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Now I know that the Milwaukee Brewers are having a heck of a season. They are. And reached 50 plus wins in the NL Central. Oh yeah it’s positive vibes.

But that’s the good news. The bad? Josh Hader. If anyone paid attention to the recent All Star Game in which the National Team lost, there was a report about Josh Hader using racial terms, or messages on all things: Twitter. There was messages of “White Power” and hating gays and many others. Seriously. And he was 17 years old. A teenager. When I saw the footage about him making that appearance to the mound, and the fans making the standing ovation, that to me is a problem. How can any fans in Baseball, especially majority white, give a guy like Josh Hader a standing ovation after his racist remarks? This looks very bad and disturbing. Especially for the Milwaukee Brewers Organization.

Many are saying, “he was 17 years old”. And saying this on social media. Of course, that the old heads kept saying that be careful what you post. Even I said this! Josh Hader is getting that lesson right now even in the City of Milwaukee that we all know that it’s segregated. Do majority of the white folks who come to Miller Park or any other comes to Milwaukee Special Events knows about the segregated checkered past? They better. Now I know that I’m getting a reaction of like “yes we know”. But we don’t know enough. Have I’ve been discriminated against my black skin in Wisconsin? Yes. I’ve explained it over and over again about being hated on for a job offer through Dresser Waukesha 8 years ago. It will be 8 years next month in August when I got that letter from Tallahassee, Florida about black folks not being hired by the company due to it’s checkered past of racism in the Greater Milwaukee Area. This is one of the reasons why I don’t usually respond to job postings as much because of this matter. Of course many companies will say, “we don’t discriminate against anyone based on race, creed, class, gender, etc.” But do many companies actually feel this way? Let’s be honest, not all of them. But there are those whom are jealous about a applicant that they just looked up on LinkedIn or Facebook who had all the credentials and being passed over all because he or she was black or highly educated. That’s why we have folks like Scott Walker and Donald Trump whom have all that White Privilege and I dare say, racist angles in office. And majority of the voters put them in office. And I’ll bet many who put them in office, don’t want a guy like Mahlon Mitchell per se in the race to be the next Wisconsin Governor. To me, I’m still betting on Mahlon to get a chance to steal this shocker to get the chair in Madison. But that’s another story.

Long time ago in Church, my older sister once said about being careful what you say during a Youth Moment segment. Even she also said if it was in the second grade. By looking at the racist tweet from age 17, Josh Hader had to be in high school as either a junior or senior. Go figure.

If any of the African-American players on the Brewers whom like Eric Thames, Lorenzo Cain, or Keon Braxton said some messages of hate on Social Media, they will be GONE! Out of the picture or banned! And many will be asking why that is. For Josh Hader, he will be getting the full “Ethnic Sensitivity Treatment Classes” on respecting cultures in all. It’s kind of interesting, that the Milwaukee Brewers in August are having a theme night event called African-American Heritage Night on August 3rd, in commemorating the Negro League Tribute to the Milwaukee Bears, whom at one time were apart of the city’s history that was long forgotten. When I saw the comments on Facebook, there were some “jerk offs” had to ask about, when is Polish American Night happening, or making some meaningless jokes about black culture. I’m not kidding. And many don’t realize that the problem in Major League Baseball is the diversity that not enough black folks are engaged with the game. Unlike Football or Basketball. Wait until football season starts either NCAA or yes the NFL. Just wait. And also that Heritage Night is day before of the newly Black Arts Fest MKE will be debuted at Summerfest after a 5 year absence of no African World Festival in the city.

Another thing comes to mind that the same week that Josh Hader’s racist tweets had surfaced, guess what? Hulk Hogan was reinstated into the WWE Hall of Fame in the same week! For those whom may have forgotten, Hulk Hogan was suspended for three years from the company’s Hall of Fame Status due to the fact that he was caught using the N word in regarding the thought of someone who would date his daughter Brooke. And oh, the firestorm had started. Forget about Hollywood Hulk Hogan with the nWo Heel Turn, this was Hulk Hogan or Terry Bolea using the N word and getting caught red handed out for that. When he was reinstated after three years, last week yes he wanted to make things right, but not every black WWE Superstar ranging from The New Day to Titus O’Neill didn’t somewhat approve of him being back. Except for Mark Henry whom is a newly inducted WWE Hall of Famer.

But the fact of the matter is, Hogan had to get right with himself about what he said. Maybe, just maybe that Josh Hader should do the same. And oh, it will not take a week. But the sting still remains in regarding to talk about race in all angles even in sports and entertainment. The jury on both is still out. As well as accountability.

I need to chance to vent out right now. Forgive me WordPress, I have to do this. This past week it was reported that a current MATC Student was taking a test via blackboard, and after looking at the results which was not the only results. But what was the THE result of this matter was the fact that the students username had included the words dumb N****r after her given name. The student, Erica Hughes was upset and sad that this tragic racial slur  has to hit the college, and in this 21st Century of being able to learn and work. And plus, the word about this slur stuff got on the internet via a Facebook Group Political Page, through the community activists about the problem at the school.

Personally, I need to say this as an MATC Alum who knows the game of online distance learning (and conversely a UW-Stout Distance Education Alum too) what in the living HELL is going on? Who in their right mind would trample on this student’s username stuff and had the nerve to add dumb n****r on the blackboard account? Hold up, I thought we are supposed to live in this “post racial” society, right? What a joke. Hey Ann Coulter fans, you want to see where the real racists are, look in your classrooms online and many other areas. As an alum, I find this to be embarrassing, disappointing, and also being very disrespectful towards students of African-Decent! And stuff likes this, keeps Milwaukee, or should I say “the Greater Milwaukee Area” pinpointed as being the most Segregated City in America. When I was doing Online classes back in the day, I never had that happened to me. EVER. If the school does not get their stuff together, I as an alum will probably NOT donate nor set foot in that school until this is resolved! I’m serious. I’m pulling a UW-Stout protest on this one. Either they fire the instructor, or IT person to get this resolved. The last time that MATC had a problem similar to this, a guy that worked in the Distance Education department was fired because he was drunk back around early 2004.  I kid you not! I should add, it was a white guy. Plus, what is the MATC President saying in all of this? Haven’t heard nothing.  I know the school has been in existence for 100 years. But for stuff like this, is not an excuse. And already the news media is on the case.

MATC: I say this as an Alum, Get your stuff together! 

Taking another Olympic break yet again.

I often say that Milwaukee is one of the most segregated cities in the United States. That is a fact. Recently, on my Facebook news feeds, and I happen to stumble on this. It was taken from a group posting on Facebook in conjunction with a person’s bad experience, in a racial negativity in regards to service at a Milwaukee downtown restaurant:

Toshiba posted today about the incident online stating, “My sister and I were dining at Elsa’s on The Park tonight and Karl’s (the owner’s) girlfriend stated that African Americans are the worst customers EVER and that blacks are the reason that there is a war on poverty and drugs because “u people don’t give a “SH#@” about “yourselves or anybody else. She also went on to say that “we don’t want you people in here”. Sadly, Karl stood by and watched”. 

Yep. You read that right. This is one of the main reasons why Milwaukee is the MOST Segregated cities in the U.S. ! Apparently there are too many like this in terms to think that African-Americans only are the bad customers. Guess what? Ive  seen worst customers of all angles! In part of that after the owner’s girlfriend utter the words “we don’t want you people in here” that not only angered the African-American customers who walked out, the cooks behind the scenes who were African-American also walked out! Apparently the brew city does have segregation issues in terms with race. Also, I’m assuming in America and the world has been to Kopp’s in Milwaukee. Guess what? The person who owns and runs Elsa’s on the Park, also owns and operates Kopp’s too. Kopp’s is a burger/custard joint we have in the city that is well known. And after this they may not get the support of African-Americans customers either!

This story has been non-stop. Even on the radio has been non stop. This morning, I was listening to WNOV 860AM, and there is a new segment called “The Forum” with radio host Sherwin Hughes. By the way the radio station is now online at; and as well on the radio. Plus you can listen to the station via the Apps on Android, Blackberry, and the I-Phone. “The Forum” is a hard hitting segment in which the topics of political, civil and many other issues that seem and gain the thought in the African-American Community; that will you will not find like on WTMJ or any other station that most don’t address issues like this in Milwaukee. Sherwin voiced his liberties in terms of the incident at Elsa’s as of what happened. Apparently, the information given was from of his close friends in which was the victim of the incident that took place. Sherwin and those like him will never set foot in a place that doesn’t feel “welcomed”. But he also said that there might be folks who would still support the establishment and spend their money! Hold up. Why would ANYONE would continue to support any organization or company that has or had bad experiences that dealt with racial problems concerning African-Americans and not everyone else?  It’s the same thing with Milwaukee’s clubs on the East Side. Some of them had negative experiences with black folks too, as in terms of not letting them in. If I was a customer per say, and this went down, GOODBYE! No more Elsa’s. Go somewhere that can be appreciative to me,and fair quality of service. Like Black-Owned Businesses. And for the record, I have some members in my family that do own, operate, coordinate, and direct their own businesses. And they’re African-American living in Milwaukee. Yes, I know that this experience is well “sensitive” to most, BUT it is a concern that must be addressed. Everyone around the country that knows about Milwaukee’s Segregation problems, I can them saying, “you need to talk!” NO MORE HIDING! It’s either “put up or shut up.”  We have too. Matter of fact, we Americans have to address this issue of race as well instead of running away to other cities and countries just to get away. I’m just saying.

Mainly, the owner will respond in terms of this. And if an apology is in order, that might, just might be vital for justice.

This is not just a surprise. Last time I wrote about a blog about Milwaukee’s problems with race, it was last year. Which like before, is no surprise at all. Some say that racism is dead and done, and it’s 2012. It does not matter what year, era, generation, or a point in time. I often say this every new year’s: the more things change, the more things will remain the same. Even in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Don’t get me wrong. Milwaukee is a decent city. However, stuff like this, will need an act of God’s will to change.

In the wake of the Wisconsin State Fair incident, and in my last blog, yes I had  to sound off about the actions of those involved which relates to the young blacks that caused the ruckus. In my point of view, it was Total Disrespectful. Or in my facebook friends case: Utter Nonsense. However which way you look at, it is what it is. But now, since then, there has been a question of this: Is what transpired, an indication of Segregation? That word is very synonymous around Milwaukee because after all, no matter which way to look, Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the United States. Most would say, oh it’s between Black/White. the Uneducated and educated. The work and the unemployed. Those looking for a job and those that got dissed because of not look for work. And if you are in a different ethnicity, guess what? There are segregation elements around also. Don’t assume that it’s “all black and white”. Now what do I mean by this? Look within and you’ll see the answer.

I was reading Eugene Kane’s chat log on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel website today and it was pretty most between the segregation and blacks just causing the mess comments. All I have to say is Really? One guy named “Tim” comments that “Blacks ruin everything. Everybody knows it. The lakefront, Riversplash, Water Street, Riverwest, State fair, Summerfest, all has been ruined by young blacks. Eugene, you can be as delusional as you want but everybody with any commonsense knows you black males are locusts destroying everything in their paths. My question to you is why? Is it self-hatred? Is there something innate in blacks that make them prone to violence and laziness?” First of all, in response tho this, One: ALL Blacks are not lazy! Second maybe this “Tim” guy thinks that he’s got the answers. But no. Not all blacks don’t ruin everything. Did the blacks ruin UW-Stout? NO! When I go out, I had to make sure that I have to remind myself that if I don’t start nothing, there won’t be nothing. As far as being lazy, which African-Americans is this resident talking about? There are those who do go out and work hard to the fullest instead of staying home and playing the Xbox or chatting on Facebook. Go figure. Then there was another comment from another person named “Shane G” that commented this: “What is it going to take to get inner city blacks to stop running rampid around the county! This is exactly why Milwaukee is the most segregated city in the States! And its about time the inner city starts to act like they are part of HUMAN society!” When I look at this comment, there is one to keep in mind that segregation doesn’t always mean black vs white. Other races can be segregated too! Other cultures can be segregated, also. So don’t assume that it’s all black/white all the time. Obviously, this is generally a “real talk” segment in my view.

Now you know why it is, thus far. Everyday when you read the paper you hear about the race riots. You hear and/or see about this in the paper, magazines, the news casts, and overall, social media. You can type in segregation in Twitter and Facebook and get a whole lot of information. Part of the segregation issues could involved lack of education, housing, zoning, poverty, and other views, but it’s is generally color and culture issue. Now you have other cities like LA and Chicago that are TELLING Milwaukee that you need to get to together and talk about why this is. Earlier in the year, I commented about this is no surprise that Milwaukee’s problem with race. I talked about the Packers, the Brewers, Laverne and Shirley, the Fonz in all. And even thought that Milwaukee does have nice Midwestern values. BUT: it is a Segregated City dealing with race on all angles. But there are alot of scared folks who have their heads stuck in the ground either from generational issues (which can be passed from Grandmother to Grandson) or lack of family values, that can be traced up for various reasons.

Now I hate to bring this to WordPress, but you know what, it is an issue that is an on-going war.Some say that Milwaukee should get rid of all the ethnic festivals like African World Festival and some what not celebrate anything that would prevent other cultures to get together. I say this, keep the ethnic stuff. Have the African Americans and other cultures gather for their festivals, but I never heard not one Milwaukeean. NOT ONE MILWAUKEEAN having an All-Milwaukee Fest. Do you hear me, Milwaukee? When was the last time that Milwaukee had an “All-Milwaukee City of Festival Fest” where folks from various cultures can come together and just chill? Wait a minute, we have that, it’s called SUMMERFEST!!!!! I’ve seen all folks gather for that, and I hear no one say, “Hey black folks, come to Summerfest with the Irish and Germans and do the humpty dance.” Or hey, Black Folks, let’s gather at Morse*Marshall and have a culturized career MPS Day to talk to our kids about being a good citizen and commenting about broadcasting and journalism (which Marshall was well known) do you understand what I’m saying? Because if you do, then get started.

Real Talk!

It’s 2011, and we think that things change right? Not exactly. My home city of Milwaukee has a slogan: “a great place on a great lake”. Well, the problem with that is not so great when it’s deemed as a segregated city. For those on the outside of Milwaukee, yes, it does have a problem with race. Recently today, I viewed a column on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and one of the reporters, James Causey (who is an alum of my high school) hit the nail on the head (or in the cheese) when those logged in on the JSOnline website to Eugene Kane’s Mayfair Story, approximately 400 (YEP 400) comments directed were coming from that well, see things that are racist. The Mayfair story if you were wondering, is about the recent melee at our Mayfair Mall on January 2nd.

With those comments flooding in like crazy, it’s no wonder that Milwaukee as good as it is, has heads behind the masks when it comes to being as a segregated city. Want more proof? Take a look at last year in 2010. Bradford Beach. This is one of our city’s best beaches. Many folks last year came out after a melee in-sued by a couple of (in Eugene Kane’s words) knuckleheads. And when the story made the JSOnline website, Over 500+ comments came from everywhere and mostly it was folks who still see black folks today as a prime enemy. And folks who probably never been in the inner city, or worked with African-Americans in Milwaukee or any part of the state, and still assumes that Eugene Kane is a “Race-Baiter”. I don’t care about those having 93QFM with the radios turned up. Big deal.

By the way, have those dissed Eugene Kane actually met him?

Lot of you reading this are probably asking: “Is Milwaukee really like this? I thought you guys were nice and all. But I had NO idea that it’s a racist/segregated city”. This is beyond Laverne and Shirley. And The Fonz. The Breweries, The Milwaukee Bucks, Brewers, Green Bay Packers, etc. Look at the history. Statistics, Crime, Race Relations on the job, etc. Those will tell you. But it should not hinder you about living here nor visiting here. If stuff like this happens in Milwaukee, it could happen anywhere. Maybe in your town or state.

Last year, I was a” hater victim of race” when there was a settlement case involving me and 390+ African Americans were denied of a company to get in – Dresser Waukesha. I was one of those who turned in a resume at a job fair in 2006, and never got a call back nor a letter response in the mail. Until August of 2010 came, I got this form in the mail along with a statement that the reason I didn’t get hired nor trained with  Dresser Waukesha (see the file Waukesha_Third_Amended_Complaint)  is because I happen to be African-American. So I filled out the form and mailed it. When October came, I went to my house and there was a check from the Reed vs Dresser Settlement, and I was awarded over $5000.00. And just recently, I was awarded over $200.00 additionally. And other African-Americans in the case probably got the same amount equally.

See what I’m getting at? Yep. I was disrespected in the Milwaukee area because of my race. And I’m sure that there are others that read this on the Journal Sentinel’s website said something like, “oh they’re crying out racism over a job they didn’t get”. They don’t know (I can’t say the word) about the horror we went through. So they don’t get it. And they never will get it. This is on-going thing here.

There are some or most who say that “blacks need to take responsibility of what they present, show, display and act”. For once, I agree. HOWEVER: Whites, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and others have to do the same! Everyone is held accountable for all actions. Don’t just say black folks. If the blacks need to be accountable, your ethnic group needs to be accountable. If the black family needs to be accountable, then YOUR family needs to be accountable. Until Milwaukee, and the rest of America figures that out,  the road stands still.

Most folks (particularly Caucasians on JSOnline) kept bringing up Bill Cosby in Milwaukee. Yes, I heard what Cosby said. No need to bring it up. He once said a bone chilling comment for the city in 2004: “Milwaukee, you are a city that has been put on notice. I didn’t do it. You notified yourself.” Just remember he said MILWAUKEE. Not Black Milwaukee. Not White Milwaukee. Not Hispanic Milwaukee. Not Asian Milwaukee. Not German Milwaukee. Not Irish Milwaukee. Not Arab Milwaukee.  Just Milwaukee. – And the same can be for the State of Wisconsin and it’s problems of not moving forward with a potential High Speed Rail  project that would have benefited the needs of our economy. Bill Cosby also decreed that he’s not coming back to Milwaukee every year just to re-baptize the whole city! Do you hear me, Brew City?  Leaders like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders are not going to reappear! So in regarding this, it’s either put up or shut up.

This may be a new year. But for situations like this; the more things change, the more things stays the same.

Time to get work, Milwaukee.