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I’m afraid that I shouldn’t write this blog story but many probably won’t care. You probably might read something else and that’s fine. But I want to summarize something that’s been on my mind since. It appears of a news info about the Wisconsin UMC is looking at the up and coming congregations about the areas that are mostly African, Hmong and Hispanic. It’s really apart of the “Wisconsin Anew” thing that the Conference has been pushing for quite sometime. However, I think there is one element that does not seem to weigh in and forgotten the most is the African-American UMC Voices.

I need the Wisconsin Conference UMC to hear me out as a 4th Generation African-American Member: if it’s true that the conference is trying to somewhat “silence the African American voices” regarding the all black churches in the Milwaukee Area that is a blatant mistake! It’s a mistake that the from what I hear that the Conference is not interested in the voices of the African American Community regarding it’s flagship churches! One of them is my home church since it’s founding of the year 1949.

Why do I feel that this is necessary to keep the African American UMC Voice in Milwaukee? Why is it necessary? It’s our right to maintain a voice to support our African American congregations, and with that, comes our issues, concerns and objectives. One of our ideal objectives is to launch an “African-American Worship Center” on the grounds of one of our sister churches. The building would serve a purpose to maintain, grow and stimulate ideas of membership, services, events, and concepts to maintain our voice with the African American Community in the United Methodist Church. Particularly in the Milwaukee area! Everyone knows that the Milwaukee area is 40% African- American. That is a fact. Wisconsin is only about 8% when it comes to the African-American population. That also is a fact!

But why this? What is the reason of trying to do this?!

It’s somewhat obvious to me that the Conference as positive as it is, is using this mark to silence the black folks. Once we go silent we can’t say much or do much as we set out to do. I hate to say this, but as a black man…excuse me, African-American male that does care about the objectives and ideas of the church, I find this disturbing and somewhat, hold your breath: racist.

This is what this is sounds like almost. Racism. Picking apart the strongholds to make them weak. Now I’m not into hating the Hmong, Hispanic and African here. I got friends in those groups and have no hate on them. HOWEVER: when it comes to the harm of the black community and the dealt of the being driven out because of the Anew idea doesn’t fit in all, that is what I have an issue with it.

My home church was founded yet again in 1949. In an area of Milwaukee that many are “afraid to go” to and it was near the Carver Park Area. The Original Bronzeville district! And in the homes of the one of the founders, the members started out with 5 members. 5! It wasn’t no upstart! And stapled as the first African-American United Methodist Church established with a resume of 15 Pastors combined nearly 70 years of experience of service. Even though we are a small bunch, but we maintain our status, objective and beliefs to effectively GROW as a church! This is what we want to do. And in the spirit of our predecessors and ancestors we want to make this happen for the future of the church. Specifically our members whom are African-American and needing a voice to support in the community!

I really hope that the Conference does not take this thing of my message the wrong way. They must hear about our concerns and objectives. We are apart of this team of United Methodist whether they like it or not. I say this to the Bishop and the Cabinet members on down. Even though that I don’t hear alot of the meetings and messages as much: I do know what the heck is going on! I can’t speak for the African-American Community that are United Methodists in Milwaukee, but I can speak for myself that this idea of suppressing our voice is stupid! We deserve a right to be heard and to summarize our ideas to not only support our own, but in fairness to support the Anew stuff with the Conference.

We’re trying to make things anew to get ourselves straight. Again, our membership needs work, the youth, young adults and children’s group needs to be revived. Already the United Methodist Women’s group mission work is going well so far, and soon to be: the United Methodist Men along with other United Methodist Men’s personal will engage in the community.

CALLOUT: This needs to go viral!

Not just in Wisconsin but it needs go viral EVERYWHERE! Even if you are a Black UMC in another state that understands the situation we’re going through. And the “rally” needs to come to Wisconsin and asks the BLACK UMC CHURCHES what needs to be done?! Real simple. Time to organize and get off the clock!

It’s getting real now! This “so-called suppression” must stop! We don’t want to sellout, turn back, nor be tokens for anything deals with this matter!

Word on the street that the 2018 Annual Conference had little representation of the African-American Members. I want to make a idea that should go VIRAL. Bring the Wisconsin Conference Experience to where we are. Bring it to the Greater Milwaukee Area. MAINLY MILWAUKEE! I am dead serious.  If you want it, be real about it. Not everyone is not going out to Middleton or Sun Prairie to get things done. You need to bring it over here. This is my thing. 

Sidenote: I do have access to a Black Methodists for Church Renewal page on Facebook. Maybe this story that I’m writing needs to be picked up there. Also the black stories in media needs to follow this as well.


Oh yes. Is this mic still on?

Of course it is. Many have now realized that the Lakewood Church in Houston is having lots of company in which those whom are still in need of shelter, clothing, food and many other needs that those are displaced. And Houston, I must say again that many are us in prayer that you will recover and revive your community. And yes many of us don’t know jack about what you’re going through with the flooding from the Hurricane but just assure that many of us got your back with donations, support, inspriration, and many other needs. So yes Houston, we got you.

Now again, it’s time to go back to the thing of hating on the cloth. Pastors. Lots of us already know that the Lakewood Church in Houston, the same church that many of you critics hammered on that wouldn’t open up. And having some claims that it wasn’t flooded. Yeah that one. The same one that opened up and did what they had to do and many folks (non-believers and believers) had to still comment about Osteen not doing it sooner. Look, I don’t know how Lakewood Church operates, and neither do you or I. They don’t operate like the smaller churches like our grandparents and great grandparents went to years ago before many of us were born. Again, WE DON’T KNOW SH*T! We don’t. Stop playing.

I want everyone to view this video clip from Facebook. This minister, Chad E. Brown had a whole lot to say in regarding churches, the concerns, and what many are not saying after the bashing of Joel Osteen. Again, I’m not a fan of his work. But I’m a fair minded person that has to give the other side a chance to respond.


Did you hear what he had to say? I’m asking again: did you HEAR what he said? Don’t act like you know. Oh, the phrase he used the words: “Stupid People!” And personally, I don’t blame him. It’s the actions and reactions. The same stuff many that commented on. Oh yes, many of you got guilt written all because of this man’s stance with his church being all closed up. No I am not defending him. What I am defending is something that many of you NEVER commented on: Safety. The first thing you wake up in the morning: Safety. The next thing you do when going to work or school: Safety. The next thing when you take your breaks/lunch or whatever: SAFETY, and BEFORE you go to bed and set your alarm: SAFETY! Now if the idea of Osteen’s church opened up when all the floors were wet in all the folks he would let in would be at risk. Ok, so Osteen said that he could have been more aware ahead of time. He could have. He could have done that idea.

In the winter of 2014 there was an email blast put out on our lists, in regarding severe weather. This was a wind chill weather factor that happened in Wisconsin and at the time, the Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church sent us this message:

Weather Precautions Advised; Shelters May Be Needed
Wisconsin needs to be ready for a dangerous blast of arctic air that will be moving into the state on Sunday and persisting through Tuesday. Meteorologists are predicting lows Sunday night of -10 to -25 with wind chills at -40 or lower. Monday, highs will reach only -5 to -15 with wind chills remaining in the -30 to -40 range.

Church leaders, please take a few moments to read over some health and safety tips from the State of Wisconsin here and here. Some churches may be asked to provide shelter to those who may be facing problems during this bout of very severe and dangerous weather. Your local news station will have the most current information on conditions in your area.

In addition, the Sun Prairie Conference Center will be closed on Monday.

This message, again came from the headquarters of the Wisconsin United Methodist Churches in Sun Prairie ahead of the Wind Chill on a Friday BEFORE the weather happened in January of 2014. And yes I remember putting this same message out on Facebook to inform my audience about that yes, some churches were available to be open for those whom want to keep warm and etc. WE WERE WELL INFORMED! And of course there are those who will complain and piss about Churches in general being negative after you survived  4 to 8 years without providing YOUR ideas to the table or to the Pastor. HELLO! No wonder we got some weak minded folks who just left with doing nothing. Oh yes, I’m not talking about those who actually are trying. I’m talking about those who gave up and complain! In my “Church Experience” of 27 years as of this year of 2017, I went through the ups and downs and been criticized in all, BUT I AM STILL THERE doing my part! Now I’m an officer and have a head position of Social Media under the Communications and doing what I like every week. I have been call out for Tweeting in church like every week, but I still do it anyway every time! And I’ve been a employee of the church since 2007 for 10 YEARS! And in the 10 years, I didn’t just work, but I also participated in meetings, took notes, went on field trips for note taking for administrative needs. So yes, I’m doing my part instead of moaning and groaning for doing nothing!

But like the pastor said in the video that he (Pastor Joel Osteen) had a family to look after first to make sure that they are ok. No matter what happens: FAMILY ALWAYS COMES FIRST! Period. No matter what religion or being mixed up with the consciousness being all free thinking and yes you will have the folks will say the mess that you would not believe. I KNOW. And here’s the thing, it’s not just those outside of the church, but also in the church too. Whereas not just on SOCIAL MEDIA, but also away from social media. And not just on the job, but also outside of the work of those long hours for that one paycheck! Somebody say amen! And I don’t care if you went to the same Schools, Colleges, joined up a fraternity, sorority or whatever. There are those who will say whatever in a negative sense no matter what group or organization you belong too. Of course there are those whom are going to say, “Oh you know it’s freedom of speech! It’s the truth, duh!” However, you need to watch your words. That tongue thing is mighty wicked at times.

Now I’ll know that many of you got booted off of someone’s Facebook timeline or lists all because of someone’s wicked feelings about a certain pastor or a certain time when the church was really popping but popping out of order. You left. You posted your feelings of hate and guilt towards others whom probably are still members  who have the faith and beliefs. And also the others gain the defense of the beliefs. They get ticked off and you make the move to remove them all because they follow the likes of Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer,  or Jimmy Swaggart. REALLY?! You had those “good folks”,  on your contacts but you let them go all because of a certain pastor or bishop or evangelist they follow or gain support. Maybe you should have been booted off the Island! I think I know the reason why. Your mind and words say one thing, but your eyes says something else. And that something else is fear. Be honest.

When I was a youth member at the New St. James Community Church UMC (or St. James United Methodist Church) in Milwaukee, we were passing around flyers in the neighborhood of 24th and Keefe for an upcoming summer program. We did all the houses back then and of course some of the neighbors at the time were yelling and nearly cussing at us youth folks all because of informing the neighborhood about the church’s program. This was in the late 80’s or early 90’s. And again I was a youth member. I do remember telling my mother about the incident and it was discussed. Look we were in our youth teen days back then and I wasn’t as defensive minded then. Now I am. What I’m getting at is this, fear and misunderstanding can be a mess. And many folks know it. Even you know it from being messed with on Social Media. I don’t blame the technology set up of Social Media of people’s problems. That rests on the folks who use it in a negative fashion! Just like a credit card. Or the Telephone. And for you hyper consciousness folks even you also can use your tongues of pride in a negative sense too!

I dare someone say that on Facebook. Go ahead. Some will agree, some won’t. But when it comes to these knowledgeable things per se, that will change. And I know that many don’t want to hear it. BUT THEY KNOW IS SO TRUE! Just like when many say, “Oh Joel Osteen should have opened his doors.” False narrative! The truth: he didn’t have the doors closed. Plus also the blame could be put on the City of Houston for not giving that distinct order to get the ball rolling for this. So point the fingers on that.

I did a scenario on Facebook about buildings being inaccessible. And insurance plus liability. And when I was doing the example, it brought me back to the days of my Industrial Management Distance Education Homework Assignments of UW-Stout.  And I shared that same experience of Homework with my Church because there some concerns of Safety Clearances that had to be cleared up from my lessons in the classroom. Many you so-called church experts who lambasted on Facebook need to check yourselves. Go to school and learn Occupational Safety. And even if the building had wet floors, that too can be a health concern hazard. Why? When water seeps into buildings or homes, it’s dirty. We don’t know what might be in that water that made it murky. But after all that water would get pumped out, it leaves behind mold and dirty on the floor, the walls and yes carpets! The smell of that will be harmful and yes THAT is a health risk! And you want the folks to go into the church with that going on? When Pastor Osteen said something about safety concerns, THIS came to mind! Hate the notion all you want but the thing is the building should have been check out before anyone or anybody should have walked in! Church folks: have some of your members take these Occupational Safety classes or workshops at your colleges or universities. I want to suggest this!

Folks: ministers are regular people. We may think we have them to fight all the mess by themselves, but it’s more than just them fighting the system. It takes a team effort to do it. And plus I knew PASTORS (even though it’s United Methodists) that had been bullied, attacked all because of their stance of ministry. And usually the most came from the former members. And some non-members too! And District Superintendents who oversees circuit ministries. I kid you not! And sometimes Bishops don’t even care also at times.

I felt a need to say this more because, coming from a person who has a sibling that went though ministry: I get it. And no I’m not a pastor. And I get what the minister said on the video because in some instances I get what he’s saying also.

Again: if you haven’t done so, donate and pray for Houston. Even if you don’t have family there but hey do it anyway.



Here is the second part of the blog, “Losing Dad.”


For a few days, the pain of losing my father was surreal. It was emotional, hard, and also didn’t felt right. But before all that began, I got my mother to come back to my sister’s house. She first wanted to water her plants, and we both went to bed after enduring a hard situation. But before I went to bed, I had to post the hardest Facebook post of losing my father. It was about 3:30am in the morning and then I went to sleep. When I woke up the next couple of hours, I got dressed to take my mother back to St. Luke’s Hospital to be with my sister. Then later on I went back to the north side to set up an appointment with the funeral home for the start of my father’s service. I also went to my parents house in starting to clean up my Father’s entertainment room to take out the rug that he heavily bleed on. And also I clean up the room that he had his last remaining days before dying so soon.

I went up stairs where I had my fun where later on he took over the room after 2000. Nothing but memories growing up. I also had the thought of taking his CD’s that he listened to while working or going to work just to try to ease some of the pain.

My dad was more of a blues fan. Listening to his music collection of John Lee Hooker, Magic Slim, and the Legendary Mavis Staples to name a few. Speaking of that, before he died, we were talking about a song that he was reminded of Mississippi and the south. The name of the song was called, “I’ll be rested”, in which I had a thought of listening myself during Black History Month. But that was then. I began to grab more of his mixtapes on CD’s that he often listen to while working in the house or his days at the Post Office. Thinking about also making a playlist in honor of him when Father’s Day comes as well as his August 18th Birthday.

Plus at the house I had to find some necessary pictures of him and us on our vacations, events, earlier times before he was married, school, the military, and others. Collectively, we had a collection of pics gallore! Later on in the week, I’ve done more cleaning, plus gathering more material that would be beneficial for the Funeral arrangements that was upcoming. Ranging from marriage certificates, to forms of military honorary discharge papers. And in my mind, this whole thing was just surreal gathering the stuff was just that. Surreal.

In church on Sunday after my Dad’s passing, my pastor preached a sermon called “Don’t Be Afraid.” In which he used me as an example of what I went through on the night when I discovered Dad dead in his Entertainment Room. It paled in comparison of what I talked about previously about that even though the situation was hard to swallow, I had to do something in general. In maintaining control of the ship to maintain order. In a spiritual effect, I think that Dad would approve it very well. Plus I highlighted the things that I summarized:

He was a member of my church for 47 years. – In December of 1969, he married my mother. Which also made him a member of the church since.

He wasn’t an “every Sunday” church member, but he was a member.

He was around for my graduations, my sister’s graduations, church events, even the Veterans Day Celebrations at my church.

Always known to fix things around the house, home modelings, woodworkings and others.

He also matched my church salary to make sure I was financially well. He knew I wasn’t making enough as a Church Secretary, but he wanted to help out. And he did. Plus with that, he supported my sister’s needs as well.

And as far as a lessons learned. They spoke for itself. Even the hard lessons!  Plus I thanked the church for the support.

February 27th was the meeting at the Williamson Funeral Home, which is black owned. And plus in history it was mostly that they buried more of my folks. Even my father talked about the owner all the time. We were at the office getting the service for Dad prepared. We chose the date Friday, March 10th 2017 as the day with a visitation date of March 9th. The site of the burial we chose was the Southern Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove. Plus, I have an Aunt that is buried out there since 1997. Plus two of my church members are buried and entombed at the cemetery.

Along the way we had to get the additional information of his insurance to cover the costs of the funeral including picking out his casket. And for the Committal portion of the funeral, my mother would receive the folded flag, and there was a mention of the 21 Gun Salute that was added as part of the service.

After the service was set up, I immediately went to my Facebook Page to inform my followers, phones convos, text messages and others on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google plus to give the official rundown of my father’s funeral. The dates, places and etc. And likewise, more condolences poured in.

In the remaining days, I also got my Dad’s dark blue suit jacket and light gray trousers. The very same set he wore to my uncle’s funeral in early September. And there was additional shopping to conquer to get shirts, ties, socks and for me, I had to purchase a dark blue jacket, a light gray pants to have an idea (via my mother) to dress like Dad for the funeral.

The notices in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Williamson Funeral Home Website were set to view on the Wednesday before the visitation. And the booklets had to be printed for the funeral as well. Thanks to Great Impressions here in Milwaukee, they were excellent later on.

Part three of “Losing Dad” will continue with the Heartbreaking visitation, the funeral, and the Committal Service.

Oh I got something to say. Really I do. This is for all those who feel this way of Tweeting, and in Church. Yeah, you heard that right. And I’m doing some thought provoking in a philosophy way.

I don’t care if you are Generation X like me, or a Baby Boomer. Guess what? I tweet in church as part of my Church Work in Communications Ministry. Every single Sunday, I’m on my Tablet and I hear my Pastor speak. And I break out the tablet and start jotting down phrases or sentences and with that, I use the hash tags to follow. Partially it’s not a bad thing. Oh, I see this on my timelines “Stop Tweeting in Church. Listen up!” or “You’re facebooking in Church? You better get in and pay attention!” Should I know these comments and yes, I know where it comes from: those I know.

For all those who feel this way, maybe you don’t get it. You don’t get at all. Now if those weren’t so hypocritical about Tweeting in Church, maybe they need to be educated. Oh, yes, I’m going there. For me, I’ve been tweeting for about 5 years. And yes, I got the hot seat by some, but praise by MANY! And ever since I got into Tweeting, I got kudos from not only my pastor, but those in my denomination that enjoy seeing my Tweets as an idea! Just as a reminder,  I am a 4th Generation United Methodist Church Member. Plus, it’s  the church got that “Rethink Church” thing moniker going on, remember?

This whole thing reminds me of Ray Charles. What does that mean? Does anyone remember the scene from Ray when he and friends were playing music in a club that sounded a mix between Gospel and R&B? Then three folks came in and thought it was anti-religious? Against God per say? One of the players walked out with group and the rest kept playing. OH HEAR THIS! Those who criticize the mixing of Gospel and R&B music, most of the Gospel artists that most of you Gospel fans listen to now, they got jobs. Yeah, I’m not a Gospel fan. But when you hear Kirk Franklin’s Stomp, Mary Mary’s God In Me, or many others it’s a mixing of the two masses chopping it up. It was an “against thing”. Now it’s a “like thing”. Oh, and I’m assuming that there might be DJ’s in sanctuaries welcoming folks in with nice music. Oh, wait…….The Washington Post did a story on this last summer. Different story. Now what does that have to do with Tweeting in Church Services or sermons? In my view, a slight edge of communication, but not really a comparison.

Now the phrase of “You can’t beat what you don’t understand” came from the WWE. And when Wrestlemania Season ends, The Undertaker will be 22-0. You heard it here first. But the phrase itself can apply to anything that is in all sides and angles. Even something like this from my Twitter Timeline from this past Sunday:

“Suffering gives you wisdom” Sermon Quote. #rethinkchurch #umc #milwaukee #wisconsin

Now you’re probably saying and asking, dude why you’re tweeting on your device? Were you listening to the sermon?

For those who are left in the dark and don’t know: In my church, I am an active Communications Chairperson. Since March of 1996, I have worked the sound system, played music, record sermons and services, took pictures, and now adding the use of the sermon quotes on Twitter and Facebook. SO FOR THOSE WHO ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY: I listen, summarize, critique, take notes, review, work,  learn, tithe, and display IN CHURCH! Unlike those who do a lot of bible thumping and hate, I’m not a just a “sitting church member”. I’m active. I’m involved. If you’re reading this and go to church, and act like this on the wrong side of history per say, then maybe you need to listen up. Instead of being hypocritical of darn near everything, maybe it’s you. That is the problem. Maybe if those you bring in are young, they don’t want to see a church that is DEAD as a door-nail. Where’s the living? HELLO Worshipers?!!! If you want your church to change then YOU the members need to change. Even if you’re an active pastor. I’m just saying.

Look here. I’m not bashing those or hating those that go to church every Sunday. I do it myself. By the end of the day, like I said on one of my blog stories weeks ago, we’re regular people dealing with everyday issues like everyone else. PERIOD. I do the tweeting thing on Sundays for one reason: expressing my gift. I mean the old folks say, “use it or lose it”. Or Share your gifts and talents. This tweeting thing in church I do, IS A GIFT AND A TALENT! There might be someone who was going through a hard time of reality. Or just broke up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, or a family pet, family member, best friend, or lost a job, or many others that is a concern. Or maybe a good thing of getting married, getting that job, good grades, etc. And the lines are positive! So what’s the matter about tweeting messages from sermons beyond the four walls in a good way for someone who might need a pick me up of faith? Don’t make me get the preaching! And they say it’s a distraction? Well many of us check our clocks to see what time the Pastor is going to end his sermon before the game comes on a Sunday. Uh-huh!!!! Who still does that? Don’t front. And with that, I got kudos from my current pastor, church council and a representative from the Wisconsin Conference UMC organization for this. NOW WHAT?!!!

Finally, I think this circle is going to catch on. Matter of fact if you actually do this Tweeting in the Pews thing, it’s another thing of Freedom of Expression. I mean if you can Tweet about your favorite whatever, tweet about #godlovesyou. Tweet about #thankinggodforanotherday. Tweet about #wearethechurch. Tweet about #AIW or #alliswell. Feel me? And for those who are well, stuck in the stone age, no pun intended, maybe its time to learn, catch up and join up with this circle that is on the rise with this Technological concept of inspirational. If you don’t study this idea, nor use this tool: you’re just stuck in the past. Or lost.

If those who want to challenge this thing FURTHER: You got tickets, I have seats. Come on in, sit down and listen what I need to say. As they say in the church, the doors are open. Even in cyberspace.

Rethink people.

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I’m going to be PC here today. All this time, I’ve been paying attention to those who I thought were real. Church members, celebrities (ala Kim Kardashian) and many others things that I can think of. First, this is for all the church folks. Those who punch the pews, and listen to the sermons while texting and tweeting with facebooking each time when a sermon arises. And for the record, and I’m making this public, I do tweet in my church services and I do it for a reason: I’m reshaping the thought of communication in the church. Yes, I am apart of the United Methodist Church in the “rethinking the church” ideas. This is one of them. Now to those who oppose this in the sanctuary, maybe you need to give this a try and hating the idea. I don’t care if you’re old school from the 1970’s and trying to carry it out. With all do respect, but times have changed.  And I’m not going to burn in flames on a Sunday morning.

Which leads me to my second point. To the “real” church members those who again pack the pews and give, good work. And to those who don’t pack the pews, and having those back stage politics, one of these days you’re going to have trouble. This shouldn’t matter to any denomination. Anyone can relate. I know what you’re thinking: yes, I’ve been a giving person for alot of years and I worked in my time in for the church. And I’ve been doing it for 20 years! Plus I had to debate the pastor, deacons, and those in charge of why the church is not going up and you’re judging me?!!” Let me say in response that yeah, you’ve done your job for 20 years. And I think part of the debate, was in fact drowning yourself, and drowning the face of the organization. Just because your name is on the roster, doesn’t mean you’re a “real member”. For those of you already know, from your Fraternities, Sororities, Elk Groups, Mason Lodges, etc. You should know that having a name on the roster doesn’t mean jack squat! I’m going there. It’s all about the WORK! It’s all about the contributions, donations, etc. You feel me? Now I’ve been hearing  from the older crowds about how to get the younger age ranges, from 18-35 or up to 40, involved in the church. Well to the older crowds, as the younger kids would say, you better be real! I don’t’ care if you are in your 60’s, or maybe 70’s! With all do respect, you had set the standards, but now it’s a new ball of wax and alot of what you did, may not work for those like me today. Tell that to your groups.  And especially to those who are coming up trying to hustle, or making that money without getting the principle.

Second, Kim Kardashian. When will she learn? 72 days of marriage. Please.  I have family members that have been married since the 1950’s that are still married. And my parents have been together since 1969. What some of these so-called marriages today are lacking is commitment. I hear this from those who are already married. I begin to question is this whole marriage game is shaking down to whatever. Now I got folks close to me that want me to dive in. Note to those when I say this: Not a chance! Some folks in my family once said that if you’re not mature (and the key word is mature) enough to handle a commitment, you do NOT walk that aisle. Was Kim Kardashian mature to Kris Humphries for those 72 days? Was she mature to Reggie Bush? I think the answer was no. I know it.

What I ‘m trying to say is, that if you’re going to be real at something, or someone, just stick to it. Do your job, and I’ll say this as a member of Generation X, quit your whining and save the drama for your mama! Just like the line from Higher Learning when Laurence Fishburne’s character Maurice Phipps kept saying “you have to have a plan”. That is the only way for anyone or anything to survive. And that is what is needed now.  It doesn’t matter what race, creed, class, gender, economic status, looking for work, education, changing jobs, losing weight, how to vote, or whatever. It’s the same thing.