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I was going to write about the BET’s new show, Mancave and putting my spin on it. But I’m putting that on hold until I write this blog story regarding this subject: March For Our Lives.

I like everyone else, looked at the footages of our young folks in D.C. and locally here in Milwaukee protesting and having their say about the recent shootings that effected their schools and the relationship of their classmates. This wasn’t just an American issue, it was also worldwide. It was estimated in DC that over 800,000 plus came out to this rally/march to hear and to protest a substance that has been lingered for so long. Many of us, including me had lost someone we know personally to gun violence. I lost a cousin to gun violence in the summer of 2002 when Milwaukee was facing one of the worst summers at the time. My cousin was just 21 years old. A young black man going to college. And owned an upcoming Ice Cream Parlor. He was gunned down all because there were other folks wanting his car with the spinning rims on the side. He was killed near 47th and Locust and crashed his car near the corner of 47th and Center Streets not too far from Washington High School. All in Milwaukee. My family like many other families that lost loved ones were in horror about losing a young black male to gun violence. Weeks after my cousin’s death, the perps were tracked down and were caught for the crime. Previously, they were serving time.

But that was a personal matter. I know that the connection wasn’t all school related, but the relation of having someone close to you being killed is understandable. Now why am I putting this out on a day like today? Everyone again, has a story. But for this “March for our lives” event to voice our concerns of the recent tragedies in schools this needs NO relation. At all. NONE!

While I was looking at the young teens and some under 13 years old they seem to have a idea. An objective. These young players and girls have a momentum that would rocket them to the next level. They are the Z Generation from what I hear. And this Z Team is not pulling any punches when it comes to the things or ideas they are seeking to help curb Gun Control.

CALLOUT: And I need to say this: for all of you gun nuts who think that this March For Our Lives group is going to take away your firearms or pew pew pistols, they are not. NO ONE IS NOT TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! President Obama didn’t take them away and I’m surprised no one took away his Skeet Shooting Rifle! It’s kind of funny that many would believe that. But your firearms are still in your house.

Some of the speakers did spoke out on their “so far” experience. A few of them spoke were black. And some have expressed about not being at the age to give out activism like remarks. But adults, let us remind ourselves that the well known activists we know and read about, started their activism speeches as young as 5 years old. Don’t tell me that you overshot that. Folks like MLK and Rev. Al Sharpton done that. And even though that MLK is dead for nearly 50 years, and Al Sharpton is still living, their activism are lingered in memory and archived for the future. Grown folks, stop playing! It’s been done before. And it just happened again today! Those like Naomi Wadler who is only 11 years old. A 5th Grader speaking out for those whom are African-American girls that don’t make the front pages of newspapers in the nation. Nor the evening news on TV. And she’s from Alexandria, Virginia who lead a walkout via her Elementary School. The black girls she referenced were ranging from – Courtlin Arrington, Hadiya Pendleton and Taiyania Thompson just to name a few.

She also referenced very same City of Chicago that everyone talks about in a question “What about the black-on-black crime?” “What about Chicago?”  For black boys: same thing. As an example, Trevon Bosley gave his remarks by stating that “Everyday shootings are everyday problems!”  And the keyword is “everyday.”

Now we know that the “suspect supporter” of the lobbyists has the letters “NRA” on them. It’s seems that the NRA has been THE suspect. Why? I think we adults whom have back them and the 2nd Amendment allow this to happen! Of course that the 2nd Amendment has the right to bear arms or having a gun. We know this. BUT when was the last time that NRA has ever backed a thing called responsibility? I never heard the NRA fans like Dana Loesch or that black dude what’s his name, Colion Noir is it? (dude is selling out) never talked about the responsibility of the firearms their members and lobbyists must understood. They never spoke about Philando Castile’s murder in Minnesota nor recently, Stephon Clark’s murder by the Sacramento Police in his grandparent’s backyard! Where you at, NRA? Backing up Trump?! Don’t be surprised if the Gen Z Crew turns that age to vote, get involved in politics/activism and vote out all those who held down that red wall of pain that many fought for so long to take down! Be warned, NRA. They coming. And those who back them, you might be in the wave of truth of getting out of way. Again, these kids now are NOT PLAYING! And they are teaching us and reminding us of our accountable actions!

Many of us in the Baby Boomers, Gen X and yes you Millennial folks, we’ll be in those nursing stations getting someone to wash our butts as we get older and relieve our sickness and diseases to cure our bodies. OK subject off. Not good. But you know what I’m saying.

From David Hogg to Emma Gonzalez and many in between, they were the premiered speakers and survivors and we grown folks had to listen to them. That’s what they wanted. They wanted to speak and they did. But the surprising speaker of all of them was just 8 years old. And she has a legacy to maintain for the next era of the name King. Yes, Yolanda Renee King – MLK’s and Coretta’s only Grand Daughter, Niece of Rev. Bernice King and Dexter King, and daughter of MLK III came out and spoke that she has a dream that enough is enough!

This is King’s Granddaughter speaking. Now I know that she’s only a preteen in elementary school. But after her speaking part of going to be a great generation, there is no telling, she is just beginning to spread her future activism. But I hope that she not only does that, but also maintains the namesake of her family to restore!

Now I want to address all this mess about are the Parkland High School Students are being exploited for all this protesting. My question is, who is exploiting them? Who?

All the grown folks who say that, shut up! They to me are addressing a concern about the violence in the schools recently. There was violence of guns in the Milwaukee Public Schools not too long ago. Were the current students of MPS being exploited about that? When many of us were in high school in the 90’s or 80’s, now as ALUMNI were we exploited with high school violence in our schools not caring?! Yes I went there. And many of us never used the letters “NRA” back then. Unlike now. I don’t think nor believe that the students are being exploited. Seriously, who’s exploiting them?! Who?! One thing about all of this, folks want to stir up stuff that is not true. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t be doing the marching or speaking out period. And their parents would NOT allow them to attend. But wait a minute: this is a country with freedom of expression right? So that means that our young folks can’t speak about the concerns that they witnessed? Many of us grown folks are perpetrating. And many are doing that by the keyboards who think they know it all, but don’t do the homework. Yes grown people I’m talking about us! Or many of us that want to rant with no proof.

Final say: even though that this march is a one day affair of open expression of our youth, it shouldn’t stop today! This needs to be an everyday subject! Everyday! Not just every March 24th, take a photo, say/hear the speeches, performances and go home. I want all the schools to really take heed about what is happening here. And yes this does include the parents! And also the communities, the fraternities, the sororities, the churches, neighborhoods, and many other groups, clubs and organizations that really cares about the safety and well being of our (and I mean OUR) kids! If you don’t have children like me and you’re just looking at this March and rally, I say back up the kids in your churches and community centers/organizations. Women: back up the girls. And as far as the Men (whether you have kids or not) we need to back up our Sons, Nephews, Cousins, Grandsons, Godsons, and young wards/male students who look up to us as head pillars in the community and go to the schools everyday, while we work the clock! Women: same thing if you have sons and no daughters. Men, vice versa with daughters.

I have a message to the Generation Z crew that were active today: I hear you. We all hear you. Let’s do the work to get you started. After all, you are the next players to lead.

I know I’m not the only one had to glue in to see the sit in by the house democrats. For the last 24 hours, we have seen the members of the House Democrats use something that hasn’t been done before, use their POWER and their First Amendment rights to debate their viewpoints about the ongoing Gun Legislation Issue that has many in America having a concern about the RESPONSIBLE use of Guns.

We again, had June 2nd. The day that everyone was wearing Orange in solidarity of those whom were killed in the line of fire. Remember that: And you had mothers who were doing the activism whom had lost their kids due to a BULLET! Of course the NRA and those that the NRA had pocketed those in Congress to maintain that familiar line just to jack us up. We know what it is.

For the sit in, just to let all the #BlackLivesMatter, or any other young movement per se that is all about the whatever that moves the crowd, Representative John Lewis IS STILL THE MAN. The same guy whom was apart of the Civil Rights Movement with the marches, way back when is still the man. He also showed his fellow Democrats how is supposed to be done. And still, as a black man as he is, his voice still lingers! The last time Representative Lewis was arrested, we know, was 55 years ago. At the time (young millennials and those on a hotep scale) he got arrested in Jackson, Mississippi for using a whites only bathroom! And many calling him a fool with this sit in. Well many are just naive that a person like him is still alive at 76 years old doing the unapologetic thing.

Listen: for all the “somewhat conscious” folks that know everything and claim that they see that it is a show, in the words of the lyrics out now: you need to cut it!!! Ain’t nobody got time for the foolishness. This sit in was not a game. And for those dissing the man of John Lewis, like him or not, Respect him! I didn’t say “Respeck”. Its Respect with a T.

Even if your name is Paul Ryan. Yeah he’s in this also.

I heard what he said. And as a Wisconsinite that bears from the same state as he’s from it’s just embarrassing for him to say that. He better know as well as any Republican in that House, that the acts of Rep. John Lewis was no political stunt. Voting nothing on the Gun Bills or saying no to everything that President Obama does or tried to do, is a political stunt! Check yourselves Republicans.

I say this, if Rep. John Lewis wants another sit in, DO IT! Teach them the game, legend.

Let me remind those in memory: We got an election coming up in November. I repeat, we have an election coming up in November. And normally we should be engaged in deciding where we as a country should go after January, 2017 when President Obama leaves office. And I’ll bet many are like “Oh good! Obama is gone. Couldn’t stand him!” Well, guess what, when he writes that book, or if the OFA is still kicking it, I want President Obama unload ALL Uncut Commentary about the things he was facing while he was in office for 8 years. I want to see it. Literally!

Oh, I know. Let me guess. A Spokane Washington NAACP Leader is getting the card pulled all because she’s white. Or is it lying to be black to get that pass? The name Rachel Dolezal is getting the buzz right now. And apparently she had to lie to kick it. What is up with folks who are trying to be something they are not. Long time ago on this blog, I questioned about why folks can’t be real? UM HELLO?!!! This wannabe real stuff is getting too much. And Lord knows it’s getting WAY TOO MUCH!

So this, Rachel Dolezal or whatever her name is, trying to be black and lead the NAACP’s Spokane Washington Group. Ok, she’s got a good educational background in all. Nothing wrong with that. (Or lack there of!)  But still, why’s she trying to fit into some knowing she does not have the background or experience regardless? Now for those who feel that I’m being anti-white, I’m not. I’m being anti-fake! Knowingly yes, the NAACP does have white members. And the founding of the NAACP had 6 whites and one black when it was founded in 1909. When the NAACP Convention was in Milwaukee back in 2005, (approximately 10 years ago) I saw many blacks in the Wisconsin Convention Center downtown as well as White folks. Oh yes, they came. Plus also even the current VP of the United States himself Joe Biden is a member of the NAACP representing the Delaware Chapter. He said that with his own voice at a convention and he did complement that the Delaware Chapter was the dance per say got him started in his home state.

Now you might ask, what is up with the title, “Case of the Fake People”. That was so 1994. Actually, it is. But in the era where fake names on Social Media go floating around, and folks trying to be promoters, and rappers, and anything else that they, he or she, go on to pretend that they’re not, of course they need to be called out. Yo, I got this on my 90’s High School Playlist and still play it. Even though that the song centered around fake men who play women alot, but partially that can go both ways with fake women also. Watch yourselves, females! Don’t just assume that it’s all men doing the Fake jobs!

And also, what is up with Rachel trying to have this “comparision” with the likes of Bruce Jenner, or Caitlyn Jenner? REALLY?! Man, I know I’m late on this, but with all due respect to what Bruce Jenner had done in HIS life by getting those Olympic Medals in 1976, the exact year that I was born in, and all. Yes he repped the country well and others.  And many of the folks who backed him in being this “hero” for his transformation, to me that doesn’t really make a hero. I’m sorry to say this! And just to happen that I stumble on to a Meme on Facebook that looked like this:

Oh yeah, lets talk about this!

Back in the day, many of us “loved” the darker Michael Jackson and hated his lighter side in which it was revealed that it was a skin disease. Remember that? And many of us thought he “bleached” his skin to look white. Um, First of all, who in the living heck does the skin bleaching? What is it? And about 2 decades later in all, Bruce Jenner gets the bravery award for going to….Caitlyn. Is this society full of perpetrators?! Hate one thing, like another. Sounds like the hypocritical minded doing the work. And by the way, don’t just assume that the hypocrites are in those buildings every sunday. Open your eyes and your brains that Hypocrites are everywhere! I dare anyone that uses that on Facebook, Google, Instagram, or many others. Don’t be surprised.Even your neighbors, or that guy you just ran into at the ballpark drinking Miller Lite. Or getting that hair done at the beauty palor or the barber shop. Or at the cubicles at work, or in your bosses office for board meetings. Guess what citizens, those places can carry hypocrites also! So do your Fraternities, Sororities, or any group you fall into interest with. Trust me, ITS NOT JUST THE CHURCH! Like my former UMC pastor used to say, “beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!”

Knowing this Rachel or whatever her name is, she’s getting a lot of hate because of her fake status while serving in a legendary Civil Rights Organization. Now since she got caught, who’s next? Background checks are coming! And just to think that her parents and sibling had called her out on this “lie”.

So for all those who feel that you know it all, and having this assumption of knowledge about the term “African-American” or being “African-American” or having this so-called knowledge of “African-American” just because it’s whatever, you really don’t! Did I mention that the month of June happens to be Black Music Month? As in Black History Month Part II? Better research right now!

I know I’m a little late on the scene with this, but I’m going to comment this hashtag: #BlackLivesMatter. And it does matter as much as any matter of human folks there is. Between the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, their deaths have really sparked an new genesis in terms that livelihoods of African Americans do indeed matter. Or black folks in general have lives matter. Now for those who feel that when you see the words: Black Lives Matter in one sentence, don’t go off by saying “Go get a job!” And don’t go by saying “Let’s go to a ball game!”Ain’t nobody got time for that. Plus I’ll dive in on the #ICantBreathe hashtag.

Let’s cut through the smoke here. Why this hashtag of #BlackLivesMatter? Why does it all have to be about Black Lives? I can hear some folks saying that now. Even I shouldn’t be talking about this during Sagittarius/Advent/Christmas season, but no matter the season, the concerns of the cries that scream out #BlackLivesMatter does not matter what season, era, generation, holiday, turn of the century, or any other change in generation! It does not matter! I stand with my black brothers and sisters who say or display #BlackLivesMatter not because they are black. I stand with them because it’s an issue, a concern, a right, and a expression that issues(racism, discrimination, wrongfully accused) need to be clarified and justified in this country that is known to be the United States of America. This past July, I posted about yes America is 238, BUT……..the struggle continues. And since then, the struggle has continued. Personally I have to ask, when a group per say of those whom are not black when things like this comes up, why the denial? What is it that there are not understanding? And no, having black friends do not count! They don’t! Saying the words, #BlackLivesMatter is not racist. It’s not to further divide anyone from anything. And neither not to have the “human power” effect. When other folks say or display #BlackLivesMatter, in my view that is saying that black folks in America have issues and concerns that many need to pay attention too just like everyone else.

Do I have issues?

Do I have concerns?

Do I have problems that need to be addressed?

You bet your Christmas bonuses from work I do!

And yes, my life, #MyBlackLife does indeed matter. Just last week Friday on December 5th, I turned 38 years old. And yes while I was and currently celebrating/observing my birthday (which you can still celebrate all month long), I was looking at a realization that yes #MyBlackLife Matters. Even though I’m about two ticks from 40, (hard to believe), my black life still matters in all angles! Real truth. There were times I felt attacked about my distance education in College, being in a store of racially profiled in thinking I’m going to snag someone’s purse from a non-black shopper. And also I was discriminated in finding a job among with other 390 plus black folks in the Wisconsin in trying to find work! Even though the civil rights case was ended with many of us getting 5G’s (aka $5,000 dollars) but the factor of race with #BlackLivesMatter is still out on the tables and the discussions must continue! No matter the family, neighbor, church, community, and if you’re part of the Divine 9, that matters also. Especially those of the groups of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororites whom their leaders told the members not to wear the letters while the protests are happening. Let me say this that it’s not what is on the outside in wear your letters, symbols or colors, it should be about what is in your heart! I don’t care what the leaders say, go out and protest anyway! Speaking of that, I see the Zetas with the colors and letters on, and joining the cause in this, what about Sigma Gamma Rho? And to the Fraternities: Alphas, Kappas, Phi Beta Sigmas, Omegas, and yes Iotas. Where are you?  Are you in this? With or without your letters and colors? I’m just asking! Martin Luther King Jr himself was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, and yes he protested! And I must ask of those who are the OES, and also the Masons. Are you down?

This just in: As I was going to bed, the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority had reversed their stance on members wearing the letters. Good for them!  For Delta Sigma Theta, according to their Facebook page message, they can wear the colors, but not the letters.

Now to switch the gears: #ICantBreathe.

Why this? These were the words that Eric Garner said before the NYPD choked him out to his death earlier this year. And the cop who did part of that, has been off the hook with no indictment. Shades of Michael Brown with Darren Wilson. Shades of Rodney King with the LAPD and Stacey Koon. Shades of Dontre Hamilton when former Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney shot him over 10 times at Red Arrow Park. Many of us in Milwaukee are still talking about it and protesting his Dontre’s untimely death by Manney’s hand. Also, last weekend and part of this week, I’ve seen players from the NBA and some of the NFL dawning the warm up shirts featuring the words: I Can’t Breathe on the front. Now many probably crying foul over the message, but the message is catching on. No matter whom or what is on it. Take for example, LeBron James. He had on a I Can’t Breathe message on his shirt and Lord and behold, here comes the haters out of Fox News and led by Geraldo Rivera. Why is he still working? Geraldo had to comment that LeBron needed to wear a “need to be a better father” shirt. Really, Fox News and Geraldo?!!! This is the same fool that got jacked up on his own show 20 plus years ago. And the thing is, he always believed that Trayvon Martin shouldn’t had on a hoodie the night George Zimmerman killed him. Typical Fox News. The same network that still has black folks on the neck of things they don’t understand. And I often wonder what do the black commentators on Fox News are thinking? Never mind. There was a time I watched Fox News after 9/11 but after all the mess they comment about blacks, I flipped the dial. And plus don’t get me started about Sheriff David Clarke making an appearance. Wait until my next commentary.

But getting back to the #ICantBreathe message. Keep in mind, Eric Garner said that 11 times. And also, his daughter Erica, was pictured lying down at the exact same spot where her father was choked out by the NYPD! The families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown this year has to look at those empty spaces in the house and the rooms, where they used chill and its going to be hard! The holidays are here and they are not here to celebrate Christmas due to the acts of Darren Wilson, and Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Plus the Dontre Hamilton Family has to looked at an empty spot in the house and its a hard spot to look at due to the hand and the gun of former Milwaukee PD Officer Christopher Manney.

This weekend, there will be protests in Washington DC and New York City. Plus other cities. And on Sunday, after church service nationwide, the black churches as well as the faith community will stand in solidarity of the #BlackLivesMatter and #ICantBreathe messages. Plus also, note to the Church folks: Wear Black!

By the time this blog hits Wednesday, it will mark the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. 50 Years after Martin Luther King Jr gave one of the best speeches on all time: I Have A Dream. We all know it right? Many of us have it stored up and still recite the message about King having a Dream that one day his children would not be judged by the content of their skin but by the content of their character. I only WISH that would be more true today! Now for all of those who are “colorblind conscious” per say, even though the Utopia is not being built, I have a question, after you heard what Dr. King said, in that speech, or after you hear some of today’s folks speak after 50 years, will YOU be that same person going home after this? And will you be that same person going back home after going to DC with a new attitude? Or being the same person or persons who might have that same mindset?

I have said this many times before: what are the folks doing or will do to maintain King’s Dream? I want to ask that. Seriously.

I don’t want the same ole’ answers of which I think are watered down. I want to know, from those who say: “I don’t see color”. Or “I have a lot of Black Friends”. Or have laid off workers or fired workers of color. Still believe that fried chicken is the source of blacks, or have revised the voting areas to keep blacks from voting in a dumb factor, or no matter how hard black folks work, they are still being labeled as N*ggers. Yeah I said it. Or those who want to cling on to one liners of Dr. King from I Have A Dream, or any other speech he spoke without reading or hearing the WHOLE THING! Then yes I’m asking the serious question. And I don’t care if you’re Generation X, Generation Y, the Millennials, or those older than me. I don’t care if you strictly liberal, progressive, conservative, or like the ideals of being Republican and many others. And I don’t care if its those who are serving in uniform or had served in uniform, or doing community service, or being in a fraternity or sorority that is well known, or whatever:  I’m pulling a Kendrick Lamar and its call out time!  I got love for some, but I have to call out.  I don’t what you’ve done. I care about what you’re doing lately!

I care about what have you done to maintain fairness for folks like me who are still looking for work have done lately without taking me out because of race. I want to care about what have you done lately to make sure that those like me wouldn’t get hated on because of education, healthcare, voting rights, or better yet, trying to get a better house, or feeling comfortable working next to a guy or female who is either Gay/Lesiban, or been in jail and is getting help to recover. Or someone who is going through drug treatments. Or being a member of the Black Community. Or going through in feeding the homeless. Or making sure that our veterans are well prepared and taken care of.  There was a recent MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll in which had this buzzing:

An MSNBC Wall Street Journal Poll was displayed in question in race relations.

An MSNBC Wall Street Journal Poll was displayed in question in race relations.

Look at the numbers: At 54% – Adults agree with the statement. But only 19% of African-Americans  who took the poll, believe or agree with the thought. However that 79% under the disagree list, that is scary. Mainly no surprise. Now the parallels in this that there are those who believe that things are making strides: BUT still have to make improvements. And even not to dodge the on going issues of Race. That is a must talk. I don’t care if you are a business owner or and prospective employer. And speaking of that, I kept reflecting on August 2010, when I got the letter from Reed vs Dresser in which I was discriminated because of me being black trying to find a job with Dresser of Waukesha. And yes, they have made some changes in which the training and proper hiring in conjunction with African-American Applicants. But also this has to be a lesson in terms of ME as an African-American Male, that I have to be careful to send my resume to whom or what they may be sound in term of companies looking for future applicants. Mainly applicants of color!

I dare comment about this colorblind effect: If those who really believe that, and do all this hiring and supporting customers of color, and they don’t include them, then what does that mean? I’m just saying!

Many have made the trip to Washington DC. Leaving Chicago, Detroit, Texas, Milwaukee and others. And many have gone to the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall to hear voices from Ben Jealous, Tom Joyner, Martin Luther King III, Rev. Al Sharpton, and definitely Cory Booker. Plus the females were represented to speak as well as Rep. John Lewis. Lewis was just 23 years old, at the original and spoke as the last living speaker from that era. Plus, Asean Johnson from Chicago spoke as a 9 year old as he is.  I want to spotlight Cory Booker for a moment. He was talking for all of us who weren’t even born when the Original March of 1963 was commenced. Cory Booker told us Gen X, Gen Y, Millennial generation and others about stop being, fat, dumb and happy about we got our freedoms, but don’t still stand up for the beliefs. Whether you like it or not, yes we have made some strides, but the work ain’t done! He commented this in a fashion in which it had to be said: 

“My father when I was growing up said it very simply,” Booker said. “He used to look at me and say, ‘Boy, don’t you dare walk around here like you hit a triple, ‘cause you were born on third base. You are enjoying freedoms, opportunity, technology, things that were given to you bought by the struggles and the sacrifices and the work of those who came before. Don’t you forget where you come from.”

“You drink deeply from wells of freedom and liberty and opportunity you did not dig,’” Booker continued. “The truth of the matter is, the dream still demands, the moral conscious of our country still calls us, that hope still needs heroes.”

In other words: more of US need stand up. Many of us had the old folks telling us to never forget where we come from. AND not being ashamed about mother or granny making strides for us! Don’t be ashamed my fellow Under 40 Generation X folks. For you Generation Y and Millennials YOU BETTER NOT be ashamed about this. It’s ok to for example, listen to Jay Z, or sample a song from Otis Redding. But don’t forget how the music was really started in which folks like us have to understand. That goes for the Robin Thicke fans! I know that Blurred Lines is a hit. But the sample goes back to Marvin Gaye and countless others who made the music real than Jay Z or 2 Chainz anyday! I got love for Jay Z and 2 Chainz but I’m just saying!

Speaking of speakers: Yes, Rev. Al Sharpton. His National Action Network got this thing together. And plus, I really had to comment his viewpoints on Fannie Lou Hamer and Rosa Parks were spot on. The next time, younger readers of my blog, if your teacher or those in your family asks you about Rosa Parks, you probably might think of Outkast’s song from 1998. Rosa Parks was seamstress. Who refused to leave her seat on the bus in which her feet was in pain during the segregated south era. And yes she was discriminated, but though was not busted up of her faith. And as far as Fannie Lou Hamer was concerned, her role during the era of civil rights, formed the Mississippi Freedom Summer, under the umbrella of SNCC, or the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. And also was a Vice Chair Person of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. She was also an associate of Dr. King, and like  Dr. King, also criticized the Vietnam War. Fannie was also jailed and nearly beaten to death in June of 1963 in South Carolina. But she continued to her fight through Voter registrations, and mostly known for her singing biblical songs. She was also known as “Freedom Summer” who also welcomed those who were even non black in the cause back then.

So like Rev. Al Sharpton said: “Rosa Parks wasn’t no ho, and Fannie Lou Hamer wasn’t no B*TCH!”

Today: in Washington DC, near the Lincoln Memorial where the original march happened, the patrons gathered once again. Some were at the original. Most weren’t grown, and many weren’t even born. No I wasn’t at the 50th. I should have been there. But like many others I’m doing my part to advancing the dream as well. Many spoke today, including the King Family, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Jamie Foxx, Rev. Al Sharpton, John Lewis, Past Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. Caroline Kennedy represented for the Kennedy Family, and yes, even President Obama who was the centerpiece. However yes, there is work to be done! No more of this sideline watching. Matter of fact, I want to let the folks know, who were around at the Original March, I RESPECT YOU! I respect you because many of you had to endure the B.S. of being hated on just for guys like me to not to go though that. But I do know that there is much more B.S. to tackle: Jobs, Education, Housing, Financial status, There are many ways of appreciation, but THANK YOU! I just only hope that those who would tell those thanks. Instead of acting like it just happened with slouching pants or a “Control” rap lyric. Or Twerking without knowledge!

So I’ll agree that the country has made strides so far. BUT like maintenance, it needs a lot of fixing. One positive thing I can say about this event, folks talking about lighting a fire underneath, this fire has been relaunched! Only this time, with a twist. They say that many blacks don’t’ have a voice now, who probably got all question asking, per say, but you have to earn it! Rev. Bernice King, quoted her mothers words of struggle: “Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.” So freedom can’t be won unless you have to work on it. And about marching, I have to give Obama Credit. Every time he mentioned about the single parents, those who in uniform, those in the community and many others are still MARCHING! Many of us who are younger or don’t have this knowledge about what’s up with marching? Or now folks are saying, Why are we marching? – Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and many other RIGHTS that most taken for granted. Even in this era. We better recognize!

Last Saturday in Milwaukee, I attended a gathering at Victory over Violence Park, near CYD. And many of my city’s past and present black activists, personalities, government officials were honored for their work and dedication. Even Vel Phillips. Plus also representatives from the Sikh Temple who were effected by the shooting last year in Oak Creek attended the event. Many had turned out for the event in which anyone in Milwaukee should have made plans.

The work still continues. For me: the sidelines are done. I’m not sitting down on the sidelines and not doing anything. Not me. I was raised way better than that. So I’m the game. Not just talking about it. But just actually doing the job! No I’m not an activist. But I do know what’s up that needs to be done. Period!

Time to march on. With more conviction.

If any College Student around America is not aware: A new SNCC is on the rise. In the wake of the George Zimmerman Verdict as we know, and the ongoing justice spirit of Trayvon Martin and others whom had “Trayvon Martin Like” similarities, a group in the state of Florida has become the talk of the town. Write this group name down, or do a Google search if you have a chance out of your social media time. Or playing Video Games or work: Dream Defenders. The organization has been on camera lately in regarding the sit ins of protesting the Florida’s current law of Stand Your Ground. That reminds me of a different sit in in which the protestors stormed the Wisconsin Capital of that bogus repair bill. But anyway, this group is getting noticed by doing their first amendment rights in face of the Rick Scott. (Pay attention Walker fans, Scott Walker might be next, Again.) Yes, the students in Florida are coming off the heels of protests and marches that were sweeping the country against the Zimmerman Verdict. Now this is also coming on the heels of what Roland Martin said, the night of the when the verdict was announced, and the folks at the Delta Sigma Theta Centennial  in Washington DC were just in disbelief. He said in a video that was recorded, he wanted to challenge the students of now to get involved in the state and city elections. Plus also being 21st Century Radicals. I referenced the video previously and it was real talk.  If you missed it, I’ll post one more time.

See it. Learn it. Do it.

And as far as the Dream Defenders are concerned. I gotta say this. I really to give mad respect to these young bucks for standing up for what they believe in. Yes, they are college students. Some had to put their courses and student jobs on hold for a bit just to be apart of something that is bigger than them. Yes they are the 18,19,20,21,22 years old college students that yes are in the dorm rooms and doing the education thing. But when it comes to going against Stand Your Ground, and to favor the cause of Trayvon Martin, I don’t see a problem why they aren’t being this way. Yes, as ordinary Americans they are expressing their rights. HOWEVER, they are doing it a new radical fashion that is constantly lifting them up each time. Yes, I did mentioned they had to put their courses on hold, their student jobs on ice, but it has been done before! Look at the history of SNCC itself. Some say that don’t make this a race issue. I hate to say it but race has and is a “COMMON FACTOR”. No matter what it is. Even this. Yes I do know that the Dream Defenders are not just black folks. I’ve seen the white folks, and other ethnics getting involved. But when someone see this group that is majority black and there is someone on the outside looking in and may have those “hyper sensitive/skeptical” thoughts about why these young folks per say had to waste their time with this protesting. Hey Tea Party, you did it also! Don’t front! But this thing with the SNCC attitude in a twist is just an awaking. Period. They aren’t playing around. These dudes are serious and really committed. Speaking of which, when is Milwaukee or the State of Wisconsin going to get a dream defenders-like organization started up?  I know we got Milwaukee Matters and many others. Just saying. Or since it’s out in the open, and the New Civil Rights Movement is peaking in, why not have a “Civil Rights Party?”

Speaking of Dream Defenders, yes I’ll take this also – if you haven’t seen, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is up and running. And it’s real. Plus also for those who kept hating about More Trayvon Martins and less local folks who got killed, do what they family did, you really have to stop complaining and start making foundations for those who were killed locally, in terms of scholarships, donations. Yes those who might look at the site may and continue to hate the ongoing Trayvon Martin thing like a broken record, but after seeing this website, you can sell all the T-Shirts, Memorial Banners, etc all you want. But do it in a reasonable doubt!

College Students: The New SNCC, or #sncc21stcentury is calling. Are you fed up with the vote of the verdict? Or just fed up with the Stand Your Ground Laws? Or anything that is related to both? Better get involved right now! – That struggle is still in progress.

***Here’s a retro blog that I wrote about 9/11 in 2007 on Milwaukee’s Fox 6’s website and plus my MySpace blog. It’s what I’ve experienced. Ever though this day is a reminder of remembrance and service, but it also paints a reflection to never forget. This year, for a special edition in 2011 – this marks a decade after the worst “smackdown” in American History.***


Today is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. And I’m sure we were doing something that day when the news broke the story. Well, for me I’ll lend in my story in an extensive format. The morning of September 11th, I was preparing to go to a job interview in Brookfield, Wisconsin. It was to a printing company, Quebecor World for a printing position. As I was preparing to leave, I turned on the television and it was a report from NYC. It was Fox 6. And it was one of the towers of the World Trade Center was hit. I thought at first it was an accident. I kept thinking it was a mishap in the flight pattern. Well, I continued on my way to the job interview and unfortunately, I didn’t get the job offer that would fit around my class schedules with MATC in Milwaukee. Back on the bus, there were more passengers in talking about the towers, and the planes and how horrific it was. When I got back home, after I bought lunch from Burger King, I watched more of the footage on NBC, and Fox News. And when I watched it, it was like hell on earth. Planes flying into the buildings in New York. The Pentagon, was hit, and another footage of the scene in Shankville, PA where United Flight 93 went down. Those on that plane knew what happened with other plane fought hard against those who wanted either the White House or the U.S. Capitol a target. And on the flip side, those in the middle eastern countries, were cheering like they won the world championship. Tossing candy around saying “God is Great.” Later on the day, my mother came back home with me and my sister, and there was a bible study activity in the works. I’m thinking why a bible study on a day like this? Well maybe it was to make mends of healing and comfort. So we went out and actually did it. This was at my sister’s church at the time, Solomon Community Temple United Methodist Church in Milwaukee. At the end of the activity, each of us took a piece of paper, wrote messages on it, and took a match and burned them outside of the church, which ended the bible study.


The day of September 11th will not be forgotten. And the week of September 13th, will not be forgotten. During the week of the footage, I happened to watch WWE Smackdown. It was live in Houston, Texas. For some reason, I started to watch it and made me think that during of all the tragedy, it took some of the pain away to progress forward. It was entertaining, yes but it was something to think that we must get the gears in motion again. Some would argue that shouldn’t be on TV at that time, but it did generated a start of public assembly which was the first since 9/11, and it directed a message that Vince McMahon said: “We will not live our lives in fear!” Those two hours were all about dedication, wrestling, and comfort. And after that, Baseball and Football started up again. Furthermore, my education continued despite the horrible events, and churches on September 16th were packed. Even my church was packed, and the service ended with America The Beautiful.

The questions I remember were:

  • How can America be safe now?
  • What’s going to happen when we go through public government buildings or airports?
  • Where was God that day?
  • Is there going to be a draft? – That got me the most. I was 24 years old then!

As the title says, 9/11 was no joke. It was in my opinion the biggest “smackdown” in American history. And it serves a reminder of us that although we have these freedoms and independence of opportunity, we need to prove ourselves even more than ever. Some of us remember when JFK, MLK, were assassinated. And December 7th 1941. But most of us will never ever forget this date etched in stone: September 11th, 2001.

The infamous Firefighters of NYC hoisting the American flag at Ground Zero, 2001

.Vince McMahon addressed the WWE fans in Houston, TX on Sept. 13th, 2001 on a special edition on Smackdown.Firefighters of NYC, 2001

11 September 2001 pic

Closeup of an American Flag

May Day. When the words of May Day comes to mind, it often thinks about emergencies. Or a cry for help. That’s May Day. But a true May Day occurred about the news that Osama Bin Laden, who most had the brains behind the 9/11 attacks was shot dead. Complement the work of our Armed Forces. The Special Forces of the Navy Seals (aka the Seal Team 6) handled their job seriously by doing what they were trained to do. And the President, made the call. I know for a fact that most human beings shouldn’t revel in a man’s death. That’s like the Notorious B.I.G. didn’t wish death on Tupac; even though that they were best of friends and rivals in Hip-Hop. But this moment yes, we Americans are rejoicing in the streets, but nearly 10 years ago, Bin Laden’s fans were rejoicing in their streets, tossing around candy and saying God is Great. All of this after the planes were hurled into the World Trade Center.  Just a thought, 10 years ago I was going to a job interview in my homestate of Wisconsin, when America was attacked. And for the record, I was 24 years old. And I remember “all the what if’s”. “Where was God that day?” and Even the draft. Now it’s 10 years later, (almost 10 years), that the same mastermind behind 9/11 , has been vanquished. And also just a historical note that Adolf Hitler was also declared dead on May Day, 1945.  Similarities? Perhaps.

The Month of May as most know is Military Appreciation Month. This month we honor or  give mad props to the men and women in uniform who not only are living, but also those who are deceased in guarding this nation. Despite of our political differences, and choice of red state and blue state, choice of liberal and conservative, choice of straight or gay, religious choice of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddha, or whatever, but there is one thing is in common. This is our country. Lot of folks are thanking the troops. But often forget that God gets the glory! I can thank the military all I want to. But don’t forget to thank God for the Military, not just every 4th of July, or Armed Forces Day, but almost every single day. When you see a military personnel at a event “say thanks”.

In the meantime, review the footage that President Obama gave on May 1st concerning doing the job as usual.

By the way, love him or hate him, the President got this hands down.