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So here we are once again. Mother’s Day 2019. For all the mother’s still alive and teaching, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. I hope that many of you will enjoy your day that is specialized with customized opportunities to be with your families and friends. And to many of us also, from all the school shootings, the NBA Playoffs in full swing, and even the local, regional and national things abound of course: I’m scratching my head again.

So America: I need to ask, what about those Milwaukee BUCKS? In the playoffs and such? By now, they defeated Detroit and also just made the Boston Celtics look foolish after Paul Pierce’s “It’s over” comments after Game 1. Now he wants to ride the Deer to all the rest of the games leading up to the Finals. Seriously, dude?!

Dang Paul Pierce!

Confession: I have NOT seen not one episode of Game Of Thrones. Not one. And it’s their last season. Anyone else on this besides me?

You know that not all Churches operate the same, right?

All Wrestling Fans need to buy stock. Yeah I said it. Save that Belt money for stock money. Agree?

This needs to be asked: why there are those 35 years old and under that don’t want to volunteer?

After all the suspense, is Mortal Kombat 11 a hit game?

Will AEW Wrestling actually bring the pain to the WWE? Like seriously?

For all those asking and wondering, what is the value of being in the group that is Woke and Conscious?

If many of the crazed fans are getting away with murder of racism, why are they are just now getting caught? Explain!

This really needs to be asked and questioned: regarding the use of Facebook. It’s been stated by the company that Facebook has always been targeting the users or well known that have been used to “spread hate” on those that they don’t understand. And to top of all that, some of the names like Alex Jones and Milo Yiapolonous (who gave Leslie Jones a hard time over the Ghostbusters movie) and many others the Facebook Boot.

Hold up, this needs to be extra clarified: Why was Minister Louis Farrakhan of all folks BOOTED from Facebook?! And I question that on Facebook’s conscience of judgement. And yet while were on the subject and I want to say that booting Farrakhan was a grave mistake. And what? For telling the truth on subjects that many in the country or the world that shouldn’t be hearing? There are those in the world that wouldn’t hear the real truth on certain ideals or subjects and get mad at those that are spewing the fire. In regarding Minister Farrakhan, he already had his chance on other platforms and also been banned from some of the platforms on what many called him a racist. Is that so? And if’s the case, why is 45 still on social media spewing his hatred like a dumb idiot that many are calling him? Can you imagine what would the like if MLK or Malcolm X were on Facebook and ALIVE? Unfortunately, both of them were assassinated at 39 years old and they died by doing by telling the truth! So this is how many are treating the civil rights era related folks by after they told the truth, they get booted off the island? Facebook maybe good in all, but I think in this and no disrespect to Mark Zuckerberg, but the product is getting soft of going in after those who use the platform to speak the ills of OUR SOCIETY! And by the way, Minister Farrakhan is on Twitter, so along with Facebook, he’s also banned from Instagram.

Did Tiger Woods really deserved the Presidential Medal of Freedom after winning the Masters?

What was all this male attention stuff of Ayesha Curry got her butt hurt in all?

The month of May is two things: Military Appreciation Month and also, Mental Health Awareness Month. You know what it is. Why is it important to recognize them both you asked?

For all those whom are the age of this chick named Lizzo, you have no right to critique the music of John Williams being lazy. You ain’t old enough so you can begone now with your comments! By the way, who is this chick anyway? Like I give a you know what.

20 years ago this year marked the deadly anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting. And just to think that recently, there was third shooting this year in the month of May. But guess where you asked? Denver, Colorado.

CALLOUT: This is got to be the WTF moment of the second quarter so far: why are we are just now knowing that DJ Spinderella of Salt-N-Pepa (or excuse me, FORMALLY of SNP) was fired by Email from the group?! After 30 plus years in the rap game?! Shameful! And that show Ladies Night on BET is being shown now. Seriously?! Don’t worry: Spin has her own talent and will be doing her always.

20 Democrats will be on the fence in trying to represent for the 2020 election. But which one of them would be eligible to knock off 45 in 2020?

I need to ask though, if you are looking for a job in all in your hometown, then all of a sudden you get calls from out of state that the jobs are open in a temporary basis. My question is: why are the LOCAL COMPANIES not calling the folks about the jobs in the community?!

They say we had a wacky post Winter Snow in Wisconsin. Who’s ready for Spring to like, come now?

Can anyone explain the real reason why Ebony Magazine FOLDED?! After all the publication of black folks seeing themselves in positive stories in which many didn’t want, but were published anyway to give America that black folks were in the light of positive news that many need to know!

Now: this is for all the mothers:

For all the New School Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the Old School Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the Mother’s that had to work and still work all day everyday: Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the mothers whom had to go back to school and get that degree many many many years later, but did it for her kids: Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the mothers that continue to teach the Boys, the Girls, the Men and Women to be productive citizens in life all the time: Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the Mothers who served this nation in uniform and earned the title of Veteran: Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the mothers that are serving this nation in uniform and earning the title of soilder, airman, shipmate, coastie, or marine: Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the mothers whom are police officers, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, engineers, mechanics, business owners, media, stockbrokers, and any other profession that is gender balanced: Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the mothers that just committed to Unions, Happy Mother’s Day

For all the Mothers whom are apart of any Sorority that is NOT on the list of Expelled Members, but paying their dues all the time for new members to join: Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the Mothers that guide offices and positions in the workforce, the church, the community, the neighborhoods and others: Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the Single Mothers whom constantly push against the grain but still manage to prove others wrong: Happy Mother’s Day.

For all the Mothers whom are heaven bound, as in gone home to God and had been memorialized, funeralized, had the last rights, had the 21 gun salute and many other final goodbyes: We thank those in their memories to live on continuously!

And for all the mothers whom don’t have children. Yes, not every woman is a mother! Those whom are like mothers, and whom are just there as needed to be called upon. Yes, they too deserve a Mother’s Day also.

And to the mothers that look at my blog all the time or some of the time: yes you too, deserve a Mother’s Day. Even to all the Introverted Mothers and Dark Horse Mothers that keep the peace in times of conflict and telling the truth! And still working.

So to the Momz, Mothers, Mommies, Mami’s, Madres, Mommas, Mother Dears, Big mamas, grannies, aunties, great aunts, Godmothers, and the New Big Mamas that need transitional ideas to move forward, and many other mothers I can’t even think about: yes this is your Mother’s Day. Enjoy it!

Oh, and PS: Dad’s count too.

English: Jack Swagger exhausted during his mat...

English: Jack Swagger exhausted during his match with Percy Watson at a WWE live event in Puerto Rico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh yeah I’m going to say it. All you conservative folks who wanted to take the country back, and wave the Don’t Tread On Me flags, guess what.  You have someone to cheer for. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Recently I watched Monday Night Raw and the “angle” had them both doing their version of the State of the Union Address. Actually it wasn’t real like Mitt Romney wanted to win the White House. Yeah I said it. However recently the WWE got “the dis” from the conservative media all because of the characters.

Previously, the WWE has been doing this for years. The late Classie Freddie Blassie aligning himself with the Iron Sheik. Or during 80’s there was Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik against any American wrestler based on their viewpoints. In the 90’s Attitude Era: The Hart Foundation was more than just Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart. It also had Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith taking their international  stuff against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, DX, the American Fanbase,  in a Anti-American fashion. They all lost by the way towards the end of 1997. And as for the black side of the WWE, Remember the Nation of Domination? Farrooq, D-Lo Brown, The Godfather, The Rock, (yes The Rock was a member young bucks) All black folks with the Red/Black/Green plus using the late Malcolm X’s phrase of By Any Means Necessary with the fists in the air. And yes there were two white guys rapping going to the ring as PG-13.  Even Sgt. Slaughter had his Anti-American run as WWE Champion, and most folks in 1991 wanted to kill him! Not a joke. Guys like the late Test, William Regal, Christian all had this Un-American thing with the U.S. Flags upside down in a distress signal. Even Lance Storm chimed in as a Proud Canadian vs America. Over in WCW, besides the nWo, there was a time when “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan once dawned “Canadian Colors” against the USA. Even for the Women: Trish Stratus used her Anti-American thing as in a comment of USA****holes. O yeah she said it. And never forget Muhammad Hassan. Which by the way the guy that portrayed the antagonist  is from Detroit Michigan! Hello. And here is the thing, most Wrestling fans in America liked this dude! Especially his character vs the Undertaker. Reference that. Also never forget the Billy and Chuck angle, and most thought they were getting married. Which also made the Gay and Lesbian folks upset, but knowing the WWE’s history of Storylines and Characters, they defended that angle and the rest is history.  Speaking of the Undertaker, remember the Attitude Era in which he used his symbol like a cross to tie up Stone Cold Steve Austin and it was hoisted in the air towards the end of a Monday Night Raw Show? Which was on TV by the way during the Attitude Era. Plus his persona was more dark and grim like a Modern Day Grim Reaper. How do I remember this: I watched it, recorded it and store it up for future references. Back in the day the Attitude Era was cracking with VCR’s.

Ladies and Gentlemen: all of that was an act. A mere act. I know for a fact with it mixed with Wrestling, you know it’s Entertainment. So I think the Conservative Media needs to check itself in a hotel and chill! Now word is, the WWE is inviting Glenn Beck to Monday Night Raw in reaction to this Jack Swagger/Zeb Colter Tea Party Angle. Based on their views of Jobs, Immigration, and the preverbal “whats wrong with America thing.” Really? And I’ll bet all the Breitbart fans, Fox News, Tea Party, and others who begged to take their country back in a foolish manner, well this Monday night is for you. Whether you like WWE or Pro Wrestling or not, it has been making waves from a entertainment standpoint. And just remember, it’s just a story-line! Still the WWE will still make money. My DVR will still be on stat, and the reality: folks like them will still be going and arguing over NOTHING!

I had to do some reflection yesterday. February 29th as we know was Leap Day, that extra day that comes every four years. Just like the Summer Olympics and the Presidential Campaign.

But as Black History Month was coming to a close for another year, and making preparations for Black Music Month for June, there are those who all through February had to ask this question of “why can’t we learn about this everyday? ” Or on Facebook recently about those posting the “on this day” stuff they should post it everyday.

My question is why are those who are whining and complaining and NOT SETTING THE EXAMPLE?!!!! 

What I’m saying is that those who keep asking the the same old questions are most likely hating or just wishful thinking. I’m not knocking everyone. Like me, I have my point of view like everyone else. But in retrospect, where is the someone who can set the tone and ACTUALLY show how to it’s done? The only people that I know that do this, are teachers who teach African American history, the African American Historical Societies of any kind, my church, and my family. Plus, any old-school person that is very knowledgeable or street-smart about Black History. That’s it.

But for those who don’t show it, and whine and complain, CRINGE, moan and groan will continue to troll like everyone else. I’m just saying. No matter what race you are. And yes this does include black folks! (Not all but some) So I feel that there better be a better example of a this. Am I venting? Not really. Just sick and tired of the whining of the so-called “why can’t we have black and history moments everyday”. Word to the globe: If you want to be talking Black History Month everyday, just remember to quote Scott Hall from his wrestling days: “Don’t sing it. Bring it! ” Or like The Rock – JUST BRING IT!