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For those of us in America always complaining about our roads and bridges being not done or broken up with potholes, or having a project of transportation concerns that might interfere with the roads, stop the badgering. The reason I say this because it was just a thought that every city and state needs their own separate account in concerning roads and bridges only. With that being said, I unleash another blog letter.

Dear U.S. Citizens and those who always complain about roads. Even if you’re a Milwaukee citizen:

It’s me Stephen.  You should know I’m this black blogger from the Midwest in Milwaukee.


Yeah, hear this. For about 5+ years I have heard about the ongoing ramble of the deterioration roads and bridges. And even Potholes. I get it. I’m sick and tired of the whiny complaining folks about roads and bridges. Look here, yes I drive on the same roads and bridges as you do. And no I don’t complain. Why? Morely the roads and or bridges will find a path to get fixed. Yes, I read about the stories about the deterioration of the streets especially from recent snow storms. Even here in Wisconsin it’s like religion. We get snow and it get plowed off the streets. But yes, we get those godawful potholes that we drive over with our vehicles and scream expletives for not getting it fixed up. Well folks of America and Wisconsin, expect that to happen and expect that to get fixed up as usual.

For the money side of things, just yesterday, President Obama had launched a new TIGER of things to help repair, fix and maintain our Infrastructure. This is for all the right wingers like Scott Walker always butting heads about roads and bridges. This is for anyone opposes who feels streetcars are just a waste. Even if your name is Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander, (I’ll go on her in minute) and anyone who feels this strongly.  Read the remarks of the President while talking Roads and Bridges in his stay in Minnesota.

For the outline of this, here is the rundown via The White House:

  • Supporting High-Value Transportation Projects Across the Country. The highly competitive TIGER program supports a range of projects, including roads, bridges, transit, rail, and ports, and offers one of the few Federal funding sources for game-changing projects that integrate different modes of transportation. The TIGER program invests in projects that will have a significant impact on the nation or a region, and Federal funds are used to make such projects possible and leverage additional funding from private sector partners, States, local governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and transit agencies.
  • Encouraging Improved Job Access and Increased Economic Opportunity. In an effort to expand economic opportunities for all Americans, the 2014 TIGER program will place an emphasis on projects that support reliable, safe, and affordable transportation options that improve connections for urban, suburban, and rural communities. While continuing to support projects of all types, a priority will be placed in this 6th round of applications on projects that make it easier for Americans to get to jobs, school, and other opportunities, promote neighborhood revitalization and business expansion, and reconnect neighborhoods that are unnaturally divided by physical barriers such as highways and railroads.
  • Prioritizing Transformative Projects. Successful projects in the highly competitive process will be those with the potential to improve economic competitiveness and create jobs, improve the condition of existing transportation systems, improve quality of life by increasing transportation options, improve energy efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and encourage resiliency, and/or improve the safety of our transportation systems.
  • $35 Million to Help Communities Design Economic Development Plans. In addition to supporting capital grants, Congress provided the U.S. Department of Transportation with the flexibility to use up to $35 million of the 2014 TIGER funds for planning grants for the first time since 2010. These funds can be used to support the planning of innovative transportation solutions, as well as regional transportation planning, freight and port planning, housing and land use development, and resiliency efforts that improve efficiency and sustainable community development.

Also The White House has additional info in regarding this option, and a proposal idea from the President:

  • Proposing a $302 billion, Four Year Transportation Reauthorization Bill, Providing States, Local Governments, and Construction Workers with Certainty. The President’s proposal for a $302 billion, four year transportation reauthorization will not only allow States and local units of government to effectively plan their project pipelines, supporting millions of good paying jobs over the next several years, but also will enable more transformative transportation projects that improve our global competitiveness.
    • $63 billion to fill the funding gap in the Highway Trust Fund. The proposal will meet our nation’s essential highway, bridge, and transit needs in the near term by providing $63 billion to address the insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund for four years. 
    • Prioritizing “Fix-it-First” investments. The proposal will include policies and reforms to prioritize investments for much needed repairs and to improve the safety of highways and bridges, subways and bus services, with particular attention to improving roads and bridges in rural and tribal areas.
  • Matching Transportation Infrastructure Investments to the Current and Future Needs of American Communities. Bringing a one-time infusion of investment into our transportation infrastructure programs would enable projects that address the diverse needs of American communities today.  
    • $206 billion to invest in our nation’s highway system and road safety. The proposal will increase the amount of highway funds by 22 percent annually, for a total of about $199 billion over the four years. The proposal would also provide more than $7 billion to improve safety for all users of our highways and roads.
    • $72 billion to invest in transit systems and expand transportation options. The proposal increases average transit spending by nearly 70 percent annually, for a total program of $72 billion over four years, which will enable the expansion of new projects (e.g., light rail, street cars, bus rapid transit, etc.) in suburbs, fast-growing cities, small towns, and aging rural communities, while still maintaining existing transit systems. 
    • $19 billion in dedicated funding for rail programs. The proposal also includes nearly $5 of billion annually for high performance and passenger rail programs with a focus on improving the connections between key regional city pairs and high traffic corridors throughout the country. 
    • $9 billion in competitive funding to spur innovation. The proposal will make permanent and provide $5 billion over four years, an increase of more than 100 percent, for the highly successfully TIGER competitive grant program and propose $4 billion of competitively awarded funding over four years to incentivize innovation and local policy reforms to encourage better performance, productivity, and cost-effectiveness in our transportation systems.
    • Encouraging coordination and local decision making. The proposal includes policy reforms to incentivize improved regional coordination and strengthen local decision making in allocating Federal funding so that local communities can better realize their vision for improved mobility.
  • Expanding Economic Growth, Jobs, and Opportunity. The President is dedicated to enhancing opportunity for all Americans and our businesses by investing in transportation projects that better connect communities to centers of employment, education, and services.
    • More than $2.6 billion and policy reforms to support the creation of ladders of opportunity. The proposal will include policy reforms to enhance existing highway and transit programs that help to create ladders of opportunity. Within the overall transit spending, the proposal provides $2.2 billion for a new bus rapid transit program for rapidly growing regions. It also includes $400 million to enhance the size, diversity, and skills of our nation’s construction workforce, while providing support for local hiring efforts and encouraging States to use their On-the-Job training funds more effectively.
    • $10 billion for a new freight program to strengthening America’s exports and trade. Recognizing the importance of efficient and reliable freight networks to support trade and economic growth, the President’s proposal will also create a new $10 billion multimodal freight grant program – in partnership with State and local officials and private sector and labor representatives – for rail, highway, and port projects that address the greatest needs for the efficient movement of goods across the country and abroad.
  • More Bang-for-the-Buck by Boosting Efficiency and Taxpayers Return on Our Transportation Investments. In a time of tight fiscal and budgetary constraints, the President’s proposal includes a number of measures to ensure that the American public is getting most out of Federal transportation infrastructure investments that lead to better outcomes for all Americans.
    • Improving project delivery and the Federal permitting and regulatory review process. The proposal will further advance and introduce new reforms to the project delivery system through a range of activities that institutionalize best practices and insights from the President’s previous Executive Orders and Presidential Memorandums to cut project timelines in half for major infrastructure projects by modernizing the Federal government’s infrastructure permitting and regulatory review process.
    • Building more resilient communities. Building on the Sandy Task Force recommendations, the proposal will also encourage more resilient designs for highway, transit, and rail infrastructure, and smarter transportation planning to reduce fuel use and conserve energy.
    • Encouraging and incentivizing cost effective investments. The proposal will strengthen the performance incentives to maintain safety and conditions of good repair, and expand research and technology activities in order to improve the productivity of our transportation systems, thereby increasing taxpayer return on investment.
    • $4 billion to attract private investment in transportation infrastructure. The proposal calls for continued funding of $1 billion in annual credit subsidy for the successful TIFIA loan program that, similar to other Administration proposals such as capitalizing a National Infrastructure Bank, creating American Fast Forward bonds, or enacting Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA) reforms, will facilitate increased private investment in transportation infrastructure while protecting taxpayer interests.

    So in regarding this, I believe that this will help with the current affairs of the roads and bridges in which it would generate new jobs, keep the taxpayers money safe, provide new and upgrade means of transportation, and most of all getting a chance to upbeat our projected endeavors. Yes I know that there are those who might complain and whine, but hey, if you are on the Right Wing Squad, is this what you wanted? I’m just asking.  So the country could get a 302 Billion dollar deal which means each state would get about at least 6 million per say for this project each. Think 302 billion divided by 50 States. Roughly around in that price range.

Speaking of this, I had to get back to the local side of things: here in Milwaukee as usual we face alot of the potholes and crumbling roads. But one Supervisor had to cross the line of ideas in which its illegal: According the Urban Milwaukee Website, they interviewed Deanna Alexander a Milwaukee County Supervisor about the roads and not enough support of the ongoing idea of having a Milwaukee Streetcar.

Ald. Donovan is absolutely on the right track with his request to reallocate streetcar funding and use it for street repairs and transit,” said Alexander, a member of the County Board’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee and the Transportation, Public Works and Transit Committee.

“The streetcar is lacking public support,” Alexander said.  “We would be much more pragmatic to forego a shiny new streetcar plan and instead support what would have a more meaningful impact for our residents: expanding bus transit taking workers to suburban jobs and repairing the roads that are already deteriorating.”

“With limited resources, we’d all be better off with buses that go jobs rather than a streetcar that goes nowhere,” Alexander continued.  “I’ll be happy to talk about a streetcar plan when Milwaukee isn’t busy carrying the burden of being the 3rd highest taxed city in the county and when its residents aren’t calling elected officials begging for access to just-out-of-reach suburban jobs.”

“We have far more urgent needs than a streetcar,” she said. “If it is possible under the law, I urge the Governor, the Mayor, County Executive, and anyone else who can stir this pot for some practical change to take action to give our residents what they want: jobs and  transportation to them, not toys.”

Note to Supervisor Alexander: If you’re reading this, you do realize this is illegal. According to the law of the money that the city currently has for the upcoming Streetcar Project, if you have not done your homework. The money is ONLY for the StreetCar Project. It cannot be allocated. If the city of Milwaukee per say gives away that money to another city or another state, that’s our loss. I’ve heard this many many times, and I have to agree with the Mayor and any other federal financial individual that it is ILLEGAL for this to happen! We have to remember about the proposed idea about having a High Speed Rail that would have linked Milwaukee and Madison. But the person you written to, Governor Scott Walker refused the money to build the line! We lost out on a great opportunity due to him and his fans who feel that no one would ride a rail system. And in increase of his 250,000 jobs.  This includes Ald. Bob Donovan. You say about Jobs, Transportation to them, and not toys. Sometimes you have watch what you say. Those “toys” can be viable solutions to getting those jobs and transportation things. I’ve seen them upclose. Don’t believe me, take a look around on how other cities are doing this and SUPPORTING THEM with ideas with jobs in hand.

Personally, I would like to express that yes I do support the idea of having a Streetcar. And I hope that it comes with one word: JOBS! Now here is something that no one is talking about. If the folks like Scott Walker, Deanna Alexander, Bob Donovan and many other feel that roads and bridges are factor of concern. And those in the city circle can keep the Streetcar Project flowing without any concern, use this for idea and I’m glad it’s on time: Set up an separate account for the financial portion of the City’s Infrastructure that can be used for roads and bridges only. What that means, make a separate account for roads/bridges and leave the streetcar money alone! You can still have infrastructure funding. But make it two. One for Streetcars, the other for bridgework and roadwork.  Can that be done? Plus that idea from Obama might come in at a good time.



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Well well well:

It seems the Tea Party had struck a nerve with the President yet again and other Americans. Did any see this mess? I mean having those don’t tread on me flags, and what’s this? A Confederate Flag? Uh oh, who would do such a thing? The bogus Tea Party.

When I saw that picture on Twitter, I mean; really? All because of the shutdown. Oh check this, they have to bring in barricades and stacked them towards the front gates. And having that Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz supporting that mess. Of course, they’re republicans, and fans of the Tea Party.  Right.

Obviously.  These wackos are just plain stupid. HOW DARE THEM!

HOW DARE THEM of going in front of the White House with the Confederate Flags thinking it’s their own house. Last time I checked, it belong to all Americans. Including me, in which I haven’t visited yet.  I’m ashamed of the Vets who are apart of that crowd that follow this mess. Yes, they have served the country, but this crap they supported is blatant stupid!  Oh, I’m going there today! They don’t speak for me. And this guy, Larry KIayman, or Klanman or whatever his name is, telling the President to “put the Quran down.” This idiot of a tea pariter is just confused. Obama is a Christian. His father was Muslim. Get it straight, people. Talk about denial of reality. These are just mad haters. That’s all. All parading around with the Confederate Flags. To those with the “Stars and bars” many would call that an reminder of racism and slavery. Having said that, is bringing back old nightmares. Many black folks will tell you that. Also there are those who felt say either it’s a southern heritage or it’s a family heritage. But no one would tell you, that those use the flag also had a history of being traitors. Reference CNN on that one.

But seriously, again the Tea Party in my view, are just haters of anyone that is not them! Similar to the KKK. Oh yeah, I’m going there. I’ll bet there are those who are black and follow their philosophy. Not surprising.  They might be in a situation where they can’t speak for all Black America. Frankly their tea party ideology don’t speak for me. And I’m an African-American male. And plus they don’t give a care about me anyway. The same with the rest. I mean how in the hades are they fooling with the get up looking like Thomas Paine wannabes and having guns strapped with a mix of Don’t Tread on Me Flags, now mixed the Stars and Bars?


And I’m glad some of the “Tea Party Foolery” got arrested after that so-called protest was well “gated” outside of The White House.  Talk about “stuck on stupid”, and this is supposed to be “American enough?” REALLY?!!!! I dare anyone of these yahoos go back and realize that mostly, this is their doing. They are hating the fact that an African-American Family is in the White House. Barack Obama got elected again. But all now, they wanted to keep it non-black just like the last 43 presidents. They in my in estimation want guys like me to stay in the back. Never to lead or to analyze. Newsflash: Tea Party, We can lead now. Obviously that does not resonate with the likes of many others. What really got me was when Larry Klayman was dissing Obama, he had the nerve to talk about MLK. If Dr. King were living right now, and after the B.S. he had seen out of the Tea Party, he would shake his head in disappointment.  And no, he was NOT a republican.  Some might say, why bring the angle of the race card in this? I hate to say it, but that race card, racism has and unfortunately is always on deck. It may not be real for some, but it is real in a sense of understanding. I know there are some “colorblind” folks that might comment, but remember this: I don’t see no utopias yet! None! If those really feel that following the I Have A Dream Speech 50 years later is a good speech, while this is going on, we don’t know jack about MLK. Speaking of that, listen to this speech soundbite. I hear this on WNOV in Milwaukee, and it’s real talk, EVEN in today’s era, and what is going on right now.

Hmmm………can the Tea Party sample that? Probably not.

Now recently, if those haven’t heard, the House GOP rejected yet again another bill that will not help stop the ongoing Government Shutdown. We know who’s fault this is right?  Percentage wise: it’s on the GOP. It’s on John Boehner and the GOP-Led Congress. With the Tea Party Influence and the Heritage Foundation. All because of the Affordable Care Act that IS the law of the land. Got approved. And to their accord, the country got “punished” all because Mitt Romney didn’t check in the Oval Office.  WELL TOO BAD REPUBLICANS! And in the last act, guess what, the year 2014 is around the corner. If those who were responsible for this act, their jobs are on line. If those who were effected by the shutdown through the jobs, WIC, Domestic Violence Assistance, Food Share, Veterans Benefits, and many other needs to keep the country going, in any way, make sure the ballots are delivered and punched in the voting booths. LITERALLY! Plus that will be a potential revenge factor from 2010.

Trust me, it’s sad to say that it’s time for this current group of holding Obama back, needs to go. Just early this morning FINALLY some resolution in having some sense. Both Parties has agreed to a bi-partisan deal temporarily to increase the debt limit in order to pay for our bills (and I mean OUR bills), plus also to reopen the Government by the order of the President. And if you are one of the 800,000+ workers, you must be dancing right now. “Go get your paper, mane!” As the young cats say now. Feed your families, pay your bills and stock up on Scholarships and grants for the future college scholars.

So has the GOP learned its lesson after this dumb, so-called, Government Shutdown? They better learn today. This “shutdown” nearly costed the country, and sent a red flag to other countries that the United States got dumb and stupid because their leaders can’t even get themselves together in order to function. Speaking of the Republicans,  from Wisconsin: Ron Johnson (aka RoJo), voted no along with other 17 Republicans of the ending the shutdown. Which is no surprise that RoJo voted against that. If Russ Feingold were in that same chair, that would have been a yes. Literally. Plus also: other Wisconsin Republicans like Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Tom Petri, and Sean Duffy also said no. Just also a thought: Sean Duffy at one time was on San Francisco’s Edition of The Real World. Yeah him.

But oh, no we know what happened with Wisconsin’s end in 2010.

If you heard the big news and I know you heard the big news: A new change in Gun Responsibility has been surfaced. The President, I think had to go there. Mainly, I’m glad the President went there. Obviously, what I am talking about is the new rules that was announced today. Frankly, this had to be done. For far too long, us Americans have been bound by the 2nd Amendment about the rights to bear arms. Technically I remember blogging about responsibility and accountability when using or operating the weapons. This is what I’m getting that. When I saw the President, the Vice President, and the representatives with CHILDREN, and the issue of weapons use at hand, there is no question that the President signed the document, into Executive Law: Which means that those who are Gun Owners,  the responsibility and accountability will indeed and must come up. Oh, and the folks on the right: well I hate to tell the conservative folks, this was a long time coming! Not because it’s not bashing the 2nd Amendment, it’s bashing something else of the use and getting away with murder. Now I asked the question after the Sandy Hook Shootings, and it concerns the Gun Owners: Do you condone this? It’s not a matter of answering right away, it’s a matter of your own thinking. Plain and simple.  Now I’m not here to judge every Gun Owner, yes there are some who use the weapon respectfully. But those who don’t , they are ones who will be facing the heat.

I haven’t told this story publically, but there was time that I was in a Walmart years back, and a then, younger person around 16-18 years old was asking me if I can buy a bee-bee gun for him. I told him no! Personally, if I would have done that and if that person used the gun in a manner that in a non-responsible manner, guess who would pay the responsibility? Me. Why, you ask? That would be a case of having my name out there and taking the suffering responsibility of a minor’s action. Also, I would not recommend that to anyone who might be thinking about it and plus I would not recommend those under 18 reading my blogs like interests, to ask a grown adult not to ask for a gun. Wait until you’re grown, kiddies! Not to call you out, but I think the keyword maturity must come into play for something like this.

Part of what the President laid out in the switch in regarding gun buying, is Universal Background Checks. YEP! Every person who from now on, who has a thought of going to get a gun of any kind, I don’t care if it’s a Desert Eagle or a Smith and Wesson, you will be checked! Now I know that the proud gun owners who opposes this, should they also oppose those of color or gender who go through background checks of those who have criminal records, bad credit and many other things that might hinder folks of color especially African-Americans of getting a job? What about getting a house, or food from a church pantry? Or maybe yet, finding a job at a unemployment office? The Old School folks once knew that if you can wave your hand in a certain way, you have a job. Now a days,  it’s not just waving your hand, but also your experience, and background checking of you having a run in with the law, or bad credit will also be asked. And speaking of that, in addition to the credit checks, that must go! Many of  the companies use this trying to separate those who has a good credit score and a bad credit score. So technically, if those who have a bad credit score, don’t usually get the job based on the selfishness of these s0-called companies! I’m not bashing all companies, but those who have this barrier against those who will never get the job they wanted after all the studying, and working the broke jobs. Plus also who have been denied because of being overqualified.


Speaking of things that are B.S.  – The NRA. Yet again. So the NRA puts out a video about President Obama being hypocritical about the the Gun Ownership thing, and the worst of the things: the video uses his own daughters!  Say what?!!!! Seriously, NRA?! They have to pull out a sample just to shield up on Sasha and Malia of their “so-called point”. The response of the White House came at a good time by labeling it “Repugnant” and “Cowardly”. Obviously, I don’t think that the NRA does not understand like most on the right. If those who are right and those who work or donate for NRA took the time to talk to those who have been affected by the gun violence, per say then they would have to take accountability of calling out themselves to just stop and think. Overall, they haven’t. Even the late President Ronald Reagan in 1994, called those in charge at the time in congress, to put an stop on assault weapons by supporting the passing of the Assault Weapons Ban. The same Ronald Reagan that most of the right wing liked so much. Look it up, he said it.

Some of you are probably wondering, what’s my beef on this issue? Let me tell you. In the summer of 2002, I had a cousin who was shot and killed by gun in Milwaukee. Those who shot him are currently serving time, but the thought of him being shot and killed at 21 years old was a bad factor. Plus he was African-American that had ambitions of being able to finish school at UW-Milwaukee, owning a Ice Cream Parlor and etc. The place now where the Ice Cream Parlor once stood is now an establishment for those affected by Domestic Violence. He never ran with a gang, never had a criminal record, and etc. I know that this wouldn’t change anything as the bad guys would say. But the thought of this, has to be changed for the better in our communities. Just like in Aurora, Colorado, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Chicago, IL; Oak Creek/Milwaukee/Brookfield/Wauwatosa, WI; Portland, Oregon; Tucson, Arizona, and Newtown, Connecticut. And many other cities and states that have been affected by these cowardly acts of those who are deranged, mental and use a firearm to escape. And oh, we have this right to bear arms.

We Americans better have the rights to bear responsibility and accountability for all rights! Even the rights to save those who are young, gifted, religious, good working, educated, Black, White, Hispanic, females, males, unemployed, underemployed, employed, members of clubs/organizations, and many others. Mostly black males.

No excuses, America. Go to work.

Just a for a review: here is the list of the changes that have been signed. All 23 of them.

This is my Alma Mater John Marshall High School (now Samuel Morse-John Marshall School for the Gifted and Talented)  in Milwaukee, WI with the American flag in half mast in sympathy for the Newtown, CT victims.

In continuing with my commentary of the Newtown Connecticut Tragedy, most already know that the funerals of the young children and some adults have been started. I am still outraged and also shocked that this incident happened. Plus I’m still asking the questions of accountability and responsibility. Now I know there might be a question lingering on this, that if I’m concerned about the acts that happened in Newtown, how come I’m sleeping on Wisconsin, or my home city of Milwaukee? I mean the city has problems of violence also. Well I did commented the Sikh Temple Shooting and the Azana Salon Shooting. And yes I did comment the shootings in Milwaukee previously that are inner city connected. So, I am not neglecting my home city. Case in point.

Just recently, the White House’s We The People Website unveiled a petition in regarding the current dilemma:  “Immediately address the issue of gun control through the introduction of legislation in Congress.”

For those who want to read the petition, here is the link to the site. So far this has surpassed the 25,000 mark of signatures already since the tragedy started. Now if we, the American People can have over 25,000 signatures, we need over 25,000 plus voices to tell those NO MORE!

Wake up, America!

Want to be a proud bunch of our freedoms and independence? Then have the RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure it. No more hiding, Americans. Get to work. And this needs NO partisan work. Lay the partisan stuff down and do the job.

I did say that I was going to comment on this angle between UN Ambassador Susan Rice and the angles she is facing with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Personally, this is nothing more than a smear barrier of not letting black women like her in higher positions per say. And I dare add, just couldn’t get over once again: Obama Won and Romney Lost. Sen. McCain should know better that he lost against Obama four years ago. Can he move on? And as far a Graham, I don’t know why he’s opening his mouth in opposite of Susan Rice also.

I’ve been reading the comments, stories about Sen. McCain thinks that Ambassador Rice is not qualified. As in what, like him? Please. This is the same Sen. McCain had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate, who still feels that she can see Russia from her house. And personally, she wasn’t well “all that” four years ago.

Just to clarification: Here’s the bio facts on Ambassador Rice from the USUN website. Ranging from graduating from Stanford University, Oxford (YES Oxford University) where she was a Rhodes Scholar, Served under the Clinton Administration as a Special Assistant, Senior Director of African Affairs under the National Security Council in The White House. And many others.

So after that short summary, and Sen. McCain believes that she is not bright eh? In addition to that, the whole thing with the Benghazi attacks. In which the intelligence (not the Obama Administration) was faltered.  And what Ambassador Rice presented, in terms of talking points that were vital, helped to prove that. So all the talk about the “lies” that most thought Obama did per say, can be thrown out.  And plus, I liked the way that the President did comment to those like Sen. McCain, Sen. Graham and others who oppose Ambassador Rice that if you have problem with her you go after him. Barack Obama IS the President. Period.

What also gets me that there were those who felt the Benghazi attacks were personal from a “Republican fan base side of things”, acted like they knew the four Americans were killed. None of us knew the names of the men were killed in the attacks. Except for those who were family members, or acquaintances. So that fan base can be closed up now like all those so-called cover ups that most were thinking. As the President said during the campaign: Check the transcript.

In the words of the Twitter folks: *DEAD*

And Sen. McCain said that he would do everything in his power to prevent the nomination of Susan Rice from happening during the next wave of cabinet members of the President’s Second Term. Oh Really. According to the U.S. Constitution, the President as we know will have a list of names selected, then it goes to the Senate.  During that, it takes the whole Senate (not John McCain by himself) to help nominate a new U.S. Secretary of State. Once that is processed as a team, it goes to the President for final approval of the pick.

If Ambassador Susan Rice is officially picked as the Secretary of State, with all the hoopla that Senators McCain and Graham have been doing, the back talk of the  so-called “Benghazi-gate” thing will be nothing more than a false talk of words. But if she’s not the nomination pick, direct opposite.




President Obama Speaks at the University of Yangon | The White House.

Yep. For the first time in history, a U.S. President visited Burma. And that President is Barack Obama.  Take a look courtesy of The White House. No matter what the political stances are, this was a historical visit for the President, and also for Burma. Yep. Ideas in my view, are being born. Also, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was along for the trip as well.

You may have seen this on Facebook. But if not, ask your Facebook friends.



1. Got Osama bin laden…check

2. unemployment rate 8.5%…check.

3. 1.6 million jobs created with no GOP help…check

4. 22 months of job and economic growth with no help…check

5. Ended war in Iraq …check

6. DADT repeal…check

7. not one tax hike in 3 years….check

8. Brought out of racism in the Gop…check

9. Still carry 80% of the black vote…check

10.Same wife for 15 years with no extra marital affairs…check

11. Save auto industry and 1.5 million jobs.. check

12. Assisted in ousting Khaddafi…check

13.Only active President to receive Nobel Peace prize while in office.

14. Mortgage modification to prevent home owners from losing their home.

15. STILL fighting for middle class families.

16. reform Affordable healthcare…. check

Despite what the GOP would have you believe the President has been doing these things and more by himself. Obama 2012- Re-post to support> Repost and Re-elect