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Today as we know is Labor Day in which for many is the last blast of the Summer Solstice Vacation Season of 2019. And yet it’s the last of the Unofficial end of Summer of the 2010’s. Let’s be honest, the season in many was a quick one in which it went so fast. And yet, I needed a break to get away from the blogging to concentrate on the mindful of things to write something new. Oh yes, I’ve been taking notes and looking at the crazy footage of our so-called president making a fool of himself thinking he’s the chosen one. OH REALLY?! SINCE WHEN? Enough of this, with all the mess of Education, Crime, Black Folks voting up with White Supremacy, another year without Colin Kaepernick, Jay-Z setting up the Inspire Change in the NFL’s 100th Season, Packers got a new Head Coach that would let loose like crazy, Jonathan Taylor is a Heisman Chaser, and……lets get this over with. I’m scratching my head again.

If you have a fake job that harasses folks, does that make you make “Labor Day material?”

I’m looking at highlights of the Milwaukee Rally of 2019. It’s like a mini-Harley Davidson festival of five days of Motorcycles humming all over the city of Milwaukee. BUT……..As far as the stages of music, will it not hurt if the rally folks look for Black Entertainers that can perform at the rallies? No offense.

What was the Summer Blockbuster Action Movie of 2019?

After 20 plus years in the game, Missy Elliott earned a MTV VMA Vanguard Award. Hold up, you know it’s still the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, right?

So the NFL’s 100th Season will feature the theme of Inspire Change by Jay-Z. Exactly what will be the overall idea of this concerning police brutality? And about Kaepernick?

Marcellus Wiley was literally off his high horse on FS1 taking about Kaepernick’s protest and other concerns that he’s not black enough and all this other things not worthwhile. OK, Colin was biracial born in my home-state of Wisconsin, in my home city of MILWAUKEE and raised in California. So what. Bottom line is the fairness of him is not being projected in terms of him playing. Colin has been warming up for 3 years in the hope of being signed to a NFL Team. So why is Marcellus Wiley tripping like the GOP? And let Roland Martin “deconstruct”the method of this subject!

Since when did our So-Called President wanted to call himself “the chosen one?”

It appears that Milwaukee’s EScooters Pilot Program is a big tryout. From Lime Scooters, to Bird and Spin. And safety is not in play?

How did the Milwaukee Streetcar do with the Hip Hop Week?

A Hip Hop Concert on the Milwaukee Streetcar, August 2019.

With Summerfest is in the rear view for another year, any take on the high and low points of the festivals?

I know I’m not the only one, is it not a shock to see Halloween stuff in the stores already?

With many of the schools starting up for the 2019-2020 semester, this needs to be stated: if you are apart of an Alumni Association that meets once a month and you get yelled at or called out of spite, can all of your former schools chill out?!!! DANG!

For all the football predictors, is it possible that the New England Patriots can actually lose the Super Bowl Title in this year’s season, and yet, can the Green Bay Packers win BACK the NFL North Championship?

Speaking of redemption seasons, it is time for the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team to get back to dominate ways. Now since Qunintez Cephus is back on the scene,along with Jonathan Taylor, I want him to have a redemption season to get back on winning ways to show that hard grit for the Cardinal and White. Who’s down for that? And it should be a REDEMPTION SEASON after all that mess getting Qunitez suspended from the school!

CALLOUT: Why do folks who get mad at class reunions just suddenly ask about publicizing? And what does publicized ACTUALLY mean?!

SECOND CALLOUT: If you just planned a wedding this year and advertise among those a few, but mainly FORGOT those who backed you for YEARS, why is that possible to sell them short?

Taking a vacation is not a one day thing. That is vacationing one day in a city, and going back home the next. Who does that?! And can many folks actually REST for a couple of days to visit? Jeez!

Has anyone seen this Millenials vs Baby Boomers Video?

And…….Gen X and Gen Z is left out. It’s time for a Fatal Four Way. And who agrees?

In August, we observed officially 400 years of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Had many of us actually got the gist of why Slavery is still a problem in America?

So on the video game side of things, Madden 20 will NOT be on the Nintendo Switch, but……is it safe to say that MFL (as in the Mutant Football League) is an alternate to get more teams to play?

It seems that some in Milwaukee want to be mayor for the 2020 Election. And still, does Tom Barrett still want the City Hall Chair for a 5th Term?

For all those Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich fans, if you packed the restaurant in 2019 for a darn sandwich, how come many of you can’t pack a Church Sanctuary on Sundays? And Voting lines, and specifically Parent Teacher Conferences at your child’s school? SPOILER ALERT many of you will fail!

Men: we got 2 more months until International Men’s Day of 2019. Have we NOT had any mistakes planning this?

Hold up: September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. How come there are those companies like the WWE or others are not promoting this? Wear the light blue before pink, men and get your prostates checked up like your sports stats.

When October comes, WWE’s Smackdown will move to Fox, to kick off it’s 20th Anniversary. And just to add, will this give AEW Wrestling a run for it’s money? Or maybe will NXT on USA do it?

So far, the Fiserv. Forum is good after a year. Now the arena’s lettering will be on top of the building with an Orange Glow. Look for it. You know you want to see it. Right?

Who still misses the Bradley Center? Let this video rehash some good memories.

Which WWE Title is most fun right now? I say it’s the 24/7 title. With R-Truth leading the champion changes.

Speaking of WWE Championships, 2019 is the 40th Anniversary of the WWE’s Intercontinential Championship. Who did not know this?

If you graduated from high school in 1995, you know that next year is your 25th Anniversary of your Reunion, right? We’re talking 2020.

The NFL begins it’s 100th Birthday/Anniversary/Season with the old school rivals between the Packers and Bears, instead of the SuperBowl Champion Patriots and their scheduled opponents of whoever they are. For all you Bears fans, you got the SNL superfans and their fake version of Alexa/Google Mini stating they won more titles than the Packers and all that. Are you sure that thing is not rigged?! Good rivalry in all, but unfinished business. And by the way: The Packers STILL OWN MORE NFL TITLES THAN Da Bears! And the rest of the league. 13 championships. Don’t come for Green Bay!

Here is to think about on Labor Day, when it comes looking for work for real paying jobs, why is it always these temp services calling folks the most?! Even if you got a good resume that has been sitting the most all this time with a Bachelor’s Degree?!! We don’t want that!

Here is another thing on Labor Day, what is it about this day with all the hiring discrimination crap that plagues our society all the time?! And you know what I’m talking about. And folks need JOBS!

Is Tales on BET really the new Alfred Hitchcock of the 21st Century for black folks?

September 4th, is the first anniversary of Roland Martin’s show, Roland Martin Unfiltered. After it’s first year of keeping it black and real to a point is this is what we’ve been waiting for in regarding telling our black stories? By the way, support the cause!

Should we chase after folks who uses grammar incorrectly while on Social Media? Especially on Facebook?

Attention Cord Cutters: Which device on the market is good to purchase between Roku, Apple TV, Jetstream TV, Amazon FireStick, and others that don’t require DirecTV Now or should I say now: AT&T TV Now? Many of us want to follow the ditch the dish/high price for cable trend.

Milwaukee Intersection: N. 60th Street and W. Capitol Drive.

In Milwaukee, we have several intersections like this one is perceived as dangerous with all the drivers running red lights. Should these “Grand Theft Auto” wannabes be ticketed and have their licences taken away? And their cars repossessed? Don’t be shocked if this happens!

And the last question: when Labor Day 2020 comes next year, how often should many folks all the time instead of being snobbish of not working?

Pave the way for the Fall Season, we coming!

I did this last year in Black History Month. And it’s back again. So yep, it’s time to scratch the noggin and actually boil the questions. Oh yes, we know we’re in the era of that dude named Trump, and many of us might loose our minds. So now I ask, what’s next for the future of Black History Month? And many of us have been spoiled that it’s supposed to be everyday, but hardly: we black folks DON’T acknowledge our history EVERYDAY! WE DON’T. Yeah, we can do this after March and get all charged up, but might ask where was the energy during February? Hmm……It’s the same ole thing we encounter every time.

Are we still believing this statement? Be honest.

Why are those saying that it’s “National African-American History Month”, than “Black History Month?” Black History Month is now global, not just for the United States.

Is the whole thing about the 45th President saying that the word “black” is outdated true? Last I checked: BLACK is BLACK!

Someone stop me: when we black folks say we celebrate our people everyday or I’m black everyday, are we meaning this or just saying to get the monkeys off the back? Just be honest!

Someone stop me again: are we really teaching our children more about black history everyday? Be honest.

I asked this last year many times: Have you missed Obama?

Is Donald Trump really supporting black folks? Or should I say, those whom are on his side are black?

When was the last time that many took their kids to see a tomb of a famous African-American Figure than to see a  pair of Air Jordans at the mall?

When was the last time that many saw a famous African-American figure that was still dropping knowledge and took the kids?

How many more of the New England Patriots whom are black will not attend the White House?

Dang MSNBC! Why did you kicked off Tamron Hall?!

Is it just me, or is America wants to be driven by those in office whom do not have experience or just being dumb?

You do know that 2017 is a voting year, right?

Is the black media still on point?


I’m surprised that many in America didn’t know who James White was after the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Um, did anyone checked the Wisconsin Badgers for Reference?

How hard will “The Quad” on BET will go?

Is it just me, or what has gotten into BET with the added cussing in movies?

Had everyone seen Hidden Figures? Not Hidden Colors. HIDDEN FIGURES!

Should AFROPUNK make a Milwaukee Visit? Take my money.

When will President Obama release his memoir? If that happens TAKE MY MONEY!

Black Businesses: are you holding up well?

Was Maxwell out of bounds for his remarks about including whites for Black History Month?

Did The New Edition Story on BET really sparked new ideas for biopics?

Should all of the black Alumni of High Schools or Colleges rock dashikis for Black History Month? Primarily with the school colors we know?

Who still reads books? Mainly African-American Novels?

For my Black Introverts, are we good? Are we are still holding up to resist?

This year in Music Anniversaries: 30 years of Jody Watley’s Real Love, Whitney Houston’s I wanna dance with somebody under the self titled Album, Whitney. Kool Moe Dee’s How You Like Me Now made the cut, NWA and the Posse made it’s debut by the group itself. Even Michael Jackson’s Bad was good.

25 years of R.Kelly & The Public Announcement’s She’s Got That Vibe and Honey Love. Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Baby Got Back. EnVogue’s Funky Divas of Free Your Mind, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, My Lovin’and Give it up Turn it loose. Mary J. Blige’s What the 411? Whitney Houston and The Bodyguard Soundtrack.  Boyz II Men (ALL FOUR OF THEM) serenade the women with the single, End of the Road. Also, Prince with the Love Symbol Album premiered,  and Bobby Brown had the joint Bobby out with Humpin’ Around as a hot single. Just to name a few.

20 years of Missy Elliott’s Supa Dupa Fly, Puff Daddy and Family’s No Way Out, Aaliyah had The One I gave my heart to and Hot Like Fire, Timbaland/Magoo debuted Welcome to our World, Will Smith was back with Big Willie Style, The Notorious BIG’s last album before his death: Life after Death, and Michael Jackson had the album out called “Blood on the Dance Floor.” Just to name a few.

15 years ago: Ashanti and Tweet both debuted with their albums, Musiq Soulchild had “Juslisen”, Meshell Ndegeocello had the album, Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape.  Plus Donell Jones had the joint Life Goes On, Will Smith was Born to Reign, Nelly had the joint Nellyville, Sean Paul had the Dutty Rock thing going, LL Cool J: 10,  Deborah Cox (one of my favorite black Canadian exports) had the album out called The Morning After, and Missy Elliott took us back in time with old school hip hop beats in Under Construction. Just to name a few.

And  10 years of Angie Stone’s The Art of War. Plus Timbaland took us a Shock Value favor with Keri Hilson singing hooks. What music are you celebrating….IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH?

This year in Movie Anniversaries: 10 years of I am Legend, Why Did I Get Married? and Black Snake Moan. 20 years of Men in Black, Soul Food, and Amistad. 25 years of Class Act, Mo’ Money, Bebe’s Kids, Diggstown, Malcolm X, and Trespass. 30 years of Beverly Hills Cop II, Leonard Part 6, Sign ‘o’ The Times, and Shaka Zulu.  What flicks are you celebrating….IN BLACK HISTORY MONTH?

This year in TV Shows that are Anniversary material: Martin. 25 years since WZUP, Martin Love the kids, get the steppin’, and many of the quotes that we know it like that. Also, Living Single debuted in the same year also of 1992. Plus, The Cosby Show ended the 8 year reign the same year.  Easy question: What shows are you celebrating in Black History Month?

Is Tyler Perry’s The Haves and The Have Nots show still rolling with new ideas?

Will TVONE continue to roll hard with shows and news?

We keep talking about the firsts in Black History. Who’s next?

I’m not easily fooled by the phrases, Black Future Month, or Black Conscious Month. Nope. Wanna know why?

I’m not easily fooled by this notion of blacks not referencing the ideals that Africans were sold by their own and America ate up the idea of slavery commodity. Wanna know why? (Hint: Part of it is the truth whether we like it or not.)

When will all schools acknowledge Black History? Not just in the cities.

When all those who hate the idea of Black History Month actually stop hating?!

When will all those who don’t like the thought of having a Black History Month actually read what Dr. Carter Woodson wrote about the miseducation portion of us not knowing our history?

And yet again, how will all of this be worthy for our children, especially our black children that need to know this? Not just in school, but in the homes, and certainly in other areas like the church and community centers?

I learned black history in the house, school, and church!

So, Happy Black History Month! or #HapppyBHM2017 whatever many prefer.










Not here to vent or boast up with disappointment, and many other things. The seasons of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers have ended. We know. Both had great seasons differently and seem to be on the adjust to change. Almost. However like any other fan/observer I will break down the reasons why from my point of view.

For the Badgers, I was sick and tired of hearing of the talk about “last year with the team and Russell Wilson”. Ok, I get it.  We know! But that was last year. Last year they had a good rating, and this year not so much. But what about Joel Stave, and or Curt Phillips? Curt Phillips haven’t played ball in about 3 years due to surgeries. But he balled.  Montee Ball, I think had one of best seasons and made a conscious decision of staying in Madison one more year before going to the NFL.  Running backs James White, and Melvin Gordon are going to get the torch in the running game no doubt. Chris Borland and the rest of the pack who stepped up and played defense were solid I think. Of course this was the team that lost 5 games in and all, but and still made it to the Big Ten Championship and the Rose Bowl. Also the barn burner of all was having Bret Bielema leave Wisconsin after winning the Big Ten Championship, in which the Badgers slaughtered Nebraska 70-31. Many thought that a team like Wisconsin had no business being in a game like that due to their status in the Big Ten standings. Look here: If the Penn State Nittany Lions or the Ohio State Buckeyes had their NCAA stuff straighten out, then one of them would have represented in the Rose Bowl. Did either team went? No. So basically Wisconsin was just a runner up in terms of representing and controlling their own destiny.

About the Rose Bowl, fool me once – TCU.

Fool me twice – Oregon.

But three times?-Stanford.

I’m beginning to think when you win 3 Big Ten Titles, and lose 3 Rose Bowls, stalemate. But the part of losing the three Rose Bowls, don’t that tell you something?  No question, Barry Alvarez was put in to coach. He had the knowledge in all. Many say that he should have stayed out of it and let Matt Canada per say take over. Alot of us thought including me thought that Barry Alvarez had the answers, but then came the questions, after the Rose Bowl loss to Stanford. I would beg to differ that Wisconsin is still a good football team. However any team would team, and I mean ANY TEAM has a right and need to “Change The Culture”.  Still the Badgers are good contenders to win in Football games if they put up their full potential. Not hating. Just saying. Knowingly the Badgers have found a new coach, in which the same person that impressed Barry Alvarez, the former Utah State Coach, Garry Anderson. Let’s see if Coach Anderson can help or infuse a need to “Change the Culture” with Wisconsin in terms of the in thing now with the fast plays of the (Badger Barge) Wildcat Offense, and many others that teams are catching on. Including the Defense packages.

For the Packers: I would say that the Packers had a good season. Still repeated as NFC North Champions. Aaron Rodgers to me had a decent season. And to think that guys like Greg Jennings and/or Donald Driver would be suited for the last time. Plus, I don’t know if Jermichael Finley would be back, but I do know, that Randall Cobb will continue to be a threat on Special Teams and or the Offense. And to think that the rest of the Green and Yellow crew still have alot to prove like Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk and a revived Mason Crosby. Even in the upcoming off-season.  I will say that the games that gave the Packers a hard road the most were indeed San Francisco. Not only with Alex Smith, but Colin Kaepernick? Here’s a tidbit for you, Colin Kaepernick grew up in my home city, Milwaukee and rooted/cheered for the Green Bay Packers. And to see Colin using his skills against the Packers in the recent Divisional Playoff game was I have to say was impressive. Even the GM’s of the Packers have to give him his props. (Jaw dropping) Now many others are going to say, who cares?!! It was the Green Bay Packers vs the San Francisco 49ers and they had a battle. Just like when Aaron Rodgers beat the Niners in Lambeau in the old school uniforms in 2010. It was my 34th Birthday FYI, and Aaron rooted for the 49ers as a young fan in California. Another team for the Hard Road: Seattle. That controversial ending still stings. No question the rivalry between the Seahawks and Packers will be down the road, and in the Packers minds, they want to right a wrong. And after the reaction of the players, the change was needed. Another Game: New York Giants. No comment.  And lastly, the Minnesota Vikings. This game was more about Adrian Peterson getting the record in which he came nine yards short! But in the playoff game he got the record, but still lost “round 3”.  The other games were just wins.

The main wins I think that stood out was against:

Bears – Sorry Chicago! One thing about the Old School Rivalry, these games are never easy. And the talk about them winning the Superbowl years ago was and still their best outlook. That was so 20+ years ago!  It’s like hearing Al Bundy always talking about the 4 touchdowns in a single game. I’m sorry. OK, the last time the Bears went for broke against Green Bay: Lovie Smith did say he wanted to beat Green Bay. Done. Win the NFC Championship. Done. And the SuperBowl? Who won that at the time? Reference the Indianapolis Colts! In the same SuperBowl for the first time that the game featured two black coaches that know each other. All in Black History Month. Speaking of Lovie Smith, word is he is need of work. Green Bay, perhaps?

Houston- That bulls on parade stuff was not happening. But I’ll give JJ Watt and Owen Daniels props though. Just a thought, they played for Wisconsin.

Detroit-Same story and still cant get a win in Lambeau after what, 21+ years?!

Tennessee – Winning 55-7 was a cake walk.


And many other games that I can’t think of that stood out from an observers standpoint. Technically not a bad season, but still should have been an improvement. After all of this, what next for the Packers? Back to drawing board as usual. Or as I say on Twitter, next season please. Now that the seasons have been closed, I have to say this from a fan/observer standpoint: Change the Culture. Now I know there is going to be a question, but what does that mean? The term I’m using is from the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team after 2004 when the team came back with a Bronze Medal. At the time, many were questioning about the culture at the time being the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team and taking charge. That was reality in the face. The payoff in my view came true  when the team not only had Kobe, but also generated a new Change in Culture in terms of being humble and not worry about the endorsements and more. Technically, they needed to change and still be a reckoning force in World Basketball. In other words, since the rest of the world caught up with the U.S. in Basketball, the U.S. basketball team had to change in order to prevail their status as gold medal contenders. I think that is what the Wisconsin Badgers Football Team, and the Green Bay Packers have to do in their games. Even if it’s to adapt to the style of these Wildcat Offenses, Pistol Offenses, mobile QB’s of Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick or even RGIII, and the defenses that are more jailbreaking and physical, then yes changes have to happen! I wonder that is what I think Dom Capers has to do. Possibly.

This is not my father’s NFL, this is the new NFL, and that training camp all started in the colleges where they went. So, yes I will say to the Packers and Badgers: “Change the Culture!”

Despite of the current situation with the Wisconsin Badgers Football team is going through,(injuries and losses in all)  there is one major positive: Montee Ball is now “the man”. If those were paying attention to the Wisconsin-Penn State game last week, he became the all time leading rusher the NCAA Division I Football. And yes, they lost to Penn State. However, at least this can be mostly positive for the team and next, the Big Ten Championship against Nebraska. But anyway, feel free to go back in time and see how Montee Ball got to the record. Plus what lead up to it. And when was the last time another Wisconsin Badger broke the rushing record? Ron Dayne vs Iowa back in 1999.


On, Wisconsin!