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I hope that all are taking part of the holiday season. But I have to bring up this issue:

What is up with these organizations or well known companies that don’t hire or retain an employee who is African Decent, or African American per say who have this “concern” and folks on the other side having this so called big concern! Really, 2013? – Going into 2014?

Check this. In Wisconsin, back a couple of years ago, and I’m going in on this, there was a black resident bishop who served about 8 years of her tenure. But during her tenure, she wore African Attire most of the time. Oh, there were “critics” in the Annual Conference from UMC in the state, per say who had to comment about her attire being too African related mostly and not drawn to American in a sense. My former Resident Bishop, despite of that still rocked the African attire and braids. True story, I should point out.

What I’m reading, and hearing about organizations or companies not accepting the braids, dreads, or African Attire, is really mind boggling. Yes, in the military, females can wear the braids, but men, nope!  Which is a non concern. But I was watching NewsOne Now, and the issue was brought up. Even with a concern about a black woman who was highly qualified for a job, but was turned away all because of an Afro. REALLY?!!! It was just ridiculous to hear that there are certain workplaces, christian schools (of all of them) that don’t want their black daughters to have puffy hair. Only way to remain in the school is to cut it or have it straighten. Plus also a black woman was relieved from her job working at BP, all because once again: African Attire. And the issue of “white supremacy” has raised more times this year in regarding African American related issues or news. Oh, we know its the truth. I know the truth. Lots of folks like to say, oh 2013……..B.S.! It maybe 2013 or soon to be 2014, but I think the issues of concern will still be a hot button topic. With issues of this, years don’t matter. They don’t. We were reading this in the 1980’s, the 1990’s, the 2000’s and now the 2010’s. So where’s the secret passage way? Hello!!!!

I mean if the workplaces have Ethnic heritage days, where workers can wear their ethnic clothes from their respective cultures, then that’s one thing. But for stuff like this, it’s just another day dealing with appropriate attire. I can say this, the African Attire is far more better than sagging your pants. And it has nothing to do being dressed better like an American. And it’s not nothing against dressing up in a suit with a tie. Now tell me, is that best for business or image?


For the last six weeks prior to Thanksgiving, PBS had devoted one hour per Tuesday night of 500 years of African American history. And yes, the term, “African American” still lingers for those who “know everything.”

Professor Henry Louis Gates presented the six week special in which highlighted the most points in the history, and also here is something everyone should know: there were points in the history that weren’t mentioned! Think back in school or college when you were taught African-American History, how many of the topics were picked up that weren’t in your syllabus? Or in this case, your Midterms, Final Exams, the quizzes, or in discussion! I think Henry Louis Gates not on revealed the things we know, but also had uncovered the “hidden truths” that should have been part of our memory banks in the on going 500 years of African American History! Whether it was the firsts to elect, or the firsts to invent, or the firsts to gain while making sacrificial risks with them being black.

The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross | “Black is Beautiful”

One of the best highlights that I drew from, was the from final part of the series when it was focused on after the Assassination of Martin Luther King. Plus also the initiation of Black Power, Soul Train, Advertising of black products of Afro Sheen, and yes the 2008 Election of Barack Obama. At the end of the series, there was a question that was lingered after the Election, is America in a Post-Racial Society? With all the hoopla about the racism being dead, I say it’s far from dead. If the country is supposed to be in a post-racial society, why is so many companies, organizations, those who run credit checks, those who refuse to hire WELL QUALIFIED blacks in terms of Careers? No matter if you are in a Segregated city (i.e. Milwaukee) or any other city or state that has this cycle. Remember in earlier part of the series, it was noted that racism is in America’s DNA. It’s been there in the beginning and hasn’t stopped since. Even in my almost soon to be 37 years of life, have I been profiled? Yes. Have I been looked like I want to hurt folks or to have this notion of putting fear in other ethnics? Yes. Have I been discriminated in trying to look for work? You bet your Christmas Bonus. And I have not gotten over the feeling nor the story. And folks say we should get over it? Yeah, when the last legs comes. In regarding the President, every thing he tried to proposed, those in REPUBLICAN and some Democrats, blocked. Why is this? Many of us already know. And his shade of color is proof of those who oppose him. Even the fans of the opposition of Obama embraced this. And get this, many hate groups were rising up!

I said it again, and again: Post Racial? Really?!!!!

Another Highlight: Rise. This the part in which the Original March on Washington was mentioned. And of course, the spark in which Rosa Parks made her presence known NOT to give up her seat in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. Now while we were in church this past Sunday, the GOP unveiled a Twitter message, per say that Rosa Parks stopped or put an end to Racism when she refused to give up her seat at the time. Personally, the part of Rosa Parks putting racism to sleep is as false as calling Obama a socialist. If they believe that racism is dead, they need to look in the mirror. Without question! Maybe the GOP needs that come to Jesus meeting. No literally, a real “Come to Jesus Meeting.”

The African Americans Many Rivers to Cross S01E01

Additional Highlights from The Black Atlantic in which the slaves were captured, ripped from their homes, having to be branded, and many other dehumanizing effects that were harming at that time. Even those who died on the ships, were thrown off along the way. Majority of the slaves as we know were in Charleston, South Carolina and Jamestown, Virginia.  For the black slaves that were here in America, factories, buildings were built in which many have said that America was built on the backs of black folks. Even it concerns Washington D.C.  Remember when back in January when Obama was re-elected when the U.S. Capitol was mentioned was built by blacks? Even the Statue of Freedom on top of the dome was made by a black slave? Go back and read it.  Even the Haitians had to overthrow their slavemasters at that time to gain freedom. What about America? It took 100 years for the freedoms to commence. 100 years. And we often hear about the 4th of July and hearing the slaves talk about Liberty and Freedom. But…….during that time, that was not given to blacks. But we know that it also took those 100 years also to get more ideas and more fight for freedom to engage. Even in 2013.

I really have to say, that this series of The African Americans that Professor Gates presented was VERY WELL presented. I hope also that every single African-American in the house holds had the chance to view it. And Americans alike. Partially, many say that Black History is American History. BUT… a global aspect in terms of Africa, the Americas, Caribbean, Haiti and the ships that transported the slaves, this is more of a World History than American History. And the lessons are on going. In the 500 years that blacks have made strides thus far, we still have a long way to go. So the utopia, ain’t built yet!

Well here we are again. While many are cooking, and football watching, and parade seeing, and or I hate to say, trying to get those Black Friday Deals, alerts or planning to go to the clubs and to shake off those calories, and many other turkey stuff, let’s pause to see what are we thankful for. And keep in mind, some of what I’m about to write is all positive. Been doing it since the MyFoxMilwaukee Blog days. Y’all remember them days! 

If you have a good job, be thankful.

If you are active in your clubs or jobs, be thankful.

If you have a car that can get you to your job faster, be thankful.

If you don’t have a doctor YET, but still want to make an impression to get back to exercise and diets BEFORE seeing that doctor, be thankful that you can still care about your health.

If you volunteer your time out of your schedule, be thankful.

If you have been active with your family with all the difficulty, be thankful.

If you have a veteran to support in your life, be thankful.

If you support the troops, and staying active with their families, be thankful.

If you have decided to join the military, or a well known fraternity, sorority or well known organization that gives back, be thankful.

If you are member of Delta Sigma Theta, or Iota Phi Theta that has celebrated milestone years, be thankful!

And yes, if you are still active or support the NPHC, be thankful.

If you are getting help by trying to pay off your student loans that lingered you for so long, be thankful that someone wants to help to get your loans down.

If you have been approached by someone who wants to give you a job, be thankful.

If you have retired, be thankful.

If you own your own business without those bugging you, and you are successfull thus far, be thankful.

If you have attended a class reunion, be thankful that you went and got some ideas.

If your church has been flooded, and had to move where the folks are mostly, be thankful.

If your neighborhood has a good reputation of looking out for others, even in this 21st Century, be thankful.

If your house has been good on Thursday nights because of Scandal, and you let some folks in to watch, be thankful.

If your club or bar is hosting an After Thanksgiving dance off, be thankful.

If your store this weekend is part of the Small Business Saturday stuff, and you want to spend your money there than at Wal-Mart, be thankful.

If you met new family members in which you have talked so much about, be thankful.

If you got a new “volunteer promotion” be thankful.

If you had or will invite folks over for Football, be thankful that those don’t have TV’s can come over and watch out of love.

If you still do your talents and gifts of whatever, be thankful.

If your craft had to be upgraded for today’s standards, while educating the young bucks today, be thankful!

If you have been to the dentist or will go to the dentist, or will get checked up in any fashion as possible, be thankful that you might keep your teeth!

If you like what I’ve been saying on this blog, be thankful!

If you are from Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay or any part of Wisconsin that is feeling my blogs, I’m just thankful that you had checked in to see what I have to say. Even if it’s black related.

If you have visited 30 Americans in Milwaukee from this past summer and had the chance to see the different African-American exhibits, be thankful that you saw some fine art.

If you had the ability to create or pick up new ideas for your group or yourself, be thankful.

If you had or will register to vote for 2014 and beyond, be thankful.

If you had good interviews on the job, be thankful.

If you still fight for Civil Rights, and I mean REAL CIVIL RIGHTS, be thankful.

If you found a church home that you can grow with, be thankful.

If you believe that your city can be more improved with all the distractions, be thankful that you want to stay and help out to MAKE THAT CHANGE instead of moving out.

If you had moved out for better chances than the last city, be thankful that yes, you have to do what is best.

If you had family members, friends, neighbors, classmates, or close friends who recently passed this year and still miss them like crazy, be thankful that YOU can celebrate their lives by learning the lessons to move forward during this hard time of the year.

If you are in a relationship, or getting married, or got married to the one you love, no matter the race, no matter the sexual preference (LGBT) no matter the personality, be thankful. Gotta say that for a universal thing.

If you rep your Zodiac sign to the fullest, be thankful. Yes and it’s Sagittarius Season!

And……If you’re like me that is still single not looking to be taken, be thankful! Yeah I said it!

Finally, if you are one of those who work hard punching the clock, working hard everyday, getting credit, having the opportunity to showcase your talent, and getting recognized all year everyday, that is definitively saying BE THANKFUL!



Kennedy gravesite

Kennedy gravesite (Photo credit: jesman)

1963 was a year for Civil Rights. As we know about the death of Medger Evers, the March on Washington, 16th Street Church Bombing, the founding of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, and today, marking the golden anniversary of the death of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Many of the Baby Boomers and some of the Greatest Generation do remember bibically of his death. But to those of us born after 1963, we don’t know except the history books. And viewing old archival videos of the news reports at museums and online.

What does also mean for this. What will Kennedy’s death of November 22nd, 1963 mean to us Generation X, Generation Y, Millenials, those of us who probably look and say, so? With the shrugs.

Dear US Americans who weren’t alive in 1963:

It’s me, Stephen. Yes that black blogger guy from Milwaukee.

Many of our older family members and friends and neighbors would answer the question: “Where were you when Kennedy was killed?” I’m sure many of you probably answered that notion in many ways. Many of you were probably the same age of those who were asked you the questions. But I think in asking the question is also seeking knowledge. Today many of us weren’t even around when Kennedy was shot to death. There were no social medias, no 24 hour news cycles, no smartphones, no other advanced use of Technology. No Arsenio, Melissa Harris-Perry, no other gains that externally reached African-Americans. But there were radios, and television sets that were the norm of information.

Yes, I like many other Americans, watched the tributes, the videos of the broadcasts when the announcements of President Kennedy’s Death was inserted during the newscasts. I’ve seen the footage of the Funeral, having the soldiers and his casket draped in the American Flag on the gun carriage with the horses leading it from the White House, to the U.S. Capitol and the final resting place of Arlington National Cemetery. The eternal flame still burns in his spirit that yes, we can do more giving back to America. Many of us have given back since 1963, and many of us haven’t. There are those of us who refused to give back in sense that yeah, I love America in all. There is a generation of us Americans never really cared about what happened in 1960’s. Don’t get me wrong, there are those of us in the Gen X, Y, Millennial that probably do recognize the work. And there are those that see the work, but probably won’t do it. Sort of like Social Responsibility, remember that Jay Z fans?

There has been this “thought” that President Kennedy had little knowledge or little reference about African-Americans and the struggle of the Civil Rights. I remember seeing the movie The Butler, and no I was not tripping! If you have seen the movie not to give it away, review the scene where Cecil Gaines talks to President Kennedy about his viewpoint of blacks and civil rights. And if you are one of those who STILL haven’t seen it, you better! That movie should be seen by all folks, not just black folks.  And yes without the butler per say in a sense, I think JFK wouldn’t got the gist in spite of the Civil Rights Movement. On TheGrio Website, When I saw the movie, it was a point in that segment that I think that JFK was destined for change. A prime example in an exert from Rolling Stone Magazine in which the Vietnam War was a concern.

“It’s time for us to get out. The Vietnamese aren’t fighting for themselves. We’re the ones doing the fighting. After I come back from Texas, that’s going to change. There’s no reason for us to lose another man over there. Vietnam is not worth another American life.”

Read more:
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In other words: JFK wanted the U.S. OUT of Vietnam. Literally. Apparently after November 22nd, 1963 that wasn’t the choice due to the Assassination in Dallas, and the handover of the presidency to Lyndon B. Johnson. Where as right now the option of getting the troops out of Afghanistan is still high. But now the decision has been reached to forge a partnership between the Afghan forces and U.S. Armed Forces to remain intact until 2024.

As of right now, 50 years have come and gone. But what about the next 50 years when the commemoration of JFK’s legacy is remembered for the 100th time since 1963? I know that the link of JFK to me is through Caroline Kennedy, the surviving sibling of JFK and Jackie O. JFK Jr has been deceased since 1999. And Senator Ted Kennedy served his term very well until his passing several years ago. Yes I realized that the Kennedy name is still out there. The next era of the Kennedy folks,  to me must take up the slack of the family. Sort of like the legacy of Martin Luther King must be taken up with the King/Farris Family members currently. Even though their names aren’t known yet. And this is similar with the Jackson family. We know after Micheal passed, that was supposed to be the end per say. But what about his nephews? What about his children? They need their chance to shine up.

But for the Family of JFK, and the future, the torch that he talked about will be passed to the next players coming in. Even the ones, in his future family members. So we a those who have or will ask to do whatever for America, do this: start in your communities. Go back and help out your communities in terms of Employment, Health, Neighborhoods, and many other concerns that lingers on Americans. Resume your work, even though it’s a long haul, but still the help will come IF and ONLY IF you contribute or start up ideas!  That way if possible that a dream of JFK, MLK and many others who wanted change without getting harmed, can definitely be a must!



Veterans Day Dog Tags

Even though that Veterans Day 2013 came and went, but the still of thanks still goes on. Yeah, I’m a day late on this 11/12/13, but still the ongoing thanks of appreciation of those done the deed for America’s Freedoms does appreciations well. So for those Vets that done it, here is your blog letter.

Dear Veterans of the Armed Forces:

It’s me Stephen. Yes, I’m a black blogger from Milwaukee that has not served in the Military.


To all of you who have put yourselves in harms way and to make it back alive.


For doing your deeds by firing your guns, your leadership, your duty, your honor, your sacrifice, and your ultimate appreciation for Americans and Americans-alike. No matter if you had to load up your medals, or formations, or had the chance to tour the world, or having the opportunity to serve while working, I’ll say it again:


Let’s also say, that yes, the struggle goes on. We non-veterans who never had the chance to serve, are still continuing to say, “I’m glad that I didn’t with all that war mongering.” Or “I’m glad that I didn’t get to kill people, or be a blood thirsty person beating someone out of Gitmo!” And that yelling in basic training: Why that?!!!! I mean dang we can hear!” You might hear that. I read not to long ago that the “mean yelling” per say had calmed down in the U.S. Army side of training things. Is it still the same? Not trying to dip, but just asking.  Yes, even yours truly who had to take the time to write this letter blog, had the talk about joining the Army, or a seeing a Navy Recruiter all because of a job offer. In reality, and I hope I don’t offend those who defended the country, really I don’t see myself doing this. And I don’t feel that it’s not of my interest. They say that the Military isn’t for everyone. But I do respect those who done it. And I respect those who are doing it now. I don’t have to like it. But in retrospect, appreciation. Now I’m 36-soon to be 37 years old. And I see that if I were interested in the Military in a different sense of mind, the only branches would be open like the Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve and the Air National Guard. And I’m surprised that they take those up to 39 – 40 years old. I think also the Army needs to expand up to 40!

Like many others, I too have Veterans ranging from family, friends, neighbors, former and current co-workers, Alumni, and many others. Yes, even church members. Personally, I’ve heard one of my former church members that during his tenure in the Army, he killed people. And I’m assuming many of you who are Veterans had to do the killing while maintaining America’s Freedoms. I know this blog letter is mixed. But it’s my way of saying that even though I may not agree nor like the ideals of war, or ideals or killings, or ideals of having  that one guy all up in your business. I do respect the Armed Forces for America. Straight up.

So for those who are “currently” serving, yes your Veterans Day is coming. But not now! It seems to be some confusion about the currently servicemen should be honoring on Veterans Day. But truly, it’s really for those who have been there and done it. But your honorable service is appreciated always. No matter the branch or rank. And for those who have done the deed in uniform, I say again: THANK YOU! I know that you Vets had alot of folks near and far thanking you for your service. I did that also for a family member that I know served 2 years in Vietnam. I can’t speak for those who haven’t done it, but it’s about respect and appreciation of what you have done. And let me say this: be proud of your service!  Be proud of your commitment to defending America. Be proud of your admiration from those who haven’t done it. And be proud of you! Be proud of your Army days, your Navy days, your days as a Marine, your Coast Guard days and even your Air Force Days.

I also want to say thanks to the Vets of Color. Those of African-Decent who served and still give back. I know that Veterans Day doesn’t see color per say, but I have to give it up also to the Black Vets that made the move to serve! Since the very beginning, African-Americans have served in the Military in high numbers. And there were African American Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard Members who probably served, but never got those mad respect like the others. Why, because they were black! But overtime, there were those who did serve got recognition. Even in small things that churches or community centers that do displays of Veterans Day Celebrations to enhance that recognition! No matter what they did. It’s the truth. I hear this all the time.

Enjoy your day, Vets. After all, it’s all about you and what has God put you to call for!



It seems that the blackfaces thing is getting so stupid. Really.

It was stupid before and its stupid now. Another recent case of blackface has came up via the web. A white teen age girl recently dawn her “so-called” blackface” and had a message for the black critics: “Worry about finding your dad.” Really? Is that her best excuse? My question is where’s her father and why isn’t her father beating that butt?!!!!! Straight out!

Personally, this person of a freak, and another person via Twitter is telling us critics who hate his work is telling us to find our black fathers. I know where mine is: retired, at home redecorating the house and helping myself and older sibling financially. Talk about sarcasm and stuck on stupid.

Now in response they are telling us to leave them alone: WELL GUESS WHAT! For all those who think that doing the blackface is no big deal, its time to learn TODAY!

Here is a test. Since they want to be black so bad, try finding a job if you look like someone who had been in jail. Try to show your ID when you try to vote. Try to get your hair braided up with dreadlocks and get pissed off when your boss ordered you to cut your hair. Try dating outside of your race and having Black Women or Black Men nagging at you about “staying in your race”. Or being constantly being call n*gger every single time you get looked at. Oh trust me, you want this? There’s more. For the non black male doing the so-called blackface, try getting into an elevator with a white chick per say, and if she looks at you per say, she might clutch her purse thinking you might rob her. Or being followed in a store by a security guard thinking you might steal something. Or DRIVING WHILE BLACK. Y’all want this?!! Really? Guess what, this is what we African-Americans go through everyday with black issues or issues in which most non black’s don’t get! And also what will it feel like if you were mad as hell, when the Trayvon Martin Case went to George Zimmerman walking the streets, and having the anger built inside of you that once again, the justice of the United States didn’t do no work in making sure he wasn’t being sent to prison.

Now you know what it might be like if you were a different shade of color being followed, profiled, discriminated the most, being called names, poking your suggestions of dating others, or being in area of issues that most don’t understand! KNOW YOUR ROLE!

And to those who are black and think it’s all behind us, with the Kanye West shrugs, you better recognize that this is a constant reminder and it’s no utopia for handouts! Check out this blog entitled, “Blackface, Racial Costumes, and Racism.”

Now the issue of facepaint is a decisive one. War Paint, I can understand. When Football players put some of the black paint substance on their faces before going out on the football field, I get it. Not a problem there. But when a blackface comes up, guess what? None of that matters. More reminders of hate.

Speaking of knowing our roles, this other picture I saw on facebook made me want to vomit. Matter of fact it was on Joe Madison’s Facebook Page.

I looked at a picture of three people, 2 whites, 1 black, and a noose. And the folks were smiling. Plus one of the persons had a noose around the neck of the black woman while the while woman and all were posing for the camera. Don’t believe me, go find that on Facebook. Or matter of fact, here it is:

 How DARE THEM!!!!

And a matter of fact, what was the black chick thinking having that noose around her neck, and having the white dude holding it? And in the other pics, the White chick held the noose and in the final pic: A basket full of cotton. Frankly, I find this disgusting and embarrassing. And for what, amusement? Many of us black folks who probably saw that picture might had the heads in shame. And in disgust like I said. Word is that the black chick is from North Carolina. No matter where she’s from, I don’t think that she might not have a job in the near future all because of this IGNORANT PIC!  And plus that goes for all three of them. Many think, “oh, it’s just a joke and we should get over it”. Frankly: We’ll never be over it. We have NEVER been in the shoes of our ancestors who had to go through hell in a hand basket just to rise up against stuff like this. I’m morely dissapointed in the black chick’s “token” demeanor in the acceptance of it. Just wait until Black History Month comes back, and the more we see pictures of Blacks being hung from trees, again it’s a constant reminder that there is more stuff to talk about. And why it needs to be talked about in the 21st Century. And I don’t care its 2013!  And I can’t say what for the Caucasian crowd. Partially, if an African American had an idea to play “Holocaust”, per say, they would be UUUUUUUPSET! Yeah, we know.

Again: they say we are in a post-racial society? Not a chance! Whenever we see this posted on Social Media, or anywhere else,  it a warning shot.  Partially, it’s a warning shot against blacks. Period. Just like all the profiling, and many others I’ve said on this blog for years. Plus my own experience.  Now I’m also reading some of the comments on Facebook that it’s a joke and get over it. And partially, it’s coming from blacks. Why would anyone who is African-American want to get over this?!!! As long as it’s a hot button topic, it will never be over!

Frankly even on Halloween, it’s an non-ending horror story of trying to survive.

If those wanting to know why the blackface is a concern, read this article from TheGrio.

Time to learn, Americans.

Well well well:

It seems the Tea Party had struck a nerve with the President yet again and other Americans. Did any see this mess? I mean having those don’t tread on me flags, and what’s this? A Confederate Flag? Uh oh, who would do such a thing? The bogus Tea Party.

When I saw that picture on Twitter, I mean; really? All because of the shutdown. Oh check this, they have to bring in barricades and stacked them towards the front gates. And having that Sarah Palin, and Ted Cruz supporting that mess. Of course, they’re republicans, and fans of the Tea Party.  Right.

Obviously.  These wackos are just plain stupid. HOW DARE THEM!

HOW DARE THEM of going in front of the White House with the Confederate Flags thinking it’s their own house. Last time I checked, it belong to all Americans. Including me, in which I haven’t visited yet.  I’m ashamed of the Vets who are apart of that crowd that follow this mess. Yes, they have served the country, but this crap they supported is blatant stupid!  Oh, I’m going there today! They don’t speak for me. And this guy, Larry KIayman, or Klanman or whatever his name is, telling the President to “put the Quran down.” This idiot of a tea pariter is just confused. Obama is a Christian. His father was Muslim. Get it straight, people. Talk about denial of reality. These are just mad haters. That’s all. All parading around with the Confederate Flags. To those with the “Stars and bars” many would call that an reminder of racism and slavery. Having said that, is bringing back old nightmares. Many black folks will tell you that. Also there are those who felt say either it’s a southern heritage or it’s a family heritage. But no one would tell you, that those use the flag also had a history of being traitors. Reference CNN on that one.

But seriously, again the Tea Party in my view, are just haters of anyone that is not them! Similar to the KKK. Oh yeah, I’m going there. I’ll bet there are those who are black and follow their philosophy. Not surprising.  They might be in a situation where they can’t speak for all Black America. Frankly their tea party ideology don’t speak for me. And I’m an African-American male. And plus they don’t give a care about me anyway. The same with the rest. I mean how in the hades are they fooling with the get up looking like Thomas Paine wannabes and having guns strapped with a mix of Don’t Tread on Me Flags, now mixed the Stars and Bars?


And I’m glad some of the “Tea Party Foolery” got arrested after that so-called protest was well “gated” outside of The White House.  Talk about “stuck on stupid”, and this is supposed to be “American enough?” REALLY?!!!! I dare anyone of these yahoos go back and realize that mostly, this is their doing. They are hating the fact that an African-American Family is in the White House. Barack Obama got elected again. But all now, they wanted to keep it non-black just like the last 43 presidents. They in my in estimation want guys like me to stay in the back. Never to lead or to analyze. Newsflash: Tea Party, We can lead now. Obviously that does not resonate with the likes of many others. What really got me was when Larry Klayman was dissing Obama, he had the nerve to talk about MLK. If Dr. King were living right now, and after the B.S. he had seen out of the Tea Party, he would shake his head in disappointment.  And no, he was NOT a republican.  Some might say, why bring the angle of the race card in this? I hate to say it, but that race card, racism has and unfortunately is always on deck. It may not be real for some, but it is real in a sense of understanding. I know there are some “colorblind” folks that might comment, but remember this: I don’t see no utopias yet! None! If those really feel that following the I Have A Dream Speech 50 years later is a good speech, while this is going on, we don’t know jack about MLK. Speaking of that, listen to this speech soundbite. I hear this on WNOV in Milwaukee, and it’s real talk, EVEN in today’s era, and what is going on right now.

Hmmm………can the Tea Party sample that? Probably not.

Now recently, if those haven’t heard, the House GOP rejected yet again another bill that will not help stop the ongoing Government Shutdown. We know who’s fault this is right?  Percentage wise: it’s on the GOP. It’s on John Boehner and the GOP-Led Congress. With the Tea Party Influence and the Heritage Foundation. All because of the Affordable Care Act that IS the law of the land. Got approved. And to their accord, the country got “punished” all because Mitt Romney didn’t check in the Oval Office.  WELL TOO BAD REPUBLICANS! And in the last act, guess what, the year 2014 is around the corner. If those who were responsible for this act, their jobs are on line. If those who were effected by the shutdown through the jobs, WIC, Domestic Violence Assistance, Food Share, Veterans Benefits, and many other needs to keep the country going, in any way, make sure the ballots are delivered and punched in the voting booths. LITERALLY! Plus that will be a potential revenge factor from 2010.

Trust me, it’s sad to say that it’s time for this current group of holding Obama back, needs to go. Just early this morning FINALLY some resolution in having some sense. Both Parties has agreed to a bi-partisan deal temporarily to increase the debt limit in order to pay for our bills (and I mean OUR bills), plus also to reopen the Government by the order of the President. And if you are one of the 800,000+ workers, you must be dancing right now. “Go get your paper, mane!” As the young cats say now. Feed your families, pay your bills and stock up on Scholarships and grants for the future college scholars.

So has the GOP learned its lesson after this dumb, so-called, Government Shutdown? They better learn today. This “shutdown” nearly costed the country, and sent a red flag to other countries that the United States got dumb and stupid because their leaders can’t even get themselves together in order to function. Speaking of the Republicans,  from Wisconsin: Ron Johnson (aka RoJo), voted no along with other 17 Republicans of the ending the shutdown. Which is no surprise that RoJo voted against that. If Russ Feingold were in that same chair, that would have been a yes. Literally. Plus also: other Wisconsin Republicans like Jim Sensenbrenner, Paul Ryan, Tom Petri, and Sean Duffy also said no. Just also a thought: Sean Duffy at one time was on San Francisco’s Edition of The Real World. Yeah him.

But oh, no we know what happened with Wisconsin’s end in 2010.

To the United States Republican led Congress, I have just two words to say: #ENOUGHALREADY!

To the SO-CALLED Tea Party – I have these words to say also: #ENOUGHALREADY!

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving President Barack Obama a hard time.

I have had enough of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time in trying to get Jobs, and Infrastructure.

I have had ENOUGH of the B.S. shenanigans about the Republican-led congress giving the President a hard time really with Healthcare.

For the last 41 times they have dug in their graves so many times in which they tried to get rid of the Affordable Care Act from the books. But today, they have decided to play the devil’s saxophone of avoiding a Government Shutdown, while not giving funding to ObamaCare. Yep. Halloween is approaching and the graves are set for burial. Knowingly, the Senate will get their chance to shine up and I think mostly the decision not to fund ObamaCare will get funded. And additionally, the defending of the poor is un-American. As well a denying funding for SNAP, Vets, Children, Elderly, and many other needy items that most couldn’t access. – This reminds me of Wisconsin. Cutting away all the access for the poor and needy stuff. And the Tea Party folks in my view, are just leeches. All that talk about “oh, the government is getting to big. We believe in less government spending.” You want to talk racism as it’s best, look a them! These two groups have been up ever since Obama got into office, and I think already: start setting up their funerals. The funeral of their careers and jobs on the line of what they think what America should be, are just reaching the morgue without notice.

Earlier Today, the President was on the road and said this to the GOP. And trust me, he did not let up, nor held back in saying this. Fast forward to the 18:00 mark.

Notice the words: “They’re not focused on you.”

Let me repeat that sentence again, that I totally agree with.  Or in a sense from a Facebook pic might lighten the mood.

Yep. It’s all about politics. Politics has no business being involved in folks trying to get Health Insurance.  It’s all Bull. Mainly, I’ve been saying it and I’ll say it again, It’s not the plan, it’s the man. Again, ever since President Barack Obama came into office in January of 2009 and again this year, it has been against him since. Not just the plans he’s making, but it’s him. His color. His shade. All of that. Just admit it. There are those in this so-called country called the United States of America (yeah I said it!) that does not want a President of Color in the White House. Well too bad! But the Republicans (not all) want to defund his Healthcare Package. And this is how to get jobs here in the country or creating jobs? Really?!!


Many of you probably are somewhat surprised I am writing this. Don’t be. Many of us have been doing this for a while, and it’s no surprise package.  Even with Michelle Obama. She was recently in my homestate, at Watertown High School about drinking water. We know that we should be drinking more water than soda, coffee and many others. But the likes of the Right Wing (ala Rush Limbaugh) had to make a comment (politically charged) about her drinking water. He should know better. Why make some dumb comments about folks drinking water? After all, it is a need for health.


Let us have decent healthcare. If you got it, good. But don’t forget those who try to go back,  or to find a doctor at least to get checked up. There was a time I about 5 to 6 years to look for a doctor and it was hell. But I found one and now I have to find another. As far as those like John Bohner and Eric Cantor, those dudes along with those like Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express, really need a realty check. Or in the words of Melissa Harris-Perry: #HaveASeat. Speaking of Amy Kremer, she needs to get her head out of the gutter in regarding Obama loving America. Hate to say it, whether they like it or not, what she said on PoliticsNation and recently on Disrupt with Karen Finney was just flat out ridiculous. Yeah I said it.  We’ll see on October 1st.

Decent care for pre-existing conditions. Why against this?

Is this being #Americanenough? If not, I don’t what is.

So many times, I have said on this blog, that Wisconsin has the highest of black unemployment, and mostly with prisons. Many have said that “Wisconsin is the worst state for black people.” And no it’s not because of laziness. Props to the BBC for getting this out and making folks aware that Wisconsin is not always peachy keen with being a farm state! Especially in the state’s largest city of Milwaukee.

Take a look at the stats from the video. Some may be surprising. Some may not.  But if you live in the city and state for so long, it’s really a constant reminder.


This is what it is. Just today, a new Miss America was crowned by the name of Nina Davuluri. Heard of that name? Well you should. This is the name that has been on Twitter today ,and not many in the country is happy that someone of Indian American decent has won the crown. And she’s 24 and got a scholarship. Why be mad at this? REALLY?!

Oh check out the tweets that have been passed around the internet:

OH REALLY? Are we in this Post-Racial Society?



To those so-called Americans who think seeing someone who is different winning a crown, or in a higher office, better start learning. Oh wait, they can’t! I’ll bet these are the same Americans who AGAIN: Hate blacks, or those are in the “minority majority”. Those who oppose gender. Those who have extreme hate on President Obama, who had nothing to do with this, (by the way) And those that I can go on and on who are just HATERS!

Frankly, I’m not surprised. To those who got the hate tweets out: YOU GOT EXPOSED! Wait to you get to your jobs and classrooms and if you are one on of those who got tweets like this, guess what? Will your tweet be questioned at your bosses’ office or teacher’s cubicle? Or your groups, churches where those think you’re a good person? Here comes the judge!

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone said this: #brownfacestakingover.

Plus also, this year also marked the anniversary of Vanessa Williams’ win of Miss America. Simply being is, she was the previous contestant of color that similar to Nina won the crown, but her crown was snatched up because of the nude pics in Playboy. And like Nina, she too faced racist attacks all because a black woman won Miss America.

I ask again: post-racial much? NOT!

Or someone said this: #peopleofcolortakingover.

Time to learn today!