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Well, I can’t say that I Told You So, Wisconsin. But even though that it maybe wishful thinking coming June 5th, but I’m not going to jump the gun UNTIL the votes have been checked. Currently the State is having the early voting/absentee all over. Including Milwaukee. It seems to me that 2010 should be and only be a distant memory of a bad nightmare. For this, it’s about redemption or like having that last chance to say, “We’re here. Everything else is you know what.” During the first debate, I know that Walker was trying to well “breeze his way” past the wire. But when it came to the unemployment rates in Milwaukee, that really got to Walker. Now you’re probably assuming that it was all Tom Barrett fault citywise. But the guilty has to be equated with County Views of Scott Walker. If I do the math correctly, Scott Walker served as County Executive between 2002 – 2011. Tom Barrett: 2004 – Present. So I have to say based on yearwise, Scott Walker, yet again deserves the blame of the 34%  unemployment in Milwaukee County. Yes I know that the County of Milwaukee has been to career fairs looking for workers in the city. On the flipside the debt in Milwaukee grew upto 85% during Walker’s tenure. So I ask the Walker supporters: what’s up with that?!!!  Hmmmm, Talk to me! And don’t assume that shouldn’t be seen like those mysterious emails insuring that the internal investigations that broke recently. Especially those that broke the rules when Walker was campaigning on “county time”.

If Walker survives the Recall, most of the things that established Wisconsin will be changed. Voting  privilages, not showing up to court equal convictions, or any other things that makes wonders like “what has this state has become?” In regarding to do business: earlier in a previous blog what will that say in terms of Talgo, would say about Wisconsin? Oh, I hear like: “Wisconsin is open for business, but not that business”. There was lots of talk about Super Steel should got onboard with the then-high speed rail project. Now I don’t have a problem with Super Steel, but if Super Steel weren’t so stuck up about being the first in line with the rail thing, why didn’t THEY step up and simply just signed the dotted line instead of Talgo? One thing about American companies in which that in respect they do step up in terms of tough times. But in regarding Super Steel and Talgo, why wasn’t there a joint agreement with the both companies for High Speed Rail with the state? Also, Talgo stepped up in America for over a decade. WHERE WAS SUPER STEEL THEN? What about it, conservative supporters? Where the talk about that? Obviously that has never been heard. Again, talking loud and saying nothing.  And by the way, where are the Independents?  You count too!

Based on in the past year, it’s no wonder that Wisconsin is in the mix for the election year. Technically they are calling this Recall Election the most important election than the upcoming Presidential Election. Speaking of Recalls, word around the Social Media outlets that Recalls are a bad idea. I question why. What’s the real reason? Money? Waste? What? Obviously I feel those concerned should have a right to exercise their voice despite of other opinions. California went through it. One of the Dakotas went through it. But WHY NOT WISCONSIN? Many of us forget that this is a part of process of democracy. It’s part of freedom of expression. Just this past week, was Memorial Day, in which those lying in the crypts or graves in Arlington National Cemetery, or Woods National Cemetery, or any Memorial Park, Cemetery or Monument that served in the Armed Forces fought and died to give US citizens those rights! Oh yes, Freedom is not free. And the right of free expression must come at a responsibility. But even though those that don’t assume the recall thing is an idea, think about those who didn’t have a voice and died! Think about those who didn’t have the will, DIED! I can hear soilders or veterans talk that “I had to give up my rights to defend YOU. And this the thanks I get?” Speeches. They care. Now I’m not a Vet. But if I were, I would be spreading that like wildfire. Many folks might look me like I’m crazy. To every Armed Forces Member out there doing their thing: Thank you! Keep taking names and doing it for America’s Freedoms.

But in all of this: We Americans have a right to express approval and disapproval at times. Even in recalls. Like it or not.

Obviously, despite of the internal “polls” I think that won’t effect the real deal. That real deal is June 5th.

Well it appears that the Recall efforts are on the way in Wisconsin. May 8th and June 5th. Those are the dates in which it has to be a potential assignment to conquer. And apparently, those dates are fast approching. The whole goal of this is to attempt to right the wrongs sort of speak of the Governor’s desk in Madison. Obviously, this is not just Wisconsin’s fight. It’s all over the country. Just recently the war on women (yes the war on women) has also sparked a negative thought in Wisconsin. Walker recently (in secret) signed into law to repeal equal pay. Against who may I ask? The female residents of Wisconsin.  The GOP, including RNC Chairman Renice Priebus (a Wisconsin native) doesn’t beleive that the whole “War on Women” is real. Well, when you take away a right to choose and others yep, it is a war. Let’s say if the GOP were to make a War on Men, per say,  our rights to choose would be in trouble! Obviously, it’s a shame in 2012 that there are certain rights have to still be fought for. In this fight, a recall is a must win for Wisconsin. Technically it is. The other ways of getting to Walker have only put a chink in the armor, but for this it’s nothing more that a must needed Technical Knockout. Those waiting to get to challenge Walker: Tom Barrett, who recently won re-election as Mayor of Milwaukee. Kathleen Falk,  a former Dane County Executive, Kathleen Vinehout, a state senator and the Secretary of State Dave LaFollette. And yes, already the GOP had planted 6 “fake democrats” in this race as well. Really? On the flip side, the race for Lieutenant Governor’s position will be challenged between Rebecca Kleefich and possibly Mahlon Mitchell. Speaking of which, if possible for a win of Mahlon, he would be the state’s first black Lt. Governor. Wisconsin, since in it’s inception has never had a politician as Governor nor Lt. Governor that was African-American or any other person that was non-Caucasian elected. Yes, African-Americans in Wisconsin had served in the State Government, but not at the Governor/Lt. Governor’s level.

Just on a side note, Scott Walker has revealed a “faith belief” recently. Now you’re asking what for? What has this man’s faith belief have to do with him slashing education, a stop on high speed rail jobs, having a state war on women of equal pay, killing collective bargaining rights, and above all else: creating Concealed Carry Weapons Laws. This is a man of faith? Really? And I thought George W. Bush was crazy. It is no comparison or secret that Scott Walker is a son of a preacher man. But do those who are PK’s like Walker need some common sense? Just asking.

I don’t know about anyone in the home state, but when May 8th and June 5th arrives, most will be ready. And I believe that the lines will be long. And it will be I think like those who stood out in the cold weather, and indoors getting those recall signatures and indicating that they want Walker out of Madison. And I did mention that he has a Criminal Defense Fund? Lord knows he’s feeling the fear because for those who I’ve been saying this too, Mayor Tom Barrett warned us!  He warned us to “hang on to your hats!” Did most of us Wisconsinites listen? Did we believe that notion? This is why I kept saying, I told you so!

Speaking of the recalls, we know that citizens of Wisconsin signed the petitions. But I read that some of the news media who work in the newsrooms signed the petitions also. Even though that they are not seen on camera or behind the desk, but maybe they had their rights to express their beliefs like everyone else. So yes, it was done.

To those who want to know, Wisconsin Democratic Spokesman Graeme Zielinski comments about the Wisconsin Recall Efforts. Plus about the “fake names” and real issues that faces education, unemployment benefits, and many others.  Click on the link and hear the interview.


Democratic spokesman asked about recall efforts on Wisconsin’s Morning News – 620 WTMJ – Milwaukee’s Source for Local News and Weather.

Dear LA Times; and the readers of the LA Times; and the State of California:

I couldn’t help to say the fact that I happen to read your LA Times Editorial article of us Wisconsinites of trying to Recall our Rookie Governor Scott Walker. But my question is……What does it matter to you? I mean seriously, why would your LA Times Editorial doesn’t want us Badger-maniacs Recall Scott Walker? Obviously, California with all due respect, THIS ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM! OK so you had an issue with one of your former Governors Gary Davis who was recalled to give you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the nod. But like I said, with all do respect, THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Yes, Scott Walker rejected funds to build of what was supposed to be a project of High Speed Rail here in Wisconsin. But mostly overall, he has rejected cowardly our collective bargaining to our unions, and set up one of the worst plans to derail voting privileges in the state. Speaking of Unions, did you know that our state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, weekends off and paid vacations? Maybe NOT! Yes you have heard of us being behind with fast track of transportation, jobs, and far out with unemployment, blacks in prisons more that YOUR state, and also are you still mad that the Wisconsin Badgers Football team BEAT UCLA 3 times? 2 times in the Rose Bowl?!

Look California, this IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!  Stay out. It’s Wisconsin’s fight. Most of us in the state have realized that electing Walker effected all of us badly who work hard, push the clock, everyday! Yes we have it hard here, but we got some good folks who don’t act like Scott Walker like a coward, and having the gall to kill everything in his path. Talk about “borderline utter nonsense.” Our Democratic Party is planning to recall him in November because it’s OUR right as Americans, to fix our leadership in the Governor’s Chair in the state capitol. Oh, did you see our home state jammed packed in Madison who protested against the Budget Repair Bill for a REASON? Our 14 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state like heroes in order to protect and hold off the votes? You may have heard of the quote “putting country before party?” They did. When was the last time YOUR democrats did something like that?! I’m going there!

In conclusion, Walker is Bad. My home-city of Milwaukee, you know the home of Miller Beer, Harley-Davidson and those shows of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, the NL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Wave Soccer, Mr. 3000, Major League, Original home of Bowling, The Blues Brothers (part of the close endings in Milwaukee), Transformers 3, Public Enemies, Marquette University, and the festival that we call Summerfest? Or get this, you know about George Tillman, Jr and Eric Benet right? Guess what? Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! George Tillman, Jr went to my former high named after a Supreme Court Judge, John Marshall. Heather Graham and Gene Wilder – Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! Don’t Hate! Milwaukee knows more about Scott Walker. You are just now reading about him. Milwaukee had 8 years of Walker as a County Executive who did almost the same stuff as he doing as Governor.  So California, Scott Walker IS not Gary Davis, and Gary Davis is no Scott Walker, and yes even our dislike of Scott Walker has reached everyone’s attention, do us Wisconsinites a favor with all do respect in regarding this: BUTT OUT!! Love your state though 🙂

Regards from this Wisconsinite,

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. read a reaction from one of OUR journalists that summarized your editorial