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Well, folks, it seems that the Season of the Centaur is about to end for another year. Yes, I know. But It’s going to be alright! Yes, I know you Capricorns are about to take over that Zodiac Baton in all. AGAIN. But before you take over as well as any other zodiac takes over being the best:

One advice, never EVER overlook a Sagittarius! NEVER OVERLOOK a Centaur! We stay loyal 365 ALL DAY every day we have the bows and arrows on lockdown!

So with that: here is my “closing” that I like to call, Ode to Sagittarius: the next level fiery breakthrough.

And by the way, it’s been 5 years since I’ve done this. 

accuracy action active activity

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There are haters and doubters of those of us who are centaurs roaming, let them hate but we all know that joy comes in the morning.

Many of you already know that on December 5th, I turned #42, That I know. But for you still latecomers, it might be a better breakthrough!

Those of us in the game acting, and those of us whom we aspire, like Bryshere Grey whom still make moves like Hakeem on Empire.

Sags like us are always on point even those who think we are that slacker. They should be more focused and relaxed, like my December 5th birthday twin: Amy Acker.

We Archer folks love to bounce back. Even those who think we are dead and able. Kindly ask Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Jimmy Graham, who like the rest of the Packers had a lopsided season and will again next to change for another run the table!


Us Sag folk can be direct and cool, that has the ability to soar to new heavens and exciting. But like Hal Williams back in his Lester Jenkins days, we can be more direct and serious like on 227. Or even like now Nafeesa Williams that does black girl magic wonders of Thunder on Black Lightning!

We bust those beats in the game on the fly with our music say, like Shelia E, Lala Hathaway, Tori Kelly, Dionne Warrick, Nikki Stixx,  Sia, Taylor Swift, Ozzy Osbourne, Jermaine Jackson, Betty Wright, Angie Stone, DJ Yella, Mos Def, Flo-rida, my December 5th birthday twins of Michel’le , Keri Hilson and Little Richard. Plus: Jamie Foxx, Janelle Monae, Jay Z, and even Morris Day.

Sagittarius folks, we love the freedom that we know. And embrace the look abounds that is united in force worldwide, just ask the 2016 Miss America Champ and U.S. Army Soldier Deshauna Barber that received that the full source! And even Portia Simpson Miller, and French leader Emmanuel Macron that knows their political angles they confide!

When that time to fight for our freedoms or that personal stuff, we really settle the score through and through, we get gritty like the Wrestlers such as  Elias, Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Dana Brooke, Naomi, Trinity, Rob Van Dam and even Hall of Famers like Jerry Lawler,  Sunny, Rey Mysterio,  Stone Cold Steve Austin, Trish Stratus and Kurt Angle. Oh, it’s true! it’s d**n True!

When us in the centaur nation roams like the stampede in the game, just take notes for all: study a Sagittarius like Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is “Built to Stay” with Milwaukee Bucks Basketball.

Even when we are ourselves, we Sagittarius folk are so revolutionary. So conscious. So empowered with objectives to create and maintain the cause: Please continue to review the work of Ella Baker, Mark Lamont Hill, Adam Clayton Powell, Fred Gray, and even Dr. Carter Woodson, the father of Black History Month that NEVER stays on pause.

We might be fun, but can sassy with a brain: Just a reminder yet, Nene Leakes as well as Nicki Minaj appears to be good, but can drive you insane!

We remember the centaurs of yesterday, that are no longer here: Let’s always remember famous folks like Jim Morrison, Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, Reggie White, Patty Duke, Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis Jr, Dynamite Kid, Frank Sinatra, Richard Pryor, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Clarke Duncan, and others of our Sag Nation, that their work lives without fear!

When the source of fun is still going, and we are at the peak of success, we summarize also the work of those of that are doing it big, thanks to us being the best. Additionally, those like Wendie Malick, Joy Reid, Dick Van Dyke, Bob Barker, Jane Fonda, Cicely Tyson, JB Smoove, Samuel L. Jackson, Regina Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, Larry Bird, Jennifer Connolly, Rita Moreno, Monique, Jermaine Jackson, Bill Cunningham, Teri Hatcher, Nia Peeples, Judi Dench, Jeffery Wright, Kim Basinger (aka Vicky Vale) and additionally the now 102 year old Kirk Douglas of working and passing that test!


So yes, Sagittarius folks: we should be thankful and still be needed by the work of others with insight, we know it’s love and hate, and still, we must fight. As this poem closes out another Sag year, on to the Holidays, on to 2019, and let’s hit that reset button to our fiery zodiac cause to cheer!

We are the archers with Human Intelligence and Thoroughbred Strength of fire.

Bows and Arrows on lock with insight.

We are indeed representing the ninth house of philosophical Purple elements.

We are indeed the Sagittarius!

A 9th house zodiac sign that will not give up without a fight!

Fight on with breakthroughs, Archers and Centaurs.




Happy 4th yet again, y’all.

We already know that the country has turned another age in all, but we already know that the ongoing struggle in America indeed continues. And yes if you’re Black, you probably had been called out being a sellout all because you wore the Red/White/Blue instead of the Red/Black/Green. Or you might have sang the National Anthem without any concern except the fact the third verse had a racial thing attached. But as we put away the fireworks and flags in all, I’m scratching my head again.

Ok, did anyone actually read the Declaration? I mean really? What was summarized?

Black folks, we already know about the slavery side of 1776, but what about those whom served in both armies of the Continential, and the British that guaranteed freedom? Yes blacks did served under the flags back then.

Here is a question: I was reading Sophia A. Nelson’s book, “E Plurbis One”, and two of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams were against slavery. And slightly before the founding year, the idea was shot down. Did you know this?

With all the 4th of July parades and parties in America, why not enough black folks? (At least the parade side)

Frederick Douglass’ speech from 1852 “What to the slave mean to the Fourth of July?” is like a call out to the “hypocritical attitude” of being free for most, not many. Any questions on that?

Best movies to watch on the fourth happens to be ranked of all time? Must include Independence Day and The Patriot.

I hear black folks saying, “that flag wasn’t meant for us!” Well, what flag is?

Why do certain folks like to scream out “Fourth of You Lie?!” And also to add, “what are you celebrating?” Like really?

How come we didn’t point out the verse “No heirling for a slave” before like last couple of years in the National Anthem?

Was Whitney Houston’s version of the Star Spangled Banner from 1991 the best ever?

Was Marvin Gaye’s Star Spangled Banner from 1983 good? Like 35 years ago?

What about Jimi Hendrix’s version of the Anthem?

Which “America The Beautiful” was and is the best to hear? – Aretha Franklin, John Legend or Chloe/Halle ? (Reference Wrestlemania)

Which Team USA Basketball team was better: 1992 or 2008? ’92 all the way!

Which team is America’s team deserving? I STILL say the Green Bay Packers!

And which “USA Dream Team” is in the making right now in sports that NOBODY is talking about but will have to examine? I might say the US Rugby Team. Who knows?

When will the real American businesses recognize “Made in America” like really?

Chris Rock once said, “Happy White People’s Independence Day”. Last year, Damon Wayans Jr said “Happy racist white people’s day”. Both got slandered and attacked after telling the truth. Well white folks and everyone else, had their punchlines “told the truth?”

Heard that the new San Antonio Spurs player, Lonnie Walker IV had to delete his tweet after he posted about not celebrating the 4th and telling everyone to stay woke. Umm………why was the tweet deleted after not standing his proof enough?

Is “every way” the American way?

How many Americans did not know what Juneteenth Day was about?

How many Americans did not know that Juneteenth Day came approximately 89 years total after 1776?

Speaking of that: Black folks, an idea here: we should wear the numbers 89 or 87 on July 4th (in either red white and blue; or red black and green) to symbolize the amount of years it took black folks to get the freedom we all talk about. Can that be done? And yes we can rock it for Juneteenth Day.

It’s 2018: you know you can be revolutionary by voting in the Midterms, right?

How many Americans did not know that the 4th of July is not always about fireworks?

How many Black T-Shirt makers can create a #MelaninPatriot shirt? or a “The Struggle Continues” in the Stars and Stripes and sell it?

Speaking of Juneteenth yet again, you know the official colors of the Juneteenth Day Flag is Red, White and Blue, right?

We know that Philly throws 4th of July Celebrations alot due to the birth of the nation. But can Milwaukee have a 4th of July party concerts with the locals musicians?

Speaking of Patriotic: which figures in American History seemed to be the most patriotic in terms of speaking out against racism, police brutality, white supremacy, and many other shameful acts?

Which zodiac sign is more like a patriot? I say…… sign, Sagittarius.

Who is the more of the local patriots that knows the game in the local communities of the struggle, and I dare say the culture?

Milwaukee needs a 4th of July style laser light/fireworks/DJ Show. Who can do this?

Besides the Military, is the average community organizer, or everyday union worker or an everyday working person/volunteer that is very UNSUNG is also patriotic or revolutionary?

And now for the final question: Don’t be offended by the picture below.

Relax and breathe.

Black folks: we know already that many of us don’t really celebrate the 4th Of July by an example of the memes below. And yes, our ancestors were in shackles, branded, whipped, had no freedom, no liberty, no justice, no peace to be us. We were stripped from our former names to get the names like Toby out of Roots. We were forced to be bought and paid in auctions, but like Cicely Tyson said in one of Tyler Perry’s movie “Madea’s Family Reunion” in the line to the family: Now it’s time to take your place!” We also have this tendency to tell folks not to celebrate the 4th all because our ancestors were slaves. We weren’t beaten. But the legality of those beatings linger into police brutality, racism, sexism, discrimination among minorities, and others. We get sensitive when we see our brothers and sisters wearing red white and blue and shake our heads. Why?!!!!

If a black man or a black woman wants to celebrate the 4th in a way different, LET THEM CELEBRATE! Last year, I was listening to one of my local black radio hosts on WNOV 860. There was a black female caller who expressed about the celebrations of Juneteenth Day. However she also expressed about celebrating the Fourth of July. As we all know from her comment that this country was built on the backs of us Black folks either as slaves and freed people. We definitely know this and should know. And the thing is we always hear about us going back to Africa. Well many people forget, not too many in Africa like us African-Americans maybe because many of us haven’t been there! Many forget that part of the slavetrade, came out of Africa (partially sold by other blacks) which was a forgotten comment! And of course, America ate up the idea of slavery and served it up until 1865, when the slaves were declared free. According to, Roland Martin was on the Wendy Williams Show the year before (after she talked smack about the HBCU’S), cited that black people were “technically free”:

If you had to place a marker on when black folks were technically fully free Americans, it’s 1970.

So as I look at this meme with the word Independence spelled wrong, (don’t blame the Public Schools) a Tupac pic, and all the talk about Juneteenth Day being celebrated and something forgotten, and with the ongoing crimes, racism, sexism, discrimination, police brutality, war against blacks lives, undocumented murders against black folks and many other concerns, I must ASK this:

Have we fully gained our Independence so far? And after celebrating Juneteenth, did we fully gained OUR freedom as of right now? Let that sink in.

Callout: Freedom is still not free. Even after 242 years and even after 153 years. Let’s be real, the struggle to get to that freedom thing is going to take a ongoing four letter word of WORK!

And by the way, I need to say this: If a black man or woman or a black kid wants to celebrate BOTH the Fourth and Juneteenth, even if they fly the flags, or decorate the house, man let them. Just let them! Stop the calling out the coon or sellout names. That can somewhat die now. Some folks celebrate their birthdays on those days. Or a anniversary. Or whatever. Malia Obama’s birthday is July 4th….Hello! Let’s be clear, for those of us whom are so “conscious and woke”, look: your opinions are just that. Your own! Let the folks whom are so “Melanin Patriot Powered” have their day. Leave them alone! Let them reclaim their time. No one is not forcing you to celebrate the holiday, where as you should not force anyone to say: “Remember and celebrate Juneteenth Day!” Trust me you will not win that argument at all. I’m just saying, you say that forcefully and folks will still sleep. I mean correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t one of the Bill of Rights has the words, “Freedom of Expression” in it? Hey, let that sink in! And this applies to us like everyday.

Can I get a “Hotep” peace mixed in with a thanks of God Bless America?

Thank You.

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah, even though it maybe Capricorn season, but I’m still on the mind of my 9th House Zodiac Sign.

Since last year, or the last 2 years, I’ve been on 2 Facebook groups of Sagittarius and All About Sagittarius. I’ve mentioned this before. However, I’ve been seeing all these commentary stuff about being a real Sagittarius, or being a true Sagittarius. Now before many who are 9th house related come at me with the pitchforks and torches, I’m pulling a Kevin Hart from 2013: Let Me Explain! *Show me the fire*

On both of these group pages, I’ve read both definitions of others who lay claim of being this Real or True Sagittarius. I’ve read in relation to love making, sex, human relation of being bi-polar per say. Don’t forget, Sagittarius is a Half/Half sign. And most of the things they talked about were true, and some explicitly displayed WITH WARNING, but it begs the question: What REALLY defines a Real or True Sagittarius?

Let me put my spin on this, and guess what, it will not be on the pages. I don’t want those who say, “Oh you’re not a real Sag! FAKER!” Hey, I’m December 5th born, MITCHES!

  • Being a real Sagittarius is more than the Horse like thighs and hips.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more than show your “bi-polar side” per say against something or someone.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius IS MORE than being Grown and Sexy and trying to get busy in the bedroom.
  • Being a Real Sagittarius is more having a Horse like Male Exterior between the legs and having that being a man to impress women.

What do I think qualifies being a real true Sagittarius?

1) Being those in need for who they are and where they are.

2) Having to show respect towards yourself and others.

3) Recognizing Right and Wrong. I mean didn’t your mama teach you that? Or your daddy, or anyone had raised you since birth, NOT 14 years old?!!!

4) Recognizing your values that were given to you since you were born and raised. And to spin all of that into a positive form of the Zodiac.

5) And the freedom thing, yes we have that: but a thing that these folks that lay claim as being a real Sag is missing: RESPONSIBILITY! Many or some on the group page talk about the freedom part, but not responsibility. Yes, America is known for freedoms. But many forget responsible options.

I’ve read again that oh, were all adults here. REAL ADULTS should know better! About the blocking and reporting, why is on a page that is declared NSFW have to be interrupted by a few knuckleheads? I mean there are knuckleheads in all Zodiacs, and unfortunately there are those in the 9th house Zodiac have to act like fools to draw attention. One guy, had expressed about not using condoms while having sex. And may I add, he’s a black male in his 20’s. Is that being grown and sexy? I don’t what is. Matter of fact, if you’re considered “Grown and Sexy” you need to carry responsibility. I hate to say it. And plus, it shouldn’t matter in your 20’s, 30’s or better yet I don’t care if you’re darn near 50! I know some Sagittarius folks who are in these age groups and keep it real WITH responsibility. You wanna know? Ask those that I know. And yes, those post their pics up to show that side, but that might get them reported. And Facebook gives the authority to the leaders to boot out, delete, or warn ANY user of the house rules of the page! And those who get reported had to go into a temper tantrum acting if their freedoms got violated. But did they EVER try to read the rules and regulations?!!! Or it’s called reading the fine print! I know what it is: folks don’t read. And that’s the sad reality no matter what group it is.

Also on the positive side and there is a positive side, there are those who are respectable and watch their tone. Like talking about the weather or representing your birthday, your November side, December side, or your city. And by the way, between the two groups, I’ve been a male leading Wisconsinite in representing the state. So yeah, I’m being a real true Sagittarius in this area!

Like before, now there are going to be those who feel that their fun is being ruined all because of what they can’t express. And having the sarcasm of telling them bye like they own the page. Wow really? They don’t OWN the page, they never took the time to make the page, nor to create the page. Nor appoint anyone who is an administrator to help monitor the page. I know some are interesting folks, but what I’m saying they are just like including myself, regular customers going to a store to buy a membership product. That’s all this is! And if the violators took the time to read up and understood than this outbreak of screaming bloody murder!!!!!  I’m just being real as I speak. Between these two FB Group pages, its about 11,000 combined. But there are a few Admins. I’m giving those who haven’t been on them a sneak preview. But alas: you can make your own page that you can have about 7 Admins, and make all the rules and regulations all you want to, BUT there is a need of order that has to be implemented. With regarding this, its not just being a True Sagittarius, or a Real Sagittarius. It should be about A True REAL RESPONSIBLE Sagittarius. Draw the arrows and bows on that!

And on top of that: Accountability. Uh-huh! Now what?!

Still: Human Intelligence. Thoroughbred Strength. Sagittarius Soul, Baby!

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Preface: This week, Sagittarius Season is coming to a close. BUT, before that happens, I would like the ALL the Sagittarius folks to pat yourselves on the back, and thanks to the creator of the heavens and earth for another year. Yes, we need to be thankful for another year to celebrate our Sag related November/December Birthdays. Consider this another Sagittarius Check-in! (Part II)

Sagittarius Symbol

Sagittarius Symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stand up Sagittarius!

Stand up Archers!

Stand up Centaurs!

We still roam. We still roam. We still got soul and doing fine. 

We’ve been roaming since birth and will do ’till the end of time.

Always get YOUR arrows and bows and get ready for an attack on deck.

Enemies lurk all around, so always be on your best set.

Scan and shoot your targets, as the hunters we are.

No matter if it’s near or very far.

We are a fire sign that continues to burn and blaze

Making sure all or some surroundings don’t clearly faze.

We are a half half bunch, that most don’t find very valuable, and a gist of formation.

It’s not just individuals ruling, it’s about US: the Sagittarius nation!

Oh, we got that high drive of philosophical thinking, and mostly for the love making folks in the bedroom,

Through the twists and turns, we can sweep them up like a push broom.

Some of the others call us Sags arrogant, stubborn, selfish and cruel.

What you don’t understand, on the flipside, we’re very straightforward and very cool. 

Some might not get us Centaurs, in roaming for knowledge, 

We deal with being different everyday, so it ain’t college!

We can be nice or feel our fire ablaze,

FYI Folks: Our bi-polars could be in effect, in a rage of the cage. 

Us Sagnaiton folks wants freedom all around

It’s the “thoroughbred” in us, that makes us sound. 

So whenever we see you at work, at church, the club, or in the house, festival, event, or a hotel stay.

Just rest assured that WE ARE SAGITTARIANS! That have Power, Intelligence, Optimism, and Soul, every single day!

Sagittarius Black

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Shout out to my folks who have the Zodiac 9th house in effect. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s Sagittarius Season. The Zodiac of the Archer. The Centaur. No matter if you’re a November Sagittarian or like me, a December Sagittarian. It’s our Season, until about December 22nd. My best advice after the Sagnation season is over, don’t just rep your sign for the moment. Rep it every day! Rep it in the morning. Rep it in the afternoon. Rep it in the evening. Even rep it in the midnight hour. Rep it in all the seasons! Rep it at your jobs, or your neighborhoods.  And yes if you’re not a Sagittarius, but if you rep your sign to the fullest all day every day, fine. However, for us, Centaur folks, keep doing it big! Aim and keep those arrows up! Keep up and maintain that swag which includes work, and just be the best at it. And if you have a “Birthday Twin” don’t be afraid to acknowledge that. Everyone has a birthday twin. If those have a December 5th Birthday like me, I hope it was and is (in an observance sense) a good one.


Finally, let me say this and I’m going to get a little preachy here. Maybe not. Here is I like to call:

An ode to Sagittarius

We are Centaurs!

We are Archers!

We are Philosophical and we see!

We are Sagittarius!

We are the Sagittarius Nation!

We are the 9th house!

No matter what Swag, Saglife or many other lives we have and take.

We have fire! And must use that fire to improve, build, maintain, and soar.

We use the Bows and Arrows, to aim and shoot at our attempted targets.

We may not get all the targets, but we do aim for our goals, and objectives.

We are half and half. With the mind of human knowledge and strength of a thoroughbred. We are blessed with gifts from God. We are jovial. We are artistic.

And we are considered “dark horses” at times as well as having freedom, and being straight up with knowledge and TRUTH!

No matter if we are American, Canadian, African, European, Asian, Hispanic, Mexican, Greek, Australian, or Middle Eastern. Or many other citizens in the world.

Now many may not understand, may not like, don’t want to comment or simply disapprove.

Some may like and approve, but we are out there doing things in all WE do.

No matter if we are artists, leaders, religious folks, tutors, teachers, writers, musicians, or many other lines of work.

No matter if we are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Catholic, or any other religious affiliation. Or non-religious.

No matter if we are working for a business, own our companies, or volunteering our time and effort.

No matter if we are neighbors, parents,  sons, daughters, relatives, veterans, servicemen, classmates, best friend, church members, or that guy or girl that is doing good from the hood.

No matter if we are straight or LGBT. Happily married or living the single life. Even if you are Black, White, Indian, Hispanic, European Decent,  Asian Decent, Japanese Related, or if you are a man or a woman.

No matter if you hold it down for the brothers, or keeping it real for the sisters.

No matter if we rock & roll, rap & hip-hop, r&b swing, get bluesy on guitar,  jazz it up in the clubs, “turn up” in the dance clubs, and/or lead that party in a dress or a suit with the DJ in the back! Can I get a witness up in here?!!! I told you I was going to get a little preachy up in here!

“The party” is the lifeline of the Sagittarius folks!  A “blessed” lifeline!

No matter what, or what is, or who is, I know this and you the Centaur/Archer family should know: We are and forever will be: Sagittarians.

Welcome to the 9th house!