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If any College Student around America is not aware: A new SNCC is on the rise. In the wake of the George Zimmerman Verdict as we know, and the ongoing justice spirit of Trayvon Martin and others whom had “Trayvon Martin Like” similarities, a group in the state of Florida has become the talk of the town. Write this group name down, or do a Google search if you have a chance out of your social media time. Or playing Video Games or work: Dream Defenders. The organization has been on camera lately in regarding the sit ins of protesting the Florida’s current law of Stand Your Ground. That reminds me of a different sit in in which the protestors stormed the Wisconsin Capital of that bogus repair bill. But anyway, this group is getting noticed by doing their first amendment rights in face of the Rick Scott. (Pay attention Walker fans, Scott Walker might be next, Again.) Yes, the students in Florida are coming off the heels of protests and marches that were sweeping the country against the Zimmerman Verdict. Now this is also coming on the heels of what Roland Martin said, the night of the when the verdict was announced, and the folks at the Delta Sigma Theta Centennial¬† in Washington DC were just in disbelief. He said in a video that was recorded, he wanted to challenge the students of now to get involved in the state and city elections. Plus also being 21st Century Radicals. I referenced the video previously and it was real talk.¬† If you missed it, I’ll post one more time.

See it. Learn it. Do it.

And as far as the Dream Defenders are concerned. I gotta say this. I really to give mad respect to these young bucks for standing up for what they believe in. Yes, they are college students. Some had to put their courses and student jobs on hold for a bit just to be apart of something that is bigger than them. Yes they are the 18,19,20,21,22 years old college students that yes are in the dorm rooms and doing the education thing. But when it comes to going against Stand Your Ground, and to favor the cause of Trayvon Martin, I don’t see a problem why they aren’t being this way. Yes, as ordinary Americans they are expressing their rights. HOWEVER, they are doing it a new radical fashion that is constantly lifting them up each time. Yes, I did mentioned they had to put their courses on hold, their student jobs on ice, but it has been done before! Look at the history of SNCC itself. Some say that don’t make this a race issue. I hate to say it but race has and is a “COMMON FACTOR”. No matter what it is. Even this. Yes I do know that the Dream Defenders are not just black folks. I’ve seen the white folks, and other ethnics getting involved. But when someone see this group that is majority black and there is someone on the outside looking in and may have those “hyper sensitive/skeptical” thoughts about why these young folks per say had to waste their time with this protesting. Hey Tea Party, you did it also! Don’t front! But this thing with the SNCC attitude in a twist is just an awaking. Period. They aren’t playing around. These dudes are serious and really committed. Speaking of which, when is Milwaukee or the State of Wisconsin going to get a dream defenders-like organization started up?¬† I know we got Milwaukee Matters and many others. Just saying. Or since it’s out in the open, and the New Civil Rights Movement is peaking in, why not have a “Civil Rights Party?”

Speaking of Dream Defenders, yes I’ll take this also – if you haven’t seen, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is up and running. And it’s real. Plus also for those who kept hating about More Trayvon Martins and less local folks who got killed, do what they family did, you really have to stop complaining and start making foundations for those who were killed locally, in terms of scholarships, donations. Yes those who might look at the site may and continue to hate the ongoing Trayvon Martin thing like a broken record, but after seeing this website, you can sell all the T-Shirts, Memorial Banners, etc all you want. But do it in a reasonable doubt!

College Students: The New SNCC, or #sncc21stcentury is calling. Are you fed up with the vote of the verdict? Or just fed up with the Stand Your Ground Laws? Or anything that is related to both? Better get involved right now! – That struggle is still in progress.