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We are indeed mad and pissed, #Nerdland fans.

Melissa Harris-Perry last week as we know is no longer working for MSNBC. As mad and pissed as she is with the layoff she should be. During her four years on the Network, we learned so much in which we were in the classroom with her. Even with her viewpoints on politics and of course her letters whom were addressed to. My thought of my blog letters here on Stephen’s Spot were an idea watching her, and is to help enlighten those readers who were and some needed thoughts to process. And for some, it worked. But as of we know the real “Letter to” is not just for me, it’s for those who have paved the way, and those yet to be. So consider this ” letter” goes to the person that started it: Melissa Harris-Perry.

Dear Us #Nerdland folks and fans of Melissa Harris-Perry:

It’s me Stephen.  A black man out of Milwaukee that likes the spirit of Nerdland.

By the way, Happy Black History Month.

This is a heartbreaker in which another of the crew had to be let go. For the last four years, we were given a chance and an opportunity to see and hear the words of Melissa Harrs-Perry. Of course that many didn’t like her style of dialogue of Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

Everytime we tuned in on MSNBC and to see what the topics were, we were in the classroom with her. Learning so much stuff that had our brains working for days. Weeks, Month, etc. Everytime we see Melissa Harris-Perry at work we see us trying to take notes, and to summarize for that test that is coming up on Mondays. No matter what she brought, there was one thing she had the most: unapologetically black nerd style viewpoints that will not be silenced to come.

Her show will be missed, not because of her, but really because of some idea of being pre-empted for the ongoing footages of seeing Donald Trump talking so much crap that really has to ask, why would MSNBC do this? Those business decisions which are causing black folks to get laid off, in the same year that President Obama is getting out is like we partied at the club with honor and all of a sudden, the light signals telling us that it’s time to go. Without warning!

This was like Black History Month in 2012 in Milwaukee. You guys know from 2012 in which one of our former Black Radio Stations 1290 WMCS was no more. Many of us were looking forward to hear the personalities of TJ Live and many others on the dial. But instead, we got Elvis. #Nerdland, we in the Black Milwaukee Community were pissed! And the thing is it happened without warning! And now, WNOV here in Milwaukee with 2 black radio personalities are the only ones the most anchoring the news and issues that many in Milwaukee don’t know about. And it’s a battle against those in Milwaukee that are “Conservative Controlled” of a Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, and that dude over at 1130 WISN, Mark Belling. Many don’t know but we know what the deal is.

What will I take from MHP and well as her lessons that she indeed brought us a new fresh perspective that many in the conservative world would not touch. Here are some examples:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • The ongoing black victims of being shot by the police
  • The Charleston Shooting
  • The Harlem Shake that many got mad after Melissa told the real truth. Oh the big words. Yeah right!
  • Her sorority of Delta Sigma Theta and it’s 100th Anniversary founding.
  • The rise of black women and their contributions even in Maine!
  • President Obama
  • The issues of black men
  • Michelle Obama
  • Education
  • Her book called Sister Citizen
  • And most recent – Beyoncé and the Superbowl.

So why the hate?! Oh, I get it. She’s a black woman who spoke the truth! And it took a different kind of management to silence that. But I will say this: Melissa Harris-Perry is already employed as a Professor, but don’t be to surprised nor shocked, nor extra surprised that she will get another job to keep us the Nerdland Alumni informed. Everyone of us her who watched her show is a Nerdland Alumni.

About those meltdowns, those problems with taxes, MAN LISTEN: WE ALL HAVE MELTDOWNS! WE ALL HAVE TAX PROBLEMS! How many of us who will file taxes this year with problems? How many of us in the community or country have had MELTDOWNS of any kind that were BIGGER than Melissa’s? Don’t come at me with all the “Oh Melissa had a meltdown!” I call BS on that. When was your MELTDOWN? Back in High School? College? Your last job that had you going then cut your salary? Or matter of fact: What Meltdown have you had when your so-called Co Worker, or “Social Media Friends” posted something that they felt it was good, but made you upset or sad? Better think about that!

So Melissa writes in her last letter to her staff these words:

I have stayed in the same hotels where MSNBC has been broadcasting in Iowa, in New Hampshire, and in South Carolina, yet I have been shut out from coverage,” Harris-wrote in the memo. “I have a PhD in political science and have taught American voting and elections at some of the nation’s top universities for nearly two decades, yet I have been deemed less worthy to weigh in than relative novices and certified liars. I have hosted a weekly program on this network for four years and contributed to election coverage on this network for nearly eight years, but no one on the third floor has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month.


Plus this was the highlight of the argument:

I will not be used as a tool for [management’s] purposes,” the host wrote to her staff. “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I love our show, I want it back.”


And also from the MSNBC side of things yes, they did the recognition of the diversity of the company, but in the end, despite of that email, it’s apparent that Melissa Harris-Perry’s days of MSNBC and the Nerdland reign as of February 26th, 2016 was coming to an end. In the very same week that Milwaukee lost WMCS four years ago, in the last week of Black History Month. Is that shameful, I don’t what is.

#Nerdland: hear me on this as a Introverted Black Man: don’t beat yourselves up. Knowingly that there are those who wanted their wish. But I also say to those that be careful what you wish for! That is the one thing that many Americans  don’t really pay attention to! They don’t. And they don’t care. But the thing is there are more open doors and knowing that Melissa will walk in one of those doors to keep us Nerdland fans communicated. So yes, even though MSNBC had took MHP off the air, but have NOT took out MHP!

We’ll see this again. Who knows, she might go another network like TVOne or another spot where many might not expect that will change the game permanently. So we just got to keep our heads up, keep walking, tell the truth, educate us, re educate the masses on the real deal, be professional, be alert and yes #STAYWOKE.

Sincerely (with the Nerdland fists up),



CALLOUT: For all those who are African-American who feels that Rachel Dolezal fits in with the black folks, by trying to be black in all, please stop!

Stop the pain, the hypocritical mindset, the droned out brainwashing, the so-called transracial attitude, the so called having these pretenses of others being black in which they are not, STOP IT!

This is exactly why our community is so messed up!

Basically there are pretenders/wannabes and those who are keeping it 100. I would rather be real than fake in which I believe that Rachel is doing. Ok, so she again, got her degrees, and educational aspects in all, or lack thereof, but to say that she’s black and trying to appease with the NAACP, is crossing the line. Now if she were to tell the truth ahead of time way before this slip up actually happened then there would be none of this. And she says it all started with the age 5 with brown crayons drawing a picture of herself. Well, I hate to say that when you’re 5 years old, you really don’t know much. You were a pre-schooler! Hello! I don’t remember what I did at 5 years old. My parents do. My late grandparents did. God rest their souls. Also, for her she sued Howard University back around 2002, all because of her being white. The scholarships and other educational aspects she was some what offered back then, she complained against them because she was white. And she wants to be identified as being black. SERIOUSLY?!!!

This is more like a blackface in reverse. And many of those who riding with her are just delusional and again, drone minded!

I’m sure many of us probably had to see the Today show in which she was interviewed by Matt Lauer. To me, that was a slap. You got two white folks, on national TV in the morning talking about being black. Don’t forget, she lied about  getting the job and she resigned! Flat out. It’s not about her being white. It’s about being a liar and having a leadership position with the NAACP in Spokane, Washington.

On the weird side of this, there are those who feel that she’s doing the right thing. Namely for some in the black community. I read about on the Huffington Post of what NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar written in which he felt that the black community is better off because of her efforts. SAY WHAT?! Kareem writes this from the article:

Perhaps some of this sensitivity comes from her adoptive black siblings. Whatever the reason, she has been fighting the fight for several years and seemingly doing a first-rate job. Not only has she led her local chapter of the NAACP, she teaches classes related to African-American culture at Eastern Washington University and is chairwoman of a police oversight committee monitoring fairness in police activities. Bottom line: The black community is better off because of her efforts.

Stop right there!

The last line that he said that the black community is better off because of her efforts. REALLY?! When was the last time that Rachel Doelzal ever helped the black community in Milwaukee?! The very same Milwaukee that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar dissed back in his day when playing for the Milwaukee Bucks! Lot of you don’t know this. Ask anyone in Milwaukee that knows this story and will give you a second opinion. Nothing against his contribution to the game of basketball, his NBA Titles, or his skyhooks that got him famous. But the thing is, he almost like every other black player who came through Milwaukee to play, had a second opinion of leaving! This is not new. Plus also there have been those of a Keri Hilson, and of all folks, Melissa Harris-Perry had to come to her side of opinion. For the #nerdland side of things, REALLY?! And this is where the word “transracial” comes in and I’m begging to think that it will not exist even more. Word was Michael Jackson was “transracial”, but he was black making all those hits and busting records!

I want those whom are non-black who actually read this, or those who feel that she’s doing a service of being apart of the black experience. First, the black experience is not some sideshow. It’s not some thing that you can’t turn off. It’s not something that makes you feel segregated or being racist or having this assumption of racism. Many of you probably copied or took notes or critique us on our swagger, our upbringing, our joys, the way we dance, step, play instruments or design our clothes. Or a way to be like us in general. In the words of WWE’s Bad News Barrett (or King Barrett) , “I’m afraid I got some bad news!” Guess what, you are not black! Period! No matter how much you copy or sample, or try to get a pass, you will never get the “black experience”. I’m just saying. Not to down anyone, but it’s the flat out truth. I don’t have the white experience, the hispanic experience, the german experience, the french experience, the asian experience, the chinese experience, the japanese experience, the Filipino experience, or any other experience in the world. Even the Native American Experience. I don’t have that those, but black experience, I get and still getting. That I know.

And as far as the Rachel Dolezal viewpoint of dismissing her parents because she feels she’s black, she is wrong on that! Guess what. You’re parents made you and that’s that! No matter how grown you get, you will still be made by your parents!  You can protest, whine and moan, but your mommy and daddy made you and there’s nothing you can do about it! Even if you get a sex change, part of that change will never be altered in which from the very start, was between a man and a woman making a child. Already, Rachel’s parents had called her out on her lies. Her siblings, or other family members probably done the same. Not because she’s white and has African-American siblings. But the true reason of what she is not: Being black in America.

The month of May got off in a rocky start lately. 276 girls in Nigeria was abducted without warning  and still there are answers. Not usually I write this, but I think what is happening is an related cycle of questioning. This story with the missing girls is a primary example of asking for answers.

Correct me if I’m wrong about this from my understanding through the wires, each of the 276 captives were being bought at 12.00 per child?!!!


How in the world we live in do we allow to have 200+ girls missing in the motherland, get abducted, get sold into this abomination? And they say slavery was dead and it don’t exist no more. Well I have to ask, what is it that didn’t exist again?

Yesterday on her show, Melissa Harris-Perry openly expressed in her letter about her concerns about the girls. And I should point out,she has two daughters:

Your lives cannot be equated to a dollar amount. Because your potential is limitless. And now the drumbeat from those in your country and around the world are banging loudly so that you will not be forgotten. From the dozens of protesters that gathered outside Nigeria’s parliament on Wednesday to call on security forces to search for you, to the growing online campaign #BringBackOurGirls, which is forcing the media and the world to pay attention and conveying to you that you are not just Nigeria’s daughters – you are daughters of the world. As evidenced by the group that rallied outside the U.N. to protest the abductions, visibly frustrated by the lack of progress.

Now it has been apparent that yes the U.S. has been in the conversation, and yes the State Department has been asked to assist the searching of the girls. Now we all know that there were those who had “asked” the President to make a choice to decide in helping to look for the girls. When in doubt, of course that the U.S. State Department is on the case for this. And I hope that the state does indeed work to it’s ability to help rescue those who have been missing thus far.

Which brings me to my second point: Now I know many in the United States have overly expressed their content of finding the missing girls. BUT Americans, I don’t mean to convey this, but while we send those looking abroad, don’t forget we have black girls missing HERE! We have black girls being abducted, kidnapped, end up missing, captured HERE!

In Milwaukee, my hometown has not forgotten the child, now hopefully an adult Alexis Patterson. Since May 2002, Alexis was going to school at Hi-Mount Elementary, about to cross the street and after that, she was not seen since. She was not seen since that morning since. And yet we go or to remind ourselves to get right to search for this girl who has been missing for over a decade. Yes, I’m aware that there have been new leads from law enforcement, but Alexis is still missing. And yes we know about the 3 girls who were abducted from one man in Cleveland and all were found alive. Hopefully that same mentality can be made for Alexis Patterson. Now America, and the international brothers and sisters of the world, Bring back ALL of our Black Girls who are missing. Now matter if it’s in Nigeria or Wisconsin, or Miami or any other international city that has the same concern as everyone else. The hashtag: #BringBackOurGirls may mean something to generate a belief of motivation and has rightfully so. But the hashtag should also have the fortitude of action to get this accomplished not just abroad, but also in the country like America!

What I’m saying is I’m not slighting the fact by cutting out the missing girls shouldn’t be a priority. It is a priority to those who are family members, friends, neighbors and many others. And I hope they do find those girls and bring them back safe! The same can be said for Alexis Patterson and many other girls of color who are missing everyday and you don’t hardly hear or see their names alot. You really don’t.  It’s not like back in 2013 when everyone was getting the justice of Trayvon Martin and many hated the notion of not doing enough to solve problems of young black men who were killed in the local areas. Technically we know it’s more national than local. It always have been. That’s like the death of Michael Jackson five years ago was overshadowing the death of Farrah Fawcett on the same day. Nothing new.

Final point: Bring those girls back! Bring Alexis Patterson back! and bring back anyone that is locally, regionally, nationally, and Internationally MISSING and black, overall!

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Kennedy gravesite

Kennedy gravesite (Photo credit: jesman)

1963 was a year for Civil Rights. As we know about the death of Medger Evers, the March on Washington, 16th Street Church Bombing, the founding of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, and today, marking the golden anniversary of the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Many of the Baby Boomers and some of the Greatest Generation do remember bibically of his death. But to those of us born after 1963, we don’t know except the history books. And viewing old archival videos of the news reports at museums and online.

What does also mean for this. What will Kennedy’s death of November 22nd, 1963 mean to us Generation X, Generation Y, Millenials, those of us who probably look and say, so? With the shrugs.

Dear US Americans who weren’t alive in 1963:

It’s me, Stephen. Yes that black blogger guy from Milwaukee.

Many of our older family members and friends and neighbors would answer the question: “Where were you when Kennedy was killed?” I’m sure many of you probably answered that notion in many ways. Many of you were probably the same age of those who were asked you the questions. But I think in asking the question is also seeking knowledge. Today many of us weren’t even around when Kennedy was shot to death. There were no social medias, no 24 hour news cycles, no smartphones, no other advanced use of Technology. No Arsenio, Melissa Harris-Perry, no other gains that externally reached African-Americans. But there were radios, and television sets that were the norm of information.

Yes, I like many other Americans, watched the tributes, the videos of the broadcasts when the announcements of President Kennedy’s Death was inserted during the newscasts. I’ve seen the footage of the Funeral, having the soldiers and his casket draped in the American Flag on the gun carriage with the horses leading it from the White House, to the U.S. Capitol and the final resting place of Arlington National Cemetery. The eternal flame still burns in his spirit that yes, we can do more giving back to America. Many of us have given back since 1963, and many of us haven’t. There are those of us who refused to give back in sense that yeah, I love America in all. There is a generation of us Americans never really cared about what happened in 1960’s. Don’t get me wrong, there are those of us in the Gen X, Y, Millennial that probably do recognize the work. And there are those that see the work, but probably won’t do it. Sort of like Social Responsibility, remember that Jay Z fans?

There has been this “thought” that President Kennedy had little knowledge or little reference about African-Americans and the struggle of the Civil Rights. I remember seeing the movie The Butler, and no I was not tripping! If you have seen the movie not to give it away, review the scene where Cecil Gaines talks to President Kennedy about his viewpoint of blacks and civil rights. And if you are one of those who STILL haven’t seen it, you better! That movie should be seen by all folks, not just black folks.  And yes without the butler per say in a sense, I think JFK wouldn’t got the gist in spite of the Civil Rights Movement. On TheGrio Website, When I saw the movie, it was a point in that segment that I think that JFK was destined for change. A prime example in an exert from Rolling Stone Magazine in which the Vietnam War was a concern.

“It’s time for us to get out. The Vietnamese aren’t fighting for themselves. We’re the ones doing the fighting. After I come back from Texas, that’s going to change. There’s no reason for us to lose another man over there. Vietnam is not worth another American life.”

Read more:
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In other words: JFK wanted the U.S. OUT of Vietnam. Literally. Apparently after November 22nd, 1963 that wasn’t the choice due to the Assassination in Dallas, and the handover of the presidency to Lyndon B. Johnson. Where as right now the option of getting the troops out of Afghanistan is still high. But now the decision has been reached to forge a partnership between the Afghan forces and U.S. Armed Forces to remain intact until 2024.

As of right now, 50 years have come and gone. But what about the next 50 years when the commemoration of JFK’s legacy is remembered for the 100th time since 1963? I know that the link of JFK to me is through Caroline Kennedy, the surviving sibling of JFK and Jackie O. JFK Jr has been deceased since 1999. And Senator Ted Kennedy served his term very well until his passing several years ago. Yes I realized that the Kennedy name is still out there. The next era of the Kennedy folks,  to me must take up the slack of the family. Sort of like the legacy of Martin Luther King must be taken up with the King/Farris Family members currently. Even though their names aren’t known yet. And this is similar with the Jackson family. We know after Micheal passed, that was supposed to be the end per say. But what about his nephews? What about his children? They need their chance to shine up.

But for the Family of JFK, and the future, the torch that he talked about will be passed to the next players coming in. Even the ones, in his future family members. So we a those who have or will ask to do whatever for America, do this: start in your communities. Go back and help out your communities in terms of Employment, Health, Neighborhoods, and many other concerns that lingers on Americans. Resume your work, even though it’s a long haul, but still the help will come IF and ONLY IF you contribute or start up ideas!  That way if possible that a dream of JFK, MLK and many others who wanted change without getting harmed, can definitely be a must!



Saturday Night Live. This is for them.

The legendary show that has been in the households since 1975, has always been a staple of comedy before going to church. “Well isn’t that special?” says the chruch lady played by Dana Carvey, who also revived his role as George H.W. Bush, and also along with Mike Myers with Wayne’s World. Oh don’t act like you know. And of course, the Adam Sandlers, Kevin Nealons, Steve Martin, Bill Murray and Ana Gastyer  and many others have made the laughing folks presentable. Even the late John Belushi, and Wisconsin’s own Chris Farley ( the van down by the river) made folks laugh.

However for the black female side, in the recent events everyone is talking about what Kenan Thompson said about the lack of Black Females not being on SNL. Wanna review? Let’s see courtesy of TV Guide:

“I don’t know. We just haven’t done them. That’s what I’m saying. Maybe [Jay Pharaoh] will do it or something, but even he doesn’t really want to do it.” And he also comments this: “It’s just a tough part of the business. Like in auditions, they just never find ones that are ready.”

Speaking of Kenan Thompson, he and Kel Mitchell had black history made when they were the first African-American duo to headline their own show on Nickelodeon, “Kenan and Kel”. Don’t act like you know.

In the history of SNL: only 4 black females were featured on as regulars since the beginning. Who were they you asked? Everyone has mentioned Maya Rudolph (who is mixed)  so many times. Very true. HOWEVER there were many others: Remember Ellen Cleghorne? She was a regular and black on SNL back in the 90’s. Plus before her, Danitra Vance came on during the mid-80’s, and before her, research this name: Yvonne Hudson who was around in the early 80’s, five years after SNL made it’s debut, and then being fired during the show’s midseason timeframe.

But recently, on Roland Martin’s radio show, NewsOne Now, (yep his show is coming up!!!!) three black women of Loni Love, Sommore, and Kym Wheatley had addressed the issue plus also to take a swipe at Kenan Thompson of what he commented about black female comedians not being ready for SNL. They went in on him like crazy. And with real talk!  Here is the recap of the interview that you should have paid attention to:

NewsOne Now Audio Podcast 10:23:13: Breast Cancer’s Impact On Black Women, Wildin’ Out Wednesdays

Note: you may want to click the link and fast forward toward the Widlin’ out Wednesdays portion of the segment.

Partially for summations, they have mentioned that the actors (male actors) to dress as women per say, but the show couldn’t access the authentic black female talent. Roland Martin also addressed the comment of where is SNL is finding the talent. Plus also Sommore, addressed the comment that Kenan should have gone out of New York per say and actually scouted or screened potential black women who can make you laugh. Speaking of which, that to me has been lacking alot lately. Where do folks who work in Radio, Television, or any company go and find folks who would be a top notch candidate for their companies? ESPECIALLY black men and black women? Now I don’t mean to interject race into the angle BUT, it’s already in the conversation. Plus also that’s also like saying, where are the black folks at? It’s just like there aren’t enough black men or black females in Firefighting. It’s a fact folks. Look at Milwaukee.

Back during the Emmy Awards was going on, the names of Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle, Alfrie Woodward, were nominated for their lead roles of TV shows or specials, BUT NONE OF THEM received any Emmy Awards. Kerry Washington, in my view, even though Scandal was and is a new staple of evening drama series, but was robbed for that. Yes I said it! ROBBED. It happened to Diahnn Carroll when she was on Julia before I was born, and Phylicia Rashad when she was on The Cosby Show.  Again, it’s for leading roles!  But not enough to get the Emmy. Plus also I think and believe that Hollywood is afraid of black talent. When you see Scandal, or what Tyler Perry did that got him on the map, they are afraid. Even Kevin Hart! His “Let Me Explain” movie that came out this year, was a hit. And I’ll bet the Hollywood think machine was hiding in the background. Oh yes, black folks can act. And a few have won Emmys for supporting roles and Oscars.  This is way before Halle and Denzel got those lead Oscars in 2002.

Speaking of that, when will Milwaukee have it’s own black TV Station? Yeah I said it!

SNL better learn, y’all!  I don’t mind tuning in once in a while to see what’s up. But in regarding this issue, it’s more like a wake up call.

Take a look at this graph courtesy of Media Matters:


Not to get off topic on another subject, why the recent hate on Melissa Harris-Perry having more minorities on her show? When you do the demographics, which race of folks who are mostly on Sunday Mornings Talk Shows? That would be White men and yes, white women. Which is on the high end, but on a low end, Melissa Harris-Perry’s show get those connections in which none of the other shows wouldn’t touch. In a recent review on the Huffington Post it states:

Six of the seven shows analyzed…have hosted white men at a significantly higher rate than their 31 percent portion of the population. Melissa Harris-Perry provided the greatest diversity among guests, providing a much higher rate of white women and African-American guests than the other programs.

So it’s the diversity thing.  And folks are mad at that? And what does Melissa Harris-Perry’s mother had anything to do with this? I will admit this: I didn’t know that her mother was of Caucasian race. Which means MHP is really mixed. But she is mostly acquainted with her issues and concerns with African-Americans. Sort of like President Barack Obama filled out his Census Form in 2010 and the race section he chose was African-American. And many folks were mad. REALLY?! I had a friend in High School, who I still keep in contact with, is mixed. In middle school, he was around things that were mostly white per say, but when high school came, the angle changed for mostly black. Did that effected me? No. Mainly it was his preference. So I’m not biased nor concerned. He is my classmate from High School who had endured many temptations, and now is fully working for those that had been in his shoes.

Time to learn today, people!

I was on the net today in really, of the Melissa Harris-Perry Webpage on MSNBC’s site. Her featured letter was addressing the issue concerning the angle of Hot 97’s DJ, Mr. Cee. I’m sure of us have been paying attention about him sharing his testimony about his recent arrest and also his admittance of his encounter with a transgender individual. As I was listening to the conversation online, yes he was in pain. He was in pain from all of the lies and turmoil that has been surrounding him. I’ll be honest, it was open. It was on point. And yes, it’s was real for him to do this. If those don’t know what’s up, here’s is the entire interview of what took place.

BUT BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY: This interview may contain some adult themes. Be advised. 

What you just heard was just about 30 minutes of Mr. Cee utilizing his confession, and also having doubts of not returning to work. In a way, he did accept his 12:00pm time slot show. Also, as I was looking at the comments on Melissa-Harris Perry’s page about this story, yes, the comments had to ring out. Now many had support of him. But there were questions or statements about not bringing God into this. Why is so many continuing to say: “don’t bring God into this.” Or “Jesus needs to be out of the conversation.” It’s time to admit this, and I’ll say it here. IN EVERY CONVERSATION: no matter what it is, God is in every story conversation. Many are saying how so? I don’t believe no Gods, no Jesuses or any thing that’s all holy. No need for the church to get involved. NEWSFLASH: you don’t need a church with four walls and a sanctuary to clean out or to make a confession of concern. Let’s just say, God was using Mr. Cee in his testimony in terms of coming out of his confession. God was using Mr. Cee to go to that station with the odds of this Transgender/Arrest angle to tell the truth. No matter what. If the “cleansing” portion of the interview was his confession or his “come to Jesus Meeting”, then I would infer that was his need of setting the record straight. No matter how private or public it maybe. It’s not easy for anyone to tell secrets or those like that to remain in the Pandora’s box. But God willing that Mr. Cee doesn’t have to worry about this matter.

I had to bring up this “don’t put God in this” thing on this story because, folks at times don’t want to be all religious. Many don’t realize that there are connections. Or parallels into objectives like this one. We see it all the time. 12 years ago when the World Trade Center was attacked, many were asking: “Where was God that day?” I’ll tell you this. God was working with the firefighters, the policemen, the construction workers, the medics, American Red Cross, and many others in need of help. Those locating their loved ones trapped in the rubble and also those who wanted to comfort from all the drama and pain that was transpired. The same with those who were affected with the Boston Marathon Bombing, and most recently with the Colorado Flooding. Now those maybe National Disasters, in which those are common. But what does that have to do with Mr. Cee’s recent confession? Did he have support while on the show? Yes he did. Ebro wanted him to stay despite of his concern.

Also: this has to be a statement and I’ll make it plain. The Hip Hop world, must not shy away from this. Remember when Harry Belafonte was going towards the likes of Jay Z and Beyonce about “social responsibility”?  And many had the negativity of them doing charities? Well let me tell you as a fan of Hip-Hop since Run DMC made their rhymes of Reading Rainbow back in the 80’s and such:  No more hiding. And STOP TRIPPING! It’s OK to keep track of your endorsements, your connections, your stacks of hits, or many others in the game, but with an issue such as this needs no money. That does not matter. All you have to do is see the responsibility, and take it. Now many not want to do it. But it is an responsibility in a social sense. And this goes for the Local DJ’s here in Milwaukee also. I got love for them, but they better come with a sense of Social Responsibility!

But we know that they won’t come out for this. As long they have fans of all allies ranging from the LGBT to straight, religious, alternative, and many others, this is one responsibility, that needs attention!

Many are still saying, “don’t bring God into this.” Well, the almighty God in another way, has been involved.


I had to wake up to this. As many today are out working for the clock, and others like getting back to school, we’re supposed to talk about the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Right? Well that has still yet to be celebrated.

HOWEVER: This morning on my Facebook, and Twitter Feeds, there is an outcry about two words: Miley Cyrus. And the VMA’s straight out of the Burroughs of Brooklyn, New York. By the way the Barclays Center is new, which must check out for my future NY visit. Plus, this is my 18th year watching the VMA’s since 1995. Yeah, I’m old!

Now many have not yet watched the VMA’s, but I’m assuming those probably will in a sense. But after that twerking she did last night, they might want to go under the hood for review. Now for those who are shocked or surprised, let me ask: why are they surprised? I can hear Tony Bennett saying over and over again: “What did you expect, It’s MTV!” If you or those have been watching this show for a long time, YOU KNOW that historically, the VMA’s do this all the time. Or in another sense of sensibility, it’s been done before. Go back to the 80’s like when Madonna did Like A Virgin, or the 90’s, when Prince did Gett Off and had his back side butt cheeks showing. Or maybe when Brittany Spears had her “Madonna Moment” or dancing around the stage with the Yellow Boa! And to add: Lady Gaga. Oh trust me, what Miley Cyrus did last night, in my viewpoint was nothing new. I am saying this because it’s the truth. Now many probably said that well, Prince and Madonna VMA shows were slightly different in their heyday. Which is fine. And true of course. BUT Historically, in between in my view, with the VMA surprised or shock factor, it’s really nothing new. Those who think I maybe off guard, but know your VMA history! MTV has it on their website so feel free to search. Or google.

Well, I have to comment this in a sense like this: it’s nothing new. The VMA’s in my viewpoint were known for this. And still known for it. It’s not your grandparents or parents Grammy Award show about getting dressed up per say and perform. With the VMA’s when it was first unveiled until now, it’s about dressing down to the jeans and whatever and still get a Moonman. Or try to get a Moonman. Or a Video Vanguard Award. In speaking of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award: I have to comment and ask. What is the length of time that an artist should be eligible for a Vanguard Award? I beginning to question how Justin Timberlake got his. Don’t get me wrong, I got respect for Justin.  But I think he should get that in a couple of years more. And there is going to be another artist in my view will come along and top 2013. Or someone from 2013 might say can you top this. I don’t have to like it. Nor I’m not defending Miley Cyrus. Nor I’m not defending those who Twerk. Twerking is nothing new either. It reminds me of the 90’s with the Doo Doo Brown dances. Or the Tootsie Roll. (don’t act like you don’t know!) Or part of that goes back to African dancing. Some folks probably might say, “it’s just a dance”. Well you better know the history! Just like when Melissa Harris-Perry schooled most of America about the history of the Harlem Shake!  And alot of folks got mad! Probably those who say: It’s just a dance. Let the kids have their fun. Yeah, I want them to have their fun too. BUT: they need to know the history about the dance and how it got started. Just like black music. I think Twerking is in the same line as The Dog dance. For you black baby boomers, you need to school me about the The Dog dance. I’ve heard of it, but never seen it.

And additionally, how come is it when blacks invented a dance like twerking or anything that is “afrocentric”, there is always another ethnic that is well known, has to do the same technique and made like they invented? And try to sell it without the deep knowledge? We better learn today!

Now, I might get pushed to say this: as I said before, there will be someone who will watch this VMA’s from this year, and maybe in a few more years, a new or well known artist might pop up and try to beat out Miley Cyrus. Think I’m lying? Keep watching the VMA’s for the next 10 or 15 years. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! And I want someone from the future who is just reading the blog I wrote about this to say, oh I remember 2013. But this person just trump Miley Cyrus bad! And I’ll be back to comment and say, what did I tell you?! And yes the parents will be having those discussions and having really to say. Don’t do that Miley Dance! And I wonder what will the preachers say. Oh, never mind.

I’m surprised that no one ever said this: MILEY, NO!!!!!!

Coming this week. I’ll comment on my viewpoint of the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. And trust me, no one will not stay on the sidelines!

Trayvon Martin Hoodie - Black and white

I’m still on the ball of my commentary for this Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman angle. Yeah, we know. We know for good reason. Some of us are sick and tired, with the same ol’ cliche’ about why we can’t talk local, and always going to the national stuff. The Trayvon Martin murder trial or tribute with the hoodies, Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea is an ongoing thing. For those who just want to whine, Here’s a reminder: yes, Trayvon Martin was shot to death, and yes George Zimmerman got off Scot Free with not guilty. Now many are realizing that George Zimmerman’s life is not the same after pulling the trigger on Trayvon. Not only he murdered a black teenager, but he may have started a new Civil Rights Movement. Uh-oh. Talk about a wanted man. Like I said previously, George Zimmerman now has a “bounty effect.” On his head, his life, his family, his gun, and anything that he touches or connects with. Face it folks, for those who like George Zimmerman after what he did, that’s a cop out. Now as we know, it’s open season once again on unarmed African-Americans. We know also that on July 20th, 2013 will mark a 100 city protests/rallies across the country in regarding this matter. If that movement does last another 2 or three or more years. There are those who think that the movement would last about 2 to three weeks. If those who are going to those rallies: PROVE THEM WRONG! I mean it. Prove them wrong to an extent that us U.S. Citizens who are just tired of this mess in our Justice System! Prove them wrong that us the U.S. Citizens who can hold our leaders, and those we put in office or many of our organizational leaders, accountable in regarding this matter. If we don’t, it’s on us. However in my last blogs, if the leaders or groups DON’T address or come up a plan, or to address the issues in general, we got the voting ballots on stat, and we’ll go with someone who will listen to US! No matter if they are republican, democrat, independent, libertarian, or constitutionalists. We see them. And I don’t care if it’s a green party person. Just saying! If one false move, they out!

Now: I want comment those who are on Facebook. Me also. Why is losing your facebook contacts are connected with this matter? Seriously?! I’m checking my news feeds, and one facebook connection that I got on my list was “unfriended” all because of his viewpoint about the case of George Zimmerman. Yes, many have mixed emotions about the case. My reaction was an utter shock. And I hope I wasn’t unfriended all because of this. Really?! I thought folks got unfriended because of pictures,  private decisions, or what was said that got them fired from a job or a group, but to unfriend someone because of this trial, is really stupid. REALLY?! Those on FB I ask, you want to unfriend folks all because the hate on Trayvon, or the Trial. Some of you who unfriended folks you used to have, maybe you don’t understand! You don’t get it. You haven’t had the bootstraps nor the boot prints to understand of relation. This is not some smoke and mirrors thing. This is the real deal. Now I see why folks were doing it. They all want folks to be on one accord. WRONG! Not everyone is going to agree or disagree with stuff like this all the time. Remember 1995? Sure you do. That’s when OJ Simpson got his not guilty verdict, and the white folks got mad. However us black folks were just jubilant that he didn’t go to jail at the time. But some were just still bitter about it, and yeah the same folks got their wish of him sent to jail. Oh check this: the late Michael Jackson in 2005. He had the not guilty verdict read to him 10 times and guess what, the same folks who got mad at OJ per say had to get mad at Michael all because his name and fame being Michael Jackson. That was that trial that had him accused of molesting a 13 year old boy, which we found out later after his death was a boldface lie to get his money! Ok, so Facebook wasn’t around at the time. But I’ll bet those who went to the yahoo boards back then had to vent. And it’s pretty sad that those had to do the “unfriendly” thing all because of the Murder Trial. Really?! I had to put that out because that is what happening here. They say be careful about choosing friends are, well that part is true.

Switching to the national stuff. I want to comment Melissa Harris-Perry’s viewpoint in all of this:

I had to say something here: this is Melissa Harris-Perry the real person. A mother who is concerned. This is not the #Nerdland queen, Professor at Tulane University, Speaker, nor the energetic sorority Sister Member of Delta Sigma Theta. This is Melissa Harris-Perry speaking (not shooting) from the heart. She talks about my race of black folks being not safe in America. I hear this all the time. Blacks (especially black men) are the endangered species. Those of you who are non-black and think it’s all smoke and mirrors: SCREW THE MINDSET! This is our reality! This has been our reality. Some of the folks can’t relate enough of why this happens. Many think they do. But do they really? Yeah, at 36 years old, I get bugged by my parents about where I’m going or where have I been. I do. I get it. Why? I’m their child! I’m their son. And for those who think that Melissa is doing this for a mouthpiece for Barack Obama, SCREW THE MINDSET! Like the line from Boyz in the hood: “Either they don’t know, or don’t know what’s going on in the hood”. I’ll bet folks who like the right wing media of Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and the washed up Rocker Ted Nugent will never understand. Yeah I said washed up. Look at him. I can’t forget Rush Limbaugh too. And guess what also: I hate to go there but this includes Larry Elder. This is not about Race baiting. This is addressing a concern that is been around for far too long. We know it. I know it. The Fulton/Martin family knows it. Rachel Jeantel knows it. The families of Darius Simmons knows it. Marissa Alexander knows it. Derrick Williams’ family knows it. Bo Morrison’s family knows it. My family, friends, classmates, church members, community knows it. But we know it very, very deeply. Screw with the sensitivity mess, this is real. Real racism as it’s worst. This has fueled a new era for Civil Rights. Already in the same year in which the voting rights act of 1965 was shot down by our Supreme Court, which gave the opportunity for African-Americans a shot of equality for this in terms of voting. But no…..the barriers got in the way after 2012, when majority of my culture voted more in a Presidential Election than any other election year that I can’t recall.

And Melissa had a question also: what do we tell our children? How can my folks be safe (who are mostly young) without getting stopped or getting racially charged out?  Again, I don’t have any kids. I’m a single African-American male that just wants to be successful like any other American in the country. I had to go the extra mile and still going the extra mile just to achieve that notion. But yes I had racism and haterism stumbled in my path. I had folks cursing at me on some occasions, not just because I’m black, but also different. That has been around since I was a child. Growing up in the Milwaukee Public Schools, and being spotted by folks who don’t care! I’ve been told by my parents that when the cops pull you over if your license plate expires, show them the papers to avoid a ticket. That happened to me and I survived. Smoke and mirrors they say? This is hard for me to write, but I’m unleashing it like a dragon in heat. Yeah, racism in America is still beating like a drum. At times we tried to figured out the rhythm. But like most things, it can change it’s tune for another beat, but the song will still be the same.

I pondered this also: how does a beat change for the better?  It’s not an easy fix. But it sure it takes a lot of study. And I just found out that the month of July, is National Black Family Month. I can’t think of a better subject in regarding this matter in order to ask why and how.

On Twitter, I had to go to my music crate and had to pull out these songs in which I called – #easemymindplaylist:

  • What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye
  • Freedom – Anthony Hamilton
  • Hard Times  – John Legend and the Roots
  • We Need a Resolution – Aaliyah
  • Our Generation (The Hope of the World) – John Legend and the Roots
  • Fight The Power – Public Enemy
  • How Can I Ease The Pain – Lisa Fletcher
  • You Gotta Be – Des’Ree
  • Waterfalls – TLC
  • Ain’t no love, in the heart of the city – Bobby Blue Bland
  • Storm – Lenny Kravitz
  • Searching for my soul – Amel Larrieux
  • Tell Me Why – Will Smith
  • Scream – Michael Jackson/Janet Jackson
  • No More Drama – Mary J. Blige
  • Won’t Back Down – Eminem
  • Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
  • Don’t Feel Right – The Roots
  • Dear Mr. Man – Prince

To conclude: in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry’s father and it’s real talk – the struggle continues.

I’m looking at MSNBC. And yes right now, they are at the Essence Festival in New Orleans. If those who don’t know, Essence is a magazine publication that is mostly geared toward African American women. You probably seen them around alot. However this event in New Orleans is not about promoting magazines, in a printing sense. This Essence Festival and the combination hook up with MSNBC for that last couple of days had me thinking: Why I am not there?! I’ve heard of the Essence Festival before through Jet Magazine, but never had to see it though an angle of the news or video. Yes, I know many of you have probably uploaded pictures or videos on Social Media or Youtube. Don’t worry I’ll look at them. For the MSNBC part of it, whether it was The Ed Show, PoliticsNation, NewsNation with Tamron Hall, or the hometown favorite of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, it was a different view in which yes, the event has now got the exposure. And also another reason to visit or revisit New Orleans! – Personally, my first visit to New Orleans was in 2001 and yes, I want to go back.

Speaking of the Ed Show: I was watching this young man named Asean Johnson. You may have seen him before, and I should point out, he’s 9 years old. Young, gifted and black.

Yes, this is 9 year old, Asean Johnson at a Teacher’s Union Rally in Chicago. Now this may come as a shock for some, but why would a 9 year old show up for a rally like this? Asean is one of the kids in Chicago that is in their Public School System that is also voicing his liberties about the problems in the schools. Also voicing his opinion about Rahm Emmanuel closing the schools and building more prisons. As I was listening to him, through the video and on the Ed Show, it’s aware that a young man like him is speaking out. Yes I know he’s 9 years old. A third grader. But he’s saying something. And I wish more young men and young women who we send to the classrooms Monday through Friday, other than asking “how was school”, or who won the game in gym class. I want to know also how are they are really feeling in the state of schools, with all the politicians or most like to slash education! You know what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin, right?  However for this young man, he might have a future something great, as long as he keeps level headed with his family, friends, and community. And yes we ADULTS need to listen to our children! This is our future and the teaching should begin and continue now!

For the other angle with MSNBC and the Essence Festival, it’s not just about fun, it’s about serious issues like jobs, education, voting rights, racism, segregation and many issues that go often ignored or have a different angle of opinion. The Essence Festival, according to them, is about empowering African-American Communities. Plus also in 2012, MSNBC had a rise in viewership based on African-Americans. It’s a fact. Even though that this is just one African-American Festival of empowerment, but we need more and still stable more festivals like this to get out and empower our issues, concerns, and ideas that mostly no other festival can’t address.  Even if it’s Milwaukee’s Summerfest. Yeah I said it! – Milwaukee’s African World Festival? Maybe. The All-White/Black Affair – Possibly. But the regular Summefest. Don’t think so.

Even though that the Essence Festival is ending this weekend. But likewise, the struggle continues.

Follow MSNBC and the Essence Festival on twitter like this: #msnbcESSENCE

Hope everyone had a chance to wish their Fathers, a productive Father’s Day. Even if you are a single mother holding it down to the fullest. Now, check this, I’m in Walgreens in Wauwatosa, which is a suburb of Milwaukee, and I happen to find a Father’s Day card for my father. What I also see is a Father’s Day for Mothers. WHAT!!!!! as the folks say now. I see the ranting/venting of this on Facebook, and both positive and negative about who should fit the role of father. Mostly it’s has been negative coming from Single Mothers who harshly reject the use of Father, because they feel that title should be given on the male side of things. But according to a historical thing, the controversial story really broke out in 2011 all because of the disdain of the use of “father” in today’s society of the 21st Century.

Father's Day Card for Mothers

I want to know, what is all the disdain about single mothers can’t play the role the father? And folks on social media getting mad at this? Especially Facebook. Now yes we know hardly that father’s aren’t around when it comes to children, or teens or adults. I get it. There have been female  folks from my family and some of my friends who are single parents and hold it down. They do the both roles well. And to top it off, the mentions about real fathers come to mind. For those who are wondering, yes I was raised in a two parent household. – A mother and father. And my immediate family is basically nuclear: 2 parents, and 2 children. Not to brag or boast, but it is the truth. And the ideal of Father’s Day should not be overlooked. Period. When Mother’s Day came and went on the second sunday in May, most of us got our sunday clothes on and showed up big time in church or at a Mother’s Day outing for our mothers. No question about it. However when Father’s Day comes, not as measurable as Mother’s Day. Now granted, Father’s Day is celebrated. But with all the negative hype with the issues, it makes it more harder to celebrate and appreciate the value that they put in each time. Technically father’s day should just be appreciated as mother’s day.

Now I know that when the card came out with the “For you Mom on Father’s Day” that really set some folks off. And since I was in Walgreens, it was in the Mahogany section of the Hallmark Cards. The Mahogany Hallmark Cards have that close connection with the African-American Culture. You know how MSNBC has “The Grio?’ And yes they do sell during birthdays, funerals, appreciation, just any other card you see regularly. Even Christmas!  Plus the issue of single parenting in today’s era has become the norm sort of speak.  And even though that the role of father has been legendary, other men like uncles, male mentors, foster fathers, male cousins (older), and even community minded folks like me who don’t have children yes that day was for us as well. Even at times like me who didn’t expect it, but it’s good to be appreciative by those who overlook children when the parents are away or have to go behind the scenes for important matters. Remember the “Collective Responsibility” montage from Melissa Harris-Perry? Same thing here!

So with that being said, and I know it’s late: Happy Father’s Day to all those dads, grandfathers, uncles, male cousins, male mentors, single fathers, community fathers, and single mothers who have to hold the fort day by day (yes, it has to be said) that day was for us!

Bonus: take a look at a video of what Roland Martin said on Father’s Day. Yes, he and his wife doesn’t have any kids. BUT they are raising their nieces in their household. It was on the subject: “Thank God For Daddy.”