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I know what you’re thinking. What is it going to take for me to stop writing this stuff to Wisconsinites, I told you so, and get this, I’m not from Wisconsin, and I really don’t care about this blog? Well, I can’t please anyone. Nor I can’t please the average reader. But there one thing I can please, is an act of opinion! The year of 2011 has been dominant in the Badger State from Wisconsin Badgers Rose Bowl Loss, to the Green Bay Packers Winning the SuperBowl, and even the Milwaukee Brewers going far to get the NL Central Division Championship. But those are sports. But now, it’s once again turned to politics. And just today, there are 507,000+ signatures signed to recall the rookie governor Scott Walker. Now you’re saying that that is news in Wisconsin? To those who are Firefighters, Police, Nurses, Union Members in all, YES! This is news. To those who are asking, what is the real reason why those of the 507,000+ individuals are putting their names on the sheets of paper to file against a guy that those don’t agree with? Is it shoes? Is it funny math? Or they just don’t like the guy all because he wanted to strip collective bargaing, tell the High Speed Rail folks no, put a law to make concealed weapons legal, and many other things that will make the middle class look hysterical, including tapping into pensions that most folks in Wisconsin worked hard for! The same kind of stuff that he was doing when he was (once again) was Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years.  Well let me you America, I am a Wisconsinite born and raised since December 5th of 1976, and I know that I only list a few things instead of 507,000 things. But if you are assuming that yes, I did signed my name on the recall list back in November when it was starting out. And you’re probably asking why. Well, I can give you a list a reasons why I think Governor Scott Walker and Rebeeca Kleefisch are under my “No Confidence of the Year” of 2011:

1) Jobs – As we know,  Walker ran a campaign that by the end of his term, he wanted to have 250,000 jobs.  Well according to resources as of now, the state of Wisconsin lost approximately from 9,700 jobs to 11,000+ jobs. Looks like that 250,000 will not happen. Additional, part of that went to Illinois where they gained more than Wisconsin. Remember when Walker killed the High Speed Rail and guys like (of all people) Robin Vos accused it to be a “boondogle” or “government waste of spending”? I know there are some who are remembering this. Those Talgo jobs the ones that Walker chased away should have (SHOULD HAVE) been here in state, in the area of Milwaukee where it’s mostly needed. I used to go to church near the 27th and Townsend Streets area, where at one time, African-Americans had a decent housing, and yes cars back then were ALOT affordable! The only reason why Talgo is pulling out in 2012 is all because of the over the top bull politics of not trying anything new. It’s a shame that a state like Wisconsin can’t move forward only because it’s afraid to do it! I dare anyone from the right wing maniacs to step up and prove me wrong that Wisconsin can afford jobs like this without raising taxes and such. And it’s a double shame that Wisconsin leads the nation in job losses.

2) Voter ID – I see where this is going. Going against those who are African-Americans, the working poor, College Students, those who do fear about having things stripped of dignity. Also some have paled in comparison with racism. I find this (as a registered voter) very disturbing. So you mean to tell me that the next time I’ll be at the polls, I have to whip out my driver’s licence in all? All because I am voting for someone who say is a “democrat”?  Again, that is “the but” of everything. I do understand that voter fraud is alive in America in all, but to have the ID thing displayed to those who want to vote up because of my race  is just really stupid. It’s like another form of slavery in my view.  Even Eric Holder believes that it hurts minorities.

3) Teachers/Unions/Collective Bargaining Rights/Pensions – For those that don’t’ know, I come from a family of educators. Make that Milwaukee Public Schools Educators. That’s right, I am a MPS Alum. I was well coached ranging from Teachers, Recreational Directors, Assistant Principals, etc.  Yes, I know that without education in general, there wouldn’t be a job applying. Period. I have heard from those who were teaching in Milwaukee about their pensions being attacked. All because of one thing that most believe that it should be decreased to get when approching the retirement age. Now since that, another ploy by Walker just trying to get to those in my opinion wanted to get more money. We all know about collective bargaining and unions. Don’t forget that Wisconsin started the unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, pensions, vacations, and most of all, having a weekend to relax and enjoy. But……..when Walker came calling in all it’s just another to pick off those who most thought getting more. For those who thought that teachers are getting overpaid in all, I have news for you. I am a son of a Public School Teacher and from my understanding, teachers are in the struggle as just as everyone else. So just because, let’s say someone sitting behind a cubical at work, trying to become that next Rockefeller,  or working in the boss’s office as a executive yesman (that’s right I said it!) doesn’t make them better than everyone. As a Sagittarirus, I am bringing the truth! And plus, since I’m bringing my religious affiliation to this, the United Methodist Church does believe in collective bargaining rights for all. Just to be clear! Even the Wisconsin 14 laid down their partyline down just to help state! And  just as to add, Education is being cut in Wisconsin and the state leads that, which is really stupid.

4) Concealed Carry Weapons Law – Oh, let the guns come out! I know that this year, there were lots of folks in Wisconsin who feel that having a pistol around makes them look powerful. Well, foolish is one word, in my opinion. When November 1st came, I thought about going out to a store somewhere and getting that bulletproof vest only because I don’t want get my life ended over because I well look strange, and having my skin color of black  to be a subject. Don’t get me wrong, the right to bear arms is in our constitution and it’s a right, but however I am beginning to ask: what if it backfires? I’m being serious. And will this gun or rifle save your soul?

So I need to say that these are a few things that I think that Governor Walker is getting my vote of “No Confidence”. And that goes double for Rebecca Kleeficsh. They talk about that “Wisconsin is open for business”. If that’s the case, then why does it seem to be closing up shop for new opportunities? Now I know there are alot of Doyle haters out there who have their say. But look, this isn’t about Jim Doyle anymore. Yes, I will admit that Jim Doyle at times did his job and made some bad decisions to have low approval ratings. But I ask those who likes Walker, the Koch Brothers, and those who have that “Tea Party Mentality” why didn’t you recall Doyle? I’m just saying.

So Wisconsin, I told you so! And I have three words for Scott Walker, Rebeeca Kleefisch, those in the Wisconsin GOP, the Wisconsin Tea Party, and those like them: SORRY, NO CONFIDENCE! (**Thumbs down**)


Dear LA Times; and the readers of the LA Times; and the State of California:

I couldn’t help to say the fact that I happen to read your LA Times Editorial article of us Wisconsinites of trying to Recall our Rookie Governor Scott Walker. But my question is……What does it matter to you? I mean seriously, why would your LA Times Editorial doesn’t want us Badger-maniacs Recall Scott Walker? Obviously, California with all due respect, THIS ISN’T YOUR PROBLEM! OK so you had an issue with one of your former Governors Gary Davis who was recalled to give you Arnold Schwarzenegger for the nod. But like I said, with all do respect, THIS IS NOT YOUR PROBLEM! Yes, Scott Walker rejected funds to build of what was supposed to be a project of High Speed Rail here in Wisconsin. But mostly overall, he has rejected cowardly our collective bargaining to our unions, and set up one of the worst plans to derail voting privileges in the state. Speaking of Unions, did you know that our state started the Unions, the 40 hour work weeks, benefits, weekends off and paid vacations? Maybe NOT! Yes you have heard of us being behind with fast track of transportation, jobs, and far out with unemployment, blacks in prisons more that YOUR state, and also are you still mad that the Wisconsin Badgers Football team BEAT UCLA 3 times? 2 times in the Rose Bowl?!

Look California, this IS NOT YOUR CONCERN!  Stay out. It’s Wisconsin’s fight. Most of us in the state have realized that electing Walker effected all of us badly who work hard, push the clock, everyday! Yes we have it hard here, but we got some good folks who don’t act like Scott Walker like a coward, and having the gall to kill everything in his path. Talk about “borderline utter nonsense.” Our Democratic Party is planning to recall him in November because it’s OUR right as Americans, to fix our leadership in the Governor’s Chair in the state capitol. Oh, did you see our home state jammed packed in Madison who protested against the Budget Repair Bill for a REASON? Our 14 Wisconsin Democrats fled the state like heroes in order to protect and hold off the votes? You may have heard of the quote “putting country before party?” They did. When was the last time YOUR democrats did something like that?! I’m going there!

In conclusion, Walker is Bad. My home-city of Milwaukee, you know the home of Miller Beer, Harley-Davidson and those shows of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, the NL Champion Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Wave Soccer, Mr. 3000, Major League, Original home of Bowling, The Blues Brothers (part of the close endings in Milwaukee), Transformers 3, Public Enemies, Marquette University, and the festival that we call Summerfest? Or get this, you know about George Tillman, Jr and Eric Benet right? Guess what? Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! George Tillman, Jr went to my former high named after a Supreme Court Judge, John Marshall. Heather Graham and Gene Wilder – Milwaukee, Wisconsin BORN! Don’t Hate! Milwaukee knows more about Scott Walker. You are just now reading about him. Milwaukee had 8 years of Walker as a County Executive who did almost the same stuff as he doing as Governor.  So California, Scott Walker IS not Gary Davis, and Gary Davis is no Scott Walker, and yes even our dislike of Scott Walker has reached everyone’s attention, do us Wisconsinites a favor with all do respect in regarding this: BUTT OUT!! Love your state though 🙂

Regards from this Wisconsinite,

Stephen’s Spot

P.S. read a reaction from one of OUR journalists that summarized your editorial

Well, well, well. It seems that certain bill in Wisconsin has been passed, or sort of. It appears that the Budget-Repair bill has got a screeching halt. A temporary restraining order, that the TRO to most people. For once, I’m glad that the bill that the rookie goverenor did not go all the way through as he thought. I should also say that the withholding of the Wisconsin 14, the protestors who seiged the capitol, farmers and those sporting the Teamsters, AFCSME, SEIU and other union membership gear all helped to get this round 1 victory. Also this would get those who think that bypassing a bill, like this should rethink. This is what Bill Maher reminded me of when conservatives, or Republicans at times likes to “push things through”. Sort of like George Bush. Now Scott Walker wants to emulate that notion thinking “yeah, I’m the Governor and I’m ramming through all kinds of bills that I don’t care if the people of Wisconsin like it or not.”

In saying that, there are consequences that must be faced. Just like the TRO Restraining Order halting the official publication of the bill, and also re-examining the votes and problems that the Wisconsin Republican Senators and Assembly had violated.  They know it. Again, elections have consequences like everyone has been saying for weeks. Hope that the state of Wisconsin has got the message received and copied.

On another note: Scott Walker now wants some High Speed Rail Money. “Things that make you go hmmm…..” – (For those who don’t know what that is, reference the 1990’s, Aresenio Hall, and C&C Music Factory.)  Just remember that he turned away 810 Million Dollars to have the Milwaukee Madison line dead because of politics. And the thought of boondoggles looming in the brain of his supporters. Now he’s pursuing the money again, only this time it’s for the Hiawatha Line of Amtrak, for 150 million. This dude is seriously downsizing. I don’t have a problem with Amtrak at all, but I still think that the cash should have gone to the project slated for the Milwaukee Madison High Speed Rail thing.

So again, that what the state gets.  Open for Business?

I told you so. I kept saying it. Over and over again. Oh, yes. Wisconsin maybe “open for business”,  but also it has opened to mobilize the Middle Class into action. It also has mobilized the unions into action. That  rookie Governor has gotten some fuel started. Now, I went to the website the other day, and there were alot of “we’re with you Gov. Walker!” Comments. Or “Thank you Gov. Walker” comments. Yes Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I’m talking about you. Now, I know there’s nothing wrong about establishing your approval, but when it comes to taking away employer’s rights, that is out of bounds. They say that the “tax-payers” won. Newsflash: they may say that, but they still lost! You see, Taxpayers can be union members also. They pay taxes as much as the so-called non union folks that work in private sector jobs anyway. So who you fooling? Me, You, the IRS, come on! I worked in union jobs and non-union jobs, and I still had to file and or pay up my fair share.  Big deal! In case you’re wondering, UPS is a Union Company with the Teamsters.

So all of this commotion. All of this drama of climax is all escalating. All directed at Scott Walker. First, went High Speed Rail. Second, Busting Unions of Collective Bargaing Rights. Is this the nation that we want to live in? Is this the State of Wisconsin that I want to live in? I thought Wisconsin is all about moving Forward like the state motto. Not reverting back before there ever was a Collective Bargaining. Now mostly it’s those who are still stuck in “boondoggle mode” that will continue to keep Wisconsin behind. All of this in my view will get recalls started up. And already, the Senate Republicans are on the list. All 8 of them. They all agreed with this notion and like before, elections have consequences! Even if the name is Alberta Darling.

Now since this happened, the 14 Senate Democrats have returned home. And already, Scott Fitzgerald commented that their act is all about them being cowardly and shameful. Well I think the egg is on their faces. They as in the Republicans. They also know the fact they pulled a fast one with that so-called Nuclear option of the repair bill that went 18-1 just to have Walker’s way. Over and over again, Scott Walker thinks that the state of Wisconsin is “broke” and there is no money. Liar! Even the Politifact Websites know this. They analyzed it, and it was proven false statement about the money woes.

Now I question again, why is Scott Walker governor?

By now, Wisconsin, we have seen the results and haps of that Rookie Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin, as a fellow in-state neighbor, I told you so! I kept telling you, telling you, and telling you. Didn’t you listen?!!! Now, the rookie governor is taking off more than he can chew. Now even more that the Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, has this so-called “martial law” against all members of the Wisconsin 14, that if they don’t show up, they will be held in contempt. And if they crossed back into the state, they will be arrested on the spot. And forced into the senate chambers to make the vote possible for Walker. Really Scott?! But in a report from Ashland Wisconsin, if offers a different opinion: that if the Senators show up  and handcuffed,  then the Majority Leader himself will be filed in contempt! Simply, they, the  Wisconsin 14 didn’t perform no vicious crimes. They didn’t show nothing in my opinion that would make them to jail! Technically, it would fall flat on Scott Walker’s face. And I mean fall flat! Again, this movement I think, is going to change Wisconsin from a swing state, to a one color state that I think would be best: Democratic Blue.

The Wisconsin 14 have become outlaws! Real outlaws for standing up for those who can’t stand for themselves. Now normally, those oppose them are calling them cowards, and criminals. REALLY?! So you’re the ones who think that having teachers in schools is a crock? You think that having BadgerCare, and Unions are a past signs of the times that should be faded out? So you’re the ones who think that taking 900 Million Dollars from Schools in all and give it the citizens of the rich kids and having those living in the inner city not receiving quality education? Really?!  Is this what this state has come to? Talk about moronic!

I am a product of receiving decent good education. I went through Milwaukee Public Schools, the Wisconsin Technical Colleges, and the UW System (that’s University of Wisconsin to you) just trying to be the best. – EVER. I know I’m not getting any recognitions some time soon, but I can give it to  those over the years that I sat in those classrooms, I can publicly (PUBLICLY) thank all those teachers that put me on the hot seat, those that pushed be to sit in front of the class, those that well, really gave it to me that no one else didn’t do: Encouragement. Those those revered me to say, slow down, start again. Now that’s how to thank teachers. My mother worked in the Milwaukee Public Schools systems for nearly 34 years, and yes I was in her summer school class eons ago. Moving forward, my University Alma Mater – the University of Wisconsin-Stout challenged me to use Distance Education as means to get me engaged in doing education in a semi-tradition manner. A manner in which organizations like the Milwaukee Urban League, and Milwaukee’s Manpower thought that I had “to go on campus and leaving Milwaukee”. – How wrong  and pathetic and stupid they turned out when I didn’t continue with them. And to this day, even it will be 5 years in the making, that I can tell my story and not worrying about some other bloggers in Milwaukee telling me that I shouldn’t . WRONG I should!!!!  For the Technical Colleges, it was another chance for me to redo my college thing, and performing my chance to get my first college degree of associates, and trying it to sell my Printing skills to companies that should matter. And then there’s public schools. All those times I had to go to summer school. All those times when Parent Conferences were worrisome for me. All those times when band directors injecting me with confidence to march in parades, and join jazz ensembles. This is what teachers can do. This is what GOOD teachers can accomplish. And even though that I had some issues, but I can say that they did their job in prepping for my future. This also why I’m giving back as an Alumnus to be apart of Alumni Associations to help out the Old Schools that taught me.

Oh, I forgot…..some are not down with that. And I think that those who voted up for Scott Walker who wanted things their way may get backfired. Some of the conservatives are now backing off of what Scott Walker is doing favorably. Hold the phone! – Does this mean that the folks should have voted for Barrett? I said this on Facebook, and I’m saying it here: If  Tom Barrett would have been Governor now, the whole country would not had to worry about what’s going on in Wisconsin. High Speed Rail would be a reality. None of the unions wouldn’t be protesting. Teachers wouldn’t be skipping out in support of the unions, etc. And not to forget about those obnoxious recalls info and the Wisconsin 14 wouldn’t be thought about along with the use of actblue. Most of us would still be revisiting the Green Bay Packers winning the SuperBowl all over again, and getting prepared for next season (if the NFL doesn’t have a lockout). And even: Wrestlemania. But those things are not important right now. What is important that folks livelihoods are at stake and it needs to be solved. – The right way. And so far, the Wisconsin14  are doing it their way to make a statement by putting country before party, by thinking about the people.


I know this is getting boring with all the coverages centered around my homestate of Wisconsin, the unions, the Wisconsin 14, the return of the Tea Party, and…………….that messed up rookie Governor, Scott Walker. I know also I shouldn’t call him a “rookie governor” but he is. He’s a rookie that will make mistakes and makes them big. One of them as we all know it was High Speed Rail for the state. But recently, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Isn’t giving up on the idea of having High Speed Rail, and it will probably connect with Milwaukee and Chicago, on the Amtrak Hiawatha Route. But now: Back to the unions. Already the rookie governor has made a decree, or a threat that if the Repair Bill isn’t passed, nor if the Wisconsin Senators (the Fab 14) doesn’t comeback and vote, he will start laying off state workers by the summer. So let me get this straight: If the bill isn’t passed, or no resolution of any kind, dire consequences? Really? Really? Really? What a load of threats!

See I told you so again, Wisconsin. But no. Now look what happened?  Do I need to repeat myself here? I mean for real. Now the protests have been spilled to Ohio, Washington DC, Georgia, Los Angeles, and also Indiana. All because of their governors wanting to do the same thing that Scott Walker is trying to do: Busting up unions for the Collective Bargain Rights. Well for some of us in Milwaukee, he had done this before – as  County Executive.  As I stated in my previous blog.

So I’m assuming that the Wisconsin 14 will be “Heavily Responsible” for the 1500 state jobs about be slashed by the summer?! That’s all Scott Walker’s doing right there, and he knows it. He would be responsible for that. NOT THEM! I thought Scott Walker was all about creating 250,000 jobs in all. Who does he think he is, Tommy Thompson, a mid-carter? Speaking of Mayor Barrett, he did warn the state to “hang on to your hats” for alot of slash and burn decisions that Walker would do. As I also indicated (again) that if  Tom Barrett would have been elected Governor, these protests, and the whole slash and burn theories of Scott Walker would not have happened! PERIOD! Sarah Palin, recently commented that “Wisconsin protesters are  fighting the wrong fight”. Really Mama Grizzly? Maybe Sarah should remind herself of fighting the wrong fight in 2008 against Barack Obama, in which – SHE LOST! With John McCain! Oh, check this, Rush Limbaugh mocked the Wisconsin Protesters, and calling them “freeloaders”. Really Rush? Freeloaders. Well, when you have about 30,000+ people in Wisconsin’s State Capital screaming no on not to take collective bargaining away, it’s not just directed at Scott Walker, it’s directed to the Rush Limbaughs, the Sarah Palins, and that crazed geek over at Fox News, Glenn Beck! – On his show, dude was acting ballistic!  – The people that Glenn Beck was talking about were in Times Square and his commenting was about them being a mob or a gang. What was his reaction: “What the hell is this?!!!” Oh my God!  It was protesting in support of the unions and Wisconsin. Even Ed Schultz figured that out. Come on!

I’m sure by now that another example of Scott Walker is a “rookie governor”, he  got duped over a Koch Brothers phone conversation.  We’ve all seen it. And on the footage, there is one thing that remains truthful: Scott Walker wants to break up the unions. -(ala his Milwaukee County Executive Days) And as a former Teamsters Member, I find that disgraceful. Totally disgraceful. And also I have educators in my family that are “union bound”.  Which is included  with connections with the Milwaukee Public Schools. That makes it even more pathetic.  And why is it that all but the firefighters, police and others who are not effected with this, are off the hook in this incident? – Well it’s no secret, because those groups were “walker funded”. Get it?

Let me offer some education here: Wisconsin is the home of where the unions got started. All of that 40 hour work week, benefits, pay/sick pay/vacations and more, that most of us in America do have , all of that came from my homestate of Wisconsin. We’re more than just Harley-Davidson, The Fonz, Laverne and Shirley, Cheeseheads, the first Flag Day, Joshua Glover’s freedom from slavery, a UNION state during the Civil War, and the start of Dairy Products! – I mean that with love.

But now, the home turf of unions is being shackled with ignorance of the Republicans particularly with the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker.

For the Wisconsin 14: – all of them Lena Taylor, Spencer Coggs, Tim Carpenter, Tim Cullen, Jon Eprenbach, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin, Robert Jauch, Chris Larson, Julie Lassa, Mark Miller, Fred Risser, Katlheen Vindehout and Robert Wirch are doing something that most folks I think should be doing the most! Put country before party. Or in this case, they are putting Citizens Before Government. They know,  and we know they are Democrats. But they are putting party before country. And the citizens are in need of  “Solidarity” for the unions, their memberships, their bargaining rights, and their overall livelihoods of work. Now you know why  Wisconsin matters. It may not matter to those who are sports fans. It may not matter to those who are into (or not into) The Fonz or Laverne/Shirley. The same can be for the Brewers, The Packers, The Bucks, even the new Lingerie Football League expansion team of the Green Bay Chill. (Yes, it’s here) But THIS is the huge deal concerning the collective bargaining rights. And just to think, if this fails, America loses.

I know I voted for President Obama. And yes I believe that he should be able to come to Madison in person to see what the deal is. I know that he’s monitoring the situation in Washington about the Unions/Walker/Angles. But mark this: He will come to Wisconsin. He will probably think about Wisconsin the most, because in the 2008 Election, the state was indeed a Battleground State for his win. (easy win) In 2012, it will be a returning battleground state for him. And like before, I’m thinking it will be an easy win yet again to prove why Wisconsin Matters.

Yep. Wisconsin: what did I tell you? I told you so! They say that “elections has consequences”. We know what they are. Don’t trip or fool yourself because the nation, or better yet the world is watching what’s going on in the ill-badger state. Why I’m saying ill? Four words: Rookie Governor Scott Walker. I can name others in three words: Attacking the unions. Or let me get these words out of the way in four: No High Speed Rail. And just to think, that I’m happy that the now infamous “Wisconsin 14” – aka Wisconsin Democratic Senators led by the likes of Lena Taylor and Spencer Coggs, did something that most were afraid to do: put country BEFORE party. Or this case: put the citizens before government! And also: RECALL? You (the citizens of the other side)  want to recall the Wisconsin 14 just because they skipped their jobs? Well OK, the average person would be fired or suspended for missing work. But  you know what? In a sense, they are doing their job! Even if it’s in a undisclosed location! I think those who are doing and promoting these Recalls against the 14, are just mere jealous that  they are getting the attention than someone in NY (No offense, New York).

Now to comment those who think that they should be fired just for leaving the job, that’s your opinion. I think the “Wisconsin 14” should be commended for taking a huge sacrifice for their work in protest. They did it peacefully, and unselfishly pulled a huge upset in derailing a vote for Scott Walker. To you “Walker Manics”, yeah, you high paid big business, shipping jobs overseas, Koch Brothers Fans loving, boondoggle calling High Speed Rail, unethical values of so-called Americans, how does it feel to have a “slight derailment” ? Are you the fans who rightfully asked “where are the jobs?” like John Boehner?

  • How does it feel to have our local teachers, firefighters, police, street sweepers, medical, municipal workers, and more protesting against the decisions that this “rookie governor” has made? Madison hasn’t had noise like this since the Badgers WON a rose bowl.
  • How does it feel to have young teens, and young children have to look and listen of our democracy in Wisconsin politics in action KNOWINGLY, they will remember?
  • How does it feel to have MSNBC host Ed Schultz to come to Madison for a week, and talk to those who lives RIGHT NOW are being threatened by the rookie governor?
  • How does it feel to have Faith-Based organizations like the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church weighing in of this so-called take over and knowing pastors state wide that their ministries in the pulpit maybe over?
  • How does it feel to see college students of the University of Wisconsin-Madison after all the book lessons, now having a chance to test of what they were taught in those study halls, college classrooms, dorm-rooms, fraternity and sorority groups, and many other political or community service areas on campus (AND OFF CAMPUS)?
  • How does it feel to have Rev. Jesse Jackson coming to Madison and cheering on the protesters and stating that this is “a Martin Luther King Moment?” – I mean this is Black History Month.
  • How does it feel that this party of  compassionate Americans can finally say “Enough is Enough against this so-called new Tea-Bagging Elected moronic jobbers? That’s right I said it.

How does it feel?

Doesn’t feel very good doesn’t it? It kind of hurts doesn’t it? It’s turning to sour grapes, and the taste is beginning to turn bitter. Yes WalkerManics this is what happens when keeping it real, (like the rookie governor) goes to far. If Scott Walker were to be a real politician of the people, he has to LISTEN to the people. Not you people. The people of the state that might tell him to hang on a second, not cool. Alot of you had to put up with rhetoric of Jim Doyle during his 8 years and you refused Russ Feingold to move forward, and not giving Tom Barrett a chance. We should be a better state than this, and well you made it even worse, by getting on the Brown Bag/Tea Party Movement of the now “rookie governor” and making it look messy. Paul Ryan once commented that Wisconsin’s view of the protests “It’s like Cairo has moved to Madison these days” In his view of a riot.  Really Paul? Obviously, your home state is split down the center and morely the rookie governor is at fault because of the sound bites of boondoggles.

Since I’m going back to resume my Black History Month Segments, Barbara Jordan, once commented during her tenure in congress that “Let us heed the voice of the people and recognize their common sense. If we do not, we not only blaspheme our political heritage, we ignore the common ties that bind all Americans.” Martin Luther King, Jr once stated before his assassination in Memphis,  about blacks straighten up their backs and “realizing that a man cannot ride your back unless it is bent.”

To those in my home state protesting, continue to straighten the backs of justice. Continue to straighten the backs of those who are crooked with mindsets and objectives. Continue to straighten the backs of those that you need to lookout the most: And most of you have them right now. The next players in training,  I’m referring to your kids, your retirement, and anything else you want to hold dear.