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We are indeed mad and pissed, #Nerdland fans.

Melissa Harris-Perry last week as we know is no longer working for MSNBC. As mad and pissed as she is with the layoff she should be. During her four years on the Network, we learned so much in which we were in the classroom with her. Even with her viewpoints on politics and of course her letters whom were addressed to. My thought of my blog letters here on Stephen’s Spot were an idea watching her, and is to help enlighten those readers who were and some needed thoughts to process. And for some, it worked. But as of we know the real “Letter to” is not just for me, it’s for those who have paved the way, and those yet to be. So consider this ” letter” goes to the person that started it: Melissa Harris-Perry.

Dear Us #Nerdland folks and fans of Melissa Harris-Perry:

It’s me Stephen.  A black man out of Milwaukee that likes the spirit of Nerdland.

By the way, Happy Black History Month.

This is a heartbreaker in which another of the crew had to be let go. For the last four years, we were given a chance and an opportunity to see and hear the words of Melissa Harrs-Perry. Of course that many didn’t like her style of dialogue of Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

Everytime we tuned in on MSNBC and to see what the topics were, we were in the classroom with her. Learning so much stuff that had our brains working for days. Weeks, Month, etc. Everytime we see Melissa Harris-Perry at work we see us trying to take notes, and to summarize for that test that is coming up on Mondays. No matter what she brought, there was one thing she had the most: unapologetically black nerd style viewpoints that will not be silenced to come.

Her show will be missed, not because of her, but really because of some idea of being pre-empted for the ongoing footages of seeing Donald Trump talking so much crap that really has to ask, why would MSNBC do this? Those business decisions which are causing black folks to get laid off, in the same year that President Obama is getting out is like we partied at the club with honor and all of a sudden, the light signals telling us that it’s time to go. Without warning!

This was like Black History Month in 2012 in Milwaukee. You guys know from 2012 in which one of our former Black Radio Stations 1290 WMCS was no more. Many of us were looking forward to hear the personalities of TJ Live and many others on the dial. But instead, we got Elvis. #Nerdland, we in the Black Milwaukee Community were pissed! And the thing is it happened without warning! And now, WNOV here in Milwaukee with 2 black radio personalities are the only ones the most anchoring the news and issues that many in Milwaukee don’t know about. And it’s a battle against those in Milwaukee that are “Conservative Controlled” of a Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, and that dude over at 1130 WISN, Mark Belling. Many don’t know but we know what the deal is.

What will I take from MHP and well as her lessons that she indeed brought us a new fresh perspective that many in the conservative world would not touch. Here are some examples:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • The ongoing black victims of being shot by the police
  • The Charleston Shooting
  • The Harlem Shake that many got mad after Melissa told the real truth. Oh the big words. Yeah right!
  • Her sorority of Delta Sigma Theta and it’s 100th Anniversary founding.
  • The rise of black women and their contributions even in Maine!
  • President Obama
  • The issues of black men
  • Michelle Obama
  • Education
  • Her book called Sister Citizen
  • And most recent – Beyoncé and the Superbowl.

So why the hate?! Oh, I get it. She’s a black woman who spoke the truth! And it took a different kind of management to silence that. But I will say this: Melissa Harris-Perry is already employed as a Professor, but don’t be to surprised nor shocked, nor extra surprised that she will get another job to keep us the Nerdland Alumni informed. Everyone of us her who watched her show is a Nerdland Alumni.

About those meltdowns, those problems with taxes, MAN LISTEN: WE ALL HAVE MELTDOWNS! WE ALL HAVE TAX PROBLEMS! How many of us who will file taxes this year with problems? How many of us in the community or country have had MELTDOWNS of any kind that were BIGGER than Melissa’s? Don’t come at me with all the “Oh Melissa had a meltdown!” I call BS on that. When was your MELTDOWN? Back in High School? College? Your last job that had you going then cut your salary? Or matter of fact: What Meltdown have you had when your so-called Co Worker, or “Social Media Friends” posted something that they felt it was good, but made you upset or sad? Better think about that!

So Melissa writes in her last letter to her staff these words:

I have stayed in the same hotels where MSNBC has been broadcasting in Iowa, in New Hampshire, and in South Carolina, yet I have been shut out from coverage,” Harris-wrote in the memo. “I have a PhD in political science and have taught American voting and elections at some of the nation’s top universities for nearly two decades, yet I have been deemed less worthy to weigh in than relative novices and certified liars. I have hosted a weekly program on this network for four years and contributed to election coverage on this network for nearly eight years, but no one on the third floor has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month.


Plus this was the highlight of the argument:

I will not be used as a tool for [management’s] purposes,” the host wrote to her staff. “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I love our show, I want it back.”


And also from the MSNBC side of things yes, they did the recognition of the diversity of the company, but in the end, despite of that email, it’s apparent that Melissa Harris-Perry’s days of MSNBC and the Nerdland reign as of February 26th, 2016 was coming to an end. In the very same week that Milwaukee lost WMCS four years ago, in the last week of Black History Month. Is that shameful, I don’t what is.

#Nerdland: hear me on this as a Introverted Black Man: don’t beat yourselves up. Knowingly that there are those who wanted their wish. But I also say to those that be careful what you wish for! That is the one thing that many Americans  don’t really pay attention to! They don’t. And they don’t care. But the thing is there are more open doors and knowing that Melissa will walk in one of those doors to keep us Nerdland fans communicated. So yes, even though MSNBC had took MHP off the air, but have NOT took out MHP!

We’ll see this again. Who knows, she might go another network like TVOne or another spot where many might not expect that will change the game permanently. So we just got to keep our heads up, keep walking, tell the truth, educate us, re educate the masses on the real deal, be professional, be alert and yes #STAYWOKE.

Sincerely (with the Nerdland fists up),



Well Wisconsin: its done. Were on the list of Marriage Equality.  That means that Love Is Love, Marriage is on the even plane and yes, it does involve the group of the LGBT’s, Gays and Lesbians finally getting a ban lifted and getting married in their courthouses, having those pics taken and by the time this blog is done, the hits just kept coming. And of all of this: Milwaukee’s PrideFest Celebration at our own Summerfest Grounds have been boosted.

Ok,  so…….how did we get here? Why was it lifted, and how did it got banned in the first place?

Well, it all began in the year of 2006. By the way, that’s the same year I got out of UW-Stout with my B.S. Degree. Anyway, the Legislature at the time, voted for a measure of the same sex marriage  use would not be active nor granted in the state of Wisconsin. Well, here is another angle from the stories of MSNBC:

In 2006, Wisconsin voters easily approved an anti-gay amendment to the state constitution, banning marriage equality in the state.



And a line from the Wisconsin Referrendum:

The text of the adopted amendment, which became Article XIII, Section 13 of the state constitution, reads:

“ Only a marriage between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in this state. A legal status identical or substantially similar to that of marriage for unmarried individuals shall not be valid or recognized in this state.[2]

Henceforth, the state wanted to make sure it stays between one man and one woman.  We all know this.

For 8 years, it’s been debated, challenged, protested and many others. When June 6th, 2014, came that streak was broken. Many here in the state either on TV, the internet, Social Media, were all geared to the breaking news either the reaction was positive or negative. All had to see what was the news that was breaking. A federal judge ruled that the Same Sex Marriage Ban was unconstitutional, and it was overturned in a matter of minutes.

Think of this June 6th, 2014 was “Wisconsin Goes on the Marriage Equality List Day”.  On the same day in which our troops way back 70 years ago landed on Normandy Beach.

Now what is my take on this? I’m going to say this and I’m going to be real about it. Frankly, I don’t care. Let the LGBT folks have their platform. Let them have it. No matter what stance you take in terms of this subject. Yes, there are those who feel that it’s against the rules of the Almighty. Many are getting those “what has happened to this state with the ban lifted” speech. Yeah, I know. Of course that will come up! I have a family member that served in the Vietnam War. And he said that the best friends he had in the Military were Gay. He was cool with them. And they was cool with him. Plus he’s my father that served 2 years in the U.S. Army. And he was real about it. I’ll bet many of you of the spotters, had family members that served probably had service members who were Gay or Lesbian, and probably got along under the same flag, same U.S. Armed Forces of Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Furthermore, I know this debate is still in progress, now since Wisconsin had been on this so-called “Open for Business” track, well since the ban had been lifted with the courthouses been open all night and all day, now that’s OPEN FOR BUSINESS!




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I was on the net today in really, of the Melissa Harris-Perry Webpage on MSNBC’s site. Her featured letter was addressing the issue concerning the angle of Hot 97’s DJ, Mr. Cee. I’m sure of us have been paying attention about him sharing his testimony about his recent arrest and also his admittance of his encounter with a transgender individual. As I was listening to the conversation online, yes he was in pain. He was in pain from all of the lies and turmoil that has been surrounding him. I’ll be honest, it was open. It was on point. And yes, it’s was real for him to do this. If those don’t know what’s up, here’s is the entire interview of what took place.

BUT BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: This interview may contain some adult themes. Be advised. 

What you just heard was just about 30 minutes of Mr. Cee utilizing his confession, and also having doubts of not returning to work. In a way, he did accept his 12:00pm time slot show. Also, as I was looking at the comments on Melissa-Harris Perry’s page about this story, yes, the comments had to ring out. Now many had support of him. But there were questions or statements about not bringing God into this. Why is so many continuing to say: “don’t bring God into this.” Or “Jesus needs to be out of the conversation.” It’s time to admit this, and I’ll say it here. IN EVERY CONVERSATION: no matter what it is, God is in every story conversation. Many are saying how so? I don’t believe no Gods, no Jesuses or any thing that’s all holy. No need for the church to get involved. NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a church with four walls and a sanctuary to clean out or to make a confession of concern. Let’s just say, God was using Mr. Cee in his testimony in terms of coming out of his confession. God was using Mr. Cee to go to that station with the odds of this Transgender/Arrest angle to tell the truth. No matter what. If the “cleansing” portion of the interview was his confession or his “come to Jesus Meeting”, then I would infer that was his need of setting the record straight. No matter how private or public it maybe. It’s not easy for anyone to tell secrets or those like that to remain in the Pandora’s box. But God willing that Mr. Cee doesn’t have to worry about this matter.

I had to bring up this “don’t put God in this” thing on this story because, folks at times don’t want to be all religious. Many don’t realize that there are connections. Or parallels into objectives like this one. We see it all the time. 12 years ago when the World Trade Center was attacked, many were asking: “Where was God that day?” I’ll tell you this. God was working with the firefighters, the policemen, the construction workers, the medics, American Red Cross, and many others in need of help. Those locating their loved ones trapped in the rubble and also those who wanted to comfort from all the drama and pain that was transpired. The same with those who were affected with the Boston Marathon Bombing, and most recently with the Colorado Flooding. Now those maybe National Disasters, in which those are common. But what does that have to do with Mr. Cee’s recent confession? Did he have support while on the show? Yes he did. Ebro wanted him to stay despite of his concern.

Also: this has to be a statement and I’ll make it plain. The Hip Hop world, must not shy away from this. Remember when Harry Belafonte was going towards the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce about “social responsibility”?  And many had the negativity of them doing charities? Well let me tell you as a fan of Hip-Hop since Run DMC made their rhymes of Reading Rainbow back in the 80’s and such:  No more hiding. And STOP TRIPPING! It’s OK to keep track of your endorsements, your connections, your stacks of hits, or many others in the game, but with an issue such as this needs no money. That does not matter. All you have to do is see the responsibility, and take it. Now many not want to do it. But it is an responsibility in a social sense. And this goes for the Local DJ’s here in Milwaukee also. I got love for them, but they better come with a sense of Social Responsibility!

But we know that they won’t come out for this. As long they have fans of all allies ranging from the LGBT to straight, religious, alternative, and many others, this is one responsibility, that needs attention!

Many are still saying, “don’t bring God into this.” Well, the almighty God in another way, has been involved.


I’m looking at MSNBC. And yes right now, they are at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. If those who don’t know, Essence is a magazine publication that is mostly geared toward African American women. You probably seen them around alot. However this event in New Orleans is not about promoting magazines, in a printing sense. This Essence Festival and the combination hook up with MSNBC for that last couple of days had me thinking: Why I am not there?! I’ve heard of the Essence Festival before through Jet Magazine, but never had to see it though an angle of the news or video. Yes, I know many of you have probably uploaded pictures or videos on Social Media or Youtube. Don’t worry I’ll look at them. For the MSNBC part of it, whether it was The Ed Show, PoliticsNation, NewsNation with Tamron Hall, or the hometown favorite of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it was a different view in which yes, the event has now got the exposure. And also another reason to visit or revisit New Orleans! – Personally, my first visit to New Orleans was in 2001 and yes, I want to go back.

Speaking of the Ed Show: I was watching this young man named Asean Johnson. You may have seen him before, and I should point out, he’s 9 years old. Young, gifted and black.

Yes, this is 9 year old, Asean Johnson at a Teacher’s Union Rally in Chicago. Now this may come as a shock for some, but why would a 9 year old show up for a rally like this? Asean is one of the kids in Chicago that is in their Public School System that is also voicing his liberties about the problems in the schools. Also voicing his opinion about Rahm Emmanuel closing the schools and building more prisons. As I was listening to him, through the video and on the Ed Show, it’s aware that a young man like him is speaking out. Yes I know he’s 9 years old. A third grader. But he’s saying something. And I wish more young men and young women who we send to the classrooms Monday through Friday, other than asking “how was school”, or who won the game in gym class. I want to know also how are they are really feeling in the state of schools, with all the politicians or most like to slash education! You know what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin, right?  However for this young man, he might have a future something great, as long as he keeps level headed with his family, friends, and community. And yes we ADULTS need to listen to our children! This is our future and the teaching should begin and continue now!

For the other angle with MSNBC and the Essence Festival, it’s not just about fun, it’s about serious issues like jobs, education, voting rights, racism, segregation and many issues that go often ignored or have a different angle of opinion. The Essence Festival, according to them, is about empowering African-American Communities. Plus also in 2012, MSNBC had a rise in viewership based on African-Americans. It’s a fact. Even though that this is just one African-American Festival of empowerment, but we need more and still stable more festivals like this to get out and empower our issues, concerns, and ideas that mostly no other festival can’t address.  Even if it’s Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Yeah I said it! – Milwaukee’s African World Festival? Maybe. The All-White/Black Affair – Possibly. But the regular Summefest. Don’t think so.

Even though that the Essence Festival is ending this weekend. But likewise, the struggle continues.

Follow MSNBC and the Essence Festival on twitter like this: #msnbcESSENCE

I had to ponder this yesterday. As we were looking at the footage of the young women who were abducted for 10 years, things have begun to surface. But the main question that was lingering on my Social Media pages was like, Did the neighbors noticed anything when the first got captured? No birthdays? weddings? funeral notices? Cinco de Mayo? Christmas holiday? or any other special event or holidays? And no one knew anything? Wow!

I was watching Rev Al Sharpton’s show on MSNBC, PoliticsNation. And during the newscast, several highlights previously that the 9-1-1 calls weren’t on record 10 years ago. The house where the abductions were held were in those homes that were boarded up. Not for sale. So it kind of hit me, I guess that was the reason why no one didn’t noticed anything suspicious prior to the events given. It better not be one of the reversal versions of “Stop Snitching”.

Now in recently events, things were turned up that the neighbors did indeed called the police of the illegal activity. But the question is, and I don’t want to call out the Cleveland Police Department, why didn’t they respond in a sense that the incidents didn’t shown? I know that Police Departments have a ton on their plates in terms of crimes and investigations. I know. But how could they miss this one, and having 10 years to figure it out? The crime in Boston, when the Marathon was interrupted with the bombings, the city was on lockdown with swat teams, armored cars, military-like presence in finding those responsible. That was solved in a week. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was captured and is being held in Federal custody, while his brother was killed during the investigation. But for this, 10 years? Now I know that the incidents in Cleveland and Boston are very different. And in different time frames. I get it. But the bottom line is, those who did the abductions, was almost like a 21st Century version of human trafficking. Or a revamped version of Slavery. They say that slavery is supposed to be dead and done in the past. But why did these Castro dudes, were doing this particular job in the first place? That part really baffles me.

In the house where the girls were, had chains and ropes All for 10 years. Good Lord. And nobody didn’t know this being odd and the way was used?

Plus also when Ariel Castro goes to prison, and since the prisoners know by now who he is, and has happened, there might be some prisoners are going to hit him first. I read stories about that. Those who get to prison and having a crime of housing young girls in a house against their authority, with 7 counts of  rape and kidnapping, his game would be over sooner than ever. Just saying.

Now to switch gears for Charles Ramsey. Yes, he should be hailed as a hero, or a Good Samaritan doing the right thing. HOWEVER, there’s always got to be a background info about a person’s past. Has anyone heard of the Smoking Gun website? The website that has all of the dirt about a certain celebrity per say with the crime data, background info and more. Well apparently while we were just praising Charles Ramsey’s heroics, The Smoking Gun revealed his past about him being a repeat offender as a domestic abuser. Go back ten years. Why would someone dig up this? Oh, maybe because some felt he’s a fraud, a fake or whatever. Remember when Tia Norfleet was given the hot-seat about her status as a race car driver? And guess what she’s still racing. And will be racing this year. But for Charles Ramsey, yes he may have done something in his past that wasn’t “GodLike”, but rescuing Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight, in the situation that they were in, that counts for a good check list for St. Peter. And he didn’t want to reward money. He made a suggestion to let the victims have it. A joy in blessing. Now many folks would call him out for that. But he’s thinking more of the women than himself. You hear this all the time in church and it’s biblical. Matthew 6:20 says: “But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” Technically, that’s what it is. And there should no other comments besides it.

Also the notion of being called a hero, should not be selfish, nor ashamed. Charles Ramsey felt that he does not want to be called a hero. He and Daniel Hernandez, who took care of Gabby Giffords after she was shot, in his words, humbly reject the word hero last year. During the memorial service in Arizona, President Obama looked him and said, “Daniel, I’m sorry, you may deny it but we’ve decided you are a hero,”. And expect that same notion to Charles Ramsey when the President meets him. If possible. Even though the thought of them deny the notion, but to the victims, they will never forget the help. And that lingers a lifetime.

Also on Facebook, I’ve looked at a question about President Obama hasn’t contacted Charles Ramsey as of yet. I know that the President has alot on his plate, but to my community activist folks, give him time, please! Don’t worry he will.

I have been called a hero myself. And do I reject that? No. That’s a joy! Even though I haven’t been in the military, or a missionary overseas, but I had my share of “heroics” here in Milwaukee among family and friends. So hey, if not like it, embrace it.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon Dilemma, with the bombs going off near the finish line this past Monday, yesterday there were journalists who had to alter their stories to get to the main point of a story. Either through Pictures or a live broadcast of making an arrest.

Personally, this is nothing new. I’ve seen it before and yes many others have seen it before. The media brings out a story per-say and it at least 90%, it will get it right. BUT in regarding this, not a good look. Not a good look for Boston, their careers, their objectives and really not a good look if you like to alter photographs and making it like the incident never happened.  Well it did happened!

Take CNN for example. John King reported that yesterday in Boston that the arrest had been made in regarding the bombing. Then he went far to say that a dark skinned man had committed the act. Hold up: How did they know that it was dark-skinned man without providing proof?! And second, why does it have to be a dark-skinned person to be on the pulse? I hope that doesn’t constitute racism. Or in this case: dealing the race card per say. Rev. Al Sharpton hit the nail on the head, when he went after on John King on his show PoliticsNation. Now say what you want about Rev. Al. Yes, he’s a preacher and for some he’s preaching hate, per say. BUT in this segment, he went in on this. Seriously. And by the way, MSNBC was smart enough not going for the trap like CNN did. Sensitivity my butt!

And speaking of extreme sensitivity: Pictures. Many of us seen the graphic photos of the aftermath of the bombing with blood. This was no movie. The New York Daily News is accused and was caught by doctoring a photograph that was graphic from the Boston Marathon. I think this is what I’m talking about courtesy of the Epoch Times. See the pictures by comparion that the picture on top was the real one. The bottom: fake.  I should warn the readers that this picture is graphic. Just a disclosure!

If I were in the photography business for real, I don’t EVER want my pics to be doctored for any reason. My intent will be authentic and real. Now to those who are “hyper sensitive about darn near everything”, grow up and change the channel! OK so not everyone likes blood. Remember 9/11? When the news networks kept airing the footage about the planes being hurled into the World Trade Center over and over again, and those back then had kids who are probably teens now, were asking is it happening again? Even though that footage was so graphic, and hellish on earth per say, but it was authentic and real. No need to be fake! Or to say, well we have children watching, or people might be sensitive to things like this. They do have disclaimers. And they warn you that this footage or clip might be this or that, be advised. The clip above is graphic, be advised! Just saying. Remember Oklahoma City? Like 1995 this week? That was one of the worst forms of terrorism acts ever. Real and graphic. The old Murrah Building after the bombing happened looked like an aftermath of a war in Beirut. And the people who had blood scars and scrapes were shown in newspapers nationwide 18 years ago.  Personally I didn’t read about any of the so-called sensitive folks in 1995 regarding this. Like many others my age I was getting out of high school way back when. But as a High School Student at the time, this was on our minds.

This picture thing we see now, especially on Facebook, we need to redefine our criticism. Like Bill Maher said last year “I don’t want to be in a country where I don’t want to offend anyone.” Apparently, America got all these freedoms and such, but we cower at times. We cower when we hear about get this: Dodgeball is a subject where OVERLY Sensitive Parents want it banned because it’s a dangerous sport. WHAT?!!!! So Dodgeball is dangerous now? Really? To those so-called sensitive parents reading this,  you gonna learn today! I’ll bet when you were there ages, you got hit by a ball. Call the wambulance! I got hit by a ball, but I managed to win the game. Don’t tell me we are raising the new generation now full of wimps! That’s right I said it. Or get this, many feel that using music in schools is a farce, or in this case all because they feel that schools should be a place of learning not having music. Reminds me of an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in which at a time columnist James Causey reminded about his days a high school student being involved in sports and other recreational activities. But his comments were bombarded with “I think music shouldn’t be in schools.” However I had to come to defense for the fine arts folks of my experience in Band, Stage Crew and Children’s Theater. FINE ARTS, MILWAUKEE!!! Check the books! The Yearbooks that is. And I got a band Letterman jacket to prove it. Oh yeah, I had a Band Letterman’s Jacket during my four years. No joke. And I heard about schools wanting to cut music out in 1993, when I was 16!

Some folks got to learn.

Like the old heads, I weep for this era. I do. I weep for those who don’t understand. I weep for those who plant hatred into children who think and believe that black folks are evil. I weep for those who don’t understand about Collective Responsibility and what it meant to be watched by those OTHER than Mommy and Daddy. I weep for those who had to be forced to be a certain lifestyle all because those who felt the old lifestyle wasn’t working. I weep for mainline churches who sold out, had pastors or priests having sex with young boys/girls, and talking about how to get young folks into the church courtesy of the old folks. I weep for the old folks who don’t seem to understand the concept that the younger folks are doing in which the plans of the old folks did back in the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s aren’t computing with the kids today.They have to change with the times.  And I weep for my black folks who at times had to be disrespected because of skin color when driving behind a BMW, residing in a neighborhood in which another group of folks “had to get away from”, or having trouble getting to a job or finding a job, because it’s not a bus line because a certain politician had to cut bus routes and raise fares just to make the matters worse for them to get to work or school. Or because it’s like: they don’t want them, nothing to do with them. Some say that getting their own business might be a clue. But some aren’t ready for that.

Hey journalists: your move. Get the facts straight!

EXTRA JUST IN: The FBI have a picture of the suspects potentially might be leads behind the bombing: Dark-Skinned? Really?!!

A surveillance camera video grab of the two men the FBI have identified as suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

A well known sorority of the Divine 9 Black Greeks have reached a milestone. I want to personally to give a shout out to the members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, who this past week, marked their 100th Anniversary of their founding. The sorority was founded in 1913, five years after another D9 Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded in 1908. Speaking of the AKA’s, Happy 105th Founders Day also. – For the record, Delta Sigma Theta grew out of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

This past Sunday, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry gave her summary of Delta Sigma Theta, in which herself is a member of the organization. She was very poised and well spoken about the sorority she was introduced. I hope all you DELTAS had a chance to archive it, and willing to pass it down to any future Delta Sigma Theta member that is willing to see it. And plus that should be stored up in every NPHC, or Black History archive that mostly will take interest.  If you missed it, here is a review of the rundown:

I know that at times we hear about these groups, we tend to hear and see the good and the bad. (IE the Hazings, etc. ) No matter what they are. I do know that there is alot of good in them of their service and craft continues in the traditions they follow. And personally, as I say here in Milwaukee: I know some Deltas! So I want every single member of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, the Black Greek Lettered Organizations, or the Divine 9, with all barriers aside:  make sure YOU, all of you, continue your service with inspiration, and stay thoughtful of the value of your causes. Also continue to find ways to reach out to those who want to know more about your organizations, even if you have to go to them. I don’t care if it’s after church, or at a community job fair. Or a well known community event. Or make a impromptu appearance at a rally, an after work spot, or………you get the picture.  Just make sure it’s connectable and reachable. And speaking for me as a non-member of the Black Greeks, (which I have a interest in becoming one per say) this might be an idea to pass along. Just a thought.

So: Alpha Phi Alpha/Alpha Kappa Alpha/Kappa Alpha Psi/Delta Sigma Theta/Sigma Gamma Rho/Zeta Phi Beta/Phi Beta Sigma/Omega Phi Psi/and Iota Phi Theta: Stay the course. Always.

Also Happy Founder’s Day to the members of Phi Beta Sigma,  Zeta Phi Beta, and a late greetings to Kappa Alpha Psi all in January.

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Just today, MSNBC Analyst Chris Matthews calls out RNC Chairman Reince Prebus of the GOP utilizing proof of them using the race card angle. Yep. The same group that has this so-called “Cheesehead Revolution” (laughable)  in terms of Scott Walker and Paul Ryan. Mainly, all that talk, all that hype talk stuff in which the fans bitterly wanted to pour all the Birth Certificate mess on the President is becoming more of it’s bargain. Even labeling or linking him to ending welfare work. Priebus, in parts believes it’s “garbage”. Really Reince? Obviously I think the garbage has already been set in the house and no one wants to take it out to the trash bins to be disposed of.

For those of who may have been working or may have missed it because of work, and class assignments, take a look of what Chris Matthews said to the RNC Chairman (who is from Wisconsin) and delivering that real talk in front of him. Dudes like Preibus thinks it’s all “smoke and mirrors.”  He should know that he’s from a state that houses a city that is the number one segregated city in America.

And just to add: What do the black republicans (yes them) assume in all this? The 2% that supports the GOP. Are they talking? Just asking.



If anyone was paying attention yesterday, MSNBC’s Tamron Hall had to put Republican Tim Carney in his place on her show, NewsNation. Or you can say, she put him in check.  While being professional. The next time if anyone goes onto these stations and trying to make a point that leads to be pointless, have them to take a look at this clip, and learn it. No matter what the subject is, just respect the host. Or this might happen! I’m just saying.


Dear America:

We are one day removed, and 10 years removed from “the worst smackdown in American History”. We all have those moments and memories of what we were doing when the planes hit the original World Trade Center. Speaking of which, I remember being in the 8th Grade, when I had the opportunity to visit New York and having the chance to visit the World Trade Center as well as the Chrysler/Empire State Buildings. Keep in mind, I was 14 years old and it was in 1991. 20 years ago. But I did had a thought of visiting the NYC again one day and getting a chance to visit the towers as usual. But those terrorist attacks changed everything, but like every American (or should I say determined, hopeful, optimistic American) I will not be like those who refuse to stay home. I will visit the NYC and visit the World Trade, even though it may not be the same towers I viewed in 1991.

Now to change features. I am viewing the online version of Time Magazine, which was titled: “Beyond 9/11”. And I’m looking at the pictures and video clips of those who witnessed and/or survived that tragic Tuesday. But there was one group of folks that weren’t shown: African-Americans. One of my Milwaukee News Columnists, James Causey pointed that out that there weren’t any blacks shown in the magazine! Utter Nonsense! I want to ask, why weren’t there any blacks featured? Really Time Magazine? I mean the Black Race wanted to share some insight of the experiences also. Believe me, I’m going there!

They should have sampled a page out of MSNBC. Brian Williams interviewed a Trinidad born Citizen named Genelle Guzman-McMillan, who later became a U.S Citizen in 1998. She is labeled as the “last survivor of 9/11”. I happened to see that interview online yesterday, and even though that she didn’t felt talking about her story of being trapped in the rubble, but she had a story to tell. I often wondered about other blacks who didn’t have the chance to voice out their stories and lived to tell about it. Yes, 9/11 effected EVERYONE in various ways. There was a Marine who went to Ground Zero. You may have heard of him. Jason Thomas. In his story, Jason tells Ebony Magazine about his experience about putting on his uniform and going to the site and helping those who may have been trapped or assist those in need in the rubble. I dig up the story and I’m like: why didn’t Time Magazine didn’t research him? And for the record, Jason is black, not white as thought in the World Trade Center movie.

See, this is what I’m talking about. I know I may be tripping of not having blacks featured, but I am! James Causey had it right. Where are the blacks?  Don’t judge me, Milwaukee! I see you reading this. I’m not calling Time Magazine racist. But I think Time Magazine made a false call of NOT including Americans of color in the article of telling their story in the incident 10 years ago. So as an American of Color as I am: I want to see and HEAR my people talk about their experiences to be recorded. Not just missed off the pages. So despite of the unity of United We Stand, Time Magazine needs to check itself for real and not just missed the boat to get the ball rolling. So yeah, God Bless America.


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