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First take: Black Hockey Player gets a Racist reaction

Hey America: How’s that Post Racial society thing working  for ya!!?

If’ we indeed live in a post racial society and some what gotten over the case of Donald Sterling’s racial rant of not bringing blacks to “His NBA Games” then we haven’t learned nothing much. Even with it. Just today via the wires, there was a report about a black hockey player that got a win for the Montreal Canadiens but……the reaction from a pro-Boston Bruins fan base had to unleash their racist view points on a black dude. For those in Boston, I have one question: REALLY? All of last year many of us Americans were all BOSTON STRONG after the Marathon Bombing, and your Red Sox won another World Series in all, but why on earth YOUR so-called fan  base had to sling racial overtones to P.K. Subban? This dude won a game in a series with his crew and you all had to go N*gger on Twitter!

Here are the edited comments:

– That stupid n***** doesn’t belong in hockey #whitesonly


– PK Subban = F****** N*****

– F*** PK Subban. F****** n*****. Wish he got sold

– subban is the definition of a n*****

– Someone needs to smack PK subban across his big n***** lips. #scumbag

– SUBBAN IS A F****** PORCH M*****

– F*** that stupid m***** #subban

– F*** you subban you f****** lucky ass n*****!

– Once again, Subban stop being a n*****

There were also Tweets in support of Subban or at least tweets that were in support of class and civility. Check some of those out below.

– N***** was trending in Boston because P.K. Subban scored… It’s a rare moment in my life to be ashamed to be a Bruins fan.

– I bet the Bruins fans calling P.K. Subban a n***** on Twitter have no idea his brother plays for their minor league team.

– the hashtag #N***** is trending in Boston after Subban’s goal. Do they tweet this after a David Ortiz HR? f*** off Boston, be better.

– N***** trending in Boston- #NHL another sport with issues


Yo, that was stupid and disrespectful. Oh, I know many have said “well Black people say the N-word all the time……” But this story is not about blacks saying it. It’s you all! I don’t care how liberal your city is. That doesn’t matter. Matter of fact this story about a black hockey player getting racist heat is nothing new. Many others had went though it previously:

Herb Carninge –

As a black man playing hockey in the 1940s and 1950s, Carnegie endured his share of racism. In one famous 1938 incident, Conn Smythe, the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs, watched Carnegie play as a member of the Toronto Young Rangers. He is alleged to have said either that he would accept Carnegie on the team if he were white or that he would pay $10,000 to anyone who could turn Carnegie white.

In Breaking the Ice: The Black Experience in Professional Hockey, author Cecil Harris noted that “some doubt has arisen” as to whether Smythe did indeed utter this remark. According to Harris, Carnegie and others believe that racism played an important part in keeping him out of the NHL. Others interviewed point to his decision to refuse the Rangers offer to play in their organization. (Wikipedia)

Willie O’ Ree back in his hockey days endured it as well-

“Fans would yell, ‘Go back to the South’ and ‘How come you’re not picking cotton?’ Things like that. It didn’t bother me. I just wanted to be a hockey player, and if they couldn’t accept that fact, that was their problem, not mine.” (Wikipedia) 

Mike Grier been through it since he was a  child in all cities: BOSTON!

Like O’Ree, Grier said the racism he encountered while playing youth hockey was not enough to stop him from achieving his dreams.

“It never really affected me,’’ Grier recalls. “I never saw myself as anything except just another hockey player.’’ (

And in another example: Wayne Simmonds had a banana thrown at him during a preseason game in 2011:

“It was unfortunate that this incident happened but I am above this sort of stuff. This is something that is out of my control. Moving forward, this incident is something I will no longer comment on so I can just focus on playing hockey for the Philadelphia Flyers,” Simmonds said. (Sporting News)

So I beg to ask those who are non-black and hate blacks, why the hate against my culture? Especially if those who are trying to be the best Hockey Player and are of African-Decent? I’ll bet that you are just still feel that we black folks in hockey shouldn’t  be winning in “your sport”.  Guess what, it’s becoming not just your sport anymore! And I think all of that hatred towards blacks  playing hockey is just a mere smokescreen of ignorance. And about that P.K. Suppan that was hated on, didn’t he win a gold medal in the Winter Games this past year? And how many of the So-Called Americans EVER HAD ASKED  any black hockey player to represent the US? I can answer that with a big fan NONE!

Boston, I don’t know what your haps are against blacks. Didn’t you hated Bill Russell or Robert Parrish that way?

Second Take: Burke vs Walker

The hype between Mary Burke and Scott Walker is truly heating up. And according to the “preliminary” percentages, It’s almost a dead heat between the two.  This week the Wisconsin GOP is gathering in Milwaukee for their annual convention, and the one thing they probably have on their mind the most, is to have Wisconsin secede from the Union. They can’t be that dumb now can they? If it gets shot down, I’ll be surprised. For those who wanted to know about the jobs: it was reported that Scott Walker’s jobs tracking is about 106,000. That is 144,000 less of what he campaigned on in 2010 in getting that so-called 250,000 jobs. I said it on the real, Walker will not match that high for jobs and it’s not working! Plus also the legs of failures are still going for Walker. Wisconsin is STILL at the bottom when it comes to jobs. Yes, it has risen a little but still on the bottom. Recently this week, the Spanish Train Maker Talgo has decided to pull out of Milwaukee once and for all and it’s trains will likely be sold to a different state. And THAT was Scott Walker’s fault for letting it go with his political gain.  Many of you outside of Wisconsin have probably asked: “How could Wisconsin flush down 800 million dollars for a project that could have benefited your community with jobs and growth?!!!” “And what is up with your Punk Governor doing that? Does he care about black people in your state?” Many of us think about these questions everyday. Even since Scott Walker was County Executive in Milwaukee. Here’s a fact, there was a time Walker was a Democrat, but like those before him, he switched sides. And we know about him dropping out of Marquette. What a loser. Really, Wisconsin? Not one time, Scott Walker has NOT set foot on a black platform to address the issues that concern Wisconsinites of African Decent!

Now many have asked about Mary Burke. Mary unlike Walker is becoming more apparent to view and summarize. And also unlike Walker, Mary Burke has been on WNOV 860 AM more than three times addressing the black audience. She is trying to tap into the Black Vote, which should be key for the 2014 Election. Now, yes Mary has been in contact with black officials including Congresswoman Gwen Moore. Here is a good question: And I know many in Wisconsin have asked why wasn’t she around when Obama visited Waukesha? For the record of her, she met with the President previously before the event, and of course she had to go to LaCrosse for another event of her campaign. I don’t know why folks gotta act like that.

As far as Mary’s plans to help the state, she had laid out good ideas:

Even Gwen Moore had chimed in this commentary:

Plus she addresses more of the issues via her website:

Even though it’s been a about almost a year, so far Mary has been up on her game . Now we all know that the major test will be against Walker. But I wouldn’t be surprised if many in Wisconsin will realize that the person elected in 2010 is not right for 2014. And the hype about the state being “open for business” will clear show better than bragging tag line just to get famous.