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I’m about to go off on this blog topic.

For those who think that Black Lives Matters Matter is a racist organization that hates cops or hates those who are not like you in a sense of whatever: STOP!

For those who are black, that thinks that Black Lives Matter is racist in thinking it’s all separating folks left and right: CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOUR ISH!

I told you I’m going off today. And many are going to learn today! Call this: the thought provoking of “If All Lives Really Matter”

  • If All Lives Really Matter as many of you think, why there are those who are still being treated like second class citizens in the freaking year of 2015?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are several folks who think that the church is full of hyprocites and all about the darn money every Sunday, and not enough “ministry” every week? Where as some churches are actually getting the idea and ACTUALLY follow through of their ministry in action? And still get misunderstood and hated on by those who don’t understand?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are certain folks that most us probably voted up, liked to redistrict registered voters from one district to another MAKING IT HARD for those who vote regularly?
  • If All Lives Really Matter , what is the purpose of cutting off those who need transportation to get from one job to another?(I.E. the state of Wisconsin cancelling High Speed Rail)
  • If All Lives Really Matter , why there are so many folks that are being discriminated because of a name, or an article of clothing ,or hairstyle (i.e. Shameka or Jamal and having on Afrocentric Garb) knowing it does mean a part of an heritage? Even for a job?!
  • If All Lives Really Matter , for example here in Milwaukee, why wasn’t any of our local news media DID NOT COVER the story regarding the visit of Minister Louis Farrakhan? He was here! And the only coverage that did the job were the Black Milwaukee Media.
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why are African-Americans at times have to go through various hurdles to get to the goal line, while everyone else gets the straight line treatment over everyone else?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why there are certain “legacies” that have to stand in the way, and not enough of those who have been scrapping and clawing like crazy to get to the number one spot? Nepotism, perhaps?
  • If All Lives Really Matter, why is it so hard for many African-Americans to get the necessary medical coverage, while there are those who want just to rip it away like it’s highway robbery? Just to think about the Affordable Care Act.

Tell me I’m wrong!

And oh, if ALL LIVES REALLY MATTER: Why is the KKK STILL IN BUSINESS? SKINHEAD GROUPS STILL IN BUSINESS? Doing the same ol’ same ol’  even in 2015? Plus, don’t even think about commenting about the Original Black Panthers or founding of the NAACP.

The only reason why the Black Lives Matter thing is being hated on right now, because it’s working. The movement, the CORE MOVEMENT of the cause of Black Lives Matter is actually working! There are those in the country that are starting to realize and to wake up about there are real issues that black folks know very well when it comes to police brutality, and many other factors that are deemed a problem. We already know who, what, where, when, why, and how it happened. So many might ask, why is the tripping happening over and over again?

Haters from Bill O’Reilly, the right wing, and some black folks are just mad. Speaking of the black folks, I gotta say this in regarding the woman who was on the internet saying that a black girl was hurt or killed and the Black Lives Matter folks were called out because they didn’t do nothing about it. Look, I get where Peggy Hubbard is coming from. And I’ll give her due that she is a U.S. Navy Veteran. All respect to her. However, in regard to her viewpoint of Black Lives Matter and regarding the little girl that was affected, you really can’t hold the movement to that. You really can’t. And about the officers who were killed or shot recently, by black folks. Guess what? You can’t hold the movement to that either! Those black folks probably made a video of the rant (lack there of), got some hits online via the Right Wing Maniacs, and got on CNN or Fox News, or The Blaze and probably got paid some money just to fuel their fire for their ratings of the hate (HATE MIND YOU) of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Even for the upteenth time, Sheriff David Clarke had done the exact same thing…..again. But was put in check by Marc Lamont Hill on CNN!

Don’t believe me? Go check out those who have this “negropean/hypocritical minded” attitudes, whom believe that notion, and to somewhat fester up to all the so-called things that many might not be affected. THINK AGAIN! But yeah, there are those who will say it and try to think it’s dumb to get the concept up. Of course!

Yes, we know that every life matters. Of course we know. DUH!

However, as far as addressing the issues regarding the black race that started the human race, that never ends. And I’ll agree that Black Lives have always mattered. We still matter. We still matter regarding of us black folks in general! I’m not trying to throw shade to anyone else that is not black. It’s not all about you non-blacks. We need to have a voice and a table and a CEO Chair to address our issues. Of course we got that, but there are those who still don’t have that experience or training to guide the head of the table of our issues. Feel me?

Just like when the cops come to your house, clean it up! And still, the struggle continues.

That is all.


Oh, Boy.

I’m sure that many Americans and those aligned with American Unity had to go in and be mad at President Barack Obama for saying the word that many free that it’s offensive. Inappropriate. We know what the  word was. And no, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and Right Winger Fans its not a pop culture term! Let’s just get the cat out of the bag. N*gger  Let’s talk about it. The same word that many called him since 2008. There were those and those who still can’t stand a black dude running the White House. Every time he tried to make a deal, there are those who want to deny his request. Jobs Bill, Veterans Bills, oh that includes that is helping many: The ACA. But its not the policies isn’t? It’s the man himself.

I’ll bet many right wingers had their heads exploded with truth denial that on a podcast, that the President was the guest, said the infamous “N*gger word”. The same word that many of us black folks have been hearing since the first grade! And historically, slavery days, Jim Crow Laws, and also the pre and post Civil Rights Era.

That’s right. Think back when you were in the first grade, or younger, and if you’re black,  that is when you first heard N*gger. Be honest! No matter if you said it, or you may have heard it through your cool classmates from way back. That’s where it starts. Go back to your elementary school days when you hung out with your boys and some girls that the word was started to hear. And you wonder why. Later on, when you get to middle school and high school, it will escalate. And you still be asking why. Let’s be real. And furthermore we know the dinner tables, sermons, and others that it’s common. Also, when you get to college and your first real job, you don’t hardly hear it as much, but its still a reminder in getting denied a job because of a certain “HR rep does not want hire N*ggers” per say, for his or her company!  Even though they believe they don’t discriminate.

Well guess what? There are those who have the same mentality, probably have the same mindset about the President himself. Let’s be real. This is the reality that many know! But its the denial of certain folks that won’t admit it! Did I mention that the 4th of July is coming? The same holiday we decorate the red, white and blue. We bust out the Declaration Of Independence like all men are created equal, eat up the food, drinks, beer, and the icing on the cake: fireworks. Oh yeah that holiday. Which we know. But, when all that is over, I’m going to say this now: The Struggle Continues! Just look for it on Facebook. Some will write that on a timeline and actually get likes.

That’s the thing. The Struggle Continues. Even talking about the N bomb. But oh yeah, the talk will continue. Even at Barnes And Nobles. The next time that anyone goes to the bookstore, go to the African American section and look for the book “N*gger”. I haven’t read the book. Go get it. And it was written by the legendary author/activist and comedian Dick Gregory. They still sell the book. Amazon still sells it. And I don’t hear nobody, (ABSOLUTELY NOBODY) going to Amazon, or BN, or any bookstore in the nation going to protest to remove the book N*gger from the shelves of African-American Sections! I don’t hear the NAACP, the Urban League, the Muslim Groups, or the infamous Westboro Baptist Church Members with the fake picket signs of God Hates The Gays per say, going to Barnes and Nobles and protesting the book, N*gger off the bookshelves! Never heard about it. Never seen it.

So what President Obama said it surrounding the word; was and is the ongoing struggle that the United States is not completely healed of the use of racism. Mainly, its still here! I’ve been hated on as a black man of trying to get a job in freaking Waukesha of Dresser Engines. Remember when I wrote about that? Like so many times? It’s true. And no, there were no N-Bombs thrown. But the idea of “we’ll not going to hire this black man, but more of the white guys” has been more subtle. Admit it, employers.

There is a lot more work to do.

obama foot on desk outrage

First Take: 

I had to laugh at this. All of the conservatives out there, I have three words: GET A GRIP! This picture of President Barack Obama on the phone with the left foot on the desk is making viral headlines. Oh, and the outrage from the right wing maniacs and right wing faithful are just spilling their guts out. In Milwaukee today, as the students have gone back to school, and most of them have started ahead of time, and folks are mad at Obama just because a foot on a desk. First the umbrella thing, and now this. Many are saying like “oh its a disgrace to the office of the White House!” or “It’s a travesty! That negro president gone crazy. Get Your FEET OF THE DESK!” Oh trust me. The think tanks are working. Ever since Obama came into office and got the chair yet again, more and more right wing hate had build up. Now when the Bushes, Clintons, Fords, Nixons and many others who were in office, and had their feet up per say, did y’all get mad? Hmmmmmm……… I wonder why. Personally, this too shall pass.  Literally. And it’s no surprise when the President got elected and re-elected, there’s always this Right Wing Wall of no’s. Or he’s a Muslim.(which he’s not!)  Or he’s here it comes: SOCIALIST! Has a look of Hitler, or “Obamacare” is going to ruin my job. Or they never cared about the Jobs bill that should have been shovel ready long time ago!

Now, am I glad that he’s got the foot on the desk? Or is it his statement. Maybe he listened to the quote he said last year: “I’m the President.”

Personally, this is so silly. And right wingers know it. And by the way, I wouldn’t mind having a photo print of that pic in my Obama Collection.

Second Take. 

Speaking of silly, take a look of this news article from yesterday. Many of us Americans were taking the day off due to Labor Day, but this article? Really? Courtesy of the New York Times

Explaining Twerking to Your Parents
Every child dreads this day: sooner or later, your parents will come to you, innocently wide-eyed, to ask you about twerking. How you handle this difficult conversation is extremely important and could have a significant impact on the way your parents think about twerking for years to come. You may prefer to put off the big “twerk talk,” but remember that it’s far better for you to be the one to explain than for them to learn on their own by searching YouTube.

A critical first step is to acknowledge that twerking is a normal part of life and that there is nothing shameful in their questions. They’re parents, after all, and this is the sort of thing they hear about on NPR, and, well, they’re curious.

Explain that twerking is a dance move typically associated with lower-income African-American women that involves the rapid gyration of the hips in a fashion that prominently exhibits the elasticity of the gluteal musculature.

They will reasonably wonder why Miley Cyrus, who is white and wealthy, does it at every opportunity. Patiently respond that, for Ms. Cyrus, twerking is a brazenly cynical act of cultural appropriation being passed off as a rebellious reclamation of her sexuality after a childhood in the Disneyfied spotlight, but, in the end, who are we really to judge? I mean, it can’t be a picnic being Billy Ray’s daughter, and remember that Vanity Fair picture of them? That was just …weird.

Though they won’t comprehend the Billy Ray references, they will nod, understanding that Ms. Cyrus’s motivations to twerk are complicated by a raft of personal, socioeconomic and third-wave-feminist issues.

Upon hearing what twerking is, it is natural for your parents to want to experiment with it. They may even proudly announce, “Look at us, we’re twerking!” not recognizing the inappropriateness of their actions and words. Try to resist the urge to chastise them; doing so will only increase their desire to twerk in defiance, perhaps in private.

It is also possible that your parents may suggest twerking at their next dinner party, after the radicchio salad with caramelized pears. Adopt a strict no-tolerance policy for group twerking unless you are there to supervise, other parents’ children are informed beforehand and have given permission, and everyone in attendance is invited to participate, including the Pearlsteins.

There’s a chance some of their peers are already twerking — most likely the younger parents. If they feel pressure to twerk to feel accepted, point out that anyone who forces you to twerk when you’re not ready for it isn’t a real friend, and that you think it’s just as “cool” not to twerk but instead to do, say, the jitterbug.

They may ask if you twerk with your significant other. Tell them that when a young man and young woman love each other very much and are in a packed, sweaty nightclub playing commercial hip-hop, yes, they sometimes twerk to express their affections. Assure them that just because you twerk with someone else and not with them doesn’t mean you love them any less — just that you show your love for them in a different way; for instance, by having strained three-day visits over Christmas.

With a no-nonsense yet empathetic approach, you can create a safe space in which to discuss twerking with your parents. If handled sensitively, a positive twerking dialogue will prepare them for future conversations concerning a host of other topics they’ve heard about but don’t understand, such as grinding, Ecstasy dance raves and the Instagram.

Teddy Wayne is the author of the novels “The Love Song of Jonny Valentine” and “Kapitoil.”

I have to say something: WHAT?!!!!!

What kind of journalism crap is this?!!!

Let me get this straight: The author, Teddy Wayne writes an article on Twerking. And he believed that the dance, in his words: “twerking is a dance move typically associated with lower-income African-American women that involves the rapid gyration of the hips in a fashion that prominently exhibits the elasticity of the gluteal musculature.” 

Lord Jesus!

So technically he thinks, or thought that the dance is one of those nasty dances that black folks made up, in low income neighborhoods with the hips of gyration? Excuse my french, but what the hell is this author is trying to say?

Obviously, this dude, who had to be non-black in a sense, didn’t do his homework. I’m going there today! He didn’t really clarify on how a dance like Twerking got started. Now for those who are like this dude and believed every word in this article: It’s time to go to school RIGHT NOW!!!! Get your notes, book bags, and leave your Wikipedias at home. I’m in the classroom at the front and I’m your freaking teacher on this!

Schools’s in session. Let’s talk the history of Twerking. OK class: First lesson question. Can anyone tell me how Twerking began. I mean really began. Who made it possible for the dance to get started?


Does the Miley Cyrus fans know?

Ok. Since those in the room may not have a clue. I guess I have to tell the story which is part of the long lineage of African Culture. If those referenced my previous blog or my other blogs about Twerking, it’s has ties to African dancing. Originally, it’s called the Mapouka. Look it up. And the gyration of the hips per say, that those don’t understand, that is part of the dance in which it was originated. In laymen’s terms: it’s part of the black culture. Now there are many today, who are talking down about Twerking being this raunchy dance or a hybrid version of the 21st Century’s Tootsie Roll or the Rump Shaker. Twerking maybe new, but it’s really old. Old school dances, do comeback in new form or fashion. But the concept is the same.

So all of you Journalists out there, can YOU PLEASE, PLEASE do your homework before squabbling your liberties in your newspapers? Ain’t nobody. NOBODY got time for no messed up journalism without doing background studies. This guy may have apologized. But his unappreciative of his viewpoint of Twerking was so mistaken. And furthermore, (let me go back to my 90’s quotes) It was WHACK!
Not to give out this question, but why do certain folks try to market a dance that they think it’s recently discovered,  and fail to realize that it’s nothing new? I remember when Little Richard (you know Tutti Frutti) he was on Vibe one time in the 90’s, and talked about the dances way before the rump shaking. Yes, VIBE had a talk show! He commented of those of the Caucasians folks doing it or getting into it or having those comments of disdain or not liking it. But he also commented that “black people have been shaking their hips for years!” And that I agree. Even with Twerking: that has NOT CHANGED! Black folks, whether we like it or not, we’ve been shaking our hips, popping hips, and others in the lower portion since the pre-Slavery days. You young cats/Miley Cyrus fans/other folks think that it’s a just a dance much folks, better learn. You will not get that lesson in the schools. Even though many of you are in class now. This goes for the College Folks too. Yeah I said it!
All of the black college folks reading this, or reading a research about the history of dance though black music, research Mapouka. (if your professors don’t mind).
That’s the homework assignment. Now get out and study!
Class dismissed.

Dear Wisconsin:

Remember last year when the then soon to be Governor Walker didn’t want to the High Speed Rail money nor the high speed rail to run between Madison and Milwaukee? Remember all of that? Now it comes to part after a year later, the now Rookie Governor made a terrible mistake by NOT accepting the rail money to build the High Speed Rail. Matter of fact, he should of left it alone. But no, thanks to his backwards thinking, and that talk about run away government spending, the State of Wisconsin will foot the bill of more than 84 Million Dollars  for years to come. Plus more.

Really Wisconsinites? Are we that short sighted? Other states have told us, even the states that bet against us that this should have been kept to invest here! Now after all of this, and I still need the Right Wing Manics to ask this: What about the jobs? Since then, the rail cash has dissapeard to other states like Illinois and California and yes, we had to get laughed at like educational dropouts without any reason to drop out. And I thought the Collective Barganing Rights elimination thing was just as bad.

Lots of you are probably asking why this? “Oh we made our decision by not taking the rail money”, and I’m gonna stop right there. First of all, I wasn’t one of the Tea Party Manics who wanted Walker to “Obey the will of the voters”. That was his fan base. And since there was talk about provding jobs, at least 250,000 of them, it appears that is not going to happen!

So I’m asking this as a Wisconsin Resident of 35 years (by the way, the birthday was December 5th) , What’s up? Where are all the Charlie Sykes folks at? The Vicki McKennas, the Mark Bellings, oh, I should say the James T. Harris folks at? Huh?!!! Where are you? I guess that all that talk really some of you quiet huh? All of that should have got you questioning like of what next?

Like I said 13 times this year: I told you so! And I think those who had been saying this also in this year in another form of shape have said the same thing. And from what I’ve heard about the Walker Recall, right now, it’s about 300,000+ signatures. And for those who kept saying that teachers are being paid too much, you really need a reality check that everyone is in the struggle. I have family and community folks who are retired educators and can tell more about this more than the average “tea partier/republican fan”. Oh believe me, I know.

Lots of folks that used to live in Wisconsin are departing all because of this. And some of you thought that Jim Doyle was bad. Walker, even worse. Don’t forget, he was a Milwaukee County Executive for 8 years. And what he did then, affects now. If only Tom Barrett would have gotten the governor’s chair in Madison, none of this, would’ve taken place.

In conclusion, when the year of 2011 is closing up shop, don’t expect me to put Walker in the bad list and the unions in the good list for obvious reasons.


Stephen’s Spot

I want to direct this attention and to those of the right wing with this commentary of Common being a “gangsta rapper” and being invited to the white house, LAY-OFF! What is the matter? Oh, the President of the United States invites a well-known hip hop artist from Chicago, who is known for his lyrics of truth and acting, is now a “Gangsta Rapper?” This is so laughable. The only reason that the Right Wing Maniacs are saying this is again forwarding their threat on race. Yep. I said it. Since when did Common became a Gangsta Rapper? I mean for real, when? If any of the right wing folks had  a brain, they would be going back in time to the late 80’s or early 90’s and found out that this happened before. Remember Eazy-E? Now he was a “gangsta rapper”. If the rap group N.W.A. rings a bell, they rapped about surviving south central and (four letter word) the police! Ice-T, the actor/rapper we respect now, sung a song about killing cops after the wake of the L.A. Riots of 1992. And to further add – the first Bush Administration was his target to tone down the lyrics or go to jail speech. What did Ice-T do? Stopped it on his own.

Now getting back to Common. If anyone knows his music very well, (and I mean knows his music very well) it’s not related to gangsterism. Obviously, the Right Wing Maniacs don’t know squat. Do some know who Common is? Does Michelle Malkin or anyone of the so-called right wing folk ever been to a concert or a recording session that Common was featured? I know the answer – Nope. Have they ever (and I mean ever) listened or watched the poetry session that he was featured? – Things that make you go hmmmmm……Nope. All because of yet again, targeting Obama. Now to some, you’re thinking “you’re defending rap musicians going to the White House and they shouldn’t be invited because of teh things they say in a vulgar manner”. For Common, I’m happy that he got invited. I am. And I hope other hip hop aritsts would get a chance to have this opportunity not to be passed up. If Rev. Run of Run DMC were to be invited by Obama, would you hate on that? Or, would Will Smith along with Willow, or maybe MC Hammer were to be invited to the White House, would you hate? You probably would say no. But for guys like Common you would say yes. Where was the outrage when Lil’ Jon was on Celebrity Apprentice in which he helped build a house in Georgia that is related to the United Methodist Church Children’s Services? And he said that it was personal to him because of his family growing up. I don’t see the outrage coming out of that. Remember when Ludacris gave a donation to Pepsi, and apparently, Bill O’Reilly dissed him just because he says explicit content in his music.

Right Wingers or folks in general need to lighten up. If Obama wanted to invite Ice-T,  the Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Flash, MC Lyte, DMC, Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Chuck D, The Roots, or any other Hip Hop star on the block to perform or give a donation, in the White House, I say let them! And I don’t care if it comes out of my tax dollars. That’s right I said it.

In the wake of the Tuscon violent tragedy, this should serve as a reminder that heroes are still around. They maybe not in Armed Service Uniform but anyone, ANYONE can have a title, or true title of hero in their own right. Daniel Hernandez, the student from Arizona who was with the Congresswoman after the shooting occurred, did what he need to do, to make sure that his boss, Gabrielle Giffords was unharmed. He did his medical practice techniques of stopping the blood flow to the brain to make sure that it didn’t get any worse. At the night of the speech by President Obama, he humbly rejected the word – hero. Well, that’s his opinion. However in many ways, he became one, even though he doesn’t want to admit it. But he was in other ways.

Now about the speech. The speech had to be delivered in a fashion to not only honor those lost, but also those who are living! And those who acted courageously by wrestling the gun away from Jared Lee Loughner. Oh, let’s comment those who hated it: Fox News and the typical Right Wing Media. I’m watching Jon Stewart here, and he cut it to the chase of Michelle Malkin talking about the “timing of the speech”. Or the Fox & Friends talking about that the group who stopped the gunman should have been seated in the first two rows that “would have been better”. Or others who commented strangely about Dr. Carlos Gonzales’ prayer before the program.  – REALLY?! Oh, get this: another person thinks that you can’t have it both ways of having a Memorial Service and a Pep Rally.


The right wing is full of it! First, this service was a memorial of folks whom have passed on. But it was also a service that was indeed to rise up. Let me tell all of you something, this is NOT your Grandmothers, or old school family memorial service. This is a different time, a different era, and a different age where it’s OK to cheer up in times of tragedy at memorials. This is one of them. So it wasn’t “your typical memorial service”. BIG DEAL! When your time comes for to be Memorialized, you put it on paper and tell those close to you what you want!  This Memorial Service was also a wake up call for those who carry guns and use metaphors of packing heat. (ala Don’t Retreat, Reload) In the wake of this whole thing, all those times that when the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and any Right Wing Media hack goes overboard, it goes overboard. Bill Maher commented on his New Rules, that the Founding Fathers would hate the Tea Party. The Founding Fathers were about REAL revolution, REAL freedom, REAL Liberty, and etc. The Tea Baggers are just a fake version of the Founding Fathers. Bill Maher said it that they, the Founding Fathers of America would have hated their guts! Yep, I have to agree. The colonists at the time, for example, dumped British Tea in the Boston Harbor, in a form of a protest. That was the real Tea Party. Cutting edge. Not this stale wannabes of hating the first black president of the United States with the guns strapped at rallies. Sarah Palin commented that “the President needs to stop lecturing”. Well some of our presidents and those have lead the Declaration Of Independence were involved in science, astronomy, financial, and more things that made things possible. And if they were around now, they can school Bill O’Reilly about the “tides go in and out”.

If and when the Congresswoman does get back to work, expect to see and hear from the Senators, Congressmen that the gun laws will change. Oh yes. They will change about if you SHOOT a member of congress, it will have consequences. If you talk about targeting, reloading, at those who are trying to make it, and in public, actions have consequences! – Just like when Congresswoman Giffords said it last year.

Dang, Americans. What is up with us? We got all these laws, freedoms, a chance to get a decent health care, infrastructure and all this talk about Freedom of Speech, Expressions and Religion. I’m not hating. But what I am hating is the thought of the influence of having to see on TV today about a senseless shooting involving Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona. Here in Milwaukee, I can’t imagine what would happen if my Congresswoman Gwen Moore were to be shot after attending a town hall celebration of her district. Or maybe Rep. Tammy Baldwin out in the Madison area in the same predicament. Or, you know what I’m getting at. Clearly yes, I do like some Democratic values, but I dislike totally Republican values. I dislike the Rookie Governor, Scott Walker of his opinions of canceling High Speed Rail. I dislike the new Senator Ron Johnson, who bought his way into politics, and  in my opinion cheated his way in stealing the seat from Russ Feingold, courtesy of the Tea Party.  And the same can be for Wisconsin Republicans Paul Ryan, Jim Senenbrenner or any known Republican in Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Madison, and I dare say the Republican-Controlled House in DC. But that does not mean I’ll go on a shooting spree like Jared Lee Loughner did and do a job on any politician of service.

This is the first month of the year, and in a couple of days in a week, we will be reflecting on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. King himself was a disciple of non-violence that wanted to have a chance to spread peace, and to tell America that you’re doing wrong. You need to change.  And violence towards men (and women) should not be the answer to get the point across. And, I hope Arizona continues to use the MLK Holiday now even more. At first they didn’t. I think America had received a reality check after last year’s words of Sarah Palin of “don’t retreat, reload” comments. If you remember the old adage, “you better watch what you say”, it should be one of those reminders to check yourself.  I also think that the Tea Party, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, or any conservative news hack in America, and I dare say Milwaukee’s Right Wing News needs to look in a mirror. All those times that Michelle Malkin screamed or stated “An Angry Mob is coming” may comeback to bite her in the rear end. All of this stuff to me is related to the vote of the Health Care Bill that was introduced last year. The same bill that the Republican majority wants to kill the bill by the request of “their American people”. I ask again,  all because of a bill that Obama signed into law? Is that it?! That’s like planning a beat down on someone who stole someone’s boyfriend. Or touched someones girlfriend. Or losing a round in a Video Game. America, do you understand me?! We tend to lose or get mad at times that are senseless. That don’t mean nothing.

Now that congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords: I think she believed in something. I think she believed in every American should be given a chance in something. I think she believed that no one shouldn’t be turned away for nothing. I think she is doing her part of service to help make things for the better. But obviously, those who oppose her are probably just getting what they want. They just want her out of the way all because of a bill. Wow America. Those of you put the crazies and the Tea Party folks that want to represent you, aren’t doing the same for guys like me. I don’t favor the Tea Party at all. I don’t like them. I don’t respect them. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll challenge them to a weapons fight with Pitchforks and Torches.

I, like many others have probably said or commented things about others needed to be shot or whatever. But I’m taking it back. I’ll say if a so-so character should be condemned for his/her actions, I say put the bum in jail or locked up for a long time. That’s should be the vile solution. Keith Olbermann tonight said” it’s time to put the guns down” in his special comment. And to start making us Americans to recognize that what we display or say, would have an effect on others. One of my college professors at the University of Wisconsin-Stout once stated that “Measurement Drives Behavior”. This is a prime example of that. And I know that it’s related to careers, but it can also transcend to other areas. Do you see what I mean after looking after this? Those of you went to these rallies last year with your Guns, your “Don’t Tread on Me” Flags, your American Revolution Outfits, your “Obama is a Nazi” Signs, Monkeys, and any racist, violent rhetoric against the 44th President. I hate to say this but you had no idea what you’re talking about!  It’s was about confusion and fear. Or you used them in a scare tactic against any opponent of political issue, or anyone that is well…..”not like you”. Yeah, I know it’s a Free Speech/ Freedom of Expression thing. I have that right to. My Freedom of Expression is being expressed now by writing this blog, and to remind us Americans that everything we say, display on Youtube, display on Facebook, display on Twitter and MySpace, display at rallies, marches, school, church, the hood, workplace, district, and yes any politically related needs to have a sense of one word that most of us don’t want to go through. RESPONSIBILITY. One of my uncles told after turning 18 years old, that “Responsibility Goes Up.” And in speaking of that, our Congressmen needs to have the responsibility to have protection set up.

See this is why America needs to get it’s butt together. This is why America has a problem with race, jobs, health, education, crime, poverty, history of admitting slavery, bombing other countries, killing innocent people, an issue of Black History Month being Racist -Which is not! I hear that well we need to teach our children more. Well, America needs to teach it’s self more first!

Finally, as I close this story. In church on Sunday and this week, there might be sermons and prayers lifted for communities across this country. And yes on Sunday there will be NFL Games to see which teams will advance. (Go Packers!) But morely, for the Tucson Arizona Area involving Congresswoman Giffords, and those  lives loss. It’s sickening and stupid. And as an American, an African American, a Citizen, a Christian, a volunteer person, a Midwesterner, and a overall human being, this is beyond sickening. It’s just pathetic that this country has to be reduced to acts like this. America, we have become a country that has been put on notice.  And the dude did the job on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who a family person and public servant, is just an example of why this country needs to reexamine it’s faults.

Despite of our political views in all, there is one thing we can agree on, this crap is unacceptable! And it’s time to check ourselves, or wreck ourselves.