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More recently, the City of Milwaukee has now released or soon release voting ballots in different languages for those who can’t speak the english language. And apparently, those in Milwaukee from what I’ve heard, has a problem with it. Really? I want to address this with the so-called Milwaukeeeans or Wisconsinites who think this is a problem. When I read stuff like this, it kind of makes me disapointed, sad and angry all at the same time. This is nothing more than a stab of prejudice of those that if you migrate to America, you have to learn to speak English. Talk about stingy. I say this because it’s time to give a reality check. I was on the Real Milwaukee Facebook Page and one person commented that english is not the offical language of America. The Native American language is. After all the Native Americans were the first to come to this hemisphere way before everybody else. Let’s be clear! Now the question is asking about the dollars being spent to produce these ballots with the spanish language on it and the same ol’ “if you don’t learn english, you move back to your native land speech.” Really? Are we that pathetic?


Me personally, I don’t have a problem of voting ballots being bilingual. I don’t. I mean I see many differnet English/Spanish documents, signs, brochures, and hear many english/spanish recordings of information over the telephone. So what’s the big deal? I’m just saying in general, part of this in the arguement is nothing more of you should be like this and not having that. Or in this instance, I can hear this now: “This is another example of why Milwaukee is a Segregated City.” Question, what does THAT have to do with this? How many of you living outside of Milwaukee have both english/spanish signs, documents, and recordings that really give those to help out? I’m just saying. 10 years ago, I took a Spanish course in College in which was a requirement for adding on to my College Degree. And yes, it was hard. But I have learn down the line to be bilingual in different things anyway. What’s so segregated or un-American about that? Nothing! So I don’t know what the big deal is. If it’s a requirement for those coming to America to learn Basic English, I get that. However, I detest those who say that if you don’t learn english, you go back to the native country. And that I like to say is “borderline utter nonsense”!

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