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So now the nightmare of not having Collective Bargaing Rights in the state will be in effect on June 29. That date is familiar to me because not only it is the date that my family dog was put to sleep a year ago, but it will also be the fault of the voters who wanted this to happen since November 2nd. Yes, So-called Wisconsin voters this IS your fault! All of you waiting on your hands and knees and waving that Tea Party Junk last year, all your fault. And those “who want to wait to see what happens”. Nothing but cowards.  Even those who now think that voting for the rookie governor Scott Walker was a good thought, turns out to be a bad vibe. I told you so. I said that Ten Times! Just like the thought of pushing Voter ID. Bad Vibe. The only reason I think that was pushed, is just to get after the poor folks. And those who couldn’t get ID’s at a DMV. So, yes I see a Voter ID Drive just to help educate ourselves more about having an ID card other than going to the bank or buying a pizza from Rocky Rococo’s.

This is just like all of those who say, “the flood gates are open to your own personal hell”. I know that it is unchristian like but it had to be said. This is war! The Middle Class Families are at wits ends with this removal of Collective Bargaing and those on the other side think it’s a good idea by taking away rights? Our forefathers are rolling in their graves because the descendants are undoing what was set up a long time ago that was the ground work. This generation will take a back seat along with the poor and unfortunate and who’s to blame? They say that the republicans ended slavery. Really?!!!!! I didn’t catch the memo. But the Republicans of now, don’t like Obama because of his skin color. Don’t want to give him some slack of taking down Osama Bin Laden. And also erasing everything that this State of Wisconsin has worked for in getting Collective Bargaining Rights. This is like: Flat-Out Racism! Oh, yeah I said it! This is a flat out version of Racism.

In 2012, there are talks about Recalls. Well if that’s the case all those in Wisconsin who are indeed “REAL VOTERS”, better get ready now. You Real Voters. Not those who showed up and said that’s all their is. If Scott Walker does (and some say WILL be) declared recalled. The other folks who like the guy will whine and complain. We know. But look at this. Everything that has gone on this past year thus far, it will really make you think. I am challenging those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of Scott Walker taking away collective barging. Tired of Republicans in Wisconsin State Senate who had a gall of blocking stuff that this state has created for all states to have. Tired of not having High Speed Rail all because of the “boondoggle comments” from the Walker/Wisconsin GOP Maniacs. Then you “the Real Average Wisconsin Voter” better do whatever it takes to recall and or vote up the right way. I don’t care about your age in college. All of you those who are 18-30 years old: NO EXCUSES!  GET OUT AND VOTE IN 2012!

Don’t forget, Wisconsin is the birthplace of collective bargaining. All of those 40 hour week, benefits, vacation pay, sick pay, etc, all started here. And obviously, the rookie Governor, Scott Walker doesn’t care.  The Wisconsin GOP, doesn’t care. And all of the “King Walker” fans don’t care because well… voted for him. And now, some of you are regretting this?

All you have to do is reference 8 years in Milwaukee.


Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. I have to say that today, March 9th, 2011, the 14th Anniversary of the death of Notorious B.I.G. has not been good. The Wisconsin Republicans Senators voted to move the Union Busting Bill through with a vote of 18-1, illegally!  As a Wisconsinite, I am embarrassed.  Totally Embarrassed.   And I thought being booted off your friends list on Facebook was bad. (I got something to say about that. Particularly those who add on for a while then, take off 3 months later.)For those who wanted Scott Walker in office, you made your vote happen on November 2nd. But if you are a fan of Scott Walker and don’t like his politics of this subject, you need to remove that Republican Card from the wallets and purses right now! Again, this is an outrage. It is a slap in the face of the working class, it is a slap in the face of the future, and it is a slap in the face of those who have built this thing for workers who want to have working rights. Just as a reminder, that Wisconsin started this union thing. And now, it’s becoming a thing of the past. There was a comment long ago on Milwaukee’s Real Milwaukee show on how Nicole Koglin, said that those in my age group (in our 30’s) don’t understand the union stuff. Let me comment this, and I don’t care if it makes the RSS feeds. There are those in my age group THAT DO understand this! I got friends from high school that are involved in Unions, and yes they are in their 30’s! Obviously, Nicole (as good as she is) needs to learn why these things exist and must have a reason to have it. It’s been around for over 50 years. I think education needs to resurrect here.

This is what happens when you don’t vote. The black community knows this very well: If you don’t vote, you don’t count! Period. I know that for the next election there will be more voting in 2012,  but what just happened in tonight, proves it! This is also what happens when you just sit around and do nothing. So voters, we need to turnout better than this. As for the Wisconsin 14, they were described by the ex-RNC president Michael Steele as “whimps”. Shut up, Michael Steele! The Wisconsin 14 are not cowards. They are not whimps. They are not wussies.  They maybe outlaws but also courageous. The Recall comments are just now getting to the heads of voters. Will I be recalling, you bet your next blog. I’m saying this because I come from folks who have worked with unions. No matter which one. I used to be apart of the Teamsters Local 344, and I know that African-Americans the most in Wisconsin would suffer the most. In case you’re wondering, Wisconsin does have black people, and most of them do live in the Milwaukee area. At least 41% of us do work. Particularly in the Education areas. And I know first hand that this will not die out quickly. Matter of fact, remember when former House Rep Alan Grayson, that Republicans want you to “die quickly?”  That comment has resurrected. This is embarassing. This is an attempt to bust Unions, and also in my estimation, a SLAP IN THE FACE against every working person (past and present) who has fought hard to get working rights on the map. And for those who say “I’m glad they pass this thing” there might be consequences of backing that up. My opinion, of course.

Like I said in my previous blogs, the people know that the Rookie Governor Scott Walker is known for this. When he was the Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years, he made uncessary cuts that are needy. Transit, Health, the poor, and also Unions. I think the rest of the state should have done was to research the part of him that was not well known. Again, Wisconsin: I TOLD YOU SO! All of that” Brown Bag Tea Party Movement” stuff will be nothing more than a consequence of stripping collective bargaining rights. Elections have consequences. And those who made the decision, will have consequences. They will have consequences that will pay. Big Time.

For Wisconsin: bold prediction – Wisconsin WILL be a blue state in 2012. In the past couple of weeks, President Obama has been quiet about what’s going on with the unions. And for the recalls: even though that Scott Walker can’t be recalled unless he has a year under his belt. BUT those who have been in longer, they CAN be recalled. The dragon has been sleeping, but now it has been awaken.  And……..IF Tom Barrett would have been governor instead of Walker, this would not be going on right now. So again, this is what happens when your voice isn’t heard!

As a resident, I am ashamed. But now, when the ballot boxes comes, I can’t wait to smackdown my vote. Or as it now: vote up.