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I’m addressing this in reaction to the disturbance at Wauwatosa’s Mayfair Mall on the first Sunday of 2011. I often say that even thought that this year has got started, but they’re are still the same ol’ stuff we have to put up with everyday. This past Sunday as everyone in Milwaukee knows, Mayfair Mall was hit again with young folks messing around. Knocking over mannequins in Boston Store, shooting outside of Macy’s. What is up with these kids? For real. I mean we can’t go the malls where we can shop in peace no more?! So that means that we can’t go right? WRONG.

The only way to combat this reaction is to simply go back and shop. Stand up!  That’s all. Even the hosts of Real Milwaukee, a TV show in the 414 commented that if you are going to take back the mall, shop. By the way, the term “flash mob” is quite new to me. There were times that Capitol Court, Northridge Mall and The Grand (Grand Avenue Mall) were all cleaned and cool. But then came the thugs. Some of us in our 30’s now remember when we acted crazy. Admit it! I couldn’t go to the malls back then because mother wouldn’t allow. We were giving these malls crazy looks, and almost messed it up. But now, we see some of these teens doing their thing and malls like Mayfair are scrounging like crazy to beef up security. Some of us made a decree to never shop there again all because of some idiotic knuckleheads. Does Bradford Beach sound familiar?

Now the Bayshore Town Center already put into play about their time differentials for young teens for the weekend, and now, Mayfair has done the same by extending their PGR hours after 3pm on Sundays. Great! Mayfair was hit in the past when Barbershop came out on the big screen, and many young teens at the time were just acting up. What’s a theater to do? Enforce more restrictions to guarantee safety.

So to us who been there and done it, we need to tell our youth of now, that stuff like this will not be tolerated! If they mess up at Mayfair(or any other mall), they let us down. And when they let us down, we fail. I’m talking to my African-American folks here. And other folks too.  Get tough on them! Either if you are a parent or not, it’s OUR responsibility!

Speaking of Self-Destruction: I want all of the Black folks who have kids and teens now, (and others) to play this video from the 1990’s: It’s entitled “Self-Destruction”.  And it’s real hip hop with a real message. It’s not just to teach them a lesson, but to remind us grown folks of what we were headed if we didn’t change. Some of us grown folks (with kids) need a reality check as a reminder of why it is.

By the way, Real Milwaukee should have played this video.