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Oh, let me go in on this mess. There were fireworks on TVOne this past week via News One Now. Take a look:


Ok. This is for all the “Dr. Umar Johnson Conscious Maniacs” out there: stop the pain. I repeat, STOP THE PAIN!

For the last couple of days, you all have been so out of character about the “beatdown” that Dr. Umar Johnson got on News One Now this past week. I’ve seen your comments on Roland Martin’s page on Facebook, and the utter disgust that many of you called him a COON all because in your viewpoints, that Dr. Johnson got the hard questions hit at him on Roland’s Show. Oh that’s right, Dr. Umar Johnson is in a public spotlight. Of course he’ll called out on his lineage to Frederick Douglass and his family. Of course of course he got called out on the comments about black men marry white women and the distain about when the black men are out doing other things for other people, they forget that the women they know need help too: The black woman. Of course many have called him out on the subjects at hand. Even about Tim Wise and others. And his degrees! Really folks?

But this past week and even today, many of you still are calling out Roland to make that apology to Dr. Umar Johnson. Are you done now? Can Roland do his job and get on with his journalism and his frat life in the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity? Can he get on with his TVONE News One Now Life, his family life? Can he do that please? Maybe I think Roland and this is just my opinion only, personally does not need to apologize. Period. Or maybe in a sense he does need to apologize to the fans of him and Umar. But here’s the thing that many of you Umar fans need to know: WE GET CALLED OUT EVERYDAY! How many of you reading this blog that are fans of Dr. Umar Johnson and get called out everyday at your jobs, your households, your families, your friends, your pookies and nee-nees at the the family reunion? Let that sink in, as our younger folks would say.

Hey, I get called out. Where was the help on that? Hello?!!!!

CALLOUT: Let’s be honest, this will pass in two to three weeks. And after that, what’s next?

There are a lot more stuff happening in the black community than worrying about Dr. Umar Johnson being roasted on News One Now. Like really. When are we going to call out black unemployment? Our black health? Our black employment? Our black entertainment? Our black melanin popping stuff? Our various causes in our communities? Our education and finance? Our so-called true level of consciousness that many of us don’t have, or abuse and use? Even our black churches that don’t do enough than those that do enough? Our clubs, organizations, and even US? I would rather worry about those, and call out those causes than this silly crap between a black man who is a Pan Africanist and a Black Journalist asking those “TOUGH TOUGH” questions. Has Roland been called out before? I assume he has. But knowing him, he defends his record. All the time. We see it on social media everytime. I’ll bet many are like, “man Stephen you like Roland Martin so much, do you? All up in his fanbase and junk”. Well, maybe. I may not agree with Roland all the time, but he does have pointers to think about.  And that doesn’t need calling out.

But yo, we got bigger fish to fry for sure. Why don’t we Hotep that?



I think I got my wish, as well as the rest of the African-American Community Nation.

Finally, Sheriff David Clarke has come to black talk TV. And this time, it’s in front of the Black TV audience. And the thing is: I don’t want to spoil this, but the Second Black Sheriff in Milwaukee County History got straight grilled by News One Now host Roland Martin. While many of us and of course many in Milwaukee were at the job, this happened. And it was coming!

For those who don’t know much about News One Now or Roland Martin, you really need to pay attention. For all those who voted up for Clarke way back when, or recently, or if you live the suburbs that voted up for Clarke, it’s time to listen and ask, did I really thought that the Sheriff was so votebale?

Take a look at the podcast of  News One Now Exclusive with the Sheriff. Make those want to think twice.

After listening to the entire podcast interview, it is very very clear that the second black sheriff in the county is clear out of sync. Nevermind his accomplishments from the Naval Academy and others, Milwaukee is the the guy that many of you put in office is worth all the words he expressed about this? Milwaukee’s Black Community: is this the worth just because he’s black? Get off the da*n high horse!

Plus also I hope MANY in Milwaukee, especially in the black community will get a chance to listen to Roland Martin’s Podcast Interview of Sheriff Clarke. And just to be aware, Uncle Ro-Ro pulls no BS in his interviews on a Black Network like TVOne. Even with Sheriff Clarke! So for all you Conservatives, Liberals and also those in the mix on Sheriff Clarke’s side, just a heads up.  And just for the record, Roland Martin is not a Democrat or a Republican. He’s just him.

I hate to say but Sheriff Clarke may have slid by on the other networks, but he has not (and I mean NOT) slid by on TVOne’s News One Now, a black network there are no themes of Fifth Amendments. This is not Fox News or MSNBC or even Al Jazeera. Expect to come out and back your stories like you bet on Vegas. I’m just saying.

So again, feel free to hear the Exclusive Podcast of this interview.

Plus also I want all the black media in Milwaukee (from the radio, blogs, internet sites, Black Milwaukee/Wisconsin Social Media Groups, newspapers like the Community Journal or the Milwaukee Times or Courier, or any other black Badger related media) to summarize this interview knowingly that the rest of America does now know about Sheriff Clarke and his “so-called point of views” of his political observations that feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement are in his words sub-human creeps. Or about Police Brutality was ended back in the 60’s in which that is STILL FALSE! Police brutality does exists. Any type of Police Brutality does exist. Read the files. Even if you graduated from the Naval Academy. Nothing against that, but just stating.






Just read this week on the web that a pioneer in the Video Game Industry passed on this week. I never heard of Gerald A. Lawson, and plus, I never heard of him being a pioneer of Video Games. Now, why I’m using black and pioneer along with video games? African-Americans have come a long way of making and inventing things that most of us continue to use now. But for this man, this is ringing true. I had no clue that we (as in African Americans) never thought that Video Game Cartridge Creation was part of the list. Matter of fact, why wasn’t it was part of the list? And also, why was it not mentioned along with the inventors who coined blood plasma and others. This reminds me of the unsung heroes that never had their names recognized. I’m glad that NewsOne Media broke this story because this gives readers like me a chance to say – Wow! Now this is good reading. And plus, everyone including African-American needs to recognize the real of why stuff like this matters. This man, created consoles when most of us weren’t even born yet. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Commodore 64, Coleco, weren’t even thought about!  The younger gamers are probably asking,”what’s a Coleco, and a Commodore 64, and a Cartridge?” – Young ones, ask your parents. Without these game systems and products, there wouldn’t be a Xbox, PS3 or a Wii. Real recognizes Real.  So now with this, it’s most likely that there will be another thank you to the African-American community in regarding of what this man had accomplished. The gamers past and present need to pay a great gratitude of someone like him. That’s right I said it. And also, another idea for the schools, students, children, and adults, and those thinking about going into IT and making video games, or cartridges that door has been opened, and it’s time to go and to rediscover what was made, and to continue the progress to move forward. I know there are blacks are involved in the gaming field, and are continuing this opportunity to grow and adapt. But after reading about Gerald Lawson, and the work that he did, it’s mostly need that this story needs to be told.

I know it’s April, but I’ll say it anyway: Black History. Pass it on.