them living in the Southeast part of the state and in Milwaukee. I know many are looking at this and are in Wisconsin and have a mentality that it’s all lazy make up story just to divide the state. If those same folks who feel that this is made up, must be real dumb or don’t understand the impact of education. Now many are going to say, “Oh, why they can’t just be smart enough and get with the program? I made it.” BIG MISTAKE in making the comment! Just because the other guy made the statement of making it, may not work for the other guy. The other guy had to make the extra hard road in getting to the finishing area, with encounters of racism and many other humanizing factors of negativity. So to those who say, “well I made it”….I think I am compelled to say that it’s full of mess.

Normally when we hear about students succeeding, we give them praise. We should. But when it comes to black children succeeding, or black students making it well and finishing, that not only gives praise, but also strikes fear in I hate to say the two words of White Supremacy. One example: The School in Chicago, Urban Prep Academies for the 5th time is sending young black men to COLLEGE! 5th Time in a row at 100%! Somebody is scared and shaking in their boots. I say the best way to get revenge on the so-called brainy folks who always have to hit the high notes EVERY SINGLE TIME is to counter that.

I’ve heard this in church and I’m saying it here on this blog, and I don’t care if you are a reader, an employment person (which I’ll address later on) or some atheist believes that God is not real and Jesus is just fake imagination, and churches are about the money, there are those in this country that want to root for black folks to fail and it includes our children! Our BLACK Children! Even our Black Boys. From the moment they are born, the microscope is on point and the prisons are prepared!

I know many in Wisconsin and those outside of Wisconsin are probably asking? Where’s Scott Walker on this? Sheriff David Clarke? Mayor Tom Barrett? Any of the Republicans, Democrats, Independents, and those in higher offices? WHERE ARE THEY ON THIS?!!

To me it’s going to take a collaborative effort on this. It can’t just be the teachers, parents, and staff alone! Where are the Alumni Groups? The Churches, now many are saying that the churches are hypocritical and all about money, but they have to be included in the conversation for help for inkind! Even the tutors, community organizations that haven’t been tried, or even all those in the Fraternities and Sororities? Ummm… HELLO?! Is this mic on?!!!

I know many are surprised and shocked about this matter. Frankly it’s not. It’s really a state of an emergency and the concern is centered around black children in Wisconsin. Now a days, it’s not just talking about it, you maybe have to show them what it is about in a new way.

Can the state’s motto of “Forward”  be the hype of this now?

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Start the drums. Start the dancing. Start the testimonies.

Black History Month is back. And in 2014, I’m talking about a subject “The Centerpiece”.

What is a centerpiece?  We see them all the time around Christmas, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July, and many other major holidays on the Calendar. In this, I’m “breaking american” yet again of this: Black History Month needs to have a “Centerpiece” in every home of African-Americans, and African related families in the world. The centerpiece is not just setting the table and preparing for dinner. But it’s also taking in the occasion in which is to come. Henceforth, the month of celebrating Black History should be an option.

Ok. Here we go. Why this month of February? Why can’t we celebrate this Black History thing everyday like the other ethnic folks? Don’t get me started. Many of us either black and non black had to go to Facebook, or any other form of social media, the Grio and comment either the positive and negative of the celebration. Don’t forget, Black History Month is not just recognizing our achievements of the past and the present. But it’s a way to celebrate us (as in Black people, as in African decent) of yes we can do things. It is a solemn reminder of when we came, and what we should be meant to hypothesize.

February was chosen due to the influence of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Both of their birthdays are in the same week in which are February 12-14. And it was the brainchild and influence of Dr. Carter G. Woodson in which that we need to reflect on our history at African decent folks. I was listening to WNOV today. Yes The Forum with Sherwin Hughes. He had on a guest of the name Oshi Adelabu who really dropped serious knowledge on why Black History Month is around. He also dropped real serious topics about us black folks don’t really know our history as much as the other ethnics. If anyone in America, or in Milwaukee had a chance to listen to him, you probably got lectured on a different level. And he did address the concerns of those who are our children who don’t care about the history. And the reason being, partially many of the adults don’t really go into the deep reason of the hidden stories of lynchings, hangings, inside discrimination, the first Egyptians being black (in which they were) or telling blacks not to go into the doors that whites used to go. I think our generation (the lower half of Gen X, Y, Millennials) were and are shielded from the extreme part of it and many of us don’t care. It’s sad to say but it is. Want a prime example: go to the Instagram and look at those bogus pics like, “Pookie and them were the first blacks to get turnt up in the club drinking Hennessy.” You mean to tell me that we would poke fun at those who have blazed trails, set new foundations, and declare holy hell on those who feel that this occasion that was started in 1926 is a joke of a failure? No its not a joke of failure because those who made the joke or the bad assumptions felt cheated because we haven’t learned the deep gist of the occasions. Of what it supposed to be. Yet, many years ago, I didn’t understood a lick of why black history month exists. But as I grew older and to appreciate the value of our summarizing our ancestors, and what is going on now, it has become to me a staple. More like a centerpiece celebration. I mean “every occasion” has a centerpiece.

Now many are those feeling differently, that we should look at our historical figures and events everyday. I agree.

Now many (here it comes)often comment that we need to teach our children more. I AGREE.

BUT: For those of us who are actually saying this, (and are black) when was the last time you took time out of your schedules from the mall, your social media folks, your “militant” viewpoints per say, your religion, your active community work, your talk about legalizing mary jane, your activism (even though most of that started in the church), your shopping as a tax time baller, your music on your playlist, your other needs and concerns of buying Air Jordans, your favorite editorial in the paper or magazine, your blog postings in which you got so many likes because of fashion, your job, your friends of your homies or female gatherings, technological, or any other ideal to talk about Black History! I see “some” are talking. But not many are doing! You may say it on Instagram or Facebook in a expressive manner, or on a soap box, but are you “actually doing” the J.O.B. in the extent of what was learned back in your day in the classroom or in the Family? If so, When? Since last week? Or what about last year? What about 6 months ago? Or 6 weeks ago? Or what, just now?!!!!!

And on a further question: who says that you have to learn all of the cultrual events of black history in 28, sometimes 29 days in February? 

One of the NPHC Fraternities, Iota Phi Theta has a quote that they say among their brotherhood, “It only takes a few weeks to pledge, but it takes a Lifetime to be a Brother”. I would like to paraphrase, with respect to them and with Black History Month, It only takes a few weeks to celebrate Black History Month, but it takes a lifetime everyday to learn Black History Month. Notice the difference? The keywords are celebrate, lifetime and everyday.

I was looking at the Global Grind website. And it featured Eunique Jones, you know the woman behind the “Because of them we can” campaign? She commented that Black History Month should empower us black folks to get active. In our communities, businesses, and many other black owned featured establishments. This is one of things we need to grasp. On the real, some of us in these categories do give mad respect of those who paved the way and blazing trails now – This is a constant reminder. That would be like, oh we hearing and seeing President Obama everyday. Yes that is a fact. However: never EVER overstep the fact of what got him there in the first place. Without that kind of leaves a lack of knowledge.

Some say that Black History is American History. – To an extent. But yet again, I have to “Break American” to say that Black History is not just American History my non black folks. It’s also really part of WORLD HISTORY. Think about it! Many contributions that most folks were and are dedicated to, were black. And that is the part of Black History, that NO ONE should not pass up, no skip. No matter what was shown, and what was shielded. We all deserve to know. It doesn’t matter what year it was. Or era of movement. Or any other time, place, and figures. Black History Month is not racist. It’s wasn’t made to degrade or to shoot mouths off. Yes, I do see the other ethnic months, even Women’s History Month in March. You other ethnics who have months that are not a recognizable, don’t blame Black History Month of overshadowing your ethnic/gender months! You all better stand out as if it was your best day of the week. I hate to say this, but I would assume that of that notion.

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Let me get this in before Christmas. Before anyone get to the malls for those last minute runs to the cash registers.  Or mailing Christmas Cards at the last minute.

I was looking at the recent story of TMZ interviewing Marion “Suge” Knight about this poll: We may have seen it.  But before the TMZ folks did their after commentary, Suge feels that saying African American is offensive, and he’s prefers to be called “N*gga.” Oh and this poll: it stated “Refer to black people as (box check) African American or (check box) N*gga.

TMZ PLEASE! Really?!!! You going to listen to Suge Knight of what black folks should be called? Really?!!!! WOW!

TMZ has been off my TV lists for quite a while, but after this “commentary” it’s high time they stay off. LITERALLY! And as far as Suge Knight is concerned, dude needs a reality check. I mean really. Where is the pride? I mean the pride in my opinion has died along with Tupac in 1996, and further more, Death Row Records. Is Death Row Records is still in business? Really I want to know.  However not everyone didn’t side with Suge. Chuck D went deep to White America: “We Ain’t N*GGAS!” This is what Chuck D had to say as a black man as he is: “Being called Black in America is the struggle to keep us moving and breathing over bloody water. Being a Nig**r or [Ni**a] without the context of history is like drowning in bloody water, dragging down those yet knowing to swim.”

Obviously, in a sad sense, there some black folks in America would prefer to be called “N*GGA” over Black, or African-American. I’ve said many MANY MANY TIMES, that to me, there is nothing wrong saying the words or term, or labeling things “African-American”. Period. Many will say, “oh, you’re not from Africa. You’re an American just like me.” But my decent heritage is African. I don’t hear the Irish Folks complaining about Irish American, or others complain about Japanese American, or Mexican American, and many other AMERICAN dash with it. But why I am constantly scratching my head, why does my race of black folks in this country, and other folks who had to dip in with the so-called PR negatives, had to say in context that “African-American” is a negative term? Minds are messed up. Or excuse my french, the minds are F’d UP! I would prefer taking African-American over N*GGA ANY DAY! It’s high time that we (I’m referencing to the black folks who read my blog, or those who wanna know) that it’s time to grow up from this. Really it’s time to grow up. Grow up with Pride. My other question in the video, why didn’t the TMZ black dude whatever his name is, didn’t speak up against it? Come on’ SON!

Read more:

Now, let me switch it up. I’m not a fan of Gospel Music. No I’m not. But here’s something I am a fan of: Black women dressing up nice, grown and CLASSY! No matter if you are working in office or like Erica Campbell.  I respect the game Sistas!!!!! Let me show this pic if you don’t mind that was blowing up on Black Voices:

mary mary erica campbell

Now does she look good? For real, she looks gorgeous. Not hating at all.

However there has to be an hater from the pulpit had to bring up the dress thing being not godly. Check this, an Apostle Clergy Woman Stacey Woods had to take it to her Facebook page and to comment her look:

THIS IS NOT OKAY. Yes, you are a beautiful, curvy woman…but NO MA’AM YOU ARE SINGING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST. Saints…smh COME ON.

Oh, plus she had more to say in defense of her commentary:

#1 The intent of my posting was not to attack Erica at all. I do not know Erica, have never met her, and NEVER passed judgment or even commented about her salvation, her relationship with God, her vocal contributions to the Gospel Music Industry, or her personal character. Yet, this article started off quoting MY comment as an attack. I expressed my concerns on my fb page that started out as a casual “lighthearted” discussion, but later exploded into comments that were so disrespectful they had to be removed. It’s interesting that the same Christians that will defend a dress, WILL CURSE OUT A PREACHER who expressed concern. We had a discussion that included over 300+ comments by those that both agreed and disagreed and most of those comments remain. #2 The article did not mention the gender of “the preacher” and most of the readers here assumed that it was a man, therefore, assumptions were made that it was a dogmatic, legalistic, lust-filled MAN who could not control his own sinful desires and therefore found criticism in Erica. Although it makes for “juicy discussion” it’s not the truth. The truth is, I am a woman, single, very content in my own plus sized figure. I do not desire or lust for this woman or ANY women, as I am a woman of God who is waiting on my mate, THE MAN OF GOD. #3 The comments here have blamed THIS as “why they don’t attend church, what’s wrong with the church, why they hate church folks…etc. when SURELY there are “deeper issues.”So, if (IF) understanding is desired, here is my take.My intent was this:
1. I want women of God to represent the KINGDOM without feeling as though they must become a sex symbol. THE WORLD sells sex, THE KINGDOM SHOULD PROMOTE JESUS.
2. Gospel music is MINISTRY, not just an art form or a genre of music.
3. We compel men to come through our love for Jesus, but when we wear things that are distracting, the message is somehow lost and it becomes abut US and not about Him.

4. I’ve seen TOO MANY…TOO MANY people dress inappropriately in ministry and THIS was only ONE example.While what I stated was seen as an attack, nobody saw the numerous videos that have been released to promote healthy self-esteem, beauty tips, fashion tips, or even the women’s conferences that did REAL outreach…providing clothing, shoes, and most importantly, JESUS.If a leader can not say that certain behaviors in the church are inappropriate, WHO CAN? Are we all suppose to close our eyes as gospel artist with revealing outfits sing about Jesus but bounce all over the stage in ways that can only be compared to the club? Are we just supposed to hush up about it and pray? Why not say to little girls that want to grow up to be JUST LIKE THEM, there is a better way to represent ourselves as women of God, and that was simply a bad wardrobe choice?

Let it be known, I am NOT jealous, envious, or lustful. I am a woman of God, curvy too, that will say that I desire to see us represent Jesus in a way that exudes HOLINESS and not sexiness. It was wrong when OTHERS did it too, and now its spreading through the industry as THE NEW STANDARD. OF COURSE there are greater issues to discuss, and greater ministry to engage in, but let’s stay on this one for a moment since we all took a glance at the picture and the article and shared our thoughts. Then, let’s continue/start doing the work of the church.

I would pray that my words would not be seen as an ATTACK, gossip, pettiness, or even judgment from someone who has nothing better to do but to criticize clothing choices, but as a plea with the Body of Christ, a body that seems to be slipping further and further away from HOLINESS and into worldliness. Everything we do is to now attract the world, when all we had to do was LIFT UP JESUS. However hear my plea, let’s PUT GOD BACK IN GOSPEL, AND HOLINESS BACK INTO THE CHURCH. It’s time to take a stand. GOD…AND ONLY GOD can see the heart, but let’s also focus on what is seen on the OUTSIDE and work on that too, while God is working on the heart.”


Well in that case, Erica had a comment about this also, courtesy of Essence Magazine:

I’m taking it in stride and I’m keeping it moving,” “When we took the picture I felt beautiful, I felt confident, I felt sexy and I felt strong.”

“I thought I looked cute,” she says jokingly, “but it obviously offended some people, which was never my intention.”

“This is about confidence and realizing that God made you and that you are beautiful just the way you are,” she says. “I think that young girls shouldn’t only get sexy images from people who are not proclaiming Jesus. But I am. And I’m cute too.”


She looks good! Grown, Christian, Inspirational, Classy, and Sexy!  Cut her some slack. Erica Campbell is doing her. Something that this Apostle is not. I mean, she’s not going to the club and getting her boogie on for some dude with a Grey Goose. Jeez Louise. This is why partially there are haters in the Church. Always have to embrace this hate. I’m saying this as a church going person, and I dare say this as a Christian: BACK OFF! JUST BACK OFF!!!!

Or in the words of Onyx: BACDFU*UP!

Erica Campbell is not a slut or a Jezebel. I believe she carries herself respectfully. In a inspiration that is giving, acceptance, and morely highly regarding a way that to have some pride in her self despite of whatever comes up. Yes, doing God’s work is hard. I get it. I do it myself. But yes, there will be others who will just lay claim that they’re right and guys like Erica and myself and many others who defend her are wrong. In response to the judging: I think Apostle Woods was on a “judgment edge” in describing Erica’s attire and look. I mean she’s not “selling booty” here, come on! But didn’t Jesus say, come as you are? And I think a bible reference for this would be Judge Not! Here is the verse: Matthew 7: 1-3 says (in a Revised standard)  “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged. 2 For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get. 3 Why do you see the speck in your neighbor’s eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye?

I was taught not to judge folks growing up because I don’t know where that person’s story began or started.  So I don’t play that.

This so called thing will pass. I think Erica Campbell will use this to progress forward. This will be a non-factor in which it will be passed over. And on a musical standpoint, don’t be surprised if this would get Erica to the next level in her craft of music.

For the last six weeks prior to Thanksgiving, PBS had devoted one hour per Tuesday night of 500 years of African American history. And yes, the term, “African American” still lingers for those who “know everything.”

Professor Henry Louis Gates presented the six week special in which highlighted the most points in the history, and also here is something everyone should know: there were points in the history that weren’t mentioned! Think back in school or college when you were taught African-American History, how many of the topics were picked up that weren’t in your syllabus? Or in this case, your Midterms, Final Exams, the quizzes, or in discussion! I think Henry Louis Gates not on revealed the things we know, but also had uncovered the “hidden truths” that should have been part of our memory banks in the on going 500 years of African American History! Whether it was the firsts to elect, or the firsts to invent, or the firsts to gain while making sacrificial risks with them being black.

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross | “Black is Beautiful”

One of the best highlights that I drew from, was the from final part of the series when it was focused on after the Assassination of Martin Luther King. Plus also the initiation of Black Power, Soul Train, Advertising of black products of Afro Sheen, and yes the 2008 Election of Barack Obama. At the end of the series, there was a question that was lingered after the Election, is America in a Post-Racial Society? With all the hoopla about the racism being dead, I say it’s far from dead. If the country is supposed to be in a post-racial society, why is so many companies, organizations, those who run credit checks, those who refuse to hire WELL QUALIFIED blacks in terms of Careers? No matter if you are in a Segregated city (i.e. Milwaukee) or any other city or state that has this cycle. Remember in earlier part of the series, it was noted that racism is in America’s DNA. It’s been there in the beginning and hasn’t stopped since. Even in my almost soon to be 37 years of life, have I been profiled? Yes. Have I been looked like I want to hurt folks or to have this notion of putting fear in other ethnics? Yes. Have I been discriminated in trying to look for work? You bet your Christmas Bonus. And I have not gotten over the feeling nor the story. And folks say we should get over it? Yeah, when the last legs comes. In regarding the President, every thing he tried to proposed, those in REPUBLICAN and some Democrats, blocked. Why is this? Many of us already know. And his shade of color is proof of those who oppose him. Even the fans of the opposition of Obama embraced this. And get this, many hate groups were rising up!

I said it again, and again: Post Racial? Really?!!!!

Another Highlight: Rise. This the part in which the Original March on Washington was mentioned. And of course, the spark in which Rosa Parks made her presence known NOT to give up her seat in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. Now while we were in church this past Sunday, the GOP unveiled a Twitter message, per say that Rosa Parks stopped or put an end to Racism when she refused to give up her seat at the time. Personally, the part of Rosa Parks putting racism to sleep is as false as calling Obama a socialist. If they believe that racism is dead, they need to look in the mirror. Without question! Maybe the GOP needs that come to Jesus meeting. No literally, a real “Come to Jesus Meeting.”

The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross S01E01

Additional Highlights from The Black Atlantic in which the slaves were captured, ripped from their homes, having to be branded, and many other dehumanizing effects that were harming at that time. Even those who died on the ships, were thrown off along the way. Majority of the slaves as we know were in Charleston, South Carolina and Jamestown, Virginia.  For the black slaves that were here in America, factories, buildings were built in which many have said that America was built on the backs of black folks. Even it concerns Washington D.C.  Remember when back in January when Obama was re-elected when the U.S. Capitol was mentioned was built by blacks? Even the Statue of Freedom on top of the dome was made by a black slave? Go back and read it.  Even the Haitians had to overthrow their slavemasters at that time to gain freedom. What about America? It took 100 years for the freedoms to commence. 100 years. And we often hear about the 4th of July and hearing the slaves talk about Liberty and Freedom. But…….during that time, that was not given to blacks. But we know that it also took those 100 years also to get more ideas and more fight for freedom to engage. Even in 2013.

I really have to say, that this series of The African Americans that Professor Gates presented was VERY WELL presented. I hope also that every single African-American in the house holds had the chance to view it. And Americans alike. Partially, many say that Black History is American History. BUT… a global aspect in terms of Africa, the Americas, Caribbean, Haiti and the ships that transported the slaves, this is more of a World History than American History. And the lessons are on going. In the 500 years that blacks have made strides thus far, we still have a long way to go. So the utopia, ain’t built yet!

Three way dance time!

For those who aren’t familiar with the Three Way Dance blog, it’s like I take commentary, and make three short stories into one.

This past week, I have to ask, in regarding Children’s Hospital, SERIOUSLY?!!!

What was up with the shooting at Chidren’s Hospital?!!!!!

From a standpoint, a individual who was considered a felon that escaped from a Milwaukee County Jail Complex which is nearby the hospital, goes to the Children’s Hospital Complex and the attempts to go to the 7th floor of the Hospital. What was the reason? There was a birth in family. However, when the Milwaukee Police Department got on the scene, the MPD drew out their guns and shot the suspect. Here’s the thing though: the suspect was armed.

The suspect, according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was named Ashanti Hendricks, who had his run ins with the law prior to 2013. Most of that day, the Hospital was on lock down, but was lifted approximately after 2:00pm when the staff and personnel of the hospital were admitted back to the building. This has been baffling on my mind: Why a hospital?! Especially a “Children’s Hospital?” Now I know there are going to be the gun folks who pride with the second amendment per say and go defensive. But here’s a thing, once again a public place, a well known, public place is on notice in regarding shootings. Like the movie theaters, or a spa. I wouldn’t be surprised if the hospital or any hospital would be start screening visitors with metal detectors! If that can happen to Children’s Hospital per say, that might happen in any clinic or hospital where folks need to get care for health concerns! Seriously.

Second: Oprah’s viewpoint with the BBC. Now for those who haven’t heard nor seen, Oprah was featured on the BBC Network in which she summarized about most Americans don’t really like President Obama in one angle: his skin color. If those missed it, check out the video clip:

Now I know that many are probably saying that Oprah is telling the British Public about the ongoing racism against President Obama is a bunch of mess. Well I hate to say it, but some of the attitudes of some Americans who oppose the skin tone is ongoing thing. It’s been like that since he set foot in office in 2009. Even those who wanted to the President to be “out of the way” sort of speak in which folks in America went to Twitter and vent. Let me give you a prime example: 2012. When the Democratic National Convention was going on, and when Obama was making his speech, most of us were on Twitter and giving comments. But there were those that wanted comments to read out and say that Obama should be “out of the way” in a semi-violent manner. I said this after he got elected and re-elected, if those don’t like Obama, don’t talk about him!!! Many or some AMERICANS can’t even try that! The more citizens do that, it’s like they are disprecting the office of the White House. When George W. Bush, was around, I never liked him. But I would NEVER declare an ending of his human existence because he’s white. Roland Martin once said on his Facebook Page, and via The African-Americans Many Rivers to Cross Special,  racism has been in America’s DNA. It’s been in America’s DNA since the inheritance of guess which word? Slavery. Speaking of that, black folks we need to stop tripping on Slave movies.  12 Years of Slave is a hot movie right now. And no I have not seen it. But I will. Am I tripping on slave movie? No! Have I tripped on The Butler? NO! Have I tripped on Django Unchained? No! Or get this: did I tripped on Roots when it was showing on BET last year? Please! I did not trip not once! So I don’t know what the deal is in which us black folks have been tripping on regarding slave movies. One thing I did agree with Roland Martin in his commentary, that it was addressing the mortal cardinal sin of Slavery in America. I remember long ago on those MyFoxMilwaukee Blogs, that if America had admit the faults, then there might be forgiveness also.  Oprah said in her commentary, that a start of this ending the race card per say, is if the older folks who breed racism in their children and grandchildren would have to die. But the issue is, there is no quick fix to get over it right away. Not gonna happen like that. As long as there are those who posses the bigot attitude around this country in which is supposed to be the land of free and home of the brave, that card is still on deck. Have there been some progress? Partially. But still the ongoing discussion goes on.

Speaking of racism: Madison Wisconsin. According to a recent blog, reported that Wisconsin’s state capitol of Madison, you know the city where the Badgers play, Camp Randall, a huge college town per say, highly liberal and progressive. But in this article, Madison has been “labeled” the most racist city in America. In the article it states:

— In 2011, the unemployment rate was 25.2 percent for Blacks compared to just 4.8 percent for whites. Nationally, the unemployment rate was 18 percent for Blacks and 8 percent for whites.

— In the same year, “over 54 percent of African American Dane County residents lived below the federal poverty line, compared to 8.7 percent of whites, meaning Dane County Blacks were over six times more likely to be poor than whites.”

— More than 74 percent of Black children live under the poverty level as opposed to just 5.5 percent of white children. The report suggested “that this 13 to 1 disparity ratio may constitute one of the widest Black/white child poverty gaps that the Census Surveys reported for any jurisdiction in the nation.”

— “In 2011, African American youth in the Madison Public School District had about a 50 percent on-time high school graduation rate, compared to 85 percent for white students.”

— “African American adolescents, while constituting less than 9 percent of the county’s youth population, made up almost 80 percent of all the local kids sentenced to the state’s juvenile correctional facility in 2011.”

Then there are other details:

Another structural disadvantage faced by people of color, in particular African Americans in Madison, is the highly fragmented areas on the fringes of the city where most of them live. Location has disenfranchised African Americans politically and socially and made it even harder for them to find accessible jobs. (This last part reminds me of Milwaukee)

The Race to Equity report showed that about “half of the area’s low-income Black households live in approximately 15 small, compact residential concentrations scattered within the city and around its perimeter.”

These enclaves are mostly rental developments, tend to be home to between 100 and 400 families of color and are usually surrounded by larger, predominantly white neighborhoods.

There are no large-scale, permanent Black neighborhoods anywhere in the city that would provide a social or political anchor for African Americans. In fact, county-wide, “there is not a single aldermanic district, supervisory district, planning unit, or even a census tract where African Americans constitute the majority of residents,” preventing significant political visibility. In 2013, African Americans only held a handful of public offices out of the hundreds in the county.

These African American enclaves generally lack “a church, a full-service grocery, a public school, social or civic clubs, developed open spaces, a bar, a restaurant, or a significant employer,” and tend to be “thinly or unevenly served” by public transportation systems.

High turnover rates, mobility, small size and many of the factors listed above inhibit strong community building in these neighborhoods.

Oh, wait. There’s more:

A major factor that prevents progress toward racial equity in Madison is the public school system. For white students, Dane County public schools have a reputation for excellence. But, in general, county schools channel Blacks students into remedial classes that offer little opportunity for college preparation.

Black students on average have drastically lower reading scores from an early age, lower on-time graduation rates, higher suspension rates and are less likely to take college preparatory classes.

In Dane County, “in the 2011-12 school year, Black 12th graders were only half as likely as white 12th graders to take the ACT [college admissions and placement] exam. Finally, of those taking the exam, African Americans averaged a score of 18, compared to a white average of 24.”

The existing disparities create stereotypes about new students, leading to differing academic expectations that exacerbate racial inequalities in the county.

The report documents many cases in which African American parents worry about sending their children to Madison schools, fearing that they will have fewer opportunities to thrive than in other cities. Many have considered moving away for this reason.

Stereotypes and uneven expectations are also present in disciplinary processes. “In 2011, for example, public schools in Dane County reported 3,198 suspensions of Black students as against 1,130 suspensions of white students,” although African Americans are only 17 percent of the total public school population.

In other words, Black students in Dane County schools are 15 times more likely to be suspended than white students.

Also, there is another angle of this subject:

Disparities in disciplinary processes extend beyond the public school system. In 2010, Black youth in Dane County were six times as likely as white youth to be arrested. This compared to a 3-to-1 ratio in the rest of the state and about 2-to-1 nationally.

“The striking result of these disparities is that African American adolescents, while constituting less than 9 percent of the county’s youth population, made up almost 80 percent of all the local kids sentenced to the state’s juvenile correctional facility in 2011,” according to the report.

The numbers are even worse for adult sentencing disparities.

“While Black men made up only 4.8 percent of the county’s total adult male population, they accounted for more than 43 percent of all new adult prison placements during the year [2012].”

Wisconsin as a whole has by far the highest rate of imprisonment for Black men in the United States. A from researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on Wisconsin’s Mass Incarceration of African American Males, issued at the same time as the Race to Equity report, found that in 2010, 12.8 percent of Black men were imprisoned in the state–almost twice the national average, and more than 3 percent higher than the next worst state.

But while the incarceration rate for Black males in Dane County is lower than the rest of the state, the racial disparities are higher.

A 2009 report from a Dane County Task Force on Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System found that “Blacks were 25.6 times more likely to enter prison from Dane County than Whites.”

The Race to Equity report also gives numbers for arrests. “In 2012, African American adults were arrested in Dane County at a rate more than eight times that of whites. That compares to a Black-white arrest disparity of about 4-to-1 for the rest of Wisconsin and 2.5-to-1 for the nation as a whole.”

According to the report, “the alarming truth is that our numbers, taken as a whole, suggest that the distance between whites and Blacks (in terms of well-being, status and outcomes) is as wide or wider in Dane County than in any jurisdiction (urban or rural, North or South) for which we have seen comparable statistics.”

This sounds familiar to me. Many of the items that are listed of Madison’s concerns, are similar with Milwaukee. I’ve been saying that Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the United States. I’ve said that alot. But the issue with Madison, even though I’ve been there twice for Badger games, and the items above really kind of surprised me. Yes, Milwaukee is no different than Madison and vice versa. Yes, both are democratic cities have democratic mayors in all. But this issue really needs a concern just as hearing that Wisconsin is the worst state for Black People.  The black newspapers can tell you that.

Speaking of that, the article that published, and I’m sure many here in the Badgerland had read: “Wisconsin’s a tough place to live if you are black“. Don’t believe me? Click on the story and read it up.

It seems that the blackfaces thing is getting so stupid. Really.

It was stupid before and its stupid now. Another recent case of blackface has came up via the web. A white teen age girl recently dawn her “so-called” blackface” and had a message for the black critics: “Worry about finding your dad.” Really? Is that her best excuse? My question is where’s her father and why isn’t her father beating that butt?!!!!! Straight out!

Personally, this person of a freak, and another person via Twitter is telling us critics who hate his work is telling us to find our black fathers. I know where mine is: retired, at home redecorating the house and helping myself and older sibling financially. Talk about sarcasm and stuck on stupid.

Now in response they are telling us to leave them alone: WELL GUESS WHAT! For all those who think that doing the blackface is no big deal, its time to learn TODAY!

Here is a test. Since they want to be black so bad, try finding a job if you look like someone who had been in jail. Try to show your ID when you try to vote. Try to get your hair braided up with dreadlocks and get pissed off when your boss ordered you to cut your hair. Try dating outside of your race and having Black Women or Black Men nagging at you about “staying in your race”. Or being constantly being call n*gger every single time you get looked at. Oh trust me, you want this? There’s more. For the non black male doing the so-called blackface, try getting into an elevator with a white chick per say, and if she looks at you per say, she might clutch her purse thinking you might rob her. Or being followed in a store by a security guard thinking you might steal something. Or DRIVING WHILE BLACK. Y’all want this?!! Really? Guess what, this is what we African-Americans go through everyday with black issues or issues in which most non black’s don’t get! And also what will it feel like if you were mad as hell, when the Trayvon Martin Case went to George Zimmerman walking the streets, and having the anger built inside of you that once again, the justice of the United States didn’t do no work in making sure he wasn’t being sent to prison.

Now you know what it might be like if you were a different shade of color being followed, profiled, discriminated the most, being called names, poking your suggestions of dating others, or being in area of issues that most don’t understand! KNOW YOUR ROLE!

And to those who are black and think it’s all behind us, with the Kanye West shrugs, you better recognize that this is a constant reminder and it’s no utopia for handouts! Check out this blog entitled, “Blackface, Racial Costumes, and Racism.”

Now the issue of facepaint is a decisive one. War Paint, I can understand. When Football players put some of the black paint substance on their faces before going out on the football field, I get it. Not a problem there. But when a blackface comes up, guess what? None of that matters. More reminders of hate.

Speaking of knowing our roles, this other picture I saw on facebook made me want to vomit. Matter of fact it was on Joe Madison’s Facebook Page.

I looked at a picture of three people, 2 whites, 1 black, and a noose. And the folks were smiling. Plus one of the persons had a noose around the neck of the black woman while the while woman and all were posing for the camera. Don’t believe me, go find that on Facebook. Or matter of fact, here it is:

 How DARE THEM!!!!

And a matter of fact, what was the black chick thinking having that noose around her neck, and having the white dude holding it? And in the other pics, the White chick held the noose and in the final pic: A basket full of cotton. Frankly, I find this disgusting and embarrassing. And for what, amusement? Many of us black folks who probably saw that picture might had the heads in shame. And in disgust like I said. Word is that the black chick is from North Carolina. No matter where she’s from, I don’t think that she might not have a job in the near future all because of this IGNORANT PIC!  And plus that goes for all three of them. Many think, “oh, it’s just a joke and we should get over it”. Frankly: We’ll never be over it. We have NEVER been in the shoes of our ancestors who had to go through hell in a hand basket just to rise up against stuff like this. I’m morely dissapointed in the black chick’s “token” demeanor in the acceptance of it. Just wait until Black History Month comes back, and the more we see pictures of Blacks being hung from trees, again it’s a constant reminder that there is more stuff to talk about. And why it needs to be talked about in the 21st Century. And I don’t care its 2013!  And I can’t say what for the Caucasian crowd. Partially, if an African American had an idea to play “Holocaust”, per say, they would be UUUUUUUPSET! Yeah, we know.

Again: they say we are in a post-racial society? Not a chance! Whenever we see this posted on Social Media, or anywhere else,  it a warning shot.  Partially, it’s a warning shot against blacks. Period. Just like all the profiling, and many others I’ve said on this blog for years. Plus my own experience.  Now I’m also reading some of the comments on Facebook that it’s a joke and get over it. And partially, it’s coming from blacks. Why would anyone who is African-American want to get over this?!!! As long as it’s a hot button topic, it will never be over!

Frankly even on Halloween, it’s an non-ending horror story of trying to survive.

If those wanting to know why the blackface is a concern, read this article from TheGrio.

Time to learn, Americans.


Be Warned: the photo above may not be for all viewers.


I’m going to call out some folks. To those who had a chance to trying to be black in a blackface, I got some words to say: They are some punks!


So for Halloween, some have this chance to take upon to dress in a blackface, which in reference is a mockery of blacks and the black race. And have this notion to be like someone who was tragically killed. I’m talking about Trayvon Martin. I have looked at my Facebook Feeds, Twitter Time Line today, and I was just disgusted with emotion in which many or some  had to stoop so low in order to do this. So making a mockery of Trayvon Martin in that sense in just pathetic. I don’t think his parents, nor his brother wouldn’t be pleased with the fact that their son and brother is being mocked by a bunch of folks who dawn the blackface, dress in a hoodie with a stain on it, and have a pair of tea and skittles in thinking that the Trayvon Martin dress up is a good fun thing for Halloween.

And that Africa Disco thing with the blackfaces? HIGHLY Disgusting.

I need to say this and this only: COWARDLY!

I hope that this is not some so-called Halloween pranks. I’ve seen Halloween pranks before. But this was and is NO PRANK! This was justified as being ignorant. Oh, I can see this now, it’s on the comments or its on Facebook: “It’s just a joke. We’re not racists. We are colorblind and we have black friends…..”


All of those who say they are COLORBLIND, do you condone this?!!! You better. If this doesn’t that makes them liable for NOT sticking to their principles. And as far as the history of the blackface: it’s a mockery. Pure mockery. And those have done this, you have been called out! Literally.


Roland Martin on Facebook once commented that racism is in America’s DNA. And where was this comment? I want all and the black folks to look at Many Rivers on PBS. Study up.  I think its time that the true understanding of African-Americans needs to come into light. This mockery is like a criminal act. And yes, there are consequences in which criminal acts are proposed. In this one, word is that the female got fired from her job in lieu of this.

If those who are “clueless” about the blackface thing: start reading the freaking history of why blackfaces are a mockery of blacks. Partially, if an African-American male were to dress up in a KKK outfit per say,  or Jeffery Dahmer, or Terri Schavio, or any other person who was suffered or killed for no reason who was non-black, what would be the ending result? I don’t want to think about it.

Am I shocked and surprised about this? Not by a long shot. But it not surprising that it’s even more out there in the era of Obama.

#LEARNAMERICANS! Many of us haven’t learned today! Nor ever. BETTER START NOW. 

The bar is closed.

Saturday Night Live. This is for them.

The legendary show that has been in the households since 1975, has always been a staple of comedy before going to church. “Well isn’t that special?” says the chruch lady played by Dana Carvey, who also revived his role as George H.W. Bush, and also along with Mike Myers with Wayne’s World. Oh don’t act like you know. And of course, the Adam Sandlers, Kevin Nealons, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Ana Gastyer  and many others have made the laughing folks presentable. Even the late John Belushi, and Wisconsin’s own Chris Farley ( the van down by the river) made folks laugh.

However for the black female side, in the recent events everyone is talking about what Kenan Thompson said about the lack of Black Females not being on SNL. Wanna review? Let’s see courtesy of TV Guide:

“I don’t know. We just haven’t done them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe [Jay Pharaoh] will do it or something, but even he doesn’t really want to do it.” And he also comments this: “It’s just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Speaking of Kenan Thompson, he and Kel Mitchell had black history made when they were the first African-American duo to headline their own show on Nickelodeon, “Kenan and Kel”. Don’t act like you know.

In the history of SNL: only 4 black females were featured on as regulars since the beginning. Who were they you asked? Everyone has mentioned Maya Rudolph (who is mixed)  so many times. Very true. HOWEVER there were many others: Remember Ellen Cleghorne? She was a regular and black on SNL back in the 90’s. Plus before her, Danitra Vance came on during the mid-80’s, and before her, research this name: Yvonne Hudson who was around in the early 80’s, five years after SNL made it’s debut, and then being fired during the show’s midseason timeframe.

But recently, on Roland Martin’s radio show, NewsOne Now, (yep his show is coming up!!!!) three black women of Loni Love, Sommore, and Kym Wheatley had addressed the issue plus also to take a swipe at Kenan Thompson of what he commented about black female comedians not being ready for SNL. They went in on him like crazy. And with real talk!  Here is the recap of the interview that you should have paid attention to:

NewsOne Now Audio Podcast 10:23:13: Breast Cancer’s Impact On Black Women, Wildin’ Out Wednesdays

Note: you may want to click the link and fast forward toward the Widlin’ out Wednesdays portion of the segment.

Partially for summations, they have mentioned that the actors (male actors) to dress as women per say, but the show couldn’t access the authentic black female talent. Roland Martin also addressed the comment of where is SNL is finding the talent. Plus also Sommore, addressed the comment that Kenan should have gone out of New York per say and actually scouted or screened potential black women who can make you laugh. Speaking of which, that to me has been lacking alot lately. Where do folks who work in Radio, Television, or any company go and find folks who would be a top notch candidate for their companies? ESPECIALLY black men and black women? Now I don’t mean to interject race into the angle BUT, it’s already in the conversation. Plus also that’s also like saying, where are the black folks at? It’s just like there aren’t enough black men or black females in Firefighting. It’s a fact folks. Look at Milwaukee.

Back during the Emmy Awards was going on, the names of Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle, Alfrie Woodward, were nominated for their lead roles of TV shows or specials, BUT NONE OF THEM received any Emmy Awards. Kerry Washington, in my view, even though Scandal was and is a new staple of evening drama series, but was robbed for that. Yes I said it! ROBBED. It happened to Diahnn Carroll when she was on Julia before I was born, and Phylicia Rashad when she was on The Cosby Show.  Again, it’s for leading roles!  But not enough to get the Emmy. Plus also I think and believe that Hollywood is afraid of black talent. When you see Scandal, or what Tyler Perry did that got him on the map, they are afraid. Even Kevin Hart! His “Let Me Explain” movie that came out this year, was a hit. And I’ll bet the Hollywood think machine was hiding in the background. Oh yes, black folks can act. And a few have won Emmys for supporting roles and Oscars.  This is way before Halle and Denzel got those lead Oscars in 2002.

Speaking of that, when will Milwaukee have it’s own black TV Station? Yeah I said it!

SNL better learn, y’all!  I don’t mind tuning in once in a while to see what’s up. But in regarding this issue, it’s more like a wake up call.

Take a look at this graph courtesy of Media Matters:


Not to get off topic on another subject, why the recent hate on Melissa Harris-Perry having more minorities on her show? When you do the demographics, which race of folks who are mostly on Sunday Mornings Talk Shows? That would be White men and yes, white women. Which is on the high end, but on a low end, Melissa Harris-Perry’s show get those connections in which none of the other shows wouldn’t touch. In a recent review on the Huffington Post it states:

Six of the seven shows analyzed…have hosted white men at a significantly higher rate than their 31 percent portion of the population. Melissa Harris-Perry provided the greatest diversity among guests, providing a much higher rate of white women and African-American guests than the other programs.

So it’s the diversity thing.  And folks are mad at that? And what does Melissa Harris-Perry’s mother had anything to do with this? I will admit this: I didn’t know that her mother was of Caucasian race. Which means MHP is really mixed. But she is mostly acquainted with her issues and concerns with African-Americans. Sort of like President Barack Obama filled out his Census Form in 2010 and the race section he chose was African-American. And many folks were mad. REALLY?! I had a friend in High School, who I still keep in contact with, is mixed. In middle school, he was around things that were mostly white per say, but when high school came, the angle changed for mostly black. Did that effected me? No. Mainly it was his preference. So I’m not biased nor concerned. He is my classmate from High School who had endured many temptations, and now is fully working for those that had been in his shoes.

Time to learn today, people!