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I was going to do a “double take” on a subject and a different perspective. But in the recent events of the liberal news gone wrong, (thought I would never say that) this was a bomb shell that many of us had never saw coming. September 10th was the end of The Forum here in Milwaukee. And who’s the blame on this? Let’s read on.

If many listened to the radio station 1510am Tuesday morning on September 10th, you may have heard the very last of The Forum with Sherwin Hughes. For many of us in the Greater Milwaukee Area that know, listening to him was a different perspective on politics and the current events. Many of us listened to Sherwin before in the days of the Basement Crew on 98.3 and of course, WNOV. Last year as we know, Sherwin’s abrupt end on WNOV was in a Facebook post due to “irreconcilable differences” with him and the Management. That was last July, however between last August until now his show was resurrected with Resistance Radio. Again if many have not listened to Resistance Radio its like progressive radio in which it is. There are many Conservative Radio stations around the state of Wisconsin that cater to many white conservative folks that want it keep it on the right and red. But not many liberal and progressive radio news. This is part of the reason why Real Resistance Radio is now on the air.

So who is next to listen to? Who is next to help bring the real pain of progressive radio of Democratic styles in all to the airwaves ESPECIALLY IN THE BLACK MILWAUKEE COMMUNITY! We know Earl Ingram can. He’s been in the game of fight for the truth for DECADES! But he’s doing on the Baby Boomer side of things. Not a concern. But for Sherwin, it was from in my view point, a Generation X Viewpoint. I said it. I’m Gen X also. Not a Millennial or Gen Z. And the thing is during this past year, he picked up where he left off since leaving WNOV last year. And yet when I listened to his final broadcast behind the mic, he kept referring “the writing on the wall” in terms when would be the time to move forward. Of course when a player tells the press or media that it’s time to retire or quit, of course many of us will feel that impact. Maybe because it’s due to family, health concerns, other assignments or many other factors. It’s kind of interesting also that this announcement came on the week of the anniversary of two things: 9/11 and the passing of Eric Von. I think in Sherwin’s case, it’s about moving to a more free and appreciative angle that he can handle. And also the concerns of the station of Real Resistance Radio was highly examined. And he was very vocal about his stance about the work done. Is Real Resistance Radio the blame here? What about the Democratic Party is facing a mess? Internally? And again, which side is truly A BLAME in this matter? The Right Wing or in this case, The Left Wing Progressives that is now starting to mess up? Think about it! Sherwin briefly described it. Even concerning about the DNC Connectional things that are coming to Milwaukee. He’s been on the WRRD thing for 6 months to one year and was just forgotten he was still there. I know I’m spoiling the sentences that he said in his last Forum Radio Show, but the thing is this: It was noting that it was time to tell the butt naked truth. Now, nothing against Real Resistance Radio, or WNOV or 98.3 or any of the bosses or managers that he worked under. Or even the guests he had. At the end of the day, when it’s all set and done, from an individual stance, we must do what is best for us. We know that in the game of working for the man/woman is not going to be forever. We know this. But I see Sherwin in his next level doing things bigger than the talk radio business. There is always that next level thing we have to understand to walk away. We all will have to take this difficult walk. It’s going to be hard and of course what lies ahead is another question in thought. Homer Blow asks the question all the time: “What’s Next?” We don’t know what’s next yet. No one knows that day or hour. But whatever comes next will come into the light.

This is why I blog the way I do. I pick up on his shows to give my viewpoints here of what’s going on. And to summarize it in a way here that many of you outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Midwest and yet the United States don’t know. We “average bloggers” write what is around us. No matter if it’s health, jobs, a unexpected death, politics, fun stuff, whatever. Even if it’s something we regret in our past that should be a life lessons for those reading in the future. Even church. Somebody say AMEN!

So with Sherwin now out of the radio picture unceremoniously, who’s left to listen to in a black perspective? Again, for 1510am we got Earl Ingram, out in Madison there is a black woman by the name of Brandi Grayson who appears on Talk 92.7 in the state’s capitol. Which is part of the Real Resistance Radio Network. Here in Milwaukee: already Homer Blow via, Michelle Bryant, Keith Parris, Faith Colas, Keyon Jackson-Malone, and Darryll Fortune on WNOV. There’s not too many of us in black talk radio in Milwaukee or in the State.Who is next to join the pack that many ask? Only time will tell. I say for those of us who want to be engaged in black talk radio in the city, I would probably say give these individuals a shot. They may not be the kind you want in talk radio, this is all we have for now.

So like the last time: what were my top 10 Forum moments that I know from memory? Let’s count the ways:

10) The UWM Controversial Poster. This was mostly disturbing.

9) A posting The Forum did on Facebook regarding those who left Milwaukee and thinking what is best for the city. Especially for those who USED TO vote, work, volunteer and play in the city.

8) WRRD 1510 Received an Award from the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association. The station came in third place and it was because of The Forum.

7) Several interviews with Milwaukee/Wisconsin Congressmen, Alder-persons, Senators. All Milwaukee related. And even replaying a footage that Sen. Lena Taylor made an announcement in running for Mayor for 2020.

6) Last year when The Forum was on the scene when former president Barack Obama was in town for campaign of the 2018 election of the state. The same one later on that Tony Evers won.

5) Last year in November, when the acknowledgement of International Men’s Day was mentioned and yes there was a reason why Men should have their day and time to shine. Even though it was short, but it was a mini statement. International Men’s Day in which many forget: it’s November 19th.

4) Sherwin had this guest on The Forum before, but Shannon Lewendowski a FORMER police officer of the Milwaukee PD and like before, she knew the weaknesses of Milwaukee that every-time she talks about it, the guest usually gets warned about it. But the fact of the matter is, most of what she said was the butt naked truth!

3) See Number 4.

2) The Final Broadcast of the Forum we did not see coming on September 10th. And yet, Sherwin was very expressive in the year overall since the left leaning progressive station was not that VERY keen on Sherwin’s intellect and viewpoints. Especially after realization that sometimes DEMOCRATS can be a mistake in starting up stuff they really can’t hardly finish. And yet, it’s a mess not cleaning up. Many didn’t like it, but it was partially the truth.

And the Number one thing that I’ll remember from The Forum in a resistance side: His comeback show from August of last year of 2018. It was his first since leaving WNOV in July of the same year.

To listen to the last talk show of The Forum on this date of September 10th, 2019, click here and press play. The Forum does have it’s own web page, that you can listen to the last broadcast and also the previous broadcasts of the days from WRRD and WNOV at the same time. It’s all on there. So if any one is looking for them to see if it’s still usable to listen to, it’s on there. All of the 1,000 plus episodes of the broadcasts via Soundcloud.

As far as the now former host is concerned, there is an organization in the city he founded a while back and it’s in a supporting role in regarding the future elections of Milwaukee candidates. Look for “Leaders for a Better Community” and find ways to support and get involved! Oh, and one more thing, if many want to keep up with fans of The Forum, follow along for a member group request on Facebook.

Apparently this is not the way to drop another stunner on Milwaukee Black Talk Radio, but knowing that there will be another one that will renew a idea to let us (and I mean US) have our say!

Well it’s about that time to go to the dance floor of the first three way of 2018. And you know what time it is. For those who are just reading this for the first time I do a “three way dance” on this blog in which I summarize three different stories into one. That’s a three way. For this, I’m commenting about the retirement of Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn, the recent crap out of H&M, and a local radio comments about “being church hurt.”

First on the dance card: The retirement of Chief Ed Flynn.

If those in Milwaukee haven’t heard: the first announcement of a retirement of 2018 has been declared that Ed Flynn is stepping down as police chief of the city. Just to think that 10 years ago this month of January,  he came in as an outsider to Milwaukee in which Mayor Barrett wanted a police chief to make a difference. And yes, it wasn’t an easy search. But it paid off. Ed Flynn was sent to Milwaukee from Massachusetts at a time that the community and citizens were deeply concerned. They were concerned about out of control crime, tension, happenstance, and the ability of one word: trust.  There were other concerns but to me that was a concern that many feared in Milwaukee. The crackdown on fear in the city was heavy issue to tackle. But it was faced in a new way. Ed Flynn had brought in new ideas since his first day on the job. Again, this was 10 years ago.

In the past decade, under Chief Ed Flynn in the Milwaukee Police Department:

Technology – the birth of CompStat and the Greater Milwaukee Committee with new ideas of data driven.

Crime Analyst Program

Early Intervention Program

Opioid Task Force

OMAP – Office Management Analyst and Planning

Neighborhood Task Force

Crisis intervention team


Homeless Outreach team

Implement of the  Digital Radio System

Creation of the Salvation Army Chaplaincy Program

Body Camera Programs

Social Media

Town Hall Meetings with President Barack Obama and Steve Harvey

Awarded over 1600 medals of heroism

He is the 5th Police Chief since the Harold Brier Days serving longer than any of the previous predecessors behind the badge. And with the announcement of his retirement, Chief Flynn along with the 10 years of policing in Milwaukee, he has accomplished 40 years overall with Law Enforcement.

This is just a few examples of what the Milwaukee Police Department had experienced under the “Ed Flynn Era of Change”. However, there are those in Milwaukee felt that the Chief didn’t do enough to curb the violence of Milwaukee’s concern. There are those whom are going to say that oh, Chief Flynn didn’t do crap because of the corruption of certain cops harassing black people in Milwaukee. It’s a common thing, ask the activist whom are out in the funk everyday. Yes, there were hits and misses. The Chief knows this as do we. Chief Ed Flynn will remain on the desk until February 16th in which he’ll return to the east coast with his family.

Second Dance:  The Mess of H&M.

Oh, let me go in on the first mess of 2018.

This story though, was so crazy. A black child on the UK version of the H&M Website is posed with a green hoodie stating the words: “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” We looked at that site and it was lit with hate and unfavorable examples of why racism is not just an American problem, but more of a INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT! As the story also went on, the mother of the boy (whom is black) went on the social media and act is if that it’s nothing. And oh, the words “get over it” was used. When I hear the words “Get Over It” it usually comes from White Folks on Black Folks regarding slavery. Now you have a black woman in a different country telling us black folks who see her son in a hoodie with a coded message telling us to get over it. I mean what year is this again? This maybe 2018 and we just got here on the 18 train, but the fact of the matter is that, the more things change the more things remain the same.  Sorry Millennials: that is everyday life! This is like the house negro and field negro comments that Malcolm X often said. Yeah, we know what he said. The mother said also she wanted the money. Those dollar signs. When that picture again went viral, so did those whom were celebrities like Diddy whom wanted to sign the boy a modeling contract based on this matter. Remember Rachel Dolezal? Me neither. She made a picture that had a different message on it. Other folks redesigned the picture adding two crowns to signify the pride of the young boy being a future king.  Now why I’m talking about this: Why is H&M is distracting us from the real issues of the world and merely our country? When we wake up in the morning, reading the news, social media, and all we talk about the news with distractions! We’ve been distracting by the news for weeks, months, years, era, generations, conflicts, etc. That’s been a problem since day one! Are we surprised by this? Yes and no.  And this mother whom ever she is must realize that one day when another child comes up and puts on a shirt, pants or what ever that has some coded message per say that many will disagree with, they will talk! And again the deep discussions will reignite the reasons why. No matter if you’re in America, the UK, Africa, or ANY COUNTRY that deals with racism every day!

Final Dance on the Card: Being Church Hurt

Last week on the first Friday of the year, I listened to WNOV’s The Forum Program. And the full 3 hours of the program was about those who have been “church hurt”, or being hurt by the church. It was based on the article that some folks read (mainly younger black folks)  about the reasons why they don’t attend church. And I’ll bet it came from those who haven’t been there. It also featured those whom have had history in the church ranging from bishops, ministers, and members whom have those vivid memories but mostly it was NEGATIVE!  As I was listening to the program, it was coming from those who say it was a scam, the black church don’t allow the LGBT no love,  and other negative factors. Oh the issue of money was conversed.

I want those being effect by this “church hurt” thing to hear me out on this. Yes, there are pastors, bishops, deacons, and many other church leaders that did things negatively on the value of money. Yes, it’s true. BUT: don’t assume that it’s all of the Churches! Not all the churches are about MONEY. Not all of the church are about kicking out the LGBT. Not all the Church are about the erasing the thought of supporting young folks. Not all churches are about hating on someone who is in need of coming in to keep warm from the freezing cold! Not all CHURCHES are the same! WAKE UP! If that were the case, I wouldn’t be in church now! I’m sorry you’ve been hurt. Church hurt. But many of you members who haven’t been to any the services in a minute, and you’re complaining, why haven’t you come forward? Ok, maybe you have been working. Raising families. Taking care of a senior person. Or sat out and did nothing. And you complain. If you complain and not attended the service, you need to go! If you are on the membership roll that haven’t been at the services, meetings, events, activities or there special outings to support or donate, then you need to retool and revise your membership! Hate to say that.

Don’t always assume that the church is ALL evil. What is evil is being put or driven by those who spoil the bunch. That is EVIL! Hell, I wouldn’t stepped into a 4th Generation family tradition that I wouldn’t be able to work, earn scholarships, utilized groups (both men and women), photograph archives, record sermons and still raised almost 28 years later! That’s right, this June will be my Church Anniversary of coming in as a full member through conformation class.  That’s a joy.  And that’s positive. And the Church NEEDS MORE POSITIVE OUTLOOKS! Not just hearing the music or the sermons. And also the biggest issue that many have against the church besides the money and pastor, is when we get done hearing the sermons, we go out to eat to Red Lobster or a local restaurant. Church folks got to eat too! There are 168 hours in week. The Average hours on a Sunday morning Worship Service is like what, 2 hours? So in those two hours of Church, we go to the restaurant and chow down for about 1 hour or so. And we go home. BUT THE WORSHIP WORK in the week goes on. It goes on at your job. Your community centers. Your Activities of recreation, homes, the elderly, Your Sorority, Fraternity, Veterans Groups, Peace Groups, Activism, Alumni Associations, etc. Even when you help folks to Vote! That is your Worship Work in the continuation of the Church! Think about that. If many more folks in Milwaukee who were listening to that broadcast would actually get it, they would actually get it. I know some understand.

I say this mainly to Milwaukee. After all, it was a Milwaukee Black Radio broadcast of WNOV that commented on this. We know what the host said. We know what the guests said. And we know that. But look here: it’s not perfect. Many of you go to clubs on Saturday Night, partying in all. Being catered. Which is nothing wrong at all. But also, like the church at times, there are members of the clubs whom can be hypocritical of the DJ, the clothes, the set up, the bar, the drinks, the food, the parking, and the security. Just like your jobs, groups and etc.

You don’t hear me!

We’re trying. We know it’s hard. After all, being a Christian or a every Sunday church person is not just happenstance. It’s a hard job. Period. But with God’s grace, we’re up for the challenge.





Breaking News out of Milwaukee:

One of our well known voices in the Milwaukee Community has passed. If you haven’t heard the name of Eric Von then maybe the ears weren’t open. He was the voice in Milwaukee’s media for several of years that was on our TV’s and also mostly, Radio. There were times that I listened to him on the radio in which the topics ranged from the news, sports and health were on point. No question that his voice or commentary was indeed legendary just as OC White in his hey day. Either on 1290 WMCS or recently, his segment on WNOV of “The Eric Von Show” that comes on at 7:00am, two hours before “The Forum” appears on air.

I had the opportunity to meet him 2 years ago at my old High School of John Marshall. Now it’s called “Milwaukee Marshall High School” but still it’s John Marshall ANYWAY! The occasion was the Alumni Reception that was featuring the former students and guests that meet up prior to the 2014 Graduation Ceremony. Eric was with his wife, Faithe Colas who was the special guest speaker for the ceremony. Plus also, Faithe (class of 79 Alumni) was the recipient of the John Marshall High School’s Alum of the Year Award. And yes her pic is in the school for all to see.  Plus also I had to play the official photographer for the Alumni to capture pictures like this:


Now just to point out here: Eric is pictured on the far right.

After the ceremony we went to Saz’s on State Street for the followup to our fellowship. Eric was sitting across from me. Faithe was on the same side on an angle. I like everyone else introduced myself, with me being the youngest Alumni Board Member in the house. We conversated just the basic stuff of work and volunteering. But to hear him and be in the prsensence was just that: priceless.

Yes, I’ve meet the man that we know. And black Milwaukee knows as well.

For the lessons this week, yes Eric was cool. No matter what subject or topic he was on, he was on it. Plus he was a US Veteran that served in the Air Force.

One of the things of his work as we know, it’s called Brain, Brawn and Body. His work and awareness about African-American Men and their families to maintain the needs of health. Yes black men, as we know doctors and us don’t mix. But we have to face the music sometimes of getting back with the Medics. Even me. But don’t quote me on that.

Another was with the election connections. He was featured on a show on Channel 12’s “It’s Your Vote” in dealing with the voting issues that the voters in Milwaukee faced at the time. Even Milwaukee Black Voters as usual.

He was also featured on other shows like “Black Nouveau” which comes on our Public Broadcast Station here in Milwaukee of Channel 10. And for that was discussing the concerns and issues in Milwaukee’s Black Community. Black Nouveau is still on point today with issues and news that the community is still informed.

In 2003, he was a Campaign Co-Director in lieu of one of the past Elections that propelled Tom Barrett to his first mayoral bid for the city.

When the day of September 8th came when Eric’s death came up: it was like a shock. I kept reading my Facebook Newsfeeds to see if this was real. When you get those notices of a well known figure around your community that died, usually it’s a hoax via Social Media. BUT……this was no hoax. Eric Von really did die at his home in the Sherman Park Community. The next day, WNOV was really focused on him, his life and work. I was listening to his segment and The Forum and let me tell you: it was sad, but it was a time to celebrate him of what he brought to us over the years. No matter if it was his days at 1290, or WNOV. The callers kept calling the station to offer their condolences and sympathies. Even former 1290 Personalities  that called in to do the same thing. And those that used to rival WNOV were also called in to equal the messages of those offering condonlences.

I will admit, it will be hard to replace him on the radio. But I think that with all of this, the WNOV Family; no, the remaining WNOV family will be fine. It will take time, but still will be fine.

This coming week, there will be a Community Memorial Celebration for Eric at Marquette University’s Alumni Union. And the date will be September 14th. 

We are indeed mad and pissed, #Nerdland fans.

Melissa Harris-Perry last week as we know is no longer working for MSNBC. As mad and pissed as she is with the layoff she should be. During her four years on the Network, we learned so much in which we were in the classroom with her. Even with her viewpoints on politics and of course her letters whom were addressed to. My thought of my blog letters here on Stephen’s Spot were an idea watching her, and is to help enlighten those readers who were and some needed thoughts to process. And for some, it worked. But as of we know the real “Letter to” is not just for me, it’s for those who have paved the way, and those yet to be. So consider this ” letter” goes to the person that started it: Melissa Harris-Perry.

Dear Us #Nerdland folks and fans of Melissa Harris-Perry:

It’s me Stephen.  A black man out of Milwaukee that likes the spirit of Nerdland.

By the way, Happy Black History Month.

This is a heartbreaker in which another of the crew had to be let go. For the last four years, we were given a chance and an opportunity to see and hear the words of Melissa Harrs-Perry. Of course that many didn’t like her style of dialogue of Saturday and Sunday Mornings.

Everytime we tuned in on MSNBC and to see what the topics were, we were in the classroom with her. Learning so much stuff that had our brains working for days. Weeks, Month, etc. Everytime we see Melissa Harris-Perry at work we see us trying to take notes, and to summarize for that test that is coming up on Mondays. No matter what she brought, there was one thing she had the most: unapologetically black nerd style viewpoints that will not be silenced to come.

Her show will be missed, not because of her, but really because of some idea of being pre-empted for the ongoing footages of seeing Donald Trump talking so much crap that really has to ask, why would MSNBC do this? Those business decisions which are causing black folks to get laid off, in the same year that President Obama is getting out is like we partied at the club with honor and all of a sudden, the light signals telling us that it’s time to go. Without warning!

This was like Black History Month in 2012 in Milwaukee. You guys know from 2012 in which one of our former Black Radio Stations 1290 WMCS was no more. Many of us were looking forward to hear the personalities of TJ Live and many others on the dial. But instead, we got Elvis. #Nerdland, we in the Black Milwaukee Community were pissed! And the thing is it happened without warning! And now, WNOV here in Milwaukee with 2 black radio personalities are the only ones the most anchoring the news and issues that many in Milwaukee don’t know about. And it’s a battle against those in Milwaukee that are “Conservative Controlled” of a Charlie Sykes, Vicki McKenna, and that dude over at 1130 WISN, Mark Belling. Many don’t know but we know what the deal is.

What will I take from MHP and well as her lessons that she indeed brought us a new fresh perspective that many in the conservative world would not touch. Here are some examples:

  • Black Lives Matter
  • The ongoing black victims of being shot by the police
  • The Charleston Shooting
  • The Harlem Shake that many got mad after Melissa told the real truth. Oh the big words. Yeah right!
  • Her sorority of Delta Sigma Theta and it’s 100th Anniversary founding.
  • The rise of black women and their contributions even in Maine!
  • President Obama
  • The issues of black men
  • Michelle Obama
  • Education
  • Her book called Sister Citizen
  • And most recent – Beyoncé and the Superbowl.

So why the hate?! Oh, I get it. She’s a black woman who spoke the truth! And it took a different kind of management to silence that. But I will say this: Melissa Harris-Perry is already employed as a Professor, but don’t be to surprised nor shocked, nor extra surprised that she will get another job to keep us the Nerdland Alumni informed. Everyone of us her who watched her show is a Nerdland Alumni.

About those meltdowns, those problems with taxes, MAN LISTEN: WE ALL HAVE MELTDOWNS! WE ALL HAVE TAX PROBLEMS! How many of us who will file taxes this year with problems? How many of us in the community or country have had MELTDOWNS of any kind that were BIGGER than Melissa’s? Don’t come at me with all the “Oh Melissa had a meltdown!” I call BS on that. When was your MELTDOWN? Back in High School? College? Your last job that had you going then cut your salary? Or matter of fact: What Meltdown have you had when your so-called Co Worker, or “Social Media Friends” posted something that they felt it was good, but made you upset or sad? Better think about that!

So Melissa writes in her last letter to her staff these words:

I have stayed in the same hotels where MSNBC has been broadcasting in Iowa, in New Hampshire, and in South Carolina, yet I have been shut out from coverage,” Harris-wrote in the memo. “I have a PhD in political science and have taught American voting and elections at some of the nation’s top universities for nearly two decades, yet I have been deemed less worthy to weigh in than relative novices and certified liars. I have hosted a weekly program on this network for four years and contributed to election coverage on this network for nearly eight years, but no one on the third floor has even returned an email, called me, or initiated or responded to any communication of any kind from me for nearly a month.


Plus this was the highlight of the argument:

I will not be used as a tool for [management’s] purposes,” the host wrote to her staff. “I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head. I love our show, I want it back.”


And also from the MSNBC side of things yes, they did the recognition of the diversity of the company, but in the end, despite of that email, it’s apparent that Melissa Harris-Perry’s days of MSNBC and the Nerdland reign as of February 26th, 2016 was coming to an end. In the very same week that Milwaukee lost WMCS four years ago, in the last week of Black History Month. Is that shameful, I don’t what is.

#Nerdland: hear me on this as a Introverted Black Man: don’t beat yourselves up. Knowingly that there are those who wanted their wish. But I also say to those that be careful what you wish for! That is the one thing that many Americans  don’t really pay attention to! They don’t. And they don’t care. But the thing is there are more open doors and knowing that Melissa will walk in one of those doors to keep us Nerdland fans communicated. So yes, even though MSNBC had took MHP off the air, but have NOT took out MHP!

We’ll see this again. Who knows, she might go another network like TVOne or another spot where many might not expect that will change the game permanently. So we just got to keep our heads up, keep walking, tell the truth, educate us, re educate the masses on the real deal, be professional, be alert and yes #STAYWOKE.

Sincerely (with the Nerdland fists up),



For those who have logged on my blog in the past few days about 1290 WMCS, thank you. I’m just doing my part to get the word out in terms of my commentary and ideas. I never worked for 1290, but like as a regular citizen, I did listened and had a balance with the viewpoints.  And of course, I drove by the building near Sherman and Capitol and the Mural is currently displayed. Now how long will the mural stay? Not knowing. Plus if anyone had a chance to go their website, you will see a under construction graphic, but you can click on the link to listen to all that stunting Elvis music that most of us still having our heads shaking in disbelief. Most don’t know that 1290 WMCS wasn’t just a radio station that played music and talk, it also had provided scholarships opportunities for students that were college bound. Technically even though it was under the radar for those never heard of the station  but however, for us in Milwaukee, this was well known as much as them hosting the Christmas Family Feast every year, on Christmas Day.

Speaking of new ideas: I want to address this to Black Milwaukee.  No matter if you are a Mason, Elk, a church member, business owner, current radio personality, former personality, student, retiree, blogger, or just an average black citizen that is always in the brainstorming thing to generate work. We are still hearing about why this happened and of course the “funeral procession of 1290 WMCS”  is still happening  I know. Many are asking, and wondering why don’t we support our own businesses and organizations that we are definite fans of?  Are we afraid?  Basically it’s nothing new. We seen it and hear it too many times. On the Milwaukee Times Website, I read an article that was entitled: “Lead, follow or get out of the d*mn way!” Which was published last year. In the article, Ruben Hopkins commented, “It should come as no surprise that Milwaukee has the weakest black business community in the country. However, it still surprises people when I bring it up. It’s as if we don’t talk about it, it will go away.” In the recent event that happened to 1290, Spectators Arena Grille, and others that had that “grand opening, grand closing” mantra, it’s clearly that we have to do better. Even in this era of Technology. It’s like going from print to digital. We’ve seen it. Even though that it’s a scary thought of mentioning for some, but it is changing. Or in a sense, I’ve heard my pastor talk about the offerings that church members do online instead of going to church in person and dropping it into the basket or collection plate. Or get this: You’re on Social Media, and in between you came across your church online, after hearing the sermons and songs, there are those who have those “eCommunion Wafers and Juices” on stat. When the time comes, those who might take “the bread” and “drink the wine” on their own. And after that’s done, the continuing of getting back to Facebook or Google Plus goes on. It might happen. Don’t be surprised  The reason why I’m bringing this up, it’s a prime example of the keeping the pace with the new era of business. And why were at it, that is mostly needed in the African-American Community of Milwaukee. Now we know, one black business had ended, but the ones that are still standing, need a shot of support. Plus also those that are upstarting, need a grasp of opportunity.

Way back when, I was listening to the Michael Baisden Show, and how he talked about the organizations that came out for the Trayvon Martin tributes, the schools, and etc. And how that that Black Businesses were supported by the black churches, neighborhood organizations  Fraternities and Sororities, and others that devoted their time and effort to come out. And guess what, again they were black owned organizations and groups! I constantly heard him said this many times. Now in regarding this, I think the Milwaukee Black Fraternities/Sororities (especially Milwaukee’s NPHC) , churches, organizations,  and others need to help to expand the wings to get those a lift. Now if some had come out to help re-brand African World Festival, for those one day and two day festival comebacks, why not come out for a struggling organization that is currently in the red? African World Festival is now molding as a business, which also help promotes(along with Gee’s Clippers and the Milwaukee Urban Entertainment Alliance)  the All-White Affair and All-Black Affair Events in Downtown Milwaukee, plus the Lakefront seasonally.  Like I said before, if those of us who like to stand outside to wait for the new Air Jordans, an IPhone, or in this case to hear what Lil’ Wayne has to say about in his rap lyric or that new album about to drop nationally, then that mentality needs to set also for us locally to motivate and get involved! Last summer, I missed a UW-Stout Alumni event in the city. Yes, I’m a Stout Grad. But the one thing I did the most, was donated to the Alumni Association. I donated $20.00 just to support my University Alma Mater. I also did alot of support to my High School Alma Mater in 2011, by through donations, making ads, and getting proclamations from the offices of the Mayor, Governor and County Executive! Oh yeah, I was hustling hard. Plus also I attend the Alumni Board meetings to support. And I’m the first black male from my High School Alumni Class of 1995 and the 90’s decade to do this. And before I go to the meetings, I ask those on social media for input of questions, comments,  concerns or ideas to help the Alumni Association. This is my way of generating to them of new stuff.

Black folks of Milwaukee, this is what enthusiasm can do in order to find new things to conquer as an example.  Learned it while attending church. Some of you say that I have a good philosophy. Well I don’t know, but it is appreciative way to keep the shop going. But many might ask, and I know this, is how can this be done with the survival of our black businesses in Milwaukee of any kind? I’m so glad that question is asked in which I’m prepared to answer. Now I’m only one African-American male in the city but I know there are certain steps to follow.When I was attending a Rethink Church meeting in Racine, I remember 8 steps to ensure a workable church, but also this can tie into any business. What I want to imagine that all the Black Businesses/Zip Codes in Milwaukee are one BIG Corporation.

As for the steps, this is how it went:

1) Establish a sense of urgency.

2) Create a guiding coalition.

3) Develop a strategy.

4) Communicate a change vision

5) Empower a broad based action

6) Generate short term goals

7) Consolidate gains and produce more change

8) Anchor new approaches in culture

***Just for reference, I would highly recommend checking out a Publication called “Leading Change” by John P. Kotter. Sidenote.***

For all of those who are black business minded, take notes on this. Don’t just read them and archive, put them to work! The parts of short term goals – even though that the short term goals are short term, the game is not yet won. Although the short victories are good at times, but it’s best to learn from the results of the short victories to ensure the long victories. If your goal is to get your Mixtape Rap CD out in Walmart for 60 days, and if the sales are good – small victory. But you have to build on the small wins for the big wins! I’m just saying. All it is: Keep Winning as the folks say on Instagram. And if the business plan goes south, you have to go back and review what happened to make improvements. Just like when we were in school and if we fail a test, sometimes we have to ask what happened, and go over what has happened.

Furthermore, WE the Milwaukee African-American Community must continue to seek and keep the shop open.  Yes WNOV 860 is open. But still, the dialogue, our needs/concerns, and our commentary viewpoints must stay the course! Just like this morning, when Sherwin Hughes commented about the state black radio in Milwaukee. Plus also commented were Eugene Kane, Judge Derek Mosley, and a surprise guest to start out with: Former 1290 WMCS Personality Eric Von was appreciated for his years behind the microphone. All in the new 9:00am – 11:00am time format. Even though 1290 has gone “from stunting yet again Elvis”, and today, Fox 6 News reported that the station is now going to be named as “1290 Martini Radio”; WZTI-AM. They are going to play music from Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett, to Adele and Norah Jones.  Ok………

Now to those of us in the African-American Milwaukee Community, after the “funeral procession of 1290 WMCS”  is over, what’s next? Keep branding and building. But do it smarter!

This is another blog I wrote in 2010 which talks about a new radio station in Milwaukee, Majic 102.5.

If you haven’t heard, Milwaukee has a new radio station. It’s really a new black owned station that plays a mixture of R&B, Hip Hop, Talk, Soul, and Gospel. Most of the time, it does play mostly old school music from the 70’s-90’s and some of today’s hits. Yes, I am referring to Magic 102.5 in which has partnered with 860 AM  WNOV months earlier. – That used to be the station that had former Milwaukee Alderman Michael McGee on it years back. (Older McGee) So far, it’s a radio station that I have drawn to because it’s not just the music like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu, Sade, Robin Thicke, Janet Jackson, Corrine Ray Bailey, and any other old school hip hop artists: That’s like Digital Underground, Sugar Hill Gang, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Will Smith in his “Fresh Prince” Days with D.J. Jazzy Jeff, or Afrika Bambaata. Or classics singers like James Brown, Roger/Zapp, Michael Jackson, or Teena Marie.

But there is a main reason I listen to the radio station every day, and it’s mostly during the afternoons. You may have heard of this person but he tells it like it is: Michael Baisden. If you don’t know who he is, you are missing out! For real, Michael Baisden is a motivational speaker, talkshow host of TVOne’s “Baisden After Dark”, and author that brings his radio format to the station nationally; generally speaking, his radio show, “The Michael Baisden Show”  is a national syndicated program. He and comedian George Wilborn, bring not only important issues concerning the black community, or any community,  but also some humor that hits home. And just for the record, Michael Baisden is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force. I listen to him mostly after Rockmond Jr’s “At Work Network” format which ends before 2:00pm.

In the last month or two, I recalled some issues that Michael did indeed touched on. And most have definitely hit home:

  • Race Relations
  • Bad Parenting
  • Spanking kids
  • Relationships gone wrong when couples cheat
  • Option of Women staying at home than working.
  • Competition between Men and Women.
  • Employment
  • Church Mess! Fighting, Gossiping and Infidelity in the Church! – Uh oh! This is a real topic. Any church can relate.
  • Church cliques – those groups that you might want to avoid every Sunday.
  • Churches between black and white congregational members. – As crazy as this sounds, he touched this topic.
  • Bad Neighbors or from his show, “Neighbors From Hell” (forgive me for saying this)- another real topic, and anyone in any city or suburb can realte.
  • Women making more income than Men, in terms of dating
  • Encouraging abstinence with kids

Also, Michael Baiden likes to get his listeners thinking in related topics. One example is trying to get those who are on the sidelines, get involved in being part of the solution. He touched on the stories that two prominent figures in the civil rights movement, Dorothy Height and Benjamin Hooks who recenlty died this year. Read about them if you don’t know. And there was a question that I thought I would never hear: “Where are the new leaders at?” Where are the 20 year olds, the 30 year olds, and 40 year olds? The new generation of Civil Rights?  He commented that Martin Luther King Jr. started to engage in the civil rights movement in his 20’s. 26 years old to be exact. He challenged those who are just complaining about what Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are doing (ala Roland Martin) and start thinking about getting involved in Public Office, or civil rights. There are folks in Milwaukee that do the complaining on the blogs and in the Journal Sentinel Fourms (that I don’t know of) need to get away from the computer or off the sidelines and go into civil rights or public office. Plus, Michael Baisden and George Wilburn would sponsor those who would actually accept the offer. No kidding. He actually said this. Even he also touched on topic about young teens and adults being murdered by older adults over little stuff. He recalled about a 19-year-old woman in Ohio, was killed by her aunt over the clothes she was wearing to a family outing. I’m not joking. This was real. And Michael Baisden asked the question: Where are the mentors? Does this sound familar? In addition he also said this similar about young black males. And again, “where are the mentors?”

Another thing that he is currently doing, is touring 74 cities in the U.S. on a trip under this organization called the “One Million Mentors Campaign“. This organization is on a objective to sign up for mentors across the country ranging from the 100 Black Men Organization, to the Boys and Girls Clubs; In order to get working with the kids. And guess what? “Potentially”, Milwaukee is on the list. So if you’re a Michael Baisden fan, and you want to see him in Milwaukee, contact the station on Facebook or directly.

In addition, starting in February 2011, he is thinking about starting a tour called the “I Love Black Women Tour”, in a way to reach out to the black women of America in areas of relationships, health, empowerment and more. The goal of this, is to try to let the black women know that hey, the black men still care. This event may include daughters also. Be on the look out for that.

Overall, Majic 102.5 is the first station in nearly 15 years that I have listened to since another 102 station that used to play urban music. Remember Hot 102? Plus the many of the old-school jams or joints, are usually for “grown-folks”. That’s 25-54 year olds. Plus females 35 years old and up. Or to quote Michael Baisden, “this is grown folks radio!” The formats and music will not be heard on any other radio station in the city. Including V-100, 103 KissFM. I like V-100, but Majic 102.5 brings me back to those songs that I grew up listening to since my middle school days, high school days, and further back to my childhood. That’s right I said it. My childhood from the 80’s. Slightly like Jammin’ 98.3.

So if you’re kind bored listening to the new stuff, which I don’t at mind at times, I highly recommend Majic 102.5 because of their style of formats. And who knows, this could get more attention around the Milwaukee region.